V avguste 44-go (2001) - full transcript

The movie is set in Belarus, where a team of counter-intelligence officers is given only three days to find a German radio operator posing as a Soviet soldier, behind soviet lines, on the eve of a major offensive.

Ministry of culture
of Republic of Belarus

IVITOS producing company
With support of Ministry of Culture
of Russian Federation

Olga and Vladimir Semago


Subtitles by Alex S.
Youtube channel:
"Russian movies with English subtitles"


Moscow. Urgent. To Head of Main
Directorate of Counter-Intelligence

Vladislav GALKIN

on August 13th, 1944

at 18:05 tracking stations
detected second airing


of unknown short-wave radio
with callsign KAO

operating in our rear.



Alexander BALUYEV

This case has been
code-named "Neman"

and assigned to task-force
headed by Captain Alyokhin.

Signed: Yegorov.

in a film by Mikhail PTASHUK

IN AUGUST OF 1944...
/based on the eponymous novel/

It smells like swamp.

I can smell it in any river.
Even in the Dnieper.

I bet only a sea
could satisfy you.


But you wouldn't understand it.

- Khizhnyak!
- Aye!

- Where's my breakfast?
- Quiet!

No breakfast today.
Take rations with you.

I like that! No proper grub,
no proper sleep!

Let's get aboard.

We are here.

- A historic spot.
- Shut up.

Yesterday at 18:05

a short-wave transmitter
went on the air from this forest.

Supposedly they were in this quadrant.

We'll have to examine the forest.

- What about the text?
- We'll have to examine the forest.

Look for fresh day-old traces.

Keep searching until 19:00.
Overstaying is prohibited.

Shilovichi is the rally point.

Take utmost caution.

Act as the situation requires.

Take off your shoulder-boards
and caps.

Leave your ID's behind.

Keep the weapons concealed.

- Fall to!
- Yes, sir!

I hate this forest.

Alex Basos was killed here.

The best guy on Earth.


A month ago.

Before you joined.

Operating environment
in last 10 days

can be described by

territory of lately
liberated Byelorussia

is infested with numerous
enemy agents,

as well as collaborators,
traitors and turncoats,

and clandestine nationalist

Going underground,
they organize into bands

and hide in woods
and distant farms.

Large amounts of weapons
can be found on battle fields,

which gives hostile elements
opportunity to arm themselves.

- Good afternoon!
- Good afternoon!

- Where's the mayor?
- The village head?

- Yes.
- Over there.

I'll remember the foot troops
and my own company...

OK, I see.

I'm here to inquire
about housing.

We're planning to
quarter troops here.

Not now.
In a month or two.

Please don't tell
anyone yet.

Of course!
I understand.

How many men?

It's up to the command.
I'm just a little man.

My job is to view the situation.
And to report.

Certainly. But...

Please report we can't house
more than a company.

We don't have
the essentials.

I was a commander myself,
so I know it.

A soldier's life is hard.

And while on quartering
soldiers do need the essentials.

- We just have none of those.
- I see...

- What's the water situation like?
- Water?

We have enough water.
And firewood too.

Except the houses aren't good.

Because of the cold
earthen floors.

Where do you get firewood?

Right over there.

- Where exactly?
- Over the road.

- Isn't there a forest nearby?
- There is. So what?

We don't go there.
It's prohibited.


When the Germans
were retreating,

trying to bog our advance

they prepared defence lines.

And laid lots of mines.

- I see.
- So we don't go there.

We keep out of it.

And, say, in the last few days...

Yesterday or the day before.

Did you happen to
meet any strangers?

I mean servicemen.
I'm asking because...

...there are three more
teams working here.

So if we arrange quartering
in the same villages...

- ...it's gonna be one hell of a mess.
- I see.

A mess!

Nobody has asked me
about it lately.

- You sure?
- And regarding what I saw...

- I did see two officers yesterday.
- Well, well!

- So they were in the village?
- No.

- They were walking from the forest.
- When was that?

In the evening.

What did they look like?

Nothing special.
One of them looking a bit older.

And of heavier build.

The second one...

He was thin and a bit younger.

- I see.
- Daddy!

My sonny.

There you are, little imp!

Let's get down
to the floor.

Come here.
Watch your step!

Apple, apple way up high,
you can reach you if you try!

It's time to wash you.

Let's meet each other.

- What's your name?
- Partisan!

- What?
- Partisan!

Let me wash you,

Come here, piggy-wiggy.

But how did it happen?

It was in the Naliboki forest.

The Germans got our
partisan party pincered.

He got hit with a shell splinter.

Where's your wife?

She eloped to the city.
With a medic.

- Khizhnyak!
- Aye, comrade Captain!

- Do you need water?
- I do.

- I'll fetch some.
- I can do it, comrade Captain.

Comrade Captain!

May I ask you for
some water, ma'am?

Good afternoon.

- Some water, please.
- No understand.

Just water, OK?

- No.

- No, I don't smoke.
- Sir, I have milk and eggs to trade!


Sorry, no oil either.


- Goodbye, sir.
- Excuse me, ma'am.

May I ask you for a cup?

No understand.

Oh, thanks a lot!

Tastes good!

Did you see any Russian officers?

Not know.

Any soldiers?

Not know.

Maybe somebody dropped by?

Yesterday or today?


OK, sorry!
I'm leaving.

No understand.

Too bad...

...That I have no oil
nor matches.

See you, sir!


- Go!
- Yes, comrade Captain.

Sir comrade!

- Sir officer!
- Hush!

Speak softer.


You saw three Russian officers.

The day before.
In the evening.

It was still light.

They were walking
very fast.

Where were they
heading to?

Who is Pavlovsky?

Pavlovsky is your neighbour.

Three Russian officers, your neighbour
Pavlovsky being one of them.

I got it.
Go on!

I don't get it,
who is Yulia?

Yulia is your wife's sister.

The woman with a baby.

Is this Pavlovsky's child?
It she his wife?

Yes, yes.

Wait a second...
Are you sure it was Pavlovsky?

What was he doing
during the war?

He was working for
the Germans in Warsaw!


At what position?

- Not know.
- Come on!

Not know.

All right.

Have you ever seen
the other two before?


Did they have any belongings?

Any weapons?

- Guns?
- No understand.

- Not know.
- OK, where did Pavlovsky live?

Does this house belong
to Pavlovsky's father?

Where is Pavlovsky's father?

Not know.

Don't worry,
there's nobody here.

Who do you think
shot at you?


- Most probably Germans.
- There's someone in the forest!

These might be the traces
of the same person.

What an astute observation!

To me it says nothing at all.

It's just a print of a German boot.
Nothing more.

I'm sure they were
stepping on snags here.

Luckily one of them left the print.

But you can't see or hear
the spring from the road.

Hence only people
who know about it

might passed there.

Or those with a map.
The spring must be mapped.

Besides, we have Pavlovsky!

Much is still unclear about him.

The humpback seems strange too.

Why wouldn't he speak
in the house?

Then he followed me
and told me all that.

What's he afraid of?

Regarding Pavlovsky...

If he worked for the Germans
near Warsaw...

Then how and why
did he come here?

It may be a mere coincidence,
that he was in the forest.


But even if he has nothing
to do with the radio,

he still deserves our attention.

These are just
precious little facts!

Yesterday they went on the air
from this forest.

A week ago from Stolbtsy.
And tomorrow?

It's a roving radio!
Figaro here, Figaro there!

We expect them to leave
traces and leads,

But why in the world
should they?

Locating the spot of the airing
in a forest that big

is like looking for a
needle in a haystack.

It's not your mommy's garden

where you know each
and every garden-bed.

Haven't we done our best
at Stolbtsy?

We've had everything
scraped around!

And what's the outcome?

Two tin cans and
a big fat nothing!

And this forest is
bigger and thicker.

Yet rather polluted.

Besides, Moscow still can't
provide us with the text!


We need the text.

Without it we're as helpless
as blind kittens.

We'll receive it today or tomorrow.

As of now, we need to locate
the spot of the airing.

And to determine who was
in this forest two days ago.

- Hi! Is the major in his room?
- He's busy.

- With whom?
- With a colonel, the deputy head.

Victor, can you help?

- I need to have an urgent call.
- Excuse me, comrade Colonel.

- Open my room for him.
- Got it?

Sorry, can I also browse
through the investigation files?

If I give you a finger, you'll grab
the whole arm, won't you?

Ask Senchila to show them.

But only those of punishers
and collaborators.

Sorry, it's the boss.
Come tomorrow.

Just a minute!

Do you know
Stanislav Svirid,

the humpback from the Kamensky farm?

No. Never heard
the name either.

What about Pavlovsky?

Which one?
We have one in custody.

It's the father,
what about the son?

He has two sons.

Comrade Major!

Come tomorrow,
will you?


Record of interrogation.
Yuzeph K. Pavlovsky.

My wife was convicted
for anti-Soviet activities.

My sons indeed worked
for the Germans in Poland.

Directorate of Front Intelligence,
Colonel Polyakov, please.

OK, regarding Pavlovsky.

Kazimir G. Pavlovsky,
YOB 1917 or 1918,

born in Minsk.

Ethnic Byelorussian.

Not much really.

We'll check all the files.

Now regarding the text.

Gen. Yegorov has just talked with
Moscow. It's not ready yet.

They're working hard,
but no luck so far.

Wait for a day or two.

Finish your work on the forest.

If Pavlovsky had been near Warsaw...

Then how and why
did he come here?

And who are the other two?

Who are the men
the village head saw?

Are they the same persons?

Can they be connected with
the radio we're looking for?

According to profile issued by
Main Directorate of Counter-Intelligence

German agent Kazimir Pavlovsky
is wanted

Patronymic is Yuzefovich
or Georgiyevich

Born in 1915.

Having graduated
with distinction

from German intelligence
school in Koenigsberg in 1942,

he was repeatedly inserted
into Soviet territory

as radio operator and
lead of recon team.

Especially dangerous
during detaining.


Note the match.

Looks fresh.

What else?

Here, take a look.

You think they deployed
the radio here?

See yourself.

They pulled the antenna
on and off the branches.

Comrade Captain!
Follow me!

I saw them on the farm.
They had a rucksack.

I was upwind, which
set the dog barking.


I think...

I saw him in Lida.

- All aboard!
- Let's go!

What about the brew?
It's ready...

Forget it!
Let's go!

Comrade Captain!
Am I going with you?

Stay here to examine the footprints.

They must be distinct.

We'll connect with you via
the head of military police.

To Lida!

Come on, Khizhnyak!

Comrade Captain,
they're breaking away!

Stop sticking out!

Overtake him!

Try on the left!

- Lift it up!
- Are you nuts?

- I say lift it up!
- It's forbidden!

We'll slip through!

Sergeant, come here!

Move it!

- Take the wheel.
- Yes, sir!

How dare you overtake
a superior's car?

"SMERSH counter-intelligence"

I'm sorry, comrade Captain.
I did not know that.

And you don't need to.
We have the traffic rules.

And we all must obey them.

Sergeant, they're breaking away!

Floor it! Faster!

Stop! Where you think
you're going?!

Watch where you drive!
Back off!

Back off, now!

Calm down! It hasn't
got the reverse.

- I said back it off!
- I can't!

- Well?
- They've broken away.

- Comrade First Lieutenant!
- Move your truck!

Let them pass!

Get out!

Don't worry, I'm a traffic
control officer.

Go, go, go!

Go straight!

It's the wrong truck!

Comrade Captain!

It seems to me, it's a truck
from the food warehouse.

Nothing but guesses...

I've checked the footprints.
They're Soviet boots.

Nothing in common with
those in the spring.

Where's the warehouse officer?

- Go straight and turn left.
- Thanks.

Are you the warehouse officer?

What can I do for you?

Major, is ZIS I1-72-15
one of yours?

- Yes, it is.
- Please.

- What happened?
- Nothing yet.

- We know it's attached to the warehouse.
- Yes.

But... It has arrived from Mariampol.
It's the one with a chipped back.

We did send a vehicle
to Mariampol,

but I'm not sure which one.

Regarding the chipped back...

I'm don't know.

My deputy's in charge...

...for the rolling stock.

Do you know the driver?

Of course. I1-72-15,
Boriskin's the name.

He's been here
for two months only...

I see.

So I don't really know much...

Just an ordinary driver.

- I need to talk to the driver.
- Sure.

- And to check the personnel records.
- Sure.

- Keep it quiet, please.
- I understand.

- Would you like to dine?
- What?

- Good afternoon!
- A captain's waiting for you in my room!

- Move it!
- Yes, sir.

Come in!

Comrade Captain, Pvt. 1st class
Boriskin reports as ordered.

When did you get
the back chipped?

Last night.
While unloading.

Not my fault. A Studebaker
hit it while reversing.

- I've reported it.
- I shall check it!

- Captain wants to talk with you.
- About what?

You'll see!

Please, sit down,
Pvt. 1st class.

Thanks, I'm good.

Did you go anywhere today?

I did.

I delivered bags to Mariampol.

- Here's my route chart.
- OK.

So it was to Mariampol...

Who else travelled
in your truck today?

Why? Nobody.

- Maybe you gave a lift to somebody?
- No.

Nobody at all?

It's not allowed on food trucks.

I might only pick up an
officer when empty.

I mean, our own officer.

No unauthorized persons allowed.

OK, so you didn't give
anybody a lift today.

- Exactly.
- All right.

Very good.

So you confirm you didn't
give anybody a lift?

Yes, sir!

OK, we're finished.

Have you forgotten the
fact that two officers

got off your truck
30 minutes ago?!

Have you, Boriskin?
Have you?!

I'm recalling now!

Speak now.

Two servicemen asked me
for a lift on my way back.

So I picked'em up.

I felt pity for them.

- Easy. Do you smoke?
- Yes.

Boriskin, fancy a smoke?
Have a cigarette.

Who are they,
where are they from?

- I didn't ask.
- Easy.

- I don't need to know that.
- Go on.

- They got off near the...
- Go on.

- Near the military police office.
- Right.

- You did see it yourself.
- Right.

One of them's a captain.
About 35.

A big but well-mannered guy.
He gave me a paper for roll-ups.

- Give me the paper.
- They made trouble?

And the second one?

A lieutenant.
He's younger.

Oh, yeah - one of them
had a golden tooth!


It's my kindness that
always gets me into trouble.

Well done, Boriskin!

If I only had known,

I'd never have got involved.

It's today's issue
of the local newspaper.

I think they left Lida
in the morning.

Later they returned to
get off by the MP office.

500 officers are renting flats in the town,
Plus 200 more attached ones.

- We should search for them in town.
- What if he's lied?

They might've got off
by the station and left.

No, they asked him to stop
near the MP office.

But he doesn't know
if they entered it.

Let's search in the town.

- Can you stop your harping?
- Wait a moment.

Move on!

We need the text.
Without it we're helpless!

- We'll have it soon.
- When?

Ten days have passed,
and it's not deciphered yet!

Nine. Are you
on a mean streak?

I'm not. Don't make
a fool of me!

All right, your suggestions?

You dare not request it
from the directorate,

while they're being chicken
to apply to Moscow.

I can't work like that!
We should be harder on them!


Can I call them?
I can call anyone!

I don't care of the
chain of command!

We're not fiddling around here,
this is serious!

It's a matter of national importance!

Let me call them,
will you?

I shall knock some sense
in their heads!

You done?


Andrey is here,
be ashamed of yourself!

It's you I'm telling this,
not him!

OK now.

I take surveillance over the station,
and the western town exit.

- Now you, Zhenya.
- Yep.

The eastern part of the town.

The center and the marketplace.

- Fall to!
- Yes, sir.

We can observe some
sort of a revival

of the private capital
and profiteering.

But there'll come a time
when they'll get nailed.

They're gonna regret the day
they were born.


Some people even
have time for romance.

I think I saw him before.

Of course, in the MP office.

A swivel-chair warrior.

Button up, or he's gonna
pick on you.

No, it was somewhere else.

Where could I have seen him?

I wish I had your problems.

We should've detained them
at the check-point.

Listen, we've been
teaching you so long.

Will you ever get the idea?

We need proofs, facts
and their connections.

They may have never
appeared in that forest.

Even if they have -

they're not necessarily
connected with the radio.

And assuming they are -

detaining must be evidence-based.

And in the act.

Ivan Semenovich, I need
your advice regarding cucumbers.

- For pickling?
- And for this too.

Please, take a look.

What can you say...

What can you say
about these?





Are these local varieties?

Dolzhik is a local one,

whereas Traku grows
farther north.

In the Trakai region.
It's not grown here.

Are you sure?

I can vouch for this.

Main Directorate
of Counter-Intelligence

is searching for highly
dangerous terrorist

German resident-agent
and criminal of State

Ivan G. Mischenko

Known aliases: Baby, Jockey,
Gladiator, Dynamite.

Born in 1905.

Verbal description:
stature above average,

stocky build, blue eyes.

Tends to squint eyes during
serious conversation.

Has slight South-Russian accent.

Has no prominent marks.

Credible evidence suggests
that Mischenko in near future

will be inserted as
head of team

aiming to eliminate
members of High Command.

"Military barbershop"

Comrade General,
permission to speak!

- My fault, sir!
- Do you recognize him?

Here's a second one.

It's three minutes to four.

We may suppose they made
an appointment here.


Urgent. Lida.
To Polyakov, Alyokhin.

Sending to you deciphered
text on "Neman" case.

intercepted on
7th and 13th of August.

Based upon text,

you are dealing with large
and highly qualified network.

Ascertained aliases:
Matilda, Notary, Kravtsov.

Ascertained: surveillance
over railway line

Grodno, Byelostok,
Vilnius, Brest.

Radio with callsign KAO deserves
most serious attention.

Intensify search of agents
and detain Pavlovsky.

Signed: Yegorov.

- Blinov! Can this be you?
- Fancy meeting you!

- Hi!

I was told you'd joined
the intelligence.

Never expected to see
you in the rear.

How is it going
in the batallion?

How are the guys?

Almost nobody left
from the old team.

Come see the guys!
Our train's on track 2.

Come, Blinov!
We're to depart soon.

Just a minute, guys.

- Blinov, come!
- I'll be in a minute.

We'll be waiting for you!

What's up, my dear?

It's my regiment.

I see.

They're heading towards Warsaw.

While I'm looking
for cig butts here!

I hate it!

All these inspections and interrogations -
what a mess!

If the cig-butt is a clue,

half of your life's not
too much for it, OK?

- In the lines I was something.
- Quiet!

My platoon was the best!
And what am I here?

Just a useless dependant.

Why a dependant?
Who's found these two?

Who's tracked the lieutenant?

And the footprint in the spring?

- But what's the use?
- You'll see later!

As comrade Christ would say:
"Seek and ye shall find".

I'll teach you dual wielding
and force detention.

You'll get more experience
and become a real pro!

We will make a real
wolf-hound of you!

Now belay the moaning!

All aboard!


Good afternoon!

Good afternoon,
comrade officers!

Thank God!

They've finally arrived.

- Captain Fomchenko!
- First Lieutenant Luzhnov!

- Wait for me here.
- Yes, sir!

- Why so long?
- You can be expecting another medal.

We've found the captain
and the lieutenant.

Where are they?

They entered No. 6
in Liberation street.

Blinov was left for surveillance.

According to Military police,
the captain's name is Nikolayev

the lieutenant's is Sentsov.

Their unit number is 31518.

The aim of their
mission is standard:

"To perform command's task"

Blinov won't make it alone.

What is unit 31518?

It belongs to the 2nd
Belorussian Front.

I sent a request.

I didn't reach Polyakov,
that's why I got delayed.

If their unit belongs
to another Front,

then why are they
prowling here?

What do you think?

I think we should
keep surveillance.

- Anyway we'll know the truth tomorrow.
- You sure?


I called to the command
of the 2nd Belorussian front

and sent an urgent request
on behalf of the General.

The guardhouse is crying for you.

Half a year would do -
after the war.

I could have a
good sleep there!

And feed my face
that fat!

What are we ordered?

To detain Kazimir Pavlovsky
and those with him.

A great place to relax.

This is Pavlovsky's house.

And this is Kazimir
Pavlovsky himself.

To my dearest from Kazimir

Who is the dearest?

Yulia Antonyuk, the sister
of the humpback's wife.

An orphan, she'd served
the Pavlovskys all of her life.

Her daughter is 18 months old.

Could you enlighten me?

What's Yulia got
to do with this?

And why need Pavlovsky come here?

He need not - but he may.


His father, whom he loves,
is in prison.

See, the house is boarded up.

He'll certainly try
to inquire of his father.

How? Via Yulia, I think.

She's lived in his father's
house for 6 years.

And I believe that Pavlovsky
is the father of her child.

That's interesting.

Yesterday they went
on the air again.


30 to 40 kilometers east
of Shilovichi forest.

I'm sorry, have you got
anything to eat?

- How are you?
- Fine.

I follow you.

Some curious circumstances
have been revealed.

At the exit of Lida two officers,
a lieutenant and a captain,

asked Goussev, a Dodge driver,
for a lift.

The captain had a Ukrainian accent.

Did they have any belongings?

A rucksack with a brown top.

Near Ozery the superior asked
Goussev to stop the vehicle.

To do a number one,
as he said.

Just as Goussev stopped the truck,

he was knocked senseless.

He can't remember what happened next.

Luckily, he's alive.

- His left ear was hit.
- A left-hander.

A left-hander or a person
who can use both hands well.

Which is less likely.

Then they dragged him
over to the bushes

and stabbed him
in the back twice.

They took his personal identity,

travel documents and money.

It's noteworthy that

his hand-made cigarette
case was taken too.

While his watch was not.

Why am I telling
you all this?

Take a look.
These are...

the tiremarks of the stolen Dodge.

And these are what
we'd found near Stolbtsy.

It seems they're fully identical?

It appears that

they stole the vehicle and covered
200 kilometers to Stolbtsy.

Then they drove into the woods
and went on the air.

It was on the 7th of August,
the date they first got spotted.

As you can see, the dates,
the times and the locations match.

Then for some reason
they went back

and blanked off the vehicle

found by us later.

It seems clear that the unknown
persons who stole the Dodge,

had the radio we're searching for.

- Getting the idea, Pavel?
- I'm trying to.

I'm trying to...

You don't need to cover 200km
to go on the air, right?

This means that they either
keep the radio near Stolbtsy,

or they have a connection
there, and probably

they moved the radio later to
hide it near Shilovichi.

I agree with you.

An important detail: the spade
was not found in the Dodge.

- A cache?
- Most likely.

The large shovel and other
tools were there,

whereas the spade was not.

And this was found
in the stolen Dodge.

Neither Goussev, nor his commander
had ever seen a lard pack like that.

Finding a cache in a forest
as big as Shilovichi...

Let's repeat.
What do we have?

One of them is a left-hander.

The other might be a Ukrainian.

We've located the spot
of the airing.

We have the text.
Some clues...

Not enough to go on.

- Good afternoon!
- Hello!

I am a military police officer.

I'm here to inspect accomodation
of Red army officers.

Do you rent your flat
to officers?

- I do.
- Good.

Do you have the permit?
The paper.

Do you understand me?

The paper.

I do.

Please, come in.

My papers... [SPEAKING POLISH]

Your papers are...

...in order.

And where might your guests be?

- The officers.

How come they left?


- When?



They procure provisions
for their unit.

They buy beef, pork,




What happened?

It's my neighbour.

The officers left at night
and trampled her plantings.

They walked through
her plantings?

Yes, they just made
a shortcut.

- Why blame me?
- Sorry, what is this?


- This.
- The officers left it.



I want you to be honest.

I have a few questions
regarding your guests.

- Are they bandits?
- No, they are not.

But they have no permission
to procure provisions in this area.

- Profiteers?
- No.

I need to know at what time
they returned on Sunday.

Please recall.

- On Sunday?
- August the 13th.

They left early,
took their bags...

When they returned,
it was already dark.

And I'm recalling
one of them...

was washing cucumbers
till late.

They were washing cucumbers?

Didn't they treat
you to one?


I mean, weren't their
cucumbers bitter?

Could they have tossed any
in the garbage?

You didn't see...

Anybody visited them?


A railwayman?




Do you realize that the future

of the crucial strategic
operation is at risk?

The future of more than a half-million
German force in the Baltic region.

Yes, sir.
I do.

Do you realize that any leakage
of sensitive information

and any enemy's
intelligence activities

must be terminated immediately?

Yes, sir.
I do.


You don't.

How many agents are there?

It's hard to estimate the size
of the whole network.

Supposedly, the main body consists
of three or four agents.

We have so many secret services,

and still they can't find
three men.

Why is that so?

Comrade Stalin!

Believe me,
we are making every effort.

I cannot be sure.

How much time do you need
to eliminate them?



24 hours, comrade Stalin!

- Do you agree?
- Yes, I do.

All right.
Keep in mind:

You have 24 hours.

If they are not eliminated
in that time frame,

all those guilty
including you,

will get the punishment
they deserve.

You may go.

- Good afternoon!
- You alive?

- I am.
- And sitting pretty.

We got fired at
on the way here.

We hardly got away.

Have this mended.

- You can't secure even your own chief.
- Night is the time for sleep.

Sleep is a brother to death.
Fall asleep and you're dead.

You drove the chief out of here.
Drinking tea...

Living in clover.
Not bad!

- Where's Alyokhin?
- Here.

- Is the codist in his room?
- Yes, he is.

Bring him.

Anything new on
Nikolayev and Sentsov?

- They slipped away last night.
- How come?!

- We still have no response to...
- Did you let them slip?

Good afternoon!

Captain Alyokhin,
you've been on this case

for 11 days with no visible result!

How can you explain this?

We are doing our best.

I can't be sure.

What I need is a result!

Without one all this
is just a child's play!

Why aren't you shaven?

Why only one team
works on this case?

We're short of men.

The codist is busy,
comrade General!

How come? Is he aware
who's summoning him?

It's something urgent.

Can't believe it.

How can he be busy
for his own chief?

- That beats everything!
- Some tea?

Why so?

Why one blunder after another?

Nikolayev and Sentsov
have slipped away

and you've failed
to prevent it.


Any activities on Pavlovsky?

An ambush's been set at the place
where he's most likely to appear.

Do you have clues other than...

thinking they might have a cache and
one of them is a left-hander...

...and the other supposedly
a Ukrainian?

This was found
in the stolen Dodge

and this was left in
Grolinskaya's house.

Everything matches:

the production date,

the batch number
and the trademark.

It's important,

but not much of help.

With that many facts

we have practically nothing.

Too bad.

Couldn't be worse.

Comrade General!

Top urgent message for you.

May I leave to carry on, sir?

Be informed

that control on "Neman" case
was taken over by Stavka today at 2:10

Major General Mokhov with
team of operatives is setting out

for Lida at 6:00 in order
to coordinate search activities.

Besides, movement of NKVD troops
for military operation is starting.

Deputy Commissar of Internal Affairs
with team of generals and senior officers

are setting out for Lida at 7:45
in order to manage operation.

Signed: Kolybanov.

Read this!

I felt it with my gut!

The Stavka have taken this
case under control.

I'm taking him alone.

Back me up.

Produce your papers!

Drop the gun!


Why look at him now?

He's cold as a stone!

How many times did I tell you?!

If he leaves alone,
I don't need you.

And what have you done?

We thought he killed you.

They thought!
A hell of a back-up...

It's a hybrid!

A Soviet top with a German sole.

So it was you near the spring.

Cover him with a raincoat.

Don't let anyone come close.
Is it clear?

Yes, it is!

You come with me!


I said stop!

Not allowed!

What did I tell you?


Stay alert!

I'm sure somebody
was waiting for him.


Get back! Tell Luzhnov to take
the child to the humpback.

Lock Yulia in the house.
Make haste and keep quiet.

We need to explain to her
that we didn't kill him.

Explain what?!

She's in a bad way!
Just stop the screaming!

If she resists, force her.

- Hurry up!
- Yes, sir!


From the latest radio intercept

we've learned that they're being

short of money, blank forms,
and batteries.

They are expecting a drop
in a day or two.

They will appear

at the alleged cache location
3 to 5 p.m.

Trying to think
like the enemy is wise.

Don't you think
they can do the same?

But they don't know
we've read their messages

and located the spot
of the airing.

And that we've found
the Dodge.

May I?

Do you consider conducting a military
operation in Shilovichi forest?

- No.
- Why?

What can we gain from it?

At least the cache, where
you think the radio is kept.

The cache itself
isn't of high value.

We need the agents.

We need...

...the moment of truth.

And after a military operation
we mostly find dead bodies.

Comrage Lt.-General!

I have to state clearly,

I object to conduction
of the military operation

in the nearest two days.

I strongly...

Control on the "Neman"
case is taken over by Stalin!

Do you understand it?

Yes, I do!

I consider it necessary to appeal
to the Stavka and explain...

To whom?!

That's Stalin's order!

If we don't seize them
in the next 24 hours,

tomorrow you shall
have left your post!

And so shall I!


Search the house most thoroughly.

- Is it clear?
- It is, sir.

- Fall to!
- Yes, sir!

Urgent. Lida.
To Polyakov, Alyokhin

Captain Nikolayev and
Lieutenant Sentsov

are valid officers
of unit №31518

of 2nd Byelorussian Front

At present time they are on mission

in Lida with view of procuring
provisions. Signed: Yegorov

How comes this?

You do your best following clues...

Everything goes smoothly,

and right when you think
you're about to nail it...

It bursts like a bubble!

It's only my negligence,
Pavel Vassilyevich!

I should've caught
the bullet with my head.

Sorry, I was late.

These are blank forms

of travel papers
and ration cards.

- Where did you get this?
- What?


It's Goussev's.

And the spade
must be his too.

Who is Goussev?


This is loam!


You hear me?

This is pure loam!
Can't you see?

What the heck is loam?


There's only one place
in this forest

where I saw soil like this.

And if this spade is Goussev's...

...then the cache
must be there too.

That's where we'll get them!

Blinov, why are you
waiting here?

- My fault, comrade Lt. Colonel!
- Let's go.

Now take the deputy head
and immediately set out.

Alyokhin and Tamantsev
are waiting for you.

Comrade Lt. Colonel,
I need to change my clothes.

- A girl's waiting for me...
- It's out of the question.

Immediately set off and...
May God be with you.

Yes, sir!

Comrade Captain, are you
from the MP office?

I am the deputy head.

Why didn't you salute a superior?

Come with me.
To the truck.

Please, faster.

It's you who most of all
need this military operation!

So let's start it!

By the power vested on me

and regardless of your views,

I will have to issue an order

to start the operation

Excuse me, comrade Comissar.

With all due respect to your
post and your authority

I cannot but object to what

I consider useless
and premature.

I've sent a request to Moscow
to have this clarified.

Stop indulging in illusions!

You've been on this
case for 13 days!

It's two weeks!

And what do we have?

Nothing to speak of!

We cannot

and we shall not hold
troops here for days!

We have plenty
of our own errands!

Excuse me, сomrade Commisar.

- Where did you find it?
- In the attic of Pavlovsky's house.

- Where's Pavlovsky?
- He shot himself.

My fault, comrade General!

Is this the lead of the team
working on the case?

Excuse me,
comrade Comissar!


Excuse me, comrade Captain.

Aren't you from Moscow
by any chance?

I am.

- Why?
- I think I met you before.

I think, in Moscow.

But I can't remember
where exactly.

Moscow is large.

I, for one, see you
for the first time.

I'm Captain Alyokhin.
Are you from the MP office?

I'm the deputy head.

Nice to meet you.

Let's work together.


- Kostya, matches!
- There!

As you know,
we are searching for a group

that constitutes a major threat
for the Red army.

Evidence suggests that
they may show up

in this forest in the afternoon.

Disguising ourselves as an MP patrol,
we need to check identity

of all servicemen - under certain circumstances -
passing along that path.

What do you mean by
certain circumstances?

You'll get the
idea on the spot.


Check sequence: first ask
for basic documents:

identity books and travel orders.

Then for other papers.

After that...

...we need to examine contents
of their rucksacks.

What do you mean by "to examine"?
To search them?

No! We'll ask them to show
their belongings to us.

What exactly do I have to do?

We invited you to help us look
a genuine MP patrol

in case they know you by sight.
This is very likely - they were in Lida.

So it will look convincing.

We need to catch them in the act.

Or to make them uncover

Hence the check will be backed up.

There won't be any people around,

so we kind of try to
provoke them,

we try to make them
show their true nature.

That is the moment of truth.

How do we know it is?

If they are enemies,
they'll try to kill us.

Please, tie this round your arm.

Couldn't you find anything clean?

It's dirty as heck.

I was given this
at the MP office.

OK, good.

- Are your weapons in good shape?
- What do you take me for?

I've been fighting since 1941,

and believe me,
I've been to scrapes

...that make this operation
look a pleasure cruise.

- OK, I believe you.
- Ever been at the front lines?

- I had an opportunity.
- And I'd been there for 3 years!

If not for my wound...

Look, I'm a veteran officer.

I'm here by chance
and it won't last.

- Speak softer, please.
- Do you want me to crack?

There's not a living soul here.
I couldn't speak any softer.

It's just your impression.

We've just passed an ambush.

They've been warned,
and they know me by sight,

otherwise they'd be
checking us now.

Please, don't take offence.
It's just... circumstances.

And please... Don't make noise
while in the woods.

107, 108, 109, 110.
That's it!

And that way it's 147.

I reckon that we are
to meet the suspects...

...right here by this stump.

Remember to be keeping an
echelon formation during the check-up.

One of us staying behind
and a bit aside of the other.

Like that.


Vice versa.

The one behind will be
backing up the one ahead.

Besides, we'll be being backed up
by the ambush party.

During the check-up behave
freely and confidently.

If it comes to aggravation,
rising tensions, noncompliance,

you must be on maximum alert.

And be holding the gun
in your pocket.

Wait a minute, please.

- Can you see the spot well?
- Absolutely.

Perfect! Keep your feet
shoulder width apart.

Try not to strain your muscles.


Remember the two prearranged phrases

that I may say during the check-up:

"I don't get it"
means maximum attention.

"Would you be so kind?"
means full alert.

Should anything happen,
shoot at limbs only.

Even if they'll
be killing you.

One more thing!

It's crucial that by no means...

...should you step between
the suspects and the ambush.

It's a matter of life!
Do you understand?

Any questions?

How long will it take?

I'm not sure
I can tell. Why?

I must be back in town by 8 p.m.

This is our personal radio.

Would you like to have a snack?

It's high time for it.


- Comrade Captain!
- Thanks, I'm not hungry.


Comrade Captain,

This is rather awkward...

- Eating while you're not.
- Why's that?

You did invite me.
Sorry, I'm not hungry.

Some water?

It's from a spring -
really delicious!


cover the stump.

Comrade Captain,
please, have a seat.


If you don't want to sleep,

go to your spot and train.
Kind of settle in.

Be careful!

- Don't leave any traces!
- Roger.

You need to be strong,
and you need to fall asleep...

You've done everything
in your power.

If they are "Neman" and we get
them alive with the radio,

then it's all right.

It means Grandma has come.

Comrade Captain!

It's Nine on the air!

"Three men in uniforms
have crossed the cut-through"

"and are heading towards us".

"with two ruck-sacks,
guns holstered."

That's it!

Urgent. To Yegorov.
Your request rejected by Stavka.

Military operation
must be executed today.

17:00 is deadline
for its start.

I consider it my duty
to warn you

that if this case is not ended
up with capture of agents and radio,

you and Colonel Polyakov shall
be commited for special tribunal.

Signed: Kolybanov.

Comrade Captain!

This is First on the air.

"Immediately widthdraw from
the forest and return to base".

Have they all gone nuts?

Are they serious?

I'm not going anywhere.

Even if I order you, you shall.
You'll even run.

You'll be running
faster than a car.

Come out to the glade!

All right, I'll run.

But are you OK with
such a scenario?

They're playing too safe.

Are they trying to
save our lives?

Isn't it our job to chase after
bandits in the woods?

If we risk nothing,
we get nothing!

We can't leave now!

I strongly object to it!

I'm not a boy nor a trainee!
I have five orders for manhunt!

And I demand that
they respect my opinion.

Tell this to the General now!

That's my request.
And my demand.

You can put the blame on me.
I'll take the consequenses.

But you've run the whole thing.
Can't you see?

What if they are "Neman"?

Do you realize the consequences?

They won't get them alive!

Pasha, how about
the moment of truth?

You done?

Come out to the glade.

Urgently transmit to First.

- "I can't copy. Please repeat."
- Comrade Captain?

- Do it!
- Yes, sir!

I am Fourth!
I can't copy you!

Please repeat!
I am Fourth!

Comrade officers!
Please, produce your papers!

- We are an MP patrol.
- Who are you?

Your inspection mandate,

I am the deputy head of
military police office 132,

Captain Anikushin.



Vilnius, Lida...

...and the neighbouring areas.

What's that you're doing
here in the woods?

Just keep reading.
It's written there.

- So where's your unit stationed?
- I must note, comrade Captain,

that it's not a proper place
for this kind of talks.

You know,
we're MP officers,

so we're supposed to ask.

There's nobody here
but us, so...

...who else can hear it?

A left-hander!
Not necessarily.


What other papers
do you have?

Weren't those sufficient?

In town they might've been.

And here it's like...
Not really.

May I inquire who you are?

I'd like to know
your name too.

- Who we are?
- Yes.

We're from the MP office too.

Here you go.

Assistant duty officer.

What exactly
do you want to see?

Pay record, clothing card?

Ration card, party card,
decoration records?

OK, very good.

The law is the law.

Just doing my duty.

Yelatomtsev A.P.

The Order of the Red Banner,
The Order of the Patriotic war 1st class

If they are the agents,
he must be the lead.

Run him!

They're not afraid
of the check-up.

Who are they?
Why are they here?

Wrinkle your forehead
and move your lips.

They're acting well and cool.

South-Russian accent. Faster!

Ivan Yakovlev - short upper lip...
Mazanov, Stepankov? Captured...

Serdyuk? Guliayev?

Well, well.

What about you two...

What papers you two got?

Nikolay P. Chubarov.

Hospital certificate...

Form №16. In italics.

His look is so unkind.
Really unkind.

It appears we are...
Sorta brothers-in-arms.

We were in the same hospital.

I was there too...
Due to the wound...

About a month.

Oh my, what a woman
I had there!

A cook. So pretty and soft,
you know...

In a word - hottie!

You do know her, right?
Come on!

- Lizaveta, junior sergeant.
- I'm not interested in cooks.

Of course...
Never mind.

Mikhail S. Vassin...

Order issued on
July the 17th, 1944.


By the way...

Aren't you kinsmen with...

Lt. Colonel Vassin
of the staff of the Front?

- No.
- You look so much like him!

I thought he might be
your brother or uncle, no?

His patronymic is Sergeyevich too.

What a smart man!
A wise head!

If you only knew how we two
fought at Smolensk!

Every time we meet
he goes like "Alright!"

"Hey, patrol,
how's it going?"

and I go like:
"It's fine! Still alive!"

And he's like:
"Of course, you're fine!"

"Even a cannonball couldn't hurt
a featherbed soldier like you!"

What a joker!


All right...

Series, number, photograph...

Keep cool.
Play more simply.

The first lieutenant
is a left-hander...

Was it him who tried
to kill Goussev?

Not necessarily!

Fedulov? Grey eyes,
narrow chin...

The commander's sign
looks genuine.

The lieutenant got nervous
after a circumstantial question...

Сan't be sure yet.
Keep running them, Pasha!

Paper formation and density...
South-Russian accent...

Koshevoy? Caught.
Chugunov, Gouliayev, Altunin?

South-Russian accent.
Blue eyes.

Squinty eyes.

Is it really Mischenko?

I don't get it...

A batallion executive
officer, right?

A company commander,
a squad commander, right?

But where are your men?

What kind of task are
you attaining here...

I mean,
without your soldiers?

- I don't get it.
- I don't quite get it either.

Do you suspect us of something?
What is the matter?

Why all this check-up
and questioning?

It's because of the need.

- What need?
- What do you mean "What need"?!

That doesn't concern you!

We are in discharge of our dut...
I demand that you stop insulting us!

The law is the law,
as they say. Right?

This is our service duty,

My question is...
Where is your unit?

In New Vilnia.

Can this really be Mischenko?

Mischenko was born in 1905, he's 39.
And this one?

Squinty eyes,
South-Russian accent.

Matches the verbal description.

And what if he's merely
Alexey P. Yelatomtsev,

a veteran officer
of the Red Army,

decorated with two orders,
a Communist.

Mischenko is a big fish!
Don't halloo till...

It's not necessarily him.

They're not necessarily "Neman".

Keep running them, Pasha!

You need to make them
uncover their nature.

Everything's perfect and conforms,
but something is wrong.

Or is it in my head only?

They're not afraid
of the identity check

and it'll probably
lead to nothing.

Why is the deputy silent?

Has he forgotten his role?

He's acting too passively.


Now, comrade officers,

please present your rucksacks
for examination.

On what account?
What's the matter?

Examination of the rucksacks
is dictated by the need.

What do you mean
by the need?

We're no privates and
you're no sergeant-major.

Who gave you the right
to search officers?

We wouldn't even think
of searching you.

I'm only asking you to show us
the contents of your rucksacks.

as they say.

What if we don't want to?

How come you don't want to?

All right.

Let's sort it,
as they say, amicably.

Tell you one thing...
As an officer to an officer.

But please,
this is top secret.

Were you in Lida
on the 16th?

Yes, we were.

That's it!
That's the thing.

On the 16th two crates
of explosives...

...were stolen from
an ammunition depot in Lida.

But what's this
got to do with us?

We have the instructions that
it was carried away...

...in rucksacks by officers.

And taken out of the town.

For what purpose?
Nobody knows.

No such instructions.

Maybe to blast fish.
Or maybe...

...to blast a bridge.

That's nonsense!
We haven't visited no depots.

Who knows,
dear comrades?

We're all Soviet citizens,
so let's sort it out amicably.

We have the instructions.

And I'm...
Asking you.

Asking you nicely

to show us what you
have in your rucksacks.

I have to state with all
due conviction

that we've never visited
any depots in Lida.

We don't know anything
about the stolen explosives.

And we don't want
to be searched.



Then you'll have to
proceed with us

to the MP office.

You were heading for Lida,

We have a truck in Shilovichi.

Though it's full of soldiers...

But you three
will fit just fine.

So I'm asking you!

Would you be so kind?

All right.

If you want to see it so badly,
go ahead.

But please,
do it yourself.

I'm afraid we have
no time for trips.

We have other errands
in this area.

But I shall file a complaint.


Here you are.

He's tied it tighter.

My dear,
it's a cheap trick.

We saw it many times.

They've boxed me.

Keep cool.

We're already dead
for them.

Yet it's not a sure thing.

Would you be so kind

as to step back
to where you're at?

Why, what's the matter?

Would you be so kind?

Step back to where
you're at.

Right there.

And then you're gonna have
us stand to attention?

Sure, if the situation requires.

You know,
we are MP officers...

We are doing
our service duty.

I said step back
to where you're at!!!

Step back.

Like that.

Why has he moved here?

Has he forgotten
about the ambush?

Whatever happens,
Tamantsev will get them...

That's it!

Surround them!

Kiddo, get the lieutenant!

Shoot at limbs only!

hit the ground!

Deputy, get down!

Don't shoot!

- All right, two are alive.
- Are you OK?

Not a scratch,
and Kiddo's fine too.

Your head's injured!
Let me dress it up?

Later. Zhenya!

Remember, it's Mischenko!

Here it is!

A Telefunken!





Pasha, they've killed Vassia!

You don't mean that?

They've killed Vassia!

My best friend!


Vassia is dead!


You killed him!

No, I didn't!
It wasn't me!

I'm gonna kill myself!

I don't want to live!!!

I swear
I didn't kill anybody!

I'll shoot you like a dog!

Keep your hands off him!

Pasha, he's killed Vassia!

He's killed my best friend!

Stop him,
he's shell-shocked!

You can't do that,
you hear me?

How dare you lie?!

How dare you deceive me?!

Did you forget the callsign
of your radio too?

Don't kill him!

What's the callsign
of your radio?!


The callsign of your radio!

- S... T... I...
- Why STI?

Isn't it KAO?

It was KAO until Thursday.

How many of you came
to this forest? Now!


Who's the lead? Now!

Who's the team lead?

- Him!
- His alias?

For radio messages!


His real name?

- I can't hear you!
- Mischenko.

Matilda - who and where is he?

He's near Shauliai.

Is he an officer in the staff
of the Front?

His rank?!

He's a captain.

A codist in the staff
of the Front.

- Notary?
- A railwayman.

Are you the radio operator?

What's your name?


A good name.

Tell you what.

If it's not you
who killed Vassia,

and you give us Matilda,

you may live.

But you're gonna breath
only upon my permission.

Got it?

And if you try to
play games with me,

then blame yourself,

If you start playing games,

those'll be your last moments.

Got it?


Comrade Captain!

Grandma has come.

Are you sure?

Have you run everything?

I'm 100% positive.

I guarantee.

Radio this to First.

Comrade General!
A message from Fourth.

"Grandma has come".

"Cancel the hairbrush.
We need no help".

Pasha, you're a genius!

You've run Mischenko!
You've uncovered them!

You don't even realize
how great you are!

We've got them!
Grandma has come!

Grandma has come!