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Not all aliens are nice and cute like Yoda, ET or ALF. When a race of reptilian-like aliens arrives on Earth in disguise as humans, they show their good intentions, but they have a more sinister plan to conquer our planet and destroy all human race on Earth.

Morning, father Jack.

The usual pressures and concerns...

- Yeah, mom?
- You're in big trouble.

The moments of possibility...

She's gonna love it.

- Until a strange tremor signaled...
- Tyler!


The impossible was upon us.

The Visitors had arrived.

My God.

We are at peace always.

Although their presence
incited a global panic...

29 ships now hovering over
the major cities of the world.

The Visitors claimed they meant no harm.

We're honored to be
able to assist mankind.

With our knowledge and technology.

To some, they were saviors.

- They healed me.
- People are jamming.

The newly opened Visitor healing centers.

An irresistible attraction...

- Peace ambassador program?
- You sign up, hang out with V's,

learn about our culture.

- Others had their doubts...
- It bothers me that they showed up.

- Right when we need them the most.
- But those who know the truth...

- I need your help. It's starting.
- Know the Visitors...

- This guy is a terrorist.
- Must be stopped.

- He's part of a sleeper cell.
- That's what I've been trying to tell you.

A sleeper cell of Visitors.

Now as the Visitors infiltrate
the world's borders...

- They need us for something.
- The U.S. is a lynchpin.

The remaining countries will follow.

- A resistance is growing.
- We gotta build in ranks.

Maybe we can find other
people who wanna fight.

But it must strike fast...

- Because this...
- Skin him.

Is only the beginning.

Get down!

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Don't be frightened. We mean no harm.

My name is Anna, and I am
the leader of my people.

We need your help. We're far from home...

After we've replenished ourselves,

we'll share with you what we can.

We will leave you hopefully
better than we found you.

Anna's address and the Visitor ships.

Hovering over 29 of the
world's major cities.

Left no doubt that a new era had dawned.

But FBI agent Erica Evans
was wary of their presence.

- They're calling themselves the Visitors.
- You say that like it bothers you.

Well, Visitors are old friends
who drop by for a drink.

Erica sensed a link between
the arrival of the Visitors.

And the activities of a terrorist cell.

She and her partner
Dale had been monitoring.

As of yesterday, they're suddenly
looking to acquire large amounts of c-4.

Why do that unless you're going
after a target, like, say us.

While we're distracted?

Hey, how are you with all of
this? Are you and Tyler okay?

We're fine. Did you hear from the ex?

He left a message.

He wanted us to know he's okay.

You know that I'm here
for you, anything you need.

We'll hit the ground running
tomorrow. Go be a mom.

Mom, it's starting. Yeah.

Here... here is Anna. She is now...

The world watched, captivated,

as Anna made a statement
at the united nations.

Damn, she's hot. I know, right?

Right here, guys.

This is an inspiring moment for us all...

Mankind and Visitors coming together.

But despite the Visitors'
convincing show of goodwill,

the media still had questions.

How do you explain the similarities
between Visitors and humans?

Our scientists say it's impossible.

- Our scientists can explain it.
- Why don't you explain it?

Hey, why don't you show some respect?

Among them was New York
City news anchor Chad Decker.

- Do you have a question?
- Yeah, I have a question.

Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?

I don't understand.

Oh, you all seem to be
what we consider attractive.

Thank you. You're not so bad yourself.

In the midst of all the chaos
and, yes, even hostility from some,

came something unexpected
from our new friends...

A sense of humor.

Stay with us. We'll be right back.

I want him.

Only a few weeks after their arrival,

the Visitors had already begun
to deliver on their promise.

To bring about positive change.

The newly opened Visitor healing centers.

Are drawing huge crowds.

People afflicted with one of
the 65 ailments the V's can cure.

Are jamming the centers, hoping
for their own personal miracle.

Erica and Dale were hard at work.

Tracking the terrorist
cell they suspected.

Was stockpiling a supply of c-4 compound.

Upon searching the cell's hideout,

they found the explosives...

Along with something much more gruesome.

The examiner says the body's
been dead less than a day,

but he was tortured before he was killed.

They've been printing fake
docs... passports, I.Ds.

Best fakes I've ever seen.

It's a major operation,
but no one was here.

They cleared out like
they knew we were coming.

When Erica and Dale went to
search the victim's house,

it was already ransacked,

but they came across a text message.

With an important lead.

"To all attending tonight.
Location... 4400 pier Avenue,

Brooklyn, 10:00 P.M. pass code.

"If you're new, be prepared for the test.

Any info you can share about
this cell is important."

If you have info about a sleeper cell,

you call the cops. You
don't go to a meeting.

As a gesture of friendship,
the Visitors invited.

The citizens of earth to
tour their mother ships.

Excited by the opportunity,

Erica's son Tyler was
one of the first aboard.


Welcome to the New York mother ship.

My name is Lisa.

Have you heard about our
new peace ambassador program?

You sign up, hang out with
V's, learn about our culture.

You even get a uniform.

Tyler was charmed by Lisa, and at home,

Erica had already discovered.

- Her son's new enthusiasm for the Visitors.
- V's rule!

I called Brandon's folks to kind
of, you know, spread the joy.

They weren't surprised.

They said that you two
are obsessed with the V's.

I'm not obsessed.

Really? You and me, we talk.
What's going on with you?

Is it because of your
dad? Is it because he left?

At least he has an excuse to
be out of touch with his kid.

The Visitors' presence
stirred mixed emotions.

Father Jack Landry, a catholic priest,

was among those who found
their influence troubling.

"We're all God's creatures"?

That's how the Vatican explains
the existence of aliens?


- They decided that in a day?
- Yes.

Rattlesnakes are God's creatures,
too. Doesn't mean they're good for us.

Have faith in our leaders, Jack.

All we can do is pray and
minster to our congregation.

Our congregation amounts to two
bag ladies, a heroin addict and Roy.

That may be, father Landry, but
we will minister to any size...


No one is saying, "don't
trust the Visitors."

Don't they need to earn our trust?

It's something we all need to think about.

You're right to question the V's.

Are you all right?

I know the real reason they're here,
father, and I am not the only one.

The real reason?

The V's are gonna obliterate us.

You're bleeding!

I was coming to see you.
The V's did this to me.

- Let me get you some help.
- No, no, no.

Take this and go to this address.

And give it to the people there.

All right, all the information's inside.


- Ready for lunch?
- Oh. Yeah.

Ryan Nichols was a businessman
with a mysterious past.

When the Visitors arrived,
his suspicious behavior.

Caught the attention
of his fiancée Valerie.

- Who was that?
- It's no one.

You've been getting a lot
of calls from "no one."

Just... don't read
things into things, okay?

It was no one.

Ryan. Stay away from me, Georgie.

Ryan, please.

Look, I told you I'm not that
guy anymore, okay? Stop calling.

We need your help.

She doesn't know about my past, okay?

I'd like to keep it that way.

That's where we're meeting
if you change your mind...

Or grow a conscience.

People were becoming
increasingly uncertain.

About the Visitors' intentions.

So in an effort to temper
the growing protests,

Anna arranged another
opportunity to address the public.

Thanks again for choosing me
to do this. I'm really excited.

So are we.

Just be sure not to ask anything that
would paint us in a negative light.

Excuse me?

We can't be seen in a negative light.

Don't you want to elevate your career?

Good evening and welcome.

Tonight, "prime focus with Chad Decker"

is proud to present.

An up close and personal
interview with Anna,

the Visitor high commander.

On behalf of all of us, I wanna thank you.

For this opportunity to get
to know you a little better.

Thank you, Chad,

and please, feel free to
ask anything and everything.

I'm here to discuss all
topics without reserve.

While Chad was wrestling with
Anna's duplicitous nature,

Erica and Dale followed the
tip from the text message.

And arrived at the
mysterious meeting place...

This is a word-of-mouth group.

You're here because someone we
trust personally referred you.

Only to discover a much more
unusual gathering than expected.

I want you to confirm
that you see skull bone.

For what? To ensure that
you're not a Visitor.

In order to walk among us,
they disguise their appearance.

By cloning human flesh over
their own reptilian skin.

The Visitors didn't just get here.

They've been here for years.

Do you have any proof?

You know, other than scary stories
being passed around the Internet.

Who referred you?

It doesn't matter. I'm leaving.

Wait, wait. I have proof... I think.

It's a bunch of photos...
supposedly Visitors living on earth.

This guy is a terrorist.
He's part of a sleeper cell.

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

- A sleeper cell of Visitors.
- Yeah, a sleeper cell of Visitors.

Get down!

The ambush by a gang of sleeper Visitors.

Revealed the truth about
Erica's trusted partner.


Uhh! Aah!

And when Ryan appeared to
help beat back the attackers,

he came clean to Georgie
about his own identity.

They are animals! No.

Not all of them.

There's others out there
like me... other traitors.

We'll help.

What do we do now?

We help build a resistance.

We recruit,

bring more into the fold.

Tonight we're announcing the
expansion of our healing centers.

The goal is to open one in every
major city across the world.

- We have to fight.
- Oh, we'll fight.

We want to provide complete
medical services to all.

- Universal health care?
- I believe that's what you call it, yes.

They have a big head start.

They're arming themselves with the
most... powerful weapon out there.

Yeah? What's that?


To the Dawn of a new day.

We are of peace always.

I don't know who to trust anymore.

I can't get the image of Dale
just lying there out of my head.

The ambush at the resistance
meeting left Erica and Jack shaken.

The truth was, anyone could be a Visitor,

and when a V ship
arrived at the warehouse.

To erase all evidence of the bloodshed,

Erica and Jack attempted
to alert the authorities...

9-1-1. What's your emergency?

- Oh, my God. It's a massacre.
- Ma'am, don't hang up.

I need to confirm that
address with you again.

Only to realize just how
closely they were being watched.

Hang up. Hang up! Hang up!

The Visitors' reach was far greater
than they could have imagined.

Go home. Don't trust anyone.


At the bureau,

Erica kept her knowledge of
Dale's true identity a secret,

but it was clear that he had been the one.

Tipping off the criminal
cells they'd been tracking.

Every time we went to
nail this terrorist cell,

Dale would make a tip-off
call to the same number,

20, 30 minutes before.

I ran it all down, number
by number, case by case.

Well, the scary thing is
he's still in the wind.

I don't think he'll show his face again.

Driven by his conscience, Jack felt
compelled to tell the authorities.

About the man who had died in his church

and went to meet with the Visitor
threat assessment task force.

Jack? What are you doing here?

I work here.

- You're an FBI agent?
- You're a freakin' priest?

Father Landry?

We're ready for you.

You gave them the pictures
what the hell were you thinking?

A man died giving me those pictures.

I gave them to the task force
'cause I thought they could help.

They're supposed to be
on our side, aren't they?

So was my partner. Look where that got us.

The Visitors' propaganda
machine continued in full force,

working to create diplomatic ties
with the nations of the world.

I'm told in Japan, this conveys
both a respect for tradition.

And the allure of submission.

I'm not sure that's the
message you want to send.

You still don't understand humanity.

Now that Erica knew the V's true nature,

she was anxious about Tyler's safety.

It is really important to me
that you don't get involved

with the Visitors.

I know they're exciting
and kinda cool, but...

For me, can you do that?

Yeah. I mean, if it... if it's
that big of a deal to you, um...

No more Visitor stuff.

But Tyler couldn't resist
the allure of the Visitors,

especially his new friend Lisa.

Can I see that?

Did I do it right?


The attack at the warehouse.

Reignited Ryan's commitment
to building a resistance.

He hoped to recruit others
like him to join the fight...

V's who had turned against their own kind.

You know anybody looking
to get back into the fight?

That's really why you came, isn't it?

- Just give me some names.
- Whatever they're gonna do to the humans,

it's nothing compared to what they'll
do to traitors like me and you.

- Take my advice... head for the hills.
- Can't. There's a woman. Human.

Oh, God. Don't tell me
you're in love with her.

Despite the personal complications,

Ryan was determined to resurrect a
covert organization of traitor V's.

- And divulged his plan to Georgie.
- You ever heard of John May?

- Guy's a myth.
- No, he's not a myth. He's real.

John May is the leader
of the Fifth Column.

First group of Visitors to ever
turn against the leadership...

He started it. The Fifth Column
is down, but it's not out.

We can win this.

But not all of Ryan's old acquaintances.

Were prepared to reenlist.

A member of the Fifth Column named Cyrus.

Had turned against the rebel faction.

I gotta turn you over to them
now. They're on their way.

- What did they promise you?
- They told me they'd reconnect me.

They're not gonna reconnect you, Cyrus!

They're gonna get as many Fifth
Column out of you as they can.

And then they're gonna skin you
alive. That's what they're gonna do!

Don't you miss it?

Everything Anna gave to us...
don't you miss the bliss?

The bliss is how she controlled us, Cyrus.

Just like junkies, man.
And that's what you are.

I'll be reconnected. They promised me!

You gotta be alive to be reconnected.


Rebuilding the Fifth Column
would be dangerous work...

And Ryan would not be the
only one in harm's way.


You really care about this woman,

you'll get as far away
from her as possible.

If I stay with her, I can protect
her, so I'm not going anywhere.

You sure about that?

- Yeah, 100%.
- Valerie Stevens... psychotherapist.

- She has a heart condition.
- Did you do something to her?

No. I wouldn't touch her.

But they will, if they find her,
and if I can do it, so can they.

You really want to put
her in the cross fire?

Chad felt exploited after
his last interview with Anna.

And decided to prove he
was more than just a pawn.

In the V's public relations campaign.

Today "prime focus" takes a look at
the question that's on everyone's minds.

Do the Visitors deserve our trust?

Joining me in the discussion are
congressman Harold stern, a pro-V advocate,

and Marion Geiger taking
the anti-V position.

- Mr. Decker?
- Anna.

I didn't hurt you with
my show today. I helped.

I can't control what our government does,

but I can and do influence public opinion,

and in the end, that's
what'll make the difference.

You really believe that.

This one was a freebie.

The next time you want my
help, it'll be on my terms.

Ultimately, Chad's bold strategy
worked in the Visitors' favor.

The U.S. and the Visitors have agreed to
the commencement of diplomatic relations.

As a first step, limited
number of Visitors.

Will be able to apply for visas.

That will allow them to travel
freely within our borders.

On behalf of all Visitors,

I want to extend my warmest
appreciation to the United States.

Thank you for your trust.

Diplomatic relations with the Visitors
isn't gonna make our job any easier.

Neither is the fact that the V task
force ignored the pictures I gave 'em.

Well, there are probably
Visitors on the V task force.

At least we have this.

What's that?

I swiped it from the V task force...

Anyone and everyone.

Who's ever contacted the
FBI about aliens or Visitors.

Maybe we can find other
people who want to fight,

maybe even some of the
people from the warehouse.

We can't be the only
ones who know the truth.

Onboard the mother ship,
concern was growing.

About the underground resistance movement.

Do we know if any of these people are
from the first attempt at a resistance?

Not yet.

I want names.

And one of their own...

Had returned.

It's a bright new day in America.

After weeks of heated debate and
speculation about the government's decision,

today the us granted the
V's diplomatics relations.

Controversy surrounding
the Visitors was escalating.

Although the world's leaders.

Had granted them access to our
borders, the public protests raged on.

And in private, fear and confusion
permeated even the most sacred sanctuaries.

Are the V's demons or angels?

Who am I to question the Pope?

- Does God even really exist?
- My faith feels so weak.

I feel..


I want to be useful. I want to be
able to look people in the eye and say,

"God loves you, and
everything's gonna be fine."

How do I tell them that? I don't
even know what to tell myself anymore.

I know how you feel.

Why don't they just annihilate
us and get it over with?

They need us for something.

I was up most of the night
going through this list,

trying to find anyone who
was at the warehouse with us.

- Any luck?
- I've narrowed it down to a couple hundred.




I have to go to the
peace ambassador center.

There's been a death
threat against the V's.

This is a volatile situation.

Paired with a member of
the Visitors' security team,

Erica went to work tracking
a sniper on the loose.

There's a guard missing,
corner of the building.

He stole a V jacket.

The shooter is wearing a V jacket.

Gun! Aah!

Everybody down!

- Stay down!
- Control, suspect down.

Do you copy? Suspect is down.

But the sniper attack was a stunt,

orchestrated by Anna to garner publicity.

Well done today.

Her official duty fulfilled,

Erica did some investigation of her own...

And discovered the Visitors
had adapted their uniforms.

Into sophisticated surveillance tools.

Breaking the promise he
had made to his mother,

Tyler's association with the Visitors.

Was growing even stronger
as he and Lisa grew closer.


I'm so sorry. I...

My mom doesn't like the V's.

Stay here, and...

And I'll... I'll be right
back. God, I hate her.

Hey! You are here.

Yeah. Hey, what's up?

- You okay?
- Yeah.



Take her home.

We'll talk later.

I thought this would be better than
your mom seeing me in my uniform.

Searching through the
stack of FBI profiles,

Jack came across a familiar face.

Mr. Sutton?

Jack learned why Georgie was so
driven to bring down the Visitors.

What are you doing in here?

I'm sorry. I, uh...

I'm, uh, looking for George Sutton.

His family... they were all killed.

He went a little crazy after that.

He said aliens did it.

It's really important
that I speak with him.

If you have any way of
contacting him, would you, please?

You can tell him I was at the warehouse.

He'll know what that means.

On the mother ship, Dale
had regained consciousness.

But had no recollection of
the ambush at the warehouse.

We're still unsure if he's
going to remember anything.

He has to.

He was a highly placed
sleeper for almost 20 years.

We have to know if he was
compromised, and if so, by whom.

Where are we?

I made this construct
based on your neural scan.

Sometimes familiar places
can bring up memories.

Do you recognize anything?

Joshua helped Dale put the
missing pieces together.

I worked here. My desk was right over...

That's a good sign.

If you can remember your life,
then what happened on that night

is going to come back to you.


She saw my true face. She knows.

We gotta go.

You're sure Erica was
the only one who saw you?


And she was meeting with
other human resistance members.

She's not even gonna know what hit her.

You're right, because I'm
not letting you go back down.

Come again?

If half the things that you
say about Erica are true,

she's going to make an excellent ally.

To protect the burgeoning resistance...

You son of a bitch. You're a traitor.

Joshua took Dale out for good.

The Fifth Column says hello.

The Visitors were on high alert

to the underground threat posed
by a resurging Fifth Column.

And in an effort to further
control public perception,

Anna summoned the
captains of all 29 ships.

Though we continue to gain
ground in diplomatic areas,

we must not underestimate.

The importance of popular
opinion among humanity.

Opinions can easily change.

Monitor them,

and if necessary,

shape those opinions
within your territories.

But a few had already made up their minds.

Heard you were looking for me.

What do you want from me?

We're trying to find anyone who survived.

We need to stick together.

Every time we try to come together,

they crush us.

There's strength in numbers.

Meeting in secret, the four key members
of the new resistance joined forces.

How do you know so much about the V's?

You got nothing to worry about with Ryan.

If it wasn't for him,
I'd be dead right now.

But the battles of the first
resistance were history.

The Visitors had a new plan.

Tyler's the one. We should use him.

You're doing an excellent job.

Thank you, mother.

- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- Absolutely. Can you give me two minutes?

Erica's preoccupation with the Visitors.

Left her with little
time for anything else.

She was suspicious about Ryan's
motives for joining the resistance.

But his background
check revealed no clues.

I understand you have some exciting
news to share with us today.

With public support for
the Visitors on the rise,

Anna made an announcement.

We've developed an injection...
call it a vitamin supplement...

Designed to strengthen the immune system.

Ryan knew the vitamin injections
were part of a bigger plan.

And led his new partners on a
stakeout to obtain further information.

Their target was a sleeper
V named Peter Combs.

Who was working as a chemist.

But Georgie wanted vengeance
for his murdered family.

Hey, Combs.

I'm gonna cut you open and
show the world what you are.


But instead of giving
up any information...

You can't stop us, filthy traitor!

The V made an unusual escape.


You're a Visitor.

We're on the same side, Erica.

Everything that I've told you is true.

How does a priest know the
way around a bullet wound?

Army chaplain. Two tours in Iraq.

You know, pretty soon, you're
gonna need to decide what you are...

A priest or a soldier.

With a degree of trust
established between them,

Erica had questions for Ryan.

- What happened to Combs?
- Suicide pill.

Leaves no real evidence
behind, nothing but Ash.

He called you a traitor.

Are there other V's like
you fighting against Anna?

They're called the Fifth Column.

This just looks like
paperwork. Wait a minute.

He would get all of his supplies
from his department, right?


So what's his connection to
the Lyndhurst shipping company?

Let's go check it out.

The invoice led them to a makeshift lab,

where they found human remains and
large quantities of R6 compound.

Along with shipments of flu vaccine.

Ready for distribution.

They're not mixing their
drug into the vitamin shot.

They're mixing it into our flu vaccine.

Shipment leaves tomorrow.

Anna learned that Dale, the
sleeper V, had been murdered.

And ordered an investigation.

We can't afford any kind of
dissonance among our people.

The members of the fifth
column onboard the mother ship.

Were in danger of being exposed.

You have to get off the
ship. I am not running.

- You're too important. The column needs you.
- You'll carry on, and so will the others.

No, you cannot be
sacrificed no matter what.

I won't let it happen.

Unless the guilty party steps
forward to take responsibility,

I'm gonna need to choose one of you.

To set an example.

The innocent will suffer.

Putting the welfare of the resistance.

Before his own life,

Joshua's accomplice made
the ultimate sacrifice.

Long live the Fifth Column.


as lead medical officer, you
will carry out the sentence.

Skin him.

I can't talk to my mom anymore.

Tyler met with his therapist, Valerie,

to vent his frustrations
about the conflict at home.

- She thinks the V's are evil.
- And how do you see them?

The world's broken. They're fixing it.

All we do is, we get in their way.

I thought it might take longer,

but I think Tyler's ready.

Good. Bring him up to the ship.

As instructed, Lisa
brought Tyler for a visit...

Oh, my God. That... that's Anna.

Do you know her or...

Yeah. That's my mom.

Don't worry. She doesn't bite.

And Joshua carried out the sentence.

- I can't do this.
- She suspects you.

That's why she's making
you do it. You have to.

Lisa's happiness has always
been the highest priority for me.

She's quite taken with you.

Me, too. I mean, you know, with her.

Good. I'm glad. I wanted to
make sure you felt the same.

I think it's universal instinct for
mothers to be protective of their young.


is the engine room.

You've gotta be kidding me.

No human has ever seen this before.

You are the first, Tyler.

Miraculous medical
breakthroughs were taking place.

At the healing centers
established by the Visitors.

Valerie was concerned about symptoms she
thought were related to her heart condition.

It is a condition we can heal.

Oh, my God. That's wonderful. I... I
was just looking for a change in meds.

The diagnostic also
turned up something else.

Something else?

Chad underwent a body scan as
part of his latest news report.

But the scan turned up
some distressing results.

- You think I'm gonna die?
- Had you not come here, almost certainly.

In approximately six months,

you will develop a
basilar artery aneurysm.

But the good news is, we can heal you.

The bad news is.

There is a long waiting list.

Though I suppose if you're open to it,

we could work something out.

The Visitors' plan to
mask the R6 compound.

With human flu vaccine
was a terrifying prospect.

When this shipment mask
mingles with the real shots,

no one will be able
to tell the difference.

And no government agency's gonna
be worrying about a flu vaccine.

When they've got a V vitamin to evaluate.

They know exactly how to play us.

The media bombards us with
stories of epidemics, pandemics.

So we run out. We get a
shot to protect ourselves.

That's what e V's are counting
on... our human nature.

It's very calculated, isn't it?

Everything that Anna does is calculated.

So what, we... we... we stop
doing what makes us human?

All I'm saying is the
more predictable we are,

the more vulnerable we are.

I'm gonna keep this as
evidence. The rest we destroy.

The V's were alerted to the intrusion,

so Ryan hacked into the fail-safe system,

destroying the lab.

The warehouse containing all of
the R6 compound has been lost.

We received a message from
the warehouse moments before.

Word has spread quickly.
Every ship has heard.

There was already a growing
concern, but now there is real fear.

Then we'll have to manage their fear.

Remind everyone that even amid
talk of the Fifth Column...

of John May...

They have me.

Using a kind of communion called bliss,

Anna could transmit powerful
messages to her people.

Near and far.

The experience was intoxicating.

The past is gone.

The pain you may have caused
others... it's behind you.

No looking back.

Just the pulse of time,



Bask in my light.

Take comfort knowing I am here.

You will never be alone.

What was that?

We call it bliss.

Some experiences are universal,

containing both the dark and the light.

I wasn't tired 'cause of my meds.

I'm pregnant.

Where there is promise...

We're gonna have a baby!

There is also trepidation.

Faith is tested...

What is it that you need? Are you...

Yet danger is real.


And even the deepest bonds...

"...Invited to the V ship!"

Cannot protect all that we hold dear.

It must be awesome seeing
space from one of these ships.

Maybe one day you will.

What you've seen today, Tyler,

is only the beginning.