V bolshom gorode (1928) - full transcript

IN THE BIG CITY in 7 parts.

Production Belgoskino

Scenario Donskoy
and Averbakh.

Directed by:
- M. Averbakh
and M. Donskoy.

- E. Schneider.

In a work settlement.

Natasha Gromov, a student of
College of civil engineering (YAKOVLEVA)

Student Galina

- Get a move on,
we'll be late for the exam!

Natasha's father,
Vasily Mikhailovich,

served as a construction foreman.

Many miles from the big city.

It was a sad life for the two buddies

who, in search of happiness,
had left their native village.

Sasha Butov, sketched, invented,

preparing for the rigours of life

Gerasim Oguzkin wrote verse,

hoping to conquer the world
with his poetry. (G. BOBININ).

Today a lecturer from Moscow will speak.
Shall we go?

I've written a poem.
I'll read it to him. Listen.

I glorify my way into the city,
Shirt collar unbuttoned...

I would have walked a thousand miles
And ploughed the Universe with my poems

March 25, Club "Red Rose"
Today- a poet from Moscow,

Apolon Mislinsky will give
a lecture on World Poetry

The "poet" and "lecturer"
Myslinsky Apollon (V MAKAROV)

Introduced at once

- No, my friends,
I do not drink out of a thimble!

Here's my glass...

And he began to recount
(Empty vessels make the loudest noise)!

The friends were fooled...

- I went with Gorky
to the "flophouse"...

I'm on first name terms
with Demyan Bedniy.

I know them all!

100,000 people.

- It was necessary to read.

I climbed up onto the
monument pedestal and lectured.

- Come with me,
I will help you create a real life.

In the night.

- There's nothing to think, Sasha.
Let's go.

Farewell, remote province
We'll never return here

Have Our genius and our thoughts

To the big city.

From the remote province
came the friends.

And long the people
yet will honour me

Because my lyre was
tuned to loving-kindness

Night falls over the city.

For Sale and hire purchase

Out of charity the janitor
settled them in the attic.

It's a bit crowded,
but bearable.

I - at the highest level,
I - the crown of the universe.

I wanted to spit on the living space!

In the morning.

Carried away with his work.

- Papa, the potatoes are fine!
Slice the bread.

- Apollon, wake up!
Here's what I wrote, read it.

- Here, a minimum of Pushkin!
But not Pushkin.

It's the poet
Granya Bessmertnyj

- Gerasim ...

Head office.

Natasha and the other students
were accepted for a work placement.

Executive Bureau Secretary


Labor exchange regional office

Legal Advice... Regional Department

After the first success.

for hiring worker carpenters
(Unauthorized entrance prohibited)

So everyone started
to build their lives.

When the construction season started...

His new friends worked.

Myslinsky "educated" Gerasim.

Eat, inventor,
instead of making eyes at my daughter.

One day at the construction site...

- He's fallen!

- Butov fell... Sasha?

Circle of Poets "Rhyme askew."

- The village, coachman, black earth...
He will go far.

- Excellent, you want "Rhyme askew"
to stink of manure?

Bessmertnyj is accepted by the circle.

Out of hospital.

- How's the leg?

- Hold on, I'll show you my work.

- So, one, two... and a chair!

- There's more.
A table and cupboard.

I made them all myself.

- Fantastic!

- This is a project
of the work settlement.

- What is it?

- It's the kettle.
When it boils it whistles!

- That's amazing.
You're a real Edison! ..

Book market

Moscow Puppet Theatre

Granya Bessmertnyj
My Lyre

- That's him.
He was Gerasim Oguzkin

and now Granya Bessmertnyj...

- Is he the one that came with you?
- He is.

- A fine fellow.
A good-for-nothing, it seems.

The capital stabbed me with knives,

The daylight can't be seen
behind the drunken smoke.

And life, hungry as a wolf,
In the forest you fed me!

There are side streets
whose names are written with old letters.

Some people still don't need them
like the old extra alphabet letters

Bessmertnyj Granya

Krivokolny Lane

Bessmertnyj went on a spree
and in a drunken daze

lost the freshness and melody
of his poems.

Editorial Board of "Youth Flag"
to Bessmertnyj

We again draw your attention to the fact
that you have diverted

from the true the path of your work,
which was visible in your first verse.

Unfortunately you have not
paid attention to our warnings.

We are very sorry, but your poetry
will not do. The Secretary.

- Scoundrel!

- Get the hell out of here!

A day off.

- Come with us for a walk!

- Okay.


- Let's go to the river.

- Let's go look,
me this way, and you that.

I'll meet you back here.

Gerasim didn't waste time.

4 Krivokolenny Lane, No. 8.
Granya Bessmertnyj

- Will you come?
I'll wait for you.

- Alright.

- I've lost my hat. Let's go look.

Where have you been?

It's a big park,
we missed one another.

- So where have you been?

- Natasha lost her hat,
we were looking for it.

- Come on, guys,
Let's go look at the elephant.

- Smoke? These are good

- No, I've got my own.

Gerasim waits for Natasha.

- Alka, clear out!

- And you, too.
Get a move on!

- My girl will be here soon.
Get out.

Home after a production meeting.

At the appointed time.

Natasha, our meetings and your
opinion of me worries me...

All that Sasha said about me is a lie.

I think he would never have loved you,
if your father were not his foreman.

I'll wait for you today
at the appointed time.


- New love.
It's a loose tie

based of the organic desire
of individuals of the opposite sexes.

- That's a lie, that's not love,
it's a dirty trick.

Moonlight from the Right Side, or
Unusual Love by Sergei Malashkin

- Only this is love.

- We have different views.
I cannot think like that.

You slander yourself. This is filth.
It's beneath human dignity.

- Congratulations!
We're going to build a work settlement.

- Here read.

- Don't go.
I'll talk to him.

- I'm not suited for your love.

- The woman I love today,
cannot think differently than I do!

- Get out!

- What's happening? Yes, he's a scoundrel!
And my daughter is a good girl!

- Don't you dare come near me!

- Oh Gerasim,
how low you've sunk.

- What do you care?
Are you my husband? Or guardian?

- Let's go, Natalia.
Really, such a person?

- Excuse me, ladies and philistines.
Hit the road!

- Abomination!

In a few months
Myslinsky returned from his "tour."

- What wrong? Sick?

- Here, read it.

The Editorial Board of "The Forge"
to Bessmertnyj

Your latest verses have lost their way.
Very sorry.

We refuse to print these poems.
The Secretary.

- Here's the latest one.

Editorial Board of "Youth Flag"
to Bessmertnyj

What you write, no one needs.

The delicacy of your first verses,
unfortunately, no.

Drop your "friends",
follow this advice.

These poems will not do.
The Secretary.

- Is that all?

- Forget it.

- I'm fed up!
I don't give a damn for any of you.

- Fool!

- Toad!

Father made peace with Natasha.

- Get up, daughter!

- Can't you tell the difference
between day and night...

Fog... Smoke... Empty bottles.
Where to go?

- Enough of this drunkenness.
I'm consumed by trivialities.

The meeting.

- My song is over,
I've written my last lines.

- Sasha, I am a lost man,
I'm no use to anyone.

- Stop whining!
You have to make yourself needed.

- I am asking for your support.

- Sasha, I'm sorry.
Be my friend... And her...

- I've always been your friend.

At the end of the summer.

- My home for the workers
has been approved.

Soon we'll start to build.

- How did you get here?

- Do you always walk so fast,
I could hardly keep up with you.

- Okay?

- At that time,
the family council decided...

To live.

To work.


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