V.I. Warshawski (1991) - full transcript

Victoria "V.I" Warshawski is a Chicago based private detective who agrees to babysit for her new boyfriend; then he is murdered. Being the detective type, she makes the murder her next case. In doing so she befriends the victim's daughter, Kat, and together they set out to crack the case.

Babe alert!

Babe alert!

You ever do this kind of work, Miss...?

Warshawski. VI Warshawski.

What does the V stand for?

My first name.

I get it.

Come on. I'll show you around.

What do you want me to do?

I want you to go undercover,
penetrate Schlivitz personally,

find out who he's been paying off
downtown and get me proof.

I want something I can go public with.

You're perfect for the job.

- Why?
-You're a female dick.

- Sorry about that, guys.
- Hey, honey.

Do me a favor. Steal that.

We ain't stealing that piece of shit!


I got an emergency.

That's not good enough.

Nice try. I need the box.

- No way.
- I just blew off this lucrative gig.

- Guy offered me $5,000 a week.
-To do what?

Look after his sausage.

It's not just the work, Sal.
I got serious Murray trouble.

Same old same old.

- I caught him in bed with a redhead.
- The man is a slut.

Have libido, will travel.

Come on, girlfriend. Let's get a drink.

- Murray says I'm too independent.
- He's right.

Are you gonna give me that box?

You're on your own.


The right lipstick and great shoes
make a gal feel anything is possible.

So long, Murray.


I give up on the whole...


Look who's here.

What is the first thing
you notice about that man?

- He's looking for the bathroom.
- Wrong.

He's looking for me.

My shoes are bringing him to me,
beckoning him like a beacon.

Slowly. Surely.

Excuse me!

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, but my new shoes...

- How's your foot?
- Fine. While you're fondling it,

won't you introduce yourself?

- My name's Bernard.
- Sal, I'd like to buy Bernard a drink.

You're Boom-Boom Grafalk.

- You play for the Black Hawks.
-I used to. Sorry about your shoe.

I'm just glad
you weren't wearing skates.

- Could I have it back?
- Yeah. Sure.

- Look at that. It fits.
- Areal Cinderella story.

- Would you like to sit down?
- Thank you.

So, Cinderella, what's your name?

VI Warshawski.

VI. What does the V stand for?

Virtuous... In a manner of speaking.

-You're a funny lady.
- Try beautiful.

It works much better, believe me.

Like I said, you're a beautiful lady, VI.

My friends call me Vic.

OK, Vic.

Excuse me. I have to talk to someone.

Here, wait. Call me.

Private investigator?

- Someone hired you?
- All the time.

- To follow me?
- I was here first, remember?

Yeah. OK. Sorry.

- Will you be here long?
- Until I finish my drink.

Well, drink real slow.

Some say it's like a hurricane

And it moves you to your soul

Some say it's like a sweet surrender

That, no, you can't control..

Friends of yours?

- They're my brothers.
-You OK?


You wanna get outta here?

Slow down, wing man.

You don't have to score
first time on the ice.

I think we better...

I think we better go.

I'll call you.

If you don't, I'll hunt you down.

I'm a private eye, remember?

- Did we win?
- What do you think?

I don't got any!

Mr Contreras?

- The light's out on the landing.
-I don't got any bulbs.

- You've said that for a month.
-I don't got any.

How about some rent, amigita?

I don't got any.

what the hell are you doing here?

-You gave me a key.
- I flushed it down the toilet.

I made a copy. I taped the game for you.

- You break that goblet, you die.
- It's the only clean glass.

And the only thing I give a damn about,
present company included.

I don't believe you. You know
what Mama's glasses mean to me.


You can't come up here whenever
you want to watch a Cubs game.

-I almost brought someone home.
- Oh? who?

- A guy from the Golden Glow.
- That meat market?

I've never seen those shoes before.

-So who's the guy?
- Just a guy.

- No name?
- He has a name.

- What name?
- Bernard, OK? You happy?


- Why are you in my bedroom?
-You can't just bring a Bernie home.

His name is not Bernie.
It's Bernard “Boom-Boom” Grafalk.

The hockey player?
He's history. His knees are shit.

- He'll never play again.
- You're such a sensitive man.

You know, about this morning...
That redhead? The woman?

- It wasn't what it looked like.
- Go home.

It was you who said we shouldn't
take this relationship so seriously.

“He stood gazing as the steam
rose gently from the water,

“knowing that just beneath
this fragile blanket of bubbles

“lay her silken, nubile body.

“He felt the stirring
of a warm, throbbing passion.”

The only passion
you feel is for other women.

If you like this guy so much,
why didn't you bring him home?

I'll tell you why - you couldn't do it.

You couldn't do it, because
however much you try to deny it,

you're in love with me.

Fine. I hope you
and Mr Hockey Stick are very happy.

Close the door.

Oh, hell. Tell whoever it is to go away.


You fuckin' my dad?

It's your friend from the meat market.


Excuse us, would you?
We were just in the neighborhood.

How nice. Gee, can I get you anything?

I'd love another beer.

- Your boyfriend here...
- He is not my boyfriend.

He is merely a reporter way the hell
off his beat, as are the two of you.

Now get the hell out
of my bathroom! Please.

Come on, honey. Sorry.

Nice. The Cubs could use you.

Hey, great view.

Yeah, we love
to kick back and watch games.

Goodnight, Murray.

Well, got to go. Excuse me.

I saw you score four goals last year.

- Great game. Bruins, wasn't it?
-Yeah, right.

Great way to go out.


Don't forget -
couples' therapy tomorrow.

- Vi, this is my daughter, Kat.
- Yeah, she's just precious.

Honey, give us
a couple of minutes alone.

Sure. I'll...go look
for a clean place to sit.

- I'm sorry about...
-You got a nerve barging in here.

I do not date families.

It's not what you think.
I've been divorced for eight years.

I've got custody of Kat.

Thank you for sharing that with me,

but it's a little early in the relationship
to bring a kid into it.

I need your help.

- What does it take to hire you?
- Money and a just cause.

- How much money?
- How just is your cause?

I need you to look after Kat.

-I am not a babysitter.
- Vi, please.

There's some stuff with my brothers
that I need you to investigate.

When I get back, I'll sign all the papers
or whatever you do. OK?

Give me a dollar.


- For what?
- Hiring me.

- Just a formality.
- I'll only be a couple of hours.

You're not back
by midnight, I sell the kid.

- Thanks.
- I'm workin'.



- Goodbye, honey.
- Bye, Dad.

- Behave yourself.
- I will.


God, this is disgusting!

You got enough penicillin
in here to cure the clap.

Where'd you learn to talk like that?

You travel eight years with
a hockey team, you learn things.

-Can I have an egg?
- No, that I can cook.

No, I need it raw for my baby.

-You have a baby?
- Give me a break.

I barely have breasts.

No, it's this stupid social science project.

We have to take it everywhere for a week
and treat it like it was our baby.

I already killed two.
Babies are such a pain in the ass.

-You got a kid?
- I had one...

but I killed it
when it turned into a teenager.

What do you think?

I gave him a face and a Band-Aid diaper.

My teacher gives
extra credit for stuff like that.

I think I'm gonna call this one Freddy Ill.

Where's that detective
with the wacko name that lives here?

- Warshawski?
- That's the guy.

-You know him?
- I am him.

You...a detective?

You got a good bod...

but Dad usually likes them younger.

You sure you're not fucking him?

- How about a mouthful of soap?
- Are you some kind of nun?

Heads up. Give me that beer.

Any more trouble, Freddy gets fried.

What the hell are you doing?!

I'm a kid. I'm playing dress-up.

You do want me to have fun, don't you?

- Cool shoes.
- Don't mess with those shoes.


You got a shoe fetish.
Your secret's safe with me.

Don't sell Grafalk! Don't sell Grafalk!

- Boom-Boom!
- Boom-Boom, you asshole!

Boom-Boom, don't sell us out, man!




Horton, are you in there?

Swung on.
A deep fly-ball to left field.

- Holy cow! Yes!
- Holy cow! That ball is out of here!

I love you, Mark Grace!

- He's a hunk, isn't he?
- Yeah. He's hot.

There's my cab.

You have to wait for your dad!

- Thanks for the egg. Bye.
- Wait a minute!

- I'm responsible for you.
- You're not my mother.

Thank God for small favors. Freeze!

That is a $147 dress, young lady.

- Fine.
- Wait a minute!

- Where to, ladies?
- Grafalk Shipping, and step on it.

Hold it! Jesus. Maybe
you oughta hard-boil Freddy IV.

- Who's in charge?
- Me. Let's go.

- We're not going anywhere.
- It's my cab.

- It's MY cab.
- My dad went to see my uncle.

I'm afraid they had one of their fights.

- I'm meant to look after you.
- We'll come right back. I promise.

She promises.
Now, where are we going?

Grafalk Shipping. Step on it.

Jesus Christ! I can't
run around Chicago in a robe.

Consider that your tip.

I knew something was wrong.

We don't know what yet.

Excuse us. Excuse me.

Uncle Horton!

Uncle Horton, what happened?

Tugboat exploded.

- Where's my dad?
-I don't know.

- Wasn't he meeting you?
- Who are you?

VI Warshawski. Babysitter.

They found it!

No, no, no. You stay here.

They found the body!

Here. You got him?

Daddy? Daddy!

Where'd she go?

Kat! Kat!

- Where is she? Did you see her?
- Katherine grew up round here.

-She'll be all right.
- All right?!

- Her father just died.
- And my brother.

You don't seem too concerned.

Who are you to judge my concern?

Try the Fishing Shack.
She always ends up down there.

You in the slippers, hold it right there.

Hello, Bobby.

-You got a license for that?
- What's with that get-up?

- It's for a formal slumber party.
- Why are you here?

- I'm looking for a little girl.
- Since when do you care about kids?

Since you fished her father
out of the lake. What happened?

Who knows?
Gas leak, fuel tank explosion...

You're saying this was an accident?

When was anyone
murdered with a tugboat, Vicki?

- Have it your way.
- I told you a million times,

being a detective is no job for you.

- Did my dad pass his guilt to you?
- He left it to me in his will.

If he'd put you over his knee more
often, you'd be a happy housewife.

Bobby, I am a happy detective.
I was a lousy housewife.

If you stick your pretty nose
where it don't belong,

I'll run you in for your own good.
Now get outta here.

So...Boom-Boom goes boom?

- Not funny, Murray.
- Nice outfit.

- How you doing?
- Fine.

- Kid's not.
- How'd you know she was here?

-You just told me.
- I have to look for Kat.

- Gonna help me or write your story?
- Both.

Couldn't you pretend to have feelings?

No. Look, let's help
each other out a little.

Kat? Kat?

- Did Boom-Boom say anything to you?
- Murray.

Like there've been three
other accidents during the strike?

I am here to find a child.

- Let her mother handle it.
- I don't know where she is.

I don't know if she's called Grafalk
or if she's in Chicago.

- I can help you find her.
- What's the catch?

You're so cynical.
I want an exclusive with the kid.

OK, you got a deal...if the kid agrees.

- How soon can you find the mother?
- She's over there.

- That was beneath even you.
- Thank you.

-You'll pay for it.
-I don't doubt that.

Excuse me?

Sorry, no more questions from reporters.

I'm not a reporter.
I was a friend of Boom-Boom"s.

Bernard had many friends.
Please leave us alone.


Are you all right?

- It's your fault.
- What?

It's your fault my father's dead.

- It's not anybody's fault...
- Shut up!

- It was an accident.
- It was not an accident!

He knew something was wrong, and he...

- Should I take you to your mom?
- No.

I hate her. She's crazy and she tried
to take me from my daddy.

Kat, baby.

It's gonna be all right. It's OK.

Where are we going?

To a friend of mine.

Her name's Lotty. She's a doctor.

I gave her a mild sedative.
She needs sleep.

She gonna be all right?

Too much pain
for a small person to lose a father.

What are you doing?

It's just something for the kid.

I only knew Boom-Boom for a few hours,
now I have to worry about his kid.

Why not take her to her mother?

Hates her. Won't go near her.

Talk with the mother.
Trust your instincts.

The child can stay with me for a while.

Go home and get some sleep.

You will think better in the morning.

- I gotta see Kat.
- You like this child?

- Got a hell of a mouth.
- Look who's talking.

Yeah, I like her.

- Freddy IV.
- Thanks.

- Are you leaving?
- Yeah.

I just thought I'd go on home.

I think you better stay here tonight.
It's better than my place.


Give me a dollar.

I'm hiring you
to find out who killed my dad.

- What have you got, Murray?
- Grafalk Shipping Incorporated.

Founded by the late Neils Grafalk.

Now jointly owned by sons Horton,
Trumble and, until yesterday, Bernard.

Catch this. Net loss last fiscal year -
two and a quarter million.

rumor has it the company's for sale.

They're not doing so good.
Tell me about Kat's mother.

Boom-Boom married
the former Paige Wilson.

Three years later,
they're divorced. Uncontested.

rumors of a fling or two
with Boom-Boom's team-mates.

Paige is in and out
of rehab clinics for a few years,

until two years ago, she marries
Boom-Boon's brother Trumble.

No wonder that poor kid
doesn't want to go home.

Did she say that?
What else did she say?

- Where is she?
- Gotta go, Murray.

- What about my exclusive?
- What exclusive?

I told you everything I know.

You always did suffer
from premature articulation.

- Lotty.
- Victoria.

- You look better today.
- How's she doing?

- See for yourself.
- Come on, girls! Let's go!

Good, Natalie. Hit it over.

I thought it best to put her to work.

Two minutes for roughing.
Get in the box.

-You're great. I'll be back later.
- Yeah.

Goal! One for the girls! Give me five!

Looks like a rest home.

Excuse the apron.
I was helping out in the kitchen.

We've been short-handed lately.

I saw you last night.
You're Boom-Boom's friend.

VI Warshawski.

Private investigator. What's this about?

- Could we sit down a moment?
- Certainly.

Kat doesn't want
to be with you right now.

She doesn't like me.

That's very difficult for a mother to admit,

but it's true, and it's my fault.

Boom-Boom and I
had a very rocky marriage.

To be kind to myself,
I'll say I was unstable.

I drank, did drugs, had affairs...

I'm not your shrink.

No, of course.

What about the sale of Grafalk Shipping?

- What?
- Boom-Boom had the deciding vote.

I guess now Kat has it, right?

I suppose.

But as she's a minor, if you get
custody, you have the vote?

In your work, you must see the darker
side of everything, Miss Warsuski.


Where is she?

My husband and I just want her back.

Mr Grafalk?

Trumble Grafalk?

If it isn't the dick from the dock.

- You have our daughter?
- Your brother's daughter.

My brother is dead. A tragic accident.

Was it?

Maybe it was sabotage.

Maybe sabotage
used to disguise murder.

- You take his death very lightly.
- I loved my brother.

When I'm in pain, I create.

You must really be suffering.

I figure you had the most
to gain from Boom-Boom's death.

- Really?
-You get Kat, the sale goes through.

God, you're a stupid woman.

You don't get it.
Bernard had already agreed to sell.

So you blackmailed your brother
with the child's custody.

Yeah. Yeah...

I blackmailed him.

Only he died before signing,
and now the deal may fall through.

The only person to gain here is Horton.

The one Paige didn't marry.

You don't look
like a private detective to me.

- What"s this “VI"?
- “Very Inquisitive”.

- You saw Boom-Boom last night.
- That's none of your business.

I've wasted enough time already
talking to real detectives.

Goodbye, Miss Warshawski.

- Jesus!
- Bitch!


What the fuck
did you hit me with, lady?

Just a 60-watt light bulb.

Alight bulb?!
You could've put my eye out!

- What the fuck you hit me with?
-Just a gun.


What are you doing now?

- I have to find my shoe.
- Forget it.

I went two weeks
without lunch for these shoes.

- It ain't there.
- Where is it?

- You dropped it on the stairs.
-You didn't pick it up?

I ain't your fuckin' maid.

- Get up the goddamn stairs!
- Come on!

Earl Smeissen. How delightful.

Shut up, Warchotsi.

- What happened to you?
- He broke my light bulb.

You guys look like ground beef.

You told us she was a wise-ass.
You didn't say she's a karate expert.

Actually, aikido.

You let a broad do this to you?! Eddie!

Get outta here! Get cleaned up!

Get her off my desk.

Earl, you got a special
breeding programme for these mutants?

- Yous stifle.
- Sit down.

You've always
had a big mouth, Warchotsi.

You really ought to try listening for once.

OK. I'll listen. You got something to say,

or are you just showing me
how tough you are?

Shit. You can't
get blood out of cashmere.

Don't play wise-ass with me.

This is my joint. You don't
open your mouth till I say “boo”.

Where's your purse?

- It's not your color.
- Not very impressive.

Get a load of this, Eddie.

20 years, she's been
piling up diplomas, and for what?

To walk the streets with a bullshit license

and...12 bucks in her pocket.

- And you called me “bonehead”.
- Get to the point, bonehead.

Don't push me, Warchotsi.
You're about this close!

That your IQ or your dick?

The only reason you ain't dead is
because we was in the same homeroom.

- What do you want, Earl?
- Get off the fuckin' Grafalk case!

Door-to-door service.

How thoughtful.

Roll over.

- Can I have a little privacy?
- I diapered you, for Christ's sake.

Beat it, Bobby.

- This could make you dizzy.
- How's Kat?

She's fine.
She was fast asleep when I left.

It's you I worry about.
You should take care of yourself.

Is the show over?

You never had
a hard day at work before?

OK, Wisenheimer,
you know why I came by tonight?

Eileen threw you out,
and you need a place to sleep.

Two distraught parents called me
about a missing Katherine Grafalk,

last seen in the company
of one VI Warshawski.

-I don't have her.
- Who does?

You expecting somebody?

We don't want any.

Holy police brutality!

- Did she confess?
- Don't give me any ideas.

Are you all right?

Why does everybody
have to take care of me?

Because you won't take care of yourself.

Stay out of this, Vicki.

- I smell organized crime.
- You don't think it was an accident?

“Cops suspect
Boom-Boom's death no accident.”

Come by for dinner. Eileen has
some NICE men she'd like you to meet.

She needs to rest. Make sure she's still.


I found one of your shoes on the landing.

- Is it scuffed?
- Not as bad as your face.

Who did this to you?

Earl Smeissen.

- What did he want?
- “Get off the fuckin' case.”


So, Vic, what's the scoop?

How come you never
gave the brat back to Mom?

Why is everybody trying
to tell me what to do?

I mean, first rule of detecting -

when in doubt, hesitate.

Sounds like the rules
for our relationship.

Boom-Boom gave the kid to me.

She can't hear the word “Mom”
without freaking out.

And then there's Uncle Tugboat
or that creep Uncle Blowtorch.

- Why is the bed spinning?
- Lotty's vitamins kicking in.

You gotta get some rest.

You are really cute.

Thanks. Can I get you anything?

- Do you think I'd be a good mother?
- Whoa, Lotty!

Right drug, wrong dose.

I think I'd be a good mother. I'm...

I'm kind. I'm considerate...

You've had a long day.

No, Murray. Please stay.


Yeah. OK.

I feel wonderful.

How wonderful?

I think...a little make-up today.

I thought I told you to stay in bed.

I can't help noticing, Victoria,
that you have a gun in your hand.

It was my father's. He never fired it.

Not in the line of duty.

“Depend on a gun
and it slows your wits,” he said.

You always said
you weren't that kind of detective.

Maybe I don't know what
kind of detective I am any more.

Maybe I'm just a trash collector,
sweeping garbage off the street.

Only now I need a stiffer broom.

I don't like this, VI.
You pick a guy up, he gets killed,

somebody beats you up, you pull a gun.

This is not good.

Getting beaten up by Smeissen
is like an “A” on a report card.

- I'm onto something.
- But guns...

Who asked you, Murray?

I'll get it.

- Kat.
- Don't shoot.

- What happened to your face?
- Got betrayed by my mouth.

- Why aren't you at Lotty's?
- Who killed my dad?

I don't know. I'm working on it.

- I want to help you out.
- No, it's not safe.

Everybody is always
telling me what to do

and dropping me off everywhere.

'M going with you. That's the deal.
'm not waiting any more.

- OK. That's the deal.
-You can't take her.

These guys are playing hardball.

Butt out!

- Ready?
- Yeah. What do we do?

First rule of detecting - follow the money.

- How?
- Start with the lawyers.


Mr Lanning's away
on business. I'm Mr Pugh.

Perhaps you can help us,
Mr Pugh. I'm Wendy Holmes.

I represent Katherine Grafalk,
Bernard Grafalk's sole heir.

Mr Lanning is handling
the sale of Grafalk Shipping.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind
us having a copy of the contract.

I'm sure you understand
I'd need Mr Lanning's permission.

Come on, Phil.

We're lawyers.
We don't have to follow the rules.

Miss Holmes... It is Miss Holmes?

You're a disgrace
to our profession. Good day.

- An office hoop! Manic!
- Excuse me, little girl!

You can't go in there!

Get out of this office!

- Give me that ball!
- Whoa!

Stay right there.

That's it! Come on!

Get your hands off me, creep!

Child abuse! Bad breath! Rape!

That's it. Come on. I'm calling security.

That was a very long document
you were working on.

-I didn't see you hit “Save”.
-You wouldn't.

- I might.
- Please. Don't.

Let the kid go.

- Was I good?
- You were awesome.

- What now?
- Second rule of detecting -

when you've done something
brilliant, reward yourself.

- Wait. What's that?
- What?

Here, where you spilled the chocolate.

Part of the company
is exempt from the sale -

the Fishing Shack
and Holding Company Incorporated.

They can't sell that. They don't own it.

- Who does?
- I do.

This is it? This barge is the
Fishing Shack and Holding Company?

Yep. Old man Grafalk
built this place for his boys,

so, naturally, they hated it.

- So he left it to Kat.
- He'd drag me down here

when he felt like dropping a hook.

Don't lie. You loved
that mean old man, and he loved you.

- You're the only one he cared for.
- So he created this for you.

What can I say? I'm charming.

She's been like that since she was born.

Some are born sweet,
some come out all brat.

What do you know? You're old.
You've forgotten most of your life.

I can still use you as bait.
I'd catch the ugliest fish in the river.

Probably look just like you.

Ernie, I'm helping Kat
find out what happened to her dad.

- Don't ask me.
- Weren't you here that night?

Business been off. I went home early.

- What do you think happened?
- Lady, this is Chicago,

where everybody knows everything,
and nobody knows nothin'.

He's clamming up because he
doesn't know me, but he trusts you.


I need your help... Please.

Ernie thinks that the union's behind it.

Let's find out who's behind the union.

Just a backfire. Happens all the time.

- So..who is this guy?
- An old drinking buddy of my dad's.

John McGraw, head of the union.

And he's got a really bad temper.

-So we play it cool?
- No.

We see how pissed off we can get him.

Victoria. God, you're
as beautiful as your mother.

- This must be your little girl.
- This is Kat Grafalk.

I'm sorry about your father.
We all liked him.

- Then why'd you kill him?
- What?

Come on.
We know it wasn't an accident.

-You're crazy.
- Tell me something...

- Who's paying you to strike?
- No one.

We gotta protect ourselves. Grafalk
told us they're selling the company.

- Horton or Trumble?
- Horton.

- What else did he say?
- Whatever we did, he'd understand.

- Including sabotage?
- We had nothing to do with that.

- We're being set up.
-So you're just suckers?

- Get outta my office!
- Horton'll double-cross you.

Am I gonna have to
throw you outta the window?

Another accident?

You think it's Uncle Horton?

It looks that way,
though maybe it's supposed to.

A detective
has to go beyond the obvious.

Uncle Horton wants
to save the company, that's obvious.

Why would a rich guy like Trumble sell?

- Beats me.
- Back to rule one.

Follow the money.

- Thank you.
- Next.

- I'm depositing this for my mom.
- You know the account number?

Well, no.
It's a surprise for her birthday.

That's nice,
but we need the account number.

But...she's my mom.
Her name is Paige Grafalk.


- I'm Katherine.
- Do you have identification?

-No, 'monty 13.
- I'm sorry, dear, but without ID,

-I can't help. Next.
- But it's her birthday!

- Don't do this!
- What's the trouble?

She won't let me deposit
my mommy's birthday present!

-I'm only 13! It's just ten dollars!
- Please. No, no, no...

- She's just being mean to me!
- That's Grafalk, right?

-Yeah, but she said...!
- No, no... Give me the...

-Ten dollars. Wow!
- It's my allowance.

There, all done. Wasn't that easy?

Can I have a receipt for that, please?

I got the account number.

- Way to go.
- What do we do now?

Follow me, honey.

Excuse me, sir. Could you help me?

I'm sure I can. What do you need?

I was trying to teach my niece here

how to...what do you call it?

- Access.
-..access her balance.

But I'm just terrible
with these technical things.

I'm afraid I've erased her whole account.

I'm sure it's fine, and if not, I can save it.

- Do you have the number, Miss...?
- Stonewall. Jackie Stonewall.

Ron Whortley. Escrow.

Escrow! Honey, watch.

First the password. Don't peek.

Then the account number...

Select choice number two,
hit “Return”...and there it is.


You know, young lady,
you have to balance your checkbook.

A bounced cheque goes on your record

and can affect
your credit rating for years to come.

- Right, Miss Stonewall?
- Absolutely.

Men are such suckers.

Never underestimate a man's ability
to underestimate a woman.

Hi, this is Murray, mild-mannered
reporter for a major newspaper.

If you've got any scoops
or a message, speak after the tone.

Hi, Murray. VI. Come on, pick up.

Murray, you there?

I'm sorry about that exclusive with Kat,

but I'm close to proving
Boom-Boom was murdered,

50 you've got to promise me not
to print anything until we talk, OK?

How come you always use your initials?

It's harder for a man to patronize you
if he doesn't know your name.

Besides, I get a lot more respect
and a lot more work if they call me VI.

So, what did we learn today?

Trumble and my mother are broke.

I am broke. They are so deep, even
selling the company won't help them.

Go to the bedroom.

Hello, Ms Warshawski. I'm wondering
if might speak with my daughter?

I'll see if she's awake.

- Hi, honey.
- What do you want?

I'm so worried about you.

I... know how hurt
you must be about your father, and...

I don't know if you'll believe me,
but..."m hurt, too.

- I loved him.
-You're right. I don't believe you.

Please... Don't turn me away.
I'm your mother.

I'm not going with you, now or ever.

I think you better go.

Yeah. Thank you.

“Boom-Boom's death
no accident.” Right here.

All right, Murray.
I knew you'd come through.

- But you told him not to.
- That's how I make him do things.

So, basically, you handle men
by treating them like children?

That's a workable psychology.

Hey! Get your hands
off me, you asshole!

Come on, honey, run!

Shit! Come on!


Down the stairs!

Coming through!

- Hey!
- What's going on?

Move it!

- Can you drive a boat?
-Yeah. Why?

- Hey, that's my boat!
- Hey!

Excuse me!

- They're gaining on us!
- We stole the wrong boat!

- Oh, my God!
- Try not to barf, OK?

- What are you doing?
- Shut up!

- This is so fun!
- This is not fun!

Watch this!

-Turn! Turn! Turn!
- Shut up!

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Get down!

Put it away. You'll kill the kid.

Get this thing out of the way!

Oh, God!
Vic, talk to me! Talk to me, please!

God, don't let her die!
Don't do this to me!

You killed her, you assholes!
Stay away from me!

- Got 'em!


Thanks for the use of your hose.

- See you guys.
-So long.

She can handle my hose any time.

Hi, VI. What are you...?

- Come on. Let us in, Murray.
- Er, no. I can't... Bad timing.

I've got the flu.
I don't want to infect the kid.

Who is it, sweetie?

Nothing. I'll be right there.

My mom. Surprise visit.
Always good to see her.

-I ought to say hello.
-Vic... Vic...

Hi, “Mom”. Honey, don't look
at what your father's doing.

- Father?!
- Are you fucking my dad?

- What?!
- Stacy, this is Victoria Warshawski.

- We're not married.
- Daddy!

Not in front of the child!
Honey, we still love you.

- Stacy, has he beaten you yet?
- Oh, my God!

He can't help it. He just loses control.

At least this one's older than me.

Do you see any women's clothes?

You sold our clothes...again?!

You all deserve each other!

Stacy, this isn't what it looks like!

You're sure they were kidnappers?
Was it Horton? Trumble? Who?

Stop trying to pump me
for information. Do your own legwork.

I see. You're upset about Stacy.

What?! What planet are you on?

She almost got nabbed in broad daylight,

and you think I care
about your stupid sex life?!

Get a grip, Murray. The world
does not revolve around your pecker.

When you talk dirty it means
you want something from me.

- I want you to look after Kat.
- Him?

- Me?
- I can take care of myself.

No, honey.

This isn't a game any more.
You know that.

-You gonna be OK?
- Yeah.

Just don't leave me
with this pervert for too long.

Yo, Eddie.

Hey... You're not still sore
about the other night, are you?

Not at all.

Eddie, I'm gonna be late.

Come on. Gimme a hand with this.

Warchotsi, you're not
still pissed at me, are you?

Somebody tried to kidnap the kid today.

- They were willing to shoot me.
- Gee, that's rough.

You bet it's rough.
Why don't you tell me about it?

- I wish I could help you out, babe.

I'll bet you do...


- Talk to me.
- I got nothin' to say.

- You know what this is?

-What is it?
- It's a nutcracker.

- You know what we do with it?
- You're crazy, Warchotsi!

- Spill it. Who hired you?
- I gotta protect confiduciality.

C-c-c-crack, Earl!

OK, OK! Lighten up!

Jesus... All right.
This guy comes to me

and wants some trouble on the docks.

He wants it to look like the unions did it.

We dump some grain, sink a barge,
flood a cargo hold. No big deal.

- Till you murder Boom-Boom.
- We didn't blow up any tug.

Who did? Who did?

Boy, are you a bonehead.
Horton's setting you up to take the rap.

You're the bonehead! It's not Horton.



Thanks, Earl.

Fuck you, Warchotsi.

You're setting me up.
You're trying to frame me.

-You killed Bernard, didn't you?
-You never had a life, Horton.

Now you're going to prison.
I feel very, very sorry for you.

Everything you touch, you kill -

our history, our family, now our brother.

-You are pathetic.
- You son of a bitch!

What are you gonna do now?
Kill me, too?

- Hello?
- Hello. We have to talk.

Nine o'clock. Your office.

Hello, Warshawski.
Come by for a closer look?

Everybody get this view?

- Just the females.
- Your wife?

I mean the others.
You see, I fuck...a lot.

- More than 500 women.
- Just can't get the hang of it?

You think you know me, VI, ♪,

but you haven't even
scratched the surface.

Don't flatter yourself.
You're about as deep as Formica.

-I want my step-daughter back!
- That's her decision.

But she'll never let you have custody.

Why don't we let the police decide?

Yes. I'd like to report a burglar.
Yes, she's still here.

Damn it. He'll drop the charges
if you'll hand over the kid.

-I can't.
- Why not?

It isn't safe. Trumble
is in this up to his eyeballs.

- I feel it in my gut.
- My gut is bigger and says Horton.

- He had the motive.
- This isn't about the sale.

There's not enough money
for either of them.

Then, what is it about?

-You don't know, do you?
- I know you should lock Trumble up.

- On what grounds? Woman's intuition?
- Bobby, I'm almost there.

Just 24 hours, then I'll hand it to you.

And you'll turn over the kid?

I must be nuts.
Come on! Get outta here, will ya?

- Sumitora Corporation.
- Can you tell me where your offices are?

1333 North Michigan Avenue.

Follow the money.

- Who are you?
- VI Warshawski.

I'm investigating
the murder of Boom-Boom Grafalk.

What's your association with Trumble?

- That is none of your concern.
- It's your concern.

You're dealing with a murderer.

This is a legitimate enterprise.

We have no knowledge
of any criminal activity.

OK... What are you doing
with Grafalk Shipping?

- Nothing.
- What is this? A tour boat?

No, this is a survey boat.
We can't do a landfill project

without checking
the sedimentation, the substrata.

- Landfill?
- For Harbor gate,

Chicago's new Gold Coast.

All of this - marina, offices,
condominiums. And it all fits here.

- This belongs to Grafalk Shipping.
- They no longer own it.

The property rights
were transferred years ago.

To the Fishing Shack
and Holding Company Incorporated.

Yes. That's correct.

Son of a bitch.

- Vic, she's gone.
- “I'm going behind enemy lines.”

She's going to Paige's.
We've got to get her.

- She's the key to all this.
- Why?

Kat's grandfather pulled a fast one.

He left the company to his sons,
but left Kat the Fishing Shack.

This Japanese developer wants to
develop it, and Kat owns the rights.

Holy shit! She must
be worth 100 million dollars.


- Help me!
- What?!

- I gotta get Mama's glasses.
- No, wait! Get out!

For God's sake,
they're trying to kill you!

No. They thought Kat was here.
They're trying to kill her. Come on.

- Kat!
- Mrs Grafalk! Mrs Grafalk!

What is it?

- Why are you here?
- Where's Kat?

-I don't know.
- But she came home?

Yes. She and my husband
had a fight. Now she's gone.

- Where's Trumble?
- Looking for her.

Jesus Christ! Listen to me...

My apartment was firebombed tonight.

- I think your husband did it.
- What?!

Your husband
is trying to kill your daughter.

-You're wrong.
- What if 'm not?

Oh, God, I don't believe this.

Believe it, lady.

Where did he go?

He went to the docks to look for her.


-So what's the plan?
- There is no plan.

- Jesus, VI. Where'd you...?
- Take that one.

- I hate these things.
- Go that way.

Hold it, Trumble!

Too late.
Drop your gun or I shoot the kid.

- She's alive?
- Of course she's alive.

She's about
to have a drowning accident.

Drop it...now.

We told her not to play
by the docks, especially at night.

-She's just a kid.
-I know. It's a shame, really.

So easy for a young girl to get hurt.

They run, they play...

they fall.

- Don't do it. It's not worth it.
- Oh, it is.


Drop it!

Quite the profile in courage, isn't he?

Goodnight, Warshawski.

Goodbye, Kat.

- Paige! Thank God.
- Don't move!

I don't know who to trust.

- The winch. Kat's in the boat.
- Don't move. I mean it!

The boat, Paige. Stop the boat.


- She doesn't love me.
-You won't get the money.

Yes, I will.

I will.

See...my husband did it.

He killed Boom-Boom...

and shot your friend.

And then...

he shot you.

And he killed my baby.



Damn it!



-You OK?
- Yeah. Great.

It's over, Paige. For God's sake.


Hey, you think this guy's shitting me?

He says I'm gonna make it.

Of course you're gonna make it.

I don't want to die without
seeing the Cubs win a pennant.

You're lucky to be alive.
Don't ask for immortality!

Take your hands off me. Vic!

- She's gotta see a doctor.
- Leave me alone. I'm fine.

Of course you are, but they gotta
check you out. It's no big deal.

- Come with me.
- Don't worry.

Last rule of detecting -
never lose a friend.

- I gotta check on Murray.
- OK

-The kid all right?
- Yeah.

What did you tell her about her mother?

Nothing. I'm gonna tell her that

her mother died...trying to protect her.

- She can read the papers.
- Yeah.

Maybe that's what the papers will say.

Don't want her to grow up thinking
her mother was trying to kill her.

- I owe you, Murray.
-You'll pay, Vic.

Excuse me.


I have something to say. I shouldn't
have let you leave the station.

You nearly got yourself killed,
Ryerson and the kid.

- OK, Bobby...
- Will you let me finish?

What I'm trying to say is...you did good.

Thank you, Bobby.

Come on. Get outta here!

What are you looking at?

Listen, Vic. About that blonde...

Murray, have you seen
what I can do with a nutcracker?