Vaastav: The Reality (1999) - full transcript

SPOILER: Raghunath Namdev Shivalkar (Sanjay Dutt) and his best friend Dedh Footiya (Sanjay Narvekar) struggle to find work in Mumbai. They decide to run a pav bhaji stall.But fate steps in when Raghu accidentally kills a customer who turns out to be the brother of a notorious gangster, Fracture Pandya and end up in the Mumbai underworld. Vitthal Kaanya (Ashish Vidyarthi), a rival gang lord, offers Raghunath and Dedh Footiya protection and later hires them both as hitmen. Raghunath becomes a respected hit man, with Dedh Footiya as his accomplice. With Raghunath in his gang Vitthal Kaanya hits a peak in the Mumbai underworld. He is protected by a politician who uses Raghunath for his needs. While BabbanRao (Home Minister) relies on Raghunath, there are some others who despise Raghunath, and are just waiting in the sidelines to see when Raghunath makes an error. Raghunath does so, and hence becomes an embarrassment for BabbanRao. Soon Raghunath is on the run, both from the police, and BabbanRao's men. Raghunath knows now that he must protect his wife, parents, and family, as they too are in danger. Then Raghunath comes to know that the police have been ordered to kill him in an "encounter", and Raghunath now realizes that there is no escape from this harsh reality. Unable to save himself from police, Raghu comes back to his home and asks his mother to shot him down for a graceful end of life. His mother does the same and his wife doesn't stop her from doing this. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Now let's pray for Raghunath soul.

May The Lord grant absolution
to Raghunath's soul.

Grandma, what was my papa like?...

Used to be very naughty.
From the time he was born.

- You want to know about your father?
- Yes.

Playing marbles! 2 days
before your exams? Moron!

- Go on upstairs.
- I stand to lose 5 marbles!

Your dad slogs it out at the mill.
Some day he will die of tuberculosis...

Doesn't mean a thing to you, does it?
You're still pushing matriculation!...

And your younger brother
has graduated already.

Why don't you drop out of school?
You're squandering my money.

As if your hooch comes free.
Now you hear me out Raghu.

I'm rooting for a strong base.

Hey Ramnikial! Hey pimp! Look!
My dad's beating me up!

Why are you abusing him?

- Don't you hit me. Dad.
- I'm fed up with him...

You're a graduate. Why don't you
drill some sense into this ass?

If I try to. I'll end up
unlearning whatever I've learnt...

- But he's made it to class ten now.
- Sure, I have...

- A couple of years to each class.
- Just let me clear matriculation...

then I'll score straight 0s
in the intermediate exams.

And then, I'll become a doctor.

Dad. Give up alcohol.
Try yoghurt shakes instead...

- Ramnikial! My Dad's bashing me up!
- Shut up! For heaven's sake!

- Hello Uncle.
- Pooja, welcome...

Idlis! Pooja, you're a darling!
Thanks. I was famished!...

They don't make it as delicious
even in idli-country.

- He's shameless... eating it all alone.
- Mom, tell Dad not to call me that!...

His fly is open.
How about that?

- What do we do about this fellow?
- Forget him.

Why are you standing? Sit down.
I'll get you tea.

- No, thanks. I'm getting late.
- You're always in a hurry...

Eat one.

Go on. Eat it up.
No more melodrama.

I'll take a walk.

- Where is he off to?
- After her.

- How long are we to meet on the sly?
- Till we're married.

- Will we ever get married?
- Of course we're getting married.

As soon as I get a job. And well make
a home for ourselves.! Just you and I.

- Somewhere far away from this place.
- Why? What's wrong with this place?

You and I don't belong here.
Such creatures live in this place...

Come on wife, give me 15 bucks...

Your darling died doing
house keeping jobs for a living!

And you blow up more than half
of what I earn on hooch.

I guess the British left you behind.

15 bucks please. This last time.
I'll kick the habit tomorrow...

- I've been hearing that all my life.
- This drunk is getting on my nerves!

- Only 15. please.
- I told you I don't have it.

- You have the money. I know it.
- Leave me!

- I wont!
- Let go!

Enough Dad! I've always kept quiet.
Not any more.

Dad or not, I'll break your bones!...

whose bones will you break?
Who are you talking to?

- But Mom...
- Break whose bones? Your father's?

The man who fathered you...
the man who brought you up?

You want to break his bones?
He's unemployed because...

his mill has shut down.
But look at you!

Shameless fellow!
You just sit at home.

Your mother slaves it out
in other peoples. Kitchens.

Your father is unemployed.
And all you do is sleep and eat!

You want to break your father's bones?
I'll break your teeth!

- Let him go Aunt.
- Get lost!...

Now stop crying like a sissy.
Who asked you to interfere?

She's right, you know. I'm so old.
And I cant earn a dime!...

Bad times. For all of us.
But someday we will make it...

- all of us.
- Who knows?

- Why are you laughing?
- Must come here and see!

- Look! Over there!
- They're stealing bananas!

Where did this fellow come from?
Where's my book?

Over there... get lost.

- Where's Raghu?
- In there. Been studying all evening.

Studying what?

Studying physics out of
a math text book?


The chalk is still showing.
Now come for dinner.

- Waste of time.
- Hi Vijay!

- What's it?
- Nothing.

- Like bananas?
- Shit!

Give them to me.

- Where are my bananas?
- Those were. Gone now.

Shut up!

- First ask what it's all about.
- We never asked?

Well what?

Landed a job.
Sub inspector of police.


- Party! Party!
- Shut up!

I just got the job!
Not the salary.

- And my old man won't dish out a dime.
- Who need's money?

On sunday we will raid Dagdu's
chicken coop. Say what?...

Raghu! Get up!

- Why are you fellows screaming?
- Dagdu knows we stole his chicken.

- How do you know he knows?
- He's screaming his head off.

- Why did you fellows come here?
- He's going to your house!

- I'm in a fix!
- Come on. Raghu...

Go on. Let him do what he wants.
We will see later.

Shut up and leave him alone.

Narm deo! Come down!
Look what your son did!

They stole two of my chickens!
I'm not going to spare them!

They're out to ruin me!

- We are coming.
- Just you come down!

You aren't digesting my chicken!
I wont spare anyone! You thieves!

This is the one! The leader!
The king of the loafers!

You ate all my chicken!
I will hand you over to the police!

Shut up, Dagdu. Don't pick my brains
fresh in the morning...

Did you steal his chicken?

- Who says?
- He's saying!

- What proof do you have?
- Proof? Sure! I have the proof!

Bones! Chicken bones! My chicken!
The ones you cooked last night!

- On the terrace! I found the bones!
- So what if we cooked chicken?

Does the name on the bones say
Dagdu's Chicken...?...

will you never mend your ways?
You're such an embarrassment!

Who pays for my chicken?!

Take that.

- What's happening?
- The usual.


to become a doctor!

Why are you tearing his books?
Books are sacred!

Doesn't make a difference to him!
Look at him staring!

- Why, what have I done?
- I will thrash you!...

Ramnik lal! Hey pimp!
Look, Dad is bashing me up!...

shut up!

Shanta, your son is making life
very difficult for me!...

if you want to live in this house,
you will have to do something...

All right, drop out of school
and find yourself a job.

- Look at him laughing!
- What else do I do but laugh?

Look at him. Graduate. Unemployed.
What use matriculation?

- Don't you drag me into this.
- And what will you do?


Why don't you start a small business?

Say something.

- Mom, has he been drinking?
- Shut up, you fool...

Now what job does he do?
He's a fitter in a mill.

And he talks business.
Dad, business needs capital...

if he's saying it, there must be a
reason for it...

- He can't even run a business.
- Ideas. I've always had them.

- Can you spare 40,000?
- To do what?...

- To set up a fast food kiosk.
- Fast food!

Fast food isn't small business.
Take Laxman's kiosk.

He takes home 5000 a day.
And he buys his supplies from Dadar.

I will buy mine from Byculla
and Nasik. Directly.

I will make a killing out of
potatoes and onions.

Laxman sells a dish at 12,
and he makes a profit of 4.50...

I will sell for 10, and
I will take a profit of 5...

He sells 300 a day.
I will sell only 200.

- Enough!
- Listen to me!

- Mom! Tell him to listen!
- Shut up!

- You still won't give me the money.
- I will.

I will borrow from
my superannuation fund.

- You won't fritter it away, will you?
- No way! I've made it!...

40,000. Gone down the drain...

she broke the coconut with one blow.
Business is going to be great.

Bless me Dad...

- Darling, how about a 20?
- Kill me! Sell my bones!...

Just this once.
Tomorrow, I will kick it...

Some day you will kick the bucket.

- Hey old girl, what are you doing?
- What do you think? Ajig!...

I'm trying to make a leaky stove work.

- Then dump it.
- Dump it?

- Then what will you eat? Stones?
- Not stones. In this house...

- we will cooks feasts every day.
- Feasts!

Did your mother hit a pot of gold
when she was washing dishes?

Drop the sarcasm.

Keep this.

From tomorrow, you aren't working.
The old girl is going to sit at home...

Your son is going to make a living.

How about a drink, old man?...

Got this. For you.
I will treat you to booze every day.

But don't you bother
your old woman anymore.

4550... 4600... 4630!

- That's a lot of money.
- This is just the beginning, Dad...

And Dad, that Laxman is effed!...

I will pay your loan back in a trice.
Remember who broke the coconut?

- This Mom of mine is a darling!
- You fool.

Hurry up, raghu.
We're waiting for you...


Ardent you coming to collect donations
for the Govinda festival?

You go ahead.
I'm not coming.

No one will contribute
unless you come along.

Just take money from those
who want to give.

This time, I'm sponsoring
the celebrations...

We couldn't take the prize
at Vijaynagar this year.

- That was worth 5000 bucks. Missed it.
- But your takings were good.

- 'You've made 14'000 bucks in all.
- Shorty took a nasty fall...

- I saved him today.
- I fell because you stepped away.

2 breads over here.

The festival is over. Back to work.
Two breads over there.

- Clear the plates over here.
- Shorty take his check...

Mangya, please go over.
My back is still hurting...

You're just lazy. Move it.

It will be your turn someday.
Then I will see.

- Great piece of ass!
- Hey beauty!

- Wait till I get back.
- Just like Helen!

- So how did you like the pav bhaji?
- Just clear the plates, smart ass...

- Your bill is 220.
- For what?

6 bhajis, 1 khada bhaji, 20 pavs.
5 puffs, 20 papads. That's cheap...

- 'you want money from us?
- You ate it, didn't you?...

Just take the plates, and get lost.
Want money, you bastard?...

why are you using foul language?

So what if he did?

He called you a bastard.
So what will you do?

- You know who I am?
- Whoever you may be...

just pay your bill.

Munna. That's my name. Get it?
I'm Bandya's brother.

I will carve you up!
Right here.

Leave him, boss!
He made a mistake...

Tell him that.
You want to run a business here?

I will kill him!
He asks me for money!

You're the boss! I'm apologizing
for him. Please. Forgive him.

He made a mistake.
He's out of his mind.

Don't you fellows put on airs!

- You're supposed to be meek.
- He's the one who hit me.

- And you apologize to him?
- In business, you have to...

- why pick a fight with Bandya's men?
- Was that written on his face?

He should've said that
he's Bandya's brother.

He should've said he hasn't the money
and should've begged for food.

- Now cool down.
- The next time...

I'm not going to spare anyone.
Be warned.

Don Shorty!

- Why are you so glum?
- What else do I do?

Dad put you up in business.
And I am where I was. Unemployed.

Pooja's dad is going to get her
married to someone very soon.

Once you get a job'
you can get married...

- Job? Where? Everyone wants bribes.
- How much?

- Why do you want to know?
- Just tell me.

- 25'000.
- You can have it in two days...

- where will you get so much?
- Not your concern.

Now stop moping. In a week's time'
I will talk to pooja's dad too...

Hi Uncle, how are you?
Praying, I guess?...

Hey, isn't that a brand new tv?
Solid piece...

Your hotel must be doing well.
I have put up a kiosk too.

The daily take is about 5000.

Come over to the kiosk someday.
I will treat you to great pav bhaji.

And Vijay... he has a job now.
I helped him get the job.

I put up 25,000, you know.
I took it from Govind bhai...

I will pay him back in 2 or 3 months.

And I thought, why don't I
drop in to see you?...

- why?
- Life would be great once...

- my brother and pooja are married.
- Whose marriage did you say?

You don't know? For 2 years, pooja
and my brother have been in love...

Get up.

- What happened, Uncle?
- Get out! Out!...

- Listen to me, Uncle.
- You dare talk about my daughter?...

You run a pav-bhaji kiosk!
And you think you're an equal?

I felt like slapping the old man.

- So, Vijay's wedding is off?
- I've told Vijay...

to lie low for 2 months.
And then, elope...

The tensions ease in a month or two
...the girl's parents fall in line.

Like that girl on the second floor
who eloped with Keshav 6 months ago.

Now they're back at home.

- News is she's pregnant.
- Keeping track?

Hey jerks, over here...

Here come the beggars.
The dogs!

Satya, take the order...

oh, yes! Why not...?
The bloody beggars!...

- what will you eat?
- The same.

2 khada bhajis. 1 bhaji, buttered.
8 pavs...

- Want some puff?
- Sure.

2 buttered puffs.
Get lost.

Munna, what about the jerk
we saw yesterday?...

Hey, come here...

where's the jerk?

- Call him over here.
- Forget it, boss. He made a mistake...

- He doesn't have brains.
- You monkey. Just do what I tell you...

Else, I will bash your ears in.
Get going...

Forget him, boss.
The poor fellow made a mistake...

Get lost.

Munna, let's get into the mood...

Just listen to them. Don't talk back.
They're drunk. No use arguing. Go on.

Hi jerk!
You won't ask us to pay up today?

Did the cat get your tongue'
you bastard?...

Look at the anger in his eyes!
Oh I'm scared!

You won't talk back?

Speak up!

- Why are you hitting me?
- What will you do?

You fellows are eunuchs!
They are bashing your friend up!

And you fellows are just
enjoying the show?

What will they do?

You think you're a don?

You think I'm a coward?

Kill him!

Over here.

What have you done?

You scoundrels!
You've destroyed everything.

I didn't mean to kill him.
But he would've killed Shorty.

What's going to happen now?
My career is ruined!

Shut up Vijay!

Get up, and come with me
to the police station...

Go the police, and They're dead.
The police are in Bandya. S pay...

- Then what do we do?
- I'll still go to the police.

- All policemen aren't bad.
- Yes!

No! Listen to me.
Do what I say!

- Run!
- No! Raghu! Listen to me!

Where have you hidden Raghu? Tell me!
Tell me. Or I will break your bones.

I have told you all I know.

- You're lying!
- He doesn't know anything.

- I know nothing!
- You're in it together.

- I will fix all of you.
- Hey, what are you up to?...

- You drunk! Where's your son?
- I wouldn't tell you even if I knew.

- Put on airs, have you?
- Why are you beating him?...

- if he doesn't know, he doesn't know.
- Who are you?...

Sub inspector kishore Kadam.
Dadar police Station. I live here.

Arguing with a senior? A policeman
interfering with an investigation.

I will have you suspended.

One last warning for all of you.

If I don't get Raghu in 2 days'
I will make you march stark naked...

Don Bandya is making life hell for us
all because of this Raghu.

So what if you voted for me?

And what's so great about what
he has done? He killed someone.

- What use coming here?
- He wants to surrender to the police.

- So what do you want me to do?
- The police should...

- treat him properly.
- Why, is he a politician?...

kishore! Good you came!
Look, turn us over to the police...

Not now. The case is hot.
Bandya is baying for blood.

- He won't spare you fellows.
- How long do we sit here?

Been 3 days since
I ate or drank anything.

- 'You have to hide. For a few days.
- At this rate, we will die!...

- Come with me.
- Where?

- Only one person can help you now.
- Who?

One-Eye Vittal

You did the right thing.

Mean pimps, those Bandya brothers.
Good you killed the snake...

We didn't mean to kill him.
But he would've killed Shorty.

What do you want from me?

- We want to surrender to the police.
- The police has sold out to Bandya.

No one can help you there.

But there's one thing I can do. Till
the heat is on, you can stay here...

Have no fear. In here,
your lives aren't in danger...

Hungry? You haven't eaten?

Give them food.

- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.

But you did the right thing
bringing them here.

Now let's see what
Bandya. S gang does.

- Sorry about your brother.
- That's why I am here.

- Come inside.
- No.

We talk here.

- Go on.
- I want Raghu.

- Why?
- Because we want to kill him.

One life for another!

- Whatever happened was an accident.
- The dead man was my brother.

Suleiman name your price.
I want Raghu. Ant any cost...

Raghu doesn't belong to any gang.
I don't know where he is right now.

I'm a peacemaker.
I don't trade in murder.

If you want to save a life'
name your price...

2 million

- We lost our brother.
- Shut up.

2 million? Where will his parents
find so much?

- Who is talking about his parents?
- Who else?

- One-Eye Vittal will pay.
- Why will he pay?

Only one man in this city
could give him shelter.

So go and tell him that if
he wants to save his dog...

he will pay up 2 million.

No deal. He'll take his 2 million'
and he'll still kill...

- I don't trust his word.
- Trust my word.

Five years back, that cur
was working for me...

And he stabbed me in the back!
No deal!

I do my namaaz five times a day.
Trust me.

Even if I have to pay for it
with my life...

I will make sure these men
will not be hurt.

If you say so, I will pay up...

Go in.

You must be wondering why
I agreed to pay 2 million.

'You know, time was when
one-Eye Vittal used to rule Bombay...

They are going to bring
those days back.

Oh I forgot, you don't touch
cigarettes or alcohol...

- How do you stay alive?
- That's just why I'm alive.

- What date for the deal?
- Day after tomorrow. Evening.

- Where?
- Cafe Britannia.

But one-Eye Vittal is a criminal'
a murderer! And Raghu is with him?...

I knew this would happen.

Raghu isn't responsible
for whatever happened.

I hear one-Eye Vittal is settling
the matter between Raghu and Bandya.

Then Raghu will turn himself
over to the police.

- When is this going to happen?
- Tonight.

I taped the gun under that table.
Why did they make us sit here?

I don't understand a thing.

Go on. Frisk me.
I am not carrying guns.

No. Call them over here.

Here it is.

What happened?
The 2 million is in it.

Keep it.

Not the money.
I want these two.

You gave me your word.

I'm taking back my word.
Can anyone do anything?

What about my word?

Does it mean more than
my brother's life?

You dogs!
Got fire in your veins?

It was a mistake.
Please forgive us.

Shut up!
I will douse the fire tonight.

Scared? The sight of death
scares you?

You killed my brother!
You jerks!

Why are you wasting time?
Just kill them!

Raghu, try to understand
what I say. Get this clear...

- These men deserved it...
- Don't touch me! I'm a murderer!

- Turn me over to the police!
- They will kill you.

What difference would it make?
Let them kill me! I'm a killer!

- Listen...
- No! Don't touch me!


If you didn't kill them'
they would've killed you!...

why don't you get this?


- No! I don't drink!
- Drink it up. Like medicine.

Drink it. It's medicine.

Mom, what makes you so angry?
This is your Raghu...

Dad, scotch for you.
It's foreign, you know...

A watch for you, Vijay.
And a dress...


look, a saree for you...

- And look at this...
- Are you trying to buy us out?

- It's a gift of love.
- We don't want your ill-gotten gains.

- Take everything away.
- I didn't bring it to take it away.

If you won't have it'
throw it away...

Looking at that?

It's real gold.
550 grams.

How much?
550 grams.

Dad, look at her gaping!...

Want to see something exquisite?

Come here.

Get it out.

Look at this.
...take a look.

The gun.
Worth two big ones.

Two big ones means 200'000 quid...

Look at this Dad.

Mom, take a look...

why are you sacred?
It won't go off on its own.

Let me show you.

This is called the magazine.
You shove it in like this.

And you call this the trigger.

Just curl your finger around
the trigger and...

you aim it at the mark.
Squeeze the trigger...

and the game is over!

Got it, Mom?...

Not afraid of the police
anymore, is he?...

Bandya threatened him.
He has already killed Bandya.

There's still time. Tell him
to surrender to the police.

No policeman in all Bombay
dares speak up to me.

I rule Bombay.

Why arrest me?
No one can even touch me.

No, you won't understand this.
Forget it...

- So Vijay, how goes the job?
- Depends on when I find a job...

- But I gave you the money...?
- That money I gave him.

But he's always putting it off.

- Whom did you give the money?
- Himmat Shah. Perfect placements.

Why did you have to come, Don Raghu?
I'll be mad not to give him a job...

He should've told me he's your brother.

- So when are you giving him the job?
- Right away, boss...

please consider this office yours.
Secure job. Great salary.

Hey! Who are you?
How did you come inside?

Home Minister Kadam himself!
In my poor hovel!

- Welcome, and sit down.
- I haven't come here to sit down...

Raghunath Namdeo Shivaikar. Don Raghu.
He could be useful for me.

- Setup a meeting.
- He's no use for you.

He has an independent streak.
He won't work under anyone.

We will see. What isn't possible,
given the money for it?...

Work for me, and he could become
man of millions. Setup the meeting...

There are other punters in Mumbai.
Why have you come to me?

There's a big difference between
you and the others, son...

you are quite melo dramatic.
I will do only what I feel like doing.

- Sure. Suit yourself.
- I name my price.


- Then I've made it!
- This is just the beginning, son...

Don Vittai, keep this...

- What's this?
- A good will payment.

- For what assignment?
- No dearth of assignments, son...

listen to another corny line.
It's fantastic!

There're no thefts
in Nepal, you know...

Because they're a country of guards!

- Stop it. You're a bloody hore.
- What's up, Deva?...

Keep it, Kishan...

- What's this?
- Just keep it.

You take it at the police station,
don't you? Oh come on, I know...

- I'm not taking hrihes from you.
- It isn't hard-earned money.

And We're going to rake in more.
Go on Shorty, tell him...

That home minister Kadam
is inside Raghu.s pocket.

- Raghu, stay clear of him.
- Oh don't worry...

now what did I tell him?
...tell him Shorty.

Told him, we will do only
what we feel like doing...

And I will take whatever price
I ask for.

Raghu, are you on hashish?...

- it's fun. Just try it out.
- Go on. Take a drag.

Have your laughs while you can.
Mend your ways. You still have time.

I will tell you what, the two of you
should get married...

only your wives can manage
the two of you.

It'd take madmen to
give us their daughters.

And I get kind of tongue-tied
in the presence of girls.

One minute... come over here.
I will let you in on a secret.

These days, the sight of girls
turns me off...

I will solve your problem.
Just come with me.

- Where to?
- To Heaven!

Come in, now. No tensions.
Just come inside...

Hey julie, here comes your hero!...

That's me!

My hero!

What's up, julie? Lots of English
...took in an Englishman?...

- English-talking, fluently!
- My girl, after all...

Take a look around.
See if you like someone.

No tension. If you don't like it here,
I have other points...

look, over there. Hema Malini...

Go on. Take a look for yourself.

Like her?

Saydo you like her?...

Go on Sonu, take him in...

Come on.

Go on, buddy...

Don't you want it tonight?
Come on.

Who do you think you are?
Aishwarya Rai?

I just did it yesterday night.
You think I'm Tarzan.

How about playing cards?
You can give me a massage.

I'm playing cards after ages.
Get me some beer.

Will you just go on staring?
Haven't ever seen a girl?

Come on, take your pants off.
Don't waste time. This is peak hour...

Seen lots of guns. Even 12 year olds
carry guns these days. Put it down.

And come over.

What happened?
Got a shock?

- You're running a temperature.
- You want to take me to the doctor?

Just get over with
what you're here for.

Don't you empathise or anything.
I'm scared of sympathies.

Go on, drop your pants...

- Sweets? What are we celebrating?
- Vijay has found a lot.

Good. At least one of your sons
is making an honest living.

Now find a good girl,
and get him married...

- That will help your wife.
- That's why I'm here.

Balaji, you know it and I know it.
Vijay and Pooja are in love...

- Why don't we get them married?
- That's on of yours, the loafer...

he came to tell me that. No problem
even if my daughter stays a spinster.

- But I won't give her to your family.
- But Balaji...

Daddy, listen to me...

Shut up! Are you so shameless?
Just go inside.

Go in.

You're still here? Look, he of you.
Stop pursuing my daughter...

- Balaji, listen to me...
- Not a word...

Were it someone else,
I would've thrown him out...

- What? He insulted my Dad?
- Right.

- Threw him out?
- Right.

This fellow has airs...
what's his name?

- Pooja's dad.
- Yes. That's him.

He's getting some rich man's son
to come and see Pooja.

- What...? When?
- Friday.

- The day after tomorrow.
- Shutup!

Here, have some sweets.
I've had enough, thank you...

- just taste some. Pooja made these.
- In that case, I will have one...

Shall we fix a date for the wedding
say two months from now?

So Uncle, how have you been?...

So this is the boy?


- What do you call it?
- Smart boy.

- And those cars down there?
- Belongs to them.

- How far has your son studied?
- Our son is an engineer.

Bless his mother!

Smart boy. Engineer. Has cars.
Don't you care for your son?

Why don't you find a good girl
for your son? Some virgin...?

Get out of here.
And find a good girl for your son.

Let me tell you something...
Pooja will marry Vijay.

Get it?

This time, I'm talking.
Next time, I will pump in all six...

Rascal! Won't you let anyone
rest in peace?

- How much in it?
- 1.5 million.

- I asked for 2.5 million.
- Sorry, boss. Business is slack...

- I will pay you up in 15 days.
- No excuses next time.

Take it Rane. It's for you.

- For news about one-Eye Vittal.
- No need for this, boss...

Keep it. For a cop, your tastes
are too extravagant...

- Anything else? Let me know.
- I want that pimp. Raghu.

Track Raghu for me. I will make you
the richest shop in Bombay.

Are we to sit idle?
Come on, let's bust Bandya's gang...

That's just what they want us to do.
They must be fielding for us.

If we step out of here,
they will take us out...

Are we eunuchs? Won't we
avenge Don Vittal's death?

Sure. We will take revenge.
But all in good time.

There's a time for everything.

- No jokes?
- I swear it. A two room apartment.

- The company is giving it to me.
- Really?

- I can move in next week.
- Your Mom and Dad will be so happy!

We are going to live there.
Just you and I.

- Why?
- I want to break away from my past.

I want to start a new life. I don't
want to be called Raghu's brother...

But you don't mind keeping the job
your brother fixed for you?

He might've landed me the job.
But this esteem I have earned...

this apartment I've been given,
is my dint of my hard work...

Raghu borrowed to give you the money.
You've forgotten that? You're selfish.

I will return all his money.

I might he leaving this house.
But I'm not breaking ties.

- I will send you money every month.
- What are you saying, Vijay?!...

We aren't going anywhere
Without your parents.

Nohe wants to leave.
Go with him...

Why are you so sad?

I'm here with you.

Once their wings are grown,
the fledglings will fly alone...

That right our children have too.

Onlythey don't have a sky to fly.
To this earth they are tied...

an earth being divided
into ever smaller squares.

Go on. We do not seek to intrude
upon your lives.

- We only want to live in your hearts.
- In my heart you will live forever.

I look at you, and I wish
I had a daughter...

- What do you mean left home?
- Am I supposed to live all my life...

- in that slum?
- All I want to say is...

- you could've brought Dad and Mom.
- Why don't you take care of them?

- You know they won't live with me.
- I can't do anything.

I won't have anything
to do with my past.

People who live here are gentlemen.

- What are you saying?
- What I'm saying is right.

And I'll rather you didn't
come here again.

- Have dinner.
- Thanks, I've had my fill...

- Enough, Raghu.
- Let me drink tonight, Sonu...

Scum! He's scum.

I never imagined Mom and Dad
would have to live all alone.

What haven't they done for him?
Educated him. Made him a graduate.

And he gets married, and he goes off
with his wife...

- Why don't you live with them?
- I'll take good care of them.

By that old woman,
she won't live with me...

- Why?
- Because...

- Because...
- What...?

Because she won't take my money.
I'm into had business.

Why don't you give it up?
You can't, isn't that so?...

So there's no difference
between you and Vijay.

He wanted happiness in life.
And all his life, he drank!...

What happiness...? Nothing!

Wanted the son to do well in life.
He dreamed of better days... nothing!

- What's happening? Did you call?
- I telephoned.

- Did you speak to Shorty?
- Yes. They should he coming.

- When did you come?
- A while ago. Coming from my hotel.

- When did it happen?
- This afternoon.

- When is the funeral?
- His brother and sister are expected.

The funeral is tomorrow.

- Are you sure Rane?
- Certain. 10:30 tomorrow morning.

- At the crematorium in Dadar.
- Dadar...

- So how are you, Dagdu?
- Fine... just fine...

- you look disturbed. What is it?
- It's nothing.

- Tell me.
- The doctor says my daughter...

- has to undergo surgery.
- What's wrong with her?

She has a hole over here the heart.

- It will cost 100,000.
- Take it from me...

- I will borrow it from Ram Niklal
- On interest? You don't need to.

Take it from me. Say, I'm settling
for the chickens I stole from you...

Wait here, please...

What's this crowd?
Move aside.

- You're operating on my father?
- Yes. Why?

If anything happens to him,
I will kill you...

Forgive him, doctor. I'm his wife.
Please do whatever you can...

My son doesn't know that being
a hooligan doesn't help every time.

Please proceed.

Don't cry. Everything
will he all right.

- Where's Vijay?
- At office.

- He should he here soon.
- Dad is fighting for his life.

And he's still in office?

Tell him never to show me his face!
Else, I will kill him!...

Shut up you fool!
You want to kill? Whom?...

Why is your father lying here?
Whose fault is it?

The doctor says he's out of danger.
But he needs blood.

Can any of you...?

- Where are you going?
- To give my blood.

Your blood is full of cocaine
and alcohol. Just stay here.

For my loved ones,
even my blood is poisoned...

Suleiman, how does this gang manage
to get news about us?...

inspector Rane.
He's the mole.

- Where did you pick him up from?
- A hotel.

Was with a girl. Picked him up
in the middle of his act.

Where will I find him?

I will tell you! 10 tomorrow morning.
The whole gang is going to Shirdi.

- Shirdi?
- Yes.

See that van? They're in it.

The ambulance will overtake them
on the bridge. Push it now.

Let him pass.

Look! There's the dog!

What's going on in this city?
Why are people paying for blood?

In Gandhi's country of non-violence,
why are people becoming...

- worse than animals?
- Just what we'll like you to tell us.

- The goons own the government.
- Wrong. We are trying our best...

to root out terrorism from
this state. Once and for all.

I beg of you. Don't make heroes
out of these goons.

You've made a hero out of Raghu.
You give him so much publicity!

- If he owns the entire state!
- It's said that Raghu is your man.

- You're the one who made Raghu a don.
- When I hear allegations like that...

my heart weeps tears of blood!
In the service of the people...

I wake sleepless nights!
And this is what you accuse me of!

Do I weep false tears for my people?
Is this a put-on?

This grand standing makes you hell eve
he's really a do-gooder.

Sonuyou look very happy...

What's it about?

- I'm pregnant.
- Meaning, you're with child?...

- yes.
- Just abort it.

- No. I want the baby.
- Why?

It's yours.

What...? What did you say?
You hitch!

You want to saddle me with
someone else's bastard!

You think you can trap me because
I share a joke with you?

- I will kill you!
- What are you doing?!

Drill some sense into her head.
She belongs to the gutters.

That's where she stays.

My baby? My baby!
I will kill you!

Stop it now.

There's ethics in your business too.
Mind it.

I could raze this place, you know...

- Now get out of my way.
- Go, take care of him...

Raghu, listen to me. You don't get
worked up over these small things...

- I didn't ask him to marry me.
- I knew this would happen.

Women like us have no right
to fall in love.

Here comes the girl
on the third floor.

- Blossoming! But her man is worn out.
- The monkey doesn't deserve her.

What a swish-and-sway!
Come on beauty, respond...

You're always taunting married women.
Aren't you ashamed?

Why be ashamed about
being warm-blooded?

- Let go of my hand.
- Wont. What will you do?

- Kiss me?
- I will slap you.

- You let her walk away?
- She's going no where. I will have her.

Pooja, listen to me.
No point confronting them...

- why don't you just ignore them?
- Ignore them?

This has gone from taunts
to molestation.

- I'm going to the police.
- Pooja, try to understand...

Going to the police will
only make things worse.

- Besides, we have to live here.
- I'm ashamed of you!...

if you're so scared, just
sit at home. I

will go to the police
station myself...


Get lost! I don't want
to see your face.

- Raghu, please listen to me.
- Not one word!...

Bloody white-collared wimp cant
even protect his wife's honour!

- Get out of my face!
- Raghu, I beg of you!...

Take him away!
Or I will kill him!

Come on now, get up...

- But those men...
- I will speak to him.

- Pooja cant even go to work.
- I will take care of it.

He's too agitated now.
I will talk to him later.

- Are the boys from that locality?
- Yes.

- He's your brother after all.
- Someone like that? Eunuch?

- Who are they?
- Pickpockets.

- New in that area, I guess.
- Find out. Bloody jerks!...

Cash? Just put it on my account.
Now get lost.

What are you looking at him for?
Are you his pimp? Get lost!

Look at this monkey now.

You jerks, tomorrow onwards,
I don't want to see you...

in the area you work out of.
Get me? Understand?

Why? Your father owns the area?

Why did the music stop?

- Go on girls, dance.
- He's dead. Dance on...

- kill the jerk.
- Shut your eyes now, jerk...

The minister has palmed
this city off to the hoods.

The Hindu and the Muslim
do not fight each other.

They are set against each other
for political gains.

Kill a pig and throw the carcass
into a mosque. Allah forbid!

Allah forbid!
The old man just wont let up.

When will he finish his lecture?
When will I kill him?

When will I eat dinner?
When will I go home?

- Why not kill just now?
- No, not you. I will kill him...

- You don't trust me?
- It isn't that.

- Orders are for a Hindu to kill him.
- Why?

Why bother? We just took the
contract. So we just kill.

In this land of Gandhi
Nehru and Maulana Azad...

some politicians are spreading
terror. Shall we stay mum?


Then let us meet tomorrow.
4 o'clock. At Azad Maidan.

Move it now.

Remember this. The people are honest.
And the grace of Allah is with us.

- Son, what is your problem?
- You are the problem...

- I do not understand.
- That's what I've come to explain.

- Come on. No point arguing with them.
- You're going alone.

I have a score to settle with him.
Move it now.

- Go on, son. I will join you.
- Fine...

Move it!

- Enjoy! We rule Mumbai! Say what?
- We rule!

Shorty. Why are you moping?
Here, take a drink...

- I'm not in the mood.
- Then make the mood.

Come with me.

- Where to?
- To Heaven!

- Not today.
- You wont come with me?

- Fine! I will go alone.
- Wait, I'm coming...

- But I wont go upstairs.
- Suit yourself. Now come along.

Hi, how are you?...

- why have you come here?
- To meet son...

- Go away. No one here is for you.
- I don't want her for free.

Keep that.

Very proud of your money, are you?
You keep your money...

with all your money, have you ever
bought a woman's heart?...

Body is all you have bought.
And we decide who we sell to.

Now get out and don't ever come back!

Talk too much, and
I will waste you!...

Waste me? You will kill me?
Go on! Shoot!

Lost your manhood? You want to use
that thing to get a woman's body?

How many of us will you kill?
Mile, shobha, come over here...

Go on. Kill everyone! How many bullets
have you got? And after that, what?...

shove that gun. We can strip you
right here. Bloody manhood!

Just want to see sonu.
For two minutes.

Not for two seconds!

Let him come.

- It's my baby, isn't it?
- Was. I aborted it...


I didn't want to breed
the spawn of this gutters.

Come on. Come with me.

- No.
- Oh come on.

Sonu, I will marry you...

Now don't create a scene for nothing.
Just come along.

May the Goddess of Fortune favour you.
What's your name?


- Nice name.
- And your father's name?

Had I a father to my name,
I wouldn't have been a prostitute.

You must never say that.
From today, We are your parents.

Now come on. Cut out that film scene.
Time to leave.

- I will come again, Mother.
- One minute...

I'm waiting downstairs.
Hurry up.

Bye, Mother...

- Now what happened to you?
- He married a prostitute?

So what? Your son is no
doctor or engineer.

He's lucky he found
someone like sonia.

She will take good care of him.

- So how was the bhaji?
- Super!

- Hey, you speak our bingo.
- Correct accent?...


Raghu trained her well, right?...

- How's business?
- Super!

Pull down that t-shirt.

I told you that's the last order.
Out with the money, now pay up...

The don!

- What?
- You didn't give him money.

What money?

3 special bhaji, 1 khada bhaji
1 puff buttered, and 10 pav extra...

You think they will
take money from us?

Pay up. I don't want you to create
another raghu someday.

- And you're doing what she says?
- Keep it. Else, she will thrash me...

- The tea is super!
- Thank you.

Imagine him drinking a late tea.
Want me to make you a peg?

I didn't come here for a drink.
I'm here to tell you something.

Yes, go on...

Come on, outside...

- so what says you?
- Why did you kill that old man?

Why do I kill anyone? For the money.
10 million. That's what I was paid.

He tangoed with our minister.
He told me to bump him off.

- Why? Are you related to him?
- In the riots that followed...

30 Muslims died. And 21 Hindus.
And this pimp of yours...

he gives it the colour of religion.
Not one, you've killed 53 people...

- You should've got 52 times 10 million.
- No place for arithmetic in my head.

Look, he gave us the contract,
so we bumped him off...

But this shit load of tensions not for me.

You used to say that you wont do it
just because he told you to do it.

- You'll do what you thought was right.
- Had we brains enough we would've...

- made inspectors like you. What raghu?
- Forget it. Now how do they say this?

- Clean collar.
- No. White collar, we call it...

Listen to these white-collar types,
it would be tough making altering...

But altering wouldn't be tough.
Look, there's still time...

Get out of this. Or you will
be sucked into the vortex.

You might be doing these jobs
for the minister.

But for the world, it's you
who is doing all this...

Come the day of reckoning,
he will wash his hands clean of you...

You're the one who's going
to hang for it.

I rule this city!
I rule Mumbai!

I've made myself!
No minister made me anything.

I walk into your police station,
and your bosses stand up for me...

- Tell him that.
- How mistaken you are.

They don't stand up for you.
They stand up for your patron saint.

I will hear you say this the day
he washes his hands off you.

I've heard enough of your lectures!
Don't you pick my brains.

- Else I will do it, right here and now.
- Leave him...

- at least listen to what he says.
- Go inside.

Everyone's trying
to make me see reason.

For the world, you might be Don raghu.
For me, you're the old raghu I knew...

from the slums. Take an advice.
Calm down, and think over what I said...

I'm very angry with you. You married,
and you never even told me...

- And I take you for a son.
- I did it in a hurry.

All's well that ends well.
But do you know about a honeymoon?

- Did you take her for a honeymoon?
- I wanted to, but...


Two tickets to Switzerland.
Hotel bookings for the stay.

Take her for a holiday.

What a lovely baby.
Looks just like you.

You will have to bring your father
around. We are tired of telling him.

Tell him, that he must give it up
for your sake...

We are at the end of our lives.
But your journey has just begun.

You will Tell your
father, wont you?...

Yes raghu, your mother is right.
The government is granting amnesty...

If the two of you
give yourselves up...

the court will let you go
after a short sentence.

That's right, raghu...

And during those years, we will
take care of your wife and child...

Afterwards you will live a free man
with your wife and your children.

Think it over, son...

Ever since I was a child,
I've seen these trains plying...

They run between VT and
Dadar... Karjat... Kasara.

But They're always on their rails.
Will they ever run on roads?

Will they ever soar into the skies?
Will they ever sail the seas?

Never. Likewise I... on my rails.
What do they call it... track.

All my life I'm stuck to the track.
I can never change my track.

- But this life... finished.
- I feel like slapping you.

Hey Ram Nikial... you pimp...
look, he's bashing me up!...

why did this have to happen to us?!

Even fake 500 buck bills
have arrived in the market.

Be seated, khub chandani...

Now he's done with me.
And here's the next quarry.

I knew you'll come. You've been trying
to grab Mr Parvez's plot of land.

- Any luck?
- That parsee is very touchy.

At the drop of a hat, he runs to
the cops, and he drags the press in...

I'm losing millions.

Want me to do it for him?

100 million for my party fund.

- 100 million?! Good God!
- You think it's too little?

No. But he will vacate, wont he?...

stop being adamant. The builder
is paying you well. Just take it.

The poor fellow is losing millions.
Why don't you understand that?

So khub chandani wants
to use force now?

I know who you are.
And I know that minister of yours.

What will you do if I don't sell?
You will kill me, will you?...

But I cant kill you. If you're dead,
who is going to sign the papers?...

I'm not going to kill you.

But this boy, I can kill!...

Leave him, please! Don't let
anything happen to my baby!...

Give them the house!
How long will we live in fear?

If you are so adamant, my son
and I aren't living with you!...

Keep the house to yourself.
And live in fear!

- Take that.
- What use showing me?

I don't understand a thing.
Hey lawyer, go through it...

pay him up.

All yours. Buy yourself a nice house,
and live happily ever after...

Come on.

Sure, it isn't my time.
That's why I signed the papers...

But one day, I will fix all of you.
First that cur! The minister...

Then you. And then that builder.
Who do you fellows think you are?

You wont mend your ways, will you?
Now what do they call it?...

- Clean collar.
- No. White. White collar.

Yes, these white collar types
think they have what you call it...?...

- The wisdom of king Solomon.
- Right!

Tell them to live in peace
with their wives and their children...

but no, they wont have any of it.
They want to prove They're heroes!...

After I leave, you're going straight
to the cops, the press, the ministers...

And you will say that I took
your house away perforce.

You will make life tough for me
...for my minister. But why?

Why take all the trouble?

Why did you uncork the champagne?
The papers haven't arrived yet.

This is my champagne.
What's your problem?

- I thought...
- We will open another.

He rakes it in. In millions.
But he's a number one miser.

Pour it out.

Here comes your papers.

- So what happened?
- He signed.

Now live it up. Tell me, where
do you want the cash delivered...

I will pick it up later.
But there's a small problem.

- Now what problem?
- The old talked me out of my head.

- I wasted him.
- Wasted?

Too bad. This is just too bad.

Do something.
Go underground for sometime.

I saw nothing. I don't know
who killed my husband.

I never even saw him.
Not because I'm afraid of you.

Because of my son. He's helpless
in the face of your terror.

But don't you think no one can
do anything against you.

I'm going to do something.

- What happened, raghu?
- Nothing. Go back to bed...

How much are you going to drink?
Now stop it.

- Don't chew my brains. Go to bed.
- It's 3 in the morning.

You will wake up Idiot. Come on.
I wont let you drink anymore.

I told you to go to bed,
you whore!...


Foul language for others.
But for me, the bitter truth...

20 years ago... he must've been
someone like you.

He didn't leave me a name.

With so much love,
my mother named me sonia...

But for the rest of the world,
I was a whore. Just a bad word...

on one hand, you expect me
to be a perfect wife...

to take care of you, your house,
your bed and your son...

But do you give me the status
Of your wife?

No. For you, I'm just a whore...

I'm going out of my mind!

Forgive me.

Look at me... I cant even get sleep.

If I could only fall asleep in peace
for just 2 hours, I'll give anything!...

I'm going out of my mind!

Look... at my eyes. They're tired.

Tired of waking.

Going out of my mind!

Look how peacefully my son sleeps.

I want to sleep just like he does.

Two hours... can you put me to sleep
for just two hours?

Every day he Tells me,
Dad, take me to the beach...

Dad, take me to the pictures...
Dad, buy me ice cream...

How can I take him out?

I cant walk in the open.
How can I take you out?

I remember those days when
Dad used to take to the beach.

He would put me on a horse.
I miss those days.

When I see people with their children,
I feel like killing them!...

Going out of my mind!

Sonu! Do something!
I'm going out of my mind!

That's what We are doing at 3:30.
And where are we at 4:30?

At the hospital. I'm chief guest.
And then at five...

that thing about the kids
...some cancer or something.

- What's it?
- A memo.

- From the party president.
- Read it out.

The press insists that you have
close links with the under world.

Please explain your position.

Falling which, the party will
take steps to impeach you...

The old man has gone senile.
He cant even touch me.

I've spoken to the Chief Minister's
personal assistant. He was saying...

your name doesn't figure
on the list of candidates...

- for the coming elections.
- Hear that?

For 25 years, I've been in politics.
And he wont give me a ticket...

Type out a resignation,
and give it to the press...

Tell them that the governor can have
my resignation after a week.

- But...
- Not but. if...

if raghu isn't arrested in two days.


or... you get it?


So you get it too.

Hi kishore! What brings you here?

- Where's raghu?
- It's Eohit's birthday today.

They have gone to the temple.
We are going there too.

- Don't go there.
- Why not?

You are to be shot at sight.
Orders have been issued.

Take my advice, if you want
to save your lives, run...

- where's this temple?
- In parle.

Do you have a safe house somewhere?
Some place no one knows about?

Yes. In Alibagh.

Take your family, and go over.
Else, they will be tortured...

Get going.

Dad, take everyone and go
to my house in Alibagh...

- I will never set foot in your house.
- I beg of you!

Everyone's life is at risk.
Just listen to me. For once.

Afterwards, I will do whatever
you ask me to do...

- where is this place?
- My chauffeur knows.

- And you?
- I will come later.

Get going, Mom.
Dad, please Tell her...

Take care of Mom and Dad.

Why have you come here?
The cops are all over the place.

This morning, the cops picked up
shorty and the others...

- what's this crowd?
- You know...

- Tell me, or I will slap you.
- There's news that...

the cops killed two of your boys
in an encounter.

What are you doing here?
Come inside.

Raghu, why did you come here?
Orders have been issued...

- To kill me in an encounter. I know.
- Then run away.

I will help you to cross over
to Nepal... Dubai.

- You think I cant go myself?
- Then get going.

- Shorty...
- The cops have killed him.

- I know. That's why I came to you.
- Why me?

I want to meet Kadam.
For once.

- How will you get to him?
- I will Tell you.

Home Minister Kadarm's residence...

- suleiman Badshah here.
- Yes sir. I will put you through.

He's coming on line.

- Yes suleiman, what can I do for you?
- What is this I hear Mr Kadarm?...

Have you issued orders for
killing raghu in an encounter?

What could I do, suleiman?
He was creating so many problems...

Had it been one or two murders,
I could've taken care of him...

He crossed all limits... even killed
the poor parsee. I was nearly sacked.

- Any news of him?
- No. He has gone underground.

We will find him.
Where can he go?

I've set up checkpoints
all over Mumbai.

- What if I get him for you?
- I will give my right hand!

- Name your price.
- 2.5 million.

- Done. Where is he?
- He's coming to my house.

At 11 tonight. But, he will
cross check with me at 8 o'clock...

if I say yes, he comes.

You will have your
money before that...

2 conditions.

One, you will come to my house.
With the cash. 8 o'clock...

Two, raghu is surrendering.
He is to be arrested. No encounter...

Done. You have my word. Done.


He's coming. At eight.

The Commissioner's office.

- Put the Commissioner on.
- Who is this?

Your Dad! Home Minister Kadarm.
Tell him that.

Kadarm speaking.

Listen, raghu is going over
to suleiman Badshah's house...

- Know him... the peacemaker?
- The one who lives in Kanjur?

Yes. He's the one. Raghu will
go there at 11 tonight.

Make sure you post plain clothes men.
By ten tonight.

Raghu will be in police custody
by tonight.

What for? Looking for a hike
in the budget for jails?

Or are you minding
the budget for bullets?

Bloody righteous serfs in uniform!
Pump him dry.

After he's dead, make doubly sure.
One in the head. From me...

Custody, he says...

And the public think
the police are monsters!

Go downstairs. Wait for me.

What are you staring at?
I told you to go down.

Suleiman, you take good care of me...

- Wont you count it?
- Have I ever counted?

I'm giving you 100,000 more...

- why?
- Because I will break my promise.

Suleiman, now what can I do?
I cant keep him alive, can I?...

To save my ministry,
I have to kill him...

I have to kill him, right?...

I'm the one who introduced you
to raghu. Forgotten that?

Come on, suleiman.
No point being righteous...

He has become a pain in the neck.
What could I do?

Kadarm, you're scum! Between a snake
and you, I'll kill you first...

if you want to survive these times,
you have to be a snake...

if you kill raghu, who will
do your dirty work for you?...

- or are you giving it all up?
- Don't talk like a fool, suleiman...

These days, there.s this name
coming up in the papers...

what's his name?
...what's the name?

Useful fellow.

Fix a meeting with him.

He will make millions
If he teams up with me.

Like the millions I have made.

Stay where you are, pimp...

You've made arrangements
for sending me off, have you?...

Mistake! Mistake!
Grave mistake!

Men make mistakes,
and I'm no angel!...

This suleiman! He's the one
who instigates me against you!

Look! He took 2.6 million from me
for turning you in.


Call me son, and your brains will
be lying on the table!...

sure! I wont. If you insist...

Look... come with me
to the police station.

I will get you out in 1 month.
I swear it! By my kids!

You don't trust me?

Then stick your gun in my head
and take me with you.

Oh, and I have to give you
your 30 million...


You're a liar.

All your life you've told lies
to trap people.

I know you will kill me.
Because now you have Anwar.

That done, you will also kill Anwar.

Then someone else...
then someone else...

You are the worst criminals.
You create criminals.

You're rotten to the core.

And the one after you
will do just this.

Don't kill me! I will do whatever
you say. I beg of you!

- Bend and I break your head.
- All right, I wont...

- I have children.
- Haven't we?

- Sure.
- What about them?

Now that you look in the face of
your death, you've lost your nerve...

Can you bring shorty back to life?

Tell me. Can you?

Say it!

Why are you wasting your time?
I will kill him if you wont.

No suleiman, I will kill this one...

Don't worry for me.
Just get out of here!

This way... run!

Mom! Open the door!

Raghu, what's the matter?...

The police are going to kill me!

Shut the door, Mom...

The police will kill me!
Shut the door!

Don't you hear the sirens?

Shut the door, Mom!
They killed shorty!...

shorty is gone!

There... Bandya's men are going
to shoot through the window...

I killed the three Bandya brothers.

Mom, shut the window!...

shut the window!
Shut it!

Raghu, what are you doing?...

- sonu, where's Rohit?
- He's sleeping...

Let him sleep in peace.

I killed the Bandyas.
Are the windows shut?

Shut the windows!
They will kill my son!

My son is going to die!

Shut up! Silent now.

Nothing is going to happen to you.
Come with me.

- No!
- Come outside.

- The police are out there.
- I'm with you. Come.

My wife is nice, isn't she, Mom?...

she's nice, isn't she?...

sonu, go upstairs.
Go, be with my son...

when he turns 18, you must
take good care of him...

Come, Mom.
I have you with me now, Mom...

sonu, go to Rohit...

- sit here, son.
- You too, Mom...

- Yes, I will sit too.
- The police will kill me!...

- No, I'm here with you.
- You're with me, Mom?...

Yes, now what's the
matter with you?...

Can I just have a little to drink
...just a little?

I haven't had a drink in 3 days!

- What happened?
- Look! Over there!

- What?
- Pervez's wife!

She spits in my face!
Every day!

- Look at her!
- Look at me. I'm here with you.

- She's there!
- There's no one over there.

Mom, can I get some cocaine?...

Expensive, isn't it?...

Take this. Sell it!
It's 550 grams!

Take it. It's worth 200,000.
Sell it, Mom!...

if nothing else, just give
me a drink of kerosene!...

I'm your son! Have pity!
Give me my release, Mom!...

sell it!

This is what you call a gun...

Worth 2 big ones...

You know how much that is?
Two hundred thousand!...

This is the magazine;
You slide it in here... like this...

Give me my release, Mom!...

This is the trigger...

wind your finger around it...
and point it at the mark...

squeeze the trigger...
and the game is over!...

I haven't killed him!
I just gave him his release!

I haven't killed him. Really.

I haven't killed him!

He died a long time ago.
The life ebbed out today.

I didn't kill my son...
I really didn't kill him!

I didn't kill him!
I'm his mother!

You're a mother too!

I have not killed my son!
I haven't!

Your father had the right to say
that he took to crime...

because he was wronged.

But there are thousands
who are wronged this way.

Not everyone takes to crime.

I'm not much educated.
But this I know...

in life, no one has the right
to take another man's life...

I'm a mother.
So, I love my son...

But I can never forgive his sins.

But to God, I shall pray...
to forgive his sins...

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