Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda (2019) - full transcript

Govind (Sapthagiri) is a petty thief who seems to be down on luck and beaten down by life. What happens when he finds the opportunity to help someone find treasure?

This is Rayalaseema ruled once by Rayalu

Beautiful address for yesterday’s glory

Diamonds and precious stones were
once sold on the streets here in piles

In time, both the kings and
kingdoms have vanished

As a memory of that, this earth has stored
so many diamonds and precious stones in its core

In general, with the first drizzle down
green crops show up in the fields

But here, high quality diamonds and precious stones
come up tearing open the layers of earth

Fate of the guy finding a precious stone
should change here

And the heirs of a guy getting
a diamond should go rich



Hubby, our girl will get married when good times
are here. You come and have your food

This is mine

Hey - This is mine
- Mine - Leave it

I saw it first and it is mine
- I saw it first

Wow! Hubby, is it a diamond or
a precious stone? - It’s a diamond

We can get our daughter married this year

Let’s sell this it in the neighboring village and
not here, for us to get more money - Yes

Hello Sir

Come here


You gave very less amount, sir.
We get more selling in the next village

I need to tell a story to the kids

Once up on a time,
there was Parasurama Kshetram

Ruler of Guttikonda in that village had my granny
as his keep and gave thousands

of acres around here in writing

From then, anyone finding anything here
is giving it to us

This is the tradition

What about you then rascal,
you write a new story now?

Sir, forgive the mistake - How do you
sell that diamond to him other than me?

I was wrong Sir

Will you come dressed like a labor
to buy diamonds in my village?

I was wrong sir
- Don’t harm him sir

Huh! This land is mine

Hey, I’ll tell something you shouldn’t
forget even after you die, listen

Stone, marble, pearl or diamond you
find here, should come to my house

There isn’t any other discussion in this

Bangarappa is the Government here

“Come on rise, rise fast and sharp”

“Rise like every step is a war”

“Get up strong, united and with dare”

“Get up like the rising Sun’s ray”

“Either you are insulted or
stopped by an obstacle”

“Walk ahead like there’s
no stepping back”

“This life is a war at each step”

“Let’s try once more if we lose”

“This life is a war at each step”

“Let’s try once more if we lose”

Hey, thief! Catch him

“Another chance at every chance”

“Another place if not this”

“You’ll definitely reach the destination soon”

“I promise, don’t get disappointed”

“No success comes in feeling bad”

“Let you get hurt, it helps for
tomorrow’s smile”

“Another chance at every chance”

“Another place if not this”

“You’ll definitely reach the destination soon”

“I promise, don’t get disappointed”

“No success comes in feeling bad”

“Let you get hurt, it helps for
tomorrow’s smile”

“This life is a war at each step”

“Let’s try once more if we lose”

“This life is a war at each step”

“Let’s try once more if we lose”

“Why hesitation about the destination?”

“Let’s start the journey first”

“Success comes in the ways at
the right time”

“We may fall, but let’s get the experience”

“This life is a war at each step”

“Let’s try once more if we lose”

Oh no!

Hey, diamonds, gems and precious stones
will be in this house

Let’s rob, come on
- Ok, move

I didn’t say to hit me

Oh no! I just joked
- You short rascal

He looks like a tire shop.
Yes, metal coins

Oh no, he got up

Let me rob the pockets

Oh no, why is his leg like the metro pillar?

Come on, pull me dude.
Hey, pull me dude

Hey, not my pants idiot. Pull me

How long is it that you went to toilet, rascal?


I’m unable to bear with this bio gas

Sir, I came to rob the next house. I came to your house
looking for small pin charger as my phone is dead

Do you have it?

Take it
- Thank you Sir

His chip seems somewhat wrong

You be right here dude, he looks to be mad.
I’ll loot everything and then we shall leave

Bring it fast man, I may die
- Oh, the perfume?

- Oh no, drainage foul smell

Oh no!

Maybe the diamonds are in this box.
I got them

Scrap! What is this, your leaves?


- Yes

You came to rob, right?
- Yes

Don’t disturb and do your work silently

What’s there in your house, man?
It’s just the dry leave s and the grass

Are you into any scrap business?

If you have energy, go and
try to open that locker, go

Oh! Did your granny hide her jewelry in that?

Whatever wealth lies in that is yours.

Go, try it
- This seems somewhat surprising

I’ve been trying from years and
he says to open it now

What are these peanuts?

There are so many peanuts and
which should pull out?

Huh, what’s there is that crazy box?
I’ve lost my interest and energy to rob

Come on, show that to me. What’s this?

It’s like the number plate of my village RTC bus
- Number plate?

That’s why I ask to study Telugu.
Those are Telugu numbers

What’s it? Telugu numbers!

Oh no, how did I miss it out?

You are right. I got it
- Oh no!

I got it
- Oh no!

You’re amazing
- Me?

You’re a rock star
- I can’t play guitar

Yes, I got it
- You play guitar now

Hey mad idiot, you won’t get
even 10000 by selling that

That is enough for me

Be with me and I’ll give as much you ask for

You’ve done such a wonder in
just five minutes

You are a Rock star

Believe me
- Will you give me Ten Crores?

I will give
- What?

Why should I believe you?

You should believe someone strongly in life for
once. That will be the turning point for life

Write the permutation and combinations
for these digits

00:13:53,584 --> 00:13:57,238
1 5 8 7

Say another combination
- 1857

1875! 1578! 1785!

7 8 5 1!

It’s open, I can’t believe it
- Hey, move


Got it!

Like we got roadside girl when tried for
Sunny Leone, we get this piece of paper

after investing so much on you?

This isn’t a piece of paper but the map for
treasure in Parasuram Kshetram temple

It is worth hundreds of Crores
- What?

By the way my name is Columbus Narayana,
an Archeologist

Archeologist means you weld iron pieces?

No, I’m an Archeology officer. I search and
dig out such antique pieces from underground

and handover the same to Government
- Oh!

My life ambition is to invent such a great treasure,
prove and take a Doctorate - Oh!

He is Pedda Panjani, financier for our project
- Who, this fellow?

He doesn’t look like that, right?
- Yes

Poor fellow became so by investing
money on me

He is Aragonda, my assistant and gemologist
- Hi gemmologist

Few years back, while we were researching in
Parasurama Kshetram temple, we found this locker

I knew for sure that either a treasure or
information about treasure would be there in this

But, I could open it just in five minutes
with the idea you gave

We got this treasure map just
because of you

We’d find even the treasure only with you

Will you join us in this operation to
find the treasure?

So, if treasure should we go on horses
like in cowboy films?

No, we should go in Jeep
- Oh - Yes

I don’t feel like believing by seeing you,
but my mind says the work may be done

I’ll come if you promise to give me my money

So, deal is ok right?

Yes - No
- Decoration of a warrior, ready

Ok! Stop!

Yes, remember this house
- Who stays in?

Bangarappa, another name for fear
- Pedda Panjani, another name for courage

What, is it the name given by your parents?

No, name given by the second keep
of my father

Is the smoke Goat brand?
- No, Tiger head

I smoke Sairam - What?
- Yes

Whatever we do in this village,
we shall do without his notice

What if he knows? - We will be late
- What late? - Lady’s friends

We all will die, man

Then, we shall do without letting him know

Hey Gemologist, careful

Yes, this is the place

This one! Simply stunning!
This is the temple from the map

Even those ten crores you need are in there

It sounds great to listen,
but does Bangarappa know about this?

None knows it
- What shall we do now?

We shall wait
- Yes

Whatever you stare, we’ll have to wait
- Yes

You all are like specimens, man
- That’s why we should wait

(Lord Ganesha prayer)

She has started early in the morning

Oh no!
- What?

You should change baby, should change

How if you are so like a man?
It’s time for the exam, dear

Ok, move
- Oh no!

God, you should change my daughter

Oh no!

- Show

Make it fast
- Wait

Thank God, she’s writing fine

Tanda plus alu is equal to tandalu

Who is this idiot, writing so much?

Hey, go!
- Huh!

- What?

Not me, but you show

Not that, show me that

Call if ok for you, ok?

Hey Tripura Sundari, what do you
think about this? It is a class room

Baby! Teacher is like God
You should worship but not hit him

Baby, baby Tripura.
You should change dear

Baby! Huh, no idea which God
should come down to change her

This Parasuram Kshetram was ruled from 1310 to
1520 BC by Cholas, Rashtrakootas and Pandya Kings

The last generation to safeguard their wealth
from the enemies, built this temple

and hid as a treasure in here

There is no God in this temple

Yaswant Bahadur Veera Rayalau, the last ruler
died in war without informing

about this treasure to his heir

That treasure lies somewhere right
in this temple

As per this map we found,
we shall search and own it somehow

Take every word of mine seriously. The path
you’d go lies in between life and death

People from this village won’t
step into the temple

They don’t allow the outsiders
even near the temple

They believe one who steps into the temple
would never come out again

In such a state, for them to let you in everyone
there should get a confidence on you

Public witness devil in fear and
God when in trance

Even the get up you change now
should be a similar one

This is that powerful Parasurama Kshetram
of Pulinadu in Punganuru

Can we show our powers?
- Yes


While you walk, handicapped in the
fourth minute, pregnant lady in eighth minute

and old man comes in the 12th minute

Will all act well?
- They would live in roles

- Always

Why is some disturbance happening
in my stomach?

That is a Rudraksh and comes out of
your mouth in the 10th minute?

How? - We already made you
drink a mix of tamarind and Shikakay juice

- While you were unconscious

It doesn’t come when you wish,
it comes out only in the tenth minute

Shall we start now?

Hail Lord Shiva
- Hey, who is this fellow?

His rate per day is 10000 and we
get at least that much of a sound

Lord Shiva!

What is he behaving like a crazy baba?

What is this, man?

When our organs are in our control,
the five elements come into our custody

Control and custody
- Control and custody

Hail Lord Shiva
- Hey, You are killing just for 10000


I got handicapped right in childhood, Sir
- Fourth minute?

You help me out, Sir
- Yes


Is so much fire there in my nose?
- Hey fire God!

Ragi ball, tamarind pickle, fryons for lunch
and Tiger head smoke after that

Ok Govind
- Oh no! Is he a real baba?

(Dummy chants)
- Hey Lord!

Dance my peacock, come on dance
- It is burning, Sir


Yes, my leg has become normal
- Hail Lord Shiva

What is this magic?

What happened, Sir?

I gave him the leg and thus power
in my leg is down

Pregnant lady, eighth minute

This beautiful lade has danced
- Sir

Baby is gone upside down
- Yes Sir

Three deliveries have failed till date, Sir

(Dummy chants)

Oh no!
- When did he learn graphics?

Yes, a baby boy!
- He’s here

You boy!
- Hail Lord Shiva

Boy would get frightened
- Ok, hail lord shiva

Why did you go upside down, idiot?
I’ll cut your organ

Listen to what I say. Go on
- Lord - Yes

Your magic is great, a wonder.
You’re born with a reason, my Lord

Your son will be so great, fit to make
a biopic. Come after the release

Ok Sir
- God bless you

You lost power in your leg by
giving him the leg

You gave her a kid and now your….

Hail Lord Shiva

He is DD Baba, he can’t speak and listen.
I wrote your problem and he’d see

When he’s in so many troubles,
what can he clear our problems?

Hey, it seems he clears all troubles
with camphor. Come on, let’s go to him

(Dummy chants)

- Foul cheap liquor smell!

Hello Sir
- Yes, please say

I’m a Police officer
- Oh no!

Now all should pack up

Sir! Sir! Police is here and
we are caught, move on

You rascal he didn’t come here to
catch but to confess his sins, go

Please say - I got bored with my wife
and had an affair with her sister

Lucky fellow - I burnt scars on
my wife’s body when she asked

How many?
- 24

Ok, put 24*4 i.e. 96000 in the donation box
and stand opening up your mouth

Ok Sir!

- Lord

Lord, he is the sinner and not me
- Oh, sorry

We shall take out one more camphor ball

Sin is deposited from the start
to end of his body centers

- Hail Lord Shiva

Take him, place new centers
and cleanse his sins

(Dummy chants)

Hey, we wore saffron attires and
the public blindly believed us

All of you take one direction each, tonight

We shall find out the treasure point
- Ok, Govindu

There is some power in that temple.
I should see what that is

Hey, something frightened me
yesterday night

You too come tonight and we shall see
what it is - Ok

Hello Sir
- What sins have you done?

Not me Sir, for the sin by a girl
my son is victimized

You mean to say, it got reversed?

No! I’m a brilliant student. Wrote
exams brilliantly - Hail Lord Shiva

A girl hit me up badly, Sir
- Oh

This video got viral on YouTube and my son
isn’t getting matches for marriage, Sir

You shall show some solution, Sir

Who is this sweet baby?
- Not sweet baby, but hot fire ball

My daughter
- Daddy

Baby, look at Swamiji - Huh
- Oh no!

Swamy, no!
- Huh!


- Huh! I can’t control!

Sir, she’s been hitting all men
coming across and is ruining all matches

You’ve overtaken all my
body organs, baby

Sir, turn my baby into a girl and
see to that, she gets married

You don’t worry, responsibility
to marry your daughter…

It’s my responsibility to make
your daughter get married

Leave your daughter for service
at my place

I’ll pamper, teach her, drown her in buttermilk,
will stir and convert into a complete lady

and then hand you over. Fees is free

I won’t stay
- Won’t you stay?

I won’t stay
- Won’t you change? Won’t you?

What, what now?

Huh! Listen daddy
- Here is the knife, kill me

Listen dad
- Look, hey girl

It isn’t just wrong to trouble parents
but is also a great sin

Think, cleanse the Ashram and open up
your feminity. Bring in a change in yourself

See dear, Swamy is so great. You’d
change being with a person like him

You should change, you must change dear
- Yes

Ok? Otherwise kill me
- Huh! Ok, let it go on

I’m handing over my girl to you sir

A woman’s quality is that of a mother.
See that great actress and learn

Not as a goon like you behave,
see and learn

You rascal
- Why do you hit? I spent 25000 on this

She’s worshipping

Great actress
- Great actress

Oh no!

Hey, give the remote

- Why did you play this?

“She’s like a loud sounding Cicada”

“Your voice resounded from the skies”

“Hey beauty in half sari,
enough of your styles”

“Girl is never being seen in your behavior”

“Don’t be so like a man”

“Stop this nuisance and become feminine”

“Hey, listen to me and change your attitude”

“Fall in love, my dear beauty”

“I’m saying I love you”

“Listen to me with heart”

“Say yes or no, I promise”

“This Govinda is born for you”

“You are a traditional beauty”

“Identify that a bit, dear”

“It isn’t good that you move like a goon”

“Change for me, my dear babe”

“Why fight with those tender hands,
hey beauty?”

“Don’t show anger in those
beautiful eyes, dear”

“I’ll do some magic and change you”

Hey, can Babas fall in love?
- Fake Babas can love - Yes

“I’m saying I love you”

“Listen to me with heart”

“Say yes or no, I promise”

“This Govinda is born for you”

“I’m saying I love you”

“Listen to me with heart”

“Say yes or no, I promise”

“This Govinda is born for you”

“Hey Cicada, turn into a nightingale”

“Be my couple and sing a love duet”

“Come to me and join hands, dear”

“Come on, let’s exchange hearts”

“My eyes liked you at the first sight”

“Hey beauty, my life is for you”

“Hey Princess, my breath is for you”

“Hey beauty, come as reality in my dream”

“I’m saying I love you”

“Listen to me with heart”

“Say yes or no, I promise”

“This Govinda is born for you”


Hey, you be with that girl in the day
and make us move around at night

Shut up dude, something is
frightening me here daily

I’ll start our work only after
I decide it’s a ghost or a devil

Does that frighten me?
I’ll teach a lesson to it

Come on dude, what ghosts in the temple?

Oh no!

Why did you hit?
I’ll come if you call, right?

When did I hit?
- Don’t play jokes

You hit me, idiot

There is something here.
Please carry me, man

Idiot, no under garments?
- Why jokes now, man?


Oh no, is he a human? I unnecessarily
was frightened till now because of him

I’ll blast his back now

Where will you go, idiot?
- Hey, who is he?

This guy! Hey DD Baba, is it you?
- Is it you, fool?

What man, why are you frightening?
What is the story, rascal?

You wait dude, I’ll take it up

You go now, man

You, rascal!

Why did you beat that kid like that?
- Hit him

Hey, it’s paining. Stop it, rascal

Hey, how are you talking?

How are you talking, man?

What just talking, this hand is going
to earn Crores -Crores?

The same lines, the same hand

Hey, you are that lucky man
- To hell with you and the luck, get out

Hey, I and you picked the same purse at
wine shop one day. Do you remember?

I saw the golden line in your hands that day

Hey, all will have lines in hands

Hey, see this hand.
Is there any line being seen?

You’d have given big work for the hand
- You fool

Look, you, I and all of us came into
this temple for the treasure

I’m into the bad luck and never get anything.
I need a guy like you by my side

You have the luck and I have the route.
Success comes only with the combination

Mix up all and go ahead, don’t do
any mistakes. Think carefully

You’d never get such a chance
again and again

You are DD Baba, right?
- Yes

Our Govind explained all about
the treasure information with you

All our doubts are clarified with that.

I’m preparing the exact route map
to get the treasure

All of you go into the temple and
do a complete inspection

Know about every inch and our Panjani
will invest the amount needed

I will invest, major share once we
get the treasure is mine, right?

What about shares?
- Hey, I’ll decide about shares and parts

I’m saying right now,
I’m the main person for this project

Oh, then get it done by them
and I’m leaving

Panjani, what is this?
- Where are you going, man?

Who’d do it now?
I’m investing money here

You rascal, why are you putting hands
on me? You think me as a labor?

I’ll break your face. Bro, I won’t be
at a place with no respect

I’m saying even to you, I lived in respect
and have a goal in life

It’s over and completely ruined now. Ready,
I too will see who invests now. Come on

Investing isn’t to loot the pockets,
come on

If you invest, should we be like dogs at
your feet? Won’t we have some respect?

Should we bear his insults?
- Hey, ok

Bro - I’m leaving
- Hey, Govindu

I will never work with dogs like you

Govind Sir! Mr. Govind!
You all have great anger

Hey, I just joked man. Come on

Ok, move on

Oh no, you look great when angry.
Come on - Damn you, go

Govindu! Where is he?

Finally, let’s loot the treasure in
this God less temple and share it

Deal done. Who is it?

Are you all thieves
- Hey beauty, when did you come?

Your dress is great

You cheat me, my dad and
my villagers with your fake talks?

Was I with a cheat for so long?
- Don’t misunderstand in your anger please

Not so, Govind is a very good man

Was that required?

Thippu beauty, you don’t get angry dear
- You don’t talk

I believed you a lot
- What all you see isn’t true

What have people said about you?
Are they all true? No, right?

There’s a good girl inside you, right?

Similarly there’s a loyalty and
truth behind this getup of mine

What exactly was the reason
for you to be in this getup?

If the requirement is small we take
troubles and debts if that is big

And if it’s further big,
we do such mistakes for good

What’s good in thieves? - Not the job
done but should see the intention behind that

I’m from Somala village.
It is 80 Kilometers away from here

We all love our village a lot. We love so much
that can’t leave it even when one by one

was dying for unknown reasons

Like the Florosis problem in Nalgonda and
Kidney problem in Uddhanam,

our Somala had Cancer problem

We don’t know whether it was in our
ground or air, but it finished many of us

I said we shall donate from each house, when
Fakir recently died. Did any of you listen to me?

This isn’t a play done by you to donate, uncle
- Wait man

If Cholera or Typhoid, it is done in
few thousands. This is cancer

It costs a minimum of 10 to 15 Lacks per
each patient. Where do we get that?

What if we sell away our lands?

Huh, your land isn’t near Amaravathi
or Polavaram to get crores by selling

We may show greed and sell even the forest,
but we get peanuts by selling our land

You’d be on roads by selling
the lands in hand

There is no other way now, we have
to leave the village to be alive

You are a young man and can live going
anywhere. What will you do with your old parents?

Look Sankaraiah, how long would
you still circle around that MRO?

We need some help to keep
her alive, right?

Doctors said she’d live for
just two more years

My hope is, she’d live at least a day
more by giving that treatment

I suffered a lot thinking to save lives
of my villagers dying with cancer

To get all those treated, it would
cost at least 10 Crores

I didn’t know how and from
where to get that money

I then understood how heavy it feels
after taking up a responsibility

At the same time, my childhood friend
Prasanna Laxmi came to meet me

While talking she informed me to be contesting
as MLA and she needs her support in elections

At once, a new thought and
courage were born in me

I immediately said about the cancer problem
in our village and about the money

required for treatment

She gave me a word to take care that no life
will be gone from then with cancer

I too gave her word that all votes from
my village will be given to her

My dear Somala villagers, we believed
so many people from so long

They haven’t done anything till date

Let’s believe good hearted girl
from our own village

To drive away the demon of cancer from
our Somala village, we shall give our vote

only to Nalluri Prasanna Laxmi

Our vote
- To plough symbol

Listen carefully to what I’m saying

The ink dot you get on your finger while voting
to Prasanna Laxmi would show a direction to us

Stop it, man. Enough that elections are on,
they say to show development but nothing is done

After winning in elections, you neither cure
our disease nor save from cancer deaths

Go away, man

Look Malik grandpa, if you’d got this thought
30 years back none would’ve died here with cancer

We finally have got a chance.
Let’s save at least the 15 left behind

Believe and you should believe grandpa
- One minute Govindu

Is it enough to save those 15 members? Is it
enough for you that I save those 15 members?

I can get treatment arrange right away
as his friend for those 15 cancer patients

But for none from our village to suffer with cancer
going ahead, multi specialty hospital should be built

The first work I’d do once I’m elected as MLA
is to construct a cancer hospital in our village

I thinking just to save the 15 members, felt it
great that she took up the responsibility

to save our entire village

Madam, all of us together are giving five acres of
land for the cancer hospital you are going to construct

Here are the papers regarding
the same, madam

Oh no, why all this?
- You please take them

Many thanks
- Kittu

Kittu! What happened Kittu?
- Kittu

What happened Subba?
- No idea what’s wrong, Govindu

He is down vomiting blood
- Hey, start the tractor immediately

Tractor may get late.
Driver, start our vehicle

- Move aside

Move aside, fast

Dilip, take him to our hospital in Tirupati

Hey, all of you go
- Go on, go

Come on guys, make it fast

Hello uncle, I’m Prasanna
- Say baby

There’s been a problem for a kid in our family
- What’s wrong, dear?

I’m sending him to our hospital. He’s
my boy. No problem about the expenses

The kid should come back in smiles.
Please uncle, please

Seeing her worry to save a kid’s life, who
had no connection with her, she seemed like

a Goddess coming for our village at that time

Right then, I got full confidence
about her victory

Our entire village stood one, gave her
the entire votes and made our

Prasanna Lakshmi win with a huge majority


What phones at this time bro, cut it.


What would’ve been the reason?
- Damn!

I’m not getting the line. No idea why
she got late. I’ll go and bring her with me

You be right here, uncle
- Ok

Laxmi! Laxmi!

Hey, come Govindu

Laxmi, why are you sitting here?
Entire village is waiting there for you

Come, let’s go
- Where, what’s this hurry? Sit Govindu!

I haven’t come to sit. You shall do foundation
there for cancer hospital. Come on, let’s go

We shall do, why so hurry?

What’s this Laxmi? That was what you said
to do as first think after you become MLA, right?

Then, why are you talking like this now?

Hey Govindu, that was election campaigning.
We shall delete all promises made there

We shouldn’t store them here.

How could you talk like this, Prasanna?

You looked like colorful VIGBYOR
for what you said then

But you seem like a color changing
chameleon now

Hey, mad idiot! Time itself changes thrice
in one year and what are we?

There are so many promises
and let’s see

Silence! 40 crores were spent then
to make my father win

And I had to spend about 35, of course
I saved 5 Crores because of you

Let me first collect all that money

After that, not just one but will get
100 cancer hospitals built

Not so Prasanna, you said not to let
even one life end due to cancer

15 people are ready there to die.
All of them voted for you, I promise

Isn’t the responsibility of people
who made you win yours?

Public! What public?
They are just votes.

After the election fever is down, we have
no work with the tablets named voters

Still, what’s the guarantee that
they all voted to me?

Guarantee! You need a guarantee?

You know about every booth
polling in my village

Even those migrating to other places for
livelihood came down too and voted for you

Handicapped, old, young, poor and
all have voted for you

What did you say DO our votes look
like tablets and biscuits for you?

They are our blood droplets.

Forget all that, the majority of
5640 votes are from our village

Those are the donation from us to you

What did you say? I won because of votes
from your villagers, otherwise I’d have lost

Is it so? - Reality is that
and don’t take this easy

Saying all that you’d get hospital in
our village and save lives, I made all believe,

agree and then made them vote for you

So, I won because of you
and your campaigning

You are really a hero Govindu.

What’s the problem now, you
construct that cancer hospital too

- Where to go, rascal?

I’d drag you from here and make
you lay the foundation stone

Hey, stop
- Hey

Hey, stop
- Hey, leave me guys

Get out

You’re doing a mistake, Lakshmi.
Listen to me, this isn’t good

Leave me, idiots. Leave me, rascals

Yes, idiot! I’m a hero. I’ll save
the lives of my village people

Remember one thing, cancer
of humans get cured with medicines

Dirty politicians like you are
the real cancer in society. Damn!

Hey, maybe these people would
forgive your sins going helpless.

But there is God, he won’t forgive.
You’ll face it

Son in law is back
- What happened, Govindu?

Where is MLA?
- Say, son in law

She’d have broken her word, right?

You wait man.
Why didn’t MLA come, Govindu?

That is…
- She won’t come

She is MLA and thus she won’t come.
We are all mad fellows

We’ve been waiting here from morning
without eating and attending works

Still, what would she sitting in AC rooms
know about our problems. Move on

Hey, you wait.
Son in law, say what did MLA say

Say Govindu, what happened?

What can he say asking repeatedly? Even his
friend might have cheated like all the other MLAs

It’s the same, right?
- Yes

Understood now! Our uncle plays a drama
with different getup every day,

but life of these MROs, MLAs itself is a play

We believed as you said. Damn it, move on
- Wait!

Say something Govindu

Kittu, get up. Hey Kittu! Son, Kittu!

Uncle! God has taken away our Kittu, uncle

Oh God, what have you done?
- Oh God

Hey, you took him to town hospital
and also that MLA recommended

No idea whom she said and what, uncle.
They threw us outside the hospital, uncle

They didn’t even let us in, uncle
- So, MLA’s word didn’t work?

They said not to let us in unless
we pay 5 Lacks, uncle

Govindu bro, nothing will happen
to me, right?

All at my school are saying I will die.
You’d take care of me, right?

Hey Govindu! Hey, all of you together
have killed my son. You’ve killed

As you said that MLA would help us, I believed
you and handed over my son but you killed him

I called you so many times, idiot.
You’ve killed, idiot

Even that MLA didn’t lift the call along
with you. What is our sin, Govindu?

Leave, don’t touch.

Where is the foundation spot?
I’ll bury my son right there

Son Kittu! Are you going away, Kittu?

My son!

My Kittu, are you going away?

The rain drenching me knows
how much I have cried that day

I’ve turned fake Baba just to save
the cancer patients of my village

That God knows about all that

I’m saying you all this with a faith
that you’d understand

I just knew you’d make me laugh
all these days, but you made me cry

Oh no, saffron dress!
- Oh God!

Govindu, I’ll be with you from now
- There’d be a great risk in that

Still, I’ll come - Really?
- Yes - Promise! Ok

Who is he? Another fake Baba like me?

Thank you Sir, I found the way

My God! What is she wearing?

Hey Sundari, you are given money to
buy dress like this and not to buy a sari

What’s the difference guys?

Columbus, we are going into the water
- Bye

We will come back with Gold
- All the best

Good luck, all the best

All the best!

Hey Govindu, if we come across any souls
in between show your golden lines

Govind, careful. Sundari, hold the hand

We are coming correctly and what is
your anchoring in between, man?

Come carefully
- Look down

Govindu, hold that rope and come down
- Careful

Get down slowly


Hey, come a bit slowly. I’m afraid

Govindu, slowly
- Hello

Hello! Hello!

Do something guys
- You try

Hey, Oxygen level is very less and
not understanding which way to go

We should go this way, I know it.
Come on, follow me

Come carefully, I will take you.
Believe me, come on

- Ok

I’ll check if the phone connects


We are calling from ACS bank. We will
give you life insurance, where are you Sir?

I’m in a hole, idiot.
Say where are you, rascal

I’m in Amaravathi, Sir
- I’ll come and you be right there

Thank you Sir
- We shall both play games

Govindu, no!
- Thippu, careful

- Some sound came, come fast

Hey, stones are falling. Come fast

- Come fast, this way

Come in front, fast

Govindu, come fast. Fast!

Even the way we just came is closed
won with stones and we can’t go back too

This is the only way we have ahead

Let’s believe in God and go ahead in courage

Hey Panjani, you saved us with the helmet

Panjani does anything with a plan

Yes, we have reached

Have we come to the correct point?

We have come, we have come
to the place with treasure

It would be somewhere out here,
come on search

Where are the lacks I invested so far,
Baba say where

Say where is it?
- It should be somewhere here

Hey Govindu, this man said it is here.
Say, where is it?

Hey, let me think and you don’t shout

Oh no, Govindu! I sold my properties
and invested Lacks. Do something, man

Look boss, is this the exact point?

This is the exact point where
treasure should be

When this is it, where is the treasure?
- Oh God!

What is that light?

Hey, we found way to go out
- Nothing to think, we should first get out

Hey, careful
- Careful

This is the way out

Hey, stop man
- Hello Govindu, respond

You unnecessarily instigated Govindu,
we didn’t find even an iron sheet

Hey Panjani! - You idiot
- Hey

It’s him who instigated Govindu and not me
- Are you any mad?

- Hey, move

Hey, get out idiot
- Govindu

You, idiot!

Stop it guys

Oh no!

They hit me, tried to kill me

Well, Professor this is a diamond

- Yeah

It’s a diamond

You fools! Why do you say
a stone as diamond?

Diamond, I told you

We got it! Diamond and this is
the proof to say treasure is here

Yeah, it is diamond

Hey, trying to cheating saying
these as precious stones?

I got 8 Gold medals in India
as Gemologist. Wait, I’ll prove it

Give that

See, the rock we threw on it broke
but not this. This is the real diamond

I said right? You are a lucky carm, Govindu

Great lucky charm, yes
- You made it, Govindu

He started it again.
- I said already, right? He isn’t a normal guy

He has a diamond line

Oh, you still have the old things in mind?
I just joked. We are all friends

Treasure is somewhere out here.

Let’s now go in correct route and get that
- Ok

We’d lose our lives if Bangarappa comes
to know about this diamond

Let’s leave from here, please.
Move on

Hey, one minute
- Govind

Keep that diamond with you.
Keep that carefully

I’ll show this photo,
set a good deal and call you

We shall sell for a good rate and all
our lives will be set - Super

It’d have been great if we got that treasure
- You wait Sir

One more thing, we shouldn’t
call this as diamond outside

Let’s have a code name as marble for this
- Whatever you say - Good

One more thing, Let’s have one more code
to talk about this outside or on phone

I’d say come on parrot, my marriage is with Rakul
and you say Ginger, jiggery and Anushka is my wife

If you forget or don’t say,
none should respond to anyone

Lives are dependent on this
and thus very strict, ok?

- Bye

I too will come with you

No Thippu, we’d move all over for this
and it’s not safe for you to be with us

You be right here and I’ll come back
- Ok, start. Careful

Get in
- Ok Govind

Govind, careful with the marble.
Bye - Bye

Look Siddappa,
it’s a bit of 12 acres in total

50 Km away from Tirupati means it’s
like at Lord Venkateswara’s feet

Buy it man, Reddy is our man.
He acts as per what I say

Don’t say anything else. I’ll send
account number and you deposit money

Believe me, man
- Give that bag

Hey. Carrier of Kalabhairava.
Come on, come on - Hey, stop

How are you Samba?
- Hey Govindu

Hey Kondalu
- How are you Govindu?

I’m fine and how come you thinned down?

I’m drinking coconut oil
- Swine lips!

How is the village, dude?
- It’s the same dude

Neither deaths nor the cries have stopped

I’m back and will change it all

After some days

Is it you calling that you have a marble?
- Are you the one to buy marble?

I’m the mediator. I’ll get you good rate,
show the marble first - Ok

This is called as Mahendra Blues. This is a
rare diamond not found anywhere in the world

What is the rate you say?
- 200 Crores

Ok, show the marble
- Show the money first

Huh, the marble

No, I won’t believe seeing it on the phone

Will you believe seeing in this phone?
- Huh!

It’s in another place with
our partner in another village

If the deal sets,
we will get that tomorrow

Don’t deal for the buffalo showing
the horns in the pool

I don’t believe anything till
I see with my eyes

We will call our partner. You decide
the final amount after seeing that

Call him - The number
you are calling isn’t reachable

Did you get?
- It isn’t connecting

Try, come on try it
- Wait, I’m trying man. Wait!

You know about Bangarappa, right? With
his fear, we hid the diamond in another village

The village is very nearby.
2 hours journey and I’ll take you there

Hey, you keep trying Govindu.
You come with me, boss

Right here, he’d be very nearby.
Go fast and I’ll call

Govindu lifted the call

Hello - Govindu bro
- Yes, I’m Govindu

Are you fine, bro?
- I’m fine, are you good?

Bro, did you eat?
- I ate, did you?

I ate bro
- Hey, come to the matter

Say the matter
- Bro, I’m Panjani

Tiger claw?
- Parasurama Kshetram

Parasurama Kshetram?
- Yes dude

Then, it is wrong number.
Cut the call

Oh no, why did he say
wrong number Baba?

You buy phones and don’t know
what to press. Give it here

Why is it sounding again?

- Hey Govind, I’m DD Baba

What Baba?
- Hey DD, I’m DD Baba dude

DD Channel? Telugu or Hindi
- What?

- Hey cut it, wrong number

Ask him not to call me again

Govindu, it’s Columbus
- Columbus? - Yes, man

Not any RTC bus? Who are you man,
frustrating by changing voices?

What, mimicry?

I’d cut your parts if you come down

Hey, what’s wrong with him?

Govind is playing some practical games

Govind, don’t cut the call.
I’m DD baba

Yes, I should talk about marble with you

Marble! You wish to play
marbles with me?

Hey marble means the diamond, idiot

Diamond, what diamond?

What’s wrong with you and where
- Where else, I’m in my village

Be right there, we are coming

Ok, come on! I’m anyways
sharpening the knives

Sharpening the knives?
- Your skulls will fly and fall in Nepal

Do you have tickets to Nepal?

Bro, I remembered. We forgot our code

Yes Govindu, don’t cut the call
- I won’t, go on

Sorry Govindu, we forgot the code
- What codi?

Come on parrot, my marriage
is with Rakul

Is it? Love seedlings are out, I will hit till paddy
turns into rice crop if you call once again

I don’t understand why Govindu
is talking so

He has the diamond and
he is in his own village

He’d have more power
on his native place

Hey idiot, where are you?
- What happened?

We are at the furnaces
- Come fast - Coming bro

They are doing too much

He is Govind

Hey Govindu! Govindu!
Get up, man

Hey Govindu, why do you get hit?
Say, where the diamond is

Say it Govind
- They’d hit till you say it, come on

Why do you hit, what diamond
and who are you all?

Rascals, you come to my village
and hit me? - Hey


They’d kill him, man

Say, idiot!

Say where the diamond is, they’d
kill you man - What diamond?

Hey, say idiot

Hey Govind, I had so many hopes
on that. If needed take a big share

Hey Govindu! We risked so much
and spent so much for diamond

Won’t you say even when you are
in life risk? - I don’t know

I’m saying not to know

Say it Govindu, they’d kill you.

Why are you playing so much drama?
Why don’t you give away that diamond?

It’s a good deal and
we all would get settled

What diamond and what are
you talking? I don’t understand Sir

Mad fellow, will we get
the diamond by killing him?

We are talking here, right? Being
a broker, behave the same

Still, we won’t sell it to you. Get out

What are you playing crazy tricks, rascal?

Listen, I’ll reveal a fact
to make you shiver in fear

You know, who is behind this matter?

The name you heard and
escaped, Bangarappa!


My master has informed me

Brother in law, why are you going?

For you to start from here, it should be
Bangarappa even on the other side

I won’t let our gone prestige cross the village

I’ll go bring that diamond and his head

Hey, I’d go myself
- Brother in law

Sir, I too wanted to say the same.
You shouldn’t cross the village border

after tying Goddess Sunkulamma’s wrist band

You should be home till
the celebrations are over

Huh, damn!

Hey, will you say where’s
the diamond kept or not?

I’m still saying the truth. God promise,
I really don’t know who you are

and what that diamond is, brother

Believe me

- I don’t know, brother

Stop - Stop, don’t
take law into your hands

Hey, leave it man
- Stop

He is innocent, don’t harm him

Oh no!

Say, idiot
- I know everything about the diamond

Govind said it all about that.
He said

What did he say?

I’ll say

After Govind returned that day,
we three happily had a drink


Oh no, what’s this man? It’s like
the stone used for fire by primitives

Hey Pig Lips!
This costs about 150 Crores

You mean 150 Crores?
Still, I can’t believe dude

I’ll give clarity, take it

Archeologist, Baba, Assistants…
Oh no! So many shares for this diamond?

Hey, whatever are the shares we
need only 9 Crores and 69 Lacks

We should sell this diamond and get
the cancer patients in our village treated

Most importantly, that Nalluri Prasanna Laxmi
has backstabbed giving so much faith

We shall make her come down
from that MLA post

We shall make her taste
how backstabbing feels

Yes dude!
- Yes

Bhatti Vikramarka! Yes!

This Vikramarka with great will power
to save lives of Somala villagers

Got hold of the stone hidden in the snake hub
and mud hills, changed it into a diamond

Wow, son in law!

Now, I’ll sell that and drive out the cancer
demon destroying my villagers - Yes

Hey black man, this is the challenge by
this Vikramarka with two pegs of local arrack

Oh no!

I was down then with overdose of drink
- I was down even before

Neither Govind nor diamond was there
when I woke up - Hey!

You believe or not,
this is the law and order

He was seen later again and
spoke like a crazy guy

I saw uncle, he went this way
that day after drinking

Where’d he go when he came till here?
- Sir, how do I go to Bombay?

This way
- Oh, then I’ll leave

Son in law!
- Hey Govindu, where did you go?

Son in law, did you go for mono-action
competitions? You got the first prize, right?

Hey, which kingdom’s secret agents
are you? - What?

Say, who sent you to kill me?
- Son in law

You proved to be my heir
- Yes

You proved an actor is into
the role for the whole day

Hey, what’s your name man?
- Appa Rao - Come on, Appa Rao

He didn’t recognize me and even uncle. He
forgot about diamond, village and everything

We brought this Doctor
not knowing what to do

Where, where,
tell me where the patient is?

He is the patient, Doctor.
You go and check the FIR

Ok - Please
- I should check the brain, right?

Oh no! Which brand did you take
that night? - Malaika house arrack

What did you have as munching?
- Hey, why all that?

First, check what happened to him
- I’m the only Doctor in the 10 surrounding villages

You need a BP tablet and will look into
that later - You wait, bro

Be careful with him, dude
- You wait, bro

We had snacks
- After that

Our Govind while scolding MLA,
ate the dirty plant

Oh, I mean Hibiscus Kannas Biscus Morpheus?
- Yes, yes

Bring that

What is happening here, man?

Hibiscus Kannas Biscus Morpheus
is its scientific name

Those eating this will forget the past. He
definitely can’t get normal within 24 hours

This plant is special from our village. A buffalo
recently ate this and forgot to release dung

Hey, should I believe all this nonsense?
- Then, eat this. Come on, eat

You won’t eat and won’t listen to what
I say. That’s why we say to study, man

Mahesh, eat it

Thank you
- What are you thinking? Eat it


This is called Hibiscus Kannas Biscus Morpheus

Not knowing what happened
and this fellow!

Hey Mahesh, what’s wrong?
- Who are you, man?

Hey! What DGP? - Yes Sir
- What are you doing here?

All these are the thieves. I came to
arrest them all - Alright

- Welcome


I’ll believe you, RMP
- You have to believe

I’ll wait for 24 hours

“You won’t open your mouth even
when knife is on your neck”

“You don’t let out what’s in your heart”

“Waiting which is never expected
even in dreams”

“Our hopes are getting vanished”

“Fates have gone upside down”

“It’s gone dark all over”

“You won’t say truth even when bleeding”

“You don’t bother even when friends

“For what is all this fight and worry?”

“Time is revenging and hissing back”

“Is it making you play this drama?”

“Hey boy, what is happened to you?”

“Hey boy, what’s this bad time?”

Brother, bro!

Didn’t that Govind still say the truth?

Who am I? - You are
my brother. Why do you ask so?


Is his mental down?

I’m still saying the truth, bro. I don’t know
who you are - Ok

What should I say not to get hit, bro?
Should I say to know or not to know?

Even the truth should come out
along with your blood

- Hey

Hey, leave him

Where is my Royal Sword?
Where is the diamond?

Hey Pig lips, diamond!

Hey my dear Kalabhairava carrier,
let’s hide this diamond at our

God Muneeswara’s tree and
he’ll safeguard it

I’m coming, Muneeswara

Hey Kalabhairava carrier, you be here
and safeguard from the enemy armies

I’d climb up and hide the diamond

“I can climb the tree,
I can climb the bushes”

“I can climb the tree and hide
the diamond on the corner twig”

Which way to go? Not that side,
I’ll go this way

“Hey Lord Shiva, I pray to you”

Yes, there’s stuff here.
Hey, where is your mummy?

Yes, double omelet!

Hey Lord! It’s shining bright

You be right here.
Wow, 150 Crores!

Hey Muneeswara!

Hey, what are you doing here? Go!

Go back, I won’t agree.
Come on, go back

I love you!

Oh no!

Oh no!

(Foreign language)

- Yes

What happened?
- This is the point memory storage in brain

Cerebral cortex in small brain
- I didn’t understand

You didn’t understand, ok. Everything is gone
when we remove memory card in mobile, right?

He too has lost everything.

Gone -Yes
- Is everything gone? - No!

Hey, do whatever but make him
say everything about that diamond

No problem even if he dies

Looks like I forget past by the time
he remembers past, dirty fellow

Hey, what are you doing?
Say him, no

Nothing, no problem
- No!

No, man

No, what are you doing?

Come on, go on
- No

Say, come on say - Ginger, garlic,
Anushka is my wife - Yes

He said the code. Come on, more

My name?
- Peda Panjani

Yes! He said my name

Hey, ask him

Hey, what is he man?
- He’s remembering, increase the dose

No baby, no
- Come on increase

Increase the dose
- No, it is already high

It’s electric shock. He will be died, baby

Who cares if he dies or lives once we
get the diamond? Come on, increase it

No, no and no!

Come on say him
- Why do you say no, Jumanji fellow?

Increase it
- Huh!

Come on increase.
What is that smile, rascal?

Come on, increase
- Ok, this one take it

I’ll show you

Oh no!

Problem may go high and
Govind may turn complete mad

He would behave once like very clever
and suddenly innocent like Chaplin

Hey Govindu, what is this dear?
They are asking something, give it off

My bad luck
- They are not good guys, dear

I really can’t remember, uncle

Hey, you used to recite pages length of
dialogues while we played dramas - Me?

I’ll remind you

(Reciting stage drama poem)
- Kouravas died, when uncle?

So many years passed away
- Why didn’t you say, uncle?

Hey, why are you torturing me so?
My fate!

Not like this, man. I’ll remind
the play to you every day

May be you’ll remember the past that way


Baba, your plan worked out

He played a drama for so long. His
girlfriend came and he’ll get caught now

How is my master plan?
- Isn’t this plan yours? Your master’s?

You dirty idiot
- Sorry Baba

I’ll come myself

How are you?
- I’m super

You know, I missed you a lot for so long

Hey! Kiss even this side.

You say miss and giving kisses like
mistress. In which mess do you work, baby?

- Oh no!

You kiss everyone so on roads, like this?

Govind, no jokes
- What?

Why do you ask who am I?

I liked you very much as you gave me
so many intense kisses without asking

Say if you want, I’ll strongly love you from
today. Come on, show your Aadhaar card

Hey, I’m your girlfriend and
you are my boyfriend

Come on, your boyfriend would be some
Mukund, David or Dadapeer. But not this Govind

What are you saying, rascal?
- Oh no!

Come on, idiot

I thought no safety for ordinary men these
days. No safeties even for specials like me too?

Not to the she-team, but I’ll complain
to he-team about you, your honor

Baby, will you come to a side

I am Govind’s friend and should say
few facts about him - Oh

We shall talk if you come to a side,
Madam - Ok, move

My cheek resounded

Who is this, bro?

Not any daughter of your aunt, right?
Do you need all this, idiot?

Look old lady, you got some competition.
But, I didn’t get trapped

No, you don’t get trapped
and I won’t agree at all

So many tried for me, was I trapped?
You too don’t go flat

You didn’t try any crazy plans like
you did at my village, here right?

Believe us,
we don’t understand anything

Whole mind went swallowed
- What exactly happened was…

Wow, what a beauty old lady?
I’m unable to bear - Oh no!

Hey, I already said our marriage isn’t in
small Tirupati, but in Big Tirupati. Didn’t I say?

Listen to me - Ok, be ready and
we shall watch a film in Chittor

We shall go to Avengers.
I’ll wear my dress and come

This idiot always does romance so. What
hubby, he’s asking and shall I go for a film?

What are you watching?
- Govind

How do you know Govindu?
- He was behind me daily in 10th class

Oh! And you?

It was Govind giving me the first love letter
when I was in Intermediate

What’s the problem now?
- He isn’t recognizing us both now

Will you both come to a side,
I shall talk about Govind

“Don’t you remember the first kiss
at the bamboo bushes?”

“Did you forget all the romance
done in Palamaneru?”

“Don’t turn looks even when
you’ve seen us already”

“I’m your love, don’t move aside
when I come to you”

“Hey Krishna, you are our beloved person”

“That beautiful is looking out for you”

“Hey traveler, take in a love ride”

“And don’t escape suddenly”

“You hid your heart in me and forgot,
have a look”

“Bring down the memory basket
kept in the shelf”

“Break down all the frozen memories”

“Shatter the magic coming into senses”

“Recognise me who believed in you”

“Restart again from the starting”

“Come back dear as my love from yesterday”

“Hey Krishna, you are our beloved person”

“That beautiful is looking out for you”

“Hey traveler, take in a love ride”

“And don’t escape suddenly”

“Don’t ask about who she is”

“Don’t go away from the heart”

“Get along with the known touch”

“Rest in the breath which touched you”

“Swing along in the lovely concern”

“Rise like morning from
the darkness around”

“This is the first friendship and love”

“Come dear to rule over this queen”

Hey Kondalu, let’s make Govindu
perform Landlord play today

Maybe he may remember something
- Ok, uncle

Donation and justice! Dirty rascal

Why did you say no when said
to distribute medicines to patients?

When did you ask, man?
- Didn’t I ask? Ok, I’m asking now

Go and do what you wish to
- Ok

You are almost carrying it over
the shoulders, ok

Victory to the justice and ruler of
Somala, named Govind

Are you praising me?
- Yes, my Lord

Your wish, but what are you in this
variety getup. Is it marriage or Pro-Kabaddi?

When did it come to Kabaddi, my Lord?
Bride died with cancer in our village

right on the stage, yesterday night

But, there’d be no death in my play.
All the cancer patients will be saved

Come on, let’s distribute the medicines

Welcome, my Lord
- Let’s go

This dress is great, right?
- Super

Make the seat for justice, my boy.
Call for the patients

Be seated, Muthu Lord

Baby, madam! Your health isn’t good,
right baby? Come and take the medicines

Come dear, son in law is calling
- Come on

Come on, let’s go baby

Son in law, you are giving suitable
medicine for the disease

Go now, dear

Son in law, you are a wow and bloodshed
- Whom are you saying?

It’s you, my Lord
- Your wish, am I looking so cute?

Yes - Ok, kiss
- Oh, no need

Hey, son! Our Govindu is distributing
money to all cancer patients. Come on

Yes! Education and medical help
for all and health for all

Brother, I have cancer by birth.
Give money even to me, bro

Stop saying lies, rascal

It is never in history that public believed
a man saying this is last cigar and last peg and

also a woman saying this is the last shopping

Yachacha yachaha, gachacha gachaha
- You’re a cheetah though you lost your chip

For whom is this? - You, my Lord
- Your wish

May you get married soon!
Come here, this for first night. Go

Hey, come here.
This is for your kid, go

Hello Sir - What grandpa,
are you good? - Fine

Who else, come on!

Madam, please come

Why did you stop right there?
You are mother, madam

Come on, mother

Take mother, take these

Govind is distributing money, bro
- All these are for you

Hey, rascal
- Take madam

Whose is this money to distribute, rascal?

Hey, Govindu

- You said to have lost your mind?

You are doing whatever you wish!
Are you playing dramas, rascal?

Can’t you see when some
good deed is done, rascals?

You think that is your dad’s money?
- Ok, your dad’s money. Good will, right?

Go rascal
- Leave him, guys

You dirty rascal, you hit me?
- Hey!

Not you, but him

Hey, why are you hitting that Govindu?
- That mad rascal is…

Talk properly
- That mad fellow is distributing our 50 lacks

Dileep, cash bag
- Ok madam

Take as much money you need from this

I won’t stay calm if you harm Govindu.
He is my friend

Hey, move. Who is she saying as my friend?
Will she too give kisses like you?

Hey mental, she’s a big devil.
You became so because of her

She says friend and you say devil,
how to believe?

I’ll say later, you stay calm
- She looks good

Find out if she is busy,
we shall give a break

All of you should forgive me. It’s been a bit
delayed to stand on the word given to you

Still, none of you need to be worried.

I’d always remember that you all voted for me
as Govind said and that I won with your votes

I’ll join all 15 people right today in
the City hospital - Wow

I’ll be with you till all of you
get completely cured

I’ll step back again in this village with you

Why did she come to the village again?
- Whose life will she be taking again?

She went then and came back now again

What madam, gave away
50 lacks so suddenly like that?

You know how much it costs
per each patient?

That Govind is now owner of 150 Crores.

If we get the patient cured and lay foundation
for hospital before his mind sets right,

that fool will again believe me

I will then think about how to
rob that diamond

Phone number…

Brother in law
- What’s that settlement there?

Nothing is yet finalized, brother in law
- Nothing yet?

Damn! - Sir, there’s a technique
named Hypnotism

Using that, they’d say the truth
without their knowledge

With that we can make them
remember childhood memories too

You heard it, right?
- Yes brother in law

Hypnotism, it seems
- Yes, Hypnotism

I’ll send the Doctor and materials
required for that

He should vomit out the truth
- Ok, brother in law

Sir, does Bangarappa use Jio? He always
speaks over phone, doesn’t he come down here?

There’s still time for your death
- I just joked Sir, come on let’s go

You come over yourself, then

What are you doing, guys?
- Be silent, please

I need Virat Kohli cutting,
I’ll do batting

Hello, this isn’t a saloon. I’ll do
the cutting you need - Ok

But, you should listen to what I say.
Ok? - Ok, cutting Doctor

These shabby beard guys won’t shout, right?
- They won’t, cool - Ok!

Hello, instead of standing idle
why don’t you rotate that?

Come on, rotate
- You keep cool - Look here

Hello, cool! Cool!

You should keep staring at this spiral board
- Yes

Slowly, slowly!

Slowly, slowly!

You’re going into sleep, deep sleep
- I’m going

You are sleeping
- I’m going

Your age is five years now. What, you
have the Bhang habit? - No

Then, why did you keep the finger
in mouth? - I’m licking it

What, is it any snack?
- No

Is it lolly pop?
- Not at all

The sweet?
- No

Is it pepper mint?

Hey, why do I care about what he licks?
Make this mad fellow say truth first

Atmosphere here should be very cool.
Say the same cool and in smiles

Come on

Why do I care about what he licks?
Make this mad fellow say truth

No, I don’t like this coolness.
Come on, let’s go

Madam, I beg your feet please
- What’s this nonsense every time?

Even my hubby didn’t fall on feel for
so many times. Say it to him

- You need the diamond or not?

Why do you say so? Smile and say cool
with your teeth shown - Hey!

Why do I care about what he licks?
Make this mad fellow say truth

Cool, it’s enough if you say so

Hey, you have a good future.
You naughty rascal!

Now tell me, what were you licking
at five years age?

Then your age is 25 years
- Ok

What were you doing at the age of 25?
- Oh no!

Yes! What were you doing at the age of 25?
- Oh no!

Yes! What were you doing at the age of 25?
- Oh no!

You are in the age to marry, come on say.
What did you do?

Are you the Doctor?
- No, it’s you

Come on say
- Cool

Say, what were you doing at the age of 25?
- In 25 years age

Yes, in 25 years of age
- Come on, let’s go

Hey, where?

Pushpavathi called me into bushes at
the age of 25 - Did you go?

I didn’t go then, I’ll go now
- It’s wrong dude - No way, man

Your age is 30 now - I went thrice
in 30 and will go fourth time now

Hey no - Govindu, stop
- Stop him - Hey

Hey, at what age did you
not go into bushes?

I didn’t go once in the age of 28

Then your age is 28
- Then, I’ll go for once now

I’ll cut it off, rascal
- Hello, say the same cool in smile

- I’ll cut it off, rascal



Now, your age is 28 years.
What do you remember at this age?

Many in my village are affected by cancer
- How sad?

A few have died
- Oh no!

I turned a thief and Baba to
safeguard the others alive

You remembered Parasurama Kshetram?

No, I didn’t do any mistake, my Lord

I went for the treasure
- Oh super

But we didn’t get the treasure.
We got a diamond - Yes

What, a diamond?

Oh no, my cute little baby!
- Then - Next

What next
- Come on, say

Come on, say

The world… You…
- Say what next, man

Are you Peda Panjani?
- Say what next, man

- No!


You ruined it all, rascal. He was
almost there and you spoilt it

You dirty faced rascal
- Hey!

Cool, cool bro cool
- You wait madam, I’ll make him say

- Oh no!

Parasurama Kshetram and temple!
The treasure and the diamond

Oh no!
- Yes, the same

Parasurama Kshetram - Yes
- The tunnel - Yes, the same

The snake hub!
- Yes, say

I didn’t get treasure - Say
- Diamond on the tree - What?

Diamond, hey diamond!

Hey, we are going into the bushes.
You don’t come, guys

Hey old man, safeguard from others to enter

Hey, my wife!

You know I got it
- What to get, idiot

Go away, old idiot
- He’s my patient man

I won’t leave you now
- Hey, leave him

Hey, leave
- I know that you remembered everything

You are playing dramas.
See, what I’d do to you rascal

Say, idiot. Where did you
put the diamond?

- Govind

Leave, leave him. Please, he will die.

Leave him
- Hey, I beg you

He may die, leave him
- Govind

Please, leave him

Govind! Oh no!
- Hey

Look, you won’t get even ashes if
something happens to Govind now

Do something and make him
come into senses, uncle.

Otherwise these idiots may kill him

Let’s get him Ayurveda treatment,
he’d get better

God, Govind should get cured somehow

This X-Ray shows he lost memory
in shock. Let’s try

What’s she saying, idiot?
- (Blabbering)


She says with proper grips and loosening will
open up the brain and then you take what you need

Do what you want
- Go on man, we’ve seen

Where did you both girls go?

We already have two,
why two more again?

I called these first, they didn’t lift.
- What? - Phone

Did you call as they didn’t lift?
- They did and I lifted, phone

When they know nothing,
why will they call you?

I called them before these,
They would have a missed call, right?

Oh no! - I thought work
finishes fast when there are four

Who are these Kerala sisters? Will they
make me sleep and iron? - Sleep

Hey, our client - Our client
- Leave - Leave

I say stop it

This part is yours and this part is yours.

We can’t divide this part

Baby, shall we start
- Yes, we shall

Oh no, you are tickling me

Babies, he is a virgin boy and
is worried. Handle with care

Babies, do something and make me
remember what they are asking

I’m unable to bear this torture.
I beg you

Boy is too good
- What are they saying man?

She says you look very hot and sharp

She said me hot means,
she is in a drought

Slowly, slow

Leaf and castor oil massage?

Hold it tight
- No!

Come on, speak out son in law
- No!


Hey go, no need of you and
your treatment - Oh no

Your mistake
- Your mistake

Go away, idiot
- Hit her

Oh no, Govindu!


Did you give my body to those
making chapatti at dhabas?

You know, they squeezed it badly

Did I say what they asked for?
- You didn’t say

When would I say, then?
- You’d say after another round

Will they come again?
- I have their numbers, right?

I too have some personal works
with them

My waist is caught up

We shall free the neck


Ambani brother in law has called
- What is Ambani calling him?

Hey hello, come on say
- Who is talking, idiot?

Who are you rascal, say that first
- Bangarappa

I’m Bangarappa speaking
- Is it? I’m Silver man speaking

Who is he, guys?
- Oh no!

What, did gold rate increase? What is
the rate now? - Hey

Shall I get nose ring done?
- Who exactly are you, rascal?

What are you talking too much,
bloody fool? First learn to talk on phone

If I come down, you will have it….
- Hey!

Brother in law
- Who is that idiot?

That fellow brother in law, mental rascal.
That guy who hid our diamond, Govind

Did he say where that diamond is?

I’m trying in various ways. I’ll
somehow make him say by tomorrow

Did the power in you down as you didn’t
eat food at my home for few days?

If I had come there, I’d have bit that
Govind’s neck and make him say the truth

They have taken away that diamond
which was in my house at my dad’s feet


I’d sip their blood

It’s my responsibility to place your diamond
at your father’s feet by the celebrations time

I’m giving you just one day time. Be seen
only after clearing out that settlement

- Ok, brother in law

(Chinese language in TV)

Oh no, say slowly sister in law.
Let me write

When did this happen? Hey, I can’t
bend. Wait, I’ll write down

It happened like what that Doctor
said. It’s time for his live burial

- Mental is gone to peaks, idiot

You are saying all lies, sister in law.
I was here for the whole day, yesterday

Whatever done, we should make him
say the truth about where that diamond is

Otherwise, we would be dead
in Bangarappa’s hands

Oh no, bad time

As his mental is in peaks, he’d get normal
by appointing him in mental hospital

No, not to take him to mental hospital
but let’s bring mental hospital here

Idea is superb. I’ll get the batch
matching his frequency

Oh! Oh my God!

- Yes boss

The air cab is going to take off
- Ok

Please be seated, have a pleasant journey

It’s all vacant, why don’t you sit?

It isn’t vacant, you’ve kept
seats in the middle

- Yes boss

You know our arriving point, right?
- We know

- Wherever you stop the flight

He and his mad comments

Hey you intelligent! How do you
know all that? - I won’t say

Where did you study?
- I won’t say

Hey, which University are you from?
- I won’t say

Are there admissions?
- I won’t say

I’ll say, it’s Great Brittan near Somala

Oh no!
- Our aircraft landed safely

Professor, are you ok?
- I won’t say

Dr. Blue Fox - Mr. Panjani
- Peda Panjani - Ok

Being a mental Doctor,
what’s this getup and that setup?

Our guys won’t listen to me without
this getup - Why so?

These are the four seen from those
gone away in the recent vanished flight

Oh, what’s your payment?
- Our rate is as per the mental of that Govind

I’ll check the madness of your guys
and give you a cheque - Ok

Can I? - Sure
- Thank you - Ok

Hey, Terrorist came in to hijack
- Oh no!

Yes, beat him up. Come on

Say idiot, who are you all? Are you
from there, come on say

Say, which group?

Played well - Thank you
- Not you, but those

I too said about them

I understood well
- I too understood

What did you understand?
- That you’ll give me the cheque

Yes, I’ll give as much you want. Will
those mad fellows listen to you, Sir?

Will you see?
- Yes


- Yes

(Funny screams and blabbering)

Come on
- Yes Sir

This is the house, Sir
- I can see

Go in, go madam

What is there, Sir?
- Come here, I won’t say what’s there

Sir, one minute. What’s there?

Don’t say anyone
- Promise, I won’t say anyone

Air is out there. Scar may come on pant
and thus am lifting leg and going

You too don’t come
- Air is there - Yes

You should come like this,
ok terrorist? Bye

Perfect batch, guys

(Chinese language in TV)

Come Sir, this is the house
- Blabbering in Chinese

Sir, he’s the mad man Govindu
- (Chinese language in TV)

Sit, sit, come on sit
- Hey

Oh no!

(Chinese language in TV)

What are you watching?

My sister in law is saying how to mince the dough
and prepare idly. I’m writing it all here

I’ll eat idly tomorrow, pilot
- Is she sister in law?

How is she related?
- Third daughter of my dad’s dad and she eloped

Did she elope, where?
- She’s there in TV - Correct

Sir, is it confirmed that he is mad?
- Yes, confirmed

Then, ask about that diamond
- Just 50% is confirmed

Oh, no!


Sir, please ask about the diamond
- It’s in my back pocket, take it

Hey, what are you doing?
- Pa, pa, pa…

Not like that, are you robbing?
- Yes

I’ll beat you up idiot, not with
left but do it with right hand

Do it now. Yes, be there. Come here

I didn’t see you yesterday when
I came. Where did you go?

I went on the other side of earth for a tea.
I came back just in four minutes

But you came day before just in two minutes?

Then I went from Tirupati
- And now?

I went from Tirumala
- Oh!

- Confirmed

Not confirmed - Why?
- For what?

Tirupati is down and
Tirumala is somewhere up

Hey, both are side by side mad idiot
- Look, I’ll slipper you if you call me by name

Both the places are the same

As country is the same though states
are different, don’t say anyone.

So, captain it’s a deal
- Another test now

Friend, who are these two?

These are the kids blowing horn in
Gemini TV logo - Yes

When these are here, who is blowing there?
- They just left, right?

Friends, new admission in our team.
Don’t clap

Kids, this is your nut, this is yours,
this is yours and this is your marble

What is this nuts nuisance Sir?

What you have in hands now
aren’t stones - Diamonds

- Yes

Look, where will you hide for
thieves not to steal it?

I’ll put it in front to elephant and collect
from back after thieves are gone

Very good! Where will you hide?

There’s place in the nut, right? I’ll
push it in there - Wow

And you?
- I’ll put it in the elephant’s naval

Look, what will you do with
your diamond now?

Where will you hide it?

Yes, I remembered
- Hey, where

Thank you Sir, thank you
- Get up, no problem

Don’t give kisses and all.

Hello, say what you remembered

Holding sword like the great Vikramarka,
with this diamond in hands - Ok

Taking my Kalabhairava with me,
I’d walk, crawl, run and climb the trees

Frightening that snake, I’d hide this
diamond in the nest when the bird is away

This is the story of this Vajra Kavachadhara Govind
- Very good

You hid it great. Look, he said where
he hid that. Give my money and get it

What to give, my foot! You don’t
know, he is a big drama actor

No, I said the truth. I kept it
right there, go and get it

What is the truth you said, mental rascal?
You and your dirty drama dialogues!

No, I said the truth. I kept that
in the nest. Really, believe me man

What are you, now sir? You are like
a big mental among these mental guys

How many times did I say not to
call mental people as mental?

Oh no! Hey, my neck man

My legs down, man

Oh no!

Why is he not lifting the phone?

Why don’t he listen when I said not
to come out till celebration ends?

No idea where is this Dorababu

Here, your brother in law is calling

You talk, idiot
- Come on, talk

Come on talk, go on

Brother in law!
- You can’t take care of that and I’m coming

Ok, brother in law
- Keep all those idiots at one place

What happened?
- Brother in law is coming


Hey, I won’t come. I won’t come
- Come on, Govindu

Oh no!
- Hey, listen to me

Don’t hit, I won’t come
- Listen to me

Where are you taking me?
- Bangarappa is coming and will kill you

Come with me

Hey mad rascal, where are you running away?

I didn’t go man, she’s taking me
- Where did you keep the diamond?

I don’t know
- Come on say. Hey, go rascal


Why is he calling me?
Let me do this later

Hello Govindu, say man
- Hey Pedda Panjani

Yes, Pedda Panjani
- Where are you all, guys?

Did you fix any rate for that marble?
How long should I wait for you guys?

Oh no! He’s saying marble and rate.
Looks like he really remembered the past

Hey, we already fixed the rate
- You should’ve called me to inform, right?

We called you many times
but you didn’t answer

We came to your village in search of you
and the entire batch is right here

All of you come to Lord Muneeswara’s
tree in our village and I’m coming there

Right away, we are coming right away

What am I doing here?

Oh! Hey Tripura Sundari,
what are you doing here?

You’ve become normal again
- I’m normal, right?

Tippu, have you come so far
as you missed me?

Kiss even this side
- My cutie pie

You idiot, you always listen just half. Did
you hear properly, did he say to come here?

He said to come to some Muneeswara tree
- Hello, this is that tree

What, this one?
- Yes

Oh man, why don’t he believe
when I’m saying this is the tree?

I can’t bear, I’m unable to stop
- Hey, see

Pedda Panjani
- He identified you, dude

Hey Govindu!
- He identified, uncle

What’s wrong, is anyone dead?

Where is the diamond? Diamond!

Who are all these guys?

Not any outers, they brought a deal
to buy our diamond for 150 Crores

150 Crores
- Yes

Sorry Govindu, for the backstabbing I did, I
couldn’t even come before you - Damn!

Yes Govindu,
your friend has really changed

She’s even getting hospital constructed
on the name of our dead son Kittu, Govindu

You can believe her, Govindu

Will you stop your serial sentiments now?

Sister, at least you say. What are
these nonstop rounds for me?

If you say where the diamond is,
I’ll go and urinate dude

I beg you dude.
Sister, I’m getting the nature call

Hey, my work is done dude

I heard to what I wanted to hear
from my village people

I just need their happiness. I don’t
have any need now with this money

I’ll give away that diamond to you.
You enjoy the shares and be happy

We’d share if you give, right?
- Ok, one second

Hey, that is a stone dude
- Yes. See now


Hey! - Hey, you are
just the MLA of this constituency

It’s Bangarappa on the other side.
If you mess into this, not just post

but you’d lose life along with character

We got the diamond, brother in law
- Stop the vehicle

Did you really get it?
- We got it, brother in law

Tomorrow is the Goddess celebration. Before
the Sunrise, those idiots should be at my feet

Drag them all to me

Get down

Mother, Goddess Sunkulamma



Father! Father, It’s arrived.
Mahendra diamond arrived

It has come, mercy of Goddess

Mother, Goddess Sunkulamma

Hey, who is the man stealing
the diamond of my father? Who is it?

Come on say, guys

If you say who he is, I’ll kill only him

Otherwise, I’ll sacrifice all to Goddess

Say, idiots

Hey! Hey Panjani! Panjani

Hey Govindu
- Is it him? Say


Come on say

Leave him


Hey, stop! Please stop

Sir, wait. I’ll say the story of that diamond
thief you need, Bangarappa. Believe me

- What is that?

Once upon a time there was
Parasurama Kshetram

There lived landlord Bangarappa, growing
body by looting the poor - Hey

Let me say the story. One evil
brother in law in that house - Hey

Wait dude, I’m saying about you,
come on listen

He robbed the Mahendra diamond,
which brother in law liked a lot

He took it and threw in the snake nest
behind the temple in outskirts

Here is the real twist.

In this tension, one Sunkullama locket
in his neck stuck over the tree there

He didn’t notice that and came back
leaving it there. This is the correct story

Believe me.
- Hey, what are you saying?

Hey, stop
- You are correct, Sir

Bloody! You played a great drama
brother in law

They say none can catch the thief
at home, but this Govind caught you

This is Sunkulamma and this
is another Sunkulamma Goddess

Original and duplicate

Goldsmith, what is that?

It seems your brother in law lost
his Sunkulamma locket somewhere, Sir

He asked to make another similar
to that, Sir. This is that, Sir.

Sir, we are struck in a matter
not related. We got good.

We unexpectedly are getting out
of here by the mercy of the Goddess

Now, you and your brother in law
clear it out

Hey, you still have life. Get up

Be uncle! Come on, move man
- Move

Hey, stop guys

What is your mess, brother in law?
- Nothing brother in law

Yes, I’m the thief.
I stole your diamond, so what?

Brother in law, what does that mean?
I’m just a big servant, right?

Hey, get it stitched
- Huh!

Hey, say what’s my name?
- Brother in law of Sir

What? Brother in law of Sir

My foot! It’s the same name
even in Aadhar card

My foot, bloody!

That Mahendra diamond is
the reason behind your luck

That’s why I took that away

I know that you’d kill me,
but still no problem

Let me lose my life, that’s why I took
and threw it in the snake nest

This, this mental fellow took that
and put it at the village

Entire village got bettered,
but just me…

All wanted him to become normal. But
I wished this mental fellow to die mad

Oh no! Lord, you saved me

Brother in law, you had great injustice.
Come on, dear



Die, rascal

Come on, let’s escape

Hey, I should say you a story.
- Ok, say Sir

Once upon a time,
there was an Archeologist

He found out secret of a huge treasure
- Well done

He wished to take awards and rewards
from Government after getting that

But, he forgot the Government
Bangarappa here - Hey!

- I’m the Government here

Remember this

You lose life, opposing here

Govindu, Govindu!

Hey Govindu!


Rascal, I asked you not to
mess into this right?

What did you say, idiot?
Never touch my ego

You’ve entered into the cage
of a lion named Bangarappa

Two dead bodies have fallen just now

I’ll pile up your dead bodies now, idiot

- Oh no!

I was around you first for my post
and you made me win

Then, I acted like good to you for
that diamond and you believed me

Today, I came here just for
my ego and got trapped

You saved me.

They say good when someone
helps humans

But, maybe they say the one helping
even those harming, as Govindu

Will you forgive me, Govindu?

This entire world is under
the control of the God

We are just the puppets

Thank you Sir, I completely washed away
cancer from my village with your friendship

Even that God blessed me for that

Thank you Sir, thank you so much
- Columbus

I thought you were dead
and how come still alive?

Hey! When Bangarappa swung the
knife, my stick slipped and bent backwards

I lived luckily
- Too smart

Then why did you act like you died?

Won’t he kill again, if I get up?

- Well done Columbus

That means, all of us waiting for you
may die but should you alone be alive?

Yes dude, I should be alive
- Why?

I should prepare route map for the
treasure in Cambodia temple, right?

Oh no, another treasure map again?
- One more map?

Your share now isn’t 9 Crores,
but 900 Crores

Yes, you can eradicate cancer from
the two Telugu states with that money

Then, ok
- Then, who is the investor for that?

Our idiot is here, right? Pedda Panjani!
- You, rascal!

MLA Prasanna Laxmi completed Cancer hospital
construction in the village as per her word to Govindu

Free treatment is provided there
for the patients

Government took over many diamonds
and precious stones Bangarappa looted

from the people along with
the Mahendra Diamond

Government taking details from Columbus
about the treasure in Parasurama Kshetram

is busy into tracing that out

Honorary Doctorate was announced
to him for his services

But Pedda Panjani stating himself as
the key role in identifying that treasure,

demanded Government to give him
Doctorate and Padmasri at once

Government rejected his demand

Pedda Panjani losing his mind with this filed a
petition at London court against the Government

London court striking out his petition
asked Panjani to get back to his work