Vampire Clay (2017) - full transcript

A plasticine demon devours the denizens of a rural art school.

________________________________________“New classroom”

Kaori will be back tomorrow.

That's too bad.

“Art school entrance exams”

“Art school entrance exams”

She studied hard in Tokyo.
Don't fall behind.

We lost time because
of the move.


Kaori! What a coincidence.

We were just talking about you.

I thought I'd drop off
my stuff today.

Hi, you guys.
Long time no see.

Welcome back.

How was the workshop?

I learned a lot.
I'll fill you in later.


My shoes?

Leave them on.

You're all sweaty.
Did you come on your bike?

That hill is a killer.

This building is pretty old.

Hey... Oil paints?

Yes. This place used to be
a sculptor's studio.

He left things behind.

Now it's our classroom.

Are the students
in Tokyo really good?

Not like us in the countryside?

Yeah but only a handful
are really talented.

But planes and dimensions
reflect the artists' aesthetics.

Some people are naturally gifted.

The works by students
in major prep courses

are so amazing.

I was impressed by

how much money they spend
on the motifs.

The paintings were powerful.

Class has already started.
You can ask her later.

About Tokyo.

Yes, ma'am.

Excuse me.


Oh yeah.

I got these at a shrine.

For you.


And you.

“Good luck amulet”

“Good luck amulet”

“Good luck amulet”

“Good luck amulet”

My hands are dirty.
Leave it there.

Ms. Aina, may I start today?

Of course.

Thank you.

Can I sit here?



Yuka is using your clay.

I'm Yuka.
I just joined the class.

I didn't have any clay so...

I told her she could use yours.

No problem.
I'll find another batch.

Thank you.

Find some?


“Make a turban shell
on a platform”

This clay feels kind of different.

Hard to mold?
Whose was it?

Not hard to mold.

Just somehow different.

You've gotten good.
Much better than before.

“Clay Sculpting Week”

Ten more minutes.

“4th place”

___________________________“3rd place”

“Top prize”

“2nd place”

There. Your rankings.

Reiko gets the top prize but

Kaori has the same score.

Reiko, yours was good but similar
to one of your previous works.

I know you're getting nervous
about the exams.

But don't turn to
conventional designs.

Stay true to your own style.

Next time, be more playful.

Don't worry.
You have the skills.

The model is a vase of
like 200 flowers.

Can you believe it?

The quantity alone makes
the drawings more powerful.

Who didn't return it?

Oh, me. I'm sorry.

I'm good with flowers so
I thought I'd be in the top 10.

I overestimated myself.

There are so many students.
I got 30th place.


You may be the best here but
you're probably #100 nationwide.

I think I'm better than that.

But I thought we're actually
just as good.

Nobody can construct
planes like Aiko.

We'll start at 9:30.

Good morning.

You're late. I told you
to be here at nine.


The mirror's here.

Good morning.

Good morning.


“Make a head sculpture of yourself
with any facial expression”

Are the students
in Tokyo really good?

Do we measure up?

Can we beat them?

Who thinks your current skills
will get you into an art school?

You see reality as it is.

You'll all fail.

You want to come back
here next year?

Repeat the same projects?

No higher aspirations?

You're up against
a lot of competition.

I'll evaluate your works
at noon tomorrow.

They're hopeless
at the moment.

Lock up after yourselves.
Don't stay past nine.

I'm leaving soon.

I'm in a hurry.

Reiko, see you tomorrow.


You fed it before you left.


Did you close the door?

I thought I did.

What happened?
This is awful.

You should tell Ms. Aina.
You don't deserve this.

It's okay. I'm fine.

I'm definitely more motivated now.

They're better now.

Kaori gets the top prize
and that's it.

Aiko, Kanji, Reiko.

Yours won't get you
into art school.

Look at Yuka's sculpture.

She's a beginner and
isn't very good yet.

But the judges may choose this
for its novelty.

The rest are all mediocre.

What should I do?


How can I improve?

Study fine works of art

and practice as much as possible.

What kind of fine works?

Like this sculpture by Kaori
and previous works by Reiko.

Also by my former students.

That won't help.

Well, I only have
four former students...

It's better to search online.

It's a fact.
We live in the countryside.

There are only five of us.

Remember yesterday?

You said there's a lot of competition.
We have to check them out.

Make it protrude more.

Ms. Aina.

Is the quality of classes
in Tokyo that much better?

The answer is clear.

Kaori studied in Tokyo.

I think it was the clay.

I started this course
after Kaori but

I thought I was just
as good as her.

But it's apparent now.

Tokyo made the difference.

Kaori has definitely
improved her skills.

But will going to Tokyo
do that for everybody?

Students there don't get
as much attention...

Ms. Aina, I think the clay
I used was unusual.


I believe an artist's basic training
is what matters in the end.

Regardless where you're from,
with solid basic skills

and strong determination,
you'll pass the exam.

If the choice comes down
to two people

it's their style
that gets judged.

Students in big courses have
more sources of inspiration

which gives them an advantage.


“Aina Academy
_New students wanted”

Can't you invite an instructor
from Tokyo once a month?

You're all we have.

If we can learn from
other instructors...

If you have time to complain

use it for more practice projects.

Move your hands if
you want to improve.

I know how you feel but
work with what you have.


Are you guys okay?

You're right.

I get it.

Let me think about it.

I disagree.

I don't want to lose my individuality
to convention.

The countryside has
its advantages.

So I'm fine as we are.

I'll lock up again tonight.

I disagree.

What's happening?!

Someone, help me!


It's hot!



How could Reiko do this?

This is too much.

I know she doesn't like me.


But wrecking my sculpture?

I was alone last night...

Putting a blade
in the clay...


Are you serious?

I didn't do that.

Sure, I was jealous of you.

But I wouldn't do
anything like that.

Last night after you all left,
the clay started moving.

Your sculpture started moving...

What's the use of
harassing me?

You may not believe me
but I'm telling you the truth!

I can't get through to her.

Maybe she's home.

I got her answering machine.
Her mom's also gone.

Who are you talking about?

I hope she's okay.

Good morning.

What's up?
Is there a problem?

I'm going to Reiko's house.

Will you clean this place up?

You're talking about me?
Wait! Ms Aina!

Wait! Ms. Aina!

Hey! Hold on!


What is it?
What happened?


Kaori! I'm right here!


Why do we have to
clean up after her?

She's too proud.
Look at the trouble she made.

I wish she'd quit.

Reiko is desperate to
please her parents.

We're all desperate.

We're classmates but
in the end, we're also enemies.

Come on...

I want us all to get accepted.

It's such a small prep class.

I made you a boxed lunch.

Oh... But I bought one today.


I have to wash up.

Reiko! We were all
worried about you.

I'll help you look.

It's all right.
Keep working.

Yuka's not back yet?

Yuka, where were you?

Come back inside.


Where were you?

Your cell phone was ringing.


The art supply shop.

Okay. Thanks.

You okay?

You made lunch
for me today, right?

You promised.

Isn't that your bag?

You shouldn't leave it there.
Although no one will steal it.

I'm going inside before
they get suspicious.

I'm looking forward to lunch.


You brought yours, right?

Not today.
I'll go with you.


Is this the lunch
you made me?

It'll get dirty on the floor.

So sweet of you.

Let's eat together over there.
We're alone now.

Let's eat.

Ew. What's this?

It must've gone bad
because you left it outside.

It tastes like clay.


I was kidding.
It doesn't taste that bad.

What are you doing?


Good morning, Reiko.


What happened?

I'll go get something.




Where are you?

Watch out!

Kanji's acting weird!
He's over there!

What happened?


What's going on?


What are you doing?!

No, Kanji!


Come here!


Get up! Hurry!

Mitazuka was a struggling sculptor.

During the day,
he worked at

an industrial waste factory
and made sculptures at night.

He exhibited his works
at art galleries in Tokyo

but they received poor reviews.

He didn't have
good social skills

and started having problems
with the gallery owners.

His bad reputation grew
in the industry

and people became wary of him.

One day, he ran into a classmate

from his art school prep class.

The man had given up art
years earlier

and had become a huge success
in the restaurant business.


They're great.

There are many restaurants and
boutiques that'd love them.

They'll definitely sell.

Why don't you make them yourself?

I can't. I haven't touched clay
in close to 20 years.

Plus, I don't have the talent.

I'll ask around
as soon as I get back.

In any case

you should go see
a dermatologist.

“Tokyo, here I come.
I'm going to make it big.”

After that, Mitazuka started
making sculptures like crazy.

But they didn't attract any buyers.

Then one day

Mitazuka became ill
for unknown reasons.

It was probably because of
illegal chemical waste products.

When he realized he was dying,
he made his final sculpture.

A humanoid statue,
which he named Kakame.

Kakame, you're going
to Tokyo in my place.

You're my alter ego.
326A 00492521/00492705 My child.

I'm going to die but you'll live.
You'll stay alive forever.

Even after my physical death,
I'll stay alive in you.

And the world will
come to praise me.

You'll keep living.

I'll be Minoru Mitazuka,
the famous sculptor.

The world will praise the man
who created art here.

50,000 yen?

Take this for now.

You've got to be kidding.
What happened to the profits?

I want the money!

Actually, people had bought
his sculptures.

The man had cheated him and
used the money to pay off his debt.

His business had been
deteriorating for few years

and he was knee deep in debt.

I'm doing the best I can.
I just need a little time.

I'll pay you soon.


That's too late.
I don't have time.

Let go of me!

Get your hands off me!




Mitazuka! Hey!

2015a 00513714/00513902 _________“Police”

Mitazuka's disease had
eaten away at his bones.

They turned to powder.


The man returned from time to time
to pay his respects

to the deceased with
his favorite drink.

Nobody even remembered
Mitazuka's existence.

Until this moment today.

That story...

You made it up.


Integrates into human bones
and attacks people?


We were just studying to
get into art school.

So why?

Why did this happen?

I'm going to the police.

I want all of this to end.

It's my fault.

If I hadn't dug up the bag...

Let's go to the police.

We'll tell them everything.

It's the last batch.

I'll finish up.
You two, get ready.

Kaori, please lock up.

We're ready to go.

Okay. So am I.

Where's Kaori?




Kaori... Why?

We were gonna go to
school together in Tokyo.




Open it.


It's all your fault for
killing Mr. Mitazuka.

It's why everybody is dead.

You killed all my friends.

Ms. Aina!

Leave the kids alone.

That's enough.


“Tokyo Academy of Arts”

“Modeling clay”

“Many successful

“23 applicants accepted into
Tokyo Art College”

Our next story.

The police announced today
that DNA analysis revealed

the identity of the male corpse
found in Yamaoka prefecture

at Aina Academy,
a prep school for the arts

as a local man named
Kyozo Fushimi, age 58.

The police suspect that
Fushimi was involved

in some sort of foul play
at the academy

and are currently searching
the whereabouts of

the academy's director
and five students.

It's concrete.
Someone was here first.

Just dump the stuff already.

Let me know if
anyone shows up.