Vacation from Marriage (1945) - full transcript

Robert and Catherine have a quiet little marriage until WWII separates them for three years. Serving in the navy dramatically transforms both of them and they realize how much they resented their old mundane life together. Both dread their inevitable reunion and separately decide to ask for a divorce, but is the marriage really over?

It might seem like this
took place 100 years ago

but the story of Robert and Cathy
Wilson began a few years ago.

To be exact, a sad
spring day in 1940's London.

This morning the
most wonderful chapter of their lives will begin .


I'll take a cab home tonight
and ask you to wait.

I will have all the things ready.

- I do not need this.
- You know it calms your nerves.

I am perfectly serene.

No sweetie. You'll catch my cold.

- Put your hat on.
- Good morning, Mrs. Hemmings.

Good morning,
Mr. Wilson. Go!

- Good morning, Mr. Staines.
- Good morning, Mr. Staines.

Good morning, Mr. Staines.

- Good morning, Mr. Staines.
- Good morning, Mr. Staines.

Mr. Staines, when can I
see Mr. Hargrove?

Mr. Hargrove will see you
when he has time, Mr. Wilson.

Sí, Sr. Staines.


¿Diga, Sr. Staines?

- You can stop by to see Mr. Hargrove.
- Thanks.

This is what you have to say.

"I have served the company for 5 years
minus 8 weeks, Mr. Hargrove."

"Mr. Staines can confirm
that I have worked very loyally."

"I only have 8 weeks to go."

"I hope I can put the
8 weeks aside and match the salary."

"If you make an exception for
the 8 weeks ...?"

Thank you, Mr. Hargrove.

"Thank you
very much, Mr. Hargrove ..."


- You're late, Mr. Wilson.
- I'm sorry.

Mr. Hargrove awaits you.
Come in please.

Sit down, gentlemen, sit down.

The Three Musketeers. So that
you are going. So it has to be.

I also enlisted the
last time there was war.

After 2 years in the trenches
I was wounded and discharged.

I hope the same thing happens to you.

Everyone who has worked here for
5 years will have a supplement

that complements the salary
they receive in the military.

- Thank you very much, Mr. Hargrove.
-Is nothing. It's a pleasure.

Good luck. The sooner you return, the
better for the company.

- Thank my Lord. You are very kind.
- We appreciate it.

Oh yes, of course, Wilson.
I'm sorry about the 8 weeks

But, you know, a rule is a rule.

If I made an exception, others who were
4 years old would think

that they would also have the right of
equalization. You follow me, right?

Oh yes, and also those with
three years of experience ...

Exactly. This
could not be allowed by the company.

No, it would be ... let's see ...

Yes, you are an intelligent man.
And we are sorry to lose you.

- But he will do very well in the army.
- The navy, sir.

It's the same principle ...

And remember, your work is
still here for you if you return.

Hey, when I get back ...

Goodbye, Wilson. He doesn't want to fight but
he will when necessary, huh?

Visit us when you have permission.




Come on, cheer up,
if she doesn't bite.

If poor Cathy believes
everything you tell her.

All you have to do is walk in,
kiss him and say:

"Listen, little woman ... or dear
or something ..."

"I have bad news,
but we will get over it."

"Above the clouds,
the sky is always blue."

"And we have 97.10 in the bank."

"I'm going to the navy tonight.
This is what we'll do:

Put your hat on and we'll go out ... "

"To spend the £ 7.10 on a
farewell dinner and a bottle of champagne."

- I did not get it. He turned me down, Cathy.
- But you've been there for almost 5 years.

Yes almost. But not quite.

Robert ... what greed ...

You see. A rule is a rule.

- I'm so sorry.
- Do not worry.

We have almost 100 pounds.
And the war will not be forever.

- No, it'll be over before Christmas.
- Let's go. I will close the suitcase.

- What's that?
- It's for your shaving gear.

- Cathy ... It's very pretty.
- The others won't have one, will they?

No I dont think so.

In the worst case I
can always get a job.

It's the last thing I want.

You know my point of view
on that matter.

Whatever you want, Robert.


I wanted to take it with me.

What nonsense ...

I put a sandwich in the
left corner of your suitcase.

- Do you have to transfer?
- I do not believe it.

The policy is in the top drawer.
The key is under the clock.

There is a seat there.

- Let me help you.
- Thanks a lot.

- I almost forgot about your gift.
- Thank you Robert.

- Stand back!
- Goodbye,

- Bye ...
- Bye ...

Bye ... Bye, Robert.

I also go to the navy. I'm going
to Rockhampton. HMS Bembow.

Anyone for Bembow?

Anyone for Bembow?

¿Anderson... Abbott... Stanley... ?

¿Gregory... Dunham... Floyd... ?

Henderson... Jenkins...
Jackson... James.. Heath...

Manders... Newcomb.... Scott....

Smithson... Taylor...

- Watson ... Wilson?
- Yes.

That was it, guys. Follow me

Here, Bill. Here you have
the new men.

Go to bed right away

Choose bunk beds.
That the lights go out.

- The gang is not bad.
- They don't look promising either.

You were always a pessimist.
I've seen something much worse.

Worse than that?

- In 2 weeks you don't recognize it.
- In 2 weeks I don't want to meet you.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight friend.

- Is this bed occupied?
- It's not a bed. It's a bunk.


- He's in the navy now.
- I understand. Of course yes,

- When will we get on the boat?
- What ship?

¿HMS Bembow?

This is
Her Majesty's Bembow ship .

This the Bembow?
If it's just a barrack ...

All activities on land
are done as if they were at sea.

- How come you know so many things?
- I know all about the navy.

I was a maritime explorer.

Turn off the lights. Be quiet!

Turn off the lights. Be quiet!


Everybody up!
Let's see her pretty legs.

Cuchi-cuchi.... Levántense.

Get up.

There you go, does it seem more


- He will be very changed without the mustache.
- It will look younger.

He never wanted to look younger. He
left it to appear to be older.

I thought it would be more
important in the office that way.

I hope I can bear it all,
It's so delicate.

Tell me, buddy.
Do you have any update?

Well hurry up. To eat a
delicious meal, ham and beans.

- Something happens?
- Nothing interesting.

Are you not going to eat this delicious food?

Surely you know that letter by
heart. Why do you keep reading it?

Cathy has joined the
women's navy.

- He took my bunk.
- Excuse me.

- They told me to pick a bed.
- Impossible that they told him that.

It's not called a bed,
It's called a bunk in the cabin.

Yes, that was what I meant,
the cabin bunk.

Take that one and get your things out of there.

- Can I put this down?
- On deck! It's the navy.

It's not called the ground, it's the deck. This
is the poop. And the kitchen, stove.

- Remember it or you will have problems.
- Yes. I get confused easily.

- What is your name.?
- Wilson. Mrs. Wilson.

- And what happened to him?
- Who?

- The lucky Mr. Wilson.
- It's in the sea.

This is how you will learn.

- This is?
- Yes it's him.

It has to be from before.

- Where's the one after?
- What does it mean?

- You're not very smart.
- At least I'm not rude.

If you have a cold,
the nurse has to see you . Don't stick it to us.

- If it's not my fault.
- You must eat well and take fresh air.

How shameless you are!

It's horrible to be new, right?
In a few weeks it will be adapted.

We are not so bad.

- What is your name.?
- Dizzy Clayton. Have a cigarette.

No thanks, my husband doesn't like it.
Can these letters be thrown?

Of course. I'll go with you.
It just gives us time before dinner.

Wait here,
and I'll say we're going to the post office.

That way you can't get out.

- Put on some lipstick.
- No, thanks. My husband despises it.

Well then you
must not use it ... ever!

- Are you still alive, buddy? You see something?
- Yes. Lots of sea.

- Follow the convoy in sight.
- Yes, but that's it.

The Greek ship was a
little off track.

It seems that the captain has sung
a sea song.

- What is there to eat?
- Salpicón of veal.

Good. I would eat a whole horse.

Have a drink.

Don't be greedy!

- Who is the pin-up?
- My wife.

- I didn't know you were married.
- One honeymoon day, nothing more.

- Wasn't it enough?
- Honeymoons are fun.

I have had four.
3 normal and one in the US.

They change once married. My last wife
only dressed for others.

- What happened to the others?
- The first was kind of silly.

But we had 5 fun days. They
closed the bar to us every night.

- What happened?
- We lost contact.

And your honeymoon, Bob?

My wife and I went to Clacton-on-sea
in tandem.

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer ...!

I'm half crazy for your love!

I don't believe what I see.

It could be worst.
It's only 2 broken windows.

Some telegrams have come
for you, Mrs. Hemmings.

"Inform my wife. All
permits revoked, Wilson."

And this other ...

"Report to Mr. Wilson. Permits
revoked. Give him my new number."

- "Catherine Wilson."
- Poor guys, what bad luck.

They haven't seen each other since
he was called.

- He's in the navy, right?
- Yes, they take everything today.

- They make a lot of noise, huh?
- My husband says they will pay.

Who is on duty?

This signal has to be brought to the
"Oktapus" now.

Yes sir.

And inform them about the road and
the broken phone wires.

Yes sir.

Important message from
Major Baker. Between.

Important message for you from
Commander Baker.

Telephone lines and
roads are broken.

see if the captain is there.

Yes sir.

- Did you come alone?
- Yes sir.

- There were problems?
- No, but there is a lot of noise.

- Are you afraid?
- Yes sir.

I don't blame her. I also.

And if I were your age I
would be horrified.

- A cup of tea?
- Yes sir.

- Have a cup before you go back.
- Thank my Lord.

You will have stories to tell
your children, when you get married ...

I'm married, sir.

- Is your husband at sea?
- Yes.

- When did you last see each other?
- A year and a half ago.

- That's a lot of time.
- Yes it is.

- ¿Cómo se deletrea "nostalgia"?
- N-O-S-T-A-L-G-I-A.

Nostalgia? What's that?

What I feel without my wife.

I have to write something.
And I haven't seen her for 2 years.

It is easier to write to some
than to others.

- And Stripe talks about experience.
- I remember my current wife.

But in
time I forgot my last woman ,

- Didn't you even remember his face?
- Exactly. And she was a good woman.

But when we part it is as if it was
fading. It was veiled, you know.

- Out of focus?
- If that is.

Do you remember what your wife is like?

- Of course yes.
- Is she blonde?

- Yes, I guess so.
- She is pretty?

Well, she's a pretty normal girl.
She is...

Simple and uncomplicated ...
Quiet ...

Faithful. If that. It is very faithful.

- Do you have any pictures of her?
- Yes.

Here you have.

Yes ... you're right, Bob.

A good woman.
The kind you can trust.

You know where you have it, when
you come on leave.

Yes, you know you won't find her
sleeping with another man.

The quiet ones are the best, even if
they are not so fun.

A signal?
Send a torpedo attack signal.

Torpedo strike signal,
order sir ...!

I know it was a wonderful party,
but the light goes out.

So I don't finish my letter.

- Are you writing to Robert now?
- I thought I should.

- Didn't you have fun?
- Yes this is why. It doesn't seem fair.

- Why? She loves to dance?
- No, he hates it.

I remembered that, while
dancing with your cousin.

- I'd like to meet your Robert.
- I don't think you guys got along.

He has never been to exotic places
like your cousin.

- Come on, call him Richard.
- Yes, that's how he asked me to call him.

- You had a wonderful life.
- Robert worked in the city, right?

Accountant. Richard has
practically built the port of Hong Kong.

It seems to me he just had to repair it.

How old is Robert?

Like Richard.

Imagine, he is learning Chinese.

- Who? Robert?
- Robert, Chinese? No, Richard, silly.

Cathy, was he charming when
you met him?

- Who? Richard?
- Robert.

Ah ... well, he was always
very nice.

Sorry, girls.
Is the time.

You know, I haven't danced since
I got married.

It is a wonderful feeling to
dance with the perfect man.

With who?

With the perfect man.

The cut of the head is not serious.
But his hands worry me.

Let him rest.

What have you got, sister?

He rowed for 5 days with his
hands shattered.

- What a wonderful sight.
- "Ships watch over our sea."

Who said that?

A poet who
fought for freedom 300 years ago .

I'm jealous of you.

You have read and traveled so much.

I do read, but I have never traveled.

- You can do it after the war.
- You don't know my husband.

- Isn't it 1.77?
- 1.83 when straightened.

- Stooped.
- No. Maybe a little weak, but ...

It is stooped. Wind your watch
before you go to the office.

He comes home on the dot year after year.

She is a bit of a whiner, with
yellow fingers from cigarettes.

He doesn't drink, he loves to ride a bike.
He had white mice as a child.

- Don't be so obnoxious.
- Don't make moves.

My husband is devoted to me, and I am
devoted to him.

He has never looked at others.
He never talks bad about people, like ...

- Like me.
- He's not a Clark Gable.

- But you can trust him.
- A habit?

- I do not know what you mean.
- Why don't you stay still?

Well, is not bad. You want to see?

- That's not me.
- Why?

She is lovely, but she
doesn't look like me.

- It's a real copy of you.
- I didn't know you could paint.

No, people think that a
seafaring architect can not paint.

You give it to me? I'll send it to Robert ...

Can you give it to me for my husband?

He did not know who was in the painting.
How is he going to know?

- Should I inform more people?
- I'll be able to write in no time.

Why let your girl
wait more days?

It's just my wife.

Just his wife?

I mean a couple of days
or so doesn't matter.

She is pretty?

More than pretty, pretty.
That's what he thought when he met her.

- Where did you meet?
- In an engineering school ...

As a young man I wanted to be an engineer.

You always have dreams, right?

I went to school at night.

That's where I met Cathy.
She learned shorthand.

We fell in love, we got married.
And that's it.

I understand.

I am boring you with
the story of my life.

That always happens when one recovers
. For that we are.

I don't think he would have told
his superior.

¡Hola, Scottie!

- How are you?
- Very well and you?

Also very well.

What did you think of Tunisia?

It is splendid. But there will never be
anything like Glasgow.

- Nurse ...
- Hello?

Wait, I want
to ask you a question.

Before I go, could we
go out for a night together?

I'd love to.

- Really?
- Well of course.

- Elena.
- Yes, Robert?

I've never met someone like you.

- Equally.
- Is not true. I am so ordinary.

- I also.
- In my world, no.

- How is your world?
- I'll tell you.

Lennon Gardens 87, from 6:30
p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

Jones & Hargorves from 9:00 to 18:00.
A long desk.

Mr. Smith to my right and Mr. Jones in
front with Mr. Scott in charge.

Morgan at the door. With the buttons
circling from side to side.

Doorman Hawkins whistling down the
hall. That is my world.

Plus 2 weeks at Clacton-on-sea.

What's wrong with that?

Nothing, it's a good place.
We are.

Trampled and dry grass.
That's what we look like

lying there in the
sun once a year.

- We?
- Us, Jones, me, Smith and Scottt ...

The bellboy, the doorman,
but Morgan, no. Nothing of that.

He always went for a ride
with Mrs. Morgan on the tandem.

We all got brown but
by September it had already taken off.

As with everything.

By doing the same thing year after year, you
forget to exercise

and to read.

The routine is comfortable.
The same is said of the grave.

The war caused everything to
distance itself a bit.

But that's what awaits me.

You should be proud of
yourself. You and all the office workers.

Have they gone wrong?
Trampled grass?

My husband always said that grass
is one of the strongest plants.

- I didn't know you were married.
- You're not very observant.

My husband said that London was the
most romantic place on earth.

- The discoverer Allington.
- Yes, of course ... Everyone knows him.

He was also a clerk. They were the
names of streets that premiered it.

He sent them to travel around the world,
with Cabot and Columbus.

But more for the names of his
colleagues. He would have said:

"Hawkins fought the army."

"Captain Smith married
Princess Pocahontas and founded Virginia."

"Scott reached the South Pole ..."

"And Paul Jones was the American general
who ... admitted .... beat us."

But we are ordinary
Smith and Jones. We are the masses.

My husband was also part of
the masses. That is why they listened to it.

It was extraordinary. He knew everything about
people from hundreds of years ago.

What they thought and felt.

And he knew what I was thinking and feeling.

Where are you?

He died half a year ago in Burma.

He was a wonderful man.
He had a luminous intelligence.

War came, and ... poof!

I am glad to have met.

I have to go.

Please don't come with me.

Goodbye, Robert.

50 francs please, monsieur.

I forgot something.
Can you add two words?

"With love", just before

"With love..."

"I come on leave,
with love. Robert"

- 5 more francs please.
- Thanks.

- What does "with love" mean?
- "Love", naturally.

- Telegram for you, Wilson.
- Thanks.

- Bad news?
- No, that's it.

- Two letters for you, Maggie.
- Thanks.

One for you, Jeanie.


- Dizzy?
- Thanks.

What do you think of this?
My sister is getting married.


And in white. What nonsense.

Why? He only gets married once.
What did you get married to, Cathy?

- In oyster satin.
- Do you know anything about Robert?

Yes, a telegram, it comes from permission.

How wonderful!


Loosen the bow.
Loosen the bow.

Prepared fore and aft.

I love you. Now you know.

No, Richard.
We are just good friends.

It happened without my wanting it.

I have realized that I am two
people when before I was only one,

And I don't like any of them.
Except for the one you like.

- Listen, Cathy.
- Richard ...

Robert is home. I have permission.
I'm taking the night train with Dizzy.

Since we've
been on land you've been sour like old milk.


- What's wrong? You have permission.
- Shut.

Looks like you're on your way to a funeral.

- I'm all stiff.
- And that?

- Tomorrow night you'll see your Robert.
- I know.

A whole week with him after
3 years. You should be overjoyed.

I have to stand up.

Come on, tell me what's wrong with you.

- 3 years.
- What does it mean?

It's what you said.
I haven't seen Robert for 3 years.

- 3 years seems like a lifetime.
- I understand what you're saying ...

We naturally loved each other. But what
we had together, our home ...

it is from the pre-war period.

- And you don't want to go back to it.
- No, but she will.

You see, I am his whole life,
My poor little Cathy.

An advice. Stay away from
dependent women like my wife.

And what she does in the navy,

I can not explain. Cathy at sea!

Cathy's colds.

Sometimes I thought:
"One more cold and I'll emigrate."

Sometimes I thought:

"If he comes home on the dot
one more time ...

"I'll set fire to the house."

Dizzy, I can't live that life again.

I am not very demanding,

But I can't go back
to that cage with Robert.

With Richard you could?


What does Dick have to do with this?

He's in love with you, right?

Yes, I guess so.

And you? How do you feel for him?

Despite what I feel,
I have to get back to Robert.

- Why are you married to him?
- Do not.

Because he can't survive without me.

Dizzy, the poor thing.
What would he do without me?

Without me to send him
to work every day , he would go under.

Why don't you leave it?

Leave Cathy?

Leave that kitty so helpless?

She is just a little blind kitten.

It would not survive.
I think for her. I plan for her.

Live through me.

Without me, Cathy is like ...

like the collar of
a starchless shirt.

That I could never do. Never.

This is the situation:

Robert will never see that we are like
strangers, if I don't tell him.

The question is whether I should tell you.

I don't understand why he is
such a stranger to you.

I haven't seen John since Singapore,
but ...

Don't tell me you're married.


I have heard that he is alive.

You could have told me before.

How silly I feel.

You talk about how 3 years
make forgetting.

But Cathy, I remember
him and I miss him ...

like it's only been
3 days.

What is the use of talking? Someday he
will return. I can wait.

I have you envy.

You have it all before you.

I have been married for years and
there is nothing left to come.

- Who is that nerd?
- It's me, silly.

Incredible how the photos deceive.
And then it even seemed good to me.

- And the Lady?
- Cathy.

Too bad it's not in color.

It would have been better in color.

This only 4 years ago. If one can
change so much in 4 years ...

- So what is the solution?
- Come on.

If it's for Cathy's sake.

She is a stranger to me, and
I am a stranger to her.

When I see the photo I think:
"We don't know each other."

"We never met."

Look at this. It is me too.

Quiet. No one would recognize you.

She married him, not me.

I don't want to be this, this,
or this.

I want to be myself.

- Why was this not bombed?
- You're tempting fate, Bob.

The poor man finally has permission and
wants to see you.

Aren't you a little tough?

Yes, I know. And he will hope that I ...

What I mean is that
he loves me so much.

It's immoral to have to act
like a man's wife

that one has not seen for 3 years.

We are perfect strangers.

I can't just go back to
married life like nothing ...

- I can not explain it.
- I get it.

Yes, but will Robert understand it too?

- I can not enter.
- Do not be silly.

- My knees are like cotton.
- Come on in.

Can't you wait for me at the bar
on the corner, "The Coach and Horses"?

I can be there in an hour,

- Yes very good. You promise?
- Come on up, coward.

I was always full of freckles
in summer.

My poor Cathy.

His heart is going to break.

I thought for a moment it was Cathy.

But those are not his steps.

It will be about to come.

Dizzy, Dizzy, espérame.

- Dizzy.
- What happens?

I could not do it.

- You really are a coward.
- Yes.

- I'm ashamed.
- You should be.

You could at least call him.

Yes of course.

Oh no, I have no coins.

- Here are coins.
- Thanks.



Was it you before?

What what?


I wonder if we could meet

since you have someone there.

Yes, I could hear you talking.

There is something I have to tell you.
In private.

No, I don't want to go back to the floor.

Sorry, Robert.

But I don't want to go back to you.

He does not know what it says.
Cathy has lost her mind.

He wants to see me at the
bus stop . He wants to leave me.


If you think I'm going to let
my own wife leave me, you're wrong.

See you at the corner bar
when we've talked.

Okay, I'll be there.

Cathy? It's you?

- Yes. Is that you, Robert?
- Yes.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I thought we should talk
in a neutral place.

Very good.

- But not here.
- Do not

Let's go there.

Can't we just sit here?

Yes, but
why not go back to the apartment?

Why not at home?

It is exactly that.
It is no longer my home.

Sorry, Robert. But as I already
told you, I don't want to go back to you.

I understand.

- I've done nothing but think and ...
- About what?

- In you in me and the life we ​​led.
- What else?

- And the life I now want to lead.
- What life is that?

- Do you have another?
- I'm still respectable.

- I do not doubt it.
- You shouldn't be so sure.

The problem is me and my conscience.

I do not know if I am capable of leaving you
all helpless and alone.

Find out once and for all that I can
take care of myself perfectly.

Go now. You needed my support
for everything.

Me? I carried the entire position of
responsibility on my shoulders.

I felt like a trotter
towing a whole load of milk.

You, a trotter? You mean
me as a load of milk?

This is useless.

I knew you weren't going to understand.

- I want us to get divorced.
- Ahead.

- Do you agree?
- Of course.

- Sure?
- Absolutely.

Cathy, by a curious coincidence,

that was exactly what I
wanted too.


What a relief.

I am surprised, but relieved.

Okay. What's next

- We will hire a lawyer.
- No, I mean now.

We still have things to talk about.

Would you like a coffee or a soft drink?

- Yeah ...
- Then let's go somewhere.

- The Coach and Horses?
- Yes.

Are you cold?

Cold? Silly stuff...

- I haven't had a cold in 3 years.
- You were gasping so much on the phone.

I was crying.


You don't say goodbye
to your husband every day.

Nor does one greet him every day.
I haven't seen you for 3 years.

And it's not that I can see you now.

- I'm so sorry.
- Nothing happens.

- I'll go get another.
- Geneva, please. No lemonade.

- Geneva?
- Pink gin, please.

Yes, pink gin ...

Pink gin!

- Pink gin? Your?
- Thanks. I need it.

- Aren't you going to drink yours?
- Oh yeah.

- Good that...?
- What is ...?

- What were we talking about?
- About our divorce.

Oh yeah. The divorce.

- Will it be difficult to get it?
- Calm down. You request it.

- I'll take responsibility.
- But I was the one who abandoned you.

No way, it's
a sanbenito.

- I do not mind.
- I was referring to me.

Should we talk about more things?

- The furniture and the floor ...
- Give it all to Mrs. Hemmings.

- I hated that flat anyway.
- Your?

You always said it was your castle.
That your house was the best.

You don't seem to remember
me very well.

Tell me, was it really that horrible?

- How important is that now?
- None.

Was it, or was it not?

I do not remember.

Come on, drop it.

To tell the truth, you were a
bit like a spinster.


Yes, you know, so old-fashioned.

And you were kind of goofy.

Bobalicón, me?

Maybe it was something old-fashioned, yes.

I spent half my life locked
in an office.

The other half in a locked house
with a woman always with a cold.

Always a cold.

We never took the cool
or exercised, except ...

2 weeks a year when
we go to Clacton-on-sea.

My job was boring and I was in
poor health.

I admit that, it was not, consequently ...

just a movie

That I frankly admit.

But I wasn't being a
spinster, nor was I a fool.

All right, you weren't silly.

Also, I wasn't exactly
a pin-up girl, either.

A Pin-up?
That if not.

- I doubt it.
- It will always be.

In our house maybe not.

God! How bored I was.

- You were bored too?
- Yes.

- Do you remember the wall in front?
- Yes.

It was so heartbreaking. I envied you
so much your walks in the city.

- Did you envy me?
- There is something romantic about the city.

All this I have heard before.

I mean it's
kind of exciting, like ...

- It's the center of the web.
- Yes. You get trapped.

No, on the contrary.
Its threads reach infinity.

I've never seen him like this.

I have always wanted to travel.

- Do you know what I did once?
- What?


Well I ...

No, you're going to laugh at me.

No, Cathy, I won't ...

Do you remember the travel agency
on Victoria Street?

- Yes.
- I went in there once.

So that?

I said that we had made our fortune and
that we wanted to travel the world.

- They were very nice.
- Cathy!

I came out of there with
a bunch of brochures.

"A wonderful week in Luzern.
Luxury excursion in the Amazon ...

The smile of the Sphinx ... "

And when the wall depressed
me too much I went on a long journey.

I've seen it all. Like the hymn:

From the frozen mountains of

to the coral reefs of

- Red or white corals?
- Whites. That was in the brochure.

They were precious.
That beats the pink gin.

I never saw you read the brochures.

Of course not. She kept them
in the stocking drawer.


You already know...

I didn't want you to scold me.

Cathy, I've never scolded you.

No, but my
contempt for your Clacton-on-sea would have hurt you.

My Clacton-on-sea?
I hated that place.

- You insisted we go there.
- Because your cold would go away.

What else could I tell you?

We spent our
honeymoon there, didn't we?

Do you remember the room?

Yes. And the smell of curry?


Hush, ladies and gentlemen!

Free drinks for everyone!

Do you know what day it is today, ladies
and gentlemen?

It is our golden wedding day.

I married my wife when I
was a 19-year-old boy.

- I'm 69 and she's 67.
- But hey ...

But if it is true. We have been married for
50 years and we have never argued.

- They will never believe you.
- Are you calling me a liar?

5 boys and 2 girls and not
one negative comment.

So my wife and I
invite you to beer and dancing.

Let's have a drink.

Everyone is on the dance floor.

- How long are you on leave?
- 10 days. And you?

10 days.

- Where did you learn to dance?
- Here and there. It is learned.

- Where did you learn it?
- Here and there. It is learned.

Good good...

What a launch! Where is the other one?

That other?

Do not be silly. The old man from the sea.
Your husband, Robert.

Shut up, this is Robert.

- Sure.
- Shut.


- Robert, this is Dizzy Clayton.
- How are you?

What do you want to drink?

Dizzy always drinks gin and lime.

Gin and lime.
And another one for you, Cathy?

- Yes please.
- Very good.

Isn't that the husband
you're getting divorced from?

Yes, he is the husband
I am going to divorce.

You must be crazy.

- A poor lunatic.
- I do not know what you mean.

- Hey, you told me that ...
- Forget what I told you. Come.

- There you are. Sorry for the delay.
- Hi, Scottie. Take these.

- For whom?
- For the girls.

What girls

- Well, well. What beauties.
- A double whiskey, please.

What has become of your wife?
Have you killed her?

- I prefer the one on the right.
- That's my wife.

- Your wife? Are you kidding me?
- It's my wife with a friend.

I never understood English humor.

Your wife? Go now.

Cathy ... My friend, Scottie. Petty Officer
McAllister, this is my wife.

- A pleasure.
- Charmed.

My friend, Clayton
is from the Women's Navy.

- We Dance?
- Haunted.

- Aren't you Robert's wife?
- Why do you think I'm not?

Wow. Look to you.

- Something happens?
- Oh, nothing bad.

It's just that you look absolutely
gorgeous, that's all.

Has Robert spoken ill of me?

Robert? No,
you misunderstood me.

Robert has only spoken
well of you.

But I didn't have the impression that
you were pin-up ...

Do you really believe it?

In my eyes, yes.

- Husbands don't see their wife that way.
- Do not.

He said you were very faithful and you didn't
waste money on makeup.

That you were somewhat delicate and
you always had a cold.

That's why I was afraid to meet you.

Yes, I understand.

- I'm surprised you're so young.
- Oh yeah?

- Thanks for the dance.
- Another dance, Cathy?

- No, thanks.
- Do not?

I said no thanks.

- And you?
- With pleasure. Thanks.

What happens?
I see you different.

- What did Scottie tell you?
- Nothing.

I just expected to see a
delicate woman

ugly and irritating.

- How clumsy!
- I found it very interesting.

Now I see why you want a divorce.

That I wanted to get divorced?

Who spoke first of getting divorced?

Who mentioned it first?
Who called who?

- Me.
- And I said yes.

I don't want to get divorced for being
boring, ugly, and clingy.

- I've never said something like that.
- You said I don't buy makeup.

You'll soon say that I don't brush
my teeth. I am not going to tolerate it.

- You called me spinster.
- Because you were a spinster.

If you repeat it again
I will twist your neck.

Will you twist my neck?
What a silly and hackneyed phrase.

I'm not so dependent anymore.

I've been getting by for 3 years.

I have worked as well as you
and I have gained great respect for everything.

I'll tell you this. He was very fond of you,
so he had a bad conscience.

I was afraid of damaging your feelings!

But you've always only
cared about your overrated ego!

- Leave.
- Good. Goodnight.

- I'm leaving, Dizzy.
- I think we're all leaving.


-How far do you have to go?
- Streatham. Cathy lives with me.


You won't get a cab to
take you to Streatham this late.

Cab! Cab!

Well then, let's go to a hotel.

You stay the floor. Cab!

- We can stay on the floor.
- Not dreaming.

- Not dreaming.
- Tell her not to be silly.

- He says don't be silly.
- Tell him not to mess around.

As long as she is my wife, I don't want her
on the streets at night. Cab!

- Here comes one. Cab!
- Cab! Cab!

- Where to?
- Streatham.

No way. Close that door.

- What do we do now?
- Here's the key to the flat.

- Tell him I have a key.
- It already has a key, Robert.

I'll wait here until a taxi arrives.

- He'll wait for a taxi here.
- Well, we'll all wait here.

Tell them to go back to the bar. To us
we nothing happens.

I'll take you wherever,
to the taxi or to the flat.

I will not leave two women alone on
the sidewalk.


Yes, Robert.

We appreciate it.



It is a nice neighborhood.

Yes, it was before the bombings.

- What was here before?
- Stores.

Very nice shops.

Here was a kiosk where he bought
the newspaper on his way home.

Right here.

Right next to the butcher shop.

The laundry.


The butcher shop was opposite.

No, next door.

Next to the greengrocer.

Both were opposite.

The kiosk, the butcher, the greengrocer,
the laundry,

they were on the north side.

The laundry yes, but the butcher
and the greengrocer were opposite.

Where is the north?

There is the north.

- Then the butcher shop and ...
- They were in front.

If only we had a compass.


All the compasses of the
British Navy can indicate what they want

since the butcher
and the greengrocer ...

Shut up, Cathy!

Please don't talk to me, Robert.

Talk to you?

I don't want to talk to
you, dear. Trust me.

You believe yourself a lot. You have become

For the first time you have put on a Sunday.
It was about time, by the way,

all painted on the mouth and
carded hair ,

And do you expect me to speak to you?

I would not speak to you even if we were
alone in the garden of paradise.

Trust me, I'll never say
a word to you again .

Good evening and bye.

This is what causes war in
men. Bad guys.

Before he was a terrific husband

He didn't even raise his voice.

No one really knows how good it
was. If he was my whole life.

Did you hear the things he said to me?


Are we going to the floor?
We are all very tired.

"Presuntuoso" ... No, you just;

- And I don't have combed hair.
- Of course not, let's go.

Shall I accompany you to the floor?

No, thanks. It's here next door.
-Goodbye, Scottie.

Goodbye, Mrs. Wilson. It has been a
very interesting and instructive night.

I'm about to get married.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Goodbye. Goodnight.

Never speak to her again.
Never! Never! Never!

For once you've told her what you
think about her. Very good.

"Presumptuous". That sure
was not expected, right?

"Overrated ego". You
hadn't expected that either.

Not that it's true.

Ego ... Ego.

Your ego has never been very big.

You always had to think of

Well, that already happened.

Calm down.

You know perfectly where you are and
where you are going.


Where are you going then?

On the left? Not home, silly.
Not on the left.

Forward. Exactly. Face
the future alone and without fear.

The past died.
The future awaits you

and nothing can stop you.

What's the matter, Admiral?
Tired of life?

- It's your eighth cup of tea.
- I can not sleep.

- I can, if you let me.
- Forgives.

But tonight it reminded me

to our first dating dates
in engineering school.

She was going to be a stenographer, specializing
in business Spanish.

I had noticed him
for a long time.

One day before entering class, I
was eating when he entered.

There was only room at my table. So he
said to me: "Allow me to ..."

I said, "Of course." He spilled my milk
and everything was cut off.

- What was cut off?
- Robert was shocked.

He asked me for another

and I said:

"Haven't I seen her in Spanish class?"

I told him yes. And he said,
"Do you always dine here?"

I answered yes.

"Do you like engineering school?"

I told him yes.

And much later he said:

"Maybe we could have lunch
together sometime."

I answered yes.

Where are you going?

Sure, to collect things.

But remember something, nothing to get
sorry and weak.

A quiet and dignified entrance.

Perhaps a charming
and distant smile .

If it's there, of course. A
friendly smile ....

Could you do it better.

Amazing how people can change
in 3 and a half years.

Do you remember Cathy in the old
days? How cute she was.

You gave him the best years of
your life.

Were they the best years?

A) Yes. Step on the ladder, let him hear you.
As if the site were yours.

Why are you being so careful?
Oh yeah, of course.

The next steps make noise.

Take off your shoes.

No, the socks have holes!

Do not be silly.

What you think?

That Cathy can
patch them up? The Cathy of now?

Not in a thousand years.

Who cares anyway?

Have you noticed something?
You are not out of breath.

You always used to wheeze.

War has served you for something.

Come on, cheer up. And remember:

If it's there, be firm,
distant, and determined.

- Sorry, I don't want to bother.
- I was not sleeping.

I was just coming for my things.

Do you remember the high walls
that cut off the light from the room?

- Yes.
- They are gone.


Now we have the view you
always wanted.

Miles and miles of it.

But everything is shattered, Robert.

Poor you, old London.

We will simply have to
rebuild it.

That's all.

It will take years and years.

And how important is that?

We are young.