Vacation with Derek (2010) - full transcript

Casey and Derek are back and continue their hilarious sibling rivalry during a family vacation to visit their grandmother at her beautiful lake front lodge. Things heat up with Casey when she meets Jesse, a handsome young dancer who is a waiter at the lodge. Meanwhile as Derek is "chilling" on his vacation, he falls for Roxy, the rich girl who lives across the lake. But when Roxy's father, a greedy land developer, threatens to destroy the natural beauty around them, the McDonald-Venturi kids band together to save the lake and the lodge.

- ♪♪ True blue club it's crazy
could care less ♪

♪ If the sky falls
down I'll say yes ♪

♪ I can still shine
in the darkness ♪

♪ New ♪

♪ Dance and dance I'm dreamin'
I'm at them ♪

♪ Runnin' through the crowd
with me hands up ♪

♪ Never leave 'till
the party's through ♪

♪ Can't help myself ♪

♪ Gotta just let it out ♪

♪ Sunlight all around me ♪

♪ Shadows disappear ♪

♪ I'm in love
Love surrounds me ♪

♪ Jump and step
and meet me here ♪

♪ Sunlight all around me ♪

♪ Sunlight all around me ♪♪

- Marty!

I would like my massage
at 14:00 hours.

- Back massage?
- I'm thinkin' foot massage.

Both of them!
Edwin. EDWIN!

Could you mix me up some more iced tea?
From scratch this time?

- Lemon?
- Obviously. Lizzy!

- But I just made you breakfast!

- And it was excellent. Could I
have a snack while I'm waiting?

- Would you cut it out, Derek? -
What's that, Casey?

I'm trying to study.

- Term hasn't even started yet,
you diseased keener!

- It's university,
not pre-school, Derek.

- What a shame you have
to go on vacation tomorrow.

- I know.
But it's a beautiful place,

and at least I get
a break from you.

- And I'll be left alone
in the house with a very

large guest list.
When, oh when will dad learn?

- Derek...
- Enjoy your evil grandmother.

- Uh, Derek... behind you.

- Actually, Derek, as of right now,
you're going on vacation, too.

- No!
- NO!

- Come on, everyone!
Let's go!

- Edwin, you're not taking your cell phone,
your brother's laptop, or the game station.

- But dad, I need to!

This is how I relax. Nature is boring!
- No.

- Guys, wait 'til you see
grandma's lodge. It's the best.

- We're going
on vacation! YAHOO!

- Your excitement irks me.

- Oooh, it irks him.

Edwin! My bag.

- Watch it.
Coming through!

- Casey, I still can't get over
mom calling out of the blue

to invite the grandkids
to visit.

Do you think
she's finally come around?

- Mom, she's never
even met Derek.

- Well, I'm sure he'll
be on his best behaviour...

- Yeah, you just
keep thinking that.

- Derek! Come on!

- All right.

See you there.
- Okay. Edwin?

You're coming
with us, all right?

Casey, you'll go with Derek.
- What? -: WHY?

- So Casey can make sure that Derek doesn't accidentally head South,
instead of North.

- Little trust, dad.

- Trust there, party boy?

- Buckle up, Derek.
- How about I drive, and you don't talk?

- Look. How bad could it be?
A week by the lake at the end of summer?

- The thing is, Case, I don't
vacate with siblings,

and I most definitely don't
vacate with their grandmothers.

What does she have
against my dad, anyway?

- My dad is the one
she told mom to marry,

and your dad isn't. Plus,
she doesn't believe in divorce.

- What about
your grandfather?

- Divorced her and moved
to Alaska 20 years ago.

- Fascinating.

- You always drive so slowly.

- I do not!

- ♪♪ All is quiet... ♪

♪ Pretend I'm gonna lose
you once more ♪

♪ I can't find it ♪

♪ Tears fall
as she slips on the door ♪

♪ She's cryin' ♪
- Hah! Friend of yours, Case?

- Oh, no!
- ♪ His dreams are so much more ♪

♪ I wish she hadn't come... ♪♪

- I'll handle this.
Do not say anything.

Hi, officer.

Was I goin'
a little too fast?

- You could say that,
Lady Leadfoot.

- I'm really sorry.

I just couldn't wait to get to my grandmother's lodge and--
- I can wait.

Could you just arrest us?
Actually, just arrest her.

- My stepbrother's trying
to be funny, officer.

Please ignore him like
everyone else does.

- I think there's something you should know about my stepsister.

She has a bit
of a speeding problem.

She sees the speed limit,
she doubles it.

- Derek, you idiot. Cops don't
have a sense of humour.

- Sure we do! Now, sit tight
while I check a few things.


- Wow.
- Isn't it beautiful?

- Uh... they have electricity
here, right?

- Grandma!

- Darling! Oh! What...

have you done to your hair?

- Do you like it?
- No... but I like you, so I'll get used to it.

My goodness! It's purple!

- Wait 'til your mother
sees how big you are.

- Yeah...

- You told her about
the baby, right?


- Hello, mom!
How are you?

Oh, well I'm fine, as you can see.
Actually, I'm more than fine,

since I'm--
- Pregnant. Nora! At your age?

Isn't it exciting?

A real MacDonald-Venturi!
Oh, we're so happy. Aren't we, George?

- We sure are. Hey, it's great
to see you again, Felicia!

- George. How's
that impressive

little law practice of yours?
Still going to bat for all those worthwhile causes?

- Sure am...
- Such a shame there's no money

in it, and a sixth child.
Nora. I had no idea.

- I was gonna tell you, but I thought,
"Why not make it a surprise?"

- Because of how much
I like surprises. Lizzy,

where's the beautiful
sister of yours?

- Uh, she's getting
a ride with Derek.

- With Derek. What Derek?
What Derek? What Derek?

- Hey Felicia. It's uh...
it's good to see you again.

It's some uh...
nice place you got here.

- Hi, Felicia.

- Nice to see you.

Thank you.

Any more
surprises, Nora?

- Well, you did
invite them, didn't you?

- Oh, did I?
- Didn't you?

- Grandma?

Is that turtle
still under the dock?

- Yes, darling, it is.
I'll show you. Nora.

- George... when my mother
invited the grandchildren,

she only meant my children.

- Well, should
I take mine home?

- No! Of course not.
They're all ours.

For Pete's sake,
it's been 4 years!

You know what?
This was supposed to happen.

- Nora, you can't.
- Oh, yes I can. Mom?

At first, I thought,
"This is awkward."

But now I'm thinking,
"What a happy accident!"

- Is it?
- Yes, it is.

Because now you can finally get
to know Marty, Edwin and Derek.

- Yes, but I...
- They'll be no trouble at all.

And we'll only
be in Montreal for a few days.

Casey will take care
of the younger ones,

and Derek will take
care of himself.

Won't he, George?
- Oh, yes. Yes, he will.

Now, what could
possibly go wrong?


- I'd be delighted
to have them.

- Oh... I'll get
the luggage!

- I'll go get the kids.

- I can't believe Officer
Defonzo made

us go to the station.

- You're lucky they didn't take the car apart after you told them

I was a conman, a counterfeiter,
and a kleptomaniac.

- I was mad.
- What's with Ed?

- Finally! Where have you guys
been? We gotta get outta here!

- Edwin, try to speak without

- We're in some freaky
sort of time warp.

It turns out that
the Great Blue Heron Lodge is

this woodsy, get-back-to-nature
kind of place.

There's no TV, no internet,

the boats don't have motors...
I bet you gotta make your ice cream

with a salad spinner right after
you carve your own paddle!

- I thought this was supposed
to be a vacation, not a seminar.

- What about the beauty
of nature, boys?

- It gets worse!

See, it turns out that we,
the Venturis, weren't actually invited.

Felicia wanted the MacDonalds,
her blood grandchildren.

- What did dad say?
- Goodbye. They left for Montreal about an hour ago.

- What?
- Derek, you're my father now!

Save me!
- Edwin, I will never be your father.

But hop in.
We're goin' home.

- Uh, you are not.
- YES!

- Derek! Don't be so immature.
We're all in this together.

- ♪♪ Come on let's go one two
three four ♪

- Edwin, get the keys
from Casey.

Never send a boy
to do a man's job.

Give me back those keys!

- Casey!
- Forget it, Derek!

- ♪ Nothing you say makes
sense to me ♪

♪ So stop telling
me what to do ♪

- It's a hoodlum invasion!

- ♪ Come on, lets go
one two three four ♪

♪ You gotta start a revolution ♪
- I want my keys!

- ♪ Come with me... ♪


You nearly tackled
my grandmother!

- Ah, so this is George's
problem son.

- And you must be Nora's
problem mother.

- Hm.

- Oh! This is nice.
- Take a tour. It'll be short.

- Where's the other bedroom?

- There isn't one.
Felicia didn't know the Venturis were coming, remember?

- OK, then I'll just
take the couch.

- No you won't.

- Derek, I don't do bunks.

- Care to discuss car keys,

- But Edwin farts in his sleep!

- That is ridiculous.
I do not!

- Oh, yes you do!

- OK, guys...

This is going
to be so much fun!


- Rosie! What a beautiful

- Thank you!
- And Mr. Sampson, you're looking very dapper yourself.

- Well, at this age,
this is as good as it gets.

Rosie, how's your son?

- As a matter of fact,
he's choreographing

a new show in New York.
- For pity's sake, please.

Please, do not get her
started on the famous son thing!

Stop it!

- Do you want a piece?
What's that?

- That guy's cute.

- What guy?
- The guy you're staring at.

- What guy?
- There's no guy.

- Oh. That guy.

- Casey, darling.

Did you forget your skirt?

- I'm shocked, myself.

- Too shocked to have
changed your shirt?

This way.

- Derek, just behave.

- Behave how?

And the stink bomb in the
principal's lunch bag? Classic!

- Oh, man. That was a high
school highlight!

Unlike your grades, bro.
- Ah, grades are so overrated.

- Oh, that's so, so true.

- Derek, why don't we discuss
something other than you?

- I'm sorry. How rude of me.

Felicia, let's talk about you.

Like how you boycotted
dad and Nora's wedding.

- Derek!
- Don't be ridiculous.

I was busy at the lodge
and I couldn't get away.

- Really? 'Cause it seemed like--
- Here, Derek. CATCH!

- You again!
- I am so sorry!

- Of course you are.
- I knew that wedding was a mistake.

- Consent to have this dance
with me, lovely lady?

- I most certainly will not.
- Someday you'll say yes.

- Derek,

I will never speak
to you again.

- Great. Let's celebrate.
- Let me go!

- ♪♪ Wanna kiss you
like I never did before ♪

♪ And when I'm done... ♪

- Come on, Marty.
- Let's do it!

- ♪ You want more ♪

♪ You won't be able
to stay ♪

♪ Away from me ♪
- Um...

You wanna dance?
- Not really.

- Oh, me neither.

♪ I'm gonna want you... ♪
- Derek, I'm not a yoyo!

- Oh! You spoke!
- ♪ In my arms again ♪

♪ Tell myself you're still ♪
- Derek. Derek!

- ♪ In love with me ♪
- I would like to have a word with you. Now.

- Mind if I ah--
- Go. Please. - NOW!

♪ Yeah, that's me ♪

♪ Oh! Me ♪♪

- Need a partner?

- I think I've embarrassed
myself enough.

- Come on.
I'm easy to follow.

- You've done this before!

- So have you!

- Ready to take it up a notch?
- I think so.

- I've got to go back to work.

I'm Jesse.
- I'm Casey.

- What's going on? - The boys are leaving.
- Being annoying worked.

Felicia knew that we didn't want
to be here,

so she offered to buy us bus
tickets home.

She'll call dad to explain, but
the Venturis are outta here!

- I'll send the spare
car keys tomorrow, Case.

- If my brothers are leaving,
then I'm leaving too!

- It's kind of a Venturi
guy thing, kiddo.

- But... what about family

- Felicia's
your family Lizzy.

- We're all the same family!

- Liz, after their behaviour tonight,
I think the boys should leave.

- No! They shouldn't.
- I agree with Lizzy.

The boys should stay.
- Marty, don't do that.

- Or what?

- Or you're goin'
for a swim!

- Do it!

Do it! Do it!

- Don't do it! Don't do it!

- Derek, put her down.

- Gran thinks the Venturis
are inferior to the Macdonalds.

Doesn't that bother
you, Derek?

- Don't listen to her!

- If you leave, gran wins.
- Yeah!

- And Casey wants
you to leave, too.

- Yeah!

- We're staying?

Oh, you have betrayed me.
You've gone over to the ranks of the uncool!

You are a huge disappointment.

- You just crossed the line.

- Very funny, Derek. Pfff.
I should go... AAAH!

- Come here, Edwin!

- Lizzy, what
have you done?

- The right thing?

: No, Derek! NO!

- Ugh, Edwin!
- It wasn't me!

- Yes it was.

- Great news, Felicia. We've
decided to stay.

- Oh... how nice.

- I figured, why go back to the hot city,
when we can chill by a lake?

Brought you some orange juice.
- That's nice.

- Don't you want it?
- Derek, this is my morning ritual.

- Yeah?
- A skinny dip.

- Lizzy's making me go to the marsh.
- You wanna come?

- No, sorry guys.
I gotta study. Have fun!

- It's okay, Marty.
It's okay.

- I don't have anything to do.
- Where's Derek?

- He's taking
his post-breakfast nap.

- Well...

make friends with those nice
boys playing croquet.

- Croquet?

- BOO!

- Hello...

- Buzz my lodge will you,
you appalling man!

- 20 feet, Dougie!
Or I call the OPP!

- Oh, come on, Felicia.
Is that any way

to treat a neighbour
with a business proposition?

- I told you, I am not selling!

- Come on,
I'm offering you so much more than this old place is even worth!

- You have no idea what this
place is worth!

- It's just
a matter of time!

- Impressive.

- It's only a matter
of time, my butt!

I mean... my foot

- A matter of time before what?
- Before I will sell my land

to be part of an ugly,
awful resort.


- That's a nice shot,
there, Ben.

- I'm Ben. He's Sven.
- Right. Okay.

Ben, Sven, what do you say we
amp this thing up a little bit?

- We're listening.
- Okay, I'm thinking extreme croquet.

It's one point if you hit a tree,
two points if you get it in the water,

three if you hit a guest.
I'm just kidding about that last one.

- You're on.
- You're on.

- Now that's a vacation

- Hey. I'm Derek.
- I'm Roxy.

- Well, Roxy,
I was just...

I was wondering if I could
take a look at your...

volleyball court,

for professional

- And you would
know because...?

- Just so happens I'm...

a volleyball
solo Olympian.

Allow me to demonstrate.

An underhander with an altitude bypass,
and he returns it with a special

reverse whipover!

Are you sure
this is regulation sand?

- My clever

Off to university.
Have you chosen your major?

- I'm planning a double major
in English and Economics,

with a view
to business or law.

- You're so different
from your mother.

You know, when she was your age,
she actually wanted to be an actress.

- Really?
- Yes!

Oh, well thankfully,
it was only a stage.

And then she met your father,
and it was love at first sight.

Why she ever left
that wonderful man,

I will never know.

- Gran, I think if you gave George a chance,
you'd really like him, too.

- I highly doubt that,
especially if he's anything like his sons.

- Derek and Edwin
aren't so bad.


- OH! Mr. Sampson!

Are you all right?
- Oh, perfect!

Yesterday a bun,
today a croquet ball.

What kind of a projectile shall
I expect for tomorrow?

A deck chair?
- I'm so sorry.

- Dude, I had no idea you could
get air with a croquet ball!

- That was awesome!
- Edwin!

- May I introduce
my stepsister, Casey?

- You certainly may.

- She's a goddess
from the Planet Perfect.

- Unbelievable! Edwin,
what is wrong with you?

You nearly whacked
an old man!

You are acting
like a hooligan!

How could you and your friends
be so totally inconsiderate?

Not to mention reckless,
obnoxious, ill-mannered,

and I am disappointed
in your behaviour.

All right?
-: Absolutely.

- Guys? Hey, guys!


- It's okay, Marty. It's just
some kid spying on us.

- My name's Oscar,
and I'm not spying.

- Aren't you that too-cool-to-
dance kid from the lodge?

- No...
- You are! Hiding 'cause you look so nerdy in that outfit?

- I'm a junior ornithologist.
I study birds.

- Yeah, I know what an ornithologist is.
- It's not nerdy.

- Look. Anyone who likes nature isn't nerdy in my books.
Whatcha got?

- 3 warblers, a Whiskey Jack,
Northern Flicker,

Look! Great Blue Heron!

They nest here every spring.

- That's the prettiest
bird I've ever seen!

- Awesome!

- Awesome!

And is that the sweet hum
of air conditioning I hear?

- Yeah.

- Roxy! You brought a friend!
Doug Dunbarton.

- Derek Venturi.
I'm staying over at the Great Blue Heron Lodge.

- Ooh, my condolences. What do
you think of my humble abode?

- Well, this
is a vacation palace.

- Palace? I like that.

Well, any friend of my
daughter's is a friend of mine.

Make yourself at home,
play with the toys, but um...

Keep your hands off Roxy!

- Dad! You think you're
funny, but you're not.

- Okay, Ed. You ready for
a little extreme water polo?

- I most certainly am.
- I don't know Ben, we better be careful.

We don't want Edwin's stepsister
coming to lecture us again.

: YES!

- Got it!
- Hey, Sven! Pass it over here!

Come on! I'm open!

Come on! Over here!

- Ed! Ready for a long ball?
- Yeah!


- Go for a long ball!
- Okay!

- Derek!
- Hey, Derek!

- Derek!
Watch out!

- Whoa! Derek!

- Whoa!

- Edwin!

- I'm okay! I'm okay.

- Where's Derek?

- ♪ Ain't no finer boy in town ♪

- Hey, Case!

- They're a circus act.


- Hey, there! Come on in.

- Sorry. I didn't
mean to intrude.

You're an incredible dancer!

- Well, so far,
I'm mostly a waiter.

- I love that song. I used
it for one of my own routines.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Well, come on!
Show me.

- I'm out of practice.

I stopped dancing a few months
ago to focus on school.

- Your parents made you?
- Oh, no.

I made myself.
I had to make a choice.

- Very sensible.
Now, come on. Let's see it.

- I'm totally out of shape.
- Please?

- ♪♪ I don't wanna drown
in the negative ♪

♪ 'Cause there's a better
way to live ♪


♪ I'll take--♪

- ♪ Take nothing
less than life ♪

♪ at its best ♪

It's okay.

- Okay.
- Ready?

- ♪♪ 'Cause this is my time
And I better shine ♪


♪ I won't be denied
So I'll make it mine ♪


♪ I'll take nothing less
than life at its best ♪

♪ Take it if it's yours
Don't be incomplete ♪

♪ The time has come
to take what I need ♪

♪ Gotta live my truth ♪

♪ Live without a fear ♪

"Cause in my heart
it's all so clear ♪♪

- I guess you can,
after all.

It's almost six. I'm going
to be late for my shift.

- I better hurry too. I have to
get changed for dinner.

- And I thought your grandmother
only scared the staff.

- Just the two
of us, Casey?

Oh, Edwin. You must be starving
after nearly decapitating

one of my guests
with a croquet ball.

- Yeah... I'm sorry
about that.

- Uh... Edwin.

- Oh!

- And you! Nearly mowing
down your own brother

while paling around with
the daughter of my archenemy.

- Sorry, Felicia.
Just thought it was another hot brunette with a nice cottage.

- Please don't be mad, Gran.
We lost track of time

'cause it's so cool at the marsh.
We were bird watching, and we watched the Heron!

- That very same Heron has been
coming here for years.

This might interest you, Derek.

That hot brunette's grandfather,
Arthur Dunbarton,

he commissioned
an environmental study

listing all the plants
and all the wildlife--

and some of them are
very rare and at risk--

that thrive in that marsh.
- Fascinating.

- There were dragonflies
and bullfrogs

and turtles...
- And salamanders!

- And the cutest little snake came up to say hi!
- There are no cute snakes.

- Derek's ophidophobic.
- No, I just hate snakes.

- But just wait until you see--
- I felt something.

- Concern for the environment?
- No, under the table.

- Get what?


- He didn't
like the food?

- Marty, not in the dining room!
- I'm sorry!

And you two...
I want to have a word with both of you. Right now.

- I got it! I--Whoa! Easy.

: It's all my fault.

- Oh, Marty. Gran doesn't want
you to leave.

Just the boys.
- Yeah, it's not your fault

Edwin zipped
the tablecloth into his fly.

- Come on. That happens to guys all the time!
- Sure it does.

Or that Derek's

- Hear that, Mikey?
- Marty! Get that thing outta here!

- Okay, okay!
Keep your shirt on!

- Anyway, who cares?

This is great!
We're kicked off the vacation we didn't even want to be on, right?

Right, Der?
- Actually... I could stay a little while.

- Oh, COME ON!
- Casey, you should ask Gran

to give them another chance.
You're her favourite.

- Forget it! Derek's
been rude

since he got here, and now
he wants to stay?

- I've been rude?

Felicia didn't even invite us,

and she thinks our dad isn't
good enough for your mom!

- I know that's ridiculous,
but gran never changes her mind.

About you guys leaving, about
the marriage, about anything.

- And that's okay, Case?

You need to pick a side.

- What's this?

- Gran, if the Venturi boys are
leaving, we're all leaving.

- What?

In heaven's name, why?

- Because. We're family.

- Casey, if you're trying to blackmail me into changing my mind,
it won't work because--

- You never change your mind.

- Casey, this is not like you.

- Has anyone seen Marty?
- No... - Us either.

- I'll handle this.
This is my responsibility.

- I'll handle this, Felicia.
She's my sister.

Lizzy, logistics: could Marty be
in the dining room?

- Negative, Derek. We already ate breakfast.
- State of mind?

- Upset about leaving? - Hiding?
- Possible, but unlikely.

- Edwin?
- I'm thinking about the snake.

- I told you not to mention--
- But that's all she talked about at breakfast.

- Maybe she went back
to the marsh to put Mikey back.

- Interesting theory.
Where is this marsh?

- Around the next bay.
We took the paddleboat.

How many
paddleboats are there?

- Two. Five canoes.
- I'm on it!

...two... three.

Two paddle boats
but only four canoes!

- Boom. Let's act fast.

- Okay. Derek, use this flare to
signal if you find her.

Are you sure you can manage that craft?
- Yeah. I'm sure.

You take the left,
I'll take the right.

- Hurry!

- Goodbye Mikey.

- Okay. You go right,
I'll go left.

- I went to camp for five years!
Let me stern.

- I can stern!
- Then do a J-stroke.


- Okay! You stern.

- Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!


There's the canoe!
- Where's Marty?

- DEREK! CASEY! I'm over here!

- I see her!
- We're coming, Marty!


Oh, God!

- Please don't be mad!
- We're not mad, Marty!

We're just so relieved
you're okay!

- I'm mad.

Don't you ever go off like that.

You have to tell someone,
especially on water. It's dangerous.

- I'm really, really sorry,


Isn't it beautiful?

- Incredibly beautiful.

- Not bad.
- Come on.

Let's go back
to the Lodge.

Hey, what's
that guy doing?

- Oh, Marty!

I cannot tell you how happy
I am to see you!

Now, let's go...

And get those suitcases.

- But gran...

- And put them back
in the cabin.

Marty, your brothers
are appalling,

but I never meant
to upset you!

So, just this once,

I've changed my mind.

- Really?
- I knew this was gonna be the best vacation!

- Right. Let's go!


- Right on schedule,
you wretched man.

Does Dunbarton think he's going to actually annoy me into selling?



- Hey, Derek...

- Absolutely!

- Just when I was starting
to think he wasn't so bad.

- Dunbarton?

- No. Derek.

- Hey there.
- Hi.

- Listen, I was
wondering um...

Nah, forget it.
- Forget what?

- Well, you're busy. It's okay.
- Just tell me.

- Do you want to rehearse
something with me?

I've got half the day off, and
I'm working on a new routine.

- I'd love to...

but I probably shouldn't.

It's just... I set this study
schedule for myself and I...

- It's cool.
I'll see you later.

- Um... you know, guys,
I've been thinking.

Maybe I should refrain
from the extreme sports.

- Dude, we totally get it.
- We totally do! -: You're a girl!

- That's a lame attempt
to bait, me, boys.

Because I am very confident
about my guyness.

- Sure you are. Catch you
at arts and crafts?

- I would love a beaded
friendship bracelet.

- I could get used to this.

- The beauty of nature?
- I meant the company.

But the nature's
not bad, either.

- Well, I don't usually hang with travelling volleyball court testers.

- Oh? You only date rich guys?
- I might make an exception.

- Really? 'Cause I make it
a rule not to date rich girls.

- Really?
- Really... No.

Though my grandmother is not too
happy I'm hanging out with you.

- Your grandmother?
- Felicia Webster.

- Felicia is your grandmother?
- Step-grandmother.

Not that she's
pleased about it.

- Dad's planning to build a resort where her quaint little lodge is.

- So I heard,
though I don't think she'll be selling her quaint little lodge.

- Of course she will.
She won't have any choice.

- What do you mean?
- When my dad wants something, he usually gets it.

- And do you think
the way your dad thinks?

- Not always.

- Hey! You changed your mind.
- Are you sure I'm good enough?

- You'll do.

- It's just I've never really worked on a routine with a guy before.

My dance school
was mostly girls.

- Oh, you'll see.
It's the same, but different.

Come. I'll show you what
I've worked out so far.

Yeah? So... Jacket.

You're gonna step
on your right... left...

Left... right.

- Better safety up, bro. This could get ugly.
- You're into parkour, right?

- Yeah! Sure.
Um... park what?

- It's an obstacle course.
It tests speed, agility,

and daring, and all around
general guyness.

Ready, Ben?

5... 4... 3... 2... 1.

20 seconds, bro! You rock!
Hey, you ready, Eddie?

- Uh... yeah!

Most def.

- 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

: Nasty.

: Good, good.
Come on in here.

Now look at this!

So how'd it go?
- Not bad. Saw a few nice birds.

- Well, I hope
they like yachts.

- Marsh is only
4 feet deep.

- It'll be a lot deeper once
I dredge it out, now won't it?

That is the future location
of my new marina.

- What about your neighbour
on the other side?

- That old bat? She'll sell.
And if she doesn't,

I'll dig out my half
of the marsh. Come on.

- Don't teenage boys have

any common sense, or are you
particularly idiotic?

- I dunno.
- How is his wretched ankle?

- Well, he seems to have
severed his dorfal flanger.

- Whoa, whoa. What about my flanger?
- Just a little medical joke?

Merely a slightly sprained ankle.
- Funny joke.

- Why don't you take it easy for a couple of days?
And please stay out of trouble!

- Oh, believe me.
He will.

- So, you never wanted
to be a dancer?

- Sure I did... like
I wanted to be a princess.

It's a crazy profession.

I mean for me, not for you.
It's absolutely right for you.

- No. It's crazy for anyone!

I was in New York for 3 years,
trying to get a break.

- Is everyone
that much better?

- I freeze
up at auditions.

- You?
- Don't make me feel bad about it!

Hey. Same time tomorrow?
- If I can still walk!

- Hey, thanks for helping.

- They're still here. I thought
they gave them the boot!

- At the marsh, we counted 25
different kinds of birds!

- That's very nice.
Edwin! Manners!

- Yes, ma'am.
- Oscar helped.

He's a cute junior
ornithologist Lizzy likes.

- Marty!
- Gotta love those junior ornithologists.

- Plus, that surveyor
guy was back...

remember, Casey?

- The one we saw when we rescued you?
- Yeperoonie!

- A surveyor? I don't like
the sounds of that.

- Felicia! Did you
do something to your hair?

- Did you do something
to your watch?

- I saw that surveyor guy,
too... meeting with Dunbarton.

- You didn't happen to hear what they were talking about,
did you?

- You mean, was I eaves dropping?
- That's what I was hoping, yes.

- Something about digging
out the marsh for a marina.

- Digging up the marsh?
- Can he do that? - No. He can't.

He already tried to change
the zoning once, and he failed.

At least, that's what
I thought. Edwin,

no shenanigans while I'm gone.
- Yes, ma'am.

- And don't call me ma'am!
- Sure thing, granny.

- Hey, gran. Um... brought
you some dessert.

You okay?

- Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
- You don't seem fine.

- Dunbarton appealed
the zoning decision...

which will never work, but...

I don't know.

I'll know for sure
by the end of the week.

- If Dunbarton gets his way,
what'll happen to the Herons?

- They'll leave if there's
nowhere to feed.

- Guess Felicia's going
to have to rename the lodge.

- What lodge? Edwin,

you don't get it! That kind
of boat traffic will

ruin the lodge,
not to mention the lake.

- Oh.
- We need to do something.

Derek, you like to be
in charge. What's the plan?

- The plan is to go to Roxy's to
watch movies on her flat screen.

- Consorting with the enemy?
Oh, that's rich.

Yes. Yes, she is.

It's not our fight, Liz.

- Slime.
- I heard that.

- Whatever. He was
a long shot, anyway.

Where's Casey?
- She's dancing with Jesse.

- In the middle of a crisis?

- Oh, no, no! No! Ow!
- Edwin,

are you okay with the death of this planet?
- Yeah, are you, Edwin?

- I was so bored over
here until you came.

I mean,
all dad can talk about is the resort and the marina and the golf course.

- So, do you like
what he's doing?

- Why not?

I mean, it's a beautiful spot.
I think more people should get to enjoy it.

- But what if there's nothing left to enjoy?
- Excuse me?

- I don't know.
Have you seen the Herons?

- Of course I have.

My grandfather took
me to the marsh

all the time to bird watch
or to go fishing.

- Is this the grandfather

that commissioned a study about the
importance of the marsh to the local wildlife?

- I've never heard of it.

And I didn't take you
for the eco-crusader type.

- Oh... I'm totally not.

- Well, I happen
to miss my grandfather a lot.

- Forget I said anything.

- Ahem?

- I kissed Derek,
so he kissed me back.

- I pride myself
on my manners, sir.

But I should be going.
- I'd say so.

- Gotcha.
Bye, Roxy.

- All right. Here's the spin.
And face each other.

- Got it.
- Okay. Look at my eyes.

- I am looking at you.
- No, you're looking at my eyebrows.

Look at my eyes.
- But then I might forget the steps.

- Why?
- Because then it's just so personal.

- Dancing is supposed
to be personal.

Yeah? From the top.

Fantastic! You guys
will be the finale!

- Finale?

- I'm organizing this rally- type-thing
with entertainment to save the marsh.

- I don't know, Liz.

A rally seems...
kind of ambitious.

- No, it doesn't! It's genius!

- I think it's time
for bed, kiddo.

Good night, Jesse.
- Night, you two.

- Don't "kiddo" me.
That was a brush-off.

- Please, Casey?

- I'm asleep.

- But you like it up
here just as much as I do.

- Of course I do, but we leave
in 3 days. Be realistic.

- You sound like Derek.
- Ouch.

- You and Jesse look
really good together.

- Lizzy. Go to sleep.

-: Gross.
- It wasn't me.

- Yes it was!

- Are you coming, Derek?

Daddy says he's sorry,
don't you, daddy?

- Absolutely.

Oh! Good morning,

Guess what!

Today, I've got an even
more generous offer.

- I know what
you're up to, Dougie.

You're planning
to drain the marsh!

- Oh, really?
Well in that case,

I suggest you accept this offer
before I change

my mind and offer
you a lot less.

- You can take your offer,
or your threat,

or whatever you think it is,
and you can just--

You can eat it.

- Are you coming,

- You know, I think I'm going to pass for today.
- What?

- Maybe tomorrow?
- Yeah? Maybe not.

- Dude! Didn't think you
had it in you.

- Some filing to do
to keep you busy.

I've got a meeting
with the mayor.

- Actually, Felicia, the filing
is going to have to wait,

and I'll need
to use your phone.

- Oh, really? And why is that?

- We're going to organize
a rally to save the marsh.


- It's touching, Lizzy,
it really is,

but there's not much
that three kids can do.

- Oh, I think there's
a lot they can do...

because I'm going
to help them.

- I knew you'd come
through, Casey!

- I'm bored, so I'll help, too.

- Whoa!

- All right, then.
Let's do it!

- Thank you.
- So now let's find some acts!

- It usually works.
- You're in.

- Thanks, man!
- ♪♪ So what are you sayin' ♪

♪ That you are better than me? ♪

♪ So what are you thinkin' ♪

♪ That there's something
I can't achieve? ♪

♪ You think you
know me so well ♪

♪ Why not go discover
yourself... ♪

- It's 1, 2, 3, 4, turn,

elbow, elbow, jump, step.

- I'm thirsty. Can I get a drink?
- Not now. Focus!

Do you remember
the steps now, Isabella?

- Sort of...
- We're in.

- You guys dance? - Absolutely!
- Save the swamp!

- ♪ I can do anything... ♪

♪ I can do this ♪

♪ You're gonna be sorry... ♪
- Susie, try to stay in the lines.

- I am!
- No you aren't!

- You're irritating.
- You're blue!

- You're gonna be bluer!
- Guys!

Come on, guys!
- ♪ You think you know me so well ♪

♪ But since then
I've discovered myself... ♪

- Hello, this is Edwin Venturi calling from the Great Blue Heron Lodge.

We're having this really
interesting event,

and we think that it would
be great if you--

Well, I'm old enough to--

Uh huh...

Okay. Thank you for your time.

- Okay. So, how are
we doing, Derek?

- Well, the dishwasher
can sort of juggle,

your friend Oscar's going to do some birdcalls,
and that's about it.

- That's it?

- Casey's choreographing some
Hip-Hoppy dance thing.

- Well, two of my dancers
can't concentrate,

and the other two oogle me.
Need I say more?

- Sheesh. Edwin, how many press
have said they'll come?

- Well, I've got 4 "no"s,
and one "highly unlikely."

- Why don't we just forget
the whole thing? It's too hard!

- No way, guys. Come on.

If it's hard,
try harder. Casey,

get Jesse to help you.
Edwin, you're a mouthy guy,

so get some spin.
Marty, control your helpers.

And Derek, get some more acts.
Okay, team.

Are you with me?
- Lizzy, we've got 2 days.

- Well, then we better
get crackin'!

- You are so going in the lake.


It's okay...

- Hi! I'm--
- Yeah, we know.

- Great. Well, I'm looking
for guests with hidden talents.

- Then you've come
to the right place!

Mr. Sampson here used to be
a professional comedian.

- Hard to believe,
isn't it?

By the way, Rosie happens
to be a terrific dancer.

- Oh, I just dabble.
- You're in!

- Maybe my son will
come up and see

his old mother perform.
Did I tell you

he's a famous

- Terrific! Mr. Sampson,
my brother has this idea

that he's funny. Any chance you
want a partner for your act?

- I hate teenagers.
- Great. Well, he loves cranky old guys!

- So... can you fix it?

- I don't know.
- Thanks. Lizzy still wants us to perform for the finale.

- The routine's not ready.
- Then we'll get it ready.

- You and your sister
sure are pushy, huh?

- But it's a good thing... right?
- Right.

- Hello, this is Edwin Venturi
um... the Third speaking,

with a story to pitch.

Let's hear it? Okay...

A group of kids have teamed
up to save a marsh

located on Great
Blue Heron lake,

which is home to as many as...

30 species of bird,

including these two stunning
Great Blue Herons,

not to mention other forms
of wildlife who rely

on this lush wetland
for their ecosystem.

Go on? Well...

There is this quaint
little lodge

on this jewel of a lake,
and it's being threatened by a greedy land developer.

- ♪♪ Wake up sleepy head ♪

♪ Time to get up, move around ♪
- Wow!

Perform like that
when you audition!

- No... we're
only having fun.

- No guts, no glory!
- Are you calling me gutless?

- No... yes.


- Well, it's a great human
interest piece,

and a very compelling
environmental angle.

- ♪ Enjoy the ride ♪

- 1,2,3,4,

5,6,7 and 8.

- ♪ Where'd you come
from sugar sweet ♪

♪ I love you baby ♪

♪ And it's all that matters ♪

♪ Got a stickiness
to the treat ♪

♪ It doesn't get much better ♪

- Got a rubber chicken?

Happens to have
a rubber chicken.

- I will send
you a press kid...

I mean press kit right away.

Thank you.

They're gonna send the local
film and television crew.

- Edwin! You rock!
- WOO!

That's right,
you can't beat me!

You can't beat this!
I'm Edwin Venturi the Third!

- What the--What?

Oh, come on.

- Hello?

Yes, yes Mr. Mayor. I've been
expecting your call.

But I can't believe that.

No. Thank you. Yes.



- I'm sorry.

Were we interrupting?

- Derek, we're trying to
rehearse. The show is tomorrow.

- Ah, Casey, Casey, Casey.

When will you learn the definition of the word, "Vacation?"

I was thinking we could
try a little something called

party dancing.

Unless that scares
you fancy dancers.

- I'm not scared.
- Uh... you should be.

Derek, please not--

- Crazy legs!


- ♪♪ I never thought I'd ever
see you again ♪

♪ I don't mean to feel
That this will never end ♪

♪ I never felt before
The way you move me, girl ♪

♪ I never, I never, I never ♪

- You're crazy, Derek!

- ♪ I'll always be the one
To take it right away ♪

♪ I wanna be the man
To make you feel it, girl ♪

♪ I wanna, I wanna, I wanna... ♪

♪ One in a million, baby ♪

♪ That you'd be here tonight ♪

♪ One in a million... ♪

♪ Oh, can you feel it, baby? ♪

♪ It never felt so right ♪

♪ You're one
in a million, girl ♪

♪ So just let me be your number
one tonight-- ♪♪

- Felicia!

- Our guests come here
for peace and quiet.

- We were just really
pumped about the show.

- Well, you can
cancel the show.

I just agreed to sell
the lodge to Dunbarton.

I'm signing the paper work tomorrow,
so would you all just please just go to bed.

- Gran. Gran!

But, gran... why?

- The town council agreed
to the rezoning.

Dunbarton can build
whatever he wants.

And I'm not going to stay here and watch the lake I love be destroyed.

- So you're giving up?

- I am being realistic.

He's far more powerful
than I am.

And I never expected to find you
partying with that crowd, Casey.

For heaven's sake, stay focused

on your studies! You're going
to end up just like your mother.

- What does that mean?

- On her second marriage?

Five children?
Another one on the way?

- Gran, how can you say
that about mom?

How can you refuse
to come to the wedding,

and then spend 4 years

George and his kids
don't exist?

George makes mom way happier
than dad ever did,

and when you cut yourself off from our wonderful family,
then it's your loss.

I don't care anymore.

You're not even excited
about the new baby!

"Guys... I'm getting a ride
to the bus station.

"I can't look at gran after
the things I said last night.

"Liz, I am so sorry about
the show being cancelled.

- "Don't ever doubt
you did the right thing.

"See you back
at home, Casey."

The right thing?

It was a stupid thing.

You know, I tried so hard
and made you guys work so hard,

when we never
even had a chance.

Gran gave up without a fight.

Casey left.

I give up, too.

- No, Liz.
You can't give up.

- We can still
have the show!

- The show that's a rally to
save something we already lost?

Forget it.

- Derek, do something!

- Who? Me?

I'm the do as little
as possible guy.

- Well, you're
my new role model.

- Derek, you saved
me from the marsh!

That makes you
the do something kind of guy!

- Smarty, there's no secret
weapon against money and power.

- Derek!

We do, too have a secret weapon
against money and power!

Come on!

- Edwin, I love the guy,
but he's hardly a secret weapon.

- Derek, it's impossible.
What could I do in a few hours?

I'd need proof of the
environmental impact.

I mean, I need to find a judge on a Sunday!
No, it can't be done.

- So, you'll try?
- Of course.

- I was hoping
you were Casey.

- She... got a bus home.

- Oh, Derek.
What have I done?

- So, I was wondering...

- I was so upset last night
about selling the lodge

that... I said some things
to Casey I shouldn't have said,

and then she said
some things to me that...

well, I didn't
want to hear.

- Felicia, you mentioned an environmental report about the marsh?

- Oh, you mean the one Arthur
Dunbarton commissioned?

It must be somewhere,
you know, in the office.

Derek, I have made the same
mistake with Casey

that I did with Nora!

- Maybe the bus
hasn't left yet.

- Derek!

You're absolutely right!

- Yes. I am.

- What a bummer!
- It's got to be here somewhere.

- Yeah, well it's not.

- Somebody has
to have a copy.

- Dunbarton, I guess. His father
commissioned the report.

I seriously doubt
she's talking to me.

No. No way.

Come up to the lodge, we'll have
a few laughs. Save a lake.

- In a hurry to get
somewhere, young lady?

- I most certainly am.
It's terribly important.

- Well, how about you slow down
and get there safely?

- Absolutely. And thank you.

- Consider it... a warning.

- I had to take
one more shot.

Our only chance of saving the marsh is
that study your grandfather commissioned.

- If I had that report,
do you actually think I would give it to you?

- No. Not really.

- Roxy.

What is he doing here?

- He's just leaving.

You left this
the other night.

Saves me a trip.

- Thanks, I guess.

See you.

- Gran, what
are you doing here?

- I couldn't let you leave after
that horrible conversation.

- I'm really sorry.

I never should
have said those things.

- No. On the contrary,
you're absolutely right.

I am stubborn.

And I alienate
the people that I love.

But that doesn't mean
I don't love them.

- I know.

- Please come
back, Casey.

- Losing you, that hurts way
more than losing the lodge.

- Won't the judge just
take your word for it?

- Highly unlikely.

- Well?
- Sorry, Marty. No go.

What's that?

It's the report.

We've got the report.


- Got it.

We got it.

: We got it! We got it!

We got it!

- My associates
were successful.

- The fax is on its way.

- Ah...

Your Honour.

- Well,
this is interesting.

- You found Casey!

- You found Casey!

- We couldn't very well have
a show without a finale,

now could we?

- Yeah, but the lodge
is being sold.

- Well, I say we go out with a
bang. What do you think, Lizzy?

- I say okay.

- Excellent.
All right, Marty.

I believe we have
some banners to hang.

- We sure do!
- Don't ever run out on me like that again.

- I'm so sorry, Liz.

- It's okay.
We'll talk about it later.

Right now, we have
a show to do,

and a secret weapon
against Dunbarton.

Well, if he gets here on time.

- A secret weapon?

- ♪♪ True blue club
it's crazy could care less ♪

♪ If the sky falls
down I'll say yes ♪

♪ I can still shine
in the darkness new ♪

♪ Dancing, dancing dreaming
I'm at them ♪

♪ Runnin' through the crowd
with my hands up ♪

♪ Never leave 'till
the party's through ♪

♪ Can't help myself ♪

♪ Gotta just ♪

♪ Let it out ♪

♪ Sunlight all around me ♪

♪ Sunlight all around me ♪


♪ Sunlight all around me... ♪♪

- My son's coming
up to see me dance.

He's a famous Broadway

- Wow. Cool.
My dad's coming up, too.

He's a not-so-famous
environmental lawyer.


- Lizzy, the enemy
of the Heron has landed.

Employ delay tactics, stat!

- Roger that.

Hi! Why don't
you come have a seat?

- No, no, no. I'm here to see
Felicia. Business with Felicia.

- No, you--
- Thank you, thank you.

- We have to stall for time.

- Thank you, everyone
for coming to our

"Save the Marsh Benefit."
Before we start,

Felicia Webster
has a few words.


- Thanks. Thank you.

- There you go.

- Um...

I'm sorry to have to announce

that this will
be the last summer

for the Great Blue Heron Lodge.

The lake is about
to change forever.

But... let's treat
this as a celebration,

not as a wake,
and let's remember

all the wonderful years.

And the magic

of this very
special place.

Now, I'm going
to give you back...

to my grandson, Derek.

- Our first act will be

Dennis the Dishwasher,
and... sometimes juggler.

- Yo.

- Where's Edwin Venturi
the Third?

- Right in there.

- Let's get down to business.
You won't regret this.

- It breaks
my heart, Marty.

- You are now
a wealthy woman.

- Come on,
you help me, okay?

- Am I too late?
- Maybe not.

- Ugh... hurry, George!

- Don't sign that
contract, Felicia!


- Who is this man?
- I'm George Venturi. I'm Felicia's lawyer.

I have an injunction
stopping all development

in the area until a new environmental assessment has been conducted.

- This is just a ridiculous,
desperate attempt to stall the inevitable.

- Well, the judge
didn't think so.

Not after I showed him the environmental
report your own father commissioned.

- Thank you.

- Is this real?

It's just a temporary setback.

- Really? I'm guessing your
strategy involved moving

quickly and discretely,
but thanks to my children,

your plans, they are
no longer a secret.

- Care to comment on this
development, Mr. Dunbarton?

- Get out of my way.

- Nicely done, George.

I'm not selling!

- You did it!

- All right! On with the show!


- ♪♪ Rockin' it runnin' it ♪

♪ Rockin' it runnin it ♪

♪ Outrageous ♪

- Nora? If the new child
is anywhere near

as special
as the other 5,

you are a very
lucky woman, indeed.

I am so sorry I didn't
come to the wedding

with this fine man.

It was unforgivable.

But I hope
that you'll forgive me anyway.

- I love you, mom.

- George.

- ♪ All the time in the world
ain't enough ♪

♪ Outrageous ♪♪


- Ladies and gentlemen, I want
to introduce a lovely young man

who's a guest here. He's going
to help me here, today.

A nice welcome
for Mr. Edwin Venturi.

Come on out,
will you Edwin?

- Hey! Hello everybody! And boy,
do we have some comedy for you tonight!

- How old are you, Edwin?
- Well, Mr. Sampson I'm just on 15.

- 15. That's wonderful.
I got underwear older than you.

I give up. Why couldn't Mozart
play with those two fingers?

- Because these are my fingers!
- Thank you very much!

Thank you! Come on.
- Thank you! I'm here all week!

- Rosie's son
is Bernard Blue.

- She really does
have a famous son?

- He's one of the best
choreographers in New York.

I've been trying to audition
for him for three years.

- Well, now's your chance!
- I'm not ready!

- Yes, you are!

- I'm too nervous.

- Pretend it's just us. Alone.

- Yeah, but that's not--
- Look at me.

You can do this.

Come on.



- ♪♪ Fall into line there's no
disguise lemme tell you ♪

♪ This is how it goes ♪

♪ Keep it to the left
come past the rest ♪

♪ Let it float down to my toes ♪

♪ I dunno what you're doin'
but you do it so well ♪

♪ Baby you could do it
so that I can tell ♪

♪ That it all seemed like ♪

♪ You just made it up baby
you're a dream ♪

♪ Dream, dream ♪

♪ Baby, you're a dream ♪

♪ Say it again
baby you're a dream ♪


♪ If you want it go get it
It's waiting come on ♪

♪ If you got it
Now rock it ♪

♪ Don't wait around too long
If you want it ♪

♪ Go get it
It's waiting come on ♪

♪ Now that you got it don't
waste it get on ♪

♪ Come on
Feels like I'm just fallin' ♪

♪ Down the stairs again ♪♪

- Pretty gutsy, Jesse.

- That concludes our show. Thank
you guys so much for coming,

but before you go,
there is someone special I would like to thank:

My sister. Lizzy?
Lizzy, come on out.

- When Lizzy cares about

she makes cynical guys like
me think anything is possible.

Thanks to her,
and some other remarkable people who took a stand,

the impossible happened today.

We'll see you next year
at Great Blue Heron Lodge!

- Wetlands used to be
known as wastelands,

when actually,
they're these magical places that wildlife depend on,

for example,
the Great Blue Heron.

They rely on wetlands
to nest or to forage for food...

- That was huge,
what you did.

- Well, I did it
for my grandfather.

- You know, girls who take
a stand are really attractive.

- They are, are they?

- Hey!

- Casey Macdonald, meet
my famous son, Bernard Blue.

- Ma, cut it out.

- I am so thrilled
to meet you!

- You, too!
- Jesse, tell Casey your news.

- Well, Bernard just offered

me a part in his new show.

- One of the leads.
- I am so happy for you!

- Thanks!

- And I need you, too.
- Me?

But... I don't...
I was just... I never...

- Really? I think you did.
And you should.

But decide if it's
what you want.

Let me know
as soon as possible.

- I will.
- See you.

- Gran. You will never guess

what just happened.
- Your mother told me.

- I'm supposed to start
university in a week.

- I know.

- I guess I could
defer for a year...

but that would
be crazy, right?

- Certainly would.


opportunities like this come
along once in a lifetime.

- Gran!

My whole world
is spinning.

- I know.

Mine, too.

Isn't it wonderful?


- ♪♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Don't let it slip away ♪

- Um...

You wanna dance?

- Not really.
- Me neither.

- We could go for a walk.
- Okay.

- ♪ A perfect day ♪

- ♪ It's so beautiful life ♪
- I'm not playing.

- ♪ So live it strong
A beautiful day... ♪

- Okay, let's do it!
- ♪ Singin' our song ♪

♪ The world's so bright
That's okay ♪

♪ We'll get them in time
on a summer's day ♪

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Don't let it slip away ♪

♪ Don't let it fade to grey ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ A perfect day ♪

- You're not saying anything.
- I'm too happy to talk.

- Really? When I'm happy, you can't shut me up!
- Oh, really?

- Derek!
- Come on, sis!

- Derek, you are such a pain!
- Good vacation, Case?

- The best! You?
- Better.

- Yes!
- ♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Don't let it slip away ♪

♪ Don't let it fade to grey ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ Today is a perfect day ♪

♪ A perfect day ♪♪

- ♪♪ Six lyin'
on the bedroom floor ♪

♪ All is quiet, all is quiet ♪

♪ Pretend they'll lose
you once more ♪

- Did you tap?

- ♪ I can't find it,
I can't find it ♪

- You! Watch it!
- ♪ Tears fall as he slips ♪

♪ In the door
She's cryin', she's cryin ♪

- Whoa! Got it.

- ♪ His dreams are so much more
Wish she hadn't come ♪

♪ It's all right ♪

You're goin' into the lake.

- ♪ You don't have
to be perfect today ♪

♪ It's all right, it's okay ♪

♪ He still loves you anyway ♪

- It's a hoodlum invasion!


- ♪ I'm silent ♪


- Am I going on action?

227, take 2. Mark it.


- 227, take 3. Mark it.

See, camera?

- Again. Stop!

- ♪ It's all right. It's okay ♪
- Happy.

- I just felt something.

- ♪ You don't have
to be perfect today ♪

- Have you guys seen Marty?
- There's a bug in my eye.

- ♪ He still loves you anyway ♪

♪ It's all right, It's okay ♪

- Yeehaw!

- ♪ It's all right, It's okay ♪

♪ He still loves you anyway ♪

- Boom!

Gosh! It's hot.

- It's snowing.

- It's snowing!


- I just took a nap.
I'm sorry.

- Still rolling.
- I took a nap.

- An underhander with
an altitude bypass.


- ♪ It's all right, It's okay ♪

- Gotta love those

I didn't get that right, did I?

- ♪ It's okay
He still loves you anyway ♪

♪ It's all right, It's okay ♪

♪ You don't have
to be perfect today ♪

- Is this a repeat thing or--?
- I dunno.

♪ He still loves you anyway ♪

- Oh!

- Oooh! I want
to hold him!

- No, let me!
- Oh, fine.

- Oh! But he's my baby!
Hello, sweetums!

- But he needs his big brother!
Come back here, Simon, huh?

- Yeah. He needs his important
big brother. Oh, come here.

- Derek, a baby is not
a hot potato. Give him to me.

- Hi, little guy!

- Hey, Felicia?
Would you do the honours?

- I'd be delighted.

Here, sweetheart.
Come to grandma.

Who's a good boy?
He's a good boy. Yeah!

: Cheese!

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