Vacuum (2017) - full transcript

60-year-old Meredith considers herself happily married to André. So it comes as a shock when she's diagnosed as HIV-positive and her husband is the only one who could have transmitted the disease.

I have to go to work soon.

Do you still want me to dye
your hair ?

Subtitles from
Wonder Woman


I think grey would suit you.

I'd sooner cut it all off.

No way !

Got it.

How long would it take to print ?

I'll need about 50.

Great, thank you.

How were the elephants ?

Yes, well...

We travelled around Namibia.

We saw loads of elephants.

We even fed them.

- Really ?
- Yes ! They eat whole banana trees !

I bet you're busy planning the party.

There's not much to do
at the moment.

We're still looking for a venue

before we send out the invitations.

Wherever it is, we'll be there.

Yes, I donated blood last week.

Why can't you tell me
over the phone ?

Right, I'll do that.

Yes, write:

'Perhaps you thought we'd died'.

'Wrong !'

'We only got married'.
'Only !' Put that.

No, stop it. 'You are cordially
invited to our 35th...'

That's boring !

- 'Greetings from the damned.'
- You really are useless, you know ?

'The Damned'.
It's like a Celan poem.

Yes, that's it.
Computer, word document, and go !

You're so silly.

A crackpot, that's what you are.

Just the date.

'Meredith and André'.

And where ? Where do they go ?

And maybe at the bottom:
'Black Milk'.

Stop it, will you ?

André ?

André ?

- Hello, Mrs Eichner.
- Hello.

I was told to come
as soon as possible.

We found high levels

of HIV-antigens in your blood.

Donors undergo obligatory

Unfortunately your results indicate

that you may be HIV-positive.

That's impossible.

Today we'll do a 'Western Blot'.

That's a confirmation test.


Aside from sexual contact
and used syringes

HIV can spread through transfusions.

Have you had any major surgery
in the last few years ?

Just a minor gynaecological procedure.

There must be some kind of mistake.

Will you pitch your idea
this evening ?

We'll see how it goes.
I'm nearly done.

You gave me a fright.

Need a hand ?

Are you on schedule ?

I don't know why
André is so set on this project.

But you decided on it together.

You know what he's like
when he gets something into his head.

We're not scrimping
on the structure.

We're lowering
the maintenance costs !

Like with the public baths in 2011.

It's a very unique concept.

I can't decide alone.

You can make a case for us with
Mr Thiel before the committee meeting.

It's vital to clarify that we are
modifying an existing building.

- Well, bon appétit.
- Thank you, André.

I'm Dr Krepold's patient.

I have a question about

an operation I had in 2003.

Meredith Eichner, that's right.

Were there any complications

that necessitated a blood
transfusion ?

Yes, I understand.

Hello, Eichner here.

I'm inquiring about my husband's

thigh-bone fracture last year.

Did my husband need
a blood transfusion ?

I'm his wife.

Granny !


Jump higher, Granny !

Look !

Great. Stand back.

Look !

Careful !

- You did it.
- Yes.

No, not again !

Stop it, now !

Mrs Eichner.

- How are you ?
- Fine thanks.

The test confirmed
you're HIV-positive.

It can't be.

It's not a good diagnosis

but it won't impact
your life too much.

HIV is treatable nowadays.

We'll start the treatment right away.

I'm sending you to a specialist.

Please get in touch with
Dr. Seidenberg this week.

Do you have someone to talk to ?

I'm healthy.
You've made a mistake.

I'm healthy.

Mrs Eichner.

Grandpa ! Grandpa !

Dad's winning.

Are you okay ?

I'm so busy with the party.

Do I have to dress smart ?

In an evening gown and everything ?


Why are you celebrating your 35th ?

Well, after your father's
bike accident,

I thought you'd all enjoy a party.

When you test your animals
at the zoo

are the results conclusive ?

I mean blood tests.
Can the results be wrong ?

No, we run a second test to confirm it.
Why ?

I have to go.

Where ?

Luki and I want to go climbing.

If I wait until the game's over,
my departure will look even worse.

- Ciao, Mama.
- Ciao.

Are you okay ?

The air conditioning is awful.

- You want a glass of water ?
- No.

I'll get our coats. Let's go.

André ? I'm...

I'll cook something nice
for us tonight.

We could go out.

I'll cook. What do you fancy ?

Grilled frog legs,
Beso de Negro cake

and slug salad.

It's called Moon Pie these days.

Because you can't insult the moon ?

You decide, I like everything.

That's why I'm asking.

- You say you like potato hotpot.
- I do like it.

- So why tell Leander you hate it ?
- I like other things more.

I need a toilet.

I'm going to wet myself.

It's boring.

I know.

Where are we going ?

You said we're going for hotdogs.


Look ! It's Grandpa.

Lots of people have a car like that.

No, it really is Grandpa.

Granny, beep him !

- No.
- Beep him !

No. Leander, stop it !

Belt up !

Stop, stop, stop !

Okay, that's enough.

Enough !

You can't just unbuckle yourself.

Stop it !

Oh, you're already here ?

I'll be right back.

Dammit, this can't be true !
Meredith ?

Those kids are crazy.

- Look what you've done !
- We didn't do that.

Then it was no-one.

Leander, was it you ?

- It wasn't us.
- What ?

Was it Santa Claus ?

Dammit !

Get out, now !

- Granny !
- Stay out of here !

- What the hell ?
- Get out !

You can't... What...

What are you doing ?

Stop ! What...

You can't go in there !

Get out, immediately !

Get lost !

Are you mad ?

Have you gone crazy ?

What's up ?

You fuck hookers.

I'm HIV-positive.

What are you talking about ?

A little faster, please.

May I listen to your heart ?

Perfect, it's all normal.

I can't detect any abnormalities.
Very good.

We have two medicaments.

Four drugs in total.

These drugs should prevent

any opportunity for a virus

to spread.

What's important is that you

take your medication uninterrupted.

You don't have to start today.

If you like,
you can start right away.

I wouldn't recommend waiting
too long.

Why me ?

Are you asking

why this has happened to you ?


That's a question I can't answer.

Who can you talk to ?

I don't really know.

Who have you talked to ?

Who knows about it ?

My husband, well, yes.

Did he infect you ?

Is that what happened ?

I don't know. Probably, yes.

I'm so ashamed.

You've done nothing
to be ashamed of.

That's absurd.

I know.

Meredith ?

- Get lost !
- Calm down.

I want you to leave !

How do you know it's from me ?
I talked to the doctor.

- It could be from you as well.
- Don't you even dare !

What about Gerhard ?
I see how you act around each other.

Meredith !

Get lost !

Open up !

Let me in !

It's me.
How are you doing ?

We got the go-ahead for the project.

We're celebrating
on Saturday at Marianne's.

What shall I say about you ?

Call me, will you ?

When I told my boss I'm HIV-positive

he was really supportive.

Now he says they can't have

HIV-positive surgeons.

They'd risk their good reputation.

You can either fight it
or find a new job.

Fight it ?

So my picture ends up in the paper ?

No !

I'm looking for work as a GP.

Do you want to introduce yourself ?

My name is Meredith.

And I...

I can't.

That's okay.

I'm glad it's the weekend.
We just got a new team member.

A real know-all, you know ?

Fresh out of uni, zero experience.

Isn't dad coming ?

He left.

What ?

I wanted to tell you that...

I am...

I mean, your father and I...

Mama, my bunny's gone.

No, let me. I'll do it.

- Wait ! What's up with dad ?
- Nothing.

Come on !

Where did you last see him ?

Bunny !

Where are you ?

Bunny, it's not funny.

Granny, where are you ?

What's up ?

We'll find Bunny, don't be sad.

Lipo's different.

The changes are more gradual.
Perhaps you're eating differently.

You look normal, Christophe.

Shall I undress ?

No, that's not necessary.

I'm so scared

of this illness

and what it will do to me.

I felt like that too at first

and I was petrified

of my friends and family finding out.

I thought I'd never have sex again.
But believe me,

you'll be fine.

No one knows how the meds
will effect us long-term.

They're exhausting.

I've had headaches for several nights.
I don't want to take even more meds.

Do you smoke pot ?

Some of us smoke.

How did you get infected ?

You don't have to talk about it.

My husband...

We split up recently.


The worst thing is, I...

I miss him.

I miss our old life.

I almost didn't recognise you
with that hairstyle.

Come in. Come.


- Hello.
- Hi.

So, to mark the occasion.


- André.
- Thank you.

Let's drink to the project !
To you !

- Thank you, Werner.
- Thank you.

It's delicious.

She made us chicken.

What ?

She usually cooks Indian.


I'm so sorry.

I love you.

- Can I help you ?
- No, it's fine.

My life could have been different.

I could have stayed at uni
and stayed in my little flat.

Instead of moving in with André.


What's going on with you two ?

Ciao, André.

- Sleep well.
- Ciao, Meredith.

Can I drop you off ?

No, I'd rather walk.

Your hairstyle looks great.


What did you want ?

I was still sleeping with you.

I wasn't always in the mood.

I feel so used by you.

I didn't want any of this.

I miss you terribly.

You didn't miss me
when you were with your hookers.

How ?

How did you do it ?

What ?

With them.

What do you want to hear ?

The truth.

Why men go to brothels ?

Why you gave me HIV.

Why I've been puking for days.

Why I married such a liar.

This isn't getting us anywhere.

Why can't you tell me ?

Wait ! You don't want to know.

- It's of no interest to you.
- Asshole.

It's easy to be the victim.

'It turns me on to fuck women'.

'I don't give a shit
about how they feel.'

Is that what you wanted to hear ?

'It feels great to fuck
an unknown woman up the ass.'

I want you to show me.

I can't.

I want to tell the kids
what's going on.

I want them to know
that we have HIV.

No more secrets.

Does that mean you're staying ?

Gerhard's bike got a flat yesterday.

Instead of wheeling it
to the bike shop

Susanne had to come
and drive him and the bike home.

Now the bike's at home and
Gerhard takes Susanne's car to work.

She gets the bus.

Merri, I'm dizzy.

We celebrated here 35 years ago
and now we want it just the same.

Seven to eight tables on this side.

We have to see where
to put the buffet.

- Was the dance floor here ?
- Yes !

Where was the band ?


Have we set the date yet ?

No. When would you like it ?

- The 28th of November.
- No chance.

November is fully booked.

That's a shame.

You probably infected your wife.

So it's the same virus.

However, the virus will spread
rapidly in each of you.

It will multiply exponentially

and create billions of variants.

There are endless mutations.

It's vital that you don't

exchange these mutations.

You could also exchange adverse germs.

Don't risk that.

Can you talk to each other ?

I don't know how we can talk.
I mean...

So much has...
How can I put it ?

In the past I knew
we'd talk things through.

I knew who we both were

and how we were together,
we spoke the same language.

Now I don't know anymore.

I don't know who you are.

Now there's something in my life
that doesn't belong there.

That's how I feel.

The thing you did
doesn't belong in my life.

Okay, so I'm the fool

who went out and came back infected.

- I have other fantasies.
- About what ?


It's not about being 'the fool',
but about hiding your fantasies.

Do you have other fantasies ?

I don't go to a brothel
and get infected.

- I don't hurt anyone.
- You don't hurt anyone.

- My fantasies don't hurt anyone.
- I didn't want to hurt you either.

You lived out
your fantasies elsewhere.

Unprotected !

You could have protected yourself.

- You don't know that.
- So how did it happen then ?

No idea.
Maybe I was drunk, I don't know.

- Get lost.
- Okay.

Is this the first time

you've expressed your feelings
since you found out ?

Yes, it's all your fault.


I'll accept that.

No problem.

The question is:
Do you need immediate support ?

How are you coping ?
I'm confident that

you'll cope well in the long term.

Six o'clock, yes.

We're looking forward to it.

No presents, please. We're fine.


Why can't things be like before ?

I'd like that.

I'd like that so much.

My dear guests and family.

My dear family.

My dear Meredith.

I still remember when you

first started uni and asked me

the way to the canteen which was

right opposite us.

I remember the first time
you let me walk you home.

Despite the cold I didn't

put my hands in my pockets

in case you brushed against me.

It didn't want to stop snowing.

And I didn't want to stop walking
by your side.

Now 35 years have passed,

yet sometimes...
I still feel like that young man.

Even today my heart beats faster

when I think of

the many roads that lie ahead

for us to travel together
for many more years.


All I am,

all I love and live
is connected to you.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

- Isn't Irene coming ?
- No idea.

Irene ?

Irene !

What ?

Did your garden burn down ?

We have to tell you something.

The thing is, we're both...

I mean, I...

We're both HIV-positive.

What ?

What ?

We found out when I gave blood.

I don't understand.

The good thing is

HIV is treatable,
you needn't worry.

- I have to get the kids tested.
- No, they're healthy.

We're healthy, too. Basically.

Maya, everything's fine, trust me.

How did you get it ?

Well, I...


- We got it...
- Through a blood transfusion.

During dad's operation last year.

What ?
How could that happen ?

Oh, Daddy.

Oh, Dad.


Thank you.

Can you talk to your bank again ?

They want a life insurance and

I can't get one because of the HIV.

I can't have my own practice.

I can't take it anymore.

Maybe that's our problem.

We want things to stay the same.

Yet this disease defines everything.

I thought things change
when you speak about them.

I thought it solves everything.


Subtitles from
Wonder Woman