Vacances portugaises (1963) - full transcript

Fran├žoise and her husband Jean-Pierre invite some friend couples to spend a weekend in their large villa on the Portuguese coast. What follows is a romantic intrigue, with each character discovering a little more about himself.

December, 1962.

A few miles from Lisbon, on the
other side of the Tagus River,

is an isolated house.

A couple, Jean-Pierre and Fran?oise,

bored of the high society
and of Paris' hustle,

came here to look for winter sun.

They love each other.

Fran?oise dreams and draws.

Jean-Pierre gets passionate, in a
nonchalant way, for electronics.

All this could easily
lead to an ordinary life.

Too easily, in fact.

When in the hustle and bustle of
cities, they dreamed of solitude.

In isolation, starts to
appear the shadow of regret.

Fran?oise saw it coming,

she just invited her
best friend to join them,

she's looking forward to it!


Phone for you!
It's Miss Barbara.

I'm not in Paris but in Nice.

It's for my newspaper.

A congress like Unesco,
lots a speeches and all.

I'm embarrassed, I think
I won't be able to come.

I'll phone you from the congress.

Was this your report in Portugal?
Who is it?

A man?

No, fool! Don't be jealous.
It's my best friend.

You could have told me!

Mister Edouardo, may I
point out to you that when

I talked to you about this,
I barely knew you.

It's a lover!
-Not at all.

I don't believe you!

See for yourself!

Yes madam, it's Nice.
Stay on the line.

Very well. One point for you.

Wait to see what's next.

Darling? Yes, we've been cut out.

I'm sorry.

Don't be disappointed, there's
no reason to take it tragically.

I was counting a lot on her visit.

We go round in circles like
in a carousel in this house.

It makes me dizzy.

Barbara would have cured us.

I see you coming...
Barbara was medicine.

Since she's not coming,
you're looking for a new treatment.

You think I should invite the
survivors from the gang.

In a way...

No. Impossible.

Too far and too complicated.

We're not in Montfort!

It'd be the first time you'd
resign to do something impossible.

We make a list, you call
your secretary in Paris

so that he books plane
tickets for everyone.

A two hours flight. It's
only like going to Deauville!


We'll never make it.

But of course we will.

You don't show it but...

You are meticulous and organized.

I know the secret of the men like you.

A sloppy scientist always
hides a neat closet!

Quiet! You're right!

So, it's a yes?


Yes, even though I'll regret it.

So... Michel in Paris.

Bernard, Jean-Marc
and Eleonore in Nice.

Stop it!
- Why?

If they all come,
we'll look like two devils wanting

to cause disaster because
they're bored as hell.

It's a bit true.
And so what?


Why not ask Daniel if
Barbara's not coming?

He must be too busy.

Working at Unesco must be absorbing.
- Not a bit of it!

Since he stopped writing,
he moves around but it's not working.

Paris, please.

Od?on. 0, 5, 0, 8.

A notice for Michel Bollinger,
at Bollinger Publishers.

Portuguese Vacation

See, you're happy!

Don't be too happy,
I'm only playing along.

Look at Michel and Daniel.

They look like two kids in a playground.

It's odd Michel wanted to
come with his secretary.

I like Mathilde.

We finally will have
seen Michel at work.

But, it's Catherine!

Wonderful, his paternal
side's coming out.

He usually never speaks of his daughter.
He'll always surprise me.

Being a father's not only made of perks.
Catherine almost cried to come.

You're not mad?

I'm delighted to have her.
She's pretty cute.

I hope I won't cause too much trouble.

Not at all, you'll sleep at Mathilde's.
She's got two beds.

Are you okay, Mathilde?
- Of course.

Can I stay with you?
I'd like to wait for the other plane.

But of course.

It lands in 15 minutes.
- Come on now, a little order!

Stowaways don't have
their right to speak.

Come with me.
- But Dad!

And don't start. Andiamo.

So Catherine, how are you?

Come on! We'll talk about
women stuff while we wait.

Come on, let's go!

What a nice strong fatherly teaching.

Speaking Portuguese

Michel's going to look
for you the entire trip.

With his philosophy of
experience. - I see.

You asked for it!
- Dad!

Are you really going to work?

With Michel, we can never know.

In theory, we should.

But in practice, it's you who decides.

In practice, he's incredibly lazy.

Everything's an opportunity
to do nothing.

You have him on a tight leash.

Between tennis, friends,
poker and women,

he doesn't have much
time left for publishing.

You're not mad I put Catherine
with you? - Not at all.

She even makes me laugh.
I just look at her and I crack up.

What did she want at the airport?


It's plausible.

The great and silent love.

Actually, she'd like to have his scalp.

What about you?

Obviously, I won't be marrying Charles.

You must be right.

And now?

Now? Nothing!

For how long?
- I don't know.

No projects.

By the way, tell me who's coming?

I'm expecting three mysteries.
- How so?

You'll see.

Number one, explain to me why
Eleonore's coming with two men.

Let her live her life.
- What a life!

Theoretically she loves Jean-Marc.
- And so what?

You find it normal she's coming with
Pierre, Jean-Marc's best friend.

Number two? - Jacques certainly hasn't
found that mysterious socialite

among the Lapland people.

Parisian ethnography!

Number three, who's Bernard, the
great writer and seducer, coming for?

Oh, Barbara!

But you're right.
- You didn't tell me she'd come.

I'm thrilled, I like her so much.

She wasn't supposed to come.
She told me she was busy.

It's terrible!

Don't you like her?

Of course, I do.

But you're going to
witness such scenes.

Oh right, Daniel.
We have to go warn Barbara.

- Coming.

Don't worry, I'll take
care of everything!

I finished quickly and there
was a direct flight so I came.

Are you mad?
- Of course not.

I've been wanting to
see you for months.

Listen, Barbara.

There's something I have
to tell you directly.

Last night I was with Jean-Pierre,
who was dismantling a turtle...

He's still into it, you know.
- You said directly.

Okay. Since you wouldn't come,
we invited other people.

I saw them in the plane.
- You didn't see them all.

Some were in the plane from Paris.

What can I do?
It's Jean-Pierre who invited him.

All this to tell me you
invited Daniel, right?

It's simple, I'll just go back.
I had to be in Nice tomorrow anyway.

No, you can't.

No way! I have so much to tell you.

I have to go back, sweetie.
I love you...

But it would be hell.
I mean for the others.

I don't care.
You're here to stay.

We'll find a way.

I could kill him.

And we'd put the body in the
stove, I never saw one bigger.

What do you do when you see him?

I don't see him.

I mean if you saw him?

I don't see him, he's transparent.

And what does he do?
- The same.

Then you just keep doing it.
- How so?

There's room you know, and we're a lot.

If you run into each other.
You're transparent.

You don't see each other.

And him? - Don't worry,
I'll take care of him, alright?


I agree with you, you know.

He's a bastard.

Mostly a miserable.


Do you love me?

Of course I love you, darling!

It's a nice place.

Jacques? Why don't
you love me anymore?

But I just told you I loved you.

Yes. But you didn't say it
the way you did in N?mes.

I can't always say it
the way I did in N?mes.

You want me to say it like in N?mes?

It's too late.

You will have loved me
five and a half days.

I love you for six and a half months.

Six months and twenty-eight days.

I don't understand where you get
these five and a half days?

They're not hard to find.

Two days in N?mes.

One day in Rambouillet.

One and a half in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

And one day in Montargis.

If I understand correctly, we don't
love in Paris. Only in provinces.

I'm not in the mood to joke.

Let's just not make such counts.

And what's that one day and
a half in Saint-Jean-de-Luz?

We stayed there for three days.

Yes, but you only loved
me one day and a half.

You didn't look at me
during the bullfight.

Come on now, don't be silly!

We can't love each other 24/7.

Well I do. I love you 24/7.

Of course. That's the only
thing you have to do.

I expected that reproach.

It's not a reproach but a fact.

You're making me say it.

You're exasperating, sometimes.

See, you don't love me.
I exasperate you.

Since I'm telling you I love you.

Yes of course, you like me.

I don't like you, I love you.
Like rarely before you.

And I love you like
never before you.

It's not a competition.

And why would I be here with
you if I didn't love you?

You came for your friends.
- I came for that, also.

But mostly to be with you.

If you really wanted to be with me,
we would have gone back to N?mes.

Like we'd said.

But honey, since they
kindly invited us here.

It's fun to be here with everyone.

You were afraid to be
bored alone with me?

Of course not. But we can
go in N?mes whenever.

But we won't be there tomorrow for
our eighth month anniversary.

We'll go for the ninth.
- It won't be the same.

You know eight's my favorite number.

I would have loved to
be in N?mes with you.

We'll go next weekend. The
eighth day of the eighth month.

It'll be better.

Give me a kiss.
- Finally.

What do you mean, finally?
- It's the first time today.

That's not true.

Remember this morning.
We even almost missed our plane.

When you want me, of course.

How can you say that?

Am I not kissing your right now?

Because you don't want me now?

Sometimes it becomes
impossible to talk with you.

Whatever I say, I'm wrong.

We shouldn't have come together.
It's over between us.

You already told me that.

In N?mes, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz,
in Rambouillet, in Montargis.

We can't always be giving proof of love.

You're right, Jacques.
I'll leave.

Where are you going?
- Back to Paris.

Please, don't start again
with your suitcase.

So long, Jacques.
- Why do you want to leave?

And how? You can't just hop
on a plane without ticket?

Don't worry, I don't want
to bother your friends.

Do you realize this
whole fight is nonsense?

Nonsense, that's what our love is.

Don't be melodramatic.

If you don't let me go, I'll scream.

Very well, I'll go with you.

Can I?
- This is ridiculous.

I agree. - Why don't you stay
with your friends?

Because I love you!

Is it true, Jacques?


Say it.

Say it again.

It's always the same.

We never bring the right dress.

You're wrong. The other one
suited you beautifully.

What a pain! I look awful.

Relax. We have time to deal
with this terrible situation.

Do you have a cigarette?

A Gitane.
- Give it anyway.

You smoke these nasty
cigarettes, like Dad.

Since you know everything,
how is he doing?

How many this year?
- How many?

How many lovers?

One would have to run
fast to follow him.

Do you still use the same mascara?

I found a new one in Geneva
that doesn't sting at all.

It's called Maybelline.

I forgot it, so you know
what you have to do.

What a surprise.
-Your dress is lovely.

Where did you buy it?

No reason.

Did you ever wear it in front of Dad?

Remember Ir?ne?
She was his ninth lover.

She only wore that kind of dress.
Dad loved it.

Clean up all your mess!

Calma, calma.
I'll do it now.

I don't understand Dad.

His relations with women, for example.

And you?
- It'd be too long to explain.

You've known each
other for twelve years.

You know everything of his life.

You look like two old mates.

And yet there's never been
anything between you.

When it's not love at
first sight, you know.

Tell me.

All this nervousness and solemnity,

and the fact you insisted to
wait for the second plane.

Let me guess.
- No need, I don't want to play.

I love him since I was a kid.

He is everything a man should be.

Smart, kind, extraordinary

He's not handsome you know,
but he's a true man.

When I think of all these stupid boys.

He's different, you know.

Who is it?

Will you do me a favor if I tell you?

Do you swear?
- Anything you want.

It's Bernard, so lend me your dress.

I knew, you know.

I was going to lend it to you anyway.

And I knew you knew.

What a story!

Daniel is okay but it wasn't easy.

The line between comedy and drama.

Silly us! What a blunder!
- It happens everyday.

If we had to keep all those
on bad terms from meeting

we couldn't throw one single party.

You seem to like it.
- It amuses me.

I can't wait the moment they'll meet,

pretending not to see each other.

If destiny exists,

it must be having good laughs.

I married a devil.
- A nice one.

Alright, a nice one!

Go prepare your walk.
Bernard is going to be great.

I hope so.

Tell me.

You need to have two, now.

Is one available?
- They both are.

Yeah, right.

What's going on between
you and Jean-Marc?

How come you're still not dating?

He never declared his feelings.

Everyone knows he loves you.

Maybe not him.

He's been talking about his
cruel B?atrice for six months.

What B?atrice?
- It's a figure of speech.

I'm not sure she really exists.

I think it's an excuse
of his to take it slow.

To wait and see.
- See what?

That I don't know.

If I really love him. If I'm the one.

Tell him that, that you're the one!

Are you coming to see my room?

Does it have an access
to the patio? - Yes.

Jean-Marc seems like a simple guy.
I steal you one.

But in fact he's really complicated.

He's very tormented and reserved,
like the music he writes.

That's why I can only convince
him with something complicated.

I understand.
- Understand what?

Come on, don't be silly.

You're not a sadist.

Your goal is not to
have them both suffer.

You're not the competitive type.

They're not going to fight for you.

So Pierre should court you
to make Jean-Marc jealous.

And force him to declare his love.

Do you think I'm crazy?
- No.

Men fall into the most basic traps.

They're so sentimental.

What is Pierre thinking?
- He doesn't know.

He came here without asking why?

For a weekend in Portugal, naturally.

How do you know he'll play along?
- I don't.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'd have preferred a rose.

I'll get you one later.

He looks like a teddy
bear but I like him.

It seems he's very
successful with the ladies.

I'll go see my two men.

It seems there's a walk
coming up. - See you.

I wouldn't touch the queen.

You saw that?
- And that?

Don't take care of the weak
spots, only of the strong ones.

- At ease!

You unpacked your suitcases?

Yes, Eleonore.

Your suits on the hangers?
- Yes, Eleonore.

Ready for the walk?
- What walk?

A visit at Palmela's castle.
Beautiful ancient ruins.

We haven't finished our game of chess.

We can finish later.
- There's a gentleman.

You should learn from
your friend, Jean-Marc.

In fact, he'll be rewarded.

Well in that case...
- What about our game?

No grumbling. Everyone
outside in thirty minutes.

Come on, let's go.
- It suits you because you're losing.

Who says I'm losing?

What if I get your queen
checkmated with my knight?

And that?

How are you?
- I should tell them at Unesco.

Blackmail? - No. A future Nobel prize
winner in its intimacy.

Say Michel, are you his
publisher or his impresario?

Are you coming? I'm
taking you to the castle.

I've got work to do.
- Ah, Mathilde?

No, she's been his
secretary for eight years.

He is here for studious vacation.

Kid all you want but
I'm doing all the work.

Are you writing, now?
- No, I've got authors for that.

I have to work on my layouts.

"About eroticism in marketing".
- Highly cultural work.

What a work!

I have to go.
Enjoy the castle!

They call me Ondine.

They call me Hans.

They call me Catherine.

Is everything ready?
- Yes.

Layout of "About
psychoanalysis in marketing".

Corrections for "About
eroticism in daily life".

And two weeks of mails.

You could have answered it!
- And forge your signature?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Okay, let's go.
- Should we start with the mails?

No, you'll do that on Monday.
Let's do the layout.


I'm going to get a new car.
- Again?

Come on, let's work.

You're working less and less.
- It's because you work for two.

You go too far.

I supervise things.

I choose the texts and images.

A Military Chief doesn't
dig the trenches.


What a vain person you are.

It's an excuse for your laziness.
- Oh, come on.

You're lucky to have me.
- I'll have you decorated.

One more?


Are you coming with us? We're going to
visit the ruins of a Moorish castle.

It's wonderful.
- Impossible, we have too much work.

So according to him, "at the same time"
doesn't mean anything in astronomy.

An absurd view on the world.

So we see together two things.

That don't exist together.

The same way the image we get from
these ruins is completely false.

If 90% of men's body is water,

I wonder what it is like for ladies.

You're going too far.
- Not at all!

Here, look what we're supposed
to lose our minds for.

The hanging lip, the loving
gaze and the boob forward.

You're not exactly a monk!
- And I don't speak of the accessories.

It's not getting any funnier.

Are you tired?
- No, never.

Yes you are, I can tell.

If you want to stop just say it.
I can work as long as you want.

Alright, since I have to.

It's me who wants to stop.

I can't find new ideas anyway.
- Always finding excuses.

If you want to stop just say it.

You won't leave me alone.

Okay, I want to go for a walk.

It's beautiful, no?

Ruins aren't really my thing.
- They seem to be Bernard's.

Let's go up there.
- That's enough for me.

It's all haunted.
- Haunted?

Well yes, I just ran into a ghost.

Let's go see the ghosts, Pierre.
- Won't you be afraid?

You'll protect me.

Let's go!

Your friend is nice.

You didn't know him?
- Barely.

Left-wing newspapers aren't my thing.

I didn't think he was
that elegant and playboy.

He wouldn't be happy to hear that.

He thinks he's Saint-Just.

Are you old friends?

Yes, for twenty years.
He's like a brother to me.

I see.

Here, look where your brother just went.

It was a wonderful strategic position.

Impregnable without paramilitary.

You no longer want my arm?
- Of course I do.

Eleonore, can I talk to you frankly?
- Of course.

I don't want to pry, but...

I know Jean-Marc well
enough to know there's

a certain sentimental
relation between you.

It is rather uncertain.
- If you say so.

In any case...

I had the feeling to be tagging along
a couple, however uncertain it is.

But since we got here you're
being more affectionate

with me than with him.
I don't get it.

You talked of a sentimental
relation between me and him.

Well the thing is to make it more real.

And what's that got to do with me?

I'll explain.

I want you to play a game.
- A game?

Oh it's nothing serious.

I'd like you to play make-believe,
regarding Jean-Marc.

See why we had to come. It makes
him so happy showing us his ruins.

You all love each other a lot, right?
- Yes. We know each other well.

I mean for a long time.

I wish they'd like me too.

But I feel so hung up.

Why? They're very down-to-earth.

Well, mostly.

I wish they'd like me for you.

So you don't have to
be embarrassed by me.

Why would I be embarrassed by you?

They all seem so intelligent,

so being among them...

It makes me feel like a socialite.

I feel stupid, you see.
- I like you.

And I love you. You know?
- I so like you.

And I love you, too.

Oh, don't mind us!
Love is so beautiful.

Did you bring back Jean-Pierre's car?
- There it is!

I'll take it. I'm tired of sightseeing.
- Okay, we'll go with the others.

Keys are on the dashboard!

Hey, lovebirds!

How are you?

Hi Daniel. How's Unesco?
- I barely work.

Finding any noble savages?
When do you go back?

Ethnography is mainly sorting
papers in Paris, you know.

Let me know when you get to the
sexuality of the Lapland people.

Still a pervert, huh?
- You're working hard?

Yes. I've just been offered
an expedition in New Guinea.

Really? And when are you leaving?

Let's go back?
- If you want.

You can stay if you want.
- It's not funny.

Alright, I want to go back.

Great, because me too!

Will you knock it off?

Who knows?
- I am tired of your clich?s.

Come on, let's go!

If 90% of men's body is water...

I'd like to talk to you about
something but I'm afraid to...

You shouldn't. I'm no longer 20.

That's precisely why I was afraid.

What's it about?
- An article.

Here it is.
- Read it to me.

It's called "What
happened to your youth?".

Where does it come from?

Some newspaper.

I'm listening.

One could understand that
Bollinger makes a fortune editing

luxury pornography on the
pretext of art or science...

It's rather stupid than mean.

...but this man is now working
on a more popular collection

which first issue will be a
psychoanalysis of Marxism,

in which a chapter about
Stalin's puritanism

will undoubtedly please
the enemies of the people.

In his youth, this man was an
activist of the Workers Party.

This should bring back
some decency into him

but today he is showing his true colors.

This renegade is a class enemy.

It's disgusting. Telling such lies.

Disgusting, but not wrong.
Come on.

What do you mean?

I don't like to talk about it.

Are you afraid of something?
- No, I just hate playing veterans.

Is it me who's wrong
to have stayed the same,

or them who are
right to have changed?

Yet it's true I was an amateur
terrorist for four years.

I spent one year in jail.

I believed in universal happiness
and in a classless society,

with all the violence and
sectarianism of youth.

I still do, despite appearances.

I was against gas chambers and all
forms of racism that followed.

But I also liked abstract painting,
serial music and science-fiction.

Oddly enough I think it makes sense.

And that work doesn't regenerate
people but degrades them.

Long live the 2-hour working week!

Do you realize you just made a speech?

Sorry about the confidence.

That's what I took it for.

You can get profound, sometimes.

Every ten years, when world
events push me to it.

- Yes?

If you think you haven't changed...

Why do you react like if you'd
forgotten about the past?

Listen. I don't really know why, but...

I'll tell you something
I never told anyone.

Sometimes I wonder...

Tell me.

I wonder what some people
would think of me now.

Like who?

You won't be surprised but it's a woman.

Catherine's mother?
- Yes.

We'd been fighting together.

Before she passed away.

Sometimes I wonder what
she'd think of who I became.

You understand why I don't
like to talk about it?


- Yes?

What are you thinking about?

I thought there was at least
one woman in your life

that you had respect for.

Why don't you ever tell me things?

Are you talking to me?

Yes, of course.

You very well know it's
listening to your friends...

that I learned about
your trip to New Guinea.

I just happened to tell
them because it came up.

I was going to tell you.

You already would have if you loved me.

It's still all very
uncertain and far from now.

We could be so happy together.

But I am happy.
- You, yes.

Because you love me
less than I love you.

Let's not start again with this.

If you care so much about
loving me more than I do...

Well I can't stop you.

What about a nap before we go?

See, that's all I'm good for.

How so?

Good for what?
- Making love.

I'm only suggesting a nap.

It's the same thing with you.

So if I want to go with my friends,
you say I don't want to be with you.

If I want to be with you,
you say it's all you're good for.

I don't know what to do anymore.

How long will you love me, Jacques?

What are you saying?

Will you keep on loving me?

Of course, darling.


Are you asleep?

Did I wake you?
- No, but Genevi?ve's asleep.

Come play poker with us.
- Let me take my jacket.

It's been a while.
- That's surprising.

She won't let you play?
- What do you think?

She's a possessive person.

But she's a nice girl.

Work is freedom, so come!

We look great together.
- Like lionesses.

Our men must be wondering
what we might talk about.

I can imagine.
"They don't know anything about politics

or about literature".
- "They have no general understanding."

"What superficial creatures!".
- You think we'd intimidate them?

They think we're mean. They must think
we're devouring some innocents.

By the way, where's Catherine?

She's getting ready for two hours.

In whose honor?
- Don't pretend you don't know.

When men... -If you say "men"
the way they say "women".

They don't say women but females.

Look who's coming now.


We're already drinking whisky,
even though it's tea time.

I'll get some later.

Your dress is lovely.

Who made it?
- Strazzi.

I interrupted the conversation.
Please continue.

No you didn't.

We have to relax sometimes,
it feels so good.

This will hurt.

What's your score?
- 80!


- 34!

What a smokehouse!

Men together...
- Please Eleonore, it's serious.

I came for Jean-Marc and Pierre.
They've played enough.

They didn't come here to play.
- We're almost done.

Do you want to sit?
- No, I'm taking them with me.

At your disposal!
Finish counting, Mathieu.

Where to? - The park, for a jog.
It's very healthy.

Don't you think we've
walked enough for today?

Very well. Pierre?

Let's go, Jean-Marc!

They're nice boys.
- Eleonore would agree.

Everything can be shared.

Who won?
- Michel!

And you?
- I don't play very well.

Poor Pierre.

Your arm, Jean-Marc!

Do you know what time it is?
- And?

It seems a bit dangerous
going out on a field trip.

Wearing high heels,
I don't intend to do

anything else than
walking around the house.

Miss Eleonore, you are...
- You don't have to be so polite, Pierre.

Your wish is my command, Eleonore.

But I need Jean-Marc's approval. I don't
take decisions without his consent.

He's my spiritual adviser.
- I didn't get a confession for a while.

But I'll be indulgent.
I give you my consent.

Bravo. If you're nice, I'll teach you
how to play a game of liar's poker.

It's more amusing than
your serious poker. - Why?

Because you can tell
the other: you're lying!


You call that jogging?

You want to play ping-pong?
- Excuse-me.

I am your guy.



I want to tell you something.

I'm listening.

I'm not sure...

that I should tell you this.

Tell me!

Later tonight.
- Alright.

As you wish.

You have everything you need?
- Yes, thanks.

Catherine seems fine.

I was thinking of what you said earlier.

I only talk about my cars, my
affairs and my drinking, so...

Why are you talking to me this way?

I wasn't being aggressive...
You were so different.

Do you have regrets?

I just wonder...

Darling, you're wonderful!

I'd ask you out if you
weren't my daughter.

I knew you'd like this dress.

I bet I wasn't the one
you put it on for.

Nice couple.

Don't I look lecherous?

I have to tell you an incredible story.

I was walking inside and
I saw an open door.

I stopped, discreetly.

The show I attended was
quite surprising.

A mirror... A beauty in front of it.

In her bathrobe!

She disappeared...

Then again, the same
mirror, the same beauty.

This time with her bathrobe
open halfway up her thighs.

I understand clearly, now.

It's difficult seducing a real man.
Isn't it, darling?

You're a jerk!

I think you're going too far.

She's just a kid after all.

Yours, on top of that.


You could be her father but
you're not, so leave me alone!

Gentlemen, please!

I know it's none of my
business, but still...

I pushed a little.

Whatever you do, no hypocrisy.

It's best for everyone.

You can go to her, now.

To console her.

You want it, don't you?

So do it!

Alright, I'll go.

Being a father's not easy.

There you are!

It hasn't ruined your appetite.

You've been looking for me?
How nice!

I wanted to see you.

Did you see how he's treating me?

He's not helping...

It's not easy to be natural.
A young girl with adults.

I'm never myself.

So with him...

Well, you know...

He's treating you the way
he treats all the women.

It's not easy having
a grown-up daughter.

It's incredible how you understand
things. You're wonderful.

I'm not that special.

Are you hungry?

I'm a very good cook.
Take a seat.

I'd like to make you an omelet.
Or a dish if you want.

While you tell me everything you
explained this morning. Alright?

Of course.

With truffles? I'm really good at it.

But I don't want to eat.

You just said "of course".

Not for this.

I won't force you.

I love you.

I need you.

I want to be with you.

Let me talk, you'll answer later.

I know what I want.

I know I'll always be chasing after you.

What you are.

What you mean to me.

So why wait?

Just because I'm young?


You're worrying me.

I want to be alone with you.
Let's go for a walk.

Full house. Kings over queens.

Kings over queens?
- Yes.

You're lying.


I wouldn't have raised.

It's Eleonore's turn to deal the cards.

Do it for me. I'll go put on a robe.

I'd like some more vodka.

It's your fourth glass.
- So it'll be the fifth.

- No, go ahead.

Will you accept me in my night clothes?

Very decent, I assure you.

Too bad...

What are you, a teenager?

It must be being in Portugal.

I'm usually rather puritan.

I know.

I'll deal instead of Eleonore.


Vodka and cards are ready.
We're waiting for you!

Here I am.


That nightgown is very ordinary.


Very ordinary.
- The bare minimum.

Very charming.

Thank you.

One pair.

Three cards.

Two pairs.
- I'll take it.


Four of a kind.


Four of a kind!

Are you kidding me? You
had two pairs, then...

Hey, you can't talk in poker!

Look into my eyes.

I do.

Repeat what you just said.

I do.

Don't be silly! What you declared.

Four of a kind.

You're lying.


- Jean-Marc's out.


Your turn!
- Wait, we'll do another one.

No, I want to go to bed.
- Jean-Marc!

See you tomorrow.

Do you think he's upset
because he lost?

Of course not.
He's the most fair player.

You wanted to provoke him.

And you won, Miss Eleonore.

I thought we said you
didn't have to say Miss.

It's true, sorry Eleonore.

I thought the show was over.

It's strange, him running away.

When all I wanted was...


there is two kinds of
love, very different.

Intellectual love and genuine love.

I think Jean-Marc is more
of an intellectual lover.

And you?

You're more of a genuine lover?


Well I hope I fulfilled my mission.

All that remains is to say
goodnight and go to sleep.

Goodnight, Pierre.

Goodnight, Eleonore.

Some opera singers sing
"I'm flying away..." but then...

they stay rooted on stage.


I know, Eleonore.

It's all unclear.

To me, at least.

You asked me to pretend. I did.

I don't want to stop pretending.

It doesn't look like a game, anymore.

In principle Pierre,

I'm in love with Jean-Marc.

Maybe in principle.

But not tonight.

You wouldn't have let him leave.

You're beautiful!

I should run away from you.

Then do.

Let me go.


It's easy, using force.

No it's not.

You want me to go?


I'm going to kiss you.


What are you doing for me, Jacques?

What do you mean?

What are you doing to help
me, to understand me?

I don't know. What question is that?

It's because you do nothing.

Nothing that can get
in your way of life.

What are you doing for me, then?

I almost got a divorce for you.

If you almost got a divorce
then I almost married you.

Please, don't.

Don't joke about that.
- I don't.

I just pointed out that you almost got a
divorce, but it's very well that way.

It suits you, huh?

If I have to prove it to you,
I'm always willing to...

live with you, fully.

Why always talk about proofs?
- Because it's what you need.

To be always reassured. About
the others and yourself.

Goodnight, Jacques.

Let's stop playing, honey.

You are young, beautiful, and...

not stupid.

And I am who I am.

I love you, you love me.
- Leave me alone, Jacques.

Come on, honey.
- Aren't you sleepy?

Are you having fun?

There's a funny article on cybernetic.

I meant here.

In my bed?
- You can be such a pain.

Like when you don't want to answer.

You know I'm stubborn.

I do know you.

You're wondering if your friends
playing games amuses you or not.

In married life, you can't
hide anything from each other.

It's impossible, you know.

In one year, in five years...

You'll blame me.

For having created this
bond of friendship.

Because it's all that will be left.

You'll look at me with different eyes.

The ones with which I
would have looked at you.

And maybe you'll hate me.

These reasons are mine.
What are yours?

I feel good with you.

It's the first time I feel alive.

That I'm not afraid to be myself.

You said you were afraid.

You're afraid?

But I am the one who's asking.

I want to be with you.

It's impossible, Catherine.

It is today...

And it will still be in the future.

Don't I mean anything for you?

I'm pretty. I love you
and I am ready.

Ready to be anything you want.

Is that what you're afraid of?

Maybe we get bored with a little girl.
Is that what you think?

What I think...

I think of you.

Me? But I'm just a little girl.

What do you think of me?

- You've always been afraid.

It's too late, now.

Want one?
- No thanks.

What are you thinking of?
- Nothing.

Nothing at all?
- Just that I'm feeling good.

Why is that so?
- Silly you!

What are you doing?
- Can't you see?

I'm stretching.
- You call that stretching.

Stretching my way, yes.
- A curious way.

I learned this in Sumatra.
- Well if you keep doing it, I'll come.

No, stay on your couch.

I'm coming.
- Stay where you are.

Here I am!

Leave me alone!
- You provoked me, it's your fault.

You don't want me?
- No.


What a misfortune!

Eleonore no longer wants me!
- I do.

Eleonore no longer wants me!

I do, only not right now.

Don't stay like this.
- I don't have anything to put on.

You want this?
- Yes.

And like this?
Do you think I'm decent?


And like this?

What is this? - My Romanian cap
that I got in Braila.

It makes you look like a gasman.
- That's nonsense!

It's the hat of the
proud Komsomols, dear!

You of all people should
recognize it, Robespierre!

Here I come!

You're crazy.

So let's talk of something serious.
- Like what?

Like us.

It seems serious enough to me.

Very well.

You don't want to have
a serious talk? - No.


Here I am.

- I'm rather quite awake.

Tell me.

Was that child so difficult to comfort?

Your weariness and that
satisfied eye make me think that

she's now reconciled with the world?

I'm probably weary,
but not at all satisfied.

Not satisfied with myself.

I already don't understand women,
so a 19 years old... Impossible!

Why not?

I'm in no state to
engage in self-criticism.

Maybe tomorrow. Good night!
- Good night!


Alright. Truce!

It can never go away completely.

And yet, one hour ago...

We did end up meeting again.

How long ago?

Five years. You weren't counting up.

But I was.

So was I.

With rage and
resentment, but I was.

Let me look at you.

You're still the same.

So are you.
- No.

We say time plays against women.
Maybe. But against men, too.

I'm 42.

Five years ago, I was ten years younger.
It changes everything.

Still attracted to young girls?

If I told you...
- Tell me.

It would take all night.

And you?
- If I told you...

Tell me.

I've lost the habit.

I never tell anymore.

I stopped laughing.

I mean really laughing.

I've been in situations of despair.
- Don't try telling you feel lonely.

I know you...

There are two that I loved madly.

One that gave me what I'd never had.

But I never laughed again.
Never told again.

I hated you like we rarely hate.

I destroyed you.

I wanted to see you
crawl, torn into pieces.

I should know. I've been
dumped 3 times because of you.

Now I'm in a secure position.

I didn't mean that.

I think it's normal.

I'd made you and you'd got away from me.

You no longer deserved life.

I haven't been unhappy.

I didn't feel abandoned,
I did tons of things.

I am powerful.

No one can harm me.

People stand in line for
me to write about them.

I've had fun like crazy
for the last five years.

But no one to share that with.

I thought of if I weren't angry
with Daniel. Wouldn't we laugh!

I had a husband.

Tons of lovers.

But no more accomplice.

Me neither.

I cried of rage for nights. I wanted
to crush your face with my feet.

But I stopped laughing for real as well.

Now I'm free. I do what I want.

You can go in every bar on earth without
being yelled at when you come home.

I've stopped drinking.

I never fool anymore.

I've become a serious and boring man.

I think, I make speeches...

Do you have regrets about me,
or about your youth?

I don't have regrets about you,
I hate regrets.

I live each day as it comes.

But you'd made me feel something
that I never felt since.

I don't love you,
at least not anymore.

And now,

whose name are you
writing on your notebook?

I had an unfortunate
passion three years ago.

That's good for vanity!


And now no more big passions.
- One-night-stands?

No, I hate those.

Just flings. With no tragedy
and no consequences.

The perks without the risks.

You still remember?

What I like in coffee is caffeine.

I hate tobacco without nicotine,
pastis without alcohol

and love without risks.
- I've changed.

People change.
- It's a right.

You're right, though.
I do miss my youth.

If I understand correctly...

not only after yours!

You want a drink?

You stopped drinking.

But you?

I stopped.
- So let's drink!

You want a Scotch?


Maybe some vodka.
- That's new.

I myself started drinking amaro
in Italia. But vodka's good, too.


I've missed you!

I miss you, Barbara.

It's hard to explain.

You've become a stranger.

Someone else.

And yet it's like it was yesterday.

I've become someone else.
So have you.

I'm starting to feel like
it's all moving very fast.

I've never felt that again.

I hate what you have become.

When I think I spent 6 years of
my life loving someone like you.

Your vision of things is terrible!

You live in a world of
gossip and contempt.

You only believe in
celebrity and scandals.

Everything I hate.

But in only two minutes...
I see you've remained the same!

You think yourself to
be in better condition?

You live in a world of
cowardice and abdication.

You stopped believing in
what you did ten years ago!

And yet, you too,

you remain the same!

I always wondered if
such things could happen.

Regardless of time and logic.

We are on bad terms.
- Deeply.

We both think we're right.
- Even more so.

We don't even believe
in each other's honesty.

When I think of what
you've done to me...

I wonder how a smart guy like
you can't see what a bastard he is.

I think you're a first-class bitch,

and that you're pouring
all your resentment on me.

I don't have any.


Even if.

I stopped wanting what I'll never get.


I didn't mean to attack you.

I know.

I don't want to reconcile, either.

I know.

I'm against reconciliations.

We pretend to forget but we don't.

We simply stop saying it.

Everything rots.

But I don't want to rot.

I wonder what I'm doing with you.

So do I.
And yet here I am.

I feel like it's a miracle.

My heart's pounding.

I don't give up fighting.

I don't understand.
- Neither do I.

My heart's pounding as well.

I could get closer to you.

I could hold you against me.

Everytime you did...
- I know how it would end.

And I know it now.
- And?

I hold you...
- What good will it do?

Are you against it?

Of course.

I've been waiting for you.

Why are you acting like
this with your daughter?

That's how I always do.

I discovered a new you this afternoon.

Don't take advantage of my weakness.

I'm not like this.

I don't know what happened to me.

Does it bother you?

Not really.

But I don't like
showing all sides of me.

I like secrets.

It's silly, ruining your
life out of modesty.

Maybe you're right!


Is it true?


Are you trying to reassure me?
- You think?


Five years or five days.

Who would have thought?

We've known each
other for eleven years.

We haven't talked for five years.

We've avoided each other for five years.

Do you think it was lost time?

It's not lost.
It's just time, that's all.

I was happy, I'd just
written my first book.

Without knowing it'd be my last.

I didn't believe in love at first sight.

You always wore horsehair petticoats.

I never understood how
you could sit on it.

I wouldn't sit a lot.

How many times did I trip
in those awful petticoats.

Standing up. No thanks...

I have never again been sweet-talked to.

It's not possible.
- What?

We say 'I have never again'
every two minutes.

You've become very down-to-earth.
- I've become someone else.

And so have you.

What can happen to those two strangers?

Anything, if we really were strangers.

I'd like you.

You've gained weight.

And maturity.

A disenchantment that
suits your wrinkles.

And your larger hips.

And your whitening hair.

I could fall in love with a
guy who's lived everything.

Who's seen and known it all.

I like your weariness.

I'm not weary. Just tired.

I was gifted at so many
things so I did none.

Just like me.

I failed at what I really wanted to do.

In fact I don't know what I wanted.

I've forgotten.

Maybe we could...
- We could probably do nothing.

I wonder if we could start over
without getting back at square one.

We'll never know.

We'd have to do it to figure it out.

That's an idea...

Unfortunately, it's not
only a matter of ideas.


- What is it?

They might see us.

Are you afraid or ashamed?


I'd forgotten about them.
They'll soon be here.

Tell me.
- Yes?

It's odd that habit you
have of speaking ill of me?

You don't hold back.

Besides, it's not true.

You show your wounds like a war veteran.

You seem to forget it's
you who wounded me.

There we go again.

Back to square one.

Is it a trial?

Not even a test.

The dawn of the beginning
of an experiment.

Even if we wanted to.

We couldn't.


If I understand correctly,
we're on bad terms again.

In a way.

But it won't be the same way.

We'll look at each
other from a distance.

Both on our own mountaintop.

It was only an intermission.

I fear.

We cannot change just
because we decided to.

So it's a good-bye?

Only if we still had things
to say to each other.

It's more of a farewell.

I leave you.

We'll hold hands in the stars.


Bye, cat brother.

I'd forgotten all about that.

But I'll remember now.

So, are we lovers?


And does it commit us to something?

I think so.

You know, I've had lovers before.

I didn't doubt it.
- Not a lot, though.

I never felt I was commited.

Especially when I wasn't in love.

It depends on who you meet.

Look where intellectual love gets you.

Now, you're mean.
- No.

I'm being honest because
I spent the night with you.

And it gives you rights?
- Only one.

Telling you what I think.

And what are you thinking of?

That you're beautiful.

No need to be quiet. I'm awake.

In fact, I barely slept.

Why is that?

Nothing to do with you
running away, don't worry.

Were you with Dad?
- Yes.

And why not.

Don't get it wrong, my anxiety
has nothing to do with you.

- Yes.

It won't work.

It's neither his fault nor mine.

Bernard was right. It wasn't possible.

I realized it as I was
trying to persuade him.

I made a fool of him.

Despite myself.

He must be feeling weak, ugly and old.

Though he's none of these.

It's funny but I still have
hope as I'm telling you this.

It must be childishness.

Me and your dad aren't childish.

Yet, we're not further ahead.

Later, when I'll go see your dad...

I have no idea what's going to happen.

But nothing will ever be as it was.

Do you know I love you?

You know I love you, too.

Why do you love me?

I don't know. Because I like you.

Is that all?

No it's not. But you're asking
point-blank while I'm shaving.

I have to think over.

I don't, Jacques.

I love you because if I didn't,
I'd be dead.

Beautiful line. Where'd you get it?

You're hurting my feelings.

Darling, I was only joking.

That's what I blame you for.

I wonder what you don't joke about.

What proves you're not joking
when you say you love me?

What proves it? Nothing of course.

Why should I believe you if you
can't explain why you love me?

I love you because I love you.
It's simple.

Yes, but you don't love
me the way I love you.

But no one loves the same way!

We never love the way
we'd want to be loved.

Would it help you if I loved you less?

No it wouldn't.
What would is if...

you stopped reconsidering
everything every two minutes.

Get ready! We'll sunbathe
a bit before we leave.

- Yes?

Would you kill yourself
if I stopped loving you?

Please, don't start again.

I love you. Don't kill yourself!

The weather's nice.
I'll wait for you downstairs.

What are you doing?

There's no reason for you
not to be with everyone.

Are you listening?
- I'm working.

Don't fool me!
You only like what's new.

And I know you've figured
these out for a long time.

What I've figured out
is our little friends.

I already know what can happen to them.
I've lost interest.

I'll never get used to the
inhumane nature of your whims.

They're not guinea pigs!
- I'm not a biologist.

Come on, Jean-Pierre!

It'll be hell if
you start staying aside.

Alright, I'll come.

But I'm only doing it for you.

You're sweet.
- No.

But I am with you.

I wouldn't like you being
sweet with everyone.

Is it a love declaration?

In a way.


La Viaccia.

A film by Bolognini.

One of the characteristic aspects...


We won't get it done, darling!

My name's Mathilde!

There's no way you're
calling me darling,

like all your gals to whom
I send flowers in the morning.

No retrospective jealousy!

No jealousy at all! It's not my kind.

I don't intend it to be just
because we spent the night together!

Just because?

Silly you!

Kissing a man seemed
incredible to me as a kid.

You've already told me.

You didn't care,
but still you told me. - Hey!

What about the pastor
and his six daughters?

You'd fall in love with each of them in
descending order. Have you forgotten?

I too, didn't care.

But still you told me.

I know that.

I don't believe in love at first sight.

At first sight, after eight years.

It'd be more like love at last sight.

There's no more mystery.
- Indeed.

I know everything about you.

I know you like if you were my daughter.

It's inextricable.

I wish we were simple people.

Loving each other and living together.

We don't do as we please.

Forgetting's not up to us.

What usually matters in love
is the pleasure of discovery.

The pleasure of telling
about each other's life.

We've known each other for eight years.

We know everything about each other.

Who cares? I love you.

We've got habits.
We've settled into a routine.

We argue all the time.

I make fun of you.
I find you sentimentalist.

Thoughtless, inconstant, superficial.

I know you're lazy, cynic, indifferent,

debauched, liar without scruples.

But I love you.

But so do I, sweetheart.

- Then?

We're getting ourselves
into one kind of a hell.

We won't be able to hide
things from each other.

We'll work.

You won't be the same again.

You're right. It would be hell.

Think about it.

That's all I do.

You look tired. Had a bad night?

I dreamed a lot.

Imaginary memories.

Here's one more with troubles.

You should go talk to her.
- Go yourself.

I don't like talking to women.
I feel intimidated.

Alright, alright. I'll go.

I feel full of generosity, today.

I wonder why, by the way.

I feel like we're all scaring you off.

Not at all.

But I am a little shy.
- Sure.

Finding yourself with so many
strangers can be confusing.

But love makes it go away.

Why are you saying that?

You know very well Jacques
doesn't love me.

I mean, not truly.

Then he's faking it well.

Because it looks like he does.

You think so?
- Of course.

I've rarely seen him this way.

Tell me, Barbara...

Have you known him long?
- Yes.

For a few years.

Has he loved many women?

It depends what you call love.

Let's say he's met a lot
of them but rarely settled.

With you it looks like
he wants to settle.

Then why don't I believe in his love?

Jean-Marc, come with me for a walk!

Alright. If you want.

I have to talk to you.

You don't have to.

Besides, I'm not really into
confessions, scenes and all that.

Even so, you have to know.
- But I do. I'm not stupid.

I wish you both a lot of happiness.

Don't make things more difficult.

You know very well that
I came here for you.

Pierre was only a pretext.
- Admit you were distant.

I know it might sound childish
but it wasn't deliberate.

I know it doesn't make sense.
But you have to admit you helped.

I wanted to know if you loved me.

The answer's clear.

Don't be bitter.

We've all had affairs in our past.

Maybe we can try to start over again.

Maybe means you're not sure.

You're right, I'm not.

It's my fault.

And also yours.

You're so complicated.

Otherwise you wouldn't have left
me alone with Pierre last night.

Did you expect me to remain
impassive? - Yes.

Well I can't, it's a fact.

Sometimes I'm weak.

And you made use of that weakness.
Against yourself.

But firmness...
- You don't have any.

You love suffering,
living your fantasies,

proving to yourself you're
a saint, a martyr, a pure soul.

But I'm not fan of that
kind of literature.

I expect a man to be a man.



I'm sorry!

If I've said those things,
it's because you mean a lot to me.

Don't be sorry.

That's life.

We always end up apart.

I think you love me.

So do I.

You've retreated yourself into silence.

Even yesterday, I would have loved you.

You're just saying this now.
- No, I thought it then.

I wondered if you were going to
make up your mind for months.

I did but it's too late.

There's always a right time.

And if we don't take it, we're lost.

I don't believe it.
Love's not a fight, nor a lottery.

I'm not a loser in this affair.

You're the one making it a tragedy.

I love him. I avoid him.

I wasn't sure I loved you.

Now I know.

I love you.

I leave you.

Let's get back.

Go without me.

You don't want to come with me?

I want to be alone a while.


- Yes, and you?

We'll finish packing.

I hope you weren't worried.

Should I have been?

Of course not!

Do you think you should have been?

Of course not!

Listen, Jean-Marc!
- Don't bother.

We've got two possibilities.
A duel or staying friends.

Since we're both nice and smart,
we'll stay friends.

You both love each other.
So be happy!

I think we will be.

Why is that making you laugh?

I'm laughing because
I arranged all that.

What do you mean?

Come on, Pierre.
What if I'd stayed last night?

We would have kept playing poker.
And then we'd both have gone to bed.

And what would have happened?
Nothing at all.

I knew what I was doing when I left.

You married us, in a way.
- And I bless you!

It's very simple now,
I go back to Paris, and you to Nice!

You're ready? - Yes.
But Jean-Marc's already left.

Do you think he's hurt?

You never know.
But at least he hasn't lost his pride.

How so? - He told me he's
the one who arranged it all.

I don't understand.
- It seems clear to me.

He deliberately threw us
into each other's arms.

When he left during poker
last night. He married us.

And you believe him?

No. But he's my friend,
so I pretended to.

You're so nice!

So nice!
- Silly you!

Next Sunday, in N?mes...

will take place the last
corrida of the season.

Answer me honestly!


When have you ceased loving me?

So what do we do, now?

Have you got an idea?
- None.

I wonder what's going to
make us the most unhappy.

Suffering of living together.

Or suffering of being apart.

We might as well try suffering together?


Let's try.

Do you think people
are happy or unhappy?

And what about us? Are we happy?

There's in you a kind of disregard
that turns my blood to ice.

Everyone gets to meet the
devil once in their life.

You're mine.

And I just realized that
hell isn't a furnace,

but a freezing desert.

I am no devil!

I didn't cause any disaster.

I didn't make anyone suffer.

I wouldn't like it anyway.
- I didn't call you a sadist!

I said you made fun of people.

Not that you enjoyed torturing them!

I find people's acts and feelings to be
tremendously vain and ridiculous.

Therefore laughable.

Mine included.

It's true. There's always
a wall between people.

But sometimes a stone falls out,
and through it we see a man.

Their visit didn't help us a lot.

Their love problems don't
change anything to ours.

It wasn't the idea.

Anyway. We're in the same situation.

Which is?

You're lucky if you know it.


I wonder if there's a way
to prevent love from fading.

For a while I thought there was.

I had ambition for us.

I was trying to give your
life another meaning.

I failed.


I love you, too.
- In your way.

I don't know any other way.

I don't understand it!

It's a machine that steers itself.

It calculates its changes
of direction itself. - What's the point?

It's the mother of all
robots. Look carefully!

It'll come towards me.


Robots are so young.

But already unpredictable,
like the old human race.

Subtitles: Ainowhite