VR (Vikrant Rona) (2022) - full transcript

Almost half a century ago, a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural.

Itsy bitsy spider


Where's the white tiger?

Wrong password!

Itsy bitsy spider

Ah...wait wait

Here's the pied piper

Come in

Hey did you find your granny's diary?

Did you find it or not?

We'll kick her out of the group and chan

Alright, If you don't want me I'll leave

The Legend of Brahmarakshasa!

Hey open it quick

Wait I am coming too

Go on

Once upon a time

somwehere far away

there was a forest

In the middle of that forest

there was a village



We already know the Kamarottu Bramharaks

This is not that story

An even bigger story?

A bigger story than that!?


Quick, start reading

People were scared to enter Kamarottu

Nobody dared to step out of their homes

Children were scared to step out and pla

And one day

The Devil arrived


What's the name of that Devil?

Sit down sweetheart. You might fall



How can I take you to the circus at this

Once we are back in Bangalore

we'll all go together



That's so not fair!

I bought you ice cream

I bought you balloons


who do you like the most in circus?

I am not saying

I know

Should I say it?


What does the joker say?

You gotta laugh

You gotta laugh

You gotta laugh out loud


Are You okay sweetheart?

what's wrong with this?

Mom what happened?

Five minutes


It'll be all...

Sweetheart it’s alright


Sweetheart one minute

I'll quickly go get the keys

Look here

Look here

Until I come back

just close your eyes and sit tight. Ok?

I got the keys

we can leave now

Anna horn

Anna horn

Anna horn

Anna horn!

You are deaf or what?

What a piece of junk this is

Anna don’t let go off the door

You'll go rollling down the hill

Instead of getting into this car, I shou

I'd have reached home by now

It is better to go rolling from now on a

Do you know the cost of 1 liter petrol?

Six rupees


Three rupees

Nobody is going to buy cars anymore

Better to ride on bullock carts like bef

hoi hoi hoi hoi..



We are almost there

Once I stop the car

- Buddy Buddy

you can get down and vomit all you want

Buddy hold on hold on, we're almost ther

My wife Pathima is also like this

vomits anywhere and everywhere

Now she's five months pregnant

Now she's five months pregnant - My legs

How many kids Pakru?

Eight is it? - Mom camera

Last time when we were here

she was delivering the seventh one

No akka

Eleventh one

It's been 4 years since you last visited

How can you expect me to sit idle

Eleven kids!?

You're building a cricket team or what?

You want to be the umpire?

Munna - Only I know what I am going thro



can you behave?

Stop bothering him

He has been puking all the way mom


I have kept my spectacles cover in the d

go get it

Vishwanath anna - I have given it to Akk

Hey, what is this man?

Mohan chandra


so happy to see you kids

I can't believe you've grown so much

Hasn't it been 11-12 years since you las

Baby akka

Hey what is this Eknath?

Except for this paunch you still look th

You are glowing

like a bride

It's your daughter's wedding or yours?

When is the wedding?


I thought of asking you before finalizin

Does the boy belong to our caste?

No anna

my textile mill partner’s son

We had decided a long time ago

Anna, you've put on a little weight

How long are you staying here?


we are thinking of having the wedding he


Which temple?

In the Kamarottu house

Even we are gonna stay there until the w

Hey Vishwanath are you out of your mind?

Aren't you aware of the consequences of
that house


My dad and mom

had wished to see Panna’s wedding

but it wasn't meant to be

At least

I want to have the wedding in the house

All these years when you stayed away

You didn't think of this

Whenever there's been an auspicious even

my dad and your dad

have always stood by each other's side

In the same way

even this wedding can only happen with y

That's why I am here to seek your permis

Oh permission!

When you have no respect for my words

why do you need my permission?


give him the keys

Vishwanath anna

what brother's saying is right

if you really wish to stay in that house

let’s perform a ritual before opening th

Till then you all can stay here



where is Shaku akka?

Hey buzz off

Go ask her that

You and your permission


your brother and sister-in-law are still
each other?

No anna

But why dont uncle and aunty talk to eac

Shaku akka

had a son

Sanju was the apple of her eye

One day he stole the deity's jewels and

My brother hit him with a cane

and sent him to get the hidden jewels

Sanju left that day

but never came back

Ever since my sister-in-law

stopped speaking to my brother

It's been 28 years



Looks like it might rain

Ask maila to move all the arecanuts

from the yard to the attic


Dear - Shaku akka


Shaku - Shaku akka


What happened?

What happened Shaku akka?

What happened Shaku? Calm down...sit

What happened Shaku akka?

What happened Shaku akka? - What happene

He is coming from London

Shaku who is coming from London?

Our son Sanju

Sanju...Sanju is coming!

Balejaal, Perla, Kaatkukke, Kamarottu

Balejaal, Perla, Kaatkukke, Kamarottu

Quick, get in

Balejaal, Perla, Kaatgukke, Kamarottu

Hey Wanderer

Hey Wanderer

Topsy turvy road

a junkyard vehicle

become a hitchhiker

get on board

Black goggles

can be taken off now

become a country mouse

Awaiting your arrival

even the roads have grown weary

Come back soon

to this nest of yours

The son of the village is back

The son of the village is back

The son of the village is back

Let's welcome him

Hey Wanderer

How you are doing

Hey Wanderer

Every street in the village is asking

Hey Wanderer

Greetings and Salutions

To the Vagabond

The son of the village is back - Anna th

The son of the village is back

The son of the village is back

Let's welcome him

Sanju anna?

Sanju anna!

Sanju anna!

You are Sanju Anna aren't you?

You didn't recognize me?


When we were kids we used to play hopsko

Pakru I am...

...unable to remember your full name

Prakash isn't it?



You didn't even get my religion right an

People felt Pakruddin was long and start

Now this Pakru name has become world fam


Sanju anna

are you married?


What about kids?

In London... as a hobby?

I heard it's pretty common there

What a nuisance you are master


I ride my bicycle like a wild horse on a

I know how to ride but don’t know how to

I have to crash into something

You should have crashed into that tree a

instead of crashing into my car

Are you out of your senses?

This is Sanju anna

Boss’ son

The one who had run away as a kid


My name is Lawrence Pinto

Kamarottu school’s PT Master-cum-head ma

Oh two in one

Sanju anna

my kids go to the same school


your eldest is becoming a mennace

Yesterday the math teacher hit him for b

This boy grabbed him real tight in the u

Just wouldn’t let go

The poor math teacher was screaming in p

Finally he let go when I gave him two do

Good thing you gave him doughnuts


I need to reach home before it gets dark

And Pakru do talk to your son

I'll talk to him master

See you

What’s your eldest son’s name?




Rapeek Rapeek

It's not too far anna

It takes only 15 minutes by walk

The roads are bad and that barber Baaban

took forever to trim your hair

Doesn't look like anyone's home

Where did they all go?

Maila should be around somewhere



Hey Pakru

Where's everyone?

Don't you remember? There's a feast at t

Everyone has gone there

There was news about Sanju anna coming b

Madam was waiting for him. Poor thing

But you know how boss is

He shouted at everyone and took her alon


How far is this Panibettu house from her

If we go by car

it will take 2 hours

There is a pathway around here

during day time, it will hardly take 15

Let's surprise mom


What? At this time of the night?

In that pathway? No way in hell!


The Brahmarakshasa lives there


Keep the bag near the door

I'll go alone

Sanju anna

Sanju anna don't go

it's not a joke

Hey Maila

He is going there but do you think he's

Is Sanju anna is going towards the Kamar

Hey! Why are you screaming?

Who are you?


First tell me who you are

Are you...

...Janardhan uncle's son Sanju?

yeah and you?


I mean Aparna

Vishwanth Ballal's daughter

Vishwanth Ballal’s daughter

What are you doing at this time of the n

They say nobody wanders around here

Then who lit the fire?

Hey Vishwanath!

is your daughter out of her mind?

Pakru, where's Sanju - Such insolence

Why are you allowing girls to roam aroun

Anna, I am sure it's an innocent mistake

You shut up!

You shut up! - Mr. Gambhir

The girl has made a mistake

Let’s talk about what lies ahead of us

What is there to talk?

and the trouble makers who have come her

don't have any place in this house

They shouldn't even step into this house

They better understand


let's not open the doors to the Kamarott

We can have the wedding here

Just because of a random death

how can we stay out of our own house ann

For your disbelief, you want the entire

Mr. Gambhir

after your son Sanju...

...stole the deity's jewellery

there hasn’t been a ritual in the Kamaro

Let's get everyone together

and restart the annual ritual


His anger hasn't come down one bit

but look at Sanju

He didn’t even come to see his mother

I have waited for him for so long

How is Sanju now?

Did he ask about me?

Sorry aunty

Because of me, Sanju is not allowed to s

No dear, come here

My husband's anger has no limits

He just needed a reason

to not let Sanju step into this house

He told me not to step into the house

but he never said anything about me stan



All these years... Why?

Didn’t you remember this mother of yours

I was scared that I’ll die without seein

I am here now

I am not letting you go anywhere

My god...How much you’ve changed


Anna.. anna

There's a new inspector coming to the vi


But the Body was found just last night?

How can they send someone so quickly?

I don’t know

That constable from the south, the chubb


People of Kamarottu!

Get ready to face the raging apocalypse

The blood bath is about to begin

Hey! get rid of her

It's not the wind that is blowing

it’s the beginning of a hurricane


Look out, here comes...

...The Devil!




the goods that the thugs

have placed in the cargo are not groceri

it is Moose Kunni's smuggled goods

Hey Balu

it seems like you are taking your guard'

Right Mahabalanna?


No Keshavanna

I have seen it with my own eyes

I have asked my father to keep an eye on

Come Mahabalanna



let's go

They all look very dangerous

We should make sure the other passengers

All the musicians are seated at the fron

But there is some crazy bugger from the

sitting on top of the jeep and whistling

Mahabalanna, it's them

Be careful when you talk to them



Please save my dad Mahabalanna

You want me to save him? Country bugger!

You think you are a big shot?

How dare you file a complaint against Mo

Please Mahabalanna, please save my fathe

Please Mahabalanna, I am begging you

Son, don't beg in front of those dogs

Oh! Daddy seems to be very brave

Dunk him again


Mahabalanna, please show mercy

He doesn't know how to swim

Poor thing

The new inspector who's coming in

You know what his first task is going to

Finding your father's corpse

Hey! you will all face a terrible fate

Hey! get lost

release the rope



go take a look

What do you think happened?

Wait, I'll find out


oh Anna

what happened?


get lost

Riding on the night horse

Moving stealthily with the breeze

Like a burgler in the night

Like a hunter on the prowl

You promised to keep me company

and you are waking up now Guddi?

Daddy is this Kammottu?

Not Kammottu baby



is that the sound of the cricket bug?

Yeah, there are quite a few here

You know...My friend Bhaskar used to say

They take hundreds of tiny cricket bugs

smash them with a rock and make cricket

Who is this Bhaskar?

Why is he talking to you?

Doesn't he know that your father is a po

Don’t gworry daddy

I have already told him that I am not go

He is very naughty


You know what?

Even I studied in Kamarottu for 3-4 mont

Those days we had to walk miles and mile


Did grandpa not have enough money to buy

It's not that he couldn't buy a car

just that there was no road to drive on

Be Careful daddy

Daddy what do we do now?

How about a piggy back ride

Daddy, are there animals in this jungle?

Of course Guddi, it's a jungle


look over there

This bridge is older than your grandpa

You know, my friend Bhaskar used to say

While building a bridge they use a tumbl

and pour it into a big tank

After the bridge is built

they pour it all back into the river

What else has this Bhaskar told you?

My god!

He knows everything. He can answer any q

Stay here Guddi


what happened?

Nothing Guddi

The real game

begins now

Is it necessary to take the whole battal
the doctor?

Why did we have so many kids in the firs

I kept saying no

How can we say no to god's gift

Pakru pakru

Master what the hell is wrong with you!

you missed by an inch

Dude didn't you hear me whistle


Wait Pakru

Hey wait Pakru,

listen to me

What happened master?

I heard they found the inspector's body

Yeah! Near the Kamarottu well

It was found hanging upside down

There was no shoe on one leg

They are yet to find the head

I am talking about the top end and he is
rear end

Head head


they haven't found the head

Without the head how did they know it wa

Can’t you figure out looking at the unif

And you call yourself a teacher


if you wear the uniform and I chop your

will you become an inspector


Hey daddy is a moron

Master don't call me a moron in front of

They'll start calling me the same


make sure your kids are not late for sch

Master, isn't the school closed today

Who said that?

Hey Rapeek

why is the school closed today

Because the PT master died

What's that?

What did he say?

You get going master

Get them to school on time


who's that? your grandfather?

Get down

go to school?run




Sir good morning Sir

What's your name?

Manche Gowda sir

Manche Gowda

Sir yesterday we were all waiting at the

When you didn't show up we all got worri

How did you manage to find the house sir

What you thought I wouldn't?

Sir I didn't mean that

Why do you think I am a cop?

My jeep is stuck at the Kamarottu Perla

Flat tire

My luggage is in there, can you send som

Yes I will sir


I got breakfast for you from Gadang Rakk

You got only one?

That's ok, we'll manage

The luggage...Hmm

Yes sir. Sir!

If you're heading to the station right a

the old inspector's bike is parked at th

I'll see you sir

Good morning! You're up already

Good morning

Isn't there a cricket match today?

And Pakruddin Moideen is about to start

The batsman is wearing the shortest of s

bat in his hand

no idea where the ball is going to land

and pakruddin moideen

is walking towards his mark

He is rubbing the ball vigorously

And he comes running - Come on Pakru

Akka catch catch catch catch catch



So tell me

do you always bump into people to say hi

no...I was...

...about to catch the ball and you..


I asked you to catch the ball

you're stuck here in the net

He's running over there like a mad dog

To hell with him

let me untagle you first


If I hadn’t arrived on time

you both would be stuck inthe net like t


Like this

That thought worried me too?

Did you sleep on this dirty shark net al

I tried

But off late I am unable to sleep Pakru

The nights are extremely cold anna

Even I am unable to sleep

Did you sleep here?

The macchar (mosquitoes) didn't bite you

Your language is pretty funny

The macchar (mosquitoes) didn't bite you

She is from Mumbai

She has a bunch of such words

Oh by the way

Miss. Macchar (mosquito)

The other day at the Kamarottu house

what were you trying to catch?

Oh that!

Kamarottu house is supposed to be haunte
Brahmarakhshasa right?

I am making a photo journal on that myth

The legend of Brahmarakshasa

Pakru fifty!

You keep running

The ball is lost

Who's this?


my younger brother...we both are twins

I’m not younger, you are


non-identical twins


What say Pakru?


What are you thinking?


I need to figure out the secret behind m

Why your existing cricket team isn't eno


if I have make two more umpires, does it

Alright, alright, everybody get ready an

We're moving in today

Does that mean

you're here for good?

You think we are crazy

to live in this jungle

Next month she's getting married

She'll move in with her in-laws

and we'll get back to Bombay

The priest's pony tail is just like your

Shut up!


Love marriage or arranged marriage?

I don't know about that anna


priest Ram Bhat is now going to ring the


before the priest rings the bell

if she doesn't look at me

she is happy about the marriage


before the preist rings the bell

if she looks at me...

That means the future of your love life

is dependent on priest Ram Bhat's bell?


You think she will turn around?

You can open the lock now

What's my guddi upto?


We'll go fishing?

After work, once we're back from the sta





Careful Guddi. I'll be inside

Excuse me what do you want?

do you get good tea around here

There's a tea stall around the corner bu

...who are you?

get me one real quick

Old inspector's bike

New inspector!


Your constable Madhe Gowda

Manche Gowda sir

He said he was going to get my luggage a

He'll be back soon sir

what is this? A station or a maze?

Not just the station sir, the whole vill

What’s this scribbled all over?

The old inspector would start scribbling
an intution about any case sir

Only he could understand it

He did not trust anyone sir


it'll be interesting to read when I am b

sir good morning


why is every clock in the station showin

Sir we forgot to wind it

Now that I am here I'll set everything r


It belong to the old inspector sir

He loved reading it

Even my daughter is a big fan

The station looks pretty good

This used to be an old british bungalow

But whoever came to stay here would end

that’s why they converted this into a po

Smart thinking


What’s your name sir?

Rudramani Bhavikatti sir

where are you from?

Dharwad district

Kalgatki taluk sir

We are practically neighbours

I am from Gadaga district RoNa Taluk

Being a cop you are scared of a revolver

The fact that I am a cop is something I

how would the revolver know?

Go get me some tea

Alright sir

Can you put Renu on?

I went to get your bag sir

and all of a sudden it started raining

but I made sure your guitar didn’t get d

Where is the other bag?

Sir there was this guitar

and this suitcase that’s it sir

There's one more black bag

My uniform , innerwear everything is in

Uh I couldn’t find anything else sir

If you want I can go take a look again

Please do

Haa Renu

I've come to the station

just reached

Guddi is here with me

She's brushed her teeth, had breakfast a

Now you stop worrying

Got it

Take your medicines, listen to the docto

I’ll go buy some new innerwear

Mr Gowda

Where was the old inspector’s body found

Near the Kamarottu house well sir


...Head hasn't been found yet sir

Kamarottu house?

People say that the Kamarottu house is h
spirits sir

Mr. Janardhan Gambhir has locked the hou

to ensure that no one goes in there sir

Janardhan Gambhir

Have informed Ram bhat that you're comin

Don't forget to send the sacks to Sankap


go get my pouch from the car

Inform that maila to..

whose bike is that?

May I help you?

I'm Eknath Gambhir

This is like coming to Udupi and asking
Krishna is?

Is this Udupi?

Is that Lord Shri Krishna?

No that's my brother Janardhan Gambhir

Please don't mistake me

but you are not allowed to smoke here

Well you don’t mistake me for smoking he

Who are you?

Vikrant Rona


Mom I just need the queen and the game w

It’s not that easy to get the queen

isn’t it aunty?

Isn't it?

And I won't stop until I have the Queen

I am heading out

What is it that you wanted?

I got to know that Inspector Suresh Kris
found near the Kamarottu well

Wanted to check out the place

Careful sir

The demon bramharakshasa stays in that h

You think he'll be home now?

Hey you think it's a joke?

Act this way and the next one to die wil


I'm smelling something fishy Mr. Gambhir

Seems like a big secret is hidden in the

I'll dig it out

Ey Pakru

where the hell are you?

How many times have I asked you to get t

Weren't you were heading out Mr. Gambhir

Isn't that the way out?

Kamarottu house

If you go straight this way you'll find

Is that your way of entertaining a guest

Ah...it’s a habit sir

What's up Mr. Bhavikatti?

Sir, you took off like a rocket

you didn't even give me time to sit

Are you married Mr. Eknath?

No sir

I thought so

Coming with me Mr. Bhavikatti?

I'll be there once I catch my breath sir

Anna anna anna

anna don't stand there anna

it's pretty old

It might cave in... Don't tell me later

Don't tell me later that you weren't war

This is where the inspector’s body was h

head was missing anna

I warned him not to come here

He didn't listen. He didn't have wife or

Not like me. I have 10 kids

but wife...

My name is Pakruddin. Pakru, Pakru

but Sanju anna saw the body first?not me

I’m Mr. Janardhan Gambhir’s son

Sanjeev, Sanju


Sanju, the sight of you gives butterflie


Not to me

To the one peeking through the window

the girl over there

Well it's not as easy it looks Rona sir

There is a giant wall in between

When you are after a girl, you should be
across a wall

or even to jump into a well


Pakru pull


are you checking out the new inspector?

As if he's Marlyn Monroe

I'm just trying to figure out what he's


you should middle the stroke

You know, you should get that perfect so

Dad what happened?

You always leave me behind sir

you ride the bike as if it's a plane

The tyre is flat sir

It must be a big nail or a thorn

It's neither a nail nor a thorn Mr. Bhav

When the tyre burst, there was more than

two sounds to be precise

the first was the tyre exploding

the second one was heard just a milli se

that of a bullet coming out of a rifle

You mean someone shot the tyre with a ri

It surely didn't out of someone's rear e

Judging by the point of entry

the bullet was shot from above

From right here

How dare someone try to shoot you sir?

There is no smoke without fire Mr. Bhavi


If you follow the smoke, you will find t

sir sir sir


The body has been lowered sir

Sir this the old inspector's? How did yo

He was butchered here and hung over ther

Sir, this was found on the body

Take of the gunny bag

Vatsalya is a very sharp girl sir

Not just academics,

this year she got first place at distric

She's also the captain of our kho kho te

PT master, I didn't get your name

My name is Lawrence Pinto

I'm not just the PT Master

I am the headmaster too

But people still call me PT master...out

Please can you find Vatsalya soon Inspec

Master I think you haven't heard the new

The girl's body was found last night

Dear God!


that lilttle child?

How may more innocent children are going

Most of the deceased kids are from your

You tell me


Are you suspecting me inspector

School hasn't changed much in all these

That's my brother's artwork

He lives in Bangalore

He is completely obsessed with art & lit

Totally how many kids have been kidnappe

14 kids have been kidnapped sir

What happens after the kidnap?


their bodies are found hanging by some t

What is that one thing that is common ac

A letter is found on every body sir


there is always a weird painting on ever

Sir! Sir! Sir!

What's written on this?


Gara Gara Gara Gaggara Jarba....

...Pira Nalkuri netthera parba

What does it mean?

Gaggara means the anklet worn by the hol

The sound of the Gaggara

will be accompanied by a blood bath, is
means sir



I had warned you about opening the lock

Are you waiting for your children to die


lock the door

You all can come and stay in my house

we will do whatever you say anna?

You have taken right decision Mr. Janard

Mr. Bhavikatti

get all my luggage to this house please

Why sir?

Because from now on Kamarottu house is t
be residing Mr. Bhavikatti


have you gone crazy?

This is not your father’s house

that’s right

Then whose father's house is this Mr. Bh

My father's house sir

Then this is not even your father's hous

You are the one who said there is a link
ongoing murders and this house

I need to understand what that link is M


We don't have to listen to this nonsense

Let's get out of here

Until I find the real culprit everyone i

I am staying here. It's not a request, i

If anyone tries to stop me, I swear on e
dear to you

you won't be happy with the outcome Mr.


there is music coming out of this box. C

The lady that you saw yesterday, her nam

Nittoni’s mother

Who's Nittoni?

NittoNi was the caretaker of the Kamarot

Twenty Eight years ago

NittoNi and his family's corpses were fo
Kamarottu well

Ever since that house has been haunted b

Having lost her son, daughter-in-law and

Deyyu went crazy and is often seen wande
Kamarottu house

She has apparently found the Inspector's

She has placed it in the Kamarottu house

Our Podiyajja often recites Nittoni's ve

Gara Gara Gara Gaggara Jarba

Pira Nalkuri Netthara Parba

Guddi, look what I found in the attic

Your favorite comics


Wonder where Geetanjali Rona is

How many times have I told you not to ca

Guddi you are here. I was looking for yo

I don't want to talk to you

What's my fault Guddi?

You always leave me alone

Does that scare you?

Why would I be scared?

So what's the problem?

I am...

I am...

I am very angry

Now what do I do to bring down Guddi's a

You are the one who's angered me

The gentle breeze

is singing you a lullaby

The gentle breeze

is singing you a lullaby

my lap is the cradle that rocks you

The moon has climbed up the sky

and has stealthily fallen asleep

With his sleepy eyes

he has lit up the whole world

Under the moonlight

sleep my little princess

Hop into the chariot of dreams

and go on a ride

why are you afraid of the boogeman?

when I am right here with you

I will come running and embrace you

Don't you ever go away from me

The smile that lights up lights up the d

May it remain on your face forever

You mean the world to me

The cloud has melted and is pouring down

The plants and trees have embraced that

Sliding down from the leaves

falling on to the ground

the raindrops are singing lullaby for yo

In my life, there is no one other than y

to wipe my sorrows away

I will always be behind you

like your shadow, always guarding you

With your cute little fights

and your warm hearted tight hugs

you always bring a smile on my face

Don't make any noise

O blowing wind

My lullaby is all that my baby needs

Close your eyes

Slip into sweet slumber

Have good night my little one

Did you figure out where that old lady f
Inspector's head Mr. Gowda?

She's a crazy old hag sir

God knows where she found it

The place where we found the girl's body
belong to?

The place where we found the girl's body
belong to?
Sir that's Moose Kunni's property sir

Sir that's Moose Kunni's property sir

Hop on


Who is this moose kunni?

Sir, he is a very dangerous man

there are rumours that he smuggles tons
to Kerala

and tons of cashew from Kerala to here

He's very shady sir

But no one has the courage to quesiton h

What is that?

Courage sir

What is it Mr. Bhavikatti

C..Courage sir

Now that's one thing I have in abundance

Where can I find this Moose Kunni?

There is a bar near the checkpost sir

That is his usual hangout

A lady runs that place sir

Who's she?

Her name is Raquel DCosta

but people call her GaDang Rakkamma

By god, what a lady

she is savage sir

Ey Rakkamma, pour me some liquor

Who's gonna pay your balance, your grand

Bloody freeloader

It is so intoxicating to hear you swear

What if I slap you you

son of a monkey

Why do you want to slap him and strain y

I was wondering what took you so long to
meet me

Better late than never, isn't it?

To catch a glimpse of this beauty, many
many have died

Ey, do you know who this is?

What makes you think I don't?

There is only one name doing the rounds.

...in this whole damn village

Vikrant Rona

Inspector! What would you like to have?

I can take everything that you have to o

But I have come for a different reason

Where can I find Moose Kunni


Why do you want to talk about the grinch

He is a very sweet chap

Be a little cautious

Do I have to be cautious with him or wit

You love flirting with danger

Don't you inspector?

Moose Kunni

Go to Kamarottu checkpost

in about 15 mins you will find him there

I wanted to spend a few more moments wit

But what do I do

Time is of essence

Let's go Mr. Bhavikatti

Will I see you again Inspector?

After having seen you once, if I don't c

There won't be a bigger fool than me in

I'll be waiting for you inspector


He hasn't crossed the checkpost yet

He should be here any minute

I'll inform as soon as he arrives sir

Sir namaste sir

Good morning sir

Good morning?

Hey! It's you

What is your name sir?

Balu, Balu sir


I heard nothing can sneak past you at th

How did you figure that out sir?

I am in charge of everything here

Gotta be careful with you then?

You don't have to worry sir

You are a good man


don’t let that Moose Kunni get away sir

You take care

Bye Bye sir

Hey Shankr anna let's prepare some tea

Don't you know that smoking is injurious

One for the rain Guddi

You always have an excuse

The rain, the chill?hmmm


you know my friend Bhaskar used to say

When all americans come together and pee

it starts raining here

And when all of us on this side pee at o

Bhaskar told you all this?


If I ever meet this Bhaskar, I'll smack

Whenever I mention Bhaskar's name, why d

That's how I am

He's here sir

I'll be there in a minute

How was Kerala Moose Kunni?

Sit sit

Hello sir!

I was thinking of coming over to meet yo

why did you have to take all this troubl

You know something Moose?

I asked around in the whole village

as to who the biggest scumbag is

and everyone said you you you and only y

Right Balu?

Yes sir. That is true

Why sir?

What crime have I commited?

You have Moose. Just that you haven't be

Forget it


How many tonnes of rice did you move to

and how many tonnes of cashew did you br

I have no idea what you are talking abou

you can check my jeep if you want

Wasn't it your land where the little gir

Yes sir

Yes sir
it's such a tragedy

it's such a tragedy

but I had nothing to do with it sir

May be, may be not

but I am sure you had something to do wi
Krishna's murder

Tch Tch?

Such a good human being

God always takes away the..

Whenever I see someone put up an act

I lose control over my hand

I am sure you understand


even in the past many have gone missing

You better be careful


It would be a shame if your name got add


I am not like them Moose

Let me put it a little differently

A lot of people who took me on have neve

Team up with me sir?

for a few pennies that the government is

why do you want to be their watch dog?

Because I love lifting my leg up against
you Moose

Go up against a dog Moose?

Not a mad dog

Sanju... Sanju...

Sanju anna

the winner has to break the pot and drin


this stuff is not from London, this is l


Sanju can I drink?

Sanju can I drink?

Oye it's not for girls

Right sanju?

Sanju anna

You keep defeating them

I'll keep downing the toddy

We are going to rule tonight

You have absolutely no idea about Sanju

Oh is it?

Is he a winner or a wimp?

Is he a winner or a wimp?
We'll know in a minute

We'll know in a minute

Rona sir...Rona sir

Hey! Sanju anna...sanju anna

Rona sir please

Rona sir me me

You made me lose face in front of a girl

When you are after a girl be ready to lo

I am ready to lose everything Rona sir

But how do I win her?


I defeated you here so that you can win


So that you can win over there

Akka cannot reach it.. Akka cannot reach


Thank you!

Cute Doll! Cute Doll!

She's winking with her left eye

Cute Doll! Cute Doll!

Stop playing hide and seek

Cute Doll! Cute Doll!

Smiles when I am not looking

Cute Doll! Cute Doll!

Stop throwing attitude

You are big hustler

Why are you after me?

Bumble bee, stop your advances

Go find another flower

If you want to light the fire cracker

light up the match stick

Start whistling everyone

Here comes our Hero

Listen Pupil

Tell me Master

The real game

begins now

Once the hunter sets his eye on the mark

There is no chance of missing

I am a wanderer without any goal or dest

I am a wanderer without any goal or dest
I haven't set my eye on anyone except yo

I haven't set my eye on anyone except yo

We have set our bird free

Where's your bird hiding?

I have said no with a full stop

Get back to you nest

Twirl you mustache

and show your swag

Start whistling everyone

Here comes our Hero

What do I next master?

You want her to fall for me or fall for

Sir for me

If I sing anymore, she'll fall for me

If I sing anymore, she'll fall for me
No sir!

No sir!

No sir!

I'll sing?that's ok

I am a wanderer without any goal or dest

I haven't set my eye on anyone except yo

When I spoke to you with my eye

You cheeks started blushing

like a red rose


Stop being stubborn

and coming running to me

She smiled!

Ey pakru

Gimme the local toddy


Not even one person offered to come alon

Bloody everyone is drunk out of their se


Isn't that the constable?

Let’s go with him. Constable


Panna, this looks like a graveyard

Munna go

munna go go


Munna run!

Step aside, make way

come on quick quick!


Checkpost guard Balu sir


You know that old grave yard

We saw it over there Rona sir

It was scary to look at

It had weird colors on the face, like a

colors like this?

yes yes...this is it

Munna it's ok

What was this devil of yours doing?

It was dancing weirdly sir

And it was holding it's hand over the fi
something very creepy

Sir, the other checkpost guard has also

His body is hanging at the Kamarottu-Per

Panna what happened?

I'll tell you

Rona sir

Rona sir

It's important. Rona sir

rona sir

rona sir

rona sir

Is this information only for Rona sir or
me as well

The same place where we saw the devil ye
saw Gowda the constable

Rona Sir


After killing so many people

including an inspector, if he is still n

the culprit is definitely a policeman

Rona Sir

You could have told all this to Rona sir

Even that constable was around

That's why I couldn’t talk about it

Rona Sir

Don't think he's home

Rona sir


Rona sir

Rona sir

Sanju what's all this?

Vatsalya salian

Sounds familiar

Ha, the girl who was murdered a couple o

All these articles are about the missing

When did he click our photos?

These look like the photos of the dead k

Gara Gara Gara Gaggara Jarba,

pira nalkuri netthera parba


the very next day after the old inspecto
inspector came to the village

the way he talks, the way he behaves

wanting to stay in Kamarottu house

doesn't it all seem weird to you?

Last night when I saw the devil

it had placed its hand on the fire and w

and today I saw a bandage around the Ins

He is a policeman, isn't he?

Then why doesn't he ever wear a police u

Have you ever seen a cop with a beard?

How do we even know that he's a real pol

Gara Gara Gara Gaggara Jarba

Pira Nalkuri Netthera Parba

Anna, please come

Podiyajja is inside

You can ask him whatever you want


this is Sanju anna. Boss' son

Ah come

They want to know about Deyyu's son

Deyyu's son

Twenty eight years ago

there was a man who lived here

Nittoni was his name

He was the caretaker for the Kamarottu s

His wife Gurbi, his mother Deyyu

his sons Madhava, Raghava and his little

They lived happily inn their little worl

One day a new headmaster named Janakiram


An illiterate NittoNi was asked to enrol

How can our people go to that school?

You don't worry

Just make sure that your kids attend sch

3 ones are 3

3 twos are 6

3 threes are 9

3 fours are 12

Amma I don't want to go to school

The upper class kids bully us

Don't worry son

the new headmaster is here

He'll take care of everything. Ok?

What is it? Get lost


Come on dad

You don't even know how to write?

Sorry son. I don't understand all this

Don't worry, I'll teach everything


You dirty dogs!

How dare you drink our water?

You think this is your father's borewell

Anna sorry anna


what's happening there?

Nothing sir, water... water sir

Young sanju fell into bad company

One day he walked into

the Kamarottu shrine

and stole the deity's jewellery


unknowingly the village head placed the

Hey they're coming

I heard your father is a thief?

Hey shut your mouth

You know who you're talking to?

You think you're a big shot? Ha?

Anna anna

Run just run

Don't let them get away

Hey Madhava

That dog is over there

Ey stop you.. Stop

You piece of scum!

Did baby fall into the water?

That little child had turned into a corp

Unable to bear the insult and loss

Nittoni's entire family committed suicid

A letter was found along with their dead

The family of everyone responsible for t

will become extinct

Gara gara gara gaggara jarba

pira nelkuri netthara parba

yeah get going

Looks like its going rain. Close the gat


someone has locked the gate


Anna tell me what you want

My men keep patroling this area

you'll be in trouble

You are very smart anna

Your guess was absolutely right

I smuggle goods between here and Kerala

I drop my men off before the checkpost

and they carry the goods through the woo

I'm ready to confess

Come anna, let's go to the station

I've told you everything

Please stop anna


to keep people away from this area

I made one of my men dress up like the d

but i did not kill the children anna

It is the Brahmarakshasa's doing

All these days you murdered people and b

Today the Bramharakshasa is gonna murder

Oh my!

Isn't that Moose Kunni?

But the devil was only killing the kids.

Not the devil Mr.Bhavikatti


Gadang Rakkamma

I am shapely like a bottle

Gadang Rakkamma

I came on a bullock cart

I came wearing my rose colored skirt

I dropped my stole while pouring everybo

Ra Ra


Ra Ra



Ekka Saka Ekka Saka Ekka Saka

Ekka Saka Ekka Saka Ekka Saka

Till tomorrow morning

I am your guest

Don't be shy

just come into my arms

swaying left and right

your pretty little waist

Is intoxicating everyone around you

There is no need for soda

I'll drink you raw Rakkamma

Ra Ra


Ra Ra



Drunk, tipsy, intoxicated

everyone is after me

hey officer from the city, you came

and straightaway held my hand

naughty cat don't try to drink the milk

the whole town is watching

don't hold my hand

Come here country hen

I am a raging bull

If you let me

I'll show you all the 8 directions

I am after all

a pervert by birth

If I leave now, I may not come back soon

Once I am gone

you will regret Rakkamma

Ra Ra


Ra Ra



Ekka Saka Ekka Saka Ekka Saka

Ekka Saka Ekka Saka Ekka Saka

Sir, I have locked all the drama props i

Alright make sure you go home directly


Are you putting up a show master?

Next week we have our annual day functio

So I'm getting the kids to do a play on

Why did you kill Moose Kunni?


I have not murdered anyone

You haven't?


I swear

The fact is PT master

Moose Kunni’s smuggled goods

end up in the godown behind your school.

I thought you might be connected to him

You're not the murderer then?


I haven’t killed anyone

This school and everything around it bel
Janardhan Gambhir

I just run the school

I don’t know anything else sir

Looks like I've made a blunder


he says he's innocent

This whole thing turned out to be just a

I just had an epiphany sir

You had an epiphany?

Yes sir

Enlighten me

We are suspecting the villagers sir

What if this is the work of an outsider?

Sanju anna

I forgot to tell you something

That moose kunni is a distant relative o

He looked very similar to me

who has thrown your stuff around?

Rona sir

we know everything

We saw you dancing in the devil's disgui

Why are you hitting Sanju?

You need to get behind the mask to under
behind it

Perspective of a criminal eh?

What should I refer to you as?

can't call you Sanju because Sanju is de

What should I call you sir?

Sir what are you saying?

Sanjeev Gambhira

Now ask him who he is?

I am not Sanju

Sanju and I

were roommates once

He would always

talk about this village and his mother

He got to know that his mother was suffe
and didn't have lot of time

Although he was upset with his dad

he wanted to see his mother before she p

so he sent a telegram and decided to com

but destiny had a different plan

he got killed in an accident

He could'nt meet his mother before dying

I did not want a mother to die with the
having seen her son

so I came here as Sanju

Please forgive me

I wanted to exp..

I wanted to explain everything

but I did'nt get the opportunity

I am not your son Sanju

my name is...

You're my son Sanju

You're my son Sanju

I'm stitching the buttons. You wear a di

Sanju.. Sanju..


there's no use fixing this piece of junk

Where's Panna?

Mmm, Munna anna is inside

To hell with Munna, I am asking where Pa

Hey driver, I need to make a call..


This is Rakesh anna

Panna akka's groom to be


Ah this is Sanju anna

Pakru told me a lot about you

Not everthing, I've left out some of the

I think it's somewhere on the table mom

Only one, I guess you weren't expected

And he didn't expect you

Please have it. It was made for you

What's the point of fighting over one cu

Just decide which one of you is gonna ha

Rakesh! Panna



It fell down

Hey...Congratulations. You both make a n

Sanju I had no idea that they were gonna

It had to happen someday

Sanju, Rakesh and I

our parents had decided when we were kid

I'll explain everything to them

That won't be necessary

Sanju I’m really sorry

I'll talk to my parents

Please don't be sorry

Sanju, Sanju please sanju

I'm not Sanju

You should’ve shown me this earlier Vish

As per their horoscope

after today you won't find a good date f

Wnat do we do anna?

PT Master

what happened?

His cycle tire was flat and he was stand
the road sir

I offered him to drop him off at the sch
house on the way

So stopped to say hello

Inspector, what do you want?

To hunt a tiger you need to tie a goat t

but after tying the goat

deciding to take a leak

is that a smart thing to do?

What's the consequence?

The tiger will kill the goat sir

My daughter's groom to be

Moving on

I tied the goat called moose kunni to a
waiting for the tiger

Before i could finish taking a leak

the goat was dead Pakru

You were absolutely right master

the godown behind your school does belon

but it was being used by

Moose Kunni and his partner

First they joined hands to kill the insp
their way and then

First they joined hands to kill the insp
their way and then
the guards who gave us information a

the guards who gave us information at th

and out of fear that his name might get

do you know who the tiger is who killed
goat master?

His own partner

It didn't end there

Yesterday he came to my house and tried

Me of all the people

Why are you telling us all this?

Would you rather I inform your neighbour

The murderer

is one among you

In the old inspector’s purse, i found th

poor guy had the habit of writing in rid

There's 183 written on this note

I figured out it's Moose Kunni’s jeep nu

but next to this number 1 here, he has w

i kept looking towards North and was try
what this North really meant

It took me a while to figure out its not


Who do you think you are?

How dare you accuse my brother of murder

If you try to escape again

I'm gonna shove so many bullets up your

that you'll be farting only bullets Mr.


This is Nittoni's curse

aren't we both responsible for Nittoni’s

The jewellery was stolen from the villag

Vishwanath wrongly accused Nittoni of st

without asking for any proof

i held Nittoni responsible

infront of the whole village

By the time I got to know that it was Sa

NittoNi’s entire family had commited sui
the insult

Now Nittoni’s spirit has come back to se


how did you figure out that this man is

I never said he is the murderer Mr.Bhavi

You think I went to the bar to just danc

Sir are you saying that he's not the one

I'm sure we'll have an answer for that t

Actually Miss Panna might be able to ans

What do you say Miss Panna?

Hello Rona sir

If you've come this far, it must be to a
say something

Speak or Ask

Rona sir

in the Kamarottu room attic you had lot

and I saw some letters too

What are they?

Those were letters found on the bodies o

Written by the murderer

Twenty eight years back when NittoNi's f

whatever was written on their suicide no
what was on those letters

Gara Gara Gara Gaggara Jarba

Pira Nalkuri Netthera Parba

Who’s this Nittoni?

Even Mr.Gambhir was talking about him

That's a twenty eight year old case sir

Everybody in the village knows

Can there be a link between the murder o
NittoNi's family's suicide?

Twenty eight years ago Nittoni's family

How could that be related to the murders

On Nittoni's suicide note

he had written that the families of ever
for his family's death

will become extinct

How do you know this?

The old man from the tribe. He told us

There is a link between the parents of t
and Nittoni

Whenever Phantom dies his son becomes th

That’s why people think Phantom is a gho


Sir this is the only file left

Five people died in NittoNi's family but
that were recovered was four

Nittoni, his wife Gurbi

his six months old daughter, their young

Mr.Bhavikatti what is his elder son’s na

Sir his name?



his body was never found

Sir, twenty eight year old school record

Hey stay away from me

Son can you get closer?

Meet me outside

you're so dead

The parents of all the sixteen murdered
same class twenty eight years ago

There was one more boy who studied in th

NittoNi’s son


Did you talk to Sagar?

Yeah, hey did you call the bank?

Looks like they're here

As per their horoscope the engagement ha

otherwise we'll have to wait for six mor

What about the girl?

In our custom, you don't need the girl f

Couldn't you have just stayed home?

Sit here for a while

I am fine.

I wished to see you again and that's bee

I'm sure I'll be around for Panna's wedd

Before I die, there's only one last thin

Mom you if keep talking about dying, I'l
come back

No please don't say that

Come here

My brother's daughter Reema

She's very pretty

I'm sure if you meet her, even you'll li

If you both get married

two seperated families can get back toge

After that I can die happily

Will you do this for me?


Madhava is killing the children of all t
responsible for his family's death right

His classmates are done

Are we going be his next target?

We'll all be fine. Don't worry

No, didn't you hear Janardhan uncle?

He and dad are responsible for NiTToNi's

So next it's gonna be



and Sanju, right?

Who are you?

Panna wait for me, even I'm coming, I'm



what are you doing at this time?

I bumped into him on the way back home

He asked me to show your house. Now you

Who are you talking about?



what brings you here?

Master, you had handed over the old scho
constable Gowda

Yes I did

As per those records, twenty eight years
be a headmaster called Janakiram

is he still around?

Heard he had moved to Mysore. I don’t kn

why inspector?

When he was the headmaster

there was a boy who was studying in that
looking for him master



This cat has become a nuisance

I had made some yummy fish curry

That pakru..

You were telling me about Janakiram


I had noted down his phone number somewh

I'll go look for it

Ha. While I'm at it, I'll make a nice ho

Daddy I somehow managed to catch that li

but now it seems to have vanished.

Daddy, what are you thinking so deeply a

I am not getting an answer to a question

You know my friend Bhaskar used to say

if you don’t know the answer to a partic

you should write Rama, Krishna, Shiva or

That way the teachers fearing that the g
them, will give you marks

Lawrence Pinto

Lord shiva's tattoo on the chest

Whenever Phantom dies his son becomes th

Lawrence Pinto is NittonI’s son Madhava

Anna what was that noise?

Anna don’t go that way, there is quicksa

One step and you'll get sucked in

Any other way?

There is no other way anna

If you pass the quicksand, there's a riv

Across the river, there is an old villag

It's been closed for about 28 years

Take me there

Nobody goes there anymore anna

Ah yes anna this is the temple

Let's go there


over there. That's the temple


I'll stay here and watch the boat

You please come back soon

Appa I am getting scared




In my life, there is no one other than y

to wipe my sorrows away

I will always be behind you

like your shadow, always guarding you

With your cute little fights

and your warm hearted tight hugs

Don't you ever leave me

It will be the end of me

I know till the very end

You will be there to protect me

If you don't go to Kamarottu, will the w

do you have to go?

Vicky, just one week

Before you can blink, we'll be back

Daddy please daddy

let's go back please

She is in coma



let's just go back. Please listen to me

Daddy please daddy please listen to me


did you find out who murdered your daugh

But what's the point?

You weren't able to save you daughter

You shouldn’t commit sins in life

If you do, you have to be punished

but what was my little sister's sin?

What was my parents' sin?

Janardhan Gambhira’s son Sanju stole the

You all blamed it on my family and force

that was a sin

In school when our class mates used to h
humiliate us

you all acted as if there's nothing wron

that's a sin

When they pulled out my teeth

even you were there, weren't you?

Even if you beg I'm not going to kill yo

You've to think about your dead children

and die every single day


Present sir

Umesh mudya

Present sir

Vikrant Rona

Vikrant Rona
Present sir

Present sir

Hey Madhava

To all the people who murdered Nittoni's

It is time vengeance

Avenge those deaths Madhava

Hey you came?

Murderers of my father, my mother and my



Weren't you the one who stole the jewels

You spoke about your father, your mother

You didn't mention your brother?


Duryodhana had a brother in Dushyasana

Kumbhakarna had a brother in Ravana

To fight this battle with me

come and join me my brother Raghava

The arrogance of a mad tusker

A venomous serpent filled with vengeance

Even death fears me

I am the invincible braveheart

A casket filled with anger

A cruel barbarian devil

Daddy can you please come to Kamottu wit

If I come with you, who will catch the c

When you are not with me if those crimin
me, what will you do? Huh? What will you

Sorry guddi I wasn't with you

but daddy won't forgive those who harmed

I won't

If their sister were alive, she would be

She would spit them on their face if she

They couldn’t punish the sinners and the
innocent kids

Freaking $!$

Panna, Panna save me Panna

Kill him son kill him

Twenty eight years ago

everyone thought that the body found in

But it was Sanju's body

The man that I thought loved me was the
take my life

The man who saved our life was the one w
the Devil

Vikrant Rona

Thank you Rona sir



Once you reach Bangalore

can you please call Sanju and ask when h

Don't you know that smoking is injurious