Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (2011) - full transcript

Polat Alemdar and his crew is in Palestine and fight against Israel special agents.

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We've set course for Gazza Harbor
will not change course.

We have come here to help
our brothers in Gazza.

Our only concern is to provide. . .

. . .for their basic human needs.

We are here in the name of peace
and whatever we do is in the cause of peace.

Even if we die, we will be martyrs
who died in the name of peace.

Were you not given orders
to board the ship?

Go and show the whole world what
the state of lsrael can do!

Follow your orders.

Can you hear me?
We've been boarded !

Send the boys some cigars, despite everything,
they pulled off a good piece of work.

Present ID.

The road is closed. . .

You have to let me through,
I've got business on that side.

The road is closed.
Get your car out of the road.

They've closed the road. There's
no way I can come from here. . .

You wait there Abdullah,
we'll come to you. . .

I'm a tour guide,
my group has already gone through.

There is no entry.

But my group went through
just a second ago.

This entrance is closed. Use another entrance.

By the time I go through another
entrance they'll be lost.

What country issued your passport?



Polat Alemdar,
why have you come to Israel?

I didn't come to Israel. . .

. . . I came to Palestine.

Examine their passports.

-We need to get moving, we've got business.
-What business?

I'm going to kill Moshe Ben'e Layzir.

Then let's take you to see
the man you want to kill.

Get them out of here.

We've got diplomatic immunity.

You can't take us anywhere
or question us.

In Israel, only Israelis
have immunity.

Don't cause problems and
I won't cause any problems.

Man, this is going to take a while.
Let's use another entrance.

Don't waste your breath on these robots. They
don't know the first thing about law.

Shut up you idiot.

We just want to get through, we don't
want there to be any trouble.

As long as I'm here,
you're not going anywhere.

Are you a complete lunatic? Give me
your name! l'm going to sue you.

Boss, words are not getting
through to these guys.

Depends on your words Memati, I'm sure
we can find a language they'll understand.

Move it.

Wait a minute.

I didn't do anything !
I've got a group. . .

Should l let her out or not?

Eyes on the road Abdullah.

Who's the girl, she with you?

She's one of ours,
one of our wild and crazy girls. . .

I'm not one of you,
I don't even know you. . .

Where are you taking me?

I've been shot!

You're alright.

The only thing missing was an American.

American? She's the spy boss, let's toss
her out of the car and get it over with.

What are you talking about?
they'll kill her!

Abdulhey, you've been getting
on my nerves since Jordan.

If you don't watch out, I'll take out some
of what l've been saving for Moshe on you.

The Arab population will
exceed our own. . .

Jews will be a minority
in our own nation. . .

There is no legal means to prevent this. . .

And killing them is no solution, because these
Muslims reproduce at an unbelievable pace. . .

There's only one way to stop it. . .

To create a greater lsrael, one no one
could even consider destroying.

. . .one that stretches from
the Euphrates to the Nile. . .

-Shalom. . .
-Shalom. . .

The bullets have arrived. . .

The whole world must acknowledge our power,
that we are the most powerful in the world. . .

Not just a bullet, a work of art. . .

A bullet that works in every gun,
that is indistinguishable from other bullets. . .

. . .but that, after it penetrates the human body,
sets it afire with the chemicals it contains. . .

That is banned by the United Nations. . .

Since when have we abided by
United Nations decisions?

That's not this one. . .

That was the original model,
which was very obvious.

This can only be identified by autopsy.

Since you're going to sell them in Africa,
it's not like they'll be discovered by autopsy.

But if they notice the wounds
we're going to be in some deep. . .

They're not going to notice them.
I'll prove it to you.

How much do you want?

Avi, you hear the man?
He's talking to you.

Of course there's no discount.
You're going to pay what l ask.

If we weren't behind you,
who'd let you sell guns at all?

Looks just like any other bullet.

How many can you produce in a year?

If you can convince this truculent
old man, enough to supply the world.

Anything he says OK to,
no one in lsrael will contradict.

-We've got a problem.

Polat Alemdar, Abd?lhey ?oban
and Memati Ba?.

They've got an American woman with them.
They set all hell loose in East Jerusalem.

Nine soldiers dead and ten wounded.

What do we look like? Cops?

Before all hell broke loose,
they said they'd come to kill you.

You ever run into anybody
that didn't want to kill me?

Polat Alemdar and his crew are
a team specially trained by the Turks. . .

The woman with them is a tour guide,
an American citizen of Jewish extraction.

We do not know their exact location,
but we have determined which district they are in.

Please, let's treat this
with a little seriousness.

Take it seriously then.
Go and capture them.

Distribute the bullets we brought to the
settlers as well. Get this body out of here.

Shall I bring anything else?

No, I can get it out with this.

If Allah wills, in the next few months
I'll add a second story.

Please, have some of this also. . .

They have a holiday, that's why
they're not coming to tear anything down. . .

lt's not a long one,
but l'm still going to build it.

Young lady are you getting sleepy?

Come here. . .

He's built it six times and six times
they tore it down. Why are you even doing it?

They'll tear it down again,
but he's stubborn.

If he doesn't,
what else is he going to do?

You didn't like it?

No, not that, I'm a vegetarian.
I don't eat meat.

Buddy you studied engineering, set up your
own operation and made good money. . .

. . .why'd you come back from Lebanon?

If I leave, the other guy leaves and the
next guy leaves, then who's left?

This is our nation.

There are those that fight the war and those
that earn the money to pay for the war.

You kept saying the same in lstanbul.

I want to be able to spend the money
I earned however I want and in my own country.

Please offer our guest something else. . .

Thanks, I'm not hungry.

When we first came back
it wasn't like this.

The Intifada was over,
and you could build houses.

We recognized Israel; they recognized us.
Ne were going to build ourselves a house to live in. . .

Didn't you get a building permit?

They don't give permits. . .
But they do take bribes.

When you're building the house
they don't do anything.

They wait for us to move in
before they tear it down.

If you knew they were going to tear the
house down, why'd you insist on building it?

If we ever stop resisting, lsrael won't
leave even one of us on this land.

Who's this?

My husband. He's in prison.

It's been a year and there hasn't
been even a single hearing.

Why? Because he's Palestinian.

-Is this yours?
-It's mine.

Give it to him, son.
Why won't you give it to him?

I'm not giving it, it's mine.

I'm full, I'm going to my room.

Put this on.

Thank you, but I can't accept it.

I have to go to the embassy
and explain all of this.

They're not just looking for us,
they're looking for you too.

It was great to meet you.

Actually, it would have been better to get to
know each other some other way, but don't worry. . .

. . . I'll tell them the truth,
that you're innocent.

It's dangerous out there.

Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Don't go out there.
They'll shoot you.

Why would they shoot me honey?

They shot me.


-hey shot him coming home from school. There was
a curfew, and they shoot anyone out in the street.

I'm so sorry.

These violent policies have
nothing to do with us.

A real Jew would never allow that.

You are Jewish?

What are you doing?

There are terrorists here,
and we've come to apprehend them.

This is Palestinian territory. . .

You have no authority here.

Leave and get you men out of here.

We're going to enter this district.

You cannot enter.

In 10 minutes, I can bring this
neighborhood down round your ears.

You'd have to be alive to do that.

Abdullah, you stay with your family.

My family can take care
of themselves. . .

I need to get you guys some place safe.

You do what l said and just
concentrate on keeping your family safe.

No way, where you go, l go.

What's going to happen to me?

-Hey. . .
-What kid. . .

When they shot me,
I'd forgotten my amulet.

Put this on,
and you won't get hit.

You keep it. . .

. . .because you're going to need it when you
can walk again and start fighting. . .

. . .against all this.

When l can walk again you promise
you'll give it back, right?


Go inside.

Don't leave me here. . .

Get in the house.

Moshe. . .

. . .the Palestinian police aren't letting
us enter the neighborhood.

This is our territory. Take
your soldiers and get out of here.

I decide what territory is
going to belong to whom and when.

We're not going to leave
until we've offed Moshe.

Go that way.

Who do you think you are?

Daddy, daddy.

Get outside, now! Hurry!

Abd?lhey, they're coming. . .

This way.

Moshe's been shot.

Grandma. . .

. . . Simone is afraid.

Why is she afraid?

She's afraid the people here will
hurt her because she's Jewish.

Our oppressors are our enemies,
not the Jews.

Nobody looks at you differently,
can look at you differently.

Hurry up, hurry up.

Abdullah, why are their technology
centers on the Palestinian side?

Wouldn't they be safer in lsrael?

The lsraeli army has hundreds of
outposts on the Palestinian side. . .

. . .so they have to do that in order
to keep them supplied.

ln particular, they like to do
their dirty work here. . .

. . . because if somebody asks, then they can
say that nothing like that goes on in Israel.

At this time of night, they're the only
ones who can go anywhere around here.

Let's stop one of these and hop on.

-You stopping a minibus, dude?
-What minibus jackass. . .

You headed to Taksim or Topkap??

Abd?lhey that's number two. . . Number three,
I'll just land one on you good.

Mind your own business.

Come on, let's put a bullet
in the tire of one of these vehicles. . .

Peace be upon you. . .

Moshe is alive. . .

You OK Memati?

I'm good boss, l'm good.

Hand me that bag.

Abdullah, you help Memati.
Abd?lhey, you come with me.

Moshe. . .

. . .and Avi. . .

Memati, Abdullah,
you get out of here.

Give me the bag.

Memati, you going to be
able to do it?

I'm going to have to aren't I?

Remember how l told you. . .

. . .about Sheikh ?mer H?dai who's the big guy
around these parts. . . A spiritual leader.

I remember. Let's not cause
him any problems now.

Nothing goes to him unless
it's a problem.

Right then. . .

You got it?

It's a major miracle that your life was
saved. You need to rest for several weeks.

Do not exert yourself.

Please no, don't get up.

He needs to rest for a few days.

OK, then Memati stays here
while we go take care of things.

Boss, it's not like it's the first
time I got shot, it's no big deal.

Whatever you're going to do,
do it a few days from now.

There's no time to wait. . . Moshe is going
to persecute people because of us. . .

They need no pretexts
in order to persecute people. . .

I have often asked myself why these
people, these innocent people. . .

. . .are persecuted and their blood
spilled in the streets.

Their fears have overpowered both
their minds and their consciences.

It has reached the point where
they think that everyone. . .

. . .who is not a Jew is their enemy.

Did that hurt?

No, I'm fine.

Islam is a religion of peace.
ln this land, Jews, Christians. . .

. . .and Muslims lived together
in peace for centuries.

Wherever there's' a war anywhere in the world,
it's Muslims who are being oppressed. . .

We're tired of being persecuted.

From now on, we will not be oppressed and
their cruelty and arrogance will come to an end.

How's that?

It's beautiful. . .
Now you're a real woman.

Is that so?

It takes more than that to be a woman.


Where's your family,
your children?

Those pills you take
rob you of your womanhood.

I wanted to start a family. . .

. . . but my boyfriend left me.

No, I'm not going to cry. . .

That's why l take medication.

To help me forget the pain.

People can't forget their pain, remembering
pain helps us remember our humanity.

Maybe, but I can't handle it.

What are you talking about? Haven't you seen
what people around here go through?

Get out of here, out, out!

-Let go!
-Let go!

So you're a hero, huh?

So, where are the rest of the heroes?

What happened to your eye?
Did they blind you?

Since you're a hero now, l bet. . .

. . .you can leave this house all by yourself. . .


What are you doing?

Let go! Let go!

What are you doing?
Who do you think you are?

What right do you have to abuse women?

What kind of Jew are you?

What kind of human are you? Let go. . .

Take her away. . .

You can't take me anywhere. Let go!

Where is Abdullah?

Where is Abdullah?

You can't take me. . .

Tear down the house. . .

Ahmet. . .

Ahmet. . .

Do not cry Ahmet,
the angels are with you. . .

Do not cry Ahmet, Mohamed,
the messenger of Allah is with you. . .

Do not cry Ahmet. . .

. . .Allah is with you. . .

Ahmet, my Ahmet. . .

Rest in peace Ahmet.

Do not go. . .

. . .you lie in Palestinian soil. . .

Now, where's Palestine,
where is Israel?

Here. . . And here. . .

Buddy, isn't Palestine
an independent nation?

What are all these
lsraelis doing here?

They allow us to be a state in name only.
Land they would not give us. . .

Let's look at the plan one more time.

Boss, we've memorized it.

We go down the tunnel,
past the fan blades.

There are two sentries there.
We take care of them silently.

Then, while you and Abdulhey
go through the hangar. . .

. . .and out into the courtyard, I'm going
to get everybody out of the cells.

Buddy, how you going to do
that with this leg?

Abdulhey, I can take care of them
with one good leg. . .

Abdullah is coming with us. . .

Praise to Allah. . .

Now. . .

. . .you enter the section
where the prisoners are held. . .

. . .you go in here to open the doors. . .
There are guards. . .

Three guards.

You are going to be responsible
for getting the prisoners out Abdullah.

Abdulhey, you will distribute the guns
from the warehouse to the Palestinian prisoners.

Outside, on the roof,
there's a machine gun.

I know boss.

After you're finished, plant the C4.

How should l set the timing boss?

Five minutes is plenty.

Boss. . .

. . .what if we make it ten minutes?

Not because of my leg. . .

. . . because of that guy we were going to catch. . .
What was his name?

Avi. . .

Yeah, right, him. . . He's so old. . .

. . .it would take five minutes for what
l'm saying to sink in.

Abdullah. . .

. . . your mother and son have been killed !

How did it happen?

They attacked the house. . .

Then they demolished the house
with Ahmet inside. . .

I saw you kill him with my own eyes. . .
You're going to answer for this in court!

I'll be after you for the rest of my life. . .

Half my family are lawyers. . .

Your family should be embarrassed
to have a daughter like you. . .

You are an embarrassment to Jewishness!
The Torah says, ''Thou shalt not kill.''

You're wrong. . .
It says, ''Thou shalt not kill Jews.''

I'm not going to argue religion with you. . .
You're not a Jew. . .

You're a disgusting brute!

lt's me who's not going to debate
Judaism with you.

You are an idiot who has no concept
of how this country was founded.

You don't deserve to live. . .

. . .but there aren't many of us,
so a Jew is a Jew.

Get her out of here and see
she learns to be a proper Jew!

I'm not leaving these people
and going anywhere. . .

They're going to be released. . .

You're not!

Follow the Arabs and find out
where they go, who they contact!

Let's blast it.

The wall's eight meters high,
half a meter thick.

The only way to get past this is to be
a little birdie and fly over it. . .

Boss, we going through the gate?

No. . .

So how are we getting through. . .

Cover me. . .

Get up. You're coming with me.

I have the right to a telephone call.

I refuse to speak
without my attorney present.

Are you the warden of this prison?

I am the warden of this entire prison. . .

Warden, I am an American citizen,
you can't keep me here. . .

Please call the Embassy and ask
them to come and get me.

lf you are going to try me, l
should be tried in my own country.

This is your country.
Your surname is Levi.

Don't you know what that name means, what
the pure blood that runs in your veins means?

You're not going to teach me
the history of my own family.

If you know my last name
then you know who my family are. . .

I know very well who your family are.

Open it. Page 216.

See what it says about the things
your grandfather suffered in Poland. . . .

. . .how he sent your mother and
father to the United States. . .

My grandfather didn't give his life
so that you could be free to kill people here.

My grandfather was murdered
by killers like you.

Does this book talk about any Jews that
were killed by Arabs in Poland?

It was not easy to create a
homeland for homeless Jews little lady.

The Arabs do not want us here,
in our land. . .

. . .in the land promised to us. . .

You're lying. At first, you're right,
they wouldn't recognize the state of lsrael. . .

. . .but now everyone recognizes lsrael. . .

. . .but because of you and what you do,
they have to suffer in these lands.

And there will be much more pain.

Pain teaches even rats where they
can go and where they cannot go.

Animals learn only through pain !

Get the woman out of here.

The woman is a Levi. . .
Her blood is sacred.

Only Palestinians would spill
sacred blood, not Jews. . .

Or at least that's what
everyone should think.

How are you doing Memati?
Can you handle it?

Don't worry boss,
I'll manage.

Quickly. . .

Get upstairs.

Get out. . .

Come on. . . Hurry, hurry. . .

OK, it's over. Calm down.

What's going on?

Sir, we've been attacked. We need
to get you out of here immediately.

Sit down.

Call Moshe and tell him
to get over here.

I said call him.

Moshe. . .

This is Polat Alemdar. . . I think you
should have figured out where l am.

What do you think you will accomplish?

You know who l am.

Yes. . .

. . .but it never occurred to me
that you would act so irrationally.

But since you have, know that
you will never leave here alive.

If it had been up to you, I never
would have made it this far.

What do you want,
what is your objective?

You're saying you have the power to
give me whatever l want. . .

I have the power to grant you whatever
you want, anywhere in the world.

OK then, give back the lives
of the people you murdered.

Ask me for something reasonable. . .

. . .and let's resolve this amicably.

Are you trying to negotiate with me?

Yes. . .

. . . I am sure we can reach
a mutually agreeable settlement.

My position is simple. . .

Get Moshe here so I can kill him.
Then l kill you.

Then I leave amicably.

Let's see how much you really
mean to Polat Alemdar. . .

I fear no one but Allah. . .

But what you fear most will,
ultimately, come to pass.

He's not from around here.

and he asked me to watch out for you. . .

. . . so l brought you here for him
to see with his own eyes.

Just how well can you see
with only one eye?

I can see well enough
to spot your weaknesses.

Make sure to remember
what you see. . .

. . .because l'm not going to let you
see any more.

Isn't it a shame that you're going
to die in this land?

You will pollute the Promised Land. . .

I don't know what part of
this land was promised to you. . .

But l can promise you
the part six feet under.

You are very generous. . .

And if he asks, you'll give your
life as well won't you?


Let me tell you a little story.

A long, long time ago, one of the
Russian Tsars started a war against the Turks. . .

. . .and some of the soldiers
he drafted into his army were Jews.

While packing her son's rucksack,
the Jewish mother gave her son some advice.

Son, when you wake up in the morning,
kill a Turk, but then take a rest.

If you get too tired
you'll get sick.

Then kill another Turk, change your shirt,
because if you're all sweaty, you'll catch a chill.

Then kill another Turk and have dinner. . .

. . .then kill another Turk and
get a good night's sleep.

Of course, the son couldn't
contain himself and said,

I'm killing Turks and all, but
it's not like they're doing nothing. . .

. . .what if one of them kills me?

And his mother replied,
Why would a Turk kill you?

What did you ever do to a Turk?

What I don't understand is this. . .

What did we ever do to
you to make you come here?

Memati we've got to get going.

Boss. . .

But there was some advice your
mother forgot to give you. . .

We are a people who, even on the front worry
about a kid who's afraid of catching a chill. . .

We say, he's just a kid, so we're patient, we say,
he'll grow up, realize he's making a mistake

We wait patiently for him to grow into a man
but if we see that's not going to happen. . . .

. . .we won't wait, we'd sacrifice the entire world
rather than seeing the innocent suffer.

Get in the helicopter
and leave this country.

Make sure and rest until l get back,
let that sweat dry. . . We'll meet again.

We're going. . .

Take Avi inside.

Aviiii. . .

I don't care if you have to go to
the very pit of Hell, find them, find them !

This is an lsraeli base. . .

That's exactly what l wanted.
We're going to confiscate their weapons. . .

Boss, how we going to carry these?

You take care of the children

What are you waiting for,
drop those phosphorus bombs!


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