Vampariah (2016) - full transcript

Mahal is a part of an elite squad of skilled hunters responsible for keeping the world safe from vampires and other creatures of the night. Her mission to rid the world of this undead ...

Subtitles by explosiveskull

They were once
the leaders of this land.

They protected it
and gave it order.

Until their kind
betrayed humanity

and the ones they
were sworn to protect.

Once they were revered,
now they're feared.

The night gives them wings,

but they must leave
their legs behind

for it is their bridge between
the world of the humans

and the vampires.

We are the hunters.

We aren't just limited
to hunting vampires,

but all creatures of the night.

We call them, the undead.

The team from San Francisco,
headed by Marcus Killmore

is the most feared troop
in the western hemisphere.

He's one scary hunter

who gets the job done.

In case you're wondering,
he's not my type.

Plus he's a real asshole.

Their weapons laved
with silver, spice

and everything that goes boom.


take one of them out.

As long as you get
them in the heart

or take off one of their heads.

The rules are different
for each type of creature

but they all have
their weaknesses.

The Aswang however
is the fiercest

and most illusive of
the vampire family.

Sightings are rare but
I got my stakes on one.

For generations,

the hunters have kept
the undead's situation

under control.

They know to keep
themselves hidden,

but there's always rebels.

As long as the undead

are kept away from
the human world,

balance is maintained.

I've been waiting all my life

for a chance to slay the Aswang

who destroyed my family.

My chance is near.

Hey HD.

I know you really
wanna hear this.

Hang on one sec.


Mahal are you there?

Mahal, are you okay?

Mahal, please answer.

Do you copy?

Mahal please answer.

Do you copy?

Mahal are you there?

What's up?

Well, remember that Aswang
case you were askin' about?

Well I think I've got one.

And I can get you
in if you want in.

You rock.

Uh let me just grab
fang real quick.

He's loose again?

You know I wish they'd
bury him properly.

Or else they're gonna have
to keep sendin' you back

just to get him,

He's the only one
that does that.

I wonder why.

The Kayunchi,
they're not so smart.

So lure them in with
some chi energy.

Call me when you're done.

Good luck.


Mr Fang I need you to go to
the car now, I have a date.

The Aswang killed
one of those TV hosts

you know, one of those shows
where they play monster hunter

and run around in the dark

for hours as if they're
gonna find bigfoot?

Yeah, one of those shows.

My name is John Bates

and I have seen
many strange things.

I want to explain them.

Tonight we travel
to the Philippines

in search of an
illusive creature known

to the Filipinos as an Aswang.

We travel to a region known
for it's Aswang sightings.

The Aswang is said to
be a grotesque creature

that feeds on the blood and
the viscera of it's victims.

Most shockingly, it's also
said to feed on the fetuses

of pregnant women.

And according to the legend,

it walks around
during the daytime

disguised as a beautiful woman.

So we found out that
some of the locals

had actually seen one.

We're here with one
of the locals now.

Tell him, have him tell me,

what was his experience
with an Aswang?

You can
hear it sucking.

So like vampire, like.

Oh yeah vampire.


So my team took a
treacherous hike

to where our witness
said he saw the Aswang.

We set up some trap cams

and prepared for a
night investigation.

Got our base camp set up.

Time to go get us some Aswang.

We split up.

Zac at the base camp

and I walked along the
investigation area.

John to base camp,
did you hear that?

John I'm hearin' all sorts
of weird things out here man.

Also have you hear
from Matthias?

I took a pee break and when
I came back he was gone.

Wait so Matthias was
there and now he's gone?

Yes sir.


Where do you think he went?

I have no idea, it's
way too dark out here

to see anything.

Uh just hold tight,
I'm on my way back.

John could you please hurry up

and make it back here?

I'm hearing all sorts of
weird noises out here.

John to base camp,
what the fuck was that?

Remember the old man, he
told us something about,

about the Aswang's
upper body flying off?

Well I think we
found the lower half.

Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god.

This was supposed to be,

this was supposed to be fake,

this was all
supposed to be fake.

Jeez, oh my god.

Friggin' amateurs.

Leave it to a real hunter
to handle the undead.

And you know it
serves them right.

If I was an Aswang,
I'd do the same thing.

You don't qualify to be here.

Piss off Killmore.

With your track record,

you're more likely to
do more harm than good.


When I work,

it's best cute
ladies like yourself

stay outta my way.

Might get hurt.

Why don't you find
yourself a Chupacara to fuck?

I already dispatched
hunters to the sea Mahal,

your services are not needed.

You can't honestly assign
Killmore to this case.

That guy can't take a piss
without blowing something up.

I know how much this
case means to you.

But I don't think you're ready.

It's the reason
I became a hunter,

don't do this to me.

I know Mahal.

If there's anyone in this world

that knows how much this
means to you, it would be me.

You have to trust me.

Look, I have been training
my whole life for this,

I'm willing to take the risk.

You know, I don't wanna
lose a good hunter like you.

But I can't stop you.

Thanks boss.

I'll be back to
clean up after you.

You're the Aswang.

I saw you I saw you,
I saw you out there.

Don't hurt me.

Don't hurt me.

It was just a show.

It was just supposed
to be a show.

Yeah I've seen it.

I heard it's getting canceled.

Can I see their cameras?

Of all the bodies, was
the translator recovered?

She was not among the victims.

Where does she live?

She lived here once upon a time.

Maybe she returned to
rediscover her past.

My father was murdered
by this Aswang

when he was stationed
in the Philippines.

My mother died,
giving birth to me.


You did this to me.

Look at what you did to me.

It wasn't me.

Look at what you did to me!

It wasn't me!

This is my curse.

I can see the dead, but
to them I am their killer.

I know what killed my father

and I've sworn to avenge him.

You did this to me.

The Aswang is said
to be a grotesque creature

who feeds on the blood and
the viscera of it's victims.

Most shockingly, it's
also said to feed

on the fetuses of
pregnant women.

And according to the legend,

it walks around
during the daytime,

disguised as a beautiful woman.

You said
you'll take care of me.

I told you, a
baby's not part of the plan.

You coward!

Yeah hon, I yeah I know, I
hate to miss your cookin' too.

Yeah well, another late
night at the office.

Yeah you go to sleep.

Yeah yeah, I love you too.

I love you, okay bye.




Hey little geisha girl!

How 'bout a little of this?



No thanks.

Immigrants pose
the greatest threat

to our country's security.

We need to close our borders
for a stronger country

that is free of terrorism,
crime and disease.

Plus, there'll be more jobs
for Americans no foreigners.

This is Michele Kilman,

reporting from the city
of evil, San Francisco.

that's a wrap!

See ya tomorrow.

I can't
believe you have the nerve

to call me a sell-out.

I have no idea why
you're denying the facts

my Asian sister.

I mean the latest internet leaks

suggest that you
continually support a party

that deports and imprisons
people currently like us.

Me, you, your dad,
your momma, sister.

Look who you're
talking to here.

I just don't play the
race card like you do.

Come on
people are missing.

Are you
seriously trying to blame me

for the missing people?

The story ready?

Michele, you're not
gonna believe this.


What is it?

I think that woman
just killed that man

with her tongue.

Don't be silly.

It's probably some new
type of Tazer weapon.

That comes out of her mouth?


We've got breaking
news on our hands.

You're not serious about
running this as a story are you?

Are you kidding?

This is story of a lifetime.

We finally have the chance

to prove that the undead exist.

Can't pass on this.

No seriously,
we can't run this,

no one will ever believe it.

It's probably some computer
geek's practical joke.

It's right there.

Let the skeptics have it,
but we have a great story.

I don't think you understand,

we're not running this.

Try and stop me.

Be sure to get
all the tapes and media files.

Yes boss.

Latte's ready.

You're welcome.

Oh sorry.

I found this article
from Louisiana

that mentions killings
matching our Aswang.

The oldest one dating
back to the 1700s.

And have a look at
this there's more.

Well what make you so
sure she's even here?

You should've did more
investigating in the Philippines.

No, most of the sightings
there are just scare tactics

the government uses to distract
people during voting time.

It's an age old trick they use

to scare superstitious people.


Our Aswang isn't a political
figure, she was just visiting.

You mean like an
undead vacation?


The ticket I found
had a return flight

but she use an alias.

I know she's here in the
San Francisco Bay area.

Somehow she's been here
all these years undetected.

It seems she may be trying
to come out of hiding.




It's time for some action.


You know what, I
think you're right.


In the upper age.

Male, Caucasian.

Oh and get this, cause of death,


Okay I'm out.

Check in 0800.

Ai ai captain.

HD has been my only real
friend among the hunters.

He's always got my back.

And his intel will get
me closer to my target.


Sucks to be him.

Never seen anything like that.

Sure the zoo ain't
missin' anything?

Not that I'm aware of.

Who, or whatever did
that must've been pissed.

You bitch!

Look what you did to me.

Look what you did to me!

You bitch!

Why does
she only hunt men?

What's that?

Oh this?

This is my name in Chinese.

It says Stanley.

And yours?

That's my history.

I see your favorite
color's black?

Are you like all into
vampires or something?

Something like that.

So um, are you
gonna drink my blood?

That and more.

I like that.

Don't tempt me, I
might take your offer.

Well how about some sake?

I don't drink rice wine,
I only drink chocolate soup.

It's a delicacy where I'm from.

That sounds delicious.

You have no idea.

Let's get outta here.

Welcome to the love den.

Me so horny.

Me love you long time.

Oh yeah baby.

That's it.

Come to papa.

Yeah, I'm waitin' for it.

robbery story.

I thought it was over,

the robbers had the entire bank.

Then one of them got edgy,
I wasn't fast enough.

I thought it was my time.

Then there was this light.

Tremendous force barreled
down these track today.

Oh yeah baby I'm
waitin' for it come on.

I didn't figure for
you to just lay there?

Oh yeah?

That's not how
it was with Mathis.

Oh did she give
it to you good?

Don't tell me you forgot.

I can't.

Wait what are
you talking about?

She told me what you did.


The pretty young bride
you paid to come here.

How did you know that?

She wanted to leave you
and you couldn't handle it.

She send her regards.

What the hell?

Oh, oh!

What the fuck?


Never send a man
to do a woman's job.

Salt it a sin,
what else you got?

Oh look a little knife.

I've been waiting for you.

did you bring me?

The person
you once were is fading.


Before you cross over, I
need to show you something.

The day your father died,
I smelled an unborn.

You said you'll
take care of me?

I told you, baby's
not part of the plan.

You want it, you can keep it,

but it's not my decision.

You coward!

It's your baby too.

That thing is not a baby.

I don't know what that thing is.

Are you trying to ruin me?

I can
take the pain away.

Please leave.

You know I've chosen this
life without the Mannah.

If you keep her
she'll have a difficult life.

No I will love her.

I can't, I can't do it anymore!

It's not too
late to leave this life.

Come with me and we can
retake what was once ours.

Remember what the elders said.

An Aswang cannot
carry a human child,

we'll die.

They will create an
unbalance in the two worlds.

That's the risk
I'm willing to take.

I can't stop
you, but I can stop him.

My mother
was an Aswang?

And your
father was a true human.

Boring and typical.

Unable to recognize
our true power.

And in the end, you lived.

Murdered him.

The death of your
father brought you here.

What right do you
have to say that you monster?

We were
not always monsters.

Centuries ago, my mother
was a healer and a leader

of our community.

She gave purpose to our kind.

The Mannah were no monsters.

The most sacred duty we
performed was never spoken of.

One day a young girl
was brought to us,

she was sick and looked
as if she was near death.

My mother blessed her.

I can
lift your curse.

But if I am to help you,

you must not eat anything
with salt or garlic.

And be sleeping at the
center of the house tonight.

Do you know what I'm
asking you to do?

Innah, your training
begins tonight.

I was a young Aswang

so I didn't separate from
my legs for night flight.

My mother still taught me,

our sacred duty for
the day would come,

when I would have to feed.

What right does a man have to
force upon a child so young.

What choices does she
have to make right?

But was so very wrong?

As shocking as it may seem,

not every pregnancy
was meant to be.

Our kind maintained balance.

But when Christianity
came to our village,

we became the demons
that our people feared.

We protected them, but
in return we were hunted.

How did
you become so evil?


Evil is in the eyes
of the beholder.

Haven't you killed someone too?

My mother was attacked and
killed by the townspeople.

Tried to stop them, but
a young Aswang is weak.

An else of the
Mannah stopped me.

- Nanai!
- No!

They musn't
know who you are, hide.


mother will be fine.

We will reclaim
what was once ours.

This is one of the
benefits of being what we are.

An Aswang is hard to kill.

And the last thing you wanna do,

is be on her bad side.

The Aswang's greatest
weakness is her legs

that allow her to live
and walk in a day world.

I was chosen to protect
her day legs but I failed.


I no longer have
my legs to walk the day.

And now you are the one
to restore the integrity

of the Mannah.

Nanai please don't leave me.

world has changed.

The village will no
longer have our kind.

You must leave here and
go to the new world.

Maybe there you'll be
safe and begin your work.

It was
in the 18th century

when I changed my appearance
to look like a boy

so I can join a crew of a
Spanish ship to the new world.

The men were cruel,
I didn't like them.

Taking the lives
of people they felt

were in their way of conquest.

Their blasphemous religion
that sent our kind into hiding.

I have lived many lives,

had many names.

But you can call me


I've built my
life around the belief

that the Aswang took my family.

But if it were not for
the Aswang, I wouldn't be.

It seems I have more in common
with the ones the hated.

Morning sleepy head.

I know it's a stereotype

but we don't sleep all day.

Speaking of your friend Mr Fang,

he's sleeping in
a catacombs below.

Where am I?

Home, that's if you
need a place to stay.

Uh, not that big yet.

Give it another 50 years or so.

An Aswang's power's
earned over time.

You turned me into an Aswang?

No silly, you always were one.

I just woke that side of you up.


That's the tricky part.

You're half human on
your father's side,

but let's forget
about that asshole.

I'm not sure what Aswang
powers you'll get but,

you should know what good
things that tongue is used for.

Only time will tell.

Will I do that disgusting
splitting in half thing?

How should I know?

I'm not sure you'll
get wings either.

That'd be kinda cool.

So if my father was human

then what was your dad?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Get up.

I made you some blood soup.

It's pork of course.

Finding suitable human
meals run scarce these days.


What's up HD.

Hey there, it's 0800
and you didn't check in.

You know the rules.

A hunter goes in the field
and goes off the grid,

you have to send back up.

And I know how much
you hate backup.

I'm fine.

Sorry about not checking in.

Not a word about
this to anyone huh?

You want me
to cover for you.

Something big must've
happened last night.

What's happened?

You get laid?

That is none of your business.

Oh I see, I
wouldn't wanna interrupt.

I guess I'll see you later then.

Thanks HD.

Sooner or later they're
going to find out.

They already know.

I thought you already
had psychic abilities?

Best find a new career.

The undead signed
a pact long ago

that we will not
hunt others like us.


I'm fucked?


You'll be fine.

Remember you're Aswang now.

We're immortal.

We always find ways to survive.

I appreciate what you're
trying to do really,

but I am a hunter.

I can't just go around making
friends with the undead.

I can't make you
accept your destiny,

but you can't run
from what you are.

I have to go before
they get suspicious.

I already told you,
they already know.

So boss you wanted to see me?

I thought Mahal
retrieved Mr Fang?

Oh well that yeah,

she's gonna bring him
back when she's finished.

Did she tell you when?

Well I checked in
with her at 0800.

I could give her a call,

she can come back right away.

Don't bother.

Important I tell you,

I think Mahal has turned.

How do you know that?

I've seen this
many times before.

An inexperienced
hot shot hunter,

going in way over her head.

If she doesn't
come back herself,

consider her dead.

I know she was a
friend of yours,

she was like a daughter to me.

You know what you need to do.

I'm sorry Mahal.

You've reached HD, speak now.

I'm sorry Mahal.

Kouji what are you doing?

Doing a little test.


You know the code.

If a hunter joins the undead,
they have to kill themselves.

And if they don't,
someone else will.

Get off me!

Quick healing, now that's
what I'm talking about.

You are undead.

But I'm not a killer.

That's what they all say
before the hunger sets in.

Now it's nothing personal Mahal,

you were a great hunter.

You've got a lot to learn.

I had this.

Really Mahal?

You should've killed him
when you had the chance.

I could've killed
him if I wanted to.

So what held you back?

Sometimes you have
to kill or be killed.

You're not safe
here, come with me.

What are you doing here?

Why are you doing this?

'Cause I know what you are.

And I know what you do!

What have we done?

We're a peaceful clan.

We stayed out of your way.

I built this place as a refuge.

I don't give a shit
you little rodent fuck!

That's all of 'em.


Looks like she has
the hots for me.

It's private!

Killmore, I have a
cleanup job for you.

Anything for you boss.

Believe it or not
I have a day job.

We're the best form
or birth control.

No one ever asks a
tiger why it kills.

It feeds on the weakest,

disease spreading
member of the flock

and keeps the rest healthy.

Your prey awaits.

Politicians are so yummy.

Sure I'll vote for you.

The taste of power and
all their hidden secrets.

Are you ready for this?

Tonight will be your first.

Oh yeah, baby.

I always wanted two cute
Asian girls at the same time.

You wanna start?

More for me.


I wanna dance.


I'm really sorry I
didn't join you for dinner.

I can't kill someone like that.

Don't feel bad
for that asshole,

he had it coming eventually.

We just beat someone to it.

He was a creep sure but
did he really deserve to die?


With all the lost to
that man and his greed?

You'd understand.

He is a cancer.

We just acted like white blood
cells and got rid of him.


Take an old, unsolved
murder mystery like a...

Jack the Ripper?


My friend Vlad, took
care of good old Jack.

The undead have ways of
dealing with their flock.

Hold your breath.

I told you I'd be back
to clean up after you.


I have to leave
you for a moment.

Looks like your new
friend abandoned you.

They think they're
gods you know?

And I bet you think
you're a god too

now that you're one of them.

Mahal you bitch!

details of the murders

are yet to be disclosed,

however a full
investigation is underway.

Earlier today.

Well, well now they know
for sure that I've turned.

You didn't remind
you, you were turned.

Time to come out to mom and dad.

You are such a closet case.

Is this all some
kind of joke to you?

I mean yeah you've been
doing this for the past what?

400 years?

But it's all pretty new to me.

Three, not four.

But ain't it fun?


Do you have any idea

what they do the
undead if we're caught?

We need to do something before
they come after us again,

we should go somewhere.

You should know
better than me Mahal.

As long as they think
that we will make

the world aware of the
presence of the undead,

they'll come after us, no matter
where in the world we hide.

I'm just tired of
playing their games.

How about we go take
out their headquarters.

I have a friend there.

That's so cute.

Cut it out.

The increase in
violence we are seeing

on the streets of the
city of evil is a sign.

We need to get rid of
all the undesirables

who bring disease and
misfortune to this country.

Who's that?

My boss.

Don't you watch TV?

She's a pretty popular
TV personality.

She does this to keep the
undead situation under control.

She's the one responsible

for the hunters who attack us?

The reason why we
live in hiding?


We will reclaim
what was once ours.

I knew there were others
but I didn't think it was her.

She told me that everything
was gonna be okay.

That we would be strong again

and that she'd send for me
when everything got better.

That was so long ago I
just thought she was dead.

She betrayed the Mannah.

She must've
been looking for you.

She used you and
she betrayed us both.

That's not possible,

she helped me when
no one else would,

she helped me become a hunter.

That was all part of her plan

and you fell right
into her trap.

Fuck that.

You have any
other explanation?

No, I don't.

Seems like I don't
know anything anymore.

As of yesterday I didn't even
know what the hell I was,

how should I know why
Michele pretended to care?

She didn't.

She was just lookin'
out for herself.

Looks like I need to
have a heart to heart.

That's not a good idea.

She's stronger than both of us.

I wanna hear it from her

and I deserve to know why.

Out of my way.


You'll be a great
hunter one day.

You'll destroy those Aswangs

that did this to your family.

I've done
everything you've asked.

Good Michele,
you've come a long way.

But you left a
lot of loose ends.

I assure you, the
situation's under control.

Maybe you got
what it takes, see to it.

I will.

Puppet master, I need
you to wake your friends,

we're having company.

Got it.


Allow me.

You're so subtle.

won't need them.

Powers out it
means they know we're here.

Something's coming, I'll
hold them off for you.

I see you, come to daddy.


We're not done yet!

The knife!

Drop it.


It's better.

What are you a vampire now?

Suckin' blood,
suckin' human blood?

Is that what you're doin'?

Not gonna need these
anymore are you?

These are for hunters.

But you're not a hunter are you!

All you're good at
is struttin' around

in your sexy little pants.

What's wrong Mahal?

Doesn't work does it?

New issue, it only works for me.

That sting Mahal?

You ever imagine
it'd sting so much?

Like pouring salt
on a snail isn't it!

Where are you goin',
where are you going?

Come back here

Oh you, I see you.



Boys and all your toys.

This is for Mahal!



Fuck you up!

Get up!

Like that huh?

You like that Mahal?

Do you?

No no no no no.

Unit 12 needs back up.

Requesting backup.

Unit 12 needs back up.

Get down get down get down!

What do we have here?

Sexy little ass.

I bet I know what you like.

You like that?

Like it huh?

Know you do!

This what you want?

This what you want Mahal?


You like that Mahal?


You like that?

Oh push me off huh?

Dare you fucking deny me.

Mahal is this what you want?

Oh it's like that.

Oh come on, give it
to me Mahal yeah!

Ah fuck!

Canther dart?

We're hunters, we're
immune to these.

You know that!

You bit me?

Bit me!

You gonna drink
my blood now too?


Come and get it!

Kick his ass.


Mm give it to him good!

Oh shit.

You crazy bitch!

You think that fucking
box is gonna stop me?


Remember you're Aswung now.

Oh fuck you!



Looked delicious.

Where were you.

Doing my hair,
getting my nails deon.


You were doing fine.

I could've been killed.

You're right you
could've been killed.

I need to see you
handle this on your own.


You passed the first test.

We'll talk later.


still needs to feed.

That's great so do you.

So will you.


Looks like we have an
undead suicide bomber.

He was human once.

Now he's doing
the evil bidding

of Michele and her cronies.

Must've been one of
her secret projects.

They did the same
thing in the Philippines

to scare anyone who rebelled.

If you control people's fear
you can make 'em do anything.

The media will just
call it terrorism.

She's through here.

I can't let you enter.

It's me Mahal.

I know, but you've turned.

No I haven't turned, I'm
exactly the same person.

Give me a chance HD.

I wish I could help
you, but I can't.


You played your part perfectly.

Come out and face me!

were the best bait.

The undead couldn't
resist a little halfling.


You can't win this.

Not powerful enough.

Let's find out.

disgust me Mahal.

What you think?

That I really care
about the undead?

You think I survived
all these years

playing the undead card?

You're a monster!

You kill your own kind.

the world from our kind.

The undead are a threat
to this world's safety.

And someday you'll
be a threat too.

You're just pretending
to be something you're not.

I've accepted what I am

an it doesn't make
me less of either.

You're not a real Aswang,

you disgusting halfling,
you're nothing.

Pay for that.

You're a pathetic hunter

and even more as an Aswang.

Glad you could join up Bampinay.

Or whatever they
call you nowadays.


I'm sorry, is
that thing yours?

You betrayed the Mannah.

You're such a complainer.

You'd think you'd move to
newer and better things by now.

Mother died because of you.

Better her than me.

Survival of the
smartest I always say.


Two things.

You are not that smart

and you're not going
to survive this.

You're pathetic.


Are you afraid now?


Smoke this bitch!

Hold you fire!

Hold your fire!

There's a hunter in the room.

Where's that punk
bitch Killmore at?

Why don't you ask the Aswang?

It's a little late for that.

You make an ugly Aswang.

Nice outfit.

Yeah well, thought
I'd give it a try.

Let's end this.

The sun's almost up!

Relax, it's not dangerous
until it's fully raised.

You're not separated, what
are you worried about?

You're flying!

Get us home in one piece please.

You gotta learn to trust me.

How'd you get HD to
call the reinforcements?

You know men can't
resist my charm.

Besides, that Hack Daddy of
yours is such a sweetheart

as long as he's not
playing with all his toys.


You did good.

Without Michele and
the rest of them

we actually have a chance to
take it to the next level.

What if I'm not ready
for the next level.

You saw what they
do to our kind.

We're Aswang, we
can do anything.

You wanna end up all
crazy like Michele?

That won't happen to us.

It's like you said,

no one asks why the tiger kills

but that's not going to
stop them from hunting it.

I guess there's
nothing we can do.

You're dead.

Looks like we're
not done with her yet.

You're mine now.



Now it's my
fault, it's garlic yours!


You're not gonna
get a second chance,

this is your undoing.


This is your undoing.








You're gonna be okay.

You didn't like her much did ya?


She was hot.

But she was a bitch.

accepting what I am,

I left my old life behind.

I know I can't go back.

But I found I have
a new purpose.

Subtitles by explosiveskull