V.C. Andrews' All That Glitters (2021) - full transcript

All That Glitters picks up as Ruby is driven from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved childhood home in the bayou where she's intent on creating a new life for her baby daughter, ...

Paul: Okay, just
a little farther.

I can't see.
Is the baby okay?

Pearl is fine.

This better be good.

It's good. Okay.



Welcome to Cypress Woods.

What do you think?

Paul, it's amazing!





Never thought a simple
Cajun boy

would have this kind of life,
did you?

I never doubted you to have
an amazing life, Paul.

But no amount of money
can buy happiness.

I wanna show you something.

Let me make you happy
for the rest of your life.


I adore you.

I love you,

but we can't marry.

I... I wanna live an honest life
without sin.

I... I want-

Beau. You want Beau.

Beau has moved on.

He's in Paris and Gisselle
tells me

he's engaged to a rich,
glamorous heiress,

so that's that.

Paul, you know why
we can't be married.

Ruby, I love you more than
I've loved anyone in the world.

Stop it.

You shouldn't have to live
in that shack.

Are you really gonna make me
say it out loud?

And raise Pearl
in destitution?

We are brother and sister!
For god's sake.


We're only half brother
and sister.

That doesn't make it
half right.

It's not our fault.

We were in love.

Madly in love before we knew
any of this.

You can't deny that.

I can't.

We can't ignore the truth.

Or the sin.

I have a way.

Separate suites.


We won't share a bed.

We'll live side by side
but not together.

Paul, you deserve
a real marriage.

You deserve passion
in your life.

We both do.

I'm willing to give
all of that up

to be beside you always.

I don't know if I'm willing
to do that.

I know what it's like
to be in love.

Passionately in love.


Well, then, if either of us
desires to find that ecstasy

with someone else

we won't stand in
each other's way.


However would that work?

Why don't we at least
give it a chance?

Let's do it for Pearl,
for her future.

That's dirty pool, Paul Tate.

You leave that bundle of joy
out of this.

She'll have the best
of the best here.

Right? A deluxe nursery
with loving childcare

so you can do your painting.

We'll tell the world
that she's ours.

I'll love her as if
she is my own.

And Beau sure isn't lining up
to do that.

He doesn't know she exists.

You know what he thinks

Well, you didn't go through
with it, did you?

Now you have an amazing
little girl.

I want to help you raise her.

Ruby: I wish I could just
tell your father everything.


We could get married
and live as a real family.

Isn't he handsome?


He's a wonderful man

but he has another life now.

Ruby: I know if you met him
you would love him, too.

He's got this kind,
gentle way about him

but he's also got this wicked
sense of humor,

and he always knew
how to make me laugh.

He lives in Paris, France.

It's such a romantic place.

I know, not like here.

But if he were here now

it might even make this little
shack seem romantic.

[closes door]


Ruby Landry in the flesh.

You haven't been in the swamp
in some time, Missy.

There's no phone lines
out this way.

Buster Trahaw.

Get out of my house.

You are not welcome here.

I gave your grandpére
a thousand bucks

and he said I could
marry you.

But I get to try
the merchandise first.

I had no part
in that agreement.

[baby fusses]

You making babies
without me?

Don't. Don't.


Please, don't!

[baby crying]

Don't hurt her.


Buster don't hurt babies.

Buster makes babies.


[baby crying]

Now, put her down.


[baby crying]

We can do this the easy way
or the hard way.

Thing is, I kinda prefer
the hard way.

Like wrestlin' an alligator.


[baby crying]


[baby crying]

[baby crying]


Oh, oh, hey.

Take Pearl.
Take Pearl.


You're okay.
You're okay.

You're never gonna have
to worry, okay?

You're never gonna have
to worry again.


Come on. You're okay.

Welcome to your new home,
Pearl and Ruby Tate.

Hi Pearl.
Hi, we're home.

You'll both be safe
and happy here forever.

Thank you, Paul.

Truly, it's all so much more
than I could have imagined.

I should be thanking you
for the company.

To our wonderful life together.

Are you toasting
with a dessert fork?

Why not?

I say we toast to our life
whenever and however we can.





Well, I guess this
is goodnight.

Hey, you... you look really
stunning tonight.

You're not so bad yourself,

It's not our fault
we feel this way.

But it is a sin.

We have to resist.

Can I at least
kiss you goodnight?

On the cheek.


I'm sorry.

Goodnight, Ruby.

I love you.

I feel the same way, Paul.

Let's put Mrs. Tate
next to Paul.

Thank you.

Hello, Mr. Tate.

My goodness.

You really are the spitting
image of your mother.

And she was an enchantress,
you know.

If you say so.

Ruby, my wife, well, she's
terrified that your marriage

will expose the truth that
you're half brother and sister.

That Paul is not her son.

If you could keep
the illusion alive

it would mean
a great deal.

Our daughter, Jeanne,
she doesn't know.

Of course.

Thank you.

All right, ready to go?

Oh, um...

[clears throat]

All clear.


Another stunning outfit
for Mrs. Ruby Tate.

Well, Ruby Tate can afford a lot
more than Ruby Landry could.

Sometimes I wish I could
just become someone else.

Yeah. Yeah, if only it were
that easy.

Okay, uh, so remember,
there's sensitive information

about my family
that Jeanne doesn't know-

Oh, you mean that your father
and my mother had a secret fling

and we're a married half
brother and sister?

You know, when you say it like
that it sounds downright awful.

But you forgot to mention

how much we genuinely care
for each other.

to the happy couple.

Oh, I wish you two
hadn't eloped.


Where's the baby?

She's upstairs with the nanny.

You hired a nanny to raise
your daughter?

Well, she's very nice and very
experienced with babies.

And that way Ruby
can focus on...

on her painting for some
of the day, huh.

That is so wonderful that
you get to focus on your art.

Jeanne: And I'm sure the time
that you spend with Pearl

is real quality time.

Yes, that's exactly right.

It's a good situation
for all of us.

If you say so.

I just loved spending
every moment with my son

and beautiful daughter
when they were little.

You know, mom, Ruby and I
were actually hoping

we could get some tips
as we continue to decorate.

Oh, you were, were you?

Paul says you have a great eye,
Mrs. Tate.

Maybe after dinner we could take
a walk around.

Yes, that would be lovely.

I was thinking maybe pale blue?

Why did you do it?

Why did you marry Paul
when you knew the truth?

Mrs. Tate, Paul and I
have always been close.

It crushed us utterly
when we learned the truth.

How do you think it was
for me?

Your mother put a spell on
my husband all those years ago

and now you have done the same
to my son.

I have cared for that boy
since he was an infant

and made my husband's
secret my own.

I had to pretend
to be pregnant

and lie to everyone
I have ever known,

including my own daughter.

Now Paul must raise another
man's child and I...

must pretend,
with a new baby,

so the family isn't
a public disgrace.

I promise I won't tell a soul
about the true circumstances.

Of course you won't.

Look at all you have
to lose.

Deep down I know you love Paul
like your true son,

and he loves you.

I will never do anything
to interfere with that.

Paul loves Pearl
with all his heart,

as if she were his own

and I hope you will
accept that

and love her as much
as a grandmére should.


Everyone needs so much of it.

No wonder we're all exhausted.

Goodnight, Ruby.

It's been such a pleasure
to spend the evening with you.

I don't know about you, Pearl,

but I can barely remember
that old dresser drawer

we used to call a crib.

Flower delivery for my girls.

They're beautiful.

Like the woman
who planted them.

Other people planted them
for me.

Well you made this-

you made this place
a real home.

Your loving attention
to detail really shows.

Thank you, honey.

That's so nice.

That's the truth.

You really are something,
you know that?

[horn honking]

Oh, my god.

[honking continues]


Gisselle, is that
really necessary?

Just trying to get a little
attention around here.

After all, it is
my specialty.


My dear, darling twin sister.

Mistress of Cypress Woods.

I have to admit,

you haven't done too bad
for a Cajun swamp girl.

Now, are we going to stand
out here all day

or are you gonna
show me around?

I actually have to get to work,

but uh, you two ladies
have fun.


We'll take tea in the parlor.

I assume this place has one.

Does the swampy smell
ever go away

or do you just
get used to it?

I'd rather live here than
the Dumas mansion any day.

Bruce is as creepy as ever since
marrying Daphne, by the way,

but Daphne is mellowing out
as she crumples into old age.

Do you ever have anything

genuinely nice to say
about someone?

Yes, actually, your husband.

Paul is a saint.

What's it like being married
to our brother

so you can spend his money
and live in his mansion?

He is our half-brother.

If you've just come here
to make trouble...

I'll keep your secrets, Ruby,

and take to heart how grateful
you are.

Thank you.

I mean, one teeny tiny leak
to the public

and you might lose
all of this.

What do you want?



I might not be
an oil millionaire

but I don't need money.

I just like knowing
I'm playing some role

in helping you keep your fancy
new lifestyle.

You always have
to find a way

to feel superior to me,
don't you?

The shoe fits, Rubes.

[baby crying]


Here's Beau's baby.


I just told you I'm good
at keeping secrets, Ruby.

Calm down.

Why don't you take
a few hours off?

She has Beau's eyes.

I know.

They're beautiful.

Oh, so you do still have Beau
on the brain after all this.

I do not.

That doesn't mean his baby's
eyes aren't beautiful.


Whatever you say, sister.

You wanna...

[baby crying]




Your little love child
just ruined my outfit!

Okay, okay.

Shhh, shhh...

Careful with my handbag.

It cost more than you make
in a month.

Leaving so soon?

Well, my sister doesn't seem
too keen on playing host.

Oh, I'm so sorry
to see you go.

Pearl's upstairs napping,

but she wishes she could
say goodbye.

By the way,

Beau broke off his engagement
to his Parisian debutant.

I figured you'd wanna know, even
though you're totally over him,

he is officially single.

Totally available now.

He didn't get married?


In fact, he's back living
in New Orleans

and we're planning on getting
together next week.

You know, if you had just waited
a little bit longer

before diving into all of this

you might have still won him
and had it all.

Don't worry, I'll tell him
all about your luxurious life,

your amazing,
happy marriage

and your new little baby
when I see him.

And his eyes.

Those beautiful eyes.

If you think I'm jealous of your
life because of this big house

and all of your money
you've got another thing coming.

I've got a feeling you'll be
envious of my life soon.

Just you wait.

[honks horn]


Why does Gisselle
have to be so awful?

Sometimes I really hate her.

She's jealous.

I mean, you're everything
she's not.

Caring, thoughtful, kind.

You are 100 times more beautiful
than she'll ever be

because of the goodness
inside you.

If only we could become
other people.

Just for a day.


[door opens]

Pardon me, Madame.

Colonel William Henry Tate
at your service.

Paul, that's not funny.

I'm not aware of a man
by the name of Paul.

I'm Colonel William Henry Tate.

May I be so bold as to invite
you to dinner this evening?

It would be my pleasure
to join you.

I'm thrilled to hear it, Madame.

In fact, I've acquired a special
gown for the occasion.

It's gorgeous!

I shall relish the opportunity,

Very well. I eagerly await
our rendezvous.


This is all a bit silly.

Once again, Madame,
it's William.

A toast, Madame, to the return
of better times,

when the most important thing
for a man to do

is make the woman
of his heart happy.


This night is truly magical.

Thank you, William.

[door opens]

What are your plans
for the day?


Oh, wonderful.

Paul, we have to talk.

Thank you.

Paul, I know what you're
trying to do

but we violated our promises
to each other last night.

What do you mean?

I just told you, I was out
quickly last night.

Did you have some kind
of dream?

[baby cooing]

Please, I'm sure it was
just a dream.

Yes, I'm sure it was...
just a dream.

[phone ringing]


Gisselle: Ruby.

Gisselle, hi.
What do you want?

I don't want anything

but I thought you'd like to know
what's happened.

Our lovely stepmother
was out riding

when her horse spooked
and threw her off.

She hit her head on a rock.

It was hours before
someone found her.

She's dead, Ruby.

Bruce: Ruby, thanks for coming.

Oh, it's awful.
I'm devastated.

Well, we sure are sorry
for your loss, Bruce.

That bitch locked me out of
her will entirely.

I'm gonna be destitute.
What am I going to do?

You always said you married
Daphne for love,

not her money.

You try living without it.

Sorry Bruce. We have
to find Gisselle.

Please, just talk some sense
into her

about your mother's will.

As far as I'm concerned
Gisselle can handle Bruce.

I don't even...

Hello, my love.


Hi, Ruby, I didn't see
you there.


Isn't it wonderful
to see Beau?

Beau by name and by nature.

Handsome as ever
and all mine now.

[Gisselle giggles]

Hi, Ruby. It's nice
to see you.


Hello, Beau.


Paul Tate.

Beau Andreas.

What are you doing here?

He's been such a support
through this difficult time

as I recover from the death
of our stepmother.

After my visit to you I met up
with our beautiful Beau

and, well, you might have stolen
him from me once

but I think he ended up
with the right Dumas girl.

Right baby?

Isn't it nice to see the happy
married couple, honey?

You should just see their
beautiful baby girl, Pearl.

Yes, uh, congratulations
on your marriage.

It sounds like the two of you
are very happy.

I think I left something
in the car.


I just... um, I just need
a moment alone.



I'm sorry.

I should have told you.

It's okay.

It's just a shock.

I have to ask.

How's Pearl?

That's her name, right?


And she's wonderful.

Cuddly, sweet.


Sounds like her mother.



Is she mine?

I should have never listened
to my mother

and gone off to Europe.

Can you ever forgive me
for leaving you like that?

Of course I forgive you.

Don't hold onto that guilt.

I ran off to have Pearl
so you wouldn't be burdened.

And we've managed to make
a wonderful life together.

With Paul.


He's a wonderful man.

Well, I'm happy the two of you
are so happy.

And that Pearl be raised
in a respectable way.

Did you not have a fantastic
time in Europe?

It sounded like a dream.

What happened with
your Parisian heiress?

I did meet someone,
and yes we shared a life,

but I'd wake up every morning
and look at my beautiful fiancée

and still feel empty inside
because she wasn't you.

So I broke it off with her
and I moved back

fully intending to tell
you my feelings.

But Gisselle told me you'd
married Paul and had a baby.

His baby.

I was crushed.

But I wanted you to be happy
so I stayed away.

I didn't know Pearl was mine
until now.

You didn't want to know!

And now you're with Gisselle?

There you are, honey.

I've been looking everywhere
for you.

And Ruby, don't you get
any ideas.

You're a married woman
with an important husband.

Wouldn't want to mess that up
now, would we?

Let's go, darling.

We have guests.

A letter for you, Madame.
It's from your sister.

Thank you.

"Darling sister, we eloped
just like you and Paul did.

"After our honeymoon
we'll come visit

"and settle Daphne's estate.

"Gotta go, my Beau's
calling me back to bed.

"Ciao for now."


Beau: What an incredible place.

Gisselle, you really didn't
do it justice.

Gardens can be so much work.

It's our little corner
of the world.

We love it here, don't we?

How long is this going
to take?

As long as it takes to make sure
Bruce doesn't get that money.

Shouldn't be more than a few
hours to settle Daphne's estate

and make sure we're all
on the same page.

[baby babbling]

And who is this little one?

Hello, darling.
Come here.


Meet Pearl.

Hello there, Pearl.

I'm Beau.

Can we go inside now?

The swamp smell makes me gag.

Maybe pay less attention to Ruby

and more attention to Paul
and his success.

You might learn something.

Or at the very least,
butter him up

to help make sure we come
out of this better off.

I don't wanna give Ruby
the satisfaction

of getting the better
end of the deal.

It's time for your nap,
my darling.

Sweet dreams,
my sweetest.

I didn't expect to get so
emotional when I met her.

But now that I have
it's so clear.

You, Pearl and me,
we should be a family.

We are a family.

We are both married
to other people.

It's... it's too late.

I can't just keep going on

pretending my heart isn't
exploding every time I see you.

The only reason
I married Gisselle

was for the illusion
that it's you.

Ruby, I've done something crazy.

I've leased an apartment
in the French Quarter

that Gisselle doesn't
know about.

I want you to visit me there.

If you want to.

Deep down you know we
were meant to be together,

and if fate won't let us
do it properly

then we can make
our own fate.

Please, just think about it.

Gisselle: Beau, where are you?

Beau: I love you, Ruby.

Paul ran circles around you.

I mean, I know you're not the
brightest bulb in the chandelier

but you always surprise me
with new ways of proving it.

Well, it was very nice
to see both of you.

Thank you so much
for the tour.

Would love to stay
for dinner, sis,

but we just got
our new bed, so...

May I?

Think about it.

Leave some room for ...,
you two.

Get in the car and drive
me home, now.

Bye, honey.

Have a good trip.

Oh, thanks, sweetie.

Oh, and I was thinking
I might take your advice,

maybe set up a few meetings
with art dealers in New Orleans.

That's terrific.

I've been saying it forever,
you're gonna be a famous artist.

Hey, let me know when.

I'll come along with you

and I'll make sure they don't
gouge you on commission.

All right, bye.




[door opens]

I'm afraid I can't live
without this.

This place can be
just for us.

Hidden away from
the real world.

I'm gonna have to head
back soon.

I hate lying to Paul,

but we made an agreement
when we got married

to let each other explore
real physical passion

if we found it.

For all I know
he's doing the same.

You don't already have physical
passion with your husband?

Paul's father and my mother had
a secret affair a long time ago.

Paul is the result.

Rather than face the shame,

Paul's father asked his wife,
Gladys, to raise Paul
as her own.

Paul is my half-brother.

And we care about each other,

but it can never be more
than platonic.

This changes everything.

You made an agreement.

But I don't think Paul
really meant it.

He loves me so much,

and it kills me
to picture his face

when I tell him the truth,
but I must.


Is anyone home?

Oh, honey, you scared me.

Where is everyone?

Where's Pearl?

I gave everyone the day off.

I needed the quiet.
Pearl's napping.

I know what you did, Ruby.

I know what you did!

[glass shatters]

We had an agreement, Paul.
An agreement you suggested.

I didn't think it would hurt
this much.

I didn't want to hurt you.
That's why I didn't tell you.

You had every right to do
what we agreed.


Please, please, please, please,
don't see him again.

You mean the world to me,

and if you see him again
you'll leave me.

I'll be alone.


Please, please, please, please.

Hold on now, you and Paul
had an agreement.

True, but what if Gisselle
finds out?

That is what makes
this untenable.

She'd seek revenge.

If she tells the world
about Paul and me

it would destroy him and his
family, and she knows it.

It has to be over.

Good morning to the most amazing
woman in the world.

Sorry, she's gone for the day.

It's just me, Ruby.

What can I do to help you
feel better?

Name it.
I'll... I'll buy it.

I just need time.


Well, if you think of anything
just call.

I love you, Ruby Tate.


Come in.

It's your brother-in-law,
he insisted.

He sounds troubled.


Beau: Ruby,
something's happened.

Gisselle and I, we've been up
at your family's country chateau

and a few days ago Gisselle
was bitten by a mosquito

and she fell ill.

I called a doctor to the chateau
and he said the mosquito

could be carrying a rare
form of encephalitis

and passed it to her.

Oh, my god.

Beau: She's in a coma.
It could be permanent.


Fate is trying to help us.

Beau: Come to the chateau and
switch places with Gisselle.

You look so much alike no one
will ever question it.

Ruby will be the one
who fell ill

and you can assume
Gisselle's life with me.

You can bring Pearl and we can
all live together as a family.

Beau... this is crazy.


We're getting a second chance
at first love.

Beau: I've already laid
some of the groundwork
with the doctor here.

He'll take money in exchange
for silence

and if we pull the switch
fast enough

none of the staff
will ever know.

You've really thought
this through.

If we're gonna do this
without suspicion

you need to decide today.

Living this half-life
isn't working,

and now fate has stepped in
with Gisselle's illness.

That's a good idea.

I'll bring Gisselle here.

I'll take care of her as if
my wife, Ruby, got sick.

I'll send Pearl off with her
Aunt Gisselle and Uncle Beau

until her mom gets better.

I can't believe you're willing
to go along with this.

Honestly, seeing you
so miserable

has made me miserable.


We had an agreement.

It was my idea.

I'm a man of my word.


Ruby, all I ever wanted to do
was make you happy.

I'll be getting her
the best care.

She might even recover,
you know?

Or perhaps Ruby will decide
to switch back.

We have to switch wedding rings.

It's the only piece of jewelry
people will notice.

If I get even an inkling
that you mistreated her,

I will blow this whole
charade up in an instant.

[baby babbling]

You know, Pearl, this used to be
my room when I lived here.


Yeah, feels familiar.

That's important these days.

My gorgeous daughter.

Welcome to your new life,
Mrs. Andreas.

The life that was meant to be.

[baby laughing]

[phone rings]


Oh, hi Pauline.

I'm not sure,
let me check.

Is Gisselle here?

Who is Pauline?

Gisselle's regular
tennis partner.

This is as good a time
as any.


Hi, Pauline.

Well, it was a disaster,
that's why.

My sister came to visit and she
was bitten by a mosquito.

She came down with this stupid,
rare disease

so we had to come home
and I had to take my niece.

Well, maybe you don't know
everything about me, Pauline.

I can be good with kids
if I wanna be.

No, I don't have time
for tennis,

and to be honest your backhand
wasn't anything to boast about.

She asked if we'll be
at Kitty's private party

at Fancy's on the weekend.

Well, I think it's time
to rip the bandage off.

Introduce you to society.

I'm really gonna have to get
used to showing this much skin.

Gisselle liked to walk
into a room

and have every head
turn her way.

I'll be blushing so hard
everyone will know it's me.

People will just think it's
Gisselle's way of flirting.

Plus, you look spectacular.

When in doubt, be mean.

Gisselle, it's so good
to see you.

Cynthia, hello.

It's been too long.

For you, maybe.

You never cease to amuse,

Well, I aim to please.

Speaking of which, tell your
husband I said hi.


Beau, I'm thirsty.

Let's grab a drink.

But first I need to go to
the little girl's room.

Gisselle! Baby!

You're back in town
and you didn't call me?

I thought we were closer
than that.

Well, uh, you thought wrong,
I guess.

What's wrong with you, baby?

Are you insane?

Beau is just out there.

I thought that was part of
the fun.

Well, I intend to get my fun
in other ways from now on.

Now, I'll tell you the truth,
just this once.

You are no longer worth my time,
so get out of my life.

And by the way, that cologne
is doing you no favors.

Abby? Is it really you?

What are you doing here?
How have you been?

Save the niceties, Gisselle.

I've done just fine for myself,

no thanks to you
and people of your ilk.

Let me get this straight based
on what I've seen tonight.

You somehow stole Beau, the love
of your sister's life,

then decided that wasn't enough
and started cheating on him.

Well, Abby, maybe you should get
your own business.

I mean, mind your own life.

I'm sorry, Abby-


Oh my god, Abby,
is it so obvious?

You can't hide your heart, Ruby.

But why on earth are you
pretending to be Gisselle?

It's a long story,

I'd really rather not get
into it right now.

I trust you have your reasons.

Your secret's safe with me.

Thank you, Abby.

It's truly wonderful to bump
into you like this.

It feels so good to have someone
see who I really am.

Well, I'll be in New Orleans
for a whole month

so you should stay in touch

if you ever need someone
to talk to.

I'd like that, Abby.

I'd like that very much.

Oh. It's so good
to see you.

You too.

[phone rings]


Uh, it, it's Paul.
Ruby there?

Yeah, one second.

It's Paul.


Ruby, how are you?
I miss you.

How is Gisselle?

I've been uh, getting her looked
at by different specialists.

Well, Paul, that's great.

Thank you for taking
such good care of her.

Actually, uh, one of
the specialists

is a little more optimistic
than Beau's country doctor was.

He says she can come out
of the coma.

That sounds like great news.
Keep us updated.

That was rude, Beau.

You just hung up.

Well, he says he wants you
to be happy.

He should let you be happy.

I love you, but I can't shake
this feeling

that something's gonna
take you away from me

and separate us all again.

Well, my mother is returning
from a trip overseas,

and she expects to see
Gisselle and me.

It's not gonna be easy
to face her, I know.

Gisselle wasn't fond
of my mother,

so you don't have to say much.

We see her often, but this
dinner is non-negotiable.


So, Gisselle, Beau tells me
you've been watching

that Cajun baby for a while,
since your sister fell ill?

She's not a nameless Cajun baby.

Her name is Pearl.

Oh, so you've really taken
a shine to little Pearl then.

I didn't say that.

I don't like her very much
and I wish I never committed

to this whole
"aunty steps in" thing

but I'll be damned
if anyone tells me

I can't take care
of a simple infant.

It's my own fault
for being too nice.

And the father, Paul Tate,

he's become very wealthy,
I hear.

Yes, Paul made money.

A lot of it.

Well, maybe the two of you

will think of having your
own children someday soon.

I'm certainly hoping
for a grandson.

Well, keep hoping,

because if all children
are like my sister's

I'll check myself into a nunnery
before I carry a baby to term.

Yep, that Cajun baby is the
closest thing you'll ever have

to progeny so get used to it.

You really let my mother
have it.

It was as if Gisselle
crawled up inside of me

to make that remark.

I couldn't control it.

It was surging through me.

Well, it worked.

She didn't suspect a thing.

As far as she's concerned,
you are Gisselle.

Are you concerned?

Of course not.

I know who you are.

[phone rings]

Paul: Ruby? Ruby?


Is everything okay?
You sound different.

It turns out all those fancy,
expensive doctors were wrong.

Tests came back and Gisselle's
prognosis is even worse.

Oh, no.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Are you?

I... I mean, do you know
that even if she survives

she'll have permanent
brain damage?

Do you remember
when we were kids

and you went to see
that voodoo queen?

You had her conjure up
some nasty spell

to cast over Gisselle?

That was a long time ago,

And I regretted it
immediately after.

Yeah, well I guess
it's still working.

I'm happy for you two.

Really am.

Ruby: Paul.

I have to go now.

He sounded so strange.

Not like the man I know.

He thought he could cure
Gisselle and bring you back.

I think we should visit
Cypress Woods soon.

Monsieur and Madame Andreas.

Any new developments, Jeanne?

They uh, checked Ruby
into the hospital permanently.

He just wallows around
all day.

We're all really worried
about him.

Especially my mother.

Jeanne, it's not polite to talk
about your host like that.

She's just making sure
you're okay.

Oh, I'm fine, Beau.
Just accepting my fate.

As if you know anything
about that.

I'm suddenly not feeling well.

I'll be in my office.


I wanted to check in on you.

You should see how small
she's getting, Gisselle.

She is wilting away,
like a flower.

Decomposing right
before my eyes.

It's just us, Paul.

It's me, Ruby. You don't
have to pretend.

You were always jealous of
the love that Ruby and I had.

Paul, I'm not Gisselle.

You know, jealousy
is a terrible thing.

Because it rots you away
from the inside.

Ah, you'll see.
You'll see, Gisselle.

You'll see.

Please stop talking like this.

Go. Go.

Go. Go back to your life
of pleasure and your...

your dashing husband. Go.

Isn't he lucky

that he doesn't have a wife
on her death bed?

I'm sorry we could
never be real twins.

We had the greatest gift
in the world

and we took it for granted.

I'll always regret that.

This is a pouch
of five-fingered grass

that Nina Jackson gave to me
to ward off evil.

Do you remember her?

Papa's favorite cook.

This is my old dime bracelet
I used to wear for good luck.

It's not much but it's all
I have right now.

Other than money.

I see it now that
I'm in your shoes.

The world was a great playground
to you,

and anything that threatened it
was to be destroyed.

How easy is it to just
enjoy life

and toss off a calloused

It feels powerful.

Whereas me, I felt helpless.

Powerless, often.

I waited for other people
to help me.

And now, treating people
as you do,

it makes me feel in charge.

And I'm scared.

Because I'm getting
really good at it.

I'm starting to like it.

[laughing] Oh, sweetie,
do you really think

we befriended you because
of your personality?

It's the yacht, darling.


And god knows I certainly
didn't marry Beau

for his brains or good
business sense

so clearly we'll never be
able to afford one.



Honey, I'm sorry about the joke
about your brains last night,

I got carried away
with my Gisselle act.

There were points
in the conversation

where even I couldn't
tell the difference.

Where are you going?

I'm want to call Paul.

He said if you ever call to just
tell you he's unavailable.

How is he doing?

He's been getting worse
and worse, Gisselle.

He's even started sleeping
in your grandmére's shack,

saying it reminds him of when
he and Ruby were younger.

It's so unfair.

They were the most perfect
couple in the world.

Two people living
a fantasy romance.

Yeah, well, maybe
it was a fantasy.



How on earth did you get in?

Well, I lived here for years,

I know every nook
of this place.

Well, now that you've found
your way in,

use those same skills
to find your way out.

I'm not going anywhere
until I get what I deserve.

That will was not fair

and I deserve my share
of the family fortune,

and you're gonna give it
to me.

There's nothing in the world
you can say

to make me give you even
one penny of that money.

Wait a minute,
did you do this?

Because only Ruby could do
something like that.



You're Ruby.

Bruce, you're drunk.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

Yes, I do.

I know you're up to something,

and I'm gonna tell
the whole world about it

unless you give me
what I want.

'Cause once I start pulling
at threads,

something's gonna unravel.

You're not gonna say a word
because I know enough

about all of your
back-alley deals

and the crap you pulled

when you were the Dumas
family fixer

to discredit you up
and down the state.

And if I really need to,

I know and Gisselle
once messed around

while my father was dying.

And what's that gonna look like
to polite society?

A creepy old man
making an advance

on his sweet little underage
future stepdaughter?

That's not true.

Yes, it is.

You've always been inappropriate
towards me and Gisselle.


And you can't prove any of that.

Well, I bet if I start
pulling at threads

something will unravel.

That's what I thought.

Now, get out of my house.

I have company coming

and I don't want you here
when they arrive.

I'm just worried about
who I'm becoming.

There is power in Gisselle's
assertiveness that feels good,

but it also feels... ugly.

Well, the fact that
you're worried about it

tells me you'll
never become Gisselle.

You'll always be that
kind-hearted Ruby on the inside.

Will I, though?

Today, with Bruce...

Gisselle just took over
and it felt right.

Sometimes anger
is justifiable.

You have lived the real truth
of that statement.

So have you, my friend.

[phone rings]

Excuse me.

[phone rings]

Jeanne: Ruby is dead.

Ruby is dead?

Yes, she... she died
this afternoon.

Paul was there holding her hand
as she went.

Oh my god, Jeanne,
this is awful.

Paul has requested that you
not bring Pearl to the funeral.

If you even bother coming
at all.


They're thinking it's me
who died.

I just couldn't bear the sadness
and anger in Jeanne's voice.

And then they said,
"if you come at all."

Of course we're coming
to the funeral.

We're not monsters.

Oh, my god.

I am going to my own funeral.

I'm so sorry for your loss,
Madame Gisselle.

Your sister was
a wondrous person.

Paul really believes
he's burying Ruby?

In a way, he is.

Oh Ruby.

My sweetest sunshine.

I miss you.

That's my true love.

I'll never know another
like Ruby Landry.

She's gone.

She's never coming back,

It's over.

I'm sorry, Gisselle.

I didn't know it was gonna end
this way.


This is so surreal,
watching people cry over me,

and gazing into a coffin that's
supposed to have my body in it.

It makes me feel
absolutely ghoulish.

Paul is a complete shadow
of himself.

I don't know if he'll ever
come back to us.

I don't know what you want me
to do about it.

Oh, stop your pretending.

I know what you
and your lover did.

I don't know what
you're talking-

I always knew that you would
destroy Paul.


Maybe my husband,
Beau and I,

can help Paul get back
on his feet.

I'd rather ask the devil
himself for help.

I just want you to know
that I know

why my son is
so broken-hearted

and I will not sit by
and let him suffer.

Without you suffering
twice as much.

-Paul's missing.

-He's gone.

I don't know,
he just ran off.

He was talking crazy about how
he couldn't live without Ruby.

Where did he go?

We have to stop him.

Jeanne: I don't know,
I don't know.

This way.

How do you know
about this place?

Ruby used to describe it to me
in detail.

She and Paul
used to come here

to be together
when they were kids.

Somehow it's the only thing I
ever remembered that she said.

Have some respect for the dead,

I'm sorry.

That was uncalled for.

Shall we?


He's under there!


He couldn't live
without his Ruby.

Honey, come back!



It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.


It's okay.

-Are you okay?

Fair enough.

I just wanted to let you know

that a special little someone's
here and wants to say hello.

Thank you, sweet Pearl.

I really needed to see
your smile today.

[child's laughter]

You know, all I ever wanted
was for you

to have a better life
than I had.

You deserve it,
baby girl.

What on earth is it?

How dare you disturb me
like this?

Sorry, ma'am.

There's a young woman
at the door for you.

I'll be down in a minute.

As you wish.

Go back to daddy, Pearl.

Jeanne, hi.

What are you doing here?

My parents asked me

to deliver this news to you
in person, Gisselle.

First, we would prefer if you
did not attend Paul's funeral.

Second, Paul and Ruby's daughter

belongs with her grandpére
and grandmére,

not her self-centered aunt.

So your promises,
your obligations, are over.

You can go back to living your
life of pleasure and not worry.

Oh, that's okay.
I'm sort of getting used to it.

And so is Pearl.

It seems she thinks
I'm her mama.


And yet you are not
her mother.

Mrs. Gisselle Andreas,

I represent Octavious
and Gladys Tate.

They have filed
a custody lawsuit

and a judge has issued
a court order saying

that we will take your niece,
Pearl Tate, with us

back to her grandparents.

No, there's been some
sort of misunderstanding-

I'm afraid not and I can't
leave without the child.

We are prepared to charge
you with obstruction

if you choose not
to cooperate.

Ultimately, the courts
will decide,

but until then Pearl will be in
the custody of her grandparents.

What the hell is going on here?

They're taking Pearl, Beau.
They're taking Pearl.

Slow down.

They're claiming custody
of Pearl.

They filed a court order.

The lawyer, the police,
they've come to get her.

This is what Gladys meant by

making Ruby suffer twice
as much as Paul.

She's taking vengeance.

It'll be all right.

We can figure it out.

They can't take our baby
away from us.

Please, don't do this.

Mrs. Andreas, don't make this
harder or more dramatic

than it needs to be,
especially for the child.

It's okay my sweetest Pearl.

You're just going on a trip

to grandmére and grandpére's
house for a while.

They'll take good care
of you

and then I will
come get you back.



It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

[Pearl crying]


What if we tell the truth?

We just say Gisselle and I
switched places.

To hell with what
everyone thinks.

We have to be strategic
about this.

No, Beau, I am tired of lying.

I said a long time ago that
the most important thing

was to live a good life.

To be honest and always do
the right thing,

but look at what I've become.

I only recognize myself
when I look in my baby's eyes.

So I'm gonna get back
to being who I really am.

And I'm gonna start
by telling the truth.

I switched places with Gisselle
to be with the man I love.

If we can prove that you're Ruby
then Beau can testify

to being the father
of the child.

Of course.

And yet you say there are
no birth certificates

or medical records of your birth
or your sister's.

I'm afraid not.

My sister and I were born
in swamp country.

No doctors, no hospitals,

which means no paperwork
or birth certificates.

I hear there's something
called DNA technology,

which will be able
to clear this up

with a simple blood test
one day.

But we're years away
from that.

A handwriting sample?

Their penmanship
is clearly different.

That's hardly conclusive.

What about the doctor

who originally treated Gisselle
for encephalitis?

We can't call on him.

I made a deal financially
and he disappeared west.

Uh-huh. Very well.

The staff at the ranch
or the Dumas mansion?

None of them knew
what was happening.

We were very careful.

So the Tates believe
that they buried Ruby Tate

and there was a death
certificate issued in your name.


I can't believe we did so
much to convince the world

I was Gisselle
and we did it so well

that now no one will believe
the truth.

This may end up being your word
against the Tates,

and we'll do our best to tell
your story as sympathetically

as we can, but this will be
assigned to a Bayou court,

with a Bayou judge,

so we will likely be at a
significant disadvantage.

And prepare for the press
to have a field day.

We're prepared for that,

as long as it means
we can get Pearl back.

If you really want my advice,

I say you should go over
to the Tate's

and do whatever is necessary
to avoid this trial.

Mrs. Tate, as one mother
to another,

I beg of you, please
let this matter go.

I am doing what is best
for this baby.

That child does not belong with
a pair of pathological liars.

For better or for worse,

your son offered to make
a home for Ruby and Pearl.

It was for worse.

Look at where he is now.

I understand that, Mrs. Tate.

But hurting another family
won't solve anything.

In fact, when Paul saw the love
between Ruby and I

he agreed to help us have
a real shot at being a family.


If this is about the money,

we can sign over anything we
might stand to gain from it.

You think I'm worried
about money?

My son is dead
because of you.

Get out of my house.

And out of our lives.

You put your sister's face on
and you crawled into her skin.

Now, live there.

[gavel pounding]

Andreas versus Tate,
custody trial of Pearl Tate.

Counsellor, do you have
an opening statement?

Thank you, your honor.

I'd like to leave that statement
for my client,

Ms. Ruby Tate.

Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,

nothing but the truth,
so help you god?

I do.

Please be seated.

So you are telling this court
under oath

that Paul Tate married you,
took in someone else's child,

provided you and her with an
unbelievably lavish lifestyle,

and then when you committed
adultery right under his nose,

he didn't bat an eye?

And then he agreed to take in
your dying sister,

assume the responsibilities
of her daily care,

lie to his entire family,
saying that you were her,

and then when she, I mean "you"
passed away

he became so distraught
that he took his own life.

This is the story that you
expect us to believe?

I... uh...

No more questions, your honor.

Judge: The court will take
a brief recess.

[gavel pounding]

Gladys, tell us about your
relationship with Ruby and Paul.

I just adored them.

Ruby was such a wonderful girl.

I was... I was so touched
she asked me to um,

help decorate her and Paul's
beautiful home.

I can't possibly imagine Paul
doing the things they are...

they're saying that he did.

She said earlier that...

that names are just
a formality.

But I was there when my Paul
collapsed with grief,

desperately calling out
"Ruby, my sweet Ruby, Ruby."

As if it would bring
her back.

I'll never shake the horror
of that day.

Not as long as I live.

It was Ruby Landry
we buried that day.

That is her sister, Gisselle.

That is not Pearl's mother.

Thank you, Gladys.

I know that was really hard
for you.

Your witness.

Your honor, we'd like
to request a recess.

[crowd whispering]

Judge: Very well.

I wish I could just tell them
I know you're Ruby

because I can see your heart.

What are we gonna do?
We're gonna lose Pearl.

Keep being yourself.
Keep telling the whole truth.

No one can hide
from who they are

and what they've done
in the end.

The whole truth.

Haven't we already told
the truth?

Not everybody has.

Call Octavious Tate.

Excuse me?

He knows the truth.

I'll write down exactly
what to ask.

[gavel pounding]

This court is back in session.

Mr. Polk, are you ready
for your closing?

Uh, yes, your honor.

[clears throat]

Uh, we would like to call
one more witness

if it pleases the court
before closing.

Please, your honor.

There's something everyone
needs to hear.

Uh, we would like to call
Octavious Tate to the stand.

Objection. Process violation.


I... I want to hear this.

Thank you, your honor.


Mr. Tate, were you happy
when you heard

that Paul and Ruby
had married?


I wasn't.

You didn't want your son Paul
and Ruby Landry to marry?

It wasn't simply because
you didn't think

they made a good couple,
was it?

It was another reason.

Please do what is right,
Mr. Tate.

[gavel pounding]

Ma'am, do not speak
to the witness.

Mr. Tate.


There was another reason.


I am tired of hiding
behind a lie,

and I cannot separate
another mother from her child.

Your honor, when I was a young
man I was hunting in the Bayou

and I came across an enchanting
young woman.

And though I was married
to Gladys at the time,

I gave in to my desires
that night.

And as a result,
my son Paul was born.

Your honor, I have made
a mistake

that I have had to live with
and cover up all these years.

The truth is,

that enchanting young woman
was Ruby's mother.

My son, Paul Tate,
and Ruby Landry

were half brother and sister.

[crowd whispering]

My wife and I, we kept up the
lie for the sake of propriety,

but this, this is not proper.

Pearl is not Paul's daughter.

Case dismissed.

[pounds gavel]


I am so happy for you.

Pearl my darling,
where are you?

Pearl, no.

These things
are not for you.

I've told you, never touch
mommy's stuff.

Sorry, momma.
They're just so pretty.

Come here, sweet love.

What do you think?

Does that look like mommy?


Hello, my lovely ladies.


Mommy, can I rub your belly
and say hi to the boys?

Sure you can, sweetie.

I felt them kick!


To fate.

And family.

To fate, and family.

To fate, and family.