Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) - full transcript

A thief awakens Valerie, just 13, taking earrings left to her by her mother. By morning, the earrings have been returned, Valerie's first period has begun, and a troupe and a missionary have arrived in her 19th century town. The thief is Orick; he reports to a cloaked constable who may also be the missionary. Attention to sexuality is everywhere: Valerie's grandmother's puritanical nature, the missionary's sermon to the town's virgins, the parish priest's attempt to seduce Valerie, and lusty adults at play. Valerie's nascent sexuality puts her in great danger. Can she navigate the passage from innocence to experience, a route teaming with vampires, a murderer, and an obscure family tree?



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Who's there?



forgive me.

Where are her earrings?

- Speak!
- I lost them, Constable.

You're lying, Eaglet.
You won 't escape punishment.

I'll put you to the water torture!


Bend over
so I can jump on your back.

Hurry up... brat.

Grandma, the actors have arrived.

You should be more interested
in the missionaries arriving.


Today or tomorrow.

One of them will stay with us.

Are you playing
with your earring, child?

I'm not a child anymore.

In fact, just last night...

At the age of 13...

...just like your mother.

I'm warning you.

Get rid of those earrings.

Your mother put them away
the day she entered the convent.

Your father was the bishop.

As you know,
they're both in heaven now.

Is there some secret
in these earrings?

Oh, no.

I got them at the auction
of this house..

...from a certain Constable.

You knew him?

Grandma, it's the actors!

No, that's a wedding.

Hedvika's getting married.

Kyrie eleison.

Lord, have mercy on her.

Deliver her from thy wrath...

Poor Hedvika.


She'll be
a rich landowner's wife now.


A monster!

It can't be him.

He's dead, after all.

Who are you talking about,

Go practice your scales.

Yes, Grandma.

“Beautiful maiden... was I who stole
your earrings...

...and then returned them
into your hands.

My uncle, the Constable,
longs to seize them.

He killed
my father and mother,...

...and now I fear for your fate.

In church today...

In church today there will be
a sermon for young maidens.

Please leave a dress of yours
for me in the arbor...

...that I might disguise myself
and speak to you in church.

Your poor Eaglet.”


Where are you, child?

lt's time to dress for church.

Grandma, may I bring
a sprig of rosemary?

I, a servant of the Lord...

...and a missionary...

...have come among you today,
dear maidens...

...for your instruction
and edification.

O virginal maiden... you know what you are?

You're an alabaster hand
proffered in greeting.

You're a pomegranate
yet to be split open.

You're a boat-shaped leaf,... opening rosebud.

The callous hand...

...that would touch your breast...

...would leave
an indelible imprint.

But I am here with you,
my maiden.

In place
of your guardian angel,...

...I bend down to you...

...and with
the most exquisite ointment...

...I bless your lips,
your breasts...

...your loins.



Valerie... it really you?

That monster tortured me.

Valerie, I want to give
you some advice.

- We're in the town square.
- Forgive me.

Hide your eyes.



Here I am.

First of all...

Where is the parish poorhouse,
dear child?

Over there, Father.

You're performing
an act of mercy.

Or perhaps you mind
taking me there?

Not at all, Father.

In God's name, I beg of you!

You go in first.

Go on. Don't be afraid.


This is my kingdom.


...come closer.


Come and you will see.



I know that you love me
no longer, my Gracián.

Just five years ago,
when you were last here...

...but now!

Away with you!

I'll whip myself!


Keep watching.

This is only a dream.

I'm asleep...

...and all this is a dream.

Did he hurt you?


He wants you to love him.

How can I love him
when I'm afraid of him?

That's exactly why.


I'm waiting for you,

Damned meddler!

Hands up or I'll shoot, thief!

Elsa...'s me.

Do you not recognize me?


It's been so long
since anyone called me... that name.

Why have you come, Richard?

I missed you.

Since the day you seduced
and abandoned me...

...I've never loved another man.

How sad.

How old you are now, Elsa!

You were 17 back then.

What I'd give to become
young again like you!


...tell me your secret.

I'll give you
anything you want!

Give me back this house.

That would be robbing Valerie.

You're ready
to commit far worse acts.

I'll do anything you say.


Let's draw up a little contract.

You will be young
and beautiful again.

It will happen tonight,... that miserly
landowner's wedding.

You're the devil!

This pearl will save you.

Eaglet, where's Valerie?

- I carried her off.
- To where?

The church tower.

Come here, you fool!

You will take me there too!

Let us pray.

Hear that?

Three times now the bells have
begun ringing and then gone silent.

This is excellent.

Hardship always leaves one
with an appetite,...

...and I experienced
a good many things...

...on my mission
among the cannibals.

We saved a young black woman.

She was very beautiful.

What became of her, Father?

We took her to our tent...

...and converted her to our faith.

She showed great talent.

Did she become a nun?

No, unfortunately.

We lost her in a French port.

Marta, where's the wine?

One day I'll tell you
what became of her.

She fell into immoral ways...

...and sinned against
the sixth commandment.

I'll give you a talk
on the subject, dear child.

Thank you, Father.

Your father, the bishop,
was a refined and sensitive man.

He'd faint when the prostitutes
came to confession,...

...and all the beautiful women
adored him.

I'll tell you more some other time.

How many children did he have?

He had you...

...and a boy named Eaglet.


What is it?

I have a headache.
May I go lie down?

- Dinner's not over yet.
- Forgive me.

Will you toast with us?

I've never had wine.

Today will be an exception.

In memory of the late bishop.


I've come to speak with you,
dear child.

Now, Father?

There is no better time
for contemplation.

What beautiful breasts
you have!

Please go away, Father!

What I desire from you
is sweet.

You're so lovely.

- You're magnificent.
- Go away!

You're ravishing!

I'll fight you off, you coward!

My death will be
on your conscience.

What have you done?

The fowl plague!

The fowl plague is here!

It is done.

My house is yours again.

And now we will wait
until midnight... the conjugal bed.


It is time.

All my dreams
have come to nothing.

Come. It is time.

I am old.

I shall grow old too.

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

Not a drop of blood.

Don't cry.

You look old when you cry.



- Don't look at me like that.
- Like what?

Kneel down.

Kneel down!

- Is it too cold?
- No.

I'm like a blind man.

There's an empty guest room
at our house.

You can rest there.

That bastard threw me down
from the tower.

The clapper of the bell
saved me.

I heard it toll very oddly.

I prayed for you.

The plague
is our best friend.

Without enough fresh blood,
my uncle the Constable...

- ...will die like an animal.
- You're so cruel!

He's been ripe for death
for a hundred years,...

...the monster.

It's nothing. Just a man
hanging from the window.

Where are we?

Still right under your house.

I'm afraid.

Be brave.

Who's inside these coffins?

Victims of the Polecat,
their veins sucked dry. Look.


Forgive me.
I wasn't suitably dressed.

This is your room.

I thought
this room was empty.

I arrived on the night coach.

Don't you recognize me?
I'm a distant cousin.

Call me Elsa.


And this is... my brother.


I've taken your room... would seem.

You're welcome to it.

No, I couldn't.
You'll find me another, won't you?

I'll ask Grandma.

Your grandma has gone away,
dear child.

Without saying good-bye?

Old people have
their odd whims.

But I'm sure you'll allow me
to stay in her quarters.

With pleasure.

This room is yours, then.

Here you are.

I'd love to go for a horse ride.

I'll lend you my horse.

I'm very tired.
I'm going to lie down.

You really don't recognize me?


You're not afraid of me,
are you?

But these are
silly questions, my dear...

...since we only just met.

My earrings!

Your sister
still hasn't returned?

Where's Valerie?
You must know.

You're adorable
when you're angry.

Where's Valerie?

I'll tell you on one condition.

You must make love to me.


Leave this room.


I'm not your guest here.
You leave!

You'll regret this.

You will die
a glorious death!

Die, Valerie!



Good night, my dark-haired girl

Good night and sweet dreams

When you wake

My love

Do not reveal your secret

Valerie, you're saved.

I heard everything.

My cousin's in love with you.

- Your cousin?
- I know.

She is Grandma.

She stole my earrings.

But they were empty.

Here lies their secret.

They'll protect you
from mortal danger.

Beware of the Polecat.

Where is he?

- He's dying.
- Poor thing.

He's bewitched you.


...I love you.

No, you mustn't!
We're brother and sister!

- The bishop was our father.
- That's not true!

Come back!

The Polecat is my father!

I will, I will not...

I will!

I'm dying!

I'm dying!

Now you know
what it's like to be old.

You're wasting your breath.

Valerie's dying.

I sacrificed her for my youth.

You're doomed just like me.

You'll suffer
the same convulsions.

Only your granddaughter
could have saved us both,...

...because she has my blood.

How could that be?
Her father was the bishop.

I was the bishop!

I'm Valerie's father!

You're lying.

Something to drink!


First tell me
how to prolong my youth.

Save Valerie.

In her blood lies our salvation.


Cursed Valerie!

It's me...


My child.


No, it's too disgusting!

I'm just a man again,...

...and I must die.

No, you won't die.

You saved me.


- Let me go!
- I'm a monster again!

Let me go!

Leave me alone!



My Gracián!

Your lover
is sleeping like a log.


Poor Gracián.

I have a plan, Elsa.

I need Eaglet's heart.

You mean to kill Eaglet?

His heart will revive my daughter
and give her eternal youth.

Richard, transplant Eaglet's heart
into my breast.

You're betraying Valerie.

Richard, you'll do as I say.

With a bleeding heart.


...why did I abandon you?


Why do you haunt me, Valerie?

Don't be afraid.

I'm not dead,
and neither are you.

I'll lead you out of here.

The rectory
is across the way, Father.

You tempted me to sin,
wicked girl!

You will get your due.


this is good-bye.

You abandoned me,

and that monster
defiled your lips.

We could have been
so happy together.

Trust me, Valerie...

...the Polecat is neither
your father nor mine.

You've prolonged his life.

I wanted to be your protector, friend,
and husband, but it's too late.

Farewell, Valerie.

Your Eaglet. ”

Valerie, what's wrong?



What's wrong?

I've been wasting away
since my wedding day.

- You must eat hearty soups.
- No.

I'm in a vampire's power.


...look at my shoulder.

Does it hurt?


- You notice anything about my lips?
- No. Why?

Aren't they stained?

You've been eating berries.

When you're with me,
I'm not afraid of anything.

I'm so happy-

I've never had a close girlfriend.

Valerie, I'm saved!

Look. The marks are gone.

Your kisses
have restored my health.

You're so beautiful.

There's a witch living among you.

She tormented me
with her sinful words.

She pressed
her fawning hips against me.

When she saw that I could
bravely resist her temptations,...

...she threw a noose
around my neck.

I thank God that I escaped
safe and sound.

But that witch... now hiding among you!

Hand her over!
She must burn at the stake!

That's a lie!
Don't believe him!

There's the witch now!

Don't believe him!
I swear he's lying!

Begone, Satan!

Seize her!
To the stake with her!

Confess that you're a witch!

Liar! Pyromaniac!


Hairy-faced clown!

Eaglet, why hast thou
forsaken me?

Here she is! She's lovely!

Our masters,
back from their travels,...

...will give us
their hands and feet.

They will rest their heads,...

...and we will kiss them.

Come here, you trollops!

You ever had
a good thrashing?


Drink deeply, Richard.

He's gone!

The Polecat!

May the power
of these spells be broken.

Good night, my dark-haired girl

Good night and sweet dreams

When you wake, my love

Do not reveal your secret


Where were you?

Where do you think, child?
I was at church.

Have the missionaries gone?

What missionaries?

What's the matter, my child?

Nothing, Grandma.


There's a strange man outside.

That's just one of the actors
wandering around the town.

My dearest... not go to the theater.


...have the horses
hitched up at once...

...and drive to the Blue Lake.

Don't shoot, for God's sake!



Your grandma is dying!


Dearest Grandma, what is it?


The mirror.

A coach with no coachman
has left the courtyard.

That's a good sign.

I've never had the courage
to tell you the truth.

Your mother loved
a certain young gamekeeper.

She gave him two children,...

...a boy and a girl.

But Richard, my lover,
told me the children were his,...

...and out of jealousy...

...I drove your mother
from this house.

I kept the little girl.

You are that girl.

Richard took Eaglet away
to some unknown place.

I drove your mother out
with the words...

“I'll take you back...

...when the horses
bring you back on their own.”

Then my mother's still alive?



My child.

This is your father, my dear.

I've seen your face
somewhere before, Father.

An early childhood memory,
no doubt.

Is all this but a dream?

If only your grandmother
would forgive me.

Good night, my wizard

Hear your fairy, how she cries

Hear her cry so hopelessly

The night weaves
a cloak of grief for her

Good night, my dark-haired girl

Good night

And sweet dreams

When you wake, my love

Do not reveal your secret