Vampiro, guerrero de la noche (1993) - full transcript

Vampiro, guerrero de la noche (aka Warrior of the Night) starts off in a wrestling arena, with legendary Mexican Wrestler Vampiro Canadiense (whom which the film is named after) is fighting in the main event. The arena is jammed packed as the wrestlers enter the ring, but once the match begins Vampiro's make up changes, and the seats suddenly become empty (I guess the production company couldn't afford extras). However we do notice two lady fans of Vampiro enjoying the show. The girls are sitting with a very evil looking dude. What proves to be evil about the man is the strange metal glove he's wearing on his left hand. The glove seems to have a power over Vampiro, and with a twist of his wrist Vampiro collapses in the ring. The crowd panics and Vampiro is lead out of the ring on a stretcher. But before Vampiro is brought to the hospital, his body is kidnapped by the evil man and the two women. While kidnapping Vampiro the three evil doers come face to face with a women with incredible powers, and her side kick; a lovable mutant rat / monkey (think Jar Jar Binks crossed with an Ewok). The rest of the film pits these forces against each other, while for most of the movie Vampiro lays unconscious chained to a bed. Vampiro made this movie at the high of his popularity in Mexico, however he rarely speaks of its existence. Strangely his voice is dubbed by a Mexican actor. The action scenes are far and few between. The strangest bit in the movie occurs during the climax. Vampiro finally breaks free of his chains and is allowed to kick some bad-guy butt. At one point Vampiro grabs some rope, climbs a pipe and then for some reason disappears for the rest of the fight. Just when you thought the lead character was going to do something very cool, the bad guys are defeated on their own without Vampiro's participation. He suddenly reappears in the last shot celebrating the defeat of the villains. What a waste?! I don't mean to sound like this film isn't worth watching. I'd imagine that if you watched this film with your friends and drank heavily it's possible to enjoy it. The only thing worth mentioning here with any bit of enthusiasm is a note for Mexican Wrestling fans: the opening and closing of the film features more then a few big names in Lucha Libre; including Pirate Morgan, Norman Smiley (aka Black Magic), and the late great Art Barr. If these names mean nothing to you: stay away from this clunker!

(eerie music)

- [Narrator] "Vampiro:
Warrior of the Night".

(crowd shouting)

(crowd cheering)

(lively music)

- [Crowd] Vampiro! Vampiro!

Vampiro! Vampiro!

Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro!

(crowd shouting)

(crowd groaning)

(crowd shouting)

- Look up there! I hate the heels!

- [Crowd] Vampiro! Vampiro!

Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro!

Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro!

Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro!

- Are you talking to me?

- [Crowd] Vampiro! Vampiro! Vampiro!

(both grunting)

(energetic music)

(crowd cheering)

(eerie music)

(Vampiro groaning)

- Help him!
- What's going on?

- [Woman] We gotta do something!

(crowd screaming)

- Weakling.

- Medic!

- Wake up!
- C'mon, Vampiro, c'mon!

Stand up!

(ominous music)

(crowd murmuring)

(crowd screaming)

- All right, push him in.

All right, come on.

Get outta the way, get outta the way!

(crowd shouting)

All right, people, move it, move it!

Come on, make way!

- Get outta the way!
- We're losing him!

- Come on, come on!

Hey, hey you, get outta the way!

All right, all right,
careful now, careful now.

We're almost there, guys.

All right, all right.

(man shouting)
(paramedics coughing)

(man laughing)

- There you have him.

He is all yours.

The gift I promised
you both, your boy toy.

I kept my word, although maybe

he could be of some use to me.

Ah, he would simply be a
foreign beast of burden.

- Aw, he is totally handsome.

- Come on, you two, move it!

Just move it!

And remember, he has to fight!

(suspenseful music)

- Wait.

Come on.

- Quick, now.

Careful there.

Bring him around, turn him around.

Head first, head first.

Oh, it's all the same, just get him in.

Get him in, you fools!

(suspenseful music)

(beam blasting)

Too late!

(woman gasping)

We've escaped! (laughing)

I lost my gauntlet!

- Are you all right?

Get up, Pet.

At least we know who stole
all the Nitron weapons.

(Pet babbling)

(ominous music)

(sirens blaring)

(man groaning)

(beam blasting)
(man shouting)

(beam blasting)

(haunting music)

We know they have found
the Nitron weapons.

We have noticed that they have fallen

in wrong and evil hands.

- We have detected an increase

in the Zok element in that planet.

Your mission now is to keep
them from producing it.

You must also find the missing weapons

and destroy them as soon as possible.

The inhabitants of Planet Earth
are in danger of extinction.

You are now authorized to
use all of your powers.

Make smart and sensible use of them.

Never forget, the one who
possesses the Nitron weapons

will be invincible.

(energetic music)

- All right.

What the hell are you doing here?

Oh yeah?

Men, I need a volunteer.

Patacas, search him.

(men shouting)

Easy, easy. We're leaving.

(engines revving)

Let's leave, boys.

Now, move it.

(eerie music)

(Pet babbling)

- It worked!

You know, this way it will be easier

to find the Nitron weapons. (giggling)

(Pet babbling)

(Vampiro groaning)

(ominous music)

(Vampiro grunting)

(eerie music)

(Vampiro groaning)

(bats chittering)

- [Doll] Mama, mama!

- No normal human being acts this way.

What's her problem?

What's wrong with her?

I'm intrigued by this woman
who repelled my attack.

I was more than ready to
kill her using my beam,

but zap, I dropped my own gauntlet.

So what happened?

What did she do?

I'm pretty sure that her beams

or magic or whatever are much
stronger than my gauntlet.

Yes, my gauntlet.

That woman is not from this world.

She's something special,
something beautiful.

Not from this world.

I need to find her.

And what are you two
scoundrels looking at?

Get out of here now! Shoo!

(women screaming)

Ah, don't be so dramatic.

I need to know who she is.

I need to find her.

- I think I know who she is.

- What, what are you
two trying to tell me?

- Don't you remember?

We saw the image in the Nitron disk.

- Then get moving.

Move it, bring them to me now!

Those platinum disks, the
disks of Nitron, you wenches!

- Here.

- Look at that.

I need to find that woman.

I need to know who she is.

No one can be more powerful than me.

Since the day I found the
Nitron weapons, my life changed.

To think that I can get to
be as strong and powerful

as Nitron himself.

It's been some time since
I've played ping-pong,

but that's okay.

Now I have the luxury of taking on enemies

more powerful than myself.

And you two, stop sulking,
because I gave you a boy toy.

Have fun with him.

Meanwhile, I'm dedicating
myself to catching that woman.

She has to join me. (chuckling)

What is this, you idiots?

Don't you know he's supposed to be forever

trapped in the place
I told you down there?

- Who are you?

But more importantly, why am I here?

- Lookee here.

The only thing you need to know
is that I am in charge here

and I am the master of all this.

And soon I'll be master of the world, too.

- Why don't you shut the hell up?

(women gasping)

- Oh, that smarts.

So you want to fight me, huh?

Well, it's my turn then. Ha!

- Look at how you left him.

He's like a mannequin.

He is no longer of use to us like this.

- You promised he was going to be ours!

- Nothing wrong is happening.

Nothing will happen to him.

This is temporary,

but take him away before
something happens.

What am I using the word "happen" so much?

Happen, happening, happen,
anyway, take him away.

And if you want to keep him,
you better calm him down!

He must not escape this
time, understand? Ah.

This woman, I must woo.

(Pet babbling)

(suspenseful music)

(Pet babbling)

- Calm down, Pet. We're really close.

One of the Nitron weapons
must be in this area.

I already felt it.

Let's go a bit slower.

(Pet babbling)

- Quiet.

While he's asleep.

Be careful.

Sneak up on him.

(beams blasting)

(energetic music)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

- Ah!

Are you all right?

- Yes, yes, I'm okay. Don't worry.

- Can you move?

- Yes, I'm quite used to this.

- Excuse me.

- Hey, wait!

Please don't go!

I want to talk to you!

Wait! (groaning)

(women giggling)

- Do you need anything?

We both are here to please you, after all.

- I just want to know what I'm doing here.

- Well, you were a gift to us from Lastre.

You belong to us.

That's why you are here, darling.

- I don't belong to
anyone, and I'm no gift.

And Lastre will pay for this,
and he will pay right now.

- No no, but you, please don't go.

You can't just really leave like that.

- Nobody's going to stop me.

- No, no, no!

(Vampiro coughing)

Oh, my poor baby.

- You should listen to us, honey.

Outside, in the restricted area,

you can't really breathe, can you?

Besides, sweetheart.

Why do you want to leave?

You can have a good time right here.

- Hey, hey. He's over here.

Careful, he's dangerous.

- What?

What're you looking at?

What're you looking at?

(beam blasting)
(all shouting)

- Look what I just found.

How do I look?

Let's put it to the test.

- Yeah!

- And I know who to test it on.

(beam blasting)
(man shouting)

You all saw it.

It was self-defense.

- Why is this oven so hot?

(Lastre laughing)

Now I only have to wait
for this to cool down

to test the damn thing out.

And this will be just a little
show of my power. (laughing)

(ominous music)

- Come on, hurry up.
- All right, next up.

(Lastre farting)

- What one has to do,

one has to endure to achieve greatness.

On your marks, get ready. (laughing)

(men gasping)

(Lastre laughing)

Okay, all that's left now, genius.

To inform the media so
they know what's happening.

(Pet babbling)

- After what everyone called last night

"a strange accident", I
believe the Nitron weapons

have begun taking lives.

That's why this match is
more important than ever.

It's important that the
whole world knows where I am.

That way our enemy will have
an easier time finding us.

I'm pretty sure he will look for us.

- Don't you think he's a sexy man?

- Well, yes, but as he is now,

we can't enjoy him as we want to.

He's almost like a stone.


No response.

He's very cold.

- Yes, that's true.

But we have to do something.

It would be a shame if he
stayed like this the whole time.

Hey, what if?

- Hm?

(both giggling)

- And the opponent, the
extraordinary wrestler,

Larrosa de las Estrellas!

- Such a beautiful woman.

Such a beautiful flower.

You will be in my hands.

I have to have her.

You will be mine, mine!

(crowd cheering)

Let's hope you don't wither, Rosa.

That's it, come on, start the match!

All right, Rosa!

I like this girl because
she's fierce. Win!

(crowd cheering)

(energetic music)

- Come on!

- You got this, babe! Right on!

Keep fighting! You will win, babe, yeah!

Get up, lover! Keep fighting, sweetheart!

(Larrosa shouting)

(Lastre laughing)

- Yeah!

Come on, come on!

I'm number one, I'm number one!

- Larrosa! Larrosa! Larrosa!

Finish her, babe!

You got this match! Yeah!

Good job, keep attacking her!

Come on, Rosa! You will win, babe!

This match is yours!
Good job, sweet cheeks!

Let's roll.

(crowd booing)

(Pet babbling)

(ominous music)

- You know something, Pet?

Since I got in the ring,
I was able to clearly

feel the presence of a Nitron weapon.

- Wait here, my warriors.

Stand guard. No one comes in.

(Pirat grunting)

(Pet babbling)

Out of the way, shorty!

- What are you doing here?

- Why so aggressive?

I'm here for you too.

Since I saw you, I said,
"She will be yours, Pirat."

And now that I am powerful,

you wouldn't say no to coming with me.

Or what?

(Pirat grunting)

(Pet babbling)

- When people think they
have power, they go mad.

- Make way, you buffoons!

- Where the hell are
you going, you old fart?

The girl's gonna stay here.

- Oh yeah?

I'll show you.

(guard groaning)

All right, who's gonna be next?

(guards shouting)

(man screaming)

(Pet babbling)

- There, there, Pet, calm down.

He'll be all right. Huh?

(Larrosa gasping)

- What's wrong, my sweetheart?

Are you okay? (laughing)

Don't you know I'm being protected,

by a protection field that protects me?

And that which unprotected me before

has stopped being protecting?

Wanna fight?

Don't worry, my sweet, lovable bunny.

You won't die.

I have a party planned just for you.

Just wait and see how much fun we'll have.

Take her away!

You know where to.

She's so cute, but boy, she's so heavy.


Do it together, together now.

She's very heavy.

Come on, let's go, here we go.

Hut-hut, hut-hut.

She's so beautiful. I love her so much.

Be careful! I can't stand this any more.

Don't hurt the goods!

Be careful with the goods!

There we go.

- Patacas!
- Yes, sir.

- Follow them in the shadows.

We're gonna check on Piro Jr.

- As you say, boss.

(Pirat groaning)

(Pet babbling)

- What happened?

You were supposed to watch my back.

- This is all that's left of Chocoro.

- Ah, the fire!

- Okay, okay.

Sweep him up later.

Now we have to look for
that man who took Rosa.

He's going to learn what kind
of enemies he's just acquired.

Let's go, you cowards.

(Pet babbling)

(dramatic music)

(Pet babbling)

- Speak normally, kid.

Don't try to prank me.

You better go home.

Stop wasting my time, kid.

Do you even have money?

Ah, no, no, no.

(energy whining)

Oh, shit.

(energetic music)

- [Narrator] Danger zone.

- What happened, Guerrero?
Where did they go?

- They went through that door.

It looks like they're
behind that building, Pirat.

- Under the sign?

It must be a trick of that old bastard.

You know something, guys?

For us warriors, nothing is impossible.

There are no barriers.

So let's do this, come on!

(engine revving)

(warriors coughing)

(dramatic music)

Wait, warriors!

I think that's the dwarf I
left hanging from a perch.

(beams blasting)

It won't be long until he dies.

Just wait and see.

(Vampiro groaning)

- If you're thinking on freeing
yourself from your binds,

you won't be able to do so,

because they were specially
designed for you, my baby doll.

And that's because I
know all of your skills.

- Don't touch me.

- I also know your weaknesses.

So don't be a smartass.

Don't you realize that I'm
the strongest one there is?

I could put the whole world
at your feet, at those boots.

I can do what you want.

Seize the chance.

Please me, please me.

And what are you two doing
here looking like fools?

Scram! Didn't I bring you
that boy toy to play with?

Go have fun! Shoo, shoo!

And now we are alone, my love.

I want you to know something.

Sooner or later, you will be mine.


(suspenseful music)

- He's gone!

- If Lastre finds him, he's dead.

And both of us too.

We have to find him quick.

Let's go.

Come on, come on, let's go!

(Pet babbling)

- I gotcha! (giggling)

- Isn't this that woman's mascot?

How is it you don't have
any problem breathing here?

- Oh, poor little guy.

Are you scared, baby?

You're so cute, little guy. (giggling)

There, there, there.

Everything's all right,
baby. Calm down, okay?

I think I'm getting an idea.

This thing could actually save us.

We take it to Lastre, and we
blame it for Vampiro's escape.

(both laughing)

- That divine face of yours
can't keep secrets of love.

Where have I heard that before?

That's not important.

I can't be bothered by anything right now.

- That's enough, Lastre!

- Wait, we can talk this out! (screaming)

- Don't let him escape,
Vampiro! Hit him harder!

That man is insane, but
there's no time to explain.

We have to stop the creation of a gas

he intends to use to wipe out humanity.

- You will be free in a second.

- Thank you.

- I can see stars.

- Okay. Now what do we do?

- We need to find the place he is using

to create the element Zok and destroy it.

I will explain it on the way.

- No no no, wait, you can't get out.

Eat this pill so you will
be able to breathe outside.

Eat it, eat it.

Good, eat it.

Let's go.

(Pet babbling)

- Look at what we found, boss.

(Pet babbling)

- Shut up!

Stop talking nonsense.

Your boy toy escaped with that woman.

That has to be mine!

(Pet babbling)

This reeks of treason.

You don't follow my orders to the letter,

that deserves a special punishment.

Now you're going to have to freeze.


(eerie music)

(gun firing)

(Larrosa screaming)

(guards shouting)

(energetic music)

- We found it.

This is where he's
creating the element Zok.

- Yes. Let's shut this place down.

- No, no, no, wait.

It's not that easy.

I need to get closer.

Only my energy can shut this down.

Also, this place is very
hot and we could get burnt.

(gun firing)

- Hurry up, let's go.

- Let's see how close we can get.

- Watch out.
(gun firing)

There are guards everywhere.

And they're bound to shoot
us on sight, you know?

(Larrosa grunting)

- Get him!

(guard shouting)

- Come on, take my hand.

(Vampiro grunting)

(guard shouting)

(guns firing)

Are you okay?

Come on, let's go. Hurry.

- Well, the time I gave you
to play has come to an end.

Now I will take charge
of everything again.

Of all this situation.

- Lastre, now you will pay!

(Vampiro groaning)

- Don't worry, babe.

No harm will come to you.

I want you for myself..

(Lastre chuckling)

That man will soon be nothing
more than miserable ashes.

Smelly rat and the
disgusting ashes. (laughing)

(energy whirring)

Now, girl, you're going to freeze!

Boy, you are all so useless.

What do I pay you masked men for?

He escaped right under your noses.

That's okay.

One more down. (laughing)

Hold this.

(Lastre groaning)

Well, what are you waiting
for, an invitation?

Help me! Idiots.


Don't bruise the goods.

- Warriors.

If we can't go in right now, we will wait.

Be patient.

They'll have to come out eventually.

- I took this earring from you

because I didn't want
you to make me suffer.

Sadly, another bad time.

You know how that is.

- It's okay.

What are you gonna do with me?

Well, I want you to be my honored guest,

because I don't like
being alone, you know.

I'm actually quite used
to being surrounded

by beautiful women.

Of course, these two were a mistake,

but that's why I turned
them into mannequins.

But I want you to stand
by my side during my reign

because I'm just so powerful.

And each passing day, I'm
even more and more and more.

In just 24 hours, I will
spread my message to the world.

And not only that, soon all this country

will be completely flooded with Zok

and millions and millions of
people will die by asphyxia.

I love it. (laughing)

After all, we're just
too many humans, right?

Only thing left is for the
creation process to be over

and finish the cycle so it can be used.

Ah, and these chimneys will
serve as cannons for the gas.

What do you think, do you
think I'm cool? (laughing)

- I think you're a monster! You're insane!

- Don't tell me that, please.

I love those kinds of compliments.

You're going to make me blush.

I will have to cover my cheeks.

All I want is for you to
share that power with me,

for you to be mine.

- That will never happen.


- I love it when you
tell me things like that,

when you scream "never".

I don't like women who
say yes immediately.

I like my women stubborn.

But you better hurry up, baby,

because you might die suffocated
by Zok too. (laughing)

Anyway, let's have some fun.

Healthy fun by watching the TV.

Because we could be
headlining the news somewhere,

to the news of millions
of deaths by asphyxia,

inexplicably. (laughing)

- Vampiro. So what happened?

Don't you remember anything?

- Not really, but I have this
throbbing pain in my chest.

- Is it that bad?

Because you simply vanished from the ring.

- I don't really know what's wrong.

- I don't like this at all.

You played a really
dirty trick on me, girl.

I will personally put this
clown's memories in order.

No one forgets about me that easily!

I'm so strong and bulky

and suddenly I passed out, and that's it.

That idiot.

You will see what I'm capable of.

Now get out of here! Shoo!

♪ La la la la, la la la la ♪

♪ Let's see, let's see ♪

♪ Don't fall on me, you sexy thing ♪

(Lastre humming)

There we go.

I have a special rose, a
beautiful, beautiful rose.

Okay, come over here.

Look at her.

There's no doubt that Nitron
was an ectoplasm genius.

Very soon, this mannequin
will look just like you.

Exactly the same as you.

Of course, with the most
basic intelligence, sadly,

but useful enough since
she will be made by me,

a special model for our
oh-so-special mission

in which you will have an
important role. (laughing)

Now, all that she is
missing as this little mask

so she can look exactly
like her double. (laughing)


Let's go.

Come on, move.

Vampiro will simply be unable

to resist your charms, my love.

Stand on your feet, doll.

You already know what you have to do.

Go, move it, and charm him.

Fill him with passion and excitement.

- Someone's coming.

Let's take a look.

Move it!

Why so lonely, dollface?

It seems the wait paid off.

This time you won't escape me, babe.

- What do you mean? Me, escape?

- Don't play a fool.

Remember the arena dressing rooms?

- You don't want me to play
in the arena dressing room?

- Hey, stop acting like an idiot.

Because those who don't understand words

understand in other ways.

Besides, tell me,

how the hell did you
breathe in that damn place?

We all nearly died.

- Like this.(inhaling and exhaling)

- You crazy bitch!

She packs quite a punch.

- Look at what I found, boss.

- What could this be, and what does it do?

- Those are micro-compressed
oxygen capsules.

They can be used to breathe, back there.

- Really?

Come out here, Patacas.

Grab one of these and go see
what's happening inside there.

Quick, do it now.

Come on. Hurry.

What are you waiting for, you coward?

Now go! What are you waiting for?


So tell me, sweetie.

Why so much mystery?

What's inside there?

- Nitron weapons.

Like that one, and many more.

- Like this one?

- And many more.

- What happened, Patacas?

Could you breathe inside there?

- You can breathe without
any trouble, boss.

- Do you think I could...

Yes, I think I can. Men!

Come here, have one of these.

Quick, swallow it.

With these, you will be
able to breathe in there.

Hurry, hurry! Move it!

Go on!

- I simply can't tire of your beauty.

It doesn't matter that
you show me your back.

Hey, don't you find me attractive?

Look at me.

It doesn't matter.

I love women with an attitude.

It makes me feel all
woozy-floozy tootsie-lootsie.

You excite me.

(alarm blaring)


Look what I have ready for
those intruders! (laughing)

(Larrosa grunting)

(Pet babbling)

- Pet, help me!

Quick, release me!

Come on, we have to leave.

- Get ready

for two out of three falls match

with no time limit!

On the heel side, Negro Casas
and his tag-team partner,

the great wrestler, Black Magic!

And finally, the captain
of the heel corner,

(speaking foreign language), Piro Jr.!

And on the babyface corner, King Haku!

Ultimo Dragon!

And the captain of the babyface team is...

Vampiro Casanova!

(crowd cheering)

- [Crowd] Vampiro,
Vampiro, Vampiro, Vampiro!

(Vampiro grunting)

- Come on, come on!

Hit me, hit me right here!

Come on, hit me!

- Yo, don't you step up on me!

- [Crowd] Vampiro, Vampiro, Vampiro!

- Come and tag me in! Hey!

Come and tag me in!

- Come on, what do you got? Come on!

(energetic music)

Ha-ha, come on. Come on, you coward.

Come on. Come on, you
little baby, come on.

- [Crowd] Vampiro,
Vampiro, Vampiro, Vampiro!

(Vampiro grunting)

- Come on.

- No, no! I give up!

- I'm not through with you!


Get up.

- I've been looking for you.

- Do we know each other?

- I'm Larrosa, but if you
don't remember me, that's okay.

A man like you can be forgiven
for almost everything.

With arms like this, with a
face like this, with that mouth.

What all those crazy fangirls would give

to be here with you in my place.

- You don't say.

(energy whirring)
(Vampiro groaning)

What did you do to me?

- It's a shame you have to die.

But that's my mission.

At least I will keep some
of your ashes as a memento.

- What did you do?

- Don't touch him.

He has to die.

I will defend his death with my own.

(both shouting)

(Pet babbling)

(dramatic music)

- The extension of my healing
aura has saved his life.

We just have to get him out of the shock.

(Vampiro groaning)

If we had took a little
more time, you would be dead

because of the needle my
doppelganger used on you.

You're safe now.

(Vampiro groaning)

- I remember everything.

You have a mission.

And I will help you.

So let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(engines revving)

(gun firing)
(guard groaning)

- It would seem someone is helping us.

Let's get in from behind.


(Pet babbling)

You understood?

Let's go.

(guns firing)

(guard screaming)

(Pet babbling)

(eerie music)

- Ah, life would be very boring
without moments like this.

Those fools don't know what's
coming to them. (laughing)

- It must be this way. Let's go.

- Attention, attention.

I wish to inform all the people

who are not members Mr. Lastre's family

that they only have five
minutes of life left.

Please enjoy them. (laughing)

- You go that way, I'll go this way.

(man screaming)

(man groaning)

(engines revving)

(Lastre laughing)

(guns firing)

(guard screaming)

(guards screaming)

(suspenseful music)

(energy pulsing)

(eerie music)

(energy sputtering)

(energy sputtering)

- It's no use, my love.

(laughing) You don't
even have time to repent.

Only two minutes remain.

Take a deep breath.

(Lastre laughing)

(alarm beeping)

(Larrosa groaning)

(Pet babbling)

(alarm beeping)

(Pet babbling)

- What, what are you doing?

Kill that thing! Come on, follow it!

Don't let it escape, you idiots!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, get him! I
can't stand you any more!

(alarm beeping)

(Lastre screaming)

(Pet babbling)

- It's all over, Pet.

We did it!

(bright music)

- It seems like it's all over.

And I wish you wouldn't leave.

Please. I need you.

- Our mission on Earth is over, my friend.

It's time for me to go
back to where I came from.

They'll soon be here for me.

(Larrosa sighing)

(energy whirring)

(dramatic music)

- [Announcer] The end.

(energetic music)