Utøya: July 22 (2018) - full transcript

A teenage girl struggles to survive and to find her younger sister during the July 2011 terrorist mass murder at a political summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya.

Friday, July 22, 2011.
Norway was hit by two terrorist attacks.

A car bomb in the goverment district-

-and a massacre at AUF summer camp on Utøya.

The perpetrator was a 32-year-old -
ethnic Norwegian right-wing extremist.

Utøya on July 22.

-Have you heard anything from Oslo?
-No, it's such poor coverage.

You will never understand.

Just listen to what I say.


Yes, but that's why it's
important that we are here.

Yes, mom,
I understand that, but ...

We are on an island.
It's the worlds safest place.

Just take it easy, okay?
You don't need to worry.


No, I'm not seeing her right now.

But I'll tell, right?
I can do that, if you want.


It is possible that she just ran out of
battery or something like that.

Yes, it's possible.

But, we talk later, okay.

Yes, I'll do it. Okay.

Bye. I love you. Bye.

Hi. Have you heard anything more?

No. I got hold of the neighbor.
She just said that no one was at our home.


Let me go!


It's fine, okay?
Just wait here, I'll come back.

Are you going to the Great Hall?
Yes, but go ahead. I'm coming.


Did you not hear me talking to you?

- We have just taken a bath.
- Yes, I see that.


What have you done here now?

Is it a party, or?

It's just Emilie,
who is a pain in the ass and careless.

-Can you help me?

-What do we have here?
-Dig in.

Yes thank you.


-What's that? Yuk!

-What did it taste?
-It tasted mashed potatoes.

-You want some?
-I should not have mashed potatoes in my hair.

Okay. You come up?

-Yes. But just go.

Later. I don't know. Just go.

Should all these clothes just be
lying around the ground?

Is it okay, right?

-Hey, don't!
-Is it so difficult to show a little respect?

-Relax, I will hang it up later.
-That's not what I'm talking about.

People are in shock,
and you are just shouting and going on screaming?

Poor you. Embarrassed?

No, but...

Emilie, it does not look good.

I don't care how it looks.


Sorry for having some fun.
I thought that was the point.

You have know what has happened?

I went for a swim.

Emilie, Oda's mom works in
the goverment district.

Then I did not know it that.


-What then?
-You should always be so perfect.

I'm just saying that it's okay to
take some consideration.

Sure, "mother".

She called you a thousand times.
Why are not you answering?

Everything I do is wrong!


You hassle about making friends,
and when I do, -

-it's all wrong too.

It was not what I said.

I should not have come.
It was only because you bother all the time

Don't be like that.



Can you not just go play the guitar or
bring some world peace?

You're just childish.

Then I'm childish. Excuse me.



Join up, then.


We're grilling food and stuff.

"And stuff" ...

Okay. Fuck it then.

And that sweater is mine,
and you know that.

Hey. You know the time?

Hello, The time?

-It's ... Ten past five.

I missed Gro's speech?

Have you been sleeping the whole day?

Mi phone died.

Perhaps you have not heard?

-A bomb exploded in Oslo.

-They don't know if it was a bomb, or not.

But it has been an explosion
in the government district.

-Is it terrorist attac?
-I don't know.


-They are rigging up a large screen at the coffee shop.

-Magnus. I'm new. Arrived yesterday.
-Hello. Kaja.

-Yeah.. Awesome.

Hey, Magnus, do you have the deck of cards?

-Yeah, sure.

We talk more later.

Do you know where I can get some signals?

There is poor coverage everywhere,
but you can try inside.

-Okay. Can I charge there too?
-Yes, there are some wall sockets there.

-Where then?
-You've been in the Great Hall before, huh?

Well, then it's ...

-Yes. But where in the Great Hall?
-Yeah, Sorry.

If you go straight in, it is on the left side.
There are many.

-I'll be there later.

I'll be there later,
once my phone is charged.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

She called. None of them was downtown when
the bomb went of.

Good. Isn't it good?

-Of course.
-So be happy then.

You don't look to happy.

-How did it go?
-Yes. It went well.

I actually knew she was
not going to work, but...

But it's okay to be a
little bit stressed out today.

Kaja? I ordered two, but I cannot eat it all.
Do you want one?

I get it from you?

Why can't I have a waffle?

-Should we go home?
-No one should go home, Kristine.

It feels so strange to be so
far away from everything.

Just take it easy.
We are at camp. It's fun.

Kristine, you can't do anything
from home anyway.

-Just enjoy here while you can.
-Don't let this destroy everything.

We're supposed to barbecue, eat well, relax...
And then there's the disco.

Look at Issa.
He is really ready for disco.

-What? It's cancelled.

-I am actually not surprised.
-But, then I will dance solo.

Al cappella.
I'll make you a show.

"Al cappella"? Petter,
you know it's ´a cappella´?

-Not in Spanish

-We sit over there.
-Yeah, see you later.

I just hope that the Muslims didn't do it.

-No one says that.
-No, but think if...

All hell breaks loose.

It is not certain it is a terrorist attack.
It may have been a gas explosion.

-Wasn't it something about some pipes?
-Gas pipes under the government district?

-It may be.
-Of course it's not a gas explosion.

It's totally crazy.
Terrorists attacks Norway.

-And who are you...?
-Magnus. From Stavanger, AUF.

-Hello. Caroline. We are from Oslo.

-Did you find the sockets?
-Yeah, it was not that hard.

But the government district...
It must be Al-Qaeda or something.

No, stop it.

None of us know anything.
It will be foolish to just guess.

You can't blame Al-Qaeda for everything.

-He only says what everyone thinks.
-I'm not thinking that.

-Issa, no one here thinks that.
-I'm talking about the people out there.

It's always like that.

I didn't mean that. I was just thinking regarding
Afghanistan and so.

What do you mean regarding Afghanistan?
It has something to do with that war?

-It was what Jonas said yesterday.
-What war?

-There is no war.
-Kaja, we're at war.

It is no war.

-It's peacekeeping forces.
-Norwegian soldiers shoot people there.

They contribute to security and stability.


It is a totally different debate.

People in Afghanistan do not care about what the
Norwegian Prime Minister calls it.

-War is war.
-I can't keep up anymore.

The two of them always starts arguing.

-We're not.
-But we are at war.

It does not mean it has anything to do with this.
That is what Issa tries to say.

I'm not talking about Oslo now.
I'm talking about Afghanistan.

-Issa agrees with me.

-Don't drag me into this.
-But it was you who said it.

Petter! seriously.

We cannot discuss things?
I thought that was why we were here.

Calm down now.

What about the barbecue?
Will there be hotdogs, or?

-Are you more hungry?
-You eat the waffle.

-But I want hotdog.
-You have waffle.

Okay, Kaja...


-Peace waffle? From my heart.
-I have two peace waffles myself.

No thanks.

-Pouch of snus?
-I hate that smell!

-Peace snus.
-It smells so disgusting!

-Take it away!
-Peace snus...

Should I have one?

Is it firecrackers?

That is not firecrackers.

-What was that?
-What is going on?

What is it?

Kristine, calm down.
It is okay.

-No, this is not funny.
-Get lost!

-What is going on?
-Get lost!

In, get in.
Come on! In!

-In, in, in!

Close the door! Close the door!

-Hey, Listen! In! In.
-Close the door!

-Quiet! Calm down!

Sit down!

-Caroline, what's happening?
-Pull inwards.

Pull inwards. Go further in!

-Move further in! Go all the way.
-Get in. Get in.

Come on.

No! No!

-Close the door, damn it!
-You can't come in now!

Lock! Lock!

-What is going on?
-Go further in!

I can not be here!
I have to get out!

Sit down!

Caroline, Emilie is in the tent.
Can I go and find her?

No, you can not go out.

-No, sit down.

-Sit down.
-I must know where she is.

Be quiet.

Have you seen Emilie? Have you seen her?


Kaja! I wanna go home!

Kristine, be quiet.

Be quiet.

-Do you know where the others ran?
-I don't know, I just ran.

Be quiet, be quiet.

-Emilie is outside in the tent.

Emilie is in the tent.

Sit down!

Sit down!

Sit down.

-Can someone tell me what is happening?
-I don't know.

-They're coming in now!

Come on!
Kristine, pull yourself together!

Don't leave me!

You have to run yourself.
I cannot drag you!

Kristine, run yourself!
I said, I can not drag you!

You have to run yourself, Kristine.

What the hell...?

What the hell is this?

-I don't know what's happening.
-Did I hear a shot?? They shoot people?

It must be a drill exercise.
Maybe we should learn to deal with panic.

In that case, it went very bad.
People got wounded out there.

Has anyone seen Emilie? My sister?
Have you seen my sister?

Everyone just stepped on me.

I was in the tent,
and then everyone started screaming.

Were you at the campground?
Did you see anyone with a yellow shirt and blonde hair?

Oh my God. Oh my God.

I need to find her.
I need to find her.

The shots come from all directions.

There is nowhere to hide.
They're everywhere.

It is possible that this is an drill or exercise.
Calm down.

-This is a shot.
-Issa, it's okay. Relax.

I've heard shots before.
This is not a drill or exercise.

Oh my God.

Is there someone who can
call the police?

-I have to call my sister.
-Are you calling the police?

No, my sister.

It is 911.

-That boy. He was lying there...
-What about him?

Was he...? I mean...

He was not dead?

We can not say that people are dead.
Don't say so.

The police do not answer.
Why is no one answering?

My foot ...
I think it's broken.

Shut up!
Stop complaining about that damn leg?


It is Kaja.
Can you call me?

Can you just call me?

She'll be fine.
It will be alright.

Oh my God.

Come on, Emilie.


They do not answer?

-Are they not answering?
-It just rings.

Then it's nothing serious.
If, they would have answered.

It stopped?

This island is too small.
There are nowhere to hide.

Be quiet.



We are on Utøya Island.
It's somebody shooting at us.

Somebody is shooting here at Utøya.

No, I don't know.

Yes, there are people who are injured here.
People are injured.

No, not me, but we hear it.
We hear it.

No, I have not seen ...
I have not seen anyone getting shot.

Hey, it's Petter Ligård.
Is it any drill or exercise on Utøya?

Yes, Can you find out about it?

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Thanks.

-What the hell...?
-They are on their way.

-I talked to them.
-We should just hide.

-You can't just take my phone.
-I was just trying to help.

Turn off the phone.
Put it on silent mode.

What if they come.

Did they say how long it
would take?

Just that they are on the way.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Shut up! Be quiet.

This is not a drill.
We can not just lie here and wait.

Stop being so negative!
What should we do?

In any case, not sitting here!

It helps no one here that
you scare people.

They said they are on the way,
and that we should hide.

We stay here and wait. Okay?

What is going on?
What is going on?

What happen?

They shoot everywhere.

Ole ... he just fell over.

Who's shooting?

-Who's shooting?
-The police.

Are they here?

It is the police shooting.

It is the police shooting.

The police?

But... Oh my God...

Why are the police shooting?

Was it a lot? Was there a lot?

-Was there a lot?
-I don't know. I think so.

Did you see anything else?
Was there many who got shot?

-Yes .... There are many.
-Oh my God!

I will not sit here and just
wait to be shot.

-If it's the police who shoot then?
-It can't be true.

We have to get to the water.
We have to swim away.

No, it's too far.

It depends on where we swim.

The water is not more than ten degrees.
You die in ten minutes.

-We can't just sit here.
-They can take us in boats.

-Who's with me? Who?
-I'm coming.

-It's not so cold. Emilie bathed earlier.
-It's not the same thing.

I'm coming.

They said we should hide.
Here we have a hiding place.

You heard what he said.
They will find us. They find us.

They will find us.

We have to get out from here.

They will find us anyway.

-We have to get out.

Kaja, what do we do?

We have no choice, Petter.
Do you hear?

Okay. Okay.

Okay, if you're going,
I am going with you.

Okay, everyone.
If there are more shots now-

-we run away from the shots and
to the water, okay?

Now we wait for the next shot. Okay?

Silent. Turn it off.

Turn off the sound.

-Turn it off!
-You can not talk on the phone now!


Oh my God...


Someone is shooting at us.

It's somebody shooting here at Utøya.
They shoot at us.

I have no idea who it is.

Yes, we are hiding.

No, I'm not hurt.
But there is somebody shooting at us.

Mom, I'm not hurt.


Mom, I can not talk more.
I have to hang up, okay?

Okay. Now! Come on! Quick!

Kaja, where are you going? Kaja!


Come on.

Come on.

Are you okay? Anything happened?

Come on.

-I will wait for Jonas.
-Who is Jonas?

-Who is Jonas?
-My brother.

What happened to your brother?

He told me to come here.

-Come. You can not sit here.
-My brother will come here.

-To the tent?
-He is coming.

-Come. You have to run.
-He told me to come here.

You can't just sit here.
They will see you.

You can not sit here.
Do you hear me?

-But Jonas ...
-Jonas is not here now. Listen!

Come. You have to take care. Come on.

What's your name? What's your name?

-Okay, Tobias. Listen. Look at me.

Now I say what Jonas wants you to do.
Do you understand?

-I don't know.
-Jonas wants you to hide.

Come now. Run into the woods. Can you do that?
It's not that far.

Can you do that?
And take off your jacket.

You have to take off your jacket.

You have to hide. Can you do that?

-I don't want to.
-Come on, you can do it.

That's good. Run. Fast!

You have to run, not walk!
And take off your jacket!



Oh my God.


Mom? Mom. Listen.

I can't find Emilie.

Do you hear that?

That I can't find Emilie.

I don't know where she's at.


No. She wasn't there.




Mom, I'll find her. Okay?



Yes. But I will find her.

Mom, I have to hang up.

Do not call me. Do not call me, okay?


I love you,
and I love Dad. Okay?

I have to hang up no.

I can't get up.

Help me.

Hey. Come on. Come on.

-Come on.
-Let be... No.

Okay. Okay. I'll find someone who
can help you.

-Don't leave.
-I'll be back. I promise you.


Are you okay?

He shot me.

I ran and then he shot me.

Get up.

Oh my God.



-Is it bad?

It will be fine.

You're okay.

Can you lie down?

You think you can make
it here for a short time?

No, please, don't leave me.

Please, don't leave!

What if we die.
What if we die today.

It's just the shoulder.
You will not die from that.

I do not know, it doesn't feel so good.

-They will come now. Then you get help.
-Have you talked to them?

-Yes, they are on the way.
-Are you sure?

Yes. Okay?

You stay here a bit, right?

Yes, where else can I go?

-It is so cold.

-I am freezing.
-Are you cold?

-If I die ...

No, you will not die.

Can you tell my mom that I am thinking of her?
That I love her?

You will not die. You're going home.

I want my mom.

What is her name?

-Is she home?

-She is at our cottage.
-Where is that?

-Is that in Western Norway?

Is it nice there?

Is it by the sea?
Yes, that's great. How nice.

Tell me more about Austevoll.
What do you all do there?



What did you say?

-Are you okay? Hello?


What are you saying?

-... airport ...

You cannot sleep no.

Hello. Who is Erik?
Is that your brother? Who is Erik?

-Is that your boyfriend?

You ... Yes? Continue.

-... go ...
-You? Come on.


Hey. Hey.

Are you and Erik going to the cottage?
Are you driving there together?

Till Austevoll, in Western Norway?
You ... Hey.



Hey. You.

You cannot sleep.

Do you hear me?
Hey, are you okay?

You..? What happens?

I want my mom.

I understand that.

Wait a secund, and you will get
home to see your mom.

Can you hold on for that?

It will be alright.

I think the bleeding has stopped.

That's good.

Are you okay?

Hey... You..


Hey... You...

Hello? You!



Are you there?

No no no. Hey.



No Please. No.

Come on.



What's your name?

Come on.

Come on! I don't even know your name.

Come on.

Come on!

Kaja. Hi.

Hi. Are you okay?

Oh my God.

Come on. You.

Kaja, I know her.

-Caroline, come.
-I know her!

We have to go.

It was not the police.
They had cameras.

-Come back!
-Hello! They can't leave us.

They can't just leave us here.

Where are they going?

There is no space here!
There is no space.

-There is no space.

-They see us now.
-Come here. Come here!

-There is no space.
-Of course there is space.

Shut up! Clearly there is space.


Are you okay?

Are you hurt? Hello.

I just ran. Right there.

I ran like hell.

I did not know how I got
here even.

Typical me.
No idea why I'm here.

I just came here to meet girls.

I'll shut up.

Why does no one come
and help us?

Why have we been sitting here
for an eternity, -

-and not a single boat
have come to help us?


-They're coming soon.


Forget it. I'm not going out there.

We must get out of here.
We have to swim away.

-Even, we must get out.
-I am not doing it.

-Yes. We must get out.
-Forget it.

Take it easy.
They will probably be here some.

Well, who then?

The police?

Yes, look there! Even, look.

There are boats out there.
Why are they just out there?

Why is there none
who comes and helps us?

You ran with the others?

I had to find my sister.

Did you not find her?


Do not have your phone?


What are you going to do with it?

You could have called her.

Found a cat video.

Or something like that.

This is not funny.

This is actually not funny.


Please stop.

-Stop. It's not funny.

-We have to go! Even, we must go!
-No don't do it!

Do what the hell you want,
but I will survive this.

-No don't do it!


Should we do the same? Swim?

No. I have to find my sister.

We can't look for her now.

It will be alright.
We just chill here until it's safe.

Then we find her afterwards.

Or you go and find her.

I was not so interested
on swimming anyway.

What would you have done if
you were at home?

Imagine if I was home.

No, no, okay.

I had bathed.

I had taken a hot bath.


You can swim here, then.

You're welcome.
There is a great atmosphere.

I wanted to buy myself
a huge kebab.


There is a kebab place on Peders street.

I promise you, the best in the world.

It should be strong with extra chili.

My treat.

What are you saying? I promise you
it's the best in the world.

Are you in?




What more are you going to do
when you are home?


Ten things you need to
do before you die.

-You first.

Come on, just ten things.

-You can do it.
-Before I die?

I will...

I'm going to the Champions League final with
Manchester United.

Champions League?

Live. In the VIP room.

-I'm going to Parliament.

I want to enter the Parliament.

So typical.

Okay? What then?

You are just ...

You are just the type that
people vote for.

I am...

... a loser.

And, you?

What are you going to be?


-Or actor. Or both.

What else?

I'm getting married.

I hope so anyway.
And two children.

Really, why two?

We are four now.

It's a lot. Four boys, like...

Think of the mother.

We are just two.

Emilie and me.

Okay, Kaja the Prime Minister.

What else?

Come on.

You have to like something more,
than just argue with Peter and the gang.

-I sing in a choir.


-Is there something wrong with that?

No. How nice.

Sing for me.

-Please? Come on.


Kaja? Is it you?
Is that you singing?

-Up here.

-I can't see you.


Have you seen Emilie?

She was where we went swimming yesterday.
On Nakenodden.

Don't look.

Oh my God.

-I need to find her.

Where the hell are you going?


Kaja, Get yourself together.
Come here!


Oh my God...

I can't take it.

Emilie! Emilie!


No. No.



Kaja, it's okay.

Get up. It is okay.

-I told him to take off his jacket.
-You see the boat? Kaja!

We get help! Do you understand?

Please, just let go.

We get help now. Do you get it?
Oh, come on, please.

-Kaja ...
-He did not make it.

-I told him ...
-This is not your fault.

None of this is your fault. Okay?

It doesn't help your sister if
you die, okay?

It does not help, okay?
You're supposed to be prime minister, Kaja.

I'll vote for you.
I'll accompany you to the Parliament.

-Magnus! Magnus!

It is okay.

The attack on Utøya lasted 72 minutes.

77 people died in the attacks.
99 became badly injured-

And over 300 of the affected living with
major mental harm.

The attacks were meant as a warning of doomsday-

-if not the Labor Party changed its policy.

In court, the offender told that he had
done the same again.

The report from 22 July-Commission held fixed-

-that the attack on the government district could
have been prevented-

-that the authorities' ability to
protect people on Utøya brast-

-and that preparedness should have been better.

The characters and the story in
this film are fictional.

The film is based on detailed testimonies-

-retold and mediated by several survivors.

Right-wing extremism is spreading in Europe,
and in the West.

Terrorist enemy images live quarterly

-and such views are becoming more common.

- Subtitles by gakkgakk -