Valentine (2017) - full transcript

Batavia City, a beautiful city that no longer safely inhabited. Robbery, violence, and a variety of increasingly rampant criminality. In the midst of this chaotic city, Srimaya, a cafe waitress who dreams of becoming an actress never thought that dream would change her life. Her meeting with Bono, a film director and his friend, Wawan, will take her on a dangerous adventure full of thrilling action with lives at stake. Turning her from an ordinary girl into Batavia City heroine of hope, Valentine. Batavia City tonight,

as yet another coordinated
series of armed robberies

have left four dead

and 35 injured at
six different crime scenes...

...left to wonder who could

possibly save our city now.



Dad, help me!

I've brought
your beloved son home.

What has he done?

You should ask
what youhave done.

He has nothing to do with this.

Let him go!

Hey, sorry I'm late,
I was at the cafe...

How long are you
going to wait tables, Sri?

Come on, Mom.
At least let her eat first.


- More?
- That's plenty.

You know, you'd be better off
working with Umbra.

You could make good money.
Spend time with your brother.

You don't have a future
at that cafe.

I don't want to
get stuck behind a desk...

Oh, so you'd rather
be a waitress for

the rest of your life.

Mom, she'll find
her own way eventually.

I don't even know
who she is anymore.

She doesn't listen
to a single word I say.

She dropped out of college,

and now, she has no concept
of responsibility.

What future is there
for someone like that?

It's none of
your business, mom.


Try not to worry too much
about what mom said, OK?

It's harder without dad.

He would've known
just what to say.

Hey, how's the acting going?
You get big yet?

I'm still
waiting to get discovered.


I know Mom's hard
on you sometimes.

But she's the only
family we have left.

She wants you to be happy.

But losing dad, it really
hasn't been easy on her.

I won't ask you to understand.

But please try to be more
patient with Mom, OK?

See you later.

Don't let her worry too much.

Wi, Wi, camera stand by.


- Ready?
- OK.

A robbery occurred tonight
at the Ponsa Gallery...

A plague has infected our city.

These criminals...

are organizing
more and more every day.

They've begun to from
a syndicate.

And we can't keep up.

The more that they unite,

the harder they are to stop.

We've got to
get this under control.

Good evening,

people of Batavia City.

Has your sleep been
troubled lately? Perhaps...

Mr. Syamsul! Keep it rolling.

Mr. Syamsul!

Ma'am. Ma'am!

Please, just give me
one minute with him.

Or perhaps...

"Will my children make
it home from school?"

My men and I have darkened
your city with fear.

But through this fear, we have
given you the gift of order.

Anyone who stands against us
will die in agony.

Anyone, including the police!

You will know the depth
of my generosity.

But only if you
do not fight back.

As long as you obey us,
you will all know peace.

I, The Shadow,
will protect you.

But for now, you have
a decision to make.

I bid you good evening.

Enjoy this beautiful night.

- Huzzah!
- Huzzah!

80% of television news coverage

is about crime and violence.

Children learning
from a young age

that life's about surviving,
not thriving.

Gangsters are role models,

the drug dealers
are career advisers.

What I'm trying to say...

is we need a role model
for the kids.

Someone who's inspirational,

who gives power back
to the people.

Valentine is a superhero,
in the movie.

Look, Bono,

my job is to make money,

not to inspire people.

- Thank you.
- Thank you for your time.

OK, girls, girls, girls,
five more minutes to runway, OK?

- Mr. Wawan.
- Yes?

There's a guy here for you.

Oh, my God. Bono?

What? Superhero?

Come on.

Look, I'm trying to make
a movie. I need your help.

And just keep it down.

I'm looking for
a beautiful girl, young,

good at martial arts.

OK. She's 23,

flawless skin, legs for days.

Look at her. Oh, my God.
Gorgeous, right?

See? And this one...

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, I love her.
Don't you love her? Look at her.

She just woke up like this.
Oh, my God...

Good, so, who knows
which kind of martial arts?

None of them.

Muai Thai champion, body that
won't quit, but she ugly.

This one's Wushu.
Her hands are like,

but she ugly.

Ooh! You want karate?

Well, she's short andshe ugly.

This is really
all you've got, Wan?

I gotta pee.

Here you go.

What are you doing?
Please stop that!

Don't be like that.

- Come here.
- What are you doing?

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

- What... Let me go!
- Sir, please...

What did I miss?

I think we just found her.

So, what's this movie about?

Before we get to that,
let me be real with you.

Every producer...

said no to this movie,

which means we have
to take action

and prove all
the producers wrong.

But it's not just for them.

You're gonna be
a role model for the kids.

We're gonna inspire
the people of Batavia City,

the people of this country.

and, hey,
maybe the whole world.

Uh, what are we
talking about here?

We're talking about
making a movie, Val.

- Why you call me Val?
- Because you are Valentine.

What's Valentine?

What's this guy's deal?

It's a superhero movie.

Finally! There!
My first question answered.

OK, now that we're all
in the same page,

any other questions?

C... Can I get a drink?

Oh, yeah, I'll get it.

OK, so we start tomorrow.
We'll go out and fight crime.

Get it on camera,
release the teasers on YouTube,

so that everyone knows
that this hero exists.

Wait, I've got to fight
for real?

- Yes, for real.
- What? For real?

Don't worry, we'll take
precaution for your safety,

but, uh, seeing your skill sets,
I think you can handle it.

Do I get any days off?

Honey, you're fine.

But will I get paid?

- I'm getting paid here, right?
- Yes, of course.

What? She is?


So, what do I wear?

OK, so the design
could use some work.

♪ There's this girl Valentine,
she be hella fast ♪

♪ Overtime every day
and every night ♪

♪ She's in disguise finding
bad guys in their nest ♪

♪ Never backs down
from a fight ♪

♪ She's always right,
don't mess with her tonight ♪

♪ 'Cause you know
she's dynamite, one time ♪

♪ Now she's probably
a new kid... ♪

Sri... Sri, Sri.


Hurry up! Give us the money!

Come on! Where's the rest of it?

This all there is,

look for yourself!

Hand it all over!

- Open it! Just take it all!
- Wan? What the hell?

- Please, no!
- Fight 'em!

Whatever, I just want food!

Eat that! Get 'em!


Hello, police? Police?

Uh, buddy? Buddy?

You should call the police, OK?

Wan! Let's go!

Hello... Hello, police?

How was it? What happened?


We did it, we did it!

We did it!




- Holy shit, Wan.
- Well, it's not my fault.

Obviously I wasn't
born for this.

I'm no cameraman,
I'm a stylist, remember?

Nor are you a good stylist.

That cape is useless,
it almost choked me to death.

You cannot blame all this on me.

Why didn't you tell
me you were gonna

punch here and there
that fast?

Everything on fast forward,
my hands couldn't keep up.

You know, you were like,

Or maybe it's because your mask
keeps sliding off my face.

And I'm bruised up, because
nothing's protecting my arms,

my knees.

Two robbers were apprehended

by a woman in a mask.

Sir, can you tell me about
what happened here last night?

Yes, ma'am.

I was opening the register...

OK, so you're
getting need kneepads,

shin guards, wrist guards,

you need protection.

Did she say anything,

or leave a message for you?

No cape.

She told me to call

the police, then she left.

We need to trade
the rope for handcuffs.

I'll fix the mess.

...woman behind the mask.

You need to grow some balls.

I like your choice of color.

And the hair,
it looks very nice.

Thank you.

We need to figure out a way

- to take these guys down faster.
- These guys down faster.

Eyewitness reports
from around Batavia City

confirm that a masked woman

has been stopping robberies
all over town.

The suspects have been
apprehended by the police.

Sir, what is your opinion
about Valentine?

- I don't have time to comment.
- I just have one question.

Will the police be
cooperating with Valentine

to reduce crime rates
in Batavia City?

The Batavia City
Police Department

does not condone the activities
of any civilian vigilantes.

- That's all I have to say.
- But, sir,

with so many criminals
on the streets,

couldn't the police use
someone like Valentine

to help keep
the city safe at night?

Sir! Please, sir,
just give us one quote!

So, how long have
you been studying silat?

Since I can remember.

My father taught me
and my brother everything.

Why silat?

For my family,
silat is the way of life.

Your father must be
very proud of who you've become

because of silat.

- He's dead.
- Oh.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't realize
I miss those moments,

until they suddenly
became memories, so...

And you?
Why a superhero movie?

Because I believe that
the smallest action...

can have a big effect
in someone else's life.

And your family?

Guys, something's happening!

Let's go, we got to go,
we got to go!

Let's go!

- Go after her!
- The door won't open!

Give me that!


Hey, we got company.

Perfect timing.
Gonna catch these hands.

The two suspects were brought

to the precinct
for interrogation.

where they were charged with robbery and aggravated assault.

By all accounts, this means
that the masked woman

known as Valentine
is back in action.

According to witnesses,

Valentine was sighted chasing
the criminals in this area.

You're really planning
to sell our house?

Where have you been?
Is the cafe open all night now?

Easy, Mom.
Let me talk to her.


You understand...

there are a lot of bad memories

in this house for all of us,

Dad died here.

I still have
nightmares about it.

Every night.


Maybe by selling this house,

we'll all get a chance
to start over.

If we really sell this house,

We won't just lose
the bad memories.

We'll lose all of them!

The true identity of
the masked female vigilante

known as Valentine,
who has been single-handedly

apprehending bands of notorious criminals all over Batavia City

remains a mystery even to the Batavia City Police Department.

I think we did it.

We have convinced them enough
to believe in Valentine.


So when are we
gonna start the shoot?

- It's only a matter of time.
- Yeah.

Speaking of which, um...

- Uh, give me a second.
- All right.

Just wait.

Here we go.

I got you...

- some new gadgets.
- Yay!

Now, thanks to technology,

you just stick it to your face
like this.

I'm telling you, girl, these
gadgets will change your life.

These aren't gadgets.
They're tools.

Are you on your period?

I thought it was
time to celebrate

because of how far you've come.

I just want to start
to shoot already.

We can celebrate then.

I think... I think
I'm gonna go rest.


Look at that boy.

Did you see that?
You hurt his feelings.

I'm tired of waiting.

And you think I'm not?

But waiting's our only option.

You just have to be patient
for a little bit longer.

Once you're a big movie star,
you can complain all you want,

but Bono has done nothing
but try to help you.

That poor man.

Many look down on Valentine's

vigilante methods of

But her action have
succeeded in reducing

public fears surrounding
the infamous crime lord

Shadow and his subordinates.

Still, even to this day,

police and civilians alike
are left to wonder,

who is this masked
young heroine?

Ever since Valentine first

started her one-woman
war on crime,

civilians all over town have
reported feeling safer

in Batavia City.

Can you tell me how
you feel about Valentine?

Well, the police certainly

aren't going to protect us.

So, it's nice to know
someone will.

What about you, sir?

I like how she doesn't

play by the rules.

She does what the cops can't.

Well, there you have it, folks.
Back to studio.

- Who is she?
- Her name is Valentine.

That's cute.

Yes, sir.

Move back! Get back!

What's the situation inside?

He refuses to talk to anyone,

sir. Except Lukman.

- Officer Lukman?
- Yes.

- Sir.
- Sir.

I'm Lukman.

Have they been briefed
about this already?

All right, let's get started.

I'll make the call.

Hostages confirmed.

- Hello?
- Officer Lukman.

From this point forward,

I wish to speak with you,
and you alone.

Why is that?

Wouldn't you rather hear
about the hostages?

OK. Let them go first,
then we'll talk.

Your confidence is inspiring,

Unfortunately, you're not
the one in control.

These people's lives
are at stake.

If you want them
returned safely,

then you will meet my demands.

And what is it you want?


I want Selly, the reporter
from Channel 11,

to be here in exactly
five minutes.

OK, what else?

You must disband the entire
Batavia Police Force.

You have ten minutes to comply.

- Ma'am, are you Selly?
- That's me.

Now, let's see if
your precious police

will be able to save you.

Welcome, Miss Selly.

Would you kindly
cover this melodrama?

I want everyone
in this fine city to know

what happens inside
of this bank today.

But what is your reason

for doing all of this
in the first place?

This way, please.

Currently, there are
three hostages here

that have bombs wired
around their bodies.

Their fate rests upon
the outcome of negotiations

between Shadow and the police.

This is Selly from
Channel 11 reporting live.

Sorry, sir, but it's time.

We're moving in.

You can't do that. It'll ruin
the negotiation process.

There's no negotiation!

The police of Batavia City
do not submit to madmen.

- Hendro!
- Sir, yes, sir!

Selly, leave.

Shadow, help me understand.

Why exactly do we have to
dissolve the police force?

Because they are worthless,
empty-headed dogs.

OK, then, free the hostages.

You know they're
innocent in this.

They have nothing to do
with the police of Batavia.

So be it.

Hands up!

On your knees.

Holy molly.

Oh, my God.

- Come on! Come on! Come on!
- Hurry up! Quick!

Go, go, go.

Shadow and the clown
are leaving.

Val, get down here, now!

- Which way are they heading?
- They're heading towards us.

- What are you doing?
- We're gonna get them.

- What?
- They have bombs.

Can we just leave it
to the police this time?

Everybody just hang on,
I've got a plan.

- Get on the roof.
- What for?

Just do it, trust me.

Come on!

- Wawan, you ready?
- What?

- Camera!
- OK.

- What now?
- Jump!

- Jump what?
- I said, "Jump!"

- That's your plan?
- Jump!

Jump now, like... Like Batman.

You getting this?



What is that?

Quick, come on, come on!

I'm not Batman.

You can do this.

Never mind.

I quit!

♪ The daddy's on the bus
say I love you ♪

♪ I love you, I love you ♪

A year ago,

Bono and his family
were in an accident.

They got into a car crash

with some robbers who were
running from the police.

So Valentine was
his daughter's name?


She was seven when she died.

Bono thought that if someone
had been there to help,

maybe his family would
still be alive today.

But I'm not helping.

Even when Valentine was there,
36 officers wound up dead.

And every single one of
those families are mourning!

But because of Valentine, a lot
more families don't have to.


You always told me
to face my fears.

And that there was nothing that
you hated more than cowards.

In order to defeat our enemies,

we must first defeat
the enemies within us.

But then,
why couldn't you be brave?

I don't understand.

I don't want to be scared.

What if I can't make it stop?

A shocking turn of event

at the Batavia penitentiary

Let's move over to Selly
for the full story.

According to the witness,

the criminal known as Shadow
has freed the inmates

from the penitentiary.

this was the largest...

Don't move!

Shut up! Stay where you are!

- Please!
- Shut up!

Shut up! Back off!
Don't come any closer!

Shut up!

If you take one more step,
I'm gonna shoot her.

No! Please don't hurt
my daughter! I'll do...

Shut up! I'll kill her!
Back off!

Please just let my baby go!

Oh, my God.

Hang in there. Please.

Please hold on,
you're going to be OK.

- Mom.
- Just hold on.

We're going to
get you some help.


Someone help us!
Someone help!

"I have fought a good fight.

I have finished my course.

I have kept the faith.

Then, shall the dust return.

The spirit shall return
onto God."

I'm sorry.

39 seconds this time.

Oh, yeah, will Safety First
really gonna back up

the royal guard tonight?

Isn't your division coming too?

Listen, man.
Just be careful out there.

Shadow's gonna be looking
for events with lots of cops.

You never know
what could happen.

That's true. I've been
watching the news lately.

You don't need to worry.

Let's just both agree to
watch out for each other, OK?

Will do.

Stand by.


- You got a package.
- Thanks.

In the last few months,

it's been getting
harder and harder

to misinterpret
the signs that our world

is spinning out of kilter.

Major cities
in North and South America,

Asia and Australia
are nearly out of water

due to massive droughts
and melting glaciers.

This is our moment.

This is the time for those
who see and care and understand

and are willing to
work to say, "This time,

the warnings
will not be ignored.

This time, we will prepare.

This time, we will rise to the
occasion, and we will prevail!"

Watch closely behind me.

I could blow up
this building right now.

But I'm certain
you would all prefer it...

if I told you what
my demands are instead.

Shadow is back in action.
Eco Green, Batavia South-side.

If you choose
to make things difficult...

I will make sure
this ends in fire.

Make sure to capture this,
Miss Selly.

I'm sure you could all offer me
a thousand reasons

not to end your lives.

But those reasons
are meaningless.

There is only one way
to prevent this tragedy.

I demand that you bring me...

Police Commissioner Syamsul.

- Yes, sir!
- Now!

Follow me!

Everyone in position!

- Prepare to force entry!
- Commissioner.

What's the status?

Shadow has a hostage.

He's taken the prince.

If these criminals
want to start a war,

- Then, we'll give them one!
- But, sir...

- Prepare an infiltration squad!
- Sir, yes, sir!

That damn psychopath!

Let's move!


Umbra, you don't
have to do this.

I have all the evidence here.

You're right to be angry.

But let me help you get justice.

Looks like you're surrounded,
Umbra. On your knees.

Take another step, and he dies.

Or would you prefer
we make an arrangement?

What's the matter, chief?
Don't have the guts?

Don't you play games with me.

Oh, I think
we're well past that.

Then tell me your demands.

There's only
one things that I want.

It's you. I'll trade you

for this royal guest.

You want to take away
this city's symbol of order?

If I comply
with a thug like you,

it shows that our city
negotiates with terrorists.

Oh, really?
You think you're so special?

If you die here tonight,

you'll be replaced
and forgotten.

It's time for you
to make a choice.

Tell your men to back off.

Fall back! Everyone back!

All units retreat!

You want to know
the real reason

why all of these horrible things
have happened in this city?

Tell them the truth

about that day in 2010.

Explain why this city can
no longer trust the police.

I want them to see
what a monster you are!


Five years ago,

when I was
the District Chief...

Does our friendship

mean nothing to you?

I told you, Buma.
Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it?

Syam, you sold
confiscated evidence!

You committed a serious crime!

Do you know what could
happen because of that?

These weapons will just make
the crime rates worse again.

This could endanger our wives,

our children, our families,
the entire city!

We are the police! Where
the hell is your conscience?

Sooner or later,
someone is gonna find out!

Buma, for old time's sake,

just walk away from this.

That's impossible.

Buma, have you forgotten?

The three of us were delinquents
who joined the police

so we could control our destiny!

We're the same.
How dare you try to lecture me?


I'm nothing like you.

This is OP1, sir.


Take care of Mom.

Four, three, two, one.

At this time, we have confirmed
the death of the criminal

known as Shadow
from a police sniper's round.

New evidence discovered
by police inspector Lukman

has revealed Shadow's identity to be Umbra Bumantara,

the son of the late
Inspector General Bumantara.

Five years ago, the death of
Inspector Bumantara

was closely related to
an illegal weapons deal,

that disadvantaged
the country at a total cost

of nearly 250 billion rupiah.

New evidence discovered
by Inspector Lukman, however,

has revealed that the deal
was actually setup

by Bumantara's colleagues
at that time.

Commissioner General Syamsul
and General Bambang.

They set this tragic
scandal in motion

using Inspector Bumantara
as a scapegoat

for the entire operation.

Umbra, the man we now
know as Shadow,

terrorized Batavia City
as his method to punish

the very same police department

that caused the death
of his father.

It's difficult to
justify his actions,

but we at Channel 11

Shadow, the terror

of Batavia City

has cast a light upon the
despicable crime committed...

...Syamsul sacrificed himself,

dying at Shadow's hand

to save the royal prince's life

and to return honor
to the police department.

The people of Batavia

have expressed their gratitude

to the police,
especially Syamsul,

for their actions
in protecting the city

and fighting back against
the numerous crimes

conducted by
Shadow's syndicate.

Even though the city
mourns as one for the death of

Commissioner General Syamsul,

we know now that Bumantara was
set up by his own colleagues.

Commissioner Syamsul...

Commissioner Bumantara
was a victim.

Today, he gets
his good name back.

but what about the misery
that has come to the people

of this city in the wake
of that tragedy?


This is not the end.

Life has many trials.

It's up to us to find
the strength within ourselves.

The strength to overcome them.

Even if it feels like

everything around you
is falling apart,

it does not mean
you have to fall apart too.

It's true. You don't always

get to choose what kind
of person you become.

But sometimes,

fate has its own plans
to make you even better

than you ever thought possible.

This is not
the end of my story.

This is only the beginning.