V8 - Du willst der Beste sein (2013) - full transcript

A group of children create an illegal car race, while trying to hide from the police.

A street in the South.

For generations of children secretcar races have been taking place here.

But at the time I didn't know that yet.

All clear.


clear ...

and very sweet.

And the police are well behaved.

They'd like to catch us,but we're too quick.

Come on, I'm waiting.

Give us rock-solid hot rods,because we love to take risks.

Let losers loseand have winners beat them.

We'll bring on our machinesand leave the wimps behind.

Like flaming arrowswe will cross every finish first.

Let them purr like catsand roar like lions.

We'll lap the last,will always be the best and greatest.

Say hello to the Nitros,today's breakfast.

Because, hey, we're the chiefs,we're jet rockets.

Say hello to the Missile Men,always first to cross the line.

Make way for the Champ,here comes Hell GTI!


Play with fire!

Race through the sun!

Fly like moths towards the light!

Got you now!



Hello, my name is David.David Michele.

I'm ten years oldand I have the biggest

and fastest dream there is:

to become a racing driver. And for thatI need a go-kart. A real go-kart.

I'm in a hurry. I have three jobs.

Three jobs times 42 days means, by the
end of the summer I'll have my go-kart.

See you later!

David, haven't you forgotten something?

Oh no, please!
- That was our deal.

It's a rip-off! That piston seizure!
- What does he mean?

That you ...
- ... are his sister. - I'm not a sister.

I'm Diamond, Badgerman of Dragon Heart.
- Whom you look after like a brother.

Not during the holidays!

We pay half of the go-kart. - I pay
the other half! She's not dressed yet!

She hasn't had breakfast, either.
Want some strawberries?

You can have those with the toothpaste.

I'll kill you for that, diesel sucker!
- Dad,

he called me a "diesel sucker".


I have a sister, Luca


Hey, wait for me!
Freeze fried inductor salad!

Not only does she think she's a boy ...

There's a loose contact
in my super electromagnetic hero boots.

... she's a pest!

This is job number one.

We live in Rosengarten,

in betweenthe villas in the North and the river,

that protects us from the South.

The South

is the forbidden zone. You don'tgo there because you wouldn't survive.

It's where Gallows Hilland the Lion's Den are.

Luckily the sun shines here in the North."The Path of Glory"

is the bestfriggin' go-kart track in the world.

That's where I'll race.

And she will help me,if she wants to or not.

Together we do my second job.

Your job? Your job ...
So why am I carrying the hot dog?

Hey, David!

No names! We don't want
to embarrass ourselves, do we, Luca?

Everyone will recognize me.
- But not me.

The supermarket pays me
a fiver an hour for your hot dog.

And a tenner for me.
That makes 75 a day.

If we do this all through the holidays,
plus my two other jobs makes 3,420.

Cucumber Man, I'm Cucumber Man!

Lovely cucumber, biological, non-GM.

Cucumber Man, I'm no ...

Hey, Kiki, you here?

Hello, David.
I want to show you something.

But he doesn't want to see it.

David, she's a girl. A girl!

And she's from the South. The South!

Beat it! Go on, get lost!
He isn't my brother.

He's a ... shit, no!

... cucumber!

I protected you. You didn't
want us to embarrass ourselves.

And so it won't happen again,
you'll stay here till 6:30!

That's more than two hours!

You're no use to me.
You're a klutz, a moron, a ...

... diesel sucker?

No, cut it out.

That's where I want to go! When I have
my own go-kart, I'll be one of them.

The best of the best!

He'll be the next Sebastian Vettel.
They live in one of the villas.

If you want to be a racing driver,
you need lots of money ...

or the right friends.

You heard. So don't talk bullshit,

and no heroics. You're not up to it.

I'm in a hurry.
I have to get to job number three.

I know, I'm late!
- Stop!

We'll start with the one on your left.

Piston seized nitrous injection!

You can't be serious!

You bet he is!

You're not a sucker, not a dumbo,
and you're not useless.

You're Diamond,
the Badgerman of Dragon Heart!

You're among the best of the best.

... among the best of the best.


Which is why you will put up with this

and stop moaning.

I'll kill you for this.

Shoot! You're ruining everything!

Frodo, call the fire brigade!

It's too dangerous, Luca!

Come down!

No way!

By the glittering Dragon Heart!

Do you know how beautiful it is up here?

And high up!

Too high. Get me down. The Badgerman's
scared! - So he should be.

I'm gonna kill him!

No! I don't want to die yet. David,

I don't!
- You shouldn't have climbed up here.

I warned you!

I don't care.

Stop right there. No, don't!

No! Hold on!

Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
- You swear?

You bet!

Luca, David, stay there.

Don't move!
- Your mother's right. I'll come up!

Look, we'll even make the papers.
Up here!

Hey, Dad, have a look at this!

Thrice oiled baboon bottom!

What are you wearing?

Do you have to deliver those?

I was fired as a cucumber.

This stupid costume
costs twice the amount I have.

Just because I have a sister.

Who's still alive, thank God.
- Yes,

and on TV!

I'm Super Badger Diamond
and you're David the Great Cucumber.

Look at this!

I hate her, Mom. I wanted a go-kart.

I still hate her.

You made
a complete fool of yourself for her.

You have to be among the best for that.

The best of what?

You stay here a while
and think about it.

The important things in life come to
those who are willing to wait for them.

The really important things, David.


Hey, Dad!

I've set a new track record.

It's the talent scout. He may want
to see you drive. - 31.6 seconds!

31.6 seconds, a new track record.

Excuse me?

Of course my son can drive even faster.

You can, can't you?

Tomorrow would suit us.

You bet you can.

But your dad can't help you do it.

Yes, that's right,
sixfold shattered camshaft!

No one will help you now, David!

I won't quit!
I want to be a racing driver!

My son doesn't believe in fairy tales.

This is the time to believe in yourself.

"Seven races,
seven victories, seven towers ...

Come if you dare ..."

There's a picture of Badgerman on it!

But where do I come to?
- Why you?

What about them?

I can't stand them.
- At least they're not wearing a pajama.

Look who's talking.

I'll kill you for this! I'll ... shit.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

If I had,
I wouldn't be allowed to tell you.

The Castle is taboo for grown-ups.
- So it really exists?

I'm not allowed to say.
- But how do I get there?

You're not allowed to ask.

Find the secret ...

I don't believe it!

Holy camshaft!

Thanks, Mom!
- What for?

You know my rules ...

about men who aren't men.

I'm talking about real men. Thanks.

They get four magical coins.

That's how the Pan
chooses four new kids every year.

To take them
to Captain Hook in Neverland.

I don't mean Peter Pan,
I mean the Pan, the lord of the Castle.

It's the secret racing circus for kids.
Adults aren't supposed to know about it.

Here ... There's your proof.
They really exist.

Those who win seven times
and get into the Castle

all have the same tattoo at the wrist.

Those who don't become world champion,

turn into gangsters. - World
champions, gangsters, that's enough!

Relax, Habicht, take a holiday!

Keep chasing UFOs and I'll suspend you.

I'll get you anyway.

I know who you are.

And I won't let you out of my sight!

They seem to be asleep.

You always say that.
- And two out of ten times I was right.

Go on!

There they are! Badger and the Cucumber!
- Luca, step on it!

I've got your back!

What does she want from us?
I told you, he's not my brother!

And I don't believe you.

Even if he looks different every time.

I have to show you something.
In a darker place.

"Darker"? I don't believe her.

She's from the South, David.

The South!

Exactly. Where superheroes are
afraid to go. That's why I come to you.

It's not the same one, David.
Ours look different. - Sure,

your coins have more colors and pictures
of cucumbers and hot dogs on them.

Go on, put yours next to mine.

Kill her when she swipes them.
- That's the way of the South.

But we do other things, too. Things ...

you don't even dream about.

Find the secret ...

And come, all four of you ...

On the 25th at 11 p.m. ...

What do you say now? We were chosen

to race in the Castle.

You can't be serious!
Holy Sunday driver!

Jesus, forgive me.
The Castle is the Castle!

The great legend! If those who were
there would be allowed to speak of it,

even you diesel suckers would know
all world champions come from there.

She called you a diesel sucker.
- What world champions?

I'm talking about
crocheting and miniature golf.

There's only one problem:
we're one coin short.

We need the location
and one more driver.

And so we don't embarrass ourselves,
put these on. We have to go see Robin.

Robin, the upstart.

The rich boy!

The ass...
Shit, you're not supposed to say that.

But have you ever been in there?

Not in this outfit.

I understand that.

But believe me, guys, it's still better
than being gaudy, mocked and laughed at.

We were chosen.

Build yourself a ladder ...

Up to the stars.

And when you get up thereseize your chance.

Badgerman, he's a grown-up!

And put your backs into it!
Robin's got a talent scout over.

Right, my boy,

I've marked the ideal line with these.

Leave them standing
and you'll make it in 30.

30? I thought ...

Sure, 30!
Or anyone could be a racing driver!

Shit, Frodo's right. If he can be
a pro driver, he'll never race with us.

The second lap
after the rolling start counts.

You have one attempt.

Don't disappoint me.

You have one attempt.

Don't disappoint me.

0.7 seconds! Know anyone faster?

No, I don't!

Holy turbo charger, that guy's good.

He's an upstart, a rich ass.

But he can drive. And how!

And this is only the warm-up lap!


And the running start
will save him 2 more seconds!

You have one attempt.

Don't disappoint me.

You're 6 tenths faster!

Step on it, Robin, you can do it!

My son's a winner.

You can do it!

Watch out! What are you doing?

Fly in honey!

Who the hell is that anyway?
I rented the track for my son!

I know, but we have to talk to him.

Forget it, he doesn't have time.
We'll go again.

No, we won't.


But it's that stupid brat's fault!
If he hadn't ... - Ifs, buts ...

He's had his chance.

Now wait a minute.

It clearly wasn't my son's fault.
- He let himself be distracted.

Something's obviously
more important to him.

Do you understand that?

You were faster
than anyone who ever raced here.

And what good is that?

I screwed up because of you,

a freak who walks round
like a cucumber in his spare time.

I know, but spare time is over.

Kiki, Luca.
- Stop!

I don't want to know.

But, why not?

You were by the river, too.
You saw them.

You must've gotten a coin, too.
Do you have it on you? - Robin,

are you coming?


Just throw it last.


Find the secret ...

And come, all four of you ...

On the 25th at 11 p.m. ...

Into the Lion's Den.

What did I tell you?

Today's the 25th.

What's all this, Robin?

Do you know them?
- No, we go to the same school.

Are you serious?

Is that what altar boys learn?

We're not altar boys!

It's a secret.
No one who was there can ever tell.

So how did you find out?
Who told you,

even though it's forbidden?

Of course, someone from the South.

Is that what you come up with
while you play truant? Why else

would you repeat 4th grade?
- Forget him.

But we need him, Kiki.
- I said, forget him.

Good idea. I don't fit in with you.

Super freak and I
live in different worlds. Dad, let's go.

I told you.
He's a real super asshole.

I know you're not supposed to say it,
but if it's true?

What are we going to do?

We're only chosen once a year.
- Wow! Super Badger

is a brainiac!

I don't believe it!
- Excuse me?

His father is the a... Robin
will be there, I'll bet my ass on it,

the most precious possession

a racing driver has. We'll meet up
tonight on the bridge at 9:30.

I thought you wanted to talk to me.

I thought you did.

I see. I've disappointed you.

Is that it?

The track costs 3,000 euros a day.
Plus 4 go-karts and 6 years of training.

Go on, Robin, look at me.


I wasn't good enough!

Are you happy now?
- Why me?

It was your dream
that was shattered today.

The scout thinks you're not
mature enough yet. You lack personality.

You're not a man yet.

Please, Robin,

if you have to cry, don't do it here.

My son is a winner.


Are you still awake?
- I'm in major trouble now!

It's almost 9:30!

David? Luca?

That's the end of Dragon Heart.

Are you jerking me around?

Am I really to believe you're asleep?

Come on.

They're asleep.
You know what that means: we're alone.

I'll eat my boots!

That was close.

Lion's Den, here we come!
Any idea where it is?

In the South. Where else?

Excuse me, what? - Where else do you
think Badgerman can have his adventures?

You only say that because there have
to be four of us. You never wanted me

to come along.
- And I'd never have given you the coin.

But you have it and I have to accept it.

Like I have to accept her.

Beastly bitching alien.

I like you, too.

The jacket looks good on you,

Super Badger. It makes you look taller.

Plus one can see you coming for miles.

For miles?

Right. Especially the one in the back.

Come on.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Come out of your rat holes.
Here's Tom the Cat.

Maggot eating Batcat!

He's a grown-up.

He's not a grown-up, he's a cop.

But before you crap your pants,
ask yourself,

what they'll do to us

when we show up without a valid
invitation as there's only three of us.

Who are "they"?

And what would they do to us?
I thought this was about a car race.

And about the biggest secret that hasn't
been betrayed by anyone for decades.

Do you think that works the nice way?


What are you doing?

Stop it. Let me go!

I'm warning you! I'm Diamond,
the Super Badgerman of Dragon Heart!

Did you hear that?

This super clown is warning us.

Shoot! You may have bet your ass,

but now mine's on the line,
because that upstart Robin

is asleep in his fairy-tale castle.
- I don't believe it. - Look around you.

It's way too filthy here
for daddy's little boy.

Into the Lion's Den ...

What do you want in the Lion's Den?

It's in the South!

Where Mom comes from?
- If you cross that bridge,

we're no longer related.

Deuced sectarian rapeseed slobber!

What'll they do to us?

You'll see.


make way ... for the Champion.

For the Rocket.

For the Bullet.

Make way for the Missile Man.

Hell GTI!

They're the greenhorns?

They have no idea.

They're clueless.

Let's change that.
We're your welcoming committee.

May I introduce Da Vinci?

Da Vinci, the Genius.

Gallileo. The most brilliant
mechanic in the fight for the Castle.

And this is Dadidas.

Naik E. Dadidas.

He gets everything Da Vinci needs
for his inventions. - Either he ...

or Weaver. Weaver the Spider.

You'll get to know him,
if your fourth man shows up.

In case he has the courage,
these are the rules ...

You build two cars.

Two cute beasts.

They'll compete with ours,

with our Da Vinci Gallileo


We'll have two races. One on one.

If it's undecided,
all four will race each other.

After that the losers have one rematch.

Like the Nitros today.
- The freaks. The losers.

If they lose again,

we get their coins.

We've beaten six teams.

If we beat a seventh, your team,

the fairy tale will come true.
We will finally get ...

... into the Castle!

And you into Hell.

Crash, thunder and lightning!

We're ever so sorry!

But there's only three of you.
- Without a fourth ...

you've already lost.

Be good! Give me your coin.

You'd never have beaten me anyway.

Let's find out.

I'll eat my boots!

I knew it! Kiki, Robin's here.

You heard. I'm Robin V. Eight.

Remember that name: V8.

The name of your nightmare

and our team.

Have you seen their wheels?
I'd love to drive them. - Or better ones?

I don't believe it, Robin.
Holy turbo! You're heaven-sent.

Or hell-sent!

You have two weeks.

Then you may lose against us.

But first

you have to make an oath.

Put your hands on top of each other.

"Upon all my pride

and all my dignity

I swear

never to betray

that the Castle
and the races really exist."

Come on.

Be good.
- You don't have a choice.

I swear.

I swear.

And I swear, too.

Oh, shit.

Even though it means trouble.

And ...

"I'm prepared to die for it."

I knew it!
Hey, "dying", are you serious?

We swear.

We swear.


doesn't leave me

any other choice.

Okay. Later, losers!
Now scram, before the cops find those.

The Nitro freaks.

The losers.

That's what we mean by "dying".

Shit ...

Almost as bad as the cucumber.
The cucumber as an elf.

We have the Super Badger
to protect us all.

Pingu, you upstart!

And it's no reason to grin so stupidly!

So all we need now are two cool cars.

Two racecars that can't be bought.

Then we don't just have to beat
the Baracudas but six others as well.

It could be us on those bobby-cars seven
times over. - With soothers and diapers.

Which, Luca, is what you have me for.

The girl, the alien,
the beast from the South.

Right, you're from the South.
- We'll meet this afternoon

on the bridge at 11:30.

I have to show you something.

And we want to see it!



Don't let your dad catch you.

Wait, we're coming with ...


So, do you really trust him?

He's scared of getting himself dirty.

And ... he has the hots for Kiki Lilou.

No, I hadn't heard about that.

Illegal car races held by children?

Have you told your superiors?

I'd like to talk to Robin first.

My son's asleep. Downstairs in his room.

"I won't disappoint you again,



What did I tell you about that upstart?

And about your Kiki Lilou?

We're both here.

You should hide, too,
before he finds you.

Come on!

Way too slow. I saw you!

My dad hired him.

To find me.

You haven't been home at all?

He slept under the bridge.
- How do you know?

Did you watch over him?

That hurt. - It was meant to.
Let it be a warning to all of you.

I may already be 12, but still,

there's nothing I want from boys yet.

Nothing! Nothing at all!

So what are we? Hey, David,
does she think we're three cute girls?

I could check and see.
- I'm warning you, you hear?

Suit yourself.

Then Andalee will do so herself.

Double poison-tailed ray monitor!

Who the hell is Andalee?

She guards all this.
And every man who isn't a man ...

gets his briefs pulled over his ears.

How come you know this?
- It's my home.

Why did you never mention it?

We've been going
to the same school for years!

I tried, remember?


Is that Andalee?

No, that's Fast.

And that one's ...



Kiki, is she your mother?

Yes, but it won't do you any good.
- Piston seized poacher night!

Why are you here and what
can you offer me so I won't pull ...

... our briefs over our ears?

Oh, dear.

But we can't say. The ... is taboo.

What's taboo?
- None of your business.

What was that?
- Kiki, tell your mother to let him go!

Aren't you scared to get yourself dirty?

So, what's taboo?

It's none of your business.
You're a grown-up!

More than grown up!
- His brother is the Super Badger!


These guys are a bit weird,
but they have potential.

What's weird about us?
- Maybe your boots.

Come on. I'll show you something.

Saints Bugatti and Ferrari!

I don't believe it, Kiki!
They're as good as ready.

These are our cars!

Are you sure?
- I'm still working on the engines.

It has 19 hp and sings like
an arrow shot through the sun.

Does the rust bother you?
You have two weeks to get it off.

And so you won't get bored,

you'll first find these items.

They're vital. I need four of those.

the cars'll blow up in our faces.

Why do I always get
the shit end of the stick?

Because you're our superhero.

Diamond, the Badgerman of Dragon Heart!

Yeah, may the dragon be with you!

And save you from your shoes.

I like you, too. To hell with you!

Isn't she

insanely fantastic?
- No.

You're just insanely in love.
It makes you as blind as a bat.

You're the one who's blind.

Here's the second item.

Get going,

or the cars will never be finished.

If you can call them cars.

You sneaky pile of crap!

I'll put you in the press
and chop you up!

And we'll be world champions!

Are you crazy?

The best drivers of the Castle!
Oh look, an umbrella

and tons of bottle caps!

Is that why you see kids
racing through the streets everywhere?

Your son's hanging around
with these two guys. You know them?

No, nor does my son.
They're not his style.

And there's a girl. Pretty filthy,

scruffy ...
- Wearing a hood?

And she's from the South.
Do you still want your son back?

What's up? Is there a problem?

That's junk.

We're at a junkyard.
- That's not what I mean.

It's all just trash.

And that's not good enough? I see.
Like you're not good enough for Daddy?

He's a disappointment. - Watch it!
- So tell her she's lying! Go on,

say it!

I hate you rednecks!

I knew it. Forget him.

It's over.

The Castle's history.

What do you want?

That's not the right question.
What do you want, David?

Why are you here?

What do you want from me?

I want to show you something.

I don't want to see it. You're only here,
because you damn well need me.

And Kiki and Luca!

Right. Without us, you're nothing.

Nothing at all!

A loser.

You're right.

But I could be someone.

No, together with you three I could be
someone special. Do you understand?

I'm not perfect. But because I'm not,
I can improve myself.

I'll become stronger and stronger,
and rise above myself.

Like this umbrella.

Doesn't it look
like a Cobra's gear stick?

A 1967 Cobra?

I'll eat a gas pump!

What did you find?

But I didn't ...

Sure you did. You only find this,
if you've been waiting for it.

Didn't anyone ever tell you?
- No way!

If you call that waiting,
you two must be in a coma!

Holy Badgerman. I hate your shoes!

There you are!

Where are you, Luca?
- In a coma!

Oh my God, Luca, say something!

I've got them.

I've got them,
and there are exactly four of them.

God, Luca!

Wanna hear what it sounds like
when you shoot an arrow

through the sun?

Now what do you say?

Doesn't that sound like victory?
- You bet it does!

And with this one
we'll fly to the finish.

I bet my ...
- ... ass on it!

A racing driver's
most precious possession.

I'll bet my stomach.

What's with the barbecue?

God am I hungry!
- And me.


I just wanted to say I'm proud of you.
Of you and your Cobra. - Thanks.

And stay just the way you are!

This one's for you.
- With extra chili pepper.

And a blazing heart.

Or is it an ass? Yours is worth it.
- Quite a lot, as it happens, David.

Without it, I wouldn't be here.

Nor would there be

the legendary V8 Team. Help yourselves.

To the racing team of the future.

That was so good!

I bet that's how a Christmas goose
feels before it bursts.

Unless it burps or ...

Shining Christmas swan!

Luckily it is now 8 minutes to 7.

And you have to be home by 7.
- What?

Luca. See you tomorrow.
- David, wait!

Can I sleep at your place?

Of course. Sure!

Hey, wait for me!

How does the go-kart feel?
- Like it's not there.

It feels like it has an engine.

These are my parents.
Mom, Dad, this is Robin.

He wants to live with us
for the next few days.

They're usually very nice.
We're only 14 minutes late.

So times three ...

makes 42 minutes of chores.

I'll do the dishes. Luca wipes the floor.
- Hang on, I ...


Why does Robin want to live with us?
- Why?

Well, because ...

My father's away.

And your mother?
- She's a bloodsucker. A vampire

from the South.

We don't know her anymore.

Want me to talk to them?
Both Micheles work for Youth Welfare.

No, I think I want to know
how things play out there.

What if your son prefers it there?

Everyone has his price.

It all depends on the right timing.

Do you like the world I live in?

Why? Want to swap with me?

Who wouldn't? You're so rich you could
pick your dreams like apples from trees.

Dreams grow higher up.
Money won't help you there.

You need a ladder.

Leading up to the stars.
And you have to build it yourself.

Turn the key, start the engine, let's go!

Eyes on the road, everyone's excited.

Will you come in second, third or last?

Let's see if you can beat V8!

You have to steam ahead on the track.

So change into a higher gear.

Clear your head, eyes on the road.

Or you've already lost!

On your way!

Hang on to your hat, 'cause here's V8!

Here we go!

Let's see if you can make it ...

By the sun-flooded Nürburgring! Kiki,

does that mean our cars are ready?
- All you have to do

is break them in, boys.

Here comes the exciting bit.

Have a look at that.

Are you ready?

Hold your breath!

Aren't they two cute beasts?

Coarse wild lions on the outside,

but engines

like Swiss watches on the inside.
- Her mother taught her quite a bit.

Now run 'em in!

But be gentle at first.

Then I'll tell you
their two dark secrets.

Dark secrets ...

They have flywheel turbos,


No one's ever built something like that.

That's what I call music!

So let's dance!

Robin, still wanna be a go-kart racer?

Who'd go back
to kindergarten voluntarily?

And this is not a dream. It's real.

We're racing drivers now, Robin!

Hey, Bullet,

what do you think? Can we beat them?

I think there's only one.

Only one of them can be the best.
There's no room for friendship.

Get it, Weaver?

Those four down there don't know it.

And that's the reason they'll lose.

Like the one on the track the clock
shows the reaction time at the start,

then two interim times
and the end result.

By the way,
the lap record is 38 seconds.

Good luck.
But it's not going to do you any good.

We'll see about that.

- Holy turbo!

13.2! Great, David!

What's my interim time?

25.4! Could be a lap record.

Watch out!

Awesome, David!
- Super. - 38.5!

He's in your league.

And he drove for the first time.

I nearly broke the lap record.

Now I have to wish you good luck.

The car's awesome!
But the rear left drifts a little,

as my ass tells me.
Fix that and I'll do it in 38.

I'm not sure that'll be enough.

He's not bad.

David, you weren't lying.
This is awesome!

Fantastically awesome!

It's better than flying! Hey, Kiki,

we'll beat those Baracudas.

I will beat you!

I was right. The rear right tire needed
air. My ass is worth its weight in gold.

You've proven that already.

So what? I'll prove it again.

Then watch out at the last bend.
You can easily take off there.

If you're too fast ...
- Kiki, give me the starting sign!

0.3! What did I tell you?

What's my interim time?


4 tenths faster than me!

Don't risk too much. You lead by
5 tenths. - And lose my lead?

I won't fall for that trick.



- Are you alright? - No!

I'm not. I screwed up.
- But you were faster! - Robin's right.

I wasn't. I want to try again.
- And I want you to calm down first.

You should all calm down first.

Or should I say cool off?
Why not go for a swim?

Have a day off.
Forget everything until tomorrow.

You're right.
We have to baptize David, Kiki.

He drove his first race today.

I'd like to see you try.

Hey, wait for me!

What's keeping you, you race snails?
To baptize me you have to get me first!

Where are you?


Grab him! - David Michele,
I baptize you as my best friend.

With the cutest ass.
- Without whom I'd never be this happy.

Are you two serious?

This is no time for jokes, David.
We're V8!

The best racing team there is.
I'll never drive for any other. I swear.

So do I.

Only because you want me to.

Be good.
- As good as you can.

Then you can be the best.

If you have the courage ...

It's the Badgerman who's afraid.
- He should learn

he doesn't have to be afraid.
- Get the superhero!

I'm warning you!

Even if the Badgerman
is scared of heights, he still has

his bang, boom and bang.

Useless against tickling!

How did you know?
Please, stop. I'll do whatever you want.

That's what we wanted to hear.

So what's the point?

To find out who's really afraid:

you or the Badgerman.

What if it isn't the Badgerman?
- Then we'll have a new hero:

Luca Michele,

David's brave sister.
- I'm not a ... Hey!

How long have you known?

What does it matter? All that matters
is that you know. Come on.

David, the Badgerman is a scaredy cat!

And I'm a girl! Hey, I'm a girl.

And your sister.
- Now jump by yourself.

Go on, Luca, do it!

I thought he was an upstart.

A spoiled brat
who gets everything he wants.

Now he fights for his friends.
We're most important to him.


Or you?

How do you mean?

David Michele ...
- We're not intruding, are we?

But this lake is awesome.

An insiders' tip among the drivers of the
Castle, or those who want to become one.

What do they want? - To intimidate us.
But they didn't reckon with Luca.

Yes, Luca.

Who'll jump all by herself.

Hey, look,
someone's being brave up there!

You bet you're brave!

You give us courage.
You're our promoter.

Show them, Luca!


I'm sorry.

Someone wet their pants.
- Their superhero underpants!

But these underpants are really cool.

And what about the guy inside them?

Did she give you the brush-off?

How stupid can you be?

When finally someone saw her as a girl.

I've had enough. Are you coming?

No, wait, please.
- We want to talk to you. You know ...

we want to get to know you.

Do as you like. See you tomorrow.

No, the day after tomorrow.

At dawn at Gallows Hill.

But ...

I'd like to show you something first.

Come on. Believe me,

I'm doing you a big favor.

And now he leaves, too. Guess where?

To Kiki Lilou.

Do you like that, David?

I saw you race.

You were better than him.
But he still beat you.

And it will always be that way.
You'll always be number two.

Unless you have the right friends.

If you lose the day after tomorrow,
I'll throw Weaver off the team,

and you can come
to the Castle with me right away.

You won't have to win seven races,
but lose one.

Lose once, to win!

To be the best.

Better than Robin.

I think you deserve this.

You sacrificed everything:
the go-kart track, all the money,

your father ...

You should know if the one you regard
as your friend really is your friend.

These are the cars
she's built until now.

This is the car cemetery of Kiki Lilou.

Do you understand me now?
Her engines are trash.

They all exploded.

Can I help you?

You're a fake!

A lousy fake!

What do you want?

I'd like to comfort you.

Oh, sorry. I'm one of the bad guys.

But I know how you feel.

What it's like to always be second best.
- The klutz.

The dork. The scaredy cat.

You could put it like that.

But I also know

how good it feels

when others make a fool of themselves.

Remember how you felt when
your brother was the Great Cucumber?

You know, if you're not a hero,

it makes your life easier, if you
prevent others from becoming heroes.

Just imagine

what it would be like,
if David were to lose.

If his dream were to be shattered
and all he can care for is you.

Because you're all that's left.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Mom, Dad, has Luca come back yet?

May my oil pan burst! You ran home

in your underpants?
- Thanks for everything.

I really enjoyed my time with you.
- But where are you going?

My father came back.
- I see.

But what does it mean?

Ask Kiki. Ask her

about her dark secret. In any case,

I'm no longer in.
- So?

What do you get in return? Will your dad

buy you a new go-kart? I thought you
can't buy dreams? - I'm not doing that!

I'm fighting for them. The scout
is coming to the go-kart track again.

He's not a fake.
No children's fairy tale.

I know.

It's 7:30.
That means two hours of chores.

And I'll help him.

You hear?

I'll help him with pleasure.

With pleasure.

This was a cable fire.

And this a piston seizure.

It's a complete total loss, right?

Try this.

It was a great help to me at the time.
- Is it a skirt?

It used to be my tool belt.

Were you really inside the Castle?

I'm a grown-up.

There's something
for your friends in the hall.

So they'll look like men.

That's it.

Come on, Luca.

Let's go.
- Let me help you.

Leave me alone!

It's too late for that.

What's it too late for?

And what's Kiki Lilou's dark secret?

I've no idea. And even if I knew,
I wouldn't be allowed to tell you.

It's just one more shattered dream.

Are you sure?

Or did you just not fight for it?

The important things in lifecome to those

who are willing to wait for them.

But I could be someone. No,

together with you threeI could be someone special.

I have to get to the track!

Luca, have you gone crazy?

No. I'm Badgerman of Dragon Heart,

and you're my prisoner.

They're indestructible
poacher-night cords! - I don't care!

I don't have time for that.
I'll fight, and I love you, Mom!

I'll fight, and I love you!

And tell Luca
I won't need her until this evening.

Do you also think
we should take the day off?

I took the car out already.

I love you for that!

I'll drive.
It's not dangerous enough yet.

Kiki, I need a car!

For the go-kart track.

I have to see Robin!
- What?

Wait. You're crazy!

Yes, really crazy. And I'm fighting
for what's most important to me.

You'll ruin everything!

The Castle is taboo. If you take
the car there, you'll betray everything!

Your sister's right.

Sorry, it doesn't look like her.

She's the Super Chicken
of Dragon Heart again. So,

what's your dark secret?

I have to be
at the go-kart track before twelve.

I thought the spare tires were in there!
- They're my babies.

Flywheel turbos, series-wound.
Totally unique.

How do you mean?

They're tricky things.

If you dare,
each one will rev the engine up

to 15,000 rpm
for a whole seven seconds.

Sounds cool. And the engine can take it?

That's what I meant with "tricky".

I see.

That guy's a man!

But he can only stay one,
if we help him.

It's going as planned.

Jerry the Mouse is going for Tom's trap.

I just hope
your son works as a decoy.

You can bet on that.

Do you know why I bought you this?

you deserve the best of the best.

And from now on we're inseparable.

I put a radio inside your helmet.

Show him!

It's about to start.

Show him!

Hello, Robin.

I'll kill you for this!

Just a second.
We're lifting a big secret here.

Killing the fairy tale of the Castle.

Your father's right.

That's why I'm here.

I see.

Going back to kindergarten voluntarily?

I'll be a professional driver.
- If you're good enough.

Why do you think
they'll take someone like you?

A chicken who ducks out
and breaks his vows?

I knew it!

He's our son!

This smells like a trap.


Did you know about this?
- Arrest him!

He can't. He's on leave.

Only because no one believed him.
Not about the four coins,

not about the Castle,
and not about the Pan.

It's all over.

You and your car are my proof.

You betrayed it all, son.

He's right.

Did you know you were the bait? Your dad
only likes you when you betray us.

Is that what you want?

You don't understand,

but you have to trust me.

Do you, Robin?

There's no point.
You two won't get out!

Let's go!
- Sam, Frodo! - I'm on it!

Here, Frodo. Catch!

You get the other one!

Things are getting dangerous.

So I'll drive.


We have to split up.

You take the short cut to the right.

I have Kiki's flywheel turbos.

What? Those things are killers!

Keep cool. The road is the shortest way.

You'll get to the bridge before him.

You'll never get there, sonny!

I think I trust you, Kiki!

Sixfold shattered camshaft,
this is just crazy!

I can do that, too. Way better even.

Got you, son!

Or they got you!

Wow, it's Mom!

And she's playing chicken!

Hey, piss off!

Piss off!

Don't even think about it,
David Michele!

Maggot covered, slimy batfish!


You were on the wrong side of the road.

As you always were, even as a child.

Which is why
you weren't allowed into the ... Castle.

You can get there, Robin! You did it!
No one will catch you today!

Damn it, shit!

What are you doing here, Dad?
- Stop the car. We'll forget everything.

I can't, Dad. You have to understand.

But of course you understand!

Almighty Porsche pusher!

You're killing him!
- No, I'm not.

I'm setting him free.

Robin, no! I love you!

I love you, too!

I don't believe it!

They did it!

But Mom and Dad helped us.
- And Andalee.

Your mom gave my dad a going-over!
- And Habicht's bathing in herring filet.

So we're safe now. Kiki,
your flywheel turbos are awesome!

Can you fix that?
- I'm not sure. I don't know.

But I do, Kiki.
And David's always known.

Very well. You'll be driving the cars,

if they explode.
I'll need a new cylinder head

and four of these screws.

And I know where they are!

And I know where to find
the cylinder head. Come on, Robin!

You four little screws,
I know where you are!

You're no longer fast

nor furious.

Sinister poacher night!

Just look at it ...

as a courtesy visit.

I'm warning you, Naik E., I'm not alone.

So cry for help.

Super Badger is wetting his pants for
fear and David and Robin can't hear you.

What a brilliant idea!

The engine that survived that
is unbreakable.

It went through hell.

You have a long night ahead of you.

Think you can do it?

Less than five hours.

A little sugar in your tank
might sweeten your time.

If I were you, I'd scram.

And take the sugar with you,
like a pair of good boys.

I thought that guy
was scared of heights. - He is.

He has his eyes closed.
- But now he opens them.

I don't think so.
- It's time to jump into the water.

It's time for ...

Luca Michele,
promoter and frontman! The heart of V8!

Now to you, Weaver!

No, no need.

Come on, Naik E. ...
- Good boy!

And tell everyone
we're no longer afraid.

We'll see about that.

I'll see about that.


Now for the four little screws ...

then you're done, Kiki.

Then the little panther
will start purring again. Two, three ...

There are only three!

Luca, we're one short.

These are super electromagnetic
hero boots. And with these ...

you can fix the loose contact ...

in the switch.
- Are you serious?

David doesn't have to know.

He mustn't know, you hear?

It was bound to get close one day.

Holy big block of muscle car!

Andalee said we should wear them
so we'd look like real winners.

How's the catapult coming along?

Is it ready?
- Yes. This here ...

will launch us into hyperspace.

Watch the sledge.

This thing
will catapult Hell to victory.

We'll save it for the final race.

When they don't expect it.

Give us the rock-solid hot rods,

because we love to take risks.

Let losers lose

and have winners beat them.

Listen to the heartbeat of the street.

Kiki Lilou in her workshopcreated these beasts.

To set them loose

all you do is engage a gear.

Make them hiss like cats.

Awaken the panthers inside them.

You'll only see our backs,the glowing red eyes.

If we ignite our turbos,

the fire will never die.

Dust, noise and gas.

Here are David and Robin,V8 is our team.

Hey, you fish!

Is it true
that baracudas swim backwards?

But they swim faster forwards.

Sinister poacher night

and poison-tailed ray monitor!

Do you know who that is?
- He's the Lord of Gallows Hill.

We call him the Judge.

He sees to it that no one cheats.

And this ...

is what we call the Chicken Test.

He who drives through the gate first ...

and tears off this coin

wins the singles race.

What if they're equally fast?
- Then the one who swerves

and craps his pants loses.

The chicken shit!

The scaredy cat.

Which you're not, Robin.
- So use your turbos.

All I say is "boom!"

Those things are extremely dangerous.- No.

they're tricky at best. You do trust me,

don't you?

You bet I do.


Liv ...

Weaver, faster!
- You can do it!

Now the flywheel!
- He's too scared.

Weaver, now show us who you really are!

Crap with paste! Out of the way!

He's crazy!

- Yeah!


I'll eat my boots, he did it!
If David wins, too,

we've beaten them!
- You were wonderful, Robin.

I warned you.

He'll get everything. And you ...


And I don't just mean your girlfriend.

Shoot! Now I see why David likes you.

I mean your team.

It carries his name.

"Robin V. Eight".

You were out ages ago.

Join me.

Lose once and you'll win.

Lose once, to win!

To be the best.

Better than Robin.

I'll make it easy for you.

This is a brand-new Gallileo drive.

So let's begin.

We'll shatter your dreams.

David, what are you doing?
- By the Badgerman of Chicken Shit!

Why don't you start?

It's one all!
- Now all four will race!

What's wrong with the car?

The thing just died. It was flooded.
- I don't believe it!

Super! - He was too scared to take off.
- Don't tell me he lost on purpose.

I told him he'd get your job.

You're kidding! You patched up
my engine with Luca's boots?

The three of you cooked this up together!
How can I beat him in this heap of junk?

I trusted you. I wrecked my car
when I saved you at the go-kart track.

And now you give me this.
This fake, this junk!

It was my dream, you hear?
My really big dream!

Why didn't I know?

Because the engine runs.

It runs fine.

So explain it to him, you hear?

Or we've lost.

It's also my dream,
and Robin and Luca's.

We'd do everything for you.

A great way of showing it!

I even get Luca's loose contact!

And her electromagnetic hero boots.
Do you have any idea what that means?

She'd give up anything for you.

Damn it!

I even considered dressing up
as sexy as those Baracuda minxes.

But I can't, you hear?

Now if you don't want me to snog you
in front of everyone, you go up there

and finish them!

Because I love you. You hear?

And I want to tell you another secret.

About how to ignite
both flywheel turbos simultaneously.

It'd mean quadrupling your power,
to nearly 80 hp.

And David, your engine can take it.

I promise.

We'll finish them.

You bet we will. Be good, David.
- As good as you can.

Then you can be the best.

If you have the courage.

I always felt the way you feel
when my father let me win.

Then let's hope the boots will hold.

We'll race three laps.
The team that comes in first wins.

The other places don't count.

Says the one who's always second.

Hey, Weaver, I was wrong.

You're not even second, you're third.

Yes, David,

rile him, make him ignite his turbo.

He'll be burned out.

And the scaredy cat can only trail you.

Weaver, forget them. Keep cool.

David, get him right after the tunnel!

Hey Weaver, you're last!

And you want to be first so badly!

And I will be!

Weaver, it's too soon.

There are still two laps to go!
- And all they'll see is my taillights!

Shoot, Weaver, you're an idiot!

No, I'm leading!


Crap with paste!

Now you're alone, Missile Man!

We're coming after you.

No, I'm coming after you!

Hey, what's wrong with you?
Your Missile Man's losing.

Hell Boy, you drive like a safety car!

Make way for V8!

That thing's better
than your darned flywheel!

And I've got two of those!

Just like me!

Stay calm.

Bite me, Naik E. I'm the champ.

Can you bite, or do you just bark?
- I'll leave the barking to you.

David'll bite!

He still has both turbos.

It's all up to you, David. The last lap.

He's miles behind!

He'll catch up easily. David Michele,

ignite both of them on the straight.

Go on, be a good boy, ignite your turbos.

Show us Kiki Lilou's secret weapon.

No, it's a trap. They have a catapult!

Without the turbosyou won't stand a chance!

You can catch up without them.

You will! You're the better driver.

No, you're the best driver in the world!

Now finish him!

The loser! You know how a jet takes off

from an aircraft carrier?

David, what are you doing?


That was damned close!

Did we win?
- I don't know.

No idea. But it was better than flying.

You clearly finished first.

Look where my chewing gum is.
- Is it true?

No, it was a tie.

Hey, Judge, tell us

what the finish photo says!

The race is over.

V8 is the winner.

Hey, David Michele,

we'll meet again.

And I'm looking forward to our rematch.

We, too, were looking forward to therematch and the adventures awaiting us.

To The Five Gangstersand the Ring of Five ...

to Mom and Dad, Frodo and Sam,

to Andalee, yes!

And we were pleasedthat the talent scout

I'm proud of you.

The founder of the Castle.Did you get that?

He really existed!

Everyone came to celebrate with us.

With us, the V8!

The best racing team ever!

Holy flywheel!
- That's my boy.

So what do we do now?

This story isn't over by a long shot!


Gimme speed, gimme V8!


Gimme five! Let's shake hands.

Gimme ten! Don't talk about the end.

Gimme seven days a week, that's enough.

Gimme one thing: your face forever.

Gimme 1k reasons, I'll give you 1k more.

Life's a ball and I'll never quit.

An arrow flying through the sun.

A lowered turbo spitting sparks.


Gimme speed, gimme V8!

For you I'd fly over every cloud,

through the sun and any star you like.

I'd leave the universe and cross galaxies

just to kneel before you

and look into your wonderful eyes.

To offer you my hand and run off forever.


Gimme speed, gimme V8!

Badgerman must dash.
You should split!


You're staying here.

There you are at last!


Morning! May the
Dragon Heart be with you!

No paper round today?
- First things first!

Okay, I get it.

See you at 10!
- You're back by 7,

or you'll do chores
until you drop!

It's Angelo Michele,
David's father.

What about me?

No, David, no!


He'll make it!


I've had it.
That's enough!

Turn the key, start the engine, let's go.

Eyes on the road, everyone's excited.

Will you come in second, third or last?

Let's see if you can beat V8!

You have to steam ahead on the track.

So change into a higher gear.

Clear your head, eyes on the road.

Or you've already lost!

On your way!

Hang on to your hat, 'cause here's V8!

Here we go!

Let's see if you can make it.


Subtitles: Adrian Byrne
Film und Video Untertitelung GmbH