Vabank II, czyli riposta (1985) - full transcript

[CONTAINS SPOILERS] A sequel to "Vabank" (1981), introduces the same characters entangled in a duel between a former safecracker and a crooked bank manager. Imprisoned ex-banker Kramer breaks out with the help of recently released accomplice and wants to get even with his nemesis, Kwinto. Kwinto calls up the old gang to respond to this threat. In the end, Kramer seemingly victorious heads to Switzerland by a prearranged flight to Zurich. First, however, they have to cross the German border. They bribe the Nazi border guards, board the plane and land in what they think is Switzerland, only to find out that the film-team has outwitted them with sets and actors and the police is waiting for them.

May 1936.

Vabank 2.

You realize I did all I could.

Tell Kramer about it.

Where have you been?
Why haven't you turned up so long?

What about the appeal damn it?

Our appeal has been turned down. The
sentence remains valid since yesterday.

Does he mean it?

I am afraid he does, Mr. President.

Am I to be stuck here
for six more years?

They'll be another amnesty in two or three
years and you'll be free. Be patient.

Get stuffed with your patience. You were
to get me out of this, weren't you?

What did you do about my case? I am innocent
and that bastard Kwinto is at large.

Prisons overflow with innocent guys
and the world's full of criminals.

I do not pay you for your golden ideas.

Speaking of money, you owe me 965 zlotys,
excluding expenses.

Who did you hire?
Is he the famous salvager of prisoners?

He won't get a penny any more.

Quiet, or else I'll interrupt this visit.

In this case, this is our final interview.

You were to arrange
for a single call for me!

You are an old stupid
asshole completely inept.

Mr. Stawinski, kick his ass in my name.
Get off my sight, bastards, off my sight!

You don't know who I am!

Hey you, banker, come up to me after the

What for? Who is that guy?

You don't know Sztyc?

I am out in two days. How much can you pay
to be free in two weeks?

A third of what I have.

A half of what you have abroad.

Are you mad? Where?

So long! I was wrong about you.


It's a deal, but only if you get me
to the spot.

It means?


Once I am out, I must get from you two
thousand bucks in advance, dollars.

Dollars? Why not sixteen thousand zlotys?

No zlotys.

What's my guarantee?

None. Take it or leave it.

All right. One thousand once I am out.

One thousand at the border
and the rest one the spot.

I was wrong about you. So long!

Wait. I must sign a bank check for you.

Your secretary will hand me the check.

What secretary?


You know damn lot about me.

Because I am damn lot intelligent.
You are lucky to meet me.

All you talk of, Kramer-is money.

Mrs. Zwirski, the president's wife,
to chief warden Tvardiyevich.

Yes, Mr. President. Indeed.

She is just coming, I believe.

Thank you, Mr. President.
I wish you a... speedy recovery.

It is such an awfully nice place.

Awfully nice.

My name is Eva Zwirski.

I know. I know. Your esteem husband
has just announced your coming.

Take a seat, please.

What can I do for you?

First, be discreet, please.

It's about Kramer.

Gustaw Kramer, the embezzler,
who robbed his bank.

May I be straight wit you?

I don't see why you shouldn't, madam.

Let's keep it between you and me.

By its nature, my job seals me up.

This is quite a sensitive matter.

I and my husband were the anonymous co-
founders of Kramer's bank building.

Of course, it did not come up in the

In short, Kramer owes us
many thousands...

The point is... get the money from Kramer.

I knew you were clever.
Can I see him, then?

Of curse, there's nothing against.
Would you see him in the visitor's room?

If I may, I would rather...

But of course. Pardon me, please.


Bring that ex-banker here!

To your office, warden?

I said bring him here!

Yes, sir!

It seems to me I've met you before.

Maybe one of those parties thrown by the
late Minister Pieracki?

That's right.

Do you know that some six months ago Kramer

demanded to be put in a single cell?

He fancies being on holiday in Sopot.

Move to the john, banker. They say
you don't like our company.

You'll eat there.

The "bardashka" soup.

Bon appetite.

Thank you.

Kramer out!

Hey, you son of the bitch, they must be
taking you to a spa.

My husband holds you very highly. He
mentioned a vacancy in the Justice Ministry.

I am simply a faithful servant to our
re-born homeland, madam.


Prisoner Kramer reporting.

I guess you want to be left alone?

No, please stay. I need your present.

I will feel safe.

You guess why I am here don't you?

Pardon me, but I haven't had
the pleasure...

That's what I thought.

It's about money, Kramer.

The money you got from me and my husband,
Francis Zwirski, in May, 1930.

You must be mad! What money?

Behave Kramer, or you'll earn you
a dark cell.

Warden, sir, I've never seen her before.
She must be some cheat!


A cheat?

Sir, they want to frame me again.
What money? What money?

What a insolence!

I have something to aid your memory.


What is it?

Stick them up, baldie!

Did I come with my lapdog or without?

With your lapdog or without?


Open up or I'll shoot you dog dead.

Fire! Fire!

Open up the gate!

Lock up the gate!

Yes, warden, sir!

Damn it, damn it!

Get inside...

Hold your fire, it's the warden!

Jesus, hold your fire,
it's the warden.

It's him, number WE 10511, get him!

Bravo, for an offbeat escape.

Filing through the bars is obsolete ploy.

He did not recognize your voice on the
phone. He took you for Zwirski.

In Poland no one will check on
his superior, nor will search a woman.

See you.

Meet the baroness.
She was like a sister to me.


He is my brother-in-law.

Hell of a man, and a finer driver.

You have bought them a honeymoon in

I only wonder why you had served your
three years without escaping in this way.

That would not make any sense.


Because then I would be wanted by all police
forces in the land, just as you are now.

Very funny, very funny.

Here are your passports and train tickets.
Tomorrow at this time you will be in Vienna.

You'll make Zurich in the evening.
And the money.

Hurry, the train is leaving in 30 minutes.

I am not going.

What's wrong?


It means I am not going today.
I still have business to do.

Are you crazy? The police will swarm over
all rail stations in an hour.

I have waited so long,
that a week or two do not matter.

Anyway, we have to go.
We've done our job.

The police will cool down,
and we will do what we must do.



That very Kwinto?

There is only one Kwinto.

In this case I give up my responsibility
for the success of your escape.

You will hold me up and get me fake
documents. No hysteria.

After all, I bankroll it.

That Kramer must be crazy, sir. We stopped
him on the road outside Warsaw.

Once such guys aspired to
be a Napoleon at least

and this one claims he
is the chief warden.

He has something to do with prison, though.
His attire.

Commissioner, what an adventure. At last.
Please tell these idiots who I am.

This is chief warden Tvardiyevitch from
the maximum security prison in Sikawa.

Were you part of the runaway party, sir?

Enough of it! Well, thank you so much.
Did you catch Kramer?

I got the registration number of his car.

What's the use of us catching him,
if you allow him to flee?

You made all call off the hunt,
and this is what they want.

One moment.

Don't move.

Hands up.

You are under arrest.

Handcuffs, corporal.

Hold it! What is the meaning
of this, damn it?

I am asking questions. What is this?
A funny game?

Kramer is out!

What the matter?

What's come over you, our forensic

Do you realize how much
is one meter of the tape?

Do you? You have spoiled
a whole long scene.

Every minute lost goes into hundreds of
zlotys, Mr. Mox.

I am very sorry, Mr. Johnny.
It will never happen again. I promise.

I apologize to all of you.

I'll be late for the theatre show.

Yes, you're right. Get back to your
stations. The cab and the extras!

We repeat. Camera ready? Well.

Maybe you shouldn't go to work today,
boss? Wait till it clears up.

Uncle, uncle! When will we go to water

Do as you like. Anyway I am going
to town with vegetables.

I'll get the news.

Water is still warm.

Henryk, a telephone for you.


This is Dane. I have a hunch
that we are in for trouble again.

He is in trouble. He is on the run.

Anyhow, I'm going to do
what I long should have done.

Leaving for a vacation.
And I advise you to do the same.

I've been on vacation for two years.
So long.


Do you know the latest news?

Does that mean you may walk in here without

I am sorry... I thought...
I think we should tell Kwinto about it.

Do you think he cannot read?

One way or another-this is no reason to
disturb the filming

and damage the film I pay for.

It spreads fast.

I thought I had taught you something,
you scum.

That was different.

What is Kramer up to? I guess
it's our move now don't you think?

I don't know what Kramer will do,

but I know I will charge you
for the film you have spoiled.

We must discern between private affairs
and official business.

We are shooting a film and this is a
priority, Kramer is in the pipeline.

Luckily he aren't got rusted.

What's going on?

Why don't you ever tell me?

Because I love you.

Excuse me, the boss would not tell me.
Are we raising the price on beans?


And on bread beans?

You have a toothache?
When did you last see him?

You have a toothache?
When did you last see him?

Why asking me?

Because you are his secretary.

I was.

And you have no idea where he could be

No idea at all. Maybe he's gone abroad.

Would you, in his place?

I have no reason.
I am an honest citizen.

If you think he is hiding somewhere here
please check.

Some other time, maybe.

Now listen, if Kramer gets in touch with
you, you

an honest citizen, won't fail to report
it. I hope?

I won't fail.

Thank you and see you.

Thank you. A fake passport will cost.

I am paying for it.

Mr. President, the whole police force
is on the alert.

This is really a very bad hideout.

I won't move from here unless I read his
obituary in the press, Mr. Sztyc.

I have never dealt in wet jobs. I am an
honest con man.

Besides, revenge brings
an irrational factor into play.

I repeat. I shall not move out of here,
ever, as long as Kwinto is alive.

And I shall not sign any more checks.

All right. I'll get that Kwinto for you.
But then we are off to Switzerland.


Yes, partner. You have put a new promise
in our contract. So have I.

You are exploiting my situation, rascal!

If I were a scout, I would give you no

but you would still rot in your cell.

But since I am free, I won't be on first
name terms with you.

Different strokes for different folks.

Welcome, gentlemen.

Thank you.

Two vodkas. I am looking for a tough guy.

You want someone for a roof job?

Could be, but on a rainy day.

There are many to choose from after the
recent amnesty. Try that loner over there.

Do you got light, man?

I don't smoke.

May I?

Depends what?

They say you like adventure.

Who is that?

You got a wrong address, pal.

Yes or no?

You've spilled salt on Friday.

It's bad omen.

I'm not superstitious.

Attention ladies and gents,
watch out now.

You must play vabank for your luck.

Good fortune is born of risk.
This is the gist.

You must play vabank for luck.
Stake your life and gamble on.

One never wins who lingers on.

Fortune is a gentle lady.

Who dislikes those still unready?

Play vabank and gamble on.

Those never win who linger on.
Hit the jack pot, go vabank,

or you'll never make front rank.

Fortunes like to play it double.
And we like to ask for trouble.

Is there a back door here?


Which way?

The gate's side.

Good night.

Are you still here?

Here's the key to the back store.

Thank you Henryk. Good bye.

You scared? Sit down.

Were you I conference?

Kramer is out to kill you. His secretary
has a hireling called Tedlar.

I know him. A psycho.

If Stawinski works for Kramer
he must know where Kramer is now.

We could pass some clues to the police.

You are still not getting it.

Damn it. I wish I knew
what they were up to?

It's simple. Bug Stawinski's telephone.


Of course. It takes a couple of wires.
I'll fix it up for tomorrow.

Maybe he won't start it up again.
Revenge is not an endless business.

He will. His Zodiac sing is the Ram. He
won't let up.

Anyway, keep out of sight for some time.
Let's say a week?

I can promise you this much.

Nice. He is here, as well.
It's nicer and nicer.

The president is busy.

I don't give a shit.
Your recklessness will cost us.

Not in this way.

Come on.

How dare you get in without knocking?

Shall I teach you good manners?

Excuse me, president.

Kramer, you son of a bitch! Do you want
this escape to succeed or not?


Your damn fool of a secretary went
personally to hire a gunman, that's what.

And if I know it since today, Kwinto has
known it since yesterday.

Mr. Sztyc!

Shut up!

Then another damn fool went to the joint
where Kwinto worked and lost track of him.

Now Kwinto will hole up so well that we

going to find him for another thirty

Is he right?

In a way, sir.

Your fucking revenge makes us only
lose time and go to unwanted risks.

And the damn bitches at that!

I pay and decide what we do.

All right, but I am also in it, and I won't
have police to raid this place!

And besides this idiot brings over
the other idiot over here!

You may have been followed.

You counsel?

You want revenge?
All right, you'll have it.

Only none may take arbitrary steps.

All I want is to read Kwinto's obituary.

Personally I believe that death
is short of revenge in his case.

Revenge really hurts, when its target
can fully see and experience it.

Death is pain enough.

I have a way to bring Kwinto out of his
hole. Look at this.

What? That's the little tart
they used to bait on me.

Yes, she's in the movie business now.

I grow in fame, don't I?

You do. But this cover cost me
a thousand zlotys.

Invest in new faces.

If I were you, Natalie, I would give a
thousand zlotys not to let anyone see it.

Why, it's such a nice photo.

Yeah, but it's everywhere around town, and I
don't wish Kramer to turn up in my office.

Do you think he will remember? It was so
long ago.

Two years ago. Now he is out of prison.

Didn't they catch him yet?

No, and that's why you must leave
this place right now.

I cannot I'm busy on the set tomorrow.

And tonight you are busy
on a train to Lvov.

Do you suspect danger?

Kramer remembers you had a hand
in jailing him.

Make me here bodyguard.

What if it's not enough?



Bednarski no.

Wujko Franek.

Wujko no. Next?

Kowalski Jan.

Wow, it's a good face!

Polanski, I told you to stop fencing.





Very well. Move on.

You are Barbara?


Twardowski. Very well.
Hurry gents, hurry.

Barbara move to the left.

Twardowski to the right.
Twardowski right,

Barbara left, Twardowski right,
Barbara left...

Come in!

You are Mr. Dane, I believe.

It depends.

One moment, you make stake low,
a hundred may be enough. I see.

Greetings from Kramer.

Boss, did you shoot yourself?

What a stupid questions.
You call in a doctor first.

So, Dane is alive.

You were to learn the whereabouts
of Kwinto and shoot him only afterwards.

Mr. Stawinski, you hired a bungler!
A bandit who cannot hit middle aged man.

You say something.

If he had shot him, we would not have known
Kwinto's whereabouts anyway.

Do we know now?

Take it easy. All is according to plan.

What? We were to wrap it up this week.

It's only Wednesday. It'll be all over

Saturday? You don't even know
where to look for him.

Don't smoke here. It's stuffy.

It's sheer psychology.

Dane is Kwinto's friend, isn't he?

He is.

As far as I know people, Kwinto is now
at Dane's bedside in the hospital.

I am finished.

You should not have come.

They could shoot me as bait.

The morgue told me you are still here.

The morgue, without you? Never!

I should be lying here, I'm sorry.

I am sorry I cannot help you.

What about the bugging device?
Did you plant it?

I was just about to use a screwdriver,
when he shot me.

Maybe I could do it, boss.
You would tell me how, and...

You'd better watch over my business
against looters.

Maybe your brother,
the sleight of hand?

No, he is out of the question.

He is married.

Excuse me, the patient must rest.

Do you need anything?

A cigar.

See you boss.

What does you brother, Nuta do?

Nuta is not a good idea. He's retired. It's
ages I last saw him. I'll do it, Mr. Kwinto.

Where does he live?

14 Holowka Street, Flat B.

I'll meet you there at 10 tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

Take care of Dane.

Uncle, you've never been late.

No you haven't.

Open up; Hit a spike and the like!

What the matter with you?

Out, you are not my brother anymore.

What? I told Kwinto you were
a wire-tapping specialist.

We must have a bug
in Stawinski's telephone.

Wire tapping? Wire tapping?

Kwinto is in trouble.
Dane's been shot and you...

You don't give a damn you drunk.
What do you do for a living, anyway?

I eat. I eat for a living. The forks.
Where are my forks? The whole set.

Nuta, Nuta.

Everything, the spoons, the scissors,
where are they?

You want to see me?

I am very sorry.

Sorry for the mess.

My woman is out of home,
and there is a mess at home.

Jenny has deserted me.

She took little Louis and eloped
with a consul to Germany.

It's his picture, look.

What consul, you scum.

You should not have staked her
in a game of poker.

I thought we would celebrate
our meeting.

I leave the bottle. It's a pity.

Good bye Nuta.

Mr. Henryk, don't go, please.

From now on, I won't pretend I know you.
Good bye.

No guts, my brother, but no guts.

No guts, my brother, but no guts.

If we don't plant the bug
we can only wait.

You should not have come with me.
They may have followed you.

They stopped yesterday
and it worries me.

The gun, the gun.

Just a minute.

You fool.

Good morning, I wish to apologize
for being out of shape last night.

I give you my word of honor
it won't repeat.

I had to fish out the Stawinski line.

How you going to do it?

It's simple. A regular copy. Plus some

Damn it,

how have you got it?

It's from our prop store.

I'll give it back next month

I took up a job.

To the garage, sir?

Yes, here to the garage, please.

I beg your pardon, sir?

I am from the telecommunications authority.
We check up phones.

The lines are dead.

Wrong address. My phone is okay.

Please check anyway.

All right. Wait.

Damn it.

You are right. Please come in, please.

Telephone, sir is an ear into the world;
A dead line is a deaf man.

Excuse me.

Gentlemen, handle with care.
All right, you do your job.

Zurich's on the line, sir.

Zurich? Yes, this is Warsaw.

Don't shout.

Yes, please. We are waiting..

Hi, Mr. Odermatt...


He is with Stawinski. What an
impudent son of a bitch.

Why don't we tip the cops?

Nutcase, you don't get the whole thing.

For you.

Hi, baroness!

7 miles across the German frontier...
you will turn off the main road,

just after you've passed
Bullach road sign.

Before you ride into Bulach
you'll meet a man in a wood clearing.

His name is Streich.

You'll follow his car and
you'll make Zurich in two hours.

How? It's over 600 Km.

I've got an airplane for you.

An airplane? Baroness, you are great.

I've taken after you. Next phone call as
usual. Sunday, at 10. So far, so good.

See you.

See you in Zurich.

Why an airplane? I hate airplanes.
Can't we go by car?

It's the 20th century.

We won't bump it across Germany
for 8 hours.

Tomorrow we'll finish up with Kwinto.

No one can say it's normal
for a machine to fly.

But on the other hand, the faster, the
better, sir.

What's that airplane idea from?

And why Switzerland? Does Kramer have
anything there? Money, assets?

Right. As I was planting a bug in
Stawinski's home,

they just brought in a strongbox.

A strongbox?

What are they waiting for?
Why didn't he get away at once?

They must have some score to settle.

What score?



Thank you.

Dane, only you can help.

I cannot Kwinto. I am too weak.

You know I would not pretend,
if it was not true. I cannot.

What about your special access
to the army?

It's over since we lost a tank on film

Now, they won't lease me even a sock.

Listen, Dane,

if I ever want to avenge myself
on anyone, kick my ass.

You got it!

Kwinto! Kwinto!

There will be a lawn
and flower beds here.

Yes, yes.

The view will be beautiful.

Will you manage on time?

There will be everything as you wish.

We are short of time, damn it.

Silence! Would anyone of you
like to act in film?

Silence! Would anyone of you
like to act in film?


I thought so.

These gentlemen are
here to pick some of you.

Be good.

That girl, the one wearing specs.


The one with pigtails, yes.


And that one.


And maybe one more...


You got off your math class cheaply.

Thank you. They will be back
in two hours. Good bye.

Good bye.

Here are their data.

Talk to them quick.

All have acted in three different films,
damn it. You have seven minutes.

Get them over here
and don't talk so much.

Any papers to sign? I will call on Dane
in the hospital at 2 and I can take them.

No papers, no Dane around no papers.

Seven minutes for three different films,
damn it.

Who was that?

Come on. We'll be at school at four
to pick Justine.

You may take a walk now, only don't get
lost, damn it.

Aren't going to get lost anywhere.

Hurry gents, hurry.
You only got seven minutes.

Welcome gentlemen Mr. Zamiechowski?

It's me.








gentlemen, this is very
special and paid well.

We have five minutes.

Sit down, please.

Why Justine?

The teacher said they pretended
to be movie guys.

They selected five girls, one failed to

Kwinto speaking.

If you want Justine back, come to
16 Acacia Street in two hours.

Yes. I understand. I will come for sure.

Who was that?

We've found Justine.


I told you.

My God, where is she?

She is safe.

I will go to take her home.

No, I have to go there.

What happened?

Why don't you tell the police?

Justine will be home in two hours, if we
don't tell the police.

Tell me the truth, Henryk.
Please. I will understand.

We'll wait outside.

There's a guy who escaped from prison and
fancies he has accounts to square with me.

But he made the mistake by involving the
little girl.

And he will be punished.

Why do you always take
Justice in your hands?

They will jail you again.

I don't want it.

I would not
make it without you.

You'll never see me in prison. It's a

Whatever happens-don't worry. I always
land on all fours.

When the girl is in the car,

you'll clank the horn and then
you will take her straight home.

And whatever happens -don't let Kramer

I am glad to see you well, Dane.

What if...

Shut up.

You are punctual. My name is Sztyc.

Nice to meet you, though I am sorry
for the circumstances.

What a fine fancy stick. May I see it?

Where's the girl?

Very ingenious. The girl will be
as I promised on the phone.

I assure you this will not end like
the kidnap of little Lindberg.

Though kidnapping has a bright future,
we, in Poland, are far behind.

It's been a long time, Kwinto.

Where is she?

Be patient.
You know I always keep my word.

You managed to put me behind bars,

but my riposte won't disenchant you,
I hope.

The girl is inside.

You shouldn't have done it, Kramer.

I have waited two years for this moment.

The hands are no longer the same.

And there is not enough air.

Such fingers are a treasure.
What is it, Mr. Stawinski?


Very poor.

Why didn't you come so long, uncle?

You have me. Let the girl leave.

Of curse, we're fair till the end.

There's a car waiting
to take you to mommy.

What about you, uncle?

I'll come later.

Anyway, tell mother not to expect daddy
for a dinner.


It's bad, Kramer you have escaped from

It's even worse you have shot my friend,

But it's unpardonable to kidnap a child.
Since I am not revengeful,

I will be satisfied if you go back
to prison of your own accord.

You must have gone mad. From overdo.

You don't know what you are saying.
You will go back to the coop Kwinto.

There is a vacant cell in Sikawa jail.

I will be sending you parcels.

Curtain! Congrats Mr. Sztyc.
It's all right, a perfect trap.

Don't mention.

I guess it's better than death, isn't it?

Oh yes.

Kwinto caught in the act.
Like years ago. Total discredit.

Because now, as you may expect,

Mr. Stawinski, an honest citizen will call
the police and report a burglary

of his villa and the fact that
he has caught the thief, as well.

And quite a thief at that!

Regrettably, I will not
witness this, though

I would like to very much.
Come on, Mr. Stawinski.

See you in Switzerland.

What? It was to be a secret. He must be

Pig's ear! Even we don't know
how to raise the grating.

Do you know, Mr. Sztyc?

No idea.

You see. And he mounted it. Let's go.

You are growing old, Kwinto.
You got trapped like a kid.

You must reject sentiments
in this trade.

And the aim justifies the means.
I always admired you.

I will kill you Kwinto.

Well? Didn't I tell you? It's Saturday.

You watch him until the police come.

Thank you for everything. Mr. Stawinski.

I will see to everything and I will be
in touch with you. Bon chance.

What? Mhm.

Call me just in case.
We're leaving Tuesday.

Police station.

Commissioner Przygoda, Please.

The week got to bad start, but is ending

This sound too good to be true. Kwinto
retried after he's served his term.

But can the leopard change his spots?

All right. You may go now.
You'll return the car on Tuesday.

Remember me in the future.

Fire! Fire!

Did you call in the police?

I did. Can't you see what's on?

I can, I can, but you need a fire squad.

I've also called then in. Damn it,
a brand new villa. Jesus Christ!

Have you a light?

What, you want to light a fire?

What fire?

It will be 127 zlotys.

All went up in flames, the house,
the car, the money.

Thank you.

Oh Christ!

Hurry up. Pack up gear.
Prepare to leave.

Why did I do it, why?

I hope you are adequately insured.

I am.

A clever trap. Did you invent it?

Is this the thief?

What's glistering there?

A locket.

It says Henryk Kwinto, 1885.

He chose to die rather than be caught.

He must have lost his mind of old age.

It's teeming with cops in plain clothes.
They only need to catch us today.

Oh, no. Times have changed.

Only don't cry tears,
or your beard will get unstuck.

What? Oh I see. Let's go.

Eight days is gone and what's the effect?

I did all I could. Kramer
has vanished in thin air.

It's hard to find a man in
a million strong towns.

Very hard. It's even harder to be chief

How do you see your further work in the

The prisoner escaped you in broad
daylight and you made a fool of yourself.

May I note that she pretended to be your

I was even trying to die to stop them.

You were trying, but not throughout
weren't you?

Just as you were trying to find Kramer.

I don't know if your efforts are enough
to put you back in your position.

I swear we'll find him.

The border guards have wanted warrants.

Even a mouse won't get away.

That's what you think.
But you may relax now.

You will go on a leave.

Mr. President, could you give me
one more chance?

That prison is all I have.
Would you take a look?

I've made a model.

I want to introduce some improvements
which will

help us avoid similar incidents
in the future.

Take the Alcatraz prison, for example.

Prisoners must not talk there at all.

Total silence! What if we introduce
a trap door in ours?

Your only chance is to find Kramer

and put him back behind bars
at Sikawa prison.

And you'd better give up
the Alcatraz style.

I don't think otherwise.

Are they following us?

They are. Let him pass.

They've stopped.

Bastards. It's your entire fault.

You wanted to see the funeral.

They must have followed
us from the cemetery.


No. You think Kwinto had no friends?

Drop the gun!

No. Sicher is sicher. Step on the gas!

A detour! Turn right, right!

An iron nail. Where the hell from?

All right, get the spare,

change, inflate and hurry.

Thank God it's open. Double please.

It's on the house today.

I don't think otherwise.

What's the occasion?

A sad one. Kwinto funeral banquet.
Did you know him?

Certainly, he had been in my prison for
several years.

So you say he is dead today.

Old friends.

Polish passport control, please.

Mr. Sztyc?

It's me.

Mr. Goldfinger?


Wait, a stamp is missing here.

No, it's all right.

Well, haven't you checked enough?

Why are you so edgy?

This gentleman has an eyesore.

Who are you looking for?

It's our business.

Where are you going?

To Switzerland.

Isn't Czechoslovakia a shorter way?

We have some business in Germany.

Anything to declare?

No, no.

You are not hiding anyone here?

Are you joking?

Thank you then.

Please. A happy journey.

Thank you.

Where do you go?

To Zurich.

What is a purpose of your visit?


Do you have anything to declare?

No, nothing.

Are you a Jew, Mr. Goldfinger?

Am I a Jew?

You are not a Jew.

Jews are paying to cross the border.

We need to know.

My father was a German!

He fought under Feldmarschal Ludendorff...

I do not have any interest in politics.

But it has interest in you!

Get out of the car!

What is it?

A firearm, naturally...

Do you have a permit?

I must have forgotten.

Then it's smuggling!

You can take the gun.

I have nothing to declare.

Order is needed!

Would you please take this matter silent?

Are you trying to bribe
German soldiers???


Welcome in thousand years Reich.

Go on! Faster!

The gun! I told you to throw it way.

We hardly got away with it.

You find it easy to pay with my money.
You overpaid him.

Be pleased we are free at all. No use

Yours or mine doesn't matter. It's ours,
isn't it?

Turn, turn right!

I am turning.

Will it fly?

Are you a kid? It's a Swiss plane.

Herr Streich?

Yes, please come.

Kramer. Good Evening.
One moment please.

Sztyc, hurry up, hurry up,
don't lag behind. One moment.

Munich! In one hour
we will be in Zurich...

What is he saying?

We're over Munich.
We'll make Zurich in one hour.

And then Kramer produced such
a tiny silver gun,

so called a ladies'gun
and they aimed it, and the guards

did not want to shoot me.

I shouted: Shoot, no matter, shoot,
kill me, kill her.

And they let the bird out
and Mr. Zwirski tore up my plan,

even though he isn't the husband
of Mrs. Zwirski at all.

There is a chance to improve!

More, warden?

Thank you.

In 200 meters you'll find house of Mr.


Yes, yes.

One moment-3 thousand franks more..

He didn't pay him, damn it!

But he did.

Only one thousand.

I got only dollars.

Give him.

Doesn't matter we are in Switzerland.

He'll exchange it in the bank.



The Alps. Here I breathe at last.
I feel I am free.

The starry skies above me and all banks
before me.

The key.

Aren't he afraid of burglars?

Why? We are in Switzerland aren't we?

Yes, naturally.

Mr. Gustaw Kramer.

Welcome to Zurich.
I cannot welcome you in person,

because I must attend an important
conference in Geneva.

Please make yourself at home.
Mrs.Zwirski will rejoin you tomorrow.

Congratulations for your success.

Well it means the baroness won't be here
until tomorrow.


The world's best.

Though your way has cost me plenty,
I took a liking to you Sztyc.

Thank you, Switzerland is only a stage.

What do you mean?

My object is America.

Right man. With your brains you can do
a lot there. Unlike the pizza mongers.

Call me Gustav.


Eddie, tell me, how did you know
I have an account in a Swiss bank?

I did not. I bluffed you.

You bluffed?


And what if I had not?

You want it straight?


You would still rot in the cell.

Eddie, Eddie.

Who are you?

Father Pole, warden.

Eddie, Eddie, damn it.

I come to punish you, Kramer.

You'll go back to prison, and if you raise
a hand against some of my kinds again,

I will come again and kill you.

What do you want? Money? Money?

Take dollars, gold dollars,
take them.

Sign the checks.

Checks? In blanco?

All of them.

What do you mean?

I won't give it.
I won't, I won't, I won't.

Yes, warden, it's time
to get some sleep.

You must destroy; Destroy Bastille,
before you build...

Mommy, sweet.

Jesus Christ! Take him out!

Good day. I see I didn't wake you.

Take him out, or he'll eat me raw,
damned baldie!

Przygoda. Commissioner Przygoda.

What are you doing? You have no right to
arrest me abroad.

No counter indications.

Hallo! Hallo! Wait please! Hallo!

Zurich, Zurich. This is Zurich.

No, no, no,

No, it's impossible. Passports -one
thousand. Customs guy -two thousand.

The plane and cars - 25 hundred.
It tallies five thousand dollars.

What about Switzerland? A trip to Zegrze
off Warsaw for 35 thousand zlotys.

No, impossible.

But who did it. Who?

Two thousand and one thousand.
Five thousand dollars.

Who? Who did it? Who?

Those were roles of your lifetime.

Comedian Dymsza will be mad,
when he learns about it.

He showed them Poznan as Munich
and flew back to Warsaw.

It was the last time I played a German.
You won't dump me like this anymore.

I did only for the director.
Come on Joseph, let's go.

Come on, did I not tell you.
The movie is the top art.

Thank you for help in tracking
a dangerous criminal.

Not at all, commissioner. Two men
in one bed. I had to call the police.

Well, yes. Thank you anyway.

Good bye.

Good bye.

You will rot in my castle.

We did it. A good bargain.

Yes, yes.

What counts is that Kwinto's dead.

You'll have a single cell with a view on
lake, equipped with a trap door.

Move! Halt!

Doesn't that itch you? It does me.

From Kramer.

Will they pay out?


Thank you, one moment please..

Chocolates for Justine?

Justine and her mother arrive tomorrow.
She will buy herself.

What will you do with the money?

Maybe we'll give Tedlar's widow?

But Tedlar did not have a widow.

Who are the chocolates for?

We'll send them to Poland.

But to whom?

Kramer, there's a parcel for you from

Kwinto, you bastard. I'll show you.
It's not over.

Attention ladies and gents,
watch out now.

You must play vabank for your luck.

Good fortune is born of risk.
This is the gist.

You must play vabank for luck.

Stake your life and gamble on.

Who lingers on...