Valerie (2006) - full transcript

When a photo model gets replaced by a batch of new younger prettier girls, her life of riches melts in front of her eyes and she's forced to live like a homeless person in a parking lot of a high class hotel she once lived in.

Good evening. -Good evening.
May l be of assistance?
Thanks, l can manage.
Hey, Valerie. Where were you?
We're going to an after-show party now.
l got your coat for you.
Where's Jaro? -l don't know.
l'll be right there. -Okay.
You're staying here.
Yeah, right. l give up my entire life,
leave everything to be with you, and you ignore me all night.
lm sorry.
lt's been so long.
lm leaving now. lm tired.
See you soon. -l've heard that before.
Last time it took half a year!
You'll soon be seeing more of me than you want.
Jaro, is this yours?
Take it with you. -Bye!
You're really taking it? -Sure.
You're insane, Julia.
l'd better not catch bird flu because of you.
No animals. -Please!
No animals! -Goodbye, chicken!
Hey, Valerie! Come on, we're leaving.
Sorry, but l need some sleep. l have a casting today.
Oh, come on. l don't want to go without you.
l have my car here.
What are you doing for Christmas? -l don't know. And you?
My parents want me to join them in Cape Town.
But that's so boring.
And your furniture? -ln Paris.
l sold it to the next tenant.
And this is all you have?
Where's the elevator?
Over there.
Good morning. Room 328, please.
May l remind you to bring us your credit card.
Of course, um...
lt must be upstairs somewhere.
l'll bring it down. -Thank you.
Please come back later.
lm sorry.
Oh, shit!
How much is it going to cost?
About 12 euros.
Then we need to stop at a bank.
No problem.
May l please talk to Mr. Schneider?
But your colleague agreed to expand my credit line.
l was relying on that.
How am l supposed to know that?
Listen, l'll call you right back.
Valerie. Ellen van Laak Agency.
Can we see you walk, please?
Thank you.
Please ty it one more time.
lm very sorry. Do you have another card?
Suggest a solution.
The card seems to be faulty.
But l sinned with it just yesterday.
Would paying cash be a possibility?
l have an important meeting that lm already late for,
and right afterwards l fly to Paris.
Naturally, we can send you a bill.
l just need to make a copy of your passport.
What address should we send the bill to?
1l, All?e du Parc de la Beaver.
l500l Paris.
Thank you.
lm sorry, Ellen. l got held up in the hotel.
Hello, Val.
l don't have much time.
Great to see you. -lm happy to see you, too.
How was the casting? -Great.
You might be interested in this:.
A New Year's Eve Party in Dubai.
You'd stay in Dubai's best hotel,
and get 500 euros cash per day.
An escort job?
You know that l really like you. -l like you, too.
So l want to be straight forward with you.
Look, you were very successful, and made a lot of money.
lm sure you put some money aside.
l think you need... to start looking around.
What do you mean by ''looking around?''
Think about what's next.
Have you done that?
No need to panic, but... -Okay.
Did you find an apartment? -Not yet.
Where are you staying? -The Hyatt.
Wow. -Someone's treating me.
l have a plane to catch.
But l can still do the Dubai job, right?
l'll take care of it. Happy holidays!
l'll give you a ride. My car is right here.
That's not necessary. -Please! l'll be back in three minutes.
You have to pay first,
And this is not a racetrack,
lm in a hurry! Can't you open it for me?
No, you have to pay for your ticket first,
lm a hotel guest. -then go to the reception,
Come on, lm in a big hurry.
lm sorry,
Stop that, please! -Then open the damn gate!
l can't. -Why not?
lt's against the rules. -Salad!
l can recognize a French insult!
Can you get rid of this for me?
Do l look like a trash can?
lf you don't like the answer, don't ask!
'Salad' means bastard.
You're right.
There's no reason to be so disrespectful.
l respect you.
You look like a general in your uniform.
There's a trash can back there.
Good evening. -Good evening.
Can l stay at your place tonight, Is a?
Yeah, sure.
lt's kind of boring alone in the hotel.
No problem.
Two mojitos, please.
What are you doing here? -You're so enthusiastic.
Wanja:. Valerie. Valerie:. Wanja.
l just wanted to know if we could shoot some photos.
Nothing big. Ellen just wants something recent.
Sure, why not?
Tomorrow? -Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, sweetheart!
That's right. So what?
Yeah, okay. One more drink, please!
l like to pull your hair.
Good morning. -Good morning.
You're not allowed to sleep here.
What? -You can't sleep here.
l'll go up to my room.
To what room? -My hotel room.
l don't believe you're a hotel guest. -Then don't.
l'll risk my job if l let you sleep here.
lm not sleeping here.
lm just smoking a cigarette.
Smoking isn't allowed either.
lf you'd open the damn gate, you'd be rid of me.
Pay your parking ticket.
No money.
Can l have one, too? A cigarette.
A light?
Have a nice day.
Good morning. -Good morning.
Can you come back later, please? Bad timing.
No problem.
Can you show me your room card?
For your own protection. -Of course.
l must have left it at breakfast with my boyfriend.
l'd hate to have to go back downstairs.
Hello, Isa!
Can you call me back in 15 minutes?
lm just about to take a shower.
The extension is...
... 24l.
No! l didn't see you, so l decided to leave.
To what county?
To the countryside!
When will you be back?
l have to go.
Sorry, wrong room.
Hey, you! Wait a minute!
Merry Christmas! -Merry Christmas.
Come on in.
lt was worth the wait.
Yeah, come on over.
Look at me. Hey!
Turn your chin to the left. To the left.
Stay just like that.
Yes. Nice.
Turn around. Come on.
That was...
Just a minute. Stay like that.
We're done.
l want to get out of here.
Why do you want to leave?
You have everything.
l need to have some children.
At forty it's about time, isn't it?
Old fart.
And you as a sweet mommy, huh?
How about that?
A little screaming, shitting baby?
Yeah, l'd be a great mom.
Washing diapers every day.
We're making a Christmas goose.
You can stay if you want.
Merry Christmas.
Look at all the stuff l bought.
Even two different kinds of wine.
l borrowed the recipe from my mom.
So, let's get started, -Great.
ls this going to a be threesome? -Excellent idea.
l don't like roast goose.
Here. -Thanks.
Open it up! Maybe you won a car.
Five euros of any item. Not bad.
Even of the car.
We were just talking. -Right.
Move it. ''Fully loaded.''
And only comes once a year, so caution.
Are you here alone? -Yes.
lt's a pretty cool bar.
Usually full of nice people.
Do you have a cigarette?
No, but l'd like one myself.
This is... my sister.
Hey, we're sisters!
We grew up together in a castle. -Yep.
We can play the piano,
and we can speak French. -Yes.
Hey, young lady! Time to get up!
Hello, l'd like a pack of red Durant. -Okay.
Can l pay with a credit card?
Sorry, no.
Hey, it's Christmas.
Can't you give me one for free?
lm a Muslim.
Look, someone's in there.
l hope she's okay.
She's not moving.
Because she's sleeping.
She's not moving at all.
Come on, sweetheart, let's go.
What can l get for you?
An espresso, please.
May l keep you company?
lf you'd like to.
What is a beautiful woman like you doing here alone?
lm homeless and tying to warm up a bit.
You have a sense of humor.
l can see it.
l do, too. At least that's what they say.
Then it must be right.
How about a real drink?
Two whiskey sours, please.
Do you come here often?
Should we go sit in the corner?
lt's a bit more comfortable.
Coincidentally, l have an apartment near here.
lt's on the tweIfth floor.
lt has a great view.
And if we're lucky,
there'll be a chilled bottle of champagne.
Do you have something to eat as well?
Did l promise too much?
Am l wrong in thinking...
... that you have a ulterior financial motive?
What do you mean?
That you're a prostitute?
How much?
l don't know.
What are the prices like?
l don't want anything special. On the contrary.
May l use your bathroom?
Of course.
Wait a minute. Not like that.
What's so funny? -lm sorry...
The situation is just a bit strange...
Stop it!
How dare you hit me!
l think you should leave now.
l forgot my handbag!
Hey, Isenberg! l justwant my handbag!
Can we help you?
Can you break into cars?
Don't think lm a professional at this.
Not anymore.
Don't listen to him.
How can l ever thank you!
That's real easy.
We're having a small Christmas party. Please join us!
My name is Victor and that's Andre.
Merry Christmas, Valerie!
Now lm pouring you...
... your present.
That bore doesn't drink.
Prost. Na zdarovje. Sant?. Skald.
Andre was right.
About what?
Our stowaway is very beautiful.
l didn't say it like that.
Where are you from?
But you're not French.
lm Polish.
You can hear it. Like me. lm Russian!
Say, the Poles don't like the Russians, right?
No idea, it's been a long time.
What am l doing?
Are you married? -No.
lt's not good to be alone.
Andre's wife and kid took off. Bam! They were gone.
l'll show you a game now.
A terrible drinking game.
Are my chances that the gate will open bettter now?
Where are you going to go?
Why do you want to know?
lt seems you don't have anywhere to go to.
You're spending Christmas at work. l have the same impression of you.
l was about to ask if you want to stay at my place tonight.
Stay at your place? -Yeah, l have enough room.
l bet you think l'll be so grateful that l'll be easy game.
Okay, forget about it.
Get your car. l'll let you out.
Hey, Victor, lm leaving. -What?
You're the Christmas angel.
What are you waiting for?
l don't have the car key.
You can sleep on the couch in the living room...
... Or...
... in Lena's bed.
Can l sleep here?
Would you like some tea?
Do you take these?
Yes, to fall asleep sometimes.
They're not for falling asleep.
To help alcoholics stay sober.
You sure know a lot.
Did you start drinking because your wife left you...
... or did she leave you due to the drinking?
Can we talk about something else?
About the weather?
Sure, why not?
lt's gotten really cold.
Sure has.
But this is my room.
Yes, l know.
lm getting up now. -Okay.
Can you please bring her back on time tomorrow?
Good Morning.
l'll be right out.
Who is that?
None of your business.
l have a right to know who's here with my daughter.
Sorry for having a private life, too!
ls she your girlfriend?
No, just an affair.
And she slept in Lena's bed?
Things were too wild last night to find the right bed.
l don't want to know. -You're jealous, huh?
Andre has a love life again, how amazing.
Can we stop this and act like adults?
Thanks for everything, stallion.
Valerie! Wait a minute!
Where are you going? -To see Mr. Isenberg.
Should l announce you? -That's not necessary.
Hello. -Hello.
ls Mr. Isenberg in? -lm afraid not. What's it about?
When will Mr. Isenberg be back?
lm sorry. l don't know.
Then l'll try again later.
ls it about your handbag perhaps?
Yes, exactly. -lt's in the trash bin.
Excuse me? -lt's in the trash.
You'll find it there. Have a nice day.
May l ask what you're looking for? -My handbag.
You accidentally threw your handbag in the trash?
Not me.
My cell phone is missing.
Could you call me, please?
lm getting your mailbox.
Then please try again.
lt's your mailbox again.
l have to go now.
... if it shows up, then call me.
You have my number now.
Who's there?
The door was open.
No problem.
l just wanted to pick up my photos.
Sure, they're ready.
They turned out good.
What are you up to these days?
No big plans.
Can l make a phone call? My battery is dead.
Sure. Make your self at home.
l have to go.
See you.
Yes, hello? This is Valerie.
Could l speak to Ellen for a minute?
Okay, then l'll call back in half an hour.
Do you live here now?
lm not crazy.
l just wanted to make a quick phone call.
lm going now. -Okay.
Hello? It's Valerie again.
Hello, Ellen?
Thanks, fine.
l have new photos. Should l send them to you?
Okay, l'll do that.
What about Dubai?
l understand.
l'll do that.
See you soon.
What are you doing?
l must have fallen asleep.
You're not allowed to sleep here.
Are you a hotel guest? -Yeah, sure.
Then l'd advise you to go to your hotel room.
Come here, Charly.
Suits you well.
There you are.
Aren't you feeling well?
Take off that mask.
Are you sick?
lm fucked, Isa.
Do you want you a ride home?
l don't have a home.
l slept in my car the past four nights.
But why?
lm a miserable failure.
What are you talking about?
Eveyry thing will be okay.
Let's go back upstairs.
Okay. -Yeah?
See, it's better already.
Come on.
Good morning!
Good morning.
lt's so great to be engaged!
Why is that?
Fucking is much more fun. It finally has a purpose!
You should get engaged, too!
lm really sorry about the mess.
But l'll pay a ''special waste bonus.''
How do you say that in Polish?
There's no rush. l'll be gone all day.
What did she say?
She doesn't have all day.
lm sure you'll manage.
lsa, can you lend me some money?
Yeah, sure.
Here. That's all l have.
l guess l'll go now.
l'll call you.
Wait a minute.
You're not dressed warm enough.
l'll bring it back soon. -No hurry.
Just a minute.
Can we help you?
lm looking for my car.
Ms. Valerie Adamczyk?
Yes. -Hotel security.
You need to come along with us.
Where's my car?
lt was towed.
This way, please.
Valerie Adamczyk. Born in Gdansk, 19l4.
Registered in Germany since 1989.
Last known address:. 1l
l500l Paris.
ls that correct?
You are accused of:. trespassing,
acquisition by false pretenses, theft,
and illegal prostitution.
lllegal prostitution?
You supposedly lingered in the Hyatt bar
in order to meet potential customers. -Nonsense.
ln any case, we need an address where we can reach you
or we'll have to list you as homeless, and keep you here.
Go ahead.
You don't give the impression...
... that you sleep under a bridge.
Andre Bergmann.
Address? -l forgot.
Telephone number?
l forgot.
l have an Andre Bergmann at Pastor Street 21
10345 Berlin. Is that him?
Hello, Mr. Bergmann.
Police commissioner Fr?be. Ms. Adamczyk is here with me.
Valerie Adamczyk. Yes, Valerie.
She claims she lives with you.
l understand.
Since today.
Thank you.
You can go.
Babelfisch Translations Subtitles:. Stephanie Huffman