V (1983) - full transcript

Aliens pretending to be friendly come to Earth and are received openly. The aliens have disguised themselves to look just like humans. When it is discovered that the aliens' planet is dying and that they have come to rape the Earth of its natural resources, the war for Earth begins. An important key to the humans' success is distinguishing their own from who the aliens are.

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Of course we suffered losses, man.

You don't go up against a force
like this without expecting losses.

[Speaking Spanish]

How many losses?
How many losses?

Seven men and women killed.

A dozen wounded.

[Speaking Spanish]

You're wounded, too.
You're wounded, too!

These wounds are nothing, see,

compared to the wounds that
they've inflicted on our country.

But we're gonna fight them till we win.
You got that?

We're gonna fight till
El Salvador is free,

there ain't nothing
gonna stop us.

Hey, you got that?

Yeah. I got it.

Man, this don't look good.

Are you kidding? It's great.

Come on.

Come on. Come on!

You'll get me killed this time, Donovan.

You'll get another Emmy.

A bullet in my earphone.

Look at him!

Look at him.


Unbelievable is that
we're still here.

Now come on, man!

Get in already. Hurry up!

Wish we had a Tyler mount.

I wish we had a tank.

Hang in there. It's no
worse than Cambodia.

At least if you got creamed there,
I could've passed for one of them.

Where'd he go?



Tony, you ok?

Loving every minute of it.

I knew I should have
gone to law school.

Can you run?

Do I have a choice?

- Not really.
- Let's go.

I'll draw their fire.
You haul it over there.

Mike, you're crazy. We're
going out together.

Get your can in gear. Go!


Come on, Algernon. Show
Dr. Metz your tummy.

It's remarkable!

The lesion's nearly healed.


You know how long
my research staff

have been searching
for that formula?

Well, Ruth helped a lot.

Not so. She did it all herself.

I was very lucky.

Hmm. The truth is, Juliet, that
you are very, very gifted.

I warn you, Ruth and I are gonna try
to steal you from the med school,

get you into biochemistry full-time.

Have you heard about them?

They're everywhere.

They're all around the world.

But wherever the reports
have come from,

Paris, Rome, Geneva,
Buenos Aires, Tokyo,

descriptions of the craft
are all identical.

And now I'm told

that our affiliate station
kxt in San Francisco

now has a picture.

Yes, there it is. Good lord.

It's coming in across
the golden gate.

This is a live picture
from San Francisco.

Gently, Robert.

She's a very special lady.

Upper pleistocene.

It's much older than we've
found before now, Quinton.

Aye, that she is, lad.

Notice the contour of her forehead.

You see how it...

Richard, what is that?

It's huge!

What the devil...

It must be 3 miles across!

This is the scene along
the champs elysées

we repeat, this picture's
coming live from Paris

where another giant ufo
is moving overhead.

The Pentagon reports
that fighters

from the tactical air command
bases around the nation

have approached
the monstrous ufos,

but all the jets
reported interference

with their on-board guidance
and electrical equipment,

making it quite impossible
to get within a mile.

Missiles fired simply go astray

and detonate out of range.

Here, one of the craft
approaches Washington, D.C.

Police and troops are
trying to maintain

orderly evacuation of
the nation's capital

and all other cities which are
threatened by this unknown menace.

Roads and highways everywhere
are jammed with traffic.

Other craft are known
to be approaching

at least six other
major U.S. cities...

San Francisco, Houston, new
York city, and New Orleans,

the Chicago area,
and Los Angeles.

- Get the car started!
- Mama!

Granddad! Granddad, come on!


Polly! Polly, are you hurt?

I didn't hit her. She was coming
right at me! I didn't hit her.

Get out of here! Come on!

- There it is!
- Oh, there!

It's gonna be alright, we gotta move!


I ran out of my house.

I thought it was an earthquake.

No, it is not
an earthquake, Ruby.

Dear , what is it?

I can't believe it!

- What is it?
- It's fantastic.

Come on. Don't just stand around.
Let's go!

And tass confirms reports
that similar gigantic craft

are now approaching Moscow,
Leningrad, and vladivostok.

This would bring the unofficial
count to at least 31.

How can it just hang there?

Cairo also is reporting

that its ufo is stationary now

like almost all the others.

I still think we should leave the city.

No. The roads are jammed.

- Oh, Stanley.
- You heard the president.

So far there's no indication
that they're hostile.

But if they are...

If they are, I'm not sure

where we would find
a hiding place.

Of what this unbelievable
event will mean to us.

Look, it's London!

In London, parliament
is waiting like us

for first sign of contact.

The Soviet union is broadcasting
throughout Russia...

- Daddy!
- Mom, dad's home!

- Are you okay? Is everybody okay?
- Yeah.

It's so neat. It's
scary, too, but...

Oh, Robert.

I know, I know. Me, too.

At least we're together.

And coming up on 16 hours

since first reports of
sightings started yesterday.

It's 8:00 here in New York...

It's 5:00 here. Julie,
why'd you let me sleep?

Don't worry, they said wall
street isn't going to open.

Thank . I'd hate to think of what'd
happen to the market if it did.

Where's Dan rather?

He finally lost his voice.

He was doing recaps
most of the night.

Nothing's changed. No contact?

No. Ray bradbury was just
on with Arthur Clarke.

Nothing solid. More speculations.
Nobody knows what the hell to think.

You're going to the hospital?

Yeah, I called.
The E.R. is jumping.

Lots of heart attack victims
and suicide attempts.

They need all the med
students they can get.

And how about stockbrokers?

You mean you're coming to help?

Sure. I'd kind of
like to be with you

just in case.

Here's the scene
in Athens, Greece,

the cradle of our
western civilization.

It somehow seems so insignificant
compared to that ship...

- I'll get my clothes.
- Okay.

And this is only 1 of
50 identical spacecraft

over 50 cities worldwide.

Do you realize

that this is a whole
new beginning

for all of us? I wonder
what they'll do first...

Danny…this could be the
last day we ever see.


I don't want to die
until I make love.

Robin, Daniel!
Something's happening!

The same occurrence
now in Jerusalem.

The pulsing signal
has also begun.

There you see it,

and you hear the pulsing tone.

Listen... outside.

Now the ufo over Los Angeles

has joined this strange,
unearthly choir.


I'm told that...

What? That there's a vocal
signal coming through.

This may be it, the contact
we've been waiting for.

It's being picked up on the frequency
reserved for international emergencies.

We're monitoring, and...

21... 20...

- 19... 18...
- There. You hear it.

It's in english. No, I'm told
it's in different languages

all around the world.

Quatorze... treize...








Five... four...




Citizens of the planet earth,
we bring you greetings,

and we come in peace.

We respectfully request
that the secretary-general

of your united nations

please come to the top of
the united nations building

in New York
at 0100 greenwich mean time...

That's 8:00 New York time.

This evening.

Thank you.

I'm not about to miss this.


I heard you drew the TV pool.

- Yeah.
- Me, too.

Thought I recognized
your deck of cards.

Hi, Kristine.

Hi, Tony.

So…where do we set up?

You might at least have said good-bye
that morning when you left me.

Hey, I did. You were on the phone
hustling another assignment.


So was I.

30 seconds now until 8:00.

The secretary-general
is coming out.

He's indicating
to the u.N. Troops

to lower their weapons,
and they're doing so.

Just 15 seconds now.

He's looking upward,
as we all are.

And a hush has fallen,

not just here, but I'm
sure all around the world,

as 8:00 strikes,

0100 greenwich mean time...


It's opening. There's
something coming out.

A smaller craft moving down
from the giant mothership...

It's alright.

They said they came in peace.

What is it, daddy?

I don't know.

It's some kind of landing craft?

Across 3rd Avenue and 39th,

directly towards
the u.N. Building.

Wow! It's neat, mom, huh?


It's completing
its turn now and...

Now the craft is coming closer,

slowly drifting downward.

Mommy, can I have a soda?

In a second, honey.

The air itself
feels strange, vibrating.

Herr general sekretariat...

Var inte rädd. Kom upp rampen.

W-what was that?

I couldn't understand.

I think the voice spoke Swedish.

That's the native language
of the secretary-general.

I'm getting the translation now.

It, uh...

- Madre mía.
- Seems to be...

"Do not be afraid.
Please come up the ramp."

That's one brave man.

And now is disappearing
through the opening.

- Stanley.
- Take it easy.

There seems to be activity,
but it's too dark...

There he is!

The secretary-general
is reappearing...

Oh, thank .

Apparently unharmed.

My fellow citizens of earth...

Now the bad news.

These visitors assure me

they have come in peace

and that they wish
to honor all the covenants

of our united nations charter.

As you will see,

theyare much like us,

although their voices
are unusual.

They ask for me to speak
on their behalf,

but I felt that everyone

would be more comfortable

if their supreme commander,
who is aboard this vessel,

spoke directly to all of you.

His voice will be heard
'round the world

in every language necessary.

We can hear footsteps now


He looks like one of us,

a middle-aged man,

I'd say roughly 6 feet...

He sure looks like one of us.


That was no Nash rambler
he drove up in.

Aw, mom, he's no e.T.

He doesn't even
look like Mr. Spock.

The boots appear to be like kid.

The garment looks like...

Their evolutionary pattern must
have been identical to ours.

Does he have
four fingers and a thumb?

It looks like... yeah!


I think he's about to speak.

I trust that you'll forgive me,

but our eyes are unaccustomed
to this sort of brightness.

His voice is strange.

He clearly isn't one of us.

It's fascinating, though.

We have come in peace
to all mankind.

You see, in peace.

Our planet is the fourth
in distance

from the star you call Sirius

some 8.7 light years...


This is the first time
we have left our system,

and you, the first
intelligent life

we've encountered.

We're pleased to meet you.

Our names would sound
peculiar to you,

so we, my fellow visitors and I,

have chosen
simple names from earth.

My name is John.

The secretary-general
has referred to me

as the supreme commander.

Actually, I'm just
sort of an admiral

responsible for this small
fleet around your planet.

This small fleet?

We have sent other
unmanned craft before us.

Some have monitored your earth
for quite a while

so we could learn
your languages.

But some of us are not
as skilled as others,

and I hope that you'll
be patient with us.

We have come on behalf
of our great leader,

him who governs
our united planet

with benevolence and wisdom.

We have come…
because we need your help.

Our planet is in serious
environmental difficulty,

far, far worse than yours.

It's reached a stage

where we will be
unable to survive

without immediate assistance.

There are certain
chemicals and compounds

which we must manufacture,

which alone can save
our struggling civilization.

And you can help us
to manufacture these.

And in return, we will
gladly share with you

all the fruits of our knowledge.



Now that we have
established contact,

we would like to meet
with individual governments

to make requests
for certain operating plants

to be retooled
for the manufacture

of the compound which we need.

I hope they pick your plant.

And we'll reward your
generosity, as I have said,

by educating your industrial
and scientific complex

to the limits of our knowledge,

helping to solve your own
environmental, agricultural,

and health dilemmas.

Then we'll leave you
as we came, in peace.

Talk about an offer
we can't refuse, huh?

I wonder what would
happen if we did.

If our circumstances
were reversed

and you had visited us,

I would feel a burning curiosity

to see the inside of your
spacecraft right away.

An understatement.

I would like
the secretary-general

and several of your journalists

to accompany us back
aboard our mothership

for the first of many opportunities
to get to know us better.

Hot damn.

I was afraid of this.

The team,
selected earlier by lot,

that will provide pool
coverage for the media...

It's dad!

He's going up there.
They said Mike Donovan.

Look! There he is!
I can't believe it.

I wonder if this means
I'll get more alimony.

Of the upi and wide
world's jeri Taylor.

You see them all preparing
for this most remarkable...

You worried for him?

Since the morning
I gave birth to him.

The full team
now leaving the press area.

Would I like to get
into his ship.

I'd like to get into his DNA.

I wonder if there's
any kids with them.

Don't be stupid, Polly.

Why is that stupid?

Come on, Polly, cool it.

You don't even live here.

Mommy, can I have
a soda, please?

The supreme commander
of the visitors,

or John as he's asked
we call him,

John is shaking hands
with all the journalists.

You see there?
They're shaking hands.


It's great. Huh, father?

They're starting up
into the shuttle.

Now the secretary-general
is moving up

inside the craft again

with jeri Taylor and Sam egan.

Kristine Walsh is smiling...

If they need refineries,

you ought to talk to richland

and put a bid in for your plant.

- Guess it could be quite…
- prestigious.

Numerous emmys and other
awards for their work.

Mike Donovan is about
to follow the others

and move inside the spacecraft.

They're shooting videotape
we're most anxious to see.

- Good luck.
- Are closing again now.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Good luck.

Now the shuttlecraft
is lifting off

from the roof of the
united nations building.

Good luck.

I love you, dad.

Another bottle?


How often do we celebrate

our coverage of the
story of the century?

Keep in mind, we lucked into it.

It wasn't luck. I stacked the
deck so we'd get the pool.

Come on.

I really did. Did you
put the tape in?

You already saw it on the
network when it aired.

Wasn't it terrific,
everyone's reactions?

Play it again, Sam.

One more time.

For those of us accustomed

to the likes of close encounters

or Darth Vader's
futuristic star destroyer,

our first glimpses inside of
the spacecraft of the visitors

were somewhat unexpected...

Kris, kris. Try to get
a little in the glass.

No great walls of lights
or other things

that science fiction buffs
would take in stride.

The docking bay looked
like the hangar deck

of a big aircraft carrier.

John tells us this landing bay

can handle
three dozen shuttlecraft

and that there are over 200 other
landing bays like this one

throughout each of the
50 gigantic motherships.

Just your average
interstellar welcome wagon.

It all seems a little
easy, doesn't it?

Fast forward, Mike.

Your life is on fast forward.

You have both male and
female in your crew.

Of course. This is Diana,
second in command.

You gave your girlfriend
more close-ups than me.

- Hello.
- hello.

Diana's in charge of the
scientific aspects of our mission.

Shall we go forward
to the engine room?

This is what you'd call
our engine room.

- The yellow doors we passed?
- - Restricted areas.

A lot of radioactivity.

Our gravity drive
is quite effective,

but takes up
nearly half the ship.

It enables us to travel
at great velocity,

approaching the speed of light.

How long have your people
had this technology?

About 100 years.

You see?

- Another close-up!
- Whoa! Whoa!

Why didn't it work
for us before?

I'd like to try again.

It will be contained
within cryogenics.



for maximum efficiency
in storage.

You also mentioned living
quarters for the crew.

How manyare there on each ship?

It varies. Several thousand.

Can we talk to some of them?

Of course you can, Kristine.

You'll have plenty
of opportunities.

Aren't you glad
you called up richland?

If we play our cards right,
you'll be a senior v.P. Soon.

It's been three weeks since our
first contact with the visitors.

Did you see Mike?

Yes. He said hello,
but was very busy.

I'm sure he is. This is
a big event to cover.

This refinery in Los Angeles
will be the first U.S. plant

to officially begin work
with the visitors.

It will manufacture
their synthetic chemical

for transport back to Sirius.

The raw materials will be
our cities' refuse.

The visitor technicians
are emerging,

a scene that will be soon
repeated several hundred times

in cities all around the world.

And there's Diana.

I didn't think
they'd send so many.

I think they look real
snappy in those uniforms.

- Shoot.
- What's the matter, Caleb?

"What's the matter?"
Look at all those guys.

First we had to fight
you honkies for a job,

then it was the Mexicans,
now these creeps.

They ain't even
from this planet.

Gee, how many of them are there?

And now a second shuttlecraft
is approaching.

Mike, how many of them
are there?

Then the group
of visitor technicians

moved inside the huge refinery,

beginning to familiarize

I thought you had to work.

I quit.

How come?

Their register was short.

They blamed me.

Dan, you can't keep
quitting all your jobs.

Dad, would you just
get off my case?

Who are naturally curious

about him
and his fellow visitors.

Mmm, that's good.

After five years of
anatomy, it better be.

I meant the market.
It's really surging up.

I think we've got
good times ahead.

Yes, Kristine, most all
the plants we've chosen

are located on the
coastlines of your world

to make convenient and economic
use of your sea water.

I thought it was
a fascinating party.

It was our first close encounter
with the neighborhood e.T.S.

Wasn't Eleanor
just in her glory?

Wallowing, I'd say.

I am pleased she granted
us the audience.

I felt nervous
when I first met him.

Did you notice that his
hand seemed very cool?

Sure, I tried to notice
everything I could.

Like what?

Totally avoids cooked foods.

Onlyate a few of
the raw vegetables.

Outside we were being
eaten by mosquitoes.

He was not.

I saw you trying to talk to him.

Sure. I learned a little.

They're monogamous.

- Oh?
- Yeah.

Well, the female
with him, Barbara,

she said that, uh,
she isn't his wife.

She didn't talk much,
seemed real shy.

He told me that their
planet's much like earth.

He said he's no anthroPologist,

but he thought that their
evolution was similar to ours.

It was hard to talk with
Arthur stroking him.

Arthur couldn't hold a
candle to his good old wife.

There was something else I noticed.
It was real curious.

Whenever he walked
past the bird cage,

they went crazy.

They fluttered like mad, like...


Well, anyway...

I thought Steven
was really quite charming.

Oh, really?

Going to run off to Sirius?

Get serious.

Hey! Watch out where
the hell you're going.

Oh. Excuse. Uh...

- Help, please.
- Help what?

I am just.

Just what?


Get out of the way.
Damn stupid alien!

In response to overwhelming
questions and requests

by young adults
around the world,

the visitors'
supreme commander, John,

has formed
the visitors' friends.

This organization
is open to all young adults,

ages 12 to 20,

who are anxious to gain
special firsthand knowledge

of the visitors,

to ride in squad vehicles,

and have special tours
of the motherships.

Visitor youth leaders

will be coming
to your neighborhoods.

Oh, my gosh, there he is.

He is the same one
I saw at the plant.

He is such a fox.

Looks like a boy to me.

Oh, my gosh,
he's looking over here.

He's really something special.

Just think
of where he came from.

Think of it.

Hi there.

Are you ok?

I am just.

Yeah, what?




Yes, just.

- Just what?
- Hmph!

Don't let it get you spazzed.
I'll help you out.

Yes, help.

Help to go...

To this place.

I'm just...

You don't know where to go.

I'm just.

You're lost.




English… not well to me.

Learn arabic for going there.

And they screwed up
and sent you to I.A.?

Yes... screwed.

L.A.'s not so bad. It beats
Fresno, let me tell you.

What's your name?

Uh... William.

Hi. I'm harmy.

That's short for Harmony.
Can you believe it?

"Cryo…cryogenic transfer unit."

Well, come on, Willy.
We'll go find it.

The pressure's
still not balanced.

Must be the inner seal that's bad.
Someone will have to go inside.

Excuse me.

Is this the cryogenic
transfer section?

Yes. William, where were you?

Uh, I was... lost.

See you later.

Get up there.

You'll be working with that man.

So you're pleased with
the progress here, then?

It's representative of all the
other plants around the world.

Shortly we'll begin our
seminars for your scientists.

Something else I'm please
with, too, Kristine.

It's you.

Of all the journalists
we've met,

my people say they feel
most comfortable with you.

And so do I.


Uh, thank you, Diana.

We've done research that shows your
people have confidence in you.

You have?

You're trusted, respected,
and attractive...

Qualities which are essential

in our new official spokeswoman.

No, Quinton isn't here.

There's nothing in
his "current" box.

I'm not sure
what he was working on.

He hasn't been here
all day, not at all.

Yes, I tried at home.
There's no answer.


It is? You're sure it's his car?

Press secretary?

They said I could call
it what I wanted.

You like "spokeswoman" better?

I don't like the sound
of either one.

You're jealous.

You know I'm not.

I don't understand why
you want to do it.

They want someone
the public trusts.

And I think it's an
excellent career move.

What about your objectivity?

You don't feel like you're
sucking up to them?

I'm not sucking up to anybody!

Don't you see it's the
perfect opportunity

to get really inside stuff?

Exclusive stuff, material
no one else has access to.

I'm sure to get
a book out of it.

I'm going to stay objective.

After all, I'm one
of us, not them.

Any good reporter would be
crazy not to jump at this.

I'd like to think I had
your backing on this, Mike.

You know how much
I respect you...

More than that.

I think you better put the
steaks back in the freezer.


Oh, yeah, tonight's a problem
'cause Diana wants to meet...

How did you know?


Aah! Aah!


Liquid nitrogen
broke the inner seal.

There's no way you can get
down there and get to him.

William, stop!

For 's sake!

William went in there
after Caleb.

It's 300 degrees
below zero down there.

There's no way
a human being could...

Over here! Bring him over here!

Where are the cultures, Ruth?

They're not back from pathology.

They're running way behind.

I heard two key people didn't
show up today. Didn't even call.

That's odd.

Dr. Taylor.

Ben, it's Julie. Get
down to E.R., stat.

They just brought in
your father.

Daniel is not
taking care of anything.

Abraham, he's only 17.
Don't be so hard on him.

Daniel has been this way
for years.

He's no good in school,

he has hardly any friends.

Well, maybe this
visitor friends group

will be just the thing he needs.

He just hasn't found his
niche yet, that's all,

unlike others we could mention.

Sorry I'm late.

You kept me waiting,
naughty boy.

Little problem at the plant.

Arthur said
he'd join us in a while.


That's the supervisor's
vehicle below.

I understand
he visits there a lot.

She can be charming.

So you get to visit your
son this afternoon, huh?


Where does he live?

In a small town outside of I.A.

Dad! Hey, dad! Dad!

Who are you today, huh?

Fernando valenzuela

or Steve sax?

Just Sean Donovan.

Come see what Josh has got.

How many visitors does it
take to change a light bulb?

Tell me.

None. They like the lights out.

- How you doing, Josh?
- Hi.

See, dad? Check it out.

He's got a squad vehicle

and the action figure,
the supreme commander,

- and Diana.
- Oh.


Wonder if they get a royalty.

He's got a mothership.

I got them all.

Can I get them, dad?

Mom said we didn't
have the money, but...

Well, I'll ask her about it,

but in the meantime...

What is it?

It's just something I picked
up off a squad vehicle.

A real squad vehicle?

It came from the visitors

Guy, check it out.

Let me see it.

In a minute.

Hey, you guys,
your pizza's ready.

Okay, mom. You coming in, dad?

In a second.

Look, mom. It's from a squad...

Your dinner's getting cold.


What's the matter now?

Nothing. It's just
a little tough

trying to compete with someone
who flies around in spaceships.

What am I supposed to do,
give up my job?

And what am I supposed to do...

Sprout wings,

fly him off to never-never land?

How else can I compete...

With pizza?

Why compete?

Why not do something
of your own?

Whatever happened
to your college plans...


Don't start, okay?


You got a tissue sample
from a visitor's skin?


When they brought Ben's
father into emergency,

there were some flakes
of skin on his shirt

from the visitor who saved him.

That's terrific.

Dr. Metz will be delighted.


Goodnight, Julie.


Ruth, what's wrong?

It's Dr. Metz, isn't it?

You really love him, don't you?

Does he know?

I'm just a piece
of lab equipment.

Well… starting tomorrow,

we're going to go
to work on him,

and we'll make him see

that nobel's not the
only prize he's got.

You darling.

- Goodnight, Julie.
- Goodnight.

A little shaky, pop?

I'll be alright.

Just let me do it by myself.

You got it.

Hey, my man Ben. What it is?

"What it is?"

It's bad grammar, my brother.

Elias, when are you
going to stop

this poor man's
Richard pryor act?

What you talkin', man?

Brother, this ain't no act.

This here is pure-d Elias.

Well, it's pure-d something.

Look, man, we can't all
of us be Dr. Kildare.

Know what I mean… uncle Tom?

Come on, that uncle Tom stuff
doesn't work anymore.

You can be anything
that you want to be,

but first you gotta get
rid of this tap dance

and this two-bit crook routine

and start to grow up.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, okay. Well, once
again we thank you...

Mr. Sidney poitier.

Thank you.

Yo, pop, how you doing, man?

You'll never guess...

The visitor youth leader.

You saw him? Isn't he a hunk?

I know. I brought
the phone outside

so I could watch for him.

Oh, wouldn't you just die?

I know and did you see his eyes?

They're gorgeous.

Sure, I saw them.

He looked at me quite a
while the other day.

I mean, not just looking, but
real meaningfully, you know,

like two ships
passing in the night,

like really romantic.

I think he kind of likes me,

- but he's just shy.
- Excuse me.

My life is over.

- Did I startle you?
- Uh, no. No.

- I'm Brian.
- Right.

Uh, Robin.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Ahem. I'm sorry.
I'm a little nervous.

You are. You are?

Yeah. It's not every day

I meet somebody
from another planet.

I never thought of that before.

It must be
just as weird for you...

Not that you're weird or anything.
You know what I mean...

Which is Daniel's home?

Uh, it's the one
over there on...

On the right.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

Oh, .

Would you like to take a walk?

Um... okay.

- May I see that?
- Sure.

Hey, hero!


Hello, Harmony.

Everybody's raving about
the way you rescued Caleb.

They said your face was blistered.
You look okay to me.

You want a burger?


Don't you guys ever eat?


You go to movies?


I do not... yet.

Well? Hmm?


You are fun?


Feeling better...

Feeling fun.


Fine, yes.

- Fine?
- Eh, I'm okay.


Look, uh...

- William.
- William, look,

I'm sorry I called you
a stupid alien.

Oh, no, no, no.



The world was shocked today

when nobel prize winner
Dr. Morris jankowski

of the Brussels biomedical
institute in Belgium

held a press conference
to reveal the existence

of an international conspiracy

against the visitors.

It came to my attention

when Dr. Rudolph Metz
in California

asked to speak with me
on what he called

"urgent, confidential matters."

Other colleagues of mine

are also being approached
by scientists...

Primarily biomedical and
anthroPological scientists...

From many nations who apparently are
part of this insidious conspiracy.

What are their plans?

Their plans, quite simply,

are to seize control
of several motherships

belonging to the visitors.

But why?

They tried hard to convince me

this was to protect
the human race,

or to keep such powers from
the military on our planet.

I do believe, however,

that their motivation
is, by far, more personal.

Then jankowski
signed his statement,

listing those he claims tried to
bring him into this conspiracy.

When word began to spread
of the jankowski statement,

the international scope
revealed itself,

as scores of scientists
around the world

came forward to admit
they had been approached,

or actually confessed

that they were part
of the conspiracy.

Seen here
is Dr. Jacques duvivier,

also a nobel laureate,

and leading biochemist
in France...

Damn scientists.

Who was detained by the suret é

and has confessed
to his involvement,

naming other scientists
as his co-conspirators.

It's a lie, a vicious lie.

You don't need a warrant.

Search my files.

There's nothing.

You'll find nothing.

What's that?

I never saw that.


It's not true.

I don't know how this got there.

It's a lie, I tell you.

And many other scientists...

Quinton's still missing?

And a half-dozen others.

The Police don't have a
clue what's happening.

They have simply vanished,

which, some think,
lends credence

to the charges
brought against them.

Kristine Walsh,

press secretary for visitor
supreme commander, John,

had this to say.

The visitors were shocked
to learn of this conspiracy

and fearful of the chaos
which could possibly result.

Not only would their
own needs be impaired,

but all the benefits they plan to
share with us could be endangered.

Scientific seminars planned for
next week will be postponed.

And because it's still too early

to determine how many
scientists are involved,

the u.N. Has agreed
to visitor requests

that all scientists
and their family members

must register their whereabouts
with local authorities.

Computers will be used

to verify their registration.

Don't get so wound up.

Nothing's going to happen
to you or your family.

They're not doctors
or biologists

or even scientists.
You're not involved.

Anyway, it's going to pass.

That's what I said in 1938

back in Berlin.

But this is different.

Is it?

Translation and subtitles by

The supreme commander
wants to make it clear

that while he's sure
all scientists all over

aren't part of the conspiracy,

it's difficult to ascertain
which of them may not be.

While Police have
scoured scientific files

for facts on the conspiracy,

startling evidence
is being found

that many scientists have actually
had major breakthroughs in research

which they've suppressed.

Senate medical affairs committee
chairman Raymond Burke

had this to say.

Yes, indeed, I do have evidence

that revolutionary
cancer treatments do exist

and have existed for some time,

along with
many other breakthroughs

which apparently our scientific
friends kept quiet about

and haven't shared with us.

Why would they do that?

I won't speculate except to say

there's a lot of money to
be made in research grants.

I'm sorry I'm late,

but Dr. Metz is really hurting.

Ruth has completely disappeared.

Take your time.

They called to cancel dinner.

Oh, honey, you must
be really disap...



You think you'll still
get their account?

I don't think so.

They were...

Too Polite, you know?

I don't understand. How can
they treat you like that?


Do you think it's me?

They know that I'm a biochemist

and a med student.

No. How could it be you?

Well, you, uh...

Seem a little too Polite.

Yeah. I saw this before. So?

Something struck me funny
when I saw this yesterday,

but I couldn't figure it out. All night I'm
trying to sleep then suddenly it hits me.

Now look at this.

It's a tape we shot of him at
the science fair last year.

Remember I had him
autograph that book?


Don't you see, Mike?

He used his right hand.

And yesterday… he used his left hand.
So he's ambidextrous?

No. No, he's not,

and neither is duvivier.

I checked.

No, Mike.

Until this week, they
were both right-handed.

Something very strange
is going on here.

Come on.

I'm not very good at this.

Brian... what's it
like out there?

It's magnificent.

Very peaceful.

Which one's yours?


Right there. It's the brightest.

It's in a constellation
you call canis major.

It must be strange to be
so far away from home.

Yeah, it is.

But new friends make it easier.

I'm glad.

Hi, Robin.

- Daniel.
- Danny.

How's your father?

He's fine.

You know, uh...

It must be pretty tough
nowadays, being a scientist,

especially an anthroPologist.


- Hi, Daniel.
- Hi. How are you?

Good. Her father's an
anthroPologist, huh?

- You didn't know?
- No. I had no idea.


Look, Mike, wouldn't it be a good
idea to just take the squad vehicle?

This way, they won't know we're
on board. We've a better chance

of finding out what's going on.


They got the chemical
loaded on board.

Get ready.





Come on. I can't come out.

I can't get my foot up.

Come on. I got you.

Come on.


Tanker unit 14,

stand by for venting operation.

Tanker unit 14,

stand by for venting operation.


Open the flow.

What a waste of time...

Bringing all these chemicals
up here and dumping them out.

Tanker arrival schedule
is as follows...

From Los Angeles, at 2100 hours.

From Santa Barbara,
at 2114 and 2142 hours.

From San Diego at 2150,
2200, and 2215 hours.

All tanker units
check with the ready room

for late changes in assignments.

All tanker units
check with the ready room

for late changes in assignments.

Every continent will soon be
under our complete domination.

You must be pleased.

Well, let's just say

that it pleases me
to serve our leader

with whatever
minor talents I possess.

John said our leader's pleased

with your conversion process.

Yes, but you know how
impatient our leader is.

Even with you?

I thought that,

given the intimacy

of your relationship with him,

he might...

Be very careful, Steven.

I just hate to see him
make you so distressed.

He doesn't understand that my
conversion process is still limited.

It doesn't work the same
on every human subject.

No. But when it does work, as
with duvivier and jankowski,

it's remarkable.

Yes, it is.

They actually believe
a conspiracy exists,

or even that they're part of it.

The evidence we planted

reinforces their beliefs.

The operation
is working perfectly.

Scientists are being ostracized,

throughout the world.

The problem is,
our leader then says

"why not convert them all."

He doesn't understand
that the human will

is much tougher
than we bargained for.

To convert them all
would take forever.

However, we will continue
to refine the process.

Yes. I'm sure you will,

We must find the most
effective methods

to be used against them.

Our leader couldn't
have chosen anyone

who could do a better job
than you.

Particularly given the success

of your previous

Well, the longer we can keep

the public's confidence...

I'm tired of all these drills.

Emergency situation on level 73.

All units to standby alert.

All units to standby alert.

Emergency situation on level 73.

All units to standby alert.

Okay, everybody, let's go.
We got a hot one.

All three cameras.

Hello, New York?
Okay, listen up.

We're going to do an interrupt.

Alert all the affiliates...
Full network.

Yes, damn right.

Mike Donovan's got a tape
to knock our socks off.

We're feeding bars and tone
right now.

You know, it's leaving here.

Check patching.

Stand by that tape.

We're ready.

Why would they take that
chemical to the mothership

and just dump it into the air?

Here they come.

Get double Mikes
on them right now.

I'll do the setup, intro you,

and we'll roll the tape.
You tell them what you saw.

We've got 30 seconds.
Give me lights now.

Coming up.

Camera one, I'll start with two.

You okay, Mike?

10 seconds.

Quiet on the line!

Let's get a doctor
on standby for Mike.

5 seconds, 4... 3... 2... 1.

New York, take your slide.

And cue announce.

The following is a special
report from Los Angeles.

Take two. Cue clete.

An astonishing occurrence

just took place aboard
the mothership just off...

What the hell happened?

Hold on! Problem on the line.

What the hell's going on?

They what?

- We've lost ma bell.
- We've what?

Somebody's pulled at&t
out from under us.

They pulled the plug.

The whole damn network's
off the air.

So are both the others.

What's that, Bert?

Hello? Hello?

And now I've lost New York.

No, I cannot patch.

Here's something.

This is Kristine Walsh.

The visitors' supreme commander,

John, is here to make
a statement.

My friends throughout the world,

first, I must thank

the leaders of each
of your countries

who have,
in the interests of peace,

turned over all their broadcasting
facilities to us in this crisis.

I'm sad to say there's been
a carefully coordinated

and violent attempt by the
conspiracy of scientists

to commandeer control
of our facilities

at key locations
around the world.

I don't believe it.

This is dupre.

- Have we been hit?
- Tokyo and Cairo...

Oh, thank goodness.
Damn scientists.

At least two dozen other places

suffered similar assaults.

The loss of life
has been enormous.

I don't believe
this is happening.

Believe it.

Thousands have been wounded,

and we're fearful
there will be more attacks.

I'm going to the hospital.

The outbreak is so
widespread and so dangerous

that most civilian members
of your governments

have asked us for protection,

which we're more than happy
to provide.

They're safe aboard our ships.

We'll take good care of them.

I'm also very sorry
to report this man,

in whom we had placed
considerable trust,

Michael Donovan
of the United States,

proved to be
the biggest traitor...


It isn't true!

He's considered
armed and dangerous.

Where's my tape?

They're setting up
to copy it right now.

Man, we're in big trouble.

Tell me about it.

Get going.
Mike! Mike, your tape!

Your national leaders
have suggested

that a state of martial law

will be most helpful
at this time.

And we agree.
Police at local levels

will work with our
visitor patrols.

We will also ask the help

of all our visitor
friends units everywhere.

We anticipate this crisis

will pass relatively quickly.

In the meantime, friends,

I and my fellow visitors will do
our best to see you through it

and maintain control.

There will be more
announcements later.

Got to go.

It'll pass.

You heard what he said.
Right, dad?

Everywhere around
the nation and the world,

visitors are keeping order
and making friends.

Police and military forces
in each country

are cooperating fully.

The clear and present danger
still exits, however,

from the group of terrorists

who brought about the need for
martial law by their assaults.

These attacks
by scientist conspirators

are still continuing
sporadically and violently

around the world.

In Buenos Aires last night...

We've been very lucky not to
have that happen at our plant.

Several cryogenic storage tanks

containing the synthetic
chemical were damaged,

but heroic efforts
by the visitor technicians

saved them and the lives
of 15 workers.

How could they be faking
all these scenes?

The movies do it all the time.

Curfew at 8:00 each evening
still must be maintained.

It's unfair.

I wanna go out some nights.

Why? Daniel comes by here.

It isn't Daniel I want to see.

- Who, Robin?
- Never mind.

Reminded of the need
to stay in their locale.

Of course the military
are cooperating fully.

They're all under house arrest.

Mrs. Maxwell.

Hello, Sancho.

What's the matter?

I can't work for you no more.

Why not?


Well, tell me.

It's the other people
I work for.

They know I work for you.
They don't like it.

Why should the other people...

Because my husband
is a scientist?

They say I could either
work for them or for you.

My family, they...

That's okay.

Never mind. I understand.

Polly, are you hurt?

- What happened?
- I got in a fight.

A bunch of jerkos beat up on me because
my project won the science fair.

They wrecked it, said I was just
a dirty little scientist's kid.

You should've seen them
when I got through.

How many were there?


What happened to your teachers,
didn't they see?

One did, but he just
walked the other way.

I guess I better fix my bike.

Thanks, Mr. Bernstein.

Are you going to
Manhattan to your folks?

No. I... I can't get
through to them.

It's better if you
don't know anyway.

I'll, uh...

I'll get the rest later.

Don't you think you're
overreacting slightly?

No. I don't want you losing
more accounts because of me.

- Look, we don't know for sure.
- No, we don't!

And that's
the really nasty part.

They're always so Polite,

but we know, don't we?

Anyway, uh...

Another biochemist,
Phyllis, remember her?

Well, uh...

She didn't show today,

and nobody's heard from her.

Just like Ruth
and all the others.

Maybe she just went away.

Just like this.

Maybe she was taken.

There's no truth
to those rumors.

Shall I stay then?

I think you should do
whatever makes you happy.

See you, Denny.


Oh, Robert!


And there were even fewer
incidents of violence today.

It seems people everywhere

are starting to report in
to authorities

when they suspect someone might
be involved with a conspiracy.

This early warning
will save countless lives.

The supreme commander
urges you...

I'm so tired of her face and only
hearing one side of what's going on.

Well, the truth is the truth.

Then why not let
some others say it?

Don't you think
you've had enough?


I do.

Come on, Stanley.

There's the newspaper,
too, you know.

Yeah, and it says
exactly what she says.

Sometimes it's word for word.

It's not just that.
It's everything.

Look at these bills. The
price is up on everything.

Try to make a damn long distance call.
You need a special permit.

Most times
you can't get through.

You always said this would pass.

It had better hurry up
before we sink.

I want things back
the way they were.

Where's Daniel?

Not looking for a job, I'm sure.


You've got to be
more careful what you say.

- What, in my own house?
- But he lives here.

You know how totally
involved he is with them.

Alright. I know that.
But he shouldn't have...

I have heard stories...


Stories about how
some member of his group

had actually...

What... informed?

On his own parents.

And they disappeared.

Well, Lynn, I hardly think
that Dan...

Well, I hardly
think so, too, but...

I mean, what's to inform on?

We're not scientists. It's
not like I said anything.

But you were very critical

of her and of them, of the
newspapers, everything.

Of him.

He shouldn't drink that much.

But that's not all you said.

All I said was
I was tired of hearing...

One side
of the news... their side.


I meant...

Hearing only one opinion.

No, not that.

I meant...

You don't really think
he'd call them, do you?

Where have you been, Daniel?

Just in the bathroom.

You think he's lying?

I don't wanna go
to the mountains.

I hate our place there.

- Please, dad?
- Get in the car.

Robin, try to understand.
Too many things are happening.

A scientist your father works with
was arrested for conspiracy.

Polly got beaten up at school.

And Quinton is still missing.

Why don't we stay and fight?

It's not that easy, Pol.

Oh, .
Daddy is no conspirator.

Neither were they!

Get in the car.

All my friends are here.

Especially ones in uniform.

Shut up, Polly.

Please! I can stay with
Karen and her family.

Right now, Robin. Please.

It's alright.

I think.

Alright. Look,
we know what's happening...

Totalitarian suppression
of the truth.

Not only on television,

but they've got the papers, too.

We're under martial law.

And paranoia.

Everyone I know,
especially scientists,

are getting scared to death.

Or disappearing.

Like my partner or any other cop

who refused to go along
with the visitors

when they requested we
help them maintain order.

Yesterday they took another
doctor and his family

from my building.

Why are they so anxious to
arrest so many scientists?

They must think we're a threat,

that we might find
a way to stop them.

There's no way to stop them.
There's too many of them.

No. There has to be a way.

There is.

Well, we organize.

Look, any complex structure,
like our bodies, for example,

starts with individual cells.

The cells will reproduce,
expand themselves,

and join with others.

That's lovely in biology, but...

Listen, Brad!

I... I'm sorry.

I know that we're embryonic.

There's only a handful of us.

But you can be sure, we're not the
only ones huddled in the dark.

I know there are others like us,

across America,
around the world.

We're not the only ones
who want to fight this.

She's right.

What we've got to do

is find the others
who feel like we do.

Then we all look
for more and more.

We need equipment for a lab,

communication, all of that.

- And a headquarters.
- Yeah.

We should find out who's
closest to the visitors

and get them on our side.

Like that Kristine…

Walsh! Yes.

She's surely on the inside.

Maybe too much on the inside.

One of us should contact her.

- Yes.
- Yes.

I'll find her

and if we can trust her.

Let's meet here Thursday night.

- Fine.
- Sounds good.

Everybody has to bring
at least four others.

How about that? Agreed?

- Agreed.
- Agreed.

Is that you, uncle Pedro?

Uncle Pedro?

It is you. Buenos noches.

Tony, cut the...

We've been having trouble
with the phone. Understand?

Trouble with the phone.

Then you must be all tapped out.

You got it, uncle.

The repairmen even came to check
things out. A whole lot of them.

Smelled your cooking.

Would they like your burrito.

Yeah, I'm sure they would.

Yeah, but I like Italian food
much better, though, remember?

Yeah. Yeah, I remember.

Don't let me keep you
standing there.

I know you have to run.
Good luck.

Another one.

How come they want
to keep us in the city?

Easier to find us.

W hy's that important?

We're not sure, Pol, but it is.

Stop him!


Get him!

Another scientist?

No, but he was helping one
run the roadblock.

He gets to share
their treatment.

Easy, Bob. He's wounded.

It's his fault.

Break the law,
take the consequences.

- Man, this is different.
- It ain't!

A crook's a crook.

Ain't nothing changed

except the guys
who give the orders.

How will we get through here?

- Will we fight?
- No.

Now where will we go?

- Who's going to help us?
- I don't know.

I do.

Turn the car around.

The big, bad doctor
needs my help, huh?

How come?

You've contacts on the street.

You're damn right, I do.

Ain't you always putting
down the streets?

Yeah, but times have changed.

Yeah, well, the streets ain't.

They ain't changed a bit.

There's just another man
out there to be the man.

The streets are getting
a hell of a lot better.

Dude can make a whole
lot of money there now.

Black market.

You ought to pardon
the expression, brother.

Any idea how much fresh
fruit's going for these days?

And beef? I make more
selling hamburger

than I did selling reefer.

Keep doing all you want,

but a group of us is trying
to fight this thing.

It don't affect me, except
to line my pockets.

What's happening is wrong.

Says who?

I need your help.

Where were you
when I needed yours?

I was always there for you.

Yeah, except a little

The golden boy.

Man, that's only in your head.

If I heard it once, I heard
it a thousand times.

"Why can't you be like brother
Benjamin, the doctor?"

Now you need my help?

That's right.

Well, I'd sure like to,

but I got to go
to the medical library

and do my studying.

I'll catch you later, brother.

Lynn and Stanley
never use this place.

It's just for storage.

Dad it's gross. We can't live here.
It's filthy.

We can clean it.

- No way it's ever...
- Robin, that's enough.

It's fine, Abraham. Thank you.

Forgive my daughter's...

It's alright.

I understand.

I'm not sure I do.

Father, can I talk
to you outside?

I really don't believe
you brought them here.

They have nowhere to go.

Their house
is being watched now.

And so is ours by Daniel.

Tell them we're sorry.

Stanley, you don't understand.

They have to stay. They
need a place to hide.

And why is that?

Because the father
is a scientist.

And therefore suspect
and a fugitive I take it,

which makes them
doubly dangerous.

They have to stay.

Just get them out of here.

- I won't.
- Then I will.

No, you won't!

We had to put you in a suitcase.

In a suitcase.
You were 8 months old.

That's how we smuggled you out.

I know the story.

No, you don't.

You don't.

Your mother, shalom,

your mother didn't have a
heart attack in the boxcar.

She made it with me to the camp.

I can still see her

standing naked
in the freezing cold.

Her beautiful black hair
was gone.

They had shaved her head.

I can still see her

waving to me
as they marched her off

with the others
to the showers...

The showers with no water.

Perhaps if somebody had
given us a place to hide...

Don't you see, Stanley?

They have to stay,

or else we haven't
learned a thing.


My , you scared
the hell out of me.

I've been so worried for you.

I've been worried for me, too.

Why are they so hot
to capture you?

Because I've seen their faces.


You don't believe me, do you?

Well, it's so incredible...

Reptilian with tongues that...

It's all true. I've seen it.

I really do believe you think
you've seen it.


Damn it.

I work so closely with these
people, it's hard to...

Be objective.

This is a waste of time.

- Don't leave yet.
- Why?

Translation and subtitles by

If I could see
the tape you shot...

It's hidden.

Mike, listen...

We started this together,

and it's possible you're right.

Maybe I did get closer
to them than I should.

It's funny.

You're the one I always
wanted to be closer to.

You've got a funny way
of showing it.

I'd really like another chance.






You scared me.

What are you doing here?

When everybody went to
sleep, I snuck out.

I'm not supposed to be here, but I couldn't
stand your pool house another minute.

Wait. Our pool house?

It's too small for
one of us, but five?

It's totally outrageous.

You've been drinking.


With Brian?

He was there.

He doesn't drink.

I don't think he can hold it.

Did he ask about me?

No. He supposed to?

Well, I thought he might.

Well, not tonight, he didn't.

You know,
I'm very glad to see you.

You look very pretty.

Other nights, though?


He asks about me other nights?

Yeah, well, sometimes.
Yeah, I guess.

He wondered where you went.

So we both did.

Me, especially,

till I found out
you were in my pool house.

Remember when you said

you didn't want to die
till you made love?

Do you still feel that way?


Is he still a virgin,
do you think?



Good. This stuff ought to help
us find their weaknesses.

Let's get a move on.

I'm not sure whether
they bought my act.

Where's Ben?

Go, go, go, go!

Wake up, Julie! Let's go!

Go get her!

What are you stopping for?

I'm going back for Ben.
We can't leave him.

- You're crazy!
- We can't leave him there!

Julie! Julie!



Oh, my .

Oh, my .

Julie, no.


Go on. Go on. Get out of here.

I'm not going to make it.

6 bucks for a dozen clucks.

Caleb here?

What happened?

Ben's been hurt.

What went down?

We were stealing lab equipment.
They shot him.

What, the doc?

Stealing stuff?

You ought to come to me.
I'll show you how to do it.

They got you, too?

May... maybe I ought to go
get an ambulance.

No. No ambulance.

We've already made
our diagnosis,

haven't we, doctor?

What you want to pull
a heist for, bro, man,

without your
little brother's expertise?

We did it, though.

The truck did get away?

But look at you, bro.
You a wreck.

- You just can't go do this.
- Is papa here?

No, uh...

No, he ain't get here yet.


Now, listen here, man,

now, do I try doctoring?

Course not. Course not.

The next time, bro,
you try and boost stuff,

you'll come to me first.

I'll show you how to do it.

Ain't nothing to it.

Like lifting these eggs, man.


Sound like papa now.


He'll be along here
any minute now.


You going to come to me, right?

We'll take them on
together, bro, yeah.

Just the two of us.

The bad Taylor brothers, yeah!


They'll say, whoa, man!

Whipping through here and jazz.

Bad, bad Taylor brothers.
Oh, yeah.

Taylor brothers, man.

Doctor, yeah...

Doctor and, uh...

Doctor and, uh...

Doctor and the other one.

The other one.




The doctor cannot die.

Oh, yeah, sure,
the other one can die.

He can die, but...



Not… not Ben.

Not Ben.

Aw, damn it, Ben.

Damn it.


If you're going to do it,

do it right.

I'll show you.

You understand?

For victory.

Go tell your friends.


No, don't shoot me!


Where is everybody, huh?

- I don't know. They're gone.
- How long ago?

About three days.

You've been alone since then?

Well, you're not alone anymore.
What happened?

A lot of people getting tired
of what the visitors are doing.

A bunch of ranch hands
came to town,

threw a bomb right
into the squad vehicle.

The local supervisor got inside.

They blew it up and killed him.

Everybody was shouting
about how we're in America

and they weren't going to stand
for these damn visitors no more.

There was clapping and cheering.

Suddenly these lights were
in the sky, boring down.

Some people screamed and ran.

Some shot guns. They kept on
coming, the shock troopers.

A lot of them,
a whole lot of them.

I lost my mom and dad, but
Sean's mom grabbed me.

She pulled us into the house.

But then there were these lights
and noise. She slammed the door.

Get back!

But they were
everywhere outside.

Then I saw these awful eyes.

It's okay, kiddo.
You're alright now.

And then what happened?

They broke through the
door and took them.

He fought really hard. He kicked
at them to leave his mom alone.

He fought and fought and
said his dad would get them.

He was real brave, Sean was.

But me...

I… I... I hid back in the closet.

I was scared. I'm sorry, Mr. Donovan.
I should've helped.

Josh. Hey.

Come on, don't beat
yourself up about it.

There wasn't anything
you could've done.

What happened then?

They took them, everybody
to the square.

There was a lot of
shouts and crying.

And then the lights were
gone, so was everybody...

Everyone but me.

"I only have escaped alone
to tell thee."

Mr. Donovan, will I ever
see my mom and dad again?

You bet.


When I came to visit Sean,
I brought him something.

Yeah, I remember.

What'd he do with it,
do you know?

Yeah, it's over here.

- What is it?
- It's a key.

That's going to get you
into what?

The belly of the whale.

Come on, kiddo.

Champagne for breakfast.


- Where'd you get it?
- From a local merchant.

One who knows the value
that a friend can be.

And now...

A toast.

To my engagement.

What? To whom?

To Robin Maxwell.

But she's gone away.


Not that far away, huh?

What does Robin think
about this, Dan?

Oh, she doesn't know
about it yet.

See, I want her,

uh, just like I wanted
this champagne.

And I will get her, won't I?

Otherwise, I'll just have to
turn her whole damn family in.

- Aah!
- Come on!

Stop it, Danny! You cretin!

- I'm not going anywhere with you!
- I said come on!

Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!

Come on!



I am sad… for you.

We both are, Caleb.

Get them away!

I don't want your
kind around here.

But, Caleb...

Go on! Get out of here!

We felt bad. We wanted to...

- Go on!
- Come on. Come on, dad.

You people killed my boy!

They killed him! Now you
go on and get out of here!

Willy, Willy, come on.
You tried. Come on.

You go back to where you belong!

You people killed my boy!

Hear me? Go on now! Go on!

Get out of here!

Yeah, but they'll Grant
my family amnesty, right?

Just like we arranged.

Who is this family
that's in hiding anyway?

Oh, um, they're just
a bunch of scientists.


Is everything alright?

It's okay so far.

Now we have to run
the roadblock.

Katie honey, be quiet.
Everything's alright.

We're never gonna make it
with her crying.

Okay, try this.

It'll help.

You come prepared.

I've had some
experience at this.

- Hello?
- Hello. I have a question.

If I thought I knew someone,

a scientist, perhaps...

Was being smuggled out,

what should I do?

Well, I'm not interested
in a reward, of course.


Katie, be quiet.
Mom, dad, keep her quiet.

Here's another chocolate.

Hi, officer.

- How are you?
- Where are you headed?

- El tepeyac.
- What?

El tepeyac.

El tepeyac. What
are you talking about?

I know all the
towns around here.

Where's this El tepeyac?

It's a restaurant out of town.

Best food north of ensenada.

El tepeyac? I never heard of it.

What's the story back there?

No story. It's okay.

Alright, let's move it out,
then, Pedro.

Thank you, officer.

Careful, baby,
ain't going to be easy,

you walking down
here with that cane.

Well, I'm going to have
to get used to it.

Anyway, uh, tunnel runs
down underneath the city.

Uh, connects up with some
really nifty places.

I know it ain't the Beverly
hills hotel, you dig?

But there's a lot of
space down underneath,

and, well, some bums
sleep here sometimes.

Well, we'll take anyone
we can get.

I'm really glad to hear that.

Of course the electricity
doesn't work.

I'll handle that.

That's okay, then?

It's perfect.

Dynamite. Listen, while you guys
are getting your stuff moved in,

I'm gonna go rap
with the angels.

You see, like all of this
here is like on their turf.

You think you can
get them to help us?

You kidding, mama?

You are talking to the Henry
kissinger of east I.A.

- Catch you later.
- Okay.


Yes? Uh, hello.

Yeah, this is Daniel.

Who took my father?
They said arrested?

But they promised amnesty.

They said...

Uh, yeah, hi.
Lynn Bernstein, please.

Well, wait. What time
did she go to lunch?

Well, that was four hours ago.

No, she's not at home!

Yes, I'm sure.
I'm at home alone.

Here comes our boy.

Back from El tepeyac?

Yeah, looks like he had
somebody hidden back here,

but they're, uh, gone now.

What is it?

Just a token of
appreciation for your...


Oh, Steven.

So what's the plan?

Well, Josh needs
to stay with Fran.

That's okay with me.

- You like spaghetti?
- Yeah, sure.

Okay, we'll get along just fine.

Now, there's a rebel camp
up in the hills...

Like in El Salvador?

Yeah, just like in El Salvador,
where a bunch of doctors

and other rebels are holed up.

I've heard of another place somewhere
downtown, but I don't know which building.

We'll find it, but first,

I wanna see what this unlocks.

They've got to have some
achilles' heel, some weakness,

something we can
use against them.

And we need to find out where
the people are who disappeared.


I know you must be
very disappointed in me.

My superiors decided to take your
family in for questioning...

But they'll be home soon.

- They will?
- You have my word.

- And grandfather, too?
- He isn't well.

He's with our doctors, though,
and they're very good.

They hope to have him
feeling better soon.

How about you?
You feeling better now?

Uh... yeah.

I guess so.

Well, I have some news
that ought to help some.

You're getting a promotion...

To my second in command.

- What?
- Yes.


Uh… - that's not all.

When I informed Diana
of your loyalty,

she gave me this reward for you.


I'm glad you like it,

and I'm proud to
have you in my unit.


You even know how
to use that thing?

I'm sort of winging it.

This thing controls
the intensity, I think,

how strong a jolt it shoots.

And you prime it over here.

Come with extra batteries?

- They're rechargeable, I think.
- Clever, those Japanese.

Look out.

How are we going to handle him?

How about the direct approach?

Excuse me!

Uh, uh, hello.

Uh, look, I'm really sorry
to bother you like this,

but I'm on my way to Korea,

and my shrimp boat
gets a flat tire.

So I really need an inner tube.

Get his gun.

Go! Go!

Alright. Same drill.

Only this time,
I'm not going to trip.

Come on.

I can't make
this stupid thing work!

Safety's over here.



Up the catwalk. Go!


Oh! Mike!

My eyes!

Tony! Tony!



Okay, Laurie,
it's around the corner,

second door on your left,

- Juliet parish?
- Yes?

Robert Maxwell, anthroPology.
This is my daughter Robin.


They said you were organizing
things out here.

- They did?
- Yeah.

Well, come on. We're
getting things prepared

so we can bring down all of our
equipment from the mountain camp.

We're trying to make things liveable...
Or just plain safe.

Hey, Julie, where's
the water cutoff?

I don't know, Louise.
Try that room in there.

I don't think there's
anyplace that's really safe.

You're right. The toilets,
by the way, are through there.

- They're very picturesque.
- I'll bet.

This is our poor man's BBC.

The kitchen is over there.

Oh, Robin, be careful
of the elevators.

Yeah, I see the hole.

Well, she's thrilled to be here.

It's not the galleria. I thought she'd
really go crazy at the mountain camp.

A lot of good stuff up there,
electronic microscopes.

Yeah, that's all of our sophisticated
equipment. We've gotta get it down here.

Julie, where do you
want me to put this?

Julie, where do you want
the sterilizer?

Elias, put that in that room.
Brad, over there.

Robert, here.

Julie, I can't find
the water cutoff.

Here. Let me help you.

Ow! Aah!

Juliet, are you alright?

Oh, Ruby.

I can't handle this.

I was supposed
to be a scientist...

A doctor...

Not a plumber
or some kind of rebel.

They all look at me
like I know what to do.

And you're just as lost
and scared as we are.


These are the times
that try men's souls.

I'll tell you
why we look to you.

Because you're a natural...

- A natural leader.
- Oh, I don't feel that.

But you don't have to.

All you need to do
is trust your instincts.

Trust yourself as much as
everybody else trusts you.

If I can't?

Fake it. We won't
know the difference.

How are you feeling?

How would you feel?

Where's Tony?

She's ready for him.

Who is?

Several times you've caused a
bit of trouble, Mr. Donovan.

That's nothing to the trouble
you've caused, lady...

Lady... that's a good one.

You'll soon have no more
worries, Mr. Donovan.

I'll be with you in a moment.

You know, Diana, rather than
putting Mr. Donovan away,

he might prove very useful
to us as a convert.

My instincts tell me that he'd
be too difficult as a subject.

That's why I decided
not to bother.

Take him to the final area.

I always thought you
thrived on challenges.

I do, but I like better odds.

That's curious.

I would have thought you'd find the
difficult game far more interesting.

But, anyway,
you're probably right.

I don't think even you,
with all of your abilities,

could ever turn
this head of his.

Martin, wait.

Don't take him to the
final area just yet.

Perhaps I would enjoy the
challenge of converting him.

Well, as you wish, Diana.

- Listen, Mike, we're gonna get you out of here.
- You're what?

It's very dangerous,
but not more dangerous

than waht would happen
if you stayed.

You talked her into converting me,
and you expect me to believe you?

I was buying time, you idiot.

I'm sorry, Mike.

Look, some of us,
a very few of us,

just don't believe in what our
leader's doing... or his plans.

What are his plans?

I don't have time to tell you
now. I've got to get you out.

- With Tony.
- That's impossible.

- Then I'm staying.
- Mike.

I'm not leaving without him!

Mike, it's too late for Tony.

What the hell they do to him?

- Quiet!
- That damn dragon lady can bend people's minds.

What the hell does she
need a blowtorch for?

Conversion is a very difficult

and time-consuming operation.

When Diana simply
needs some information,

she'll do whatever's
most effective...

And efficient,

and she likes to do it.

God Almighty.

Help us.

Be ready.


Take your shoes off.

Your shoes! Hurry.

Martin couldn't make it,
so you'll have to wear my uniform.

Oh, lots of luck.
I'll never be able to...

It'll stretch enough to fit.

- You sure don't look like an iguana.
- What?

Bad taste.

- Why are you and Martin doing this?
- Because it's right.

How many more of you are there?

Not enough, not nearly, and there's
gonna be one less if you don't hurry.

- What happens next?
- Take these.

A shuttlecraft is on its way up now.

I think you should be
able to slip aboard,

if you keep your glasses on
and your mouth shut.

Yeah. My voice
is sure a tip-off.

Alright, do you know
how to use this?

- Like the rifle, yeah?
- Yeah.


- Alright. Now, shoot me.
- What?

It's absolutely necessary,

or they won't believe my story.

- Will you live?
- Of course.

At least, I hope so.

I don't even know your name.

It's Barbara.

Godspeed, Mike.

Please… do it.

Do it.

Trooper units 14 and 15
to the ready room, please.

Trooper units 14 and 15
to the ready room.

Trooper unit 36
and technician unit 1,

squad shuttle in bay 12,
level 1.

Trooper unit 36
and technician unit 4,

squad shuttle in bay 12,
level 1.

No. I don't mind
the duty down there.

Do you mind the duty down there?

He says he doesn't like
all those angry people,

but I'll tell you,

they don't bother me.
They bother you?

I haven't seen you
around before.

What unit you with?

Nice talking to you.

Aren't you going to say goodbye?

You hear me? I want to
hear you say goodbye.

What are you doing? Wait!


Halt! Stop!

Hey, Jimmy, you're crazy, man.

Yo, angels, come here.

What's happening, baby?

Check it out, man.

You hardly ever
see them out alone.

Yeah, Julie really wants the chance
to study one of them up close,

find out what makes 'em tick.

What say we pay
the visitor a visit?

Yeah, right.


Hey, Julie!

Whoo! Whoo!

Julie, special delivery.

- Hey, hey.
- Gonna pulverize him.

- Let's get this dude.
- Right here.

Careful of his gun.


You're a bunch of stupid bozos.

What the hell do you
think you're doing, huh?

- Doesn't sound like one of 'em.
- He's not.

You're damn right I'm not.

But he might be a sympathizer.


I don't suppose you have a
bandage I could borrow, do you?

Over here.

Put your guns down,
for God's sake.

Who's in charge here?

I guess you could say she is.

Who is, her? That kid?

She's one smart kid.

Are you coming, or would you
like to keep on bleeding?

You walk with a cane, huh?

- You get hurt, too?
- A little.

- Where'd you get the uniform?
- They had a sale... ow!

- You did that on purpose.
- I did not.

Where'd you get the uniform?

On board their ship.

Couple of them
helped me to escape.

- They did? Why?
- Beats the hell out of me.

- Sounds like a setup.
- I don't think so... ow...

Don't you have any novocain?

I do, but I have to
save it. Now, sit still.

You are a doctor.

More or less.

Well, that's comforting.

You don't think
it's a setup... why?

They seemed so damn sincere.

They'd have to, wouldn't they?

Look, lady, you weren't
there, okay?

- Why were you?
- I'm highly motivated... ow!

That's enough.

I'll tell you why
I went up there.

Because my kid and my ex-wife

and all the people in their
damn town are up there!

And they got my partner
up there, too.

And God knows what
they did to him.

You call me a sympathizer?

Kid, I ought to
take those bandages

and shove them
right down your throat.

I guess we should believe you.

You seem so damn sincere.

That's it.

I wouldn't, Mr. Donovan.

You see, we're also
short on bandages.

Look, you have to understand
our point of view.

You were among the first
to board their ship.

You worked in close proximity
with them for quite some time.

Three nights ago you met
with Kristine Walsh.

And now you're here,
escaped from somewhere

no one has escaped
from, wearing...

I know what I'm wearing.

How'd you know about Kristine?

Because I was there, outside.

Now, you talk about a setup...

Yeah. I know. I saw it.

Why didn't you warn me?

Because I didn't know
whose side you were on.

I'm on the right side, kid.

Believe me.


Why don't you tell us
what you know?

I'd have to get my tape to show
you, but that's pretty close.


- Amazing.
- No. No, not really.

Listen, this could have
happened right here on earth.


Up to 60 million years ago,

the reptiles ruled the earth,

then... bam... a meteor, a big one,
punched a hole right through the crust,

that sent up dust, heat...

- Iridium.
- That's right... iridium.

Iridium was in that meteor.

It kept out the light, kept in the heat,
kind of like a greenhouse effect.

As the temperatures went up,

the biggest, the
smartest reptiles,

who weren't equipped to handle
the heat... like mammals are...

Simply died.

So what are you saying, man,

all we gotta do is just turn
up our barbecues, and... poof...

Kentucky fried horny toad, huh?

Extra crispy.

It's not gonna be that easy,

but yeah. Heat can be
effective as a weapon.

Cold sure ain't.

The visitor who saved me
took over 300 degrees below.

Right. They're equipped
to handle cold.

Light. Bright light
might be a weapon.

The eating scene
that you described

would seem consistent with the
biochemistry of reptiles as we know them.


Live food or
just-killed animals.

What about the poison spray?

It's not unusual
for reptiles on earth

to spray their venom
just like that.

Yeah, and from
the symptoms you described,

I'd say it's neurotoxic. That
it attacks the nervous system.

And that would cause your heart to
flutter and your lungs to be affected.

Can you make an antidote?

Well, it's, um, it's possible.

Procedures for creating an
antivenom are pretty standard,

but we need a quantity of venom.

- Let's add that to the shopping list.
- Sure.

Oh, God...

It's just so much.

You know what we ought to do?

We ought to define our
overall plan of resistance.


- Yeah.
- I agree with that.

That makes sense. Yeah.

Well, how about this?

Um, firstly, to undermine
all visitor activity.

- Sure.
- Impede their progress every way that we can.

And then secondly,

I think we should find out
what their hidden goals are.


Sure. They've lied to us before.

Yeah, and even brainwashed
quite a few of us

with that conversion
process you described.

I think it's safe to figure that there's
something deeper still going on.

And thirdly,

we have to find out more
about their physicality,

we've got to find
their weaknesses.

And let people know about
their true reptilian nature.

- That tape is very important.
- Yeah, I'm hip.

The more people know
about how alien they are...

The more they'll want
to fight against them.

- I hear that.
- And last and probably the most important...

That we establish contact
with others like us.

Sure as hell they're there in
every city all around the world.

Right. We have to organize
coordinated efforts.

That's the only way that we
stand a chance of winning.

- Right.
- Yeah.



Now, let's make a list
of targets to consider.




Hold it.

Against the wall.

You're out after curfew, buddy.

Another Maxwell.


Ah, Brian. Good to see you.

We'll talk more later, Kristine.

- I need your help.
- Of course.

It's come to my attention that
you've developed a relationship...

With this young lady.

Well, I know her, but...

Is she attractive to you?

Not like you are.

I see now how you've risen
through the ranks so quickly.

I'm quite serious.

That's very interesting...

Because I've had my eye on
you for quite some time.

How can I be of service?


I want your help
with an experiment.

Medical experiment.


Involving you...

And her.

Please, just tell me
where my daughter is.

Where is she?

- She's our prisoner.
- In here?

No. The mothership.

Is she alright?

I'm told that will
depend on you.


There's some
information we need.

We think perhaps
you can help us.

I don't know anything.

A camp in the mountains.

No. I've never heard...

We know of its existence.
We need to find its location.

I can't do anything
about it. I...

That's too bad.

I'm awfully sorry
for your daughter.

No! Wait.

My wife, my other
daughters are up there.

In the mountains?



In the camp.

I can't.

Oh, dear God.

Come with me.

I think I can help you.

I understand your anguish
and your dilemma.

I have children, too.

Suppose I guarantee you

that the camp will not be
taken until a certain time?

That would enable you
to get them out beforehand.

You'd do that?

I would.

But if you warn the others,

Robin would be quite severely...

No. No.

No, I won't.


Can your people take
the camp without...


It can be done quite easily

without harm being
brought to anyone.

We won't get there until...

What, 4:00 tomorrow?

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

You have my promise...

As a father.

I'll get the maps.



Just take it easy. It's okay.

- It's okay.
- What'll they do to me?

- I won't let anybody hurt you.
- I wanna go home.

I want to go home.

I got to hand it to you, doc.

You really pulled
this bunch together.

You sure juiced them up.

I'll tell you something
else, though.

You better save some
for yourself.


Okay, everybody,

one last time.

We all know
our assignments, then.

Diversionary action
to start at 1:00?

They'll know we're there.

- 00, then,

followed by our main assault
against the armory at 2:00.

We've got to keep in mind
that our prime objective...

- Is to rip off as many weapons as we can get our hands on.
- Right.

We have to arm ourselves

so we'll be able to protect
all of our equipment

when we bring it down
from the mountain camp.

Uh, listen...

While you're breaking loose
all hell down here,

I'm going to infiltrate the
mothership and try to...

Try to find your family?


But also to try to get a
handle on their plans.

That's pretty suicidal,
isn't it?

Well, my partner always said

I should have been
a kamikaze pilot,

and he's still
up there somewhere.

We'd, uh...

Hate to lose you,

Mr. Donovan.

I'd hate to lose me, too.

Good luck.

To all of us.

Let's do it.

Wait, Juliet.
How about a prayer?

How about it, Caleb?

Well, I thought that you would...


Well, lord...

We really need
your help on this one.

Please, help each and every
one of us to do the best we can.

A lot of people
are depending on us.

That's all.


- Amen.
- Amen.

Let's do it.

That's 12:30.

- I know it, brother.
- Hurry up.

Look, man. I ain't never messed
with stuff like this before,

and I'd just as soon not get
my hands blowed off, okay?

Now, let's go set the others.


Oh, boy, I hate
when people do that.

Boy, I'd like to stick it
in their hair.

Hey, hold on. Wait for me.




Alright, right away.

Back on board, everybody.

There's trouble at the plant.
Come on.

What's the problem?

This one's for Abraham.

Alright, stand back.

Get some extinguishers!

Isolated incidents of violence,

mostly explosions at visitor
or Police installations,

are being reported
all across Los Angeles.

They may be part
of a coordinated effort

by the scientific conspiracy...

My hands are really sweating.

Are you scared, too?

I just hope there
aren't any casualties.

I'd hate to lose one of us.

Hang on!

Watch out for the stakes
in the road!


Guns…and ammunition.
Check it out.

Let's get it loaded first.


- I've gotta warn the camp. They're gonna be attacked.
- What?

Robin's a prisoner.
I was trying to protect her.

But too many
other lives at stake.



I wanna know what's going on.

Those tanks down in the hold.

You've been there?

Yeah. They're full of water.

Where's the chemical
you guys are making?

There's no chemical.

What the hell are...

Oh, my God.

That chemical's just a
smoke screen, isn't it?

That isn't what you want at all.

You're right.

You're here to take the water.

It's the rarest, most valuable
commodity you can imagine.

Unlike most planets...
Ours included...

Earth is blessed
with an abundance of it.

We need it, Mike,

for our sustenance

and to power fusion generators

and the leaders' weapons.

- We could have shared it.
- Some of us proposed that...

But our leader wants it all.

Other ships like this one
are already on their way.

The plan will take a generation,

but he'll have his way.

And the earth
will become a desert,

and humanity will die.


There won't be any
people left by then.

There's something else
I have to show you.

Look, um...

I'm sorry about the, uh...

Where's grandpa?

We never saw him.

What happened to your arm?

I burned it.

What is this?

They're your people.



Just this side of death.

Metabolism slowed



The people who disappeared...

My son...

Is he in here somewhere?

Or in another ship
like this one.

Why are they being taken,

stored like this?
Why not just killed?

The leader needs them living.

Some of them
will be made into troops

for battles with his enemy.

What enemy?

The force that has
defeated him before.

His enemy? That makes
them our friends, right?

- I don't know...
- Well, it's something to go on.

You said some of them
would be his troops...

Not all.

- No.
- What about the others?

In addition to the water...

There's another basic
shortage on our planet.


How'd someone like that

get to be your leader anyway?

circumstances, promises.

Not enough of us spoke out to
question him until it was too late.

It happens on your planet,
doesn't it?

I guess it does.

How's Barbara?

She's recovering.

Look, Mike, this won't
be pleasant for you.

- Are you sure you...
- Yeah...

I'm sure.





She's authorized some...

Medical experiments.

I want to kill her.

You're not alone.

Who are you?

A friend.

They... they tried
to make me talk,

but my grandfather...

He fought...

Fought with zapata.

I tell them nothing.

I spit in their faces.

- Where'd your friend go?
- He said there's a hostage being used

to make her father
spy on us. Here he comes.

Get on board quick. Don't have time
to explain, just get on. Let's go.

You're coming, too?

- Well, I can't stay here.
- You ought to.

- But, Mike..
- You'd be more valuable to us here.

But I've gotta fly this for you.

I'm a pilot. I've ridden in
enough of these things to try.

- But listen, Mike...
- Martin.

Say it, man. You're scared.

Yeah. It's very, very
dangerous for me here now.

What does he look like, a
Sunday afternoon at Disneyland?

I'm sure Barbara was scared,
and Tony, too.

Hell, man, we're all scared,
every last damn one of us.

But we've got to help
in the best way we can.

Now, how about it, man?
Are you game?

You'll have a tendency
to overcompensate, Mike.

The controls are
very, very sensitive.

If you let it, Mike,

it will almost fly itself.

I hope so.


I'm proud to have you
as a friend.

I hope we live
to be old friends.


Hold it!

Hang on.

Get another fighter
and follow me!

They may not kill us,
but my driving might.

Pull up.

I'm working on it.


Alright. Let them
have it, Cisco.


Well done, captain...
Their mountain camp.

This should give your troops
a little exercise.

It's not 4:00! They lied!

They lied to me!

Billy, get over here!



Come on, Sancho.
Nail that sucker.

I will, I will, but I need
a little luck.

We're gonna hit the mountain.

Not with any luck.

Where'd you learn how to fly?

No! No! My eyes!


Move back! Move back!

Bring them over here!

We got to stop them!

Alright! Get them out!

Come on!

We got to save all the equipment
in that building, okay?

Come on! Get them out!
Get them out!

Hurry up!

Come on! Come on!

Yeah! Alright!

Look out. Here they come again.

Yeah! Alright!

Come on! Hurry up!

Julie! Julie!

Help me. Do something.

Help. Do something, please.

What should I do?

What should I do?

Do something.


Another pass.

I want to get that woman.

Return to base.

Right away.
All units return to base.




Oh, God.

This wasn't going to
happen, not to anyone.

I tried to fight them.

Where are the girls?



- We fought good, huh?
- Yeah, we fought good.

Mr. Donovan.

It's good to see you.


You, too.

So, what did you find out?

Ben, we did it. We saved
all the equipment in here.

Did you see them turn and run?

How about this lady here, right
in the middle of all of it, huh?

- Shoot, man, they ain't so tough.
- Huh?

They ain't so tough.

What, are you crazy?

Well, from what you said,

sounds like we'd better focus
our attention on destroying

as many of the motherships
as possible.


I don't think
you get the picture, doc.

There are people up there.
Thousands of them. Our people.

Yes, I understand...

Elias, get the trucks out...

And we'll try to save

as many of those people
as possible.

- Try?
- Yes, try!

Damn it, Donovan,
you've got to understand

that we may have to sacrifice
those thousands to save millions,

even billions. Look...

Look, I don't like it any
more than you do. I hate it.

My life has been devoted
to saving lives,

but we may not have a choice.

Brad, help me get
the equipment out.

Elias, get the other
trucks going.

Get the ammunition out first,

then the biomedical equipment.

Well, it's not the holiday inn,

but it's gonna have to do.

You sound like mom.

Guess I'm going to have to, huh?

Do you still feel sick?

Not like this morning.

Every morning for the
past three days in a row.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Was it really scary
up in that spaceship?

Yeah, it was really scary.

But it was also...

Very interesting.

Okay, everybody,
go brush your teeth.

You sound like mom, alright.

Really, Michael.

That's the most outrageous
story I've ever heard.

Listen. Whether you
believe it or you don't,

the truth is,
my son... your grandson...

And 10,000 other
people are prisoners

aboard those big ships
of your friends.

Now, good God, don't
tell me you're unaware

of what went on around
this town all week long.

Of course I'm aware.
I'm not a fool.

- Then why...
- I'm a survivor, Michael.

Otherwise, I never
would've gotten here

from that Louisiana
hick town where I started

otherwise I would have
never made it through

your father's drunkenness.

It's not the same thing.

I'm a survivor,

and if you are going to be,

you'd better change your ways.

I know the visitors
aren't saints,

but they're in power.

They are power.

You and I
are in unique positions.

Don't you see that?

Why not take advantage...

Because I can't survive at the expense
of other people. It's not right.

You know, when I was a kid...

There was a woman who
taught me what was right

and what was wrong.

I wonder whatever became of her.


I said halt!

- Why have you come here?
- Please, I have to talk to you.

You have to leave.

Our son may be here at any minute.
You understand? He's...

Yes, I know, but the
resistance needs your help.


We want this to be a safe house

where some of us can
come and hide occasionally.

You're out of your mind.

We've already
been arrested once.

Look how he's suffered.

They tortured him.

And our son is an informer.

Yes and all of that is why
this is an ideal place.

The lightning struck here
once already.

Believe me, they
won't look here again.

We can't.

The only reason they let us go

was so that we would warn
others of what could happen.

- The next time, they might kill us.
- They killed Kathleen.

We've got to stop them.

I decided that
it would be alright

for me to die,
myself, if millions...

Millions could be saved.

Oh, please.

My God, we need your help.

We can't.

I'm truly sorry. We can't.
We simply can't.

What's this?

My father left it
for us. Read it.

Read it to him.

"My dear family,
it's painful knowing

that I'll not see
your faces anymore."

"But I must take this stand
for what I know is right."

"You may think that an old man
wouldn't be afraid to die,

but this old man's
very frightened."

"I'm hoping that I'll find"

"a little of your mother's
dignity and strength."

"So far, I'm as frightened as
a child who fears the dark."

"But we must fight this darkness"

"that is threatening
to engulf us."

"Each of us must be a ray
of hope and do our part"

"and join with the others till
we've become a blinding light..."

"Triumphant over darkness."

"Until that task
is accomplished,

life will have no meaning."

"More than anything, you must
remember always which side you're on

and fight for it."

"Your mother and I will
march beside you..."

"Holding hands again..."

"We'll sing your song
of victory.

You'll feel us
in your hearts..."

"Our spirit..."

Our spirits
will be with you always

and our love.

We have to help.

Or else we won't
have learned a thing.


Okay, Kenny, start it now.

So that's a call for help?

Yep. A mathematical code.

If the visitors
do have an enemy,

they ought to be intelligent
enough to translate this.

How long do you think
it'll take to reach them?

It depends how far away they are.
A few years, probably.

- God. Years?
- Uh-huh.

And we're going to keep on
transmitting day and night.

- Right, Kenny?
- Right.

Hope they got their ghetto
blasters tuned in on us.

If they do,

let's hope they're on our side.

So what, we hang in there for
a couple more years, right?

But the reality we have to face

is that help may never come.

We may end up having to rely
completely on ourselves.

So? We've done alright. The
first battle's been won, right?

That's right,

but the war is just beginning.

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