Uunchai (2022) - full transcript

Three friends take a trek to the Everest Base Camp. A simple trek turns out to be a personal, emotional and spiritual journey as they battle their physical limitations and discover the true meaning of freedom.

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is your captain speaking.

We will be reaching
Lukla in 30 minutes.

I hope you are having
a pleasant flight.

Come on guys, one for our memory.

According to ancient scriptures,

our mountains embody the Vedas.

And here we are at the Himalayas.

- Quiet!
- We finally got a group photo!

They say, the mountains are alive.

Perhaps that's why,

we too have come at this age,
to be graced

on this trek to Everest.

The key to an easy trek,
is a steady trek.

Keep walking
and you won't feel tired.

Come on, everyone.

Long way to go.

How many times have
you lead this trek, ma'am?

How many..?

I've lost count now.

Wow Ma'am!

That's nice, one more.

One more.

Keep it going.

Come on.

Come on, keep it going.

Mala ma'am, come.

Let's go.

Omi, watch your step!

Easy. No bravado!


What do you mean, Zoom Zoom?

It means let's go.

Let's go.

Let's take a break.

He hit me.

I know, I know. Come on.

What happened?

Two minutes.

Two minutes.
Just two minutes.

Okay, no problem.

Everybody, take two minutes. Okay?

Bhupen always said...

Everest has answers to
all of our questions.

I wonder what questions of
ours will be answered here,

But for our dear friend,
we are here Everest

to fulfil a promise made to him.

Here we are!

Qasim, time to shut shop.

Early pack up today!

I have a friend's
birthday party to attend.

Woah, awesome!


You ravished the desert
and left the salad untouched.


Why didn't you finish
off the salad today?

I dropped the salad, Shabbo.

And you always say,
not to eat off the floor?

I see.

So, when are you coming home?

I'll be late today.

We... we are getting
pest control done here.


Control yourself where
you really are headed next.

I know you too well.

Dare you let your eyes wander.

But I don't even look at anyone.

Hmm, you don't look,
you just enjoy showing...

fancy nighties, and kaftans
to your female customers.

What have you hired Qasim for?

You should ask him to
attend to these customers.


What do you do all day?

Hmm? You will attend to all
the female customers henceforth.

I just scolded him, darling.

Why don't you sell menswear?

Shirt? Pants? Huh?

And listen darling, go easy on
the drinks at the birthday party tonight.

She's so smart!

You have driven me crazy.

You were supposed to deliver these
books at 09:00 am, not 4:00 pm!

I'll cancel my order next time.

Your phone just won't stop buzzing.

It's yours, Dad.

People have stopped calling each
other since these new phones arrived.

Everybody thinks I've got nothing else
to do than to reply to their messages.

What's taking you so long?
Hurry up.

- Wait I'll...
- I'll carry it. Let's go.

Papa, Mr. Tandon would
like a word with you.

What is it?

Everyone else in the vicinity has
agreed to sell their shop, except you.

It's time you give your consent.

You can have a big shop in a mall.

No one reads Hindi books...

or spiritual magazines
anymore anyway?

Tell me if you want extra money.

I'll talk to the builder.

I don't want anything "extra",

but I do have something "extra" to give.

- Get lost!
- What are you doing, papa?

Come on uncle, I'm family too.

He has no manners because
he doesn't read any books!

He's ready to sell his soul.

this bookstore is not going

anywhere for as long as I am alive.

Get out of here! Now!

What are you doing?

Papa, you really need to change.

- Tandonji stop!
- Nobody is fond of getting hit!


Om what's with you?

Why don't you reply to
the group chat messages?

I am not going to attend
his birthday party.

He won't do my work.

Lovely sir, lovely.

That's it,
I love it, love it..

I love this shot, I love it.

Amazing sir!

Oh ya, that's the one!

Hey this one, this one, this one.

You know, it's interesting

how a photograph steals
a moment of our life

and makes it a memory.

Sir, where do you come up
with such amazing lines?

That's what I do best.

Who can express thoughts
into words better than a writer?

Come, we'll take a few more
pictures with the books.


Lovely, sir.

Yeah, keep that, keep that.

Yeah, thank you Ronnie, thank you.

Oh, and all these advance copies,
for your crew.

Thank you, sir.
Love you!

By the way sir,
can we take a few outdoor shots?

No, Ronnie. I got to go.

This is one birthday
I just cannot miss, okay?

Thanks. Thank you.

Alright crew early pack up, today.

Bye. See you.

Could you please sign
the copy for us?


You are so fit even at this age, sir.

- Oh, come on.
- It's a real mystery.

Thank you.

- Sir.
- Yeah Ma'am?

Sir, the new book is
about Possibility...

The Real Life Partner.

But we have never seen your real life partner,
Mrs. Abhilasha Srivastava?

I mean...if you don't mind me asking?

She never attends any parties.

We haven't even seen her pictures.

I think we should let her
also stay a mystery.

Bhupen, on your birthday.

This one is from the three of us.

Om, Javed, come here.

Dawn arrived with a
sealed envelope of joy!

Dawn arrived with a
sealed envelope of joy!

Dusk came with another
envelope of bliss!

The happiness of this day,
made us reflect on our years together.

where we found you
and this friendship!

We walked together,

We laughed together,

We conversed for hours together.

We'll treasure everything
you said forever,

We'd all agree that you
are the liveliest of us all,

Best wishes on your birthday
to you and us all.

Alright everybody, smile.

Got it!


Sir, this day feels like
celebration at our club!

The birthday is yours Bhupen Sir,

the Nepali cooking is yours,

the party is yours
and the bill is yours too!

Anything for my friends, chef.

I can never get enough of them.

Try this.

You too have some.


Won't you try some Om?

I am fasting.

You are lying.

Come on, in the last 50 years,

you find a new reason every
now and then to be upset with Bhupen.

I have a reason to.

My area is going under redevelopment

I'll have to shut shop.

I said, "You are a retired Indian
Revenue Service Officer."

"Help me out."
He refused to help.

He and his principles!

Change is life, Om.

Things will come
and go at their own time.

Ofcourse things come and go,

only your Mount Everest
will stay a constant!

Omi, Omi, Omi,!


Shift aside!

Guys listen up,

I want to relive my childhood
days with all three of you.

I want to take you to those...
quiet snowy lanes again.

I want to anyhow go to Mount Everest.

Bhupen you don't start again with Everest.

Mountains are worshipped
where I come from.

We believe, Everest has
answers to all questions.

Come on, Bhupen.
Even on your birthday

why does Mount Everest get
to steal the limelight?

Every single time.
I mean.

This time I am dead serious.

I have decided,

we are all going to Everest,
this trekking season.

What? Trekking?

Don't give me that look.

We have two months to prepare.

After that, we'll go on
a trip of a lifetime.

Oh, actually wait, hear me out.

Actually, that's a damn good idea.

My latest book's launch is
just around the corner.

Let's explore the possibilities
of a press release there.

It will be a great PR idea.

Death is knocking at our
doors already, Amit.

Why don't you just open the door
and welcome it in to strangle me?

We can barely climb the stairs,
let alone a mountain!

- No, but.
- How can you say that!

I would rather die here.

Javed, my friend,

you are yet to witness the beauty
of a mountain girl.

Every girl's face there embodies
the moon's innocence.

Throw in a dash of tanginess to it.

A dash, huh?

Yes a dash.
Like a spicy-sweet aftertaste.

If you come with me,
I'll tell you more.

You three have lost it.


"The one with silken cheeks"

"The one with enchanted thoughts"

"The one with a mesmerising walk"

"Likes to play hide and seek with me"

"This delicate maiden,"

"The one who is naughty and renowned for it"

"The one who won't take no for an answer"

"Likes to play hide and seek with me"

"This beautiful maiden...is a snow angel"

"This beautiful maiden...is a wildfire "

"Difficult to eat or sleep anymore"

"Difficult is the walk of love!

" Difficult to sleep or sing anymore,"

" Difficult is the walk of love!"

"This beautiful maiden..."

"This beautiful maiden..."

"This beautiful maiden..."

"Dear Lord..."

"This beautiful maiden..."

"This beautiful maiden..."

"This beautiful maiden..."

"The one who is carefree"

"The one who is graceful"

"The one who is feisty"

"Likes to play hide and seek with me"

"The one with silken cheeks"

"The one with enchanted thoughts"

"The one with a mesmerising walk"

Likes to play hide and seek with me

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's go to the city of love,"

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's embrace one another with love."

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's go to the city of love,"

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's embrace one another with love."

"The moonlight beautifies her,"

"How do I kiss her?"

"She is far away from me"

"Clouds protect her,"

"From the sun that shade her"

"She is a beauty queen"

"This beautiful maiden...
stings like the beautiful winter"

"This beautiful maiden...
has a touch of silk"

"Difficult to eat or sleep anymore"

"Difficult is the walk of love!

" Difficult to sleep or sing anymore,"

" Difficult is the walk of love!"

"This beautiful maiden...

"This beautiful maiden...

"This beautiful maiden...

"Dear Lord..."

"This beautiful maiden...

"This beautiful maiden...

"This beautiful maiden...

"The one with silken cheeks"

"The one with enchanted thoughts"

"The one with a mesmerising walk"

"Likes to play hide and seek with me"

"This delicate maiden,"

"The one who is naughty and renowned for it"

"The one who won't take no for an answer"

"Likes to play hide and seek with me"

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's go to the city of love,"

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's embrace one another with love."

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's go to the city of love,"

"Let's go find her,"

"Let's embrace one another with love."

"Embrace one another with love."

"Embrace one another with love."

"This is life."

"And these are the different facets of life."

- We are here, guys
- Okay.

Bhupen, happy birthday once again.

See you at Everest.

We'll climb any mountain for you.

Okay, okay, okay.

First climb into the car.

Once again, happy birthday!

Bye-bye, bye-bye.

- Bye, my love.
- Bye-bye.

You dropped your coat.

- Where's my coat?
- You dropped it.

- Get in already.
- Bhupen!

- Hurry up.
- Bhupen, I am inside my car!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Come here.
Happy birthday.

See you, see you next Saturday.

- Next Saturday.
- See you!

- Bye.
- Bye!


Look at this one.

Look at Om.

Tell me about this new book of yours.

Expecting windfall sale
orders from students.

My books are bought by young students,
and not oldies!

I have read all your books.

They don't reflect a writer's mind.

They feel more like a
sales pitch of a salesman.

That's why they are best sellers.


I know you have written
quite a few books...

But I think your best is yet to come.

I have a lifetime left
to write good books.

For now, let me write
books that sell.

You'll never change.

- Hey, look at this.
- What's that?

Okay, Bhupen.

Goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight. Goodnight my friend.

Thank you, thank you.

Hey, hey... roll down the window.

Yes, Bhupen?

I'll wait for that writer in
you to reach his full potential.

Som, take him inside before
he gets stuck in a loop.


Goodnight, Goodnight..
Let's go.

"This is life..."

Sing with me.

"This is life,"

"And these are the
different facets of life."

Hi, Som. What is it?

What? Hold on, give me a second.

What did you say?

Amit Sir...

He didn't answer the
door in the morning...

So I opened it with the spare key.

I tried to wake him up but in vain.


I'm sorry.

He's no more.

We lost him.

It was a cardiac arrest.

You should inform his family.

We were all he had.

Dedicated to Everest

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"Forever in my sight is
that beautiful maiden"

"She feels incomplete without me"

"If I go to her, she will be complete."

"She soars the highest of tides
in the name of our love."

"Her heart will break into a
million pieces if I am away"

"She has vowed to make a life with me."

"She will be lifeless if I don't go."

"I'll take my friends to meet her one day."

"Without me, she'll never feel at home"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

I think we should leave
for Banaras next week,

and immerse his ashes in the Ganges.

We'll travel by air.

Javed, you know,
I feel dizzy in the flight.

Can we take the train instead, Amit?

Bhupen had already booked an
Everest Camp Base Trek for the four of us.

The trek begins in two months.

Bhupen's ashes should rest
where his soul dwells.

Look at this.

He wrote a poem dedicated to Everest.

We should leave for Nepal on
the day he had planned,

and go to the Everest
Base Camp from there.

Hang on a second.

You, me and Om?


We won't be summitting.

Just to the Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp.

Only till where the climb to
Everest summit begins.

We'll still have to climb
a mountain, right?

I cannot complete a round of the ground,

let alone climb a mountain, Amit!

It's not like we leave tomorrow.

The trek takes place
two months from now.

We will prepare for it.
I have it all planned.

What have you planned?

Do you know what you are talking about?

You know our age, don't you?

Om is right.

There's no way we can
climb a mountain.

As far as going to
Nepal is concerned.

- We'll go there some other time.
- Right.

We'll see Everest too.

What's the hurry?

- When?
- Huh?

When will go?

No tell me, when will we go there?

When exactly?

Bhupen was healthier and more
disciplined than the rest of us.

And he just went away.

Who knows,
we might not see tomorrow!

Bhupen was asking us to come
along for almost a year!

but we kept procrastinating.

Not now!

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.

We will take all safety precautions.

I promise you that.

We will drive from
Delhi to Kathmandu.

We will go there and fulfill
our friend's last wish.

Will we be going there to fulfill
our friend's last wish,

or fulfill your hidden agenda?


Don't give me that look.

Remember what you
said the other day?

"I want to launch my book at Everest."

You will go there and launch
your book. Won't you?

Have you taken an
advance for your event?

- Om. Om, don't.
- Has he lost his mind?

- He is acting crazy.
- Om, stop it.


We need to be practical,

and accept the fact
that Bhupen is no more.

This chair will forever
stay empty now.

His dream of going to the Everest
Base Camp with us has gone with him.

We'll have his ashes rest
in Banaras, Javed.

I'll personally take
care of all the rituals.

Come on Javed!

- He has lost his mind.
- Calm down.

What do you mean by calm down?

Someone has to tell him, he's crazy.

Let it go now.

I have read all your books.

They don't reflect a writer's mind.

They feel more like a sales
pitch of a salesman.

I have postponed the
launch of my new book.

I am going to rewrite the book,

only after taking a life lesson.

He is crazy.


Everest photographs spectacularly!

And your knowledge of
Everest has blown my mind

But let me add that

This is crazy, Amit!

There is no way Om will go
there in this lifetime.

Even if I agree,

Shabina won't budge.

She doesn't even let me
go alone anywhere,

What makes you think
she'll let me go to Mount Everest?

Now hang up and let me go to sleep.


Morning, Bhabhi (Sister-in-law)!

Hey Bhabhi, morning.
morning. I said morning.

Good morning.

I was just passing by

and decided to drop in to enjoy
the Sunday breakfast with you.

You're most welcome.

I'm getting it ready.
Give me just two minutes.

Take your time, Bhabhi.

Bhabhi, you know what?

I saw your daughter
Heba last night in a dream.

- Really?
- Yes!

I saw that Heba's cutting her birthday...

...cake with all of us.

It was a very big cake.

- Her birthday's after two months.
- Right.

Why would you dream of it now?

What can I say?

Moreover, she'll be cutting her
birthday in Kanpur, at her in-law's.


But I wish your dream
would come true.

This time

you will be with your daughter
on her birthday, for sure.

- Really?
- Yes. look

we'll be driving to Nepal to take
Bhupen's ashes to its final resting place.

We will be crossing
Kanpur to get there.

You can stay with your
daughter for a few days.

We will pick you up
on our way back.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Seriously?
- Of course.

But how will he travel
without me to Nepal?

Well, Javed too felt he can't
go to Nepal without you.

I too wanted to go to
Nepal for Bhupen's last rituals,

but only men get to
participate in that it, right?

You are right.

- Shabbo?
- Hmm?

What do we do?


He is not a kid. Can't he go alone?


Amit, I am going to Kanpur with you.

We are going on this trip for sure.


Darling, please don't tell Heba.

We'll give her a surprise.

You'll have to have
another one of these.

- I'll get some pickle to go with it.
- Hmm.

Oh, Bhabhi

I think I am done here.

Oh hello, uncle.
How are you?

Yes, I am good.

Yes, Dad is with me.

Hold on.

Uncle, from Gorakhpur.

Come on, talk to him.

It's not a big deal.

I'll hand it over to him now.

Hello, brother Guddu.

Hello, Om!
How are you?

I have been dying to hear your voice.

You fought with our big
brother Manohar 30 years back.

I can't believe you still
hold a grudge against us.

Well, I called because
I heard you're going to...

Nepal with your friends in
two months from now?

You should stop by at
Gorakhpur on the way.


You are responsible for this?

Who told you
I am going to Nepal, huh?

It is not final yet, brother.

Then finalise it.

You sister-in-law has had workers
grow peas in our farm for you.

She remembers how
much you love them!

She wants to feed you special dishes.

She's afraid, she might not
make it to the next year.

We'll get a chance to relive
our childhood, Munna.

You'll come, won't you?

Yes, I will.


This is cheating!
You've tricked me into this!

What can you do, huh?

Let's meet tomorrow and plan.

Come, come... come on fast.

I... I am not coming!

- You are betraying your father?
- Uncle, he's hurting me!

Hello Everyone, I am Shraddha Gupta.

And welcome to Belmont Adventures!

I'll be accompanying you on
this trek as your tour guide.

The trek to Everest Base Camp is one
of the most difficult treks in the world.

We'll take a flight from
Kathmandu to Lukla

and trek via Namche Bazaar, Tengboche,

Dingboche, Lobuche,
and finally get to EBC.

EBC is at approximately
17000 feet above sea level.

You cannot get there by a chopper.

It's simply, too risky.

Due to lack of oxygen this
acclimatization is a must!

So, be ready to trek for
8-10 hours, every day.

- What is she saying?
- Shut up, dude.

You can finish this EBC trek
in a span of 10-14 days.

Before you come on this trek,
we will ensure you are well prepped.

To get here, you'll have to
perfect these four parameters.

Number One: Health Condition.

Get a health checkup done
before you come here.

This, this can't be my report.

There has been a mix-up!

No, Mr. Om,
this is your report.

You should be rather happy...

that your blood sugar
and lipid levels are normal.

I am 68!

There must be something abnormal
in my for sure!

I think he's right, doctor.

I sense a mix-up up too!

Have a look, Amit.

My cholesterol levels have
never been this high.

Of course, it is our doctor who

and eats street food without
informing your wife!

You don't have much time left.

You need to restrict your diet
if you want to go for the trek.

And get on with it.

"Oh my my."

Number Two:

Cardio Endurance, Its a must.

Because the air here is thin.

"Oh! uncle,"

"With a twinkle in your eyes,"

"You are chasing your lost youth"

"Oh! uncle,"

"Why are you so restless?"

"It looks like you have lost your mind?"

"Oh! uncle,"

"You got wrinkles"

"That are as deep as the sea"

"What is making you
go on an adventure,"

"When you should be enjoying
your retirement days?"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have
a muscular body"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

"Instead of heading to a temple,"

"He's heading to the gym every day"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

Number Three: Strength.

How will you face challenges every day here,
if your body is weak?


Look, Heba is looking so cute,

riding on your back.

What happened?

- Huh?
- What happened?


Number Four:
Cold Weather Resistance

Because it's so cold here
that one can freeze.

So let me warn you all,

if you are not serious to bear it all,

and if you have a five-star
holiday in your mind,

then this trek is not meant for you.

"You got a Fiat Body"

"And you desire a Ferrari Engine,"

"Trust me it won't hit nor fit"

"Even dreams got to have a limit"

Who the hell made you dream so big?

"You want to play the violin like a guitar"

"That's impossible."

Stick to medicines and remedies at your age.

"May God save you from your crazy dreams!"

"Oh! uncle"

"This city is like a jungle"

"Everyone seems to be chasing one another"

"What's making you go on an adventure,"

"When you should be enjoying
your retirement days?"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

"Instead of heading to a temple,"

"He's heading to the gym"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

"He's 65 going on 16"

"He is working out to have a muscular body"

I have received the trek
prep list via email.

Javed, now please to book a
spacious picnic car for the journey.

Hello doctor.

Mr. Amit, I took a second
opinion on your report.

You should reconsider
going on this trek.

You are going to quite
a high-altitude region.

Doctor, we leave tomorrow.

I know you won't listen to me...


make sure to take your pills every day.

Okay, doctor. Sure, thank you.

These fools are here at 5:30 pm instead of 6:00 am.

Come on, smile everyone.


- Okay...bye
- Bye,

- Bye, everyone. Have a great trip.
- Bye-bye-bye.

Be careful, the mountains there
are covered with snow...

Don't slip...

Why is he talking of mountains?


It's not like we are going
to climb Mt. Everest?!

Aunty, I meant you
are going there right....

- Ouch! Amit!
- What the hell are you doing?

No no. There was a squirrel
in front of the car. Squirrel.

- What are you doing?
- Come on everybody.

Let's go everybody...

Bye, kid. Bye, uncle.



- Please come.
- "Late last night I lost my heart and myself..."

- You come from there.
- "Late last night I lost my heart and myself..."

"As dawn came, I blushed, and I smiled."

"Let's unravel a world of stories, together"

"Let's our shenanigans tell a tale, unforgettable"

"Let's loose ourselves on paths untaken,"

"Let's surrender to the light"

"Come on friends..

"Look, even the sun wants to
know where we are headed? "

"Let's tell the world our wish
to visit the land of dreams.

"Look, even the sun wants to
know where we are headed? "

May I have your kind
attention, please?

You will find a booklet in
the front pocket of your seat,

that contains our trip's day-to-day,

hour-to-hour schedule.


Well done, Amit!

The distance of 495.6 kilometers
from Delhi to Kanpur

will be covered in
7 hours and 31 minutes.

We'll take the Taj Express Highway
and National Highway 19, before

we make it to our
first halt for a tea break.


After exactly two and a half hours.



Cardamom and jaggery infused
tea will be waiting for us.

Let's not waste time with tea breaks.

I want to reach Kanpur before sunset.

Okay, okay. Done-done-done.

- Sister-in-law?
- Yes?

I have sent you the menu cards
of two new restaurants in Agra.

- Your choice.
- Ah!

Amit? Yes?

Why don't you tell us,
when do we take our bathroom breaks?

I am sure you have
planned those as well.

You have planned them, haven't you?

- Hey, don't push.
- I am not pushing.

What are you doing?

Behave yourself.

- Stop it, you two.
- What are you doing?

"Friends walk through memory
lanes every time they meet each other "

"to talk of sweet nothings."

"This journey won't seem long
because we are together in it."

"We'll make new memories on the way."

"The vast sky is where our destination lies,"

"Look, even the sun wants to
know where we are headed? "

"Late last night I lost my heart and myself..."

"As dawn came, I blushed, and I smiled."


I just cracked a great deal for us.

We'll have to pay only half
the rent for this vehicle.

Half? Why, is this travel agency
owned by a relative of yours?

No, I got this cheap deal
because of a relative of theirs.

Javed and his business mind.
I am sure he is up to no good.

- Right.
- No-no-no-no.

We just need to pick up the owner's
relative from Lucknow

and give that person
a lift to Kathmandu,

and for that, we will only
be paying half the rent.

- Not a bad deal, right?
- Hey, what happened?

But we don't know who this person is!

How can we let a
stranger into our car?

Javed's frugality will
get us killed one day.

I don't care if you call me a miser.

I am saving us some money so let me.
What has your father to lose?

- Why are you dragging my father into this?
- Stop it, guys.

Give us more information
about this person.

Person has a nice name, wait...

Mala Trivedi.

- What?
- A woman?

Mala Trivedi?

Tell me honestly,
who is responsible for this arrangement?

You or the travel agency?

- For how long you have known her, huh?
- No-no-no.

I have never met her!

Amit, tell her it's just a
business deal. Amit!

Bhabhi, you see...

Say no to her.

I only brought food enough
for the four of us.

She will share a few dry morsels
with us, that poor thing.

Is my food dry
and inadequate Amit?

No, Bhabhi. He is just...

And she's a poor thing already?


Bhabhi, if you could go through
the menu of the restaurant...

I am not interested.

I am not hungry.

Alright Bhabhi..,

What should we order?

What do we eat?

Would you like to go
through the menu?

Watch it, dude!!

Kids these days...

have no respect for the elders even
when it comes to washrooms!

I was taking a leak and this boy
kept banging the door.

Have you ordered the food yet?

Or do you need to seek
Mala's permission even for that?

Why are you kicking me?

Om, please.

I am sure Mala is an aged lady,

who requires help for travel.

Just leave her alone, man!

- Amit?
- Yes?

He tells me everything every day...

including how many lizards
and spiders there are in his shop.

Couldn't he tell me that a woman
will be joining on this trip?

Bhabhi, you complain
about this to Heba.

The daughter will set
the father straight.


She is my only reason to live now...

I heard Heba has a huge
farmhouse in Kanpur?

- Yes.
- Oh.

She's not into gardening, is she?

- Of course, she is!
- Oh.

She has built an amazing organic
garden with her own hands.

It's so beautiful that it even left
her snobby mother-in-law speechless.

Heba has always been
an extraordinary kid.


After all she is your daughter.

Is anybody else hungry here or not?

Sorry, sorry.
I'll place an order right away.

Bhabhi, please excuse
me for a minute.

Excuse me?
Listen brother, listen.

Yes sir.

Do me a favour,

get all the things that
women usually order out here.

What are you doing?

How else will I know what
is healthy and what is not?

- Don't worry, I am here.
- Go there.

Come, come...come here.

I'll tell you.

Come here.


In Kanpur all of us will stay at
Heba's place and not at a hotel.

It's our daughter's place after all.

You can leave for Kathmandu
after spending a few days there.

No, no Bhabhi.

We'll also be staying at my
haveli in Gorakhpur.

Oh, come on, Om.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

We'll spend two days each
at both the places.

Here, two pieces of bread
for you and two for you.

Equal distribution.

Wow...you gave him the crispier ones.

Here, you can have it.
Take it.

These two boxes contain a kilo each

and this one contains half a kilo, right?


- Yes and pack these as well.
- Okay.

And, can I try this as well?

This one, this one, this one.

Let me handle it.

You also have some.

No, I'm good.

Of course, don't eat anything
just keep on making reels.


These are Heba's favourite.

Everyone in Kanpur loves them.

We'll take two kilos,
please pack them.

Make that three kilos for me.

Everyone in Gorakhpur loves them,
more than the people of Kanpur do.

Wait a minute.
Sir, we came here first.

- Come in line, please.
- What do you mean by line?

- Even we are standing in the line.
- Come in line!

Hello? Is this how you'll talk to me?

Stop it, guys.

How dare you talk
to me in that tone!

Stop fighting!

Om 3 kilos for you right?

3 kilos? make ours 4!

Remember our first wedding
anniversary, here, Abhilasha?

Why did you message her?

How is she?

She is my wife.

You lost the right to call
her 'your wife' 10 years ago,

when she left your house
and came to Mumbai.

She went into depression
because of you.

Please don't disturb
my sister again.

Heba will get so happy seeing us,

she won't let anyone
go anywhere for days.





You didn't say you were coming!

- Om uncle!
- How are you dear?

How are you?

Amit uncle.

- How are you?
- I'm good.

Come in, come in..

I'll just call Vali!



Look who is here!

Mom! Dad!

What a pleasant surprise!

- Mom!
- God Bless You.

Vali, what a beautiful property
you have here!

- Thank you, uncle.
- Nice!

- Amit?
- Yeah?

You know Heba and Vali got the
start-up of the year award this year?


Son, I'm proud of you both.

Our house haunts me since the
time you have gotten married.

I open one drawer only
to find your accessories.

I open another drawer,
and it still has your books.

Oh, mom!

We have all your bestsellers here.


I have made a very
healthy jaggery cake for you.

Oh, Awesome.

Here you go.
Here's the cake.

We'll cut this on your birthday.

Keep it in the fridge.

We'll enjoy it for
the next few days.

These people will leave for
Kathmandu in two days,

then the two of us will have all
the time in the world to catch up!

I'll make all of your
favourite food for you.

I'm seeing you after so long...

Son...that suitcase...

That ancient-looking -
1966 suitcase goes into the room upstairs.

That's the room with
the most sunlight.

It will help him with his prayers.

It was purchased in 1988,
and not in 1966.

I still have the receipt.

But It looks like a
1966 purchase to me.

Let's do one thing...
let's go and have the tea on the balcony.

- That's a good idea.
- Heba and I will keep all this in the kitchen.

- You guys go upstairs.
- Okay.

Keep it in the fridge.

Come on let's go everybody..

I'll join you guys in 2 minutes.

- The bathroom's to your left.
- Yeah.

Trust me Vali, I had no idea mom
and dad were coming over to stay.

But what do we do now?

I mean it'll get too awkward for them.

Mom calls you multiple
times in a day.

Why couldn't she inform
you about their visit?



I'll go serve them tea.

- It's quite tangy, this snack you made.
- Enough... enough

It's your used your recipe, mom.


- What happened?
- One minute.

- Have some more.
- No, thank you.

I was thinking...

What are you two
whispering about?

Nothing. I was just.

I was just thinking

It will be great to take a dip
in the holy Ganges in Kanpur.

So, how about if Om
and I stay in the city?

Why in the city?

We will be able to attend the morning
and evening prayers there, and...

- Vali will take you for prayers.
- Right.

No, I don't want to
trouble the kids.

Why should we bother them, right?

It's not fair to ask to get up
at three in the morning.

Yes! Exactly!


you just enjoy this cup of tea
and stop being so formal.


You too.

You too get them. Yes.

What's going on, Heba?

Oh, wow! Party!

Mom, Vali has organised a
birthday party for me, tomorrow.

All our friends will be coming over.

And because we had
planned this long back,

they will be staying here overnight,

so, all the rooms will get occupied.

But there is nothing to worry about,

Vali will book hotel
rooms for all of you.



No issues, dear.
We'll manage.

Yes, yes..we'll manage.

No problem, we'll stay at the hotel.

And tomorrow, we will enjoy
the party with your friends.

Yeah? Nice?

Sorry mom, but you all will feel
quite awkward at the party.

Dad, I hope you understand.

Mom, why don't we cut your cake
right away?

That would be lovely.

I'll go call Vali.



What happened?

I'll go back to Delhi.

Let's go.

Om, could you please get my bag?

Let's go.

This generation is a problem.

They don't know how
to respect their parents.

Hey! Come on,
you can't generalise like this!

You won't know how it feels...

when your own children remember
you only when it's convenient to them.

How easy was it for them to say

"Sorry, mom. Sorry, dad.

You will feel awkward at the party."

Heba could have cancelled
the party if she wanted.

Why would she cancel the party?

What do you mean
why would she cancel it?

Let me explain.


to be honest, we were at fault here.


The kids planned
the party well in advance.

We showed up without informing them

and brought two extra guests along.

Do you really think they would have been
able to enjoy the party with us there?


Did we take our kids
along to every party...

and function when they were young?

No, we didn't.

We would leave them in someone's
care and go for a movie.

They never said that the fault is
there in parent's generation.

Let them enjoy their journey
and let us concentrate on ours.

What do you think?

- Can I say something?
- Sure.

- That's enough preaching for today.
- Yeah?



Here is Bhupen's favourite song...

"This is life..."

"And these are the different facets of life."

"This is life..."

- Turn it off, please.
- "And these are the different facets of life."

Okay, everyone is requested to check
the front pocket of your seat again.

Do it or else I'll start
playing the song again.

- Paan? (Betel leaf preparation)
- Yes...

Kanpur's most special Paan.

Paan, this early in the morning?

Sadness this early in the morning?

Hey this is sweet!

Yes, for a change.

- Change, be like...
- Hey!

Here, have some water.

Have it, Om.

This water is too warm.

I don't want to have it.

- Have it.
- No!

It's Kanpur's special Paan.

You forgot to add the curry.

Please add some curry.

That's it.

Thank you.

Here you go, guys.

Lucknow's special piping hot
stuffed dumplings (kachori)

with a side spicy potato curry.

And Bhabhi, this chilli that
you see here, it's freshly fried.

You and your planning Amit, I swear!

Add this, add that.

- Give it here.
- Listen Shabbo,

there's a morning flight available
from Gorakhpur to Delhi.

Should I book it for you?

- Amit?
- Yes?

I'm trusting him with you...

Don't worry.

Please make sure you leave half
an hour late from the hotel.


It takes him time to clear his
stomach in the morning...

But why are you going tomorrow?

You should enjoy in
Gorakhpur for a few days.

Of course, he's in a hurry
to send me back.

He is expecting a lady friend
to join him, right?

How many times should I to tell you...

I have not met Mala even in my dreams.

Find out when she will come.

She's old.
It takes time at that age...

Looks like she is here.

Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.

How much is it?
300, right?

- Mala?
- Javed?

- Yes.
- Hi.

- My friends, Amit and Om.
- Hi.

- And that's my...
- Hello.

I am his wife, Shabina.


Thank you for letting
me travel with you.

You should only
thank my husband.

- Let's go.
- Sure.

This way, please.

- You can get in from there.
- Oh, Okay.

This way...please come,
please come.

What? Yaaa.

Javed we will sit on our own seats...

No? I'll take them off.


We thought you will be an aged
old woman.

Didn't we, Amit?

By the way, why are
you going to Nepal?

Well, my husband desired to visit the famous
Pashupatinath temple there.

If your husband desired to visit...
then why are you going?

I'm going there because
he's not keeping well.

I see. I see. I see.

Are you from Nepal?

No, I am from Lucknow.

I thought so!

I thought you were from Lucknow.

Where exactly in
Lucknow are you from?

- Laalbagh.
- Laalbagh.

Where you guys picked me up from,

actually my house is a
little far away from there...

That's why it took me
some time to get there.

I am sorry.

So you are coming directly
from your house today?

What kind of a question is that?

Where else will she come from?

No, I thought she was
coming from Delhi.


The Delhi to Lucknow
travel-tag on your bag...

It has today's date on it.

Actually, my brother-in-law just
came back from Delhi this morning.

And I am using his bag...
that's why that tag.

Man, Amit you have
started an interview..

One question after another....

It's okay.

This broke the ice..

we got to know each
other a little more.

Yes, we did get to know each other.

By the way I had only
heard about the warmth

and courteousness of
the people of Lucknow.

Today, I finally got to
witness it first-hand.

- Darling?
- Hmm?

Cancel my ticket for tomorrow.

Why? For what joy?

Because I have now decided to
go to Kathmandu with all of you.


You look shocked.. Don't you?

No not that.

there is an emergency....

Stop the car, Amit.

How can three of them get a
nature's call at the same time?

What are they doing out there?

If Shabina comes with
us to Kathmandu,

she'll come to know of our
trek to Everest Base Camp.

Shabina crosses limits sometimes!

You are the one who has
crossed all the limits, mister.

What were you saying?


"Mala, I had only heard
about the grace!"

"Today, I finally got to witness it first-hand."

What was the need for
you to say all of this?

I was just praising her, man.

This is what happens when you praise
another woman in front of your wife.

One minute...
Quite, quite..

What are you doing?
She'll see..

Shabina didn't stay in Kanpur,

now we have to somehow make
her stay in Gorakhpur for 2 weeks.

Amit, think of something!

What do I do?
She will kill me!

Wait a minute.

Why are you looking at me like that?

- Amit? Om?
- Yes?

Have you ever been to
Kathmandu before this?

No, Bhabhi, we haven't.

We have never been to
Kathmandu as well Shabbo.

Save this love for your lady friend.


You have an ancestral haveli in Gorakhpur?

You must have pictures of it. Show us.

Yes. Yes, yes.

These pictures are old,
but the glory of the haveli remains intact.


It's got a huge courtyard, Bhabhi.

Have a look.

And please look at the flooring!

Tapestry is royal, isn't it, Bhabhi?


This is our group photo.

Both of my elder brothers
and their wives...

The one standing at the
back with them is me.

Oh, really?
Let me see.

They are wearing such beautiful
shawls, aren't they, Bhabhi?

And look at how intricate
the embroidery is.

- This was embroidered at home!
- Really?

My sisters-in-laws did this.

My Shabbo wanted to learn
embroidery since her younger days.

What are you saying?

Really, Bhabhi?

You can still learn.
This is like your own house.

And the ones who will
teach you are family too.

My sisters-in-laws can teach you
beautiful embroidery in just two weeks.

Here, have a closer look.


You'd love to stay in the haveli
and learn it, won't you, Shabbo?


Excuse me?

We have some extra bread, here.
Would you like some...


No, thank you. I am done.

Then how about some rice, sister?

No brother, I am done eating.

You won't have even a little, sister?

You are done eating, sister?

Sister's done eating.

Mala, my sister, doesn't need
anything from this table.

Let me have a look at those
pictures again, Om.

Yes, yes.

Bhabhi, you can learn embroidery
from my sisters-in-laws,

and start your own
business in Delhi.

You'll learn, won't you, Bhabhi?

I'll decide once I get there.

Quickly get the dessert.

All the deserts on the menu.
Get them fast!

I want Tooti Frooti ice cream!

- Tooti Frooti!
- She wants Tooti Frooti ice cream!

Get Tooti Frooti ice cream for her!

I guess Om is not such
a bad driver after all.

The credit for that goes to
the air of Gorakhpur, mister.

Am I right?

Nothing can beat Gorakhpur.

Om, why did it take you so long
to come back to Gorakhpur?

Let me tell you, Bhabhi.

He is the king of ego.

30 years ago his elder
brother snapped at him,

so he packed his bags for Delhi,

And never looked back..

Is it true, Om?

You all love to pull my leg,
don't you?


Come on, guys.
Come on..

We'll have to walk from here...

Let's go, Mala.

No, you guys carry on.
I'll wait here.

No, please, join us.
Don't say that.

Please join us.
Let's go.

Amit come in front.

- Did you take the box of sweets Javed?
- Yes Bro.

This way, Bhabhi.

Come Mala. Come

Each year Lord Krishna's procession
would pass from here.

The whole city would gather
in front of the Haveli.

We used to keep the Haveli
beautifully decorated all year round.

People would come all
the way from abroad to see it.

What a beautiful haveli!

Who is it?

Bhabhi, it's me, Om.


How are you?

Everything is finished...

Everything is finished...

Everything is finished...

Why do you keep telling your sob
story to passer-by's all day long?

Bhabhi, it's me, Om.

And these are my friends.

- That's Amit, and that's...
- Have a seat.

I'll get some water sent...

(to maid) we need to cook rotis
for five more people now.

Oh, Munna! You are finally here!

The news of your arrival has
spread throughout the town.

God bless you.

- Your friends?
- Yes, brother.


Please, there's the siting area..

Let's go and sit there.
Our elder brother will be joining us in a bit.

Please, this way.


Om, the roof on the left side
collapsed last monsoon,

so we are getting it repaired.

Brother, you didn't
look after the haveli.

This haveli has been a home to
so many generations.

Why didn't you take up
the responsibility?

Where were you all these years?

His Highness here went to Delhi

leaving all the responsibility of
the haveli's upkeep on my shoulders.

Do you have any idea how much
it costs just to waterproof the roof?

You know how expensive things are?

We are getting the whole house
repaired next month, brother.

Oh, really?

What all will we repair, huh?

We need 500,000 for plumbing,
800,000 for plastering,

300,000 for painting
and 400,000 for electrical rewiring.

- Do you want me to carry on with the list?
- Pushpa!

Keep shut, Guddu.

He has brought his friends
along to scare us.

He is here to ask for his
share in the property.

No, brother.

I am not here to ask for my share.

I am here to meet all of you.

And I brought my
friends along because...

Stop this nonsense.



You book a hotel for us.
I'll go find Om.


I feel so angry, Amit.

Why does everything change?

Our thoughts, nature,

love, age.

I am really upset with myself, too.

Why didn't I stay here to keep
everything together?

I couldn't even save my wife
26 years ago either.

Why can't everything
stay the same forever?

Why not?

- Look, Om
- Spare me the lecture, Amit.


"This is life..."

"And these are the different facets of life."

You have started playing
Bhupen's favourite song once again?

Stop it.

Stop it, or else I'll throw
your phone into the river.

Give it to me.

"Life never is about losing or winning"

"Just accept what life has to
offer and go with the flow,"

"Don't be stubborn,"

"Don't break it"

"Every moment is a mirror to you"

"This is life..."

"And these are the different facets of life."

"This is life..."

105, 106 and 107.

All your bags have
been kept in 106, sir.

Sign here sir.

Where's the light switch?

Here it is.

Where did they keep our bags?

- Hey...
- Isn't this Mala's suitcase?

The receptionist gave us
her keys by mistake.

Bhupen's picture?

Everest Base Camp Trek's
ticket in Mala's suitcase?

Okay, son. Okay.

Give the phone to your Dad.

He's busy?

Fine, then give him the message...

that we'll be going to
Vaishno Devi tomorrow,

there will be no
signal on my phone..so...

Ask him not to worry, okay?

Okay, son.

Bhupen and I knew each
other since we were kids.

We were neighbours in Nepal.

While playing hide and seek in
the mountains we fell in love...

Soon even the highest
of mountain tops

became our secret
hide outs to meet..

Bhupen dreamt of an ideal society.

I didn't understand a thing
when he'd talk about social work,

but I'd still hear him talk
for hours together.

I used to love to hear him talk.

My parents thought his
future wasn't secure enough.

They got my marriage fixed into a
business family in Delhi.

They took me to Delhi.

There they had a big house,

big cars, security,
and a huge family.

I got enticed by it all and gave him,

and I made the mistake of not
saying a word of this to Bhupen...

Years passed..

But my mistake haunts me
like it happened yesterday.

and I think perhaps it
haunted Bhupen too.

He spent all his life alone.

But my biggest mistake was

not apologising to Bhupen
in all these years.

I should have apologised to him.

That day when I saw
you carrying his ashes...

I so wanted to...

keep a little memory
of him for myself.

Then I got to know from
Bhupen's residence that

you are going to Mt.
Everest to pay homage to him.

Javed asked for a quotation
from all possible travel agencies.

When our travel agency
received his request...

I was the one who sent
him that proposal.

I lied to everyone in my family.

I told them that I am
going on a pilgrimage.

I didn't join you from Delhi so that
you all don't get suspicious of me.

That's why I joined
you from Lucknow.

Because I knew...

that this is my last chance
to make amends.

That's why, I...

That's why I beg all of you to please...

I request you to let me
come along with you.


I'll find my forgiveness
in the mountains

That's why whenever we
tried to get him married.

he kept declining

You cannot come with us.

I... I am so sorry.

Om! Om!
Sit down.

We still have a lot of
questions to ask her.

What trek are you all talking about?

I am asking you all something!

You are going to climb Mount Everest?

Only till the Everest
Base Camp, Bhabhi.

It was Bhupen's last wish
for us to take this trek together.


- It's absolutely safe.
- You keep quiet!

I am not a kid!
I know what a Base Camp is!

I know what it means
to climb a mountain!

And I am learning
about all of this now?

Amit, I must say,

your plan of making me stay
in Kanpur was mind-blowing.

And Om, your scheme to make me
stay in Gorakhpur was brilliant.

You've turned me into a joke!

Why don't you also join us...
in paying homage

Enough, Amit.
That's enough.

You guys are friend,

Keep to your limits.

All my life I lived for you,
gave my all to you..

Kept worrying about you..

Kept on running behind
you to give your medicines..

Why? So that you decide to
climb a mountain at this age?!

Book the first flight for
Delhi right now!

You and I... we are going back!

We are going back!

Others can do what they please!

Once again, I am telling you,
we are not going to climb Mt. Everest.

- Book our flights right away!
- We are just going to the Base Camp!

I don't care!

Bhabhi, there is no flight
available tomorrow for Delhi.

Fine then, book the first flight
available from Kathmandu.

Get this out of my face!

Don't tell me that it too got cancelled!

Mr. Javed's cancellation
has been confirmed..

Cancel his lunch order.

- Okay, ma'am.
- Just mark that, please.

Take these.
This is the last, okay?

I think done.
Come on, let's go, let's go.

- Siddiqui?
- Yes ma'am, on your right.


Won't you say goodbye to your friend?

Mr. Amit Shrivastava.
Om Sharma. Let's go, please.



Shabina I don't know how
to live without you.

To be honest,

I cannot live without you.

But today, if I don't go with them,

then I'll never be able
to forgive myself.

Drink fast, tour leader is
all set to burst out with anger...

Here you go.


Have we reached?

She'll throw a shoe on
you if you say that again.

You've been napping for 20 minutes.

The tour ticket read "Enjoy"

Tour leader's pet!

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

She's glaring at us.

- Shall we?
- Let's go.

- Come on, guys.
- Let's go.


What's going on?

Okay guys, we have
to make up for lost time.

We need to reach
Phakding before sunset, okay?

Let's go.

What happened now?

"O' fair maiden, your village is very enticing"

"I have fallen in love with this place"

"With this place"

"Your beauty too is mesmerising,"

"The half-moon is shining brightly,"

"It's shining brightly and beautifully"

"O' fair maiden, your village is very enticing"

- Omi!
- "Fallen in love" - Come on!

"O' fair maiden, your village is very enticing"

Now all of you get ready
to trek in the night.


What is this girl saying?


- She is ill mannered...
- Leave it Om!

Zoom-Zoom all the time!

It's very painful man.

May I come in?

Come in.

Here's a pain ointment.

This will give some relief.

I also have... some extra sunscreen
and mosquito repellents.

Sorry Mala, we...

It won't be easy for
us friends to forget

that our friend was
left heartbroken.

Happy birthday!

Why did you do this?

Go give this to them.

Happy birthday!

Thank you.

This is my daughter
Heba's favourite flavour.

We find every excuse
to remember our kids.

But do kids ever think about
their parents on their birthday?

Doing your job is not the
only thing in the world.

You need to take care of
your responsibilities towards them.

Come on, Om.
We need to leave in the morning.

By the way Sunny,

I... had called my parents.

They didn't take my call.

I am sure she must have
spoken rudely to them also.


Stop it.

Okay, stopping.

Yes, I did.

I did misbehave with them Sunny.

Because they have threatened me,

That if I don't leave this job,

They'll break all ties with me.

And when I try to make
them understand...

that this job is my love, my freedom

They refuse to listen to me.

But elders are always right...

and youngsters always misbehave.

What are you trying to say, huh? Om!

Okay, okay, let's go.

We'll go. come.

Let's go, Om.

Goodnight, everybody.


Mr. Shrivastava,

My parents have given me each
book written by you to read.

To become an ideal woman.

But sir,

writing about us

and understanding us

are two different things, sir.

- People are still eating breakfast here.
- Shraddha, we can take a detour from here?

No, we don't have time
for that right now.

Come on everybody...
ready to go let's go...

Siddharth is calling me.

- Yes, son. Tell me.
- Papa I locked the deal for the shop.

- What?
- Yes..I...

You locked the deal for
the shop with that builder?

Papa cannot wait forever.

Why don't you understand?

We are getting a 3000 sq.
feet shop in the mall after three years,

plus an upfront payment.

What about the books?

The books are getting packed.

What if the bookworms destroy them?

I will sell them online then.

You are threatening me
to sell them online?

I brought the shop on your
birthday and named it after you,

and this is how you are repaying me?

The swastika on its door was made...

by your mother with her own hands.!

She sang with joy
on its inauguration.

Papa how many times will
you tell the same story?

I'll say it as many times as I want.

Then do what you want!

Hello? Hello?


Hello, Siddharth?

Hello? Hello, Siddharth? Hello?

My brother, there is no network here!

You concentrate on the walk.

Go ahead if you are in such a hurry.


Siddharth... just hear me out, son.


Yes... hello?

What happened

- Sunny go...
- Om! Om...

Are you okay?

Put it down. Put it down.

I said I don't want to
travel in this.

Madam, please ask
them to put me down. Please.

Mr. Om Sharma,

it's not your decision, it's mine.

You will be traveling in a palanquin hereon.

Amit, tell her I don't want to
travel in this. I will not

Here's your bag.

Your glasses.
Now keep quiet.

Javed, you are my real friend.

Get me out of here, please.

You are getting an opportunity to sit,
don't make such a fuss.

What... what are you doing?

- Here you go.
- Hey!

- This is
- Let's go.

Stop this.

Listen, I'm a very respectable member
of Chandni Chowk Housing Society.

You cannot do this
to me, Ms. Shraddha.

This means war.
I'm not going to spare you..

Get me out of this.

Mr. Om?

Mr. Om?


Tea, everyone. Tea?

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Sunny.







What did he say?

The man was here for a trek.

Suffered a heart attack.

He was quite young.

Everest doesn't take age
into consideration sir.

Mr. Om Sharma,

now either you'll listen to me
or you'll be sent back home.

You could broken your back today.

Who would have taken
responsibility for that?

The fact is,

Keeping your age in mind,
all of you should have sat at home.

We should have stayed at home?

We should have stayed at home
just because we are old?

Young lady...

Dr. Abdul Kalam got elected as the
President of India when he was 71 years old.

Why are you...
why are you taking this personally?

No, no, I

I will take this personally!

Do you even know
when our country got freedom

what was Gandhi ji's age?
He was 77!

If he would have thought of
his age and sat at home,

you think we would be
a free country today?

We don't want to sit at home.

We want to climb mountains,
cross rivers, and explore forests!

Do what you want,
we won't sit still.

- Mr. Shrivastava!
- Yes!

This isn't some flowery
foreword out of your book.

This is real life.

I fear you three might not be
able to complete the trek...

And make it back home.

You saw the incidents that
take place in these mountains.

Summiting EBC is no joke.

What do you even know
about this trek technically?

What, what sort of oxygen
levels are we talking about?

- Do you know?
- I really know

I don't think there is a
reason for them to worry.

Okay, so on sea level
the oxygen is a 100 %.

and on EBC it goes down by 50 %.

There are ways
and techniques to make this work,

which will even minimize
the altitude sickness.

And if... if the three of them
are determined to do this..

Even at 75 years of age they won't
face any problems.

And one more thing,

I have climbed these mountains
way more times than you have,

that too when there
wasn't any safety.


I've had enough.

We're taking a rest day tomorrow.

Those who wish to stay can stay,

and those who wish to go
home can go.

I am... out of here.

"Life can be counted in years"

"Or life can be counted in experience"

"Life can be an answer"

"Or life can be a question"

"It's all in your hands,"

"You have to decide"

"I'll give you an advice..if you listen"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

- Garima, you're okay?
- "And think positive"

Okay guys, I know it is difficult,

but you can do it.

Just lengthen your steps.

Don't slump your hips
and straighten your backs, okay?

You can do it.

Come on, you can do it. Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Huh?

Why do you keep saying "huh"?

That missy just blabbered
something in English,

and I didn't understand a word of it.

That's why I said "huh"!

It's not difficult,
let me show it to you.

Amit-Amit, you carry on.

We cannot do this anymore.

Om and I will go have some
tea at the Ping-Pong Cafe.

- Let's go, Om.
- Okay, bye.

Ummm one..one minute.

There is one easy way to do this...

- Shall I tell you all?
- Huh?

"One step, one breath."

I'll demonstrate..
You guys just have a look, please.


One step, one breath.

Look, okay?

Should we all try it once?

Hey, where are you guys going?

To the cafe
to have a cup of tea?

But I am the one who has the
Nepalese currency.

Just behave and learn from her.

Keep on moving ahead.

Let's go.

Hey...why did you push me?

Either do it properly
or don't do it at all.

Why don't you show me
how it's done, huh?

Should I show you how it's done?

What did she say?

One step, one breath.

One step...

One step...

One step...

One step...

One step...

What are you doing?

Walking ahead!

Mala's pet.

- What did you say?
- Nothing.

She's coming here.

Shall we all try it together?



We'll get there by next month for sure.


- It's hurting really badly, ma'am.
- It's nothing...nothing..

You're low on energy.

Sunny, get the chocolates.

- Ma'am, we don't have any left.
- I cannot do this anymore, ma'am.

- We ran out?
- Yes.


I'll go get some chocolates.

You'll be fine in one minute.

Hold this..

Have some water.

- Have water.
- One step..one breath

One step..one breath

One step..one breath

One step..one breath..

One step..one breath..


Kids, this is an old trick
of the Sherpas here.

Would you like to try it?

Come on, come.


"Express the good thoughts"

"That lie deep in your heart"

"Take a handful of the sky with a pinch
of inner goodness and just keep walking"

"It is not in your nature to stop"

"It's not like you to say no"

"Say yes to life..."


"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

- Why are showing off?
- Kick the ball and score!

"Say yes to life..."


"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

This dal and rice all the time,
is making the group.. cranky.

- See if we can get something special,
- Ya, ya, I am coming, I am coming.

even if we arrange rotis from somewhere...
It should work.

Pass me the water bottle.

Where's Amit?

Amit!? What happened?
Is everything okay with you?



- I'll just catch a breather.
- Let's go...let's go...Pick up speed please..

"You can be the remedy for pain"

"You can smile through pain"

"You can turn your pain into a poem"

"You are the reason for pain"

"You are alive, if you can feel pain"

"Why are you so upset with pain?"

"Why do you feel pain is a bad thing?"

"All your weaknesses,"

"And all your pain,"

"All the reasons that keep you alive"

"And all the things that make you thrive"

"It's time to embrace them all"

"It's time to show everyone what you got"

"You have achieved new heights"

"It's time to fly your wings"...

"It's time to fly your wings"

Okay everybody,

the weather might change for the worse,

so, I want you to follow me across the bridge,
slowly and steadily, okay?

Slowly, please.

Be careful.

Be Careful.

Hey, no running please.

No..no running...

- Om!
- What happened?




No man not right now.

- You come first.
- Om, Om!

One minute..one minute...

- come...come..
- don't look down...

Come on, keep moving everyone.

Keep moving..

Oh damn!

It's okay...Okay.

You can click pictures later.
Please keep moving.

Move aside, please. Move.

Give way, please.

Come this way, please.
Please come ahead.


Keep moving, please.

Don't worry, keep moving.

Sunny, take them with you.

Javed hold my hand please...

Om I'll get that out...

one minute.
one minute.

Careful, careful. Keep moving.

Keep going, keep going.



Come on...keep going!

Come on...






We are alomost there.

Where's Mr. Shrivastava?

He was right behind us.

Where in this storm would be Amit?

Go check over there.
Over there.










How did you get left behind here?

Everyone has been looking for you.

Let's go?



Let's go...come.. Come on..

I am waiting for my wife...

My wife...

She is missing...


she's lost.

Her name's Abhi...lasha.


Do you have an extra torch on you?

Thank you, thank you.

Is he suffering from any illness?

Is he taking under any prescribed medications?

These pills are prescribed when a
patient shows early signs of Alzheimer's.

These pills aren't even
available here in the mountains...

You said he didn't recognise
you when you found him?


Since when has he started
forgetting people..things?

He hid his condition from you

because its symptoms
are not easily visible in the early stages.

His symptoms were triggered due
to high altitude and lack of oxygen.

And moreover he didn't even take his pills.

So what do we do now, doctor?

I'll give him an injection
that will relax him.

But in this condition trekking
is out of question.

It's not safe for him.


Yes, Captain?

Yes, we do need a rescue helicopter

tomorrow morning.

I don't understand.

how they let people come here
without checking their medical history?

How long were you planning to keep
your condition a secret from us?

Is such a test of friendship needed
at this age?

Tomorrow we embark on
the last leg of the journey.

The last day of our trek.

We cannot turn
back after coming this far!

Om, ask him to keep shut!

We are going back tomorrow...

How can he even think about
trekking in this condition?

It's ridiculous!


In order to stay ahead of everyone,

I kept hiding things about myself...
from everyone.

My weak eyesight,

this disease,

Abhilasha's increasing wrinkles...

To ensure her signs of aging...

don't reveal my true age...

I never acknowledged her publicly.

I kept her away from me.

Very far away.

So far away that she left me.

Left me and went too far away...

By bringing me to this trek
Bhupen has given me a chance...

So that once even I...

I live my age with dignity.

Without hiding anything, without...

distancing myself from anyone.

Javed has his family restricting him

Om has his past restricting him

I too....
I too....

Want a chance to defeat
my weakness, please.

Please, don't stop me.

Bhupen has taught us many things.

Many things.

This journey...

is a way of paying...

a tribute to him.

Look over there...

Bhupen's mountain maiden
waits for us even at night.

How can we leave without giving her
Bhupen's message?


So captain,

everything is in your hands now.

Will you send this old man home?

Or will you make him summit
the Everest Base Camp tomorrow?

Do you know Mr. Shrivastava...

today for the first time in the past year,

my parents called me.

Only because they learnt
that you are a part of my trek group.

They asked me to spend some time with you,
to learn from you...

Imagine..if they learn that you are
asking me to do something that is

both ethically and medically wrong,

they will stop following you, sir.

So I am sorry, Mr. Shrivastava,

you are going home tomorrow.

Hi guys, this is Amit Shrivastava
your Insta buddy!

Every time I go live on Insta,

you guys, my 10 million followers,

connect with me immediately.

You believe in everything I say.

You respect every advice I give you.

Today, when I am 16,000 feet
above sea level,

where the temperature
is minus ten degrees,

I am realising,

how small am I,
what a liar am I.

Parents give my books
to their children thinking that

reading about my life
would inspire them.

But to be honest,
things that I have written in these books

aren't my personal experiences.

These are just fictitious stories,
nothing but a marketing gimmick.

My life is not worthy enough
to inspire them.

So, I request you to let...

your children find their own path.

Shower them with a lot of love.

Let us also learn from them.

So until I become the husband
my wife deserved,

and the human,

my friend Bhupen had dreamt of...

Please accept my apology as
I bid goodbye to you.

This will be my last social media post.


I'm Signing off.

Hmm? What happened?

Ma'am, they are practicing
for the climb ahead...


Ms. Shraddha,

we have come so far,

now nobody from
the three of us will go back..

Maybe tomorrow,
maybe the day after that...

Or maybe a year later,

we will certainly scale
the heights that await us.


Let's go.

Lord give us strength!

Mr. Shrivastava,

we will all scale our
heights together, sir.

Tomorrow we go ahead,
slowly and steadily sir.

The mountain maiden is waiting.

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."

"Forever in my sight is that beautiful maiden"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."

"She feels incomplete without me"

"If I go to her, she will be complete."

"She soars the highest of tides
in the name of our love."

"Her heart will break into a
million pieces if I am away"

"She has vowed to make a life with me."

"She will be lifeless if I don't go."

I'll take my friends to meet her one day.

"Without me, she'll never feel at home"

"Without me, she'll never feel at home"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."

Forever in my sight is that beautiful maiden"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!

Push yourself! Move ahead!


Get the medical kit.

You, you are okay...

Someone get him some water.

No worries, no worries...

Call the doctor.

- Don't panic Mr. Sharma.
- Please call the doctor.

Mr. Sharma, please.



Is it okay?





Where are you going?

Hurry up, man. Hurry up!

Yes, get that.


Om, where are you?
I cannot see a thing. Om!

We made it.

We reached the Everest Base Camp.

And that's Mount Everest.

We're finally with Bhupen.

- Bhupen!
- Bhupen!

- Bhupen!
- Bhupen!

- Out of my way!
- Be careful!

We are here, Bhupen!

- Be careful! Be careful! Be careful!
- Bhupen!

"My friends, there is something
I need you to do after I am no more"

"If I don't get to meet her in life again"

"Make this small wish of mine come true..."

"Tell her that he tried but he couldn't make it"

"Carry my ashes"

"to wherever she awaits me"

"That carefree mountain
that looks like a beautiful maiden,"

"That carefree mountain
that looks like a beautiful maiden,"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."

"Forever in my sight is that beautiful maiden"

"That mountain maiden..."

"That beautiful maiden..."


Won't you call Bhabhi today?


This journey has made
me realise two things.

One, that...

that I love you more than anything.


we should learn to live without
so much dependancy on each other.

I went to a restaurant today,

the menu was right in front of me...

till today,

I have only ordered things
that you or Heba liked.

I don't even know what I like.

So, it's time for your Shabbo to change too...

Just a little.

Come back soon.

I'll see you soon.

Do you need a special invitation, Om?


Yes, Dad?

I think we should sell our old shop,

and buy a new one in the mall.

I have already decided on its name.

Siddharth and sons...

or daughters!

Ask the builder to make
the payment in full.

We'll accept cheque payments only.

Dad, there's something
We need to tell you.

Oh, she is pregnant!

So what say, Everest peak next year?

And what if she comes before that?

Who, Death?

Then we'll ask her to...

Get Lost!


How are you?

How are you?

I can't hear you.

How are you?

I can't hear you!

I love you.
Come home soon.

Thank you, Bhupen.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for letting us know, that

even if we all cannot
go to the Himalayas,

we all have our Himalaya,

our Everest, a strength inside of us,

which helps us scale
all heights in life.

"Life can be counted in years"

"Or life can be counted in experience"

"Life can be an answer"

"Or life can be a question"

"It's all in your hands,"
"You have to decide"

"I'll give you an advice..if you listen"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"Keep expressing the good thoughts"

"That lie deep in your heart"

"Take a handful of the sky with a pinch
of inner goodness and just keep walking"

"It is not in your nature to stop"

"It's not like you to say no"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"Say yes to life..."

"And think positive"

"You can be the remedy for pain"

"You can smile through pain"

"You can turn your pain into a poem"

"You are the reason for pain"

"You are alive, if you can feel pain"

"Why are you so upset with pain?"

"Why do you feel pain is a bad thing?"

"All your weaknesses,"

"And all your pain,"

"All the reasons that keep you alive"

"And all the things that make you thrive"