Vampire Diary (2006) - full transcript

Whilst making a documentary, filmmaker Holly meets the highly enigmatic and beautiful Vicki who claims she is a real-life vampire. By turns fascinated by and attracted to her, Holly thinks that Vicki could be her soul mate and soon the two embark on a passionate affair. However Vicki's lust for blood is growing and when Holly discovers that Vicki is pregnant with a 'vampire' baby, she is drawn into a spiral of death, deceit and betrayal from which she will never emerge.

- Whoever sees this,
mum, dad. What happened.

None of it was anything to do
with me.

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- Hey Holly. Are you
going to make us famous?

Depends if I sell the

- You've shot loads.

Tell me about it.

- Yeah, shoot my load.

embarrass yourself.

- You wish.
- Dream on.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough,

Holly, let's
set up a group shot.

Did you just say, "Come

- No, he said, "Enough."

Madame Adam, come over

Watch your backs.

Alright. Ready for this, right?

Meet, "The Kindred."

♪ Across the farthest fields ♪

♪ Sins of the skies are falling ♪

♪ Burning like I feel ♪

♪ Trees come ♪

♪ Trees come ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

- The Goths don't really like
the vampires

coming over here too much.

- 'Cause some of them are for

You what?

- Come here.

They really swallow.

Come on!

Meet the Weekend

That's the documentary
I thought I was making.

That is until I realized
that somebody was taping me.

And then you were gone.

- You can buy them from
Vampire's Realm.

Caps. I'm gonna get permanents.

- My uncle, like, he's
got this cool beach hut.

Middle of nowhere.

No one ever goes there.

- Have you heard about that new

that's supposed to glow in the

- Yeah. I've got it on.

- Well, how can it glow in the
dark though, if it's black?

- Why do you care?

- I want to be her.

- I wanna be in her.


- Whoo, whoa.

- How am I supposed to get home
from here?

Use your bat wings.

- Thanks.

- Yeah, Flip-flip.

Hey Holly. Er, how about letting
me stay?

Good night, Brad.

- Promise I'll make you come.
- Out!

- Bye, Holly.
- Night, Adam.


- Where's my kindred?

They've gone.

- Shit!


- Eddie's gone.

Didn't you arrive with him?

- Nice space.

- Why were you videoing me at
the club?

- Why were you videoing me?

- Thanks, really, but no,

I just arrived in

I don't have anywhere-
- Haven't you got any friends

you can stay with?

- No.
. Well, I'm sure you'll find

a room somewhere.

Bye then.


- What?

- Would you be in the
documentary that I'm making?

It's about the Weekend Vampire

- I'm not a Weekend Vampire.

- It's okay.

I just thought it could be
interesting if you were

That's a sofa-bed.

- Okay.

- So where have you just come


- What are we doing there?

- Surviving.

That for your documentary?

- No, it's my video diary.

Say hello.


- You hungry?


- You don't eat?

You anorexic?


- Did you go out somewhere last

I had trouble
sleeping. I went for a walk.

- In the dark?

- Have you always lived alone?

There was someone.

A boyfriend?

- I let him move in.

Didn't work out?

- I got pregnant.

- He wanted it and you didn't?

No, I wanted it and he

- Did you?

But I lost it.

Then I lost him.

Thank God.

- Hmm.

- Why do you video?

To meet people.

- Wouldn't have thought you'd
have had

any trouble meeting people.

- But with this,

I can pick out the people
that I want to meet.

- If you wanted to film
some real blood drinking

the Sanges are meeting tonight.

Can I bring someone?

- What?

You look terrific.

Time to exchange.




Blood is the life.


- Fuck. Have you heard?

The rock music
world tonight is in mourning.

The body of popular clubland DJ,

31 year-old Eddie Strode was
discovered at his flat today.

Police are treating his
death as suspicious.

Eddie Strode was last seen

a London nightclub at 3:00 AM.

Police would like to hear from

who might have information.

- This is like just between you
and me,

and anyone else who's watching.

The killer drunk Eddie's blood.

Did y'know that?

All of his blood! The full


What a way to go!

That was Eddie for you.

Live to the max, die to the max.


Can't believe it.

- Sorry.

- You trying to comfort me or
fuck me?


- There's no such thing as
real vampires, is there?

Well, except my parents
and my uncle Serge,

and, the government and
the multi-nationals.


When you think about
it, who isn't a vampire?

- They do exist Holly.

Check out all the websites, the

But those aren't real

- How do you know?

That's what your video should
be about Holly, real vampires.

- Police.

When they were interviewing me

all I could think about
was how much I could make

out of Eddie's murder.

Did they interview you about

I didn't know him.

- You arrived at my party with

I followed you here and I waited

and when he arrived, I followed
him in.

- Why?

- Why do you think?

♪ Don't hold on to the past ♪

♪ These things weren't meant to
last ♪

♪ And walk into the light ♪

♪ And come with me... ♪

- To Eddie Strode.

- Shouldn't we be toasting him
with blood?

- Maybe that's not such a good
idea, Haze.

Why not?

- Think about how Eddie died.

- Whatever.

To Eddie.

To Eddie!

♪ I'm drawn into your eyes ♪

♪ I'm drawn into your eyes ♪

♪ Don't hold back ♪

You okay?

♪ Don't look back. ♪

- I'm fine. Really.

- What are you doing?

Checking on you.

- With that thing?

I didn't want to
disturb you

by turning on the light.

I was worried about you.

- I worry about you, too.

Do you?

- When you go out at night.

It's dangerous out there.

Look what happened to Eddie.

You really worry about

- Come here.

Undress me.

This is ridiculous.

I've never-
- I know.

- Don't turn it off.

You're so hot.

- So are you.

I want you.

Have you slept
with straight women before?

- Yeah.

But if they're
straight, why do they?

- Because I'm not a woman.

What are you then?

- An animal.

- Maybe I was a little wild too.

♪ And learn my passion
when you're relaxing ♪

♪ Get rich and tear at my
solitude ♪

♪ I fall in love with
someone I never should ♪

♪ And don't forsake me in my
lover ♪

♪ My faith is shaken, make me
suffer ♪

♪ And time on trust is so
relentless ♪

♪ It's never enough and
it's making no sense ♪


- It's no fun being what I am.

Tell me about it.

Okay. When you're ready.

- I've never been happy anyway,
till now.

- What's that?

- Is weirdo still crashing at
your place?

Who do you mean?

- Don't you find her scary?
- No.

- Well, Brad thinks she's a

You haven't heard from him have

- So we were meant to hook
up, but he never showed.

- I saw Brad at the club.

- Yeah?

And you definitely haven't seen
him since?

- Maybe he dropped the acid.

What acid?

- Shit hot, vampire acid.

He'll be tripping out somewhere.

But Brad wouldn't
do acid on his own.

- Hey. She was there too.

At the club.

- I don't think so.

Yeah with Brad.

Sure I saw you with him.

- No.

- She was here with me.

- Hmmm.

Silly me then.

♪ Where did you put your mind ♪

- So what happened with Brad?

- You didn't need to lie for me.

You just made Haze suspicious.

- Should she be suspicious?

- Okay, I was there.

I ran into Brad and we
hung out and then he left.

- And that's it?

Tell me Vicki.

- It wasn't meant to him.

- What wasn't?

- It's bad, Holly.

- Tell me!

- He tried to rape me.

- Is that mean to be a joke?

I don't believe you.

It wasn't meant to be

Forgive me, Holly.

♪ Just breathe ♪

♪ Is that what you want ♪

♪ 'Cause you're bringing it on ♪

♪ The devil yourself to pay ♪

You're so gorgeously

and outrageously fuckable.

Yeah, I'm talking about you.

You beautiful, beautiful bitch.


- 'scuse me?

Ever exchanged before?

- Do you mean have I drunk blood

Real vampires call it

You have? No shit!

Vicki the Vampire.

Vicki the Vampire.

She likes to drink blood.


Just the way I like it.


I'm not a piece of meat.

You're something else,

Go girl!




You bit me!

I'm bleeding all over!

What's that?!

Uh, huh!

Before I call the
police, I want to understand.

- There's nothing to understand.

You're a psychopath.

- I'm a vampire.

I'm a vampire, Holly.

Vampires don't exist.

It's not possible.

- It's what I am!

It wasn't supposed to happen.

It wasn't supposed to be
him, but he attacked me.

You saw.

- But Vicky-
- I know.

He didn't deserve that.

Yes he did.


- Why are you taping this?

If anything goes

- You mean if we're stopped?

Maybe they'll
understand how I got involved.

- That's the reason is it?

For now.

- Sometimes it almost
feels like they wanna die.

I thought Brad
wasn't supposed to die?

- I meant the others.

The others?

- I'm a vampire, Holly.

I do what I have to to survive.




He isn't dead!

- Do what you have to do.

Call an ambulance. The police.

It's over.
- No.

- What, you want me to do it?
- No!

- What do we do then?
- We finish it.

- Holly.
- You heard.

Finish it, do it.


- I really thought that was it
between us.

Don't know what I would have

- Adam's got the use of a beach

It's along the coast somewhere.

I thought maybe we could,

Jesus, what am I thinking?
- But I'd like that.

I really would.


I want to know
everything, okay?


- To the outside world, we were

Certainly, no-one would
have guessed the truth

in a million years.

No-one could have guessed what
really went on in that place.

My mother.

Your father?

- Maybe, maybe not.

They'd turn up and then move on.


Not men. Male vampires.

And then my mother would
get pregnant again.

And my big sister.

- She looks like a-
- Like a hooker.

I know.

Vampires survive by living on
the edge.

With junkies, fascists, S&M

The Weekend Vampire

- Anywhere vampire
behavior won't stand out.

First memory is of
having my fangs removed,

without anesthetic.

You're born with

- Four of them,

it's the only way you'll
recognize a real vampire.

That's a better memory.

About a few months after that
was taken

I was locked up for the first

but they had to let me go.

I was under-age. Nine.

I didn't know I was doing
anything wrong.

I was a bad girl and I
got worse. A lot worse.

"But I like to scratch
the other children, Mommy,

and taste their blood."

In the end I had to leave.

Because you were
drinking blood?

- I left when I realized

that the next time a
male vampire turned up,

it would be my turn.

14 years old and all alone in
the world.

But I grew up fast

I hooked up with the
worst people I could find.

They use me. I use them.

Brazil, Peru, Argentina.

Feed, move on.

Feed, move on.

The hunger driving you all the

Vampires. We spend our
entire lives on the move.

I always try to do it
as humanely as possible.

It's a bolt gun.

That's what...


They kill animals
with them.


Get them relaxed, and then...

It's the kindest way.
- Is it?

- Around the world,

they kill a billion creatures
every year with these things.

You eat meat, don't you?

I'm vegetarian.

- I don't have that choice.

Couldn't you
just drink their blood

and let them live?

- It's not possible.
- Why not?

- They'd struggle, fight,
injure themselves, injure me.

I really try not to hurt them
any more than is necessary.

I'm not a psychopath.

How many have there

- I don't keep count.

Doesn't bother you?

- No.

Eddie, it was you wasn't it?

It was Eddie's car that we used,

that we used for Brad, wasn't

CDs in the glove compartment
could only be his.

- Yes, but-
- Did he try and rape you too?

- I didn't-
- Then what happened?

- Holly. Eddie wanted to die.

- Eddie wanted to die?
- Yes.

There's a tape.

- The camcorder.

Best sex toy ever invented.

Nah, nah, nah, nah.

Don't stop, don't stop.

Fucking hell!

You really do go all the way,
don't you?

Arrrgh! Arrgh.


Arrgh! Oh!

- Why me?

- Because unless we find a

to care, protect, look after us,

we won't make it.

- Bitter. Like almond.

Do I turn into a vampire now?

- Yes!

- No. That's bullshit isn't it?

- You really don't want to be
what I am.

- When I was twelve I used to
cut myself.

- Vampires don't cut themselves.

- Don't you?

- Why did you?

To make me feel

You couldn't pay to have a
childhood as fucked-up as mine.

Nobody cared how I felt.

Till now.

♪ There is two broken mirrors ♪

♪ Our love still dreaming ♪

♪ We want a bigger space ♪

♪ Love spaces in the rain ♪

♪ Our hearts still feeling ♪

♪ A hand against the frost ♪

♪ I'm still where you left me,
lost ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

♪ Trees come down ♪

- You know, I went to his pad

He hasn't been home
since you last saw him.

You know maybe I should go
to the cops or something.

- They can't bring him back can

- Back from where?

- The dead.

- Haze, don't talk like that.

Brad was, is my friend.
I'm worried about him.

- Suits you.

- Does it?

No, I prefer you as

- Why didn't you tell me?

- Hmm.

- You're hungry again, aren't

- I'll be fine, really.

- We'll find a way.

- I can't.

You can!


I'll try some and I'm

- I hate you.

Can't be good for me eating all
that meat.


- Male vampires.
Could I have met one?

- Of course you have.

Tell me about them.

- Vicki?

Do you have to follow me
around with that thing?

What is it?

Are you hungry again?
- Yes!

No, not yet.

Next time we could try
raw meat.

- That won't help.
- How do you know?

- Because there's two of us to

It's okay Holly.

I'm not insane.

I'm pregnant.

So you won't help me?

So who was the father?

- Does that matter?

I think so.

- It was a male vampire. Okay?

He raped me.

I'm telling the truth, Holly.

Couldn't you stop him?

He was out of control.

You stopped Brad.

Brad wasn't a male vampire.

Couldn't you
have called for help?

In the animal world,

there's nobody, nothing to
protect you.

How did he
know you were a vampire?

How do you think?

He left me lying on a Spanish
beach, naked, half dead.

I wanted to kill myself.

Now I wish I had.

- Of course I'll help you.

Police are

for these two women disguised as

They've been raiding hospitals
for blood.

Who are these women
and what are they doing

with the blood that they're

♪ Their deadliest weapon ♪

♪ Is the art of surprise ♪

♪ You get no warning ♪

♪ They just drop from the skies ♪

♪ You better watch out, ah ♪

♪ I'm telling you, sister ♪

♪ For the bloodsucking monsters ♪

♪ In their flying saucers ♪

♪ We're under attack
from the upper quarter ♪

- I love it when you've just

- He went to the police.

- I'm worried about Brad.


- They weren't really very

You know why?

'Cause Brad is already
listed as a missing person.

He walked out on his mum when he
was 15.

- We're all missing people.

- Well, they're gonna look into
it anyway.

At least we'll know if he's

- They got any news on Eddie?

- Like they'd tell me.

- They think he was
killed by real vampire.

- No, some total psycho who
thinks they're a vampire.

You told me you saw her
with Brad that night.

- No, I made a mistake.

Bye, Holly.

- Take care, okay?

See you around, Holly.

- She suspects.

- I know.

It's not a problem is it?

I mean she's so in love with you

there's no danger of her
going to the police is there?

- Isn't there?

- What?

- If you wanted me to,

you know?
- No way!

Do you understand?

I can't anymore.

The more hungry I get it...

It's like it's trying to
eat its way out of me.

- We'll try raw meat. Pig's

- You know what I need.



- What?

We agreed you
weren't going to kill.

- It wasn't me. He was ill.

Now I'm probably ill,
and I'm still hungry.

He must have been anemic or

Jesus, the whole planet's


- We had an agreement.

- Well, pick someone
more healthy next time!

And turn that thing off.

Turn it off.


- If you don't,
- What?

- You'll be next, Holly.

- Vicki-
- Leave me alone

or you're dead.

Do you understand Holly? You're

Fuck you!

- So where's..?
- She's out.

- You okay, Holly?
- Never better.

- I could come over.


- Well just call if you
want me to. Anytime.

I couldn't help

I had to look for you.

I looked everywhere.

I knew you were out there

- Can I help you?

The question
police are asking tonight:

Is this another vampire-style
murder that went wrong?

- Don't be nervous. What's the

Think I'm gonna hurt you or

Little chimney sweep girl.




Let's have a look at you.

What the f...

Oh come one, don't.

Now what the fuck is this? Hmm?

What the fuck is this? Huh?

A little fucking Thunderbirds
toy, you dumb cunt?

I'm gonna fucking fuck you.

You wanna suck on something

Get your arse in here.

Police are
searching for this woman.

She's desperate and very
dangerous. Have you seen her?

Now I had to find you.




Vicki, come back!

Who's there?

Is someone there?

Who's there?

I warned you, Holly.


But you wouldn't leave
me alone.

Do it then. Kill me.

- Why won't you leave me alone?

How can I?

The police are on to you.

- I know.

And now there really
are two of us to feed.

What am I..


going to do?

- Come here.

- No.
- You have to.

- It's too risky.

- But I'm healthy.

- No, I won't be able to stop.

You saw what happened with

- You mean you couldn't stop?

You said Eddie wanted to die.


It's okay. I'm sorry.

- Look, Brad's not the only
person I'm concerned about.

Is everything okay with you

- You're fucked!

We're fucked.

Fuck, now what do we do?

- Holly?
You there?

Come on.

- You said you didn't want her
round here.

You said she mustn't see me like

So why did you just ask her

- I can't feed you
anymore. I've nothing left.

- So?

You mean...

We should...


- I'm dying here.

And if I die who will look after

What choice do we have?

Christ Holly,

you look horrendous.

You on crack or something?

You know I don't do
that stuff.

- If you say so.

Where's Vicki?

- Out.
- Where is she?

- Dunno.

- Shit. I really wanted to talk
to her.

How is she?

- She's fine.

- Fine?

What the fuck does fine mean?

- Haze?

- I'm concerned about her.

That running?

- Yeah.

- Maybe you should turn it off.

- Why?

- Because I think that we
should talk about Vicki.

And Eddie Strode,

and Brad.

- What about Eddie and Brad?

- I came here to warn Vicki
the police are looking for her.

Why should the
police be interested in Vicki?

- Maybe because she's a real

Why didn't you tell us?

Or maybe you decided to
keep Vicki all to yourself?


You know what you are, Holly?

You're a sad, lonely case,
with no friends and no life.

No wonder you're keeping
that thing running.

A video about a real vampire.

You'll be a star. Famous, Holly.

- Did you talk to the police?

- No. Did you?

- Of course I didn't.


We can't do this!

Shit, and now she knows

- You're gonna have a baby?

A vampire baby?

You're pregnant with a vampire

A vampire baby!

Is that the police?

I don't know.

We can't stay here.

Where will we go?


- Oh, hey Holly. What's

You busy?

- So what's going on?

- Well, I remember you
saying that you have

the use of a beach house, and I

- You wanna go there at
two o'clock in the morning?

- Well, yeah.

- She's pregnant!

- Yes.

- The police are looking for

- We know.

- You know?

- She's a real vampire.

- Right.

Is Haze in on this?

It's her coat.

Time to come out now, Haze.

It's better this way.

- Come on, Haze.

Come on.


Don't just stand there.

It's too late

for that, Adam!


Which service do you require?

- Hello I need an ambulance

Haze is dead!

You have to help us!

- Holly, she's not well.
She's done your head in.

I'm gonna go and get help.

- Wait. Wait!

There's a tape.

Haze, she taped herself when

- A little vampire baby.

A little vampire baby.

- Everything's gonna be alright

- This is a nightmare. This is

- It's bigger and more
important than any of us.

I don't know you

- Yes you do, Adam. It's me,

Same old Holly, okay?

- I'm nuts about you, Holly.

I really am. You know I am.

- It's okay, Adam. It's okay.

She won't hurt you.

Feel it.

- It's moving.

- Of course it is. It's alive.

- Jesus!
- Nothing else matters.

Do you understand?

- Holly, I really love you but-

- It's okay, Adam.

♪ Baby's got the nightmares back
again ♪

♪ Says it's almost driven him
insane ♪

♪ Said he's going out tonight ♪

♪ He won't be home without a
fight ♪

♪ One must finally- ♪
- You can see her aura.

- Take me away with you, Vicki.

To the castle of vampires in

And we'll stay there forever,
and ever.

And like, see all the seasons

And the ice ages coming and

Stars exploding and...

Oh wow!

♪ Wrapped it in a shiny case ♪

- Thank you.
♪ Pretty picture of my face ♪

♪ 70 full minutes worth of pain ♪

♪ You feel on me ♪

- She'll be happy now.

♪ You hold me to blame ♪

- I can't see anyone following

♪ This is your crime, ♪

♪ your bitter gift ♪

♪ This is your pain, ♪

♪ yet we both are victims ♪

♪ Your precious dignity ♪

Don't move.

♪ Torn and thrown for my repair ♪

♪ My convictions ♪

♪ Run their course ♪

♪ As I stand listening
to your tears freeze ♪

♪ to my conscience ♪

♪ Taken in ♪

♪ With open arms... ♪
- Look.

We made it.

- Ooh, vodka. Nice.

Party time!

Chick peas.


Well, at least there's
enough here for a month.

What about her?

- She isn't hungry.
- No?

- She can't keep anything down.

Means it won't be long now.
- When she is hungry?

We'll work something

- History, is being made.

Like, we're the very first
people to make contact with...


A real vampire.

- How are you feeling?

- Scared.

- Me too.

- Happy.

- Me too.

- What?

- It's started.


what do we do?

We don't need to do

Yeah but, don't we need

- Adam, it's okay.

- Another vampire is arriving in
the world

and it's happening right
now, right here people.

Adam, please.

I can't do this.

- Yes you can. Yes you can,

Is there something I
should do?

- Just keep taping.

We're gonna have this baby
together, do you understand?

- Promise me,

that you will look after this

if I don't make it?

- Nothing's going to happen

to you Vicki.
- No, look.

It's feeding off me.

- It can't be.

- They do that.

- It's only a baby.
- It's a vampire baby Holly.

It's going to kill me.

It has to survive.

- No, we're here. We'll look
after you.

- No!
- It's coming.


Help me!

Get a knife.
- A knife, shit.

Okay, I'll do it.

- Holly.
- It's okay.


A baby vampire girl.

- A girl?

And now our troubles begin.

Look, she can see.

How can she see?

You okay?

Hmm. So what are you guys gonna
call her?

- We haven't decided yet.

- What about Vampira?

- Adam. There's something
I need you to do.

- Yeah?
- Vicki.

She's hungry, desperately
hungry, and the baby too.

So what do you want
me to do?

- Drive out in the car,
and find what they need.

- You mean blood?

- Find someone and bring them
back here.

- What if they don't wanna come?

- You don't give them a choice.

Jesus Holly.

- Vicki and the baby; if
they don't feed they'll die.

Can you do this Adam?

Or do I have to?

- Jesus Holly, no.

No, no, no. It's all over.

There's a police roadblock
at the crossroads.

We're surrounded.

They must've found Haze.

Then police turned up at your
doorstep Dad, didn't they?

And you told them we were here.

Oh, thanks Dad.

I mean it, really, thanks.

You did the right thing.

It's over.

Thank God.

- She's quiet now.

I'm sorry.

About Adam.
- Don't.

- They're here, aren't they?

- Yes.

- We've always known this
day would come. Haven't we?

That's why I kept videoing.

So something will be left

- I'm gonna say that I killed
them all.

Eddie Strode, Brad, Haze, and

And that I kidnapped you.

- No.
- Yes.

- And your baby.

- My baby?

- I'm the one they're after.

So it's your baby now, Holly.

- No.
- Yes!

- I won't do it.

- Adam was right. I'm not well.

I've never been well. Do you

Vampires don't exist. How can

I've lied to you about

There's no such thing as

- No.
- Yes!

Goodbye little one.


Teddy wants to see me in it.

- Hello.
- Say hello to Teddy.

- Hello.
- I can hold it.

Wave again, Teddy.

- Hello.

Why are you
waving like that, Teddy?

- Hiya.

- Do you know who I am?

- Who is said that?
- I'm somebody very,

very special to you.

And one day we'll meet and

maybe then you'll realize
why I had to leave.

But Holly will be there for you.

And, there'll be tough times
when you will need her.

But she'll be there for you.

Until the day your real
mummy comes for you.

And that might be sooner than
you expect.

♪ I get involved ♪

♪ I get involved ♪

♪ I grieve silently ♪

♪ Until you return ♪

♪ Far away from me ♪

♪ Far away from you ♪

♪ I dream violently ♪

♪ Until you return ♪

♪ Out of the window, into the
sea I gaze ♪

♪ There's always tomorrow,
the future's a golden haze ♪

♪ I can see movement, I can feel
motion ♪

♪ Driving me forward, over the
ocean ♪

♪ There's always tomorrow,
an army of wasted days ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the
morning ♪

♪ I can hear something,
sounds like a warning ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the
morning ♪

♪ I can hear something,
sounds like a warning ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the
morning ♪

♪ I can hear something,
it sounds like a warning ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the
morning ♪

♪ I can hear something,
it sounds like a warning ♪

♪ And it's real, and it's real,
and it's real, and it's real ♪

♪ And it's real ♪

♪ And it's real, and it's real,
and it's real, and it's real ♪

♪ And it's real ♪

♪ And it's real ♪

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