Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014) - full transcript

Panimalai is an imaginary hill station, where there is a news anchor (Balaji Mohan), whose only aim is get TRP's for his channel. Meanwhile a salesman Aravind (Dulquer Salmaan), an orphan and happy-go-lucky good talker meets Dr. Anjana (Nazriya), a confused, soft spoken girl who is unable to express her feelings properly and has a dominating fiancée who is a control freak. There are also other characters like Health Minister Sundaralingam (Pandiarajan), Superstar Boomesh (John Vijay), Kudikara Sangam Thalaivar Ravi (Robo Shankar), a feudal landlord (Vinu Chakravarthi) and Anjana's step mother (Madhoo). One day, people in the scenic hill station get affected by 'dumb flu' and lose their voice. Finally, state government issues an order banning people from talking to avoid spreading of this contagious disease.

Thenmala, Kerala-Tamilnadu
boarder region.

Why do people talk?

To say it in simple terms, to make
others understand what is inside.

But, does anyone think about
intention and goal of talking?

When someone talks to others?

The right things at right
time we often forget to talk.

Haven't you given this even now?

Scared man!

But, in the times when it
is not at all required.

Un necessary we speak
about lot of things.

All this must be questioned.

Look, when the night falls to
turn on these street lights.

Can the Panchayat do
anything on that regard?

I thought now only, there is an
urgent meeting of standing committee.

To some, there is no problem on
talking to any one seen or heard.

Tell man.

But to talk to family and relatives
there will be no time at all.

All this I have told you, is it not?

Do one thing, I'll come
there okay then.

There are some other kinds of
people who keeps on talking non stop.

Still, in front of this?

Since I'm unaware, I'm asking you.

What is your thought?

Study decently, secure a good job.

Don't do all this!

What to talk? How to talk?
When to talk?

When not to talk.

Without knowing all this what all
problems are created on each day.

I'm delivering is it? You wait.

Why man talking in English, I even
don't know Tamil, then why English?

The problems because
of the tongue in the mouth.

When it will be over?

Perhaps when not being able to
speak opening the mouth, at least.

Will the problems of human
beings find an end?

'Talking harmful to heath'

"Never talk all this things"
"And make it a talk of the town"

"On touching the heart
Again can the singing be done silently?"

"Never sing what ever
you see, as a song"

"Slowly you don't close
the mouth again"

"Hey shut up!
Close the mouth, no talking"

"Hey shut up!
Close the mouth, no talking"

Talking is injurious to health.

"Hey shut up!
Close the mouth, no talking"

It's shut up!

"Hey shut up!
Close the mouth, no talking"

Talking is injurious to health.

Will you be silent? My
concentration is going.

Tell, something fellow!

How come he is not
saying anything?

Not dance man, its chicken.

"Whatever that is seen
on the by gone paths"

"You don't come later
and say all that"

"With the stories you don't
have to go anywhere"

Hey man, how long
have been asking?

"On hearing all this ears
don't just nod as dumb"

"On touching the heart
Can the singing be done silently?"

My concentration is going.

Bravo! Great!

"Hey shut up!
Close the mouth, no talking"

Today, we have with us.

To make the orange
more colorful, tasteful.

Cochin's Jaan!

My name is Sh..Aa..N.

Shaan, ever before have
you come to Thenmala?

How is our native?

The people out here, the bus,
the omelet, the travels out here...

This is God's own 'mala' (Mountain)

Thenmala, is God's mountain.

Any way Shaan, has really
liked the cold in the Thenmala.

So like that Thenmala, has
also liked Shaan very much.

Shaan, is keeping on coughing.

To get rid off Shaan's cough, I'm
going to give a real hot coffee to Shaan.

Till then we will take a small break.

What you are listening
is Orange F.M

Cochin's own Jaan!

Madam, must bless me.

Who are you? What is it?

On waking up today morning
whose face have you seen first?

Why to know all that?

Simply, tell madam.

My daughter's.

That is why, that is why, like this.

Like what?

Even othenlvise will I feel like to...

...come to this house alone,
with such a great product like this?

Mr. Fix it.

Let it be torn or broken be it
paper, rubber, plastic, glass.

Cloth or money.

Whatever it may be. Anything it is.

A baloon like this when poking
like this, will blast making a sound.

When a drop of
Mr. Fix it, is applied.

On blowing again.

Baloon is blown up again as
ajack fruit, can't you see it?

From the pipe which
has a hole to broken heart.

It is a wonder glue
which can be sticked.

Mr. Fix it.

No need, here it is not required.

Madam, it is not like ordinary glue.

Shall I show a small demo?

5 minutes will finish it fast.

No need, there is
no time that is why.

Madam, madam, one minute.

What had happened
to child's Barbie?

Oh! That is an old one.

Should throw that
and buy a new one.

It's not like that, daughter has
got a special liking towards that doll.

Can brother mend your doll?

No need of all that.

Don't be afraid madam,
you don't buy this.

If anything that is seen faulty.

If it's not mended out,
I'll not get peace of mind.

That is why.

Not that, what did you say
what all can be glued with this?

What happened Shaan?

Coughing real hard.

Is there fever?

While waking up in the
morning there was no problem.

While coming from the hotel, throat...

I think it is because of climate.

I don't want tea or coffee.

Bring one glass of hot
water to the studio.

Is there any amplifier
fitted on your mouth?

Will shout.

I'll again shout, let the
entire compatriots know it.

What is it?

My name is Aravind.

So what?

Hey lady, who is that?

What is it to you?
Whoever it may be.

If it is some fund collectors,
they should be avoided now itself.

I don't intend to.

Looks like the time
I came is not that much right.

I'll go and come back later.

He will simply shout from there.

You wait there tell the matter why
you had come, only then you can go.

That is...

Are you the husband or am 'I the
husband? I want to know that today.

Are you deaf or what?
You were told to go, is it not?

Brother already gone.

Hey wait there!

Did I tell to go?

Who is this fellow of yours?

Who are you fellow?

Tell the truth you fellow! What
is the dealing between you two?

Dealings? Brother don't
say by God's forbid.

By looking at this sister's face can
anything like that felt to say?

Hey fellow, what
is wrong with my face?

Tell, you fellow what is
wrong with my face?


What did you understand?

Understood what is the
problem between you two.

Brother, never used to say
a good word about sister.

Is it not true?

For that she...

Brother, let me say.

And sister will not let the
brother to move freely.

Too much of controlling.

For that he sits always
on my head, 24 hours.

Let m e say.

When one person talks other
person is not listening to it.

Then how can it be corrected?

Only if a gap is given to talk, only
then brother can say good about sister.

Only on feeling when love
and affection is there.

Sister can obey to
what brother says.

When one person lowers a bit
these problems are only that much.

Even othenlvise I know.

I'm the one who should always
lower and to be defeated always.

I know I should be lowered
and defeated at all times.

This is all not an issue at all brother.

Just tell sister as I tell you.

With this song we will
wind up the show.

Shaan's throat is getting
strained a lot.


Again one more is there, no.


For the last one week it was
a big quarrel over there.

What did you do?
Did you glue their mouths?

Not in the mouth, here.

Madam, didn't I say I'll stick
even the broken hearts?

Since knowing to talk well, good.

I really like to talk.

MC Movie Channel

Requesting you to talk
anything about Thenmala.

He is thinking on what to
talk about Thenmala.

Not able to talk?

The main news.

In the Idukki district
from the southern sides.

A curious disease is spreading
as the rumors are propagated.

It is believed to be talking ability
of people are completely lost.

That is the main final out
come of this disease.

The famous radio commentator.

Followed by the infliction of
disease on Shan, it became...

A matter became a topic of
discussion among the people.

While presenting the program
at Thenmala radio station.

As felt discomfort
Shan was hospitalized.

It is known that Shah's ability
to talk is completely lost.

From the various parts of Thenmala
similar signs of disease.

Reports on signs of disease which
are not confirmed keeps on coming out.

Sir, was teaching poetry.

Suddenly sir got sneezing.

Then we all laughed.

While sir got angry.

For scolding the sound is
not coming from sir's mouth.

Then what happened?

Then we all clapped our
hands and laughed.

It must be around 6
to 6:30 in the morning.

As usual up on waking up like
all times we started our quarrel.

But in between that, her sound
was gone all of a sudden.

The mouth is moving.

But the voice is not coming outside.

First I thought she is abusing me
with some new foul language.

Generally when she starts
abusing, she never stops it.

From Thenmala, with more
news on disease.

Reporter Gopi Krishnan
is here along with us.

Tell Gopi.


Hallo, Gopi.

Can't hear anything.

For the reporter Gopi Krishnan
also, it is known that while talking.

The ability is talk is lost.

As such a disease is not reported
from other parts of Kerala.

Every ones attention is
focused on Thenmala.

When the ability to talk is lost.

Not knowing what to
do, they sit dumb founded.

The compatriots of Thenmala.

I don't want to talk now.

Don't you know Vinod that
I don't talk much like that?

Now time for me to go, will
talk when we directly meet.

MC Movie Channel

Yes, yes.

We are coming there.

Today it's not possible
will drop in leisurely.

Don't we both have
to go to hospital?

Then Adithya, has got school also.

My scooter is given
for servicing, isn't it?

Father had told will drop.

Forgot daughter, 5 minutes
daughter, will eat and come fast.

2 minutes will be ready now.

What the matter is, last week
and all it was busy.

Then after that my
meeting was there.

Lot of things.

Let me see whether I
can come next week.

Daughter, are you not eating?

No, I'll go there and eat.

So are you not taking
the old medicine?

Eat, can I put one more?

Mother, I want one note pad.

Is that so?

Didn't I give one note
pad to you yesterday?

That is, in the drawing period lot of
paper from that was given to friends.

Yea, she is here only.


Today is grandmother's birth
day are you not wishing?

For that grand mother's
birth day is after 3 months.

It is Sree Devi's mother.

That is all right, you take
the food and try to leave.

How long Anju, has been waiting?

Give that phone.


Yes, Mother.

You should have talked
to Sree Devi's mother.

It seems father is more
worried than her.

If at all feeling worried.

Sree Devi never used to
show that to you.

She is seeing you as a
daughter, is it notAnju?

After these years, how come
this distance is not yet gone?

In life there is no need for such a
person, I've the maturity to know that.

But right now I don't have the need
to replace my mother, who is dead.

Why, father is not
understanding that?

MC Movie Channel

"With in inside on the river"

"Like the rain drops"

"Someone is singing in the ears"

"Talking to me every day"

"Jasmine, more beautiful than you"

"On the lips that flowers a smile"

"I'm hearing that tune"

"I'm also singing along"

"Will forget everything"

"Will put the wings and fly"

"Will galore in the eyes"

"Will fill the dreams"

When applying for any job.

As my top qualification what
I write in the bio-data is.

Knows to talk very well.

My greatest ambition is
to become a R.J.

What is the quality that is in
you, to do this job that you find.

On seeing, the customers
who try to avoid.

To buy a product.

Within the shortest time
I can impress them.

Sir, only because of the goodness of
talking, I've been living all this long.

For this job, my greatest
qualification is this one sir.

At present there is no vacancy here.

If there is any, I'll let you know.

Today don't you have to go for job?

Then why did you again
wear this crappy specks?

Where has that contact
lens gone which I gave?

While at work glass
is more comfortable.

While going out always wears lens.

When start using it daily, only then
it will become comfortable is it?

On wearing the glass you
are not at all good looking.

Tomorrow onwards will
start wearing lens full time.

Won't wear lens, won't
wear a good watch.

Won't wear a good dress.

Anju, why are you not using any
thing that I purchase and give?

How come now asking
a question like this?

Simply asked, that's all.

Only on saying will come to know
the things which are inside, is it not?

Seeing only once in a while.

On calling over the phone will
say, will talk on meeting directly.

On coming to meet, there will be
hundreds of busy schedules also.

Always Anju is not free.

Then all this complaints,
I'll myself change this.

Can't you change that glass?

Will change.

Greetings, welcome to prime T.\/.

Now is entertainment news.

The famous actor Boomesh,
who is acting in a new movie.

On it's shooting location.

Occurred agitation.

In the films acted by Boomesh.

In the movies acted by Boomesh
the drunkards are pictured badly.

The allegations are
raised by A.K.M.A

All Kerala Madhyapani Association.
(All Kerala Drunkards Association)

They have come up with
the protest in the fore front.

Long live drunkards.

Drinking is a great donation.

Son, Boomesh!

We will drink you to the last.

Followed by the protest processions.

Followed by the protest the
shooting of the movie at Thenmala.

'If attack wouldn't have come, I would
have died now' it's shooting is stopped.

Extending support to Boomesh,
all Kerala Boom esh fans association.

Reached at the Thenmala.

Over to the reaction of A.K.M.A
president Salsa Kuttan.

Boo..Boo...Hey what is
that fellows name?

Boom esh.

Boom esh.

His movie is there, no.

In that we.

Which means, totally in
the state of Kerala.

The total drunkards.

Are pictured as mere
country people.

Mr. Boomesh!

Till you say sorry.

We will stay here by
erecting the tent.

Now we have an association
to look after us.

All Kerala Drunkards Association.


President Salsa Kuttan.

Became set up.

Brother, your loin cloth is slipping off.

If gone from the waist...

...Will on the shoulders!

Why fellows. Even the loin
cloth is not respecting us?

From Parasala to Kasargod
Boomesh fans association members.

Our world class star brother
Boomen, extending him support.

Have reached Thenmala,
with a bike rally.

Those drunkards who
are out of mind, if they intends.

Can't even touch our
brother Boom en's mere hair!

We are also people
who drinks little bit.

On hearing brother Boomen's that
dialogue we have not felt any shame.

This is all intentionally a
play to belittle this movie.

At any cost we will conduct
this shooting here itself.

'A peculiar disease at Thenmala'

To evaluate the situation.

The respected health
department minister.

Sri. Prabakaran Thachapuzha.

Today will visit Thenmala, that is
what the official sources informed.

On his visit more details on the
disease will be chalked out.

That is what is expected.

No, minister can not
be met, call after some time.

Big nuisance!

Whatever you say, for
one hour minister cannot be met.

One hour before also, you had
told the same thing is it not?

To say, minister is on
'aasanam'(a yoga posture)

What 'aasanam'?

Yoga posture.

After lunch, one hour minister
will do the yoga postures.

Only after that, rest of the things.

How come the finger
is tucked inside the nose?

MC Movie Channel

My heavens!

Will just give one kick!

My dear Sasi, have
told you thousand times.

Don't come suddenly
like this and scare me.

Sir, I've not come suddenly.

It's been quite long since I came.

Whether suddenly or slowly what
is seen is this ugly face is it not?

Sir, this news paper and
T.V men are waiting for so long.

Pull me up.

Even the doctors don't
know what this disease is?

Then what can I
say to the journalists?

Right from morning bombarded
with phone calls.

Is the disease true?

What is the name and
details of the disease?

Is it contagious or not?

This one or that one!

Central health research
department's e-mail has come.

What are those people saying?

Sir, it is confirmed that
this disease is present there.

Oh! Happy!

Now to everyone it can
be told boldly, is it not?

Sir, I've requested for
the press meet.

Yes, you will tell!

On calling the press meet, you can
simply stand in the side as the pole.

I'm the one who is struggling
for their questions.

For me on seeing this T.V mens
mike, from the navel a lump will arise.

Not that, sir do we have to
take any urgent actions?

What actions?

Or do one thing, in the city.

What the traffic police
wears...That thing is there, no?

Sir, which thing?

Oh! Is it the mask?

Yea that is it. You give the
order for 20,000 masks.

For that, it is not confirmed yet
whether it is contagious or not.

Hey Chettuvaran Sasi.


What is inside your
head, brain or clay?

Hey man! We should make a
feeling that we had done something.

You fool!

Tomorrow the sight all the
compatriots of Thenmala.

Fixing the mask and walking.

It should come in all
the channels of Kerala.

That will be an event.

I'll tell I'm calling the press meet.

Everything in detail
will be told there.

You may kindly disperse.

Disperse, will talk later.

MC Movie Channel

Wait, wait.

One minute, will give.

Will give to everyone.


Brother Aravind.

Wait, don't get up.

Wait, wait!


Did he tell you to help him?

No, is it?

Then what? He will walk
all by himself.

What happened? To come early.

That is got the salary
early, that is why.

Look, does everyone in the world
can live only with your salary?

I'll also look after the
expenses in my house.

Only that much is there, no.

What is the big deal on this?

Boy, you look after
your own affairs first.

When becoming a big R.J
and earning lot of money.

Then only, this helping
attitude is enough.

I don't have that much expenses.

The only thing is room rent.

Even if I'm evicted from there,
I don't have any problems.

How long I've been saying,
I'll come here and stay?

Hey fellow, what is the name
we have put for this house?


Till being able to fly, for the
birds to stay the place is nest.

All must...

Create their own life.

You should be also like that.

Then after marrying a smart girl.

Should live happily.

All that I'll do aftewvards.

Now collect the half of this.

No need.

Athira, give this to mother.

Hey fellow!

It's been quite long drinking
coffee from the empty glass.

Trying to tune that channel or what?

Can't see the face.

Hey fellow, even I've
not seen so far.

So don't you know how is it to look?

What to do man?

Before I reaching here,
she will come here.

Then till I start for sales from here.

She will be sitting there
itself, won't move.

You go and take the initiative.

Is it not? Like that people meet.

When I open the mouth other
than non sense what will come out?

On saying should require
at the estate.

It will become is required in the shit!

That is all because of your fear.

The connection with my
head and mouth.

Hey man, there is
some lose contact.

When it is required
nothing can be said.

But when the tension comes.

Only foul language will
come to the tongue.

Hey man!

She got up.

You have no problem
when you talk now.

On talking to you there is no tension.

Coming to this side.

You talk some thing
and make the move.

Hey man, don't go
what should I talk?

Without fear just talk, she
is not going to eat you and all.

Sadeesha! Smiled man, this
is the best time, go man!

What to say?

Forgot the dialogue also.

When the coffee glass
gets filled she will go Sadeesha!

Girl, smiling place looks
like sitting place.

That is not the thing.

Say something and make
the move, Sadeesha!

Look, she is going.

That is because.

When looking from the back.

Not that.

When seeing from the front...Back!

Child is.

On seeing the sitting place
felt like smiling place.

Not that one.


What is spread across Thenmala.

To explain on
un identified disease.

Respected health minister Sri.
Prabakaran Thachapuzha.

Had called for a press meet.

Now can see the live
telecast of press meet.

In the district of Idukki,
at the region of Thenmala.

A disease named dumb flue.

Is widely seen. It has been proved,
after the examinations.

Those who are effected with
this disease. The ability to talk.

The chances to lose
the talking ability are high.

That has been
found out, by this time.

Those who are
infected only in the tongue.

Their sound will not be lost.

But slowly, there are chances
that the virus may effect

the sound pipes also.

If it happens like that,
the sound faculty is lost.

Virus from the tongue.

What is this?
Vocal cord.

Hey man, can't you
write it in Malayalam?

To spread it to the vocal chord.

The time for that is dependent on
the individuals, preventive power.

Sneezing, throat pain,
sudden swelling in the tongue.

Getting dried, cough, itching.
Those who find the symptoms.

Must succumb to
examination immediately.

Including at the
preliminary health centers.

For this, all the
arrangements are being done.

It is only from Thenmala.

Such reports of this
disease is obtained so far.

As this disease is not seen
in other parts of Kerala.

Till more information is
received, no one is allowed... go out from Thenmala.

Then is it confirmed it is contagious?

Now, only like a climate prediction
anything can be told.

May or may not be
contagious, there are chances.

In the case as told,
no should leave the Thenmala.

You might be around here, is it not?
No, no I'll go.

No, we can't go.

You go and tell that at Mapranam.

Wife's sister is
there, no. Sini Mol.

Sunday it's her marriage.

If I don't go, then Ratnama,
will chop below my waist.

Journalists, T.\/. Camera.

As the noble language status
declaration is completed.

Aren't there any Malayalam
name given for the disease?

If it is that necessary.

Write it as 'Ooma pani'
(fever that creates dumbness)

Yes, Ooma Pam.

Whose face did you see first?
On waking up in the morning.

MC Movie Channel

Hey man.

They are putting some thing
in the nose and checking.

Dude, it's some big disease.

All that will not affect us.

Simply bringing me here.
Who was sleeping in the house.

Are you haPPV7

Anjana, crowd is high.

You also go with junior
doctors and take the patienfs test.

What you told is true.
Coming here is good.

Not good, really good.

Blow it on this.

Is it the nose?

For me the paper is allergic.

This is only to clean the nose.

If you have the
hand-kerchief with you.

Can use that one.

Not in hand.
Can you adjust one and give?


If it is the shawl of this Churidar,
that will be also fine.

Tilt the head backwards.

Should not move.

Does the result of
this be obtained fast?

That will take few days.

Will you sit without moving?

Buddy, that item is good is it not?

It's okay.
It's my mistake.

As a doctor I should
have taken attention.

It is all right, doctor.

Any way, it was
not blood test, luckily.

Doctor, didn't say your name?

My name is Aravind.
Shall I leave?

Wanted to say a thing,
planning to say for time.

Janakiamma, had told that son must
not be intimated with all this matters.

Brother, tell the matter.

The owner of this building
where the orphanage is remaining.

Tam pi Durai.

He raised our rent all of a sudden.

On telling, will see whether
with you can be negotiated.

Janakiam ma, is not listening to that.

Why is that?

May be on thinking what is there
simply hearing from the mouth of that,

Tam pi Durai, you
shouldn't be made to hear.

In my mouth also,
there is tongue only.

Any way let me go and meet him.

Brother are you here now?

For some time, I'm here only.
How come you are here?

Came to meet Tam pi, sir.

Our orphanage is there, no?

Came to discuss a matter on that.

Is it regarding the
issue of that building?

That mother from
there, came 4 to 5 times.

There is no sign of any solution.

May be on talking once again.

Rather than telling Tam pi sir.

You go and tell in the
back side of some buffaloes.

On touching the sound,
at least it will move it tail.

Is he that much problematic?

Sir, I came asking for a small help?

Not possible.
For that, I didn't even ask.

If any one comes for help.
Always, I'll say not possible only.

I came to speak
about the orphanage.

Do you know the
value of that building?

Sir, the rent, first you told.

It was given regularly, is it not?

Without any prior notice, if you
increase the rent like this?

It is my wish, increasing
or decreasing the rent.

That is my prOPEITV-

You don't have to
command anything.

Sir, this is also a service is it not?

What? Service?

To do the service,
am 'I running a trust?

If you have that
much love, you pay the rent.

Sir, please listen what I say.

You don't say anything,
vacate the place.

Sir, only one minute,
one minute only.

Must listen to what I say.
Okay, tell.

Looks like sirs
mood is not that good.

My bum and all are lying here only.

Sir, you must come to our
orphanage, one day.

On seeing the happiness
of the children over there.

In any man's mind,
there will be a smile.

I won't smile.

That is because sir
is angry now, is it not?

Hey Man, always I won't smile.

What should I do,
to change sifs mood?

Who is this fellow?

Can't you understand anything?

I won't smile, man.

But still, is there people like this?

4 to 5 years back, his son went
and married an outside caste girl.

After that, it is heard
that this tough nut attitude.

Both of them, had
not smiled after that.

What's the issue in marrying?

As there was only one,
was really lulled.

When son did
an inter-caste marriage,

it was a big blow on their prestige.

On that mind frame, the
son was chucked out also.

Then what?

That boy and girl they
are living lavishly.

They are here with a stiff face.

How can you see
these fellows for 2.5 hours?

Lot of fans to praise,
stupid fellows like this.

Will you change this filth?
Don't change.

It's climax.

As the ban is still prevailing.

As the shooting is stopped.

The actor Boomesh is in a situation.
Not being able to go back to Cochin.

The agitators against
the movies of Boomesh.

The members of all
Kerala drunkards association.

The ones who had
come in support of Boomesh.

The fans associations.

By this, they are
trapped in Thenmala.

Just because of Boomesh,
drunkards like us...

...who are decently hailed.
Created a bad name on us.

There is only one
way to remove that.

In the next movie he
should act as a drunkard.

Like that, people like us should
be shown as decent fellows.

Can you explain it?
You are the President.

That means, hero
getting really drunk.

Along with father and mother,
singing hardcore sentimental songs.

If the heroine is to love hero.

Then the hero coming in
a drunken condition like this.

The hero must say I love you.

There is lot of staring in that.

Who are these fellows to decide
which role brother Boomen should do?

It is not necessary for brother
Boomen to hear what they say.

Brother Boomen never used
to hear what the director says.

Then, after all this drunkards.

Of lately there are no
reasons for strikes and all.

If I were there.
Within 5 minutes.

All this issues would be solved.

Buddy, has the
result of the test come?

Told will inform on reaching.

Do you have any
throat pain, itching?

I just took that test for
a safety, that's all.

Lot of dust.

Time has come to clean the room.

Okay then, shall I leave?
Man, little work is there man?

Work, what work?

Came here on telling,
feeling bored by sitting there.

Now only thought, one
or two programs are there.

I'll go and come.

Hey man, don't take the course.

You are fleeing, due to the fear
you will catch dumb flu is it not?

For that you don't have flu is it?

Only when I sneezed,
for you work and all emerged.

Hey man, got work to do.

Stop it man, stop coughing.
Stop it, don't sneeze.

Hey man, this is not
a contagious disease.

Through genes only, this is..

Go man, go!

One filth, you say it as" Two man!

My ear will be faulty!

Okay you sit here.

I'll go and check
whether my result is ready.

On getting that, all your
doubt will be over, is it not?

What man?
Nothing sir.


Present miss.

Will call now for the test,
can wait here.

"Dear companion"

Can any of the duty doctors be met?

Really busy, doesn't think
they can be met.

If it's for tomorrow,
the appointment can be done.

Are you free?

I, was about to leave.

It was for me to ask a small doubt.

Come inside.

There is some difference
on doctor, than seen last time.

What difference?

Nothing, have you
changed the frame of specs?

This is new one.
This is very stylish.

Really suits you.
Didn't ask the doubt.

That is because, I'm a person who is
living with door to door sale and all.

Now on seeing any strangers.

The house keepers
are closing the door.

On account of that no
business is taking place.

Truly is this dumb fever contagious?

For that it is not known, whether
Aravind, has got the disease.

Then why thinking
about being contagious?

Still now it is not discovered through
the sneeze the disease is transmitted.

The research and all is going on.

On saying all this will
the people understand all this?

Half is blown up by these people.

For few days this
fear and all will be there.

After that it will be over.

Normally what everyone does is.

On going out will wear the lens.

On going home that will be removed.

Why is it, other way round?

I don't like to wear lens.

Glass is comfortable.

Then why did you wear lens now?

That is because for some,
they don't like, I wearing glass.

That is for whom?

Generally it is the girls
who are strict on boyfriends.

Here is it the other way round?

Here, no one is
standing and drawing.

I didn't mean that.
Just for a joke.

Anything else?

I must go now.

MC Movie Channel

Are they lolly-pops?
Is it available even now?

Not that easy to get, sister.
It is from the shop of my friend.

His grandmother makes at home.

Only old memories of olden
days having one, are there.

Has been years on seeing.

No need, I just told causally.

No problem sister,
give one to daughter.

She might not have eaten all this.


Are there lolly-pops in here?

Lolly-pops, what are those?

Lolly-pops, no one is
making them these days.


Daughter, that is
not seen in this country.

"Let our friendship
also be as sweet like this"

Greetings. Today's main news.

Dumb flu may lead to death.

It is a deadly disease
as reported by experts.

For the patients chances
of losing their life or sound.

May depend on
their preventive power.

Which may be more or less.

The experts are trying hard to
completely remove the disease.

Not to worsen the
health condition of the victims.

The medicine is made available
at preliminary health centers,

...hospitals and medical shops.

Still now no one's death is
reported, affected with dumb flu.

If anything happens like that.

That will be firstly informed
to you, by Prime T.V news only.

Hey man, what you told is
completely forgotten.

It is not 2 page
dialogue that is written, is it?

To forget so fast.

To say that much
dialogue, it's bit hard.

Then shall I say simple 2 dialogues?

Then you go.

Hey man will the Indu, cheat?

That is Ciiandu.
This is ind...

Go boldly.

I'll be there outside.

MC Movie Channel

Sadeesha, smiling,
has not forgotten.

What to say after writing the bill?

My God, ruined!

Say something and all man.

No, can't hear anything.

What man?
What happened?

Stretch out the tongue.

Has it spread from me, doctor'?

So you are also
having this disease, is it?

Still now not found
out it is contagious.

To know whether you
have that disease also.

The result of the test should reach.

Doctor is there any
way to find before that?

Will know.
When the sound stops.

To participate in the
discussion on dumb flu.

Respected health
department minister.

Prabakaran Thachapuzha.

Ex-minister and opposition
M.L.A. Thomas Kuzhiveli.

They are both here
with us, over the telephone line.

Greetings Prabakaran

Greetings, greetings.

The actual checking of disease
is not happening at Thenmala.

The actual news of
the disease is not obtained.

Hiding from the people.

Like that several allegations
are coming up...

magainst the health department.

How do you react
to these allegations?

All that is simply told
and created by opposition.

You go and see
that Thenmala hospital.

People are flocking like anything.

It is a huge response.

In such an irresponsible
way, can a minister talk?

Who is ruling the state of Kerala?

To conceal the clash in the ministry.

I doubt this disease is
created by the ruling party itself.

Generally these kind of diseases,
only the central ministry... powered to launch all this.

Thomachayan, has got
no knowledge on that.

The person who is
knowledgeable on that.

Did you conduct an
awareness on that?

Who told did not
conduct an awareness?

2 times awareness was created.

Even after telling,
when people are not listening.

Then what to do?

Buy banana, can peel off the
skin and can put it in the mouth.

But to swallow they
must intend is it not?

Did you hear?

Is this a dialogue fit
for a minister in Kerala?

Will a cultured person talk like this?

Calling people banana swallowers!
Thachapuzha must resign.

No, no I've not told like that.

Making goat in to a dog.

This is the routine
practice of Kuzhiveli.

Go man! I will resign now.
Never, it will happen.

That is a good one.

Sri. Prabakaran Thachapuzha, yet
there is an im portant another question.

Still now the government has not
accepted dumb flu is contagious.

Then why did the
health department distribute...

mthousands of masks to the people?

That is because"
If at all if it were to spread.

What would you do?

Is it better to prevent the disease?

Than after it's spread
and crying on it.

I will tell the matter on that.

On the pretext of that mask.

Crores of rupees of
corruption has taken place.

After collecting commission
from the mask manufactures.

Thachapuzha, has
conducted a masked robbery.

How do you react
Prabakaran Thachapuzha?

On allegations made
by Thomas Kuzhiveli.

That is a big joke.

Hallo, hallo.
Can't hear.

Can't hear.
Hallo, don't leave him.

Don't allow to escape.

How will a minister rule the country?
On becoming confused when accused.

Can't hear.

Me resigning now, no way!

Will have to taste sour for that!

"You go and see
that Thenmala hospital"

"People are flocking like
anything. It is a huge response"

"It is a huge response"

"His grandmother's camera"

"Me resigning now, no way!"

"Will have to taste sour for that!"

Why sir, standing up side down?

On eating this 'bringo
di fringafath', it is said that...

...good ideas will come to head.

That is for people who
has got something in heads.

That is a good
'Aasanam',(yoga posture) sir.

You have got the best
'aasanam'. Please get up.

Really heavy!

My sir, do you know one thing?

Like the month of 'kanni' dogs cry,
that is how the phone is ringing.

I got fed up by answering.

On tuning on T.V there is only sir.

And in the net, there is
no need to mention.

With one interview
have I made an impact?

Sir, not an impact..Calling father!

On the face book,
youths are defaming.

Except that Prime T.V all other
channels are slightly in bad humor.

Why is that?

Because of sifs one interview.

The rating of Prime T.V
escalated to rocket height.

It seems no one is watching
comedy programs.

They are asking, to
other channels also.

Can you say such
kinds of foolishness?

Hey man, what is the
way to avoid un necessary...

...things coming from the mouth?

Like putting speed
locks for vehicles.

Shall we put a lock in sir's mouth?

The dumb flu, that
is spread in Thenmala.

Is taking a decisive turn now.

This disease is
spread by H1 0, N1 0 viruses.

The name which was termed as
'dumb flu' by health minister.

Prabakaran Thachapuzha, is
now affected with this disease.

It is found that ministefs
talking ability is fully lost.

That is what is found from
the reliable sources now.

Move back.

He is sick, move back.

Believed, believed,
all those fools were duped!

Not that, did you stuff some
thing in that doctor's pocket?

Not only in his pocket,
even inside his underwear...

...lumps of notes are stuffed.

That's enough, that's enough.
Can we trust him?

Who? That fellow?

If he says anything, will whack
even his deep rooted parts.

Now there is no need to
convince anything to anyone.

That is enough.
But still, sir's idea is astonishing.

That is because this Thacha...

It's C.M!

No, tell I'm not here. I'm not here.

Okay sir.

Told to put it in the speaker phone.

Sir, this is Sasi.

Where has Thachapuzha, gone?

Machatha..He is here sir.

Hey man, Thachapuzha!

He is hearing, continue talking.

Can't talk, on opening the mouth
only air will come from the throat.

Can't sit here, because of pressure
from media and opposition.

What should I do?

Sashi, what is that fellow doing?

That is scratching his head, sir.

Sir, telling to keep quite.

No, sir telling me to keep quite.

Should I hand over
the responsibility of your...

...portfolio to some else?

Sir, showing bye, bye.

My heavens, sir, not that.

Sir, showing no need, no need.

Sir, one minute writing some
thing, let me check what it is.

Not need to remove
from responsibilities.

It is said, I myself will handle that.

Okay, okay, let me
study the situation.

Tell, never step in to the channel.

Though can't talk, he
will show actions with hand, Kadakali and all.

Sir, he is showing.

No, not that coming
there to meet you sir.

Sir, coming to meet you.

With the fever and
all don't come here.

Till the sickness gets
over, let him sit there only.

Okay sir.

Is it Sree Devi Madam?


This is Adityan's class teacher
speaking from Nirmalagiri school.

Called to inform a
complaint about Adityan.

Today while the
class was going on.

He was sitting in the last
bench and playing video games.

Video game? How did he get
the video game in the class?

That is brought from the house. On
asking told, brought from home.

If you don't attend
more in child's affairs.

That will create un easiness for us.

Nothing like that will happen again.

On reaching here,
immediately I'll ask.

Adityan, is very
much distracted in the class.

Always his attention
is somewhere else.

Will be problem if the
improvement is not shown.

MC Movie Channel

Why are you waiting here?

Came to collect the result.

For that can go to
the counter and ask.

A fear.


Do you like that much to talk?

I have not told, haven't I?

My biggest ambition
is to become an R.J.

Even otherwise all this years
after saying what ever felt.

All of a sudden can't talk, means.

Can doctor be able to do that?

When people keeps
quite for some time.

Half of the problem will be solved.

They will remain peaceful,
attending their lobs.

In life there are some problems.
Is it not true?

All this problems in the mind
can be solved by talking only.

Can I ask one thing?

What we think and talk,
is it not by using head?

When the brain is remaining
silent there, which is taking...

...all the work of thinking. Why is
that our heart is beating there?

To pump blood.

No, that is talking to us non stop.

Only the thing no one
used to attend on that.

Without listening to what brain says.

Just obey to what heart says.

Then all our problems will be solved.

The result of the test is positive.

These are the medicines
which have to be taken daily.

They are for three weeks.

Then after every two day,
should come and take a injection.

To completely cure the disease, it is
said that inventions are going on.

The researchers are
taking place on big scale.

Till then to control the virus
only this injection and tablet.

At any cost, it should
not be discontinued.

There is no big medicine greater
than self confidence for any disease.

Where are all this
things being taken?

That is..The expenses are going up.

Like before none
of the funds are coming, son.

Did that Tam pi Du rai
again create problem?

If you don't tell me.
Thought I won't know is it?

Other day, I went and
begged by catching his leg.

Who told you to talk to him?
Then what? Can't I talk?

Don't inform me anything.
If I give some money.

Reluctance to accept it.

Hey fellow, aren't you doing,
more than what you can now?

If it was informed earlier,

I would have arranged some
money from somewhere.

Hey boy! What is this?

What had happened to you?

Because of this dumb flu,
sales are not happening also.

Othenlvise would have
found out some other way.

Is it because of your fault,
all this occurred?

Some things if we
try that will happen.

Some things how much we try,
that will go in it's own course.

How will we know which
will work and which will not work...

...on trying?

Good, if it works or not.

Should do only the
things that is right for the mind.

On doing like that, a kind of
pleasure is received is it not?

On gaining what so ever,
that will not be achieved.

There is no big medicine greater
than self confidence for any disease.

You can call me to say anything.

From inside it says Jai Hind.
On saying the name, it's Aravind.

MC Movie Channel

Can't understand.

Is it to meet E.N.T specialist?
Come I'll show you.

This is the one.
Next time if you come here.

If you want any help, can meet me.

The name is Indu.

The name is Satish,
is it not? I remember that.

The other day on calling the name.

Like the school children,
haven't you told present miss?

Noticed at that time.

It is for the first time a
girl is talking to you, smilingly.

Generally, every one
will lure girls by talking.

Looks like when you keep quite
only, things will fall in it's place.

Looks like the thing is through.
Give the hand!

Since this fever has evolved,
the entire business is dull.

When going for a sale, no
one will open the door itself.

Because of that, now
telling the acquaintances.

If the business doesn't
crack, the salary will be cut.

If it doesn't trouble you,
can I come home?

On seeing the demo,
if you like it only buy it.

Otherwise no need.

Has gone out, who is it?

My name is Aravind, wanted to
show a demo of a product.

I was told to come.
Has not told anything.

Left little while ago.
Don't know when is the return.

Madam, can I show the
demo of some products?

Only home based products
if you like it, only buy it.

Now there is cricket on T.V,
are you not seeing it?

Told, not to watch T.\/.
Why is that?

Due to less marks in the exam.
Failed in maths.

Why is all that note pad for?

It is for customers to give
it as compliment.

Why? Do you want it?

How much?
All that, entirely.

Why? That much?
One trick is there.

Will you tell mother'?

What will happen on telling mother?

That is all big problem.
Here comes Mother.

Madam , is it you who is
the writer Sree Devi Menu“?

Who has written
'Veenalaruthi'(end of summer)

...and 'Viralpaadukal'(Finger prints)

I'm a big fan of madam.

I've read both the books.

How come madam
is not writing now?

That is..Because of busyness.

When family and
children and all came.

Is it possible to manage everything?

Then, the second book is
not that success, isn't it?

After that a fear to write.

The second book is
madam's master piece.

'Veenal Aruthi' has got
lot of awards and all.

I like 'Viralpaadukal'.

I know lot of people
who likes that novel.

Is it?
Yes, indeed.

I'm not a veracious reader and all.

Even if I'm waiting for madam's
next book to be published.

Then, no need to say the
case of good readers.

It's too bad to stop writing, telling
the issue of house hold works.

Some topics, thoughts are going on.

Madam, not just thinking
at any cost should write.

If I had quarter of madam's talent.
I would have written ten novels now.

Sometimes I'm over talkative.

That is on meeting madam directly.

Any way for the next work,
all the best in advance.

Shall I take leave?

Good person.

On telling me to come. And by
that time sculpted, is it not?

Sorry, doesn't recognize
who the person is?

Who is this?
Don't know Vinod.

But very familiar
have seen somewhere.

Can't really recollect.

I have come to the hospital.

I'm in the business of door to door.

Madam, might have forgotten that.

Okay then, I came here
for a sale. Shall I go?

Welcome again to
the Prime T.V news.

Today, with us as chief
guest, it is none other than.

The fans who term him as world star.

Famous film star, it is Boomesh only.

Because of H1 0, N 10 virus,
a new disease is caught.

Dumb flu.

The disease that is
started in this Thenmala area.

All the efforts are started to
bury the disease in this area itself.

The efforts taken
n a speedy manner.

On the disease prevention
schemes undertaken... the government.

I'm utilizing this situation to
congratulate the government.

Sri. Boomesh, before
ending one more last question.

On your newly released movies.

Now the one on
which shooting is going on.

'If the attack hadn't come,
I would have died'

Against the so called movie.

All Kerala Drunkard's association
is continuing the agitations.

How do you react on this?
About that nothing to say.

Do you have anything in
special to say on that?

Nothing at all to say.

Family audience and fans
are waiting for your response.

I'm not responding.

Boomesh, who renders
punch dialogue on screen.

Does it mean that?
Boomesh in real life.

Has got less of reactions.

I don't have any thing
like that, lack of strength.

Boomesh, tomorrow if critiques say,
is a person without strength.

How will you react to that?

If anyone howls on
seeing the moon rising.

Nothing will happen to the moon.

Did you get it?
Great! Broke the cot!

This is enough. To spice this, that
will be taken over by Prime T.\/.

Son of a dog Boomesh.

The film star Boomesh, who gave
the punch reactions in the interview.

The tumultuous ebbs of
that are seen on the streets.

More visuals on that.

Then what? He is a big moon.

Then who are the pariah
dogs? We men!

Without Boomesh, saying
sorry, nothing of sort will happen here.

Othenlvise Keralam,
will burn like this.

Son of a dog Boomesh,
we'll take you.

I know it was a big insult yesterday.

No, nothing like that.

If anyone who behaves
like that, it will be real pain.

Has got great dislike
towards me, is it not?

No, not at all.

Then why not come to
me, to take the injection?

I have not told anything
aboutAravind, to Vinod.

On saying all of a
sudden that is enough.

The guy is really possessive.

Then will have to explain
who Aravind is and all.

I used to avoid to the maximum,
those kind of situations.

That is why, yesterday like that.

If I ask a matter.
Don't get angry like other day.

He is slightly strict, is it not?

Must not wear specs,
must not talk to boys.

Does Anjana's mother
know all this issues?

To mother'?

Yesterday, what Aravind
saw is my father's wife.

My mother was
dead in my childhood.

I didn't know that.

But still ifAnjana,
feels any sorrow, can't you...

...share it with Sree Devi madam?

It's mothefs position only, isn't it?

Why I don't know,
I couldn't see her like that.

I'm not that attached with her.

Haven't you seen this?

Small things are made
worse, by simply talking.

What will happen if two
groups say that to channel?

After all this days,
have they talked each other?

If I were there, would have
solved the problem simply.

Why a ridiculing smile like that?

I told seriously.

Shall we bet?
What bet?

If I come solving this issue
between the fans and drunkards.

Will you agree?

By talking the
problems can be solved.

Not only agreeing.

Must talk openly to Sree
Devi madam and Vinod.

With talking should
remove the gap between you.

So,this is the dead line.

What ifAravind, fails?

What to do on failing, tell.

Shall I tell?

Should collect an autograph
signed on Boomesh's photo.

Too bad, how come
adoration like this?

What is wrong with
Boomesh. Isn't he real cute?

Cute? Holy cow!

Why? Can't I say my opinion.

That is true.

But always should say
own opinion like this, openly.

Did you get it?

For example, Anjana, love
to wear the spectacle more... it not?

So, say that opinion to Vinod openly.

Take off the lens.
Put the specs on the face.

Those are too small matters.

Many of the things what we
feel small, are big things only.

Come I'll show you.

Come on.

Look there.
This is the real Anjana.

Now remove that spectacle.

It's not real Anjana, is it?

Now remove that coat.

If anyone says that this
doctor's coat is also awful.

Will Anjana, stop wearing this?

Now take a look.

This is for sure,
it is not the real Anjana.

For all individuals there are
certain specialties only for them.

That is the one, that
makes us, as we are.

When that is not there, we
will become someone else.

Make sure Anjana, is like Anjana.

MC Movie Channel

Why on pouring on to
yourthroat, you seem to"?

Put some pickles man.
Contem ptible fellow!

Brother, are you the union leader?

The president of
drunkards association.

My name is Aravind.

From where are you talking?

Sir, I'm from here.

Cut the phone fellow and call later.

Not fluent with English is it?

Brother, I came to
say an important matter.

You people, movies
of actor Boomesh...

Don't say a word on Boomesh!

What did he think
of drunkards, fellow?

That is what I was coming to say.

Let each one think
in their own terms.

Everyone should posses the
freedom to express the opinion.

On seeing a movie,
if you didn't like, don't see.

Since you don't like, stopping the
shooting. To ban the movie.

What kind of a logic is there?

Only if it is seen, the
com patriots can say.

Whether it is good or bad.
We'll ban the movie.

We will disturb the shooting.

Son of a dog Boomeshe!

MC Movie Channel

Stop it man!

Stopped, are you the police?

Brother, allow me to speak.
Tell brother, tell.

Brother, kindly pardon us.

Brother, opened our eyes.

Brother, don't cry.
No won't cry.

If you sign an agreement, saying you
have no problem with Boomesh.

It will be a great relief.

Will sign and give anywhere.
Take brother, pen.

Brother, is it true or a dream?

It is their leaders sign,
that is lying length wise.

Hey fellows, all of come running.

Look at this.

How did you manage this?

Is there any problem that is not
solved. On talking directly, brother.

Then our brother Boomen's movie
shooting can be started, is it not?

The shooting will take place
and the movie will also run.

We don't know how to say thanks.

Brother, which areas fans
club are you coming from?

Area, this area only.
Till now couldn't join the club.

Must join, will join.

You Boomesh.

We will drink by brewing you.

You dog, contem ptible fellow!

Then on saying strike, is withdrawn?

No idea.
One minute.

You dog, contem ptible fellow!

Stop, $109-

Brother, on saying the strike is
stopped and all, yesterday night.

What happened when it dawned?

Let me ask one thing.

Who are you?

I'm Aravind, haven't I come
to meet yesterday night?

Fellows, did he come
to meet us yesterday?

Yesterday, till mid night
haven't I dried all the...

...water in my throat, you cheats?


Then by hugging me don't
you remember, you cried?

Cried? Me?

The president is the person, who
doesn't cry when wife kicks on the chest.

President Salsa Kuttan.

Hey man, handsome boy.

We will take drinks
but the brain is absolute.

Trying to fool drunkards, you rascal.

You fraud Boomesh.
Son of a dog Boomesh.

Leave it brother, it's okay.

When the intoxication got over,
they might have forgotten the case.

But any way this heart is there no, to
do this much for our brother Boomesh.

That we accept it.

From this moment onwards
brother, you are included as

the special member in
Boomesh fans association.

Brother, no need that is okay.

Take this T- shirt and wear this.

No need.

Those who are
infected with disease.

Doctors and hospital staffs
who interact with patients.

There is a report
dumb flu affecting them.

As the research results bring shock
and fever among the people.

The information about the disease
is hidden by the government.

This is the report what the
Prime T.V has come to know.

Actually is dumb flu
contagious epidermic?

If so, how does it get infected?

Is the existing disease prevention
measures inadequate?

By hiding the answers to these
questions by the government.

An attempt to clear off the
apprehensions of the people.

Doesn't think it will
be fruitful from now on.

Because with the
telecasting of this news bulletin.

Prime T.V is damn
sure the people will be panic.

You simply don't
create a commotion.

Please just move back.

All of you just move back.

Don't jump like starved
children on seeing biriyani.

Other than health minister
to whom does one ask...

...about the disease?

My brother, just leave
the case being a minister.

Can't you give a consideration that
he is a being who cannot talk?

While asking just show the
sign whether it is true or false.

Sir, no chance, bad lunar
positions will really take its ride!

Sir, it is heard that
dumb flu is contagious?

How does it get affected
is it through air or food?

Vinod, shall we not meet
each other for few days?

Will take a small break
and re-think once again.

No, no that will be really straight.

Look, I have a matter to say.

Don't think disturbing you,
the moment you came.

For few days thought
of telling a matter"

Don't know how long
to go on with this play.

That thing started making the noise.

Hey fellow! Sasi,
phone is ringing man!

What to do sir?
Throw it out.

Hey fellow!

Who is it?

Yes sir.

Wants to say an important matter.

The movie which has got a
controversial comment.

In the presence of the
controversial movies director.

To discuss and
decide on the matter.

That is what is
decided by the two groups.

The fate of brother
Boomen's movie is...

mpresently on our tongue's tip.

Those guys doesn't have any
common sense or brains.

Brother you also come along,
you may be required there.

Vinod, you are controlling me a lot.

Doesn't think that will be
fine from now onwards.

There is no chance to avoid going.

What happened Sree
Devi, is there any problem?

No, nothing, I was
thinking to tell one matter.

From all side there are severe
pressures, Thachapuzha.

In a situation like this, when the
health minister itself, can't talk.

What to do?

That will be a bad name for
party and the government.

Now, other than your resignation
there is no other way out.

My dear sir, don't
beat on the chest like this.

Even otherwise the heart is weak.

Not weak man, my case is gone!

My sir, it is said that
when one way is closed.

9 other ways will open.
Then you open and show.

On putting the egg on ones chest.

It will turn to bulls-eye,
that is the situation.

Hey man, you call C.M on that thing.

And tell a medical
wonder has happened.

My talking ability was
regained, when sitting in the...

...toilet by morning.

From health research wing.

It is confirmed that
the dumb flu is contagious.

Has send the report by fax.

Vinod, how to say
this? That..l don't...

Is itAravind?

This is from orange F.M.

One vacancy on R.J has come up.

Okay sir.
Do one thing, that is not to forget.

Just glue a reminder note
on the side of the fridge.

Shall I go?

After continued
examinations and experiments.

It is confirmed, that
the dumb flu is contagious...

...from individuals to individuals.

Only through one thing,
the dumb flu will spread.

What is that thing?
Through talking.


Not only that the disease
will get spread by talking.

Already those people
who are infected.

On talking more will create the
situation of the disease more complex.

Because of that, only way to
stop the disease spreading.

Is to introduce a ban.

What, a ban?

The discussion that is scheduled
on tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Problems between the drunkard's
association and fan's association.

It is expected that it will be resolved.

What was it,
that you wanted to talk?

No nothing at all.

Come for the audition
just talk and go.

Okay sir, definitely.

Sasi, read man other
than goggling your eyes!

It is said to ban.


Sir, from now on, no
one should talk in this Thenmala.

'Talking injurious to health'

As the disease is
spread only by talking.

Till the medicine is
invented for dumb flu.

It is to be made sure
that no one is talking... the region ofThenmala.

Did the nerve of the
laughter got snapped off?

Hey man, it is not
simply saying, God is there.

Hey man, when things
become like this.

Even the comm unist's
become believers.

Now, everyone's talking
is blocked, is it not?

Sir, for that is it laughing,
should cry, is it not?

Hey fool!
If no one is able to talk.

Then why should I resign?
Now, on one will come to ask.

And we can talk freely between us.

No, no we cannot talk.

The ban is meant for poor citizens.

That is not applicable to us.

Last month, when the commissioner
banned the speed of vehicle.

What happened?

The ministers are still
going in 100 speed, is it not?

Sir, that is, the police
knows who is the minister.

Who is the Panchayat
president and all.

But the dumb flu doesn't know that.

That is really a threat.

On keeping quite, the left over
sound will remain in the throat.

Then why are you
keeping, on talking?

It seems there is a curious virus.

One fine morning, the Kondoty
bus heading to the south.

Did this virus come in that bus?

From where did it come?

Is it from Uganda, or Ukraine?

If that virus had come
from any Konalk Place.

We are not going to remain salient.

Till this disgusting ban
is called back.

Our party members day and night.

Will keep on speaking in
front of the mike.

I'm asking.
Making me to ask.

Is there a constitution here?

Is there a governing system?
Is there a rule?

The ruling ones, you take it.

Till death, we will fi..Fi..Fight!

MC Movie Channel

The ex-minister, opposition M.L.A
Thomas Kuzhivelikunnil has expired.

Against the ban on
talking at Thenmala.

While inaugurating a relay
on talking strike.

As organized by the
members of the opposition.

While talking during the inauguration.

He died collapsing
during the function.

On getting enthusiastic
and on an empty stomach.

He talked the talking of two men.

That is the reason why.
Forgetting the dumb flu severe.

Instead of losing the ability to
talk, the life itself was lost.

This death was because
the tongue in the...

...mouth, never remained silent.

On seeing this the com patriots
at Thenmala, are really shocked.

Till the medicine is
invented for the disease.

Kindly cooperate without talking.

As requested by the district
collector, to the people.

"Till the next official
information is released..."

" will be in
definitely closed down"

"Chicken thief"

MC Movie Channel

"Next movie.."

"The star is the drunkard"

Instead of written
official declarations.

With your constant request
on demand of face-to-face...

...interview with the health minister.

On that we have
gathered here today.

The questions from
media persons, are per-recorded.

By pressing the switch of a
specially designed machine.

Only the minister will be answering.

It is due to the in-efficiency
of the health minister.

Making to spread the dumb flu
vigorously all over Thenmala.

Leading to ban the talking, a
criticism as leveled like that.

What do you have to say on that?

A good question.
The next question.

How far is the research
going on, to invent...

...the medicine for the dumb flu?

Will this medicine bring back
the talking ability that is lost?

When will the ban on talking
at Thenmala, be withdrawn?

This government has taken
all the steps for that.

Till now, how many have
expired by affecting the dumb flu?

By next week, will the
num ber of dead exceed 100?

This government has
taken all the steps for that.

This government has taken
all the steps for that.

A good question.
The next question.

Thank you, greetings.

MC Movie Channel

MC Movie Channel

"Without talking a word"

"The butterfly realizes the love
in the heart of the flower"

"Now, why to search for the words?"

"The eyes are eager to tell, the love"

"Without any ones notice"

"The heart will tell it's
stories with the eyes"

"A love that is shinning
behind the smile"

"Why so much time required?
To know that"

"When the inner
heart beats together"

"Then there is no distance"

"When the inner heart
beats together"

"Then there is no distance"

"Each minute in the life"

"The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

"Each minute in the life"

"The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

"Without talking a word"

"The butterfly realizes the love
in the heart of the flower"

"Now, why to search for the words?"

"The eyes are eager to tell, the love"

"Without any ones notice"

"The heart will tell it's
stories with the eyes"

"A love that is shinning
behind the smile"

"Why so much time required?
To know that"

MC Movie Channel

"The words in the lips
To sing that"

"Wings for the words"

"Will the silence be
extended un endingly?"

"Even though the silence
is covering us as snow"

"Did the desire flare up as flame"?

"Like the flute which
takes the air in the heart"

"Why did my inner
heart wait to sing?"

"When the inner
heart beats together"

"Then there is no distance"

"When the inner
heart beats together"

"Then there is no distance"

"Each minute in the life
The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

"Each minute in the life
The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

"Without talking a word"

"The butterfly realizes the love
in the heart of the flower"

"Now, why to search for the words?
The eyes are eager to tell, the love"

"Without any ones notice"

"The heart will tell it's
stories with the eyes"

"A love that is shinning
behind the smile"

"Why so much time
required? To know that"

"Each minute in the life
The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

"Each minute in the life
The breeze is full of fragrant smell"

MC Movie Channel

A medicine for the dumb
flu is invented.

The news are coming out like that.

In the lab of a famous
pharmaceutical company.

It is being prepared.

Only after solving the side
effects of the medicine.

It will be brought in the market.
That is what is known.

The job of thinking is
entirely done by brain...

...which is remaining there silently.

Then why is our heart
beating like this, here?

That is talking to us nonstop.
No one used to notice that.

Without listening to what brain says.

Listen to what heart says.
Then all our problems will be solved.

MC Movie Channel

"Did the shadows"

"Fill the paths of the story"

"At the side, that tender voice"

"Did you wish, that to fall?"

"In the tear that is not seen
Did it fall from the eyes?"

"Like the silent desires
Did the hearts shiver?"

"In the tear that is not seen"

"ls the inner swelling
in pain extremely?"

MC Movie Channel

To cure the dumb flu.

The preventive injection
and the nasal spray.

Will be made available
within two days.

The health department
has launched a notice.

On the contrary, the
medicine to cure the disease.

It is not fully free from side effects.

That is the thing which
generates an apprehension.

Even though the medicine will
save the victims from the death.

The chances of losing the
sound 50% is remaining.

In those who use the medicine.

The priority is given to
stop the death.

Than stopping the loss of sound.

Maximum efforts will be done.
To make medicine reach to the people.

As detailed by the
health department.

"Will sing the song, that
is not be sung"

"Will hear the sound in me"

"At the time when the
sky is all fading"

"Do not go, to hymn the dream"

"To speak in the ear
Fill the paths of the story"

"Did the shadows"

"Fill the paths of the story"

"At the side, that tender voice"

"Did you wish, that to fall?"

"In the tear that is not seen"

Greetings to all.

We are the inmates
of the orphanage, nest.

All might have know the news that.

Preventive medicine is
invented for the dumb flu.

But when that medicine is used.
For the effected some ones.

There are chances for
the sounds to be lost.

To confront such a situation.

And to out live the problems
when without sound.

To help you only. We
have come here.

Those who are coming to
see you are the ones...

...with certain peculiarities.

MC Movie Channel

Talking is only a
means of communication.

With talking we can
clarify the things to everyone.

When the sound is lost.
Never think that, what is in the mind.

Can never be expressed.
Without opening the mouth.

We can communicate.

Some times.

The things which cannot
be expressed on talking.

We can make them feel by actions.

Whether it will take place or not.

Should do the things which
are rig ht for the mind.

On doing like that, there is a
pleasure evolved, is it not?

On achieving what all things,
that will not be obtained.

MC Movie Channel

From today onwards
for the dumb flu.

The preventive medicine
and the injection will be...

mavailable in all the hospitals.

The nasal spray can be
used directly by individuals.

Without the physician's help.

The arrangements for the injections.

Are being set up in hospitals
and in preliminary health centers.

In addition to that,
from today onwards.

The government is withdrawing
the ban on talking.

Without any conditions.

At least from now on
without talking unnecessarily.

At the most required time.

The things which are needed.
Let the talking be effective.

The Prime T.V wishes you all.

MC Movie Channel

"The rhythm of freedom
are coming to the ears"

"The beauty of a talking lady"

"The colors of it are
coming to the eyes"

"Slowly, slowly the sun is glowing"

"The cloud that covered the
sky, is moving away"

"Rain clouds and winds
are going back"

"The good time is coming back"


Shall I call mother'?

...For everything.

"Will see, tender wind"

"Are you not singing
with a wrong note?"

"Aren't you flying around?"

"Aren't you not singing and hooting"

MC Movie Channel

No need man, will tell later.

Tell man.

"The world is changed"

"During the time of
seeing the dreams"

"The flower of desire is bloomed"

For the one and a half month.

On the 9th ward no
street lights are burning.

By today evening if the
lights are not burning.

You will face the consequences.

One special tea for the member.

A good tea.

Shall I go?

"The cloud that covered the
sky, is moving away"

"Rain clouds and
winds are going back"

"The good time is coming back"

We don't need this marriage.

"Will see, tender wind"

"Are you not singing
with a wrong note?"

"Aren't you flying around?"

"Aren't you not singing and hooting"

Look, I once again feel to write.

But without your support, I can't.


Is this what you
wanted to talk earlier?

Sorry Sree Devi.
I should have known it before.

You must write again.

Don't be tensed thinking
about the things over here.

That, myself and Anju
will take care of everything.

I'm once again telling to avoid the
complaints in the later stage.

On taking this medicine, the
disease will be completely cured.

But there is a chance
of losing the sound.

Is there any change in the decision?

On taking the injection after
a long time, sleep will be there.

On the matter of talking ability.

That will be known
only after waking up.

Dear ones.

For the deadly disease, dumb flu,
the prevention medicine.

The vaccination for
the diseased victims.

Being able to launch
in a short notice.

Our company has got
extreme happiness and pride.

To prevent the disease,
the vaccination for that.

For using the nasal spray.
I welcome the respected Chief Minister.

The injection for the affected,
by taking anti-viral injection.

To build the trust and
confidence in the minds of people.

We are welcoming
a prominent person.

It is none other than.
Our respected health minister.

It is Sri. Prabakaran Thachapuzha.

One thing that is to be cautioned is.

On using this medicine,
for some people.

There is a slight chance
of losing the sound.

But in the case
of our loving minister.

His sound is already
lost before itself.

Welcoming the minister
with great happiness.

To take the anti-viral injection.

Sister, is the cure medicine
taken for Aravind?

Given doctor.

My sound is regained.

MC Movie Channel

The issue of Boomesh is resolved.

As an un known youth has waved
a white cloth, as a peace sign.

Followed by that,
as peeling of the onion.

The problem was
solved with a second.

Drunkards association and
Boomesh fan's exchanging the kisses.

In to that scenes.

Who is that Grand ma?

That brother has united you with us.

Aravind, I failed in the bet, okay.

What Aravind, told is true.

When we say openly,
what is right in our minds.

All the problems will be solved.

The ability to talk is the biggest
strength, is it not what was believed... Aravind all these years?

But the things that
is meant to be true.

The mind with no reluctance to do it.

That is Aravind's greatest strength.

All this years I
was hiding from myself.

It was Aravind,
who showed me that.

I want to hearAravind's voice.

Wants to hear it, an entire life time.

What happened?


It has been long time
since talked, is it not?

Lost the touch.

We come to know how beautiful.

The sound of life is,
only when the silence comes.

Where ever in the world, to who
ever, must say what is meant to say.

Your sound, your heart is talking.

What is happening sir?

Sir, tell something.
Sir, open the mouth and talk.

Let it come out sir, take
the breath from the navel.

And try talking.
Is it gone?

Really gone.

Then in that case, can the
resignation letter be prepared?

"With in inside on the river
Like the rain drops"

"Someone is singing in the ears
Talking to me every day"

"Jasmine, more beautiful than you
On the lips that flowers a smile"

"I'm hearing that tune
I'm also singing along"

"Will forget everything
Will put the wings and fly"

"Will galore in the eyes
Will fill the dreams"

"The drunkard is the star"