Vampiro (2016) - full transcript

A screenwriter contacts a prostitute to research a character of his new script.

- Are you alone?
- Do you want company?

Screw you, faggot!

- Can we talk?
- Keep going, this way.


Bitch! When my man comes, he'll break
your white ass with his huge black dick!


- Where?
- There, under the footbridge.


- Hi.
- Hi.

You're very handsome.

Ok, look. It's not that.
I just want to talk.

I want to talk to you.

- About what?
- Hold on.

Hold on a moment, let me explain.

- What's going on?
- I'm a screenwriter.

- For movies?
- Movies, Tv series... and other stuff.

The thing is I'm writing this
character, who is- who is a-

You can say 'hooker', it's ok.

So, the obvious thing would be to research
a bit, no?

- Aha.
- You don't feel like talking...

- What have you done? What movies?
- I don't think you have seen-

Try me, tell me one.

'Nights with no day'. Sounds familiar?

- No.
- See? Look, I want to do it this way.

I'll pay you like a normal job, your
normal rate.

Ok. Give me sixty then.

- Sixty?
- Sixty. Yes.

Can we go somewhere more private?

I’m not like those other girls, you know?

I know.

- Aren’t you coming?
- May I?

Sure. Come in.

You can even sit down.

- Here?
- Yeah.

- It's very nice.
- Yeah, this is my hideout, you know?

No one ever comes here.

Ok. Tell me.

Tell you what?

A bit about yourself.
Are you from here, from Valencia?

- Like born here?
- Yes.

No. I'm not from here.

- And where are you from?
- Cuenca.

- You don't mind me taking notes, do you?
- No.

Have you been living here a long time?

A few years.

Do you mind? Can you
elaborate a bit more?

It's easy money, no?

I got here four- almost
five years ago.

I guess you had a previous life there, right?
You aren't young.

Sorry. I mean you're not a girl anymore.

Let me see.

- You left Cuenca in your thirties.
- Less than that.

- Whatever you say.
- Less than that.

Let's move on.

Did you go to college? No?

Give me a fucking break.

I don’t think I feel like doing
this anymore, you know?

Maybe I should explain a bit.

Look, the specific details won’t appear
in the script. I guarantee you that.

But they are important to me.

- I see that you read, that you like reading.
- Yeah, I read a lot.

Well, those characters that you like so much
don’t magically come out of the writer’s head.

They are made from bits and pieces
of people he knew or researched-

- So it will be in the script.
- Just bits. Bits and pieces.

Now, don't be a child.
Did you go to college?

- Do you want some water?
- No, I'm ok.

I did the normal stuff. Went to
high school, repeated my senior year-

And then I went to Law School, but
in the second year I dropped out.


I got married and he wanted me
to work with him. So I dropped out.

- How did your parents take it?
- Badly.

Badly, because my parents were-
Well, my fath-

They were old. I was an only child
and my father wanted me to study.

- He was very old fashioned, you know?
- Yeah, how old fashioned.

Well, I divorced and came here
and here I’m earning a hell of a living.

It ain’t something that I want to do
my whole life, but I earn good money, you know?

Make no mistake, I live fine.
I don’t have a pimp like the black girls.

I do as I please. I live with another
girl and go out to restaurants and parties.

- Eveything’s fine, then.
- I think you have enough.

- No. We are not done yet.
- I say we are.

Then give me the money.

Take your shitty money and shove it up
your ass! I’m sure you’ll like it, asshole!


- Hey.
- What?

I'm Luis. My name is Luis.

Forgive me, please. That was out of line.

I'm very sorry. And this is yours.

Please, take it.

Forgive me. Please.

My name is Irene.

Come, I have something that you might like.

Let’s try another way, ok?
See what happens.

Just tell me what you want, ok?
At your own pace.

If you feel uncomfortable with
something, you can keep it to yourself.

Anyway, in a while I’ll leave-

-and you’ll never see my face again.

The thing is-
The thing is that I am a bit perplexed.

‘Perplexed’, for fuck’s sake.

Right, who says ‘perplexed’ nowadays, no?

I'm such a grandpa.

No, but something-
Something's not adding up.

You had everything.

A house, a job-
-a husband.

Something happened.

My dad-

My dad took it badly the thing
with Law School.

And he didn’t like Luis.

You both have the same name.

So, he stopped talking
to me, just like that.

- And then he died.
- How come?

Yeah. He was eating- he choked-

Fuck. That's bad fucking luck.

Sorry. Sorry.

Fuck. Sorry.

Sorry, it was the joint, ok?
I’m really sorry.

Calm down. I'm really sorry, ok?

It's ok. It's ok.

Do you have something to drink?
Beer or something?

In the cooler.

- No glasses?
- Why? It grosses you out?

I don’t know what’s been in your mouth.

What I don’t get is what happened
between you and Luis.

Please, tell me he isn’t dead as well.

- Luis was an asshole, period.
- Hold on a moment. Why?

Did he cheat on you?
Or was it gambling?

- Leave it alone.
- No, seriously, what was it?

Did he do drugs, didn’t want to commit?

Stop it! Fuck.

He didn’t want problems, right?

No, smartass. It was me who
didn’t want kids, but he insisted-

Wait, wait.

You have a kid?

I got pregnant fast. I was so young.

Everything went well, the tests...
I didn’t get dizzy or anything.

I don't know, I started getting excited.

And one day I saw her, in the ultrasound.
The little hands, the legs-

- So cute.
- A girl?

What happened? Did you lose her?

What happened?

Luis lost his mind. He started saying
that he wasn’t sure, with the crisis-

He lost his mind.

He said that maybe it was better if we-

-if we-

At first he prentended he was joking.
Like fooling around, but sounding me out.

I couldn’t believe it and
he laughed, the asshole.

As weeks went by, he got serious.

He said we would miss the deadline, that
I wanted to fuck up his life-

-that he was gonna leave me.
He went on and on and on.

Did you abort?

- No.
- No? You didn't get an abortion?

And where’s the girl now?

She’s with my mom. In Cuenca.
She’s fine there, in Cuenca.

I want to fuck.

I’ve changed my mind. I want to fuck you.

- Here, sixty more. That’s the price, no?
- We are not going to fuck.

Buy something nice for the girl.

I’m going to fuck your ass.
For that money I can fuck your ass, no?

Use a condom.

Use a condom, please.

No, don’t take it off.
I don’t like old tits.

Lie down. Face down.

Stop pretending.

- Alive my ass.
- What?

The girl-
She’s dead.

Get out!