V toy strane... (1998) - full transcript

Screenplay: Lidiya Bobrova
Inspired by stories written by Boris Ekimov

Directed by Lidiya Bobrova

Photography: Sergey Astakhov

Sets: Gennady Popov

Sound: Igor Terehov

Producer: Aleksandr Golutva

In That Land...

you went to the shop?

What for?

There's your photo on
the billboard.

Tchapurin criticized you,
Zaika, and Tsyganok.

"Don't go by without
looking at this"

"Cinema schedule:"

"24th of February: Your Son and Brother
Begins at 18:00"

You look better there than in
real life, Alioshka.

Zaika doesn't.
As for Tsyganok...

- The assholes!
- Don't! Don't!

If Tchapurin finds out
he'll drive you out of the village!


Come on!

I don't have any money,
you understand? I don't!

When will you have?

Don't you watch TV?!

The whole country is out of money!

They haven't paid us
for three months!

The miners too,
five months they haven't paid them!

Where has all the money gone?!

It's not like before, now!
Got to earn them now!

Catherine, if you're cold,

go back to your place.

Tchapurin speaking.

A free stay in the sanatorium?

For me?! You must be nuts!

What if we gave it to Skuridin,
the cowherd?

He's got an ulcer.

He'll follow treatment
and will take his wife of his head.

We must go see him right away,

and make him take
those photos down.

Let's do it, we're ready.


- Skuridin!
- What?

Where're you going?

I'm bringing fodder.

Got good news for you!

Why did you post our photos?


Listen here!

The management rewards
Skuridin Nikolay

with a free cure in the South!

In a sanatorium! Free!

What d'you mean, free?!

- Yeah, sure...
- You don't believe it?

Come here and see.

Scram! Get lost!

Nikolay doesn't believe me.

You tell him, Katia.

Nikolay... We want to offer you a cure
for your stomach problems.

Now, you believe me?

They'll make fun of me.

You'll go and get treatment.

- They'll make fun of me.
- What're you saying?!

Stop repeating that!
It's not a punishment!

Calm down, please.

Not easy around here...

Listen, it's in the South, a resort,
by the sea!

First class doctors!

- You can refuse, of course.
- Nikolay...

... don't refuse...

You'll be well fed. Fruits.

The sea...
Green palm trees all year round...

Baths... Massages...

And the livestock?
Who'll take care of it?

- We'll find someone!
- Whom?

Your beloved soon-in-law,
for instance.

He can't say no,
or I won't give him no house.

- We'll see.
- Nothing to see, we're set.

You need to take care of yourself,
don't you?

Then, you're going
and the doctors will fix you.

That's how you'll come back!

I've never been on a holiday.

And now, a resort in the south.

I'm hesitating...

Should I go,
shouldn't I go...


The bastards!

D'we have a whip-round?

Not enough.

Let's go see Alka.
We'll drink to the resort.

Maybe we should take the photos down?

They are where they should be.

Let the whole village see them
and be ashamed.

What for?

Will that make them quit drinking?

Stop defending them,

They're saying my moron is
being sent to a resort...

And have you come to thank me?

- Don't joke about it.
- Who says I'm joking?

Nikolay is of my age and
he looks like an old man.

He should drink less!

If he takes the cure,
he won't drink anymore.

He won't make it!

He'll get drunk and
fall under a train.

Don't talk nonsense!

We've decided
we'd rather take money.

What d'you mean?!
Everything's already been paid!

Let them give the money back!

It's been sent to the bank.

We'll buy him medicine.

You know how many children we've got!
How many expenses we have!

You must work! Work!

You've forgotten
the way to the field...

Don't you pick on me!
Six children I've borne.

Don't try to make me pity you.
You've got whom to leave them with.

And who's doing all the chores?!
Who's keeping the house?!

- Nikolay.
- That drunkard?!

He's not a drunkard.

He's a great worker.

His cows are well fed,

and take on more weight than
the others'!

But you don't appreciate his
true worth.

That's why he got an ulcer!

I very well may be sicker than him.

I can barely stand.

You're making fun of me.

Go get your husband ready,
and be grateful! Understood?

I've understood you...

... but you enjoy my
being miserable.

Go pack your husband's things!

Right now!

I'll show him some resort!

You're hungry, my beauties.

I'll feed you right away.

Eat, my darlings, eat...

We should drink less...

I've always drunk and I will drink.

Me, your Tchapurin's orders...

He's as much mine as he's yours...

But, talking to him,
is like pissing against the wind.

Ever tried that?

Now, that's a nice topic...

Come on, let it flow!

You are hungry...
Eat my little ones.

It'll be alright, my darling...
Come on, eat.

Hey! Resorter!
Come have a drink.

It'll warm you up.

- I'm frozen stiff.
- Sit.

I can't. Must go back to work.

What for?

Got to pack the hay
with the pitchfork.

D'you want it that bad?

Want it or not, I have to.

Why d'you drink?

Why I drink?

So that my brats will be
getting less out of me.

I think differently.

And what d'you think?

I think a man drinks out of
greed, out of selfishness,

because of the society...

You're right...
We're defending ourselves against society.

To get rid of the Tchapurins!

Boris called and proposed me a cure
for digestive troubles.

Well, go, then.

I'm giving it to Skuridin.
He's got an ulcer.

- Alright, then.
- Nothing's alright.

Alka came and said:
"Give me the money. "

Give it to her, then.

You aren't starting too!

- What?!
- Nothing!

Alka's got a big family,
she very much needs money.

Bravo, you're defending her well!

What if his ulcer kills him?


- I'll take care of it.
- Of what?

Nikolay will go.

Here's the resorter who shows up.
Don't lose it.

He's too stupid to think!

What d'you think,
they found their perfect dumbo!

Once the cure finished,
they'll make you for it.

They'll take it from your salary.
And then, how will we make it?

He couldn't care less!

What he wants is to go
and get a suntan.

- No brains at all.
- Even if the house goes to ruin.

And grass covers it.

Will you get drunk and fall
under the train?

Why do you teach the children
such things?

They should know their father wants
to abandon them,

to go and have fun.
- Can you hear yourself?

You ain't going to sermon me now!

he's lecturing me,
this good-for-nothing!

- You'll see!
- Stop it, mom!

Don't you butt in!

Take your things!

It starts great this cure...

Who's there?

- Nikolay.
- Haven't you had enough to drink?!

Let me in, neighbour.
I'd like some hot soup.

It's late. Go away!
Go and eat at home!

They've thrown me out from my home!

I won't open.
What'd people say?

Neighbour, let me sleep on the
doormat, in the hall!

Go away, Nikolay.
Leave me alone.

Your late brother has
tormented me enough.

- Neighbour! Neighbour!
- Now, it's your mother...

Mead, o my sweet mead,

My lovely mead,

Tell me with whom

My mead...

I could drink you

You, at least,
you won't drive me away, will you?

You are my darlings.

I'm just an idiot.
I got offended.

I almost froze to death.

You wanted to see us?

- The cure...
- Money instead.

- He's a drunkard!
- We're broke.

- Nothing to eat!
- The children are naked.

Let me speak!

Tarassova has come to see my husband.
Right here.

She said:

"Why does Skuridin get a cure,
and Tarassov doesn't?"

"My husband is a great worker,
and he doesn't drink."

"He'll get an attack.
Give him the cure"

Wait, wait...

Our Nikolay is no drunkard.

Once in a while, a glass,
but not more.

And he's got fifteen distinctions!

Such a shame! They live like kings,

but still want others' cures!

- They'll get this!
- The cure belongs to my man!

Turn the music off, girls!

And get out of here!

So, briefs...


He ain't going to a bail.
We'll mend it.

What if I bought one from the store?

What else?!
Where's the canvas?

- What canvas?
- What's left from your dress.

In the top drawer.

D'you take me for a clown,
or what?!

Mom, he's right:
he'll undress in front of doctors.

Then, we'll also have to buy socks?

May God take care of you!

- D'you have problems with your teeth?
- My crowns have fallen.

I should go to town,
but I don't have the time to.

I'd need more than one day.

Open your mouth and close your eyes.

It can be solved here.

I was doing this at the infirmary
when I was in the army.

Such a liar...

Worse than St. Thomas.

With my crowns you'll
be fit for marriage.

- Come on...
- You'll see!

It's no big deal, you'll see.


- Alcohol.
- I don't have any.


Boiled water. In medicine,
that's all that's used.

- Cement.
- Where from?!

I've got super glue. From import.

- Let's see it.
- It's extra strong.

The thief!

Wake up, Makunia.

I was sleeping.

For two hours you don't eat anything,
only drink.

My Shura doesn't make any.

I'm force to make it.

As there's no man in the house,

we must have something to
thank people with.

Let's see your teeth!

You can get married right away!

It's Raissa I have to marry...

I know where you can find
a husband for your daughter.

- Where?
- In jail.

In jail?!

You can find everything there:
car accidents, fights...

Everyone can get in jail.

That's true.

We wouldn't like someone like
that. No.

- Kalmikov, is he a bad one?
- He's a good one.

His bosses didn't fancy him
and now he's under lock and key!

Yes, yes, but...

If you don't believe me, you can
believe Kalmikov.

Write to him and he'll find
a good husband for your Raissa.

A Claude in mauve shades

Above our heads is passing

A midnight star

Above the train flares.

The driver does not hurry

Because the driver understands

That this young girl

I'm leaving her for ever

The driver does not hurry

Because the driver understands

That this young girl

I'm leaving her for ever

Holy Mary Mother of God

help us.

What can women,
without a man in the house, do?

When Makunia and me we'll die

what will happen with Raissa?

She waited Piotr.

Once he got his education,
he married a town girl.

May he be damned!

Forgive me, God,
but what is she to do now?

Only morons and drunkards are left.

The others, you are spoiling them,

and my daughter, what'll become of her?

This isn't justice, this...

This isn't justice.

You are not to bargain with God!
You must pray!

You must pray!

Forgive me, O Lord,
forgive me Queen of Heaven!

You are so merciful.
You are a mother too.

Forgive my sins!

Here's the dawn that's budding

In the field, by the brook

And I'm in love

With a young and handsome lad

I love this young lad

To my big misfortune

Confess it I can not

Too bashful am I

But he doesn't know it...

- Come, daddy!
- Leave me alone, Dimka!

Mom's given birth!

That means we must go drink
for the newborn baby!

Vanya! Magarytch!

Here you are...

- So? Boy, girl?
- Don't touch it.

The scoundrel! My spitting image!

It's a girl.

Your spitting image...

According to...

... the awarding requirements...

... of bonuses...

... valid in our village...

You'll build your den...

- You know, there's mother...
- Let her come here!

- See how beautiful it is around here!
- Next?

We're building a new house.
You'll have your studio apartment.

And if your mother comes,
I'll give you two rooms one.

Dictate on.

I'm rewarding...

... the cowherds' team for the care...

... shown to the livestock.
- Fire!

Tsyganok! Aliosha!

Come on!

Arseny! Get back!

Get back!

Where's the water? Bring water!

- Bring water!
- Quickly! Quickly!

Kolka! Bring water! Quickly!

Make it move! Quickly!

Come on! Quickly!


Listen to me carefully!

From right now,
you're selling alcohol only by list.

The list I'll give it to you!

You'll do what I'm telling you!
Got it?

I'll write to mother...



Tonight, at the cub, they're showing
one of our Russian films

What if we went?

- What are you doing?
- Writing a letter.

Whom to?

To Fedla Kalmikov.

You are as smart as bait.

One doesn't end up in prison
just like that, for nothing.

Go to sleep.

I can smell trouble...


You know,
down South there'll be a menu.

What's that?!

A piece of paper with all the
dishes you can eat written on it.

You'll have to order what you want.

For instance,
they'll be having eggs and chicken.

If you don't order,
you'll only get one egg.

So what?!
What matters is the cure,

not the grub.

- They won't give you anything to drink.
- I won't drink.

But now we have to.
You're leaving for the resort.

I've said:
I won't be drinking anymore.

Tchapurin speaking.

What cure?

What d'you mean annul it?!

Katia, please leave.

My guy is ready to leave.

Fuck your mother!


How's that crowns doing?

- Mighty fine.
- If you break an arm, come see me.

Don't jinx!

I'm saying it from the bottom of my heart.

Sveta! Wait for me!


Lend me a tenner till tomorrow.

What're you waiting for?
You'll soup will get cold.

The country's going down the drain!


- Listen, I'm telling you nicely.
- Nicely...

All the same,
crooks like their fathers.

You had a fight with Boris?

Come on, tell me.

He wants to annul
Skuridin's cure.

Do it, then.


You mustn't fight with Boris.

- He's always helping us.
- He's not helping us,

he's assuring he's own tranquility.

Arseny... Arseny...

- Don't forget...
- I am not forgetting anything.

I remember everything...
I understand...

But you try to understand too.
I feel pity for Nikolay.

Me too...

- Who'd pity our Galia?
- What's that got to do with Galia?

You know...

Who pulled the strings
for the institute?...

Boris did...

And afterwards,
who'll find a place for her?

That's enough!

I know all of that only too well...

But I can't do it...

... I can't, it's stronger than me.

I'll take care of it.

- Where to?
- To town,

where's the place they barter.

A piece of lard for a glass.

How much lard, show me.

What's on your nose?

- The dog.
- What dog?

The one guarding the lard.

Well done. Get in, we're going.

It seems you wanted to see me?

- I don't know how to say it...
- Speak up.

I was in town yesterday and
they brought fish.

In front of me there were two
women, talking.

One says:

"It seems you'll be going for a cure...

... with your lover?"
"Yes, that's true."

"Who's he?"

"Nikolay Skuridin", she says,
"from Vnutovo."

Bullshit! Who'd want him?!

She's divorced.

She's throwing herself at all men.

Makes no distinction.

The whore!... A real bitch!

With glasses!... That big!

And one of those looks...

What can Nikolay see in her?!

When you'll be there,
be sure you take all your medicine.

I'll take care of my ulcer,
and I won't be drinking any more.

Alcohol kills people.

I had my certificate with distinction.

You can't do it.

I can. You'll see I can.

When I return,
I'll take back my old job.

We're building a new farm,
I'll get a job there.

Here, I've got too many pals, we've always
drunk together; they won't change.

There... there'll be new people...

Maybe they'll give us an apartment.

- We'll leave this one to Niuska...
- Yes...

Did you enjoy the bath?


D'you know who is your darling husband
leaving with?

- With whom?
- With my good friend.

What's the matter, mon,
you went nuts or what?

Liolka knows everything.
She never lies.

A divorcee from town who
throws herself to every man.

- She means Paulina.
- What?

That's why he wanted new underwear.

- From the store...
- What?

You animal!...

I'll show you cure!
I'll show you cure!

I'll show you cure!
I'll show you cure!

Here's your cure!

Good... God...

- Hurry up to the hospital.
- What for?

- Did they tear up the voucher?
- They did.

A pity...
Maybe we could get another one?

I'll phone and ask...

- But, with the way you're looking...
- I am not going anywhere.

I must go and bringing in some hay,
the one they brought is no good.

I'll go take it from my hill.

The animals like that one.
It's less dry.

What's the matter with her?

Give me some money for a bottle.
My head's hurting.

Give me the photo.

- He's drunk in this one.
- This is the only one.

"Tsyganok Viktor Ivanovitch"

What do you think, where's
his soul now?

From what I read, the dead's souls
go in the clouds.

- No, I think, it goes into animals.
- You might be right.

In what animal d'you think Tsyganok's
soul went into?

In a cloud... that's better.

This comes from the prisoner.

So stupid!

They send him parcels...

... without knowing anything about him.
What if he killed someone?

Doesn't matter, he's a future groom!

One doesn't get out of
prison so easily.

He'll get out in the end.

- I'll be dead before that.
- Don't be so hasty.


Come and see the stove.
It'll crumble any day now.

Dry yourself with this one,
not with the other one.

Look here, we've got a visit!

He fixed the stove.

- We must feed him.
- I'm not hungry.

We very well know no one
feeds you at home.

Must go bring in some hay.

Got no time to stuff myself.

But you'll have a drink, right?

That, I will have.

Your homemade alcohol is great.

I spoke to you in Russian:
don't send me so many animals.

I don't have anyone to graze them!

You are the manager!

Why don't you come
to talk about it?

My alcohol is clean!

What do I care?!

I put no bird shit
to make it stronger!

Why are you telling me that?

He had just one small glass and then
he clenched his belly with two hands.

Will he live??

I don't know.
Perforated ulcer.

Anything can happen.

We're live.
What'd you like to say.

What if you'd take out commercials?

Russia has only three problems?

Dandruff, menstruation, and incontinence?

I'd like to sell a kidney
so I can feed my kids.

D'you want some more?

The country’s drowning and all she
can think about is food!

It's not your fault!

Why did he drink if he had ulcer?

Is there any mail?

He'll write.

He won't be writing anymore now.

I shouldn't have sent him
my photo.

Don't you worry, my little girl.

Alright, I'll go see him.
I've made my mind.

Alright, now...

What's this?

- It came long ago?
- Yes, it did.

O, my God...

Why are you hiding?

I'm coming from work.
I was on leave.

For absenteeism?

There's no work for me,
can you dig it?

Got it, got it all... Mother!


Come stand guard.

Imagine they are bartering
lard for vodka!

If Tchapurin has no work for you,
I'll find you work!

The pigsty needs repairing,
I told you a hundred times.

We must lay boards,
or we'll drown in mud.

Why are you smiling?

O, Shura, Shuratchka, we used to love
each other so much...

Mother, keep an eye on him while I go
help Marussia.

Aren't you cold?

You can get a cold down there
where you're sitting.

I'll go in the house. I'll find there
something to barter for vodka.

Let me out, you scoundrel!

Unharness the horses, guys,

And to sleep go for the whole night!

Me, I'm going out in the garden

And a well I'll dig!

One, two, or three,
Marussia knock on wood.

She will gather strawberries

One, two, or three,
Marussia knock on wood.

She will gather strawberries
in the woods.

Do you need a partner?

Come have a drink my it's birthday.

One stands when drinking
to the health of ladies.

Hey, easy!
Dance if you want to earn your drink!


Young girls, sing, have fun!

Whatever you will do,
three kopeika you'll be worth!

Three kopeika we are worth,
and the guys one ruble.

But they marry three kopeika girls!

Shura, Shura, darling,
I did love you well,

But the gals that give me fun
I love now

Shura! Shura!
Stop it, Shura!

Shura, he's still a man,
after all!

I can't take it anymore!
Give me back my galosh!

Calm down, Shura!

Come, we'll drink for my birthday.
Come on, Shura!

Drink, it's my party.

It's too much...


Eat, Shura.

I drink...

... to our drinking
and eating merrily,

to the women always wanting,
and the men that always can.

Come on, girls, let's drink.

Now, sing my favorite song.

In my well-filled chest

I got cotton and brocade

My beloved, o, my soul,

From the shoulder of your friend

In the woods the nightingale is singing

And my mother-in-law can not sleep.

My mother-in-law worse than a
nightingale she is

It's me she steals the sleep from,
my mother-in-law.

Shura, get up,
think about your children.

You have little children,
you're not alone.

Your tears won't bring him back.

Stand up! Stand up!

Think at your children.

Nikolay! Hello!

You're alive...

- Well done!
- Look at that beauty...


- And they don't care about anything...
- Who?

Those drunkards...
We've just buried Zaika.

He drank no matter what...
and now he's dead.

The old ones go on living...

... and the young ones don't wait their
turn for the other world.

What did you say?
"Their turn for the other world."

"Names of this year's dead,
victims of alcoholism:"

"Samov, Tcheliadin, Trofimov,
Zaitzev, Tsyganov, Petrov"

"Names of those who wait their
turn for the other world:"

- What's the matter?!
- Nothing.

Haven't you had enough
of this shit?

Better watch people shoot

Look at animals' lives!

I've watched it enough.

Here, in the village.

That's it, go write your
bullshit in the kitchen.

Good afternoon.

The boss is always serious.

Time presses.

Will take care of the hay day:

- Take this down.

You have no right to shame us.

You're creating orphans.
Don't attract tragedies.

It's not my fault.

But this is the naked truth.

Let's see, in one year we have:

Last winter,
your husband fell from his sleigh.

He all but froze to death.

He wasn't the only one who had drunk.
His entire team had drunk.

And who overturned with
the tractor?

He fixed it himself.

And when he drank at Tzyganok's place?

- They set the mattress on fire!
- They didn't die burned!

Whatever state he's in,
he always goes to work.

No, Marussia...
He's got only one year left.

He won't live longer.

God sees the offended.
One day you might end up in our place.

Listen to me carefully:
no one will touch this paper.

The central power is far away.
I'm the boss here.

Who are you looking for?

Raissa lives here?

Here, here.

- Why are you asking?
- I'm Konstantin.

Hello, my future wife.

Did you sent me someone else's photo?

I'm Raissa's mother.
And that's her grandmother, Makunia.

- Breathing, granny.
- I'm listening.

- What're you doing?
- I'm churning butter.

How old are you, granny?

- Very old.
- And you still working?

- I am.
- Work, work.

Earn your living.

- Where's Raissa?
- Milking the cows.

- When will she be back?
- At lunch time.

Then, I'll go take a bath.

What're you thinking?

We should hide the matches...
so he doesn't set everything on fire.

your groom came from prison!

Is it true?

- I didn't see anyone.
- It means he came by bus.

- You go, we'll finish here.
- Of course, go!

- Where to?
- You must greet your guest!

Well, you see, that's what...

- D'you have the copy of discharge?
- Our leader.

Welcome... around these parts.

Some handshake you have...
Wanna work?

don't rush the horses.

We need men around here.

And here,
don't they need men?

True, the stoop is crumbling, the roof is
leaking, the shed needs repairing.

That's how it is.

Now, that's a little bride...

We'll have a good life.
I got my hands and feet.

One can have a good life here,
if one isn't stupid.

Got my head too.

Got everything that's needed,

And first class!

Why did you go to prison?

I killed two guys.

The third one got away.

- Don't be afraid, Raissa.
- I am not.

C'mon, go to sleep!

You sleep!

I see you're recovering quickly.

- Will you take the animals out?
- As soon as possible.

- Won't you find it hard, all by yourself?
- So what?

- I have a proposition: take a help.
- Whom?

- Raissa's groom has come.
- The con?!

Will you take him?

Deal, then.

Now, they're all resting.

But, when it's hot,
they all go in the water.

You must drive them out of it,

or they'll catch cold at the teats
and then they can't milk them.

So what?

They don't give milk and fall ill.

They're like children:
don't know what's bad for them.

I call them:

"my little ones".
- Understood.

When will we be relieved?

At first, we'll be staying together with
them, for two days,

and then we'll take turns.
- Alright.

What're you doing here
at this hour?

That's how you looked when we met.

Let's frame it.

On my grave.

Aren't you ashamed, Konstantin?

The herd is hungry.

I've fixed everything here, haven't I?
What else do you want?!

Mind your own business. Got it?

I don't like this.

- I asked you if you got it?
- We put the fox in charge of the hen house.

- What're you doing here? It's my turn.
- I pity the animals.

The animals?!
I pity humans more.

You, for instance.

Why are you falling?
I haven't touched you yet.

What if I smacked you?

With this one?

In your lung. What'd you say?


What's new?

What says Radio Gossip?

- Don't laugh. Bad news.
- What's the matter?

All the village says that the new one is
exploiting Skuridin.

Be more precise.

He takes the herd out
only when he feels like it.

- D'you know where he is now?
- Where?

At the river. Fishing!

Damn him! I'll show him who's the boss
around here!

Where to?

Summon him to your office.

- You called me, boss?
- I did.

Why are you hindering our work?

You don't take the herd out when you
should! Things won't work this way!

Alright, I'll get my act straight.

I like this better! You're a strong man,
young man!

Work as hard as you can
and make money!

D'you need money?

- Yes.
- Of course you do!

A house like yours,
that's expensive.

House's not bad.
Why don't you build your own house?

Come on! We'll help you!

It's not worth it.

One builds... struggles...

You put all your money into it.

And then, a moron throws a match
and that's the end of it.

D'you see what I mean?

I'll leave your bull
with nothing in his pants!

You think you've found your sucker!
You should be ashamed of yourselves!

All he's got to do is take the cows out
in the place of your man, is it?

What're you saying?!

As if you didn't know!...
Nikolay took the cows out in his place!

He'll kill him.

O... you got scared, didn't you?!

Look!... Look how afraid she is of
loosing her bull! Look!

He'll kill him!...

Wait!... Wait!

My God!... Where're you going?

Where're you going?... O!

My God...

He'll kill him, for sure...

I'll make you graze!

You're an idiot, or what?!...

- I take pity of the animals.
- You feel pity for your little ones?

They'll be left orphans...

I'll take the animals out every day.

You're still young, have fun.

Go get lost!

What a moron, this Skuridin.

Kostia, my darling,
they are living creatures.


The bulls, the cows, the horses,
all of them.

No, listen to me!

Once, we had snow in May.

We found the cows sitting in a circle
in the field

and breathing on a newborn calf
so he didn't freeze.

Get of me!

You all are bulls and cows!

You spend your life in dung!

Me, I want to live
like normal people do.

For my own pleasure.


My daughter is a real beauty!

A graduated specialist!

- Well?
- Stop it, dad!

I've only just begun!

To the diploma!

Eat right away after it!

Pass me the salad...

Not this one. The other one.

Well? Let's sing!

In the woods the nightingale is singing

And my mother-in-law can not sleep.

My mother-in-law worse than a
nightingale she is

It's me she steals the sleep from,
my mother-in-law.

Don't cry, Shura, calm down.

- Don't cry...
- Shura...

Your husband didn't like tears.
He liked sons.

I'd like going back to that land...

Going back, yes, going back...

Going back...

In that land, back there...

Where one day I was born...

In that land, back there...

Where one day I was born...

That's that.

When it's been fully sanded and

that's when we start opening it.

One feather after the other...
Like this...


One feather after the other.

Like that, on one side.
Then, on the other side.

And, in the middle,
that's the tail.

- See how?
- Got it.

- When it's wet, it doesn't break, right?
- Right.

It's a bird that brings happiness.

- Happiness?
- Yes.

- Did it bring you happiness?
- It did.

Our thanks to the inhabitants of Verkolo

for their contribution to this film