Vada Chennai (2018) - full transcript

A young carrom player in north Chennai becomes a reluctant participant in a war between two warring gangsters.

'Just now I feel relieved'

'Only good things will happen to us now.'

'Senthil, I hope you're right about this.'

I feel like we made a mistake
sparing Thambi.

No, we did the right thing.

If we'd killed him too,
the people would have turned against us.

That's true.

Give me that.

Jayalalitha will come to power next...

We can do our business undisturbed
for the next twenty five years.

What say?

But we've murdered a big hand.

It will earn us as much
danger as respect.

We can't risk going to prison together.
They'll kill us in there.

Two of us must run the business,
and two of us must go to prison.

That thought that their troubles are over

Seldom do they realised that,
that will turn their lives to the worse

Pazhani and I will make some money here
and bail you out in a month.

That death will chase them forever

Father's name?
- Shanmugam.

- Identification marks?
- Tattoo on the right arm...


- Father's name?
- Kathavarayan.

Identification marks?

Believing Senthil's words that
will bail them out, they went to jail

But Guna and Velu were in jail for 1 year

To avoid enmity Thambi brought
Senthil to the jail to convince them

It pains me to see you all like this.

What to do?

Just your bad luck, I guess.

We're not in here
because no one can bail us out.

You promised to bail us out.
You better bail us out.

If you don't,
and we come out...

Look, Pazhani!

He threatens us because he doesn't know
how we've grown when he was holed up here.

My boys are out there.

They'd chop you into little pieces.

Senthil, they 'took' the case
because you gave your word.

Betraying a friend is the greatest sin.


I don't have the ruling party's
support right now.

I have to bribe everyone.

I couldn't do anything.

What's the hurry?

Next elections, our party
will come to power.

We've been here for a year already!

You want us to stay locked in
for another six months?

Doing business out there is not easy...

unlike smoking pot, eating and sleeping
inside a prison cell.

It's tough work.

We 'took' the case.
How is it tough for you?

Mani, ask them to shut up
about 'taking' the case!

There are boys out there willing to
do it for booze and biryani rice.

This is a first-class case.

They'd have been honoured to
'take' this case and remained loyal forever.

- I'm not talking to you.
- Okay, big-shot.

Watch your mouth!

That death has started its work

Stop it!

I only kept quiet that day
so that all the fighting would stop.

I wanted you all to stay united
and settle down in life.

Senthil, bail them out soon.

Guna, when you come out,
don't hold any grudge.

'North Chennai'

Duty parties...


All duty parties present, sir!

I'm not bothered about
how you operated until now.

During my tenure, I only want men
who work for government's money.

If you're not willing to comply,
request a transfer.

I'll recommend your transfer.

No more marijuana, weapons,
cell phones, alcohol, cocaine...

or any contraband goods.

Any transactions or under-the-table deals
with the inmates...

and you'll find yourself locked up
in this very prison.

If you have any problems or grievances,
I'm always reachable.

The inflow of drugs is completely
controlled by one man.


He has a huge network
to smuggle and sell drugs.

Police officials, jailers,
even the prison doctor...

they're all on his payroll.

Senthil's enterprise in the prison
is managed by...


He calls all the shots
on supply and distribution.

They operate like a
Multi Level Marketing system.

One guy handles the drugs,
while someone else handles the money.

If we catch the guy with drugs, he knows
nothing about the money and vice versa.

The most important mule
in smuggling drugs into prison...


He is a very important link in
Senthil's flourishing business.

If they face any problems in
smuggling through the visitation room...

mules like him would
just stuff it inside them.

They call it 'Pepsi'.

Despite all our checks,
he finds a way to smuggle it in.

He is the King of mules.

Across all prisons, Senthil earns about
2 lakhs every single day.

Senthil stays in the 7th block.

Every inmate in that block
works for him.

They fear nothing.

I am safe in here.

Officials who go to raid his block
face life threats.

Everyone is scared
to even enter his block.

No one enters or leaves the block
without his permission.

Next time they come
for a raid, kill them.

For now, spare them.

Senthil has political aspirations.

So he is in prison now
to clear his past criminal records.

Before he could clear his record,
Guna wants to kill Senthil in the prison.

Their rivalry goes way back.

Velu is the mastermind
behind Guna.

Velu's brother, Siva.

They mainly control land grabbing,
kangaroo courts and trade unions.

Your phone is ringing off the hook.
You should answer it.



We had nothing to do
with your daughter's disappearance.

Dad, little sister is missing
from school.

Return the contract to us,
she'll be home in an hour.

If you choose to go to Senthil
for protection...

you'll lose one member
of your family every week.

Consider this friendly advice.

When Senthil is in prison,
he never leaves the 7th Block.

If he steps out of his

Guna's men from the 11th block
are waiting to kill him.

Their rivalry started several years ago
after they committed a murder together.

They have made weapons
with kitchen utensils

Guna's boys in the 11th Block
are led by his trusted friend...


He's been like a Godfather to all of them
since Rajan's times.

Just keeping their gang fights under control
is a huge problem, sir.

This prison is under my control now.
No more drugs. No more gangs.

'Many seemingly unrelated events
come together at one point.'

That death affected Anbu's life also

A scar each in the hand and forehead



Take this.

- Sir!
- Hello, sir.

What's the case?

These two beat up each other.

And they attacked a cop
who tried to intervene.

They must have fought
over some chick.

Hit the nail on the head!
He's the smartest cop in this prison.

- Check that loud-mouth again.
- But you've already checked me!

- Go back to the checking room.
- You want to see it again?


- Father's name?
- Shanmugam.

You should be..

You said you had nothing.

What's this, then?

- How many you got in there?
- Just this one, sir.

I know you too well!

Remove every 'Pepsi'
you've got in there.

That's disgusting.
At least use your other hand, sir!

Oh, this hospitality is not good enough?

Come, I'll kill you

Is your backside
a goods carrier or what?

What is your case?

You know that, sir

Sir, how can I go
with my rivals?

I won't hurt you.
Don't be scared.

Be quiet, Siva.
Start walking, everybody.

Let's go.

Come on.

Move, everybody.

What's your problem
with that rowdy?

Sir, this will only complicate
things for you.

They've already hoisted the flag.
We'll send you to your block tomorrow.

You can't spend one night
in Quarantine?

They are terrified of Senthil's gang.

You! Red shirt...
Come here.

- First day in prison?
- Yes.

- Which case?
- Assault.

There are two rules in prison.
Don't lie, don't steal.

You need to behave.
Get it?

Does your family know
you're in remand?

This ends today.

Yes, they do.

- You've got a lawyer to move bail?
- Get him!

Why did you come in the way?

I've got my eyes on you.
This is not over.

You saved my life, brother.

The guy who tried
to stab me is Siva.

We've been at each other's
throats for a while now.

I know I'll be the guy
who kills him someday.

There are two major gangs
in Central Prison.

Senthil's and Guna's.

Those guys back there are
Senthil's men, like me.

Whereas Siva is from Guna's gang.

The jailers are thrashing Siva
for the murder attempt.

Guna's men will definitely
hold it against you.

But you don't worry.

You risked your life
to save mine...

I'll speak to Senthil
and get you protection.

The one with the bandage?
That's the guy.

By the way, that is Velu.
Siva's older brother.

Tell the jailer he's ours.

I think they're taking you in.

Let's hope they don't
put you in Guna's block.

They want that guy
in the 11th block, sir.

- Shanmugam.
- Eve teasing, sir.

- Raju.
- Sir?

If you end up in their block,
just hang in there.

I'll try to get you
into my block.

All of you go to the 7th block

Form a line.

"I'm stuck doing prison chores;
My nights in here are sleepless."

"There is no escape from here;
When will I ever be free?"

Poor thing... he saved me
and now he's in trouble.

Dass, will you speak to
Senthil and get him moved to our block?

Go on, boy.

I said, move.

Velu, where is Siva?

He's getting discharged
from the hospital tomorrow.

Heard they bashed him up?

All thanks to this son of a gun.

What are you staring at?

Keep walking.

Come on, man.

Don't look at him.
Just come.

- Mani...
- Yes?

This is the boy.

I'll call you back.

- What's your name?
- I'm Anbu.

For the second time,
he's gotten my brother into trouble.

He saved Senthil's mule yesterday.

I could kill him!

Leave the boy alone.


- You're leaving on bail tomorrow?
- Yes!

Velu, let this boy take over
as our helper here.

The foreigners in our prison...

cook their rations of beef and pork
and sell it to the gangs.

- Hi, Hans! How are you?
- Hey Sampath! I'm good.

- This is my friend, Anbu.
- Hi.

- New admission.
- Oh, new admission.

The usual?

No, no, no, no.

One special. Me.

- I give money.
- Okay.

Get down!

Break it.

You're injecting liquor
into coconuts?

You should just obey the bosses.

These are dangerous men.


What's most important
is the first visitation.

When someone comes to visit you...

have them bring twenty cartons of biscuits,
fifty rolls of beedies and ten blankets.

Or your block mates won't respect you.

I don't have anyone
to visit me.

Then you'll just have to
be a helper like me.

Hand these wads to the boss' wife.

- Is this all?
- There is a new superintendent...

Why would you step on food, sir?

Oh yeah?
That's food?

You bribe the officials
and smuggle drugs in?

From now, everything goes in
after screening in the petition room.

Without my orders, nothing enters
through these gates.

Someone from the Party
is pulling the strings...

that's why the Superintendent
choking us.

Let him.
He will come around.

He'll see what happens
when there's no drugs in prison.

"I was heavy-hitter...
But in here I'm just a number."

"I was heavy-hitter...
But in here I'm just a number."

They'll help themselves.
Just grab that rice bucket.

"In Central Prison -
It rains whacks from the baton."

Serve me some gravy.

Pour more


Serve everyone.

The meat.

He says it will work out.

Excuse me...

He bought that meat
out of his own pocket.

It's just...

maybe he can put aside some for himself
before serving it to others...

Take this jar of water
and clean up the toilet.

You heard him.
Just do it.

Sampath, come here.

Kneel down.

Where did you get money
for the meat?

I saved a penny here and there.

Where and where?

Here and there...

I've told you time and again.
No stealing or lying in prison.

Don't untie that string
while scrubbing the toilet.

You'll find a phone in there.
Put that aside and clean.

Everyone, step outside.

Everybody, out!

Mani, hand over your phone.

If you want to seize phones and drugs,
go to Senthil's block.

The new superintendent
has asked us to raid...

Your men are searching anyway.
See if you can find it.

If you surrender it yourself,
things will be easier.


I know where it is.

Get it for us.

Get that guy out of here.

You're not going anywhere.
You, come with me.

But I think the officer meant him...

Where are you from, boy?


Where's that guy
who gave us the phone?

Oh, I thought you wanted this guy.

Go check on him.

It's important for
a carom player to...

protect their hand
from getting injured.

Anbu is in jail because
he's an ace carom player


'Anbu was the best player
in Singaravelar Club...'

'So people took him to play
in the gambling dens.'

'Anbu was taken to his first ever
gambling match by Siva...'

'...the same Siva who just
threatened to kill him.'

My friend is such a good player.

But no one is betting on him?

Leave it, man

When Anbu wins,
we'll wipe out their pockets.

Anbu, don't let the crowd
scare you.

You just focus on your game.
I know you'll ace it.

'The reason Anbu plays
carom so well is Rajan.'

'It was Rajan who taught
Anbu to play carom.'

'To all the little boys and girls of
the hood, he was MGR, Rajini, everything.'

'They did whatever Rajan told them to do.'

Concentrate on it
Be patient and play slowly

'Rajan has built the 'Singaravelar
Memorial Club' for village people'

I have started this
club only for you

You can do all the smugglings

If police questioning you,
You can chase them away

Shouldn't think like that
you have to give up such ideas

Those who are willing to study,
can study well

Those who are not interested
in studies, can play carom board

Learn boxing, foot ball
and body building

If you do like that,
You can get posting in sports quota

Getting the posting
you can go abroad

Earn money, learn new things
and come back to your home

And improve your hometown

No one should come to improve
our town, we have to do the honors

'That's why we've started this club'

'Rajan told if someone plays caroms
his life would be flourish'

'So Anbu started to play
and still playing it till today'

I'm betting Rs 1000
on Anbu.

Foul! You're distracting my player.

I was feeling itchy, that's all.


Our player has won
more than 300 matches.

You've brought some child
and bet so much money on him.

- Let it be, Siva.
- He's cheating.

I'll just play.

Take that now!

Saw that?
He won fair and square!



- In Sriperumbudur?
- What happened?

Rajiv Gandhi has been assassinated.

Who is Rajiv Gandhi?

He was our prime minister!

Oh, after M.G.R?

- Rajiv Gandhi has been assassinated.
- Really?

There are riots everywhere.

Let's play again.

Okay. Party's over.
Everybody leave.

I've brought many of our players
to play in the den.

But you are very special, Anbu.

Your strokes are misleading
and your aim is sharp.

Don't change your style.
We can haul a grand every week.

Thambi won't like the fact that
I'm playing gambling matches.

He wants me to prepare
for the district selections.

What would Thambi know?

The practice you get here
will make you a national champion.

- Here's your share.
- No, thank you.

It's okay, take it.
- Take it.

Thanks, Siva.

They're having a field day!

This is an opportunity to ransack
properties of people you hate.

Logu, start ironing vehicles.
No use just pelting stones.

Keep them out,
I'll pull the shutter down!

The TV store owner
is done for.

Looks like the whole hood
hates him.


- Anbu!
- Stop bro

Come here... Hurry up!

That's my mother,
I must go.

What are you doing here?

We're struggling to break in.
You're just riding away?

I didn't know you were here!

He just seizes products if we miss
a single installment.

This is payback time!

That's a good plan. But too crowded
for payback, mom.

These are all our people.
Just go in!

Buddy, they've broken into
the liquor shop. Let's go there.

You go there if you wish!
Don't corrupt my son.

We're from the same hood, after-all.
Let me in, bro?

Don't you recognize me?

- Anbu, let's pick this big box.
- You witch! Get out.

How dare you push my mom?

Why did you hit him so bad?
I told you to stop!

He shoved you,
and you want me to do nothing?

Let go, man.

If you have the guts,
break into some shop...

You can't just steal from me, boy.

I warn you.
If you don't let go now...

"A hit-woman struck me;
She got this hit-man swooning."

Boy... you're a girl?

Are you stupid or what?

You missed my eyes,
my figure and my skirt?

- Let go!

I thought it was a Burmese lungi.

I said let go!

We worked so hard to take it,
and you just gave it away!

We have enough, mom.

I call dibs on that grinder.

I'll drop these home
and come back for it.

Your son is struggling
to carry the TV.

Go help him!

Like father like son.

Just wasted that sewing machine
over some chick.

- It would have been so useful...
- Would you let it go, mom?

We still have a grinder
and this big machine.

I even took a beating
to get that machine!

Give me that.

Vasanthi, you know Kaveri's son?

He broke into so many shops
to help her start a new life.

But this fool of a son...?

Do any of those crooks play
carom like your son?

What purpose does it serve?

- I'll get a government job.
- Your son is a gem.

Unable to cope with the tragedy,
you may have ransacked the shops...

Here, this is the money
I won playing carom.

I can even earn money
playing carom!

The shop owners won't file a case
if you return the goods.

But if you make us confiscate
them from your homes...

severe action will be taken
against all of you.

Hand over the goods,
and this ends here.

Sir, they've assassinated Rajiv Gandhi!

He's such a great
leader of the country.

We're all mourning his death.

And you're asking us to
return some crap now?

Do we look like thieves to you?

Get home safe, sir.

Fix your badge.
It's hanging limp.

Keep an eye on that guy.

In some hoods, people broke into
jewellery shops.

Those utensils look new.
They belong to you?

Go outside the slums
and catch the real thieves.

Mom, we should give
them the machines.

We have nothing from them.
What can we give?

- They're already taken it all.
- Really? All of it?

We should have come with Thambi.
They won't go against his word.



'Rajan's younger brother.'

'After Rajan, he is the most respected
person in the hood.'

Listen up, everyone.

I know that our people
broke into many shops last night.

All these shopkeepers are outsiders
who have immense faith in us.

It's our duty to help them,
and not steal from them.

I request you to return
the things you took from them.

Hameed, help me with this.

All that struggle for nothing?

You too, Anbu?

I'd have been an outcast
if I didn't...

Leave it there.

This boy hit me.
I want to file a case against him.

Let me speak to him.

Anbu, let me keep
this one machine.

Let go, Mom!
Do you even know what this does?

- Tell me and you can keep it.
- I don't care.

What will you do with it?

I toil in the summers
lugging pots of water.

It's got a huge drum.
I'll store water in it.

- Come on, mom.
- Anbu, stop it!

Let go, mom!

You've got everything?

I'm happy with whatever
we've recovered so far.

Inspector, I'll take leave.


Go, give it back to them.

Ask Anbu to come
and see me.

Why would he call you alone?

No idea.

We didn't even make any trouble
at the gambling den.

We were the first
to return the goods, too.

Then why would he want to see me?

You wanted to meet me?

- Kala, come here.
- Yes, dad?

- Ask your mom to make a garland.
- Okay, dad.

Anbu, the shop owner wants to
file a complaint against you.

Why him?

It seems you didn't return
some sewing machine?


Everyone else stole
very expensive machines.

He wants to file a case
for a sewing machine?

It's not about
the sewing machine.

I broke his nose last night.
The machine is just an excuse.

So apologise to him
and solve the issue.

Then let him come and ask
for my mother's forgiveness.


He shoved my mom first.

I punched him in defense.

That's the right thing to do.

If he hadn't shoved my mother,
why would I hit him?

The district championships
start next week.

I don't want you to get embroiled
in some case and sabotage your career.

I'll just return
the machine to him.



Yes, Thambi?

- Talk some sense into this boy.
- I will.

Don't want him in any trouble.

What's that shop owner's problem?

He is threatening to take legal action
if I don't return that machine.

Anbu, I know the shop owner very well.
He'll not let you go easily.

There's no way for you
to escape the prison.

Make a choice. Do you want to
go to prison for a petty theft...

or take this dagger, stab him,
and go to prison like a real man?

No thanks, Sankar.
I'll talk to him and sort it out.

That's upto you.

But remember, I always have
two daggers hidden in my motorcycle.

Feel free to use it
for a good cause.

Don't misguide him, Sankar.

Just talk it out.

Let me know if you need my help.

Thank you, Siva.

Take this.

If we see from here
somehow we can catch her

You can see it all from up here:

The sea, the ships,
the village, the housing.

This is a great vantage point!

But how will you spot a girl
you've never seen before?

- Who said I didn't see her?
- You did!

I said I didn't see her face.

That's the house.
They're drying the same blanket.

But I'm not sure
if that's the girl...

"With joyful laughter"

- That's the girl, buddy.
- How can you be sure?

When I grabbed her shirt,
her button popped...

Let me see.
Give it to me.

"She sent the kite
with her sharp eyes"

Can you see
anything from here?


- Just making sure.
- I'd love to see, though.

Let me handle this alone.

I want to see just once...

No way!

Doesn't your father work
at that pawn shop?

Give us back that machine
or I'll go ask your father.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Please don't harass me
in my hood.

My father won't let me go to school
if he finds me talking to strangers.

She sounds so innocent.
Are you sure she's the girl?

She's pinned her shirt
where I pulled off the button.

I noticed that.

Ask her, man.
We need that machine.

Girl! If you're so scared,
give us back the sewing machine.

And we'll leave you alone.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Please don't follow me.

This won't work out.

We need to create a scene.

Don't do that.
Poor thing!

Hop on, and let me handle this.

I'll make her dance to my tune.

Listen, girl. You just need to answer
our questions and we won't hurt you.

Don't run away from us.

What did you say, boy?
I'm running away?

Stupid oaf.

- Leave before I abuse you.
- Too late for that.

Let's go, buddy.
She's got a dirty mouth.

You know that sewing machine
you took from me last night...?

You saw me taking it?

Why else would I ask you?

Did you see my face?

I saw...

Just return that sewing machine.
Or there will be trouble.

Look, I've been trying
not to lose my cool in my hood.

But I'm beginning to lose my calm.

Keep at it
and I'll smash your face in!

- Padma, is there a problem?
- Not at all.

No, just a bunch of kids.
I'll handle it.

She's nasty when she's calm.

Go to prison rather than
deal with her when she's pissed.

- Listen to me, buddy.
- What did you say?

I said you wouldn't have
taken the machine, ma'am.

Now he gets it.

You should learn from him.

Look, your empty threats
don't scare me.

The shopkeeper is threatening to
file a case against me.

I won't be going to prison for petty theft.
I'd rather go for murder.

Hope you get what I mean.

Boohoo! I'm scared.

Get lost, despo.

I found the girl
who took that machine.

Just tell her to give it back.

I tried.
But she won't give it back.

She won't give it back?

No idea!
Maybe she really needs it.

When you stand in front of a girl,
she must be terrified.

You need to man up.

I don't know all that.
Please help me out.

- Let's go, Sankar.
- Sure.

It is our responsibility
to help our boys out.

- Please help me out.
- I can't do this every time...

Just watch how I deal
with her and learn from it.

My dad did tell me
that it would be a holiday...

- Who is it?
- That's the girl.

Which one?

The white shirt.

Oh no!
That girl?

Okay, do as I said
and get it from her.

But she's scolding us.

Then you must not irritate her.

She's a lady.
You need to not be irritating.

They don't know about your
One-Sided Love Affair!

Let's go.
Remember to man up!

Please get it for me.

Anbu, her father works at the pawn shop
in the 2nd Street.

Talk to him.

I know that man.

Siva... the sooner you ask
that girl out, the better.

What are you doing here?

Did I talk to you?
We're just standing here.

Should have just
slaughtered you right there.

Cheats... Here to steal something else?

You stole that machine.
Don't act all righteous.

Calm down!
We're enquiring.

Give me a list.

130 sovereigns of gold,
2 kg silver...

40 pawned watches...

and about 8 grand
in the cash register.

So crowd!

I said, wait!

Why are you here, Chandra?

I had deposited in the chit fund.

And pledged some jewellery, too.

So I came to check...

I'll check and
send word home.

The man in the white shirt?

That's her father.

Let's go talk to him.

How can we talk to him now?

He must be under so much pressure.

There's a mob outside his shop.

If we accuse his daughter of stealing,
think about her future...

Why don't you go
back to your parents?

You're struggling all alone.

I have nobody.

And I have unfinished business here.

I really need this money.

I'll collect whatever they
owe you and send it across.

Just take your money
and go somewhere.

You've become a good boy
when you grabbed her shirt, isn't it?


You remember that boy?

He's Manimegalai's son,
from our hood.

That death...

He is the chosen one.

Somehow its united both
Chandra and Anbu's life

He shall come to you one day,
bearing good news.

Is it in working condition?

No, sir.

Check the next one.



You dare to enter my shop
after hitting me?

I only hit you because
you hit my mother.

You people broke into his shop.
Expect us to stand by and watch?

That's because you
over-price the products...

and repossess them
if our installment is not paid.

How is that fair?

You're pissed that I hit you.

I punched you twice.

You can punch me four times.
Just don't file a case.

Match won by Sathish Kumar.

Let's get out of here.

What was that?

I hurt my thumb...

so I couldn't play well.

The shopkeeper hurt you?

It's easy to lose your way
in hoods like ours.

Carrying weapons and picking fights
may look cool...

Come on!

You know I'd never...

I'm worried for you, Anbu.

You are gifted with the game.

Work on that and train
the next batch of kids.

Next year I'll make it, I promise.

But you've lost a year.

Buck up.

That sewing machine belonged
to this woman...

she needed it
to feed her family.

She didn't pay--

I know all about that.

I heard you got beaten?

Yes, I was beaten.

He broke my thumb.

I couldn't play.
I lost the game.

I lost a year!

I know you did it for a reason.
So I let it go.

Now will you stop
rubbing it in?

Get going.
I'm getting annoyed.


In any case...

your coming here
and checking on me...

I like that 'feel'.

I'll take you out tomorrow.
Will you come?

Why are we going
all the way to the top?

I'll tell you in a minute.


Meeting Padma and Anbu together
is another reason for Anbu to go to jail


You go first.

Why are you reluctant?

I'll keep an eye,
don't worry.

That's why I'm worried.

You climb first.

- Come on!
- Climb.

Let's climb together, then.

"Pretty girl, standing on the balcony."

This is nice, too.

'Come on top, I'll show you...
Around town.'

Come on.

Don't be afraid.
Come on!

You acted all tough in your hood...

But you're terrified now?

Just sit here.

See our hood there?

What the hell?

It was just a kiss.

That's what lovers do.

Who said we're lovers?

Then let's go.
No point being here!

So it's okay for you to kiss?

That's what lovers do!

We're teachers' training students.

I have a dull child at home.

He's useless. Keeps playing carom,
eats and sleeps.

He's failed his 12th
exams five times.

Will you teach him maths?

Not just maths.
I'll teach him everything.

"Stood in front of me, my dear deer"

What are you doing?
My mother will be back any minute.

Your mother sent me here
to teach you.

Is it?
Teach me what?

Here she comes.

Good morning, sir.

Who blocks the way
to greet someone?

I was excited seeing you.

Why the hell are you excited
to see me?

Sir, don't you remember me?

I came to your shop
the other day...

Now I remember.

You came with Kumaraswamy, eh?

Mom is at the hospital,
and you're making small talk here?

Let's go!

Trying to teach me?

Tit for tat!

Move aside...


Hello, sir.

Are you stalking that girl?

We're related, sir.


We're family.

If she's family,
meet her at home.

Not here on the roads.

She's not close family yet, sir...

What's this?
Looks like a chicken's ass!

It's called funk, sir.


No... Funk! With an 'F'.

Sir, you have a problem
with his hair?

You should go after dope dealers
and drug peddlers instead.

- Are you his friend?
- Yes.

Come join the party.

Only these many boys in town
have long hair?

They scattered away
upon hearing the police siren.

It was a struggle to round them up.

I am growing my hair
in prayer to the gods.

They all say the same thing.

None of you look like the religious type.

- Sir, I work for Guna.
- Leave.

- Remember, we met at Senthil's...?
- Okay, go.

We need to be part of gangs
even to grow our hair out?

Why do you need two belts
to hold your pants?

It's in style, sir.

Cut off his hair first.

Sir, I've taken a vow.
This is sacrilege!

Shut up, or I'll ask him
to cut your ears off!

Step back, ladies!

Think you're special?
Stand in line.

But I left my pot here.

Think everyone else standing in line
is stupid or what?

That's what we do every day.
Who are you?

I'm having none of that!
Get going.

What's the matter, mom?
I'll fetch the water.

Your mom?

Must you offend
all my family members?

I had no clue
she was your mother!

You look nicer
with this haircut.

I know.
I cut it for you.

Hey, Padma!

Come out!

Whose motorcycle is it?

What do you care?

My dad is in the hospital.

I'll come.

I want a yellow chart,
and that pen.

What are you doing here?

I came to get you
a 'Happy birthday' card.

Pretend like you don't know me!
Give me that chart.

Let's go.

How dare you touch her?

This is my little brother.

Oh, that's what you were whispering?
How are you, kid?

Be good, boy.

Kids grow so fast these days!

Why do you talk
to these crooks?

Kannan, don't speak about him that way.

If I were to marry him,
he'd be your brother-in-law.

Him? My brother-in-law?

If you can't do better than him,
just stay unmarried.

"He is the chariot to Amman temple"

She's here!

- I'll be right back.
- There he goes!

"She is a fish from Kasimedu"

"Straightforward girl"

"He flirts her to have a feast"

My father is here.

"She made me flat for her
And took away my heart"

"He went in the night
to flirt her in the electricity light"

We'll try the yellow bangles.

"With white color striker, he
made the black coin fall into the net"

Catch him

Let me go!

Who are you?
Who sent you?

Senthil sent me to kill you.

He is here.

At least now will you make sure
I pass my exams?

- Hello, Siva.
- Anbu, you're here?

We have an important
meeting here.

Take that table outside.

Padma has passed her exams.
So we're having a little party.

You can party outside, too.
This meeting is really important!

How about we
finish eating--?

Get up now.
Get the hell out!

I'm telling you it's important!

What exam did she pass?

Teacher's Training exams.

Anbu, don't pay for anything.
I'll foot your bill.

No, thank you.
I have money.

In here.

This table is just as good!
Eat up.

I forgot my handbag
in there.

Come on!
Why would you?

Guna, someone tried to kill you,
and gave Senthil's name.

Which means you have
a common enemy.

It's about time you two
buried the hatchet.

You don't need to be friends.
But you need to make peace.


Under the new trade laws,
imported goods can be bought in stores.

That's true.

We risked our lives to smuggle these goods,
and now you can just buy them anywhere!

I smuggled foreign goods
and electronics all these years...

I'll switch to cocaine now.

All these years...

we supplied products that people needed,
but couldn't buy legally.

That's why the police
and politicians turned a blind eye.

But drugs is not something
that the people need.

If we make money off that,
the cops would show up with their guns.

I don't want to die with them.

- Can you...
- I can't go in now.

Senthil, Viji told me what
your plan is...

'After Thambi brokered peace
between Guna and Senthil...'

'everyone believed there'd be
no more gang wars between them.'

'No one imagined the gang war
would start again because of Anbu..'

'or that Anbu would end up in prison
because of it.'

This is the second time you've come
to the hospital in two days.

I don't know what the deal is
with you and Siva.

But Velu, Guna, and the others
are baying for your blood.

You only have
one way out now.

Do whatever it takes
and go to Senthil's block.

- Boy...
- Sir?

Fool, why did you
give us that phone?

If we hadn't gotten there in time,
they would have killed you.

They'll come after you now.
Stay away from them.

Stay in Quarantine Block,
I'll get you transferred to another prison.

My mom lives close by.

This would be convenient
for her to visit.

Let me be here, sir.

Can you read?

I can read and write in Tamil.

Work in the Memo Department.

Take this.

- You're the new boy the Jailer sent?
- Yes, sir.

Read the inmate's name,
then father's name. Loud and clear.

Mohammed Gani, son of Qadar.

Father's name?
- Qadar.

If we use it all now,
what about tonight?

There's a dry spell everywhere,
and you're smoking up secretly?

Give me a drag.

We're trying to get high
scraping seeds and twigs we can...

we have nothing to spare!

Just buzz off!

Don't mind him.
Just light it up, man.

I just want a drag,
don't attack me!

I only asked for a drag,
but they slashed my face.

We were trying to make do
with whatever we could find...

why would we give it to him?

"If you disappear
I am not to blame"

"Will become as sharp as a knife"

Come here!

I said, come here!

Siva, let it go.

"Some moron stared at me"

Smuggle it in.

Just get our guy there.
I'll take care of it!

Gopi, son of Ramasamy.


Karthi, son of Ganesan.

Prasad, son of Sathyanarayanan.

- Gopi? What's your father's name?
- Ramasamy.

What's your father's name?


They've tightened
the checks.

Is there a memo for Moses?

What are you looking at?

- Huh?
- Raju is my friend.

- Raju?
- I wanted to speak to him.

Speak to him?
Why are you here?

- I'm reading the bail list.
- You need not.

You read it, man.

I know it

Dass, what's up?

It's nothing.

- Just the Memo guy.
- Send him away!

You can meet Raju
at the Quarantine or the court.

You can't meet Raju here.

Get going.

- The ball...
- Buzz off.

"He just threw the net"

"And caught an innocent worm"

"Executed the plan and made it success"

"Became an enemy to somebody"

"He just threw the net"

"And caught an innocent worm"

"Executed the plan and made it success"

"Became an enemy to somebody"

Hello, sir.

Are you feeling alright now?
How are things?

- Someone's come to meet you?
- No, I want to change my block...

Oh, right.
He is the man.

- Dass...
- Yes?

- He's the guy who saved me from Siva.
- Oh, this guy?

He's played carom
at state level.

The boss would enjoy playing with him.

Fine! Have him come to
our block.

I'm betting on boss.
Four beedies.

I'm betting two.

Somebody bet on him, too.

I'll bet on him.

He missed on purpose.

I won two!

Whoever bet on him
gets the beedies.

He won the game, really.

You play well.

Let's play some other time.
I'll send word.

I am the richest person in the jail

Nothing to worry about, sir.

You're perfectly alright.

Just find a reason to send me
to the hospital

Sir, what is it you need?

Senthil will make it happen.

I've known him since his
half-trouser days.

It was I who gave him
his first weapon.

He asked for my help
to finish Rajan.

Then he worked against me
and swapped parties for money.

I can't trust him.

It's not like that.

Senthil is a very humble man.

Since you got here, he's constantly been
asking me to setup a meeting.

He is the reason I'm in here.

If I'd won the elections,
I wouldn't be an opposition whip.

He sells cocaine worth five lakhs a day
from inside the prison.

He gets no support from your people.

Now that you're here,
you could put in a word...

and have someone from the Centre
speak to the Superintendent...

he says we can double his profits.


You wanted to see me?

I want to come back
to the party.

You realise that my party
will come to power next elections?

You captured 16 booths in my legislature
and cast votes for my opponent.

You're the reason I lost.

Now you want my help?

I want to belong to a party
where my work gets recognition.

That's why I've come to you.

You betrayed me for money.

Guna is not like that.

He's stood by me all these years.

Should I leave him for you?

I'm not asking for a posting.

Take me in the party.
Let me work.

Then you can decide.

I don't need to tell you this...

I control 3 of the 7 unions
at the harbour.

I have 500 young men at my disposal,
ready to follow any command.

You say the number, and I will
arrange for the funds.

Five crores?

I'll do ten crores.

Anbu, button up
and cover those bruises.

If the judge asks, you must tell him
that it didn't happen in prison.

Yeah. He must say he slipped and fell.

Keep an eye on Raju.

He will divert us with
jokes and load 'Pepsi' up his butt.

Why did you bring the child here?

I've found you a new lawyer, dear.
I'll bail you out.

I'm telling you, I don't want a bail.
I must work hard and make money here.

Wake him up!

He's fast asleep.

How can he come all the way
and not see his dad?

That's my son.
Isn't he cute?

I must find a good school
for him next year.

See you then.

So I'm working hard to save for it.

No one has smuggled in
so much 'Pepsi', ever.

I'm ready to do that.

Anbu, that guy in the brown shirt...

he's got the goods.

Help me get it from him,
I'll get you in our block.

"This gangster life - It's kind of swell;
A tranquil life - Is rather dull."

"Kick that door open, take what you want;
Work like a dog, till you clear your debt."

'No excuses when you're well and able;
No debts or accounts, you must settle.'

'Bottle' Mani, Murugesan.

Greetings, sir

- What's your father's name?
- Paramasivan.

Case adjourned to 18.08.2000

"Executed the plan and made it success"


- Father's name?
- Sonu.


"And caught an innocent worm"

Siva, Anbu!

What's your father's name?



Father's name?


Case adjourned to 18.08.2000.

"Cross all the hurdles
Name and fame will come to you"

Anbu, be ready.

Why do you keep lagging behind?
Can't keep up?

You walk properly.
Why do you keep tugging at the chain?

I told you not to handcuff me
with people like him!

Look for anyone walking
with their legs apart.

He's the usual mule.

Come here!
Aren't you the King Mule?

You, come this way.

- Keep walking.
- That guy!

You, get in.

I made a promise
to the boss.

A couple of sim cards
would have done it!

They seized everything.

How will I face my boss now?


Give me your slippers
and wear mine.


Give me your slippers
and wear mine.

You think this is funny?

These are nice slippers, right?


Why don't you wear them?

Lock it properly.


Come in.
The boss wanted to see you.

The Superintendent isn't allowing anything!

He can only stop the goods
coming in through the gates...

he can do nothing about the lizards
that come in through the windows!

- Getting high on lizard tails?
- Yes, come join us.

Don't kill each other,
that's a dangerous high.

- We can handle the high!
- You guys are a pain.

Go on!

Boss, this is the guy.

All our experienced
mules have failed.

How did you manage?

I was working in
the Memo Department.

I noticed that
they don't check the slippers.

So I asked my brother-in-law
to pack it in these sandals.

You can make a lot of money
if you sell on your own.

Why give it to me?

I need your protection, boss.

They said Senthil's block is the safest
for those afraid of Guna.

I took this risk
just to bring it to you.

When they tried to kill Raju
at Quarantine...

he was the one
who foiled their plans.

Siva is waiting for the right time
to finish him off.

He is running scared from them.

- Where are you from?
- Nagoorar Thottam.

I ran a check.

Remember Manickam from your hood?
His son.

- Find him a spot in our block.
- Okay, boss.

You can stay here.

Thank you, boss.

- Anbu...
- Boss?

If you live in this block,
it means you're one of my men.

No one would dare to touch
one of my men.

Be brave, you're safe now.


"Get set to crawl, if you can't walk.
If you see a prey, charge like a hawk."

"Take in all the pain, like a penance;
If you lose yourself, rise from the ashes."


One of our own boys, Anbu,
has made us all proud...

by winning the district level
carom championships.

All his expenses to take part in
National selections at Bombay...

will be sponsored by our
Hon. Minister for Fisheries, Mr. Rosoriah.

'Anbu was confident of winning a national
tournament and getting a Government job.'

'But every time he came close
to getting a job...'

'...he was confronted by a hurdle.'

I want to lean back.
- Come over here...

I'll make sure you get a good view.

Sit here.

- Can you see properly?
- No, I can't.

You should sit next to
your sister!

Come over here.

Here he comes.

Think he'll lift you by the waist?
Move it.

Come on, boy.
Let's just watch the movie.

What is the solution for this?

Say something

I'm a Complan boy

You stay here.
They're here for me.

I'm coming.

I'm off to Bombay next week,
and you're busy watching the movie?

What do you expect me to do?

So you're here to actually
watch the movie?

I'm not here for that.

Take your hand off.

I said, take your hand off!

Feel free to push it away.

Don't look back.
Just watch TV!

That's how you push it away?

Why did you act so pricey?

I never did.

Oh really?

It's for us

For us...?



We got married 3 months ago
Why should we delay our wedding night?

What is this?

What's wrong?

You're doing disgusting things
inside my home?

Bro, what did you do?

Get out of my house!
No more TV.

Go ahead, buddy.
I'll see you later.

Take care, buddy.


Now everyone will call me a slut.

Come on!

No one saw anything, silly!

- Anbu, come here.
- Give me a minute.

That was disgusting.


I let you walk around in our hood,
and you do this?

Because of you, that girl's
reputation is ruined.

Don't roam around with that girl
in the hood anymore.


You loved her past 8 years

What can I do?

Girls prefer boys like him.

But girls didn't like sincere love, like me

Come on, let's go.

As long as she is happy.

He saw, didn't he?

He asked me to play a bet-match
but I turned him down.

Let's go.


I promise, he didn't see.

I know he saw us.

How could anyone see?
We moved apart when the lights came on.

Don't be so childish!
Come on, it's alright...

- Won't you believe me?
- I told you not to...

When did you say that?


Look at me, Padma...

Leave me

Listen. Please don't cry!

Okay, I'll walk ahead.

- He almost chewed her lips off.
- You missed it!

That girl?
With this guy?


You haven't come to see me
in two days.

You're always taking your mother
everywhere you go.

Why did you come here?

Because you didn't
come to see me.

Could I possibly step out alone
after what you've done?

They make fun of me
wherever I go.

At the fish market...

This looks off.

You're trying to sell me this?


How's the groping going, Anbu?


Remember my student, Gomathi?

Why didn't you turn up
for tuition classes?

You are kissing boys
while watching TV.

My mother said we'll learn kissing
if we come to your tuitions.

So she asked me not to come.


Half the girls
stopped attending my classes.

And that lady Shanthi
complained to my mother, too.

We both kissed each other.
It felt nice then?

Now that there's trouble,
I'm the bad guy?

I came to know about that lady's house
through you!

I have a TV at home now
but I come there only for you.

I was embarrassed, too.

Situations like these only make boys
look like heroes.

But it's humiliating for us.

Yesterday, one guy asked me

Okay, lets submit tomorrow

Hey, Padma...

Heard you're watching movies
with wimpy boys?

What do you care?

Come watch one with us?
We'll show you big movies!

Ignore him. Let's go.

It's got a lot of kissing.
Are you okay with it?

Who was it?

The guy who roams around
in that red motorcycle.

Yeah. He's called 'Jawa' Pazhani.

That's the guy.


What happened?
Why are you crying?

It's nothing. Get home now.
Why are you out?

Tell me what happened?

Kannan, they're ragging her.

When Kannan confronted him,
he beat up Kannan.

Let a man pee peacefully, will you?


You're the kisser
from Shanthi's house!

You made fun of my girlfriend.

And you hit
my brother-in-law, too.

Boy, when a big guy hits you,
keep it to yourself.

You must not talk about it.

I don't want to be known
for hitting children!

Won't my friends think less
of me?

I was happily stoned.
I just hit you for fun.

You should take it easy
and forget about it, too.


Don't go around telling people.


Get going.

She is a bombshell.
I can hardly believe it.

Well done, boy.

See you.

What you did was wrong.

You shouldn't have asked her
out that way...

nor should you have
hit him.


Don't do that anymore.

I'm trying to be nice to you...

Pazhani, all okay?

Oh, I'm just having fun.

- I'll take this.
- Enjoy!

Run away!

Don't make fun of my girl.

You want to become a rowdy?

- Leave him
- Are you pimping for him?

If I ever
see your face again...

I will send you to sleep
with the fishes.

Buzz off!


Puny little runt...
thinks he can mess with me.

You felt bad that
I was ragging her...?

Now I'll send my men
to every alley in the hood.

I'll surround her with guys
who are better than you...

and praise her away from you!

When I came alone,
he hit me just once.

But I come with you and
he hit me a dozen times.

Can you talk to him?

I can't get involved
in these petty affairs.

It's not a petty affair!

They're ragging my girl!

He says they'll rag her from every street.
That's petty?

It's a serious matter!

There are people in deep trouble,
trying to save their lives!

That's just his drunk talk.
He'll forget when he sobers down.

- What if he doesn't forget?
- What if?

What are you going to
do about it?

You're making a mistake.

He's the one making a mistake!

Just talk to him, for me?

Then he'll bring his knife to kill you.

You'll bring yours?

Is that the life you want?


Our Muthu Mariamman temple...

Is it sorted, then?

No more problems for my sister?

We request our devotees
on behalf of temple committee...

...come and get
deity's blessings and offerings

When she goes to college...



- Stand over there and cover me.
- Why?

Just do it.

That's enough.
He is already so drunk.

You want to talk to him again?

We won't have any problems
this time?

Last time,
we went empty handed.

But we're carrying weapons
this time.

He'll know we mean business.
He'll pay attention.

How do you have it tucked inside?
Mine is slipping into my pants!

Shut your trap, boy.

Not in front of his drinking buddies.

He'll try to act cool
by making fun of us.

Let's talk it out
once they leave.

Just crash here
for the night.

No! I'm going home.

I need to take the kids to school tomorrow.

You are tanked

Shall I come along?

I'm fine, guys.
I can manage.

One moment.

We need to talk.

Just this morning I warned you,
and you're back again?

Please don't rag her, brother.
She's a girl from your hood, after all.

Can't I rag a girl from my hood?

If I don't, who will?

Please don't.

She goes to college.
Leave her alone.


What else?


You're carrying tools?

No, we didn't mean to..., bro

You white punk,
what did I tell you?

- I'll stab you in the butt.
- Please, let us go.

You've got no flesh there?

It hurts, doesn't it?

Let's just make peace?

I came here to make peace.
- You dare to preach me?

You bring tools to make peace?

Please try to understand,
I really wouldn't have...

We didn't mean to harm you,
but just talk...

Did you bring tools
to make me understand?

- Oh, you're coming to get me?
- Yes!

Not at all.

Boy, get out of here.
Listen to me.

What's going on?

Nothing, brother!

I spared you this morning
because you're from our hood.

I'm not sparing you now.

You actually stabbed me?

Or you would have
stabbed him.

Kannan, get back!

- You too?
- Let's both go!

Go away.

- Let's leave.
- Just go!


We didn't come
to stab you

Why is he honking non-stop?

Let's head back.

Don't run.

That's our new fibre-boat.

Run now!

What happened, Pazhani?


See if he is still breathing.

See those guys there?
Don't spare them.

They're the ones.

Look, they're going that way.

Let's change clothes.

Thus it begins.

Don't be shy,
you can talk to him.

If you don't like,
just leave it

I'm scared that they'll get you
like they got Vadivel.

There is a another matter

Just get a bail and leave.

Superintendent doesn't seem
to work for bribe

If I clear all my past records,
I'll get a posting in the party.

Should I ruin all that
fearing this guy?

We should find a way
to arrive at a compromise with him.

Let's try talking to Muthu again?

Have you eaten?

Yes, boss.

There are many men in our block
who are good at carom.

There are good players
in other blocks, too.

If we organise a tournament
under your leadership...

Boy, we're discussing serious matters.
We have no time for a tournament!

It's more than that.

This will be a good chance for us
to build a rapport with the superintendent.

Then we go back to...

He's right.

Let's take it up with the superintendent.

- If you have any concerns...
- Hello, sir.

It would be nice if you could organise
a carom tournament for the inmates, sir.

There are many talented players
in our block.

And other blocks, too.

I was told that
you would support sports.

If you organise a tournament,
the men will have a healthy distraction.

They won't worry
about other things.

Okay, permission granted.

First round will be held
inside prison blocks

Quarter final, semi final, final and
prize function will be conducted out side

Knockout game.
Best of one.

Only the winner qualifies
for the next round.

"Try to knock it down
even it is a Vulture"


"If you lost yourself
Find other ways to overcome"

"He just threw the net"

"And caught an innocent worm"

"Executed the plan and made it success"

"Became an enemy to somebody"

Anbu wins the first match.

"Executed the plan and made it success"

"Became an enemy to somebody"

Match won by Senthil.

Your brother is playing very well

Oh, you have no idea.

Wait till you see him tomorrow.

There must be around 150
of Senthil's men out there.

This is going to be hard.

But none of his guys are clever enough
to thwart our plan.

Let's see if there is someone
who can save him.

Quarter finals... Anbu from 7th Block,
and Sundar from Life Block.

Let's conduct this inside a block, sir.

If it goes out of hand,
we can't control it.

Like what?

Siva, we can't afford a miss.

If we end their regime
in my term...

I can leave with the reputation
of having cleaned up this prison.

Tell me, Arun

They have a mole in our block!

- What?
- He is the one leaking information.

A mole in our block?
That's impossible.

I don't know who the person is.

But he called and
they're all packing tools.

Are you sure of this?

Make sure he
doesn't step out today.

Mani just called my phone.
They're waiting armed and ready.

It's not like we're going unarmed.

You are all going to carry tools, too.

Why should we take chances
at such a moment?

I organised this tournament.
How can I not play?

How long do we wait?

Ask him to play,
or ask him to accept defeat.

He'll be coming.

As if you have another appointment

What's your hurry
to lose?

I'll try not to score a century
and embarrass you.

Cut it, guys.

Consider this your last warning.

- Raju, shut up.
- But he talks too much.

- Go fetch our boss.
- Right away.

You take this.
We'll be around.

I'll grab the weapon from my attacker
and kill him.

I don't need this.

- Gopi, ask him to hurry up...
- I'll ask him to come right away.

Are you blind?
Look what you've done!

- Sorry, it was an accident.
- My foot!

You idiot! Why did
you come charging?

Raju asked me to
fetch the boss immediately.

- I'll break your bones later.
- They were humiliating our boss.

- What happened, boss?
- Let him go.


Get out of my sight.

Let's go.

This is a bad omen.
Let's go back inside.

Don't be silly.

How will you play
with a detached nail?

Third and final call for Senthil.

Step aside.


Senthil has conceded a walk-over.
He's asked you to go ahead.

Senthil concedes a walk-over.

- He injured his finger.
- Match won by Siva.


They conceded a walk-over.

It's not his day to die.

What's the point in watching?

This was our last shot.

Wonder how long we'll have to wait
for another opportunity.

I was planning to
finish another guy in this chaos.

This is pissing off!

Ask the armed boys
to come back.

Let our boys stay out there.

I have this feeling...

that we can
get Senthil today.

Today will be the last
day of his life.

Anbu wins the first quarter finals.

Mic 1 to Mic 3.
Come in.

Received, sir.

Check if Senthil
has stepped out.


Final match
7th block Anbu

He is just an average player.

Well, I wish the boss was here.

I wanted to win this for our block.

Shame that he's hurt.

He's hiding in there
afraid of losing.

And he inspires you to win?

I'll knock your teeth off.

He'd better shut up now.

So you'd win if the boss is here?

- Definitely
- I'll get him.


I told you he'd come.

It's not safe out here.
Why did you bring him?

That guy kept running his mouth.

So I went to the boss.

Sit down.

Mic 3 to Mic 1.

The prisoner has arrived.

Mic 1 to Mic 3.

If things are secure
at the match premises...

forward the strength
to the other task.

- Report to my office.
- Let's go.

They're surrounding us.

I see that.

Shouldn't you go inside?

And do what?

Run and hide from these kids
so they can brag about it?


Velu! You can't get to him
while we're alive.

He is alone
We are three people. Don't worry

If we leave him today,
we can't kill him, come and kill

Hey, wait! Senthil is there

Mic 1 to Mic 3.
And all Mics.

Forward the total strength
to the match premises.

What are you doing?

He's seen you stab Senthil.
We can't let him live.

No, I trust him.
Get out of here, Raju.

I've waited so long to get him.

Just get out of here.

Go and check on Velu.

Senthil gave you protection.

And you have betrayed him!

Not betrayal

This is loyalty.

My loyalty lies with Guna.

Yet to finish your shift?

Today over time, sir

Your friend will...

Which way is the prison ward?

Straight down, and make a right.


The doctor says my husband
is critical.

I'm scared, little brother.

They say he may never walk again.

I can't bear to see my man this way.

This is a complicated case.

Thoracic spine injury and brain injury.

He's taken a fall after being stabbed
and suffered a head injury.

There is a clot in his brain.

Recovery is a little tough.

If we give him physiotherapy
along with medication, it might improve.

Find out who did this,
and kill him.

I remember clearly.
I stabbed Velu.

So it wasn't him.

The boss took care of Siva.

So it's not him, either.

Who could have stabbed him?

He was betrayed.

- Oh, shut up.
- Now he's bedridden!

He's sloshed.
Get him to lie down, Anbu.

I can't even speak the truth
because you saved my life.

You've wronged him.

Senthil is such a good man, you know?

Before judging my actions...

you need to know
what Guna has done for me.


After stabbing 'Jawa' Pazhani...

Anbu and Kannan, helpless and scared,
went to Thambi for help.

I warned you so many times.

I never thought things would
turn out this way.

We wanted to make a point
that he can't just bully us.

That's why we went with tools.

Did they see your faces
when they chased you?

I am not sure.

But we changed our clothes
and got away.

It all happened so fast.

If I go to prison, there's no one
to take care of my mother.

- You've lost your life, boy.
- Please don't say that!

I have a Nationals training camp
in Bombay next week.

- Please help me out.
- What can I say?

You grow up seeing something,
you think that's life.

Go to Guna's house.
I'll talk to him.

- Prashanth!
- Yes, Karthi?

These boys want to see Guna.
Thambi sent them.

- It's me!
- Come Kathir

Soori, they want to see the boss.
Something important.

Don't just barge in.
The situation is quite tense.

- What were you thinking?
- He says he didn't do it.

Why would you kill him?

He's ruined everything.
I want to choke him to death.


Just let it go.
It's not like Pazhani was a good man.

That's not for us to decide.

Why kill a man for no reason?
We've maintained peace for so long.

- Why are you hitting the boy?
- You stay out of this.

You've put me down all my life.
I'm a nobody now.

I can't even get a job anywhere
because I'm Guna's little brother.

I'm trying to make a living
showing locations for movie shooting.

I carry tools in my
motorcycle to look cool.

Does that mean I killed him?

If I had the courage to do it,
I'd have become a big-shot myself.

I had parked my bike
near the temple



I swear I didn't do it.

Why won't you believe me?

There's been a situation

Something to do with the girl?


You leave now,
let's talk tomorrow.

- It's not a good time.
- I assaulted somebody.

What do you mean?

I stabbed someone...

Don't tell me you were the one
who stole the tools from Sankar's...

It was me.

Let's just bury him here.

What's wrong with you, Guna?

- This isn't new to us.
- Who are these punks?

Where did they come from?

My brother almost got into a murder case
because of them.

He is from our hood.

His name is Anbu.

He plays carom at zonal level.

If you're a carom player,
stick to striking coins!

Don't go around
killing people.

We didn't kill anyone.

- We just stabbed him and got away.
- Shut up, boy.

Pazhani is dead, you fools.



Tell me

You were looking for a loyal person
unknown to Senthil.

Give these boys protection now.

They will pledge their lives to you.

Siva, send these boys away.

Give them some money.

Take that money and go into hiding.
Don't come back for a year or so.

Have you eaten?


Guna, don't forget.
Senthil was once our ally.

He could be our ally again.

Senthil and Pazhani were
very close.

If we protect these boys now...

we can never make peace
with Senthil again.

Anbu, don't worry.

I'll take care of it.


Trust me on this.

Just give these boys some money
and send them away.

I have a suggestion.
Just hear me out.

If these boys don't turn themselves in,
it could be a good opportunity for Sankar.

A dagger with Sankar's name
is lying on Pazhani's corpse.

If no one 'takes the case', our Sankar
will be the prime accused.

He could settle down comfortably,
just like you always wanted.

Pazhani was no small time thug.

You're right

But I don't want to reignite
our enmity with Senthil.

This is the opportunity
you were waiting for.

Or I'll have to spend every passing day
fearing that you might

If it comes to war,
he can't do a thing to me.

Velu, let Sankar 'take' this case.

We have so many men
who can take the record.

Why send your little brother to prison?

He is already 32 years old.

But he's not done anything
with his life.

He wants to settle down, too.

If he turns himself in for this case,
he'll be respected in the hood.

We can set some business up for him.

Then he'll eventually
be able to find a bride, too.

Siva, take them to the bridge safe-house.


Anbu, Guna doesn't
help random strangers.

You're getting protection
because Chandra put in a word.

She's never asked him for anything
until now.

As a first, she's asked him
to give you protection.

That's why Guna agreed immediately.

You don't need to worry now.
It's the safest place.

Till Sankar turns himself in,
you can stay there.

- Mani! How are you, brother?
- I'm fine.

- Now I'm a gangster, too!
- That's nice to hear.

I've only seen your face
through the bars in visitation room.

I had no idea
you were so handsome!

Let's go in.

This murder has shaken up the town.

Sankar, you need to be wary
about Senthil.

He got into prison yesterday
to avenge Pazhani's murder.

Pazhani was Senthil's strongest man.

And I took him down on my own.

I know how to handle this.


Come here


- Where are you from?
- Otteri.

- Otteri?
- Yes

- Do you know Govindan?
- I've heard of him.

He's one of us, then.

Hey, increase the sound

Hey, increase the sound
else I will burn the screen


When I stabbed that man,
his warm blood oozed out to my palm.

I can still feel its warmth.

I can't fall asleep.
I'm scared.

He didn't expect us to stab him.

But if we hadn't stabbed him,
he'd have killed us.

Come, let's go.

Don't make me disgrace
in front of this girl

Go back and sit!

I'm going to the toilet.

- Why do you need him?
- To keep me company.

Make it quick.

It has gone

Snake has gone


You think you can kill Pazhani
and hide from me in prison?

Do you think I'd have done it?
My brother told me to turn myself in.

Go out there and tell everyone
Sankar slipped in the toilet and died.

I'm like a little brother
to you, too!

Why do you want to kill me?

You've known me since I was a child.

Sir! Sankar is dead.

"Our dear brother Sankar has died today;
Our beloved brother has passed away."

You dare to come to his funeral?

He's the reason Sankar died.

Keep your mouth shut, now.

What's wrong with you, Patrick?

Clear the road for the visitors.
Move those chairs.

Go on.

Here he comes.

Your mom asked to see you.

I don't want to see her now.

She's been crying for the past three days
asking for you.

Just see her once.
She'll feel better.

I don't have the courage.

"He lived a high life in Kasimedu;
But now he's gone forever."

Siva, come here.


Why have you brought them here?

Is it not enough that we've lost Sankar?
Should these boys die, too?

They were kept in a safe-house
to protect their identity.

Anbu, leave now.

- Take him away.
- Let's go.

I asked you to put the chairs away.

"Our commanding chief, our captain;
Your loss is too sudden."

"In a casket adorned with flowers..."

This is my fault.

We must never take responsibility
for birth or death.

We wanted what's best for him.
But it didn't work out.

Who could have known?

You should get back now.

Take him, Siva.

Don't think about all this now.

You carry on with your life.

I'll send word if I need you.

'Anbu should have died
in Sankar's place that day.'

'Guna gave up his brother's life
in order to save theirs.'

'Anbu was prepared
to lay his life down for Guna.'

What are you doing there?

I came here alone
to watch that meeting.

Oh, you've come alone?

- Yes, I'm alone.
- Sure, I believe you.

Hey, Kannan!

What is up with you?

Same old.
I drive a rented auto-rickshaw.

Once my brother-in-law gets that job,
we're buying one.

He's not your brother-in-law
until he marries your sister.

Shut up.

Your sister's up there with him.

Soon we have to find a house for us

Mother called you.

I'll go in a bit.
You carry on.

I said mom called you.
Go now!

What's wrong with you?

Nothing's wrong with me.
You're the one running wild.

Watch your words, boy.

What's wrong, Kannan?

Nothing is wrong with me.

The two of you don't realise
how people speak about you.

You go now.
I'll sort it out.

The District Secretary is so happy
that we made this meeting happen here.

My husband has been asked
to come with a clean record.

We can't do it without your support.

What can I do?

He's going to prison.

He can't afford a new record
while he's in prison.

That's only possible if Guna and him
resolve their differences.

You need to mediate a compromise
between them.

Your husband has betrayed Guna
too many times.

Why should Guna compromise now?

Marry my sister.

I am going to marry her
after I get a job.

Marry her now.

I don't have a job yet.
Your father...

Everyone's talking.

The District Secretary believes
in my husband.

He's been promised a post in the Party
if he comes with a clean record.

If he makes it in politics,
please get Guna to work with my husband?

Why would Guna switch Parties now?

People switch everything
to their convenience.

What's wrong in switching Parties
for friendship?

Buddy, you should take it up.

So what's his deal?

He wants to give up
all illegal trade...

get a posting in the Party
and become a full time politician.

And once it's done...

he wants us to give up
on politics.

Ask Thambi to buzz off.
This is a bad idea...

We suck up to politicians
to do our business anyway.

At least Senthil will understand
all our problems.

He's one of our own, after all.

Now he has a chance to be something
that we never could.

Let's support him.

My son is starting college soon.

I'd like to settle down, too.

Senthil is not to be trusted.
Remember when you murdered Rajan?

He made you sit in prison
for one whole year.

Meanwhile, he sold cocaine and became rich.

He's trying to use you
to make it in politics.

If we don't end his...



I'm so glad all this fighting can stop
and there will be peace.

Why would you ruin that?

If we let them go now,
they'll take over everything.

Can we match upto his strength?

What do you mean?
He's stronger than me?

He's a crook who stole fishing nets
and then sold cocaine.

I should be afraid of him?

Why are you taking it out on me?

Oh, it's not you

Could I ever get mad at you?


Greeting, sir!

- Are you fine?
- Fine

Senthil won't allow you
to live peacefully

What are you saying, sir?

Senthil has paid someone to include
you and Velu in the encounter list.

Don't leave home for a few days.

I'll handle it.

The commissioner has come up
with a new encounter list.

Both our names
are in it.

But why?

You've not had any record
in the past three years.

The elections are coming up.

They probably want to
kill Opposition thugs to get votes.

Inspector said it's Senthil
who had our names added.

He called for a truce
but went behind our backs again.

We can't let him live anymore, Velu.

Your house is in the shanty?

Yes, by the ocean.
It's nice and breezy.

My daughter grew up
in this concrete house.

Why should I get her married...
only to live in a hut?

He's a state level carom player.

- He'll get a state government job.
- Shut up, girl. Don't interrupt me.

Thinks I'll get my daughter married
to any scum that comes along?

I won't react no matter how badly
you insult us, father-in-law.

Because I'm in love
with your daughter.

I'm determined to marry her.
Only her.

Say what you want to say.
Just get us married.

I know whom to get my
daughter married to.

The police may not know about
the two of you and all your activities.

But I know all about it.
Get out.

Wait, Mom!

Dad, just listen to me.

Padma loves me, Father-in-law.

First, stop calling me that.
Get out!

- Get up!
- Mom...

He speaks so disrespectfully.

Should we put up with this?

I'll find you a better bride.
Let's leave.

Padma will only marry me.

I can't leave unless he agrees.

Please, understand.
Leave that there, Auntie.

You think you're the big guy here?
Get out.

Come with me, Anbu.


Let's all leave together,
with Padma.

Leave together?
If she comes, you can take her.

Take her if she comes.
I know my daughter.


You know you'll be humiliated
if she refuses.

I am scared.

But for a completely different reason.

I know she'll come with me
if I say the word.

We'll have to face each other often
after the wedding.

Every time you see me, I don't want to
be the guy your daughter chose over you.

She shouldn't have to
make that choice.

Am I right, Padma?

I'll marry her only if you give consent.

Then my daughter won't get married
till I die.

You stupid old man!

I've been so patient,
but he keeps talking crap.

He's come all the way to speak to you.
Think she doesn't want him too?

You know all about
your son's activities.

Ask anyone in the hood what your
daughter has been upto for 8 years.

Won't get her married?

I'll whack you...

Come on, Kannan.
We're family....

This is how you deal with this guy.

Keep quiet, Kannan!
He is our dad.

Don't act all prudish now.
Go with him.

Take her home.

I'll deal with this guy.

Leave when he's still in shock.
I'll deal with it later.


Take her.
I'll talk to him.

- Pull over at some temple.
- What for?

Let's get the wedding
done with.

No, we must fix an auspicious date.

Get a shave first.
You can get married later.

You're right, Mother-in-law.
He needs a shave.

What for?

For the first night.

Like it's our first night

Isn't that what we're supposed to say?

Okay, then.

- I need a shave!
- Sit

I'm getting married,
let's see a smile on your face!


Anbu, Guna wants to see you.

Will you do me a favour?

Of course. Anything.
Tell me!

You know this Senthil...?

He's gone to prison pretending
to call a truce with me.

I was prepared to take it, too.

But then I found out
the whole thing was a set-up.

Before going to prison, he's had our names
included in the encounter list.

He's pretending to extend the olive branch
to hide his involvement in the list.

If we let him go now
he'll end our lives.

We should kill him
while he's in prison.

He's holed up with his men
in the 7th block.

They don't let in anyone new.

Once he goes to prison,
he won't leave his block.

But we've got our men on stand-by
to kill him if he steps out of his block.


In order to kill him
inside the prison...

we need our man in his block.

It has to be someone
Senthil doesn't recognise as ours.

And we need the guy to infiltrate
Senthil's gang, get close.

Only the best of men
can achieve that.

But you can do it.

Senthil is a good carom player.

He likes to play with an equal match.

When he sees your game,
he will be astounded.

He will take you in.

What should I do?

Will you go to prison
and infiltrate his block, for me?

If you're not comfortable,
just say so.

I'll find an alternative.

I owe you my life.
I'll do as you say.


I have two pending cases.
I'll turn myself in tomorrow.

Siva and you stage a quarrel
for the girl outside the police station.

Hit a cop or two
if needed.

When you're in prison, we'll take you in
and pretend to harass you.

We suspect there's a rat in our block.

So Senthil will hear about you.

Senthil has a mule called Raju.

Make friends with him.
He'll get you into Senthil's block.

I'll charge at him.

You save his life
and become his friend.

Once you're in...

use your carom skills
to get Senthil's attention.

Gain his trust.

Find the right time and excuse
to lure him out of the block.

Your job is only to bring him out.

Our boys will handle the rest.
No one will suspect you.

We'll bail you out
the very next day.

Sounds good?

Just tell me when I should go.

I'll tell you.

You're all dressed up.

What's special?

It's nothing.

- Bye
- See you


You don't know Guna.

When he's done with you,
he'll cut you off.

Lie down, now.

The truth will come out,
some day or the other.

Wherever you are,
they'll find you and kill you.

You think they'd spare you
if you leave on bail?

They won't.

Go after I inform

Go now

It feels weird
to say this out loud...

But I feel Senthil might be
a better person than Guna.

He took good care of me.

What can I do?
I owe this life to Guna.

Forget about it.

They're all criminals anyway.

I just want to marry Padma
and go away somewhere.

Why go away?
Stay by my side.

Now I run the show.
I'm on top of the town.

Everyone else is below me.

But the reason I'm up here today
is you.

Velu and you planned the attack.

And the men were set up by you.

But you're the one who stabbed Senthil.

None of our boys
could go anywhere close to him.

You grabbed the opportunity.

I didn't even stab him properly.

Had we stabbed and killed him,
he'd have received a hero's funeral...

and Senthil's chapter would have
been forgotten right there.

Because you stabbed him,
he's paralysed.

Every time he walks around disabled,
our enemies will think about us.

They won't mess with us,
fearing they'd end up like him.

How will anyone challenge us then?

Storage contracts, liquor store contracts,
harbour unions - it's all ours.

Join my gang.

Me, Velu, and then it will be you.


Ever since I was a kid,
I've wanted to be a carom player.

I wanted to play, get a job
at the harbour, just like Mom wanted...

marry the woman I love...

I wanted to live an honourable life
as a sportsman, in our hood.

Somehow, somewhere...

my life went off course.

Ever since I stabbed Senthil
with a piece from the board...

every time I hold the striker.

Then why do you wish to play?

Come and work for me.

Don't misunderstand me

I no longer know
who is good and who is bad.

Just let me go.

Before all this, Thambi wanted me to
take charge of the carom club.

I'll just do that.

Men who can't even hold a dagger
call themselves gangsters.

But you've got a natural talent,
and yet you run away from this.

I just don't get it.

This is nothing to be proud of.


The pocket, the coin, and the striker
over the rule.

All three in
one straight line.

Align your body towards
the same direction.

Right leg forward, left leg back.
Both at 90 degrees.

You know that gentle moment
when you blink your eyelids...?

Release the striker
with the same gentleness.

In a perfect shot, the
striker ends up where the coin was,

and the coin in the pocket.

Use the right amount of force.

I asked the builder for money.
He refused.

I can't eat so much!

Must you talk about this
while he's eating?

You can talk to him later.

If this goes on, all
the boys will leave.

We won't have any boys
left to work.

We get rent money
from 60 odd houses.

And we have the cable TV business.

Is that money not enough?

I can manage if we get
all the overdue payments.

They don't fear us anymore.

If you ask them the right way,
why would they not pay?

Shall I deal with them?

He got you the police department job
to keep you off all this.

Just do your job properly.

I will ask them the right way.

Are you even listening?

Do it.

Sign this petition to stay
the construction of the road over our hood.

You're doing a good thing.

If they take away our homes,
where would we go?

Padma, could you sign the petition?

Ask my husband.

You're more educated than him.
It makes more sense if you sign.

- Here.
- Fine.

Anbu, are you at home?

I'm at the club.
We're having a practice session.

What about your mother and Padma?

- Why?
- Kalaa has attained puberty.

I must invite all of you.

She was a little girl!

Everyone will be there.
You should, too.

No excuses, you must come.

Senthil will be there too?

Of course.

What if they spot me there?

None of his boys
know what happened.

Moreover, a road contractor has asked me
to settle things between Guna and Senthil.

He'll be there, too.

If things go well,
all your problems will be solved.

Are you sure?

It's my family event.

No one will come with animosity.

"Rub sandal paste on those tender cheeks;
Lay out the presents for the world to see."

That room is enough

"Thambi's little girl
has attained womanhood"

"From a bud, a flower has bloomed."

"All of her uncles have called for truce;
Tonight we'll dance to our native tunes."

"All of the family has been invited;
All the streets in the hood brightened."

So glad you could make it.

Go inside

"Rub sandal paste on those tender cheeks;
Lay out the presents for the world to see."

We extend our heartfelt welcome
to our brother Guna...

When Sanjay comes,
seat him inside.

- Anbu is here.
- Welcome.

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Go in.

"Baby girl, you're a butterfly in skirts;
Here come your uncles bearing gifts."



Guna sent for you.

He is in there.

"Get rid of all those
old and shabby clothes"

"Let's put on some new ones and pose."

Yes, go right in.

There he is.

Hello, Anbu.
How are you?

- I'm fine.
- Sit.

That boy Hameed, Faizal's son...

he is your friend, right?

Yes. Why do you ask?

If he has a bank job...

he should move someplace nice with family
and buy an apartment there.

What's he still doing here?

We have a flat in Besant Nagar.

I can give him a duplex apartment
if he wants.

I don't understand.

It's simple...

He's constructing a road
so that trucks can come to our Harbour.

The roads pass over our hoods.

So many of our people
have died in truck accidents.

These broad roads
will benefit everyone.

Everyone in town is okay with it, too.

Hameed has submitted a petition in courts
and stayed the project.

He thinks he can do anything
because he's educated?

Anbu, he's from our hood.
And a friend of yours.

So we're trying to keep this civil.

It won't take us too long
to beat him down.

We have a meeting tomorrow
between the officials and representatives.

You bring him there.
Let's make him understand.


I'll get going.

- Will he do it?
- Of course.

He's sharper than we were at his age.

He can operate solo.

- How did it go?
- We just spoke.

Use the mic!

We welcome 'Royapuram' Senthil
and thank him for gracing this occasion...



Let's get out of here.
Ask Padma to come.

- It's time to leave.
- Okay

- Goodbye, then.
- See you

"Look at that anklet chiming in her feet;
And those earrings move to the beat."

Anbu, what are you doing here?

Keep it

I was invited.
Thambi is our...

I forgot you were from the same hood!

The boss is here.

Your wife?


Want to meet the boss?



The boss has been depressed.
He smiles only when we talk about carom.

He will be delighted
to see you.

Look who's here.
It's the board player, Anbu.


Come, sit

Sit next to him.

Your wife is waiting for you.
Get going.

- I must go. My wife...
- Stay a little while.


Are you still playing?


- Are you still playing carom board?
- Yes...

Look at me.
No more carom board for me.

Enough with the dancing.
Let's go eat.

Let's eat

Giri, take everyone upstairs.

Take them upstairs.

I told you to wait
till everyone has gone to eat.

- Hey
- Lets come for dinner

What are you looking at?

Don't you dare take that tone with us.

I set this meeting up
with great difficulty!

Kumar, you have no respect
for elders?

Anbu, where are you going?

- I need to leave.
- No, stay.

Its getting heated up.
Won't you stand by Senthil now?

- My wife is waiting outside...
- Wait!

- Are you well, brother?
- Yes. I'm fine.

I'm not.

He was proud as a lion.
Look what you've done to him.

You got me married to him.

Now you've wrecked my life, too.

Marie, what happened was unfortunate.

This is a happy occasion.
Let's not discuss all this.

You're good at handling these things.
But I only have one husband.

Siva, come over here.
Let her sit there.

You can have that seat.


If you two get together,
it makes our work easy.

I'll make sure this deal
is equally beneficial to both gangs.

We've always been ready
to make peace with them.

Of course you are.
We're the victims here.

You should be grateful that your husband
is still alive,

after you killed our Sankar.

I'd have preferred death over this.

Please, I understand that both the sides
have suffered losses.

But we're talking millions here.

Don't let past differences
keep you from seeing better days.

They speak so disrespectfully.
Why should we make peace?

We'll make peace.

But ask them to give up the man
who stabbed my husband.

Making peace means burying the hatchet
and moving on.

Why do you want to
revisit a closed chapter?

How is it closed?
I need to end it.

Give me the guy
and we'll move on.

A dozen men went to fight.
Someone happened to stab him.

Who knows which blow struck him?

No way.
I was there.

Arun called me ahead
and warned me you're planning to strike.

We know you had a mole planted
in our block.

But you killed Arun
before we could find out.

We need to know
who that was.

I know it wasn't done by
one of your men.

If it was one of them...

they'd have either killed my husband
or been killed by him.

They wouldn't have done
a half-baked job.

Someone did this with the intention
to make him a laughingstock.

Since they insist,
why don't you consider it?

Why are you hesitant?
It's just one guy.

We will make millions.

You don't punish the tool,
but the murderer.

The man was just a tool.

I don't care.

We want the guy.

That doesn't make sense.

My sister wants the guy.
Her word is final.

Give us the guy
who stabbed her husband.

Or I won't hesitate to kill you all.

Who the hell
do you think you are?

- Are you a rowdy?
- We've come for peace.

Let the heads talk.
Others can leave.

Anbu, leave now.

- Ask them to choose their words carefully.
- Guna, wait. I'll handle this.

Kumar, if they give the guy up,
you think you can kill him?

I've put in so much effort to
arrange for a compromise.

Why are they fighting?

I'll tell you.

Whether I did the right thing
or not is secondary.

When they asked for the attacker,
Guna just sat there mum.

I've been foolishly loyal to him.

You did this for Guna.
Why would they get you caught?

I've grown up seeing them since
the Rajan's times.

If they stand to gain from it,
they'd do anything.

'Senthil, Guna, Velu,
Thambi, and Chandra.'

'The link that connects them
to Anbu...'

is Rajan.


'Rajan smuggled imported goods from
international container ships...'

'in his catamarans fitted with bike engines
and sold them to illegal bazaar owners.'

'TV, record players, imported liquor,
imported cigarettes...'

'perfumes, jeans and shoes...'

'it was Rajan who smuggled all of this.'

What are you doing here, Mani?

Muthu wants to meet Rajan.

- Guna, take the crates to the go-down.
- Okay

Thambi, go to the police station
and take care of Ramesh.

Hameed, I've told you not to waste time
on marbles. Play carom instead.

What's that?


This makes faraway objects
appear closer.

Can I see?

- You want it?
- Yes!

Keep it.

Hello, Leader.

Come on up.

Tell me, Leader.

So how did it go?

Yes, Leader.

No one has ever had
such a big haul.

We've done it for the first time, ever.

Then buy a house
on this side of the highway.

You can live the good life.

I can't live without the salty breeze
and the murky waters.

Moreover, the people.

Nowhere is safer than our hood.

No one can enter the Harbour
without our knowledge.

It's not just a hood.
It's my fortress.

Fine, if that's how you feel.

What I wanted to say is...

That's Senthil.

He's my man.
Don't worry, he's trustworthy.

Come in.
You need not worry.

- Aren't you Kumaresan's son?
- Yes, I am.

You've got your father's nose!

He's the sharpest of my boys.

- Come, sit here.
- No, I'm fine.

Come on!


Tell me.

Next year, the Pope is visiting
our country.

You do know who that is?

I'll ask my boys.

Okay, then.
I get it.

So, for his visit, they're cleaning up
the shanties along the Marina Beach.

It's a good project.
So I made a suggestion...

...they could extend the clean-up
till our Ennore coast.

Maybe build some factories
or warehouses.

Where will the people go?

Obviously, the other side of the highway.
Near the government housing apartments.

We'll build a better one for your people.
With state-of-the-art facilities.

We'll get the contracts to construct
that building, widen the new roads,

then we can have ice factories
and better infrastructure.

Rajan, that Norway ship
that you're smuggling goods from?

We'll get four such ships sailing
in your name.


There's a meeting at the
Fishermen's Union tomorrow.

Just stand by my side.
I'll handle everything else.

Our suffering has come to an end.

We've been suffering
for generations.

At least our children can
have a better life.

The Pope is visiting our country
next year.

The Government has allocated a large sum
to clean up the slums along the coast...

and build new industries there.

When there is high tide,
we face so much danger.

So you'll be relocated to a high-rise
concrete building away from the sea.

Free of cost.

Why would the government pay
for our homes?

What are they going
to take from us?

Why are you skeptical
about everything?

Would our Chief Minister ever do anything
to hurt our people?

Let's say we shift outside
our fishing village.

Who will safeguard our boats
and nets in the sea?

We have Rajan on our side.

He will always stand by me.

Do you need a greater protection
for your boats and nets?

How can we answer right away?

We need time to discuss it.

If Rajan gives his word,
we'll think about it.

Now ask Rajan your questions.
He'll clarify them.

Please don't take this the wrong way.

All this time, I stood by you
for the good things you did for us.

Not for betraying my people.

Call yourself an opposition leader?

You don't even know what
questions to ask the authorities.

- Rajan...
- I'm not finished.

Ask them what they'll do with our land
once we vacate it.

We're planning to lay down a 100 ft road
and build ice factories by the Harbour.

And give it to people from outside?

No, no. We'll auction it
to the highest bidder.

You bloody well know
we don't have the money to bid.

So basically, it goes to outsiders.

And will they stop with
just owning stores?

They'll relocate their families here.

They don't understand the sea
or our lifestyles.

When we go to the sea
to do our jobs, they'll say we scare them.

If we dry our fish in the sun,
they'll complain of stench.

And you'll use cops
to chase us out.

With no livelihood in our home town,
we'd have to find work elsewhere.

Our children will go hungry
with no livelihood.


You think we're pushovers?
To give our homeland to random strangers?

Your tricks won't work on me.

I don't care that you made me.

- You dare to raise arms in our Union?
- None of you will get out alive!

We're just talking here.
Calm down.

Rajan, you speak.


I'm not a dummy thug like them.
You know that.

Tell them to behave.

You men go into the sea
or go out to work.

We women will be
alone with children.

If they bring policemen to harass us,
what will we do?

Until this issue is resolved,
we won't go to smuggle.

The boys and I will be in the hood
at all times.

Let's see who dares enter.

But what if--

If they come,
we'll fight them.

Won't you slay a man or two?

I will.

That's the spirit.

Why do you look glum?

Why won't you go to work?

If we don't do it,
someone else will.

Why should we give it up?

All this time, we were fighting
for our own lives.

But now, we're fighting
for all our people.

We can't afford to commit crimes now
and put them all under risk.

I know that

But maybe you could stay away.

Let us go to work?

Come on!

You, me... it's all the same.

How do they separate us?

Senthil, this is the girl
I saw at the temple.

Where are you going?
I'm talking...

- Thambi, come here.
- Yes?

Is it just me,
or is that girl looking at me?

I thought she was looking at me
the other day...

No doubt, she is.
And she's making no secret of it.

I'm just an old grampus.
Why would a pretty girl look at me?

Wait, let me ask her?

She is nice too


Keep quiet!

Stop blushing,
and look at her!

Looks like I'm going to fall
for her smile.

I'm going soft now...

Which one is her house?
I'll talk to her father.

- Where is it?
- First floor.

Where do you think you're going?

You can't go alone to ask for
a girl's hand in marriage!

You can't go in there
and blow your own trumpet.

You all look like thugs.
What purpose will it serve?

Go alone, then.
They'll think you're The President.

- Don't mock me.
- He could pass off for The President.

Don't make me nervous!

Guna! Isn't that the girl
you were checking out near the temple?

To meet your father.

- What now?
- I saw her.

She didn't see me, did she?

He gets it all.

Go on, put on the glasses!


She's the heroine from 'Aayirathil Oruvan'.

Mother, take this.

MGR has said that
she must remain in the party.

Hello, sir.

Hello. Please sit.

My name is Rajan.

I know.
I've heard all about you.

I'm not as bad as they say.

No. I've only heard good things.

I smuggle goods for the traders
in the Bazaar.

- So I've heard.
- But it's all in the past.

Tell me.

I've been feeling, off-late...

- What?
- He's wet from the rain.

I saw your daughter
when she came by to the temple.

I really like her.

It won't be nice if this goes on in public.
So I thought I'd talk to you.

I'd like to spend the rest of my life
with your granddaughter.

This is why I told you
not to send her out of the house...

I would have sent my parents
to talk to you...

But I don't have any.

It's just me and my brother.

I don't know if the whole town
will call me a good man

But to my conscience,
I have never wronged anybody.

Will you get your daughter
married to me?

Marry her.

He said okay.

I don't know how to react,
you agreed so easily


- Would you like some coffee?
- No, thank you!

I'm at a loss for words...

When someone like you asks,
can an ordinary man like me refuse?

I can only agree.

If it had Ben anyone else
in your place

I'd have thrashed
him for having...

the audacity to ask for
my daughter's hand.

Now Rajan has landed
at my doorstep though.

What choice do I have?
Marry her.


I wish to marry him, too.

He'll take good care of me
until the very end.


Shut up!

What happened?

Go to the kitchen.

Chandra is your daughter.

That's not going to change.

If you don't get her married to me,
that's your call.

But don't you dare
do something like that again...

I'll kill you.

And that's why I'm scared
to let you marry my daughter.

No, Father-in-Law...

I didn't communicate properly

My brother and I grew up alone.

I'm not just here to ask to
marry your daughter.

I came asking to be
part of your family.

But I don't wish to break your family
and take her away to live with me.

Get us married if you change your mind.

Chandra, you see that guy
in the red shawl?

He's my uncle.

Serve them some meat.

I'll drink it straight
from the pack.


Ramesh, you are giving me a gift
from the bribe I gave you?

That's from my salary!

Let's take a photo.

She's left her family for you.
Take good care of her.

I'll take such good care of her,
the whole hood will get jealous.

She's your guardian angel.

Obey her words, always.

"Taking sword on hand
you are cutting candies now"

"If allows, you come
and make this land of yours"


Eat up!

That's enough.

This food tastes great!

How I wish I'd find a girl
to cook like this for me.

"You are putting crossing"

"My life is hanging around you"

"What mesmerise did you do to me, my dear?"


The police have entered our hood.
You go into the sea, we'll handle it.

They're raiding all our homes.

- Hope our boys aren't there.
- No, they've all gone to the sea.

They'll create a ruckus
if we displace all of them...

We can't be bothered
about 50 huts here.

The Government has its own priorities.

Try to control the protests.
Arrest people if needed.


Officer, what's this about?

Control Room?


Everything is under control.
Inform Mic 10.

It will be done
in 10 minutes.

Muthu has filed a complaint
that you have liquor in the hood.

They're going to
destroy your boats.

Only I sell liquor in our hood.

Destroy my boat and arrest me.
Spare the people.

What can I do?

Come here

The government is bringing in schemes
for people's welfare...

you're preventing it so that
you can continue smuggling?

You are destroying our boats
only to chase the people away.

You aren't fooling anyone.

If my people get agitated, it won't
matter whether you're a cop or not.

They will strip and humiliate you.

You tiny little wimp!

Dare to mess with me?

You're lecturing me?

You don't know me.

It's the tiny anchor that holds
the massive ship in place.

Thinks he's a big-shot
in his khaki uniform.

Ramesh, get your people out of here.

Be patient, Rajan...

If you attack a cop,
you'll be in serious trouble.

Come on!

All this time, the people prospered
because of you.

Now they'll be reduced to nothing
because of you.

Strip his uniform
and take him into the sea.

You have only dealt with corrupt cops
who work for your bribe.

You've not come across someone like me,
who's put on this uniform out of passion.

Mark my words.

No matter how many years it takes...

I'll be the reason behind your deaths.

You'll be in service
for only 20 more years.

The person might change,
the uniform will stay.

That's why we have
undressed you, don't you get it?

I told you, we should drown him
and get it over with.

Let's wait for the negotiations.

If it fails,
we'll drown him.

Go closer to the launch

Hey...go faster

Anchor your boat.

The officials want to know
your demands.

Sir, try to acquiesce to his demands
till we get the Assistant Commissioner back.

Rajan, he is a man in uniform.
Don't do anything to him.

Men in uniform should
work for the people.

But you work for the politicians
and businessmen.

Give up your hood.
They'd give you anything you want.

Ramesh, don't ever
try to buy me out.

Give it to me in writing
that you will cease the evacuation.

Or your A.C. stays with me.

Sir, we can't negotiate with him.

We need to agree to his demands
if we want the A.C. alive.

They have dropped the evacuation plan.
We won!

'Even though it happened
many years ago...'

'the people still talk about how Rajan
chased the police away.'

'and stopped the hood
from being evacuated.'

We shouldn't allow any politicians
to enter our hood anymore.

We will take care
of ourselves.

Let's first build a club
for the next generation.

'Rajan kept all the politicians
out of the hood after that.'

'It was a problem for all the Parties.'

Who is that leader of yours?

'They could come back in
only if Rajan died.'

'They were waiting for
the right opportunity to kill him.'

He said he'd have been happy
to inaugurate it.

Senthil, they expect clubs
to be affiliated to some political party.

Don't get into this.

No such thing.

I'm coming, love.
You miss your husband?

You're keeping them waiting.
- Don't be mad, I'm coming.

- Marie, are you well?
- I'm fine.

All India Radio news,
presented by Rajaram.

Breaking news : Tamil Nadu's Chief
Minister, MGR, just passed away.

He was seventy years old...

'Muthu got the opportunity he was
waiting for, when MGR died.'

Go fetch Velu!

An official announcement has been made
that he passed away in his Ramapuram house.

- Have you got the posters?
- It'll be here in an hour.

Put them up when you get it.
I'll go see the leader one last time.

Yes. Muthu said we could go with him.

Why should we go with him?
Let's go by ourselves.

...brought his corpse
to Chennai Rajaji Hall

'Public and politicians have come
and paid their last respects'

'When Rajan had gone to see MGR's body,
Muthu sent Senthil to smuggle in the sea.'

'Senthil took Rajan's boys
and went in...'

'Muthu tipped off the police
and had them arrested.'

I told you not to smuggle now!

'For the first time, Rajan lost his temper
with his men for disobeying him.'

The whole state is in grief.

There is demand for booze.

The people are desperate
for some good booze now.

Muthu said if we do this one job,
we can make a lot of money and settle down.

You listen to him now?
Those young boys are in police custody.

He sent you to smuggle
to get back at me...

and got our boys
caught red handed.

They're looking for us.

If we get caught, they'll bring up
old records and frame new ones.

Please try to resolve this
without getting us booked.

You went to work without me.
Now deal with this mess on your own.

So you'll never
let us work on our own?

You've landed us in trouble
because you went to work alone.

If you want to, do it right.

If you'd waited a little longer,
I'd have set it up for you.

We've waited for far too long,
in your shadows...

to no avail.
- Don't talk back at him.

Why can't we be in control, too?

Watch your words.

Get out.

Get out.

But I never went with them.

Get lost.

I don't mind
you are my sibling

Five of you got beaten up
by one man?

Have you no shame?

The people are on his side.

We did as you told.

But without Rajan's support...

To hell with Rajan!

Like he's some big-shot.

He was a nobody.

I made him who he is.

Just say the word,
and I'll make you, too.

I don't think
that will work, Leader.

There's Guna, too.

Rope him in, then.

Guna is very loyal to Rajan.

Only fools are loyal.

Guna is no fool.

Is it so bad
that I want to be somebody, too?

Rajan has made enough money
and is set for life.

He lives in a concrete house
with a beautiful woman.

We've got nothing.
Now he's thrown us out, too.

Young boys from the hood
have been caught in the case.

He just hit you
in a fit of rage.

He may be your brother,
but hear me out...

After he got married,
he made you move out and live in a hut.

To him, we're all dispensable.

He doesn't care.

We just need to talk it out with him.
Come on, let's go.

He said we can't even
enter our hood!

We don't want to be humiliated again.

Come brother

Come in, boy.
Chandra serve him dinner.

It's okay.

Looks like Senthil met Muthu.

I'm worried his influence
might lead them to more trouble.

You should talk to them.

- Dear...
- Yes?

I feel something fishy

Can't you go
in the morning?

The boys are upset
that I hit them in front of everyone.

I feel bad about it.

If I go to the hotel and tell them
it's all sorted...

and that the police will
leave them alone...

they will feel better, too.

Come back soon.

You go in.



What's going on?

- I'm talking.
- Carry on.

Pazhani, let's go in.
Why are you standing here?

I'm not coming in.


What's all this?

This isn't ours.

Why have you put bottles
from other tables here?

You're upset
because I hit you?

That makes no difference.

The humiliation won't go away.

Senthil, I'd understand
if the others didn't get it...

but do you not understand?

It's not uncommon for goods
to be seized.

But all this time, the
cops have come to us...

and we chose which
goods are seized.

We called all the shots:
The case, the men, the goods.

That's how it should be.

When we are doing this work
the people should be on our side.

They should be assured that we will
take care of them.

You could have taken us into the house
and spoken to us.

You hit us in front of wife and children.

You know you can't handle it.

Why do you drink...?

Sit here.


Get him a soda.

If I had taken you inside the house
to discuss this...

...the boys who got arrested
would have taken arms against you.

- Get me a soda.
- We've run out of soda.

He asked for you.

They drink liquor and vomit
we buy soda, crap!

Tell him to buy somewhere

It will take a few days
to clear the boys' records.

Meanwhile, you shouldn't be seen
trotting around the hood.

It will only anger their family.

While the boys are in prison,
they should know you're being punished too.

That's why threw you out.

I've spoken to Ramesh.

Once the boys are out...

I'll make arrangements for you
to start on your own.

You can work with freedom.

Is that fine, Jawa?

I'm fine if Senthil is fine.

- Why do you say that?
- Senthil knows best. I don't...

Looks like you've got yourself
a disciple, Senthil?

No such thing.
We're all your boys.

If you keep depending on Senthil,
when will you think for yourself?

When the time comes...

You hit me in front of
my wife and kids.

Will my children have any respect for me?

Muthu is misleading you.
I had to fix it.


He's talking to us
and you want to kill him?

He's spoken to the police for us.

I know about him

That's just empty talk.

It doesn't matter.
Let's not do anything now.

Guna, we'll never
get another opportunity.

You don't do this because
you have an opportunity.

We thought something else.
But he's helping us...!

He will not.

Let's go ahead as planned.

I want the plan aborted.

We've plotted against the mighty Rajan.
The day he gets to know about this...

How would he get to know?

You think
he wouldn't know?

He's already prepared to wipe us out.
Thambi would have surely informed.

- Senthil!
- Yes


- Velu is puking again...
- Should I come?

- We'll handle it.
- His wife will be pissed.

Senthil, this is wrong.
Let's stop it.

Stop peeping!

The daggers are under the table.
If he spots it...

I wish he would.
We can see who survives.

- I'm scared, Senthil.
- I'm scared, too.

Which is why we should
get it over with.

No, Senthil. No.

Velu, this is not right.

Guna, this is wrong.


You're wrong.

Don't shout.

I'm out. Do whatever you want.


Senthil, I'm worried
about your silence.

He said he can't do

You won't allow me
to do anything as earlier

Better you find a girl and marry her

Then everything will be alright

I will think about my marriage
after I get settled like you

Is Velu still throwing up?

He'll come now, brother

Join in politics,
you will get settled soon

That won't work for me
He is only going...

Senthil, I know that
If you want to join in politics...

Listen to me.

Stop going behind Muthu.

He knows nothing.
Pass me a cigarette.

He claims Janaki or Nedunchezhiyan
will come to power next.

I tell you, it's going to be
Jayalalitha who succeeds MGR.

How so?

R.M.V and Nedunchezhiyan are seniors.

Yes, but they are becoming old

There's Thirunavukkarasu.
He's an youngster.

He's the one who'll make
Jayalalitha a superpower.

The seniors made the mistake of pushing
Jayalalitha off the funeral hearse in public.

You know, the MGR is not dead yet.

- What's this new story?
- Not too many people know this.

The watch in his hand
is made in America.

It is connected to his heart.
It stops only when his heart beat stops...

The watch is still working.

How do you know?

Our boys have heard it
in his tomb. It's ticking away.

Don't blabber, Guna.

He's is trying to find out
who's loyal to him.

Guna has backed out.

If you're truly interested in politics,
quit hanging out with this fool.

You're calling me a fool now?
When he comes back...

What's this?

You've set this up to kill me?

Chandra told me not to go.

I didn't listen.

I have to see my brothers
in this light...?

For this...

He's going for his weapon!


We decided not to...
Why did you stab him?

He was going for his weapon.

He's not carrying any weapon!

You're making a terrible mistake...


What happened to you, Senthil?



This wasn't our plan.
We decided not to do but...


Don't let him go!
Or he'll kill us.

I'll take care of you

Don't just stand there!

I said don't do it,
then why do you...?

Velu, hold him tight!
Your hand will get in the way.

We toil hard,
but you get everything?

I don't want a better life
with this murder

Sorry brother!
If we let go you, you'll kill me

Listen to me!

Hey, what are you doing there?

I'll kill you along with him

He came to talk you
But you killed him

Wait, I will join in harbour
and kill you all

Hang in there,
we'll take you to the hospital.

Thambi, they were hasty.
You need to be patient.

Don't tell like that

Lets finish here
You leave them

It's okay...
Just don't tell Chandra they killed me.

She can't handle it.

Go man

Already they stabbed him
He is breathing his last

Senthil, without me...
politicians like Muthu will use you...

for their motives
and destroy you.

You know nothing.

I beg you

You were too hasty, Senthil.


You actually thought I would
try to kill you?

You were my whole world--

We can't see you in this situation
Go die, brother

Don't make him quiver
Stab him correctly



You promised to bring him back.

But I've failed.

'Move...give way

He's here.
They've brought him here.

Come and see him.

"If we were aware
it would happen like this..."

"If we were aware
it would happen like this..."

"We would make a plea to God
to save him alive"

"All you remain there
have to lead a life alone"

"All you remain there
have to lead a life alone"

"Till now he lived
a king's life in Kasimedu"

Why don't you talk to me?

Won't you at least yell at me?

Oh God! Sister-in-law!

"How do I endure this loss?
My heart aches."

Our protector has left us all behind.

Who would look after us now?

Look at him lying there.

We've been orphaned!

Sister-in-law! We can't bear this!

She is wearing the glasses
for my brother

Rajan brother!

Our lion is gone!

Who would look after us now?

You said you'd always
stay by my side.

But now you're gone?

What will I do now?

Where will I go?

Answer me.

I'm talking to you.

Your friend Ramesh is here.

Open your eyes and see!

Chandra, Rajan was a good man.
We shouldn't spare his killers.

If you should ever need anything,
you can call upon me like a brother.


You must cry, Chandra.
Don't bottle it up.

Why should I cry?

Those who killed my husband
are well and happy.

They all called him their Brother,
but got together to kill him.

My dear...

I will divide them from within,
make them stand alone.

And I will make them betray
and kill each other.

Only when the last of them is dead,
I will cry, my dearest.

Anbu realised that his life has
changed with the death of Rajan

'That death, Rajan's death chased Anbu'

'The town people thought they don't
have no one for them after Rajan's death'

'His friends who were with Rajan
moved away from him'

'But people didn't forget him'

'When they were with Rajan'
for what they were protesting...

'they are doing the same
against the people'

Guna knows I owe him everything,
and wants me to stand against the people.

They want me to betray my friend.

I'd rather die
than betray him.

Don't break your head over that.

Do whatever feels right to you.

Don't think over it.

The next petitioner - Poondi
Thangammal street, Pallam

Hameed got a court order that temporarily
stays the road construction.

This is a central government scheme.

It will be beneficial to everyone.

Tell me, how?

A few men from each locality
will get a government job.

You'll take away the only job we've known
and give us a job we don't know?

Hameed, you've got yourself
a fancy bank job.

You know nothing about the suffering
of others in the hood.

We all know your friend Anbu
is a top class player.

Just his luck, he didn't get
the kind of education you did.

What does he do for a living?

With this road construction, if he gets
a government job at the harbour...

more kids will look at him
and start playing carom.

They'll get government jobs, too.

We don't have to depend on the sea.

This is how we gradually develop a nation.

Tearing down our homes
will develop the nation?

You set up this meeting to make us
retract our petition...

and you promise to build us new homes.

Why didn't you meet us
before you auctioned this project?

If we'd refused in the first place...

you people couldn't have
made your cut.

You went ahead and made these
decisions on our behalf...

made a lot of money
from the auction...

now you promise us homes
to cover up your monkey business.

What does that mean?

Can't understand

You don't even understand our dialect.
How will you understand our lives...

or improve it?

We're educated, qualified professionals.

Does education make you
understand and empathise?

If you did, you wouldn't take a fisherman
miles away from the ocean...

and re-settle him in Kannagi Nagar.

You take away the only trade
we've ever known.

When the police need to frame a record,
they go these hoods first.

These areas are known
as criminal hubs.

Is it the people's fault, or yours,
for not planning sustainable cities?

Officers may come and go.

I'm always here for our people.

I'll find solutions from the Center
for all of our people's problems.

We can excuse these officers,
since they don't know our lives.

But people like you are scary.

You sell us out.

Anbu, he's no outsider.

He speaks on behalf of our people.
Don't disrespect him.

You're crossing a line, Anbu.

What can I do?

I wish you'd spoken for us.

We would have stood behind you.

But you threaten to kill
those who stand up for our hood.


You're forgetting your place.

Just listen to what the authorities say.
Its better for everyone.

By everyone, you mean...

the people sitting there?

Watch your words!

Velu, let's resolve this.

Anbu, there's no point to
what you're doing now.

I'm telling you,
I've been in your place.

What did you do?

What did they do?

They murdered Rajan
who stood up for our hood.

They haven't stepped in the shanty
in fifteen years.

- They'll sell us all out.
- I'm warning you, kid...

I'm trying to be civil.

- Or what?
- I'll kill you all!

Don't harass boys when they're
standing up for their hood!

Go on, son.

Why don't you understand?

You'll get steady jobs.
Better standards--

Tell me the truth.

Is this road even being laid
for our people?

You're just trying to take away
whatever we have left.

And you use us to do that, too.

You collect rent for dumping garbage
in the rivers we grew up on.

Sure, you give us jobs there.

But these men die of infections
every other day.

When we question you,
you use our own men to threaten us.

You get the police to thrash us.

This has become a habit for you.

Don't misunderstand me, brother.

They're using people like you
to ruin our hood.

Should we run away from our homes
to benefit them?

Save your stories
for someone else.

We're staying.
They can lay their roads over us.

If you truly care about our people,
improve our lives in our own homes.

That's how you develop a nation.

I only spoke for our hood.

I didn't mean to disrespect you.

We must not let down our own hood.

All this time, when Hameed mentioned
getting a stay on the construction...

I thought, the government
will do the right thing always.

They're destroying a whole village
to benefit a few men.

We can't let anyone do that to us.

We're not politicians.
They'll say--

They'll say we're rowdies.

If self-defence is rowdyism...

then let's engage in rowdyism.

They want to shift us like cattle from
our ancestral homes to a random place.

We must not put up with that.

We may have our differences.

But let's set that aside
and stand together.

Let's see what they can do.

It's one thing to face problems
from our foes.

We can't deal with problems
from our own boys.

This is wrong.

He's one of ours.
What can we do?

Let Senthil's brother-in-law handle him.

That's unfair.

You don't understand.

Don't do this.
Listen to me.

He humiliated me in
front of the village.

You're taking his side
instead of worrying about me?

Guna refused to hear you out.
What could I possibly do?

I don't need you to speak to Guna.

I need you to stand up for Anbu.

Anbu will avenge those
who murdered my husband.

You still want to avenge him?

After being married to Guna
for all these years?

I look like a whore to you?

I am Rajan's wife.

Every time I slept with Guna,
I fantasised about my revenge.

But I didn't know
where to begin, or how.

I set up men to kill Guna
at the procession.

If any of you get caught,
tell them Senthil sent you.

We can't afford a miss.

Guna's life was saved that day
because Anbu got in the way.

I was angry with Anbu then.

There was a reason
that Guna didn't die that night

Chandra, whatever you think,
nothing will happen

They must answer
for my husband's death

Only if Guna is alive
your wish will get fulfilled

Next day Guna came to meet me

I feel so pity
to see you in this situation

I understood after he talked to me

There's some money in this.

So I realised... Guna shouldn't be
the first to die.

He must be the last to die.

I understood if he is with me
I can kill others easily

That day itself I could kill him
mixing poison in his food

If he had died that day,
how would I kill the others?

I can do what I think
with the love Guna showed to me

I decided to live with him

Guna and Senthil had an on-going
truce for five years...

I didn't know what to do
to make them fight

when Anbu killed 'Jawa' Pazhani.

I made Guna turn his brother in.


If Sundar and Thambi go to the jail
Senthil can't do anything,as Guna thinks

I used my boys
to tell that to Senthil

Boss, twenty men have
turned themselves into the police.

Guna's brother Sankar
has given written statement.

I'll turn myself in
for the VOC Nagar murder.

I'll finish him off inside the prison.

I thought they will fight
each other and die

But Senthil called for a truce
when he wanted to enter politics.

To be a slave to some politician-

Guna and Velu were ready to take it.

I had Ramesh tell Guna that their names
have been included in the encounter list.

What can I do?

They fell for it.

Guna only sent Anbu to get Senthil
out of his block.

But it was Anbu who stabbed Senthil.

He would be the one to finish off
everyone who killed my husband.

I have to make sure
that he doesn't face any obstacles.

If Guna and Velu be together
it will be a harm to Anbu's life

Leave him

Why are you beating him?

He peeped when my wife
was inside the bathroom

- Don't lie
- He said, no

- Then, is she lied?
- You ask her

My brother won't lie
Get lost

For this time, no danger
will come to Anbu by Guna and Velu

Don't worry
I'll take care

Dear, I can't stay in this town

Tonight I will make Guna
to vacate the house

These men have pledged their loyalty
to avenge my husband.

They've waited by my side
waiting for the right time.

If Senthil won't listen,
use them to handle Kumar.

If he doesn't get harmed
by Guna and Velu...


Kill him

Kannan, turn off the lights.


We've come to help you, Anbu.

Come with us if you believe us.

Only you.

Let him wait here.

I'll be back.

Go on.

Why did you speak against Guna?

I didn't speak against anyone.

I only spoke for my people.

Even Guna understands.

If he did, why has he sent men
to kill you?

They've sold you out.

Guna has told Kumar that
you were the one to stab Senthil.

Kumar is out to kill you
to reclaim their clout in the hood.

My boys will take you to a safe-house.

Why should I run away from them?

I'm a sportsman.

Then play your game.

Why should you take on
the burden of people's issues?

If you want to live the life
you wish for, go away.

When people leave their homes, it's with
the faith that they can return someday.

If there will be no home to return to,
where does one go?

Be it a dump-yard or a slum...
this is our home.

We must fight for it.
We must develop it.

They slaughter men who speak this way.

This war doesn't end
with one man's death.

We fight back just to show them
that we have it in us, too.

Win or lose, we must fight.

If we don't fight back,
they'll continue to run us down.

But now they will--

Kill me?


I've stood up against big-shots.
I've hindered rich and powerful men.

They will kill me wherever I go.

If they want to kill me...

they will have to do it
in my hood.

At least everyone will know
why I was killed.

These words... I feel like
I've heard them before.

He's not here now.

Kumar is hiring 30 men

To finish you off by tonight

Just this one night...
go away somewhere.

Let them come.

I'm not going anywhere.

The women, children and older people
are all at the school.

Only the men remain at the hood.

You should go to the school, too.

Why do you ask me to go there
when all of you are here?

There are a hundred men like me to fight.
But only you are educated.

Only you can take our fight
to the world outside.

If something were to happen to us,
we need you to tell the world.

Enemy can be excused

But he betrayed me

You should die

Will I come here, if I think
the betrayal you did to my brother?

Don't forget that all this started
because you killed Guna's brother.

Because he killed Pazhani.

If we let his attacker live, the men
in my family won't be respected.

Don't come here asking for this, brother.

He has no enmity with Anbu--

You can't save his life.


Three of you, go to the entrance.

Go to the roadside.

You stay close to Padma.
Make sure she's okay.


- Who's there?
- It's us.

'Us' who?

There's a power cut only in our hood.
Check the transformer.

You gained his trust
and then stabbed him in the back!

Take a good look at me.

I'm bringing you death.

Kumar, don't follow him.

Its his hood.
He will get you lost.

Kumar, he is not here

Search in all corners.

You don't know why I stabbed him.

You don't know what this fight is about.

I won't hurt you.
Just go away.

That's best for everyone.

You tiny little wimp!

You're threatening me?

It's the tiny anchor that holds
the massive ship in place.

Keep going.

I think we're being surrounded.

I've got a gun and ten men around me.

We'll handle it.

- The truck broke down...
- You're blocking the road!

Move it.

I said, move it.




It wouldn't have taken much
to fling that bomb over your car.

But I didn't do that.

Because I pledged my life to you.

You think I'm begging you?


I'm walking away.
Let me go.

You're the reason I'm alive.

That's why I'm letting you go now.

But if you sell out our people
for money...

or sacrifice others for your selfishness...

I'll come after you.

When I come,
I'll kill every last one of you.


When I said 'every last one of you'...

I meant everyone.

Give it to me.

Start the car.

She wanted us to give you the house keys.

She said you can use it for the club.

'Anbu has started to
answer for Rajan's death'

'This is just the
beginning of Anbu's life.'

'Rajan's enemies are now his enemies.'

'They're plotting to kill him.'

'Anbu waits for them.'