Valhalla (2019) - full transcript

The Viking children Røskva and Tjalfe embark on an adventurous journey from Midgard to Valhalla with the gods Thor and Loki. Life in Valhalla, however, turns out to be threatened by the ...


The wind tells a story.

Yggdrasil, the tree of life,
has its roots in the middle of the world,

- in Asgard, the kingdom of the gods.

Here lives the one-eyed Odin,
king of the gods -

- and the mighty thunder god, Thor.

From their home in Asgard
the gods of Valhalla gather.

Here they receive that worship
and tribute from the people,

- which gives gods strength and life.

From Valhalla, Odin looks
beyond the three kingdoms of the world -

- and sends out its ravens
to obtain news from distant countries.

From the gruesome courtyard,

- home of the wizardry
beings called giants -

- gentlemen of darkness and chaos.

And from Midgard,
the land of men -

- home to the proud Vikings
and diligent farmers.

But the power and glory of the gods are not,
it has been.

A thousand year war against the Giants
has driven Valhalla into a darkness.

A darkness that can end in -

- Ragnarok.

Dear gods, turn me into a raven,
so I can fly far away from here.

Take this down the house.

- Shit!
- Coming now.

Røskva and Tjalfe, come in!

Hurry up!

Tjalfe! Come come come!

Come on in now!

Good evening, farmers.

You have the honor of housing two of Valhallas
most powerful gods. Can you do it?

Of course they can.

What is it that stinks like that?

Fishing ... fish porridge.

Boy, get up.
Come over here.

Go out and get firewood,
and get fired up in that campfire.

You, my darling, come here.

Go out and water my goats.

Wow ...

Go in to your parents,
human children.

- Can't I help?
- Get in to your parents.

You too.

Please, my slut.

Listen closely, people.

You can eat all the meat you want.

But you don't break any legs.

Tomorrow I will take bones and skins.

And when I swing my hammer,

- the meat will come alive, -

- and my goat will resurrect.
Is that understood?


Do you have a story?

One day, Loke was out
to walk in the woods.

As he walked around the forest,
he claims -

- started a small puppy
to follow after him.

It followed him all the way to Asgard.

Of course, Loke took
the little puppy with in.

And everyone in Valhalla took it.

But it grew and grew.

Soon we found out,
that it wasn't a dog,

- but a wolf.

For the wolf stayed on
to grow and grow.

Come on, come on.

In the end, only Tyr
bold enough to feed it.

Soon we found out,
that it was the Fenris wolf.

The waves predicted that beast
one day would be so big -

- that it could swallow the sun.

And there would forever
rule darkness and winter.

Does it taste good?

So we decided to lean on the beast.

Only the dwarves could
make an unbreakable chain.

What should you be
when you grow up?

I have to take over the farm
and make it bigger.

- It takes great strength.
- Strength?

- I'm very strong then.
- Yes you are.

Do you eat bone marrow?

Bone marrow? What does it do?

It makes you strong. Very strong.

- But Thor said ...
- Thor says so much.

There are many bones in such a goat.

Who will notice,
that one single leg is missing?

- Probably no one.
- No, right?

As a mortgage, we should put down
an arm in his mouth on it, -

- so Tyr had to put his arm down
into the mouth of the beast.

And in the same second,
we tightened the chain ...

Haps! ... bite that arm off him.

You may not dare?


And today stands the Fenris Wolf
chained to Gleipner -

- in a cave in Jotunheim.

If the Giants grab the wolf ...

... there will be Ragnarok.

Who in the heat, hollow Hel ?!


People, come out here! Now!

Come out, I said!

Who has broken a leg on my goat?

Didn't I say
You shouldn't break any legs?

Who has broken the leg of my goat?

What? Who broke it?

It was me.

I knew something was wrong with you,
your little human fry.

Thor, you know boys at that age.
How were you not then?

- Should we go all the way to Valhalla?
- Maybe he can be useful.

Let's say that as punishment
for damaging the goat -

- will he go to Valhalla
as a service boy.

Service boy? He's way too thin.

He looks strong. Sif her
probably also need a hand.

That's a deal, then.

Congratulations, kid. That's not all,
who is allowed to serve the god of thunder.

- They can't take our child.
- He must take over the farm.

You can thank me another day.

Come on.

In this hole you stick
the knife in just as quietly.

Then you cut through the stomach.

Do you see that thing in there?
You cut it then -

- and then you pull out all the guts.
Okay? Then it's your turn.

- Why?
- Because I'm leaving.

Dad has a rash with his hands,
so now you have to learn it.

May I not come with you?

Now you cut that fish up.
Come on, take it.

No, come on.

Take the knife down here, and then ...

You will learn it.

Do you think we can talk now
with them so you can stay?

But it is
a great opportunity for me.

Røskva, wait.


I have to leave.

I will miss you.

Come on, put some weight in.

Come on, kid.

Are you strong enough to break a leg,
you can also push a cart.

Push then, weakling!

Then push when I tell you!

Put some weight in!

Do you think you are at home?
at the farm? Push!

Push when I tell you!

Push now, you human jerk!

Then push, you weakling!

I said he was useless.

Come on, boys! Pull!



What's going on in that wagon?

What are you doing here?

- You can probably use another hand.
- You're too small. Go home.

- Loke follows you home.
- What? No.

- Let's just take her.
- Take her?

Sif can probably use her fine,
small hands to something.

She becomes your responsibility.

Get out of that cart. Now!

How could you leave mom and dad?
You should just stay home.

Babe, come here.

She is your responsibility. Are you following?

Where have you been?
We sit and wait.

What is that?

Human children, long history.
What happened?

- He promised the chain would hold.
- Fenris?

- I said what the dwarves said.
- I do not care. You promised it.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Of course you know.

- Who's in the hall?
- All.

Come over here.

No matter what happens,
then you keep quiet.

No people have or have to
ever speak in the hall of the gods.

Is that understood?

Stay behind me.

The fenugreek was released.
The chain was broken by a giant.

- Of a giant?
- Yes.

It must be let through.

I suggest more guards in Asgård.

Have it ever
kept the Giants away?

We have to catch that wolf.
If the Giants find it,

- is that the end of the world,
as we know it.

- Where's the wolf, Tyr?
- In the deep forests.

Then we must lead there.

Thor, this has only happened,
because you are always gone.

Balder, you should spend more time
on the battlefield than in front of the mirror.

- Then you didn't need me.
- Balder, you're right, you fool.

You fly around and drink stiff.

Do you have at all
interest in us others more?

And it comes from
a scalded cripple, -

- whose main task was
to make sure the beast didn't let go.

A bald pan, one-armed cripple -

- with an army to provide,
there are no giants in Asgard.

What is wrong with you,
your self-absorbed, drunk goat?

- Don't you care about Valhalla?
- Be your mouth, Tyr.

The only thing that matters
for you, is food, mead and women.

I have followed your path here,
but your journey is just beginning.

Fate has big plans for you.
Hold on to hope.

Be brave. And most importantly:
Never lose faith in yourself.


Sit down.

One more word,
and I must take all your tongues.

Thor, get control of your slave.

You have to catch
and chain that wolf.

You must chase it.

Go to sleep.
We need to be healthy tomorrow.

Hold on to hope. Be brave.

Fate has big plans for you.
Never lose faith in yourself.

What is it?

Go away! I said go away!

It's just Quark.
You should not be afraid of him.

- Who is he?
- A fool.

Loke brought him home when he lost
a bet, and now we hang on to him.

You have to clean all the fish.
Thor comes home for food later.

Come on, Røskva.

The whole hut must be cleaned.
Quark, step over in the corner with you.

On it! The buckets are over there.


- Here!
- Here you go.

Give me one more horn!
And let it go a little thick.


That's not how you talk to your master.

- You treat us like a slave.
- You're a slave.

Sorry. My sister
can be quite stubborn.

No I am not!

I want to go home.

It is too late now.
You sneaked yourself in.

- But I miss mom and dad.
- Now don't.

They treat us like slaves here,
Tjalfe. Try to see where we are.

- How do you sound ungrateful.
- You can easily say that.

You're a boy.
You should take over the farm.

I just had to wash clothes
and make fish porridge.

- Yes, but you shouldn't now.
- Yes.

I have to do the same here.

Røskva ...

Try to understand the wild possibility,
we have got here.

To serve the gods is that,
everyone dreams of.

Perhaps one day
we get powers just like them.

There's a reason we're here,
and we don't need to know that.

- What are you doing?
- Quiet, they sleep.

- Now lie down.
- We need to get out of here.

We have nothing
with that wolf to do.

Fine, so go.

Tjalfe. Come on, come on.

We have to go.


Quark, you must stay here.
We're going home, and you're not going.

We can't take you.

We have to go home to our yard,
where only humans live.

Come on, Røskva.

Get away with you, you little rat!
We don't want you.

Why are you talking to him like that?

Just try to look at him.
He's nothing but a giant.

This is where the rainbow ended.

Røskva ...!

Don't want to join?

It's a bad idea, this.
We must go back to Thor.

- Never in my life.
- Are you going to live here?

No, but I want to go home
to mom and dad, to the farm.

Thor is our father now.

You're not yourself at all, Tjalfe.

Are you going?



I have not done anything!

How dare you
to speak to the King of Giants!

I didn't know he was.
Now let me just go.

Tell me who you are,
and what you're doing here.

My name is...

My name is Tjalfe,
and I serve the god of thunder, Thor.

Thor? Release him.

I come from Midgard.

- So you're a human child?
- Only a human.

- Why "only"?
- Because humans are under the gods.

Have you come here alone, Tjalfe?

No, I came with my sister.

- Røskva.
- A human girl?

Maybe it's the child of light.

Are you thirsty, Tjalfe?



Tjalfe ...

Could you imagine
to become as strong as a god?

Jo. Do you mean it?

If you come with me to Udgård,
where i live i can help you.

I can not.
I'm going back to Thor.

So you'd rather serve others?

Wouldn't you rather
have others serve you?

Come with me.


What are you doing out here? Quark,
you know, here's dangerous. Out!

This is no playground, this!

- How stupid are you? What?
- Don't worry, Thor.

- Where's the boy?
- Isn't he with you?

Like it,
that he is with me, maybe?

- He went to Valhalla.
- Which way?

Through the woods there.

It's a huge country. If he walked it
way, he's been taken by the Giants.

But then we have to find him.

We must do something.
Aren't you a god?

It is too late. You're probably coming
not to see your brother again.


- What are you doing out here?
- We're on a wolf hunt.

- Do you have any clues?
- Not a single track all day.

What are you doing with that?

We are on our way home.



Stay tuned!

Close to me!


How did you know,
the wolf was there?

- I could just feel it.
- Feel it? How?

When it's close to me,
can I feel it in my body.

How were you
when you were younger?

Have you had dreams,
where did you talk to the animals?

No, it ... No.

How about your house?

Have you ever found
stone circles or formations?

I've made some myself.

Show me them.

- Who taught you that?
- It's something I think of myself.

Loke, wake up.
I have something you need to see.

She is laying stones
as in the old prophecies,

- and then she has a very special
relationship with nature and animals.

But she is a human child.

I know,
it does not make sense.

The old fortune tellers were not mistaken.

It can't be her.

3000 years ago disappeared
Yggdrasil's upcoming queen.

The Wolves predicted she would
return to Valhalla, -

- when the time was right,
like the children of light.

Like a god child.

Is it you?

Well, I'm just a human being.

Exactly. That's why that's why
that it is completely wrong.

- I was trying to walk on the rainbow.
- And how did it go?

It didn't show up.

Bifrost only appears,
if a god enters it.

What were you doing in Midgard?

- I wanted to go home.
- And it should be the child of light?

Had you seen her standing in front of Fenris,
you wouldn't say that.

And kids can have a great one
effect on animals, right, Thor?

It is her.

Get her out of here!

There are too many people,
who has spoken in this hall.

Odin ...

I've never told you before -

- and I know well none of you consider
me to be the great thinker.

But this time you are wrong.

You promised,
I could become a god.

Of course.


- Should I drink it there?
- These are magical plants.

We all drink that.

It works. I can feel it.

It works. I can feel...

Then just wait,
that the girl comes to fetch him.

Now just rest for a while.
I will take care of you.

- Shall we let him get up there?
- Come on, Quark.

Røskva ...


Røskva ...

I can hear the dark breath.

Valhalla has never been weaker.

The relationship of the gods
is in solution.

They fail their duties as gods
and the people who worship them.

For a long time I have been waiting for the child of light,
there was to save Valhalla.


I think I got it by Frigg.
I'm not sure.

Have you had nightmares?

What else does the prophecy say?

Prophecy says that one day
the Fenris wolf will be so big -

- that it can eat the sun,
and darkness will reign.

It's Tjalfes.

Where is he? Is he alive?

The path?

- The raven was pointing south.
- Towards Udgård. Jætteland.

- You never get out of there alive.
- Then it must be my destiny.

Never believe,
that you can figure out your destiny.

We have to go to Udgård.

we need to talk to the eraser locks.

Stay behind me.

- Welcome.
- Then we meet again, Exit Locks.

What brings you to these edges?

We have come to fetch him.

And who is that dear little girl?

- I'm his sister.
- A human child.

I've come to fetch ...

Now give us that human child,
and then you get rid of more hassle.

You can have the boy,
if you agree to a gloom.

- We don't.
- We're bleak.

But it will be without Mills.
You may not dare?

I'm not leaving without my brother.

Move! Move, I said!

Don't look him in the eyes.

What do we gloat about?

If you are just as skilled
like me to drink, -

- you can also empty
my drinking horn in one go.

A drinking drink?
I can promise you that I can.

Now I have to show you,
how to drink in Valhalla.

I refuse to lose to a giant!
I need a blast more! Now!

Right must be right, my friend.
You get another chance.

- Arm with my queen.
- You do not mean that.

Are you afraid?

Come here, my friend.

Now that's enough!

I'm not leaving until there's someone,
who puts up a fight!

Who will fight with Thor? What?

An old wife?
Are you kidding me?

That's my mom.

Come on, Thor.

I'm not fighting old ladies.

But you can have a dance.

Run, Røskva! Race!


Cheers, Freja.

Didn't I say,
don't you have to show up here again?

Tjalfe, Loke and Quark are trapped in
Utgard. Thor danced with death.

- Get lost.
- Odin ...

Now let the young woman
have their say.

Thor is dead!

It can not be done.

It is true.

When do we stop
talking to people?

Should I peel your head off,
your little rat?

How dare you
to talk to Odin that way.

She may well go herself.

- She's the child of light.
- She's a human.

A little girl from Midgard
should not dictate our destiny.

She already does.
It's in progress.

Without humans, we are nothing.
They complete us. You know that.

No one will admit,
what power they have over us.

It's time you do it.
At least to yourself.

I was mistaken.

You are the children of light.
We are here for you, Røskva.

We face Ragnarok.
Only we can prevent it now.

We must enter the Giants stronghold
and having awakened Thor.

His hammer is the only thing,
that can defeat the Deluge.

Røskva, stay behind us,
until we have freed the entrance.




Thor! Thor!

Wake up now.

Thor! I know you're alive.

Wake up now.
I know that gods cannot die.

I believe in you as the god of heaven,
the god of thunder, Thor.

Race. Race. Run with you!



Come here!

Come here, children!


Tjalfe. Tjalfe.


Tjalfe ...


Tjalfe. Tjalfe.




We must get out of here! Came!



- We must be safe.
- What about Quark?

- Forget the fucking giant.
- We need him.

- Now that's enough for you.
- No, that's enough with you!

Come on.

Dear gods.

Today we have something to celebrate.

And that's the courage.

Someone once said to me,
that being brave is -

- to be terribly scared
and yet do the right thing.

That's very cleverly said.

There's one here,
which did the right thing.

One who had the courage
to listen to his heart and follow it.

It's an ability,
which we must never forget.

It makes me think,
if you are god because of his blood -

- or because of its actions.


Child of light.

Your actions
was not mistaken.

You have earned yourself
a chair at the table of the gods.

Please take your place.

- I can not.
- Røskva?

I do not belong here.

When I came to Valhalla,
I met a Valhalla in dissolution.

But not anymore.

You must stand together.
Valhalla must stand together.

We humans
need our gods.

I thank you with all my heart ...

... and for this chair.

But I have to go home to my family,
my people and my land.

Tjalfe and Quark are going with me.


You must have your wish fulfilled.

I will be here.

Are you sure?

If you go,
maybe there is a chair for me.

Come on, Quark. We have to go.

With this amulet
you will always be able to see Valhalla.

Thanks, Frigg.

Røskva ...


I'm watching you.




Come here.

Damn, I have something for you.

Thanks, Røskva.

What is it?

Say hello to the latest
a member of the family.

What's your name?

He can not speak,
but he knows so much else.

Let's see,
who can do it fastest?

Texts: Henrik Thøgersen
Scandinavian Text Service