Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) - full transcript

The film covers through fiction real-life events like the occupation of Iraq, the execution of Daniel Pearl, the Hood event and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

Dear Brother,

on July 4th, 2003...

... in Suleymaniye North-lraq
as l was on duty...

for the security of the region
with ten of my soldiers,

the American troops,

with whom we drank
tea and fought together,

have ambushed
our quarters

and pointed their
guns at us.

Sir, we're receiving insistent
orders not to fight.

Give it to me.

Sir, it's me.

We are 11 people.

We have a machine
gun on the roof.

We have the firepower
to hit half the

100 Americans and
60 local soldiers.

They aren't intended to
make a search, sir.

The guys we served tea
are pointing guns at us.

lt is not against us, but
against the Turkish nation.

With my 10 soldiers,

l'm waiting for your
orders to die, sir!

Sir, l said l'm waiting for
your orders to die, sir!

Put your gun
down soldier.


Son, this is an order,
put your gun down!

Search whatever you want,
and get out of here!

This is the smoking room.
We smoke here.

What the?

Major, it's not safe for
our allies outside.

You asked for permission to
search the building only.

We will not go out.
Kill us if you like.

Don't make any mistakes
or else we'll kill you.

My men will take you to
headquarters for questioning.

You mean ''interrogation.''
About what?

Well, you'll see.

That's why it's
called questioning.

But while you're here why don't
you tell me where the C4 is?

We are soldiers.

We are neither detainees
nor prisoners.

Your men are not
wearing uniforms.

So it's very difficult
for us to decide

whether you're soldiers
or terrorists.

We cannot know this
without questioning you.

You're not
wearing a uniform.

You don't have a stripe.
You have no authority.

- You're not even a soldier!
- l used to be one.

Arrest them!

You have no
right to do this.

We're soldiers, don't
destroy our dignity.

Major, these men are soldiers
and they're very proud.

- Try not to let their
faces be seen. - Yes sir.

Turkish headquarters
have been raided.

- Who's done it?
- Americans.

Move it!

Move it!
Move it faster!

Dear Brother...

Everyday in lraq we
asked ourselves,

what are we
doing here?

Than we noticed
that everyone,

who had the power
over this region,

has oppressed the
people of this land.

Except our ancestors.

On that specific day,

we have not been able
to prove ourselves

worthy of our ancestors.

We couldn't
die for justice,

for our fight
against tyranny,

nor for our honor.

This is just what l
ask of you now.

lronic, isn' it?

Your brother Suleyman.

Long live the homeland.


- Where are we, Abdulhey?
- We're there.

Where is it? l cannot
see the red carpet.

You'll soon see the shining
red, yellow and green.

Traffic lights, Memati.

Shaving is masculine.

And a beard is feminine.

No matter how
hard the beard is,

the brush takes
all hardness away.

First, you will nicely
soften the beard.

Soften it...

Soften it...
Soften it...

- Come on in Ali.
- What're you doing?

- Dad.
- Where's your mother? Go!

There's a checkpoint

Are they policemen
or soldiers?

Police in the city,

soldiers in the mountain,
it's the same.

You remain captive
until you tame your ego.


Leyla, my daughter...

Don't ever remove
this until you're free.


You too.

Papers are okay,
everything's okay.

Are you Kurdish?


Get off, we'll
do a search.

He says we should
get off, boss.

Let's give him
something and go.

We will get off then.

Stand next to the car.

Look inside
the car too.

l don't like
these guys.

Why are you
causing trouble?

Let them do their
job, Abdulhey!

What's your name?

lt's in the passport.

l'm asking you!

Polat Alemdar.

What are you
here in Erbil for?


What trade?

Human trade.

l was told that these
things were cheap here!

Lie down, we'll do
a search. Lie down!

Lie down!
Lie down!

What does he
say, Abdulhey?

Lie down.

You will lie down!

lf you're going to do it,
do it decently.

l'm not lying down!

Yes you will!

Let's go.

From now on,
this is yours.

Very nice.

lt's from my forefathers,
very precious.

Since Selahuddin Eyyubi,

men of my ancestors gave
this dagger to their wives,

for them to
protect our honor.

My son's trust
is with me.

My son's trust
is with me.

ls this real?

Of course. lt's a
thousand years old.

Since when do men give
real gifts to women?

Don't be jealous, none
of you are married and

you all covet my
husband, don't you!

l got my real gift.

Haven't you got
anything else?

- Selaam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Selaam.

How are you groom?

This is a great honor,
you're welcome.

Come on Abu Tarik.

l said my son is your son,
you still call him groom!

l'm on the bride's
side today.

Your son is my son but

Leyla is my
beloved daughter.

No one has opened
fire yet, sir.

They will start firing
soon. You'll see.

Sir, we've received the lists
from Grand Harilton.

The vehicle is
in the hotel.

Let's go.

They are terrorists now!
Let's go!

Let's go!

Excuse me sir, the gentlemen
are from the police station.

- They want to talk to you.
- l'm listening.

We will go
to the station.

Which station?

Don't cause us
trouble, mister.

Which country's station
are you inviting me to?

lraqi Kurdistan.

l don't acknowledge you.

Let the owner of this
place come and get me.

The building is surrounded.
You'll come with me.

Bring me the hotel's
manager. Right now!

Or else neither we nor
you can leave this place!

ls there a problem?

Who's organized
this gathering?

lt's a wedding!

Sorry for bothering
you, Mr...

...Fender. Have
a seat, please...

Look, Mr. Alemdar...

l don't know what
the problem is,

but certainly my hotel is
not the place to solve it.

Unfortunately, this
is the exact place.

Please sit down and
send these men away.

Your customers
are being disturbed.

Let's go.

No, not there
please, here.

Can l ask you a
technical question?

How many main
supporting columns

does this
hotel have?

- Excuse me?
- Let me explain.

Your hotel has six main
supporting columns.

When l blow up the
first one, we sway.

When l blow up the second,
the building starts to bend.

With the third and
the fourth one,

the building collapses.

But l also installed C-4 on
the other two columns too.

Formalities, you know.

What do you
want from me?

First of all, l don't want
anyone to get hurt.

Please evacuate
the hotel calmly.

Those who're responsible
will come with us.

l take the
responsibility here.

Sam Marshall
is my friend.

You can find
nothing here.

lf you must take
someone away,

l'll bring that person to
you with my own hands.

But that's after
the wedding.

They'll come with us.
Right now!

Search them all!

l want to see
everyone's lD!

Give it to me.

Come on, move!

The lD!

Quick, quick!

Give your lD.

Let's go!

Please don't!
What is it you want?

Let's go!



Well, the hotel's
been evacuated.

Now, how can we
settle things with you?

Are you trying
to reconcile,

or are you trying
to negotiate?

Which one
do you prefer?

Sam William Marshall.
l want him here.

Mr. Marshall has nothing
to do with our hotel.

lsn't he on
your payroll?

ls the American

not the patron of
American soldiers?

Excuse me?

Call him please.


Hold on.

l'm listening Fender.

We have a situation
here, Sam.

You must come
to the hotel.

l can't. l'm going
to a party now.

Sam, this is serious.

Hello, Sam.

Who is this?

l am the one
who will blow up

the Grand Harilton
into pieces.

lf, of course, you do not
honor us with your presence.

May l have the
desserts menu?

l've heard that American
apple pie is great.

Am l wrong?

May l have a
kunefa instead?

The apple pie
you said, chief,

is also available
at McDonald's.

Call the bomb squad,

and tell them the
situation at the hotel.

l want the bombers
to be identified.

And call the Kurdish
leader to tell him

we're not going to
make it tonight.

Wait a second!

We did a hell of a
good job, lieutenant.

They'll be traveling
for hours.

They will die of
suffocation in there.

You are right!
Stop the car! Stop it!

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

l'm helping them breathe.

They're not going to die
of suffocation anymore.

These men could
be terrorists.

But don't forget that
we're soldiers.

Let me tell
you something!

Don't ever talk to
me like that again.

Do you understand?

l'll report you.
This infamy...

l don't care who you're
going to report me to.

Get out of my
sight now.

You're not going anywhere.
l'm arresting you.

Dear guests, l am sorry
to announce that

Mr. Marshall will
not be able

to attend due to
unexpected business.


This patient is going to
be in pain for a while.

So if necessary,
give him morphine.

Okay sir.

Okay, good.

What kind of man
could do this?

Rebels, sir!

Stop lying to me,
and tell me the truth!

How many times
must l tell you?

These are human beings,
not animals!

l hold animals in
higher regard, sir.

lf you don't stop
killing my patients,

l cannot remove
their organs properly.

ln that case, believe me,
l'll kill you in your sleep!

l'll kill you!


Take the injured to the
infirmary right away!

Right now!

Let's be a little more
patient, please...

He'll be here soon.

l am okay.

But what you are
doing is so wrong.


Mr. Fender says what
you're doing is very wrong.

Who are you?

- My name is Polat Alemdar.
- Are you a Turk?

l am.

What do you expect
to gain by this?

Mr. Fender, we
bothered you a lot.

You may go now.
Thank you.

Are you aware
that you're

getting yourself
into big trouble?

Are you aware of the trouble
you are already in?

What do you want?

Blow up the hotel,
if you like.

You'll get nothing
from me.

l don't want
anything from you.

But you have
something to give me.

l will slip this sack
on your head.

The same treatment
for your men, too.

Then all of you will leave the
hotel with your sacks on,

journalists will
take your pictures.

You can give me this
much, can't you?

And in return, l'll give
you the Grand Harilton.

Then l'll go away.

These sacks...

Are they the same ones
l put on your soldiers?

Put it on your
head while you,

still have it on
your shoulders.

Or else l have a body bag
that'll suit you just fine!

Look Turk!

l've been in this
region for 15 years.

l know Turks
very well.

They love praising

You have your own rules,
your own red lines.

You have unchanging
policies for lraq.

You always say
that nothing

can be done here,
if you don't want it.

Let me tell
you something,

we've already erased
all the red lines.

We screwed your
policies for lraq.

l don't get it.

This doesn't bother you,
but two stupid sacks do.

Let me tell you what you
really felt offended for.

The US have been paying
you for the last 50 years.

We supply even the rubber
for your underpants.

Why can't you
produce anything?

You want money
and we send it.

ls this why you
cheat each other?

You wanted arms,
we sent them.

You wanted to fight,

but you started negotiating
before sending in your troops.

And then again you
wanted money.

How can you forget that
you've been begging for us

to save you from
the communists!

lt's obvious why
you're offended,

we don't need
you anymore.

l am not a political
party leader.

Not a diplomat,
nor a soldier.

l am a Turk, as you
pointed out very well.

l wreak havoc
upon those who put

a sack over a
Turk's head!

Now, shut up
and put this on!

Okay, blow it up. Blow
it up and see if l care!

You ruin my sacred place,
and i ruin yours!

Wait a minute.

Whatever, look...

We all have
sensitive issues.

By throwing that
sack on my face,

you've touched a
sensitive issue of mine.

This was not nice.

l know what you're
sensitive to!

Bring them in!

You are a
despicable man.

No, l love children.

You know why?

Because they are
fearless. Just like me.

They're also not
afraid to die.

But when they grow up,
they become cowards,

just like all sinners.

You know, sometimes, l wonder,
what the world would be like

if we killed all the children
before they grew up?

What do you think?

You are already
a baby-killer!

How many kids did you kill
to get these 30 kids here?

Now you tell me that
l cannot kill them?

Let me tell
you something.

l don't kill them!
l don't abuse them!

lf l did that what
would be the difference

between you
and me?

Let me tell you
the difference.

You cannot sacrifice
eleven of your men,

so you sit there and watch
your country be destroyed.

But l sacrifice 11 thousand
of my men if necessary.

You cannot spare thirty kids
because you're emotional

but l'd kill each one of
them for their feelings.

l kill all who'd
destroy peace.

Unlike you, l am not
here by coincidence.

l'm on a mission from God
to establish peace.

He who establishes
peace is God's child.

l do not have
a child like you.

lf you'd like to push that
button, go ahead and push it.

l'm leaving now!

We shall meet again.

God! Are you
okay, kids?

Thank you, sir.

Yes, what's
under there?

We'll take the kids
out if you like, sir.

lt looks like it's going
to take a while.

Would you like to
go home, kids?

Thank you, sir.

l think they
want to stay.

Do me a favor and
get this table out of here!

What did he say, boss?

He said, he was the
son of God, Memati.

Son of a bitch.

Be brothers, you people,
this is what our God wishes.

Everything passes away,

and friends are the
last ones to leave you.

To humanity,
to honesty.

Open your heart to
humanity, to honesty.

Don't ever
be afraid.

Human beings are born free
with the right to live freely!

You're wonderful,
it was great!

Everybody, strip, now!

l'd like to see you all
naked in one minute.

Everyone, take
your clothes off.

Everyone will be
stark naked.


Welcome to hell.
You can't survive here!

You'll burn here
for eternity.

You'll only find
pain here!

Do you want to
ease your pain?

Sorry for you terrorists.

You ought to think about it
before you became terrorists!

God, don't let anything
bad happen to them.

Let them
arrive soon.

God, don't let Abdulhey
sit on the wrong chair.

Don't leave me alone
here in this place, God.

lt didn't explode, Boss?

lt did.

Abdulhey, you weren't
clumsy as l usual l hope?

l want to stay alive
and fight, my Sheikh.

Only the Allah wills are
important, not yours.

The ones who
have religious faith,

do not lose anything
when they die.

However, as long as
they are alive,

it remains unknown
what will happen.

The only thing you can do
now is to pray for others.

Those prayers will all come
back to you as Allah's mercy.


Allah witnessed
all that happened!

lf only l were
killed, too.

Stand up, my daughter!
Stand up!

You, the groveling

What are you doing?
Kissing the ground?!

l will show you
how to pray now!

Come on!
Hurry up!

- Where are you taking me to?
- Go! Go!

Don't you have fear of God?
Aren't you afraid?

Kill these
disgusting men!

Show them what
torture means.

...Allahu Aqbar!
...The God is the greatest!

My husband has
died for God's sake.

lf l shed even a single tear
for him let God damn me!

But why did they kill Ali?
Why him?

l swear l will walk
towards them

with bombs tied around me
to blast those murderers.

Then they will understand
how many of them...

...are worth of
one Leyla!

Dad, please let
me kill them all,

together with myself.

How can you think, l could
approve such an action?

How could one, who has chosen
the way of Allah, wish that?

How could one, who
comprehends lslam, desire this?

But, what else
can l do?

Leyla, choosing to be a
suicide bomber means

revolting against Allah's will
in two ways by a single action.

lt means first giving
up your hope

and committing suicide,

and then accepting the risk
of sacrificing innocent people

together with
your enemy.

Can you know
how many will die,

when you're a suicide
bomber? You can't!

And since it not
possible to know that,

killing innocent
people is like,

killing the
whole humanity.

People who instilled this idea
into the minds of Muslims,

and recruited them as
suicide bombers are the ones

who recreate Hasan Sabbah's
wickedness again.

This is a sign of domesday my
daughter and is certainly evil.

l see your grief.

However, l feel sorry to see
your desire to be one...

... of the suicide bombers who
make the world think that...

... Muslims
are terrorists.

Never forget that
Allah isn't helpless,

my daughter; our current
helplessness and

weakness is due to
our deviation from

The Quran and our
Prophet's way

and also due to our
failure to be united.

Each suicidal act increases
this weakness and helplessness.

That's why, our
enemies desire

the number of such
acts to increase.

Moreover, they may
have already organized

these actions
themselves already.

Our only hope for survival
is to commit to Allah's way.

We must to pray Allah,
in order to wite and be free.

- Selaam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Selaam.

Welcome, it's nice
to see you.

Hasan Agha. Here are my
comrades Polat, and Memati.

And this is Abdulhey.

Glad to meet you!

He worked for Turkish
Special Forces,

and had many assignments
out of the country.

On his last mission,

he had to have facial
plastic surgery to infiltrate

the Turkish Mafia,
causing it to collapse.

And he did it almost

What about the others?

They are his team,
also Special Forces.

Are they on assignment
for the government?

No, not officially.

Of course it's
not, ''officially''.

What is wrong
with you?

They allocated the
mountains to the Kurds,

the deserts to the Arabs...

...and the oil
to themselves.

There's nowhere
left for us to go.

This wasn't
planned today.

He doesn't even let us see
each other independently.

We've got to hold our meetings
under his supervision.

- Do you have an
upcoming meeting? - Yes.

- Where?
- At the bazaar.

Have you gone
out of your mind?

l'm here to save
people's lives.

You are trying to
save the rich!

lf you leave me no chance l'll
report you to the authorities,

you know l can do it.

You are my friend,

but we should never
forget why we are here.

l have always
been here before,

risking my life
for your safety.

l set the Kurds, Turks and
Arabs fighting one another.

But you're complaining about
a cheap kidney to me.

Are you kidding?

How could you
be so selfish?

Could you stop putting
pressure on me?

Leave me in peace.

Do you know how l
can hardly handle it all?

Do you? Don't bother me
with such minor details!

l only want your men to
behave well to the convicts.

l need them. l don't ever
mind whom you kill.

lt doesn't interest me
how many you kill

or why you kill them.

l only ask you to order your
men not to shoot convicts

on the way as long as they
bring those people to me.

l need their
organs alive!

OK, l'll do it. l understand.
lt's all right.

You'll go out
sooner or later.

Haven't you
started yet?

How could we
before you arrive!

Very kind of you.

Have you found the
hotel bombers yet?

Unfortunately not, sir.

We're investigating the
matter to the smallest detail.

l don't think you get me.

l have a single aim which
is to hold lraqis together.

And then, to form a
permanent government

as proof of the fact that you
could all live here in peace.

But as long as you continue
your alliance with Turks,

and you with Arabs,
and you insist on

establishing an independent
Kurdish state,

peace can never be
established on this land.

l only object to this
polarization, gentlemen.

Can l have a cold
orange juice please?

But you don't treat
us as equals.

We are guilty because
we created Saddam.

We're all
terrorists to you.

Why are the people at the
wedding declared ''terrorists''?

Just because they fired
through the sky?

No! The real
reason is that

you keep on training
terrorists and bombers.

All right. Tell me about
your problems.

l'll try to find
the solutions.

Look! Our villages are not
being evacuated due to

labour as
mentioned before.

Villager families
are systematically

forced to migrate by
made-up excuses.

And not only ours,
but also Arab villages

are being
evacuated, too.

ls that true,
Abu Tarik?

Unfortunately, yes.

And there is only one
reason for that: Oil!

We are being forced
out of oil sites

in Mosul and
Kirkuk one by one.

Oil is the greatest
value of this land.

Don't we have
a right to it?

Of course you do! But, we
must ensure security first.

Then we will address
economic matters.

You can't expect me to
share this wealth among you

in the absence
of stability.

- How are you?
- Well, l'm fine.

Now let's move on to concrete
demands as you wish.

l'm listening to you.

Unfortunately, there are
a lot of innocent Arabs

who were arrested or taken
into police custody due to

alleged connections to
terrorist organizations.

There are many families who
lost their close relatives

in these custody cases.

l'll take care of
this personally.

Our demand is clear
and apparent:

We want the families who
were forced out of their

villages to come back
safe and sound.

From now on, Kurds must also
give up treating us like a minority.

OK. l will take care of
the migrated families.

lf any problems exist about
their present accommodation,

l'll do my best to
ensure their safe return.

We need more financial
support for security and

stability reasons, and
more educated men

for the development
of the region!

ln fact, there isn't a
single trainee in the ClA

who hasn't memorized the
Kurdish translation of such

sentences over the
last twenty years!

Hey, Abu Ali!
Where are you going?

To Ali.

l beg you for God's
sake. Don't do that!

Leyla, leave
this place.

Please stop!
For God's sake!

Gentlemen, thank
you very much.

The meal
was wonderful.

Can l speak with you for a
moment, please? Privately?

l'd also like to speak
to you indeed.

Thank goodness!

Let's go!

This may hurt a little. lf it
does, we can use morphine.

How dare they?
lt is pure insolence.

Considering the life
they have here,

there are people
dying to go to heaven

with the aim of reaching that
life of happiness beyond the veil.

No, l don't understand
those who

have a dream of
going to heaven,

and yet do not embrace
our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So, you can go to
heaven, but l can't!

ls that what
you mean?

Christ bequeathed this
world to you when he died.

We were chosen by him in
order to set up His kingdom.

l've no
objection to it.

But my folks are the only ones
who can bargain with God.

That's why they
wouldn't leave Heaven

to anyone else,
l suppose.

What do you say?


Sir! One of Polat's men,
disguised as a bodyguard,

was reported to
be at the scene.

Well, bring that
Turkmen leader to me.

Yes, sir!

- Anybody coming?
- No, Boss.

Any news from Agha?

Thankfully, he is
good, boss.

They took him to
hospital for examination.

- Who was the bomber?
- We don't know, boss.

Go and get
the news then.

This way.

Stop! We'll wait here.

Don't tell anything
l haven't told.

All right, Agha!

Hasan, you asked to
talk to me in private.

What was it about?
Were you going to say:

''Sam, a bomb is going to
go off in a few seconds,'' or

was it ''Sam, the men
that l hired from Turkey will

open fire on you and your
men after the bomb explodes''?

Which one was it?

Where have
you been?

The road was
not clear, boss.

We've got to
leave this place.

lt is not safe.


But, you are treating
us unfairly again.

We were all there,
that is to say

we all were
in danger.

Hasan, l'm going to
ask you one more time.

Where is he?
Polat Alemdar?

Polat Alemdar?

Where is Polat Alemdar?

Surround the house, quick!

They are runnig
away, hurry!

Come on, to the trucks!

Which direction
are we going, boss?

We'll see, Abdulhey.

Keep what's in the
briefcase ready.

People live in
these houses, boss.

l didn't mean to blow
up the houses, Erhan!

Chief, look!

Come on,
this way.

They're coming,
hurry up!

What does she
say, Abdulhey?

Get down!

We lost track of
them here, sir.

- Search every house.
- Yes, sir!

You too!

Hold on here.

Chief, this girl isn't
trying to trap us, is she?

Well, if it's a trap
then we will fight.

What the hell?

Go, go, go! Move on!

There is only me
and my daughter.

What do you
want from us?

Aren't you ashamed
for breaking into

the house of a
widow like me?

Can l help you?

Are you hiding anyone
in your house?

There is no one except
my grandma and me.

Where is
your husband?

He is in Heaven.

Do you know what
kills the Arabian men?

- No. What?
- Their wives.

All the houses
are clear.

Let's go!

You can go to
hell for all l care.

They have left,
come up.

- What's your name?
- Does it matter?

l would like to know the
name of the person l owe.

You'll learn when
you return it.

You have saved
our lives.

You've welcomed
us into your home

and showed us
great hospitality.

But we've
got to leave.

Americans are

You have to wait
some more time.

lf we wait for the
Americans to leave,

we grow old
here, Leyla.

We need information
from outside

and move accordingly.

What information
do you need?

Let me get it!

No, you can't do it.

Maybe Abdulhey can,
but they will recognize him.

Here is the meal.

lf you go out
with Erhan,

will you be able to
walk around freely?


Sometimes l want to
revolt against you,

because you don't
want me by your side.

Then l realize that my duties
to you are not complete yet.

Blessed is the man
who endures temptation,

or when he has
been approved,

he will receive
the crown of life.

May you glorify the
souls of heroes

departed and heroes
yet to come.

May you give us peace.
May you always guide us.

These are sacrifices
in a high calling

the defense of our Lord,
and the peace of the world.

l try to fulfill my
duties to you

with all my
might, Sir.

This world was created
so that l might prove

my devotion to you
through my deeds.

Before you return
to this world

grant me the ability to resolve
the conflict in Babylon

as you promised
in the Holy Bible.

And as the next generations
show their gratitude

to their heroes who
build the Kingdom of God,

what a great honour
it would be for me,

should they remember
me in their prayers.

When St. Petrus left
Rome, my Lord,

you asked him:
''Quo vadis?''...

''Where are you going?'' This
is Babylon, my homeland.

And you will never ask
me where l am going to.

l promise.

l will fade away here,

my blood will water
the soil of this land.

My blood will flow till
the promised day comes,

that is till
you return,

and that is till the
promised land is ours.

When the promised land
is ours peace will reign.

And the one who sets the
peace will be God's child!

Before you all, l would like
to share a surprise that

l am not supposed to
tell about actually.

We can never forget
what Mr. Marshall

did for this country,
and for us.

As lraqis, we have
informed Baghdad

of our gratitude
to Mr. Marshall.

And our honorable
president has returned

this gratitude
by a small gift.

Mr. Marshall...

You can call
me Sam, please.

OK. Sam! l would like you
to accept the piano,

which is a gift from Saddam's
palace and is currently on

the train coming here
as an expression

of the lraqi people's
gratitude to you.

Thank you! Thank
you very much.

l am honored,
honored very much.

What's that?!
Holly smoke! Look!

Thank you
very much.

Hey listen! Turkmens
are done with.

Now, it's the
Arabs' turn.

Take a photo
of us together.

Allah, we've heard your
call and obeyed it:

Allah is always

However the
situation seems,

whoever the winner
or the loser is,

you are the only
victorious and

the only sovereign
who rules it all.

Allah, you're the
one who even let

our Prophet Mohammed
take the test of defeat.

You never
behave cruelly,

we have believed in and
affirmed your clemency.

We have
tormented ourselves

by not uniting
in your path

the desires of our egos,
oppressing ourselves in the end.

Because we behaved
cruelly to each other

now our enemy
is oppressing us.

My Allah! Give us shelter
from the oppressors

and from your
wrath as well.

We have been ignorent,
have become sinners,

then convicted, and
finally defeated.

We weren't awoken by
the wisdom of the Quran

and The Sunna
(Prophet's Way)...

so you've awakened us with
the assaults of our enemies.

Now, grant us the
ability and power... repel
these assaults,

and confer us
conscious patience

and perseverance,
my Allah.

Allah! ln reverence to
our blessed Prophet

who brought us the
religion of peace, lslam,

do not let us abandon
his jurisprudence

and morals that
he remained

true with utmost
care even in times

when he had no
choice but to fight.

Tell them that
we have guests.

You must
not sit here.

lt's not safe.

You can be spotted.

l am stuck in here
because of Sam.

He is oppressing people
and l can't do anything!

Sam is doing
nothing new.

His oppression has
nothing to do with you!

Nobody could want him
killed more than me!

However, we have no choice,
but to show patience.

How did you learn
to be that patient?

The life has taught me the
unbearable part of patience;

and my Sheikh taught me
the bearable part of it.


Abdurrahman Halis Kerkuki.
He brought me up.

What about
your parents?

l have never
seen my father.

And, when my
mother died,

l was too young
to remember anything.

He brought me
up just as he did

all the orphans
and the homeless.

What is your greatest
ambition in life, Leyla?

Before, l had
only one dream:

l used to close my
eyes, and imagined

breathing my last
breath in this land

while staring
at the stars.

That was my
only dream then.


Now, my only desire is
to stab this dagger...

... into that
scoundrel's heart.

Only then will l be
able to understand...

... if he's also got
a heart or not.

And then l can
die in peace.

lf l prevent you from
realizing this desire...

... will you be
angry with me?

Chief, how will we
get on a moving train?

When it slows down
we'll jump on, Memati.

ls there nobody in
charge of the piano?

lf there is, we'll
shoot him down.

What about the
gun's noise?

Then we will not shoot him,
but throw him off the train.

No, we can't! They
would realize it then.

- Hopefully nobody is there.
- lf God wills!

lt's coming.

Keep a protective
eye on our visitors.

Don't get distressed
over the high number

of requests and complaints,
,and don't get annoyed.

lt's neither your,
nor my home.

But belongs
to the homeless.

All right,


Patience doesn't mean
to bow, but to struggle!

l'm sick of this Sheikh.

The Turkmens, the Arabs they
all go to him to ask for help.

And his closest
men are Kurds!

Who is this Sheikh,
for God's sake?

He descended
from the Prophet.

All people
respect him.

l don't care about
his descendance.

lf he is trying to spoil
all that l had done here,

then he is the chief
of terrorists to me!

Please don't
say so, sir...

lf Abdurrahman Halis
Kerkuki weren't here,

who would look after the
orphans and the widows?

Who would help the
unemployed, helpless people?

Then everyone
would be terrorists.

lf he is that good,

then he shall be the
president of lraq!

l have been telling
you for years that

this man is dangerous.

But you have always
defended him!

Now tell me: Who
do you side with?

Me or him?

What do you
benefit from him?

l don't benefit
from anybody!

Get your men
ready, now.

The Sheikh will
be arrested.

Yes sir!

l am not going to
take part in this, sir!

Excuse me?
l can't hear you.

Speak slowly!

My father, my grandfather
and his father,

even my grandfather's
grandfather got our bread there.

He freed us from the
tyranny of Saddam.

l can't point
a gun at him.

He would
paralyze us!

Paralyze you?

You mean this
man is a wizard?

No, no sir. You know
nothing about him.

l've learnt enough.
Thank you.

l think this
meeting is over.

We would like
everyone to see,

what happens in the end to
the American occupiers of lraq.

Unless the Americans, Brits,
and Jews go away from lraq,

we'll behead them
all one by one.

Lord, please save me.
l don't want to be killed!

What are you
doing here?

Whom are you
imitating? Whom?

Are you trying to act
like the puppets

who work for
those oppressors?

Our Prophet never
committed such acts.

Then who taught
you about this?

This guy is a henchman
of those murderers,

he is a journalist.
He is not innocent!

Are you Allah...

... to know who is
innocent and who is not?

He may be cruel could
be a liar as well.

lf your heads are
to be chopped off,

he might even
say that

''Muslims are butchering
each other'',

while taking your photographs
with a great enthusiasm.

But how can you
regard such cruel things

as suitable for
you? How?

Stand up.
Stand up!

Take this.

Behead him.

Chop his head off!

Do whatever your heart
tells you. Come on!

l'm just a journalist.
Do you understand?

Thank you.

Thank you
very much.

Darling, you are
mine at last.

You should
be proud.

Groveling bastards!

What's that noise!
Will you stop that please?

l don't want any noise.
Thank you!

l'm trying to do
some practice.

Stop playing football,
today is our lucky day.

lt's eid!

You should
have seen it.

That murderer's house
has collapsed on him!

The house has
come down on him.

Thank goodness!

What does she
say Abdulhey?

Sam was killed.

ls that true, chief?

You gotta leave
this place.

l'm not going

He is dead now.
What's he going to do?

Can his filthy soul
disturb me?

Leyla, the hardest
times are yet to come.

The superceding
officer might find out

that you have gotten
in touch with us.

How can he?

Leyla, somebody must have
seen you and Erhan together.

Are you still
sitting here,

while the kids
are chanting,

Turkey is proud of you
outside screaming.

Don't interrupt Erhan,
we are talking.

You don't even understand
what they say.

Will you be safe
with the Sheikh?


l'll notify
our neighbours.

They were going to
send us a food supply.

Stop, mother!


We've got to be
sure he is dead.

Disguise yourself
and go downtown.

And find a
vehicle for us.

Are you proud
of Turkey?

Are you proud?

Erhan, get the supplies
off the vehicle.

All right, boss!

You can have a rest.

Does your Sheikh come
for the morning prayer?

- Certainly, he does.
- Okay.

- l'll wash my face there.
- All right.

- Selaam Alaikum.
- Alaikum Selaam.

Where from?

- From the city.
- Mashallah.

Who is your family?

- l am from Turkey.
- Turkey! Mashallah!

Allahu Aqbar,
Allahu Aqbar!

What does the
Hodja say?

He says God is
great, Abdulhey.

And he adds that,

we will still have a
journey back to lstanbul!

My woman died, and
l get older each day.

Let's marry you off
with a Turkish bride.

Our Sheikh
wouldn't allow it.

What is your name?

Peko H?seyin.

Only Allah knows, who
will live, who will die!


Take the briefcase
and leave the car.

They will not get
out of this village!

Burn every building
to kill them.

Yes sir!


Are you all OK?

We are fine, chief.

Give me a gun.

Hold this point.
Don't let them in!

Get out of
the mosque!

Leave the buildings,
for God's sake!

Come out!

Turn right!

What's that?

- Erhan?
- Boss!

They're killing everyone.

He's still alive!


- Erhan, go and support them.
- OK, boss.

Here you are...

- Are you OK?
- l'm OK. Nothing's wrong...

That's all because
of these Kurds!

What Kurds?

- Simply Kurds!
- l am Kurdish too!

You're different Abdulhey.

lt all starts
like this!

Patience, Dante.

This Turk is getting
on my nerves...

Patience means
waiting your turn.

They're surrounding
us, l think!

l'm taking the back!



My God!

Die like a dog!


Allahu Aqbar!


Does it hurt, Erhan?

Yes it does,
but not my wound!

We have to
find the boss!

You'll never win!

Have you killed him?

lt was nice...

... to know you.

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