Vaaranam Aayiram (2008) - full transcript

Surya (Surya Sivakumar) is away at war as his father, Krisnan (also Surya) dies of lung cancer. As Surya sits on a plane in combat gear heading into battle, he reminisces about his father's influence in his life. The film opens with the father Krishnan's romance with Malini (Simram), which in turn is contrasted with the son's aggressive courting of an engineering student Meghana (Sameera Reddy) from a train ride in Tamil Nadu to her graduate studies in Berkeley. The romance is swiftly followed by an extended period of professional and personal uncertainty, in which the son turns back to father figures to help him get back on his feet and seek out his true calling. Well made, though overlong film, reportedly autobiographical about the director's own relationship with his father.

What a beautiful feeling, man!

Surya, guess how many girls you
can get with your talent!

You're wasting that chance!

Let's go by car.

It is near only.
Never mind.

Why you never had this shaved?

It is just nice.

When they will be back?

They will be back soon.

I'll go and take bath.

Eat your medicine..


I'll bring him up to my room.
- No, let him sleep here.

I'm going to die!
- Don't talk like that!

We will call the doctor.
Everything will be fine.



Leave it!

What had happen?

Ask the doctor to come.
- Careful!

Surya, Surya.

We need to call Surya.

Don't go anywhere!
Be with me.

No, it's impossible!

His blood cells are burst in
the main artery.

His pressure will increase then.

He will face more blood loss.

We can't do anything after this.

I've told you earlier that
this will happen, Mrs. Krishnan.

I've gave him medicine.

You can start to inform everyone.

Let him sleep.

What he's looking at?

There's no pulse.

Doctor, please check him!

I thought you'll be fine.

I thought nothing bad will happen to you.
That's why I came to this mission.

I want to see you.
I want to see you now.

Where are you, dad?
Are you with me?

Can you see me?

You are with me now, dad.

How is mum now?

Are you staying brave, mom?

That day, we were sitting and
talking all our past stories.

You were telling about
your love story.

About how dad and you met
in the first place.

I don't know, mom.

Your dad is from Uttampalam
and I'm from Madurai.

We met in Madras Christian College.

When we came to study.

He loved me madly.

Our life begun because of that love.

Because of that love,
you, Shreya and everything happen.

Krishnan, what are you doing here?

You won't come to library, what!
- One minute, please!

Malini, Malini.

I came behind that girl.

I like that girl very much.

Will you please tell her that?


What are you saying, Krishnan?

This is love.
You understand, right?

Do you know, Krishnan?
He's doing Bsc. in Chemistry.

I don't knoW.

He asked me to tell you that
he likes you very much.

Don't get me wrong.

One minute, Malini.

Krishnan from Bsc. Chemistry
doing final year said he likes you.

What is this, Malini?

Krishnan said he likes you.

Guess how angry I should be!

Where ever I go,
people will tell me that.

For the whole week.

I've never seen him before that time.

Dad, whenever we talks about you,

I have seen the love in mum's eyes.

Who is Krishnan?
Bsc. Chemistry doing final year.

Krishnan, right?
You wait here. Don't go anywhere.

But when the first time I met him,
my anger flew away.

Your dad was so handsome.

He's still handsome.
I will tell.

In one second.

In one second.

I need to tell you this.

You are so beautiful!

No one here must have seen..

A beauty like this before.

Your love is my inspiration in life.

Your love is my inspiration in life.

Inspiration to everything.

He's like you.

I don't have a single cent
with me.

But I'm the most happiest man
on earth.

Are you happy?

Now onwards,
everything is for him.

Everything surround him
must be beautiful.

He must always be happy.

I don't know what is written
for him in life.

But if anything is written wrongly,
I'll rewrite it.

Do you remember when
Shreya was born?

Do you remember our home
in Calicut?

Now, I can remember everything.

Feel like want to be younger again.

Our small bedroom.

We did not have money.

It's nothing.

Never leave dad's hand, ok.

That day,

I told to myself that I'll never
leave your hand.

When we shifted from
Kerala to Madras,

You didn't follow me by train
but followed your dad by lorry.

I remember.

Dad is everything to you.

Are you ok, Mani?

I'm ok, sir.
- You take rest.

My son is in this lorry.

I'm not taking the risk.
You stop the lorry.

No problem, sir.
- Stop, Mani.

You are my hero, dad.

You have taught me a lot.

If you hold it like this,
you'll get the out pick.

I remember everything now.

Your nice face.

Your body, your voice.
You are my everything.

You gave me so much of freedom.

You gave everything that I need.

I can't never forget that, dad.

The music inside me is
also because of you.

Sing one Tamil song with
this same feel.

- Yes.

You'll always be with mum.

You loved her madly.

Mum too.

I too wanted to love a girl
like that.

I still remember.

You are saying you'll pass.

We will see.

You don't smoke, right?

No, dad.
I've never touched it.

Why are you smoking then?

This has become a habit since
college time.

I can't let it go.

What exam?

I saw you talking to some girls
on the street.

Don't do it!
- I asked for question paper..

Your house may be small
but it's nice.

Bring them home and talk.

Looks like you have brought
them all!

Ya, you are the one told, right?

Your dad is very cool.

It's friendship.
Aarthi is just my friend.

But I'll ask her to tie
'Rakhi' for you.


If you are Aarthi's friend,
does that mean you are a big shot?

Are you walking around proudly?

Will she only talks to you?

I don't want to see you
talking to her anymore.

Go from here.

I want to beat him at Ieast once.

You saw his body, right?
He's taller than you some more.

You will be gone then!

We can even escape after
we beat him.

We only have bicycle.
He has Yamaha bike.

I should have hit his left hand and
punched him.

Punch his face and get down.

Block him and...

What is this?

What happened?

Your girlfriend didn't do this, right?

No, dad.

What is the problem?

I talked to a girl.

She is his, it seems.
He hit me.

Did you hit him back?

He's elder than me, dad.
- so?

You have worked out this, right!

For what?

You are my hero, dad.

Please don't do it, buddy!

Just one hit.
- Surya!

Don't know what is going
to happen!


He hit me the other day.
That's why I hit him back.

It's between me and him.
- Move aside!

How dare you!

Come and hit me!
What are you looking there?


Hit him!
Hit him!

You are such an useless
small boy!

I will kill you.

I will talk to Aarthi.

I will talk till I die.

Don't think I will stop talking to her
cause I'm scared of you.

Now also,
I will go to her house.

She'll put medicine for all
this wounds.

Get on the bicycle!

Sympathy will worked out!
Thanks a lot.

Take care of your health.

Hostel life will be different.

Be a good boy!
Don't change a lot.

I didn't have money. That's why
I had to borrow them for your admission.

I'm telling you this because l
didn't want you to worry.

Take this.
I'll send you money every month.

Write letter to me.
Write daily.

It will be nice to read them
after 10 years.

I'm saying that you are no more
under my shadow.

I still remember you left me
at college and walked away.

I remembered everything
as if it happened yesterday.

Sir, Sir.
I don't want, sir.

It's either you smoke or
shave your moustache.

Which one is convenient?

Be like this.
You don't need moustache.

You are still ok.
I was asked to bald my hair.

The letters that you wrote for me
when I was in college.

Your words..

Things that you told me.


You are sitting at the
last bench in 2nd year.

What else I can expect from you?

What you will do?

It doesn't mean you can do
anything if you're a senior!

Get lost!

I enjoyed my college life.

I didn't study properly, dad.

But I tried for the both of you.

Hei, Sathish!
You don't leave Mala.

Make sure you all collect
Rs500 from Bai.

Sathish, don't miss your last paper!

Try to pass that paper.

If not, you must retake it
in September.

I will come for sure.

On my way to Madras
after college is over,

On that night,

I realised What Was Iove.

When you met mum for
the first time,

I realised how was your feeling.

The moment I saw her,
I thought of mum, dad.

Mom, I thought you were the
most beautiful lady in the world.

But now, there is another girl
who are more beautiful than you.

What time we will reach, sir?
- 6.30pm.

I studied in RAC Trichi.

I've completed my final year.
Going home now.

We have been in the same place for 4 years
but I've never seen her once also.

What were you doing, Surya?

I studied in Moogambikai College.

I've written my final year's exam.

I think I'II complete it.

I will only know that once
my results are out.

That's why I'm still keeping my books.

I'm going home too.

I've seen you before.

You came to my college for
cultural competition.

But I've never seen before.

What is this?


You are doing like this.
You are doing like that.

Are you breathing heavily?

Yes, I am.

It's because of you.

Are you trying to flirt with me?

No, I'm telling the truth.

I can't sit.

Did you get it?

You are smoking, right?

I don't know whether it's right or wrong
when come to think about it now.

You expressed your love to mum
when you met her, right!

That was the only thing was
running in my heart.

Tell her you like her.

Ya, I told.

That's how I felt when I saw your mum.

I tell her the truth.

After that only,

Don't look down upon me!

I'm telling the truth.

The moment I saw you,

Girls in white dress.

How you read 'Godfather' before?

Like the thunder bolt in that story.

Like when my dad met my mum.

Everything in one second.

It Was nice.

I've never behave Iike this before.

I never had this much of guts.

Didn't even know I had it.

I've never seen a woman
like you before.

That's why I need to tell this.

What you expect me to say now?

I don't believe in love at 1st sight.

You look good.

I liked what ever things that you did.

I've seen you before so
I talked to you.

But there is no love.

I think we must get to know
each other well for that.

We must understand each other.

I don't know..
- Let's do it then.

Let's get to know each other.

It's not that easy.

I understand.
I don't need anything.

Just answer to three questions.

Are you married?

Would be?
Engaged to someone?

Do you love anyone?
- No.

That's enough.

No matter where you are,
I'll come looking for you.

Go and sleep.

I've made you to stay awake
for a long time.

I didn't know what else
I expected her to say!

But I told.

Normally, some old songs will be
playing in my heart.

But the moment I saw her,
first time in life,

A new song,
my first own composition, dad.

A new song,
my first own composition, dad.

You are the raindrops that
rains in my heart.

Lotus that sinks in water.

The sudden changes in the sky.

Girl, it's your responsible.

A dream on that day,

I still remember it till today, dad.

I don't have anything.

I will give you some how.

End of the month,
I will come and give.

It has been 3 months, Krishnan.

Please don't talk loud.
My son is inside.

You know about me, right?
- so, you are asking me to leave?

Please don't borrow money
from the Seth anymore.

We will handle it.

How much you borrowed from him?

First, we settle his money.

Mum, the balance LlC
housing loan is a lot, right?

That want also we will start
to pay monthly.

Then, we must redeem
mum's jewellary.

Our house project is stopped
half way, right?

We must start the project again.

That's all, right?

You have said it easily.

But I've spent 15 years in these.

How come you are saying it
so easily?

How we can pay all
our debt so fast?

It will happen.
You will see.

You have worked very hard
all this while, dad.

That is enough.

You have never sit on the chair
with your leg crossed.

And you have taught us that it is wrong.

But I tell you now.

The time has come for all that.

sit relax on the chair
with your leg crossed.

Get your retirement, dad.

The money that you'll get, transfer them
into both of your accounts.

That money is only for both of you.

I don't like to see dad working
so hard like this.

What, mum?

I've told him this many times.

But this is your dad's decision.

Your children have grown up.

Yesterday, we talked about
the honeymoon.

I think we must go for it.

I wanted to fix everything
after my studies.

I decided that you should not
suffer anymore, dad.

I wanted to bring Meghna
too to our home.

What are you doing here?

I told you I'll come, right?

This one.

Don't worry.
I won't sing all.

Just in case if you have
forgotten me.

That's why for you to
remember me,

I brought the same guitar,
wearing the same t-shirt and jean.

Does it look like a bit over?

What if someone else opened
the door means?

My dad dislikes all this.

That's right.
A dad should be like that.

But I know he's not at home now.

I saw your parents going out.

No one else is at home, right?

What about brother?
Don't have, right?

Don't laugh like that, Meghna.

I thought you have forgotten me.

I didn't thought you'll come again.

What you want?

Want to get to know you.

So, I tried to get into that effort.


Now, I can't.
Tomorrow is also impossible.

Definitely, I can't.
I've a lots of work to do.

In one Week time,

It's not easy to meet outside easily.

My dad is very strict.

You said you're going out of town.
To Trichi?

For holiday, isn't it?

No, to study.

The one that they will
teach you for 2 years.

You have just sat for your
final year's exam.

So fast you are going abroad?

What if you fail in any of
the subject?

Don't tell me you will
come back from there?

They won't take you there
without your mark sheet.

My course is starting in
August only.

But I'm going to do a project
before that.

There's no chance for me to fail.

One week means?

Do you really have to go?

This is my ambition,
my dad's dream.

Not only that.
I plan to settle there after my studies.

How if all the intelligence
study and work there means?

You will study, work and
pay tax there.

That country will be good.

Why don't you study, work
and pay tax here?

Our country will be better.

I will live happily too, right!

You should have told me
about this that day itself.

I wouldn't have wasted these 5 days.

I would have come the next day
itself with my guitar.

That's why!
We shouldn't be decent at all.

I want to spend my life with you.

How you could love someone
at first sight?

I don't understand.

So, it's just lust.

After that, my parents must
like you.

He will ask.

What is his job?
What he have studied?

Is he a good guy?

Does he earns a lot?

Will he take care of you?
Will he die for you?

He must say that you are
the right guy.

Same goes in your house, right?

Your mum must also say that
I'm the right girl, right?

Which university in America?

I will come.

That is a nice name.

Is it a tragedy?

You are my son, what!

No, dad.

She's going, dad.

You go too.

America is just here.

Go and bring her back.

What's wrong with this?

I used your room when
you are not around.

Let me take my book.

You were my inspiration in every
important situation in my life.

You are the one taught me that
America is very nearby.

I must solve all the problem at home.

When I thought of getting to know Meghna
in that one week time,

I still remember that.

The next day,

You had a heart attack.

What happened?
- Mum!


All because of this cigarette.

I told him in the morning also
not to smoke a lot.

He should have stopped smoking.
- Where were both of you that time?

We were in Uncle Morris's house.

He hold his head and sat.
Suddenly, he fell down.

What did the doctor said?
How is he now?

He's ok now.

I couldn't see you lying
on the hospital bed, dad.

I still remember.

I was with you for one whole week.

I have forgotten Meghna.

But I know that she must
have left already.

Nothing was important to me
except you, dad.

Come, sir.

It Iooks neat.

How much is the rent?
- Rs7,000, sir.

Water supply is ok.

What is the plan?

We have done that project in college.

I did that project.
- Okay!

I was the one who typed it.
I'm the one who know the people in that

We must start again our
house project.

I want you and mum to stay
in your own home.

That was the only thing was
in my heart.

I've gained my responsibility.

It started to work.

It's all because of you, dad.

For you.

Why are you giving me
the businessman feel?

Don't ask that!

I'm going to sing a song from
my own composition.

Will the loan get sanctioned?

Yes, it will.

Take it.

Looks like a lot of work
need to be done.

Ya, it has been stopped

If we take this hall out,
we will get the space.

Everything is ok.

I want a bar, a mini one
in a corner.

Darling, you come.

Tell where shall we put it.
- Very important now.

Only painting work is balance.

Will take another week, right?
- It's nice.

It looks nice right, mum!

Dad, wait.

We always share one pillow.

After that,
once again Meghna.

Don't you think this is too much?

They are going to hold your passport.

Because you are candidate
without any eligibility.

You never thought about this
all this while?

You never even say a word
about that girl.

Why now suddenly?

What, buddy?


Ya, right.
- I couldn't forget her, buddy.

Let's see first whether I'm
getting visa or not.

What sing is this?

It's nice.
From which movie?

This is my own composition.

Has not released in any movie.

It will take another 10 to 15 years
for this kind of tune to come.

Don't talk in ghetto just
because you got the visa.

Before they realise their mistake,
you better go and come back soon from

Mum, you tell me.
Shall I go to America?

Go and come.
Stay happy.

Go and bring her back.

I didn't go there neither to
work nor to study.

You sent me there for my love.

No matter where you are,
I will come looking for you.

Who are you?

Why did you came?
Have I seen you before?

I don't Iike all this.

Are you studying in Berkeley University?

When did you joined?

No chance.

I haven't pass one paper
in my final year.

I just retake that paper.

This time also,
it won't exceed 10 marks.

Must retake again.
Maybe in April or September.

Even if I get 1st class,
I won't be studying here.


I came to see you.


Is this your house?
- Ya, I live here.

For students stay outside
the university.

Are you staying in hotel?

Ya, at University Avenue.

After checked in there,
I was searching for you the whole university.

Then, I found you.

Bring your bag.
Come and stay here.

It's only US$40.
- I'll be in college the whole day..

You can stay here.

In your room.
It won't be nice.

I still remember talking to you
in the phone from there.

I will feel like telling you

And I will tell.

I stayed in a motel last night.

She asked me to stay
with her in her room.

Then, you better talk to your mom.

What he's saying?
- He's staying with the girl, it seems.

Give it to me.

Surya, what daddy is saying?

Next state like Bombay
or Kerala is still ok.

Will anyone come this far?

I didn't come neither to impress you
nor to give impact to you.

It's very selfish.

I came to see you and
to be with you.

Do you know, dad?
I lived with her for 90 days.

It was like an llayaraja's song, dad.

I want to live my life with you.

I like you and my dad
will like you a lot too.

Job, education.
He won't ask anything.

He knows that you are
a good guy.

He knows that you will
take care of me well.

He knows that you will die for me.

He will say that you are
the right guy.

Will your mum say that
I'm the right girl for you?

There's nothing beautiful here
except for you and this bridge.

This is for you.


I want to stay at the motel
beside this.

I'll stay there tonight.
That will be right.

After your class over.

No, you can stay here.

What's the problem?

You are the problem.

You made me stand upside down.

Not because it's cold.

I feel so confused.

Since when?

Since I kissed you.

Don't torture me!

You stay there and
I will sleep in this corner.

She told she'll marry me.

She got the girl.

She told me yesterday evening.

I told her that we can get
married in 4 years time.

Yes, yes.

Must be like that.

Be happy.

Your mum is here.
I'll give the phone to her.

You are getting married here, right?

When are you coming back?

Got an Oklahoma trip in 3 days.

She's going there for a
project matter.

I will go there too and then
I will come back.

You come with me.

My friends are there.

You will have lots of work there.
You'll be busy for 2 days.

If I sit in the bus,
I'll think about you and come.

I can at least visit all the
places here.

It is just 2 days.
I will come.

I've told lot about you and mum
to Meghna.

I Ioved her.

There is one thing that l
didn't tell you, dad.

When the Federal Building blasted
in Oklahoma,

I was just walking 200m away.

If I reached there 10 minutes earlier,
I would have died on that day.

Yes, I saw the news in BBC.

She was in that building.

Nothing happened, right?
What happened?

How do you know that?

Were you there that time?

Did you saw her, Surya?

She died on the way
to the hospital.

I don't knoWwhat to do, dad.

We were like you and mum.

What happened?

I can't take it, dad.

Surya, were you there at that time?

Are you ok?

Let me talk.

Surya, talk to me.

You come back to me immediately.

He's crying.

Why he's not talking to me?
- I can't hear.

I didn't want you to know
my pain, dad.

But to whom else I can cry to?

On whose shoulder I can lean?

I like you and my dad
will like you too.

He knows that you are
a good guy.

He knows that you will
take care of me well.

He knows that you'll die
for me.

I didn't tell you this too, dad.

I went to all the place that
Meghna and I went.

Suddenly, I thought of just go
and look for her.

I couldn't believe that she is
no more alive.

I thought of not returning to you.

Thought of going somewhere else.

Why did you left us and go?

Everything that happened in my life
is in front of my eyes now.

Once I returned from America,

I wanted to tell about Meghna and cry
to you, mum and Shreya.

I thought everything will be fine
if I hug you means, dad.

I came back.

Shankar Menon.

When talking to him,
it reminds me of you, dad.

He has a style like you.

I felt like talking to him.

I told him everything.

Must be a lot.

Keep all the memories inside.

It Will be difficult.

But only those memories will bring
your strength out.

Get hold of it.

No, Surya.
It's ok.

Don't get me wrong.

If you want to be free,
I'll go back there.

My father passed away
a year ago.

I was broken.

But I have a son.

He is 5 years old.

The way he talked and all the
little things that he does,

Made me to came through that.

You must have anything
like that, Surya.

I've told you before.

Surya, come.

It was very sad.

Never mind, dad.

Sit down.

You don't worry.
We are here for you.

The days I was silent.

You were with me, dad.

How are you?

Why are you just sitting
at home?

You know that your office is
going well, right?

Go and visit everyone and come.

The days I was only with my bike.


The days I started to get to
know her.

Why now?

Why you stopped half way?

I'm having a small party at home.

Shreya is coming.
I want you to come too.

I will see hoW.

What are you laughing at?

The days I tried to forget Meghna.

I bought a book for you.

I want you to read.

But, I paid for that.
- I'll return your money.

She told me goodbye and
walked away.

She didn't turn and looked.

I felt one kind.

Disturbed feeling for 10 minutes.

Inside me.

I thought I'll never see her
after that.

The pain came again.

I couldn't take it.

I couldn't forget Meghna.

The pain did not go.

The alcohol bottle that
you hid, dad.

Horrible days that I want to forget
in my life.

She came, buddy.

Into my life by a train.

Ok, buddy.

They carried her in a stretcher.

It was like they carried my
dream away.

What he thinks?
- You keep quiet!

If he does like this, we don't sit
with him anymore.

Let's go from here.
What do you think you're doing?

Leave it.
Sit down.

She's Anjalai, buddy.

She's my Anjalai.
- Ok, buddy.

She's my Megalai.

She's my Aandal, buddy.

What, Surya?

This is called as the death music.

He has gone crazy.

I think we must carry him home.

You get ready.
- He's dancing steadily.

Surya, get up!

Dad, you told me not to smoke.

But I went beyond that.

Come after 10 minutes.

What's in your hand, Surya?

I want to talk to you some more.

Take your hand off!

I wanted to talk to you.

It's my fault for not talking
to you earlier.

What's all this, Surya?

What happen to you?
- I can't be without all that.

I want that.

You won't understand.

I am here for you.

I won't let you do all this.
- Do you know how hard to get this?

Let's sit and talk, Surya.

You don't need all this.

I asked you to go out...
I went to hit you.

I still remember.

It's nothing.

I can't live without this...
You know how hard for me to get it?

He split it.
- It's gone now.

I can't do anything without this.

I can't talk, I can't laugh.

I can't sit, I can't stand.

I can't sing, I can't forget.

I can't do anything, mum.

I've been doing drugs
for 3 months, mum.

I'm still alive because of this or
I'm already dead by now.

I want this!

Both of you are living happily, right?

Both of you won't understand this!

Get out!

I'm going out.

I won't be back tonight.
- No, I won't let you go anywhere.

Listen to us!

Let me go.

You don't need this!

Let me go!
Let me go, mum!

Or I will die.

You don't need this.

I'm here for you.
Your dad is here for you too.

Don't think I'm comparing
you badly.

Do you still remember cricket
match on your tenth standard?

You got scolded.

You came out so
angrily and cried.


Then, came your turn to ball.

You threw the ball fiercely.

You changed your
angriness into a positive energy.

As now, you should do that too.

Everything like your anger, disappointments
should be changed into a positive energy.

Get your guitar and go out.

Make everyone happy.

Whatever happens..

I still remember all the
things you said to me, dad.

Daddy, you are the one who
rescued me from that dilemma.

Shreya, where to?

Mum, I'll go and see him.

It's hurting!

I'll pack your pants
and shirts in a bag.

Why don't you go
and visit anywhere?

But you must come back to me!

Leave everything behind
and come.

Will you go?

Both of you trusted me that much.

And know I'll be back to
both of you!

Both of you send me.


The days I seek my inner self.

Shankar Menon, once
again appears in my life.

I got to know that his son was kidnapped
when I was in Srinagar.

I left Srinagar and came to Delhi.

Even you asked me, dad
why I went there.

But I don't know why.

I felt like to accompany
him when he's in trouble.

No, I think for sure that
I am disturbing you.

I just came to talk for a
few minutes.

He will be fine.

I should have been more careful.

He asked me to stay
with him in his house.

Aditya, 5 years old.

I realised hoW scared he Will be.

I wondered why this kind of unhearted ppl
exist in this world.

I remembered what had happen
to Meghna.

I saw both of them were

The first call came
when I was around.

They threatened for Rs2 Crores.

I found out that the police did not
bothered about this matter.

They didn't involved in this case seriously.

I felt like wanted to do something.
I went into this matter.

There is no place that l
didn't go in Delhi.

I walked all over.
Went to every street.

Talked to everyone.

I talked to a thousand ppl.

I went looking for Aditya.
An anger in me.

We can get anything if we
get on the street.

Whatever we wants.

I found out that we can get
all kind of information.

I was Iike a mad man.

A braveness built in me.

That's the time I changed to
someone else, dad.

The only name that everyone
mentioned was 'Dabbu Malik'.

I went into the effort.
Even pretended to sell girls.

The only name that 'Dabbu Malik'
said was 'Ashat'.

I wanted to know what
kind of life he's living.

I followed him.

The fierce brought me to Aditya.

One will get the thing he wants
if he dares to get it.

I learned that today, daddy.

I didn't care about death that day.
But I saw it in front of my eyes.

After that, happiness were everywhere.

Till you fall sick, dad.

Do it properly, Letchumi.

Don't know how many evil eyes
had fall on him.

After that, it was again Priya.

I still remember.

I stood one day and thought
about it.

I know her since she Was

She's Shreya's best friend.

She will always be in our
house, dad.

Both you and mum likes
her very much.

You always tell me that she's
a nice girl.

Do you watch lots of
MGR's movies?


You did sword fighting all.
How was that?

I'm seriously asking.

Did you took training for that?

I Iiked to be with her.

I want to get down here.


Touch her.

Let's go.

Touch her now.

Who do you think you are hitting?
- Surya, leave him.

I'm saying no, right?

Have you gone mad?
I'm saying no, right?

This hit will remind you next time
before you touch any girls.

If anything happen to him, means?
Everyone is looking at us.

I'm going.

I wanted her to be my
best friend only.

Priya, shall we go?

For a long time.

When you were 17 and
I was 15,

since that time.

I met you first when I was

May be since then also.

No, it's ok.
You can go.

One day, I came to tell you
about my love.

But that was the day you told
about Meghna to everyone.

so, I just kept quiet.

I tried to forget you.

I can't.

Today, Meghna is not alive.

I know you can't forget her.

I'm not expecting anything from you.

But there are such thing like
this in my heart,

You must know that I love you.

You must know that this is
not only friendship.

My friends will ask me about us.

I will tell them that we are
just friends.

I boy and a girl can never be
always friends, right?

I didn't tell anything to Priya, dad.

I couldn't say yes to her.

It's so obvious.

Both of you not talking to
each and other.

No, daddy.

She is a good girl.
Say yes to her one day.

Don't make her wait for
a long time.

They called me Surya S/O Krishnan
that day.

I still had the pain of losing

To get rid of that,
I went into the gym.

Till now, I tell my juniors.

Get your body ready.

All the pain will go.

I want to restart my life.

I wanted to achieve something.


You don't need to join army all.

There are havocs everywhere.

There is no peace anywhere.

You know how deep I was thinking just
to send you to study for 4 years?

And that boy, Venkat.

He went from here.

Do you know how they cried
in his funeral?

He scarified his life for nation,
it seems.

Was anyone sad after that?

It was only a small news in paper.

I'II be safe, mum.

I want to do something.

I'm not happy.

I can't just sit in office.

I always had the armed force
fascination in me.

I didn't showed it out and I didn't
tell both of you before.

This is what I want.

I know for sure.

He touched his heart.

He touched his heart ready so
don't stop him.

The day I saw your mum,
I touched my heart.

My only desire is your mum.

But it was tougher than your
army life.

Even I myself won it.

I'm talking seriously here.

Let him do what he wants.

Darling, listen to me.

After 6 years,

For one week, I was thinking of
talking to Priya.

Wanted to know whether she stills
loves me or not.

suddenly, she was walking
in front of me.

she came for me from that far.

I've joined the army.

My posting is here.

I'm going to Pakistan tomorrow
by helicopter.

That much only?

I can afford that much only.

You can't stay with me here.

Need to get higher authority's

I will stay in hotel.

I've already made the

At times, don't behave like
a man, Priya.

It does not suit you.

You are a beautiful girl.
so, be like that.

I need an answer from you.

My mum is forcing me to
get married.

I told her that I'll only get married
to you.

She said cannot.

Before I convince her, I came here to know
whether I'm in your heart or not.

If you need anything,

Yes, I want to lean on
your shoulder.

I want to hug you.

I want everything.

But leave love aside.

You must like me.

But you didn't tell me
anything, Surya.

I've been waiting for you
for 5 years.

You didn't tell me anything.

How can you touch me?

Are you going to say that
you like me now?

I don't need your sympathy.

I can live alone throughout
my life.

What I care if you don't love
me means?

When today you walked into
the Academy,

I realised a thing the moment
I saw you.

That I really missed you a lot.

I didn't say this just because you
tied saree today.

I mean it.

Meghna is no more, Priya.

But I still have her memories.

I want that.

I know you won't have any
problem with that.

For one year,
it was only you.

I always want to talk to you,
to hear your voice.

But something will stop me.

I thought you won't believe me.
So, I'll just leave it.

I tell you now.

I want to lean on
your shoulder.

Let's get married.

I thought you will say no to me.

And I wanted to go somewhere
else from here.

I never thought you'll say yes to me
and ask me to marry you.

Mr. Krishnan, open your mouth wide.

Tell me where is the pain.

It's in an advanced stage.

It's difficult to Iive after that.

All the happiness came to an end.

He has a surgery option.

We can get another 2 to 3 months
with that.

I thought he'll face a heart problem.

I never thought he'll get cancer.

We can handle all that.
You all don't worry.

Because of this.

How many times I asked you
to stop smoking?

Where are you going?
The key is with me.

You changed so much within
one year.

You will hold your head because
of pain.

Without telling us anything.

I think you shouldn't have done
this surgery, dad.

You lost your voice.

Like your neck was tied tightly.

I couldn't see you like that, dad.

I stayed away from you.

It's my fault.

I should have been with you.

I should have hold your hands
and sit with you.

I think I should have hug
you a lot.

This won't happen again, right?

I can never hug you again.

He's asking me to tell him story.

I could not.

I feel very difficult.

He's asking my dad to tell
him stories.

He feels sad that he can't talk
and tell him stories.

He asked me whether our son will forget
him or not when he grew up.

He asked us to tell about him
often to our son.

You tell often to our son
about him...

He will leave us and go, right?

I kept your sandals.

Dad, you can come with
your dhoti.

Dad, what happened?

I'm so afraid.

Do you really have to go?

Is there no one else to go
except you?

You must stay here.

Nothing will happen to him.

Doctor have told, right?

He will be fine for another 3 months.

I have to go.

The last I saw you dad was the day
before yesterday.

I still remember.

It's nothing.
You come, dad.

Have you packed?

I'II Ieave in an hour time.

I'll be back in 3 days.
You go and sleep.

I was about to come downstairs.

I came to say goodbye.

Come back fast.

Nothing else.
We will talk once you are back.

I'll come with you.
- No, you stay here.

I can never forget you, dad.

It's like I've lived my life again.

All this while, I never think
about all this.

I know you are the reason
for this.

Where are you, dad?

Don't leave me and go.

Journalist Namratha was kidnapped
in Jammu.

We are going to rescue her.

I didn't want to tell you that
before I left, dad.

Please be with me now.

They are going to bring
him away.


Shreya, don't cry!

Surya, don't cry!

You must live happily after this
for your children.

Your dad always will say,

Even now, he wants you all to
laugh and be happy.

With the power of 1000 elephants,

Naranan lived with that belief.

This was Aandal's dream.

Dad was a person who came to
beat that 1000 elephants.

As for me, he came and
married me.

But you are the one really who came
to beat 1000 elephants.

Priya, did you heard that?

If you ask your wife,
she will tell you.

You are with us, dad.

I know, daddy.