Vampire Girls (2011) - full transcript

Do you only want this?

Because I can not wait.

But I'm cold.
- It's okay.

No problem.

Take your time.

Which favors not only my lips, you know?

It's cold.

Are you cold?

Continue only.

Can say once again?


Did not you say?

"I love you."

You're going to give it all for me, right?

Tell me quickly, because I want sucking your blood.



2 years ago ...

...I met with Imamura Yumi as my client.

Show your face.

Quick, quick.
- I do not want.

Wait a minute.

- I picture, huh?

See here.

Good. Once again.

He is not a very special girl. But
to me she was very beautiful.

And to me he is the most
important person in my life.

Finally been moved all.

But fix it later.

Moreover, there is still much we must do.

But that's enough, right?

And I also want to display all
the pictures on the wall.

Good, eh?

The walls will be full of photos.

- I picture, huh?

See here.

Well already ....

Loan money is also smooth.

That's all for our wedding ceremony ...

...And we will begin to live together.

Still too fast.

I'm still not ready.

On her birthday, I finally proposed to her.

Although many are jealous because
we've become partners.

- Thank you.


I'm currently reading it.

Ring a little loose.


But I still like it like this.

I was happy ...

...Sudden onset of a sad event.

With no news of anything ...

...Before the wedding ceremony,
Yumi suddenly disappeared.

Even friends, coworkers, and parents Yumi
no one knew his whereabouts.

But I can not forget about Yumi.

I became like a fool.

I also intend to move house.

But I think maybe she was no
obstruction and could not contact me.

Because of that, I undo my intentions.

Sempai, Yumi is all possessions, is not it?

You must forget all this.

You're kidding, right?

But who suffered only sempai, is not it?

You stop working, and continue to search
for Yumi during this year.

But still no result.

Forget about it and looking for ...
- Noisy!

You go home.

If it continues like this sempai,
Yumi will definitely sad.

Maybe he was hit by accident
and did not reach me.

Then there must be some word from the police.

But I'm very worried about you.

But are not you did not find any clue?

What might people can just disappear?

Before I found something, I can not give up.

If I see sempai suffer like this ...

...I'm so sad.

I'll keep waiting for Yumi.

After I finish my thesis, I'll be here again.

Sorry to wait long.

What's sudden call me?

- What is this?

For me?

May I go?

Is not this stuff is yours worth?

The legacy of my father.

Earlier it belonged to my
mother who had died.

But I do not believe in God.

I also do not believe in that sort of thing.

Seiji But I want to have it.

But if cold, fortunately there are scarves.

You're evil.
- I'm not evil.

Father and mother in heaven
would be overseeing.

You should have said I would
always look after me.

I'm just kidding.

I'm definitely going to protect Yumi.

I vowed to keep our relationship.

I'm also the same.

Do not you know anything?

But he often came here.

If the thought of something,
please contact me.

I beg your cooperation.

I've been looking and looking, but
did not find any clues.

But all I know, there can be
no people who disappeared suddenly.

I kept looking because certain of that.

Now exactly a year since Yumi disappeared.

It's you, Haru?
- Sempai?

I see it.
- See what?

See Yumi.
- You see Yumi?



- Shinjuku?

Shinjuku which part? Where?

That ...

Quick tell me, Haru!


- Tell me quickly, Haru!

I do not want you hurt.

But you'd call me.

Though you meet him, he
was like everyone else.

But you would be hurt by him.

Sooner you tell me everything.

I understand.

At the store.
- I understand.


You may be sorry.
- Once you're stubborn.

If I did not do this, I'll be sorry.

What are you doing!

Sorry to wait.
- It's okay.

There he is, sempai.

That Yumi?

It's okay, right?

It's a lie, right?

I've told you, is not it?

I want to make sure.
- Huh?

Do not do it, sempai. Hey.

- Be careful where you're going.

Did you not see the road?


Sorry, I was in a hurry.

Looks like it's a matter of women.

You seem a nice guy.


Who is she?

- Did he stop me.

I lost track of him.

Maybe I just misunderstood.

Let's go home.

Moreover, a full moon tonight.

So what?

I heard a rumor about the area here.

Rumors? What is there to do?

On every full moon night, he
said something bad had happened.

Why do people in college like
you believe such a thing?

But these rumors have any basis.

On a night like this,
the fog suddenly appeared.

Then you go home there.

I still want to check around this area.

Sempai, wait for me!

That night, I searched until morning.

But I do not find where Yumi is located.

Tonight should be found.

Women who yesterday?

Geez, never mind.

Please tell me everything you know.

I do not intend to tell.

This is where enough.

You know the truth, right? Tell me!

What exactly do you want?!

You get out of here!

Seiji ... Why?

Can not ... I can not wait.

I want to hold.

A little more I can get back Yumi.

I could feel that it would not be long now.

A little longer.

Just a little more.


I always believe that you will return.


I went suddenly.

What all this time I have done wrong to you?

Seiji's not wrong.

But I did.

What has happened?

If I had a story, Seiji will hurt.

No matter.

You do not need to say anything.

Over there you were beside me, that's enough.

No need to say anything.

I love you.

I remembered about you.

I miss you smell this.

I always remember it.

Let me feel your body.

I can feel your body.

It should not be.

I want you.

I could not help myself.
- It's okay.

Do not say anything.

I accept you for who you are.

Do not say nice to me again!

Yumi ...
- Do not come!

I can not control myself.

Want ... Eager to ...

I want to ...

...Your blood!


Can not.

I do not want to kill you.

Yumi ...


That's all I can think of.

Do not be silly.

What do you mean as in the book that it?

If it is fiction.

Based on the information I got,

Not long ago, this would be true.
- Hey, are you healthy?

What are talking about this?

This is a story from Rome.

Looks like they still have the old contract.


Are you sure about vampires
and humans believe it?

Vampires who has bounced back he
said there were 12 people.

That being said to me.

To get rid of the Christian religion,

they wear the same number as
in the gospel Christians.

The amount is the same as the
number of disciples of the Lord.

Humans are evil.

Therefore they called the 12
disciples of the Lord.

Your brain seems problematic.
- Sempai!

Although you say is true ...

...It has nothing to do with Yumi.

Yumi is probably not a monster.

I also do not want to think so.

Tonight was very cold.

Therefore I need a man.

Delicious ...

I smell blood.

Our relationship is not known
to others, right?

Forgive me, Shinya.

Offhand that you return the key.

So I apologize.

Because I often see you as I please.

If you miss me, show me.

Do not we have fun while in my room?

But it ...

If your body is like this ...

...What you can hold yourself?

But if caught, I might get fired.


You say something?

Stop. Do not be here.

You want it, right?


Do not be here.

Then it came to my place.

Got it? I will perlakukanmu well.

Basic female jerk.

I should have brought more money.

All of a sudden want to do here?

Let's get to the hotel alone.

I can not wait.

Not that I do not like here ...

Give it to me.
- Okay.

Give blood ...


Let go of me.

Remove this chain.

You'd better forget about him. This
is for your good.

I want to be next to Seiji.

I beg.
- You want what?

I love him.

That's why I want to be with.

If you're with him, you're
just gonna kill him.

Do you know who you are now?

Right. You have to drink human blood now.

That is our mission.

No, I loved him.

You could not resist that desire.

I want to be with him.

I just want to help you
understand who you are today.

Help you understand it.

Why then do not you let me die?

Why did you save my life?!

I often feel lonely.

If you do this, you will feel good.

We are like animals who want a man.

Now you're just like me.

Useless to blame yourself.

She might know something.

You better run away.

- Once you're stubborn.

It seems that you wear protective
gear from earlier times.

What exactly are you?

Cool completely.

Just like Yumi.

The skin is cold.

Hate the sun,

Drinking blood at a full moon night.

Vampires must drink blood to survive.

You're lucky this is not a full moon night.

Restore Yumi!

Where is he?

I do not know.

Maybe he was wandering in the city.

Surely now she is with someone.

Yumi Why do it?
- It's all to forget you.

To forget me?

Because he did not want to kill
yourself, he deleted all his memory.

Now he's just like animals.
- Animals?

You might as well just give up on him.

That's for your sake and for
the good of him, too.

Give up? I can not do it.

He wanted to forget everything.

About her past and also about yourself.

He might want to forget all.

But I could not forget him.

I do not want to believe her words.

Right now I just want to
confirm it with Yumi.

Forgive me.

You're a stubborn man.

I understand.

I will pay you deserve.

Who do not know it was you.


This is me now.

You might not love me like this.



That's not true.

If so, are you willing to
give everything for me?


I see.

As in the gospel.

Now, accept the punishment from God.

Who are you?

I can only tell you one thing.

All of these tricks to find the woman.
- The woman?


I was assigned to kill all vampires.

How do I change Yumi become human again?

This ...

People who have been away from the Lord ...

...Will not have a future.

They are forgiven in full moon night.

Their prey there is only one.

Humans have such agreements.

It was not their choice. But it was forced.

There is no way to change
back into human vampit.

The number of vampires are known
to exist 12 people.

Yumi what one of them?

Those who have drunk the blood of others ...

...Will turn into a vampire.

Is not there a way to save Yumi?


I do not care about myself.

Please save Yumi.

Women who you're looking for it ...

...Has lost its soul and human memory.

He will continue to kill humans.

Those who have violated the agreement ...

...Must be punished.

Even so, I will still protect Yumi.

I love Yumi only one.

When Yumi wants my blood, I'll
give it to him.

It seems you still do not understand.

How pathetic.

Yumi? You heard, right?

Where are you?

Someone wants to talk about.

Have you received my message, right?

Do not hide, come out.

You've really come.

I thought it did not come.

What is it?

You can restore ...

...My memory again, is not it?

That's why I came.

You will make me remember back, right?

You are his girlfriend sempai. We do
not have such a relationship.

Do not you remember?

But you want to have a
relationship like this, right?

Am I wrong?

Therefore ...

Let's make love.

Sex? I do not want to betray sempai.

You also must be sorry later.

Later when you become a parent ...

...Will surely regret it.


If only a hug, it's okay, right?

We do know each other.

Sick ..!

Make me think back ...

...I feel old.

Therefore ...

My body was crushed.

Basic damn vampires

You smell like the smell of him.

It should not be.

I can not stand.

Forget all about the sempai.

The woman said to me ...

This sort of thing ...

...It feels good.

If he wants my blood ...

...It does not matter.

I'll give it all.

Although the possibility to save
Yumi is not much.

Though I must sacrifice myself for doing it.

Sempai, I'm sorry.

I can not control my body.


What is it exactly?

It happened one year ago.

I intend to commit suicide here.

I intend to jump from here.

Shut up!

Shut up!


Seiji ...


Woman's name is Luna.

He is a vampire.

He said to me, if I was elected ...

...Because my face like a dead man.

She gave her blood ..

...Then I become like him.

Get off me!


Initially my desire is just ...

...Just wanted blood.

God has given them a cruel punishment to us.


Killing people we love most.

But, after that, there is
only sorrow is left.

From 2 o'clock until morning, the
body will be hotter,

...And burning.

It is a punishment from God ...

...Given to us.

You'd better forget about me.

I can not.

I do not care what happened to me.

I want to wait for the morning.

There must be another way.

I do not know until when
I can control my body.

Do not give up.

Surely there are still other ways.

I also had to kill Haru.
- Haru?

We hugged each other.

After that, we did it.

You do not forget.

I can not stand blood wanted person I love.


Do not come.

I ... I can not let you go.

I do not want to ...

...You killed me.


As I thought.

This woman who had defiled the Lord.

Finally you come back here.

You do have to be together with me.

As much as possible I will
hold to not kill him.

But I'll still kill others, is not it?

Did you know that your heart truly desires?

You're forbidden to love someone.

I can not hurt him.

The more you hold that feeling ...

...You'll be increasingly unable to
resist desire for blood.

Unless Seiji ...

You've always been lucky.

Do not you forget it.

Desire to kill is very large.

I do not want you to be like that too.

Let's get out of this country.

We still have a long time.


I understand.

What can I do ...

...Just to let you go from this country.

I wanted to like this much longer.

I will continue to hold you like this.

Can not. I can not.

I can not possibly kill Yumi.


She will suck your blood.

Until no trace.

Luna, you're out.

It's you, pastor.

You had come from Rome?

I can not forgive about the agreement.

But I also can not forgive yourself.

Do you want to destroy all mankind?

What are you talking all of a sudden?


It seems there is no other way.

I've never said it, right?


I just want a quiet life with this girl.

What do you mean to speak it?

Apparently you can not forgive.

Your sins to be here.

That's all it is not important.

If you try to resist, I'll kill you.

You better not stuff.

Whatever your intentions exactly? I
will still protect Yumi!

That all human beings ...

...Know who I am.

God is a practical thing.

Many people who want to be
forgiven our sins and believe.

I do not want someone who was
advised by the name of God.

God will not forgive a creature like you.

I will not let you kill Yumi!

I'm going to kill this woman.

Do you think you can love a vampire?

Look with your own eyes ...

...Wanitamu's true nature.

Blood ...

The smell of blood.

I smell the sweet blood.

It's too late!

It seems that you wear protective
gear from earlier times.


Do you think you can escape?

You'll get a return.

No matter what punishment would befall me.


Is he dead?

He will be burnt by the sun in the morning.

Why did not you kill him?

Soon the sun will rise.

Let God punish her.

We will not be able to
see the morning sun again.

But very grateful ...

...Could see him again.

I can not kill Yumi.

If I could not save Yumi ...

...At least I can do this just for him.

I can not imagine that you are gone.

You have to stay alive.

I will die with the pastor ...

...At daybreak.

Do not mind me.

Yumi ...

I do not regret having become a vampire.

Because before I die, I can see you.

I admit defeat from you.

The way to restore her body ...

...There is only one way.

How can I possibly trust you.

Believe it or not, that's your decision.


If you drink the liquid from the
seeds of the pastor's eyes ...

...You still can get back into a human.

Yumi! Why?

What does this mean?

Her body has changed again.

But I do not know if I could live again.

No one has ever tried this.

All up to God.
- Do not joke!

At least he died as a human being.

You should be happy.

Come back!

Yumi ...



This time I hope you are happy.