Vampire Clan (2002) - full transcript

Five friends welcome real life vampirism into their lives. They cut their own wrists and let their friends drink from them. Rod, the leader, and a very psychotic young guy, ends up killing Heathers parents and stealing their car to go on a crazy road trip. His behaviour begins to frighten his friends, though they went along with it at first. All end up in prison except Heather.

Your first encounter

with the ones who
make you feel a chance

to taste their disease.

Invite you in to lick
their skin, press open

and to feel all is real.

Your senses low,
your pleasures grow

White hands sew up the deed.

Another limb to lift
your skin, press open.

Had to dream it was real.

With your hands wide open.

Lick your wounds
and come inside.

With your hands wide open.

Lick your wounds
and come inside.

With your hands wide open.

As the cord pulls tighter.

As the cord pulls tighter.

Come inside.



Boyfriend in a box.

He's out about again--

I got to go.

I'm going to be late.

No you're not.


I'm already late, Tony.

We've got time.

No, I really don't.

This will only take a sec.

As romantic as that
sounds, I think I'll pass.


It's your loss.

Do you know what a tease is?

I do.

And I'm not one.

My parents think I'm at work.

Don't be mad.

This weekend.

I'm not mad.

Yes you are.

Don't be.

This weekend.



I got to go.

Tony, it's Jen.

Yeah, I'm home.


I'm calling on my cell.

I don't know.

My phone line is cut.

I think my mom and my
sister are fighting

about collect calls again.


My dad was asleep.

He'll never know.




All right.

I just wanted to tell
you I got home, OK?

And Tony?

Don't be discouraged.

This weekend.

Love you.


I'm starving.

Dad, wake up!


I need an ambulance.

It's my parents.
- Calm down.

I think they're dead.

they still breathing?


They're my-- I can't
get that close.

It's my parents.

Did somebody do this?

Are they still in the house?



Ma'am, are you still there?


Upstairs bedroom.

Come on.

Get up there.


You ain't
seen her all night?

No, sir.

She wasn't here when I got here.

I haven't heard from her.

You got it there?

Much obliged.

You just drink this, Jeni.

Warm yourself up.

Everything's going
to be all right.

Turns out that
there's a younger

sister, name of Heather.

Ain't been seen all night.

I think we might have been
kidnapping on our hands.

We're going to find her
little sister, Jeni.

Need a bit of your help.

Yes, sir.

Sheriff Dane?

Not now, Reynolds.

All due respect, sir, I
think now is the right time.

She wasn't kidnapped.

She ran away with them.



she run away with?

Rod Farrell and
some of his friends.

Scott something or the other
and two girls from Kentucky.

way from home.

Even farther now.

Why would they do
something like this, Jeanine?

You wouldn't believe me.

Try me.

Because they're vampires.

Whoa, whoa.

Hold on, sister.

Right this way.

This is the mother.

Second victim?

You don't need to
run some more tests?

You know, check her out--
- In due time, deputy.

Second victim, please.

You know, for what it's
worth, I put time of death

about two hours ago,
but that's just me.


Do me a favor, Deputy Johnson.
- Yeah.

Just show me the
second victim, would you?

Sure thing, doc.

Meet your second victim.

That's the second one.


Thank you

See, he ain't got
much of a face there.

I can see that.

Mr. Wendor suffered 22 wounds
to the skull and brain.

That was the cause of death.


Mrs. Wendor put up
a bit of a fight, it seems.

Is that a fact?

Not good enough,

The brain stem was
almost completely

lacerated all the way through.

Come again?

She was
practically decapitated.

Sheriff, these people
weren't murdered

for the sake of stealing a car.

- No?
- No.

It was more than that.

It had to be, for this
degree of brutality.

I mean, whoever it is had
some kind of bloodlust.


Oh, there's an officer.

it look like out there?

Oh, typical circus.

Do we have any idea where
the daughter is at this time?

Do we have any idea--

Care to join me


Not if my life depended on it.

I have a statement I'd
like to make, please.

Can I please make a statement.

Please, y'all settle down.

As of right now, arrest warrants
are being issued for Roderick

Justin Farrell,
Howard Scott Anderson,

Charity Lynn Keesee,
Dana Lynn Cooper,

and Heather Ann Wendorf.

What caused you to make
the daughter a suspect?

Rumor has it that
this was a kidnapping.

I have no comment on
those details at this time.

Is it true that
the killers were

vampires, that they killed the
Wendorfs to drink their blood?

Sheriff Dane, are
the killers vampires?

Whatever they are,
we're going to get them.

Do we have any ideas where
the daughter is at this time?

Do we have any idea what
happened to the parents?

Howard Johnson.


Yeah, I'll give you the number.

It's 555-9847.

Got it.

Hey, Bill?

We got them.

You got it?


This one right here.

All right.

Yeah, Mickey.

You can bring them in now.

Don't come in too hot, OK?

Follow our lead.

All right.
Everybody down.

Everybody on their knees right
now with your hands in the air.

All right, everybody,
don't move.

Put your hands on your head.

Happy Thanksgiving.

All right, everybody.
Don't move.


Stop moving there.

You stop.

Put your hands in
the air right now.

Don't move, young man.

You are asking for it.

You little shit.

Please, kill me now.

Get down.

Don't you understand?

I cannot be stopped.


There are no earthly means
by which you guys can bind me.

I'm sure you think so.

Well, you've got
the police now, OK?


You know what?

You are in a great deal
of trouble, my friend.

Come on.

We have you now, all right?

Will you relax now, please?

So that we can talk?

OK, everybody?

Come on.

Take him out.

until your master calls you.

Shake until your mother bleeds.

Until you suckle from
the one who feeds.

Would you like to be famous?

What's that?

I like you, Officer Dewey.

what is it exactly

that you're getting that?

Do you have any
idea what I've done?

Do you have any clue who I am?

I suggest you sit back
and keep your mouth shut.

I need to see my girlfriend.


She's pregnant with my baby.

I said maybe.

You let me see her, I give
you guys full confession.

Full confession, right now.

Full fucking confession.
Come here.

Full confession.
- We'll see about that.

Full confession.

World famous Officer Dewey.

Little ring to it, doesn't it?




Looking for Ben Odom.

Well, you found him.

- Mike Dane.
- Sheriff Dane.

Good to see you.

Glad you could make it.

Follow me.

You offer an audience, I see.

Rod, this here is

Sheriff Dane from Lake County.

He's a might interested
in what you've got to say.

I always did
enjoy an audience.

Well, I, uh--

I think an audience deserves a
good story, wouldn't you say?

Where do you want me to start?

Well, why don't
you start by telling

us about the Vampire Hotel?

Vampire Hotel.

It was at a place called
the Land Between the Lakes

up in Kentucky-- a place
where we could be ourselves.

That's where our coven
first came together.

It was a spiritual place.

It was our place, man.

Wearing me down.

Oh how low, just to waste
my time thinking of you.

could touch us there.

You're tearing me down.

Down and low--

It was place
we could really be ourselves,

you know?

You had to go
somewhere to be yourself?

We weren't exactly prom
king and queen, you know?


I'm sure you
already knew that.

Well, I had a
sneaking suspicion.

But what I'm wondering,
Rod, is this.

Why-- why were you
so much different

than everybody else, hmm?

What made you so different?

I guess it all goes
back to the beginning--

the very beginning.

Tell me, officers.

Have you ever heard
of a black mass, hmm?

Educate us, Rod.

It's how I came
into this world.

I mean, it's bloody
sacrifice and physical abuse.

You talking about
your mother, right?

She's been accused of some very
ugly things, isn't that right?

Like that incident with
Jayden's little brother?

Is that what you're
talking about?

Well, who's,
uh-- who's this Jayden?

He's this rival
vampire, or so he believes.

Personally, I
question his reality.

But, you know, my
mom, she thought

by being crossed over by
Jayden's little brother

would get her what she wanted.

She's embarrassing.

I mean, clearly-- clearly,
you can understand

why I had to get away from her.

Oh, of course.

You were trying to
run away from her.

Of course.
I understand that.

Is that you were, uh--

is that why you were
down in Florida?

Me, Scott Anderson,
Dana, and Charity

all fucking hopped in Scott's
dad's car and fucking took off.

So we went down to Florida to
pick up my girlfriend Heather.

You know, that place
can't hold us anymore.

make the bells still

when we get to New Orleans.

turning on your terrorvision.

You OK, Charity?

Channel 1, 2, 3.

Do you think he loves her?

Rod loves many women
and many women love Rod.

That's just the cross he bears.
- Shut up, Scott.

Charity, talk to me.

Are you OK?

That's all right.

You don't have to
talk right now.

Everything's a little bit weird.


This is a mystical
journey we're on.

And things are strange
on a spiritual plane.

Didn't I tell you
to shut up, Scott?

We got
a freak show coming.

Hey, Rod, do you
want a cigarette?

be honest with you, man.

Charity was less
than thrilled to see

my ex-girlfriend, Heather.

But honestly, who gives a fuck?

I didn't.

It's a laugh.

What's so funny, Scott?

Hey, Rod, can we talk?

When we stop, can we talk?

It's important.


Make a right up
ahead, all right?

While I
plant a seed of violence

into every little head.

Hail to the freaks!

We got a freak show coming.

remember the sun.


The sun was coming up.

What about, uh-- what
about Heather Wendorf?

What about Heather Wendorf?

Called her up, told her to cut
class and meet me in the woods.

She didn't mind cutting class?

As far as I can tell,
cutting class is the number one

pastime in Eustis.

Is that right?



What are you doing?


Are you cutting class?


Yes you are.

You're totally cutting class.


Well, so are you.

You better not tell mom.

I think I'd resist the urge.

You want a ride or something?


All right, then.

Later, gator.

I've been waiting for you.

How long have you been here?

Not long.

5,000 years.

OK, that's long.

Not to me, it's not.

It's been a speck in time.

A moment's passed.


I thought it was a
long walk over here.

And to a mortal,
I'm sure it was.

In fact, it must be Thursday.

Drink in my blood, Heather,
and soon, you will cross over.

Cross over?

Into the realm of the vampire.

You will be immortal,
just like me.

You know, Rod,
I don't know if I

believe in that kind of stuff.

It just doesn't seem real.


Did that feel real?


It will.

Soon, it will feel
more real than anything

you've ever felt before.

You know, Rod, I'm not sure
how this is all going to work.

How what will work?

Running away.

Getting out of here.

I mean, my parents would
never let me leave.

We'd have to kill them first.

Would you like me to
kill your parents for you?


God, no.

Of course not.

I could do it.

Rod, I was just saying--

I know
what you were saying.

Where are you going?


Are you going to call later?

Rod, where are you going?

Diet Coke makes you hungry?

So is that-- that's
your secret, huh?


It does.

It does.

I'm sure it does.

Where you folks from?





Can we-- can we go
outside and talk?

There's nothing you can say
to me that they can't hear.

We're all family here.

That's kind of want I
wanted to talk to you about.

I wanted to tell
you sooner, but I--


This is coming at the worst
possible time, Charity.

Do you know that?




What are you doing?

We are one.

We are one.

We are one.

We are one.

We are one.

One soul, one life force, one.



Heather, I'm Sheriff Dane.

I know.

My parents voted for you.

I wish I could
thank them for that.

I truly do.

Now, suppose you tell
me what happened.

I'll tell you what I know.

Good enough.

Rod told us we had a week,
but suddenly that changed.

Rod was the only one
who really understood,

who really knew what
I was going through.

Everything all right, honey?

Everything OK?


Heather, answer your mother.



I just want to know if
everything's all right.

I guess.

The reason that
I ask, honey, is

that I know that you were not
in Mrs. Albrandt's class today.


You skipped class?

I just want to know why.

Had female problems.


Oh, jeez.


Yes she is.

Hold on.

It's for you.

I'll take it in my room.

Female problems?

You going to let her
get away with that?


Dad, I got it!

No, honey.

Well, who's she talking to?

It's going to be OK.

She's not Jeni.

I know.

Is everything OK, Rod?

Something wrong?



Things have simply just
become a little bit more--

--urgent, that's all.

We leave tonight.


But you told me we had a week.

The spirit
world has beckoned us.

Their timetable
does not coincide

with that of the mortal world.

We must-- we must--

obey their wishes.

I need you.

Well, have you
spoken to Jeanine?

Of course.

I need time.

For what?

I need time to
say my goodbyes.

Say them quickly.

And remember, time waits
for no transient souls.

What's this?

Where's the remote?

I've got a job.


The estrogen in this
house is overwhelming.


Watch what you want.

You don't have to go.


What are you looking at?

My own high school yearbook.

Is that you?

Sure is.

You look--

Eh, well, I get better
with age, don't you think?

Wouldn't argue.

Where's mom?


Mom, I'm sorry
about skipping school.

"Dear mom, dad, and Jeni,

I don't have very much
time, but I must say

that I love you all very much.

I'm leaving for good, but
I don't want you to worry

about me because I'll be fine.

I had to go with Jeanine
because she needs

someone to look after her.

Please don't try to find us.

Just know that I'll miss you
and I'll always love you.


The plan was simple.

Wait till Heather leaves, then
we go steal her parents' car.

When I
get to New Orleans,

I will prey upon the fallen.

You can find me--

There she goes.

master, open the gates.

Open the gates.

Open the gates.

Open the gates.

Open the gates.

Come on, Heather.

Don't back out on us now.



Hey, man, I need you
to fucking focus.

Can you do that for me?

I'm focused, man.

I have a gift for you, Scott.

No shit?

What is it?

By communing with me now, we
will transcend this reality.

We will cross to a
spiritual realm--

the realm of vampires.

And we'll be more powerful than
any mortal we shall encounter.

Now we drink freely
of each other's soul--

each other's blood.

The challenge is ahead of us.

It looks us deep in the eyes.

Are you strong enough
to take that challenge?

I'm strong enough.


Now follow me to our destiny.

No way.

How we going to get in?

How we going to get in?

How we going to get in?

Shut the fuck up for a second.

- How we going to get in?
- All right.

All right.
All right.

There it is.


This is our ride.

This is our ride, man.

It's unlocked.

Let's go.


Let's go.

You ready?

Should we back it out
and try and be quiet?

We should just go.

Uh, Rod?

Are you done?

Looks like we're just going
to go inside and get the key.


Let's not be foolish.

What are you doing?

What we're doing is we're
walking into that house

and taking exactly what we need.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.

Are you ready?

I'm ready.

I'm going to take the father.

You take the mom, all right?

Beat her in the head.

not going to do.

What happens if the
old man has a gun, huh?

You ever think of that?

I didn't think so.


We need something metal.


This is it.

Let's go.

Come on, Heather.

Get in.

Where's Jeanine?

Get in the car, Heather.

Where's Johnny

Rod and Scott went
ahead to get her.

They're picking her up?


They just thought
it'd be best if they

went ahead and helped Jeanine.

We'll all be meeting up soon.

I just wanted to go with them.


Well, we got to hurry
because Rod, you know,

and Jeanine, they're
waiting for us.

Let's go.

Nice bear.

So you
went ahead and got in?

I didn't think--

I didn't know that--

You thought
that Rod and Scott

were out picking up Jeanine.

Nothing about that
struck you as odd?

It all struck me
as odd, Sheriff.

It freaked me out.

Why didn't you get out, then?

Tried to.

I tried.

It's just, with Rod, you can
never really just say no.

I know it sounds crazy,
but I trusted him.

I really did.

Hey, guys, I think I
forgot something in my room.


There's nothing you
could have forgotten

that Rod can't provide.


You brought seven suitcases.


Shut up.

Do you hear that?
- Hear what?



I need you to go
check that noise out.

Scott, focus.

I need you to go
check out that noise.

This is taking too long.

She must have changed her mind.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

The guys went to go get
Jeanine, remember, Dana?

There they are, so chill.

It's my folks.

What's going on?

Why are they in my parents' car?


Just needed a better car.

It's all part of the plan.


What plan?

Charity, stop the car.

We're not stopping.


Stop the Explorer.

Flash your lights or something.

Just relax, all right?




Let's see what you got.


This-- this, however,
will be very useful.

That's why I grabbed
that stuff, man.

Those pearls.

I knew that other
stuff was junk.

Something really bad
must have happened.

Nothing bad has happened.

Charity, flash your light.

We have to go back.

Make them stop.

Honk your horn or something.

Little piss, just
freaking relax, OK?

We'll stop later.


Make them stop now!



It's just the girls, man.

They're flashing their lights.

I think-- I think they
want us to pull over.


Is she telling them?

Dana, we have to go back.

I have to tell him.

Hey, hey, hey.

Charity will handle it.

Just sit back and relax.

Charity, what's going on?

Are we going back?

Did you tell Rod that my
parents are going to freak out

when they find their car gone?


And what did he say?


What's Scott doing?

Why is he switching the
license plates on our car?

So the cops can't run our
plates if we get pulled over.

The police?

Are you serious?

Hey, look at me.

We have taken a
bold step forwards.

You know that?


- Yeah?
- Yeah.


I know that.

All right.

All right.

Remember this.

Our coven in New Orleans,
they're going to be grateful.

Grateful to you for your
contribution to them.

Make her chill out, will you?

I'm trying.

Heather, listen.

You got to relax, OK?

We just needed a better
to get us to New Orleans.

It's going to be just fine.
- No.

I can't do this.

We have to go back.

What the hell is she doing?

How the hell am
I supposed to know?

She wants us to
pull over again?

Pull over.

I said pull over.

I want to put an end
to this shit right now.


What the hell is going on here?

What's he saying?

You know Rod.

The usual.

Well, what's
he telling her?

You don't think
you're the only one.

Come on.

We're all family now, right?

It's not about you anymore.

It's about what's
best for the family.

Get out of the car.

We're ditching it.
- Good.

Let's just go back and
forget this whole night.

I don't think
you understand me.

What do you mean, then.

We're ditching the car.

This shitty rust bucket
is just slowing us down.

Grab your stuff.

We're all riding
in the Explorer.

Rod, this is a bad idea.

- What is?
- This.

Taking my parents' car.

They're going to kill
me when they find out.

They're not going to find out.

They'll find out.
Trust me.

They'll find out
and they'll kill--

Shh, shh, shh.

Trust me, all right?

Your parents are
never going to know.

All right?


All right.


What the fuck are you doing?


This is my stuff?

It's too much shit.

You can't take all that.

I need it all.

All of it?



Let me help you.

All right, gimme.

All right, hold on.


What are you--


Give me the fucking bags.

Forget it.

Fuck you!

Fuck it.

Fuck it.

Ah, yeah!

Well, if you all
your stuff, we can

wait until you go and get it.


I want to go back.

It's too late for that, OK?

We can't go back.


There's-- there's
still a chance.

We can go back.

My parents might not even find
out about us stealing their car

if we just turn back now.

We can't go back, all right?

Even if we wanted to.

- Do you want to?
- Heather.

Do you want to go back?

I mean, if we just went
over to Jeanine's, she

could talk him into stopping.

We're not going
to Jeanine's, OK?

I don't even want to
do this without her.

Don't you understand that my
parents are going to kill me?

Your parents aren't
going to find out.

What's that supposed to mean?

Look, to put it bluntly,
Heather, your parents are dead.

Charity, that's not funny.

I don't know where

we are when I woke up the
next day, but something in Rod

had changed.

It was like I didn't even
know who he was anymore.

Aww, fuck.


What the fuck!

What's up?

Something's wrong with
this fucking Explorer.

That's what's up.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

It's driving fine,
then it's slowing down,

and driving fine,
slowing down, sputtering.

It's because it's
out of gas, moron!


That was so fucking stupid.

Don't start with me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, shut the fuck up.
- Idiot.


Shut the fuck up, all right?

I'm so sorry, man.

I wasn't paying attention.


Momentary lapse of senses.

Don't let it happen
again, all right?

Don't fucking let
it happen again.


What are we going to do?


What are we going to do?

We're going to go get gas now.

It's going to be
a hell of a walk.


Where are you going?

I'm going to get gas.

No, no, no, no.

No, no.
You stay here.

You watch the girls.

Dana and I are going
to go get the gas.

Let's go.
- What?

There's nothing here for miles.

nothing here for miles.

Let's go.

Don't let anything
fucking happen to them.

Do you understand me?

- I got you.
- Huh?

- I got you.
- Do you understand me?


All right.

Let's go.

Let's go.

That's Rod's seat.

I don't see him
sitting in it, do you?

Just don't be sitting in it
when he gets back, that's all.

You really are scared
of him, aren't you?

I'm not scared of him.

You're scared to death of him.

God, you're scared
of everything.

I am not.

You're scared of me.

I am not scared of you.

I've got powers.

Rod's given me powers
as a vampire and stuff.

And-- and I am not
scared of anything.

I can feel your
powers weakening.

My powers aren't weakening.

I am draining you--

your powers.


You don't know what
you're talking about.

And another thing-- what
the fuck are you doing!

The fuck does it look like.

I'm going home.

What's so funny?

It's just funny.
It's just funny.

It's just funny, that's all.

How do you like it!

How does that feel!

Is that funny?

I'm-- I'm sorry.

It's a strange new world.

If you've begun to cross
over, soon you'll understand.

What do you mean?

You need to drink.

See, you have to
be strong when you

cross over to become a vampire.


You need your strength.



The cops.


The cops.

I knew it.

Fucking dead, man.


Relax, Scott.

Just be cool, OK?

Don't blow it.

How you doing, officer?

Everything all right here?

No, sir, it's not.



If it was, wouldn't
need this, right?

Charity, what
are we going to do?

We're so busted.
We are screwed.

We're going to to get arrested.

You know, these things
are real gas guzzlers.

You wouldn't believe it.

I believe it.


This one time, I used to
have this Buick, right?

And it was old just like this.

Eh, you expect a car like that
to do you wrong, you know?

But a car like this--

You into automobiles, son?

Yes, sir, I am.

- You are?
- Yeah.

Got a V8 on that?

I wish.

Six, but gets the job done.

Ah, six.


All righty.

All righty.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey, you too.

It is so funny how they
go through all this effort

of wearing their uniforms
and carrying their weapons,

when clearly--

I mean, fucking clearly, they
are no match for my powers.

I mean, come on.

It is so clear to me now that
our family cannot be stopped.

When we go to New
Orleans, our coven--

we form and we mutate.

And perhaps, we might
even be able to forge

a coexistence with
the lupine lures

of New Orleans' eastern side.

What's a lupine?

It's a werewolf, dumbass.

Fuck off.

I wasn't talking to you.

Fuck you.

Can werewolves and
vampires really do that?

Today, I am absolutely
sure anything--

anything-- can happen.

I have a present
for you, Heather.

What the fuck
are you doing with those?

Those are my mother's.


Were your mom's.

A symbol of your past life.

Help me.

Help me.

Let me stop you right there.

Just let me get some
things straight here.

Were you trying to
get away or not?

Of course I was.

you're in the car,

you're drinking blood off
these other girls' arms.

I just don't understand.

I wouldn't expect you to.

God, has anything like
this ever happened to you?

Can't say as it has.

Well, it's not
exactly easy to tell

a car full of vampires that
you're just walking away.

I was scared.

I was-- I was scared of
what they would do to me.


The three of us need strength.

I can't wait to
have your baby.

Rod, I need to talk to you.

Can't it wait?

It already has long enough.



In private.

So what's so important?

I just need to
know if it's true.

Everything's true.


No, I mean somewhere inside
of me, I know it's true.

You didn't do the
things you said you did.

And my parents are still alive.

I assure you--

Rod, I know how you
like to talk, all right?

And I understand that.

I'm mad.

I just-- please tell
me it's not true.

Do you know how many
souls one must consume

to open the gates of hell?

It's a number far greater
than you can count.


Would you deny me entrance
to the gates of hell?

I just need to know.

Wake up.

Help me get his
wallet, all right?


Who are you?

What do you want?

Shut the fuck up, lady.


You fucking bitch.

Get away from me.


You taste
just like your daughter.

Go to hell!

I intend to.

I beat your father's
head in with a crowbar.

The one that's in the car.

And your fucking
bitch of a mother

threw coffee on me, so I
bashed her head in too.

That's it.

Help me!

Get off of me!


You'll get through it.

Be strong.

It's OK.

It's OK.

I don't
know what to tell you, man.

I snapped and I liked it.

You know, to tell you
the truth, I felt a lot

better when it was all over.

All right.

It's time to make
yourself useful again.

Hey, go upstairs.

Find some money.


Don't forget my jacket.

It's a shame, don't you think?

I don't know.

We've left our mark without
leaving our mark, you know?

What do you mean?


We should get out here.


And you left?

We left.

At this point, both
Ruth and Rick Wendorf were

already dead, is that right?

Are you not listening
to what I just said?

Did you not just hear me, huh?


I beat their faces
in, all right?

I murdered them.

I'm admitting to murder.


Rod, there's just
one thing that I'm

not real clear on right now.

Listen to me.


Will you look at me?

You went there to steal a car.

That is all.

Why so much bloodshed?

I don't know.

Get up.

Get up.

I don't remember much

of what happened after that.

I was in a daze.


It's Dana.

I don't know if you've
heard-- you have heard.



We're-- we're in-- we're
in big trouble here.

We're running out of money.

Mom, I need you to wire me
some money in Louisiana, OK?

Where, exactly?

Howard Johnson's.


I'll give you the number.

It's, uh, 555-9847.


Thanks, mom.

I knew I could trust you.

So what's up?

She's sending the money.

Hey, Bill, we got them.

That's great news.

How much is she sending?

I don't know.

You didn't ask.

Just be glad we're
getting something, OK?

Maybe we can eat some real food.

Hey, come here.

Heather, come here.

All right.

Tonight, our coven is complete.

Our journey is complete.

Every single roadblock
has been erased.

Do you realize that?

Every single one.

We are here.

We are now.

We're forever.

We are now family.


I'm expecting a wire
to come through.

I'm, uh-- I'm Dana Cooper.

Where is it coming from?

From South Dakota.

And the signer's name?

Oh, Jodi Remington.


We haven't received it yet.

So if you have a seat over
there with your buddies,

we can let you know
when it comes through.


He's going to let us
know when it gets here.

They tell you how much it is?

Don't be stupid.


How is that stupid?

It just is.

I'm going to go
check on it again.

Ask how much it is.

Yeah, Mick, we got a UN589.

Looking at it right now.

Has that wire
come through yet?

Let me check.

What was the name again?

Dana Cooper.

And the sender's name, please.

Jodi Remington.


But if you have to sit over
there with your buddies,

I'll be able to help
whenever it comes in.

You let me know as
soon as it gets here.

All right.

Everybody freeze.

Get down on your knees.

All right, everybody,
don't move.

Don't move an inch.

Get up.
Hands on your head.

Put your hands in the air.


On your knees right now.

- Get your hands on your head.
- Happy Thanksgiving.

- And stop moving.
- I was wondering if you guys--

- Stop.
- Get down on your knees.

Stop moving!

Well, you know the rest.

Heather, um, we, uh--

I know this has been a long
couple of days for you.

And we realize that.

Here, Heather.

I'm so sorry.

Are you OK?

I'm sorry.

Behold, all the
eyes shall see them.

All the wounds that pierce them.

pleasure in his sins.

Take pleasure in her suffering.

When you lie with the beast,
you shall die with the beast.