Valentine in the Vineyard (2019) - full transcript

Back for the third installment, Frankie and Nate manage life on the vineyard and plan a wedding in secret.

["One Fine Day"
performed by JJ Pie playing]

♪ Shooby-dooby-dooby
Dooby-doo-wop-wop... ♪

♪ Shooby-dooby-dooby
Dooby-doo-wop-wop... ♪

♪ One fine day ♪

♪ You'll look at me ♪

♪ And you will know our love ♪

♪ Was meant to be ♪

♪ One fine day ♪

♪ You're gonna want me
for your girl ♪


♪ The arms I long for
will open wide ♪

♪ And you'll be proud
to have me ♪

♪ Right by your side ♪

♪ One fine day ♪

♪ You're gonna want me
for your girl ♪

You know, Mittens...

this would go a lot faster

if you'd pick up
a pair of pruning shears

and help out.

We have nearly twice the crops
since we expanded,

and I could really use a hand...
or a hoof.

[Mittens brays]

I'll take that as a "no".
[Mittens huffs]



Worth a shot.

Frankie. Hi.

Hey. You're late.

No, I'm not.
I said I'd be here around noon.

It is...

Exactly. It's "around noon".

Mm, sorry. "Around"
is five minutes either side.

- Since when?
- Since they invented time.

And that was, what,
around 3,000 years ago?

Mm. Give or take five minutes.

You know, you are impossible,
Frankie Baldwin.

Right back at you,
Nate DeLuca.


Here. Now.

Get back to work.

Really? You're gonna go from
that sweet, romantic moment

to business,
just like that?

You're not worried, are you?

Me? No.

Mittens, however,
is riddled with anxiety, so...

Yeah, so it seems.

Listen. It's gonna be
a lot of extra work,

but the demand
for Sorrento Wines is huge.

We're gonna finish the Cabernet,
gonna maybe add a Merlot.

Next year, a Chardonnay.

It's time to expand.

Yeah, but what if...

No, no "what ifs."

No "what ifs."

Come with me.

Come on, I want
to show you something.

See this?

Every single one of these acres
is 300 cases of wine.

Now, we have this

because we don't worry
about "what ifs."

We also have it

because we took out
a huge bank loan

and bought them
from our neighbor.

Frankie, we had
a fantastic first year.

Yes, but we invested it all
in the expansion.

We put up Sorrento
as collateral. What if--

No. No "what ifs."

- Hypothetically--
- That is a fancy "what if."

I'm just saying
we took a big risk.

And you don't like risks.

And you do.

That's why everyone says
we're the perfect pairing.

Speaking of which...

Oh, not the drone.

- I hate that thing.
- I know.

[Frankie sighs]


Wait. What is that?

What's going on?
What is happening?





The land that we're on
is not just our future.

It represents us...

and who we are.

And it is so much more
than just a vineyard.

'Cause I can see us,
in that big house over there...

and our kids
playing in the field.

And I can see another llama

because it's just too much for
Mittens to handle on his own.


I can see us
getting old together...

...having grandchildren
to spoil.

Just you and me,

standing out on the bluff,
underneath the sunset.

That sounds like
a great future.

Frankie Baldwin...

[inhales deeply]

[exhales slowly]

Will you marry me?



I love that thing!



So, should we tell everyone

at dinner at your mom's house?

A DeLuca marrying a Baldwin?

That should make

for some interesting
dinner conversation.

Oh, please. Everyone's over
the whole family-rivalry thing.


[alert chimes]

One sec.

Mm. I gotta go.


You're going to work on
my Valentine's Day present,

aren't you?

Maybe! Why?
Are you going to work on mine?

What are you getting me?

Valentine's Day
is in four weeks.

You'll find out then.

That's why they call it
a surprise.

You don't like surprises.

I love 'em...

for other people.


It's a little bit early
for Valentine's Day cards,

isn't it, Shay?

Well, it was either this,

or go over
our bio-chem notes again,

so the choice was clear.

Don't worry.

Got one
for my favorite study buddy.

I'm your favorite?

When they assigned us
as partners,

you asked me if I was having
a mid-life crisis.

I'm a dog walker

who can't even decide
what I want to major in.

Why would you listen to me?

[both chuckling]

Is that--



Are you...

[Shay yelps]

Shh, shh!

Ah! Was it,
like, so romantic?

It was very romantic, yeah.

When are you getting married?

You know...
we're not sure.

It's gonna be crazy
with the new expansion.

Probably not until next year.
You know.

Boo! I can't wait that long.

You are very invested
in my relationship with Nate,

especially considering
you've never met him.

Well, that's only
because you're keeping

your college life a secret.

Well, this is
the last class I need

before I will finally
have my degree,

so it won't be a secret
much longer.

Aw! This is so sweet.

Before, you were doing this
for your science-nerd boyfriend

and now you're doing it
for your science-nerd fiancé.

He's not a science "nerd,"

he just takes
a scientific approach to things.

Besides, I'm not just
doing it for him.

I'm doing it for me, too.

I was only a few credits shy

before I dropped out
to go work for my dad.

This is, like...
I don't know, closure.


I think it's incredible.

And you know what else
is incredible?

I'm getting married!

Yeah, you are!

[sighs, gushing]

[Dorothy]: How do we create
a connection to the Earth?

There's only one way--

Dig in!

Get in there.

Let it speak to you.

My soil is telling me,
"This is weird."

You know, I would've
let you play

in the dirt at DeLuca for free.

Gabe, come on, I'm trying
to take this seriously.


Because Dorothy is famous

for her organic
back-to-nature farming

and Frankie
really likes her methods.

Okay, so have Frankie
come and "feel the earth."

I already told you

that this is a surprise
for Valentine's Day.

Besides, I want to better
understand her approach

so I don't always have to rely
on scientific methods.

That's very romantic,
but why am I here?

Because you're being
a supportive brother.

Doesn't sound like me.

So that you have something
to make fun of me for later?

- Right.
- Yeah.

See? I knew there was something.

Oh, can you tell Mom

I can't make it
to dinner tonight?

No. No, you have to come.


It's lasagna night.

You know,
you always love Mom's lasagna.

That is true.

What does it say about me
that I can be swayed by pasta?

Just that you're a DeLuca.

[Dorothy]: At the end of
our four-week workshop,

you will feel completely
connected to nature.

If this is uncomfortable,

you're using your head
and not your heart.

Good job, boys.

My heart?
Also telling me this is weird.

[Carla]: I'm so glad
you could make it, Charles.

[Charles]: Thank you, Carla.

Time to eat!

Before everyone sits down,

Lexi and I have a bit of
an announcement to make.

We're getting married!

[family gasping
and exclaiming]

But wait, wait, wait!

There's, uh,
there's more big news.


[Lexi]: I've been offered
the opportunity

to go study
with Marcello Bertrand.

He's one of the most famous
pastry chefs in all of France.

I leave in February

and I'm going to be there
for four months.

And I'm going with her, to, uh,

visit vineyards

and sort of polish up
my winemaking cred.

That's amazing!

[Lexi]: So we decided
to turn it into a honeymoon.

We're getting married
on Valentine's Day.

[all cheering]

- That's great.
- Congratulations.

- This is wonderful.
- This calls for champagne!

Oh, wow, we'd better get busy

if we're going to have
a wedding here.

Uh, Carla...
what makes you presume

they're gonna have the wedding
here and not at Baldwin Farms?

Should we tell them?

No! What are we
supposed to say?

"Us, too"?
This is their moment.

Yeah, you're right.

Plus, we're not
getting married for a while, so--

So we wait.

At least let them have
the spotlight

for the next four weeks.



you'd better...


Oh! Better get the champagne.

[exhales heavily]


Are you sure you're okay

with this whole
secret engagement thing?

It's fine.

I'll admit
I'm a little surprised

that we're not gonna be

the first
DeLuca-Baldwin wedding.

But if you look at it
this way--

it kind of takes
the pressure off of us.

Yeah. You know what?

We should offer
to help them plan

and then we'll be more prepared
for our wedding.

Right. And then we could also
see where all the potholes are,

ahead of time.


You know what?

This is actually feeling
pretty good to me.

Yeah, we're only at 5%,
so we have room to for more.


[Marco]: Hey! Didn't you
promise us lunch?

Oh! My gosh.
Is it that late?

Sorry! We're playing
"mad scientist" over here.

What is all this?

It's been a warm winter

so the vines could
bud too early.

We've been spraying
with vegetable oil

and other compounds
to try and slow it down,

but we just have so many
more vines to worry about now.

Oh. Is DeLuca doing this?

Uh, no. Our fields are
at a higher elevation,

so we're not as worried
about it.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

I guess I've just been
so busy at the bakery,

I didn't realize how much
goes into making wine.

Well, you know,

they make you take a test
on your vineyard knowledge

before you can actually
join the DeLuca family.

Don't listen to him.
Let's eat.

Oh, they are already
driving us crazy.

Yet another
Baldwin-DeLuca rivalry.

This time, over where
we should have the wedding.

Mom's not gonna
let that go.

Neither is my dad.

Well, I'm hoping when

my mom gets here next week,
she can referee.

I'm so excited
to see Aunt Patricia.

[Lexi]: Yeah, are you sure
it's okay she stays here?

I mean, my place is small,
but she wouldn't mind a hotel.

No. I have
a ton of room here.

And by the way, you guys,

we will do everything we can

to help you
over the next four weeks.

Look, um...

we know
that it's a little fast,


we really think we're ready.


We even took a compatibility
test to make sure.

Oh? What's that?

Oh, it's like a workshop

where you do
all these fun exercises

to see if you're match,
you know,

should you get married,
should you have children.

The test said we were
perfect for one another.


That is so nice.

Yeah, you guys should do it.

There's actually
a Valentine's Day

version coming up.

Find out if you
and your sweetheart

are compatible.

I think we already know
that we're pretty compatible.

Don't we, Frankie?


Compatibility seminar.

Where do they come up
with this stuff?

I know, right?

We don't need some test
to prove that we're compatible.

I mean, sure,
we have different styles...

But we complement each other.

Yeah. Plus, it's not like we're
competing with them, anyway.

Absolutely not.

Although, if we did,

we would definitely get
a higher score than them.

In a heartbeat.

[Marco]: Hey, guys? Um...

Before we go,

we... have a favor to ask you.

We just fed you.

[Marco, chuckles]
That's not it.

Um, Nate,

you are my wiser

and significantly older

And Frankie,

you are my favorite cousin
and my best friend.

Wait, I'm not
your best friend, Marco?

Uh, you're my favorite brother?

Don't tell Gabe.

Just ask us already.

Nate, will you be my best man?

And my maid of honor?

Of course we will!

Get over here!

Slightly younger brother.



[Lexi]: I can't believe

we're trying to do all this
in four weeks.

Do you think it's too fast?

I think we can
get it done in time.

No, I mean for Marco and me.

Oh. Well, I think,

that if it's what your heart
is telling you is right,

then that's all that matters.

Thank you, Frankie.
I needed that.



Oh, I, um...

I love that gown.



Okay, tuxes, done.
What's next?

[Gabe]: I'm still mad

you didn't ask me
to be your best man.

Well, you know, you can be mine
when I get married.

Wait, wait, wait.

So you get to be my best man,
but I don't get to be yours?

You could be Gabe's.

Okay, so, I don't get to be
best man at all,

because let's face it,

Nate and I are
the only DeLuca brothers

getting married
anytime soon.

Well, I don't see

Nate and Frankie
racing down the aisle.

He's got a point.

Tick tock.

[Carla]: So if we have
the wedding up on the hill,

we can have the guests here
for the reception at the house.

But that's a lot of walking.

At Baldwin Farms,

we could do the whole thing
by the pond.

The ceremony,
the reception...

Well, your little pond is nice,

but the views from up here
are simply breathtaking.

Out of breath, maybe,

from climbing up that hill.

We are avoiding all this drama
and getting married at Sorrento,

down by the lake.

Neutral territory.
Yes to Sorrento,

but I was actually thinking
about the vineyard.

Maybe in the new
expansion field.

Not enough room.

It's not going to be
a big wedding.

Just family, a few friends.

But we have big families
and a lot of friends, so,

won't be small.

[Marco]: Okay, uh, thanks, Mom,

and thank you, Charles.

We are going to take all this
under advisement.

Yes. We will think about it,
and let you know what we decide.

[Carla]: That's so sweet.

I just love seeing how in sync
with each other you are.

[Charles]: For once,
I agree with you, Carla.

I have never seen the two of you
disagree about anything.

Marco and Lexi
are the perfect pairing.

I think maybe we should do

that compatibility seminar
after all.

Yeah, I was
thinking that, too.


Hello! I'm Helen.

Welcome to our Valentine-themed
compatibility seminar.

Valentine's Day is almost here.

Today, we're gonna have some fun

and see how well

you and your special Valentine

Each station
has a series of activities.

Uh, puzzles, things to build...

some creative
and some logical.

You'll have two hours

to get as many activities done
as you can.

- Uh...
- Yes?

Nate DeLuca.
How are we graded?

Great question.

Each activity has a score
based on how well you do,

then we have observers
who will be

looking at how well
the two of you work together.

- Ahem!
- Mm-hmm?

Frankie Baldwin.

Uh, when will we
know the results?

Tomorrow, via email.

Any other questions?


Your time begins now.

[industrious chatter rises]

Oh, choose. Do you want
to do that one first?

No. No. We could do that one.

No, it's fine, we can do yours.
I don't mind.

We are in complete agreement

that we will do
this activity first.

We definitely agree.

Oh. Time.

Okay, get the corners.

I know. Just turn over
the gray ones first.

How do you work
together as a team?

How do you share responsibility

while playing
to individual strengths?

See, look,
the instructions say

that the shelf goes in first.

The "instructions"
don't say anything.

They're just a bunch
of stick figures

pointing this weird-looking tool
at a piece of wood.

No. No, no, no.

- I just did that.
- I know--

[Helen]: Okay, you two.

How do you want
to spend Valentine's Day?

A) Relaxing at home...

B) Outdoors and active...

Or, C) Going to a movie
or a concert?

- A.
- C.

- C.
- A.

- C.
- B?


Is there
an "all of the above"?

Hey. Wait.

Shelf goes in first, right?

See? I knew it.

[Helen]: Compatibility
is like an intricate puzzle,

one in which every piece
must fit exactly

or the whole thing is at risk.


I don't know why the results
from the compatibility seminar

aren't in yet,

they're supposed to be here
by now.


I know,
I know what you're gonna say.

Don't even bother.

We don't need a test to tell us
that we're great together.

- Frankie!
- What?

I think
I already did that row.

I did the row
that you've been working on.

Okay, look.

We're dealing with almost twice
as many vines as last time.

Those sort of things
are just gonna happen.

All right, I know,
but, seriously,

we just need to be
on the same page.

If we're not in sync,
we're in trouble.

[alert chimes]


The compatibility results?

I bet it is.

Okay. Here we go.


This is wrong.

It just must be wrong!

They're not taking into account
our history,

who we are to each other.

Yeah. Exactly.

We're just getting caught up
in Marco and Lexi's wedding.

Yeah. You're right.

From here on out,
let's just focus on Sorrento.

We can let my dad
and your mom go crazy,

worry about hosting
this wedding.

Hey! What are
you two doing here?


Yeah? From who?

[Lexi]: Who do you think?

[Marco]: Mom and Charles
are making us crazy.

They're trying to control
every single aspect

of this wedding.

Yeah. It has gotten
so out of control,

that we've just decided

we're gonna get married
at city hall.

Simple ceremony, no fuss.

No. No, Lexi,
you cannot do that.

You've always told me
that you want a big wedding

with the dress and flowers
and our whole family there.

Well, I mean,
unless we can figure out

some other neutral territory,

I think we're out of options.

"Neutral territory"?

Why don't you guys just
get married here?

At Sorrento?

- Wait...
- What?

- Really? Do you mean it?
- Yeah.


Um... yes!

Yes! Thank you so much.

[Marco]: Seriously, guys,
thank you.

Yeah, that'll make things
so much easier for us.

Thank you!

[Nate]: I cannot believe
how warm it is.

[Frankie]: Do you think
we need to worry

about the vines budding
too early?

Worrying? No, no.

That's only a big problem
if we get a frost.

We both know how slim
those chances are,

but we should
keep an eye on things.

You're right.

You watch the original 20 acres,

I'll watch the 20
in the expansion field.

we'll have Mittens
take notes back and forth.

Frankie, I know that you think
that we took on too much,

but that's no reason to wait.

We needed the inventory,
we have the land,

we tested the soil,

and it is totally compatible

with the crop
that we wanted to plant.

Right. So the vines
are compatible with dirt,

but apparently, we're not
compatible with each other.

It was just a silly test.

Now, if you're worried, though,
we can do something about it.

Like what?

Well, they sent us
a list of activities.

They're supposed to help
couples work better together.

Mm. Okay. Yeah.

Great, let's do that,

and then we'll also
run the vineyard,

and we'll plan a giant wedding,
you know, in our spare time.

As long as we're not
over-extending ourselves.

Sorry. I just...

sometimes, I just wish

it was you and me
getting married here

on Valentine's Day.

I know. But Marco and Lexi
are gonna do it first.

Maybe we can do it next year.

Right. And that's good,

'cause it'll help us
be more prepared.

We can learn from what they do,

and then we can see all
the stuff that we need to do

to make our Sorrento wedding
even more special.

Our wedding.

That sounds nice.
Say that more.

Oh. Our wedding.

"Our wedding."

All right.

I'm gonna go.

I'm gonna meet Lexi
and Aunt Patricia.

Let me know when you're back.

I'll have Mittens
bring a note.


Ahem. You know, there's
an ordinance in St. Madeleine

about blocking the sidewalk.

I'm not blocking the sidewalk.
The dogs are.

So I should make
a citizen's arrest of the dogs?

I think you should
let them off with a warning.

Why would I do that?

Because it's the only way
you're gonna get puppy kisses.

[both laughing]

That's bribery, you know.

Well, I won't tell,
if you won't.

All right. I'll let you off
with a warning, this time,

but let's try and keep
the sidewalks clear

from now on, all right?

Yes, sir!

[both chuckling]

I'm Gabe. DeLuca.

I'm Shay Michaels.

Are you related to Nate DeLuca?

Yeah, he's my brother.
You know Nate?


Well, it was really nice
to meet you, Gabe DeLuca.

It's nice to meet you, too.

Uh, after you.



[Frankie]: Ahh!



Oh, honey!
It is so good to see you!

So good to see you.

Look at this!
Sorrento is just beautiful.

Thank you.
We're pretty proud of it.

You should be!
Lexi says you've expanded?

Yeah. We bought part of
the Simon Vineyard next door.

Oh! That's incredible.

I mean, expanding so soon
after you started?

You're doing something right.

I hope so.

Oh, gosh.
Look at you two.

One of you,
a big-time pastry chef,

the other
a successful vintner.

One of you getting married
in three weeks.

Valentine's Day, no less.

And the other getting married...


Okay. Yeah.
That's good enough.

[sighs] And both of you
with DeLuca boys.

I love it!

That must be driving Charles
and Carla insane.

You could say that.

Good. 'Cause I am so looking
forward to seeing it.

Well, you don't
have to wait long.

Everyone's heading over here now

to see the place where
we're gonna have the ceremony.

Oh! That is going to be
a fun show.

You know,
we should make popcorn.

I think we can
put the guests over here

and the "I do's" over there.

And then maybe we could
put up a tent over here

for the reception.

Oh, we could do sprays
of Valentine's Day flowers

down the aisle.

That would be beautiful.

[quietly]: Yeah.

Are you guys really sure
you're okay with us being

the first Baldwin/DeLuca wedding
here at Sorrento?

Of course.

Yeah, we just want you
to be happy.

Well, I think
it all sounds great.

Uh, Mom, what do you think?

Well, it's... nice.

But let's not forget
about the hilltop at DeLuca.

It is very nice up there.

Or the pond at Baldwin Farms.

So scenic.

Also a great spot.

Charles, you're my brother...

And Carla, we've known
each other since we were kids,

so, really, I say this with
nothing but love and respect--

you really got to let this go.

Well, I just think--

This would be a beautiful spot

for Lexi and Marco
to get married.


No matter what Charles says,
I think it will be lovely.

Thank you.

[Charles]: It'll be more than
lovely, it will be...


- Simply perfect.
- Couldn't be any better.

Oh, that's the spirit.

Okay, well, Nate and I
need to get back to work.

Our new field
isn't gonna prune itself.

Uh, just a few more things.

I want to talk catering.

Boys, let's talk logistics.

[Shay]: So...

you're basically giving away
your entire wedding.

It's not like that!

It's kind of like that,

but we love Lexi and Marco,
and they're great together, so.

Is this about
the compatibility seminar thing?

'Cause who cares
if they did better on it?

Just because you and Nate--


Look, we work together.
Engaged. We're great.

So then, who cares about what
some dumb test says, right?



I just wish I knew what to do
with the new vines,

I-- I want to do something
to make us a priority.


And Valentine's Day
is coming up,

so now's the time
to be spontaneous and romantic.


You guys should plan
something fun to do together.

You know, that seminar
that we went to

gave us a list of activities

that they think
are good for couples.

Do they do that for everyone
or just for the couples who--

Tanked? Not sure.
Didn't want to ask.



This is perfect for us.

"Plan a surprise
romantic dinner."

I can do that.

I will plan every detail.

It will be perfect.

Okay, that's the complete
opposite of spontaneous,

but I like your initiative.

You know, Frankie's just
not very spontaneous.

She doesn't like surprises.

Isn't that the whole point
of the activities they gave you?

Doing something unexpected?

It's more about making sure

that you're prepared
for a good relationship.

Ways to stay connected.

"Staying connected."

Exactly! Talk to your plant.



Nice plant.

Good plant.

You're looking
very leafy today.

I just think

that Frankie is bothered
by our compatibility score.

You work together and date.

How much more compatible
can you be?

Yeah, I know,

but with everything
we have to do

to get the expansion field ready
and the loan,

I think that we're just
getting stressed out.

And then you have
Marco and Lexi

and they're doing
all the fun stuff

that we were supposed
to be doing for our wedding,

and it's--


What wedding?


even-- no, eventual wedding.

Our someday-wedding
that's gonna happen

at some unspecified time
in the future.

You asked Frankie to marry you!

Gabe, shh. Stop.

You totally did!
You're engaged!

engaged in a conversation...

with this plant.

I can't believe

that both of my brothers
are getting married.

I'm your best man!
You said it!

Okay, Gabe.

We are not telling anyone

until after
Marco and Lexi get married,

so this has to stay
between the two of us.

Okay, fine, whatever.
But, Nate...

I get it now.

Okay, Marco and Lexi's wedding

is making you and Frankie
feel like you're missing out.

Like they're getting to do
all this special stuff

and you're not.


Do something special
for each other.

Okay, that's actually
very insightful.

Oh, I didn't come up with that.

The plant told me.

All right.


this vanilla butter cream...

I'm in love.

[Frankie]: They're delicious,
but you're not really gonna

bake your own wedding cake,
are you?

No. No. The pastry chef from
St. Madeleine Inn's gonna do it.

I'm just gonna...
give her a little direction.

You're gonna stand over
her shoulder while she's baking.



Okay, so, Frankie,
if you were getting married,

which one would you pick?

I don't know.

They're just--
they're all so good. Mm.

But if you could
only choose one?


The red velvet.

[Lexi]: Yes! Yes.

Okay, that's perfect.

Red velvet it is.
Thank you, Frankie.

Oh, forgive me.
I need to go.

I told Nate that I would
meet him at our favorite spot

for a romantic dinner.

Where's your favorite spot?

Down by the lake.

I'm gonna set up a table
and cook us a romantic meal.

You're going to cook?

I can cook!

- [Lexi laughs]
- Stop it.

Just in case.


[Marco]: Okay!

Limousines for the wedding,
booked. Check.

What's next?

Actually, I have to run.

Frankie texted me to meet her
at our favorite spot

for a romantic meal.

What? She's gonna cook?


No, it's a given that when
she invites me for a meal,

I do the cooking,

but I want to make
a romantic gesture.

Oh! Smart man.


Where's your favorite spot?

In the vineyard.

There's this great place

that we have a view
of the property

that we both love.



That's so cute!
That's so cute!


It was technology's fault.

We have terrible service
down by the lake.

I didn't get your text.
We got our signals crossed.

Yes! See?
We're on the same page.

Romantic dinners
in our favorite spot.

Come on! You don't get

any more on the same page
than that, my friend.

It's like we share
the same brain.

And the fact that we had

different ideas
about what our favorite spot is

doesn't mean anything.

It just means that we have
lots of favorite spots.


It's almost as if to say

that anywhere could've been
our favorite spot!

This dining room
could be our favorite spot.


You know what?
It's like the expansion field.

We never would've taken out
a loan that big

if we didn't know

what we were capable of
when we work together.

No. That would've been crazy.

It's not, 'cause
we know each other so well.

Completely in sync.

Like a well-oiled machine.

[Nate]: Yes.

Wait. Frankie...

You're putting in the RSVPs
with the invitations, right?

I thought you were.


[Frankie sighs]

All right, the invitations
have been mailed.

What else
do we have to do today?

We need to go meet Marco
and Lexi at the flower shop.

Right. But then we have to get
right back to work.

There's just so much more to do
at the expansion field.

We are going to be okay as long
as there are no more surprises.

[Shay]: Frankie!


- Hi.
- Hi!

Uh, Shay, this is Nate.

- This is Shay.
- Hi.

Oh! The fiancé.

So how do you two
know each other?

[Shay]: Uh, well...

Frankie is considering

A dog.

Yep. So Shay was--

- Helping with the breeds.
- Breeds.

You want to a get a dog?


I thought you were
more of a llama person.

I can be both.

[Shay]: Well...

I'd better get going,
but it was nice meeting you.

[Nate]: Yeah. Yeah, you too.



We can have any kind
of flowers you want, Lexi.

Okay, but I really
want your opinion.

Uh, well, my opinion is
that I will love what you love.

Okay, I appreciate that, but--

Why don't I put together
a few options

and then you can
both decide?

- Great!
- Yeah.



You will be happy to know

that the dogs
have been following

all of St. Madeleine's
rules and regulations.

That is a relief.

I was pretty concerned
about a canine crime wave.

A "reign of terrier,"
if you will.

I mean, they look like
a really "ruff" group.

I'm just trying to help.
It's the "leashed" I could do.

It was really good
to see you.

I'm gonna walk away
quickly now

and pretend that
none of this ever happened.

- [crashing]
- Oh!

- You okay?
- Yep.


[Shay giggles]


Nate! Hi!

Dorothy! Hey.

Uh, good to see you.

Frankie, this is--

[Frankie]: Oh, no, wait.

No. I know exactly who you are.

You're Dorothy Hubbard.

I've read all your books

about organic farming.
Frankie Baldwin.

Thank you so much.

It's important we stay connected
to the things we grow.

[Frankie]: I totally agree.

Wait! How do you two
know each other?

Oh, Nate's taking my--
Her food.

Yep. I was thinking
of using her produce

for the food pairing.

That's such a good idea!

Nate's an amazing cook.

What were you thinking
of using?

You know, Frankie,
we're actually--

we're running
a little bit late.

So it was really nice
seeing you, Dorothy.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

[chuckles awkwardly]


[doorbell jingles]

Hey. Hi. We're here.

Hey! We're just
getting started.

Oh, good.

Thank you guys so much
for coming.

I know it's a lot.

It's so worth it
to see you two happy.

Yeah, and this is...


So this is what I'm thinking.

You have a few of these,
and then a few of these,

to add some, you know, color.

Yeah. I like it. Marco?

Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that totally works.

But do you like it?

[Marco]: Uh, well, I'm happy
if you're happy.


I appreciate that,
but this is exactly why

they sent us
those compatibility activities.

[Frankie]: Wait!
They sent them to you, too?

We thought
that they only sent them

to the couples that didn't
do well on the test.

Wait, you did the test?

Yeah. Yeah, I-I thought
we told you that.

And you didn't do well?

Uh, fine.
I'd say we did fine.

[Nate]: You know, we're...

We're happy with our results.



Oh, that's great.
Yeah. So are we.

[Nate]: Hey, Frankie...

if you need a flashlight,

it's officially time
to call it for the day.

Did you see the forecast?

There's gonna be
a cooling trend.

Cooling's a good thing.

Keeps the vines
from budding too early.

Yeah, but what if they do?

Oh, and what if aliens

come down

and they want
to steal our grapes?

Nate! This is serious.

This could be a serious problem.

I know it is, but we're doing
the best that we can,

so why don't we try
to concentrate

on more positive
"what ifs"?

Like what?

Like, what if...

We got married in the fall,
after the harvest?

Do you really think that
we should be setting a date now,

with everything that's going on
with Sorrento?

We have a master plan
for Sorrento,

but whenever
we talk about you and me,

getting married, having kids,

it's always a "someday."

I don't like somedays.

Fall is nice.

See? We just did
something nice for ourselves.

We should do more of that.

Yeah. You know, why don't we
pick one of those activities

from that compatibility list?

Good idea. Here.
All right.

We could...

Ah, look at this.

"Watch each other's favorite
movies while snuggling."

That's good. Or...

we could "get each other
surprise romantic gifts."

We're already doing that
for Valentine's Day.

What are you getting me again?

Stop it.
This is perfect.

We can do all of this stuff.

It'll be like
our relationship bucket list.

Okay, but how
do we get started?

I don't know.
Close your eyes and point.

Do it again.

[Nate laughs]


I just don't see how doing this
is supposed to get us

to the next phase
of our relationship.

Because if we can survive this,

then we can survive anything?

But couldn't we get that

by doing something
closer to the ground?

You know, just, like,

sitting quietly
on the actual ground?

Frankie, it's totally safe.

You're going to be fine.

You have nothing to worry about.

It will be fun.

- "Fun."
- Yeah.

I just think that that word
means something different

than you think it does.

Are you ready?


[groaning anxiously]

Come on!


[Nate]: Hey!

[shrieking in terror]


[still shrieking]

[Nate cackling]

Oh! This is awesome!


[Frankie]: I just wish there
was some more a concrete way

of knowing when the vines
were gonna bud.

Wait, don't you have some kind
of a gizmo that can help?

Wait. You want to do
something scientific?

What? I'm evolving.

[Nate laughs]

We are going to be fine.

We know what we're doing.

Just trust your instincts.

Wait a second.

"Mr. Technology" is telling me
to trust my instincts?

I'm evolving, too.

Ah, the world is upside-down.

Day is night.
Up is down.

I blame that zipline.

The vines are healthy
and they're gonna stay that way.

You know why?

- Why?
- Because they have us.

And as long as we're good,
they're good, right?



Between finishing your degree

and all the work
at the vineyard,

I really don't know
how you're doing it all.

Oh, who needs sleep, right?

I really, really appreciate it.

Listen, there are few people
that I would do this for,

but you, happily,
are one of them.

By the way,
your dad called.

He and Carla have very strong,
but very different, opinions

about what our first dance song
should be.

Okay, well,
I can take care of that.

Actually, I'm gonna have
your mom take care of that,

because she can handle my dad

better than just about
anyone I know.

Do you remember when
we visited when we were kids

and you were all excited
to introduce me to Nate...

And then my dad showed up.

"No daughter of mine
will date a DeLuca."

And your mom read him
the riot act,

'cause she thought
we were good together.

Yeah, and she was right.

I mean, I totally
hold you and Nate

as the gold standard
of relationships.

Oh, good, so no pressure.

No, I mean it!

Seeing the way
that you guys make things work,

it just...

makes me think--

it makes me hope
that we can, too.

A couple butterflies?

I don't think they make
a net big enough all of them.


I mean, anyone
who's getting married

gets them, right?


I mean,
from what I've heard.

Okay. Good.

So it's nothing to worry about?

Nothing at all.

You know, another benefit

of getting married
on Valentine's Day...

I'm already
buying Lexi jewelry.

How very efficient of you.


Oh, how's the Dorothy Hubbard
workshop going?

Are you getting
all "in touch" with nature?

You know, it's actually
pretty interesting,

and it's helping me see things
from Frankie's point of view,

so I think it's gonna be

a really good
Valentine's Day present.

Yeah, I'll stick
with the jewelry.

[Nate laughs]

Hey, you know what?

The four of us should
do something fun tonight.

We can pick something
from the, uh, the list

the compatibility people
sent us.

I don't think Frankie

is ready to tackle something
off that list

after the zipline.

Oh, come on, I'm sure we can
think of something she'll enjoy.

All right. Go for it.

What was on the list?

I'm guessing
bungee jumping is out?

You'd be
guessing correctly.

Uh... hot air balloon riding?



Miniature golf!


The one over by the park

has their Valentine's Day course
set up

and there is very little danger

in hitting a ball
into Cupid's mouth.

[laughs] Okay.
I will ask her.

Are you looking at
wedding bands

for you and Frankie?

What? No.

No, I'm...

I'm just looking.

Well, you're gonna need 'em
someday, bro.

Why not start shopping now?

Have you ever heard

of the expression "putting
the cart before the horse"?

Have you ever heard
the expression

"failing to prepare
prepares you to fail"?

I read.

[laughs] Okay.

If I happen to find
the perfect wedding bands,

I will consider
being prepared.

That's all I'm saying.


I still don't understand

why we aren't having
the shower at DeLuca.

Because it doesn't make
any sense to have it there.

Now, Baldwin Farms,
on the other hand, is closer--


Must you always make everything
a competition?

- Me?
- Yes!

You're the one who starts--

If you two do not stop this,

you don't get dessert.

They do have make
good pie here.

Lexi and Marco
are getting married at Sorrento,

so that's why they want
to have the shower there.

That's a whole other thing.

after their first season?

- Too much on their plates.
- I agree with you completely.

Oh! You two actually
agree on something?

That is so unexpected.

Won't happen again.

Certainly not.

[Patricia]: I think
it's a great idea.

Of course you would.

Yes! Because I saw

all of the press
and of the attention and awards

that they got
for their first harvest.

I mean, people are buzzing
about Sorrento.

Frankie and Nate need
to capitalize on this

while they can.

Slow and steady
wins the race.

Oh, Charles,
you are such a worrywart.

You always have been.

I'm only looking after
Frankie's best interest.

And I'm looking out for Nate's.

What are you smiling about?


I just think
it's pretty terrific

that Frankie and Nate
have two people

who are willing
to drive each other

and everyone else
around them crazy

because they care so much.

Aren't they lucky?



What are you doing here?

I thought you were
supposed to be with Marco.

I was, but he wanted to know

if we would go out
with him and Lexi tonight.

Like a double date? Where?

Are you ready?


Mini-golf? So it's
a double date in junior high?


Look, he picked it off
of the compatibility list.

Come on!

You get to be on the ground
while you do it.

Okay. All right, look.
I will do this,

but on one condition.

Yeah, name it.

If we do this...

it's just for fun.

Because, I feel like,.
after the compatibility tests,

and the romantic dinner

and the ziplining incident,

we just haven't been our best,

so, if we do this,

we just can't
make ourselves crazy.

That's why we picked it!

It's just silly fun.

Just think of it as a night out
with family, okay?

There is absolutely no pressure.

Right, except that Lexi says

that we are the model
of a perfect relationship.

- We are?
- Yeah.


try to be
on your best behavior.

- Me?
- Yeah.

What about you?

Always on my best behavior.

- Then we make a great team.
- Cool.

Anyway, it's mini-golf.
What could possibly go wrong?

This is gonna be fun.
We're gonna play teams, right?

Marco and I
against you and Nate?

Yes. That'll be even more fun.

[Marco]: Here we go!

All right. Frankie?
Care to start us off?

All right, go get 'em, Frankie.
Show 'em how it's done.


- Oh.
- Rats.

No, don't worry about it.

The first one is always
the toughest.

Okay, Marco, you're next.
Go get 'em, honey.

Don't worry.
I'll show you how it's done.

He's not going to get it.


Oh... oh... oh, oh!

[both, laughing]: Oh!

Hey! There you go.

[Lexi]: Thank you.

[Marco]: All right, Frankie,
looks like

it's your turn once again.

Oh, good.


The best.

Now, look, Frankie,

if you just look at the angle
and the distance,

it's really just a matter
of simple physics.

Or you could just
do it your way.

Guys, it's okay.
It's just a game.

[Marco]: Yeah.

[ball hits wall]

There's something wrong
with my golf balls.

[Frankie groans]

Who puts a sand trap
in a mini-golf course?

Well, because it's fun.
I mean, it's...

fun, right?

I'm having a great time.

[Marco]: Hey, guys, uh...

We already finished the last
hole and returned our clubs--

- We're finishing this!
- Okay.

We are still having some fun.

Well, I think it's just
they kind of want to close.


- Uh.
- Oh.


Do you think

that this is enough food
for Marco and Lexi's shower?

I think so.

Because I have
a couple brothers

who will probably
think otherwise.

Well, that's par
for the course.

I thought we were never gonna
speak of that again.


My bad.

[alert chimes]

Oh! I am late for my test.


For my bridesmaid's dress.

You know.


What are you gonna do today?

Just lots and lots of errands.

So we'll meet back here
around 2:00,

and then we'll just knock out
the items off the to-do list.

You got it.
You tee 'em up, I'll...

Not doing it on purpose.

[Frankie exits]


A solution of silver nitrate

is mixed with a solution
of potassium fluoride.

If a precipitate forms,
that precipitate is...?

Silver fluoride?

Yes. Good job.

Okay, uh... let's see.

Name one organic
and one inorganic compound

that can affect
the freezing point of water.


Can you help me figure out

why Nate and I
just aren't in sync lately?

I mean, we're usually
such a good team.

We've got 10 minutes
until the exam, Frankie.

You need to stop worrying
about this.

Well, then help me figure out
why I'm in the weeds on this.

And also why mini-golf is
a metaphor for my relationship.

Frankie! You're being silly!

Look, if we can't
work out the simple things,

how are we gonna deal
with the bigger things?

Like, marriage, family,

and kids, running the vineyard,
all at the same time?

Nate loves you
and you love him.

Just remember that
and everything will be fine.

You know what, Shay?

You're right.

Nate and I always
tell each other

"Don't get crazy,
don't overthink it."

That's what I was doing.
It was silly.

[takes steadying breath]
Thank you.

You're welcome.

Now, one organic and one
inorganic compound, please.

Okay. Organic, alcohol.
Inorganic, salt.

Add water to either

and it will lower

the temperature
at which water freezes.

Good. Okay, ask me another one.

Do I talk to Nate about this,
or do I just leave it alone?

[Nate sighing]

I think I need
to talk to Frankie.

I agree.

You do?

I don't know, if it'll get you
to stop talking to me about it,

then yes.

This is disgusting.

[Dorothy]: There's a reason why
people take mud baths.

The body absorbs
the nutrients easier

than if you just rubbed
the dirt all over yourself.

The same thing goes for plants,

which is why it's important

to get the right mixture
of nutrients in the soil

for the water to blend with.

You know, a couple weeks ago,
everything was fine.

We were on the same page.

Now it's like we're not even
reading from the same book.

So what changed?

We got engaged.

Uh, Marco and Lexi got engaged.

You and Frankie
got secretly engaged.

If a tree falls in the woods...

You know what?
You're right.

We just need
to keep our heads down

and make it through
Marco and Lexi's wedding.

I just wish I knew
why I was getting so worked up.

Because it's Frankie.

She's worth
getting worked up about.

[Dorothy]: Good job, boys!

Okay, next--


Let's get in the dirt.


All right.
Time for our next two couples--

the couple of the hour,
of course,

Lexi and Marco,

and our hosts,
Frankie and Nate.

Now, you guys know
how this works.

I gave you questions earlier,
for you to answer,

and now

we get to find out just
how well you know each other.

Are you ready?

We're ready.

Let's do this.

All right.

This question
will be for Lexi and Frankie.

Where did you go

on your first Valentine's Day
with your partner?

That's easy.

We had a picnic by the lake.

Brr... ch!

- Yeah!
- Nicely done.

One point
for Marco and Lexi.

Frankie? Same question.

The Valentine's Day Dance.

The movies?


Yeah, don't you remember?

A bunch of us,
we went to the movies.

Yeah, but that was before
we were dating.

Our first real Valentine's Day
was at the high school dance.

Okay, so the score
is one to zero.

This question now will be
for Marco and Nate.

What did your ladies say,

is "your song"?"

[Marco]: Oh, uh...

"Love Will Keep Us Together."
She loves the '70s.



Nicely done! Two points.

All right, Nate, what did
Frankie say is your song?

We got this one in the bag.

"The Way You Look Tonight."

Frankie. That is not our song.

Yes, it is.

We were driving down the coast,
this came on the radio,

and we said
"That should be our song."

You said
that should be our song,

but our song is
"The Way You Look Tonight."

It's "You're Still the One."

No, it isn't.

- Yes, it is.
- No, it isn't.

Definitely is.

It's "The Way You Look

I think I would know,
because I wanted the drone

to be playing it when it flew in
with your engagement ring!


Your engagement ring?

[Nate blows air]


Well... [awkward chuckle]

We just...

we wanted this time
to just be about you two.

It's very special...
it's your time, and I...

You two are engaged?


Listen, I'm sorry.
I didn't...


is... the greatest thing
I have ever heard!


[all talking excitedly]

I am so happy for you.


Even though
I'm marrying a DeLuca?

That, um, seems to be
a trend these days.

Do you have another cousin
for Gabe?




[Frankie]: Okay, listen up,

uh, we can't tell you how much
we appreciate your support,

but, truly, today is about
Lexi and Marco.

Oh, you guys.
Don't worry about us.

We are so excited for you.
Aren't we?

[Marco]: Absolutely.

We don't mind
sharing the spotlight.

Still, we are a long ways away
from an actual wedding,

so why don't
we focus on the couple

that is just two weeks away
from getting married?

So when are you
getting married?


This fall.


Why are you waiting so long?

Well, we would do it sooner,

but we just want to get
through the season.

After the harvest,

we'll have so much more time
to plan,

have a nice ceremony.

[Marco]: You know what would
really save time?

Just get married with us.

[chuckles and agreements

[Lexi]: Yes!

Yeah, you guys!
A double wedding!

Frankie, do you remember,
we talked about that

when we were kids?

Not really.

Everyone you would want
to invite is already coming,

and everything is paid for.

I mean, it's the least
we could do for you guys.

I don't know...

Come on, Lexi's right!

You guys have done
so much for us.

Let us do this for you.

All you would need is a dress.

Frankie, Nate, come on.

Do it now
instead of putting it off

until "someday."

We have both said
that we don't like "someday."

We did say that.



Let's do it.

[laughter and cheering]

[Frankie, sighing]: I'm just
worried about this cold weather.

We should make sure the heaters
and fans are working.

Just another item to add
to our to-do list.

Right, which was
already pretty long

before we agreed
to the double wedding.

I cannot believe Valentine's Day
is in two weeks.

We don't have to do it.

We can tell them
that we changed our mind.

Are you having second thoughts?

No. Are you?

No. I just feel a little bit

like I did
on that zipline platform.


No. Nervous.

It's a big step.

You ended up
hating the zipline.

Yeah. You loved it.

Hey, we're not gonna get back
into the test scores

again, are we?

You just have to admit,

the last couple weeks
have not been our smoothest.

That's just because we've had
too much on our plates.

Yeah, and we just added more.

But I guess the silver lining

is the wedding is
mostly planned already.

With stuff
that we know that we like,

because a lot of it
was our idea.

It's not that much to do.


Yeah, hi. I wanted
to find out how quickly

I could get
wedding bands resized?

[woman]: When is the ceremony?

The ceremony
is a week from Saturday.


Hi. This is Frankie Baldwin.

I'm calling about
making a change

to the Baldwin-DeLuca
wedding invitations

before you print them.

What-- What do you mean,
you already printed them?

How can I make a change?

Why are you laughing?

[Lexi]: I get the heater,

but how does a fan help
the vines when it gets cold?

It circulates
the cooler air from the ground

with the warmer air above.

Huh. I should've paid
more attention in science class.

Can you tell Frankie
that I'm gonna start

testing the fans, please?

Yeah, sure.

♪ What did I do
to deserve you? ♪

♪ What did I do
to win this love? ♪

♪ Where did you finally... ♪

[Lexi]: Hey, Frankie.
Nate is starting the fans.

Perfect! I'm almost done
with the seating chart.

[fans whooshing]

[Frankie]: Uh-huh.


No. Four? Four weeks?

No. No, we need

the extra heaters and fans
before that.

Thank you.

♪ I just can't get
enough of you ♪

♪ Let me steal you away ♪

♪ Let's pretend
you never leave ♪

♪ Tell me that
you're here to stay... ♪

How's it looking?

[Frankie]: Not great.

We're still trying to find
a way to protect the crops,

and if it gets too cold
this weekend...

I was talking about the dress!

[Frankie]: Oh!

Well, you know,
it wasn't my first choice,

but I actually like
this one better.

It just sort of called to me.

Well, it was waiting for you.

[Frankie]: I guess so.

Okay. Uh...

Are you ready, or-- ?

Yes! Yes, yes.
Get out here.

[Frankie]: Okay.

Oh, Frankie...

you just look beautiful.

You're not gonna cry,
are you?

Yes, I am,
and it's all your fault.


Oh, honey.

Thank you.

Well, I didn't do anything.

You already picked out
the dress yourself.


Listen, my dad has always been
the rock of our family, but...

ever since my mom died,

I have always known
that you were there for me.

And I could
just pick up the phone,

and you'd be right
on the next flight,

if I needed you,

I still would.

I know.

So, uh...

I know you're gonna be very busy

with mother-of-the-bride duties
for Lexi,

but I was just wondering...

I think
I can manage you both.


then I get to dance
with two handsome DeLuca men.


[Gabe]: Hello there.

Oh, hey, it's you.

And it's you.

Guys, come on.
The sidewalk police is watching.

Don't worry.

No puns today, I'm just out
for a cup of coffee.

No donut?

This place has
really good donuts

and they're shaped like hearts
for Valentine's Day.

It'd be a crime
not to get one.

I have a hard time believing
that statute's on the books.

It's new.

Got it.
I don't want to commit a crime,

so I'd better go get
a heart-shaped donut.

Get two.

I will get two.

So how was your day?

I talked to the minister.

We're still on for the rehearsal
dinner tomorrow night.

My mom the traditionalist

still doesn't understand
why we're doing this

on a Thursday
instead of a Friday.

Well, that's what happens when
you try to plan a wedding

in four weeks.

And then you try to double it
in size in just two weeks.

So what'd you get done today?

I got the jeweler
and the printer

to stop laughing at us.

That's something.


I wrote bigger checks.

But the wedding bands
and the programs

will be ready
by tomorrow.

'Kay, so, what else
do we have to do?

The to-do list.

The to-do list...



We can do all this.


Yeah, keep going.

Okay. We can do all this
in four days.

Frankie, the wedding's
in three days.

- Today is Wednesday?
- Yes!

- What happened to Tuesday?
- I don't know!

It's okay. It's okay.
We can do this.

We'll get it done.

Was that just you
being the optimist

and me being a realist?

I don't know, that zipline
turned everything upside-down.

No second thoughts?


Wait! No. No. You?

No! No. Look.

We just need to remember

that you and I are
the most important thing.

Yes, and then we'll have
everything under control.


You know, I think

that we have detached
most of these from the trellis.

I was tying them
to the trellis.

Okay. It's okay.

We're gonna think
this is funny someday.

I hope so.



We have buds on
some of the vines

starting to break.

We probably slowed it down

with all the pruning
and the spraying that we did.

Yeah, but it didn't stop it.

Forecast says that it's gonna
get cold this weekend,

but the frost should stay
north of us.

Yeah, but what if it doesn't?

Look, we've got enough
heaters and fans

for the original acreage,

but not the new field.

Look, if we can't pay back
that bank loan, just...

I don't know
what we're gonna do.

Then, I hate to say it,

but maybe it's time we ask
our folks for some help.


No, we cannot do that.

They already think that
the expansion was a bad idea.

Plus, they've got
their own vines to worry about.

Then we just
hope for the best.

What about the wedding?

The wedding
is going to be great.

And you know why?


Because you're gonna
be there,

and you're going to be wearing
a pretty white dress.

Are you gonna be there?

I'll check my schedule.

[alert beeps]


yeah, of course,
I have to run.

Ah, you're gonna go work

on my secret Valentine's Day
present, aren't you?

So are you.

I can neither confirm
nor deny.

You like keeping me on my toes.

Go follow him.

Find out
what he's getting me.

[Mittens huffs]


Congratulations to all of you

for making it through
our "Back to Nature" workshop.

I hope you all
got something you can use

at your own farms and vineyards
and gardens

to make them better.


What's the number one thing

you are taking with you
from this experience?

That my big brother owes me.

[group chuckling]

Maybe something
from the workshop?

Ah. Gotcha.

Uh, I guess I learned
there's no shortcuts.

You got to take your time
and do things right.

Very good, Gabe.

You can't force nature
to work on your timetable.

It's going to happen
when it happens.

Rushing anything is always
a recipe for disaster.



What about you?

What's your biggest takeaway
from this workshop?

That if you want a good result,

you need
to follow your instincts.

Very good.

It's great to have knowledge
and you should put that to use,

but sometimes,
despite all the evidence,

things are going to happen
that don't feel right.

It's counterintuitive,

but you have to trust your gut.

It'll tell you
if you're doing something wrong.

Good job, everyone!


Who wants to come grab
your certificate?

There you go.


[Gabe]: You got quiet.

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's just what Dorothy

said about trusting your gut.

I know the weather forecast says
that we're going to be fine,

but my gut is telling me
something different.

Are you sure
this is about the weather?

Yeah, what else
would it be about?

Uh, hello? You're getting
married in two days.

Maybe your gut
just has the jitters.

Yeah. You're probably right.


Did you get
your exam score yet?

Would I be poking at my phone
like a madman if I had?

This is torture.

Please distract me
with something less stressful.

Well, I presume you don't want
to talk about the weather.

No, thank you.

Okay. You're getting married
on Saturday.

Are you trying to kill me?

Come on! Just think about it.

This spring, you're gonna be
a married college graduate.

Does kind of have
a nice ring to it.

And I gotta say

this time has really shown me

that when Nate and I
stick together,

we can handle anything.

So you've gotten over
the results from that seminar?


I think we just
psyched ourselves out.

You know, I mean,
silly party game questions

and mini-golf aside,

I know that,
when things get serious,

that we actually
handle it really well.

See? I told you
it would be fine.

[Shay chuckles]

[alert chimes]

Oh! Oh-oh-oh. Okay.

Whoa, whoa, hey.
Good luck.

You too.

Thanks. Okay.

[phone beeps]


[both laughing]

To the DeLuca boys.

[all overlapping]:

All right.

Hey, hey, hey.

[overlapping chatter]

[Charles]: Well...
I would like to make a toast.

As the father and uncle
of the brides,

I feel that it is my duty
to give Nate and Marco

some important
background information.

When Lexi and Frankie
were nine years old,

they said they wanted
to marry princes--


Okay, next toast.
Who's next?


And, uh,
I just want to say

that you guys
are definitely not princes.

[guests]: Ooh...

There's two of us
and one of him.

I think we can take him.

Not if he's anything
like his daughter.

[Charles]: But...

I think that you're going
to make them happier

than princes ever could.


[Charles]: It's going to be
a great Valentine's Day wedding.



Thank you, Dad.

[Patricia]: Cheers.

Uh, we haven't heard
from Gabe.

[Marco]: Uh-oh.
I think we're in trouble.

I'll keep it short and sweet.

Ahem. A toast...

to my brothers, Marco, Nate...

if the two of you can find

incredible women
like Frankie and Lexi...

well, there's hope for me yet.


A toast to the happy couples.


[phone alerts chirp
and beep]

- What's going on?
- It's a weather alert.

There's been a frost warning

issued for St. Madeleine
for tomorrow night.

The night before
the wedding.

[Carla]: They said
it was gonna be cold,

but not this cold.

It looks like it's coming
further south than they thought.

Well... I guess it's time

to get out
the heaters and the fans.

Frankie? What's wrong?


We don't have enough heaters.

Not to cover the entire crop.

We could lose...



So I found an orange grove
with extra heaters and fans.

All we have to do
is pick them up.

That's great!
Where are they?


If we don't have
enough heaters and fans,

we're not going
to be able to save those vines.

What if we freeze the vines?

We turn on the sprinklers on,
we let them run non-stop.

Right, when the water freezes

and the vines start to give off
a little heat and...

Could be enough
to protect them.

Yeah, but I've never heard
of anyone doing that

around here ever.

And the hard part
is the temperature.

If it gets too cold,
water can freeze too fast,

destroy the vines.

That's-- It's too risky.

It's too risky.

I would only want to do that
as a last resort.

I kinda think that we're there.

How did we let this happen?

I mean, the wedding is tomorrow!

The equipment rentals
are coming in today.

We have to pick up family
from the airport!

How are we supposed...


we will to figure it out.


Shay! What are you doing here?

Gabe told me
about what's going on!

I came to help.

Thank you. Do you have
the power to change the weather?

Oh, I used to,

but traded it
in for some magic beans.

I apprec-- Wait.

Did you say that Gabe told you?

Yeah. We...

had donuts the other day.

It led to coffee
and then... lunch.

I'm kind of surprised Gabe
failed to mention any of this.

I think he figured you guys
had enough on your plate.

He figured
we'd tease him mercilessly.

That, too.

He's a good guy.

He is.

Well, the other reason
why I wanted to stop by...

was to give you this.


Wait. A diploma?

My degree isn't official
until I graduate in May.

I know.
I had a friend of mine make it.

I thought it would be more fun

than just telling Nate
that you're getting your degree.

That's so kind of you.
Thank you.


Just because you're gonna be
some fancy-pants graduate

doesn't mean you can't
hang out with me

after the semester is over.

You got a deal.

Okay. Now put me to work.

Yes. Happily.

Hey. How's it going out here?

Good. What about you?

There's some progress.

But not enough?

No. We don't have enough
heaters and fans

to cover all the vines.


[Nate]: What is this?

That's, um...

It's actually-- well, it's
not official until May,

but, um...

it's your Valentine's Day
present, a day early.

Shay gave this to me.

You're finishing your degree?

Yeah. I-- I've been meaning to,

but really,
you inspired me.

I wanted to do something
to better understand

the way you see things--

uh, scientific, logical,

What? Why are you laughing?

Well, I didn't have any time
to frame it or anything,

but I wanted
to better understand

how you saw things...

so I took Dorothy Hubbard's

That's how
you knew each other!

[laughing] Yeah.

So I'm guessing that Shay
isn't helping you find a dog.

No! She's my study buddy
for advanced bio-chem.

Oh, Frankie.

I love you!

I can't believe
that you did this!

I love you!

I can't believe you took
Dorothy Hubbard's workshop!

Yeah. I walked barefoot
through the mud for you.

No. Why'd you do that?

Well, it was a lesson
on water and nutrients

and how it can change...

What? What are you thinking?

What if we added something
to the water

that we sprayed
the vines with...

It could lower
the freezing point.

Yes! We had this on our exam.

It could drop below 32 degrees
and still not freeze.

A few degrees
could save the vines.

So what do we add?

Uh... I guess salt
is the most obvious answer,

but we can't
put that on our crops.

It has to be something organic,
something more like--

Like the vegetable oil
that we used

to spray the vines
so they wouldn't bud too early.

It's counter-intuitive...

It might work.




Did it work?

The sun's still coming up.
We won't know for a while.


Well, it looks like
a nice day out.

When it warms up,
we can run some tests, right?

We might not have to.

If the vines
look healthy enough...

I want to run some tests

and you want to look
at the vines.

The world really is
upside-down again.


So... [sighs]

I guess we should
get ready for the wedding?


Frankie, I hate to say it,

It's okay.

Postpone the wedding?


I think we both believed that
if we just worked together,

that we could
get through anything.

But we weren't ready for this,

and it,
it just makes me wonder...

What else
we're not prepared for?

Yes, exactly.

I mean, we got through this,
at least I hope we're going to.

So we wait.

We go back to the original plan.

We get married in the fall.

It doesn't mean
I don't want to marry you.

Same here.

I absolutely want to marry you.

Good... because you're not
getting the ring back.

I don't want the ring back.

I love you, Frankie.

I love you.

There is just one thing,


Who is going
to tell our parents?

We're gonna make
Aunt Patricia do it.

[Nate chuckling]

We will get married.




I'm pretty sure Frankie

has mirrors
in this house somewhere.

Between the bride,
the mother of the bride,

and the maid of honor,
they are all currently in use.

- Honey, let me.
- Please.

[Carla laughs]


How are you doing?


I'm fine.

Marco's the one
that's getting married.

That was my point, dear.

Frankie and I are good.

We-- We both think
it's better this way.

Just... focus on Sorrento.

Okay. If you say so.

You sound skeptical.

Did I ever tell you

about my wedding day
with your father?

I've seen the pictures.

Do you know we almost
didn't make it down the aisle?

What? No. What happened?

It was a problem
at the vineyard.

And, to be honest,
I can't remember the details,

but we almost
canceled our ceremony.



And we realized,

if we waited

till there were no more problems
with the vineyard,

we would never get married.

I get your point, Mom.

Frankie and I
are just being practical.

We only got engaged
four weeks ago.

You are so much
like your father.

Sweetheart, there is nothing
practical about love.

It doesn't happen
when it's convenient

or when you've decided
you're ready.

[chuckles warmly]



[knocking at door]

Come in.

Hey, kiddo.


You look great.

Thank you, Dad.
You look pretty dapper yourself.

Thank you.
I can clean up, if I have to.

So how's Lexi doing?

Mm. She's a little nervous,
but only just a little.

She tells me

that we have you and Nate
to thank

for there even being
a wedding today.

We almost derailed the thing.

It's kind of the least
we can do.

How are the vines?

We'll know more
when they start to bud,

if they bud at all.

What's your gut telling you?


No, I don't believe that
for a second.

You are too much
like your mother

for that to be true.

How so?

Oh, your mother had
a gut instinct about everything.

And 99% of the time,
she was right.

What about the other 1%?

I told her
she was right anyway.

You know, it's not too late.

You can still
get married today.

It's-- It's Valentine's Day,
after all.

No, Dad, Nate and I agree,
we, uh, we want to wait.

I don't believe that
for a second either.

How come?

Well, Frankie... [sighs]

Remember when I found out

you two were dating
in high school?

Yes. You got all blustery.


Aunt Patricia was visiting.

Remember what she told me?

Yeah, she told you
to knock it off.

Yeah, but she also said

you two
were made for each other.

And she was right.

I saw it in your eyes.

[quietly]: Saw what?

The same thing
I see right now.

You couldn't wait
to tell

the whole world how much
you loved Nate DeLuca.

You knew it in your gut

and you trusted your instinct,

just like your mom
always did.

Don't lose that.


Thanks, Dad.

I love you, sweetie.

I love you.



Lexi, just come out here.

[Lexi]: No! It is bad luck

for the groom to see the bride
before the wedding.

What's going on?

Marco and Lexi are talking
about canceling the ceremony.

What? Why?

[Lexi]: You guys have
enough on your plate

without our wedding
to worry about!

[Marco]: She's right.

We're all concerned
about Sorrento,

and if you guys are
waiting to get married,

so can we.

No. No! That's cr--
That's crazy.

You guys are going
to France next week.

It's your honeymoon.

Remember? We don't want

our stuff getting
in the way of that.

Right, plus,

the compatibility test said
that you were perfect

for each other.

You can't not get married
because of us!


Frankie, Nate, we...

didn't do quite as well
on the test as we said we did.

We flunked.


We were just so embarrassed!

I mean, especially being around
you two, the perfect couple.

[Nate chuckling]

We flunked, too.


[Nate]: Well, we should
probably get back.

The ceremony's
about to start.

Do you think we're doing
the right thing?

What do you mean,
freezing the vines,

or not getting married today?


I just felt like,

between the expansion
and the wedding,

everything just--

it got too big, too fast,
and I...

We're going to be okay.

No matter what happens,
you and me...

We're okay.



They're budding!

Oh, my gosh.
Here's another one.

We did it.

[excited]: We did it!

- We saved Sorrento.
- Again!

We are getting
really good at this.

[both laughing]


[sighing] Oh...

- [classical music playing]
- My gosh, I hear music.

The guests are arriving.
We should go.

No, wait, wait, wait.

Do you remember that--

that first Valentine's Day
that we had together?

The first one as a couple?

The Valentine's Day dance.

And everyone was shocked

to see a Baldwin come in
with a DeLuca.


I knew then.

I thought...

"I'm gonna marry that girl

I thought so, too.

We've wasted so much time.
Why are we doing it again?

Sorrento needed us?

No, Frankie, look around.

Yeah, we may not have been

as prepared
as we thought we were,

but we handled it.

We did it.
You and me.

That compatibility test
was way off.

- Wasn't it?
- Yeah.

Thank you for walking me
down the aisle, Uncle Charles.

It's my honor, sweetheart.

I am just glad they made
the aisle wide enough for three.


You both look so beautiful.

Thank you, Dad.

[Lexi]: You ready?

You better believe it.

Everybody, please rise.



You're late.

I said I'd be here
around 2:00.

It's 2:15.

Worth the wait,
don't you think?


[Minister]: Dearly beloved,

we are gathered here today,

on this beautiful
Valentine's Day,

to witness the union

of these two couples
in holy matrimony.

I, Marco DeLuca,
take you,

Lexi Baldwin,
to be my wife...

"To have and to hold..."

To have and to hold...

I, Nate DeLuca,
take you, Frankie Baldwin,

to be my wife...

I, Frankie Baldwin,

take you, Nate DeLuca,
to be my husband...

"To have and to hold..."

To have and to hold...

By the power vested in me,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife,

husband and wife.

[laughter and cheering]



you may now
kiss your brides.








[Nate]: We took
such a long road to get here.

We may not have known where
it was leading at all times,

but I'm glad I got here,
with you.

What are you thinking?

Oh, just
that we always have been

and we always will be

the perfect pairing.

Happy Valentine's Day, Frankie.

Happy Valentine's Day, Nate.

♪...You send me
You send me ♪

♪ Baby
You send me ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, you send me ♪