Uyare (2019) - full transcript

Pallavi is a strong-willed woman who has always aspired to become a pilot. How she gets back on her feet through sheer resilience after being beset by a series of personal crises forms the crux of the film.

- You are NCC cadets?
- Yes

We have an NCC batch flying with us today..

That's the rule

What made you choose this profession?



All the money I got on retirement was spent
for my elder daughter

- But as you know, I am a beginner
- Yes

...for now

- Can't you pull that up a bit?

Pallavi - this is not the dance costume you
sent me the pic of


Are you angry because you did not
crackthe interview...

Even if that night and the mountains
glowing in the moonlight remain unchanged..

Just tell me if you like it or not

When a pilot trainee with a 65|
Wildcraft bag...

- Huh?

Wonder if you will remember those you
leave behind

Who's to say? It's Mum bai!

- Don't change yourtune now!
-Any service entails a small charge

-Tell me!
- Excuse me...



...why I am here. Right, Govind?

There's so much time to think about
all that will be a positive thing for
both of your growth

l have customers waiting

A new Zumba academy has opened up in
Chennai today

- 8.30
- So I guess we should leave by 6.30

This guy seems good

Oh, really? And he goes around teaching

-...p|ease come and join us
- Thank you, Vishal!

Afive year old in pigtails?

After dropping you day after, we will
need to leave

That's my worry

What's bugging you now?

Because I've only met him for 10 minutes

...and I had to stay in the boarding
forten days?

Especially of being alone

It was a huge joke among the kids

Atthat time, Govind was in the 10th grade

And yet...he came in search of me and
talked to me

You've|d me all this

Forthose ten days...

Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?

I don't know...the allure that is you

But I do know that my you

...thatl have stumbled into?

....for meto sing...

Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?

Bright sunshine orthe shadow of a dark

...and look forthe blossoms of rain

But in the hands that reach out...

Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?

I don't know the allure that is you

0k! 200 hours of flying...

- How do you know that, Vijay?
- l was her instructor

lam not defending her...or saying she
can handle this situation

-Sure you did!

Oh! You will love it, Saria!

God! I'm going to chop all this off

True! That is why I said goodbye to someone

If you put everything intojustthis
one thing, it gets messy!

(Class in session)

There is no designated spot for that

That...they say men talk only when

I'm not particular about it either, sir

You should tell them to give you better
clothes next time


- How long have you been with them?
-A while

This is the problem!

The heat and dust and horribletraffic
in Mumbai...

....they can take it forward only if they
have brains and drive

Don't you understand when I say
lam in class?

lwas here when I called you

I got a job

If you don't have the time to listen...

It's my dream job

After that...we don't have to wait

For type rating, lwill be in Delhi or

-Or lGl

Once we start with international flying...

No, Dad! You go to bed! We'll probably
be late

- Who's it? - My dad.
- Say hi for me

-And you?
- Ya

My phone was on silent

Can I call you tomorrow?

-...your hair and clothes were different
-I meant to tell you

- No! - No?
- No! I

- Yes
- l'll trust you

I need to breathe, Govind

I want to be me, least
from now

I need to know where I stand with that you

Should I?

The job is confirmed

-And lam saying that can't be!
- That's what you are saying.

So...things have to be as you say?

Guess you don't want the
course to be over

Pallavi! Don't expect me to come after
you like some little dog!

I don't know what got into me!

Pick up my call...please!

And then...

I won't trouble you again. You...or
anyone else on earth

Listen! Please come over at least for

I need to talkto you

If you're asking about her face...

Son of Balakrishnan Nair. Sreevalsam House.
Cochin 24.

This is a technical matter....| feel...

- Just think about it. Ok?
- Ok

He's applied for the visa. But he hasn't
got it yet

- Has Govind been to Mumbai lately?
- Yes

What is it, Sir?

That one

I left the baby with Abhi's mother


These are letters for the DGCA Medical
Fitness test

I told you. It doesn't have to be soon

That's easy...just think of that loser's
smiling face

In a burst of emotion I declared lwoulnd't
attend the campus interview till you could

I can't back out of it now

Whatever you're saying or asking...

Sorry! I already said I would be spending
the night here

Or when your Dad is back from talking to
the Doctor, I'll leave

He did this deliberately in orderto
destroy her future

My client has clearly identified
the assailant the only evidence cited against him

Does the complainant have anything to say?

Does the accused have anything to say?

...he was seen arguing with my client.
There are witnesses to that

So that argument can't stand

They were in a relationship. And then
they had a fall-out

...she is trying to vent her anger by
pinning the blame on him

Your Honour. If my client had done this...

What do you mean?

My client has been trying for a long time
to get a good job

Taking that into consideration,
I request this Court...

Yes, Your Honour. It's in the final stages.

...has not been clearly established...

This Court considers him eligible to
request bail

So why wasn't this one like normal cases?

Also, the granting of bail...

We can move the High Courtto have his
bail cancelled

Of course! Couple of months!

...he'll be out. Free.

Maybe even let him free. Which of these,
Sir, is the reality?

-And convince myself every minute that I'm
not a burden on my family. - Honey!

The hearing will go on for what, a month?

...more I right?

If an enemy had done this...

...| just go blank! Pallavi,
have to come!

And you can come along on myfirst
flight if you like

l'll manage

That'll do!

...Dubai...if you check with all the major
companies there...

So all of you are lucky!

My wife and son...were here...

And he was bad at studies too

He is all l have

One day at eighteen...

And looked in the mirror

Why go fonNard?

One day at eighteen...

...and looked in the mirror...

Such a life!

The sand slips away from under my feet

When I open, I am touched by a thousand

The friend who whispers that...

...were the wind and scattered clouds...

Upon whose infinite sands

One word and only one



It's nothing, my's nothing

We've....haven't we?

Going to Kochi?

Why were you in Delhi?

...what's new with you? Long time!

...they're all part of Nature. And so
are we.

But...our meeting today..., telling you...making a promise
to you...

Vishal Rajasekharan is a man of his word

That's what I want to be

- Yes

Can you do it?

Didn't Nature tell you that before sending
you over, Messenger?

| just want to be left alone...please!

And did you know Tessa is a known designer
in Bangalore these days?

What does he do?

The father commands. The son obeys.

Then everyone said it was foolishness can mean one oftwo things


In some matters, you are ok!

Your know-how about cars...!

She is really brilliant

Sure! That falls within your powers anyhow.

You rememberthe fuss when I suggested
an idea for a simple TV ad

Look! This isthe girl.

Tell me the truth! Are you in love with her
or something?

Sir, Vishal would like to hire this girl as
an air-hostess

I've heard there are no limits to human
intelligence and capability

It's just my misfortune that it happens to
come from my own son

- On TV. Just now

There is something special about what I am
going to say

We are hiring someone to work with us...

Sounds liksa gimmick

She has brains. And a heart.

They closed at 1173.45

She is all excited right now. She'll
call back

It's from some media house

You said you asked him if he could
make you an airhostess

With this job...

Sister, we saw the news on TV

Thank you, Sister. Thank you!

Somewhere along the way, someone... my eyes...

...extending a hand...

On the wings of a dream...into the far

On the wings of a dream...into the far

Somewhere along the way, someone... my eyes...

One day it'll come in search of me...

One day it will come in search of me...

...that I did not know... touch me with moonlight...

As my own dear companion...

- Hyderabad
- Layover?

We don't get any parties...or invitations!

It's just you


Love is not the beauty on the outside. It's
the sweetness within the heart...

When you hear it...don't brush it away as

Everything I not ajoke...

l have that in you


| asked around for your schedule so I
could be on this flight

And to go abroad...l can't get a visa
because of the case

It's my future that is getting wasted,

That's for sure!

Don'tthink you can live in peace ifl
get thrown in jail

lam not pouring this on you...

If you want, you can also send a mail


All that happened to you...and the
related backstory...

But along with that, I am also...

(Video clip of flight incident)

It's not just Govind...

The Company needs an explanation

But a clause that I won't give in

Whether before a Board member...or
on any social media

And | don'twish to be the person who hands
you a dismissal letter

Notice period is a month, am I right?

...your last day with this Company

See our duty is towards the pilot
in the get me?

How many hours of professional flying
experience does she have?

A person like dare she get
into the cockpit?

Looking at her credentials...

I won't call you again on this matter

Yes, Vishal

There is pressure from air traffic control
as well the Company CEO...

...and l...are depending on you right now!

The ATC will have no responsibility with
regard to your aircraft. So please sign it

We can go in appeal to the High Court

How long...? What could it be...?

It's my last flight today, Dad. To Delhi.

And honey...Govind metwith an accident

Honey...are you ok?

I'll call as soon as I know the verdict

- I need to
-As an airhostess?

...who will give me a job

I'm on my way to the airport.
My last flight.

Thank you!

For me to be a least once

My father was in that flight

This is the Captain. Just wanted to say...