Vampire Prosecutor (2011) - full transcript

Head Prosecutor, Min Tae-yeon, was bitten by a vampire. Now he uses his new supernatural powers to solve crime.

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We'll leave the decision up to you sir.

What is there to discuss?
We'll divide it up based on each person's merit.

Just come back with the traitor.

Then I'll throw you a bigger bone.

My pay is becoming a bit difficult to live off of.

I'll take care of it,
so please leave it to me.

Finish it within a month.

Then you can be promoted.

Thank you sir!

- Oh and this.
- What is this?

It's nothing extravegant.
I just bought you something to drink.

No need for this.

You know, has a funny way of changing
and deepening things.

Depending on its journey,

one's sense of taste and smell are refined.

The same goes for people.

Belief and faith deepens depending
on how the choices you've made.

What do you think sir?

I think I was fair enough with you.

Do you disagree?

After all we've been through,

You can't do this!

Who are you trying to throw under the bus?

Me? Chi Soon?

Even if you're right hand doesn't know
what you're left hand is doing...

you should know that I'll still catch on!

This tape that you have!

You need to restore our faith in you.

Finish the job.

Vampire Prosecutor

Vampire Prosecutor

Oh my...this is where he died?

We're in trouble.


Jung Kwe Soo.

You don't know him?

Gang Bukpa's* boss.
*North district of Han river

He is a gangster?

He is a gangster,
but he isn't your average gangster.

He has the north in his control.

If we're not careful,
we can get our fingers chopped off.

And have to learn to eat with our feet.

Let's just pass off on this crime.

If we mess up,

our clothes will get soaked,

and we won't even get a
cleaning fee out of it.

You want to pass off the crime,
in case we get our clothes wet?

Have you been wearing
the clothes for too long?

Don't you think it's time to slowly take
your clothes off, Detective Hwang?

You only call me Detective Hwang
at times like this.

You're going to work hard,
right Detective Hwang?

Of course I will.

- I will do my best, Prosecutor Min.
- Yes, Please do.

He already got beat up somewhere else first.

I think there was something inside here.

Inside the pocket?

What was it?

That's something our
Detective Hwang should find.

Why are you being like this Prosecutor Min?

- Hey Detective.
- Yes?

Hey our Prosecutor said there was something
inside the man's inner pocket!

You have to look for things like that.
Hurry up and look for it.

Sorry I'm late.

What's this crime about...

I think he was beaten until this broke off.

Things like this keeps coming out.

What is that?

It looks like plastic.

As to what this is, and why it's coming out
of the victim's mouth...

Something was put into the victim's mouth,

and forced shut with
the tape across his mouth.

Then he was assaulted,

and was questioned.

That's a fragment of something that was
shoved into the victim's mouth.

That is the evidence of his
first round of torture.

The fact that his nails are all broken...

is evidence to his second round of torture.

The victim who was already in shock from
his first round of torture,

would have found it hard to breathe.

After the second round of torture...

I'm sure he went into severe shock.

And then right away,

his third round of torture would have started.

First, block the victim's nose.

This method of torture would have...

made the victim feel like he was drowning.

He could have swallowed a piece of that
during the torture.

If you open up his stomach,

you may have a better
idea of what that piece is.

I guess we're finished with the autopsy.

Yoo Jung In.

Yoo Jung In!

What was that?


How did you know that stuff?

I read it in a book.

There's a book that teaches
you how to torture?

You said something in the past...

Have you had any
traumatic events in your past?

Excuse me?

Things that you wish you could take back...

Do you have a past like that?

If you have something like that...

don't ask me anymore.

About anything.

I will do everything I can
to catch the killer.

No matter what I have to do,

I will catch him. Therefore...

please don't ask me anything.

That's just so weird.

I think there's a dark past.
Should I look into it?

If you have that kind of time,
then go look for the killer.

Choi Dong Man.

Go collect the fragments that came out
of the victim's body,

and find out what it is.

And, you can go find another detective,

and find out the primary and secondary
relationships amongst the gangs.

Yes. Yes, yes.

Why did you have to joke now of all times,
and get scolded?

How can you have no sense at all?
No sense!

You little brat!

I don't think I can be a detective
with all this drama.

Oh my...

Are you disrespecting me, young man?

Do you know who I am?

20 years ago, I caught Kwang No Seung.
This is Kim Deok Hwan. Kim Deok Hwan!

While you were eating your popsicles,
and other sweet snacks,

I caught 2 gangsters with my bare hands
and locked them up in the cage!

You didn't know?

You don't know who Kwang No Seung is?

Then, go and ask your mom, you asshole!

This young little thing is so disrespectful
with everything he says.

I'll rip his mouth open.

Oh my...

The speed of your gum chewing is no joke!

I mean, who is is that asshole!
The one who pissed off my mentor?

Hwang Soon Bum!

You're still alive?

Gum and the prosecutor...

is there to chew on!

So what you're saying is...

This Jung Kwe Soo has been
on the outs for a while...

and Goo Chi Soon is the new power house.

That's what you're saying.

That's right. It's been about 2 months
since Goo Chi Soon took over power.

I'm sure he's already in the belly of things,

and situated comfortably.

Chi Soon this scum, grew up a lot.

If you think of him as the Goo Chi Soon from
the past, you're in big trouble.

This scum...

even got himself a nickname.


He only dresses in white,

and smiles as he slowly operates on people.
It's no joke.

I have to scoop up a scum like that,

to become big.

What does that mean?

Anyhow, this Goo Chi Soon...

attached himself to this Yoon Won Gook
not too long ago,

and kicked Jung Kwe Soo out.

And basically took over his spot afterwards.

So then...

You're saying Jung Kwe Soo just stood by?

If he had eyes,

couldn't he have seen someone beneath him
forcing his way up...

Hey, hey...

His eyes are set on other stuff,
so what could he have seen?

His eyes were set elsewhere?

Jung Kwe Soo...

was crazy over gambling.

All his operatives had already
turned their backs...

and if he got involved himself,

he would have undoubtedly gotten
caught by his own operatives.

So he was caught when Goo Chi Soon ordered
him to be caught.

Yoo Won Gook, that guy...

is not your average guy.

The boss is in a meeting.


Please come back some other time.

I told you to move.

Is he calling prostitutes these days?

It's dangerous for you to be
walking around at night as an adult.

I haven't been caught since I was little.

Because of someone.

How long are you going to live
blaming your parents?

When you're a famous prosecutor?

Did what happened last time go well?

You don't need to know about that.

Jung Kwe Soo.

You know he's dead?

Do I have to know that?

There's no reason that
you have to know about it.

Unless, you...Yoo Won Gook is the killer.

How can you call your dad Yoo Won Gook?

Just because you slept with my mom,
doesn't make you a dad.

Jung Kwe Soo.

Did you kill him?

It sounds like you wish I killed him.

When I saw the body,
I was reminded of the past.

The warm memories the other kids have
of their dads...

I don't have any of those.

Who you have killed...

How you tortured people...

those are the only memories I have.

Jung Kwe Soo.

Did you kill him?

Are you asking as a prosecutor,

or as a daughter?

Of course I'm asking as a prosecutor.


Then I will treat you as a prosecutor.

Prosecutor Yoo.

Do you know how many prosecutors have
come up against me to date?


8 people.

Out of those people, exactly...

half of them died.


by an accident.

The fact that those people died...

do you really think was an accident?

Wash your hands of this crime,
Prosecutor Yoo.

This...I'm saying as a dad.

You're saying it as a dad...

I'll pretend that I didn't hear that talk.

I'll see you again.

Yoo Won Gook.

What exactly could these be?

I can't even get a guess in.



You ignorant brat.


Looking at it with all the experience
of my 25 years as a detective...

This is Koria.



Republic of Korea.

How can Korea be K-O-R-I-A?

It's K-O-R-E-A!

Detective Hwang, You're really ignorant.

Detective Hwang.

Do you know how to write your name in English?

I don't know how you passed your police exam.


When did the "I" change to the "E"?

And also...when I took the exam,
there was no English, you brat!


As A Republic of Korea's cop,
all I need to do it speak Korean well!

Are you going to speak English well
and work for the Interpol?

You brat.

It's a casino.


Go search through the illegal ones first.

You'll probably find
the place that uses those.

She said it's a casino!

It seems similar to this chip.

Whose casino does this belong to?

Yoo Won Gook's place.

Yoon Won Gook?

Is he of the Gang Nam* side?
*South district of Han river

That's right.

This design is used often by the Russia Mafia
as their tattoo.

They say this is used to show solidarity
amongst their group.

That's why in Yoo Won Gook's place,
they all use this design. Like a logo.

He only robbed me of what was in this box.

Even though he may have had the key,

he couldn't pass the identity verification.

So he took the items by force.

What was in here?

I don't really know...


It seemed like it was a voice recorder.

A voice recorder?

Even though it was a glimpse,
it was undoubtedly a voice recorder.

Jae Ddul!

I hear you're Jae Ddul from
Yoo Won Gook's place?

You rascal. You look like a Jae Ddul.

Hey, anyhow...

How much do you make a month
running little errands?

If I take the money out for food...

I make $4,000.


After you take money out for food?

And isn't that under the table?

Wow, this rascal makes heck of a lot
than I do!


Look at me.

Don't I look like I'll do a good job too?
Coffee errands, cigarette errands.

Let me do it too, huh?

Jae Ddul. You know him?

I don't really know.

What did you say?

I don't really know.

You brat. I was going to smile and be nice...


Hey, are your eyes behind your head?

What do you mean ouch? Ouch?

You have to tell me
whether you know him or not!

Here, look.

You're not going to look?

Grab him.

- I really don't know.
- You're not going to open your eyes?

Hey...come on...look.

Hey, Jae Ddul.


He is a regular at our place.

- Regular?
- Yes, he's a regular.

He comes in everyday, and loses it all.


You're saying Won Gook
put up his gambling money?

How much?

Even on a small scale, it's probably several
tens of thousands a day.

Chairman Yoo.

Tens of thousands? A day?

Hey, in that case...

Yoo Won Gook must have had something
that he was getting yanked on.

What is he being yanked on? What is it?

I don't really know about that.

the same thing happened a few days ago.

Chairman Yoo, give me more chips!

After that day, I haven't seen him again.

When was that?

That was probably...last Friday...

Last Friday, that's when my girlfriend came.
So I think it was last Friday.

Last Friday?

Wait a minute...

If it was last Friday...November 25th?

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

Hey. Be careful!


Don't spill. Don't spill. Don't spill.

Hey! Who's this? It's Jung In!


Hi. Did you come to say hi to me?

I heard you became a Public Affair Official?

Where did you go?
Into the Documents department?

You're not a cop, right?

It's soju.

After you dye soju blue
like it's something else...

you mark it as a toxic waste.

You then bypass paying the taxes...

and ship it off to Japan?

Wow...our Jung In grew up a lot.

I think you can even start working for
your dad's business now.

You can't even make any money doing
what you're doing. What's the point?

Just kick it off to the side.

I don't work at public affairs.

Oh, it's not public affairs?

Then where? No, you're not really a cop?

Of course not.


a prosecutor.


What kind of a prosecutor are you?


Wait! Just wait!

Hey Jung In. What are you doing?

You don't want to go to jail
over something like this, right?


I would like for you to answer my questions.


The one who shoved this into
Jung Kwe Soo's mouth,

then beat, tortured and killed him
was Yoo Won Gook?

That's right.

It fits in perfectly.

But the thing is...

there's something that's bothering me.

Why would Yoon Won Gook who's doing well

kill Jung Kwe Soo who wasn't even a threat?

To say that he killed him over gambling,

seems a bit amateur. Don't you think?

Your crap can even become a salve.

Your crap...

What does that mean?

Hey. You know Kwang No Seung, right?

He's the top boss
who went to prison 20 years ago.

Of course I know.

Yoon Won Gook, and Jung Kwe Soo
was that guy's left and right arms.

But what about him?

Yes, I remember Yoo Won Gook's mentor.

Isn't he in prison right now?

You locked him away though.

Didn't you brag about that first even back
in the day when you and I first met?

I caught and locked him up.


I heard he's getting out soon.

The fact that Kwang No Seung is getting out,

what does it have to do with this crime?

20 years ago...

when No Seung went into the school,

there were some problems with the employees.

Then the fact that you were able to catch
Kwang No Seung was because...

there was a rat. A rat.

Was because there was a whistle blower?

If it wasn't for him,
how could I have gathered evidence,

and got 20 years on him like I did?

Well, anyhow...

No Seung is being released soon.

But he said something
like this about 3 months ago...

The one who catches the rat that got me
locked up in the cage,

will be given the entire organization.

Originally, your father and Kwe Soo,

was supposed to split the organization

and take care of it while the
big boss was locked up in jail.

If Kwang No Seung gets released...

you have to return
the organization back to him?

Of course. You have to.
That's the rule and order of our world.

If you don't,
there will be problems everywhere.

And everyone will be in each other's throats.
How can you have an organization like that?

after Kwang No Seung said those words,

Jung Kwe Soo died.

Then, does is mean Jung Kwe Soo is the rat
that told on Kwang No Seung?

The conniving asshole that sent
No Seung to school...

I'm sure he knows at least who that is.

I don't know about that.

Come said he reported to you.

Then that means you know.

I have no idea who it is.

I think I may know who it is.

Come on, tell me.

I have to know those guys' connections,

to catch the one who killed Jung Kwe Soo.

Who was it? The one who blew the whistle?

If someone came up here asking who it was

that got Kwang No Seung locked up in the cage,

Would you answer if it was you?

If a person doesn't know grace,
you can't go to heaven when you die.

Jung Kwe Soo.

Was it Jung Kwe Soo?

No, it's not.
Kwe Soo's death was an accident.

No. Jung Kwe Soo was the rat that sent
Kwang No Seung to prison,

and Yoo Won Gook that man,
who found out about it,

killed Jung Kwe Soo.

Your dad isn't that horrible of a person.

Push out a rat like Jung Kwe Soo,
and then kill him...

and if Kwang No Seung gets released,

he will take over your share,
and will have Seoul all to himself.

Everything fits perfectly.


Your father will never do that.
He made a promise with me.

Don't trust Yoo Won Gook too much.

You never know when you'll be thrown away.

Just like my mom.

Twenty years ago, this guy...

There was an incident where Kwang No Seung

killed 4 gangsters who came
up to Seoul all at once.

At that time...

it was a gangster war where cops, and
prosecutors all alike,

went crazy trying to catch as many gangsters
as they could, and just went nuts.

In a situation like that,

he killed those guys,
and even got rid of their bodies.


The one who found those bodies, could have
rocketed upward in their career.

So what...

That captain or whatever that you know
found the body?

After he received a tip from
an anonymous source from their organization.

That's right.

That's why...the killer is Yoo Won Gook?

It looks good on paper.

How can it just be good...

It's good on paper.

Anyhow, my cards is just to this point.

Now, lay down your cards.

What do you mean my cards?

After going to the casino,
you've only learned foul language.

Well, you know...

Guzzle the blood...

Wide open stare...

That's it.



He went looking for whatever it was
that Jung Kwe Soo had.

That's why he even tortured him.

What was it?

It looked like a voice recorder.

But I can't be sure.

One thing I'm sure of though...

is that the object is
the key to our current crime.

Prosecutor Min.

I have found a match to the fingerprint
off of the key.

Who is it?

His name is Yoo Won Gook,
and he's a powerful gangster.


Yoo Won Gook.

Two guys, 3 scumbags, or 4 gangsters...
not a bad match.

Excuse me.

I came here to see Yoo Won Gook.

How is it you guys pull out weapons
the moment you meet someone?

Let's talk this out. Talk it out.

You want to leave now?

Why are you like this?

I even brought a tool.

Make sure you catch them well.

Let's go.

You...put this on.

Stop. It's over.

Calm down, calm down.

*Old Brother

Let's search here.

It looked like a voice recorder.

Who is it.


Aren't you going to give me
something to drink?

When I even brought you the killer?

You must be my daughter's co-workers.

Jung In...

No, I'm Prosecutor Yoo Jung In's father.

Jung Kwe Soo...I killed him.


Because he wouldn't pay me back his debt.

Your motive is too simple.

Is there a reason for it to be complicated?

When you kill a person.

No, there's no reason for it
to be complicated.

When you kill a person.

What about the murder weapon?

Where did you ditch it?

I killed him with this.

Why not chat with me for a minute?


Sounds good.


Yoo Won Gook...

What is it Prosecutor.

You've got yourself a
pretty decent scapegoat.

It's not like that.

You're really over confident.

You know what Kwang No Seung from jail said?


The one who can catch the rat that
got him locked up in prison,

will receive the entire organization.

You didn't know?

It's the first time hearing it.

The rat that sent No Seung
to prison 20 years ago...

is it Jung Kwe Soo?

That's why you killed Jung Kwe Soo.

And you're trying to take over
the entire organization?

Just stay in your seats!

Rotten ones always have
their head on their shoulders.

That's why you have to
cut the head off first.

If you don't...
then their whole body will rot.

This crime...

who do you think was heading it?

I have no relations to this crime.

You killed a friend that
you've had for 30 years...

you wanted that seat that bad?

A seat made for thugs...
is it such an honored position?

If you want to beat someone
who's ahead of you...

do you know what you have to do?

You work harder, and do your best
to get ahead of him.


You just have to push that person down.

To a point where he can't get back up.


That's how I've lived until now.

And I'll keep living that way.

Just because you're family,
there will be no exceptions.

Prosecutor Yoo.

Everyone has their expiration date.

When do you think your expiration date is?

Aren't you curious?

If you have nothing else to say,

I'll be going now.

Prosecutor Yoo Jung In.

Yoo Won Gook.

Do you know what this is?

No, I don't.

We got your fingerprint off of this.

But you still don't know?

Is it related to what happened
with your current crime?

I'm sure you would know better about that.

If I knew, I'm sure I wouldn't have asked.

I heard that you were the one
that roughed up my boys.

I will let it go just this once.


If something like this happens again,
I won't let it go then.

Tell Chi Soon to come in.

You made me a suspect?

I'm so sorry sir!

I made a mistake.

Hey asshole.

You put my fingerprint on that key,

and when I got interrogated,
you meant for me to get caught!

That's really not it, sir!

Hey asshole.

After living on the ground for so long,
and you got brought up higher,

Did you set your sights too high?

Oh my...

You even mentioned about the rat to Jung In?

No, sir.

I never...mentioned anything about a rat.

What do you mean you didn't, asshole?

Stop while you're ahead.

Hey, Chi Soon...

This isn't the time for you to be
pushing me under the bus!

You have to make smart business decision,
you jerk!

If you don't...

You and I both are about to get
buried under the ground, you jerk.

I think that asshole is suspecting something.

To protect the body, you cut off your arm.

It's a solution to maintaining
your physical safety.

How's the investigation goig?

Once the crime gets solved,

I will tell you at that time.

It's a chance we grabbed with difficulty.

I'm sure you'll do what needs to be done.


as for the body...please dispose of it.

No matter what it takes.

It sounds like you're telling me to use
even illegal methods if necessary.

I will take care of the loose ends.

Since organizations only become clearer
with the actions that you take.

Extreme measures,

result in extreme negativity.

I don't need any loose end clean ups.

I'll take care of it cleanly within the
limits of the law.

What happened with the tape?

I've got about 20% of it.

But the rest seems rather
unlikely at this point.

Give me what you have.

Follow me.

What can we do
when things turned out this way?

We'll just have to take care of it quietly.

Take care of it?

Is this something that'll go away
just because you bury it?

No Seung was caught and locked up.

Is it a weird thing for the cops to
catch a gangster?

Then, you should live
without committing any sins.

The voice here...sounds familiar.

I didn't ask you here to fight, so let's stop.

That detective, Kim Deok Hwan.
The one who helped us with our case.

Wouldn't it do if we divided into 3 parts?

At least for the job,
Kwe Soo and I'll split it.

And I think it would be good for the
detective to watch our organization's back.

Then what do I get?

20% of the territory's profit.

We will send it to you every month
to a secure bank account.

It doesn't sound a bad deal.

Kwe Soo, you take the Gang Buk side.

I will take the Gang Nam side.

Why do I have to listen to you?

I'm a witness.

I'm a witness to what happened.

That's why I'm giving you half the territory.

If I went and told No Seung something,

you know what would happen to you, right?

Whose fault is it that No Seung is in jail?

Detective Kim, you be careful too.

Putting in our boss in jail just so you
can get paid off every month,

if it gets out, your police career is over.

You stop acting so innocent.

The fact that you're
even sitting at this table,

Isn't it because from the beginning,
you had no thoughts to stand by No Seung?

is it my fault that No Seung is in jail?

It's all because of him.

There's no use for bringing up
what's already in the past.

This have to take to your grave.

Everyone here.

This is the end of it.


The rat that sent
Kwang No Seung to the slammer,

wasn't Jung Kwe Sook, but Yoo Won Gook?

Well then...

Why did he kill Jung Kwe Soo?

He's killing the ones
that knows he's the rat.

Yoo Won Gook is.

Detective Hwang, please look into
Detective Kim's involvement in this.

Prosecutor Min,
please take care of Goo Chi Soon.

No Seung is the one who had the
tape recorder out there.

And the moment he presses it,
he'll know who it is right away.

The tape that No Seung planted.

Will confirm once again
who you'll be able to trust.

Take care of it.

Isn't that something you made?

I only got the copy through my guys.

But the original is elsewhere.

He needs to check the original,
to feel more comfortable.

Who is it?
Who's the one that has the original?

Then sir...

Detective Kim knew that there was a recording
from 20 years ago?

The fact that he knew isn't what's important.

It's important that he was going to
hand us over to Kwang No Seung.

But why is he thinking to do that?

So that he will be given the
entire organization from No Seung.


But he is a cop.

Then, he's planning on handing us over,

and sitting back and taking over
the whole territory for himself?

I guess he's been around us long enough,
that he thinks he's one of us.

Do you understand?

We don't know when he's going to attack.

So stay alert, you rascal!

Hey. A patient is on his way.
Get the surgery ready.

Have you found where Chi Soo's location is?

Because he's using a disposable phone,
you can't pin down his location?

What brings you here, Prosecutor Yoo?

If I tell No Seung what I have seen,

you know what would happen to you, right?

Who's fault do you think it is
that No Seung is in prison?

Was it you?

The rat?

Hey, since you never know,
get your weapons ready.


Load up your weapon, you jerk.

Are you...

the rat? I asked you a question.

Yes. It's me.

What happened?

He's not at the casino.

But when I checked further into it,
I think he may be in We Gang.

The entire organization will be given to
the one that catches the rat.

Not long after Kwang No Seung said this,

Chi Soon came to see me.

The thing is...

He recorded our conversation 20 years ago.

And he hid that tape somewhere.

He said he wasn't sure if he was going to

hand over the take when
No Seung got released.

He came to me to propose something.

Until he can get what he needs,

if I keep Kwe Soo distracted,

once he kills Kwe Soo,
he'll give me the tape.

Neither Goo Chi Soon or Kim Deok Hwan,
can't seemed to understand it.

Did you kill him?

Just like I promised him,
I set him up with his own operation.

But Chi Soon stabbed me in the back.

and Kim Deok Hwan did it.

What is going on here?

Hey! Kim Deok Hwan!

Chi Soon did it to you,
and Kim Deok Hwan did it to his cop friend.

They both told you about me.

Neither one of them can be trusted.

I don't think he ever said you were the rat.

Well, I don't think they wanted to tell you
the truth either.


I don't like to talk about
that incident at all.

The one who made that tape,
is it you Nightingale?

Yeah. It's me.

What are you going to do?

You must have gone crazy wanting to die.

Live within your limit,
just live within your limit.

What would you do with something like that?

Kim Deok Hwan, or Chi Soon...

have both gone over the edge
with their greed.

They're no different than Kwe Soo
who went crazy over gambling.

If you go over the edge with greed,

then you're not able to
judge your circumstances.

If my guess is correct,

I'm sure those two are talking about
something else right now,

and trying to kill one another in a fight.

Hand me the tape, and let's end this quietly.

Is it yours?

Who are you to demand that you want it?

I said, hand over the tape, asshole!

And if I gave it to you?

You just expect me to roll over and die?

I already know that you're planning on
turning us over to him.

I'll do that no matter what,
so just hand over that tape!

Keep acting just like that.
You idiotic fool.

So, you want blood, huh?


You're going to ruin your white suit today.

You're the one who's dead today.

During an arrest...

there is such a thing as death!

A cop...will not go to prison
even if he kills someone, you scum!

Ah! Come on!

Enough so that you killed a friend
you've had for 30 years...

Do you not want to step down from your seat?

Don't forget this.

Words of a strong man become quotes,

and words of a weak man becomes excuses.


is our world.

What if we just split it into three parts?

As for the job, Kwe Soo and I can split it
and take care of it.

And Detective Kim should watch our backs.

What the heck is this?

And what will I get?

I guess that's not a bad deal.

Why do I have to listen to you?

Deok Hwan!

I'm a witness.

I'm the witness that saw what happened.

Deok Hwan!

That's why I'm giving you half the territory.

If I report what I saw to No Seung,

you know what would happen to you, right?

Whose fault do you think it is
that he's locked up in prison?

I asked you before...

when you think your expiration date is.

Your expiration date...

is today.

How is Kim Deok Hwan
and Goo Chi Soo's condition?

They're in emergency room.

But they'll have to wait a few days to see
if they'll make it or not.

Goo Chi Soon is the killer for our investigation.

And Kim Deok Hwan is an important witness
for everything that's happened with our case.

Tell whoever to save them no matter what.



I think the moment Goo Chi Soo took this
out of the safety box,

Yoo Won Gook secretly made a copy.

Why don't you verify it for us?

Why aren't you doing it...

I was told you trust it to you.

This secret...

has to be taken to the grave.

Everyone here.

Take it to the grave my butt.

You should take a better care
of your daughter instead.

While your daughter was telling
No Seung where the body was buried,

What were you doing?

Watch your mouth.

The rat is Yoo Won Gook's daughter.

If No Seung found out, he will flip out.

Wow, you're so pretty.

What's your name?

Jung In.

Yoo Jung In...


How will you ever face No Seung again?

I saw Daddy and the mister
going up the mountain.

To do what?

Mister buried something up there,
and he wanted to check something.

I said I wanted to go too.

But they told me I couldn't.

The rat...

who is it?

By any chance...

is it me?

The rat...

is me!

Tell me the truth!

I sent Kwang No Seung to prison,

and I did it all just so I can have this seat.


Prosecutor Yoo.

I don't have a daughter like you.


Come and see the prosecutor out.

You need to tell me the truth so I know!

Tell me the truth!

Mr. Yoon.

Take care of her more respectfully, asshole!




Prosecutor Min.


don't you say anything?

Like, is your dad a gangster head boss...

What's the relation of this
crime with your dad?

I don't think you've asked me even once.

I promised you...

that I wouldn't ask.


The biggest pain...

is the pain you can't tell anyone.

I know it too well.

He's a bad person.

If it's to benefit him,

he uses a person like an old shoe.

And throws them away.

And kills them.

That's the kind of a person he is.

I know he's a bad person.

He's someone that I should throw in prison.

But the reason he did those bad things...

is because of me.

Now I can't even say that he's a bad guy.

And I can't even hate him.

I know from a police point of view,

It's right to throw him into prison.

As a prosecutor...

that's my job...

but I can't...

Kwe Soo and Chi Soo were the rats.

Kim Deok Hwan was watching their backs too.

I took care of it on my own.

- Now you can rest comfortably...
- Won Gook.

How is your daughter?

The me!

Tell me the truth!

I sent Kwang No Seung to prison,

I did it all to take this seat!




When I looked into where the call came from,

it was here.

Yang Si Chul and everyone dead.

What do I do, Prosecutor Min?

Someone is...

What is it?

Do you see anyone?

Is it the black hooded guy again?

Is Yoon Jee Hee...

killed by him too?

I can't see anything.

Then, she hurt her eyes before she died?


Yoon Jee Hee...

is still alive.

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Her name is...

Jung Yoon Ah.

27 years old.

She was found dead hanging,
before the final selection.

Final Selection?
What's that?

The reality show...Should We Get Married.

How many people did you say are here?

Total of 7 people that were at the scene.

One of the woman that were gathered here.

And among them, is the killer.

Stop it, and just confess.

What if he killed her out of rage
because he was dumped?

7 years go...

The blood was here.

I'm sorry Min Tae Young.