V8 - Die Rache der Nitros (2015) - full transcript

A group of friends got into a big trouble and they will try to do anything to get away with it.

(Universal jingle)


- [Robin Voiceover] There's
a really huge secret.

A secret that parents
can never know about.

I'm talking about The Castle.

A secret racing driver school

where all world champions were schooled.

And we were lucky.

We were chosen.

David the nerd,

Luca his crazy sister,

Kiki Lilou, the brilliant motor mechanic,

and me, Robin.

Together we became V8,

the best racing team ever.

We built two racing cars
that money couldn't buy.

Two mean machines with
80 brake horsepower.

And we celebrated our first victory,

the first of seven that
would get us into the castle.

It was our dream.

We wanted to live it.

(airy music)

But my father and the mayor of the town

wanted to destroy our dream
and the Castle forever.

He made Commissioner Habicht
head of a special unit

with just one mission,

to hunt us down.

(tense music)

David's father was arrested.

He was jailed together with Kiki's mother.

Even Pan, the founder of the Castle

had to disappear forever.

They banned racing as if it were treason.

And those who were still free had to run.

We drove north of the
town with David's mother,

beyond the great forests
to the end of the world,

the Dragon's Back.

That was the safest place there was.

Kiki's mother and David's
father became our spies.

They warned us about Habicht's plans,

sending us messages by means of rockets.

And David's mother was having fun.

She became a forest goblin, a troll,

an evil tree guardian and
chased Habicht's men away

so they never came back again.


But our true enemy hadn't
shown his face yet.

(tense music)

- [David] Are you really sure?

- Yes, real racing drivers can do this.

I saw it in a movie once.

- In a movie?

- In a real racing driver movie.

And you'd like that as well, right David?

So then dream on.

You need to get a sense for the obstacles!

- I hate this!

(energetic music)



You're out of your mind, Robin!

- You are both out of your minds!

David Michele, if
something happens to you...


- I'm crazy about you too, Kiki!

- Too, what's with too,
where did you get that?

- Hey Robin, did you hear that?

Let's get those losers!

- [Robin] They're gonna be sorry.

- [David] Come on, Robin!

- [Robin] Let's show them
who the real speedsters

around here are!

(tense music)

(phone ringing)

- Yes?

- We need to meet.

I know where your son is

but it's gonna cost you.

I'm serious.

(busy tone beeping)

(kids chuckling)

- Hey Robin!

It's only half past one,

are you snoozing there?

(somber music)

- [Kiki] Do you miss your Mom a lot?

- I've never known her.

I just remember her scent

and that he was very different then.

(ominous music)

(clock cackling)

- Are you scared?

How does it feel to you to be teaming up

with the south?

That forbidden zone.

- As far as I'm concerned

I've never underestimated
a business partner yet.

(tires screeching)

And you've got exactly 33 seconds

to tell me where my son is hiding.

- And you seem to have
forgotten you have to get away.

And you have to pay me for my information.

- I don't believe you'd
wanna blow yourself up.

- 20, 19.

You'll certainly be safer in the Jaguar.

- Where is my son?

- I thought you wanted
to destroy his dream.

Your son will be my bait,

the bait for a race
they'll all take part in.

The V8, the Nitros and the holy Pan.

Then you'll get them all.

The Castle will be dead, and,

- Where will the race be held?

- You should start running now.

(clock ticking)

(clock ringing and laughing)


(tense music)

- [David] Now!

And with this I christen
you, Robin B. Acht

as my best friend!

- And mine too!

- Hey!

- And mine!


- At any rate I couldn't
want a better one.

- Be good!

- As good as you can.

- Then you can be the best.

- If you have the courage.

And you do, right?

- Excuse me?

You can't be serious.

You know that all racing is forbidden.

- You bet they are.

- But the cars are ready!

- Why didn't you wake me up earlier then?

I was dying here!

Crap, the last three months
I've been deader than dead!

Museum piece pedal cart zombie.

Deader than dead.

I'm dead as...

(light music)

- But now you're coming back to life.

Why else have I been working
on your cars for weeks?

- And I've painted them
like stealth bombers.

So they're black and invisible.

- Invisible, yeah, but also silent.

Normally I hate electric cars

but they'll be great to practice with.

Especially if you fire up the boosters.


They almost smell as good as gasoline.

- Okay.

I see four transformers
sitting in the suspensions.

- And four in the brakes.

- So in total, that's eight.

As in V8.

- They charge themselves
while we're driving.

Can we fire them up all together?

- Singly and all together.

Take them for a spin.

Push them to the limit.

Practice as if the Castle was at stake.

Wake these sleeping beauties up.

Come on, we'll take the shortcut!

- [David] Hey, did you hear that?

She called you Sleeping Beauty.

And I'll have to wake you with a kiss!

- [Robin] You'll have to
catch me first, David!

(energetic music)


♪ Old me, that's what I thought ♪

♪ But you tell me who could it be ♪

♪ You little owl racing across the night ♪

♪ Like the fox that sear like fire ♪

♪ Only eight, that's what I thought ♪

- [David] Hey!

Why don't you get up?

Give me a kiss!

- [Robin] No thanks, slowpoke.

I'm firing all eight now.


♪ I knew it by a plague with you ♪

♪ Playing with fire ♪

- [Robin] I don't believe it.

That's a Nitro!

♪ Until the fire ♪

♪ Until the fire plays with you ♪

(tense music)

- [Robin] You saw him too, right?

- I don't believe it.

The Nitro freaks lost
against the Barracudas.

They're not in the race anymore.

They died wearing pink diapers.

- [Luca] But now they're back.

David, check out 2:30.

- [Robin] There's the second one.

(rock music)

- But they can't be here.

It's against the rules!

- Luca is right.

I don't like this, David.

- [David] And I like it even less.

They were faster than us.

- Come back now.

- [Clown Driver] Yeah
go now, do as she says.

We're just too good for you.

- [David] No, I don't run away.

I'll get him.

Robin, you take the other one!

- No, don't split up!

- We have to catch them

or they might betray our hideout!

- David Michele, if anything happens then,

- [David] You'll serve
me up as diced bacon.

But in the meantime, can you
tell me how long it takes

for the turbos to recharge?

- It depends on the speed that you're-

- [David] I'm driving damn fast.

- 60 seconds.

- [David] Then still 30 to go!

Hey Robin, how's it going with you?

Did you get the freak?

- [Robin] I'm right on his back now.

What am I saying, he just
turned off into the woods.

No turbo can help him now.

- [David] It sure would help me.

Damn, he's fast, he's
getting away from me!

Kiki, how long are these
60 seconds of yours?

Come on now!



(car whooshing)

Now I've got you, Nitro!

He's headed straight
for the railway tunnel!

- It's been walled up
and there's no way out.

- He's got him, hah!

- [Kiki] Go get him, David!

(tense music)

- [David] I'll eat a car tire.

The Nitro's gone.

- But I've got mine.

And he's stuck like a
fly in a spider's web.

The curiosity's killing me.

And I won't let you go
until you've answered

all my questions.

David and Kiki, it's a trap!

(rock music)

- David Michele, I hope
you get there on time!

- Robin!

Where are you?

He's not here anymore.

- Exactly.

Because they have him.


(tense music)



(clown cackling)

If you want Robin back then you'll have

to beat us in a race.

Well done.

Just when all racing is banned.

David Michele, I could kill you!

Nitro corroded cylinder head gasket!

And since you're so clever
you can tell me exactly

how we'll get into the
castle without Robin

or how we're going to win the six races

and get a hold of the six
coins that are required

and all that with just the three of us

instead of four needed in the rules!

Stop gawking!

I know racing is banned.

But freeing Robin is not!

Did I say I was a driver?

You two timing piece of junk,

I hate when you don't do as I say!

(birds chirping)

- Just like I said, he simply vanished

without a trace.

- No he hasn't.

This is not Star Trek.

And as I doubt the Nitros
have invented beaming yet,

they must either be hiding
in a hole in the ground,

- Or there's a tunnel.

- There must be a tunnel.

Because there's no hole in the ground.

I've looked everywhere.

(wall rumbling)

What did I tell you?

Here's the loophole he slipped through.

(tense music)


- [Clown] Remember this?

Can you imagine how much we hate you all?

- Us?

Why us?

- [Clown 2] I don't believe it.

He doesn't know how
humiliating it was for us

in the Lion's Den,
losing to the Barracudas.

- The Nitro Freaks, the losers.

By the way, that is what we mean by dying.

- But that wasn't us.

We didn't stick you in diapers!

- [Clown] Did you hear that?

It had absolutely nothing to do with him.

- [Clown 2] But you are a guy.

- And that's enough for us.

Now, how do you feel, Robin V. Acht?

- Do you want to go home to daddy?

- Leave me!

Just leave me alone!

(birds chirping)

(tense music)

- Crap, David, it's the Nitros!

(light piano music)

- I love this song.

- Mom used to sing it when we were still

small and cutesy.

♪ The things I remember, always remember ♪

♪ No one is cool as you ♪

♪ You were the defender
of the world I remember ♪

♪ No one can drive like you ♪

♪ Daddy can't you see
that you'll always be ♪

♪ The best part of me ♪

- What do you want from me?

I saw the four Nitros in the diapers.

They weren't girls!

They were guys.

- Bingo, you brain bug.

- That's why you're here, to pay for them.

- You're old enough to count.

Or does it still look
like there's four of us?

- So, one short.

Or do you still think
Venice is a driver like me?

- She is our promoter.

♪ The best part of my life is you ♪

♪ Everything I do ♪


♪ I do only for you ♪

- This used to be our second driver.


The rat.

Second from the left.

- He was ashamed to race with us.

- Girls are poison, is what he said

even though we had six coins.

- Six, you hear?


- And the Barracuda's coin
would have been our seventh.

- Seven races.

Seven wins.

- We'd have entered the castle ages ago.

- Then the rat and three others came.

They tied us up, put on our masks.

- And you know the rest, blah blah.

- That's the reason you're here.

If we don't get to go to the castle,

no guy will either.

- We're really sorry.

You really could have made it.

- You were damn good.

- A thousand times better
than the Barracudas.

- Yes.

Mardi Gras is right.

You were the best.

(yawning) But I'm tired now.

Don't even think of running away.

Our dolls are watching you.

- Good night, have sweet dreams.

- [Robin Voiceover] Dreams.

None of us dreamed that night.

We were all awake.

We sensed the danger
that threatened us all.

Us and the Castle.

We had just one chance.

That my friends would come and rescue me.

But how were they to find me in this cave?

(suspenseful music)

- Belly slitting paleface killer.

The Nitros are freaks.

- I have no idea what you
consider a pale face to be

but I can feel my belly.

- And I can see Robin.

- These cursed carnival cretins.

- I'm gonna get him out.

- And move it!

The sun's coming up!

(suspenseful music)


- Mom?

Is that you?

Mmm, it's nice that you're here.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh boy, I almost didn't recognize you.

- I don't find that funny.

- [David] But there's no
time for you to change!

Crap, what'd I tell you?

- I'll eat my boots!

The Nitros are girls!

- Venice, I slept so well.

- We have to get out of here, come on.

- [Mardi Gras] And I'm going to wear

this fantastic dress today.

- [Venice] No, this one.

- [Mardi Gras] Or this one.

Mmm, feel the fabric
and the wonderful smell.


- Cobra riddle viper breed!

(intense music)

They're trying to free him!

Catch them and bring them back!

- Venice, you take the right tunnel.

I'll head around them.

- We need them alive!

But it doesn't mean you can't hurt them.

- It's damn close.

- I know, it's gonna be damn close.

- They're bound to know a shortcut!

(Mardi Gras shrieking)

- [Kiki] Did you hear that?

They're almost here.

They are here.

- [David] But there's only two of them.

- You're not gonna take me again.

Come on!

- [Luca] Kiki! (screaming)

- Kiki?




- Shh.

We've kidnapped Robin.

And if you want to know what
will happen with your children,

then you should take this to Pan.

No, better yet, give it to Tinkabell

since she's his better half.


(laughing) Don't tell me you
didn't know he was married.

There are many things you should know

about Pan and his family.

Oh yeah, and tell him
it's about the Castle.

About the Holy Castle.

- Hallelujah and amen.

If this isn't bingo.

- (grunting) Watch out!

That hurts, okay?

- Just be glad we don't
put you in a toy car.

- Or you!

- Or you.

- And what about me?

Aren't you gonna tie me up?

- No.

We have other plans for you.

- Triplet slimy snake fangs!

- Is this the mama clown?

- No, this is monster mommy.

- Don't listen to them.

They act a lot meaner than they are.

I am Cheetah.

Cheetah Savannah.

- Just get to the point.

- I'm the mother of
these three pretty girls.

- You mean these witches?

- Don't you have a mother?

Then you also don't know
what a mother would do

for her children.

I have sent Pan a message.

- I don't believe it!

- Did you ask him if he-

- Did you ask him if he'd
give us another chance?

- Yeah, what, tell us.

- I told him that we want
to race against them.

- Do you hear that?

- And if we win,

we get into the Castle.

- Yeah!

- Yeah!

- And that's why you kidnapped me

so we'd be without a second driver?

- Why be second?

You're here because we
need a first driver.

- You can forget about that.

- That's not going to happen.

- Oh dear, I thought you'd do it

for your sisters' sake.

- [Three Sisters] Hello, little brother.

- And because...

I am your mother.

- No way.

- I don't believe that.

- I don't believe it either!

- Did you tell that Pierro the same thing?

- Okay.

Let them go, the lot, right now.

Get lost.

You can go.

I won't force you to do anything.

Just stay here, just for a few days.

And then if you still think I'm a liar,

you can go back to your friends.

And we'll give up the race.

- [David] Don't listen to her!

- It's all a lie.

- How do you know that?

- They kidnapped you
and put you in a diaper.

Is that how sisters treat their brother?

- Well.

If we are his sisters,

he has to cope with stuff like that.

- Robin, what are you doing?

- You've heard her.

I can leave anytime.

But I've never seen my mother.

- And it'll stay that way.

He'll never see her!

I mean, his mother.

He can't see her.

He'll never fall for your lies!

(somber rock music)

Piece of crap!

Out of the way!

I hate this thing!

This is all your fault.

It's because of you he's there.

You had to chase after them.

- Mr. Mayor, do you have time for a trip

into the country?

Is she here yet?

- [Man] Yeah, she's got the bomb.

- Your clown has kept her word.

She's handing us everyone
on a silver platter.

- Hey Pan.

It's time you put a
turbocharger on your lawnmower.

I think I'm Tarzan and you're Jane.

Have your feet started to take root?

This is for you.

A gift from the Nitros.

They've captured Robin
and my children and Kiki.

- That doesn't concern me.

- It concerns the Castle.

- It's because of the Castle
that I'm leaving here.

And no one is to know about that.

- Just like I'm not supposed
to know you're married?

Hey, Mrs. Pan?

A clown brought me that bomb.

A very weird clown.

And she said your name is Tinkabell.

- That's enough!

Take your bomb, you have
no idea what you are doing.

- Wait.

Only one person ever
called me by that name.

- That doesn't come into this.

- Yes it does.

It was our daughter.

- Well now that you mentioned it,

she looked a lot like you.

And don't tell me there are
matching grandchildren too.

(fuse hissing)


- Hello grandpa and grandma.

We haven't seen you for so long,

but Mardi Gras has become
a whole lot quicker.

And with Samba's cars, we won six coins.

Venice is the best promoter there is.

But Pierrot, the rat,

lost against the Barracudas in our name

and that's not fair, what the hell?

That's why we beg you,
dear grandpa and daddy,

give us one more tiny little chance.

Just a teeny little race against V8,

the best team besides us of course.

And then we'll leave,
for once and for all,

or you'll finally have us
in the Castle with you.

(somber guitar music)


- He swore.

He swore he'd never leave us.

- And what if he stays there anyway?

- Pan will have to allow the race.

- You're breaking the laws of the Castle

if you do that.

- He is Pan.

He is the law.

- But it's crawling with police out there.

It's complete madness to
hold a race right now.

- So betraying the Nitros was okay?

Don't you think they
deserve a second chance?

- At least not now.

- I warned you.

But you still came here.

You brought the bomb here and you lit it.

Now it's too late.

- No, it was high time.

A dream that is hidden dies a slow death.

And we've been buried
alive for far too long.

I will deliver the letters myself.

- But something's not right here.

You can't trust her.

- Are you telling me that
my daughter is a liar?

(rock music)

- Come on, come here.

Just look at it.

It still has the old engine.

- Forget about that old dinosaur.

It was a tractor.

- I shook of your friend with it

when we kidnapped you, little brother.

But this is the horse with the pacemaker.

Come on, go ahead.

Tell me all its secrets.

- The electro motors were just a test.

I wanted to get to the
highest possible power.

But now it's for real.

Now it smells of gasoline again.

- And it's about time too.

- So I've been thinking
up something special

for this week.

- You've coupled the electro
motors up to the wheels.

And the brakes in the shafts

just like Kiki did.

- But I didn't just couple
them up to the brakes.

Here, do you see these flexible pipes?

They feed directly to the
laughing gas injection

of the ADBHP four cylinder engine.

- Nitro and electricity.

Now that's gotta be hot.

- Oh, I can't wait.

I gotta try it right now.

- And what's with you?

Don't you wanna drive?

This ought to fit you, hmm?

- Was that Pierrot's?

He was a traitor.

(suspenseful music)


- You love this, right?

Aren't you getting a little jumpy?

The lap record is 37.8.

But that's-

- [Robin] History now?


- This is the Sizzler!

I mean the Electroboosted
Laughing Gas Injected Car!

And it has at least 150 BHP.


- Show us, Mardi!

- Get the balloons!

- [Samba] Show him how girls can drive!

- [Venice] All of them have to burst.



Now the donuts.

(tires screeching)

15.4, you're faster than ever!

And now make it fly!

Look at the time!


36.4, your cars are out of this world!

- So?

Not itching yet?

Don't you wanna ride the little horse too?

- Mardi Gras was 1.4 seconds faster

than the standing lap record.

- No, thank you.

And when I drive it,

I'll drive as the person I am.

(car revving)

- Hey little brother.

For every cone left standing,

a second is added to your time.

The same goes for the balloons.

- So come then, show us if
you're faster than a girl.

(rock music)

I don't believe it.

Oh man, he's really fast.

Even without the turbo!


- Mardi, did you see that?

(tires screeching)

- [Venice] Wow, it's like
he's glued to the track!

If he switched the turbo on, Mardi,

he'll beat you.


I must be dreaming.

- Yeah, but your dream is coming true.

Put your foot down!

You're our fam!

(bell dinging)

- [Venice] 35.3!

(girls giggling)

- Even with this, you still won.

- [Venice] And that means,

- [Samba] With you we're invincible.

That's Grandma!

I don't believe it, she's back again!

- Hello, my sweety.

- Hey Grandma, can I
introduce you to Robin?

He's our driver.

That's what you are.


- Oh, what a shame.

Look what I've got here for you.

Your dear granddad has
given you a second chance.

(girls giggling)

- [Venice] Oh, I love your laugh!

We're going to have a race!

- A real race!
- A real race!

- Did you hear that, little brother?

We're going to race again.

- No, stop.

I can't do that.

I swore an oath.

I'm not a traitor.

(tense music)

- Pan has given permission for the race.

Now it's up to Robin.

He has to decide which side he's on.

- Come on, trust me.

I'm your Grandma.

- And we're your sisters.

(ominous music)

- That's me there on the left.

And then this other picture
is your grandfather.

And that's your father.

Your father also lived in the south once

just like Kiki and Cheetah.

But then he wanted to be what he is now.

Rich, powerful, and for that

he cut himself off from everything.

He went across to the north with you

and he forbade your
mother from seeing you.

Can you imagine how awful that was?

That's why she's secretly
kept watch over you.

She took photos of you and
made this collage of you.

Robin, she wanted so much
to live here with you.

I believe you need to make a decision.

But think about it.

You could lose everything.

- My friends.

Do you think they'll understand?

- We are here to help you.


(somber music)

- Dear David, dear Kiki.

- My dear and loyal friends,

this is so hard for me.

But no matter what I have to say

I'll never forget my time with you.

We reached out to the stars together.

- David put his ass on the line for me,

- And Luca had to risk hers too.

- I almost fell in love
with Kiki, ooh la la.

- [Robin] You risked
everything to free me.

- I'm not a prisoner here.

In fact, on the contrary,

- [Cheetah] I have finally found my home.

- I can't believe it.

Suddenly I have three sisters, a Grandma,

and my mother.

- I remember her.

And I'm begging you to
release me from my oath.

Release me from the duty to race for V8.

- And give us this second chance.

Accept Pan's invitation
to race against us.

- In two days in the Labyrinth

on the Nitro Freaks home track.

- It's a home race for us.

- I don't believe this.

Robin would never do something like this!

- He would.

It's a race in the seventh level.

- There's no way back.

No matter what happens,

- The race has to go ahead.

The winner will enter the Castle directly.

- Even if he has only beaten
one team like you have

and only have one coin,

but the loser will be out.

- And ends up on the bobby cars.

No, this isn't fair.

I won't be a part of
it, we've already lost!

- Each team must supply
two cars and two drivers.

- Two drivers, two!

That's what I mean!

So what does our dear Robin say about it?

This totally unfair trick.

- I beg you once again.

Let's go our separate ways in peace.

- Yeah right, what a joke.

- Even though it's forever.

- In my heart I remain.

- Your faithful friend.

- Robin.

- You can shove it!

- Is this what you learned from the Pan?

Cheating and betrayal?

We don't have a damn single chance!

We're right out of the race!

Finished and done, the
Castle's history for us!

What do you want from me?

- I've made a mistake.

- You're not the only one.

- I told you everything
depended on Robin now.

And that was wrong.

It all depends on you.

- [Robin] Now is the time
to jump in the water!

- And now is the time for?

- Luca Michele, the promoter and frontman

and heart of the V8!


- The heart of V8.

Do you remember that?

- No.

I don't understand a word you're saying.

- But you will understand.

- [Kiki] Two drivers, two!

Ripped off into crazy.

That's it for the Castle,
finito and faster!

- Do you mean that?

Just leave me in peace.

- But they need you, Luca.

- These are super
electromagnetic hero boots.

And with this,

I can fix the loose contact.

And the switch.

- You can make dreams come true.

- [Kiki] Two days, two nights.

I need more juice, more power and juice!


Batteries are heavy.

- I'll give you that for nothing.

The Nitros left me standing
as if I was in a pedal car.

- Says the guy who caused
Robin to join the Nitros.

I'm gonna crush them.

I'm gonna beat them and personally stick

a pink pacifier in the traitor's mouth!

- So stop with the whining!

- Excuse me, what?

- Two days, two nights.

(groaning) batteries are heavy.

- David Michele!

- I don't have enough
power, I need more juice.

- You get out, out!

- Now that's a whole lot better.

That's like before.

I mean, way back.

When you were still nice to me.

- Don't you dare, David.

Stay where you are!

- I don't think so.

We'll be entering a labyrinth.

And no matter what hell it's like,

we won't be needing any
of this electro junk.

We need something with power.

We need gasoline.

- I'm warning you, David!

- Are you really that blind?

I mean those.

Back to the roots.

Those are two V8s.

- I know what they are.

But the engines are too big.

Much too big for us and the cars.

- But not for you.

You can crack it.

And with these two beauties

we'll race straight into the castle,

you and me together.

That is, if you'll allow me to help you.

You show me how to build a car

and I'll show you how
to drive it very fast.

(door creaking)

- Yeah, faster than a
Nitro, wilder than a freak.

- I can't do it, it's impossible.

- Of course you can.

- I didn't mean the driving.

I meant showing you how to
hold a hammer. (laughing)

♪ Concentrate on nothing
but your power, come on ♪

♪ On the power of the gate ♪

♪ And the mightier machines ♪

♪ Think of everything we've accomplished ♪

♪ We've accomplished, we've accomplished ♪

♪ We built a ladder up in the sky ♪

♪ Right through the clouds
and looked up at the stars ♪

♪ You'll accomplish anything
if you trust each other ♪

♪ Truly trust each other ♪

- Now do you believe me?

How are we gonna fit
that monster in the car?

(wind whooshing)

♪ Everything ♪

- [David] It's how it is.

Don't let your eyes deceive you.

Trust your intuition.

- [Kiki] No, please no!

- You have to pass the obstacles!

Haystack left!

Stone to your right!

Now left again!

No, Kiki, left!

Yeah well, real drivers can do it.

- And real mechanics can hammer.

Now come on, you can do it.

It's not something you
practice, it's intuition.


That was sore.

But it helped me.

I think I've got it.

We need to try and imagine a jet plane.

The pilot sits on top of the engine

and its wings are our wheels.

The turbine is the V8.

And we don't sit on top of it

but in the middle of it.

Right in the middle, David.

We build the engine around us.

Around us and the car.

We pull up the valve covers

as well as the scoop.

And the manifold we simply
bend around the cockpit!

(Kiki laughing)

- That's perfect!

Now go faster!

I want you to run!


(light music)

♪ Everything will be all right ♪

♪ Give me some more V8 ♪

♪ Everything will be all right ♪

♪ Just give me some more V8 ♪

♪ Everything will be all right ♪

♪ Give me some more V8 ♪

- We'll finish them off.

Yeah, we'll finish them off.

What are you doing?

- Say that again.

- We'll finish them off!

But only if you're not
gonna be a slowpoke!

Come on, let's go, we've got stuff to do!

(light music)

- [David] Are you ready?

- How about you?

How are your thumbs?

- They learned a lot from you.

What did I tell you?

You're a fantastic teacher.

And you're an even better student.

Come, show me, Kiki!

Come on now, you can do it!

Just like I managed to hold a hammer!

- You're just saying that
because I'm all you have.

I can't do this, you hear?

I just can't drive!

- Oh yes, you can.

This is the heart of Dragonheart.

You can't buy it.

You can only be given it as a gift.

Just like my dad gave it to me

so I had the courage to go to school.

But now I'm giving it to you.

So you have the courage.

And you do, don't you?

(inspiring rock music)

- Yeah!

- I actually made it.

I actually did it!

- Well what did you expect?

I promised you, didn't I?

Now let's do it!

We're gonna get the Nitros!

(laughing) Yeah!

- [Both] Yeah!

(phone ringing)

- Yes?

- I can tell you where
the race will happen.

Meet me at the same place.

And leave your friends at home this time.

(camera whirring)

- Seems to me like the
clown saw through you.

- Well, we'll see about that.


- What will we see?

And since when do you talk to yourself?

And in the plural.

- I don't like the tone you're using.

- Well, the way I see it

your majesty has his
cards on the table today.

I can see your men, but I
won't be running away today.

And there's no bomb either.

Except this little guy right here.

(bomb whirring)

- Holy crap, Mayor.

- The guy in your ear just pissed himself.

But you, you're way too
cool to show your feelings.

You have no fear.

You are a winner.

- Who are you?

- I'm the one who knows
who you really are.

A father who's about to betray his son.

That's why I'm giving all of them to you.

The V8, the Nitros, the Castle, even Pan.

They will all be at the race.

This is his letter.

This enough truth for you?

- Cheetah?

Why are you doing this?

- Arrest her!

- So Habicht's here as well.

I've been missing him.

There are two ways that
you can keep your son.

Help him, support him.

- Or destroy his dream.

- You will find the plan for
the second way in the grenade.

- Ooh, they don't look very friendly.

Thanks to her, we're going
kids hunting tomorrow.

I hope they're gonna let you live.

Well, what do you know?

The Labyrinth.

Who wouldn't wanna be the Minotaur,

the monster hiding inside it?

Come on, Rasmus.

Rasmus, Rasmus?

We're checking out the track.

- [Samba] The track is right here

under the furnaces and steel joists.

- Memorize this.

You've got to know it inside and out.

- You see the tunnel?

That's the start of the race.

But it's not the kind
of race you're used to.

- [Venice] It's not about
a given number of laps.

- [Samba] Before the lights go green

the gates will close.

- [Venice] Then we'll be locked in.

We need the coins.

- Then we'll drive for as long

doing as many laps as
needed until we have the key

to open it again.

- Two out of three coins.

- [Mardi Gras] They open the gate.

- And the three coins are
lowered down one by one,

- Somewhere on the track.

- [Samba] Pan decides where.


- [Mardi Gras] You have
to try and grab them off.

- At full speed.

- Memorize them, memorize the track.

- [Samba] The hill is tricky.

It's at the end of the first straight

directly ahead of the curve.

- [Mardi Gras] You can overtake
there and on the second.

- [Samba] It's too tight
under the furnaces.

And too dangerous here.

- That leaves only the
chicane to overtake.

- [Samba] You pass the
chicane twice every lap

before you return to the start.

- [Mardi Gras] Memorize it, Robin.

- [Samba] The race could be short.

- Sometimes all three coins
fall in the first round.

- [Samba] And if you're
not in front of them,

- You've lost the race.

- Unless...

You use the loser stop.

- At the end of the second
straight before the big chicane,

- [Samba] It's only a handle
that hangs over the track.

- It's nasty and mean.

- But it works wonders.

Have you got all that?

- Mhmm.

- Good.

Then we'll be in the Castle tomorrow.

(tense music)

- Come on, sweetheart.

Send me a message.

Something smells.

(fuse hissing)


The clowns are traitors.

They're Habicht's bait.

Just as I thought.

It's time for plan B.

Hey, Angelo, Andali!

It's time to take a trip.

(Angelo snoring)

That's just like you.

Hey, sleepyhead, wake up!

- Hey.

What are you doing?

- Yeah, crazy enough
to get you out of here.

We need some fish and a Porsche pusher.

I want to annoy Habicht.

- And that is a mistake.

- She's here as well?

- But you shouldn't be here.

Forget about this breakout
if you value your kids.

- Just stop right there.

You abandon your children, your father,

and the Castle and you wanna tell us

we don't value our children?

- I'm not betraying anyone.

I'm just trying to save them.

- Uh huh, tell me more.

- Are you really that blind?

Where will you go after you
break out of here today?

You'll go into hiding, for how long?

Maybe one or two years?

Or until Habicht retires maybe?

(laughing) Then your
children will be grown up.

And their dream will be dead.

Don't you understand?

Robin's father is too strong.

Way too strong for the Castle.

It can only survive if
he pulls in the police

and sides with us.

- How is that gonna happen?

The guy's already won ages ago.

- That's why we have to convince him.

If our kids can stick together,

if they can bury all thoughts

of hostility, hatred and revenge,

then they can show how
strong their dream is.

- If they don't do that?

- Then they'll lose everything.

- Then the Castle's dead.

- And me, I'll lose my son, my children.

And everyone will hate me for my betrayal.

- Aren't those stakes just a little high?

- If you stand to lose everything,

you have to risk everything.

- And we can't help them?

- Our children have to do this themselves.

- Yes.

Clearly we are all adults.

And as you know the Castle
is taboo for adults.

(tense music)

(gate creaking)

- Whoah!

- [Samba] Jump through the fire.

- Dance in it.

- And ride on the thunderbolt.

- From here to the stars.

- We're gonna finish them.

- Be good.

- As good as you can.

- Then you can be the best.

- If you have the courage,

- Come on, wake them up, I can't wait!

I wanna hear what our revenge sounds like.

Our revenge on Robin.


Make way for V8!


(suspenseful music)



- Hello Robin.

Good luck, all.

- [Robin] I wish you luck too.

- Thanks.

But we'll only need it
if you backstab us again.

- [Mardi Gras] Be careful what you say!

- [Samba] Robin stayed
of his own free will.

- [Venice] We're his sisters.

- Yeah, and that's why he's just like you

and like his mother.

- What are you trying to say?

Come on, tell me Luca.

What did you mean by that?

Are you saying my mother's a liar?

- [David] Leave her alone!

Nobody said that!

- No one has to say it.

You know it yourself.

The backstabber's the
son of a backstabber.

- I hate you, you hear?

- I hate you too!

- And now you'll all go to your cars.

You are here today to take part in a race.

- Still hate you.

- [Robin] Just like I hate you.

- The most important race ever.

Do you understand that?


Then race to the finish.

Whatever happens in these tunnels now,

you have to finish the race.

And I will keep my word.

The team that manages to
escape from the Labyrinth

and drives through the gates first

will enter the Castle.

- [Kiki] And what if it doesn't happen?

- What if we have to abandon the race?

- Well then, there will
never be another race.

The Castle will be dead.

- Dead?

Not dead.

Dead, aw.

That's so very sad. (chuckling)

- Drive to the start.

The rest of you come
with me to the bridge.


- [Kiki] You deserted us.

You broke your oath!

- [Pan] Activate the transmitters.

(transmitters beeping)

- [Tinkabell] I will close the gates!

- Right, now I've got you.


(buzzer buzzing)

(rock music)

- Yes, what a great start!

You're at second and third place.

And there's the coin.

David and Kiki, you have a
whole lap to take the lead.

- [Mardi Gras] What was that?

Is this your first race?

That means you're nervous
and you're gonna crash.

(tires screeching)

- [David] No, Kiki, stay cool!

You can do it, you've trained for this!

- [Mardi Gras] Yeah,
in a go kart in fields.

This is different.

Here you get scared!

(tires screeching)

(rock music)

Now you're scared.

Your heart's throbbing into your stomach.

And you're gonna overshoot the track!

It's getting too fast for you, Kiki.

Way too fast.

- [Kiki] Oh!

- [Mardi Gras] What did I say?

Next time it's for real.

- [David] Don't listen to her!

- [Mardi Gras] Too late for that.

- [David] No, Kiki, shoot!

- [Samba] Yes, she's gone.

- Crap!

- [Samba] They'll never come back.

- She's here.

I'm going to grab her.

- No, we only get the one with the coins.

The others won't get out of here anyway.

- [Samba] If you lead there,

- [Robin] Then I'll have the coins.

- [David] No, it's mine!

And my V8s!


- [Luca] Yeah David, get him!

- [Robin] No, not with added turbo!


I was always faster than you, David.

- [Venice] Nitro sparkling fairy dust!

- That was my sizzler!


- Is that your world famous stealth black?

(tires screeching)

- [Mardi Gras] Come on Grandpa.

Give us another coin.

- There it is, right under the Chicane.

Where Kiki crashed out

and the Nitro's turbo will be useless.

Your V8 rules.

You can overtake Robin there.


- [David] Yes, I've got it!

- What did I tell you?

Make way for V8!

- It's one each now.

Whoever wins the next
coin gets into the Castle!

- Everything depends on this.

- The third coin!

It's at the end of the second straight!

- [Robin] I'll pull ahead with my turbo.

- [David] Hah, I'd like to see that!

- [Mardi Gras] You
can't block us both out.


- Jump through the fire!

- Dance in it!

- [Mardi Gras] And ride on a thunderbolt

from here to the stars!

We've won, little brother!

- It's showtime, Rasmus.

- [Robin] Let's show them all.

Mom isn't a traitor.

I'm proud of her, you hear?

I'm proud to be a Nitro!

- [Mardi Gras] To the gate!

Let's go home, Robin.

What's wrong?

- [David] And there's another one!

- [Robin] That's my father.

- Where did they come from?

- You should ask your mother that.

She betrayed you.

- [Robin] I don't believe that.

- So what did I tell you?

She betrayed you all.

You, your sisters,

your friends, the Castle.

And Pan.

- [Robin] But why?!

- Why would Mom have done that?

- Say something, Grandpa!

- I told you everything
depended on Robin now.

And that was wrong.

It all depends on you.

- No, it's not over yet.

There's still one race.

One of you hasn't been caught yet.

Kiki, can you hear me?

There's only two of us
but there are four of them

and they have to chase
those who have the coins!

Come on, let's go, move it!

- What if he doesn't play along?

He's our enemy.

- No he isn't.

He's our friend.

That's what Habicht said
and we all swore to it.

- He also swore to stay with us.


- What's going on there?

- I can tell you.

Robin's mother is not a traitor.

She's planned this whole thing.

Do you understand, Robin,
she's teaching us something.

We all dream the same dream.

So let's realize it together then.

Give Kiki your coin.

Throw it to her!

Mardi Gras and David, you do the same.

- Go on then, do it.

Give her your coin.

Then they get inside the
Castle and you're the loser.

- [Kiki] The traitor is
the son of a traitor!

- [Robin] I hate you, you hear?

- I hate you too!

I knew it.

He won't play along.

- That's where you're wrong, Kiki.

If he doesn't, then no one will get in.

And the Castle will no longer exist.

Is that what you want, Robin?

- My mother's right.

We're friends now, father.

We stick together.

- [David] You bet we do.

- Now get to the gate!

- You'll never get out of
here, I promise you that!

Damn untalented beginner.

- No you're not, Kiki.

You had the best teacher in the world

and you have my necklace.

My Dragonheart, Kiki!

(intense music)

- Yeah, right, the Wimpeth
Dragonheart's necklace.

I'll get you soon and then
I'll get to the gate first.


- [Kiki] Shove off, you jumpstart junkie!

- I don't think so!

- [Kiki] He's closing in!

- No, see the handle?

Pull it now!

Now go left!

- [Kiki] There's a concrete wall!

- And I'm gonna scrape you off it.

- [Kiki] I'm gonna hit it!

- [Robin] No, wait, trust me!


- Damn!

(uplifting music)

- Here.

These belong to you.

Without them, you would have won the race.

- Go on then.

Open the gate and drive through.

- And you end up on the bobby cars?

- In diapers and pacifiers?

- Hey!

Can you hear me, Pan?

To hell with your super reward.

None of us will enter
the Castle on their own.

It's all of us together.

- Heh.

(light music)

- Yeah, yeah!

- Yes!

- [Robin Voiceover] A dream
that hides dies a slow death.

But we no longer had to hide.

We were bursting with joy.

Our dream was alive.

We'd saved the Castle and our friendship

which is why we were all rewarded.

We all got the secret tattoo.

We had reached our goal.

We had accomplished everything.

On such a day, Angelina's bacon and beans

tasted like cocoa with mini marshmallows.

But in our joy, we'd forgotten something.

(car revving)

- I'm sorry.

But not all of you got away.

I have a hostage whom I'd
like to trade with you.

- Mom?

- But it's going to cost you.

- I think he wants me.

- If you want me to release her,

you have to allow me

to congratulate you.

(light music)

(girls giggling)

- [Robin Voiceover] Like a
holy big block of muscle car,

it was the most wonderful
celebration of my life.

I finally had a family.

The next day we all drove
to the Castle together.

But that's a different
story, a different adventure

during which we were to
meet many old acquaintances.

- We'll meet again.

(rock music)

- Hey, wait a moment.

What are you doing there?

- Shh, you heard.

The Castle is taboo.


Doesn't that belong to Habicht?

Did he allow you to take it or

did you secretly steal it?


You're a bad boy.

So now we have ourselves a genuine deal.

I won't rat on you, piggy.

I'll be silent as the grave.

And in return you'll be
silent too, understand?

I was never here.

- [Woman] Scene three, take two.

(girls laughing)

- Klara!

- Rats, she can't!
- Jump!

(men laughing)

- Real racing drivers can do this.

I saw it in a film.

(men laughing)

(crew laughing)

- I'm talking about the Castle.

The racing driver school for kids

producing all the champions.

We snatch everyone who wants to go there.

Here, here,

and here.

Then your son Robin will come back to you.

The chase is on!

(everyone laughing)

(everyone laughing)

- No, David, this is beans

on a bed of crispy bacon.

- That's what you call this mush?

- [Robin] Yes, we had
bacon and beans yesterday.

- But cocoa with mini marshmallows

definitely looks very different.

- I could serve up two
boys chopped and diced.

- Mmm, beans and David,
that's a super idea.

(crew laughing)

(rock music)

(crew laughing)

(light music)

♪ The things I remember, always remember ♪

♪ No one's as good as you ♪

♪ You are a defender of
the world I remember ♪

♪ No one can drive like you ♪

♪ Daddy can't you see
that you'll always be ♪

♪ The best part of me ♪

♪ You're in my memory ♪

♪ Every day every night you're mine ♪

♪ All of the time ♪

♪ No one takes your place ♪

♪ No one wins the race ♪

♪ No one but you ♪

♪ The best part of my life is you ♪

♪ And everything I do ♪

♪ No one takes your place ♪

♪ No one wins the race ♪

♪ No one but you ♪

♪ The best part of my life is you ♪

♪ And everything I do ♪

♪ I do only for you ♪

♪ All I can see is you driving with me ♪

♪ Sitting on your lap
and you let me steer ♪

♪ Then I can feel the sensation of speed ♪

♪ You took away all of my fear ♪

♪ Daddy can't you see
that you'll always be ♪

♪ The best part of me ♪

♪ You're in my memory ♪

♪ Every day every night you're mine ♪

♪ All of the time ♪

♪ No one takes your place ♪

♪ No one wins the race ♪

♪ No one but you ♪

♪ The best part of my life is you ♪

♪ Everything I do ♪

♪ No one takes your place ♪

♪ No one wins the race ♪

♪ No one but you ♪

♪ The best part of my life is you ♪

♪ And everything I do ♪

♪ I do only for you ♪

(light guitar music)