V moey smerti proshu vinit Klavu K. (1980) - full transcript

Klava and Seryozha (Sergey) have been together since preschool. He, one of the smartest kids in school, has always been in love with her but considered her more of just a pretty face rather than an intelligent person. He let her copy his homework and gave her his parents' things as gifts. When they are teens, Klava rejects his love because she knows that he doesn't value her for her, and instead is attracted to Lavrik, another intelligent boy from school. Klava likes him because for the first time she feels like someone is really interested in her as a person. Seryoszha, being very dramatic and wanting Klava's/everyone else's sympathy, writes a suicide note, "Please blame Klava K. for my death," but can he really commit suicide? Eventually he realizes that he is being too shallow and that while he makes such a drama out of such small problems, the people around him have real problems, but never said a thing.


The Second Publishing Association

We're late today again,
just like last time.

and all because of you!

Sergey was ready. Let's
check one more time.

Vests? Two. Underwear?
Three pairs.

Tights? Four. What?!
What are you saying?

You remind me of a stupid hen

But the manager won't accept us if
we forget something like last time!

But last time it was you who
forgot the doctor's note

confirming the absence
of infectious diseases.

Of course I did! It's
always me doing everything!


All right, buy me an ice cream.
Maybe that will calm me down.

Oh Goodness, what's
happening to this child...?

Here you are, drama queen

Do you think he'll cry?

Yes, but then he'll shut up
like all normal children

Sergey, do you want to go to nursery?

Yes I do. See, he does.

Will you cry, old man?
Yes I will!

Sergey, stop crying please!

Don't be so loud!

Sergey is a good child,
he'll stop crying shortly.

I can't cope with this...

...it's beyond my ability!

It's your evil upbringing
that's to blame!



It looks like we're going to
have to get Klava Klimkova.

-Klava Klimkova!

Klimkova Klava, come here!!

Come, here's another one
crying his eyes out!


Go, run!

Why are you crying?

Let's go collect some acorns.

We have to. What's his name?

"I ask Klava K. to be
accused for my death"

Let's go faster, we're late.

Sergey!! Sergey!!


Elena Grigoryevna, how
many acorns do I have?

Right....1,2, 3, 4, 5.
Tell me how many then?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
No, not 6 but 5!

Not enough, keep going!


Klava, take my acorns, please!

You'll have more!

Go away! Or I'll hit you round
the head with this twig!

Sergey!! Sergey!

Elena Grigoryevna!
Elena Grigoryevna!

Sviridov stole all my acorns!

Right, all eyes on Sviridov!

Shame, Sviridov, shame!

Give Kunitsin his acorns back.

They're ours! We
found them together.

Well then split them equally
between yourselves.

How? One for you, one for him.

What about the third?

Right, enough! Time's up!

I'm coming to count the acorns.

Alexandrova has 4 Filipov has 5

Petrov has 2 Grichenkova
also 4, good.

Sviridov has 9...oh!
Klimkova has 6

Right, so far Sviridov has the most!

Children, all look at Sviridov!

All look at Sviridov!

What's your name?

Hm, young boy?

His name is Sergey.

Sergey Lavrov!

And now children, all
look at Sergey Lavrov!

Come on children, catch up!

All follow me!

Come on, come on, quick!

Sviridov! Sviridov!!

Don't do that! Shame! Idiot!

Mum! What shall I do?
Apart from reading.

Turn over the vinyl.

Mum, am I really that stupid,
like some people think?

What do you feel yourself?

I don't think so myself, no

Yep, that's right. You have
to disregard some people.

Even the teacher?

If it wasn't for Sergey Lavrov, I would
have stayed in year 1 all these years.

Or someone else, if it weren't him.

I gave him an oath. What for?
For that.

You won't keep the promise.

Oh yes I will.

You're not stupid, Klava.

It's just you have a different mind.

Your friends have one mind, you have
another. But you don't need theirs!

Look at me. I've lived all my life
with my mind, and I don't regret it.

The most important in life
is never to regret anything!

I got bad grades in Maths today.

Where's your Sergey then?

He pulled his leg muscle in PE.

Well you'll sort yourself out, then.

I was kicked out the choir yesterday.

They say I have no hearing.

You have an internal
hearing, ha!

What do you mean, you
don't have hearing?!

We have this instrument at
home, you ought to. Come here.


Father had absolute hearing,
and I have good hearing.

Who's genes do you have?!

I have internal hearing!

Internal? Yeah right. No way!
An elephant trod on your ear!

Now go outside! I've got
guests arriving soon.

Hello!! Hi-ya.

Where are you off to? Let's play.

Play, play, play!!

You're little and young, I'm big and old.

OK, I'm little. Who's to the right of us?

Klava. Who's to the left?
Uncle Seva.

Yes, just Seva. Well done, now I'm off.

Where?! We haven't finished.

Show me, show me!

No, I can't... Please, come on!

All right...

Now let me go, please, I need to go.

No no no! More!

You cold yet? Who was that?

My acquaintance.

Yours? Why was he pulling faces?

Hold this. Is this for Shurik?

Yeah, no one cares about me anymore.
All attention on Shurik.

Don't you love him?

Well I'll have to love him now.

Hello. Oh, milk!
Don't cry, Shurik!

Well, you see? Hang your coat.

Don't pay attention to crazy people.

Oh how very pedagogical!

Rita! Come here! What?!

Look at what he's wearing in -20 degrees.

Oh come one, help the lady out.
May I?

Oh he can't do anything, just like you.

Oh what a lovely coat! Where
did you get it, Klava?

Mum sewed it. See,
REAL women can sew.

For those that sit all day
at home, yes. I work!

Just like you. So get a
needle and sew then!

Klava, you should've told Sergey off.
He'll catch a cold at this rate.

And he'll pass it on to Shurik!

Shurik! Shurik!

Don't cry! Porridge is on its way.

Sergey! Pavel! Go sort him out!

Two men in the house! Help
out the woman will you!

I'm on my Way, Shurik. Sergey go
sort him out for Goodness' sake!!!

Don't cry, Shurik.
Calm down, Shurik.

Wow, an interesting room.

All mathematicians and
physicists get annoyed at it.

How pretty!

You can take it, if you like.
Mum'll find a new one.


Right, re-write it in your handwriting.

The spoken tasks I'll explain
to you on the way to

school tomorrow, so that you
don't forget overnight.

What are these weird brackets?

Just get on with it!

Let's go to the cinema tonight,
maybe that'll calm me down.

Hold it, Sergey.

Stop those bad habits!

We're together at home,
together at work,

and you want to go
together to the cinema?!

At this rate we'll have nothing
to tell each other soon.

The absence of sharing of
information in a family

is the shortest route
from wedding to divorce.

Shurik's going to eat now!

Treat him like a grown-up.

He's not eating anything!!!
So what?

Scientifically, children eat better
together with others, in a group.

And where are these "others" then?!

Come here. Give me the plate. Come here!

But why?

Open your mouth. Why?

For a positive infulence.

I don't want porridge though.

I said "open your mouth".

There we go.

Shurik! Look how much Sergey's
enjoying the porridge!

Now you open your mouth!

Now you. Come on, come on.

There we are. Now you.

Well? What did I tell you?

Kids, I love your dad!
There you go!

Now you again.

Maybe his appetite is
disappearing because of all this?

You're telling me you
want a chandelier? A TV?

But we'll buy you some trousers first.

Now come on, work. Eat it.

Well done, Shurik!

How did you manage to pull your leg then?

He didn't fall over.

He was performing an exercise,

that nobody else could do.

And when he jumped...

he wanted to show of, yes-yes.

You'll break your neck
at some point, you know.

He won't. And anyone likes
to show off, don't they?

Come on, Sergey. I've finished.

You'll be singing in the choir, today.


Neonila Nikolayevna,

What else do you have in your repertoire?

Don't you think this is a bit obsolete?

Wonderful music never becomes obsolete.

From a snob's point of view, yes.
But not from a typical audience's!

Who've you put at the front?

Yes, girls at this age
are often a bit awkward,

but I select them by musical ability.

God forbid me from interfering
with all these sharps and flats...


We have an important concert coming up.

I think we should listen
to Sergey's idea.

We can put a not so awkward
girl at the front, can't we?

All she has to do is mouth the lyrics.

We always ask Klava Klimkova to present
flowers to our most important guests.

and we get a rapid round of
applause, straight away!

Can you imagine...
if the TV presenters

looked like Tusya Ischenko?

I would switch the TV off right away.

It's not that I'm an
aesthete, but you know...

OK, but where's Klimkova?
She's here.

Klava, come here.

Take your place at the
front of the choir.

Only move your mouth. Don't sing, got it?

Ready, girls. Off we go!

-Close the curtain!


Sure. Now go to the other side.

When the curtain opens,
give her the flowers.

Yes, of course.

That's enough. It looks like
I'm going to have to...

leave you, Dmitri Aleksandrovich.

I don't know, but why?

We can't do anything now.

Things are going missing.

Where's my barometer?
It's broken though?

So what? It's memory.

What about the pencils I
got Sergey from Bulgaria?

He gave them to Klava,
just like everything else.

Have a manly chat with him.

No. I'll speak to Klava's mum.

I'm not concerned about
Sergey's kindness.

What's worrying is that the girl

thinks it's OK to accept
presents from such an idiot

who is in year 3.

Don't be silly. Don't cause
them emotional trouble.

Yeah I do a lot of that.

Don't worry, I'll do it properly.
No way.

I won't go to the theatre.
I'm a sculptor!

If every sculptor in the whole wide world

were to make themselves a
monument for their death

For us, who are alive,

there would be no room to walk.

And look at what I'm offering you, Vera.

A theatre artist. What's wrong with that?

The thing is, you see,

The purchasing commission only
acquired one of my works,

and yet this was two years ago.

But that doesn't mean anything!

You can do sculpture for your
own benefit in your free time.

No one's stopping you.

I mean, look at me. I drew all over
my wallpaper at home with felt pen.

I don't like amateurism.

If it turns out that I'm untalented,

I'll quit sculpture.

At least my hands will be clean then.

And your decision will be based
on the purchasing commission?

Yes. My moto is as follows:

Either everything, or nothing.

Because of this, my husband
and I got divorced.

Is that because he was an amateurist?
Or did he have a different moto?

Hm. You wanted to speak about Klava.

She's asleep.

She's sleeping. No gunshot will
awake her, so speak as you like.

You see, I feel that my son...

is using up too much of Klava's time.

And they have so much
pressure from school, and...


I wouldn't ever be able to cope myself.

But the thing is,
Pavel Afanasyevich,

Klava has a certain character, and...

I believe in her more
than I do in myself.

Rita! Come here.

Poor children.

It's a day off for us,
yet they still work.

Hello, Lavrov. Hello,
Ischenko Tusya.

So, you're waiting for Klava?

I am indeed.

Do you really think we ever argue?

No one thinks that.
It's all clear, anyway.

You hid underground?

Yes, or you won't survive
in this crazy, crazy world.

Klava's mum nearly threw me out the
house, the teacher's are annoying...

Grief! By the way,
Klava's not coming.

You needn't wait; she's ill.

38.2 degrees.

She requested that you
go to her right away,

while her mum's at the theatre.

And how long have you
been her servant for?

You're not that observant, are you?

Except all of your outstanding
skills, of course.

Klava and I share common interests.

Which are...? Love for you.

I notice that since year 8.

But Klava's not that
type of girl, you see.

Anyway, you better go
before her mum gets back.

And don't take her to the "Lira"
café, and don't buy her ice cream.

That place is home to viruses.

So spend your millions elsewhere!


Maybe more. We need to check.

Do you see the thermometer?
I do.

Take a seat.

Is it cold? They always are.

Measure my temperature for me.


You don't know how to
measure temperature?

No, I do know. Measure it then.


Do you want to kiss me?
Why do you ask?

I'm interested. Generally, yes.

Yes but I'm ill. You'll catch it from me.

My glands were removed.

Still, there are serious consequences.

Remove the thermometer.

It's not in the way. It is.
No it isn't!

Oh yes it is.



Now you'll be ill.

Let's try once more, just in case?

Why not? I said no, so no.

Yes but we haven't measure
the temperature yet...

No way!

Stay here, I'll open it.
Don't you dare.

Why? We just need to open it, that's it.

Third floor.

All jokes follow the same theme.

Oh I'm an idiot.

We should've opened it straight away.

It's too late now. What will mum think?!

I'll have a peep.

What if she's the other side?

Study physics.

Klava's ill and is asleep.

How did you get past me?

Er...I came from the fourth floor.

Kunitsin said Klava's ill and
I thought I'd visit her.

Is that OK with you?

You can make an exception for me.

Don't ring, it won't work.

Have you tried kicking the door?
I have.

O, finally. You've got a guest.

Fasten your gown. Come in, Sergey.

But keep your distance; she's caught
something follicular from somewhere.

Wow you sleep a lot.

Have you been ringing for long?

Hello, Klava! Hello.
So you're ill?

As you see, yes.

Maybe I can help you with your homework?

No, thanks. Lavrik will help me.

Who's Lavrik?

He's from the other
side of the year group.

Sergey, help me out.

See, Sergey, what I have to do.

I was offered the job of the
head artists at the theatre.

Missed my oppurtunity. Now I...

Now I'm doing some sham nonsense.
And I'm happy.

I have to do extra hours
at work, you see.


By the way, Sergey, does
your mum need a gown?

Mum!! What's your problem?

All our actresses wear such gowns.

And not just actresses.

I'll go.

See you on air. Good
night, children.

Are you sure he'll go? Another?

Yes, another.

Here he comes. Hide it, quick.

I'll be a moment, Tusya.

Don't you think that

Tusya sounds a bit infantile?
It does.

What shall I do? Only
answer to "Tanya".

I'll try. By the way,

"Lavrik" is also not a masterpiece.

That doesn't matter.

Why does he have those bags?

His mum's on holiday, and
his father's a doctor.

He generally never goes dancing.

But I implied that you've
got an "interest".

And he agreed? Right away.

Although he thought I was lying at first.

He seems quick-witted.


Hello, Tusya.

Her name is Tanya, by the way.

And yours is Klavdia?

So I'm Lavrentiy? But Lavr is better.

Have you really...

decided to take me out to go dancing?

Yep. But we'll catch Sergey on the way.

He's waiting for us
by the carousels.

Hi! Hello!

Thank you.

You're from the other side of the year?

Is this your idea, Tus'ka?

Her name is Tatyana, by the way.

And yours is Lavrik?

Lavr is better.

Nice to meet you. Very
nice to meet you.

Yes, very.

Very. I'm exceptionally delighted.

And now, Lavr, go
get the tickets.

I only have three.

No worries. I have four.

I would've preferred this alley.

Oh yes, it's better here.

Now come on, try dancing.
Come on!



It's an interesting idea.

Humanity isn't as conservative
as it sometimes seems to be.

Have you been friends
with er...her for long?

All right, Lavr. After tonight
you'll be dreaming of her.

Maybe you instead? No need.

Why not? There's a reason.

Do you like Sergey?

I feel that I have respect for him.

The winner of all Maths olympiads,

the school chess champion...

Is that really important?

It definitely demonstrates something.

You haven't taken part in
any competitions before,

and yet drew with Mikhail Tal* in chess.
*chess player.

By accident.

I need to tell you something...

I mean the Tango's beautiful too.

Go ahead.

I shouldn't have invited you here.

Don't be friends with Klava.

Don't do what I do and
what I cannot not do.

I understand.

Of course. You understand everything.

You bought four tickets!

An equation with no unknowns.

Excuse me.

Come on. I'm tired.

-May I? She doesn't dance.
No, I do.

See you later.

Oh it was very nice, thank you.

Goodbye, Klavdia. All
the best, see you.

Tatyana, may I?

Sorry for not causing a row.

What's wrong? I'm
actually not ill.

Klava. What?!

Rita, don't move please.

And life your chin up slightly.

Oh leave me alone.

Let me watch some TV, maybe
that'll calm me down.

Oh you're early. What's happened?

No. All's good.


Have you and Klava had an argument?

No way. You're lying.

I would've left her a
while ago, if I were you.

How can you understand?

When she's not around, I don't exist.

What do you do then?

I wait until I see her again.

Nothing interests me if
it doesn't involve Klava.

Not even if I get the Nobel Prize.

If she's not there, then I don't care.

You'll say: "Call Klava, please"?
I will.

That's strong. Why
did you argue?

We didn't argue.
What's wrong, then?

No idea. Some Lavrik appeared.

Ah, is that the one that
drew with Mikhail Tal?

You guys care a lot about
this draw, don't you?

What about all this?!
This! And this!

Easy? It's all relative.

It's fine. I'll show them who I am.

I'm guessing you don't want this cake?

What cake? This wafer cake.

Go on.

Oi! What are you doing up there?

Get down immediately!

I'll arrange a meeting
with your grandmother!

Klava, do you remember in year 5 when...

Again? I'm fed up of your
"do you remember" stories.


(making impressions and jokes)

These are your wings! You played the
role of the buttefly, do you remember?

We had a performance.


It's nice.

And as I said,

no more of these "do
you remember" stories.

I'm sick of it.

Got it?!

-Watch out!

Hm, that's a bear.


What's the matter, Lavr?
Safety first.

Don't touch my face with dirty hands.

It's unhygeinic.

Your dad's a doctor. He should know.

He has a lot of work anyway, without you.

All right.

I'll use 30 minutes of his time.

Girls, do you mind holding it?

I won't fight with you,
just to let you know.

I'll throw you one anyway.

Defend yourself!

Why don't you want to fight?

I like you.

-What's the matter?

What's the issue?

What's happening here?

It's Lavrov showing off, right?

Go on, Sergey. Show
Dmitri Aleksandrovich.

Why didn't you give me
your glasses on the roof?

Because you're betraying a friend.

All the way. What if
I'm fed up of him?

That's just mean. Do
I need to hide that?

Lavr, it's our matter.

She's changed after she met you.

I don't care much about either of you.

We're being referred to
as the "great four".

Klava's a female name, as far as I know.

You were mistakenly given that name.

Who am I according to you, then?

Sergey was fooling around
on the roof because of you.

I never asked him.

He's always given me presents.

It turns out I don't care about them.

Lavr, stop it, please.

All right. Sort it out among yourselves.

Hm, Carmen.


"Be brave in battle, love awaits you."

I'm so fed up of all of you.

All of you.

And this club, and school,
and the whole town!

And all the world?
Yes, if you please.

Tanya stop hammering!

I don't have a hearing.

Didn't you sing a choir?

All I did was open my mouth.
Thanks to Sergey.

It was his "present".

No hearing at all?

Mum says I have an internal one.

But I don't think that can happen.

Why not? It can.

Lack of coordination between
your hearing and your voice.

Give us a note, Tanya.
Turn around.

Now let's try two. Turn around.

Something harder maybe?

You have a wonderful hearing!

What will I do with? Sew a coat?

Scientists did an experiment.

Among waiters, plumbers,
barbers, they did a test.

They found people with
amazing Maths skills.

And now they're Doctors,
Laureates, and so on.

That won't happen to me.

They say they experimented
"learn while you sleep" methods.

I would agree only to that.

Fall asleep in the evening,

and wake up in the
morning with a diploma.

So... Good night, children.

Klava, wait.

Do you remember when in year 7...

I wanted to say...

All that you're capable of telling
me I already know from nursery.

No you don't. I do.
If you go now...

just like that...

you'll never see me again.

We ought to go. No!

Because you'll never see me again either.

No one'll ever see me again.

Sergey, little boy,

if you were actually capable of that,

I would do anything with you.

But you'll come to school
as normal tomorrow.

I won't be there tomorrow.

Shut up, idiots!

We'll see.

Rita, why? I'm too scared.

What have you found out?

Top marks in his books, as usual.

It's a habit of his.

Something's happening with him.

Klava Klimkova.

I always knew we'd cry
because of that girl!

What are you doing?

Oh, come on!

"I ask Klava K. to be
accused for my death"

How horrible!

Leave me alone! I'm a nothing!

Sergey, you need to understand...

I understand everything!

What do you understand?

I love you, life. I hope
that love's mutual.

Sergey, wait!

Right. You need to
wait overnight.

Come here tomorrow,

and no one'll bother you.

What will be different tomorrow?

He must have trained.

Pavel, these are worrying words.

Such words are written
either once or never.

Rita, after exams,
let's take a holiday.

And we'll take him too.

Somewhere like "The Pines" maybe?

It'll heel all our wounds.

Tanya, shall I go?

Sergey won't fool around with you.

Give him some self-confidence.
You're better at doing that.

Do you have anything stronger?

We don't have vodka.

This is a café. Only Cognac.

100 gramms, please.

Have you every drank Cognac before?

All right.

I have some too. No need.

Just get some water and a sandwich.

You'll manage without.

Don't get drunk!

Well, give me self-confidence!

Tell me something about
my personal achievments.

Here's your Cognac. But
be quick, we're closing.

No, I don't want any. Why not?

I'm on duty. What duty?

Mum's at the hospital, and
there's not enough nurses.

What about dad? I
don't have a dad.

Someone else then?

My younger sister. But
she's at grandma's.

You live alone? Alone.

How long for?

Half a year.

Why did I not know about this?

You never asked.

And I forget at school anyway.

No one cares anyway.

Klava knew, right?

She also didn't ask.

Someone ought to have known, surely?

Lavrik. His dad sorted
me out the duty.


how do we manage to live like this?


It's all right.


Here you are. Let's go.

Klava's probably sniggering.

Or maybe she's crying?
You're helping.

Do you know who you are?

You're better than all of us here.

People like you get born once a century.

You're so beautiful.

I have no way out, you see?

Otherwise, I would...

Why did I drink that Cognac?

Tanya, do you want to give
me some self-confidence?

Yes. Kiss me. Why? I need it.

All right.

That's no it. Of
course it isn't.

Did you find it unpleasant?


Happiness or grief?

What's the difference?

You get drunk when you're happy, usually.

You're joking? Nope.

You don't know though!
I believe I do.

What do I do now? Suffer.

I don't know how. What
do you know, then?

You're mocking me.

Have you studied Anna Karenina at school?

Hamlet? Pushkin? Lermontov?

What have they taught you?

And you say you don't know how to suffer.

"You're not at all dear to me,

people aren't like that.

Protecting the heart from boredom,

and gripping your teeth,

you forget about them in silence."


Who's the poet?

One true poet.

"Gripping your teeth,
forget it in silence."

Got it?

Or are you going to moan like
in those vulgar romances?

Go to bed.

They've found out, by the way.

Does Klava know about this?

That's the issue.

Dad always used to say:

Do it first, and then show off.

-He's coming!

He's coming!

Quick, quick.

And... "Sergey Lavrov -

the bravest person ever.

No one is braver than him!

No one is braver than him!

Sergey Lavrov - the
bravest person ever.

No one is braver than him!"

Hello. Hello. Is Tanya home?

She's on duty. What duty?

In the hospital.

Ah. So you're her grandma?
So I am.

I'm Sergey. Tanya probably mentioned me.

Klava's boyfriend?


Is this Tanya's sister?
What's her name?

She looks like Tanya a lot.
Tell me!

What's your name?
Her name is Sveta.

Svetochka! Hello, Svetochka.

You're not scared of the swings, are you?

Tell me, how's your mum doing?

Her mum passed away.
Come here. When?

The funeral was three weeks ago.

Why is Tanya at the hospital then?

She works there as a nurse.

What about school? What school?

-Let's go.

Well done. Good!

-That doesn't mean anything.

Your dad would say the same.

Just live and be happy.

And I'll report everything to dad.
Good health.

Why are you looking at me
like that, like last year?

Why am I at fault?

Can you imagine,

tha Giaconda and Venus de Milo
were created for the sole reason

to rub it in someone's face.

Klava's told me a lot about you.

And I thought...

Here we go again. Like every single day!

Hello, Sergey.


Why don't you say hello to me at school?


Why are you sitting inside, when
there's such nice weather outside?


I'm sorry.

What for? For everything.
I was...

No need.

You see,

It's hard to explain.

It didn't quite work out for us.

Everything could have been
completely different.

We're both not to blame.
For what?

In general,

You always gave me "you".

Whilst Lavrik, he... What?

He gave me "me".

Do you understand?


Good. Have you
definitely forgiven me?

It's not at all your fault.
I needn't forgive you.

My illness.

I love you, Tanya.

It doesn't work like that.

It does.

You'll love Klava for
the rest of your life.

It doesn't work like that.

It does.