Vampires: Los Muertos (2002) - full transcript

In Mexico, another vampire slayer, Derek Bliss, is hired by a shady priest and aided by a group of fellow slayers in finding a large nest of 'suckers' and their powerful leader, a vampire princess. She is seeking a legendary black crucifix - the same crucifix used unsuccessfully in the first movie to perform a ritual which will enable vampires to walk in sunlight and be invulnerable.


Little party, mister?

Baby, you passed the audition.

Hey! Slow down!

It's $50 straight up.

You want more, it costs more.

And I don't do no audition.

You scream, and it's over.

Hey, babe.

If I pull this trigger,

I bet it's gonna hurt you really bad.
What do you think?

Now, razor boy,

why don't you just move away,
nice and slow?


Thanks, mister.
You saved my life.

- What can I do for you?
- Smile, sister.


- Derek?
- Hey, man.

Listen, man. Some anonymous
somebody wants to bankroll a unit.

A whole unit for something
nobody believes in?

- Must be the Catholics.
- Yeah, maybe.

Bunch of them people got wiped
out a couple of years ago.

- So what's the gig?
- North Mexico.

Sucker count's way up.

Client wants a preemptive strike so they
don't move up to San Diego or Tucson.

Who's the client?

Anonymous means anonymous,

Aw, hell, Catholics,
feds, Hindus...

As long as they pay the bills,
who cares?

Why are we getting all this
action all of a sudden?

Big guys are mostly dead
or burned out.

Especially if they stick
their necks out.

I work alone. You know that.

It's not gonna happen
unless it's a team.

They don't want cowboys, they want hunters.
It's gotta be a unit.

Hey, there was a priest
who survived that massacre.

You might wanna build
your team around him.

Who are you? -Why don't
you ask your flunkies?

They know my temperature,
my pulse, blood type...

I apologize for the security.

We had to make sure you were...


My name's Derek Bliss.

I'm here looking for
Father Adam Guiteau.

Look. You've nothing to fear
from me.

I know he's hiding here. And
I know how to keep a secret.

Have I found him?

- When?
- Last month.

- How?
- How is not important.

How is very important to me
right now.

- You're a hunter, aren't you?
- Yes.

Then you know the life.

You're a hunter? -I dabbled a
little when I was younger...

And backed away.

You might as well stay here
the night.

There's nowhere else nearby.

Perhaps I can help in some way.

It's all right to talk.

You saw something!

Hallucination. It was just...

- Real for a second?
- Yeah.

Somewhere out there, one of them
is trying to link up with you.

You must resist
with all of your power

or it will wear you down
and destroy you.

This one's dead.

This one's crazy.

These two are good.

The others, never heard
anything about them.

Stay small. Fewer targets.

You sure you won't come
with me?

I'm sorry. If you return with
the team, I'll bless the team.

Thanks, Padre, but I can
pick that up along the way.

Lester Pomani?



Brody, listen.

That priest you sent me to see?


The first two guys
on the list? Dead.

Derek, I took those names
right out of my Rolodex.

And I swear to God,
nobody else ever saw them.

- Then how did the bogeys know?
- Look, try one more.

I'll make some calls and see who
I can recruit from this end.

Just one more?

I'm looking for Augie Tilton.

L know who did it!

They run in the church.

Who's gonna help me?
Eh? Who's gonna...

Hey, buddy, slow down a minute.

I know some things
about those kids in there.

Like what?

Like maybe you'd better wait
till the sun comes up.

Just sit tight.

Hey. Hey, man...

Maybe you should
just talk to them.

- What's your name?
- Sancho.

Sancho, you know
your friend in there

was doing some real special
undercover work.

I'm just here
to finish the job.

- Who are you?
- I'm the Lone Ranger.

Well, then I'm Tonto
'cause I'm going, too.

No, no, no, no, no.

Listen to me.
It's very dangerous.

There's more than
one of them in there.

Well, that's why you need help.

All right, listen.

You can watch my back and
stand behind me, all right?

But you gotta do
exactly what I say.

No matter what happens in there, don't
you panic, don't run. You got that?

Yeah. I got it.

Twenty bucks.

My mama needs the money.

Your buddy might have been the
first kill for these kids.

They might not know
what they are yet.

Just don't let them bite
or scratch you, okay?

Pull! Pull!

That's one down, two to go.

Jesus Christ.

You know, these old
Dracula movies and stuff,

I always thought, what if...

Kid, put it in the bag.
Go to the light!

This is how you make a living?

I guess you'd say that.

And the money good?

It's not bad. But if you did it
every day, it'll drive you crazy.

My mama needs
the money real bad.

- How old are you, kid?
- Eighteen.

I don't hire guys
that lie to me.

I'm going on 16.

Well come back and see me in a
couple of years, all right?

Hey, come on man...

Look, you did a great job.

Appreciate the help. Go on.

- Appreciate the help, yeah.
- Hey!

what if the bogeys are...

- You know, linking up to me?
- Oh, come on, Derek!

Yeah, but what if?

That'd mean it's all over,
wouldn't it?

You can sit anywhere, hon.

I'm looking for a Jesse Brooks.


- Hotshot.
- Yeah?

With you in a couple.

- Coffee?
- Yeah, please.

Big sigh.

Lot of weight.

Business or domestic?


Temp or perm?

Temp or perm?

- Perm, I guess.
- Legal or illegal?

To tell you the truth,
I don't know.

All right.

Life or death?

I'm Zoey, by the way.

I'm Derek.
I already told you it's perm.

So you did.

Now, Derek...

Would that be actual death...

Or un-death?

Would you excuse me
for a minute?


Oh, shit.

Cold as a corpse.

Damn. She's cute, too.


Oh, what are you gonna
do, just shoot me? -Yeah.

You got a decent reason
why I shouldn't?

Why are you walking around
in broad daylight?

Oh, you think I did all that.

Hey, I ran, just like you did.

Why in the fuck are you standing
here in broad daylight?

That requires an elaborate

Can we go somewhere else, preferably
with some shade and maybe a Coke?

Here's your fucking shade.

- Jesus Christ!
- Get in!

You are a real jerk.

Pointing guns at people? Somebody
could get hurt, you know?

- Here's your Coke.
- Oh, it's hot!

Talk to me, damn it.
You got bit.

Not the way you think.
It was during sex.

I thought the guy was just
getting a little carried away.

And he bit you?

Made blood come. Licked it.
Freaked me out.

I don't believe a God damn
word you're saying.

Hey, look. When I got bit, I
went directly to Mexico City.

Guy in an AIDS clinic
ran a bunch of tests on me.

It wasn't HIV.

But he couldn't identify it.

So, he slipped me some sort of
experimental drug, and it worked.

I take it every day, and
the infection is in check.

- How long?
- It's been almost a year.

I have symptoms.

I crave red meat.

I get cranky with too much
of sunshine.

Sometimes I see stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Flashes, like dreams,
only I'm awake.

And it feels like they're real.

I saw you and some guy
with a razor.

And then, I saw you again
yesterday in a church.

It was really no surprise at all when
you walked into that coffee shop.

- Is it always me?
- Oh, no.

The night before last,
it was this monastery.

Priests, all in robes.

My God.

They dragged them out here and
stacked them up like firewood.

It was an all-night
feeding party.

What about your friend?

They destroyed us.


Look what they've done.

- She came with several others.
- She?

Their master's a woman?

You know she's death,
yet you want to give in.

I was away buying supplies.

I returned just before dawn,

but the truck ran out of gas
on the road.

I saw people coming.

I sensed that something
was wrong, so I hid.

Then she passed.

I was lucky.

The vampire didn't bother
with me

because she already had
what she came for.

The history of my church
holds some ugly secrets.

One secret is
an ancient battle cross.

The Black Cross of Berzier.

Vampires believe it can give them
the power to walk in daylight.

Reverse exorcism.
Every sucker's dream.

There's no secrets anymore,

although to civilians, it seems
like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

You know differently,
don't you?

It's starting to add up.

Father Adam brings the cross
here because he knows it's safe.

But it was, until his new
best friend comes along.

She needed the cross.

She needed the blood
of a slayer.

- Now she's got both.
- What slayer?

I've been recruiting hunters
for an expedition.

It seems the vampire
gets there just before me.

These were good hunters.

They put up a fight, at
least until the coffee shop

with Jesse Brooks, the cook.

That's about how it works,
isn't it, Padre?

I come here and expose you,
and I hand her

a list of willing candidates
for a coming out party.

You can't blame yourself. -It's
not a matter of who's to blame.

- Somebody has to go after her.
- Let me show you something.

Adam knew there would be
more hunting.

He worked on this
in his spare time.

It's all ready to go.

- You're a hunter?
- I've hunted.

- I know it's not the same thing.
- No, this is suicide.

The vampire was here
when you came.

But she didn't attack until
you were gone. Why?

- Could she be afraid of you?
- Get real.

At the restaurant, she attacked
when you left the room.

- She hesitates when you're around.
- It's a shitty theory, folks.

- Think small, senor.
- How small?

- But...
- You and me? Huh?

The girl ain't gonna be
no good to us in a fight.

If she goes off her drugs, she's gonna
turn on us in a second, guaranteed.

Mmm, first off,
I'm a woman, not a girl.

I have no attraction to vampires and
I don't intend on becoming one.

I am fighting my condition with drugs,
of which I have an ample supply.

Thank you very much.

And when a cure is found,
I'll be normal again.

So if you want my help,
you can ask for it nicely

with a little fucking respect.

Maybe she can shoot a crossbow.

Maybe you should ask her very nicely,
with a little fucking respect.

I'll be back.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- Following you.

- How?
- My dirt bike.

So you don't think I run away.

What the hell is this?

"Permission for my son, Sancho,
to have a job on your hunt"?

Read the rest.

"He got good grades.

"School out in three week.

"He not flunk nothing."
Oh, man.

Zoey, Father Rodrigo,
I want you to meet Sancho,

the fearless vampire killer.

- Hi.
- Hi.

There you have it,
Team Bliss complete.

- Senor Derek, listen...
- No, you listen.

I start a search, and everyone
I'm looking for ends up dead.

And thanks to me, a bunch
of suckers come in here

and they wipe the place out. And
we're supposed to go after them?

With what?

A teenage dropout
from junior high school?

A girl... No, a woman who could
turn on me at any given moment?

A man of the cloth who's maybe
hunted once in his life?

And me, a dumb son of a bitch
who'd rather be surfing.

This ain't gonna work.

Sometimes you need
less than you think.

You need less ammo,
less courage.

A loaf of bread,
a couple of fish.

When it's all said and done,
there's really no other choice.


Brody, I got
the package. What's in it?

Lots of goodies. Big cash
advance and a bunch of papers

which turn you into a
pre-Columbian archeologist.

Why do I need to pose
as an archeologist?

The Mexican government
does not yet recognize

vampire slayer as a legitimate

What the hell is wrong
with these people?

Oh, by the way,
I found you some extra help.

A guy named Ray from Memphis.

Black dude, tough as nails.

Due in tonight,
bus out of Tucson.

You hear me okay?

Loud and clear.

- What are we looking for?
- A big, tall black guy.

All right, we got a no-show.

Hold it. L got a sucker.

All right, listen. You're five seconds
away if I need you, so watch me.

Hey, man, you got a light?


Thought for sure
you'd be a smoker.

Any chance you're from Memphis?


Lousy part of town
to get what you came for.

What? You a mind reader?

Like you know shit about me.

No offense, man. Just I know
a rookie when I see one.

You're new at this, ain't you?

You trying to sell me
something or what?

No, I just remember
when the thirst kicked in.

Worse than drugs.

Worse than smoking.

We're on the same side, man!

Drive a guy crazy, all these
civilians running around everywhere.

You know what drove me crazy?

All that...

Warm blood.

Swear to God, you can smell it.

- Shit, yeah.
- They smile, they talk to you.

But after a while,
all you hear is a pulse.

Just beating away.

And guess what, smart-ass?

I can hear yours.

Hey, what's
going on over there?

Good shot.

Yeah. I had a feeling about that
punk all the way down here.

- I take it you're from Memphis.
- Ray Collins.

- Derek Bliss.
- Cool to meet you.

What exactly d'you use
to stop a bogie that cold?

Smith & Wesson, 12-gauge.
The real secret's the shells.

Hand-turned teakwood. Bore 'em
out and fill 'em up with lead.

'Bout like a deer slug.
Pack a hell of a wallop.

Yeah, that hunk of wood goes right
inside, just stays right there.

Of course, you still gotta
do the usual, you know.

What's he doing?

Brody said you had a big job.

Bring along plenty of those
slugs with you?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, what's that guy doin'?
Is this real or what?

It's about time we head out.

Got plenty of bloodsuckers
up Memphis way?

Plenty of bloodsuckers
everywhere, far as I can tell.



Boss, we need to
make a pit stop!

It's Zoey! She's sick!

It's her.

- What are you seeing?
- I see the...

The cook from the coffee shop.

There's a priest, with blood.

The ceremony.

And the cross.

The cook is dead...

And so is the priest.

- And the vampire, is she still alive?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Outside, in the daylight?
- No.

Light still hurts.

What? That's good, isn't it?

I thought when she tried it,
the sunlight might finish her.

Yeah, but at least
the ritual failed.

Something else
I need to know, Padre?

It's daylight now, boss.
You mind?

Hey, if you're keeping
a secret to get some...

The things that
I keep to myself...

Will only help us.

Concentrate, Zoey.

Okay. Here.

I think they're here.


There's an old sugar mill nearby
built on top of some Toltec ruins.

Adam told me about it. Perfect
spot for a colony, he said.

- How often?
- Once a day, two pills.

Another at night
if I can't sleep.

You got plenty?

- A couple more months' worth.
- Then what?

Then Mexico City again.

It was so strong.

Not like the other times.

It was like
she was stalking me.

Look, I gotta ask you...

- Did she bite you or something?
- She tried to.

At the coffee, shop she tasted me.
But something made her stop.

Maybe it was the medicine.

This is it for the night? -Unless
somebody else wants to drive.

- No, let's stop.
- I'm hungry.

Hey, let's keep it simple, okay? I want
everybody back in here before dark.


Excuse me, boss, but ain't no
way I'm sleeping in this thing.

- Ah, you get used to it.
- Boss, I was in the Navy.

And even on a ship, you
got more room than that.

I get nervous in tight spaces.

If I was to get
any sleep at all,

I might wake up in the middle of
the night and shoot somebody.

You don't want to face a vampire at night.
Least of all a master.

All due respect, preacher man, but you
ain't been working with Miss Piggy.

Now granted it may take one,
two, maybe even three rounds,

but when the big girl speaks, even the
coldest of the cold have to listen.

No exceptions.

Believe me, little brother,
them slugs never lie.

All right, listen, Memphis,
get your beauty rest,

but you gotta drive first
shift tomorrow. I'm beat.

You got it, boss.

Hey, honey, what's the matter?

What's the matter, honey?

Come on over here
and talk to Ray.

What's the matter?
Somebody do something to you?

I won't hurt you. Come on.

Sit down.

You sure are beautiful.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow down now, darling.

You sure are
a hot little Tamale.

Don't let your hands write no checks
your body don't want to cash, now.

Whoa, whoa. Slow down, now.

Are you feeling okay?

Yeah. I'll be fine.
I'm all right.

We'll make it tomorrow morning
if we drive straight through.

That's a long way to go.
Zoey's wrong.

She's not wrong.
Can't you feel it?

I don't feel anything
but uneasy right now.

Hey, boss.

What do you say we gas up and
get cool drinks for everybody?

That's a new one on me.

I'd have passed here a hundred
times and I'd never know.

All right, Memphis.
Deep as you can.

All right, that's one down.

I don't think
they're here to feed.

I think they're just killing
time, amusing themselves.

But I do think something else
is going on here..

Scare tactics? Maybe she was
counting on us stopping here.


Where is she?

- Nothing. Blank slate.
- Son of a bitch!

We got a flat tire. I must've
rolled over a nail or something.

Say anything about this place?

Present day, not much.

Poor farming community.

Different story in the 1200s.
Boom town.

Toltec culture was great,
but brutal.

There. It's there.

She's in there. They all are.

- Let's go in.
- No, not yet.

Let's go to the village
and see what we can find out.

Well, where's everybody?

They're watching.

The Nortenos have come to
kill the devils of the night.

I saw it in a dream.

Is it true?

We have come to try.

Today is Dia de los Muertos.
Day of the Dead.

But your timing is very good.

A beautiful girl,
hungry, homeless,

was taken in by a family
outside of town.

The family became strange.

The light left their eyes.

They disappeared.

Soon, others did, too.

It was said they went to the
ruins and lived underground.

People saw them at night drinking the
blood of those not yet afflicted.

This was once a thriving place.

Now, people cower in beds

while the devils
walk the streets.

Two days ago,
our priest disappeared.

Last night,
the church was burned.

The police never
came around very much.

These days, they don't come
around at all.

I gotta find a doctor
right now.

I am afraid
the doctor disappeared.

Did he have an office?

In here.

Painkillers, antibiotics.
Not much.

We gotta find something.

It works. Now if I can
just get a line out.

Where, Mexico City? How long will
it take to ship her drugs here?

Three, four days, five.
A week, maybe more.

Zoey, we don't have
that kind of time.

If we leave right now, I can drive and
we'd be there in a day and a half.

No way. Two days to get there, two to get back.
It could be a week.

This town doesn't have a week, Derek.
They're losing people every single night.

There's a bus this afternoon
to Mexico City.

I'll take it.

I could go with you.

Stay here.
Do what you came to do.

The bus will be here soon.

Derek, a bus schedule in Mexico is
more like a suggestion, you know?

Derek says crosses don't
work on vampires anymore.

Maybe the people with the
crosses don't believe anymore.

- You should eat something.
- Mmm-mmm.

You hurt yourself. -It's fine.
Just got it changing the tire.

- Zoey?
- Sorry.

I... I need to go
into the shade.

How did she? Jesus, it's the
middle of the fucking day!

- Zoey's medicine. That's the connection.
- How'd she get it?

Oh, doesn't matter.
Which way they goin'?

The nest.

The vampire's gonna want more of the drugs.
She won't touch a hair of Zoey's head.

- Until she tells where she got it.
- Zoey won't tell her!

Hey, Sancho, you're gonna
have to face the fact.

- Zoey might already be dead.
- Or worse.

I don't care!
I'm gonna help her!

All right, kid.
Don't get your hopes up.

- Okay, let's go in.
- Padre?

There's one last little thing.

Zoey didn't lose her medicine.

She's too careful for that.

Somebody went in her
pocketbook and stole it.

Now, I know it wasn't me, so that
means it had to be one of you.

What do you say, Padre?

That little massacre
back at the monastery?

Something you forgot
to tell me about? Hmm?

Maybe it was out least likely
suspect on the road trailing me.

Maybe the bogie's
been trailing you.

Maybe it was about the money.

What do you say, Ray?
She slip you a few thou extra?

Look here.
I'm a real simple man.

I came down here to kill
suckers and to get paid.

Anybody looking to throw down
on me is looking to get killed.

What do you say, kid?

Did she get to you? Huh?
No disgrace.

She's a very powerful woman. It
could happen to any one of us.

Come on, kid, get it off your chest.
Admit it.

- You know you did it.
- Son of a bitch.

Tell me the truth.
Come on, admit it.

- Fuck you.
- Come on, talk to me.

- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- Talk to me! Talk to me!

- How did you know?
- I had a dream.

What if your dream was wrong?
Better my mistake than yours.

I'm sorry, kid.

It could've been
anyone of us. Even me.

I guess I screwed up
big time, boss.

Go and do what you have to.
I won't hold it against you.

She knows you're here.
In fact, she set it up.

Set it up?

- She's the client?
- Yeah.

It's a simple plan.
Find the cross...

Expose you and the rest of us.

She's a smart one.


You don't know you lived 'til
you got head from a vampire.

The drug wears off quickly,
but it works.

There's a million
places to hide down here.

Slow down. We don't know how
many of them we're up against.

Look out!

Okay, clear!

It's so quiet.

You can just bet Big Mama's waiting
to see if we get tired out.

Unless the drug wore off.

I like that theory.


- Help!
- Zoey?

I'm out of cable. -Stay here and cover him.
You come with me.

Derek, we shouldn't
get separated.

Lag behind just a little bit.
Try to keep us all in sight.


Derek, talk to me!

It's not a good idea
we get separated this way.


The remote is not working.



I can give you
what you're after.

Not some drug you have to take
every day, but the real thing.

The ritual.

Did you think just any priest
could perform it?

I know how it must be done.

And I'm also a hunter.

Two for the price of one.

- Padre, no.
- It's best this way.

Why are you so good to me?

I have no regard for you,
or myself,

only for my friends.

Something you
wouldn't understand.

But if helping you
is the cost of saving them...

So be it.

Decide, vampire.
I don't care anymore.

I can dive into this pit and leave you behind for good.
It's all the same to me.


You know a good deal
when you see one, hmm?

Let him go. Just you and me.

No, no, no, no, no.
Go. It's okay.

It's what I want.

Hey, there has to be
another way.

By morning, we're not gonna
recognize her.

The self-control it's taken
her to hold back this long...

I'm sorry.

Hey, what the hell
is she doing?

She said for you to get lost.

- Hey, lady, you're playing with fire.
- Don't talk now. You help.

Help how?

What the hell is she saying?

- Take care of the donors.
- Donors?

That old truck of yours
still for sale?

If you give the money
to the boy.

I think the boy's become a man.

It's too soon.

Show him his way home.


You're back.

Halfway back. About like
where I was when we first met.

I'll take that.

But as soon as you can move, I want you
to get the hell back to Mexico City.

No, Derek. You're down to it.
You need me.

Look, if Rodrigo's
got any chance at all,

I'm gonna have to
infiltrate the ceremony.

Maybe I'll get a shot off
before she torches him.

She'd hear your heartbeat.

Yeah, but what if I'm infected?

It'd slow my heartbeat down, and I
could mix in with the rest of them.

- Don't even think about it.
- Look, I need a front row seat.


You got another patient.

Only this time
we're going in reverse.

You can feel it, can't you?

It's unbelievable.

Why do you think people
get hooked on drugs?

I didn't know
it'd be this good.

You want me to do this, too?

No, my friend.

If this falls apart, you're gonna
have to kill us and go for help.

Me, senor?

If we don't return, Lupe,

Go far away from here.

Abuelo, we gotta go.


In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Get that cable
as far as you can.

Heed this,

our earthly wish,

that these deeds we do find
favor with the Most High

and both angels and devils

here we now are met.

One last thing.

You're out of luck, vampire.

You assembled every element,
except one.

You forgot to bring a priest.

You can kill me,
but it won't help you.

I'm a hired hand.

I work at the monastery fixing cars and cutting grass.
I'm an impostor, vampire.

I saw what you did
to the brotherhood.

How you destroyed
every one of my friends.

I picked up their clothing,
put it on,

and I vowed I would find you.

If that is the truth,
you have failed to hurt me.

If it's a lie,

you have failed
to help yourself.

Hey, Derek. Derek.

- Let's go.
- I'm going back. Go.

Be ready.

Come on. It's okay. Come on.

Come, come.

Can you hear me?

I don't wanna hurt you.

I just wanna see you.

I just wanna talk to you.



Zoey, for God's sake!

If anybody wants to make a run for
it, this would be a good time.

All right.

Oh, and, Padre?

Is there anything else
I need to know?

I told you
my secrets would help.

That you did, brother.

I need a straight shot
with this thing.

Zoey, any way you can get it
up on the roof?

I'll see what I can do.

Hey, vampire.

I know you can hear me,
because I can hear you.

I can smell you.

The only choice left
is how to die.

Slow and painful,

or it can be quick and easy.

You decide.

It's a trap!

Sancho, get your back
up against something solid.

Heads up. She'll be
coming after one of us.

She'll beat us down here. We got
to get the hell out of this hole.

Okay, let's go like this.

Separate. She can't be
two places at once.

- Don't count on it.
- Now!

Come on!

Zoey, please!



Okay. Thank you.
Take care, guys.

How much time
you think we have?

Try to get there
as fast as you can.

Sure you won't come?

Yeah. I'm needed here.

So you got a plan, amigo?

Yeah, clean up around here.

Make a special skeleton, you
know, for his grave and all.

You get fixed up.

Come back soon.

Maybe hunt with me some more.

Now you're such a pro, maybe I
better find something else to do.

Head back home, okay?

I could've kept
your secret, you know.

You wouldn't have taken me
if I told you the truth.

Plus, it's hard to keep a
secret from a vampire.

- Where is it?
- Where is what?

You know what. The cross.
You went back for it.

That's a secret I can't share
with you right now.

Maybe when we meet again.

You know, if the medicine
doesn't work...

If it doesn't work,
you will change.

You will try to survive, and
everything will be different.

I'll pray for good medicine.

Take care.

Yeah. Thanks for the ride.

Sunlight getting to you?

We could slow down,
let it outrun us.

No, let's make it
last as long as we can.