V for Vengeance (2022) - full transcript

Time is a tricky thing.

A day, a moment,
a fraction of a second

can alter the trajectory
of your life forever.

Three, two, one.
You ready?

Here we go!


My sisters and I
were so damn happy.

Yes, sisters.

Adopted, obviously.

But the same thing
that brought us together...

is what tore us apart...

...our blood.

That day, our lives
were forever changed

by a single, tragic moment
that none of us saw coming.

Hey, Bubbles?

You hungry?

Yeah, me too.

Hang tight, okay?

You know the drill.
I'll be back.

Oh, my God!

Hey there, sunshine.
Having trouble?

Yeah... Um...

My boyfriend and I broke up,
and then, uh, I started crying.

All of the sudden, my...

my eyes started
getting all blurry, and then...

I think I ran over
like, an armadillo

or a possum, or something.

Hey, there's no need
to cry there, princess.

Your chariot awaits.

Hop in.

Dear God...


what'd that shitheel boyfriend
of yours do anyway?

He went back to his wife.

A home wrecker, huh?

Yep. That's me.
Yeah. My kind of trouble.

Why are we slowing down?

Don't play games with me.
You know why.

Don't play games.
You know you want this.

Yeah, that's gonna be a no.

Get over here. Come on.

I said, no.
Sorry, sugartits.

I might be able to hear you
with your mouth full.


Can you hear me now,
you fuck?

Looking for the hospital?
Room, please. Two nights.

Credit card and I.D., please.

Room six.

Extra towels.

I'll get some sent up.

Hey, Bubbles.

Morning, Bubbles.


I'll be back for the fish.
He dies, you die.

Yes, Ma'am.

Good instincts.

Hey there, kiddo.
You need a ride?

Yeah, do you mind?
No. Would love the company.

Well, I'm Frank.

Jasmyn. With a "Y".

Very nice to meet you,
Jasmyn with a "Y".

But why...

are you out here all alone?

You know it's not safe
to hitchhike.

My boyfriend and I had a fight.

Ah, jeez. Sorry to hear that.

I was just so upset. I ju...

I told him to pull over
and let me out.

Well, you know,
a pretty girl like you,

he'd better apologize
something quick,

or another fella will
just come in and...

...snap you right up!

You think?
Yeah. I sure do.




It's hot in here.

Well, I run nothing but cool.
It's a family trait.


are you out here for work?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Actually, I, uh...
I just got promoted.

Deputy regional manager

of the whole northwest district.

Yeah. We, uh...
we do industrial valves.


You must get really lonely

you know
out here all by yourself.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
I suppose it can, yeah.

But at least I've got my uh..


"How To Make
Friends And Keep Them."

Wow. Uh...

you know, if you're tired,
we can pull over.

Go to a motel or something.

No. No, I'm good.
Yeah. Just got my second wind.

I need to make it
to the E.E. by sunrise, so...

Oh, sorry,

that's industry talk
for Extrusion Expo.


We don't have to sleep.

Excuse me. Just one sec.

Hi, sweetie.

How's it goin'
there, Poppa bear?

Good, good...
Actually, I, uh...

- I just made a new friend.
- Nice!

Well, I have someone here

who really wants to talk to you!

Hi, Daddy. I miss you!
I'm doing a puzzle with Mom.

You know what, Jocelyn,

there's just nothing
like your own blood.

Hi, pumpkin.

Yeah, Daddy misses you, too.
So much.

And you're doing a puzzle?

Wow. Such a smart girl.

Daddy really loves you
and misses you.

I can't wait to see you again.

Oh! Good Lord!


Uh, honey, I'm... I'm gonna...
I'm gonna have to call you back.

Okay, all right.

Aw, shit.

I didn't see that one coming.

Hi. I'm sorry.
Um, do you mind if I get a ride?

It's just, I have seizures
so I can't really drive,

and I'm just freaking out.

This is a nice car.

I'm Pepper. What's your name?
Emma, we need to talk.

Scarlett? Fuck.

Not today.


Emma, come back here!


Goddamn it, Scarlett!

Do you know how expensive
this jacket is? It's vintage.

Emma, if you would
fucking listen to me...

Real mature, Emma.

Did you just push me?
Looks like.

I hate being pushed.

You suck!
Don't push me.

I hate being pushed.

Mom! She pushed me!
Because I won!

Hey, girls, no more fighting.
Listen to your mother.

Getting rusty, huh?

Does that smell
like rust to you?

Looks like someone's
been brushing up

on their Wing Chun.

Oh, you noticed?

Are you insane?
It's not silver, you idiot.

You're the idiot.

The Kuk...
Sool Won kick.

Emma, I wouldn't have shot you
if it wasn't important.

What could be that important?

Kate's alive.

No, darling.
Practice your English.

I have bad news.
It seems that

the youngest
of the Addison sisters

is still alive.

She's been working
on her parents' vaccine,

and, apparently,
she has cracked the code.

Now, that's unfortunate.

Call our friend.

Tell him to find her
and to bring her to me.

Alive. And get me
another glass of blood.

What can I get you ladies?

Can I get the steak
and eggs and coffee?

But you can hold
the steak and eggs

and just bring the coffee.

And same for her.

Thank you.

So, you don't have
anything to say?

I'm still trying
to process, okay?

That's a lot of information
to take in.

Look, Emma, I know
that you're mad at me.

Mad is not the emotion
I'm feeling right now.

Getting warmer.

I begged you to stay with me.

And I begged you
to come with me.

You made your choice.

What was I supposed to do?
I can't live the way you do.

And how's that?

Living in squalor,
hitchhiking across the desert,

dressing like
a five-dollar hooker.

Okay, first of all,

this jacket is real leather
and costs 600 dollars.

And second...

at least I kill
with a conscience.

Oh, my God,
would you get over it?

Killing Josh was an accident.

I wasn't talking about Josh.
But since you brought that up.

How was that an accident?
You shouldn't have been

feeding on him
in the first place.

I didn't mean to kill him!


Thank you.

Killing him was an accident,
all right?

I'm only human.
No, you're not.

Well, I was once,

and that has to count
for something.

Besides, he was
fucking cheating on you.

Mm-hmm, yeah, he did, with you.

That was after he slept
with the slut in the Subway,

so it doesn't count.
Oh, my God.

God! You know, you don't
have to be dick whipped

by every fucking guy
you sleep with, all right?

Sometimes, sex is just sex.

You know what, I don't have
to take this shit.

No, no, no, no, no.
Wait. Please. Sit down.

Please, please.

Please don't leave again.

What are you doing?

We need to leave now,
while they're still feeding.

Why? What's going on?

Those were innocent people
they killed tonight, Scarlett.

Well, we have to eat, Emma.

Yes, but they normally
bring back bad people,

like rapists and murderers.
Never innocent people.

What we just saw was fucked up.

Please, sit down.


You panicked and ran that day.

Funny how we choose
to remember things differently.

You know he's going to want us
to hunt innocents, right?

- Fuck that.
- Well, I'm sure

Thorn has his reasons.
Let's just go talk to him.

Talk to him? Are you crazy?
He just manipulated us

into bringing those people
here tonight.

Their blood is on our hands!
It's because of Thorn.

He saved our lives, Emma.
He gave us a home.

Doesn't that count
for something?

Let's just tell him
we don't want to be hunters.

How do you think
he's expecting us

to earn our keep?

We knew exactly
what Thorn was grooming us for.

I wasn't going
to stick around for that.

We're all family here.

Where would we go?
Anywhere but here.

You know we can
fend for ourselves, right?

These people are fucking evil.
I just feel like...

I feel like something bad
is gonna happen.

Scarlett, you have
to make up your mind.

It's either Thorn or me.

I just can't, Emma. I'm sorry.

This is my home.

You're a fucking coward.

Fuck you, Emma.

Did you just push me?

I hate being pushed.

That's not
how it went down, Emma.

Okay. Obviously, we're not going
to agree on anything today.

Um, can I have
more coffee, please?

How did you find out about Kate?

Fucking Tatiana.

Hello, yes. The youngest
of the Addison sisters survived.

Kate. Find her.
Bring her here, alive.

Whatever it takes.

I knew it.

I told you, I told you!
We can't trust Thorn.

It wasn't Thorn, it was Tatiana.

Uh-huh, yeah.
Tatiana is Thorn's bitch.

Oh, my god. Okay. You know what,
just keep going, please.

What happened to Kate?

Kate, hurry up, sweetie.

Okay, we're going to play
hide and seek, okay?

All right.

Is Emma and Scarlett
playing, too?

Yes, Emma and Scarlett
are playing, too.

Now, remember,
this is our hiding spot,

just like we practiced.
But I want to hide with them.

Listen to me.
This is not up for debate.

Mom, you're scaring me.
I know, honey. I'm scared, too,

but you have to listen
to me, okay?

Now, Teddy will protect you.
You hold on him tight, always.

Now, hurry up. Get in there.

Don't move until I come back
and get you, okay?

And you be super quiet,

no matter what you hear.
Do you understand?

I love you, Kate.

I love you, Mommy.

Okay, do you remember

the first day
we went to Thorn's?


Look at these poor little girls.
These are the last two alive.

Their family
was brutally murdered.




It's up to you
to decide their fate.

Welcome. You are safe.

This will be your new home.

And we are your family now.

We were never safe.

Oh, my God, Emma,
it wasn't always bad.

There were still times
when we got to be kids.

Remember when we built
that fort in the living room?

Tatiana was so pissed.

We used her designer sheets
as a tent.

But we were fighting
an imaginary bear.

So. That was
your idea, by the way.

The tent did get destroyed.

Fucked up her sheets.
Oh, my God, she was so mad.

She was fucking pissed.

Uh! That was Kate's
favorite thing to do too.

Camp in the living room.

Oh, yeah. She loved it.

So what's the plan?
Where do you think she is?

I just have a rough idea,
but I think

that she's hiding out
with our parents' friend.

He's a legendary vampire hunter
named Bulls eye.

Hey, little one.

You're okay. You're safe now.

I'm a friend of your parents.
I'm one of the good guys.

Come on, you're safe now.
Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

It's a good place to start.

I can't believe Kate's alive.
I know.

But we have to find her

before whoever Tatiana sent
gets to her first.

Are you in?
Of course, I'm fucking in.

Let's go get our baby sister.
And then,

we get those bloodsuckers
that did this to us.

Oh, cheers to that.

I need a real drink.

Ah! Oh, yeah. That was not good.

Two whiskeys.

how have you been getting by?

You mean feeding?

Uh, kids mostly.
Sometimes grandmas.

Yeah, not funny.

No, just have a steady diet
of rapists and psychos.

Sometimes, the occasional
pedophile priest.

I just figure
if I have to kill people,

might as well make the world
a better place, you know?

Then you have, like,
possums and raccoons and stuff.

- That sucks.
- Yep.

Do you ever think about
what it was like before this?

All the time.

We had our whole lives
ahead of us.

I hate what we've become.

We do what we have to,
to survive.

- Mom and Dad would be mortified.
- Yeah...

I mean, I hate myself.

I've tried to kill myself
so many times,

but vampires can't commit
suicide. Can't commit suicide.

I learned that the hard way.

Me too.

Do you remember anything
from that day?


I can't remember anything.

Not a single memory.
It's all gone.

Probably a good thing.
You just blocked them out.


but even my memories
of Mom and Dad,

they're all fading,
and that terrifies me.

I really just wish
you came with me that day.

Whiskey, please.
The cheap stuff.


Hey, hey.
Clearly, the lady's thirsty.

Could you make that a double?
Get me a beer, too.

Hello, pretty girl.

The name's Carl.
No, thank you, Carl.

I'm sorry?
I said, no.

Well, maybe I'm not the type
to take no for an answer.

Okay. How about fuck off?

Ooh, I'm sorry.

Didn't realize I was talking
to such a cunt.

I'm not being a cunt,

I just want you
to leave me alone.

Must be a feminazi
or something, huh?

Doesn't need a man in her life.

Maybe she's a carpet muncher.

She asked you
to leave her alone.

I wasn't talking to you,
Sir Galahad.

Why don't you
mind your own business?

I'm pretty sure it's you

who isn't minding
his own business.

What are you, her mother?


You're going to be
calling me "Mommy" soon, too,

if you're not careful.

Now I'm going to respectfully
ask you one more time

to back off.

Well, how about I respectfully
shove my fist up your dick?

Hmm. Appreciate the visual.

If you don't back off
by the time I count to three,

I can't guarantee

you won't spend a month
in the hospital.

One, two...

I'd apologize on behalf
of the entire human race,


I'm not sure he's a member.
Apology accepted.

It's not necessary, though.

I'm Emma.
Marcus. Nice to meet you.

Uh, can I have
two whiskeys, please?

So, obviously, you've trained.
What are you, Special Ops?

Something like that.

No, just serving our country.

Two tours of Iraq.

Oh! Nice to know
chivalry isn't dead.

Oh, you were defending yourself
quite well.

I just thought...
I wasn't being sarcastic.

So, when you're not serving
our country,

what are you doing?
Working for my dad.

Wants me to take over
his business.

That's exciting.
It's not.

But I love my dad,

it's getting hard for him.

Is there a Mrs. Marcus?

No. It's been a while.

Why? What's wrong with you?

Maybe I'm just too picky.

That so?

Oh! Fuck!

I don't normally say this,
but that was great.

I've seen some films.

Actually, it's been
a long time for me.

My work makes it pretty hard
to meet people.

So, what do you do?
Or is it like

a if-you-tell-me-

kind of thing?

Something like that.

What the hell?

You have no reflection.
Are you a vampire?

Okay, okay,
don't freak out, all right?

I'm a good vampire.
Oh, like that's a thing.

It is, it is, in my case. Um...

Was that you? The truck driver
that went missing?

Yeah, but in my defense,
that guy was a total slimeball.

He was a known pedophile.

And the pig in the bar
is a murderer.

You're a hunter?

I thought you said
you work for your dad?

I do.

We do all kinds of bounties...

rapists, psychopaths,
escaped cons...

Sounds familiar.
And the occasional vampire.

But anyway, why didn't you
just tell me

you were a vampire?

Oh, yeah. That's a good way
to start a relationship.

"Oh, hi. By the way,
um, I'm a blood sucker.

Do you wanna hold claws
and walk on the beach?"

Actually sounds
kind of romantic.

Hold on.

What the hell happened to you?

I just got my ass kicked
by a vampire

who was definitely
looking for Kate.


Oh, my God, please don't tell me
you slept with this guy.


Let me guess.

"My work makes it really hard
to meet people"?

You must do this all the time.

No. Actually, my work makes
it pretty hard to meet people.

You slept with my sister?
She's a vampire, too, you idiot.


You know, for a vampire hunter,

your undead radar
is kinda like glitchy.


Why is it
every single guy I like,

you either fuck or feed on?

For what it's worth,

I thought you and I actually had
a really nice connection.

Oh, shut up.
Shut up.

Let's just kill him.

Okay, okay.

This guy's FVC.

Federal Vampire Control?

Agent Frank Barstow.

Hello, Jasmyn with a "Y".

You fucked this guy, too?

No. Did you?
No. I don't even know him.

No, I.. I just got
a ride from him, that's all.

I was going to kill him,
but then all that

pumpkin, Poppa Bear shit...
Wait, did you make that up?

It's my cover,
and my wife happened to call

when I was on the job.

Frank, did you just try to put
a silver bullet in me?

Yeah. You know, I...

It's my job to kill vampires.
We are good vampires!

Oh, yeah.
Like that's a thing.

Frank, do you know
a legendary vampire hunter

named Bulls eye?

That's classified information.

He lives in an old,
abandoned machine factory

in Red Valley off Dodge Road.

That wasn't so hard.
Yeah. Thanks, Poppa Bear.

Stay out of our way.

We're going to go kill
some vampires, too.

So, I thought maybe you guys
could use a little help?

From a human?

Hey, he was
pretty handy back there.

No fucking way.

You're going
to have to drive all night

and I do have
impeccable night vision.


Okay, then. Well...

good luck, ladies.

Take care.

Oh, fuck...

Okay, yeah, the car is sick,
but I still don't trust him.

Okay. We'll see.

- Still get shotgun, though.
- Hey!

Grab the stuff, no problem.

Sure, I'll carry all the stuff.

Got a hat.

Just like magic.

Well, does it work?
At least it does on here.

Your parents would be proud,
little one.

Here we go.


Just like magic!
Just like magic.

You see how special you are?
All three of you.

But we won't know
until the human trials.

Well, you've got a human
right here.


I'm not going to do that.

Are you kidding? I'm invincible.

But if you turn me
into a vampire,

just kill me.

Are you sure?


It's gonna hurt,

so I need you
to sit back, relax,

and don't move.

Yes, Mom.

I'm telling you right now,
I'm not killing you...

even if I do
turn you into a vampire.

Hold still.

Oh, my God! Are you okay?

Bulls eye! Bulls eye!
Are you okay?

Oh, my God!

I'm kiddin'. I'm all right.

That's not funny.
Oh, it was to me.

Get out of my lab.

Look who knows so much.

Doesn't look like anyone's here.

Isn't that exactly
how you'd want

your secret hideout to look?

Good point.

I got this.

Who is it?


I can tell
by their heat signature.

You weren't gonna
feed on me back there, were you?

I thought about it...

after I found out
you had sex with my sister.

Sorry about that.
It was different with her.

It was more...

Yeah, I guess so.

She's transactional
about a lot of things.

Eat shit.

You're still an asshole.

Hey! If you can hear us,

we're looking
for our sister, Kate.


We're looking for our sister!

Come on, let's go.

Oh, just hold
your horses, Speedy.


Scarlett? Emma?

You know these vampires?
They're my sisters.

I'll be damned.

I just can't believe it's you.

I... I have so many questions
I want to ask you.

I don't even know
where to start.

We thought you were dead.

I thought you both were dead.

Well, uh... technically,
uh, they are.


Oh, I get it. You...

girls want to catch up
with one another.

Come on, Marcus.
Let's go make a fire.

All right, ladies.
We'll leave you to it.

Sit, come on.

So, tell me. What...
what's your life like?

Any special someone?

I live in a hideout
with a legendary vampire hunter.

I have my books and my research.

That's about it.

Some other weird shit.

What about you guys?
Marcus seems nice.

Is he with one of you?

Marcus is all right.

He comes in handy sometimes.
I bet.

Hey! Look at you.
Look how grown-up you are!

Okay, go.


So... that day...
you were turned?


A vampire named Thorn
took us in.

- He looked after us.
- Scarlett and I have

a difference of opinion on that.

What was it like being turned?


And painful.

Kind of felt like
we were being...

ripped apart
and then turned inside out.

I've never heard of a V-type
being turned before.

I'd like to get
samples of your blood,

if that's okay.

I know Mom was using our blood
for something back in the day,

but she never told us what.

Why are we special?

Kate, you and your sisters
have a very rare blood type,

and you should be so proud.

Do you know that your blood

is going to save the lives
of many, many people?

There's a lot you need to know.

Bullseye's a good storyteller.
I'll let him tell you.

Back in the day

before I became
an infamous vampire hunter,

I worked with your parents
as a military geneticist.

At that time,
the U.S. government

commissioned us
to develop a vaccine

that would eradicate this...

vampire epidemic worldwide.

The program is called
"Project V".

The program required
a rare blood type.

That's where we come in.

We were all adopted.

All three of us
have V-type blood

from a rare DNA mutation.

There are only a dozen of us
in the entire world.


What happened
to our biological parents?

Scarlett's parents

were both killed
in an automobile accident

when she was, uh, three.

And Emma,

you didn't really
know your father,

but your mother died of leukemia
when you were five.

What about Kate?
I was a princess.

Just kidding.

I didn't know my parents.

They found me in an orphanage
with no records.

How do you know all this?

Besides Bulls eye the historian?

It was all on this USB stick.

Honey, Mommy needs
to borrow Teddy.

Can I take him
for just a little while?

Mm... sure.
Thank you.

All yours.

Mom placed it
in a teddy bear

that I was holding

when she hid me
in the tree house.

Also on there
was their life's work.

They were developing a vaccine

that would prevent humans
from being turned into vampires

once bitten.
I think I figured it out.

Wait, you figured out
the cure for vampirism?

I'm this close.

Mom and Dad
would be so proud of you.

Thank you.

Well, uh... Let's go inside.

I'm getting
a little chilly out here.

Emma, you feel like
taking a walk?



What? Am I dying?

Just kidding.
Look at this.

When I mix your blood
with my vaccine,

it breaks down
the mitochondrial DNA

and eliminates the mutation.
Once the mutation is eliminated,

the resultant cellular plasma
becomes unstable,

causing massive increase
in cellular metabolism of ATP.

Oh, Shit, Kate. English, please.


It's the vaccine.

I'm really sorry
I slept with your sister.

It's okay. Don't be.

It's not the first time.

I really like you.

I know you didn't want
to become a vampire,

but, you know,
I actually envy you?

Envy me?

I mean,

you're incredibly strong
and powerful.

Yeah, most guys don't like that.

It's kind of hard to find a guy
that likes a strong woman,

and then you add
the whole vampire thing

on top of it.

Well, I do.

I'd like to see you again
after this.

I mean...

there'd have to be some rules...

you can't feed on me by mistake
when we're making out.

That's fair.

Maybe we should practice.

Just to be sure.

Oh, hey.

So, our little sister's
a genius.

She not only figured out
a vampire vaccine,

but a way to use our blood
to kill the vampires.

How's that possible?

Next, I'm going to find a way
to turn my sisters

back into humans.

But first, we need to find
a place to hide Kate,

because the vampires
are coming after her.

Yeah, well,
let 'em come.

I've been looking after Kate
here for 12 years.

You should see his arsenal.

Yeah, well, I'm going outside
to check the perimeters.

If anybody comes
within a mile of here,

I'll know about it for sure.

So, Kate... I'm fascinated.

How did you sequence the MRNA?

Did you identify
the section of the chromosome

where the vampire gene resides?

I'm impressed.

My mother was actually
a bio scientist,

if you can believe it.

Some kids got video games
for Christmas,

I got a chemistry set.

I'd be honored
if you could show me

some of your research.

I'd be honored to show you.

What is it?
I know that face.

I already know
what you're going to say.



Do you think it could work
with Marcus and me?

He already knows who I am

and he still wants
to be with me.

Oh, my God, Emma.
He doesn't like you.

He just has
a weird vampire fetish.

Aside from this whole
sleeping with you and me thing,

but I think he's like a...
he's cute...

in, like a...
badass kind of way.

I don't trust him, Em.

I'm the mistrusting one.

I think we both
just need to acknowledge

that neither one of us
is ever going to be normal.

I still think
we can try to be happy, though.

I'm just going
to keep my mouth shut.

Wouldn't it be crazy
if Kate could make us human?

Live a normal life?

I don't think I know
how to be normal again.

I'm sure you would adjust.


We can't lose hope.

All these bottles
are the vaccine?


Wow. That is impressive, Kate.

Really, your work is astounding.

Yeah, and after
the human trials,

theoretically, I should be able

to prevent humans from being
turned into vampires

ever again.

Eradication of vampirism


Do you mind if I have a look?
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Are the cells supposed to be
fusing like that?

What? Let me see.

I don't see anything
fusing together.

Where are they?

Oh, what the hell?

You girls all right?

Somebody cut the power manually.

I'll just...

reboot it.

Have you seen Kate or Marcus?

Oh, my God, he's got her.

Don't say it.


I'm going to rip
that motherfucker apart

and feast on him!

Well, wherever
they're taking her,

you can guarantee

there's gonna be
a lot of vampires there.

I know exactly
where he's taking her.


Well, he's no ordinary vampire.

He's the bloodsucker
that murdered your parents

and turned you two
into vampires.

Thorn wasn't there.

It was vampire assassins
that killed our family.

And who do you think controls
these vampire assassins?

What the fuck
are you talking about?

Thorn wouldn't do that!

I have bad news.

The masseuse canceled
your 3:00 p.m. appointment.

That is bad news.

Also, it seems

the Addisons
have created a vaccine

to kill vampires.

Well, kill them all,
and bring me the vaccine.

Oh! And kill that masseuse.

Oui, monsieur.

Wake up!
This is exactly what

I've been trying to tell you.

This is great.

Now I have
two motherfuckers to kill.


Thorn's mine.

Let's get ready.
We're going to war.

Well, if you're going
to Thorn's,

you're gonna need some help.

I'm liking this guy
more and more.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you, Marcus.

You son of a bitch.
How could you?

I do like your sisters,
but business is business.

He's a trained mercenary,
my dear.

What do you want, Thorn?

Oh, I think you know
exactly what I want.

You've managed
to accomplish something

that your parents couldn't.
The vaccine.

The vaccine will get out
no matter what happens to me.

But... I have you...

- and the vaccine.
- Lucky me.

Oh, small talk is so boring.

Let's go and enjoy our evening,
shall we?

I've organized a little soiree

and I would love you
to be my guest.

Shall we?

Well, you're gonna need these...

and silver bullets.

Be careful with those.
I had to melt down

my grandma's entire flatware set

to get them.
I call shotgun...



The shotgun's a good choice.

Can we load it with silver?

No, but it'll knock 'em down
for a few minutes

and leave a great, big hole.


Now, these are my pride and joy.

They're hand-carved
and shaved with a Mora knife.


You want to see impressive?

This, by far,
is the Holy Grail of them all.

Christ's cross was made
from the same tree family.

I call the Jesus wood.

You guard this with your life.

Don't let anything happen to it.

You hear me?

Ah! Just one more thing.

You're gonna like these.

In the toe of these boots,
there's a blade of solid silver.

They belonged to my late wife.

She'd do a running spin-kick

that would stab these bastards
right through the heart.

How hot was your wife?


Watch this.

Oh, sick.

Those are mine.

All right,
let's go and kill some vampires.


Ladies and gentlemen...
this our guest of honor, Kate.


These are
some of my oldest friends...

and by oldest,

I mean
four or five centuries old...

Give or take a decade.

Kate here
is a brilliant, young scientist.

You see,
you seem to think of vampires

as some sort of monsters
or savages.

We are actually
the historians of humanity...

from the fall
of the Roman Empire,

to the Russian Revolutions,

to your own 9-11...

vampires have been there.

You are the epitome of evil.

Without darkness,
there is no light.

Without evil,
there is no goodness.

No. Mankind would do just fine
without your kind.


Without vampires,

mankind would have preyed
upon itself.

We are an important part
of its harmony.

We have brought balance
to the planet

for thousands of years
while humans over-populated it.

Insanity always finds a way
to justify itself.

And humans always think
that they are so righteous.

They are not.

Bon appétit.

Oh, my God.


Going somewhere?

This place is horrible.

You've got to help me
get out of here.


I felt the same way
when I was first turned.

The depravity...

it's all so barbaric.

Listen, you seem different
from the others.

If you help me, I can help you.

Really? How?

I can turn you
into a human again.

Intéressant. Come with me.

This like a secret exit
or something?

Come on in.

What is this place?
Go ahead, have a seat.

Wait, why?

Why are you doing this?

Because I don't want
to be human again.


We've got beaucoup company.

Oh, shit. Poppa Bear.

Well, he always knew
where we were going to be.

Here. Take my truck
and get out of here.

I'll deal with these clowns.

Shotgun. You're driving.

Oh, hey, Frank.
It's been a while.

Bulls eye.

I'm going to need to take
the vampire sisters in

or take them out.
Your choice.

Kate's been kidnapped.
Thorn took her.

Now, I think the world
of that kid,

so I'm going to have to ask you
to back off on this one.

Thorn's number one
on our most wanted list.

Sounds like you and the girls
have the same agenda.

Okay, well,

get the girls out here
and let's talk about it.

Sorry, too late.
They've already gone.

Let's go, boys.

Yeah! Drop in again, Frank.

Good luck, girls.

Whatever you're trying
to do, it's not going to work.

I don't know
what you need my blood for.

It's like cocaine to us.

Hello, my love.

Is there anyone
you haven't slept with?

Witty girl.

The guests are eager
for dessert.

My sisters
are gonna come for you.

Let 'em come.
I miss those girls.

Bon appétit.


Enjoy the V blood.

From the blood of man

and the souls
of my immortal ancestors,

we drink thy blood.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

To life everlasting.

To life everlasting!

Oh! Look at you, clever girl,

but sorry,
we have to put you back.

First get away from me

or I'll shank
the shit out of you.

Did I mention I was there
when your family was killed?


You should be grateful
we didn't kill you.

Ladies! Ladies!

Let us be civilized.

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

And we are all family now.

You're not my family.
You'll never be my family.

Give it time.

So this is the vaccine

that stops humans
from being turned?

Is that right?

Why wouldn't a human want
to be turned into a vampire?

What makes life so precious
is that it's valuable.

Your kind
doesn't value anything.

You're not living or dead.
You're just stuck in purgatory.

I feel very much alive.

She escapes one more time...
you die.

Let's split up.

You take the basement,
I'll take the front entrance.

No matter what, we get Kate out.

Got it.


Hello, Emma.

Hello, Marcus.

Oh... What a cute couple.

You didn't really think
he fell for you, did you?

I'll get her sister,
you take this one.

I'm sorry, Emma.
I really did like you.

But at the end of the day...

I'm just a bloodsucking vampire.





Sorry, kid.
I'm just a bloodsucking vampire.


Thorn would accept you back,

but I'd rather kill you...

Like I did with
the rest of your family.




Bien mort.

Tatiana, you've lived
way too long.

It's time to die.

Fucking love this Jesus wood.

Oh! Shit!

Truth is... I've had better.

I'm not losing you again.

Don't worry.
I'm not letting you.

Let's find Scarlett
and get the fuck of out of here.



Milly's boot.

I've got an idea.

I'm gonna put the syringe
into your boot.

Kate, Emma. Eh...
Oh, my God.

Are you okay?
Yes. No, I'm fine.

Hey, I am so sorry.

I shouldn't have stayed behind.
I should have gone with you.

I was just scared.

What, you scared?

But I'm not afraid anymore.

No, I'm sorry.
I mean, you were right.

I always fall for those
fucking skinny jeans.

No, no.
You were right. I was just...

I was always jealous of you.

Why the fuck
would you be jealous of me?

Mom even said so.

That I should always strive
to be as good as you.

Mom said the exact same thing
to me about you.

She just said that

because she wanted us all
to do the best in our lives.

She loved us. But for now,

us sisters, we stick together.

Oh, yeah.
Through thick and thin.

No matter what.

Let's go kill
some fucking vampires.


are gathered here
this evening, my friends...



we would like to make
a peace offering.

Thorn was right,

when he said humans and vampires
must work together.


accept my blood
as a gift to you all.

So, I would love
to propose a toast,

so that humans and vampires
can continue to co-exist.

To Thorn!

- To Thorn!
- To Thorn!

So, apparently,

you're the reason
my parents are dead.

I certainly am.

But I also gave you
and your sister immortality.

Well, I give you mortality.

Did you really think
a little piece of wood like this

was going to bother me?

You've been watching
too many movies, my dear.

You know, I'm really going
to enjoy watching you die.

Now I'm fucking annoyed!


Oh, shit.


Steve, go left.
JB, you're with me.

I hope you have
a good clean-up crew.

Too late.
Thorn's already dead.

Well done, ladies.

You've taken out the world's
most-wanted vampire

and rescued your kid sister
to boot.

I think that you girls
deserve a pass,

but just this once.

You know,

there's still plenty of other
bad vampires out there.

How would you girls like

to come have a job
at the U.S. government?

Uh, we're more
of the independent type.

We'll think about it.
Yeah. Don't call us,

we'll... we'll call you.


seems like...

maybe good vampires are a thing.


Poppa Bear.

Well, you're very welcome,
Jasmyn with a "Y".

You kind of had to be there.

Well, go clean up.

I don't know
what you're waiting for.


I said it first.

I've technically
never had shotgun.

Yeah, give Kate shotgun.

She's been dead
for, like 12 years.

That's true.

Well, I mean,
we thought you were dead.

Is this how it's going to be?
Because you girls are crazy.

Whoo! So, who are we going
to kill next?

Hopefully, no one!

Oh, shit! Turn around.
We have to go get Bubbles.

- Who's Bubbles?
- My fish.

I left her at the motel.

Forget the stupid fish.

- Um, that fish is my life.
- Dude, that's sad.

Forget the stupid fish.

- Stop fighting.
- Stay out of it.

Yeah, seriously, Kate,
mind your business.

The Addison sisters.
A legend begins.

- Continues.
- Continues?


- Continues.
- Think that's better.

Uh, say it again.

The Addison sisters...

Okay, how about all together?

- A legend begins.
- The Addison sisters.

You just said continues!

The Addison sisters!

- A legend...
- Continues!