V.C. Andrews' Ruby (2021) - full transcript

Ruby Landry is filled with hope as love blooms with her high school sweetheart Paul Tate. But lingering thoughts of her mysterious father and her mother's death often creep into Ruby's mind.

I was born in the bayou in
the low country in louisiana,

and raised by my grandmère,

Grandmère was a spiritual

Someone unafraid to do
battle with evil.

When grandmère was summoned
at night

it meant someone was
very sick or in pain

or it meant death.

Something evil took my baby.

I- I felt it.

I felt the spirit enter the room
when the baby died.

When a baby dies before it is
baptized a dark spirit lingers.

It's trapped the baby's soul
and we must release it.


Holy water.


The spirit hides itself
in standing water.

We must find it
and wash it away.


Over here.


Je vousez chassez diabolique.

Je vousez chassez diabolique.

Je vousez chassez diabolique!

Be gone, demon!

bury the child.

The evil is gone.

Is that for tourists
or for you?

It's to sell.

Oh, is that grandpère jack?

Where's his whiskey bottle?

it isn't jack.

It's my father.

He's watching over me.

Oh, I don't think
he's that type.

If you only met him that once

how do you know
what he's really like?

You know I have the sight.

That doesn't mean
you see everything.

No, I don't.

But I do know that landry women
don't pick good men.

You'd do well to remember
that with the boys.

Finish up.

You'll be late for school.


Were you avoiding me at school?

So I heard skeeter fitch asked
you to the fais dodo dance.

He most certainly did.

And I'm told you said
you'd think about it.

Did I tell him that?

I suppose I might have.

Ruby, why would you say that?

Because, paul, so far he's
the only boy who's asked me.

We've been going together
for more than a month.

I didn't think I would have
to officially ask you.

Well, I guess you just learned
something about girls.

And besides, how do I know?

Maybe you didn't wanna be seen
in public

with a lowly cajun girl.

What would your vague,
rich father say?

Hey, hey, hey.

Well, miss ruby landry,

would you do me the honour
of being my for real date?

Fine, I'll go with you.

Wish me luck.

I'm gonna help grandmère
at her craft stand.

I'm putting up some
of my paintings.

Maybe I'll sell one.

Good luck.

I just love your preserves,

Best in the bayou.

There you go.
Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm going to the dance
with paul.

Why are you being so difficult,

I'm looking forward to this.

Ruby, don't argue with me.

I cannot have you running around
with paul tate.

I'm not running around with him,
I'm going to the dance with him.

He's a tate, you're a landry.

Nothing good can come of this.

My goodness, grandmère,
what are we now,

the hatfields and the mccoys?

You are headed straight
for a heart break.

This is ridiculous.

He's a perfectly nice boy.

Don't argue with me-

are you alright, grandmère?


What can I help you with today?

These are remarkable.

But none of them are signed.

Who did this?

She did.


You painted these?


They're $5 a piece.

I want 'em all.

What's your name?

Um... Ruby landry, sir.

You-you really want to buy
every one of my paintings?

This is what I'm gonna do
for you.

This... Is $50.

Now, that's just
a down payment.

My name is dominique legrand.

I run an art gallery down
in the french quarter

and I don't believe
that your paintings

are gonna be on the wall
for very long.

Thank you, sir.

May I?

Yes, yes.

Of course.

almost there.

♪ where the azalea grow,
my baby gonna go ♪

♪ where the azalea grow,
my baby gonna go ♪

♪ my louisiana baby,
my louisiana girl. ♪

♪ she's a louisiana... ♪

he bought every
single painting

and said it was only
the start.

It's unreal!

So what's next?

Move to the city,
forget all about me?


You can come with me.

I'll need a chauffeur after all.

Let's go in and celebrate?

Get outta here,
ya damn rummy!

Don't come back!

Oh, no.

I don't know what the heck
you're doing, I paid my bill.

Hey, hey, come on,
leave him be!

Take your boy home!

What do you want?

He's asking for it!




Come on, loan me-
loan me a dollar.

Come on, jack.

Worthless rummy.

We're taking you home,

I'm fine. I can walk
on my own.

Alright, almost there.

Just a few more steps.

There we go.

Ok, jack.

You sleep it off.

Ruby, forget it.

Nothing's gonna get this place
clean, anyway.

Thank you for helping me
get him back.

I'm sorry you had to get
all caught up in it.

Well, don't worry about it.

I am worried about it,

Word's probably
all over town.

Your parents are going
to hear

that you muddied your hands
in landry business.


Those dirt poor swamp folks.


I don't care.

They can't tell me
not to see you.

Ruby... I love you.

Are you serious?

Am I serious?

Is that really your response?

I- I mean, I-I don't know
what I was expecting

dropping it on you
out of nowhere

but I know what I was hoping
to hear-


I love you, too.

That's better.

what's going on out there?

This is exactly how
I imagined it.

I know what you're going to say
so don't bother.

You have got to stop seeing
this boy now.

Grandmère, I...

I'm in love with him.

Oh lord.

Ruby, you are not your mother's
first born.

Paul was.

Oh, come on.

It's true.

Paul's father was
already married

when he seduced your mother.

I don't know what he told
his wife,

how they explained
things away-

stop it!

It's true, ruby.

I don't believe you.

I wish I hadn't had to tell you,

Of all the boys in the world
you had to pick paul tate

to fall in love with,

and he just happens to be
your half-brother.

It's not true.

It's not true.

you're going to have
to tell him goodbye.

ok, but since when do you care
that I'm from money

and you're not?

I just think we need to admit
we're from two different worlds.

We should stop it now
before it goes too far.

I... I really think I need to
focus on being an artist right now

and to do that
I need to live more.

I can't stay in houma forever.

I need to be open
to more experiences.



Now I get it.

More experiences.

In other words more boyfriends,

Paul, I'm not saying that.

No. No, look.
Everything's clear now.

You're a landry. That's what
I would expect from you.

I know you don't mean
what you're implying.

I know you're just trying
to hit me back-

no, no. Everything I heard
is true.

I didn't wanna believe it
but look, here we are.

Hey, and best of luck to you
and your new experiences.





Special delivery from
the chevalet gallery.

This just arrived.

Someone in new orleans has one
of my paintings on their wall.

Can you believe it?

grandmère, I don't think
you're getting any better.

Let me get a doctor.

No doctors.

Just-just listen to me.

I think we should take
this money

and hide it in my private chest,

'cause if grandpère jack
gets wind of this

he'll come looking.

You'll find my bible under
my small jewellery box

on the bottom.

listen to me, ruby.

Now that you know about
your mother and the tates

I think that you should know
all of it.

You'll find a photo in the book
of revelation.

That's me.

That's me when I was
a little girl.

But who is this man?

His name is pierre dumas.

Ruby, he's your father.

So I knew him once?

No, that's not you
in the picture.

That's your twin sister.

You're old enough now, you
should know the whole story.

Your grandpère would sell
anything he could

to get himself some whiskey,
including a newborn child.

your father came to the bayou
on a hunting trip.

Even though he was already
married he met your mother, gabrielle,

and fell hopelessly in love.

She got pregnant.

Pierre's wife couldn't
have children

but his father wanted his son
to have an heir.

Pierre paid your grandpa jack

to provide him with one.

What none of us knew that
you were still yet to come.

you were born an unexpected
twin, ruby.

It was like my gabrielle
was determined to give me

a granddaughter no matter
what your grandpère's

devilish plans may be.

You were an angel sent straight
from heaven to me, ruby.

When jack tried
to snatch you too,

I took that pitcher and tried
to cave his head in with it.

I told him if he ever set
another step into this house

he'd never take another.

My beautiful daughter,
gabrielle, died

before the sun rose.

I have a father.

I have a sister.

ruby, get me my powders.

The brown-the brown one.

This one, grand-?

she was an angel if ever one
walked this earth.

A dear, dear friend.

I'll miss her terribly.

Thank you, mrs. Thibodeau.

You know I'm just down the
street if you ever need anything.

She's really gone.

She was just too good
for this world.

I don't need no comfort
from you, woman!

Oh, are you gonna speak to me
like that on a day like today?!

Let me make you a plate,
mrs. Thibodeau.

Yes. Thank you, sweet girl.

I can handle myself.

What happened?

Her heart just gave out.

why don't you come
to the table?

I'll fix you a plate.

Come on.

I swear, I'm gonna dry out.

Alright, grandpère.

You believe what I'm saying,
don't you, ruby?


Come on.

can I come in?


I saw jack and his buddies
in the front window.

I didn't know if he'd
let me see you.

What are you doing here?

Ruby, I feel really rotten

about how I talked
to you the other day.

I didn't mean any of it.

I know you didn't.

Look, if you don't wanna
see me anymore

I guess I can deal with it.

But it would really help me
to understand why.

Ruby, you said you loved me.

I do.

And I don't wanna see
other boys.

I didn't wanna break things off
with you, paul.


Ok, well, then don't do it.

I have to.

But why?

If you love me?


You're my brother.

- No, it can't.
- It's true.

Your father and my mother
were together-

ruby, for god sakes.

If I was going to lie to you,
this is what I'd come up with?

No, ruby, this-
this has to be a joke.

Don't you know I wish it was?

Oh, my god.

Everybody kept this secret
for so long.

We were never supposed
to know about it.

No one was.

Well, that's it.

That's the answer.

Ruby, no one has to know
about this.

Even if that is true,
I don't care.

I love you, and I will never
want anyone else.

Tell me you don't feel
the same way.

Ruby, I have to have you.

who you got in here?!

Go. Quick! Go!

I shoulda known you had
loose knees just like your ma.

You're gonna get yourself
knocked up

one of these days, girl.

Yeah, you'd like that,
wouldn't you?

Another baby to sell?

Now, I don't know what
you think you heard,

rumours maybe.

Now, you get to sleep and I best
not hear no more noise in here,

or I swear to god...

where'd everybody go?

It's the middle of
the afternoon, grandpère.

Guess I must have fell asleep.

Damn, if that don't smell good.

I'm cooking extra

so there should be plenty
you can take home with you.

You know who'd like
some of that?

Buster trayhaw.

He's my buddy.

He was over here
just last night.

I heard.

Oh, he kept talking about you.

ruby this and ruby that
and ruby's so pretty,

we couldn't shut him up
about you.

Point of fact I told buster
to come on over tonight.

Maybe we could talk about the
two of yous getting married.

I'm sorry?

Are you insane?

Have you ever been out
to his plantation?

He's got more land than
the kingdom of heaven.

He could sure take care
of you.

You wouldn't want for nothing
the rest of your life.

I'm not ready to marry anyone.

Do you hear me?

Certainly not buster trayhaw.

I'm going to be an artist.

Buster would be fine with that.

All his money may even buy you

all the paint and crap
you'd ever want.

you listen to me,
you worthless rummy!

You don't have a say in this
and I want you out of here!

This is my house now,

so you go back
to your swamp shack

and be retched all by yourself!

I'm gonna show you
what happens

when you get lippy
with me, girl!

I've about had it-

let go!

-With the females in this
family telling me what for!

No! No, please!

I got buster coming
over here

and we're gonna cut us
a deal.

And that's it!

Unlock me, please!

I'm your granddaughter!


Evening, jack.

I brought you a little something
for your pain.

Mighty nice of you.

Come on in.
Sit down.

Oh, it's hot out...

Everything all set?

Talk to her?

I talked to her.

She's no problem.

But you and me, we haven't fixed
on no price yet.

Well, we're both gentlemen,

we'll agree on something
when the time comes.

buster, the time is now.

And I don't think I can let ruby
go for anything less than...

Probably, I'd say, $1,000.

Oh, what the hell,
I'll throw you $500 now

and the balance on her
and my wedding day?

Come on, buster, don't get me
angry at you, now.

You got the money.

I figure a man's got to know
what he's paying for

if he's putting up this kind
of money all at once.

What're you talking?

You've seen ruby before.

Seeing is one thing.

I will go you one better,

This on the table is yours,

plus another $500
if I can break her in tonight.


Said bonus money
is to be paid

only after the merchandise
has been thoroughly tested.

I'm comin' in, ruby.

jack, you son of a bitch.




bus to new orleans, please.

One way.

Ooh, look at that.

Your daddy is a sharp-looking

He sure is.

Is he as handsome now
as he was back then?

I couldn't say,
I've never met him.

You never met your own daddy?

I didn't even know he existed
until about a week ago.

I have some butterflies about
it, to tell you the truth.


I'm sure they can't wait.

They don't know I'm coming.

They don't know I exist, either.

Oh, honey.

I'm gonna give you something to
help take the butterflies away.

This here is the neck bone of
a black cat killed at midnight.

The gris-gris.

You know voodoo?


Well, this one's worked on me.

My aunt got me a new job
in new orleans

and now I can finally save up
enough for nursing school.

Annie, that's terrific.

Not so much for the cat though.

Well, you keep this on you
and you'll be just fine.

Oh, I couldn't take
your good luck piece.

It's bad luck for me
to take it back now.

Even worse luck for you
to give it.

Thank you, annie.

My god.

That's amazing.

You look like you should be
selling flowers

on the street corner.

I'm sorry, did I ask
for your opinion?

You just surprised me.

All I was expecting
was a mardi gras gown.

Not a full-on costume.

Well, you're the one
with the mask.

Hey, gisselle, I'm impressed.

Keep up the attitude

and you're sure to win
first place at the ball.

Could you leave me alone,

Come on, let's go inside.

Let go of me!

Wait a minute.

You know the people
that live here?

Gisselle, stop.

My name is ruby!

Oh my god, you must think I'm...
My name is ruby landry.

I think I know
what's going on.


It's me.

Get lost, beau.

I brought you something.

Something shiny?

I'll see you downstairs.

Alright, beau.

Where's the big surprise?

Gisselle dumas,
meet ruby landry.

She's your sister.

I don't understand this.

Beau, what the hell is
going on?


this is as big of a shock to me
as it is to you.

I didn't mean to-


No, no, no.

I don't have a sister.

Is this some kind of joke, beau?

Why did you let this person
in here?

Because she's clearly
your twin sister.

Look at her.

I don't accept this.

This is just a mean prank
you're pulling, beau,

and I'll never forgive you-

gisselle, it's crazy, I know.

I was shocked to learn
I had a sister, too.

We were separated at birth-

you shut your mouth!

You're just pulling
some kind of a scheme.

She wants money.

Don't you get it?

Look how she's dressed.

Gisselle, for god sakes.

Just get her out of here.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to cause her any-

she'll come around.

But I think it's time you met
your father.

Don't you?

Maybe I shouldn't have come.

They're at a party next door.

Just wait here.

Don't leave me here alone.

Ruby, everything's
gonna be fine.

It's true.


The butler told me there
was another gisselle.

I'm ruby.

I'm nina.

I'm the cook.

You won't be needing that.

I'm not some evil spirit.

So you know what this is?

Five-fingered grass?

My grandmother used to use it
to ward off dark forces.

Like I say, I'm harmless.

You're troubled.

I've just never seen myself
with a father and mother.

Even though I know
that's not me.

No, you're not another gisselle.

I can see it clear now.

I can't blame her for the way
she reacted.

I probably would, too,
if I was in her shoes.

Don't you worry about gisselle
and her shoes.

She's go too many

and she'll use every pair
to walk all over you

if you let her.

Yes. Thank you, nina.

Good evening, monsieur dumas.

I'm so sorry to show up
like this without any warning,

I- I had to leave my home,

I didn't know.

I didn't know.

Your grandfather's name is jack,
he's a swamp guide.

I have two daughters.


Daphne, come meet ruby.

It's my pleasure.

I really didn't come here
to cause any trouble,

I just hoped I could meet you.


My darling, this is a blessing.

I... I only mean
I didn't come here

with any expectations
to stay here.

No, of course not.

Of course not?

Of course yes!

This is as much your home
as it is ours.

Darling, don't pressure
the poor girl.

If she doesn't wanna stay
she must feel very awkward.

I couldn't send my own daughter
away now that I know she exists.

Nina, fetch edgar, will you?

Have him make up a room
for ruby.

We have so much
to talk about.

oh. I forgot all about you.

Good morning.

It was.

Was the ball nice?

Depends on what you call nice.

I hear you're a swamp girl.

Do they have fancy formals
down there?

We've been known to throw
a dance or two.

Well, there weren't any banjos
or washboards

so I doubt you would have
liked it.

I'm just trying to be nice
to you, gisselle.

Like it or not we are sisters.

Yes, so everyone keeps
telling me.

That doesn't make us friends.

Good morning, mr. Dumas.

Oh, there she is.

Ruby, come sit with me.

"mr. Dumas", that won't do.

I'm your father, aren't I?

I'm just getting used to it,
that's all.

Oh, well you take all the time
you need.

This is your first time
in new orleans, I take it.

I've never been out
of the bayou.

Well, why don't we make
a day of it?

You and me.

I'll give you the full tour.

Sound good to you?

Yes, it sure does, daddy.

well, what do you think?


You know, I really wish
I could have seen

you and my mother together.

Oh, well, I was only with
gabrielle, your mother,

for a short time.

But I have to say, it was
the most marvellous time.

Everything was so unexpected
with your mother.

My father had taken me
on a hunting trip

down to the bayou and there,

was this beautiful spirit.

That was your mother.

I never loved like that before.

What do you think of these?

Well, they're marvellous,
aren't they?

Let me see.

Oh, now this is great.

I suppose it reminds you
of home.

I know the artist.

Oh, you do?

Will you look at that.


So, now that I understand you'll
be staying with us for a while,

I'm hoping in time you'll feel
comfortable addressing me

as "mother".

I hope so, too.

I've come up with a little story

to explain your
sudden appearance.

I'd like you to commit it
to memory.

People will ask.

I couldn't just tell people
the truth?

Oh, no, my dear.

The truth of your origin
would put people off.

As unfair as it sounds, they
would look at you differently.

Less... Kindly.

As they would the rest
of the family.

You see, the dumas name carries
a power and a responsibility

and it is my duty
to protect both.

Yes, of course.

So, the truth is...

You were kidnapped, when
you were just a few hours old,

right out of our nursery.

we'll tell people that you were
stolen by cajuns

who sold you to the people
that you've come to know

as your family in the bayou.

But by the grace of god
you've been returned to us.

We kept our search and our
tragedy private until today.


I don't know how comfortable I
am telling people such a story.

Well, you don't have
to say anything

other than you'd rather
not talk about it.

But this simply is what
the story will be.

I've spoken to pierre
and he agrees.

I could never say a bad word
about my grandmère.


As I said... If you can't say
anything bad

then just don't say anything
at all.

In any case, the first thing
we need to do

is make you look like
a dumas.

Thank you so much.

I guess it's christmas.


You're gonna have to let me
borrow this whenever I want.

You can borrow anything here.


Listen, I want to apologize
for being such a snit.

Oh, no-

you have to understand
this whole thing

has been a big shock for me,
you coming out of nowhere,

but daddy has explained the
whole horrible thing to me.

I would have just killed myself
if I had to grow up

in a swamp full of kidnappers
and poor beggars.

It wasn't all bad.

But I think it's gonna be fun
having a twin sister, don't you?

I'm so glad to hear you
say that, gisselle.


We missed the chance
to grow up together.

Well, I can help you figure
out what goes with what.

It's not your fault
that you don't know

anything about fashion.

The boys are gonna love you
in this.

I have something similar and
they just die when I wear it.

I'll bet beau gets jealous.

Oh, they all get jealous.

I like beau.

I think he seems very sweet.

Hmm, he's alright, I guess.

He's just one among dozens.

But I'm sure you've been
with tons of guys.

I've read all about you
cajun girls.

I don't know what you've heard.

I've really only ever had
one boyfriend my whole life.

Oh yeah? Who?

Your brother?

anyway, I'll introduce
you around,

make sure you know who is
worth dating and who isn't,

but first we've got a little
work to do.

This is it.

This is the one.

I think it'll look better on me,


Alright, now blot like
I showed you.


You could almost pass for me.

No one would believe
I'm that nice.

Har har.

No thanks.


Oh, my god, I just had
a great idea.

Let's trade.

Trade what?

Trade each other when the boys
get here.

You pretend to be me
and I'll pretend to be you.

Fool them.

I don't think so, gisselle.

Hi, y'all, my name's ruby.

My pet skunk's named petey.

no one on planet earth
talks like that, gisselle.

And this is a dumb idea.

Oh, don't be such a simp.

It'll be a scream.

Gisselle, please.

Nothing but bad can come
from a trick like that.

Well, I guess we're gonna
have to see.

why, hello, boys.

Beau, so nice to see you again.

And you, you handsome thing,
you must be martin.

I'm gisselle's sister, ruby.

Nice meeting you.

Wow, you two really
do look alike.

It's spooky.

Well, you might not have
thought so

when I first showed up
in my raggy swamp clothes.

I was just a little, old,
filthy, dirty sight,

wasn't I, gisselle?

Well, you're about as far from
that as you can get tonight.

I don't know if this town can
handle this much good-looking.

Oh, he's every bit as charming
as you said he was, gisselle.

I could just eat him up like
a plate of fried possum.

just look at the pearly whites
on you.

We swamp girls aren't used
to boys having

so many teeth left
in their heads.

Well, I've still got all
the parts god gave me,

and then some.

let's go into the living room

and leave these two
love birds alone.

Gisselle, I've never seen you
looking prettier

than you do right now.

Thank you, beau.

I guess anyone standing
next to ruby

is going to look at least
a little nicer.

Oh, I'm sorry, was that mean?

You know, gisselle,

I've been just burning to be
alone with you all day.


Come here, beautiful.

Alright, beau.

You know I'm not gisselle.


Cut it out.

The whole thing was her idea.

How stupid does she think I am?

Martin seems fooled.

She never knows when
she's gone too far.

Listen, since you went along
with this,

you're gonna help me
get back at her.

what-I don't think I get
the plan.

She can't even see us in here.

That's the plan.

She has no idea what
we're doing in here

and gisselle has a dirty

sorry for kissing you
like that.

Without asking, I mean.

I pranked you.

I had it coming.

What if I were to try it again?

I suppose I'd have to slap
your face.


wait a sec!

Where are those two?

You get out here right now,
beau andreas!

Yes, ruby landry from the bayou?

May we help you?

Alright, cut it out.

You know damn well who's who.

You're the only gentleman
I know, martin.

Uh, what the hell
is going on here?

oh god. Oh, my...

maybe don't drink the whole
bottle next time, gisselle?

Just leave me alone.

I'll be alright.

And don't you get any ideas
about beau.

He'll never be interested
in a swamp girl, anyway.



Does this stuff really work?

Gisselle is about as hung over
as I've seen,

and I have seen hung over.

It works every time.

I learned this skill from
mama dede herself.

Oh, your mother?

Not my mother.

Mama dede, voodoo queen.

She got a cure for everything.



I'll go see her next time
my skin breaks out.

Oh, you do not wanna see
mama dede

unless you got big troubles.

Even then, the price may be
more than the money you pay.

How's gisselle been treating
you, cherie?


Well, no.

Worse, I guess.


Maybe we give her another
half hour to feel the evils

of too much drink, yes?

Might help her make better
choices in the future.

And I know you only want
to help your sweet sister,

even though it might hurt some.

what the hell is that?

Nina says it'll take the gongs
out of your head.

Drink it.


It tastes like pig snot.

Nina swears it works
in seconds.


That's crazy.

Here's to voodoo.

Hey, can I ask you something?


Last night I thought I heard
someone crying

in the bedroom two doors down?

Oh yeah, you'll hear that
every once in a while.

That's uncle jean's old room.

Wha-uncle jean?

Daddy's younger brother.

He was in an accident
forever ago

and daddy sometimes
goes in there

and cries his little eyes out.

It's so embarrassing.

So do me a favour

and keep your trap shut about it
to people, huh?

He died?

No, worse.

He got brain damage

so they stuck him in one
of those hospitals for kooks.

Daddy makes me visit him
once a year.

It's just awful.

You think daddy would let me
go see him?

Cripes, I guess he would
if you wanted to.

Why would you?

Because he's family, gisselle.

Does he speak?

No, he's a vegetable.

But he's still quite

and keeps himself together.

Best dressed loony in the bin.

Anyway, it's Saturday.

I'm calling the boys.

why are we stopping here?

Martin's got a connection.

He's gonna get us some reefer.

Be right back.


It's me, annie.




I cannot believe I ran into you.

I thought you said you were here
visiting your aunt?

Yeah, I work with her.

Right over there.

How did everything come up
with your daddy?

Uh, great, thanks.

My gris-gris worked,
didn't it?

I gotta go.

Nursing school don't pay
for itself.

You come see me again,

Ah, ok.

I only met her that one time
on the bus.

I had no idea.

oh my god.

Ruby's friends
with a prostitute.

Ruby, I think you better be
real nice to me.

It would be a real shame
if this got out.

Oh, my god.

It's ruby, right?

Y'all are gonna have to start
wearing name tags.

I can't tell one
from the other.

Did you really get kidnapped
when you were a baby?

You have got to be so brave.

After everything that happened.

I'd really rather not talk
about that.

Don't worry about your starting
school late.

I can help you get caught up.

What're you doing after school?

hi, I'm looking
for miss popularity?

She's over there in the mirror.

She used to be.

Not anymore.

Gisselle, you're not really
threatened by me.

I'm just this week's sideshow.

I don't know.

Claudine simpkins asked me
to invite you

to her slumber party
on Friday.



I've never been
to a slumber party.

Oh, they're real fun.

We talk about the boys,

do each other's makeup,
eat lots of bad stuff.

You should come.

Besides, it'd be a fun thing
to do as sisters.



I'll tell her.

Claudine's parties are always
a good time

and she always cooks up
some fun surprise.

♪ I cried my heart on... ♪

what do you think, ladies?

Will this drive steve wild
with desire?

Maybe if that's all you wear.

where did you dig those up?

They're my grandmother's
old clothes.

In the trunk.

Well, you realize what
we have to do.

Old-timey fashion show.

We'll each pick something out,
walk the runway,

and vote.

Loser has to sleep
in the garage.



Ruby, this is so you.

What do you think, girls?


You go first.

- Oh.
- Go into the bathroom and change.

Give a knock when you're ready
to come out.

Careful you don't show
too much ankle, now.

this was your idea, wasn't it?

Oh, don't be such a spoil sport.

It's just a goof.

If it's so funny why don't you
strip down naked

in front of the boys?

I'm not that stupid.

Oh, ruby.

What, are you leaving now
because of this?


Hi, beau.

Didn't the butler tell you

gisselle's off at
a slumber party?

Yeah, I had forgotten
about that.

He said you were here.

Why didn't you go?

I did.

What's wrong?


Just... Gisselle.

I got to be the brunt of
one of her mean jokes.

I told you, she doesn't know
what "too far" is.

She knows what it is.

She just doesn't care.

You're right.

Why do you like her?

I guess I don't really like her.

You go out with her.

Look, she's beautiful
and she can be a lot of fun.

But no, she's not nice.

You're nice.

You're nice, too.

So why aren't we going out?

I... I don't think that would be
so simple.

Why not?

You have some guy
in the bayou?

Well, no.

I- I mean, there was someone,
but we've already...

I've put that behind me.


What else?

Well, I am not the type of girl
to steal her sister's boyfriend.

Ok, what if... I wasn't
her boyfriend?

look, I'm nothing special
to gisselle.

To her I'm just an adornment.

One among dozens.


And I really like you.

And you really like me.

The only thing stopping us
is gisselle,

who doesn't like anyone.


♪ we danced in the moonlight ♪

♪ held hands in the park, ♪

so the date wasn't a fail,

That's gotta be the fanciest
place I've ever been.

Only the best.

So the date so far,
how do I rate?

An a?

A b plus?

I can't grade you in the middle
of a test.


Multiple choice.


We hold hands
in the moonlight.

Shadow puppets
in the headlights.

or c: I kiss you.

Maybe you kiss me back.

♪ ...Now look what
you've done ♪

♪ I only know I've never felt
so right. ♪

♪ it's a miracle moment
of love ♪

ok, um, I think we should
slow down, huh?

We're just going
a little too fast here.

But ruby, I'm crazy
about you.

And you said you liked me.

Now, beau, what makes
you think

that kind of talk's gonna
work on me?

What do you mean?

I'm not some dumb cajun girl

who gets on her back just 'cause
she's fed a little sweet talk.


So sweet talk's a no.

Is serenading worth a try?

Beau, I'm serious.

I know, I'm sorry.

But the driving me crazy part
wasn't sweet talk.

That part's true.

So b, shadow puppets.



♪ ...Moment of love ♪

something wrong?

I should say so.

I understand you
introduced gisselle

to some special friend of yours
the other day?

Some prostitute down
in storyville?

Is that what you told them?

How do you know this whore,

I don't know her.

Of course not.

She just knew your name

and what brought you to new
orleans like a total stranger.

A bus brought me to new orleans
and she was sitting next to me.

That's the entire story
and you know it.

So why are you lying?

All I did was say what happened.

Is this because beau
wants me now and not you?

Because this isn't going
to change that.

if beau wants you

it's clearly because he thinks
swamp girls are easy.

Girls, cut it out.

I think ruby's story sounds
perfectly believable to me.

I knew you'd take her side!

This is all people are gonna
talk about.

How our family now consorts
with prostitutes.

Oh, darling.

It isn't as bad as all that.

Gisselle's right.

You do always side with ruby.

Well, I have my limits, pierre.

We never had any kind of trouble
like this before she arrived.

Another scandal and one of us
is going to have to leave.

I think it would be a good idea

if we picked this up
in the morning.

I hope you and beau had
a lovely time.

You guys are great together.

You happy now, gisselle?

No, not yet.
Maybe soon though.


Come on in.

Isn't this great?

Daddy turned this whole room
into an art studio for me.

Very nice.

You ever paint anything other
than the bayou?

Of course.

I'm just... I'm just a little
homesick, I guess,

and the bayou is beautiful.

Well, I think if you wanna paint
real beauty you gotta paint me.

I don't think I have enough
paint for your big head.

You're a big, famous
gallery artist.

Woah, what do you think
you're doing?

Haven't you ever painted
a reclining nude?

Beau, no.

Beau, put it back on.

Oh my god, beau, if you take
those pants off...

don't let perfection
frighten you, ruby.

Now, tell me this isn't art.


I have packages in the car.

Get them for me, would you?

Drop 'em, nature boy.

ruby, why is this door locked?


Oh, uh, is it?

I don't abide locked doors
in this house.

Open it immediately.

Just a second, my um...
My easel is stuck.



I didn't know you were here.

Yeah, well, just keeping
ruby busy

while she paints her
boring landscapes.

you leave this door open.

I will kill you.

is there something
I can help you with?

Hey ruby, you look
a little cold.

Your epidermis is showing.

make sure you tell everyone
it's my sister and not me.

And you think cajuns are scum?

You animals!

I heard what happened
and I cannot believe it.

Neither can I.

I didn't think it was possible

but somehow you have managed

to disgrace the dumas family
name even further.

I've disgraced the family name?

Were you drunk when you let them
take those pictures of you?

Yes, that's exactly
how it happened.

I- I actually wanted
to go further

but thankfully gisselle was
there to come to my rescue.

I suppose that's the story
you've been told,

or something close to it.

I haven't spoken to gisselle
about this,

but I just got off the phone

with beau's mother
who is beside herself.

As of now you will not leave
this house

for any reason other than school
until further notice.


Yes, ma'am.

what is it now?

Sometimes the bad people
get what's coming to 'em.

It's not my experience,

It can be if you want it
bad enough.

But you got to want it
bad enough.

Want what?

People like gisselle to get
hers, yeah?

That would be nice but...

It doesn't usually seem to work
that way though, does it?

You come with me, child.

I should never have agreed
to come.

It's gonna be alright.


Ruby, tell mama dede
your troubles.

I have a sister.

A twin sister.

Ah, lamarasa.

For some reason she just seems
to hate me.

No matter how hard I try to...

I just want her to stop
hurting me.

You brought me an item
that belongs to your sister.

remove the item.

I cannot remove it for you.

Trust me, and all your
difficulties will soon end.


The spell be very strong now.

Very strong.

thank you.

What was done here tonight
was done by you, not me.

If things turn out
the way you want,

you deserve the things.

And if they don't...
You deserve the blame.

Come now.

♪ my little tina... ♪


Careful, beau.

You're not supposed to have
anything to do with me.

So I heard.

Maybe we should just be smart
and lay low for a while.

Hop in, guys.

We'll give you a ride.

Go to hell.

Ugh, ruby you're such a bore.

This whole thing will go away
in a few days

and everything goes back
to normal.

So come on, get in.

Martin's got some good stuff.

We're going back
to his house.

Don't wave that around,

Look, you know I don't smoke
that stuff,

and you've gotta be dreaming

if you think I'm gonna
trust you again.

You're just trying to lead me
into some other trap.

I give up.

This is what I get for trying
to be a good sister.

Let's go.


Oh, ruby.

There's been a horrible

Gisselle was in a car wreck.

What happened?

She and martin...

He just spun off the road.

Oh, my god!

Gisselle's in very,
very bad shape

and martin... He wasn't
so lucky.

He uh, he died.

It's all my fault.

Everyone I love suffers
for my sins.

Your fault?

How could this possibly be-


We have had nothing but misery
around here since you showed up!


Did this happen because...
Because of what I did?

There's no way to know that
for certain.

Could be it was just
an accident.

Or something else.

Nina, you have to take me back
to mama dede.

I- I never meant for this
to happen.

I- I just wanted her to stop
torturing me.

Well, she'll probably do now.


I mean it.

Take me back to mama dede.

She-she must be able
to do something.

There is nothing that you can do
to change things

once they've happened.

Once you throw your anger
in the air

it can't be pulled back.


Come on in.

I guess you were smart not
to get in the car.

Gisselle, I'm so sorry.


You're not even a little bit
pleased I can't walk?


Of course not.

I only hope that dope martin's
at least as bad off as I am.

I told him we were
going too fast.


They didn't...


Gisselle, I need to tell
you something.

I think the accident...

I think it may have been
my fault.

What're you talking about?

You weren't even in the car.

I think... I may have put
a curse on you.

Hardy har.

What are you,
a witch now?


I went to see a voodoo

I was so furious at you

and I just wanted her to make
you stop tormenting me.

I never thought that something
this bad could happen.

Are you serious?

Gisselle, please.

You have to forgive me.

All I've ever wanted
since the beginning

was for us to be sisters.

Real twins.

You wanna be twins, ruby?

Then you go out and
get paralyzed yourself.

Then we'll be twins, ruby.


You wanted me?

Yes, ruby. Come in.

I would be so grateful if you
could do me a favour.

Of course.

Today's your uncle jean's
birthday and normally

your father and gisselle would
go see him at the facility,

but your father doesn't have
the strength to go

and gisselle... Anyway.

I promised your father
that I would go see him.

And I was wondering if you would
consider coming with me.

Of course I'll go with you.

Don't give it a thought.

I really want things to be
different around here, ruby.

Yes, I do, too.

Madame dumas.


So nice to see you again.

Doctor cheryl, this is
my daughter, ruby.

Ruby, yes.

Yes. Please, have a seat.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going
to run to the ladies room.

Oh, yes.

Yes, of course.

Just down the hall.

So, what do you think of
our institute, ruby?

Um, it seems very professional.

Your mother has told me
quite a bit about you.

I understand you've had a little
trouble adjusting.

Everything's still
a little new to me,

but I'm getting used to it.

Making friends?


And the boys?

Tell me about the boys.

I'm sorry, the boys?

Well, I understand there
was an incident.

Something to do
with photographs.

Daphne told you about that?

I wonder, ruby, are you familiar
with the words

"promiscuous" and "nymphomania"?

I don't understand.

I'm just here to see my uncle.

Your mother found this

and she's had some
notable concerns

about your behaviour lately.

Ok, what is this?

Where is daphne?

I don't want you to be scared,

The floor we've assigned you to
is for temporaries only.

We expect your stay here
to be brief.



They're just gonna show you
to your room.

It's alright, ruby.



I know what you're thinking.

But you can forget about
escaping from the common room.

If you're serious, though,
there is one way out.

I'd use it myself but I'm
no good on the outside.

I'm sorry, but could you
leave me alone?

Best dressed loony in the bin.

Jean dumas?

Uncle jean?

It's you, isn't it?

I know I look like gisselle
but my name is ruby.

I'm her twin.

I only met the family
a short while ago,

but your brother, pierre, he
cries about you all the time.

I don't know what troubles him
so much

but he obviously cares
about you.


I'm sorry, did
you say something?


Jib! Jib!


Jib! Jib! Jib!

That guy is tough to talk to.

I probably should have
said something.

You said there was a way
out of here?

I need to use the ladies room.

Thank you, but I think
in the face of tragedy

any one of us would have found
the strength that I have.

I've surprised myself.

Good afternoon, ladies.

What do you think
of my new dress?

Daphne picked it out special
for me.

Oh, forgive me.

I mean mother.


I'm afraid I got a little muddy.

You see, I had to hitchhike home
from the mental hospital.

It's no easy task.

Ladies, I must apologize.

Mother, darling, say goodbye
to your friends, would you,

and meet me in the study?

Your office.


I really think we ought
to discuss

that little trick
you pulled on me.

I did what I did to protect this
family and I would do it again.

You did what you did
to get rid of me.

You've hated me since the day
I showed up.

You don't belong here!

And I know why you hate me.

It's because I remind you
that my father

was once in love
with someone else

much more than he could ever
love someone like you.

I am sorry, I will not tolerate
that tone in this house.

You should hear yourself,

And you should know daddy
will be hearing

all about what you tried
to do to me.

The other day you said

you hope things could be
different around here.

Well, you're going to get
your wish.

Don't you expect any help
from your father.

I have half a mind
to commit him, too.

The man is an emotional wreck!

In this house, who isn't?

We are going to stop hiding
behind lies in this family.

The mental institution called.

I told them ruby
won't be returning.

Thank you, daddy.

They say you saw jean?

I need you to know that
he's there because of me.

Because of my jealousy.

Jean was the golden child
in my father's eyes and I-

I was the disappointment.

I deliberately released the jib
of that sail boat

that struck his head and
jealousy is still the cause

of all our family's troubles
and it stops today.

You have to stop trying
to destroy me,

because I promise you,
you will never succeed.

I really hope one day
I can call you "mother"

and I can mean it.

How is she?

Exhausted, but happy to be home.

I wanted to tell you

that I've decided to send
gisselle to private school.

I think it would be a lot better
for her

due to her condition
than in public school.

I think you're probably right.

It's a boarding school
for girls and um,

well, I wondered if you might
consider going with her?

I know gisselle would do
a lot better there

with you at her side.

You're assuming gisselle
wants my help.

Well, she may not want it
but she needs it.

Can I think about it?


You take all the time you need.


How did you find me?

I took a bottle of whiskey
over to your grandfather.

I picked his brain.

Once I got the dumas name
out of him

it wasn't hard to piece
things together.

Oh, I'm so glad to see you,
I can't even say.

You're still the only girl
I'll ever love, ruby.

Well, you have to get over that.

I'm so sorry for the way
I had to leave,

without saying goodbye.

Listen, uh, jack uh,
he was talking crazy

about some twin sister.

Oh my god, that's right.

Gisselle doesn't know she's also
got a swamp brother.



Guess who's coming
to dinner tonight?

Your long lost brother
from the bayou.

Gisselle: What?!