V.C. Andrews' Hidden Jewel (2021) - full transcript

Hidden Jewel finds Ruby searching for a new life for her children, desperate to protect her beloved daughter from their family's dark secrets. Raised amidst the privileged of New Orleans, ...

Help me...

Help me...

Another one?

Tell me what you saw.

Come on, Mom.

It was just a dream.

Come here.

Go to sleep now.

You've got a big day tomorrow,
Miss Valedictorian.

Pearl had another
nightmare last night.

I'm concerned about her.


Sleep well the rest
of the night?


Except... somehow my cap
has disappeared.


Jean? Pierre?

I mean, what type of cap?
Like a, like a bottle cap?

Nice try.

Now go get your sister's
graduation cap.

All right, give it here.

Thank you.

All right, let's get
you kids ready.


I'm so lucky, Pearl, to have you
and your wonderful brothers.

I remember when I was
your age.

It doesn't seem long ago
at all.

And now my daughter's 18?

All grown up.


But hopefully even
when you're my age

you'll always feel the freedom
of being a kid,

and not burdened like
so many people are.

Burdened by what?

Well, a lot of people can't
let go of their demons,

or of their past.

You have to let bygones
be bygones.

That's what I say.

Is that why you
never wanna tell me

what it was like when
you were my age?


It's fine.

I know it wasn't glamorous.

It's a long story.

But thank god I survived
and was able to find happiness

with your father,
the boys, and you.

Your mama is strong.

Nina, you're here!

I'm so glad to see you.

Nina helped me during a really
bad time when I was young.

Without her I couldn't have
gotten through it.

Your mama and daddy
are so proud of you, Pearl.

Real slick.

What does it say, kick me?

My vote was for kick me,

but Pierre thought a poem
would be a little bit nicer.

To our beautiful big sis,
whom we'll soon miss,

your big day is here,
and there's nothing to fear,

for wherever you are,
our hearts will be near.

Thank you.

Thanks, Jeeves,
we're all 18.

You really should try this.

Hey, sweetheart.

Looking good.

It's really delicious.

Nina, this dish is so good.

Mmm. My father lived
for this jambalaya.

Oh, your daddy.
He was a good man.


Are you feeling any better?

Comme ci, comme ca.

But I wouldn't miss this joyous
celebration for the world.

Did you know that Pearl
is class valedictorian?


Now, you are embarrassing
this poor girl,

bragging like this.

Though, I have to admit,

there's a lot about her
to brag about.


I'd like to make a toast
to my wonderful daughter, Pearl.

You're my shining jewel
and I'm so proud of you today,

and every day.

To Pearl.

To Pearl.

Good going, seriously.

Smooth, Jean.

No poem this time?

Nah, Pierre's more the poet.

Me, I'm the clever one.


It's so nice that
you're graduating.

Hi, Jeanne.

I'm so happy you made it.

Oh, it's wonderful to be here.

Congratulations, Pearl.

I heard about Tulane,
and I got you a little gift.

Oh, Jeanne.

Thank you so much.

Oh, look at you.

Who is this man?

Well, that's your Uncle Paul,
of course,

though I don't remember putting
that particular photo in there.

You don't?

I mean, maybe I did.

Hon, what is it?

This is the man I've been seeing
in my nightmares.


A... and what do you see?

I'm lost and wandering and...

I see him in the water, tangled.

Is he dead?

Dead in the water?

How did you know?


Tell me.

What is it?

Paul drowned.

He committed suicide.

And Jeanne said she didn't
put it in the book,

which means it's an omen.

An omen of what?

Something bad is gonna happen.

I can feel it.

Babe, you have to let go

of these silly Bayou
Cajun superstitions.

They're not silly, Beau.

She's right.

I've seen things.

And grandmére, she... she
always told me to never boast.

Pride is the devil's eye.
It's what lets him in.

Now this photo and Pearl's
dreams and Paul.

It means something.

Maybe it's just memories.


But you were a baby
when you last saw him.

I must still remember, though,
somewhere deep inside.

But I never told you
he drowned.

Give me this book.

Is everything okay?

Fine. Fine.

I... I'm so happy you came.

I do miss you.

Thank you so much
for the photo album.

Of course.

Are you ready to go back
to my place?

My parents are gone so it's just
a few of us.

Um, let's just stay here
a little while longer.

I feel bad leaving after
my parents planned all this.

What about what we planned?

Finally doing this tonight.

Okay, fine.

Let me just go talk to my mom
for a minute,

then we can go.

Sweetie, come on.

Everything okay?

Are you gonna go out
with your friends?

Yeah, they want to.

Well, do be careful, and...

I know what I'm doing.

Honey, I... I know that.

You're an adult and whatever
your gut says,

and whatever you choose...

I... I think I just need
to go lie down.

Are you not feeling well?

No, I... I'll be fine.

You know, I think
I'll stay here.


That would very much
make me happy.

I just worry.

Let me just tell them
I'm gonna stick around.


Come on, Pearl,
uh, let's go.

It's just, it's the party

and it would be rude of me
to leave, so-

So we'll stay
and do it here.

Wait... where are we going?

In the house
with my parents?

Look, I know you're nervous,

but you just gotta take
the plunge.

Uh, it's just...

I just think that-

That's right,
you think too much.

I don't wanna have sex
until it feels special.

And this doesn't feel special?

No! Not now, not with-

With what?

With me?

Oh, my god.

Claude, I didn't mean not-

That's what you were gonna say,

But no, it's not because
it's with you-

I'm like a ten, Pearl,
and you're like a six.

You're lucky you even
date me.

Okay, this is over.

Oh, you do not get
to dump me,

I'm dumping you first.

Like, seriously, I can't get you
to feel anything,

like any emotion whatsoever.

Not like I was even looking
for that.

What were you looking for?

A challenge.

To see if I could get with
somebody who's such a prude.

Which doesn't matter now

because all my friends think
I did, anyway.

You lied?

What did you tell them?

That we did it in a lab,
and you took notes.

Now give me back
my promise ring.

Kids can be so mean.

But as strong as you are,
as strong as your grandmére,

you'll be just fine.

Except I don't know the first
thing about love.

Sweetie, to love you have
to keep your heart

as open as your mind.

But I'm just afraid.

Just trust your gut.

Not just your brain.

Trust your gut?

That's just an expression, Mom.

There's no decision making
brain cells in your gut.

But you feel something there,

And what's that?

I'll tell you what it is.

It's what got me through
a living hell.

Growing up was really
that bad?

Not with grandmére.

But finding out the man
you're in love with

was your half-brother?

And then my terrible twin
sister, Gisselle.

She almost ruined it for me
with your father.

But I trusted my gut,
did what I had to do,

lord forgive me,

and that's what got me through
all of it.

That, and a little of
grandmére's Cajun Gris-Gris.


This is for you.

For good luck.

For good Gris-Gris to ward off
evil spirits.

Mom, you don't have to.

I want to.

But I know you don't believe
in any of it-

But your art opening
is happening tomorrow

and I know it means
so much to you.

And that's why I want you
to have it.

Especially with...



Just those dreams.
And that picture of Paul.


I know, I know.
I'm just being silly.


Come here.

I love you, Mom.

I love you, too.

Well, I guess the reason
I don't paint from memories

is the world around us
is so beautiful and rich,

and capturing that is
what my art is about.

It's about the present,
and the future...


I'm looking for Ruby Dumas.

Clarice, is everything okay?

No, it's not, Ruby.

My sister Nina is nearing
her end.

It all happened very suddenly,

and as a last resort we took her
to Mama Dede's.

It's what Nina wanted.

Oh, my god.

Nina, no.

I'm not here for her sake,
but for yours.

She said she needs to give
you something before she goes.

A warning, she says.

About what?

I don't know.

But she says it's urgent.

You best come tonight

because I don't know that she'll
make it till the morning.

I've got to be going,

but you need to take care
of yourself, you hear me?

Yeah, you too.

What's wrong, Mama?

Nina, she's sick.

I have to leave
and go see her.

How sick?

She's dying, Pearl.

And she means more to me
than this show.

I gotta go.

Then I'm coming with you.

Nina helped me
when Gisselle was being
so evil to me.

She knew a woman,

a powerful voodoo queen,

who put a curse on Gisselle
to stop her.

Ruby, tell Mama Dede
your troubles.

I have a sister,
a twin sister.

Ah, la marassa.

For some reason she just
seems to hate me.

I just want her to stop
hurting me.

Gisselle was riding in a car and
got into a horrible accident.

Her boyfriend died and she...
she was paralyzed.

The spell will be
very strong now.

Very strong.

I have to open up
to what I've done.

Nina called out
your name.

She said she had a message
for you from the dead.

Y'all are too late.
She gone now.

Oh, Nina.

Nina, Nina.

So there was something
she wanted me to know.

Do you know what it was,
Mama Dede?

Je ne sais pas.

All of that is between you
and her and the dead now.

But I have to know.


You know what to do.

Bring a sacrifice to the
cemetery tonight at midnight.

That's the only way to speak
to her spirit now.

By killing a rabbit?

By Bringing an offering.

Your mama needs to know
what Nina saw near death.

She must have glimpsed something
on the other side

that made her want
to warn her.

Paul was a good man.

He was trying to tell you
the same thing in your dream.

Tell me what?

A warning.

That bad Gris-Gris
is descending upon us

because of something I did.


What did you do?

I don't know.

But I have to figure out
what it is and atone for it.


If I don't, something awful
is going to happen.

Mark my words.

When the dead try
to speak...

No, no. Guys, this is...
Bodies can do this.

It's reflexes relaxing.

Air being released
from the lungs.

What makes you so sure,

I worked in a hospital
this summer.


I'm so sorry about Nina,

but you can't believe
these things.

Let's go home, okay?

What are you doing?

Singing an old Catholic prayer

to the saints that
grandmére sang.

About what?

About accepting our sins.

And the incense?

Something Mama Dede
told me to try.

Just in case.

In case what?

Unfriendly spirits.


Honey, people all over the world
believe in them

in some form or another.

Can they all be wrong?

What is a spirit
even supposed to be?

A thing, like a life force
in the past

that lingers beyond its death.

Will you come inside, Mama?
It's cold.


What was that?

It's probably just
an upset neighbor.

Let's go inside.

Come on.

Listen, Mom.

"The exhibit showcased
a masterful body of work.

"A profound post-modern panoply
of allegorical inquisitions

"and disquisitions
that stir the soul."

I don't know what that means,

but it sounds like
they loved it.

She's still upset, huh?

It's just, she says that Nina
has a message from the grave,

and she and a woman
she called Mama Dede

were talking about killing
a rabbit in a cemetery.

Look, I'm not one to disrespect
anyone's beliefs or traditions,

but this Bayou faith she has?

It's the one thing she hasn't
been able to let go of.

I'm worried about her, Poppa.

I suppose she just has to grieve
in her own unique Bayou way.

I have an idea.

What if we all go to the country
house for a couple of days?

It might help her and all of us
to relax and unwind.

That's a good idea.
Let's do it.

Mom, let's have a good time.


If you're thinking
about Nina-

Oh, I know.

It'll all be fine, I hope.

Well, that drive always
wears me out.

I'm gonna head up for a nap.

-Last one outside is a loser!
-No fair, you got a head start!

Be careful!

Yeah, yeah.

Jean, Jean, look.
Do you see it?

There's a turtle on the rock.

Woah, cool.

Jean, Jean, wait!

There's a snake!
Watch out!

Mom! Dad! Jean got bit
by a snake!

Yes. 241 Bayou Bend.

My brother just got bit
by a snake.

Please hurry.

Mom! Dad! Hurry!

What happened?

Snake bite.

It's all my fault.
I told him to go in there.

We need to slow the spread
of poison to his heart.

We need his torso elevated.

Here, let's prop him up
against the tree.

Oh, my baby.
What have I done?

His heart's beating too fast.

Jean, you have to stay awake,

Don't close your eyes.

I'm going
to start a line.

Is he breathing?

Why won't
he open his eyes?

Beau? Why?

Jean, Mom,
what is happening?

Is he going to be okay?

I'm sorry, there's
nothing more I can do.

I can't believe he's gone.

What did I do for this to happen
to such a sweet little boy?



I can't... I can't breathe.


What's wrong?

What happened?

I got dizzy and everything
went black a second.

Oh, my god.

What's wrong with him?

Pierre, take a big,
deep breath.

I'm supposed to protect him like
he's supposed to protect me.

It wasn't your fault, Pierre.

Now, breathe with me.





There you go.

Good job.

Are you feeling better?


Thank you.

Jean. Jean.

Come on, Jean.

Let's get you upstairs.

This is all my fault.

No, it's not your fault.

This was an accident.

No, I should have gone to her
gravesite and talked to Nina.

Mom, listen to me.

There's no such thing as
anything that Nina's sister

or that voodoo queen
were talking about.


This was not your fault.

This was an accident.

Do you hear me?



You need to get some rest.

It's late.


If... if only I didn't want
the turtle

or if I hadn't been in such
a rush to be out there...

if we were five minutes later

the snake wouldn't have
been there.

Pierre, it's not your fault.

I was sleeping.

In the middle of the day.

I never do that.

It's not your fault, either.


It's mine.

It's something I've done
that's caused this.

Stop with this nonsense.

No, no.



What's wrong?

I was...

I had a nightmare.

We were all trapped underwater.

Caught in these vines
like in the Bayou.

You're burning up.

Pierre had a fever so I gave him
an Aspirin.

Thank you, dear.

You should go to him, Mama.

He called for you.

I can't see him.

I will not bring him
any more bad luck.

I have to make Jean's funeral

Why don't I make the calls
while you nap

and then you don't
have to-


Baby, are you okay?

My chest hurts.

It hurts how?

Like someone's sitting
on it.

Let's just breathe, okay?
Slow, deep breaths.

Come on. Come on.


Call 911.


Pearl, what's happening?
Is Pierre ok?

Make the call!

Pearl! Pearl!
Talk to me!

Dad, give me the phone!

Talk to me!

Yes, we need an ambulance.

My brother,
he can't breathe.

It's 10337 St. Charles Avenue.

Hurry, please.

He'll die now, too.

Mom, the doctors will know
what to do.

Dr. Clark, room 103.
Dr. Clark you're needed...

I gave him a sedative and
he should be stable for now.

What's wrong with him?

His heart rate is all over
the place and we don't know why.

He hasn't eaten
since his brother died.

Could it be shock?

That wouldn't explain why

his white blood cell count
is so high.

No, something else is wrong.
Something physical.

He played in the water
in the swamp.

Could it be some kind
of bacteria?

We'll keep running tests.

Will he be able to go to his
brother Jean's funeral?

I'm afraid not.

We need to keep him here.

room 301.


Jean, Jean... Jean.


It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I... I have to get ready to go.

Go where?

To the funeral.

Pierre, it's already happened.


No, no, no.

Where's Mama?

She's at home, resting.

I need to go see Mama!


Uh... can we get some help
in here?

We need help! Please!

Excuse me, excuse me.

Stand back.

Check his pulse.

What's going on?

Charge the defibrillator.












How is he?

He's stable again,
for now.

But we still don't know
what's wrong with him.

Then you need
to figure it out.



What're you doing?


I'm trying to figure out
what on earth

might be going on
with Pierre.

It just doesn't make
any sense.

It does.

In its own way.

I'm gonna go back
to the hospital.

You have to come with me.

Sweetheart, your brother,
I... I can't.

It kills me I can't
see him but...

he would be worse off
if I did.


Dr. Ganyon?

I found this thing,

it doesn't make a lot
of sense to me but I wonder,

do you think Pierre could be
suffering from

Broken Heart Syndrome?

You think cardiac arrest is
a figment of his imagination?

I know it doesn't seem logical
on the surface but it-

No, it doesn't.

But you have no other ideas,


If you wanna learn more
about Broken Heart Syndrome

the person to talk to
is a psychiatrist.

They treat conditions
like that.

Thank you.

Dr. Smith line 2.
Dr. Smith line 2.

Excuse me, Dr. Lefevre,
you're in psychiatry, correct?


Can I help you?

I'm Pearl Andreas.

I just have a quick question.

My brother is a patient here but
they don't know what's wrong.

And I just read in a textbook
about Broken Heart Syndrome.

Is it a real ailment?

Have you ever seen it?

Oh, yes.

First hand at the V.A.
after Vietnam.

Most internists wouldn't even
consider it.

They're so stubborn.

But, after a powerful
and tragic event,

the body can release all kinds
of stress hormones

that can deregulate
the entire system.

Powerful and tragic event
like your brother dying?

That could do it.

Dr. Ganyon is his internist?

I'll talk to him.

If you're right, a cocktail
of sedatives and a medication

that treats PTSD might do
the trick and stabilize him.

But the most important thing,

this kind of stress and shock
weakens the immune system.

It makes a patient very
vulnerable to infections

so the patients need
to be soothed.

Soothed how?

The best way is being around
family and loved ones.

Being around what's familiar.

Psychology, pick up line 1.
Psychology, pick up line 1.

What are you doing?

Was Mama Dede here?


I hoped she could give me
some answers.


In life, when something's wrong
like this,

you can't afford to rule out
any possibilities,

however remote.

I can't let anyone else
get hurt.

I've already lost Jean

and I can't bear the thought
of anything bad happening

to Pierre, your dad or you
because of what I've done.

Mama, even if these things
are true,

what could you have possibly
done to have killed Jean

and make Pierre sick?

I don't know.

There's so many things
it could be.

I don't have a clue
which it is,

but I know in my gut
that Mama Dede

is the one who can help me
figure it out.

Mom, come on.
Come with me.

I spoke to the doctor and-

The doctors are doing their work
and I'm doing mine.

And tonight-

Not the cemetery.

I need to talk to the dead

to see what forces
are behind all of this.

Mama, this stuff,
it's ridiculous.

That's what you think.


If you go then
I'm going, too.

It's dangerous there at night.

You shouldn't be alone.

Meet me downstairs at 11:30.

And don't tell your father.

I wouldn't know how.


Oh, dammit.


Everything will be okay soon.

What did you just do?

Nina spoke to me.

Because I turned my back on
the past and showed pride,

the curse has gained power.

No, Pearl, this is real.

To save Pierre I need to find
out what's causing this curse,

whom it's coming from,

and then make amends to zap it
of its power and fury.

I just don't know where
to start.

Mama, let's get you home.

So this new doctor on
Pierre's case, Dr. Lefevre,

she says it's too early
to get our hopes up

but Pierre seems
to be stabilizing.

Our spiritual work
is helping.

When I spoke to her,
Dr. Lefevre said

that it'd be good
to have family around,

and things that feel familiar.

Maybe we can bring
some clothing of Jean's,

and some of his favorite toys.

And then you can come
to the hospital with us, Mama.


He's getting better.

You don't have to worry
about this... thing now.

You don't understand, Pearl,
but you'll see.

Dad, I'm heading back
to the hospital!

Okay, hon!

Mama, where are you going?!



Whoever's driving that car,
stop, now!

Mama's gone off in a car with
some people from the Bayou.

Dad, I'm really worried.

What is this?

It's a letter she wrote us.

"As a woman of science,

"you know actions
cause reactions,

"and Jean's death
and Pierre's illness

"are the result of some action
of mine in the past.

"What exactly that is,
I don't know... yet.

"But I have to find out.

"And to do that I have to open
myself up to the past.

"I have to go back to the Bayou
and relive it.

"Only then will I know
what's cursing us.

"And only then will I be able
to atone for it."

"I know you don't
understand this,

"but please allow me
to finish my work

"without coming to find me."

"And if I don't return,
if the fates have it,

"should that I must move on
from this world,

"please know this.

"I love you, Pierre, and your father with all my heart."

What does that mean?

"If I don't return."

Could she be in danger?

What if she sacrifices herself.

You think she would do that?

Dad, she's distraught and
that's what she believes.

We have to find her.

If something happens
to her...

Pierre needs her.

This family needs
to stay together.

If she's going back through
her past where would she start?

At the beginning.

At the Landry shack.

You're not actually thinking
about helping her, are you?

I'm gonna make sure
that she's okay

and that she comes back
for Pierre.

Dad! Come on!
Let's go.

Dead end.

She's not here.

Hard to imagine
that she lived here

but she did.

With Paul?

Until he built Cypress Woods.

Do you think that she was
actually in love

with her half-brother?

That's not something
I wanna answer for her.

So she was with him
when she met you.

They had already broken up
because she found out

the truth about him
and how they were related.

When your mom and I
met we...

well, it was only a short time
before I was sent away.

She was pregnant with you
and alone and desperate,

so I don't think she had a
choice but to go back to Paul.

She says he was trying
to warn me.

Warn her.

I don't know.

Maybe we should go
to Cypress Woods next.

This place has seen better days.


This is private property.

Belonging to Mrs. Ruby Dumas.

I know.

I'm John.

I work for Southern Oil.

I'm doing a survey here
for the new wells.

The company rents me
an apartment

in an old manor next door.

Have you been here long?

A couple hours.

We're looking for my mom.

This woman.

Have you seen her?

No one's come or gone
that I saw.

Is there any phones nearby?

I need to call my wife's friends
in the area.

Yeah, I got one in my place.

It's close.

So, you're Pearl Dumas, huh?




You know who I am?

Of course, your family is
well-known around here.

And I've been working the rigs
in this parish long enough

to know just about everybody.

I heard about how beautiful
your mother is,

which I see she's passed on.

Not to overstep.

Just pointing out a fact.

And of course your grandmére,

I heard about what a talented
traiteur she was

and how many people
she healed.

So I've heard.

You're planning on studying
medicine, right?

Word gets around here.

I can tell you're gonna be
a fine doctor one day.

Pearl, we have to go.

What's wrong?

I just talked to the hospital

and Pierre has taken a turn
for the worse.

Thank you for your help

and if you see or hear anything
regarding my wife

please just call me at home

or at Broadmoor Hospital.

I sure will.

Dad, look.

It's Mom
and Mama Dede.


Are you okay?

Can you call 911?


Poppa, it's gonna be okay.

It's okay.

How are you feeling?

Do you remember anything?

Mr. Andreas, your radius
and ulna are shattered.

Compound fractures,

which means you need surgery
and hardware put in tonight.

It's a lengthy operation

so he'll be out the rest
of the night.

Dr. Jameson to ICU.
Dr. Jameson to ICU.

I'm so sorry.

I'm failing you.

I'm failing this family.

Miss Andreas?

Could you come with me?

We need to discuss
your brother.

Dr. Stuartson to Ward 12.
Dr. Stuartson to Ward 12.

I don't understand.

I thought he was recovering

with the medication
Dr. Lefevre gave him.

He was.

But, as I had feared, his
immunocompromised state

has left him vulnerable to
a serious systemic infection.



The problem is,
the infection he has,

the bacteria is resistant
to most of our antibiotics.

But there's still some
that can work.

There is one that might work.

It's an IV antibiotic
that we seldom use

because of the serious
side effects,

particularly to a patient
already weakened,

so it could do him more harm
than good.

But it's our best shot
at keeping him alive

and we have to move quickly,

so with your mother not here
and father incapacitated,

I need your consent.


As next of kin it's your
decision whether we try it.

Your call.

I trust you.

I'll have the nurses
set up the IV.

Do you still think that
having family around

will make him stronger?

It's more important now
than it ever was.

Where's your mother?

A mother is the closest
connection for a boy of his age.

She really needs to be here.

I'm working on it.

Excuse me.

Pearl Dumas?

There's a call for you.
His name is John?

If you want I can
put it through.


I saw your mother
in a car.

I think I know where
they're headed.

That's great.

I'll come pick you up.


My grandmére's grave.

Someone must have
been here.

Your mom?

Must be.

Okay. Where next?

I don't know.

Your guess is as good as mine,
though it's late.

She has to be staying somewhere.

Cypress Woods.

She told my dad that she
and Paul were happiest there.

Okay. Let's go.



This doesn't really seem like
the kind of place

a lady would stay.

I saw pictures of this place.

It used to be beautiful.


She's gone.

But she stopped here.
Look, handprints.

They must be hers, which means
she might come back.

I think I'm gonna stay here
for tonight.

Thanks for your help.

Stay here?

There's thieves and vandals
out in these parts.

What about them?

It isn't safe.

Okay, then I'll stick around,
crash on the couch.

You know, protect you.

Who says I need protecting?

Don't move.

Hold on.

How did you know for me
to stop moving?

They only bite in defense.

When their webs are disturbed
or they're scared.

Thank you.

Oh, no. You got it covered.

No need for help from me.

Scared of all the noises?


I just don't want you to be.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's just...

Could we um...

We could keep
each other warm.

Oh, okay.


We should start looking again.


Where to first?

To see my Aunt Jeanne.

This is about Paul.

He is survived by his mother,
Gladys, and my Aunt Jeanne.

I think whatever is happening
it... it has to do with them.

How do you know that?

It's just a gut feeling.


My, my.

For a second I thought
you were Ruby Dumas.

It's the town drunk.
Let him be.

He might know something.

Buster Trahaw at your service.

You know my mom?

I worked for the family
for years.

So you're her daughter, huh?


Have you seen her?

I heard she was back in town,

but I haven't seen her
for a while.

If you do,
would you find me?

With pleasure, ma'am.

Oh, look who it is.

Pearl, I'm so glad to see you.

It's good to see you, too,
Aunt Jeanne.

This is John.

He works for the oil company.

Come on in.

We just have some questions
about Paul.

He was in so much pain
after she broke up with him.

But, you know, half brother
and sister, it couldn't be.

But then they got
back together.

When your father was sent away
and Gisselle, that witch,

turned her against Beau,
yes, she took Paul back.

She used him...

for comfort and support,
and he knew it.

Don't listen to her.

She's just getting bitter
with old age.

Have you seen my mom?

I really think that she could be
in danger.

She is.

I know that for a fact.


I have it on good authority
that she's cursed.

Owing to the fact
that she killed Paul.

Killed Paul?

No, Pearl, do not listen
to her.

Paul drowned.


She had him wrapped around her
little finger so much...

it... drove him
to kill himself.

She knows it.

I gave her a little reminder.

What do you mean?

It was you who put that photo
of Paul in the album I made.

Now somebody has put
a curse on her.

So she'll die, too.

After she loses everything
and everyone she loves.

If you haven't seen her

how do you know that she thinks
that there's a curse?

Mother, what did you do?

Fine, I did it. I put the hex
on Ruby.

And Ruby seeing that photo and
remembering what she did to him,

that was its beginning.

Now his pain can haunt her
and power my spell.

She didn't do anything wrong
to him.

If you don't believe me,

what makes you think that
after all of these years,

on the eve of the anniversary
of his death,

this isn't happening?

You think it's all random?


No. The moon and the stars

all the signs of heaven
and hell

have finally lined up
the same

as on that terrible day.

And now the whole storm
of bad Gris-Gris

is gonna blow back on her.

Let's get going.

We're done here.

You'll see.

There's a storm coming.

I don't know much more
than you do,

but after years round these
Bayou superstitions

I do know one thing.

If Ruby believes that the curse
that Mom put on her

is fueled by Paul's pain

then she's going to be trying
to make amends with him.

She'll be trying to track down
his spirit and talk to it.

Gladys is right about one thing.
A storm's coming in.

We need to call it a day,
and get some place safe, okay?



There's no big storm yet.

Are you hungry?


If there's no big storm
then let's get going.

Pearl, if we go out there
we'll get stuck.

There could be flash floods.
It's not safe.

And it's not letting up
any time soon.


When the storm passes

maybe we should start
with his grave first.

I don't know.

My aunt who was into this
kind of stuff used to say

that spirits don't really
cling on to their graves

but they're in the places
they felt their pain.

Pearl, I gotta insist you eat.

But I got options.

What options do I have?

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

spaghetti with tomato sauce.

I'll have it with the sauce.


Order coming right up.

Do you uh, do you like things
being spicy?


Do you like spicy foods?

Sometimes when I'm cooking pasta
just for me

I put some hot sauce
in the sauce.

How spicy?

Not too spicy.

Wanna try it?

Come here.


It's good.


It's okay if you don't want to.

No, I want to.

I've never met anyone quite
like you, Pearl Dumas.

I've never met anyone
like you.

No other oil hands
with my charm?

Nobody else who makes me
feel safe.

Wait a second.

What's this?

About last night...


That was my first time.


I wish I could have taken you
somewhere beautiful

and made it more special.


It was perfect.

You made me feel things that I
didn't think I was capable of.

What do you mean?

I was starting to think

that I wasn't capable of love
or passion.

You are more passionate
than anyone I've ever met.

And you've got brains
on top of it.

Sometimes you just have
to find something

that gives those two forces
their balance, you know?

I think I found it.

I'm late.

I gotta go.

One of your wells broke down.

It's mine?

Then I can give you
the day off.

Trust me, there's nothing
I'd want more

than to stay here with you but
it wouldn't be fair to the team.

I'll come back
as soon as I can.

Listen, be careful.


I don't know.

This whole thing.

Well, you're not believing
in curses now, are you?

I don't know what
I believe now.

What's changing your mind?

Part of it... you.

And what happened
last night.

It opened my eyes
to something.

That there's so much more
to life than the surface.

And I've seen it
before, too.

With Pierre.

The fact that he's dying
from something so inexplicable.

Broken Heart Syndrome.

Just, it stretches the rational
mind to the point...

just be careful.

I'll come back as soon as
I'm done with work.

I'm going to stay here
and read up more

on the history
of Cypress Woods.

Maybe it will help.


Buster, right?

Is everything okay?

No, ma'am.

I found your mama.

But she's in terrible shape.

What? What happened?

Not sure.

I found her unconscious near my
place on the shore of the Bayou

bleeding from her head.

My god.

I took her back to her house
and laid her on the couch

but she's not waking up,
and I tried the doc,

but he's out of town.

Can you take me to her?

Just give me a sec,
I'll grab my coat.

Here we are.

Where is she?

That's what I've been
asking myself

for the past 20 years.

I... I don't understand.

You see, your great granddaddy
promised me a wife.

I paid for a wife.

Paid for a wife?

Your mama.

She was about your age.

Okay, look.

I... I don't know everything
that happened, but...

All you need to know
is that I'm owed a wife

and I'm gonna have me one.

And if it ain't gonna be Ruby
it's gonna be you.

Your mama was a fighter, too.

Had her chained to the bedpost
before she got away.

But that ain't happening
this time.

Help! Help!

Nobody around here for miles.

Trust me, you ain't getting out.

I built this just for you.

Don't kill me!

Don't make me!

You know I could drain
all your blood

if I go a millimeter lower
and deeper.

Right into the jugular!

Okay, easy now.

Get in the cage!

Okay, okay!

You can't run far enough.

I'll find you!

I'll find you!!

Hello? Hello?

Please, please.


Pearl, Pearl, Pearl!

It's me. It's me.

It's me.

Buster, he tried to...
oh, thank god it's you.

What did that man do
to you?

It was horrible.

Did he, did he-

No, no, thank god.

I've been looking all over
for you.

Thank god you're all right.

He's already got a record,

so he's not getting out of jail
any time soon.


I'm so sorry I left you there
alone today.

No, it's not your fault.

I went with him when my gut
told me not to.

I should have listened
to my mom.



Someone's there.

It's my mom's car.


Hello, dear.

Mama, where have you been?

Out here, trying to figure out
what dark cloud

is hanging over us.

You've had us all worried
to death.

I'm sorry. I know.

And I know you don't
understand this,

but this is the only way
Pierre stands a chance.

Mama, no.

I do understand.

Or at least I'm starting
to understand

that I don't understand

That's marvelous, sweetheart.

As Grandmére Catherine
used to say,

that's the first step
to wisdom.

I just wish there was something
we could do.

We found out about Gladys
and her-



She's riled up Paul's hatred
of me

and used that anger
to power the hex.


But he loved you.

Love is a funny thing.

It sometimes turns to spite.

You saw with Claude.

Paul is nothing like Claude.

Even Poppa said
that he was kind,

and that he owed him so much for
selflessly taking care of us.

But that was until
your poppa came back.

And then Paul spiraled down.

I couldn't love him back
the way he wanted, and...

it killed him.

And now, out of spite,
on this night,

when all the stars
and the moon line up

exactly the same as they did
on that night, so long ago,

he wants to make us feel
the same pain.

But it doesn't make sense.

Well, you saw yourself
in your dreams.


Mama, in my dreams he was
reaching out asking for help.



He said "help me".

You have such good intuition.

You have the gift.

The gift?

If he's asking for help
then this isn't about hatred.

It's about hurt.

He's trapped here
by his love for us

and only I can set him free.

How will you do that?

With this painting.

And Mama Dede.

We need to show him
what he meant to me.

How can we help?

Well, I'll need more light.

More paints.

Oh, and turpentine.

It's done.

Oh, my god.

It looks almost exactly like
how I saw him in my dreams.

I painted his face
from memory.

What's next?

We find out where Mama Dede
wants to meet.

We gotta get this done tonight.
Time is running out.

You have
the painting.

Let me see.

Oh, Ruby.
It's beautiful.

Do you think it'll work?

It's the spitting image of him.

And what's more,

your soul shines through
every brush stroke.

Your spirit reaching out
to his

through this symbol
of your love.

What's next?

Well, now we have to give Paul
another send off.

A proper one this time,

which in essence means
we rebury him.

Are you gonna dig him up?

Oh no, child,
not literally.

That's a felony in Louisiana.

We do it metaphorically now,

which means your mama
has to tell him goodbye,

and when she does so she-

I have to open up
to the past.

My past.

And tell him the truth.
That I loved him.

Because I really did.

And if he accepts this,
if he understands this,

he'll go on and let go,
and the curse will be lifted.

And all the bad stuff
will stop happening?

One hopes.

But the smoke needs to rise
right at midnight.

Why is that?

That's the time between
the living and the dead.

It's time.

It's now or never.

I'm sorry I tried to forget.

I can't imagine how much
that hurt you

and I don't have any way
to make it better

except by being honest
about it.

I painted this to show you that
I still remember every detail.

I've opened my soul up to it
and the fact that I loved you

in some way that perhaps
wasn't right,

but that was
nevertheless real.

I loved you, Paul.

I still do.

But now I have to let go
and so do you.

I know it will be hard,

but it's holding you back
from where you're meant to go.

From the peace you're going
to have.

Let me help you.

Paul, my love.


Be free.

And Paul, tell Jean
what to do.

Tell him to release Pierre.

That they'll be together again
one day

when the time is right,
long from now.

What just happened?

The past let go.

Now we can move forward
with the present.


My baby boy.

We need to hurry.


Ruby, I have to tell
you something.

I saw in the flicker
of the flame

that Pierre may not make it.


But the curse is lifted.

The curse was just the beginning
of his tragedy.

He lost his twin,

his dearest friend
to the other side.

When souls are torn apart
like that they hold on.

They cling together.

If he makes it,
it's up to him now.


But nothing.

He may want to go
with his brother

or maybe, just maybe,

he may want to stay here
with you and your mom.

But it's his choice now.

We better go.

Mom, what happened tonight...

I know.

So much of life is a mystery.

Who knows anything, really?

I don't think anyone does.

But honestly, it makes things
a little more exciting.

Pierre, my dear.

Mama's here now.

I'm so very sorry for not
being here earlier,

but I had to make sure no more
harm could come to you.

We're all here now.

That's right.

You have me and your dad.

And you may have lost
your brother for now,

but you have the most amazing
big sister who's here,

and she wants you to stay.

This night is going
to be tough.

His system wouldn't take
any more of the antibiotics

so we had to take him
off it.

But the infection...

What are his chances, doctor?

I can't say.

It's just going to be his body
fighting to survive.

Oh, he has a spirit
in there.

He's fighting
and he's deciding.

I can feel it.

Excuse me, can you tell them
the IV has run out?

Hon, it's not up
to you anymore.

You have to relax.



Grandmére used to say
this is the witching hour.

The transitional phase
between the living and the dead.

This is when he'll decide.

What is this thing?

Where am I?

What day is today?

It's a good day.

It's one of the best.

And you have a cast.
What happened?

Just your dad being clumsy.

But no one's signed it.

You know it's a tradition

to have your cast signed
by someone.

That's a cute poem you did
on my cast there, hey?

I wish Jean was here
to sign it.

Why don't you sign it
for him?

What would he say?


Kick me?

You little prankster.

I have no explanation
for what happened,

or how you beat the infection,

I've never seen anything
like it.

You're a lucky boy.

And lucky to have a sister
like you do.

You folks take care.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, Doctor.

Should we go?

How was your first day?


And the drive?

Not bad, but ask me
after another eight years.

Maybe less.

I found out today that I can
apply for an accelerated track

to finish undergrad
a year earlier.

You just can't wait to finish,

I was thinking,

maybe I could practice
in the Bayou.

Sounds good to me.
I'm a country boy at heart.

And hanging up my shingle
out there wouldn't be bad,

like my grandmére.

But you'll be a real doctor.

I have no doubt that she cured
plenty of people her own way.

I'm sure she did.

Look at that sky.



I always wonder why you see
such beautiful colors

in the sky sometimes.


The angle of the sun
at the end of the day

as opposed to midday

splits up colors into a
beautiful rainbow of shades.

You're just so stunning
inside and out.

Brains, guts, beauty.
You have it all.

It makes me so happy
that you decided

to renovate Cypress Woods,
and bring it back to life.

It's gonna look amazing.

I love it.

It will make a wonderful home
for the two of you.

Wow, it's really coming along,

It's gonna look so cool.

You can stay here on the
weekends during the school year.

And, after you graduate,

if you still decide you want
to practice out here.

There's no other way
I'd have it.

I'm so glad you're making this
your home.

It feels like a commencement.

The commencement
of a new journey.

I think we're gonna be okay.

More than okay,
dare I say it.