Vampire Hunter D (1985) - full transcript

A young girl requests the help of a vampire hunter to kill the vampire who has bitten her, and thus prevent her from becoming a vampire herself.






A werewolf!

An aristocrat!

You must be a wandering hunter?!

You can talk, can't you?

Is that sword just for show?

Can I take it?

Good defense!

You're not as good as I thought!!

Now, leave the sword
you have on your back and go!

Wait! You're a hunter just like
I thought, must be...

...a vampire hunter!!

Am I right? I'm sorry.
I apologize for my rudeness.

I wanted to test your skill.

I...I will hire you!!

I need you!!

L...Look at this!

The kiss mark from a Count.

What is your name?

Doris Ran.
Can you take this job?

I will pay you any reward.

T. ..three meals a day, and...

you can sleep with me too.

When did the Count attack you?

Are you taking my offer?!




I'll board it for you.

This is a DL4 model cyborg horse!

Hey you don't talk much, do you?

Dr. Felingo said
there are 2 types of quiet men.

Those who are always thinking
about something bad, and...

those with experience,
who don't say unnecessary things.

I think you are the second one.

Because you look really cool!

Hey, Doris!


I guess the rumors are true.

W...what are you talking about?

Well I want to talk to you about that.

What do you want to talk about?

Let's see...the story that
you were attacked by the Count.

I don't know what do you mean!

Hey, hey, don't raise your voice.

Don't you care if your
brother hears about that?

Well, Doris, why didn't
you tell me about this?

I'm the Mayor's son in this village.

I can hire as many
hunters as you want.

Much better than the one you hired.

How's that?

I will even forget
about what you did to me.

So why don't
you just do what I say.

W...what the hell?!
That hurts... !

Don't get fresh with me!

Doris, I'm worried about you.
I'm trying to help you.

Don't even think you
can demand my gratitude!

I know so many people who've had
awful experiences with you!

You're cute when you're angry...

but totally unruly.

Now be mature and do as I say.

You bitch!
Don't think that I'm so easy!


Hey, everybody! Listen to this!
Doris was attacked by the Count!

The vampire bit her!

That's why she hired the hunter!


Then you are a hunter?



I knew I was right.

No! My sister was never
attacked by the Count.

Just because she turned you down.


You little brat!


But, father!

They're making a fool out of me!

We are talking about an important
issue in the village right now.

Go some place else!


Anyway, we can't let you loose
since you were bitten by the vampire.

I have to send you to the asylum.


Stop it!

I won't let you take
my sister anywhere!

Wait a minute, Sheriff.

That asylum is no place
for humans to live.

That place is worse than a pigsty.
As a doctor, I absolutely object!

Besides, that place has been
abandoned for more than 50 years.

I can't make any exceptions, Doctor.
It's the law of this village.

Roman, don't you
remember what happened ...

when we used
that place 50 years ago?

What happened 50 years ago?

There was a woman who was
attacked by a Count, like Doris.

We locked her in the asylum,
but it evoked the Count's rage...

and 30 villagers were
brutally murdered.

What happened to that woman?

She became insane
and died in the asylum.

Can you hold off Doris' punishment
until I finish my assignment?

What? look very confident must deal with vampires.

If you fail...

If he fails, I will kill myself!


Dan, listen to me carefully.


Can I have one month's
worth of fertilizer,...

and five packs of dried meat,
also some can foods?

Sorry, but all are sold out.

Mr. Weitory!

Weitory! What're you talking about?
You have plenty of stock here.

Doctor! All my other
customers have run away.

I can't sell anything to
the friends of a vampire!


Things will be
harder from now on.

Dan, you can cry as
much as you want...

but, don't ever
let your sister cry.

If you think your tears
will make your sister cry...

then you should hold them back.

No matter how difficult, you should
smile and encourage your sister.

You have to be a man now.

Do you understand?

What is the matter with you today?
You're acting strangely.

Protecting the girl,
and encouraging her brother...

I don't know what's got into you.

Don't tell me you've fallen
in love with that girl.

Don't be silly!

That's it, isn't it?

Although she offered you her body,
I don't think that's what you want.

Your only interest
has been hunting aristocrats.

A bloody life,
that's been your destiny.

Perhaps now, you long for
the love of a human being?

It can never be...
a man like you...


Thank you for this afternoon.
You must have told Dan something?

He keeps trying to encourage me.

My father was a hunter too,
a Werewolf hunter.

But he didn't know
anything about aristocrats.

"You should only ask
vampire hunters about aristocrats."

"The other hunters
have no knowledge of them. "

My father always said that.

D, please tell me more about them.

Tomorrow is the "Moon of Woman".

"Moon of Woman"?

Is that when the red moon
comes out once every month?

Aristocrats detest biting for blood
on that night...

because they believe this moon
causes the flow of impure blood.

This means some messenger from the
castle may come tonight to take you.

Who is the Count that lives there?

His name is Count Lee.

He's been ruling this land
long before our village established.

He had disappeared
for a long time, but...

his castle lit up two years ago,
and we realized he had come back.

He supposed be five thousand
to ten thousand years old.

He must be incredibly old anyway.

Ten thousand years old...
he could be a difficult enemy.

Here they come.

How do you want to fight?
I'll fight with you.

You can't beat them
with a cross or garlic.

They keep mutants and werewolves
for fighting.

I guess you hired a bodyguard.

A cheap idea that only
low class humans would think of.

A woman...?
What happened to the Count?

My father told me that this girl
is unusually beautiful,...

for a human in this village, and her
blood is extremely tasty and mild.

So I came to look at her.

But she is a fool and not
worthy of our clan.

She forgets that we are the rulers
by acting against us impertinently.

It can not be forgiven!

I will kill you in the
bloodiest way first...

and then destroy this girl slowly.

As you wish.

I'm Ray Ginsay.

My job is to destroy humans like you.

Prepare to die!

You are much more than I expected.

Then I will have to be more serious too.

Uh...I see...

I've heard about a mutant
who can warp space...

Is that you?

Too bad for you!
Now, I will take your head. bastard!


This man is a dampiel.

Ray, I will take care of him.


Get back!

I understand...Countess...

A dampiel?
This is the first time I've met one.

Some Count must've had fun.

You are the evil consequence of
a low class woman and a Count!

You are worse than human!

Girl, my business is with the Count.

I don't want to have to kill you.

Shut up! You, a dampiel,
think you can beat me?!

Go back to the castle,
and tell the Count...

the destiny of a transient visitor
is going back to the darkness.

A transient visitor?

Have Ramica and the others returned?

They took action selfishly,
without asking my permission...

I will think about
their punishment later.

What...a Dampiel?

You say Ramica and Ray
were forced to retreat by a Dampiel?

one more thing for my enjoyment.

Ancestor God, Count Dracula!

My father is wrong.

He is trying to invite a low class
girl into our noble Lee family.

I can't let him foolishly...

I can't let him foolishly...

Lady Ramica,
please go back to your room.

I have no reason
to listen to your orders.

The Count scolded me
for what we did tonight.

He ordered that you
should not leave your room.

Now, come with me.


Don't ever touch me again!

Well, you seem to be
ingratiating yourself with my father...

to join the Count's family.

But you can't change
your low class identity.

A person who has
such disgusting blood...

should never join our family.
I will never let that happen!

D, watch's a trap!

I know.

A phantom beast!

Over there?!

We meet again.

Well, you dodged my Jagar boy,
and you still have an arm.

You truly are a dampiel.

I want to continue the fight
from yesterday, right now.

But I have to guide you
somewhere by the Count's order.

I told you this was a trap.

This is the aftermath of a war
that took place ten thousand years ago.

This is a really
telling view of that world.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Why don't you answer?

Why don't you answer?

Who are you three?

We are...

We are...

This kind!!

We are the famous
Snake Women of Midwitch!

Big sister, we haven't had
fresh prey for a long time.

Let's enjoy sucking this man's energy.

Sure! We'll all take his life energy,
down to the marrow in his bones.

Doris, don't worry. He'll come back.
He looked like a man made from steel.

He won't die so easily.

Doris...are you in love with him?!

That's not a good idea!

He is not the kind
of man you think he is.

He may not be a bad person,
but he has dangerous eyes.

Dangerous eyes?

Eyes that went through
so many dangerous battles.

He is not the kind of
man who will accept you.

Well, lady, the Count
has been waiting for you.

Let Dan and Dr. Felingo go!!

Too bad!
Fresh meat is their favorite!

I...if you do that,
I'll bite my tongue and kill myself.

The Count ordered me
to bring you without injury.

I guess I have no choice.

Put your tongue back inside
your mouth. It's bad manners.

Well Doris, tomorrow, you can
finally join an aristocrat's family.

So why don't you stop bluffing?

You'll see!

I will get out from this
musty castle tonight!

You are cute.
You will become my wife soon...

so I will forgive your impudence,
for now.

By the way, Doris, you seem to
think that hunter will rescue you.


Those snake women are
sucking out all his energy.

Look at them.
They are in the height of pleasure.

They have been intoxicated
by his worthless pleasure...

for more than half the day.

A normal man would
have died in five minutes.

But it's no wonder,
since he is a dampiel


Are you saying D is a dampiel?

Oh, didn't you know that?

Our aristocrats have slept with
lower class women for fun.

He was born of mixed blood.

What's wrong?

Doris, look at them well.
Don't you think it's exciting?

No! Stop it!

All right! You better go to your
bedroom and rest well tonight.

Tomorrow is our wedding...
my dear Doris...

Tonight it seems that
even the moon is jealous of me.

What kind of man is he?
He is overwhelming us.

Really overwhelming us.

Oh no?! He's...?!

Is my father trying to invite
this woman into the Lee family?

This woman will
become my mother?

Like father, like son...

No matter how much you reject it,
you'll bare your fangs anyway.

Shut up.

Are you angry again?
This is your destiny.

There is nothing you
can do about it.

Damn you!
Do you want me to cut you off?

All right...I won't talk anymore.

What part of her is
my father so attracted to?

I'll never let you join the Lee family.
I, Ramica, will never accept it!




I've got you!


I can't go back into the
castle, until I kill him.



D...Dan. Where is D?

He is fixing the wall outside.

By the way,
I think he's really strong.

He rescued you all by himself
from such a horrible place.

Besides, he didn't even
rest after he came back.

He started working
to fix the wall, right away.

It's the aristocrat!

It's the aristocrat's carriage!

Why are they here?

What is wrong with you?

Let's go inside
the hotel and drink more.

You go home now!

What's going on?

Hey, old man!

A messenger
from the aristocrat is here.

I know! Give me
the key to the monitor room!

The Count has sent me.

What do you want?
Did he tell you to execute me?

No, that's absurd. You think
I can beat you with my skill?

Impudence is rewarded with death.
That's the law to protect the castle.

The Count wants
you to use this to kill him.

Could this be
the Incense of Time Trap.


Incense of Time Trap?

D!! Did you find Dan?

Dan was kidnapped.

That's Dan's gun!

I'm the one they want to take.
Why did they take my brother?

What does it say?
Let me see!

What is this?!

Don't bother. This is a language
only understood between assassins.

It says, if I want to save Dan's life,
I have to go over there by myself.

They are trying to separate us.

Why Dan?
Why not just tell me to go over there?

Because, the person who wrote this
letter wants to conclude the battle.

And if he used the boy to get you, it
would stain the aristocrat's honor.

Screw the aristocrat's honor!

Aristocrats are all
monsters who suck human blood.

I...I'm sorry.

Why are you looking at me like that?
Because you know I'm a dampiel?

My blood is mixed with
the aristocrats whom you hate.

I understand.

You didn't tell us because you
didn't want us to worry unnecessarily.

It's better that I didn't know.

You made it.

What did you do with Dan?

Brother D!

Help me!!!

Little boy! I will get you down
after I kill this man.

Why don't you be quiet and wait there.

Brother D, I'm scared!!!

You bastard!

Now, let's begin.

D Watch out! This smells of
the Incense of Time Trap. wont light!

Dan, Dan, please come back safe.

If you die...

Doris, it's me. Felingo!


Doris, can you turn off
the switch for the barrier.


Doctor, Doctor!
Dan was...Dan was...

I had to take care of
an emergency patient.

I'm sorry for being late.
Come with me right now.

I don't know why you and Dan
have to go through this difficulty.

My hand!
Somebody cheated me!

You've got fake incense.
You must have been set up.

Now throw away your
worthless ambition.

You'll never understand my feelings!

Doctor, is there really such a place?

I found it in the Northern forest.

I passed it when I was on my
way back from Mr. Parker's.

It's an ancient building with
some engravings on it's walls.

Later, I found out it's a building
that blocks the power of vampires.

We'll be safe there
and that man will rescue Dan.

You're right!

The Count's daughter!

Whoa, whoa!

Doris, turn us around!

There's no room here!

I'll take care of her!

Doctor!! Dr. Felingo!!

That was...

my name...

until yesterday!

Doctor! Doctor!! No!!!

not you too?


Lady Ramica, why are you here?

The Count's plan was for me
to take her to the castle.

Get her down.


I have always thought
of this girl as my daughter.

But seeing her now,
she is really beautiful...

and I wonder why
I never raped her.

The Count really has good taste.

In truth, I want to ask the Count
to share her leftover blood with me.

Hey, cretin!





This is hopeless!
He and Dan might be already... mean that dampiel?

I would rather die than
become an aristocrat.

Everything is my father's fault.

This is pointless. Just go
where my father can't find you.



It really works...

this Incense of Time Trap.

It's supposed to blind vampires,
but it really makes them suffer.

What are you doing with that thing?

What's important is we have
the Count's daughter as our hostage.

Everything will be fine if we
can make a deal with the Count.

Your planning to...

lure the Count out, and take his life.

This Incense of Time Trap
will do the job easily.

But I have one condition.
You must promise to marry me.


If you say no,
I'll just leave now.

If you marry me,
we can get the Count's treasure...

and control the village, too.

Stop it! It hurt my eyes.

You don't look so well, Doris?

Don't worry,
I'll take care of you from now on.

Well, she's good looking when
I see her face close up.

I thought vampire girls
looked like monsters.

Kill me! Right here...right now!

You still have strength to be snooty?

Kill me now! I'd rather die than be
captured by lowly creatures like you!

What? You little brat!

Kill me! If you don't kill me now,
I will surely kill you later!

All right! I will give you death!

Even if I kill you,
I can still lure the Count out!

Stop doing that!
She can't even fight back!!

She said I'm a lowly creature!



Dan? Is that you?

Sister, are you all right?

Dan, you're still alive!


I see.
The Doctor...

I thought you were dead.

I didn't care if I died, too.

Sister, you should be stronger!

Brother D said we
should never give up! are...

Go back to your castle,
it's not far from here.

You're not going to kill me?

Of course not, why should we
act like cowards who kill women!

I'll tell you why he is helping you.

You see...

he wouldn't allow anyone helpless
to be killed, even a vampire.

I am not just "anyone" in
the lower class. I'm an aristocrat.

Love or feelings do
not exist in our world.

The only rule in our world is that the
weak become the victims of the strong.

Thus, the aristocrats
control the lowly humans.

A world where the weak
become the victims of the strong...

Your Ancient God
didn't teach such things.

The Ancient God?

D, would you like to take a shower?

D ...D!


What's wrong?

I'm glad you are here.

I was worried that you
might have left again.

I'm sorry I said mean
things to you earlier.

I don't mind.
I've gotten used to it already.

I don't want you to
end up like my father.

Just because of he was a hunter,
he was forced to fight with vampires.

We've fought enough.

Let's go some place
else together to live.

I can't do that.


You would be even
more unhappy, then you are now.

That's not true!

I ...I don't want you to die!

Stop it!

No! Let me stay
like this for a while.

It's all right.
Take my blood.


Forgive me...

Why can't you be honest
with your feelings?

Do you think every part of
yourself is cursed so badly?

You can't even grant a woman's wish.
Why can't you even be a dampiel?

Your father was...

Shut up!

Yeah, yeah...


Well, at least I saved
this Incense of Time trap.

It was you?!

Wait a minute!

I can't wait.
I have to kill you.

You bastard!

I'm sorry, since you were kind
enough to let me go free last time.


Oh, you're really strong!
How is this?

eternal youth...

What kind of a man is he?

Now we are even.


D! Are you still alive?!


Brother, brother, wake up!
Open your eyes!


Is he...dead?

You really are a stubborn girl.

Father, this is my last request.

Please cancel the wedding tonight.

If you let that low
class girl into our family...

Ramica, the wedding tonight...

is only temporal
entertainment in my long life.

I know I will get
bored of her someday.

After that,
I will look for a new girl.

I'm doing this solely for pleasure.

Father, then I will kill her!

the Lee family will collapse.

Ramica, listen to me!

The Lee family will not collapse
even if we invite a human girl...

because Ramica, your own
mother was the same as that girl.

She also came from
the lower class.

I have been living for
ten thousand years, in this world.

I don't think you
understand what that means.

Only boredom and
weariness surrounds me.

The best medicine for that is
to have some enjoyment...

with a lower class woman,
like your mother.

Poor humans live their small
lives while aristocrats like us...

rule their land.

When you consider that...

finding pleasure once every fifty to
a hundred years is not a big deal.

Father, take your false story back!

It's not a false story.

Your mother truly
belonged to lower class, but...

Ramica, your high pride
is purely aristocratic.

However, I don't want you
to disturb my wedding.

You should calm
yourself down for a while.


I ask you to do as you promised.


Yes, to give me eternal youth
as a new member of the aristocracy.

You idiot! You did
so much blundering this time.

You should appreciate
that I've kept you alive.

Forget about eternal youth?!

Or wait for fifty years more.

Fifty years?!

Let's move.
He really gives me trouble.


Oh, crap!
We have to hurry!

Hey, what's the matter?
Can't you move?

What's wrong D?
Wake up!

This isn't funny.
They found us.

Hey! What's wrong with you?
Move, move!

Hey D?
What happened to you?

Move! Move!

Please move!

Hey you! Move! Hey!
What are you doing?

Oh well, I guess we made it.




Ray, don't be rude.
Get out of our way.

This is the end of your life.

Wait for fifty years?
What do you think of our fifty years?!

I lost my left hand because of you,
and I had all my friends killed.

I don't care anymore!
I will make sure you die here too!

Did you actually think
that would work on me?

So long Ray.

What a fun day!

It is rare for me, in my life,
to have such a satisfying day.

We'd like to congratulate our Lord,
Count Magnus Lee, and his new wife.

I appreciate everybody's blessing.

You are the first woman
to give me such difficulty.

It's you?!

Vampires disappeared
for a long period of time.

Vampires are only
transient visitors in this world.

Transient visitors?

Vampires, and this castle, are
merely ghosts forgotten by time.

Go back to
the world where you belong!

That's very funny.

You are a dampiel, one who
was created out of our pleasure.

Do you think you can beat me?

I will have my fun
after taking care of you.

You look so miserable!

You are just a dampiel anyway.
I don't know why you hunt us...

but there is no way you could
win against a pure vampire.

Well then, let me kill you
in a different way from Ray.

I don't know how many
vampires you have killed ...

but what you are doing
is killing your own people.

Why don't you kill
yourself by that sword.

Who the hell are you?!




Sister! Sister!

Ra...Ramica, what are you doing?
Why don't you fight for me?!

Father, enough is enough!
The Lee family will be destroyed.


Since you wanted her and
forgot the pride of aristocracy.


A...are you?!

M...maybe a prince...

...the son of our ancient god?!

D ...ancient god...I will be destroyed
with my father in this castle.

I am not the Ancient God.

I am an aristocrat.

If our ancient god tells
us to be destroyed ...

we should follow your word.

I am just a dampiel, like you.

You have human blood inside you.

You can still live when you
take off the veil of an aristocrat.

No...I am a pure aristocrat.

I don't have any
low class blood inside me.


Brother D!

I...I am pure aristocrat!

Brother, brother!