Valerie (1957) - full transcript

John Garth (Sterling Hayden) is tried for critically wounding his wife Valerie (Anita Ekberg) and murdering her parents (John Wengraf and Iphigenie Castiglioni.) His testimony is one of disappointment with Valerie, her unfaithfulness with Reverend Blake (Anthony Steele),and the continual nagging by her parents; a combination of events that drove him to violence. He makes no mention of having a bad childhood. Valerie, from her hospital bed, testifies of a nightmarish marriage, constant brutality and an unreasonable suspicion of Reverend Blake who befriended her in her misery.


Good morning Mr. Garth.

Hello, Barrett.

I brought a warrant Mr. Garth.
For both of you.

I prepared a statement

for you and for
the county attorney.

Get the horses, Mingo.

I don't like to do this, but

we found Lundy.

And the Hank Davis'
boy saw you riding off.

Tragedy...but unavoidable.

This will explain everything.

It don't look like she'll live.

-Valerie is alive?
-But not for long.

How is she doctor?

Not very well.

She's clinging to life by a thread.

She's a sinner and she got
what she deserved.

Mrs. Linsey,

we will not sit in judgment.

We have other things to do.

Come in, Reverend.

-I suppose you want to see her.
-If I might.

-She can't hear you.

Will she...
Will she live?

Can't say.

There's nothing more
I can do for her.

Poor girl.

Townspeople don't share
your opinion of her.

Well, the townspeople...

The townspeople are wrong.

It wasn't wise for you to come back, Reverend..
They called me back for the trial.

-There may not be a trial.
-What do you mean?

Lots of people in this town would like
to see John Garth freed.

They think the girl got
what she deserved..

What do you think?

Reverend Blake,

I don't make moral judgments.

I'm doing the best I can
for the girl.

Because one of Garth's
man was killed too...

Horvat could have drawn first.

Why should have Horvat
drawn on Garth?

Because Horvat's a foreigner,
and Garth's a local hero.

Because Horvat has a daughter
who tried to cheat Garth out of his money.

Failing that trying to
cheat off another ways.

-You sound like all the rest.
-Sit down, Reverend.

I just wanted you to know what
you're up against.

Why go through with this
pretense of a trial?

I'm going through with it because I have
some ideals above men like you.

Maybe I'm stupid, but I...

I don't like to give them up.

I'm sorry.

I'll help you all I can.


I hope you don't disappoint me.

Your Honour,

gentlemen of the jury,

thank you for giving
an old man

a moment to get his bearings.

It's been more than a few years
since I've tried a case.

Seems even longer since I left
my ranch to get here

I was retired and happily so.

I would not come out of retirement
for anyone,

but John Garth.

Whom I have known since the
day he was born.

I watched him grow
to sterling manhood,

I watched him ride away to war,

to gain new honours,
for the Garth name;

I saw him return.

And then,

with growing sadness,

I saw him married to the woman,

Valerie Horvat.

Gentlemen, I've seen much evil
in my day

but there is nothing so evil

as a debauched, immoral woman!

Objection, your Honour!

Let council confine himself to defense?


Very well,
I do not have to go on.

The facts will convince the jury

that John Garth fired his gun
in self-defence.

You may proceed to call
your witnesses, Council..

Call Earl Davis.

Put your left hand on the Bible
and raise your right hand, please.

You do solemnly swear
that the testimony you may give

in the cause now pending
before this court

shall be the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,

so help you God?


-Now you tell the court your name, please.
-Earl Davis.

You go to school here in Limerock?


Rest the time I help my pa
go hunting.

I see.

Now Earl,

do you know the defendants?

Eh?...Oh, yeah!

Earl, I want you to think back.

Did you see them on the 9th
day of this month?

-While I was hunting.
-What were they doing?

Riding home from the Horvat place.

How do you know it was
the Horvat place?

Because I heard shooting.

When I looked over there,
I saw Mr. Garth and Mingo leave.

Now, you were sure it was the defendants?

Yeah, it was them.
but I don't blame Mr. Garth one bit.

-If I were...
-Thank you, Earl.

That's all.


did you see who was doing the firing?

No sir, it was inside the house.

Well, did Mr. Garth
and Mr. Mingo

seemed to be running away?

Objection, Your Honour!



Very well.

Were the defendants riding rapidly?

No, sir.
Slow like.

Mr. Garth looked sad.

Then they did not seem to be
fleeing the spot

where they've just committed murder?



No further questions, Earl.

You may step down.

Call Reverend Steven Blake.

They're getting the preacher!

You are a minister of the gospel,
is that correct?

I am.

Do you recognize the defendants?

I do.

And you are acquainted with the
wife of the defendant, John Garth?

I am acquainted with her.

I will have quiet!

-Continue, Counselor.
-Thank you, Your Honour.

Reverend Blake,

when did you first meet John Garth and his wife?

-Earlier this year.
-Precisely when?

Well I'm not exactly sure.

You'd better be sure, Reverend.

Better be all mighty sure.

It was... it was the 15th of March.

Just conducted my first service
in Limerock.

I was a newcomer.

Not only to the region,
but to the entire country.

Therefore some trepidations
I was looking forward to,

meeting my new parishioners.

I couldn't help noticing Mr. and Mrs. Garth.

I guess no one else could either.

I enjoyed your sermon,

You appeal to faith into the heart
more than to fear.

I try to Mrs. Garth.

I hope to hear more of
what you have to say soon.

I'm sure you will.

-I enjoyed meeting you Reverend.
-Thank you.

My name's Jim Mingo, Reverend.
I work out at the Garth's place.

Nice meeting you.
Anything I can do for you?

No, thanks,
I just come to give you this.

come to see me.

I know you are my friend,
and I need your help very much.

Valerie Garth."

-Who gave you this?
-Mrs. Garth.

Does Mr. Garth know about it?

I guess so. He was standing right there
when she gave it to me.

thanks a lot.

-I'm looking for Mr .Garth.
-My name is Garth..

But you probably
want my brother.

-In the house, down that way.

-Good morning, Reverend.
-Good morning, Mr. Garth.

I'm very glad you came.

My wife has not been well lately.

You mean physically?

I wish it were that simple.

Illnesses of the body are so
much easier to cure.

She seemed very
animated in the church.

She seemed to respond to you, Reverend?

Otherwise she takes
no interest in anything.

Something deep inside seems
to be disturbing.

I suppose we'll talk to her.


Make yourself at home, please.

-Perhaps she's asleep.

No, I'll get her.
Excuse me.


I'm happy to see you again,

I've been looking forward to it
ever since I got your note.

That note was an error.

I do not know why
I wrote it.

Of course you know, my dear.

You though the Reverend
could help you.

But I don't need any help.
I'm perfectly happy.

Darling, knowing the Reverend is a very busy man.
It was nice enough to come here.

The least you can do,
is talk to him.

It is because he is a busy man

I do not wish to
take up his time.

-Perhaps if come back here again.
-It isn't necessary.

But I say it is.
Please do come again, Reverend.

-I think it's the most important.
-I will.

Goodbye, Reverend.

Goodbye to both of you.

Excuse me, Reverend.
My name is Louis Horvat.

Yes, I know.
How do you do, Sir?

-My wife, Lily.

We understand you
visited our daughter, Valerie.

-I saw her quite recently.
-Please, how is she?

Well, haven't you been
seeing her lately?

No... my husband has
been sick...'s such a long ride.

Valerie thinks very
highly of you, Reverend.

Would you watch out for her?

She told me she didn't
need my assistance.

But she does,

she does.

visit her again.

You are the only one
who can help her.

As a man of God

I beg you.

Well, hello preacher,
you back again, eh?

Yeah, where are you going?

From now on,
I will sleep up in the bunkhouse.

-You come to see the Missus?
-Yes. How is she?

Who knows?

Does my brother know
you're here?

Your brother invited me.

He did?

Well then, you just
go right on in, Reverend.

Are you finally talking to the Reverend,
do you?

-Let me go, let me go!
-Calm yourself!

I'm sorry, Sir, I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.

Is there something I can do?

No, no, I'm quite capable
of taking care of my wife myself.

Good day, Reverend.

"In the name of God,

take me away tonight or
it will be too late,

I beg of you,

Mr. Garth?

Mr. Garth?

Mrs. Garth!

Mrs. Garth!

Mrs. Garth?

Mrs. Garth?

You let me marry-chase, Reverend.

I looked for you,
your wife needs a doctor.

Not just yet.

it's plain you're running
away with her,

so what I'm gonna do
is perfectly justified.

This is the biggest
mistake of your life, Reverend.

I see.

Where did you take
Mrs. Garth, Reverend?

Into town, directly
to Dr. Jacksons's place.

Why, what was wrong with her?

Must I... Must I answer
that question?

Yes, Reverend,
you must.

Mrs. Garth was going to
have a baby.

the building was locked.

There was a note
saying that Dr. Jackson

has been called to
Great Crossing

and wasn't be back
until the following day.

Under the circumstances,

I thought it's best to take
Mrs. Garth to her parents' home.

I see.

Then what did you do after that?

I rode to the sheriff's office.

The deputy Jim Moran
was on duty.

I reported that John Garth had
threatened to kill his wife

and myself.

Did the deputy say
he'd do anything?

He said he'd
take care of the matter,

and I went home to
change my clothes.

It was on the way back
that I heard of the murder.


to the use of the word "murder".


The witness's remark will be stricken.

Reverend Blake,

what did you do after that?

I saw sheriff Barrett and

I went to Benton City to report to my superior.

Then it did occur to you,

that by carrying a woman away
from her husband's home,

might be jeopardizing your
position in this community?

She was unconscious and needed help.

There was no-one in the house.

At the time, I was sure it
was the best thing to do.

And I'm still sure.

Thank you, Reverend.

Your witness, Counselor.


you know the penalty for perjury.

I do.

Yet you persist in telling the jury

that John Garth
was present

on all numerous occasions
you visited his wife.

Yes, Mr. Garth
was always present.

Doesn't it strike you as peculiar,
that on one night, the night that you took her away,

the night you allegedly needed his help,

he wasn't there?

Yes, it did seem strange at the time.

Almost as though it had
been planned that way.

Do you still have those letters
you mentioned in your testimony?

-Yes, I do.
-May I have them?

"In the name of God,
take me away tonight,

or it will be too late.

Signed: Valerie."

Doesn't it sound as though the planning,

if any,

was on the part of Mrs. Garth?

That she knew her husband wouldn't be there

and this was your one
chance to run away together?

I don't know what it sounds like.

I went because I thought
she needed help.

Your Honour,
I request that these letters

be entered in the record.

No objection.

Let them be entered.

you testified,

that when John Garth
caught up with you,

you forced him to
leave at the point of a gun.

That's corret.

Do you always carry a shotgun...

in the performance of your
ministerial duties?

I keep a shotgun in my buggy.

I do a bit of hunting.

-What was that?

Under examination,

you stated you thought
Valerie Garth a beautiful woman.

-She is.
-Of course.

And, on that night,
that long night,

weren't your arms around this
beautiful woman

when her husband found you?

She was unconscious and
I was trying to revieve her.

Well that's only putting it relevant.

Perhaps the lady had swooned
from the ardors of your attention.

Everything I said in this room...

Everything I said in
this room is the truth.

No further questions.

You're excused,

Listen, John,
you're on trial for your life.

I may have to ask some very
embarrassing questions this afternoon.

and I want straight answers.

none of this noble stuff,
you understand?

-I understand.

Now, what about your borther Herb?

What about him?

Can he be of help to us?

No, he doesn't want
any part of this.

I heard he's pulling out of town.

Your full name.

John Huntington Garth.

-Cattle rancher.

Any war record?

I served with the Union army for 5 years.

-What rank?

Did you enter service
with that rank?

No, I volunteered as a private soldier.

And received numerous citations for bravery.

No, not numerous.
Three to be exact.

At the end of your service,
did you return immediately to Limerock?

I travelled awhile first.

What brought you home?

Word of my father's illness.

He's been a strong man

and best of health
when I left for the army.

Word of his illness was most
sudden and unexpected.

I arrived too late,

my father already passed away.

He was a fine man.

His passing affected me deeply.

My brother Herb helped
me bridge my sorrow.

It was good getting back to work

and to people I knew and loved.

Though, in my absence

the town had grown and prospered
with many new settlers from everywhere

But, for every change,
every new face,

was something or someone
I remembered from childhood

Who are they?

Settlers, the name's Horvat,

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Now, Mr. Garth!

Ma'am Horvat,
I'm glad to meet you.

-Won't you come in, please.
-Thank you.

Do you mind?


Like all the cattle,

I suppose this little creek is yours too.

And the river it runs into.

I can't get over the size of America.

It's so vast.

Must have made many men rich.

Yeah, those with
the strength to tame it.

-You have the strength.
-No, my father did.

Perhaps he had a little too much.

Made him difficult to
live with sometimes.

But he made himself a new rich.

Thank you very much.



Aren't those our cattle down there?

Best breeding stock there is.

-But where are the others?
-I sold them.

Then, you must have
received a lot of money.

Yes, I did.

Good, having money is so much
more appealing than having cows.

Cattle, darling, cattle.

Well, I'm afraid I don't thave it.


Val, do you remember
those buildings in town?

-The school, the library?

Well, my father was
a very generous man.

He was forever pledging funds
for things the town needed.

now I'm having to pay back
all the money he borrowed to

to meet those pledges.

Then, we're quite poor.


We have more land than
you can ride across in a day.


To you, Valerie,

my bride.


how long does it take to
re-build a herd of cattles?

Well, I don't know.
Couple of years maybe.

Why do you ask?

Why didn't you tell me
that before our marriage?

What difference does it make?

You'll always have a roof over your head,

the best food in the state,

and me.

Isn't that enough?

I'm tired,

I think I'll go to my room.




Val, can you hear me?

I'll take care of it
the first thing in the morning.


You get those flannel bills and papers
all cleared away?

Yeah, I'll clear it.

How was it down at Mesquite Bottom? Hot?

Sure, it was hot, alright.

Yeah, I bet it was.

-Oh, eh, did you get everything that I wanted?

My borther in the house?

Do you always think
about your borther?

No, not always.

Do you ever think about me?


Am I so difficult to look at

that you can ignore
me just like that?

No, you ain't so
difficult to look at.

If you excuse me,
I'll go to find John.

John is not at the house.

Why do you dislike myself?

I never said I disliked you



I want us to be friends.

What's the matter?

Thinking of your brother again?


thinking what a bright idea
he had marrying you.

You despise me, don't you?


I guess I do.

But you would give
anything to kiss me.

Or would you have to
ask your brother?

-Where is Valerie?
-Your room, I guess.

What are you doing with that?

Pulling out.

What's the matter, Herb?

Aren't you happy here?

You are running things now,
you don't want me around.

Is it Valerie?

That's why you are leaving?

Could be.


You don't have to leave,
this is your ranch, too.



you're not leaving?

I guess, I am.

But why?

You'd better ask my brother.

Don't touch me!

Like all explorers who journey
into new regions, my friends,

I'm looking forward very much
to meeting my new parishioners.

Don't you think the new pastor
is an interesting looking man?

-Be careful with him, Lundy.
-He and me.

have been friends for a long time.

-Well, Reverend, this is a surprise.
-Good morning, Mr. Garth.

I'd like to speak to
you for a moment.


I've just had a talk
with your wife.

Oh, wish I'd been there...

Mr. Garth, I'm gonna
speak to you frankly.

Go ahead.

You wife's a very
unhappy woman.

She's nervous, irritable, easily excited.

-I know that.
-Do you have any idea why?

-I prefer not to talk about that.
-Why not?

Well, let's just say that's
a husband's right.

I don't wish to pry,

but maybe I could be of some service
to both you and Mrs. Garth.

Oh, how?

Well, I'm not exaclty sure, but

with your permission
I'd like to try.

You're a man of God,

You think you can help,

would be wrong for
me to stand in your way

so you can feel free to call
any time you wish.

Thank you, Mr. Garth.
I'll come back tomorrow?

Any time at all.

And of all the places
my uncle visitied,

Vienna was always his favourite.

-Good evening.
-Hello, darling.

Mr. Garth.

Go on.

My father once asked him: "why?"

My uncle, who had quite an eye for these things, replied:

"The two most precious things in the world:


No, thank you.

and beauty."

And Vienna provides both in ample measure.

Peace, when you've had enough of its mellowing wine

and beauty in the form
of its enchanting women,

whom men can never
have enough.

You tell the most
charming stories, Reverend.

Yes, and he never
runs out of them either.

I had no idea it was quite so late.

I hope I didn't exhaust you,
Mrs. Garth.

On the contrary,
you exhilarated me.

I'll walk you to the door.

Please, don't go
for awhile.

I'm sorry, but I had a hard day.

I think I'll turn in.

-Good night, darling.
-Good night.


sit here.

Haven't you learn to knock?

Please, get out.

Goodbye, Mrs. Garth.

I'll be looking forward
to seeing you again.

That was fine exhibition!

Must you shame me in my own house?

Mr. Garth?

You alright?

What happened to you,
Mr. Garth.

I don't know...

I don't know...

Must have been something
I ate for supper.

I just reached here to check
the stock and I collapsed.

Where is Mrs. Garth?

She ain't here.

Where is she?

She left.

Where did she go?!

With the preacher.

I tried to find you,
Mr. Garth!

I've come to take
you home with me, Valerie.

She's not going with you.

You can't get away with this,

Start riding.

I suppose I should have
tried to stop them, but...

in spite of everything
I didn't want Valerie to get hurt.

We understand, John.

To what do you attibute the collapse

the night your wife ran away?

Seems obvious.

The food I ate at supper's been tampered with.

Your witness.

You haven't quite
finished your story, Mr. Garth.

Tell us

what happned the next day?

I went to get my wife.

Precisely. At her parents' home?

With the idea of
killing all three of them.

That is not true.

I love my wife.

All I wanted to do
is bring her home.

-Well, what prevented you?
-Her father.

He started shooting as soon
as Lundy and I entered the house.

We had to fire in self-defence.

Mr. Garth,

he presumed to outshoot two armed men?

He had his gun ready,

ours were still in their holsters.

Oh, I see.

Mr. Garth, on the day that you went
to the Horvat ranch to get your wife,

did you know that she
was going to have a child?


Didn't she tell you?

If she told me I would
have known, wouldn't I?

Mr. Garth,

is there any reason why
your wife should have kept

such an important fact from you?


I couldn't have been the father.

Your Honour,

I move this heinous charge of murder be dismissed,

on the grounds that John Garth

did what any man in this room would be proud to do.

I will clear the court!

Counselor, I have been advised that Mrs. Garth is able to testify,

therefore I deny the motion for dismissal.

Your honour,

will Mrs. Garth testify for
the defence or for the prosecution?

I don't know,

but since this is trial for murder,

with man's life at stake,

the court will call Mrs. Garth.

Where is Mrs. Garth?

Her condition will not permit
her to enter the courtroom.

Thefore, court will adjourn to Dr. Jackson's clinic

after an hour's recess.

Do not discuss this case with anyone.

And permit no-one
to discuss it with you.

The court is now recessed.


Mrs. Garth,

you realize the court desires to hear
whatever you may have to say

that will throw light on this case.

However, it does not with
to jeopardize your health

or your life.

I'm well enough for this.

Raise your right hand, please.

You do solemnly swear
the testimony

you may give in the cause
now pending before this court

shall be the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

so help you God?

Tell the truth,

all of it.

I do,

I swear to tell the truth.

We know what a strain
this is on you, Mrs. Garth.

We'll eliminate the cross-examination.

Just tell your story as best you can.

Thank you, Your Honour.

I guess...

it all began when we first arrived in America.

Refugees from a foreign land

seeking a new home,
a land of opportunity

where all of us could
make a fresh start

The church was the only link

with the world we had left behind.

It helped to ease the homesickness

that we felt at first.

Then, I was aware that
two men were watching me.

There was a family resemblance between them.

and I found out later that there were brothers.

I liked the way one of them looked,

his kind face.

Then one day there was
a visitor to our house.

And then I heard my father say,

he did honour him by calling at our home.

My parents were much impressed

for the sort of a man of position and wealth.

But he was the brother
of the man whose face I had liked.

But I wanted to please my parents

so I consented to his calling on me

Mr. Garth lost no time in proving
to me the extent of his wealth.


You see all that land?

Did you have a pleasant ride, my darling?


He said he spoke to you
about marrying me.

Is that true?

Yes, we've reached an agreement.

-Why didn't you tell me?
-We wanted him to tell you.

But I'm not in love with him!
Why must I marry...?!

Valerie, darling, you must trust your mother and myself.

Mr. Garth comes from
a very respected family,

love will come to you in time.

If our families are
united in marriage,

it will establish us here.

And you need not feel
inferior, my darling.

We have a great affinity to custom

to give Mr. Garth a substantial amount
of money as your dowry.

Yes, quite substantial.

But we feel it is an investment
in your future happiness.

But I don't know him.

He frightens me...

He seems so strange...

My darling,
it is sudden, I know,

but there is time.

It will be alright.

Bless you,
my dear,

-Bless you.
-Thank you.

-Don't I get to kiss the bride, brother?
-Sure, Herb.


Sit down, my bride.

-What were you doing in there?
-I was unpacking.

Your trousseau?


And you have a nice trousseau.

Lots of soft, silky things,

like the things you are wearing?


You seem frightened.

I don't mean to be.

You weren't frightened
when you kissed my brother.

That was nothing.
Just a matter of custom.

Just a matter of custom?


custom is a very important thing to you,
foreigners, isn't it?

Do you know how much I got for marrying you?

-My dowry?

$15.000 for making
you a Garth.

Do you think it is worth it?

Please, please, don't!

It's romantic, isn't it?

Just the way you've always dreamt of
romance and marriage.

I'll do my best to
be a good wife.

You're gonna begin now!

You are hurting me!

What's the matter with you?


This will make all seem better.

Take it.

Take it!

No, no, try again.

Drink it!


Makes you feel better
already, doesn't it?

This will make it
seem even better.

-Drink this, too.
-I don't want to!

Why don't you pretend
it's my brother asking you.

You'd go along soon enough then.

I hardly even know your brother.

Well, I know him,
I know him real well.

I know what he wants, too.

Tha land, the cattle, the ranch,

and you.

How can you speak
of your brother like that?

Don't you ever talk
to me about brothers.

I've had 4 years of brother fighting against brother..

Spying and informing on brothers.

You see...

You see, that was my job during the war,

to break brothers down

to torment them, to whip them, to torture them,

until I got them to implicate
and condemn their own brothers.

That was my job.

Four long and sickening years!

So don't you ever try to trick me!

Don't you ever try to trick me!

With my brother

or with anyone else.

Let me go, let me go!

Let me go!

Please, not like this,

Where is he?

He'll be here in a second.

Valerie, give him a chance.

What do you mean?

Well, he went through a lot in the war.

I was the lucky one, I was
too young so I stayed at home.

But he had to do the fighting
and the killing.

I know!

He told me all that!

Well, all he needs is a chance,

a little time to work things out.

he'll be alright again.

Will he Herb?

Will he?

Try, Valerie,


He is my husband,

I'll be a good wife.


what you've been
doing, Herb?

Oh, getting all these final bills and papers cleared away.

How was it down at Mesquite Bottom? Hot?

Yeah, it was hot alright.

-You invited him for dinner?
No, I haven't.

Well, invite him. Don't you
foreigners have any manners?

Don't you think you've had enough?

You're always planning to take something
away from me, aren't you, Herb?

It's funny how long you've
been jealous of me.

The younger brother,

cheated out of everything.

Good times,


So now you try to get even,

by going after my wife.

That isn't true!

Isn't it?
You think I'm blind?

You think I don't know what's been bothering
you ever since I told you I was gonna marry Valerie?

I'm sorry,

I was hoping things might
be just a little different.

If I ever catch you two together,

I'll kill you both!

Oh, what are you
doing out here?

I'm looking for John.
He's been gone all day.

Probably in town getting drunk.

What did he use on you last night?

Prisoner interrogation method no. 3?

I'd rather not talk about it.

I guess I was wrong about him.

He isn't any good.

He's my husband.

Valerie, I'm pulling out.
I want you to go with me.


I can't.

But you can't stay here.

I've been watching him
these last few months.

He's getting worse.
He's like an animal.

Look what he's done to you.

He's broken you the way he used
to break the prisoners in the war.

Stop that, stop!

What don't you understand about him?

Don't you know our pa went broke

trying to pay for his gambling & drinking

while he was running around the countryside?

Valerie, don't you know
why he married you?

I know it all.

Then come with me
for your own good!

I can't.

Please, don't ask me why.

-You're leaving, Herb?

Yeah, I think that way
will be better for all of us.

It's nice to meet you,

Well, the new Reverend certainly
has a way with words, doesn't he?

He's an educated man.

Maybe he's too educated.

Folks around here won't trust him.

Come on!




What's keeping you?

You know, Val,

I sometimes forget
how pretty you are.

The way Blake looked at you today

I have the most beautiful wife in town.

I don't think the Reverend
is interested in my appearance.

That's where you're wrong.

Is tormenting me your only amusement?

I'm just a jealous husband, that's all.


I would like to leave the ranch
and return to live with my parents.

It is not for my own sake.

I'm going to have a child.

When did you find that out?

I have known that for some time.

I'm longer able to

adjure the life you've
made for me at the ranch.

I don't want a child.

I don't want to
support your brat.


there is nothing either one
of us can do about it now.

Isn't there?

Valerie, wake up!

Val, open the door.

Open up!
Open up!

Alright then.


Valerie, why are you
so frightened of me?

You tried to kill me this morning.

I have no intention of
killing you now.


Val, you want to be free of me?


Come on.

I won't hurt you darling.

Come along.

Sit down, please.

Val, I want you to
understand something,

because if you do, maybe you will be willing to help.

Help you?

And yourself,


our baby.

You see, if I were to let you go

so you could divorce me,

why, you'd have every right in
the world to sue me for the return of the dowry,

maybe more.

Even though I'm a Garth,
and you're a foreigner,

but you might win your case.

Just let me go, please.

I won't ask for anything.

A woman with a baby can
become very graspy.

Especially with a mother like
yours whispering in her ear.

I give you my word.

That's not good enough.

I think it'd be better if you wrote a little note

to someone new in these parts.

A handsome, educated man.

Someone people don't know

and therefore probably resent a little bit.

-The new minister.
-That's right.

You see,

I'm gonna divorce you.

And to make that possible,

you're gonna have a lover.

No-one will believe it.

Oh, people are always
willing to believe the worst.

Now, will you write the note?

I can't.

-Write it!
-No, please!

Write it!

I can't!
I can't!

You'll write this note!

He's here.

Go into your room,
stay there until I call you.

I beg of you!

Do as I tell you.

Think about your baby.

And of all the places
by uncle visited,

Vienna was always his favourite.

He stand for hours outside
St. Stephen's Cathedral,

admiring its peace and beauty.

Mr. Garth!
Mr. Garth!

Now, what is it?

Your wife isn't feeling well,
maybe you'd better come in.

Mrs. Garth,

I'll say goodbye,

I have to get back to town.

Thank you, Reverend.

Mr. Garth, perhaps you'd better call a doctor,
check your wife's condition.

Thank you, Reverend, I can
take care of her myself.


looks like you've got
the good Reverend worry.

If you hadn't come in,

I would have told him the truth.

I think it's time you wrote
him another note,

an important one.

No, please.

During the war, Valerie,
as I've told you,

my job was gaining
information from prisoners.

I had a reputation

for always getting what I wanted.

You think the good Reverend has
received your message by now?

Here, drink this,

it'll make you feel better.

Drink it!

Here's to you and
the good Reverend.

There, there,

you are safe now.

How did I get here?

Do not talk,
just rest.

-Where is she?
-There's nobody here.

-Where is Reverend Blake?
-He's gone.

Where is Blake?

He's not here.

That's too bad,
I guess I'm a little late.

I thought you two
would be together.

It was in this room,

under dr. Jackson's care,

that I came back to consciousness

and learned...

that my parents were dead.

Your Honour,

I cannot help but believe
that this woman

has distorted the truth to
conceal her shame.

I pity her,

yet, I submit we cannot believe her.

As proof,

let me call your attention to the letters.

That she was forced into
writing them against her wishes

is inconceivable!

These your Honour,

are of a comparatively
recent origin.

Mrs. Garth, how did
you receive those burns?

The second letter
to Reverend Blake,

the one asking him to take me away,

I didn't want to write it...

my husband...

These burns, your Honour,
could not have been self-inflicted.

-Don't make me kill her.
-I will not...

Everybody out of here except Blake!

Mr. Garth, you are destroying
whatever sympathy the court...

I don't want your sympathy.
Now, everybody clear out!

You Reverend,
lead the way.

She can't be moved!

She'll die if you don't
do as I say.

Clear the way, preacher.

Hurry up with the horses!

Step aside, Reverend.

For her sake, let him go

I know what I'm doing.

Put that away, Herb.


This is one time you're not
gonna have your way, brother.

Is he..

Is he..
Is he..


He'll be alright.