V nebe 'Nochnye vedmy' (1981) - full transcript

Dedicated to the women flyers
brought up by the Komsomol

Screenplay by

Vladimir Valutskiy
Evgeniya Zhigulenko

Directed by
Evgeniya Zhigulenko

Director of Photography
Lev Ragozin

Production Designer
Boris Komyakov

Music by
Ye. Kryilatov

…Killed for the Motherland in our

We go on flying in eternity.

We are not just shadows silent and

We’re the cry of the cranes, we’re
the wind.

Those killed in the sky for their

Are becoming the sky over it.

We breathe and warm the nests of birds

We lullaby the children, their sleep
to sweeten…


Valentina Grushina
as Oksana Zakharchenko

Yana Druz
as Galya Polikarpova

Dima Zamulin as Fyodor

Nina Menshikova
as Regiment Commissar

Valeriya Zaklunnaya
as Regiment Commander

T. Mirkikova as Yulia Nesterova

Ye. Astafyeva as Katya Maksimova

A. Sviridova as Tonya Zhukova

S. Martyinov as Lazarev

D. Chogovadze as Sofiko

S. Korenev as the General

V. Klyagina as Soldatova

Night witches!
Night witches!

Night Witches in the Sky

Lieutenant, lights out.

All go to sleep.

It’s exactly one year today.

The longest and most
terrifying year of my life.

Listen, Masha.

If you go on flying
like you did today, ...

... I won’t send you on a mission again.

Nothing’s going to happen to me.

I’m lucky.

365 nights.

And each night
waiting for it to end.

Waiting to know if everyone returns.

What’s the matter with you, Masha?

How many have we lost?

We’ve been at the front
exactly a year.

I remember sitting on the draft board
of the Komsomol Central Committee, ...

... receiving both well-known
women flyers ...

... and very young girls.

They came demanding,
begging, insisting, ...

... crying when they were turned down
to go to the front.

The squadron had been already formed, ...

... but they kept writing, coming,

The main thing is not to oversleep.

The main thing for you is not
to forget to take her things.

As a result of fierce fighting, ...

... they broke the enemy’s resistance ...

... and took by storm the city of Kharkov…

It’s you again?

We need to see

I told you you can’t.

Please, we’ll be very quiet.

We came from the front.

Everybody comes from the front.
Only after five.

We’ll be in flight then.

At 5 we’ll be already bombing.

I’m going to complain to
the head doctor.

What a pest!
C’mon, Katya.

Polikarpova, where’re you going?

And what’s this?

Soldatova, I’m running to the front.

Galya, I applied for your regiment,
I was turned down for my eyeglasses.

Don’t even squeak about this.

- Of course not.
- Good.

Galya, take me with you.

- Galya!
- Quiet.

There’s something you can do here.
There’s nothing I can do here.

Take me along!

- Comrade girl.
- Yes, comrade young man?

I’ve witnessed
your courageous act.

So what?

I approve.
To a ball? To a date? Or…?


- In that case, please.
- Thank you.

I’ll deliver you to your destination.
What’s the course?

- 270 degrees.
- Forward.

May I introduce myself? Lazarev.


I’m pleased. Such a nice girl, and
a hooligan to boot, is my colleague.

- What do you mean by that?
- Just what I said.

So you’re flying
those things?

What do you mean by “those things”?

I mean those…

Kerosene stoves.


Nothing derogatory about it. All call
them kerosene stoves or bookshelves.

No, it’s just that we’ve arrived.

Wait. Will you at least
tell me your first name?

Want to run away?

My kerosene stove can fly, too.

I’m taking off!

Your name?

Kerosene stove!

What’s going on in your regiment?

Shatrova’s forbidden to go up in the
air, yet she’s flying fighting planes.

It’s a crime!

It’s war.
I have no one else to fly.

Everyone’s busy, everyone’s hurrying
to the front, and I must treat them.

What can I do?

Your beauties have just
stolen a patient again.

I’m warning you, I’m going
to complain to the General.

Call the 2nd Squadron commander
and the doctor to me now.

Yes, Comrade Commander?

Commissar, where’re you?

I’m here.
What’s up?

Comrade Commander,
the assignment has been carried out.

Did you allow Maksimova and
Nesterova to fly to the hospital?

The girls gathered presents for Galya.
What’s happened?

Yes, Comrade Commander?

Just look what Zakharchenko’s
subordinates are doing.

And I’m being accused
of committing a crime.

What crime, Dusya?

Yes, Comrade Commander?

Can you explain
what happened?

What’s happened?

Look, you’ll see it.
Zakharchenko, you look, too.


What do you say?

Something’s going to happen now.

Comrade Commander, lance-corporal
Polikarpova has arrived from hospital, ...

... absolutely healthy
and ready to fly.

Ten days of arrest for everybody.
The sick one goes back to hospital.

Who’s going to fly?

I’m not sick
and I’m not going to the hospital.

Zakharchenko, what’s
going on in your squadron?

I knew it would
end like this.

Comrade Commander,
the General wants you.

Yes, Comrade General?

I see.

I see, Comrade General.

An urgent change of assignment.
I’m flying to HQ.

Navigators, check the routes.

Chief of HQ,
define the front line.

Maximal alert.
Take-off on green flare.

Comrade Commander, two of
the squadron’s navigators are sick.

Allow me to fly with Polikarpova.

- When were the stitches removed?
- They’ve been removed.

A temporary amnesty for all.
Until the war is over.

What’s this screaming?

How are you?

- I’m okay.
- Can you fly?

Report to the commander.
I’ve got problems with my engine.

The assignment has been carried out.

- How are you feeling?
- Good.

- Will you take a rest today?
- No, I’ll fly.

Bring the fuel here.

Zina, which flight
will it be with us?

The eighth, Comrade Commander.

Will you have something to eat,
Comrade Commander?


It’s hot!
Thanks for feeding me!

Zina, is the plane ready for flight?

Yes, ready, Comrade Commander.

- Katya, which flight are we doing?
- Eighth.

The regiment’s 5,000th mission.

How long ago it was.

Days turned into weeks,
weeks into long, hard months.

The fascists got
pretty tired of us,

and they nicknamed us
“night witches”.

That’s something.

If the enemy curses us,

it means my girls are very good.

The planes will be back in an hour.

Reveille, girls.
Your planes are coming back.

Antonina, why are you sitting?
Come on.

I’ll wait for my girls.

When will you get smart, Galina?

What an idea - to run away
from the hospital!

I had to lie to the commander
that the navigators were sick.


You’re a true friend.

Oh, come on.

Have a little sleep.

Want me to take over?
Have a sleep.

All right.

Oksana, a Messer on our right!

Let’s go, you hear?

Oksana, the tanks!

Hurry up!

Let’s run! We’re Russians.
Let’s run! Hurry!

C’mon, hurry!

Why don’t you say something?

What’s your name?

I’m Oksana.

And you?

Does something hurt?

C’mon, say something.

Comrade Lieutenant,
the commissar calls you.

C’mon, go to sleep.
I’ll be back soon. Alright?

Don’t let anyone in. Let him sleep.

Get to know our squadron.

This is squadron commander.
You know her.

These are Katya and Yulia.

Tonya Zhukova. She’s the oldest and
the strictest. You listen to her.

And this is me.

And this is a star.
Shall we fly there after the war?

And this is a breadline?

You don’t understand anything.
That’s us hurrying to the war.

Want to try it?

- What’s your name?
- Fyodor Pavlov.

Come on.

Take aim.
Stretch out your arm.

Eye it, c’mon.
Way to go.

Can one shoot down
a fascist plane with a pistol?

With a machinegun, one can.

Leave us at least one son
for the regiment.

They write of “sons of the regiment”.
And ours is a women’s regiment.

I understand, but you must
understand us, too.

We fly from one place to another all
the time, changing airfields.

We have no right
to risk a child’s life.

Maria Ivanovna, children do live in
frontline villages, and it’s alright.

- No.
- Please.

My dear girls, when the war is over,
you will all have sons of your own.

We must send him to a children’s
home as soon as possible.

Oksana said she wouldn’t give him
away, she’s like mother to him.

First of all, Oksana is the squadron
commander, ...

...and her duty is to fight,
not look after a child.

Why are you saying that?

You’re a cruel person.

Oksana smiled for the first time
in a whole year.

- Her son was killed.
- If you had children…

- To HQ, urgently.
- Yes.

So, the assignment is the same.

Be extremely careful
when over the target.

There may be new weapon
emplacements. Is it clear?

How are you feeling,

Just fine.

The hospital won’t release
your things and decorations.

- You’ll have to fly there yourself.
- Later.

All right.
When you have time.

The planes must be
ready at 17:00.

Got it, Comrade Commander.

Any questions?

Then the last thing.
About Fyodor.

Stop all kinds of protesting.

You’re here
not to play with dolls.

As soon as we receive
the answer to our request, ...

... he will be immediately
sent to a children’s home.

What’s so funny?

That’s what a fighting crew
are doing in daytime.

C’mon, this she-goat has no owner.

We took her for Fyodor.
She produces the most nutritious milk.

Nanny goat, she’s teasing you.

And this one will lay eggs.

- Alright.
- Don’t squeeze it.

It’s a cock.

Don’t listen to her.

A cock?

- Let’s go.
- Go, go.

What’s the matter with you?

Why the goat?

Instead of asking questions, better
help us. Everyone’s only criticizing.

They are waiting for us.

A landing force consolidated its
position on the other bank, ...

... on a small plot of land.

They need ...

... provisions, medications,

We’ll be delivering the loads, too.

Our group flies there,
drops the boxes, ...

... and lands at Sosnovka Airfield.

Then you’ll work there
under the local command.

Comrade Commander, the field is soaked
with rain, we won’t be able to take off.

Now it’s raining, now it’s sunshine,
now it’s raining again.

I know the situation is difficult.
But it’s our only choice.

Commissar, gather all girls.
We’ll be laying the planking.

Zakharchenko, stay for a while.
Let’s discuss the assignment.

Yes, Comrade Commander.

[My dear girls.]

[I could tell so much
about each of you.]

[How, through 1,100 nights, ...]

[... through 25,000 fighting flights, ...]

[... we were going to our victory.]

[How, amid anti-aircraft explosions,
defying death, ...]

[... you lived
for the sake of tomorrow.]

[You believed in tomorrow.]

[Otherwise, you would forget
how to smile, ...]

[... bestow kindness, wait for love.]

The plane! Hurray!

- What a bouquet!
- Look, girls!

It’s so big!

- There’s even a message.
- Fedya, show it.

To my dear Kerosene stove.

Why “Kerosene stove” is written
with a capital letter?

- Is it a proper name?
- You’re progressing, boy.

This time it’s a proper name.
But whose?

In any case, not yours or mine.

Thank God it stopped.
We can fly without rain.

Squadron, line up!

- The squadron’s lined up.
- At ease.


Fyodor, come here.

Maksimova, repeat
the assignment to the squadron.


Why did you keep
the child under the rain?

Am I a nanny to him or what?

Come on.

Why were you running about
under the rain?

The commissar allowed me to.

You must be cold, are you?

Oh, Fedya, I don’t know
what to do with you.

Please don’t, Comrade Commander.

Fedya, am I a commander to you?

You’re like a son to me. Understand?

Why are you not commander to me?

Alright, I’m your commander, too.

Comrade Commander,
may I join the line?

Come with me.

Let’s try it.
To the right, the plane goes right.

Now to the left.

The plane goes left.
Now straight ahead.

Good boy.
Try to pull it on yourself.

Come on.

Are you tired?

And when shall I
fly for real?

Your feet don’t
reach the pedals yet.

But I want to.

When you grow up,
I myself will teach you to fly.

Time will pass quickly.
We’ll find our father.

He’s nice, you’ll like him.

And the three of us will live together.

You, I and our Gritsko.

It seems we’re lucky at last, girls.
We’ll get into men’s company.

Wow! Pilots, marines!
You’ll snatch all the bachelors.

- Pilots will fly away.
- Marines will go landing.

Fyodor, you forgot your duties.

Galya, who dropped
that bouquet for you?

I won’t tell.

Comrade Commander,
let me help you, too.

Go home.

Look, why don’t you make
home of your cockpit?

You could put a commode there.

What’s the matter?
What’s happened?

Some get bouquets
and I don’t even get a sprig.

You stupid, you scared me.
Tomorrow I’ll give you one…

I don’t want yours.
Don’t do it.

Galina, I beg you,
don’t try to win Fyodor over.


Get ready, the marines are ahead.

Light up bonfires.

Why aren’t you dropping the left one?
It makes it hard to pilot.

It won’t drop!

Make another approach.
And a lesser turn.


Come back!

Comrade Senior Lieutenant,
your squadron

will work on enemy searchlights,
supporting the landing force.

One target,
second target, third target.

Be careful, there’re many anti-
aircraft guns. Is the mission clear?

- Yes, clear.
- Any questions?

- Is the sea approach difficult?
- Very difficult.

Good luck.

To your planes!

At last we witness a historic event.

The night beauties have flown
to us themselves.

- Are all your girls so beautiful?
- All of them.

Now we see why they
were hiding you from us.

I think it’s time.

We’re preparing for the flight,
Comrade Commander.

I can see how you’re preparing.

Where’re your parachutes?

Comrade Commander, the cockpit’s too
small. We can take fewer bombs then.

You think it’s easy to whirl with
a parachute in the searchlights?

Put them on now!

If I see it again, Maksimova,
you’ll be taken off the flight.

Yes, Comrade Commander.

Since we have an hour yet, I’ll go see
who’s rustling over us all night.

- Give me yours, it’s newer.
- Here.

Will you whistle if anything?

I will.




Just like in a trench.
Only the earth is softer there.

I wonder how you can fight
in this bookshelf.


Yeah, it’s great!

And why is our deputy political
officer pasted on here?


Sorry. I say he looks very much
like our deputy political officer.

The man on the photo.



Oksana, he says he looks like him!

Who looks like whom?

The man on the photo looks like
our deputy political officer.

What’s his name?

Grigori Ivanovich Zakharchenko.

- Where’s he?
- In the sea with a landing party.

Will you see him?

I’m going to sea in two hours.

Tell him: P.O. B. 40-129.
Oksana Zakharchenko.

- Alright, I’ll tell him.
- Hurry.

He’s her husband. They lost
each other at the start of the war.

Go on the searchlight.
Hold the plane.


Fyodor! Fyodor!

I’ve found our dad!

You’ve found my dad?

I was telling mom:
don’t believe the death notice!

I was telling mom…

[The stormy Terek and the Salsk Steppes
had been left far behind.]

[The regiment was changing airfields.]

[But before our last airfield,
there were still thousands of miles ...]

[... and hundreds of nights.]


Check how the first squadron is
stationed, and I’ll check the third.

Oh, the sea! Hurray!

Good for the one who’s chosen
this site.

Oh, when will this
damned war be over?

First you bind them on,
then you unbind them.

Girls, look at Galka!

Into the sea! Into the sea!

Keep your hands off
the squadron commander!

Children, my children.

(I’m gazing at the sky ...)

(And wondering all the while: ...)

(Why am I not a falcon,
Why do I not fly?...)

Well, not bad for the start.

Sorry, Comrade General.
It won’t happen again.

I hope so.

Who’s in there?

Well, it’s too much.

- Senior technician Zhukova.
- Some technician.

- Alert the regiment.
- A flare.

Comrade General, I got an alert.
Turn away, please.

The devil knows what’s going on!


What did I teach you?

Yes, Comrade Commander.

About face!
Forward march!

I don’t want to.

About face!
Forward march!

I don’t want to.


Getting ready for dances.

Zakharchenko and
Polikarpova’s crew.

I’ve heard about them.

Captain, they say there’re
no men in the regiment.

That’s right, Comrade General.

- And who are you?
- Private Fyodor Pavlov.

Hello, Fyodor Pavlov.

A guardsman.

Comrades, I’m happy to be
the first to congratulate you ...

... on awarding your regiment the title
of Guards’ Regiment.

Congratulations with
the Guards’ title, dear Galka.

Too bad I can’t kiss you.
I can see you only from up there.

But I’ll find you anyway.

I’m already on my way.
Wait for me. Kisses, Kostya.

Hande Hoch!

Galya, let me shoot.

- Only at the shooting-range.
- C’mon, Galya, let me.

We can shoot only
at the shooting-range.

And I saw you
shooting in the corn field.

You snitch.

I told nobody,

- C’mon, let me.
- Here.

I told you I’d hit it!

Who was firing?

It was just once.

Giving a weapon to a child!

Stand up!

Three extra shifts of duty.

Don’t be in the way.

Galya, what other
punishments are there?

Peeling potatoes in the mess.

- I can peel potatoes, too.
- You can do anything.

- What else?
- Else…

It’s when they put you in the can.

Yeah, it’s like a dark room,
it’s pitch dark there.

They shut you up with a big lock.
You’re all alone and very scared.

And I’ll dig up a passage out.

If you’re such a valiant knight,
then go and fetch water.

I’ll dig a passage anyway.

A letter from your mom?

I get letters from mom, too.

My mom is a teacher. She teaches
good-for-nothings like you.

Let’s work.

Move it.

So work goes in full swing?

Fyodor, you’re a true friend,
you don’t abandon a friend in need.

But you should know that you mustn’t
help one who is punished.

C’mon, go.


Didn’t I ask you
not to try to win Fyodor over?

And you…

Who stops you from winning him over?

You fool.

He’s like a toy to you.

And to me, he is…

Like a son. You understand?

This is for him to decide.

They’ve already decided for him.
He’ll be sent to a children’s home.

And I shall never have children.

Because of my wound.

Alright, Polikarpova.

I can’t fly with you any more.

And I don’t want to.

Wrench 17-14.

No, my friend, that’s all for today.
Get ready. Let’s go.

How about flowers for the commander?

The commander doesn’t want flowers.

She wants me
to be a good soldier.

Oh, you don’t understand anything.

Is this Boguslavskaya’s regiment?
I got lost.

- And who are you?
- Lazarev.

Will you give me a ride on your bike?

What’s your name?


You see, I’m pressed for time,
but I need to see someone.

Do me a favor, run on reconnaissance.

- Yes. Whom shall I call?
- Galya Polikarpova.

No, I can’t.

Be a sport. I’ve covered 200 km.
Just for one hour.


Why are you following me?

Go to Oksana. Go to the squadron
commander. You hear?

Why are you so stern with him?

He’s a swell boy.


Want some sunflower seeds?

Why are you following me?

Can I visit with you?

Oh, it’s so hot.

What do you think, Fyodor?

Will there be a thunderstorm
or shall we fly?

Well, I don’t know either.

That’s how it is, pal.


Let me hold your feet.

Take her.

- Come here.
- I don’t want.

Well, Fedya, it’s like this.

Tomorrow you’re going to Moscow.
Have you ever been there?


Because children
must stay away from bombs.

Fighting is for grownups.

I’m grownup, too.

I know.

So I’m talking to you
as a grownup.

The commander’s orders are not
to be discussed at the front.

Maria Ivanovna, let me
take Fyodor to my mother.

My dear girl, you know
that you can’t leave now.

You’re needed here.

I’ve never asked you for anything,
and I will not, but for Fyodor…

As you were,
Squadron Commander Zakharchenko!

As you were.

As you were.

- Come on, come on.
- Here’s my letter.

- Girls, I’ll go in the car.
- I’ll go with you.

- Where’re you going, Katya?
- I’ll go with Fyodor.

You’ll go and see Moscow.

As for me, I’ve been
to Moscow only once.

It won’t be long now before the war
is over, and I’ll come and take you.

A commander shouldn’t cry.
You look like my mom now.

Alright, go. Go.
You hear me? Go.

Fyodor, come on.

- Come here.
- Hurry.

We’ll ride like the wind,
and with a gentleman.

What are you doing in there?
Get out from here.

Deliver this letter, please.

C’mon, we got no time.

Here’s another one.

Good luck.
Don’t be sad.

- Don’t miss us, keep your chin up!
- Write to us!


- Katya, be very careful.
- All right.


Oh, girls, you’ll be in a big
trouble because of the parachutes.

Victors need never explain.

Why are the antiaircraft guns
not firing?

A Messer!

Oh, mommy!

They’ll burn us all one after another.

Approaching the target.
Get ready.

Where’re you going?
You’re crazy!

Take aim!

A fighter plane is attacking us.

Jump! I’ll follow you.

They’re burning!

Their airfield is over there. Bomb!

Why don’t you drop the bombs?

I’m making another approach.
Get ready.

Oh, God!
What is it?



The plane is landing with bombs.

What have you done? We didn’t
avenge our girls, you louse!

Why the hell have we made that flight?

Keep back!

The mission hasn’t been carried out.

- Are you wounded?
- No.

Where’re the parachutes?

At the airfield.

We threw them out before taking off.

Only the squadron commander and
her navigator are with parachutes.

Four crews have burned down.

Why didn’t you report to me?

I sent everybody out with a parachute.

They’ve burned because of us!

A year ago everybody
flew without parachutes.

They did have the parachutes.

Don’t, Masha. Don’t.

It’s been only a week.
They may return yet.

How many we have lost.

Yulia, I can’t bear it any longer.

Whenever I close my eyes,
the searchlights are blinding me.

And I’m seeing
that night all the time.

You know what verses
Galka wrote about herself?

(I don’t know what happens to me ...)

(On the day that is most anticipatory.)

(Maybe when the war is over and we’re
free, ...)

(I shall vanish from your memory.)

(Maybe a tear for me no one will
betray ...)

(At the victory celebratory table.)

(But I was at the war anyway, ...)

(And I don’t need any memorable fable.)

(And it’s dear to me even more, ...)

(The day that will never abate, ...)

(Because I was a fighter in the war ...)

(And I don’t want a better fate.)

The rookies have arrived.


- New ones.
- A big help to us.


I talked them into sending me
to your regiment.

- So you’ve finally got here.
- Right, they took me as an armorer.



Fyodor, you’ve run away.

The children’s home was evacuated.
I have to report to the commander.

Where’s the squadron commander?


Fyodor, you see…

Fedya! Fyodor!

Fedya, I myself will drop
your bombs on the Fritzes.

I promise you I won’t miss.

[Our little PO-2 could hardly
catch up with the infantry.]

[But we knew, ...]

[... we knew that
our victory was very near.]

It’s so strange.

I have an acacia before my window
at home just like this one.

And the sun shines the same way.

But this is Germany.

Comrade Guards’ Major,
a package for you from the General.

There’s an order for Polikarpova.

Take Fyodor to your mother.

Girls, you know
what we’re having tomorrow?

A ball.

- To celebrate the regiment’s award?
- Right.

Make ball costumes.

- Where can I get the wrench?
- What wrench? Come on.

Zhukova, you’re not a technician.

Fyodor, do I look pretty?

But why down to the floor?

Fyodor, it’s a ball dress.

You’re going to fall down at your ball.

I just unscrewed one little screw,
and it fell apart.


- Have you packed your things?
- I still have time.

Tomorrow it will be too late.

Go now.

- Fedya, how do you like mine?
- Fedya, where’re you?

He’s with his owner.
She took the only man away from us.

It’s not the thing to do for the boy -
dresses, bows.

Why are you so cross,

Because Fyodor is not a toy
or an amusement for you.

As if we don’t know that. By the way,
Fyodor is the son of the regiment.

Fyodor is my son.

Galka, you’re still a girl yourself.

Second Squadron, to flight!

Where’re you?
To flight!

Antonina, I’ll catch up with you.

Take your time.
We’re the last to take off.

Shall we sit for the road?

What if I run away again?

How about the General’s order?

And where can you run anyway?
The war will end any day now.

You’ll meet my brother,
and then Kostya and I will come.

Come on.

Galka, hurry up.

Collect letters from the girls.

- Fyodor and I are leaving at dawn.
- All right.


- We’re starting.
- Coming.

- They must be out of fuel now.
- I know.

Prepare the plane.

At dawn we’ll fly looking for the crew.

Everything’s got cold.

Fedya, how long are you going
to sit like this?


How are you?

I’ve looked all over behind
the frontline. Nothing so far.

Things are bad with Fyodor.

He hasn’t been coming
to the squadron for two days.

Try to talk to him. Maybe you’ll be

Hi, Fyodor.

Fyodor, you’re a man, aren’t you?

All the girls look up to you.

Let’s sit for a while.

Listen, Fyodor.

They shot her down two times,
and every time she came back.

And she will come back this time, too.
She’s a lucky girl.

Our Galka.

(We’ve become the clouds, become
the heaven ...)

(Looking down on the 20th century.)

(And when our hands a tender touch to
you have given, ...)

(You think it’s snowing eventually.)

(We breathe and warm the nests of birds, ...)

(We lullaby the children, their sleep
to sweeten.)

(You think the stars are looking
downwards, ...)

(But it is us looking at you from

(We’re not just shadows speechless
and bland, ...)

(We’re the cry of the cranes, we’re
the wind.)

(Those who have fallen for their
homeland ...)

(Are becoming the sky over it.)

The End

Closed captions by DomMedia

© Ruscico Planeta 2012 / © DMSD 2017