Valan (2019) - full transcript

Péter (Csaba Krisztik), a big city cop, investigates a sex trafficking ring in Brassov. He has dedicated his life to finding women who have disappeared. He sees his sister, Juli, in every ...

I won!

You all owe me 10 bani.

And you.
Give me the money.


Get up!
You'll catch cold.

Look. I can fly away.

Did someone hurt you?

Who was it?

I told Denisa
to close the window.

They heat our building
like there's no tomorrow,

and she can't stand it.

It doesn' t bother me,

but Cristi had a fever

Maybe you caught it from him.


They bring everything
home from nursery.

You'll see.

Don't tell me
you're having a baby!

Come on!

You know she'd have
your baby in a flash.

Imola? I've only
known her a month!

She's handled everything
so far, so why not?

She's cool.

She's got balls.

Turn in here.


Any sharp objects?

We're here to have fun.

-What kind d'ya want?

-Your fuckin' choice.
-Very young.

One for the two of you?

I'm not sharing with blondie!

Hello, babe
come to daddy!

Lock the door next time!

Come on!

What the fuck?

Come on! We're fucked!

Police! Hands up!

My leg.

There are wounded in here!
Call an ambulance!

Hang in there, Bogdan.
Don't make me drink alone tonight.

Everything's gonna be fine.

What's your name?


How old are you?


Please don't leave me here.

They'll take you
to the hospital.

And when you're better,
you can go home.

I don't want to go back there.
Not there.

Not where?



It's about time.

What did the doctor say?

It's just a scratch.
And I've got flu.

And the girl?

She's a wreck.
They're keeping her in for a few days.

That place was a fucking hell!

Let's just forget about it.



Great trick!

Your smile makes my day.

And the vodka.

-What happened to your leg?
-Domestic accident.

Haven't you told her?

I almost got killed.

Your boyfriend made a scene and then
saved my life with his secret power.

It's not that secret.

Oh, shit!


Peti? Is that you?

Yes, Mum.
What's wrong?

Where are you at this hour?

What are you calling for?

They might have found her.

What are you on about?


Kati called me last night.

They found a body in Valan.

-How do they know it's her?
-They don't.

I saw her again last night,
in my dream.

Are still there?


-I need to go back there.
-You can't.

The doctor said you
shouldn't leave the house.

Juli's out there.

She's still waiting for us.

I know.

-I'll go.
-My baby girl!

I'll call you later, Mum.

Did someone hurt you?

Who was it?


You bastard!

What are you doing?
Stop that!

Stay still!

Vlad! Get up!

-What are you two doing?
-He hit me first. He's insane!

Peti, why were you fighting?
What did your parents teach you?

-Love thy neighbour as thyself.
-He's not my neighbour!

Peti, I'm asking you one last time:
why were you fighting?

-Where are you going?
-I need the bathroom.

Go on then.

Everyone sit down!

He deserved it.
He had a go at Juli.

What did he say?

I can't say it out loud.

-What did you say to her?

-He just attacked me.
-But not without reason, right?

You're just protecting him
because he's your nephew!

-I'm going to tell my dad about this.
-I don't care.

Tell me what you said.

Come on.

Whisper it in my ear.

It won't be the first time
you've said it.

Juli's a... slut.

When she comes back
you'll apologise to her.

Is that clear?

Stay where you are!

-You seen any police?
-What would they be doing here?

They're running away like rats. Even
Ceaușescu's vanished from Bucharest.




Juli! Is that you?

Get out, son!

-Have you seen my sister, Father Imre?
-They've taken everyone outside.

-Stop running around!
-Leave me alone!


Come on!

Uncle János!

-Whats wrong, Peti?
-I can't find Juli!

You've called Soul Savers.

My name's János.
How can I help?

Uncle János?


It's me, Péter.

Péter? I didn't
recognise your voice...

I talked to Mum.

I tried talking
to the local police, but...

I've been to the station,
they don't know anything.

They told me to contact
their boss, Dragoș Crăciun.

I tried, but I
couldn't reach him.

I'm not surprised.
He used to work for the Securitate.

I'm coming home, to Valan.

You sure, son?

-We're happy to see you, but...
-I'm already on my way.

You're just like your dad,
God rest his soul.

-When will you get here?
-Around 12.

I'll see you at the police station.

Okay. I'll be there.

I'll tell Kati.
She'll be happy to see you.

-When's Dragoș getting back?
-I don't know.

Any news?


We're waiting
for the medical examiner.

Uncle János.

Welcome home, son.

You okay?

Any news?

They never tell you anything.

-Let's go.
-Give me a minute.

Where's Sergeant Dragoș?

On the mountain.

Where exactly?

I'm only allowed to tell the
medical examiner.

Are you serious?

Sergeant's orders.

You new here?


-Who's the medical examiner?
-I don't know.

Could it be me?

Then the cabinet smashed.

My mum, your grandma,

hit your dad.

And when she went out,
your dad hit me.

Of course, the cabinet was fixed
out of my pocket money.

Why would Juli
have come up here?

Maybe she got lost.

We thought maybe she came here
when no one saw her in town.

Why go to the forest?

It was chaos in town.
They were shooting.

Even the animals ran
let alone the kids.

Maybe it's not even Juli.


Let's hope.

You're not allowed past here!

Dragoș Crăciun!

Who are you?

Sergeant Váradi, from Brașov.

What's the crazy old man
doing here?

-He sticks his nose into everything.
-He's my uncle.

So it's a family thing then?

Where's the body?

They took it away already.
We're just collecting evidence.

Then what do you need the
medical examiner for?

The body's still here, isn't it?


The old man still can't come!

See you back at the house.

Who found the body?


There must've been groundwater here,
just under the surface.

The earth caved in under them
while they were working,

and they saw
something down there.

We started lifting it out yesterday,
but the weather turned to shit

so we went home.

What's the hurry?

I know how slow
you do things here.

And I know all about
city boy know-alls.

Don't drop it!

Pull it up!

What's this circus?

Have you lot gone mad?

I nearly drove into a ditch,

that stuttering idiot at the
station can't tell me where to go,

and now you almost destroy
the body...

instead of waiting for me!

How long has it been
in the ground?

I'll just get my cutting-edge equipment
and I'll tell you to the exact second!

Where do you think you are,
son, America?

And who are you anyway?

He's a cop.
From Brașov.

What's he doing here?

The girl might be my sister.

She disappeared on
December 22, 1989.

We haven't seen her since.

Carry on...

There are a lot of factors.

The body's in pretty good shape,
and it gets cold up here.

So it could have been here
for 22 years.


Plain hemp rope.

She was wearing a nightdress.

Did she hang herself?

Are you bullshitting me?

We've found kids like this before...

And did they bury
themselves afterwards?

Boss, there's a storm coming.

Okay, we're done here.

There'll be an
investigation anyway.

Let's go before
we get stuck here.

I've been to Brașov a few times.

We went skiing with my wife.

Back when I used to ski

and had a wife.

Do you go to the mountains?

What do you need for the test?

Bend your head forward.

-How long?
-A couple of days.

It's Christmas in three days.
I'll let you know.

Auntie Kati! Uncle János!

Auntie Kati.

Auntie Kati, hello.


It's me, Péter.




Who are you?


Péter who?
Where's János?

-Péter. Your nephew.
-Leave me alone!

Go away! Help!
János! János!

Kati! Kati!

Someone came in and attacked me!

-Send him away!
-Please sit down.

He's our nephew.






His son.


He and Juli used to come over
when they were kids.

You'd bake them
apple pie, remember?

Is Juli here, too?

No, she's not here.

Such a sweet girl.

Remember? We used to go
hiking in the mountains.

Wait for me upstairs, son.

We stayed at the old cabin
and sent Juli and Peti to the stream

to fetch the watermelon
we put there to cool...



She's better, she fell asleep.

How long has she had
memory problems?

A while now.
And it's getting worse.

You can sleep on the couch.

I'll take calls in the other room.

What's this hotline thing?

The school made me retire,

but I still felt strong
and that I could help people.

Kati can't be left alone,

so I thought I'd help here,
from home.

I spoke to Father Imre and
we set up the Soul Savers.

Does it work?

I get a lot of calls.
Sometimes from the same people.

When there's trouble
people need someone to talk to.

What happened on the mountain?

Is it Juli?

We don't know yet.

They're doing tests on the body.

Someone hanged that girl!

You were right about Dragoș
not being much help.

He turns a blind eye to
what's going on here.

Why? What's going on here?

The town's going to hell, son.

Ever since they closed the mine

those who can, get out.

Those who can't,
just try to survive.

It's never been easy here.

Everything was different
when you were kids.

We tried to protect you.
But now, it's worse for children.

Local girls get taken
to Brașov.

Then you know
what I'm talking about.

That disco is hell!

You've called Soul Savers.
My name's János.

How can I help?

Calm down.

Why hang up when you've
already taken the first step?

You want to talk to
someone who'll listen to you.

What happened?

I see.

Who's Miklós?

Did he hurt you?

Did you call a doctor?

What are you afraid of?

Why was he angry?

Because of Hajnalka?

Who's she?

How old's your daughter?

Has Miklós gone looking for her?

Could she be scared to go home?

When's the last time you saw her?

Was she in school?

Was she seen with anyone?

Why would she have run away?

Have you contacted the police?

We can't expect real
help from the police,

but God takes
care of all of us.

Hajnalka, too.

This could be a warning.

Have you seen a man around here?

A chance.

So you can pay more attention to her.
Love her more.

We had a daughter, too.


She died the day she was born.

It was Christmas.

But I know God's taking care of her.

Just like he's taking care
of your daughter.

So you can see each other again.

Stay strong.

You've called Soul Savers.
My name's János...

I remember. Last night.

What happened?

On the mountain.
Who found her?


Did you take something?

Are't you going to say
hello to your auntie?

Welcome back.

I didn't want to bother you.

-You never bother me.
-Your daughter is all right!

I just baked this.

Your favourite: apple pie.

-You need a doctor.
-Thank you. Maybe later.

-Give me your address.
-I'll leave it on the table.

Don't do anything stupid.

-Who is it?
-Get out of here!

-You can't give up!
-Who are you talking to?

A woman.
She wants to kill herself.

-Let me talk to her!
-Leave me alone!

No, I wasn't speaking to you!

Give it here!

It's not your business!

It's a police matter!
Give me that phone!

-When did your daughter go missing?
-What? Who are you?

I'm a police officer.
When did she vanish?

Two days ago.

She never came home.

I heard they found a body
on the mountain.

It's not your daughter.
That body's been there for 20 years.

Then where is she?
Where's my little girl?

I'll help.
Just tell me where you live.

I just... want to sleep.

You have to stay awake.

Your daughter's only been gone for
two days. That's nothing.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Listen to me!

Open your mouth!

Stay awake!

Open your mouth and drink this!

-Drink it!
-Hajni... Hajni!

Yes, yes!
Do it for Hajni!

Where is she?

She'll be back,
but you have to drink this!


What the fuck are you doing?!


What the fuck
did you do to her?

-She tried to kill herself.
-What did you do?

-It's not true!
-What did you do?

-What did you do?
-What did you do to Hajni?

Have you lost of your fucking mind?

Shut the fuck up!

Let her go!

You want to shoot me
in my own house?

-I'm police.
-So what? It's my house!


My baby girl!


-Did you call them?

Fuckin' cop!

We don't even have insurance.


My little girl...




-They said you saved her life.
-Aren't you going with her?

They'll pump her stomach.
I'll pick her up tomorrow.

How did you know
she took something?

-She called a hotline.
-What for?

She needed to talk to someone.

-Because of Hajnalka.

That girl's not an easy one.

-She vanished two days ago?

I searched all over town.
No one's seen her.

Not even at the bus station.

Did she have a boyfriend?

How should I know?

She'd get home, hide
in her room, phone her girlfriends.

Where's her room?

She locked herself in
and I had to break in.

By the way, you gonna pay
for the front door?

What happened to the pillow?

Hajnalka tore it up.

Why did she do that?

Like I said, she's not an easy one.

What was she doing
before she disappeared?

She went to school
as usual.

But she didn't come
home for supper.

What do you know about her?


-She was Hajni's friend.

-She left.
-Where did she go?

How should I know?

Why did your wife ask you
what you did with Hajni?

Because she was out of
her mind, that's why.

What do you care anyway?

What about the front door?

Where the hell
did you disappear to?

I had some business
to take care of.

But you got what you wanted, right?

What are you talking about?

You said you wouldn't
share a girl with me.

Listen Péter, I...

Imola was getting hot and...

You need to find the girl from
the brothel. Her name's Oana.

I need to talk to her.

That won't be easy.

You said they were keeping her
in the hospital for a few days.

And you owe me one.

Give my regards to Denisa.

Fuck you!

Hello, blondie,
what are you drinking?

A beer.

Am I early?

The teenie disco's still on.

The real party starts
at 10.

-Who's the boss around here?

-Vlad Rusescu?
-You know him?

Is he here?

Of course.
He's the kings of this castle.


I'm going to fuck you!

-Have you ever been fucked?

You're gonna love it!

What are you waiting for?

Go home!

What do you want?

Have you ever been fucked?

I'm gonna kill you!

Keep quiet
or I'll kill you!

You want money?
Do I owe you?

Where's Hajnalka?

I don't know what you're talking about.

-Did you take her to Brașov?
-I don't know where she is.

Stop! I don't fucking know
what happened to her!

What do you mean
you don't know?

She disappeared,
without a trace!

Her father, Miklós, was supposed
to bring her two days ago,

but he showed up without her.

And I already paid him half.

He sold her to you?

First I thought Miklós
wanted to scam me.

That he changed his mind.

But he seemed pretty insistant.

He asked for three
more days to find her.

They're coming
to pick her up tomorrow,

and I'm in deep shit
if I can't hand her over.

-Because it's happened before.

Last Christmas.

The guys from Brașov
don't like being fucked with!

Was there a girl
who disappeared last year, too?

Yeah. That little slut!

-Look me in the eye!
-No. Leave me alone.

Look me in the eye!

-Do you remember my sister?
-What the fuck?

Remember Juli?

I fucking knew
you sounded familiar!

You thought you could
have her, too!

You don't understand.
Never did.

What are you saying?

We were stupid.

We didn't know what
we were doing.

What were you doing?

She got pregnant.
What was I supposed to do?

We were kids.

I got scared.

I wanted to get rid of her.

So you called her a slut?

Just how scared were you?

Scared enough to kill her?


I swear I didn't!

I don't want to see
any more girls from Valan in Brașov!

You were right.

She was 9 weeks pregnant.

How did you know?



Her clothes.

Or what's left of them.

I'm sorry.


Yes, Mum.

Is it Juli?

Yes, Mum.


Do you know what
happened to her?

No, not yet.

Are you coming home
for Christmas?

We haven't celebrated since...

...since then.

We could be
together this time.

You still there?

I'll see.

I don't know, right now.
I don't know anything.

-Take care of yourself.
-You too, Mum.

I knew I recognised you.

What are you doing here?

They let you out?

I think Miklós isn't coming
to pick me up after all.

Did you find anything
out about Hajni?

But you're still looking, right?

You said you'd find her.

Let me take you home.

Aren't you too drunk?

Come on.

You forgot this.

What is it?

My sister's dress.

You've got a sister?



What was he looking for?

For money I suppose.

It's all because of him.

Why did you save me?

This should be okay for a while.

I don't know what came over me.

Me neither.

You find the girl?

-She's here with me.


Oana! I'm the man
who found you.

Remember me?



your friend Hajnalka
has disappeared.

She ran away
before they could take her.

Do you have any idea
where she could be?


Did she have a boyfriend?

She said she'd met someone.

Did she say who it was?

No. But she said he understood her.

Did she say anything else?

She said she couldn't come with me.
That she was going to go with him.

Where to?

I don't know. She said they
were going to meet at the mine.

Because it was exciting.
But it's a secret!

Will she going to be mad
I told you?

No, Oana,
she'll be very grateful.

Where's Dragoș?

He's busy.

-Wake up!
-Leave me alone!

Come on!

Send all your men to the mine!
Hajnalka was taken from there.


Did you let him in?

I couldn't stop him.

Stop stuttering and
get me a coffee!

The machine's broken.

Get me a fucking coffee!

A girl gets sold to a brothel,

and you're worried
about coffee?!

Let go of me!

I'm calling Brașov police to come
and pull this town to pieces!

Calm yourself!

Wait a minute!
Just calm down!

We'll go to the mine.

We'll deal with it.

You don't need to call
the Brașov boys.


...can sort this.

Why did he meet the girl here?

There's nothing here.

That was the point.

Such shitty weather!

Over here!

Over here!

Come over here!

I found something!

-Where d'you find this?
-Down there.

Is there anything else?

No. It's empty.

Keep looking!

It's Hajnalka's.

She waited here,
for him to take her away.

What the hell are these wings?

Some sort of costume?

What are you doing?

You're right.

This isn't a nightdress.

It's a costume.

He dresses them up.

He dressed my sister up, too.

That was more than
20 years ago.

How many girls have gone
missing in the past few years?

I don't know.
Like anywhere else.

Juli went missing right before
Christmas, too.

And she was blonde,
like Hajnalka.

What if there were more,
only you never noticed?

Fuck off! Don't you
have anything to do?

You trying to blame me?

This isn't about you.

It's about them.

Vlad said a girl went missing
last Christmas, too.

Get in the car!


I'll look around.

All clear.

He got call from Brașov.


Put a warrant out on Miklós.

Wasn't it his mates in Brașov?

Miklós was supposed to
hand over Hajnalka today,

but he couldn't find her.

I think he's trying to disappear.

What do you know about
his Brașov mates?

Nothing. I'm not
interested in Vlad's affairs.

And what does he pay you
to not be interested?

You must be proud of yourself.


Hey! Razvan!

It's easy to pocket your pride
around here.



Where the hell is that kid?

It's just a scratch.

Wait here.

It's got everything you need.



Why are you hiding? Do you
even know what's going on out there?


Péter! Come here!
You should see this.

We're in deeper shit
than we thought.

Who are...

They all vanished
before Christmas.

All the way back to '99.

The police building burned down
then, nothing's left from before.

Did you do this?

Stop stuttering man,
tell him you did it!


-This is from last year.
-The girl who disappeared last year.



What do you want?

I'd like to speak to Mrs. Maros.

You're too late.

What do you mean,
I'm too late?

We live here now.
The apartment's ours.

I don't care about the apartment.
I'd like to speak to Mrs. Maros.

Like I said, she died.
She was old. Cancer.

The apartment belongs
to us now.

Do you know anything about
her granddaughter, Evelin?

She didn't have
any relatives.

And her things?
Where are they?

Shut up!

She didn't leave anything?

Mummy, I want more tea.

Would you like
a teddy bear?

Do you want your
tea or not?

Where'd you get
that bear?

From the man in there.


Then why did you ask
for more then?

I don't want it!


Be quiet and drink your tea!


You find anything?

That old bugger was always
banging on about the Bible.

But who knew he was crazy?

I hope he waits until
midnight mass.

-That means Hajnalka...
-Is still alive...


Your mother called.

-She said it's Juli.
-Yes, it's her.

I'm so sorry.

Be strong, son.

Never forget, that God
watches over her.

He could have done
a better job.

Are you done? We've got
more important things to do.

-What could be so important...
-What do you want from the priest?

-Cut the crap!
-Don't speak like that in this house.

Why, is it your house?

Calm it, man!
It's our only chance.

Father, we need to talk.
Official business.

I'll talk to you,
but never to him.

Do you know this girl?


When was she last here?

Follow me.

Péter, he's the only one around
here who helps everyone.

Stay out of this!

When was the last time
you saw Hajnalka?

Last Thursday or Friday.
I don't remember exactly.

Did she talk to you?

We talked.

What about?

That's only God's business...
and mine.

In other words
you took her confession.

What was the nature
of your relationship?

Did she come here often?

Less and less.

Her father turned
his back on faith.

Then why did she come
to confession now?

Because she was in trouble.

Do you recognise this book?

Did you hear Evelin's
confession, too?

Last year right
before Christmas?

-As a matter of fact I did.
-You did?

Who's he?


He's been here 2 years,
since my leg's got bad.

He helps with everything.


What do you want from him?

-Where's Hajnalka?
-I don't know!

Where did you take her?

I didn't take her anywhere!


Stay here!

That fucking rat!



Let go of me!

-Let go!
-Where's Hajnalka?

-Where did you take her?
-I'm not going back!

I'm not going back there!

Let's go.

I didn't mean to hit her!

I didn't do anything!

Leave us.

So you spent some time in juvenile
detention, Norbi?

How did you end up there?

I don't know.

Do you want us to
send you back there?

What did you do?

There was a girl,

where I used to live.

I liked her.

What did you do to her?

I hit her.

Why did you hit her?

She was mean.

She did this to me.

What else did you do to her?

I choked her.

Was this girl mean to you too?



Did you like her?

When was the last
time you saw her?

Answer the question, Norbi.

If you don't answer,
you'll have to go back.

But not to juvie this time.

To prison!

When did you see her last?


In church.

Did you talk to her?

Did Hajnalka
talk to the priest?

In the confessional booth.

Just the two of them.

Did you talk
to Father Imre afterwards?

What did he say?

I do everything he tells me to.

He promised I'll never
have to go back there.

Tell us what you did to her!


I'll put you in prison and they'll
fuck you until you stop breathing!

Did you take Hajnalka somewhere?

-I took her.
-From the mine?

From the mine...

-What are you doing?!
-Questioning him.

You're fucking
the whole thing up!

And you want to have a
polite conversation?!

He promised me I wouldn't
have to go back...

I'm not going back...

He promised I wouldn't
have to go back...

Fucking idiot!

-Get out of here!
-Yes, sir.

Where did you take Hajnalka?

We searched the church.
She's not there.

Do you honestly think
we kidnapped her?

-Like the others.
-What others?

Norbi confessed to everything.

Because you tortured him until
he said what you wanted.

Good old Securitate methods.
Typical of you people!

It wasn't hard to
convince Norbi.

But before him
you did it alone.

Do you remember
my sister Juli?


Did you know she was pregnant?

She confessed it to you!

Then you took her and dressed her up!
You perverted animal!

I didn't take her anywhere!

You were at the school that day!
What were you doing there?

I was trying to help all of you!

Help Hajnalka then!
Tell me where she is!

You're full of anger, son.

And anger is blinding.

Don't give me that Bible shit!

Is that what you stuffed
their heads full of too?!

Filthy Securitate pigs!

You fucked her,
you piece of shit!

You fucked her!

I'm gonna kill you!

Get him off!
Get him off!

They saw you together!
I'm gonna kill you!

Calm yourself!

-I'm not going back!
-You're not going back!

Everything's going to be
all right, son. Just let him go.

Don't lie!

-Let him go.
-Let me outa here!

-God forgives you son.
-Why did I listen to you?!

Let him go.

I'm sorry.

Call an ambulance!

"O good Jesus, hear me."

"Within thy wounds hide me."


...isn't mean.

She's an angel...

"Suffer me not to be
separated from Thee."

"From the malignant
enemy defend me."

"In the hour of my death call me"

"and bid me come unto Thee,"

"that with all
thy saints I may praise Thee,"

"forever and ever.

If it wasn't for you, your
boss would have been killed.

You saved his life.

He's not my boss.

He's my uncle.

My dad died when I was six.

Dragoș has helped
my mother ever since.

He's the one who said
I should be a cop.

Where's my daughter?

-What have you done to her?
-I haven't done anything.

He was right.

Get the fuck off the street!

Fucking move!

God damn it!

Get the hell off the street!

You stupid old bitch!

Let her go!

Crazy old bitch!

-Why is everyone shouting?
-Auntie Kati, it's me, Péter.

Péter. Your nephew.
Andriska's son.


Andriska's son.


Yes. It's me.

You've grown so big...

The church is closed.
I'll take you home.

Closed? The church?

Where's Uncle János?








Turn the light off.

Every Christmas Eve, I go to church
and light a candle for Olgi.

It's as if she's here... the light.

She was so tiny.

Why wasn't János with you?

He doesn't go with me.

He thinks he can carry the weight
of the world on his shoulders.

But he needs to be alone
sometimes, too.

-Does he go off every Christmas Eve?
-Ever since Olgi died.

Father Imre says she was pure,
not contaminated by this world.

She only lived a few hours.

János says she transformed.

Can you guess what she became?

An angel.

Not everyone receives that privilege.

Only those God chooses.

You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Of anything.

Of anyone.

Never again.

You're safe now.

You're going to meet

those you love,

and who love you.

They're waiting for you there.

Your grandma,

your dog,

and someone else...


You're going to meet God!

And there'll be silence there...



So there is nothing to be afraid of.

Everything that's good
awaits you there.

A light so pure... pure as you are.

Close your eyes.

I'm scared...

There's nothing to be scared of.

I'm here with you.

I'm holding your hand,

and I'll never let go.

Let go of her hand!

Step away from her and put
your hands up!

Who's he?

Don't worry about it.

Just hold my hand.

Go away!

Hajnalka! Take the rope off your
neck and get down!

-Why is he shouting?
-Because he doesn't know anything.

See? He's pointing
a gun at us.

Come on.
Close your eyes.

Come down from there.
I'll take you home.

Home?! There's nothing
there for her.

Hope is here.


your mum's waiting for you.


"For our sake..."

Let her go.

-"He made him to be sin..."
-Enough János, let her go.

"So that in him we might become
the righteousness of God."

Let her go! Let her go!

Stay still!
Stay still!

Stop kicking!
I can't hold you!

Can you breathe?

What did you do to them?

It's alright.

I guess you had to do it.

You killed Juli!

All the pain

in the world

was in her eyes

when she held her hand
out to me.

But I relieved her of her pain

because I took it upon myself.

What are you talking about?

I hope one day you'll understand.


-"I say to you..."
-Where are they?!

-"...will be with me..."
-Where are the other girls?

-" paradise."
-Where did you bury them?

The forest

is full of them.

Should I find some music?

...the pilgrims sang "God for Our
Country" and "Our Lady Mother"...

We wish all our listeners
a very merry Christmas!

This okay?