Valasa (2021) - full transcript


Take him once

Hold it.

Mother, I am feeling thirsty.

Don't you understand!
We have no water.

Don't shout at him !

My dear If we keep walking
there will be a pond at the end of the road

There will be plenty of water in it.
-Do we bathe there?

Yhea. you can do (Satirically).

Already your are with fever.

Don’t scold him.

Let's have a very long bath.

Let's also swim there.

Kasthuri, my dear.

What are you doing there ?
Come fast.

Hmm. Coming .

Kasthuri , my dear, join us.
-Yes Father.

Let's get some lotuses for the sister
from the pond.

Hmm, Yes.

I don't want them Father.
Let's offer them to God.

Yhea.. Let's do it.(Satirically)

Even after so much of our prayers
He is not giving anything but ashes.

He is giving what is with him.

Yhea.. he will give.(Satirical)

Ask Him to give water on his head
at least it will quench his thirst.

Will there be water
on Lord Shiva's head ?

When Mother Ganga
fell from heaven

Lord Shiva, tied her in his matted hair
before sending to us.

Goddess of water always sits on his head.
the way you sit on mine.

Does she always sit on his head ?
-yes she does.

Why are you upset ?

Why do you always carry
those useless Books ?

Why don't you
throw them away ?

At least it will reduce weight
-Why do you get angry ?

We are clueless how far to go
and how many days to walk.

I am scared, we may
run out of your medicine.

We have no one to help.

Don't worry someone will help us ?
-Yheaa will do(Satirically)

Nobody would give us
even a drop of water .

Dear ! When does you Mom look beautiful ?
when she is angry or smiling .

Mother is always beautiful.

Though Ganga is on his head,
Shiva always loves Gowry.

Does Shiva like Mother?


Your father’s name is Shankar.
It is synonym for Shiva.

Hmm.. Are you still in
your theatrical past?

Please carry
him for a while.


Let me hold it.

Mother, I am feeling thirsty.

Shut up.

Don't scold him.

Look !
there are people.

Let's ask them.

Let’s rest for a while there.

My stomach is
very painful.



My son is feeling very thirsty.
Can he have some water.

Why not !
Give them some water.

Are you coming from Chennai ?

No, from Hyderabad.

I am coming from Chennai.

Where should you go ?

Balliputuka , near Sompeta

Oh.. Srikakulam !

There are many labourers
from your place in Chennai.

our place is near Anakapalli,

It has been 10 days
since we started.

Come .. come to me.
It may take two more days to reach.

What is your name?

My name is Ganesh
- My name is Kasthuri

which class are you in ?
- I am not studying

I am in 6th standard.
-I studied only for a year and quit.

Don't you like to study ?
- I like but I had to stop.

Do you like to continue your studies ?
-Yes I will

(Oh Sister, come here
your may sit. )

'Oh.. Sister come here'.
‘Yes, I am coming.’

(Since how may days
have you been walking ?)

Which month is it ?
-Its 9th month.

Wanted to travel
after the baby is born, But..

Hospitals are not open.
They only admit corona patients.

Such an ill time to get pregnant.
-Stop it Mother.

('Oh.. Ramnaidu.. ')

It has been one hour since he left
he is not yet back.

(Shall we start.)

Uncle, he went for water.
May be shops are closed.

I also asked him to get
medicines for my Grandfather.

He will be coming.
- those will not work for me, I need toddy.

Shut up !
you became ill because of that.

Look, there he is.

(He is Rajanikanth,
my Uncle's Son. )

Uncle !
-(What happened.)

Police are thrashing,
whomever they find.

Get up... get up.

hurry up , get up, take the luggage.
-Let us go and hide.

Kasthuri, walk fast.
-Lets go.

Keep walking.

Uncle come, go down.

(Oh. let's go.)
(keep walking. )

(Crowd rushing,
talking in panic)

Oh.. Simhadri,
you idiot, where are going ?

Hide yourself.

Keep walking carefully.
Walk slowly.

Please hold my hand.
-I may skid.

See and walk
you may skid.

This place looks better
come here and hide.


Savitri, be careful.

Keep walking.

come.. come.

Ganesh take care. Walk carefully.
-Ok Grandfather.

Sit here.

Silence... ! Silence.

It is very
painful dear.

It will be alright.

Silence.. Silence.

Take care.
-Ok I will.

Father !
-Don't speak.

Father ...
-Silence !

Are they demons ?

Yes.. There are much
more dangerous.

They can do
what ever they want.

Sister, do I have to
study to become a Police ?

Yes you need to study a lot.

Then I will become a
gangster like Mallesh.

Even Police fear him.

Well said.

Are the police coming ?

You needlessly,
panicked us all.

Let's go.

Go, stand on the road.
if you are not beaten we join.

Who dares to touch me ?

I am the mason
of a Police officer.

Nobody can hurt me.

(Grand pa,
please stop.)

Listen! Police siren.

They have come.
-You said you are Police officer's mason.

Yes.. but, that officer
doesn't understand our language.

Don't want to risk.
So I am back.

Your grandfather is boastful.

Don't make a noise.

Hmm they left.
-They are gone.

Who are these ?

Police hunt us, when
we walk on the highways.

they chase us here too.

Come lets go, we have
to travel a long way.

Careful. hold the bag.
Careful. let's go.

Yes grandfather, I am here.

don't worry, I am walking carefully.
You watch and walk.

Brother Walk carefully.

Watch your step
and keep walking.


Yes grandfather.

Ganesh , hold
his hand and pull.

Ok Grandfather.


Sister, it looks heavy,
give me I will hold it for you .

Hmm, last two days,
my brother is coming back of you.

Do you know him before or what ?
-Nothing like that, Sister.

Looking at your closeness
I felt he is taking advantage.

No Sister, last time we
met at Vijayawada, only then I met him.

Is my Brother,
acting smart ?

He is jovial and funny
with my grandfather.

Be careful
with men

moreover you
look fair.

Also you are in the
right bubbling age.

They always fix their
eyes on our breasts.

If you give them little space,
they start the work and reach down.

If they find little space,
they will take somewhere.

They do everything

and sleep as if they
have done nothing.

When we keep
carrying and walking

they joyfully walk with
empty hands and come.

What happend ?
You got delayed.

Do you need

I don't need anything,
already you have given, enough.

What are you both smiling about ?

Nothing I was just telling
her about workmanship of men.

You go ahead.

If you women have the
company of other women to chat

then you have no
work with men.

Where is the free time for men to speak ?
They are always busy with work.

If you do it once hard and leave,
then for months we need to do all the hard work.

Its is very heavy.

Uncle, once hold this.

Sister, I will come
along with grandfather.

ok, you go.

You can get rid of your weight
but it is not possible for us to do the same.

What happened ?
-Nothing I just want to walk along with you.

What did you study?

I have read people.

I haven't read books.

Moreover , during our time
we did not have schools.

oh you did not have.


What ?

(Even my grandchild did
not study like me.)

What is this ?
- Hold it.


Last night I have seen
blood strain on your dress.

I thought you are
feeling discomfort.

No problem, take it.

Even we have
women in our home

two elder sisters and
one younger one.

Even I know what are
the difficulties of women.

Just wait, I will call Kasthuri.

-(Yes brother. )

Come here.

What brother ?

Give me your bag.

Go .. go along with Sister.

What happened Sister ?


(What happened ?
Why did you fall behind.)

Nothing ..
Come lets' go.

If you go back of women,
all men will left behind.

Why should we
blame them ?

See only after getting paired with us
they are facing all these difficulties.

They should be taken care,
like queens under the shades

but now we are making
them walk on the roads.

(There is nothing
wrong in it, Brother.)

Even Lord Rama was not
able to escape from this plight.

Who are we?

We cannot escape ?

Nothing to fear,
we will reach.

With single word you have
made him Lord Rama.

We are all the Ramas and
Pandavas who are in exile.

In that context, your Brother in law
is greater than all of them.

Lord Rama, left Sita
when she was pregnant.

But your brother in law is
walking along with your sister.

All your husbands are
considered Gods.

You are men anyway.

Even if you squander
all money gambling,

abandoning wives
over suspicious gossips

still all husbands
are considered as Gods.

Keep quiet.

We are just chatting to
forget our aching feet and legs.

I think Sister in Law
gets anger easily.

My legs... you come here.

Because it is very hot
she may be little frustrated

but she is very nice.

I use to act in
mythological dramas in the village.

I met her there.

She is from my caste.

Their family is not
that interested in me.

She left all of them
and came for me.

After mariage ,
expenses multiplied.

Left for a city that
doesn't belong to us.

City dumped us.

(Someone fell down here.)

Come . let's go and see.
-Yes we are coming.

Indistinct voices.

(Leave room and let air flow freely.)

(Don't go near
there is some deadly disease.)

Leave him.
-Shut up, what are you speaking ?

A man is seen fallen over here.
-You will not understand.

Rajini give me some water.

Very sorry for him.

Sister come.
-splash some water, let's see.

You move aside.

She is afraid.
-Pandit ji

Pandit Ji.. Pandit Ji..
-Lift him up a it.

Be careful, a little.

Grandfather what happened?
- Have some water.

Mother what happened ?

Careful, you may choke.

What happened Pandit ji ?

He would have got sunstroke.
Walking in such hot Sun.

More over elderly person.
-Today heat is too much.

In the nearby village went for a function.
-It’s extremely hot today.

After the function was over,
they were not able to send me back.

In these corona days
I was not able to stay there.

I stared walking

After walking
for four hours.

All my nerves got
twisted and I fainted.

The pangs of hunger
repeatedly need to be fed.

No matter how many times we feed,
still it asks to feed it again.

Do you want to eat something ?
-Don't be silly, caste people don't eat our food.

They are Brahmins
-Common why don't they eat. Sir have some.

Please do not think otherwise.

Eat slowly Sir.

There is no
caste for hunger.

It will eat anything.

There no
God beyond food.

It our foolishness.
-You said very well Sir.

Please give some water.
-Here, take it.

Drink it slowly.
-Please be patient, don't hurry.

What have I done ?
-Give me Sir, I will hold it.

Give room for fresh air.

Let air flow freely,
move aside.

Move back, and hold this.

Take the bottle.

Arrange all things.

Are you feeling better now.
- I am feeling alive once again.

So sad that he
has become like this.

Careful Pandit ji,
hold it.

Leave room for fresh air.

Shall I hold this.


Gather all things.

All things are full.

Let me hold it brother.
-Your school bag is heavy.

That is not that heavy Brother.
Teacher said 7th Class Books are lot more heavy.

Are are carrying all these books from Hyderabad ?

Please tell her, she is carrying
useless books all the way.

All girls should study.
Sister in law.

Because lack of education
we are left on the roads.

All the educated are in the houses
and spending their time watching TV.

Only we are suffering like this.
You study well.

You make her study well.

(We can
watch TV at home.)

From when
are you walking?

We have started walking
before Week to 10 days.

If we walk for another 2 days
we reach our villages.

My village is near Tuni
it will be nearly 60kms

How long will it take?

All of us are going that way.
We need to go a long way.

We are coming with a
pregnant woman.

We will be reaching.

Did you take all the luggages ?
- Yes grandfather

Why are you holding your
stomach and walking?

I underwent an
operation Pundit ji.

The wound is not yet

With allopathy
it is surgery for everything.

Carona has come,
and there are no medicines.

But lakhs of rupees are collected
in hospitals.

Last year, my Son in law too
had a Kidney problem

they operated twice,
we lost 2 lakhs.

I don't have a white ration card.

We should have money
or Government Health Care

being an upper class idiot
I don't have both of them.

My daughter became a widow
when my son-in law body came home.

What can we do ?
It is the result of fate.

What types of rituals you
perform Pandit ji ?

Rituals for Peace, Goddess of Wealth
longevity and Satyanarayana Vrathas.

I will do many others too.

How much will it cost for
Ritual of Longevity ?

Minimum 2000 Rupees
you can spend any amount

To give that much amount
first we need to do Goddess of Wealth.

We also have a low cost package.

If something like that is there
you would have got it done.

All this poverty would
have been gone.

What do you do ?


How many houses you built so far?

I built around 20 to 25 houses.

I also worked as Mason for 4 to 5

How many houses do you own ?

I have none, I am not able to pay rents
and so moving on the roads now.

Excellent, people live in
the houses you built

and you don't have a house.

My situation is also the same.

It is fate.
-(It is shady under the tree, come.)

From the beats of wet heart
we can hear a song.

The hurt will be healed
with the flow of sweat beads.

Life will be a festival
when walked together.

Rivers will run with the desire
to be hugged by the Sea.

They will store so many stories.

Will cross many sufferings.

From the beats of wet heart
we can hear a song.

The hurt will be healed
with the flow of sweat beads.

The tree that comes out
breaking the soil.

will that not be a friendship
that gives solace.

Will that now be a shade
that gives friendship

and life that shares love.

After walking for seven
steps it will be one relation.

We waked sufficient
for 10 Lives my friend.

The journey with you
is unforgettable time.

The blessing with you
should be mine.

(Don't get scattered, walk in one direction.
-Simhadri don't go in wrong direction. )

(I am coming. )

(Left his mother and going with wife.
-Savitry where are you?)

(When we get our phones charged ?
Not able to understand.)

You were walking slow before
now you are leaping.

Oh.. really, that means my
brother is not looking at your breast.

He is seeing your heart.

Good, but be careful.

Look at her,
she is always on her phone.

Hyderabad love, she on the roads
and don't know whereabouts of him.

No charge for her mobile.
See her pain.

There is no smile
on her face.

If you are in love,
it is like hell.

It's enough Sister,
don't pull her leg.

I am telling about you.

Love and itch are similar.
Once we get, need to scratch lifelong.

Walk fast.

Are you coming or not ?

Yes, coming mother-in-law.

Marry whomever you like
but don't become daughter in law of such women.

She can't tolerate
her Son sleeping with his wife.

Are you coming or not?
-I am coming Mother in Law.

(Chatting is enough for her.
She will not walk further. )

('There is nothing to eat
but want fragrant oils for whiskers')

(She wears stokings as if she
is a queen.)

Mother in Law why are you blabbering ?
- What else can I do ?

Uncle, Brother in law
there is a car coming.

Stop the car..
please stop

Brother in law
no one stops.

Only when
we try we know.

I wanted you and Sister
to first get into the car.

What about me?
-If they stop you too can get in.

He stopped the car.
-Come lets go.

Run fast.. stop it.

Keep running
-stop the car

You agreed to drop me at Vizag.
You are leaving in mid way.

Why are you doing this ?
-My Sister is pregnant, please.

Why is he leaving ?

What happened ?
(-Why is he leaving and going ?)

See that Diver fellow.

He took money to
come upto Vizag.

Now he is having work.

He want to go to his place
so he left me in middle.

I said I will pay him well.

Even then he did not listen
bloody rogue.

True, he would have been a rogue.

He has no honour for his word.
Low class fellow.

Sir where are you coming from ?

He is coming from Chennai.

You may find some vehicles
if you go this way.

Ok let's go ahead.

I will carry them brother
not a problem.

Lets go Brother.

Come dear,
-Yes coming Father.

All of you come.

I have crossed Rajamundry.

But, that driver,
left me halfway.

Yheaa,,, he left me
mid way, literally.

What can we say Baby?

Even after I said will complain
to Police he did not listen.

This is a *****up moment.

It is lockdown and so difficult to find any
vehicle. He left me mid way .

You understand my situation.

Susie cool..
it's ok.

Ok dear, don't get tensed.

I will come dear,
I will be there by the delivery time.

There is no problem, I have crossed
Rajamundry, just 200Kms

Don't feel tensed,
are you taking all your medicines.

Are you getting your
regular checkups?

You will be fine.
Don't get tensed.

Is your brother there ?
Will speak to him once, Hi Brother - Law .

I am travelling in a loop lane
from Rajamundry, will share my location.

Do you work in Software ?
Tata or Wipro?

It is an American company,
previously I was in Tech Mahendra.

Oh our Satyam Ramalinga Raju's
gave jobs to thousands but suffered

One mistake is sufficient
for life to get topsy-turvy

That is the situation
of our Dharmaraja too.

My Brother too
ruined all our property.

I forgot to say, even my Brothers's
son was working in Satyam.

Now he is in America,
California or New York

He joined in some company

How will your pay and perks be ?

It's will ok, good.

I work in development.
-Hmm you will be earning well.

We have great knowledge
but we earn nothing.

These companies pay hefty
even for young

They pay lakhs of rupees and
make no value of money.

That is the reason,
people spend lavishly in the malls.

Brother in Law,
now everything is closed.

Well said.

Hello Brother in Law
did you the permission ?

Why do you say getting
permission is difficult ?

Did you explain them
our problem ?

It is very far and
can't come on foot.

Brother in Law, I will call
you back, Boss is calling me.

Hi Sir, there is no proper signal
here, I will come online soon.

Are you feeling it heavy.
-ok Sir

Our client satisfaction is
important Sir.

Sure Sir.

Definety Sir.

Oh.. Simhadri

There is some temple here.
Let's sit for a while and go.

Sure, let's go there.
-That place is amazing.

Lets' go.
-(Nothing just work pressure.)

Nice place, let's sit
here for some time.

Come , Sit here.

Come Sit.
Sit there.

Goddess Durga,
bless us.

Who named you
after Rajanikanth ?

My Mother named.

People get crazy
for his Name.

Not just there.
Here too people get crazy for him.

My Mother too is his fan
that's why she named me.

That's ok
but who named you Savitri ?

My Grandfather,
he loves acting in Classic Films.

He adores
Nageswararao and Savitri

My Mother expired
giving birth to my Brother.

My Father died,
in a fire accident in the a factory.

From then my Grandfather
stopped watching films.

Those days when I was acting
in films , people used to call me NT Ramarao

But I was Nageswararao Fan.

Did you watch
'Premnagar' movie?

Latha, why did you do this ?

Nageswara Rao said
that dialogue.

Yes he said that, but there is one
guy walked who walked near by

That was I.

Didn't recognise me ?

Mother, it's paining.
-She stared again.

Child is kicking.

Naidu, your hair is grown long.
-Those pains are like that, don't worry.

Shall I cut it ?

What is this ?
You are behaving like that Electrical people.

Why did electrical personal
come into this ?

When he gets opportunity
he cuts power and you cut hair.

For four days
you were harassing me

Naidu, for 30 years my hands
have been doing this work

Because of Carona
everything stopped.

Don't you follow social distance?
Go away

To make romance and to cut hair
it is not possible to maintain social distance.

Uncle, I will go on to the road
and check if I can find any vehicles.

Please go and see.
-Shankar brother, I will go and come.

Be careful when you go.

Hello Brother,

Have been calling you.

Why don't you
answer my call ?

How is Mother ?

Niece and kids ?

Me , Sister in Law and Kids
are coming.

We crossed Rajamundry.

You don't want
us to come!

Speak to the hospital,
my health situation is not well

What happened ?

Listen to me.

Listen to me once.

Brother ,
can you give your phone once ?

Charging is less.
-ok brother.

What to do now?

Hello ..Hello

Hello ..Hello

this is Shamala.

How are you ?

I am trying to call you
for the last two days.

My Mobile got discharged.

It has been many days
since I saw you last.

I want to see you.

I like you very much.

Hello .. Rakesh.


What happened dear?

Tell me what happened ?
- What can I say..

As Carona cases have gone up
he asked me not to come to village.

Who is he to deny ?

Let's go and solve it.
-What will you solve, you relax.

Brother, phone is discharged.

-Don't worry
it is a dying battery.

It's ok.

Don't feel bad Brother.

It is ok.

Let's get it charged in some shop.
-You go.

Now we don't even have a phone.

How much money do
we have with us?

Will that be sufficient to go home ?

We have Thousand rupees,
they will be sufficient.

You don't be worried.

What's your brother's intension?

I don't know.

I gave all the money
to him to buy some land.

Now he says
registration is not done.

Mother too is asking me to
stay back and not to come.

You mother is
another 'Kaikayi'

For Bharatha's sake
she sent Rama to forest.

Don't scold my Mother.

She will be having
soft corner for the youngest son.

Don't you have ?

You will always
take care of him.

You never take care of
my golden child.

what I haven't
provided her.

When she is carrying books,
did I give her any weight ?

I am the one
carrying all the weight.

Why do you shout
at her ?

How much she
likes your song ?

How many times
she asked you to sing?

You haven't sung for her
at least once.

Hmm songs!

Is there no other

When your mom use to sing
all the youth got enchanted in the village.

She is madly in love
with me.

What do you say ?
-Enough of romance before kids.

Feeling shy !

I will go and look
at the laptop.

What are you doing ?
Before a matured child.

Children also should know.

Happiness is Mother and Father
being together.

(Unable to find any
food outside.)

You know dear
that I can't bear huger.

This is my last
piece of cake.

I can't stay long
with hunger.

You know,
it's ok , I will manage.

Sometimes it happens.

These people are staring
at what I am eating dear.

Disgusting dear.

Even if I want to go
anywhere, there are no restaurants or shops.

If I stay along with
these people I will get Caronona

Get lost.. from here.
-wow.. talking box.

This is 2 lakh rupees
you idiot.

Go .. go away.

It's nothing. It's ok.

Ask Brother in Law to get
permission immediately.

Take care bye.

Brother, please take it.

I don't want it.

Brother, you can't
endure hunger .

I listened when
you are saying.

My brother too
can't withstand hunger at all.

Please take it. you have it.

Brother, please take it.

I have also washed my hands.

It is very clean,
please take it Brother.

You cann't endure huger.

Come Sit.

What's your name ?
-My name is Kasthuri

6th Standard.

Section B , Yousufhguda , Hyderabad.

Because of Carona we have no exams.

We are shifting to our village.

I am scared if I can study or not.
- Do you like education ?

I want to study well
and take care of my Parents.

I should get medical treatment for
my Father.

I need to take care of Mother
feed her with three meals a day.

Need to get my Brother
well educated.

We can get a job only
if we are educated.

or else we have to
work as labours.

You want to see this,
first wipe your tears.

Hmm I don't know
-Ok I will tell you.

Uncle lets go, I found a lorry.
-Everyone get ready, lets go.

It will go upto vizag.
Come let's go.

Gather your luggage.
-Shall we go in the lorry.

It costs two hundred
rupees per person.

Shall we go?
-No dear , lets go by foot. Money not sufficient.

Is it ok?
-I am fine but can you walk.

Let's gather energy and move ahead.
Can you walk dear ? Can you walk child.

You hold him.

Lets' go on foot, let's tell
good bye and leave.

Come Chinna

Come, sit here.
Sit carefully.

Bye Brother.

Are you not coming?
-No we are not.

How come ?
-We will walk.

Climb carefully.

For each one it costs two hundred and
total its costing Eight hundred.

Mother suggests to walk
you carry on.

I will pay you come.
-No Sir, we will go on foot.

We are used to it.

You don't take trouble please.
-You daughter has fed me.

Accept my gratitude.

Please don't say no.
Get in.

Brother give it.
-These people are also coming.

Not sufficient give me Eight Hundred.
-I don't know all that.

Is it a Volvo bus or what?

Do you want money or not?
-You are making me obliged.

Come and sit on that.

Careful come.

Adjust yourself and sit.

Come I will help you to get in.

No, not at all required.

Adjust yourself and settle down.

Don't be visible, sit down.

Don't let anyone touch you.


Don't stand at all,
all of you sit down.

Sit down, you sit down.

Adjust yourself and
see that your luggage is not visible.

Sit carefully.

Sathibabu come
and close the door.

Help me.
-Close the door.

Lift the side one up.

Sathibabu start the vehicle.
-Should we keep this here.

Did it fit ?

Just pull it up.

Pull it up.
-It fitted.

Be careful.

Shankar Brother, hold him.

Hold carefully.

Sir, I am coming online.
-Come here.

Got the signal Sir.

Sir, can you do you
work from anywhere?

It can be done Sir, work from home.
-Oh ..

Now it is work from truck.
Very nice.

Dead lines.
-Ohh Lines of death.

Careful Sir

Will there be pictures?

Yes there will be so many.
-Stories ?

There will be stories too.
In Telugu, English and Hindi too.

Then please tell
me a story.

Ok. I will tell you one Hindi
story, 'Intelligence of a Farmer.';

Please tell it in Telugu.

Ok, Once a upon a time
in a village.

There was a farmer.

But that farmer doesn't
have a farm to till.

He went to forest and
cleared some land.

Meanwhile a Bear comes there
and tells it's my place and you leave it.

Intelligent farmer says
lets' share the harvest into half.

Harvest comes.

Farmer brings all the workers
in the village.

Along with the villagers
trashes the bear with sticks.

With the entire harvest,
farmer lives happily.

It is unfortunate for the bear.

Farmer cheated the bear right?

Everybody is like that.

After the need is fulfilled,
they neck you out.

After the river is crossed,
burn the vessel. Thats it.

These kinds of lessons are being
taught in schools.

That's why, I say
be careful with educated people.

It's not just the people
even Gods are also the same.

They churned the milk sea
along with the Demons.

When the nector came,
they did not share and cheated them.

When Rahu and Kethu tried to
drink, they were beheaded.

In Puranas itself, doing
injustice is taught.

Whichever Yuga it may be
or whitchevery Nation.

Once upon a time
caste, religion and race used to speak.

But now money speaks.
-Yes yes

This untouchability
will always be there.

Then it was because of caste
and now it is because of money.

-After Carona everyone is untouchable now.

We have been always

Well said Pandit ji.

What's happening dear ?

Indistinct voices

Pain is getting severe.

Let's get down at Visakhapatnam
and join in KGH Hospital.

It's very painful.
-We will be reaching tonight.

You can go and join
in Visakhapatnam Hospital.

Nothing will
happen to you dear.

Whoever is in the vehicle get down.
We are warning you.

What happened Sir ?

Get down immediately.
We are telling you.

What happened ?
Are your not listening us , get down.

Get down.

Do you want us
to come up ?

Are you
coming down ?

-Are you not understanding?

Get down

Get down quickly.

All of you get down.
-It is police

You too lady,
get down.

You too.
-All of you get down.

Get down.
-Come here.

You have
no fear at all

What do you
expect me to see ?

If I come to know that
your taking people on lorry.

I will skin you.

Bring the kids
down and come.

You look like
an educated person.

You are a software engineer
and travelling with all cheap people.

Don't you have the
awareness of Carona Virus.

I know it is wrong.

I have no other option.
My wife is pregnant.

If we speak about rules
educated people start speaking in English.

Moreover keeping photographs
and posts on Social media.

Repeatedly doing mistakes.
And again covering them up.

Asking for pardons.

Give all your
details to him and go.

All of you, from where are
you coming from ?

I am from Tuni,
returning after performing a ritual.

Next Month having Yagam and
Minister's PA called.

See Pandit.

PM , CM's and Ministers
may be afraid of you not not us.

You do your Pujas and all there,
here allow us to do our duty properly.

Sir, you have
mistaken me.

All of you stand
in a proper line.

You are taking a pregnant women with you.
Are you human ? Do you have sense ?

All of you do sit-ups

Go and take sit ups .
-Hmm Sit ups!

Shall I give his driving license Sir ?
-Ok send him.

Are you not listening ?
You too do sit-ups.

You too take sit-ups .
-I will break your legs if you don't do.

Why will break Sir?
Don't we have right to walk on this roads?

We are also paying taxes.

What taxes are you paying ?
You old *****.

If you open your mouth
I will kill you idiot.

Hmm I am hurt and its very painful.
-Grandfather.. are you alright.

Uncle are you hurt ?

(Sreenu start our vehicle. )

Why did you push
my grandfather?

Who are you to ask

These people have become

Did any new
cases got recorded ?

(When people move
on roads cases will increase?)

(Stop the Vehicle!)

Stop it.

Stop it you *****!

Stop the Vehicle.
-Reverse the vehicle.

Let's bend them.
-Unless we thrash them they don't listen SIr.

I will crush their ego.
Take the vehicle back, you go.

Who said *****?

Who said *****?
-I said Sir.

Where is your mask ?

It is gone Sir.

Where is your mask you *****?

Pull his hands back and hold.

All of you go back ?
If you come forward, I will break your legs.

Why .. ? Why is your voice raising ?

Why is your voices raising?

Hey.. If anyone of you
open your month will crush. you *****.

We haven't gone to our homes and working
day and night, how dare you scold us.

Scream now.. ,
You were shouting something before?

If anyone of you come forward
you will face the same fate.

Do you understand ?

Don't you have respect
towards Police ?

We are working for you
and you abuse us.

You all are behaving rude and arrogant.

Is it painful now ?

You don't care Police.

Are you feeling the pain now?

I am not able to breathe.

Shut up!

All of you go back.

I am unable to breadth.

I am unable to breadth.

Now breathe.
what is the use of life ?

What is the value of your life ?

***** die ..
you die.

Get up ,I asked you to leave.
Pull her out.

Leave him Sir, please Sir.
-Go away from here.

Sir, ASP Sir on phone.

Sir, I am coming Sir
on the way Sir will be in ten minutes.

Ok Sir, I will be there.
Greetings Sir.

If anyone acts smart,
I will skin you, *****.

We need to go to Office.
Start the vehicle.

Get up, get up.

What is all this ?

All their showoff is
only with us

If they get phone calls from
higher ups they become kittens.


They will be ruined
and will not flourish.

Let's not travel on roads.
They will not let us live.

Let's walk on the
train tracks and go.

Come let's go.

Let's get our luggage.

I was scared.

I thought
they would kill.

When he pushed you like that
I was not able to control.

Careful Brother.

Keep walking.l

Ramnaidu how are you feeling ?

These people showoff before us.
These *****.

When their superiors call
they piss in their pants and run.

There is God
who is above all of us.

He will take care of everything.
-Because he has seen, making everyone scared.

What does your husband do?

He is a painter.
- I can't explain everything, Brother in Law.

Uncle knows MLA,
you start immediately.

We are walking
on tracks now.

Do not know
where we go next.

Is it painful ?
-No dear.

If I was killed.
I would never seen your smile again.

Enough !
Why did you get so angry ?

When they hit you.
I was unable to bare it.

Why do you take a
life risk for my sake ?

Only then I realised
you are my life.

When that *****,
crushed my throat under his feet.

You were flashing in my memory.

I almost died.

After my Mother
and Mother in Law

My Sisters

It is you I care for.

To leave and go is painful.

Give it Brother.
I will hold it.

I thought I was dead.

In a way, death too
is like migration.

Leaving all the loved ones
behind and going.

We don't even know
if it is heaven or hell.

Except the hope that we will
return, we else we have.

(run.. run.
railway police are hitting.)

Police are back again.

Keep running
Police are hitting.

run.. run.
railway police are hitting.

Stop for me. I am coming.
-Grandfather come fast.

Keep running.

A bike is approaching us.
Someone is coming.

be careful

-Who is this ?

Giri, stop.
These are the people we are looking for.

Where are you coming from ?

Some are from Hyderabad
and some are from Chennai.

We are coming from
Vartha TV Channel.

Is it the opposition channel ?

Show us well.

Atleast people in our native places
should know we are alive.

Tell us all your troubles.

Viewers should weep
after watching your sufferings.,

or else they will change the channel.

Giri, are you ready ?
-Yes I am

How was your journey?

Is it travel on flight ? to enjoy.
we walked all the way.

Walk !

It is a terrible walk.

It is terrible for a pregnant women
to walk on the road.

Please tell.

We are scared if we
will be alive or not.

We trust in God
and we walk forward.

See! how is this little
girl weeping. What is your sorry ?

My father is operated.

It is so difficult
to walk.

But the Police have
troubled us physically.

They crushed his
neck stamping with their feet.

You are wounded badly.


No one cares about our lives.

when people want labourers
and menial workers only then they need us.

only to remove and
clear the garbage

but we do not know a way
to lead a dignified life.

Everyone needs our blood and sweat
but nobody bothers about our hunger.

Do not do anything for us
just treat like humans.

This government has
done injustice to us.

They opened the liquor shops
but have closed saloons.

Look Sir! people without haircut
and shave are looking like mad people.

Sir, please get the saloons opened.


When Government wanted
to announce lockdown.

if we were given enough time,
we would have gone to our native villages.

Why all this suffering ?

Let's go

Sir please show us well.

Girl, zoomin

Close-up for me. ok

(Brother you forgot to
wear your mask.)

(Face will not be visible
if we wear mask.)


This is the plight of our nation.

Even after 72 years of Independence

Government is not able
to understand the problems of migrants.

In the year 1947

How people migrated between the borders.

This is similar exodus.

It is very sorrowful.

Thousand of Crores of packages
have been announced by the ** and **** Minister.

They should feel ashamed
looking at the old, the pregnant and children walking.

Raman with Cameraman Girish
Vartha TV

Hello Sir


No issue Sir.

Will file a new story
in one hour Sir.

Sir thank you.
Will change the logo Sir.

Thank you Sir

Change the logo.
-will change it.

Give me the logo.

Hold this

They are going, stop them.
-stop.. don't go.

Stop, I need another interview.
-ohh again.

Newly, What did it change in our lives ?

I changed to new channel.
I joined in Meka TV.

Oh, that channel which always
flatters the Government.

Yes, thats the one.

If you appear happy and joyful.
I will show you more in the TV.

Livelihood is only
when we praise the king.

Our elders have done it,
once upon a time. we too are following them.

You said it remarkably.
How did it feel walking with the migrants?

What shall I say ?

This is a very great experience.

This is the meaning of
Universal family

Hindu dharma also says that.

To walk together.

You have said it very well.
Now you say it , Sir

I am very happy.

If we get Carona like this,
every year.

We all can walk together and go.

Just like going for a picnic.

It's like going on foot
to see Lord Venkateswara on seven hills

Feeling very happy
to return to our native villages on foot.

Our Country had given Power
to people who hiked on roads.

So many of us our doing
hiking here.

I think one leader will
emerge from these people.

Let's thank all the leaders
who have helped us so much.

Let's clap hands with respect.
- Yhea let's all clap.

We take leave.
Show us well.

Let's go.

what's all this ?

You have witnessed how
migrants are happily walking .

On the roads they paved.

They are going to their native villages.
Being one with the nature.

Cheering and wishing the leaders
they have elected.

Walking magnificently with self-confidence
and with so many dreams.

It is extremely hot.

Here they are feeding food.


Savitri look there.

(Do you want to eat?
- Lets eat.)

Even you haven't ate
anything from morning.

God, how many incarnations
you take to help us.

Take it

Greetings Sir

Keep distance and
move aside.

Come, you come.

His wife is pregnant .
Please give him another packet.

Take it .

Thank you Sir.

You go next.

Come Pandit ji
-Greetings Sir

Stay Blessed


Uncle hold this.

Take it
-Hold it

Keep moving,
go there.

please take it.

All of you come here
let's take a photograph.

come here.

come here.

You will be needing it
for your publicity.

Move aside

It is not required.
Take these.

Come here and stand.

We don't want all this ,
you travel safe.

In these times, they give one
banana and three people

surround and take 30 photographs

How come you say you
don't want a photograph ?

Take it Sir
- I don't want this publicity

We are doing this only to serve.
Not for publicity and photographs.

You reach your homes safe.
That's all we want.

We are thankful Sir.

This is goodness.
- Come let's go.

Keep walking.

Ok Grandfather.

Hold it dear.
-hmm ok

Let's go there and eat.
-Thank you.

Take it.

Keep walking, go forward.

Go there it's fine.

Whenever we
loose faith in humanity.

God is showing
us people like you.

We thank you for not using
our poverty for your publicity.

Shiva has given food
for another day.

Yhea he gave it .

Shall I feed you.
- Not required.

Have it dear.
-No I don't want.

Please have it dear.
- I don't want.

Doesn't matter if you don't eat.
I will feed my daughter.

Oh.. feed her.

Go, give it to that Queen
and come.

Ok, will go.

(What happened ?
Is your Mom, shouting at me again ?)

Where is Shyamala?

She is always
with her phone ?

Have it .
-it's nice.

Hmm, I think
your village has come.

We almost reached.
Need to travel 15 more kilometres.

After the next junction,
another 2 to 3 hours.

First if I can leave Sister
and Brother in Law.

I will be relieved of
my worry.

They are Motherless children.
Moreover this fellow is idiot boy.

I don't know how to bringup a family.
But leading life like that.

Everything will be fine Uncle.

If we are with her,
she will take care of everyone.

In whichever house she
lights a lamp, they are fortunate.

If she shows me a monkey
and tells I am going to wed it.

I will hold his feet and
get my granddaughter married.

I don't have any caste feelings.
-It's enough, finish it soon.

We should take Janaki sister
before the sunset.

Sister wait, I am coming.
-Hurry up everybody.

Don't bother her words.
It is normal for us.

She is showing off.

As if she is the only lady
ever got pregnant in this world.

Her father doesn't
have even food to eat.

She poses as if she is
a landlords daughter.

She hasn't brought
even a dime as dowry.

Fascinated by her fair skin,
my son is always behind her back.

My son is like a sparrow.

24 Hours a day , he sleeps with her
in the room and doesn't do anything else.

She enchanted my Son
and playing games.

When you get married
and have a Son.

Never get such a kind of women
as your daughter in law.

If we fall sick and get bedridden
She will not even feed rice water.


(Mother, she is getting pains, come.)
-What other work I have, wait. Coming.

Pain, I am unable to bare.
-ohh what happened dear.

Indistinct voices

I will go and check if there
is any place.

Indistinct voices

Why is he running like ?
-pain , pain.

Brother in law, this is the way to come.
There is space here.

slow .. slow.


Ladies you go fast.

It is very painful.I am unable to bare.
-careful , watch your step.

It is very painful.

Rajani it is very painful.

Do not shout .

(What happened ?)

Shymala go fast.
-Yhea going father.

(Moaning with delivery pains.)

I am unable to bare the pain.

Nothing will happen.
Stay relaxed.

I need phone.
- Take it.

Somu, I am Ramu speaking.

You don't worry Brother.
Aunty is joined in hospital.

Do you like
boy or a girl ?

I like both.

I will be very happy
to get a girl like you.

You will get brother.
-Thank you.

Thank you Sir, they have stared.
Our place is nearby.

By the grace of God
it everything works well.

Don't worry all good
will happen.

Have some water
and don't be tensed.

can you give your phone once ?

It's for Syamala sister.

Sister here is
Brother's phone.

Hello Rakesh,
how are you ?

I am fine.

We will reach home
in two days.

I miss you so much.
Did you reach ?

As soon the lockdown
is over, I will be back.

Do not go out unnecessarily.
Stay back at home.

Don't change
your phone number.

I will call you as soon
as I reach home. Ok.

Rajini bring some water.

indistinct voices.

How is she?

Your Sister has less substance
and more of showoff.

Once you agree for midwifery,
you should hold if a baby comes out or shit.

She is in hurry as always.

Ok Mother in Law, you
keep calm.

Hold her waist.
-I am back, it will finish soon.

Nothing happens,
hold the pain.

Rub her hands.

Keep your hand near
her stomach

It is finished,
just hold for a while.

Rub her hands.

Hold her hands.

Who is on the phone Sister ?

Is it your boyfriend?
-No, nothing like that.

I know sister. I listened when you are
speaking to Savitri Sister.


In my school too,
many have affairs Sister.

Do you also have ?
-No Sister.

My Parents wedding
was a love marriage.

Mother left all of
her kin and came.

When she remembers ,she sits
alone and weeps.

It is painful to leave
Mother and Father.

Mother loves Father so much.

Even then it is painful.

Mother always tells
not to marry without elders consent.

Will you get married
with their consent ?

Baby is born.
-Nagu.. Nagu

Girl child is born.
-Thank God.

I am blessed with a daughter.

I have said before
everything will be fine.

How is Sister ?

Both Mother and Baby are fine.
They are doing good.

Is there any problem?
-No, they are safe.

Girl is looking
very beautiful

There are fine.

Both of them are safe.

Here after your fortune will change.
You are blessed with Goddess of Wealth.

You got a sister now.

Where is Rajanikath ?
-He went into garden for water.

(Rajanikath .. Rajanikath.
Were have you gone ?)

Dear, the girl is born
very beautiful.


Father , small girl is so beautiful.

She is having tiny
hands and legs.

Daughters are always beautiful.
-I will go to the little baby girl.

Every family should have a girl child.

Look, it is so joyful to watch her.

Yes, Thats is my fear.

Despite my looks the mason
would molest me with his looks.

You know how many
times he grabbed my hand.

She is born in our home,
so beautiful. Thats my fear.

She is a princess.

Why will she have
our plight.

Some Prince will come
and take her on his horse.

Won't you stop your theatricals
even is so much pain.

If we stop the drama,
life will end, dear.

This black one
is gold to you.

What is there in a colour ?

This is the disease inflicted
to our brains by the English.

It's your glow.
Beauty is essential.

How beautiful you are ?

Dear, what happened ?
(-moaning in pain)

It is paining very badly.

-I think it is oozing puss.

Can you change the bandage ?
-Yes dear, I will.

Rajnikanth.. Rajnikath..

I searched all those places.
There is no water there.

You sister is blessed with a baby girl.
-Oh really.

That means
I have become Uncle.

My Mother's
sister is reborn.

But, your sister suffered so much labor pains.

If you want to give life,
struggle is must.

It is not so easy to
become a mother.

Didn't I tell you my mother died
while giving birth to my brother.

I have seen the same
agony in your Sister's eyes.

Do you like kids ?
-Yes.. I like them so much.

Not just one or two like the city dwellers.
Wish to have four or five kids.

Oh.. so many times.
I may not be able to bare the pain.

You, silly girl.
Are you scared of pain ?

-I don't like kids that much.

If you hold them,
they pee and shit on you.

Entire body will stink.

There will not allow
to make romance with wife.

-dear you like kids, I will bear children.

Will you conceive?
-hmm yes.

don''t proceed.

Told you that I am
in periods.

If not, do you like it.
-hmmm yes

Go away.
-Hmm Savitry

Will you come with me

I will give you
anything you ask.

Will you give me anything I ask .
-Hmm Yes

Will you give me
anything I ask..

(Brother in law. Where are you ?)
-Yes .. I am here, coming.

(Somu is here, the vehicle has arrived.)
-Yes coming


Coming Brother in Law

Baby is born in auspicious time
have blessings of Goddess of Wealth.

She will also study well

Go ahead, don't forget me
for you festivities and Prayers.

This is my visiting card.
Go ahead.

Everything is for good.
Happy Journey. Take care

Get in Brother in Law
-Yhea see you again, bye.

Sister, the baby is looking pretty.
-Call me Sister in Law

My Brother told me.
What medicine did you give him ?

He wants to come back of you.

He is good but he is a man.
Be little careful.

(Child is crying, come. )

My Baby.. don't cry.

Is everything packed ?

Hold it safe.

Take care, travel safe.

Tavel safe.
-see that road is less bumpy.

Travel safe.

Nice they are
finally going.

Did you see your sister,
after Baby is born, she bothers none.

Even the Baby stopped crying
after holding Mother's breast.

Mothers will not have
concern on husbands after kids are born.

I will not do like that.

Will you give only
one breast to your kid.

Stop it dear.

What to stop dear?


Brother in Law is coming
-Ok Brother.

Let me go.
-Where do you want to go ?

Grandfather is calling.
-Ok go.

-Grandfather I am coming.

Yes Brother in Law
come forward I am here.

Same way
come straight.

How are you
Brother in Law?

Did you join
Susie in hospital ?

Yhea we joined her.

Where is you mask ?

I forgot in the car
this morning.

What are you saying ?
You are educated, How can you do this ?

Do you know ? How dangerous
Carona has become.

None of them is having mask.
You are travelling with them.

What are you saying Sir?
Journalist who interviewed us too didn't have.

Whats big deal if we don't have?
-They will not have.

There is no rule that.
People who preach should practice.

Is Trump wearing a mask?
Our ** and ***** wearing?

Incase they get sick,
they have corporate hospitals to take care of them

What do we have ?

We don't have money to buy masks.
-At-least cover with cloths.

Masks are not to be tied to ears.
-Please forgive.

Which way are you
planning to go from here ?

We want to go
across Pakirevupeta.

Near that check post, all people who
are coming by walk are quarantined.

Watch and go.
- I know a loop line passing it.

-Brother in law, let's go.

If quarantined ,
we will be kept for 14days inside.

Can we take any
of them with us ?

First keep the luggage in.
After 7 PM it's curfew.

Can't we take
any of them with us

I feel selfish and guilty
leaving them.

It's not possible.
Only both of us have permission.

It is surprising to see
you thinking of others.

It's a new
lesson for me.

I learnt a lot.
-Bye bye..

Grandfather , how far should we go still ?
-Come .. come

Yhea coming, my back and legs ache.
-Even my legs are paining, come.

-ok dear

Brother, what happened ?
- We are stopping here.

Shall I help you.
-No thank you.

What more one need
then a helping Brother?

What happened
why did you stop?

They want to stop here.

I will arrange a place to stay
in the village. Until then stay here.

If not this village the next one.
Take care of yourself.

Why did you all stop ? Keep going.
- Brother , take care.

Call me if you need any help.
Sister in law, take care.

I will be back again.

Ok.. I am unable to walk.
Let's sit here for sometime.

Keep walking. we are nearby.
-Lets go, keep walking soon.

Mr Narayana Rao this village head.
Known to me, I will speak to him.

(I perform Pujas in
the near by villages. )

(We are unable to move, dying.
Please do something)

Kasturi please hold this bag.

Books are very heavy Mother.
-You are always with those books.

Don't you want your mother and father.
-Please don't scold her dear.

You will not change until I die.
-Give it mother.

Not needed.
-give it mother.

Give it dear.

Walk carefully.

What happened dear ?
Is it very painful ?

(Are you feeling extreme pain?)

(Tel me what shall I do for you?)

(Kasthuri, Come here.)

Don't you leave those books.

Go and inform them
that we will be staying here itself tonight.

Go right now.

Why have you become like this ?
All of a sudden.

If I die, would you
take care of the children well.

What are you speaking ?

Will you kill me
hitting harder.

What are you speaking?

Are you out of your mind ?
-No dear

If I die .. die

Should not speak these
words in this twilight hour

We have two children.

How can I take care
of them without you ?

You brother will destroy us.

We have not even a
penny in our hands.

We don't have
even a cent of land.

I have no strength to protect
a girl child.

I have no capacity
to feed the kids.

Please don't say that
I am getting scared.

Why are you scared ?
You are the great Savitri

Will you not fight with God of Death
and bring me back ?

I am scared dear.

I got used to living with you.

I don't want to leave
you and go.. Gowri

Nothing will happen.
Don't be afraid.

I want to see the little one once.
-Chinna your father is calling, come once.

Don't leave us and do injustice.

Listen to your mother
and take care of mother and sister.

Yhea I will take care.
-Don't trouble your mother.

Gowri, Kasthuri is very dear child.

Don't scold her.

Let her study well.

Indistinct Voices

I know Narayana Rao Garu,
very well.

Please call him,
I will speak to him.

What happened ?
-They have kept fence and not allowing.

Oh Really !

Do you want my books ?
-Yes, they will have pictures in them.

There will be plenty, If you
promise to study will give them.

Yes I will study.

Indistinct Voices.

Even you like to study right?
- Yes

I like it very much
but Mother dosen't?

After my father became sick.
My Mother dosen't like me to study.

I am not helping my mother
with her kitchen work.

Very sad, her health
too is spoiled.

(I will speak to them.
Please wait.)

Will you stop studying
because of that ?

(I know Narayanarao Garo well.)

Here after I will do
any work my Mother tells me.

I will not disobey her.

You should study
really well.

(Narayana Rao Garu
is coming. )

(What is the issue about ?)

Greetings Sir, Narayanarao Garu

Who are you all ?

Greetings to you Sir,
Narayanarao Sir

Did you remember me ?

You Are !
-Two months ago I performed Puja in your house.

I remember you.
How come you are with them ?

God directs our meetings and journeys.
This is also like that.

If you allow us to go

will stay in a temple in next village
And start our journey tomorrow.

Situation is terrible.

There were three
cases in the nearby village.

Everybody are scared.

I am a Brahmin who liked to work
but not to ask anything.

You are God like Person.
Please don't say no to our request.

God himself was not able to do anything.
And kept his doors closed.

See Sir, in these times of crises.
God will not be in the temples.

He will reside in the hearts of
people like you.

Please don't refuse our request.

Please let us pass through this road.
-Please allow us and accept our request.

Ok.. You may go.
-Thank you Sir.

Come let's all go.
- Thank you Sir

Brother !

Where is Brother and Sister in Law ?

Mother asked to inform you all
that we will be staying there tonight.

Shall I come there for help ?
-Not required brother.

My Mother will not have anymore trouble,
I got rid of my books.

I will do whatever my Mother asks me to.
-Tell Brother I will meet him in village.

Go Safe.

Pandit Ji and Grandfather, I am leaving.
-God Bless you, go safe. Take care.

Ganesh Bye, Study well.
-Ok Sister, I will

Let us go.
- Bye

(Mother.. let me loose. leave me. )

(Mother please leave me, I am not able to breathe)
-(It is over my son.)

Mother, what are you doing ?
Leave Brother.

Father, get up , getup Father.

Mother what have you done to
my brother ?

They left us.

(He promised to stay with
me but ditched. )

(He cheated me and left.)

Let's also go.

(Come let's go.)
-Father.. get up father.

He left us all and
went away.

Mother I will do whatever
you ask me to do .

I will also work as labourer
if you you ask me to.

I will also work as a maid.
Please leave me mother.

We don't have anyone.
Everybody is in their own works.

It is getting late.
Come dear.

Mother I even left my books
and came.

No one cares for us.
You come dear.

Mother is there is no other way.
-No dear , there is no chance.

I will sing your favourite song.
Come to me.

Mother I will never
ask you to sing.

It is getting late, and getting dark.
Please come.

Mother I will not trouble you
in any way. Please Mother.

(Please leave me mother.)

Can't you avoid to go back.

Contractor is calling
on phone repeatedly.

Works stopped,
as I am not there.

Said he will
arrange bus for all

also said he will
increase the wages.

As all works stopped
contractor suffered huge loss.

I feel sorry for him.

It's enough.
Are they ever concerned about us?

Even you clapped your hands
and lit lamps at their buildings.

Then they left us
to go on our way.

Their selfishness is much more
dangerous than this Carona disease.

Why do you say that you want
to get back to them?

Yourself said that
selfishness is a disease.

Why should we get that?

My grandfather said

Even migration is an addiction.

You are affected by that.

It is not like that dear.

If we workers
don't go back to City

only then they will
understand our value.

It is not just us,
even they have our need.

But what will we do,
staying back here.

You can build castles
even with mud.

Nothing is impossible to you.

Wherever you are
you can build a City.

If we stay back

They feed us with
free ration and food for work .

They will
stop us at survival.

If everything is
given away for free

What will
be left to develop ?

We should be allowed to live
on our own feet.

If men are
fed food everyday

but not given the
opportunity to grow it.

They will be
reduced to a beggars.

Our leaders don't
like us to grow.

They get votes only
when they are poor people.

It is not just surviving.
We need to grow.

Even if you move to city
who is allowing you to grow.

Let's question, fight.
If they again leave us on roads

we will not tolerate.

Even they have changed.

Time has value,
only when we trust tomorrow.

Will you come with me ?

Life is so good, walking along with you.

If its to live with you,

I can do anything.

I don't trust the city.

But I believe in you.

It is not just living
in City with you.

Even it's forest
I will come with you.

Do you educate
your kids in Convent ?

Will join them in school.

I will make them study well

and I will also take
my wife on an aeroplane.

-Yes will take care of you like a Queen

I don't want any of them.

Will you be with me,
always smiling and making me smile.

Do you have tickles ?

This is not the way to make me smile.

You should take care
that my feet don't get hurt.

Come I will carry you.




You are heavy
than a cement bag.

I thought you can carry me.
Can't you carry.

You are a great Mason
and you said you want so many kids.

I am the mason , both
for you and the house.

Will you carry me everyday.
-Yes I will.

Why did you put me down so soon?
-Yhea it enough

It's not possible for
me to carry everyday.

Don't you want it everyday ?