V (2020) - full transcript

An action-thriller centered on the showdown between a celebrated cop and a serial killer who challenges the former to nab him.

"Lord Supreme, our Protector"

"Stealer of our hearts, our Preceptor"

"One who is always auspicious"

"He is our Lord Vishnu as Srinivasa"

[glass shattering]

[commotion continues]
[whistle blaring]


Come on. Cover that area.

Close in.

Push it. Push it, guys.

Hey, be careful!

Sir, Adithya is here.

Push them.

The situation is bad, sir.
We need back up.

I've informed RAF.
Where is Prasad?

He is in Shoukath Ali street,
it's really bad down there.

-Okay. Take care of things here.
-Done, sir.

-Okay, sir.
-Keep an eye over there.

Sir, I'll manage here.

Please cover LIC colony, sir.
It's terrible over there.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, sir.

Sir! Sir!

They are going to kill everyone.

-Okay, take care of this.
-Okay, sir.

Hurry up, sir.
They are coming to kill us.


[bottles shatters]

[bottle shatters]

[bottle shatters]

Hey, you!

[gun cocks]


Brother Chandan!








[bottles shattering]

[siren wailing]
[overlapping voices]

Where is DCP Adithya?

What is he doing?


















[club music]

Thank you.

-Yes, Mansoor?
-Congrats, sir.

-Congrats, sir.
-Congrats, sir.

-Having fun?
-Vodka going neat, sir.

-Nice party, sir.

-Thank you.
-Congrats, sir!

Thank you.

Congrats, sir!


Thank you, sir.


He has always hated me,
even before my promotion.

More so after I received this medal.

He'll keep taking a dig at me.

Bad enough he hates me.

To make things worse,

because I'm fond of you,
he just can't stand the sight of you.

He's a good officer, no doubt.

To catch a scumbag,
he must become one.

That's how he thinks.

So he became the biggest scumbag
of all time.

Mr. Sathya, we were talking about you
in a bad way.

-Badmouthing me?
-I'm just kidding.

You are a smart aleck, sir!

With your blessings
he has won the State Award.

Next, he will head for the Task Force.

Then you'll ensure he gets
the Central Gallantry Award.

My blessings will fetch nothing but gas!

You need guts!

But with support
from someone like you,

instead of focusing on
being clean shaven,

I can shape my career too.

Like Adithya.

Only fools follow rules blindly, sir.

Just to change our department's outlook
now and then,

people like me like to break the rules.

Given a chance,
even we can break the rules.

Come on! Let this young man have fun.
We'll join our age group.

What can we do? Let us go.

[indistinct laughter]

Excuse me.

-DCP Adithya?

Apoorva. Apoorva Ramanujan.

Big fan.


By the way, congratulations for the medal.

Thank you.

What do you do?

I'm planning to start something with you.

Excuse me?

Two years ago,
I completed my Masters in Psychology.

Writing is my passion.

My wish is to write a crime novel.

With a hero like you.

Why a hero "like" me?

I can very well be your hero!


Don't you have a problem?

Without moving a muscle
if someone fancies me as a hero,

why should I have a problem?

And that too someone like you...

Like me?


I don't know whether this drink
is making me delusional

or you are really beautiful.


you're hot!


Thank you.

You aren't drunk.

I have a mirror at my house.


I know, I mean...

I'm sure...

But why does a beautiful
and erudite girl like you

have this fascination
for crime novels and grisly murders?

Why not?

Do you think girls
are only about pink pillows,

teddy bears and love symbols?

I am...

not the type to ask my man,
"When will you marry me, dear?"

"When do you want me to kill you?"
Are you that type?


Somehow, I can't eat
unless I see blood once a day.

You are a psycho! You know that?

I got it.


My novel's opening line.

My heroine is Ananya.

Hero, DCP Akshay, tells her,

"You are a psycho, you know that?"

After that they both dance.

-Then that girl...
-Shall we?


Don't worry, think this as a part
of your research.

Come on!

"In a daze, rock and roll"

"On the floor"

"Again and again,
encore we trip and fall some more"

"By flaunting too much ado"

"Don't let this go"

"Make your mistakes merrily,
Raring to go readily"

"Like this thirst evaporating"

"Dazzle like silver clouds captivating"

"Make these moments melt steadily"

"Turn your attention towards me"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me now"

"Has this lovely loss
Of gravity liberated our body?"

"Is darkness hiding from our view"

"Kindling fantasy with desires anew"

"Like a smile endearing
On the brink of our lips lingering"

"Entwine me, my darling"

"In a dizzy daze as we dance
Overwhelming me with your glance"

"Come on, come on, come on, come on"

"Closer now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Wanna touch you, touch you
Now, now, now, now, now"

"Baby, kiss me, kiss me now"


See you.

See you too.

Hey, do you want to come in?
Kasturi is not at home.

-No, you just leave!






Kirthu, what?

Your phone is ringing non-stop.
I think it's Mansoor.

-What's the time?
-5:30 a.m.

Tell me, Mansoor.

Do you remember Inspector Prasad, sir?

He is murdered, sir.

In his own house.

[overlapping voices]

-Hey, Mansoor.

Entire Hyderabad police force
seems to be here.

DCP Sathya and ACP Raghava
of Crime Branch are also inside.

But I feel you should take a look at this.

[reporters clamoring]

Hello, sir.

You finally showed up.

You had a blast last night, right?
Go in and see for yourself,

you'll soon be sober! Go inside.

DCP Adithya! I want you!

[sighs rhythmically]

Though the knife used is small,
it is rather sharp.

He has cut the brachial
and femoral arteries.

And slowly slit the victim's neck.

Basically, he has drained
all the blood from the body.

He knew what has to be done
to ensure the victim dies at once.

Unsub knew how long it will take.

And he knew the right time too.

A perfectly planned murder.

Mr. Task Force.

The investigation is not your job.
It is ours.

After that sensational love note
left for me, I have to respond, sir.

Any witness?

Half an hour ago,
his wife unexpectedly found him like this.

No other witness.

Clues team will be here in five minutes.

We have circled the house.

As of now, we have found some shoe marks.

The entire area has been blocked.

We are even combing the area.


-Was Prasad at our party last night?
-No, sir.

If Prasad's wife goes out of town,
he gets free incoming and outgoing.

Common talk, sir.


Meanwhile, Mr. Sathya is investigating
if Mrs. Prasad is having any fling.

-None, sir.

Though Prasad had accounts
all over the place, no deposits, sir.

Zero balance.

-Banking issues.


Nothing, sir.

Incense fume is good for health, sir,
but won't agree with you. Come.

[cameras click]
Good morning.

The murder of Inspector Vedaprasad

is taken very seriously by our department.

Challenging our department
and DCP Adithya is not right.

So this case will be rightfully handled
by Task Force DCP Adithya.


-Mr. Adithya.

I believe the killer has left a note
for you on Prasad's body?



Specifically, to give the media
some cud to chew!

Psychos opt for this modus operandi
generally to be in the limelight.

I want to tell this murderer
something specific.

He has committed two grave blunders.

First mistake,

of course, committing this murder.

Second mistake,

to challenge me.

Very soon he'll be punished
for both his blunders.

That's all and thank you.

Good morning, sir, I spoke to Dr. Rajesh
and Shekar from the forensic department.

You are bang on about both
the post-mortem and forensic reports.


We are contacting all numbers
on Prasad's call log.

Wondering if you know this number?

I saw her in the party last night...

-That's exactly what I wanted to say.

[doorbell rings]


Looks like you're in the midst
of a murder. Shall I come back later?

Oh! No, no, no. Please come.



He is Mr. Adithya, DCP.

Task Force.


Oh! Your hero?

Mom, be quiet.

I meant your novel's hero?

Please don't embarrass me.

This is my mom, Sreelatha.

She's a Biology Professor.

-Greetings, aunty.

-Dad, this is...
-I heard you.

-Dad is also... [screams]

I'm sorry.

I'm so happy to meet you.

I am also excited
to meet your family.

Please sit.

-Yeah, sure. Please.

I'll go outside and chop all the heads...

He means the plants.

Our garden is filled with unwanted plants.

Dad, please carry on. Yeah.

I am sorry.


My dad is a Tamilian.

He hasn't got a good grip of Telugu yet.


Looks like he has enough grip
to chop only heads!

That doll and knife...

Oh! That doll and knife...

I wanted to re-stuff it.

With all those weapons,
I thought you were a psycho family.

Thanks to our psycho genes,
we are your fans!

By the way,

I got to know from the news
you have criminal fans too.

Someone killed Inspector Prasad
and is targeting you it seems.

Don't know the gender as yet!

Yet to figure it out.

Which means?


Nothing specific.

Do I get a tour of your house?

Sure, yeah.

Actually, downstairs is boring.
Come up to my room.

This is my room.

-Yes, mom.




Bad manners!

Isn't it bad manners
to rummage through others' stuff?

Just curious, that's all.

-Thank you.

Please sit.

You sit.

What's all this stuff?


Didn't I tell you that
I am writing a crime novel?

Different kinds of murders,

psycho mentalities.

Was Prasad a psycho?


Inspector Prasad.

How do you know Prasad
who died last night?

Your number was on Prasad's call log.


Does that mean I'm your suspect?

How exciting!

Apoorva, come on, be serious.
This is serious, okay?

I wanted to meet you.

A friend of mine gave me Prasad's number
and asked me to contact him.

So I met Prasad

two weeks ago. Very interesting guy!

He invited me to your medal party.

That's how I met you.

[mobile ringing]

-Hello.-Hi, Adithya.

Yeah, who is this?

Have you already forgotten me?

I gave you a gift this morning.

I watched your press meet too.

You claimed I had made some mistakes.

First was killing Prasad.


-provoking you.
-[keypad clicking]

It seemed so cinematic!

[mobile chimes]

Tell me, tell me!

-I don't know, sir.
-Ravi, track sir's phone. It's urgent.

Get lost!

Will you really nab me?

-Any doubts?-You bet!

If the cop I challenged
is chatting with his girlfriend,

how can I be sure?

Your girlfriend looks beautiful.

I saw her at the party last night.

-Adithya!-You are made for each other.

What happened? Slow down. Slow down.

-What happened?
-I don't know

Dad, give him way.

Looking for me all over the place?

I am not there now.
I saw you going into her house.

By the way,
you have another victim in Murgi Chowk.

Come and collect his body.

I will share the location. Bye.

[mobile ringing]

-We have traced the call, sir.

Starting now, right now.

Hey, Adithya.

Don't go out of town
without letting me know.

Shall I come with you?
Part of my research?

What? I'll see you again.

Turn right.

In 20 meters, turn right.

Turn left.

[market clamor]

[chickens clucking]

You have reached your destination.

[roller shutter thuds]

[goat bleating]

What a weird location, sir!

Sir, on your back...

[mobile ringing]

-Hello, hello, hello.

Mic testing, one, two, three.

One, two, three.

I was just checking your speed.

I was right behind you but you missed me.

Don't try to trace me.

All these are stolen phones.

Before your men trace my number,

and before this phone owner
blocks his sim card,

let me gladly tell you about
the third mistake I'm planning to commit.

From today, I intend killing four people.

But including Inspector Prasad,
it will be a round figure.


I'll be leaving a trail of clues for you,
just for fun.

If you can stop me
from committing these murders,

I swear I'll accept you are a super cop.

At the same time,
if you are unable to stop me...

you must convene a press meet

and toss your gallantry medal
along with your other two-bit awards

into the dust bin in front of everyone.

And accept that you are not a super cop
or a six-pack cop,

but just a pathetic, clueless cop.

And then you must resign.

Do you want to play games with me?


Whatever I do,
it should be entertaining.

That's my policy!

If I play with celebrities like you,

it is a different sensation altogether.

That's why I chose you.

Okay, tell me.

Deal or no deal?

When you are so enthusiastic
why should I let you down?

So let the fun begin.

Mansoor, I want a total crackdown.

I want this bastard.

[overlapping voices]



Do you think this is Pro Kabaddi?

Speak up!


I don't know, sir.

Hey, Saidhulu, I am missing you, dude.

Sir, for one year I have been working
as an informer for Mr. Prasad.

Mr. Prasad was slightly tense
for the past six months.

I don't know why, sir.

Two weeks ago,
Mr. Prasad met Mallikarjun in a bar.

Who is Mallikarjun?

The builder, sir. Real estate.

-Chinni Krishna Constructions?
-Yes, he's the one.

Oh, this guy?

I was sitting
two tables away from them, sir.

They didn't notice me.

I was overhearing their conversation, sir.

"You and I have to be careful, Mallik,"
Prasad sir cautioned him.

Who were they afraid of?
Did you hear any names?

No, sir.


I believe he has gone to Mumbai, sir.

He's returning tonight
to inaugurate his new resort.

He'll go directly to the resort.

[train horn blowing]

This isn't your film set at home
to throw a temper tantrum!

Warn him not to show off
his insolence here.

Otherwise, he will be headless!

He thinks he can bump me off?

I'll chop him into pieces and bury
each part in different parts of the city.

Talk to you later.


Who is riling you up like this?

My brother, sir.

My father bought land in Shamshabad
before he died for my brother and me.

My brother claims
he is the sole owner now.

He has seized my share
and is threatening me!

He has to be pickled to pieces.

Shall I do the honors?

Chopping him brow to toe.

Shall I help you out?

I'm a professional!

I'll slice him like a knife
through a slab of butter.

This is my routine.

Specify your rate and identify him.

To confirm after the deed is done,

I can send you
any part of his body, your choice!

Sit down.

Just a while ago you were dying
to chop someone into pieces?

I said it casually, sir.

-You'll kill people casually?
-Just a common phrase, sir.

It's so common for you?

-Are you a professional too?
-I just went with the flow.

You kill people for no reason?

-Are you a psycho?

I'm an insurance agent, sir.

I'm a very normal person.

-Am I not normal then?
-I don't know, sir.

-What do you mean?
-You are...

-I am what?
-You are...

Joke, sir.

Look how violent all of us have become.

-Even though we talk about killing,

but we would hate
to even sit beside a real killer!

-Don't you agree?
-Yes, sir.

[ceremonial orchestra]

-Greetings, sir.

My flight got delayed.

It is already 10 o'clock.

Have the guests arrived?

-All okay?
-All perfect, sir.

Guests are coming in now.
By 11 party will be in full swing.

-If you can freshen up...

-I'll be back in ten or 15 minutes.
-Okay, sir.

Somehow manage till then.

Mr. Mallikarjun.

-Please come.
-I know. I know.

I'm not invited. I'm gatecrashing.

-No, you are family.
-Not bad.

I assumed you would be busy with the case
and that's why I didn't invite you.

I meant Prasad...

I need to discuss it for a minute.

Sure, absolutely.

Just got back from Mumbai.

I'll freshen up and join you.

Please relax here.

Hey, escort him inside.


He looks fresh. Why refresh again?

-Keep an eye on Mallik.
-Done, sir.

-Why is he here?
-No idea, sir.

Okay, I'll take care of it.

-Will Nandini be coming tonight?
-Yes, sir.

Told her to come after midnight.

After the function you can relax and...

I've even arranged a special bed!

-Take a look after you freshen up.


[Telugu song playing]


What a surprise!

How come...you are here?

You were the one who said I can't
go anywhere without your permission.

Is that why you are stalking me?

Psycho, right? That's why.

Did you come by yourself?

Fat hopes!

No, I came with my parents.

He is my dad's friend.

He has bought a new villa here.

He invited us over.

What about you?

This resort owner
is a good friend of mine.

He invited me.


Isn't he a shady character?


I don't know. Just thought so.

I have a hunch...

something special may happen tonight.




As if you can nab me!

-Hello, sir.
-How are you?

Good. Good.

-Hello, ma'am.

What happened
to Inspector Prasad's murder case?

-Media has...
-Dad, not now.

It's going on, sir.

"She is a hot girl, dude"


[wind chimes clinking]

Awesome setup!




-One minute.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, he texted me,
he will take another half hour it seems.

It's an urgent business call.

-It may take a little longer.

Be on your toes, any movement there?

No movement, sir. I'm right here.

A few minutes ago he peeped
through the curtain, that's all.

-Okay. Stay alert.
-Okay, sir.

You've set it up so well,
no one can even hear your scream.

How romantic!

I sent a message to your manager.

He even responded with an "okay."

No one will disturb us now.

Your phone is cool.

Is this your idea?

Looks like you are an ardent fan
of director K. Raghavendra Rao!

Watch films
only as a form of entertainment,

don't take it too seriously.

Haven't you heard intellectuals tell you?

But rogues like you just won't pay heed.

He wants to give us relief from
our daily grind with this kind of stuff.

How dare you imitate it so publicly
in your private life?

When he watches these visuals
on TV tomorrow, how will he feel?

Don't you think
he'll want to kill men like you?

Tell me.

Grave blunder!

How should the hero
in Raghavendra Rao's film be?

Even if he isn't on par with the heroine,

at least...

Look how shabby you are!

I'll prepare you.

Why has he switched off his phone?

Maybe that glam-doll is already here.

Are you suffering
from high blood pressure?

It is high now.

Are you on medication?



I will take two tablets in the morning
and two at night.

I have a better medicine for you.

Don't move.


I said, "Don't move."

Good night.

[humming Telugu song]

[humming Telugu song]

Mallik sir! Mallik sir!
Mallik sir! Mallik sir!

-What happened?
-Someone has murdered Mallik sir!


This side, sir.

In this mango grove.

Sir, it's a mess.

for the over confident super cop.

Another murder follows within 36 hours.

The victim is
real estate tycoon Mallikarjun.

Psycho killer is playing
a cat and mouse game with DCP Adithya.

[camera shutters clicking]

[dog barking]


I got something, sir.

"A bird that isn't a bird.
Cut its tail.

Look for the sun amidst the darkness.

King's horse is inviting you."


A bird that isn't a bird?

Is he giving us a clue?

[doorbell rings]

Apoorva, right?

-Yeah. Hi.

Adi told me about you. Are you okay?

Must have been a shock.

I am okay, yeah.

My father, Venkat Rao.

Dad, this is Apoorva. Adi's friend.

She looks good. When is the wedding?


Just curious if she can cook
or is she the Swiggy-type like you?

You please watch TV.

Sorry, my dad often displays
his old-fashioned genes.

It's okay.


Take her in.

-I'll get some coffee?

I like the girl.

Even if she is Swiggy-type,
we can manage.

Yeah, come.

You've gone bonkers!

-Are you okay?
-It's crazy.

The media, Twitter, FB.

I want to ask you something.


Sorry, sorry.

-Hey, coffee.
-Thank you.

I'm off to the clinic.
I'll meet you later.

Yeah, sure.



-What was that?
-Nice girl!

Don't know why she is getting excited.

Yeah, all except the one
who should actually get excited!


You wanted to ask me something?


Regarding Mallikarjun.

Yesterday, at the party,

you said that,
Mallikarjun is a shady fellow

and that something special might happen.


I went to meet Prasad in a coffee shop
regarding the research for my novel.

When I went there, Prasad was talking
to Mallik about somebody.

That was the first time I saw Mallik.

Later when I asked Prasad about it,

he said some thug had threatened
to kill Mallik and him.

He said, "This is common."

I asked him his name.

He said, "Vicky."

So when Prasad was murdered,

somehow I felt
Mallik may be the next target.

But I never dreamt
he would be killed so soon.


V for Vicky.

V for?

The post-it which the killer left
on the victim's body for me

has the symbol "V" cut at the corner.

-See for yourself.

Typical signature of a classic psychopath.

-Yeah, one second.


Did Prasad or Mallikarjun
know anyone by the name Vicky?

-Find out if there was any bad blood.-Vicky, sir?

-V could be Vicky.-Done, sir.


If Vicky is found, will I get any reward
or prize money?


Even if Vicky is the murderer,
he may not stop with these two murders.

-Aren't you a psychology graduate?

-From today you're my consultant.



My Criminal Psychology consultant?

Criminal Psychology consultant.

Does it mean I'm no longer a suspect?

Of course you are a suspect.

This offer is to observe you closely.


What will be my salary?

Based on your performance,

I'll decide.

How about perks, bonus, etc.?

Only "he" can decide that!

-Who is the "he"?
-A bird that isn't a bird.

Who is the "bird"?

Clue left by the killer for me.


"A bird that isn't a bird.
Cut its tail.

Look for the sun amidst the darkness."


This guy...

hates me.


this is very common.

These types of psychos get a kick
challenging police officers like you.

Plus, they get cheap thrills
feeling they are one up on you.

To know whether
he is really a psycho or not,

I need to crack this clue.

So prove to me
you're cleverer than the killer.

If you crack this clue in one day...

If I do?


I'll even give you a bonus like this.

With bonuses like this in advance,

I'll work even more efficiently, sir.



Coming, father-in-law!


I'll give you 24 hours to crack it.

This is my challenge.

Again no fingerprints or footprints, sir.

Texture of this cloth is like the napkin
used for wrapping cutlery in hotels.

Blood and saliva from the victim

have smudged the lettering.

I need time to decipher it.

But if you observe closely,
there is something faintly visible.

Yeah, looks like some image.

If this is a hotel napkin,
then this could be their logo.

If we trace that, we can nab the killer.

Clean it up. What else?

He is a high-end killer, sir.

You are a high-end specialist! Nab him.

If you challenge him like this,
he will finish in an hour.


I need the report by tonight.
Mansoor, be in touch.

-Impossible, sir.

Is that so?


Impossible, bro.

"Nothing is impossible.
Just pay attention."

Those are Sadhguru's words, not mine.
Complete it by evening.

He's a spiritual person, sir.
He will deliver promptly.

Sir, I checked Mallik's diary
and found an entry made last week.

Didn't you enquire about him?
I mean, about Vicky?

Shit, Vicky!

I found Vicky's number
in Mallik's call list.

He called his wife from this number
and we've traced it.

He's in Sai Sri lodge in Mehdipatnam now.

-Super, let's go.
-Okay, sir.

Laundry, sir.

Laundry, sir.

Call him again.

Laundry, sir.

-Who are you?

-Who are you to challenge me?
-What did I do, sir?

Sir, let go of me! What did I do, sir?

I am innocent, sir.

-I didn't do anything, sir.
-Spill the beans, man.

-Sir, let go of me.

I don't know anything, sir.

It's not gonna happen.

-What's happening?
-Police raid, sir

Some murderer it seems.

Move it, man.

Sir, listen to me.

Sir, hear me out.
Please listen to me.

If a murderer is in the next room today,

tomorrow he may very well be
in our bed, right?

Very true, sir.

Check out.

Sir, Prasad and Mallikarjun
are hardcore thugs.

Mallikarjun grabbed my land, sir.

Prasad threatened
to kill me if I sued him.

That's when I decided to kill them.

But I'm not so gutsy, sir.

That's why I used to visit
Kanakadurga bar daily.

I swear on my mother.

Trust me, sir. I didn't kill them.

Did anyone at any time talk to you
about Prasad or Mallikarjun?

Why would anyone tell me, sir?

Someone met me in that bar
about a month ago, I remember now.

Sat next to me
and spoke for a long time, sir.

Plagued me with questions
about Prasad and Mallik.

Can you describe him to me?

I don't remember his face clearly.

-What do you remember?
-It was too dark, sir.

-True, sir.-I was just checking your speed.

I was right behind you and you missed me.

Don't try to trace my call.

All these are stolen phones.

This is his voice, sir.

-By the time you trace this...
-Almost the same voice, sir.

We need one-month CCTV footage
of the Kanakadurga bar.

We need to see it. ASAP.

[horn blaring]

[girl screaming over phone]

[glass shattering over phone]

[woman continues screaming]

Favorite film, sir.

The name of the film is "I Saw The Devil."

A lady is chopped into bits and pieces.

Wow! Superb movie, sir.

I've watched it countless times.
I find it amazing, sir.

-You like violence in movies?

I've always had a leaning
towards violence from my childhood.



All of us want to either beat up someone
or kill someone once in a while.

It isn't possible, right?

You satisfy your killer instincts
by watching such films.

I am Balasubramaniam.

Retired bank employee.

I am Ramesh, contract killer.




-What do you mean?
-Simple, sir,

paid assassin.

I am in great demand in Bombay.
I visit the city ever so often.

Exactly, the same way.

If you move, I'll kill you.

Sir, watching such films
is a casual hobby of mine.

It is all right to pass time watching,
but is it wrong if I kill for a living?

-Not like that.
-No, right?

There is nothing wrong
in killing, right?

-What do you mean?
-What do you mean?

I mean, it is your wish, sir.

Is it okay if I stab you
in your belly and gag you?

-Is it okay?

-No, sir.
-You said it is my wish.

I meant it is your call, sir.

You are scared!

Did I scare you?

-Scared the hell out of you?

I was just joking, sir.

-Of course.

I am a killer.

I am into a pesticide business.

I sell pesticides
to kill cockroaches, termites, and rats.

Do you want to see?

No need.


You scared the hell out of me, sir

[both laughing]

You know there is a criminal
lurking inside every one of us.

For sure there's one in you.
No doubt about that.

Sir, can you believe
a criminal resides in me too?

In you?

Difficult, sir.

You are so gullible. You will donate blood
even to mosquitoes!

Sir, my ambition in life
is to commit one murder.

-Yes, sir.

-Who is the target?
-My daughter-in-law.

A real wicked witch!

My son fell in love and married her.

But she convinced him
to move with her to Mumbai.

She works in some hotel.
Wears bright lipstick and short skirts.

She comes across as a hooker.

And my poor son is totally naive.

If you have any tasteless
or odorless poison in your pesticides,

I can poison her
and get rid of her forever.

So then it is true?

True, sir.

Your daughter-in-law told me.

This plan of yours to kill her
has been brewing for a long time.

She hired me to preempt
your plan by killing you.

I verified it by playing a prank on you,

whether she is telling the truth or not.

Now I know she is isn't lying.

You bloody scoundrel!

Before you reach Mumbai,
I'll pickle you to pieces 30 times!


Did I scare you again?

[evil laughter]

I scared you again!

I scared you again!


[evil laughter]

Who are you actually, sir?
Please don't kill me.

It is a long journey.
I thought I would have some fun.

A friendly passenger
like you is an inspiration!

Sir, in my entire life
I have never inspired anyone so violently!

-Now, can I watch this film?
-Go ahead, sir.

You must have missed many murders.

[horror movie continues playing
over mobile]


[mobile ringing]


I thought of calling you myself.

How is it going?

Maybe the next murder
won't be in Hyderabad.

Yeah, I have a hunch that it could happen
in another town also.

Oh, really?

Address of his next crime scene
is in the form of a riddle.

But I feel it is in
some sort of code language.


What is the address?

To know that you have to come
to another address.


104, Sagar Society, Srinagar colony.

My house.


Today is my birthday.

Hey! Many happy returns of the day.

Thank you. Actually, I hate
cake cutting and celebration, etc.

But if you come home tonight,
we can have my mom's special fish curry.

You know the pressures of this case.

Hey, I know. I know.

But if you come home,
we can solve the riddle together.


"Waiting for you, time stops forever
But still I wait with wide-eyed fervor"

"My heart doesn't listen even if I assure
That my love is on his way for sure"

"Waiting for your arrival with expectance
Without blinking my eyes even once"

"My thoughts swirl around you only
Whatever work I may be immersed in daily"

"My thoughts refuse to settle somehow
Unless they set eyes on you now"

"When my eager imagination
Is kindled by teasing anticipation"

"Coming, I am coming for sure"

"Will I take no for an answer?"

"Even if my eyes are oblivious
To your invitation obvious"

"I come to you like a rising tide
From which no one can hide"

"Waiting for you, time stops forever
But still I wait with wide-eyed fervor"

"My heart won't listen come what may
Though I insist my hero is on his way"

"Thoughts of you hastened me
To come running to you breathlessly"

"Like the waves, every step of the way
Was like high tide in love's sway"

"Hope this distance melts away,
Hours become minutes without delay"

"To quench my desire with relish
With the elixir of life I cherish"

"I am dressed to kill
Your desires to fulfill"

"Come close to me
I'll surrender to you willingly"

"Your deal signed with love"

"Should solve my troubles now"

"I beseech this night divine
To cast a spell and make you mine"

"Wave its wand magically
So it's just you and me"

"Coming, I am coming for sure"

"Will I take no for an answer?"

"Even if my eyes are oblivious
To your invitation obvious"

"I come to you like a rising tide
From which none can hide"

"Waiting for you, time stops forever
But still I wait with wide-eyed fervor"

"My heart doesn't listen even if I assure
That my love is on his way for sure"

[waves rustling]


So in that room, she and I,

I was this solid bachelor
like Vijay Sethupathi in "96".

And Sreelu was a hungry tigress
waiting to pounce on her prey.

Hey! What are you saying?

I was just like a sitting duck, you know.

That fateful night

result of our mistake was


One month before our wedding...

-Will you stop it and finish your dinner?-Sitting duck.

Sitting duck.


-Did he just say "Shit"?

Did I blurt out anything wrong?

-Adi, what's going on?
-Yes! Yes!

-Hey! What happened?

Just give me one second.

Knowing that your generation
is cool about premarital sex,

I shared my personal stuff.

-I am sorry. Sorry...
-No, uncle. No.

You know Bombay duck?

Bombay duck?

-It's a fish, right?
-We can't get it here, son.

-You don't get it...
-Aunty, just one minute.

"A bird that isn't a bird,"
Bombay duck is a fish, right?

"Cut its tail," so if you remove "duck"
from "Bombay duck?"

-"Look for the sun amidst the darkness."

Tell me a place in Bombay
that means "night?"

Darkness? Night means...


Where does the sun rise?

Simple, east.

Oh, shit!

-Andheri East!

The king's horse is beckoning you

I need your laptop.

Famous kings of Maharashtra.

Of course, Shivaji.

Then "King's horse," Shivaji's horse...


[mobile ringing]


I'm sending you some images.

Check if any part matches
with the pattern on the cloth we found.

-Okay, sir.


-Yes, Mansoor.

We have to take the next flight
to Mumbai immediately.

Book the next flight to Mumbai.

Contact the police station
at Andheri East.

Look for any hotel
or lodge by the name Vishwas.

Okay, sir.

If so, we have to raid it at once.

Killer might be there.

In the meantime, I will talk
to the DCP in Andheri.

Done, sir.

-Done, sir.

You were right.
His clue indicated the venue.

So the next murder
maybe in hotel Vishwas in Mumbai.

I'm going to get him
this time for sure and you...

You're brilliant. Bye.

[mobile ringing]

Hello, Shekar, yeah?

I got one matching image, sir.

It looks like a hotel logo,
but I can't find the hotel name in Google.

Email me the image immediately.

Okay, sir.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir. Sure, sir.

Immediately, sir.

-Yes, sir?

-DCP sir called me just now.

Is there a hotel in Andheri
by name Vishwas?

All set for Mumbai, sir.

CCTV footage at Kanakadurga bar
has been deleted it seems.

-I've told them to retrieve it.
-We'll nab him directly, Mansoor.

I'm sure we will get him, sir.

[rats squeaking]

[aircraft whizzing]

[tires screeching]

Yes, Inspector Rajath.
We've reached Mumbai.

Great! We'll see you soon.

Drive to Mahakali caves.

[train horn blowing in distant]

Hi, I'm KK.

Start counting.

If the total falls short,
you won't be able to leave Mumbai.


You know Telugu!

You didn't tell me
who gave you my number.

How does it matter?

We've finished our business.

Is this what you do?

This is just a side business.

My main business is different.

What is it?

I catch snakes.


It's the truth.

Are these guns for that purpose?

In the olden days, snakes could be killed
with stout sticks.

Now it isn't so.

I have no other option.


"My mind is swinging in rhapsody
So is the sway of my body"

"My heart in many a piece
Is no longer at peace"

"Who is the flute player?
Who is the snake charmer?"


"My mind is swinging in rhapsody
So is the sway of my body"

"My heart in many a piece
is no longer at peace"



[electricity crackling]
[glass shatters]

[bottle shatters]


[bones crack]

[coin clinking]

[labored breathing]


"My mind is swinging in rhapsody
So is the sway of my body"

"Who is the flute player?
Who is the snake charmer?"

Chin up.


-Is this Vishwas hotel?
-Yes, sir.

-What is the case?
-We'll know very soon.

Bastard is here!

Sir, watch out!

Nab him!


Sir, he is jumping out.

Look, he has jumped out.

Nab him!

Search thoroughly.

Surround the entire building.


[car alarm blipping]

[tires screech]

You idiot, do you want to die?

[train horn blowing]

[train chugging]

[door shuts]

[objects clatter]

[TV playing]

Whoever you are, wherever you are,
whatever you are, I'll come after you!

And when I do, bear in mind,
I'll personally perform your last rites.

[mobile ringing]

-Hello?-Did you nab him, sir?

The bastard escaped.



I guess you have to come back, sir.

What happened?

"We will ensure our golden boy drinks
the most expensive wine next time."

Clues team and forensics
are on the way, sir.

This bugger is nuts, sir.

[mobile ringing]


I almost got caught, right?

I need to quit smoking this grass.

You aren't the weak candidate
I assumed you to be.

I realized it as soon as
I saw you in Sai Sri lodge.


I mean that Vicky.

I was in the next room.

I even tried to meet you.

You pushed me away.

Your days are numbered.


How then?

Must speed up my pace.

Let me indulge you.

I'll send you a bonus clue.

You will love it.

Take a look.


Man up.

[mobile chimes]

What's this message, sir?

-His next victim is a kid?
-No, no.

Do you know who this kid is?

Who is he, sir?


This is my childhood snap.

[mobile chimes]

"Have you forgotten me?"

He is my schoolmate.


That's me, in the first row, sir.
I remember the rest of them.

I think that's Vishnu at the back
Do you know anything about him?

I'm sorry.

There's no way I'll recognize anyone
because I took over recently.

Any teacher still here from my batch?

Yes, he is Yendluri Vishnu.

D Section. The best sportsman!

Everybody's favorite
in sports and studies.

Don't you remember?

I vaguely remember.

-Where is he now?
-No idea.

Didn't he leave all of a sudden
halfway through 10th grade?

His family was steeped in debts
and some personal problems.

I heard they were forced
to leave this town.

When I accidentally met him in Vizag,
he said he was studying in another school.

And had joined the army
when he passed out of school.

I haven't met him till date.

I know a Rathnakumar in Vizag
who enlisted in the army along with him.

Why don't you meet him?

Excuse me,
is this Rathnakumar's residence?

-Yes, sir.
-Can I please meet him?

Please take it.

I'm good.

Though Vishnu and I were in the same unit,

we didn't share a great rapport at first.

Three years ago,
we were part of an operation in Kupwara.

We heard some terrorists
had occupied a house by force

and holding the family hostage.


Are you a fan of director Boyapati Srinu,
known for his action films?

That's reel life.

This is real life.


Alpha Tiger, got an idea, sir.

-Okay, okay.

-Fire and move.








DSP sir, looks like he's a minor.

Inspect his documentation thoroughly.

He must be 15-years-old.

Fine, take him.

But such vengefulness at that age.

The terrorists we kill
are just virus from outside, Rathna.

But this is

internal wound.

Internal bleeding.

There is no point killing the virus
if we don't heal that wound.

Vishnu lost his parents
when he was a 15-year-old.

Maybe that's why

his fervent wish
was to have a family of his own.

Once during our vacation,
we were headed to Vizag.

We halted on the way
to visit a friend in Hyderabad.

We wanted to buy a gift
for the friend's family.

We walked into Lepakshi Emporium.

Good morning, sir.

Do you have any wood-carved
miniature pagodas?

Of course, sir. Please.


Attend to these customers.

Show them miniature wood-carved pagodas.

Please follow me.

What name did he call her by?

Sounded like "Saheba."

Why did my ears hear it as "Jehovah?"

Come along now.

Here, this is one model.

Take a look, sir.

It's made in Kondapalli.

And this is another model.

Made in Kondapalli.

Are you in the army?

How did you know?


[clears throat]

Are you on vacation?

Yes, ma'am.

Too busy guarding our nation,

we ignored the importance
of beautiful women.


I mean, "issues."

That's why we are doing
a nationwide tour now.


What are the places in your itinerary?

We wasted our time
drifting aimlessly till now.

Now I've found my anchor.

-I am ready to settle here.

I have discovered the uniqueness
of our country today.

Hey, hey, slow down!

Courtesy our Lepakshi.


You have Bidri-style metal handicraft?

Yes, after you see these...

Show us all that you have.

We have all the time in the world.

Elephants, horses, palm trees,

idols of Ganesha, Shiva,
boys collecting toddy...

Enough, dude.

Dolls of women nodding
their pretty heads, the whole works.

First take a look
at these miniature pagodas.

Where are you going?

Please be here with us
to show us everything.

What about the Bidri items?

-You have to get that, right?

Please bring it.

But come back soon.

Vishnu, what's up with you?

Is she mad or what?

How can she be
so unfairly, insanely beautiful?

Wait, she'll come.

I can't wait any longer.

Hey, hey!

Can we share it?



Do you know what Lepakshi means?

Translates as, "Get up, bird."

Someone explained this to me.

In Ramayana,

Lepakshi is the place where Jatayu,
the divine vulture, was wounded.

Lord Rama told Jatayu, "Get up, bird."

Some dodo has given you
a dumb explanation.

Lepakshi means

the girl who has her eyes lined with kohl
that is used to draw divine works of art.


You are a standing example
of the emporium's name matching the staff!

You seem to possess an overdose
of general knowledge.

Generally, I don't.

But today it is going a little overboard.

"Somehow at this moment in time
My mind reels"

"In a dizzy spin sublime"

"My youth dances in dazed wonder"

"To your magic spell I surrender"

"Don't tickle and tease me princess
And bewitch me senseless"

"More the reason for your charm
To imprison me in your arm"

"My smart sweetheart so precious"

"My darling Night-blooming Cereus"

"Swathed in your hug so snug"

"I want to listen to a soothing song"

"At this moment in time my mind reels"

"In a dizzy spin divine"

"My youth swirls in surprised wonder"

"To your magic spell I surrender"

"Step by step walk beside me
As my blessing"

"And boon for eternity"

"I give my life and all of myself to you"

"King of my heart and soul"

"A floral boat in the wind afloat"

"Gently row to-and-fro"

"Won't you come near me, my beau?"

"Won't you let me pamper you?"

"Somehow at this moment in time
My mind reels"

"In a dizzy spin sublime"

"My youth dances in dazed wonder"

"To your magic spell I surrender"

"My mind whispers secrets this instant"


"Like the ebb and flow of waves constant"

"From this day I will be
Your beloved wife blessed"

"With the benediction of a new life"

"I have preserved my life in you"

"A passionate symbol of my love so true"


"I have enfolded your dreams within me"


"Let them come true swinging gently"

"Somehow at this moment in time
My heart reels"

"In a dizzy spin sublime"

"My youth waltzes in awestruck wonder"

"To your magic spell I surrender"

"Don't tickle and tease me, princess
And bewitch me senseless"

"More the reason for your charm
To imprison me in your arm"

"My smart sweetheart so precious"

"My darling night-blooming queen"

"Swathed in your hug so snug"

"I want to listen to a soothing song"

What is this, Vishnu?

I've already granted you
special leave twice so far.

Do you think you can take off
once a month till your wife delivers?

Nayak, Vishnu and his wife
have no relatives to lend a hand, sir.

You have ten more men in your battalion.

Their respective wives manage
even if they are alone, right?

I'm sure you can do the same.

-Sir, just this once...
-No, no, no.

Not possible. This is army protocol.

The same rules apply to all.

You are well aware of this.

Still I have to waste time
explaining it to you?

Make an alternative arrangement.

Take him now.

Nayak, Vishnu. Break the line.

It's really tough here, Saheba.

My leave was denied.

I'll try once again.


Take care of yourself.

The very next day
after his request was rejected,

our unit had to respond
to an emergency call.

The terrorists were hiding
in a village in Kupwara,

in a dilapidated building,
was the information we got.

Risky territory.

Limited time.

But we went ahead.

I have never seen Vishnu so dejected.

It seemed like a bad omen to me.

My fear turned into the worst nightmare.


That was the last time I saw Vishnu.

It took almost a week
for me to recover fully.

It took a long time
for our rescue team to reach you.

You are lucky.

Four of our men are missing.

Bodies were swept away in the river.

Maybe even Vishnu is...

We have another bad news.

Vishnu's wife passed away in Hyderabad.

Saheba is dead?


Five days after the attack on us,

someone called and informed her.

She died in the communal riots

in Hyderabad.

Last year,

in the Muharram procession.

It was in Hyderabad, right?

Islamic ceremonial mourning.


-Mansoor?-Hello, sir.

Check our files on Tappachabutra riots

file name "Saheba"
before tomorrow morning.

-Immediate. Yeah.-Okay, sir.

What? Army, soldier, Kashmir.

-Yes, sir.
-Do you have any evidence?

Photos he left behind, his call log,

his weird riddles.

He was your classmate.
All these don't count as evidence.

Do you have any evidence that ascertains
he is the killer without an iota of doubt?

Sir, he has motive
and sufficient reason to kill.

Because his wife died in a communal riot?

So he is against the police force
and you in particular, is it?

The photo he sent you could have been
posted in Facebook by your classmates.

By using it, he may very well
be making you run helter-skelter.

Just to buy time.

He uses stolen mobiles to call you.
He doesn't leave any finger prints.

Only God can give us his DNA!

In fact, he leaves no clues.

He is treating us like worthless idiots.

We have nothing!

DGP is pointing fingers
at us for our inefficiency.

DCP Sathya is having a field day
deriding both of us.

He is feeding our failures
to media like a daily TV serial.

My blood boils at all this!

Sir, trust me.

I won't let you down.

Do something and shut them up!

[bottle shatters]

We've seen the riot's footage repeatedly
like you told us, sir.

This is almost the tenth time.

But haven't found Saheba anywhere.

-Not even a clue.

We got Saheba's details.

The man who saw her last
is a mechanic called Rashid, sir.



I wasn't that close to Saheba or Vishnu,
I just knew them.

Saheba's parents and my brother died
in the bomb blast at Gokul Chat.

That's how I met Saheba.

She had no family of her own.
She grew up in an orphanage.

And studied right there.

She used to coach our children
and take very good care of them.

If we went out, we would leave
our children with her.

She had a way with them.
They meant the world to her.

The last time I met her
was during Muharram procession.

She greeted me with her usual cheer.

How are you, my dear?

Peace be upon you!
By God's grace I'm good.

May God be with you.

May God be with you.

That was the last time I saw her, sir.

Same day the communal riots started.

We stayed put at home.
Didn't dare to step out.

We assumed Saheba would have found shelter
at some friend's place, right?

Did she tell you where she was going?

She wanted to buy a chain
for Vishnu who was coming.

How much is this?

She was going to KC Jewelers
at Tappachabutra center, sir.

After that I never met her, sir.


September 21st.

Last year.

Day of the communal riots!

Our shop was completely ravaged.

It took us three months to renovate it.

Horrible experience, sir.

Her name is Saheba.

Did you see her in your shop
on the day of the riots?

We have so many clients
stepping in daily, sir.

I'm usually in my office room.

No chance, sir.

I want that day's CCTV footage.

We delete our footage every month, sir.

To save space.

We will try to retrieve it.

-Mansoor will be in touch with you.
-Okay, sir

-Okay, sir
-Thank you.

Do I get any discount
if I buy something here?

Why discount, sir? It is on the house!

Then my wedding purchase
is from here. Standing robbery!

You are sharp as a tack!

-This is nothing. You will see more soon.
-Okay, sir.

-There you go, sir.
-We won't get that footage anyway.

Keep him under surveillance.
Phones, emails, etc.

-Order two of our boys to follow him.
-Done, sir.

But something is weird about him, sir.

He's overacting like a new comedian
who has got a break in a big budget movie.

They must have paid him a hefty amount!

-Update me every hour, Mansoor.
-Done, sir.

[mobile ringing]


Hello, hero.


I know you are Vishnu.
Listen to me.

I am aware your wife Saheba died
in the communal riots.

Identify those who are responsible
and I will ensure they are punished

My dear brother!

You sound like those lawyers spewing
unwanted dialogs in old Telugu melodramas.

Annoys me 101%.

Brush your overconfidence aside.

It was a friendly piece of advice.
If you don't pay heed,

you're in danger.

Good lord! Really?

I'm petrified!

Stop acting.

This is not the army
where you shoot people on suspicion.

We need evidence.


As if you punish criminals
when you have evidence.

Do you know why your police force
needs witnesses and evidence?

To turn the case upside down,

to frame the gullible
and save the powerful.

Hello, brother.

Mistakes are committed
in the army too.


In every system mistakes happen.

But what we do is important, my boy.

If there's a mistake in my system,
I won't keep quiet even if I die.

Tell me how you're tackling
the mistakes in your system?

Tell me?

What do you do?

-Lining your pocket with all the bribes...


Don't you dare raise your voice!

You are the pet dog of your bosses
and the Home Minister.

If you claim you're here
to protect justice and righteousness,

then I'm not your fan
to whistle and applaud.

So cut the crap!

If you have guts,

try stopping me.

Listen to me.

Vishnu? Vishnu?


The rivalry between Sadik and Chandan

caused the Muharram riots
as per our records.

Chandan killed Sadik.

I arrested Chandan.

So, technically, case closed.

But the thing is...

Behind those riots,
there seems to be a bigger conspiracy.

And it happened without my knowledge.

There is a connection between
that conspiracy and Saheba's death.


Vishnu firmly believes
I played a part in that conspiracy.

He thinks I am corrupt.

And I hate that.

If I lose this, I've lost all the ideals
I believed in when I took up this job.

I have to win this challenge.


You will win.

I know that.

[indistinct conversation]

[Mansoor howls]

"I'll be there for you always
You'll be fine in all ways"

This jeweler offers security, too,
along with quality.

Naughty fellow.

[mobile chimes]

[mobile ringing]

-What is her name?
-Ramani, sir.

-She seems very familiar.-Really, sir.

-Anyway, get full details about her.
-Okay, sir.

What is her address?

Hey, Santosh!

-Where are you off to?
-Stop, stop!

We have to load it.

Otherwise, the checkpost
will be barricaded.

Where is your Vantalakka?
Tell her that Doctor Babu is here.

What is the matter?

Hi there, Vantalakka! Is dinner ready?

I hope you remember my boss.

We met almost a year ago.


It's trending.

-Sir, sir.
-Come, man.

Suresh, the notorious, please come.

Is it an orphanage?

It is more like a hostel.

Lodged girls 10 to 25 years of age.

I started five years ago

Name of the hostel
is Kalpataru Women's Home.

Most of them were orphans.

Some of them were studying
in schools and colleges.

Some did odd jobs here and there.

Every now and then
some rich clients would come.

Seeking young girls.

I used to send a few.

Some of the girls accepted submissively.

Some resisted the idea.

But I would force them to comply.

Inspector Prasad helped
with our business willingly.

How did you know Prasad?

We met in a function.

I was going through rough weather then.

He helped me a lot.

He asked me to live with him.

He took real good care of me.

But one day one of the girls ran away.

Her name was Ayesha.

She didn't run away empty-handed.

[girl screaming]

That night, her best friend Kalyani

was raped by three men.

[Kalyani screaming]

Ayesha captured everything on video, sir.

She escaped from the hostel
with that incriminating piece of evidence.

Prasad later told me

that Ayesha met Sadik Hassan.

Notorious rowdy in Tappachabutra.

I believe he was known
for helping orphans and the needy.

Apparently, some political bigwigs
and police officials...

-What is it, dear?-...hated him it seems, sir.

Ayesha took that video to him.

Sadik gave protection to Ayesha

and promised to help her, sir.

But what happened was totally unexpected.

The offender in that video
was Home Minister's son Ranjith.

After watching it,
Sadik changed his tune.

He got the rare chance
to wring the golden goose's neck!

And then...

Sadik got in touch with the Home minister.

In the suburbs of Hyderabad,

government project worth 500 billion
was planned in the outskirts of the city.

He demanded a 25% share
in that project, sir.

He threatened to upload
the video on social media

and all the TV channels
if his demand wasn't met.

Ranjith instructed his father
to bargain with Sadik,

but actually he had hatched
a different plan to kill Sadik.

Knowing it is risky to kill Sadik
one-on-one before the elections,

they planned a riot on Muharram
and to kill Sadik in that mayhem.

A local gang
and another from out of town

were paid to participate.
[group chanting]

The local gang was led by Chandan Kumar.

The out of towners...

It was led by KK, a Mumbai gangster.

Everything fell into place
as per their plan, sir.

[glass shattering]

Hey, you! Stop!

Prasad saw Ayesha by chance.

[siren wailing]

You came there at the same time.

Prasad noted your arrival.

He called me and asked me
to divert you towards Chandan.

They are coming to kill us!

Hurry up, sir.
They will kill them.

-You handle this.
-Hurry up, sir.

After that,

they got hold of Ayesha.

And killed her ruthlessly.


In the riot that day,

did you see this woman anywhere?

Her name is Saheba.

No, sir.

Who else was with Ranjith
in that video recorded by Ayesha?

Builder Mallikarjun...


...JC Jewelers chairman,

-Sharath Chandra.
-Don't worry.

Sharath Chandra, JC Jewelers.

Our KC Jewelers

is a sister company of JC Jewelers, sir.




If Vishnu has already killed three people,
remaining are...

Sharath and Ranjith.

Only these two can share
details about Saheba.

Vishnu's clue was "Golden boy."

It means his next target
has to be Sharath.

-We must reach Sharath immediately.
-Okay, sir.

Do you have his contact details?

So what did you say your name was?

[footsteps approaching]

Catherine. Right, right, right.

Nice, I like the name.

Hey! Five minutes.

Bloody cops!

It's okay. This is normal.

He is still standing there. Look.

Hey! Didn't I say five minutes?

Get lost!

Bloody idiot!

Stupid cop!

-Hey, Sharath, easy.
-I'll just be back.

Hey! Are you deaf or what?

Do you know whom you are talking to?

Hey, don't you understand?

I'm talking to you. Don't you...

Your phone...

leave it there and go.

Sharath's phone is switched off.
I tried his manager's.

Sharath was meeting a friend
but he doesn't know who.

Pick up the manager,
let's go to Sharath's house.

[muffled groaning]

Who are you?

What do you want?


Name your price.

Tell me.

How much do you want?

No, no, no.

Why do I need money?

I need an answer.

I need your answer

to my question.


For what?

I don't understand.

So, Mr. Sharath,

let me present you

your first and final question.

Valyrian, the popular Roman emperor,

the cruel Spanish knight Valdivia,
who lived in the second century,

the recent Game of Thrones...

You watch it, right?



There is a character in that series,

Viserys Targaryen.

Do you know the only common factor
between these three?

Your time...

unfortunately started long back!

Are you Mr. Sharath Chandra's wife?


Can we come in?

-Who are you?


What is this?

What are you doing?

Home minister's son Ranjith and Sharath
have been friends since childhood.

But I have no clue
about the women's hostel you mentioned.

And I don't understand
what you are saying.

Please listen to me.

What is all this for?


You are making me angry.

Now, for the final

and bumper prize!

Please answer.

I am so excited!

So the answer is...

The three characters
I had mentioned,

they were forced to drink
molten gold and killed!

Now you are about to join
that list of rare celebrities.


[mobile vibrating]

Ravi, tell me.

TS 10 EJ 0001,
is that your husband's car?

Yes, sir.

[siren wailing]

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, go back!

Sir, sir. Mr. Adithya. Sir?

"Only the whale remains."

Sir, Mr. Adithya.

Waiting for your comment.
Don't walk away like that.

Get lost!

Sir, Vishnu's wife Saheba died

in the Muharram riots.

We don't know

why and how.

Vishnu has already killed four men
who was responsible for the riots.

The latest clue left by the murderer,

"Only the whale remains."

Going by the killer's surmise,

Ranjith is the final big target.

The description fits him.

Ranjith is celebrating his birthday
on a private island.

So the assassin is clearly saying
he intends hunting the whale in the sea.

Ranjith has private mercenaries
employed to protect him,

but trust me, sir,

they cannot stop Vishnu.

Vishnu is an expert
in anti-terrorist operations, sir.

He is too good for them.

The only witness we have to prove
the conspiracy behind the riots is...


If someone wipes him out
because of personal enmity,

the entire conspiracy will get buried.

Truth will never come out.

As you fear,

if he has already left the country,

what are our options?

A special team under my command.

We have to conduct
an undercover operation in Thailand.

Please, sir.

Grant me permission.

I don't think it's a good idea, sir.

With the testimony from Chandan,
Ramani and Suresh, we can arrest Ranjith.

If you do that,
Ranjith won't come to India.

Somehow he will escape.

Sir, undercover operation
is our only option.

Sir, that seems...

I agree with Adithya.

I think it's a good idea.

After all, it's a matter
of our department's reputation.

Let us see how much of a hero he is!

I want us to outnumber and outsmart him,

and kill him like a bloody mongrel.

Thank you, sir.

"Sigh and sough of the evening breeze
All of a sudden simmers to tease"

"Sigh and sough of the evening breeze
All of a sudden simmers to tease"

"Fizz, froth, flow on the beach
A beer for all, within hands' reach"

"Fizz, froth, flow on the beach
A beer for all, within hands' reach"

"Let us drink, tight and tipsy
Let the fun begin topsy-turvy"

"In a blind spell,
Intoxication swell"

"Celebrate life's views
In kaleidoscopic hues"

"Let us fix a ladder that high
To touch the clouds in the sky"

"Live life to the fullest
Overflowing with zeal and zest"

"Let us have a blast heavenly
Go bonkers, on a wild, wild spree"

"Oh, my God, isn't this ultimate?"

"Paint the town red and celebrate"

"Oh, my God, isn't sky the limit?"

"Kick up our heels, live it"

"Shakalaka boom boom!"

"Body-body, fun kabaddi"

"Touching, touching,
Shall we begin?"

"Let us rejoice and revel
Like merry minx, raise hell"

"Warm up the climate
With our games inappropriate"

"Celebration on fire
To deepen flames of desire"

"Let us cross the line of control"

"Tease and please, body to soul"

"We should jot down a wish list of fun"

"Tick the pending fantasies one by one"

"Jive, hit on, flirt, fulfill"

"Take the dive and chill"

"Celebrate life's views
In kaleidoscopic hues"

"Let us fix a ladder that high
To touch the clouds in the sky"

"Live life to the fullest
Overflowing with zeal and zest"

"Let us have a blast heavenly
Go bonkers, on a wild, wild spree"

"Oh my god isn't this ultimate?"

"Paint the town red and celebrate"

"Oh, my God, isn't sky the limit?"

"Kick up our heels, live it"




"Shakalaka boom boom!"

[all screaming]

Go, go, go. Go.

You go this side. Keep moving.

Ranjith, this way.

Go, man, go! I said, go!






How do we finish this?

No one should say it did not
match up to their expectations

My God!


Good morning

The man who challenged me

has killed five people.

I couldn't do anything.

As a mark of my five failures,

I have to...

Along with the medal for gallantry,

I surrender all the medals
conferred on me.

I accept I am unfit
to be a police officer.

I...accept defeat.

I am also submitting my resignation.


Thank you.

Adi? Adi?

News, come, come.

The sensational serial killer case solved.

The murder of Ranjith,
son of Home Minister Swamy

along with four other victims last month
by Vamsi has shaken the entire State.

Vamsi was killed in a police encounter
last night in Hyderabad.

The operation was led by DCP Sathya.

This is the same murderer who had
challenged DCP Adithya last month.

After Mr. Adithya's failure
and subsequent resignation,

a new team was formed
and with the aid of new techniques

we nabbed the culprit
and killed him in an encounter.

The police hemmed in, based on a tip-off,
the lodge where the culprit was hiding.

When the murderer got wind of this,
he opened fire at the police officers.

In the ensuing encounter, the murderer was
shot dead in self-defense by the police.

Revolver, diary, sim cards were retrieved
from the crime scene by the cops.

-Do you believe this news on TV?


They have even changed my name.


The police cleverly picked on
a pickpocket to save their dignity

and claiming it's me.

Where are you?

Wherever you saw me last...

same place.

Shall we meet just once?

When you shifted the victim's head,

didn't you read the note
pinned onto his head?

I'll call you as soon as I land.

Let us decide on the meeting place.

Thank you.


Can I get a cup of tea?

One Num-Chai.

You were scrawny in school.

I got stronger to keep pace with you.

I'll ask you a question,

will you answer me?

On the island,

did you expect so many opponents?

If I should answer this man-to-man,

I was lucky.

Your team's inefficiency
worked in my favor.


Just rewind a little bit.

Let's just run through
the highlights with my commentary.

When you started your attack,

I started eliminating Ranjith's men.

But that wasn't the main problem.

The truth is,

Mansoor found out that
the Home Minister and DGP planted moles

in the special team.

Their aim was not to assist me,

but to kill both of us.

That's why I took it upon myself.

I eliminated them one-by-one.

And cleared the route for you.

Gradually, I isolated Ranjith.

After you killed him,

to ward off any suspicion
from the team

I acted as if I was frustrated.

You can't believe me, right?

I want to believe you.

But I am unable to.

What's in it for you?

Medals, prestige and popularity.

They don't mean a thing.

Five vile creatures are dead.

So many innocent women
have been saved from that terrible fate.

That's enough for me.

I am happy.

But I am still in the dark
about something.

How did Saheba die in that riot?

How are these five thugs
responsible for her death?

This is the only missing piece
in the jigsaw puzzle for me.

After I fell down the ravine in Kashmir,

I was swept by the river
onto the banks of a village.

I got caught in the jaws of death.

Some kind villagers carried me to safety,

treated me and saved my life.

I urged them not to tell anyone
about my whereabouts.

I was in that village for ten days.

I was presumed dead
by my unit anyway.

So I thought of spending
some time with Saheba,

and then report back to duty.

The villagers who rescued me
got me a phone.

I tried to call Saheba from that mobile.

But though I tried repeatedly,
her phone was switched off.

Generally, Saheba used to email me.

I thought I'll check it once.

I logged into my account.

Only then I knew what had happened.

Before Inspector Prasad died,

he confessed everything to me.

On the day of the riots,

Saheba was in the washroom
of KC Jewelers.

She couldn't escape.


Scared for her safety, she rushed back
into the washroom and locked herself in.

At that same time,
Ayesha also came over there.

Prasad saw Ayesha
go into KC Jewelers.

He signaled to KK.


By the time you get this video,

I don't know if I will be dead or alive.

This girl showed me a video.

I am sending it to you.

My heart broke to pieces
watching this, Vishnu.

Names of those you see in this video,

Home Minister Swamy's son Ranjith,

real estate dealer Mallikarjun,

JC Jewelers chairman Sharath Chandra.

They committed this heinous crime.

Inspector Prasad

and so many senior police officers
are involved in this, Vishnu.

This riot is planned
specifically to kill Sadik Hassan.

To destroy the evidence in his possession.

That means, killing this little girl, too.

I will try my best to save this girl.

But if I am...

But if I am unable to...

you should not spare them.

Don't spare them, Vishnu.

Promise me you won't spare them at all.


[banging on door]

I love you.


I love you.

[toilet flushing]


She threw the mobile into
the commode. Get it.

Let go of us.

Please, please!


Spare us.





In case they destroy her phone,

she emailed it to me.

She's so smart.


You're right.

She's smart.

I decided what I'm going to do
the second I watched that video.

But then I found out...

You were lauded as a hero
for saving 30 lives in that riot

The fact they wanted to confer
a medal on you for gallantry

made my blood boil!

I thought you were peas
in the same corrupt pod!

I concluded your heroism was also
part of the plan, a mere show.

That's why for nine long months

I plotted a foolproof plan
to nail those bastards.

I chose the day you got your medal
to start my mission by killing Prasad.

I declared war on you.

I wanted to make a fool out of you.

I knew your police top-dogs would spin
a fake encounter to save face

and claim to have killed me.
I guessed this right in the beginning.

I thought if I released the video then,

it would be a real punch.

But you surprised me.


No, Adithya.

This is for you.

Show this to the world.

Dignity and integrity of men like you
should not be sacrificed

to pander to such beasts.

You have won.

No, Vishnu.

You made me win!

This is the...

best medal I've got.

Thank you.

Well, then!

See you next time.

Is there a next time?

You never know.

Good luck.

Good morning, everyone.

Thank you one and all
for coming here at such short notice.

Mr. Shankar,

this is my gift to you.

Play it.

The link between last year's riots
in Tappachabutra

and the series of murders
that shook our state last month,

you are about to watch it.

After viewing it,
to discern what is just and unjust

is entirely up to you.

-Thank you.




I hid it to surprise you.

That's wonderful.

Isn't it funny?

You wanted to write a story about me,
but you wrote something totally different.

Isn't this your story, too?

-Did you send a copy to Vishnu?