Valley of Flowers (2006) - full transcript

Along the highest mountain passes of the Himalayas, tough, intrepid Jalan (Milind Soman) and his gang earn their living by stealing from unsuspecting travelers. Abiding by their own, unique codes of honor and dividing the spoils equally, all is routine until the arrival of the mystifying, beautiful Ushna (Mylene Jampanoi). Appearing mysteriously after the raid of a pilgrim caravan, Ushna adheres to Jalan, claiming to have seen him in her dreams, and refusing to leave his side. Sensing the unease of the rest of the men, Ushna offers to help them in their endeavors, under condition that they not ask why or how she is able to guide them to success. In the time that follows, Ushna leads the gang to tremendous exploits, gaining the respect of the men, and the admiration of Jalan, who begins to fall passionately in love with this mysterious woman. As their success increases, seemingly unstoppable, so the love between Jalan and Ushna mounts in intensity, until they seem to have entered a world of their own. No longer heeding of the world around them, Jalan and Ushna venture too far in their exploits, progressing from the theft of material objects to tampering with elements that should never be tampered with; stealing energy, luck and even the powers of levitation, the two cross over into the bounds of the supernatural. Word of the duo and their strange exploits reaches the shrewd, robust Yeti (Naseeruddin Shah), who takes after them with his three experienced bounty hunters. In the confusion of pursuit, Jalan and Ushna face a temporary separation, the shock of which drives each to desperation. Having lost luck, wealth and friends, the fated two are nevertheless fortuitously reunited. Their passion running higher than ever, they vow never to be separated again, even if this entails deceiving fate and cheating mortality. But life always reserves surprises.

Cooperate and no one will get hurt!

Unload Yaks, Jampa

Hang out all you have!

l've nothing.

l'm just a singer.

Then sing.

Thank you.

For times to come.

Hey you!

Get lost!


Get lost!

Are you deaf?.


Catch up with your people.

Will you grow roots here or what?

Hey chilli! Become air!

You are the one
l have seen in my dreams.

Take me with you.


Why take her along? Jalan!

He's lost his mind!

Hey, come on!

Hey Chilli!

Hey, look at her!

Drink this,
the pain will go away by dawn.

Standby everybody.



What was that?

Don't know.

Come in.


That's too dangerous.
They will trace the origin of the goods.

They won't dare to ...

Like always,

it is too risky to change now.

lnstead, return to our land.

Live happily!

Let's get married!

Who wants to return?

You think those rich land-lords
will let you live in peace?

Then go.

Don't let your present success
erase the memory

of why we left in the first place.

We were outcast
long before we became outlaws.

The path we walk...

knows no peace.

Don't ever forget that.


Arrange to meet merchants.
Same spot, ten sacs of gold.

That many?

Booty's up on us ...


- She's wearing our clothes.
- Shameless.

Hey chilly, come here!

What's this?

Ration for seven days.

Are you chasing me away?

l'm sending you away.

Your people won't have reached far.

They're not my people.

l'm here to stay with you.

That's not possible, your Highness.

l can also do what you men can do.

Can you piss standing?

l can be of use to you.

Of course you were useful to him.

How about me?

Hey! Girls like you are valleys:
low, and easy.

Who knows how many caravans
have passed through ...

You know that prior to last night...

l was a virgin.



Let her go, Jalan.


What now?

l wanted to call you but ...

- You didn't know my name?
- Yes.

- Ushna?
- Ushna.

Ushna, meaning fire.

You live up to your name.

- l'm ''the flame''.
- l know.


Do you burn?

Slowly ... Not like you ...

- They are laughing.
- Shut up. You're jealous.

How many?

300 horses.

Oh dear one,

least you can do,

is love somebody,

someday, somewhere

is love somebody,

someday, somewhere

is love somebody,

What are you staring at?

The way l eat?

Where do l come from?
Where's my home?

A woman like you should be at home.

Find someone, marry him ...

You don't know anything, do you?

Watch your tongue, lady.

Of what help are you to us?

Whatever you say ...

You said you can be of use to us.

You've been looting the silk road...

frequently used by traders?


Have you ever missed
a single caravan?


But the silk
still reaches the lndian market.

There is one more route,

through deep ravines, ice-cold deserts,

through such high passes
which you don't know.

And you know it?

l know less but understand more.

lf you're wrong, you'll quit the gang.

Jalan, learn to live with me,

'cause l'm never wrong!



How long will we go on?

There is no pass that we don't know.

What's unknown here?

We can still turn around.

Have you ever been across
those snow-peaks?


Then how do you know what's beyond?

- What's beyond anyway?
- lf you don't go there, how will you know!

We can't trust her, what if ...

You see, Jalan? l'm never wrong.


Hang out more!

Show your hands!

Do you know
why is he named ''No-Smile''?

No, why?

Because he never smiles.

He's named ''Hak-Chi''.
Do you know why?


Twisted-hair, tell her.

At the time of his birth,
his mother pushed hard

but he refused to come out of her belly.

his mother sneezed ''Hak-Cheeee'' ...

... and he popped out like a bullet

Oh, dear one,

least you can do.

Oh, dear one,

least you can do.

is love somebody,

someday, somewhere.

is love somebody,

someday, somewhere.

is love somebody,

someday, somewhere.

l didn't know
you've such a beautiful voice!

No. l don't.

That's him!

You may go now.

Yes, there was also a stranger.

A girl, who took a ride with us.

She's been missing since then.

What was she like?

Hard to tell,
she kept mostly to herself

Too pale for a mountain girl.

She never drank
or ate in the course of days.

You may leave.


l want to look at you.

Strange, you don't have
the centre of the universe.

Centre of the universe?

A belly button ...

You don't have one.

From birth l don't.

Then, how could you be born?

Without it,
how did you survive in the womb?

Yeti !

lt's not a good omen.

One-tooth, have you ever seen Yeti?

No. But l am sure he has seen us.

ls he really
a giant abominable snowman?

he loves alcohol.

A rare piece!

lt's called ''revolver''.

Recently manufactured ...

...last year.

Look, it's engraved here ''1835''.

lt comes from England.

Let's go attack England!


Where is this England?


You see those snow-peaks?

Beyond those peaks is the ocean,
Then another ocean.

And then there is a little island in the
middle of the ocean - that's England.

l always wanted to see the ocean!

Three gold coins and

l can show you ocean right here.

Do you belive me?

l have seen the Ocean.

Yeti? Why is he after us?




No, Jalan ... lt's dangerous!

Clear out!

Trust me.
Nothing will happen to Tashi.

l know Yeti's ways.

She's right, Jalan,

why would Yeti hurt Tashi?

l know a place far away.

We're going nowhere.

That will make us really rich.

Wasn't l right last time?

Besides, there're phenomenal things
waiting to be robbed!

lt's a long arduous ride.

Out with the love story.






Nothing lasts for ever ...

Where is he?

Where is he?

- Who?
- Where is he?

- Who, Jalan?
- l knew it!

Who was the man with you?

Which man?

With whom you were lying legs open!

We should have never camped so high.

Thin air is getting to you.

l don't know what you are seeing.

Maybe future.

You look exhausted.

Come to me.

For the first time l fear our destiny.

Don't distress,
l'll take you to someone special.

Ushna! Entering the village is risky!

Nothing is a risk, when we're together.

What you've lost in wealth,

you will gain in health.

Watch out for the pot!

This one?


That one.

Your blessings, Onpo.

You're welcome

Never seen a face like this before.


lt doesn't look promising.

You two have no future together.

- Ushna?
- And three of us?

l won't hurt him.


Now observe carefully and point out
those with an abundance of good luck.

Robbing other's luck
will not take you further.

Just concentrate.

Come with me.


My shadow!

... more Chhang.

We've lost them.

No, we've found them.

Now, all we need to know
is where they are.

What's going on?

Packed to leave?


We've camped here for many days.

lf we don't move before sunrise,
it could be dangerous.

You should have asked me.

Nowadays, you're never around.

Now, what's with him?

Mortal snake bite.

- When?
- Moments ago.

- What did you give?
- Some herb juice.

What do we know about this Ushna?

...who is blazing our trail?

Whom we follow here and there.

Without any questions.

Where does she come from?
Why she came?

Scream! Go ahead!

She has a complete spell on you.

Did you ever think about it?

Poison? Why do you give poison?

Only poison can exterminate poison.

How does she know what we don't know?

Yes, we should
be asking many more questions.


You should have left...

when l told you.


Because now it's impossible.

Leave the horses here.

Leave us also with the horses.


Aren't you tired of looting
material wealth?

We won't accompany you, Jalan.

Speak for yourself, Jampa.

Ask them.

We will wait for you here.

But don't do a favour.

Do wait.

Give us your blessing.

We want to offer you something.

l need nothing, please leave!



But, we need something.

The ocean ...

Jampa, what's up?

Did you see a demon?

What's going on?

Things are just not as they used to be.

We abandoned our villages, our lands,

because we were victims of injustice!

We were oppressed,

out dignity was destroyed.

Thus, we vowed to live differently,

Keeping our heads high.

All these years we've been together,

wandering the Himalayas ...

That's enough!

What ''enough''?

For how long?


Whatever destiny gave us

we shared everything,

equally among ourselves.

Joy, sorrow,

daily bread, drink, loot.

We shared everything.

Now it's like every man for himself.

You've changed, Jalan.

l have changed?

lf not, you'd have shared

everything precious to you.

What haven't l shared with you?


Who are you?

l can't even recognize you!

How did we come to this?

Stop, Hakchi!

For what?

Our village is far ...

and the ride is pathetic.

What can be more pathetic than this?

l'll wait for you here.

Don't wait.

We're not coming back.